PATN: Chapter 4 Part 3 The Deceptive Church

Since the Two Witnesses don’t want their message spread, I no longer will quote their posts on my website. But those who know where their website is can go there read them, then come back here to leave any comments. If you don’t want to visit his website, the excerpt is reposted on two different Facebook pages.

The latest excerpt of his third book focuses on the Catholic Church. He mentioned the reformation of the 1400-1600s. It seems the splinters had only slight doctrinal differences but had disagreement about which men were to govern it. Pretty much like the present day of Armstrongism.

Revelation 17 is mentioned, with the symbolism there interpreted to refer to the Catholic church and the various incarnations of the Roman empire, of which Hitler’s Germany was one. The Bible is a versatile book, being able to mean whatever you want it to mean. With a modest amount of effort, it could be made to point to other things. Like Armstrongism. For example, one could cherry pick from the various splinters of Armstrongism to be the 7 heads and 10 horns.

Weinland’s last paragraph of this excerpt accuses the Catholic Church of persecuting God’s true church, responsible for killing and imprisonment of God’s people. So I guess that somehow the IRS, the Justice Department, the Federal Court, and 12 jurors were just tools of the Catholic Church.

The Two Witnesses Breathe Fire

Revelation 11:

And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”

These are the two olive trees and the two lamp stands standing before the God of the earth. And if anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds from their mouth and devours their enemies. And if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this manner. These have power to shut heaven, so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy; and they have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with all plagues, as often as they desire.

When False Prophet Ronald Weinland began his first timeline in April of 2008, he issued a curse calling for the slow internal death of anyone who would criticize him. When he restarted his second timeline later that December, he reissued his death curse changing it to speedy.

Now that he started his third timeline, he is issuing DMCA notices:

DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Google
on behalf of Ronald Weinland
[Private] , , , US Sent on January 10, 2016
Re: Unknown

Sent via: Unknown

Notice Type:
DMCA Copyright claim #1
Kind of Work: Unspecified
Description Several chapters from an upcoming book, entitled “Prophesy Against the Nations” have been posted to the author’s personal blog. These chapters have been reproduced without permission on the website found below. The latest excerpt begins under “Weinland’s book excerpt.”
Original URLs:
Allegedly Infringing URLs:

I think the real issue for the Weinlands is the commentary by those who read his drivel. Nevertheless, I will shortly remove their content from this website but leave the comments. I wonder in they’ll be issuing takedown notices to their admirers on FaceBook who have also been reposting Ron’s book.

PATN: Chapter 4 Part 2, History According to Ron

Another installment of False Prophet Ron’s third book has been posted on his website.

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:

PATN: Chapter 4 Part 1, An End to Deception

The deception continues:

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:

PATN: Chapter 3 Part 3 – Religious Flim-Flam Men

Ron repeats the tired lie about the government prosecuting him unfairly, comparing himself to John. Actually he’s more like Simon, who practiced sorcery.

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:

PATN: Chapter 3 Part 2: Ability to “See” Truth

Another installment of Ron’s 3rd book to close out the year.  Quote marks around the wrong word; should be around “truth”.

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:

Searching for a Teacher

Strangely, people are still considering following Weinland despite the abject failures of all his prophecies.  I received the following email this morning:

Hi Mike,
I have recently been looking at your website on Ron Weinland. He seems sincere and I”ve been thinking of contacting someone. What downside is there to just talking to them? I am well educated and have a firm understanding of religion. I just wanted to give you a chance to explain the cons to this religion and the pros to others you may endorse.

“Searching”, here is my answer.  I will be somewhat brief in this post, as there is a wealth of documentation on this blog accumulated over the nearly 8 years that I have been blogging about Weinland.

What downside is there to just talking to them?  If it’s “just talking”, then the first downside is that you will waste that time.  The second downside is that you could be persuaded to follow Ron.  But that probably won’t happen: in the past people who asked too many questions were given the bum’s rush out the door.

