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One of the six most authentic collections of the Ahadith (Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sahih al-Tirmidhi, Sunan Ibn Majah, Sunan Abu Dawud, and Sahih. Sunan Abu Dawud. Volume 5. Compiled by: lmâm Hâfiz Abu Dawud. Sulaiman bin Ash'ath. AhâdIth edited & referenced by: Hâfiz Abu Tâhir Zubair 'All Za'I. HADITH Sunan Abu−Dawud. Purification (Kitab Al−Taharah). Book 1, Number Narrated Mughirah ibn Shu'bah: When the Prophet.

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ImâmHâfiz Abu Dawud. Sulaiman bin Ash'ath. [yçIume {]. From Hadith no. 01 to Ahãdith edited & referenced by: Hâfiz AbU Tâhir Zubair 'All Za't. Sunan Abu Daud volumes 1 to 5 Arabic text with English translationسنن ابو دائود متن عربي و ترجمه انجليزي جلد اول تا. Abu Dawud Book 01 - Purification · Download · Abu Dawud Book 02 - Prayer · Download · Abu Dawud Book 03 - Zakat · Download · Abu Dawud Book 04 - The .

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It deals, as its title indicates, with the mus-haf; it discusses the writing of the wahy, the various mus-hafs of the Companions and their differences; the compilations of Aboo Bakr and 'Uthmaan; the division of the Qur'aan; the writing of the mus-haf, and certain aspects of fiqh related to the mus-haf.

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He is not lauding the book for "excellent scholarship" as Nabeel mistakenly insinuates. Rather he is only lauding the book for being an "excellent reference" because it "contains the necessary isnaads for each narration", which means - and this is the most relevant part - "the authenticity of each narration may be ascertained".

He should carefully note that Yasir Qadhi made it clear that any narration must have an authentic isnaad before it is to be accepted. Yasir Qadhi states In other words, how can the reader be assured that these recitations were actually recited?

Jeffery himself admits, "The question arises, of course, as to the authenticity of the readings ascribed to these Old Codices.

In some cases it must be confessed there is a suspicion of readings later invented by the grammarians and theologians being fathered on these early authorities in order to gain prestige of their name. The suspicion is perhaps strongest in the case of distinctly Shee'ite readings Due to this opinion, he does not quote isnaads, for each variant reading.

Therefore, in order to find the authenticity of a certain reading, it is necessary to go back to the thirty works from which Jeffery compiled his work, verify which one of them mentions this reading, and then check its isnaad for authenticity. This is supposing that the original work even mentions an isnaad, for some of these recitations are merely referenced in later works without any isnaad.

However, from Jeffery's own position on the concept and reliability of isnaad, he contradicts himself.

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If he does not believe in the authenticity of the isnaad system, then from where are all of these readings obtained? After all, it is through isnaads that all of the readings of the Companions and Successors has [sic] been handed down to us.

Sunan Abu Dawood Vol-4

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Sunan Abu Dawud Volumes 1 – 5

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One of the Books of Six Sihah Sittha. He was a religious man. He led a pious and ascetic life. He devoted most of his time for worship, devotion and remembrance of Allah.

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He always kept away from men of rank, the company of sultans and courtiers. It is stated that Imam Abu Dawud used to wear one of his sleeves wide and the other correctly sized. When he was asked for the reason of this oddity he replied, "To store notes on hadith. I consider widening the other sleeve unnecessarily as an extravagance". It is not clear to which school of thought he belonged.