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Duck and Cover

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

I awoke this morning after a refreshing sleep.  False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s moment of torment hasn’t hit me yet. I looked outside and saw that the grass was green and tall.  So the first trumpet hasn’t blown yet.  I heard some thunders last night too, but that was associated with a heavy rainstorm and were not Ron’s “thunders”.  If Ron’s prophecies don’t come true and I don’t die as part of the 7000 “named”, then I’ll have to mow my lawn.  Oh well, I’ll have a long weekend to do that.

Even after blogging this for years, some have the wrong idea about the timing of the moment Ron has scheduled for Christ’s return.  While Harold Camping had the idea that the rapture was to occur at 5 PM timezone-by-timezone on May 21 of last year, Ronnie has the return happening at the same time for everybody.  The time for Christ’s return is to be at sundown today in Jerusalem, 7:36 PM Israel Daylight Time.

Ron’s May 27 actually begins at sundown the evening before, and although he’s spiritualized Jerusalem in recent sermons and postings on his blog, Christ is returning to physical Jerusalem. Sundown in Jerusalem today is at 4:36 PM UTC, 12:36 PM Eastern Time, 11:36 AM Central, 10:36 AM Mountain, 9:36 AM Pacific coast time.  It will be early Sunday morning in New Zealand and Australia (2:36 AM in Sydney).

This post is being published exactly 4 hours before the big event.  To see the time remaining, look at the countdown clock on the top right side of this blog.  It should be accurate to the minute if your PC is configured correctly.

Here are a few things that are supposed to happen in the next few hours, according to Ron’s revised timeline:

  • The first trumpet will blow and kill all the green grass.  So I won’t have to mow my lawn.
  • World War 3 is to break out between the Beast Power and the Asiatic Hordes, as short as an hour before Christ’s return.  Some “nukular” weapons will go off in the US.
  • The warring parties will pause as they see something in the sky.  According to Weinland, they’ll think it’s a UFO with aliens inside.  But it will really be Christ.
  • The 7000 “named” which includes yours truly as well as leading CoG ministry will die.  Somehow amongst the turmoil of World War 3 and other events, this fact will be communicated to 63000 people who were members of WCG on December 17, 1994 and shock them into joining PKG.  The silver lining is that I won’t have to mow my lawn — oh, never mind.  The grass was killed in the first trumpet earlier in the morning.
  • Over the 24 hours that follow Christ’s return, 7 vials of whoopass will be poured out on the earth.

Stay tuned to news sources for warnings of World War 3, or if brave watch the skies for UFO-looking things that will be Christ returning.


84 Hours

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

In the comments section of another post, “Sebastian” commented:

Damn guys, getting nervous….nothing against people who joke with this stuff but it freaks me out! I cant tell if your being sarcastic man!  I havnt actually studied Ron much so i have no clue what he has predicted at all…the only thing i picked up on was didnt he already have a failed one 4 or so years ago? And isnt there supposed to be  nuclear war in the next few days? Someone fill me in and chill me out please…sorrrry

Ummm.  Let’s see.  How about the last page of “2008 — God’s Final Witness”

By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, or it will have begun its collapse and no longer exist as an independent nation within six months after that time.

On March 12 of last year, Weinland spoke:

So again, some cannot wait for me to say that I am not a prophet, or to say that I am a false prophet. Indeed, no one has long to wait do they? Isn’t that amazing? May 27, 2012 is not too far away and if Europe hasn’t risen by early 2012 and if China does not begin destroying the earth before that date, then the reality would be manifest much sooner, obviously. You don’t have to wait until 2012.

Let’s stack that up against the Bible, Deut. 18:20-22:

Deu 18:20  But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.
Deu 18:21  And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?
Deu 18:22  When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

On page 22 of “2008 — God’s Final Witness”, Weinland wrote:

These two prophets of God will complete the work that God has given them to do, then they will be killed in the streets of Jerusalem. Their bodies will remain in the streets of Jerusalem for three and one-half days while the world watches via television.

This post is being published 84 hours before the time scheduled for his elder brother Jesus to arrive and resurrect him.  Which is exactly three and one-half days.  Are the bodies of Ron and Laura on CNN?  Oh yeah, he spiritualized that.  Just as False Prophet Ronald Weinland does all his failures.

207 Hours: Still Nothing Yet

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Here we are with only 207 hours remaining before False Prophet Ronald Weinland and the Silent Prophetess are converted to spirit beings and made members of Elohim.  Thought we should have a status check, and I’ll let comments by JDElohim over on the AboveTopSecret Forum introduce them.

In response to a comment about Ronnie’s legal woes and the charges of criminal tax fraud, JDElohim posted:

Read the claim of fraud, it is bogus and will not stand up in the court. It is steaming from the fact he has church tax status but doesn’t own a “building” called by the word “church”.