Ron Weinland may seem sincere.  But talking-the-talk and walking-the-walk are two different things.  Over the years when his prophecies fail, he madly changes and revises them despite his promise not to do that.  In fact, he’s made so many changes that he has trouble keeping up with the changes needed on his website including his “truths”.   In fact he has come up with the term “Present Truth (TM)”.

I refer you to the admonition of 1 Timothy 3:7 as to the qualifications needed to be an overseer.  Having been convicted of 5 counts of criminal tax evasion, Weinland does not have a good reputation in the world.  His explanations as to his conviction do not wash.  And then there’s the well documented lie in which he told the civil authorities that he performed the wedding ceremony for his daughter on Kentucky soil when the ceremony actually took place in Germany.

As to endorsing other people to follow, I don’t do that nor do I permit others to do that on my website.  I advocate that people should decide for themselves and not turn their thinking over to other people — that can be very expensive as well.  There are other false teachers out there of whom to beware, and most of them do not have a website exposing them.  Don’t look for a teacher, figure things out for yourself and if you do join with one, follow the example of the Bereans.

I’m going to dedicate the comments section of this post for others to answer your questions. To those who would leave comments, here are the guidelines for this post:

  • Address your comments to “Searching”, keeping in mind that he probably doesn’t have a CoG background.
  • One comment per person, unless “Searching” comes on the blog and asks another question.
  • Be brief and to the point.  If your comment fills more than half your monitor, it’s too long and will be rejected.
  • Doctrinal criticisms to be minimized.  Martin, if you can’t keep your points about sons of oil and other doctrines to a minimum, they will be rejected.
  • Leave your comments about current events and other topics on other posts.


A Year of Calm

Yesterday was the end of the first 50 days of the Great Tribulation leading up to the next time Christ doesn’t return, Pentecost of 2019.  There has been some discussion that maybe some were allowing a 50-day delay in the onset of tribulation because of the 50-day period Ron tacked on to the 1260-days in this latest timeline.

But no matter.  On Saturday, the Bureau of Prisons gave Ron a brief furlough from his incarceration in a halfway house so he could speak live on the Internet and in person to the Cincinnati congregation and those who made a special trip to see their spiritual idol.  We can look forward to more sermons in the future, in addition to the sermons prerecorded by his fill-ins and scrubbed by the prophetesses.

Update 12/29/2015: The full sermon is now posted on the PKG website, entitled “Sharper Vision” for playback on Jan 2.

There is no recording or transcript of his sermon on the PKG website.  Using a pocket recorder, I recorded part of the sermon and have a file of it available for download.  It does not include the first half-hour of his sermon, and there were a number of dropouts which required that I reconnect to the audio feed.  I’ve trimmed down the periods in the recording when dropouts happened. Also in the recording is ambient noise in the room picked up by the pocket recorder.

In his sermon, Ron stated that 2016 will be a year of calm in order to allow his third book to be published and promoted.  He plans to hire a publicist and go boldly onto radio talk shows.  It will be interested to see if Ron will be bold enough to be interviewed by Mike McConnell.  Mike McConnell interviewed Ron several times in 2008 when his talk show was on WLW in 2008.  Ron chickened out when given an opportunity to be interviewed again in 2011 by Mike on his radio show on WLS in Chicago.

Prophecy has changed, and the events in “2008 God’s Final Witness” will not happen that way.  It seems that God changed his mind back in 2008 but didn’t bother to inform his prophet until recently.  Chapters 6 and 7 in Ron’s new book will explain it all, although it took Ron a write and 2 rewrites to finalize the godly inspired message in chapter 6.  It seems the changes have a lot to do on how the prophecy of the 63000 will be fulfilled.

Ron is planning a Feast of Tabernacles next year, and 2017 and 2018 may be calm as well.  The Great Tribulation won’t hit and the Two Witnesses will not be doing witness things until the last half-of-a-time, and the full impact will be during the 50-day period tacked on at the end.

The sermon portions I recorded is available for download (right-click and save-as) or click on the player below to listen.   Others have listened and made comments on the previous post.