I have read the indictment, and it includes 5 charges for different tax years, which typically read like:

On or about April 15, 2008, in Boone County, in the Eastern District of Kentucky, RONALD E. WEINLAND did willfully attempt to evade and defeat the payment of a large part of the income tax due and owing by him to the United States of America for the calendar year 2007, in the amount of $118,375.82, by filing a false income tax return, by under reporting his income, and using COG contributions for personal use and not reporting the funds as income on his tax return, by failing to file a Report of Foreign Bank regarding an account in Switzerland, by failing to report the existence of that foreign account on the Schedule B of his income tax returns, and by failing to report any of the interest made on the foreign account as income, all in violation of 26 U.S.c. § 7201.

So these charges (a matter of official public record) have nothing to do with PKG not having a church building, which is typical for most of the other smaller splinter CoGs none of whom are led by Herblets who are under indictment for criminal tax evasion.  The issue of a church building would at most lead to loss of PKG’s tax-exempt status and tithes would not be tax deductible in the US (which they are not in other countries anyway).

While on the topic of the criminal trial, a pre-trial conference is scheduled for Monday morning at 11 AM in federal court in Covington, KY.  Today was the last day for Ronnie to have decided to plead to lesser charges and effect the filing of a motion for rearraignment on the lesser charges.  There has been no such filing, nor any other kind of filing since February.  So it looks like a go for trial on June 4 — unless of course Ronnie is out of the jurisdiction of the federal courts by becoming a member of Elohim or by other means.

JDElohim stated: All tithe revenue is indeed going into advertising, look at the top of any thread with “end days” key words in it and you will see an advertisment for the book. At the curent rate of advertising their will be no surplus of tithes after May 27, 2012.

Web traffic statistics from suggest that might actually be the case.


The graph to the left shows Alexa traffic statistics for web traffic to for late 2007 and 2008 when Ronnie spent large amounts of his members’ life savings on Google Advertising.  The graph to the right shows equivalent statistics for the last few months, with traffic building in March and in the past couple of weeks well surpassing the heydeys of 2008.  This is likely the reason for the significant increase in Google referrals to my blog as well. But as to all tithes being spent on this campaign, a good part of it was spent on the recent global tour of the Two Witnesses.  And then we have the legal defense of Weinland.  I would say that he hasn’t cut them off as they did not file a motion to withdraw from the case because he wasn’t paying them.

JDElohim responded to challenges to Weinland’s failures by repeating Ronnie’s lame explanations.  As to what he would do if Christ doesn’t return on schedule:

As for your repeated desire to hear the answer to your hypothetical “what if” the answer is it depends on what God reveals to His people in the event your “what if” scenario transpires, but I will go where ever the truth of God is and where ever a congregation keeps the commandments of God, the weekly Sabbath and anual holy days, as THOSE are the “sign/mark” of God, forever and throughout your generations, and the unwillingnes to do those things is the “sign/mark” of the beast (mankinds civilization designed apart from the ways of God).

So JDElohim will buy whatever lame excuse Ron comes up with and continue drinking the Flavor Aid.  Then JDElohim went on to challenge back:

If however on May 26th (sunset May 27th in Jerusalem) Jesus Christ DOES return, what would YOU do?

I can’t speak for his challenger on the other forum, but I personally hope that Weinland’s god is not lying about the Lake of Fire the same way he has lied about everything else, because I wouldn’t want to be subject to a god like that and who also created evil.  In the meantime, I’m going to do a bit of prophesying of my own:

  1. Christ will not return at the end of next week
  2. Weinland will not admit to being a false prophet, truly repent, or stop preaching.

Instead, Weinland will spiritualize his failures and probably come with a modification, wearing out his copy of Strong’s Dictionary.  Maybe he’ll pull a page from Harold Camping’s playbook, who put in a 5-month delay after the failure of his May 21 prophecy for last year.  Weinland could change the duration of Christ’s return.  As in he begins to return on Pentecost but won’t fully return until the Feast of Trumpets, which is what Armstrong last claimed.  If not something like this, it will be something else.  The wonderful wacky Weinlandian adventure will continue somehow after Pentecost.

Ronald Weinland, Nothing Yet

Friday, May 4th, 2012

A long running thread (over 4 years now) on the AboveTopSecret forum has had some recent activity.  One of Ron’s acolytes responded angrily to a suggestion that Ron had essentially stated that God lied about the Two Witnesses dying.  It’s a fascinating insight into a disturbed mind.  Using the screen name “ElohimJD”, he posted:

Please stop insinuating what was said, it does not help anyone to read garbage like this. What was revealed is that the truth has been there the whole time, the 3 1/2 days the prophets would lay dead for the whole world to see is spiritual, 3 1/2 days = 3 1/2 years; the very time period we have been living in to this day.

You see this very thread and the clear hatered shown towards the ones God sent as a witness to this age is proof of this spiritual truth, you all living is the city called “Sodom”(sin) and “Egpyt”(slavery due to sin) have been celebrating and exchanging gifts; putting down, cheering when your false physical interpretations are revealed to be spiritual and beautiful in truth yet you use them to ridicule and slander God’s prophets. You see to the world (Sodom and Egypt) Ron Weinland is dead, and has been walked all over by Satan and his host (those who live in blindness to the truth of Almighty God). Everytime your blindness to the ability to think spiritually causes you to celebrate a precieved fault you have found in God’s servants you are daily fulfilling what was revealed, unknowingly.

You must have God’s spirit in order to think spiritually, and God cannot dwell in sin, therefore if you are in sin, you cannot think spiritually.

sin = the transgresion of the law.

What law?


Learn to truth (57 truths), repent of what is false and join God’s people in celebration for the Kingdom of God is at hand and soon all alive will become subjects in such a Kingdom, that is after May 27th 2012.

What was said sir is that the spiritual understanding of the scripture has always been there, but Satan has never understood the spiritual intent of that scripture until last week when God revealed it through his servant the prophets, as all truth has been revealed by God throughout time.

Satan cannot see spiritually (discernment) because he has been cutoff from the flow of God’s spirit, which is Holy because it belongs to Him. Only God’s Holy spirit can allow you to see spiritually.

In another comment, “ElohimJD” stated:

So many in this thread are obsessed with timing, and not obsessed with truth revealed, you see a great sign of God’s prophets are found in truth revealed. Have you all read the 57 truths on the website? What is your take on them? After it is the truth that sanctifies you (sets you apart for Holy use and purpose).

Again the timing of events was never given to Ron Weinland as he has said from day one, only the timing of the final date May 27th 2012, and the date the sealing occured and countdown began.

So would this Ron Weinland, who doesn’t give timing other than the end date, be a different Ron Weinland from the one who made the following statement on March 12 of last year?

So again, some cannot wait for me to say that I am not a prophet, or to say that I am a false prophet. Indeed, no one has long to wait do they? Isn’t that amazing? May 27, 2012 is not too far away and if Europe hasn’t risen by early 2012 and if China does not begin destroying the earth before that date, then the reality would be manifest much sooner, obviously. You don’t have to wait until 2012.

“ElohimJD” concluded his comments ironically:

God Bless,

There will be two waves of disappointment on Saturday, May 26.  The first one will be at 12:36 PM Eastern Time by the “sealed” probably including “ElohimJD” who will not be converted to spirit beings and made members of Elohim.  The second wave will be the friends and family of PKG members who expect that the PKG members will abandon Ron, but who will buy whatever baloney Ron delivers two hours later in his sermon that afternoon.

The Last Month

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

On April 21, False Prophet Ronald Weinland made the following statement:

The two witnesses will not be killed in the literal city of Jerusalem and their dead bodies will not lie in the streets for 3½ days. God’s two witnesses will live right up to Jesus Christ’s coming to this earth as King of kings. This three and a half days spoken of here about the two witnesses is fully about the past nearly three and one half years,….

The graph below indicates the change in the number of visitors to my blog since the beginning of March.  There has been a slow but steady increase of the visitors week over week, with Sundays usually being the most trafficked day.   A steady increase up until April 21, when the traffic jumped up around 25% over the prior week.

The only event to which I could attribute this increase in traffic was Weinland’s sermon.  I expect that a portion of this traffic is stirred-up PKG members.

This is the final month during which Ronnie, Laura, and the sealed members of PKG expect to become members of Elohim and the rest of PKG expects to adored by the non-converted survivors who live with them into the new age.  There’s a lot going on this month, as shown by the calendar.  And then next month the criminal trial starts on the 4th.

The Tithe of the Third

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has long prophesied that before Jesus Christ returned, his church would grow to include “a tithe of the third” of those who were members of the Worldwide Church of God on the day of the opening of the first seal and Joe Tkach’s apostasy in Atlanta, December 17, 1994.  With somewhere around 100,000 baptized members on that date, a tithe of the third of those would be somewhere around 3300 people.  The attendance at PKG’s 2007 Feast of Tabernacles was in the neighborhood of 300 or so, but that included younger people baptized after 1994.  Ron claims that since then the size has tripled following the Google advertizing campaign for his books conducted in the months following the 2007 feast, but most of those people don’t have a CoG background.

So somewhere around 3000 (give or take a few hundred) ex-WCG members have yet to join PKG to fulfill Ron’s prophesies.  Here we are, 8 weeks before Ron’s and Laura’s deaths in the streets of Jerusalem, and time grows short for that.  Any evidence this is happening?

The latest issue of The Journal (PDF download) suggests not.  The Journal is geared to those who continued to follow Armstrongism after the breakup of WCG, which according to Weinland is 1/3 of the 100,000 or so members in 1994.  If there were a significant movement toward Weinland’s church in that small group, it would surely be noted in the pages of The Journal.  Yet in this latest issue, the only mention of Weinland is in a letter from David Barrett, which concludes:

Speaking of the book of Revelation, imagine how much less apocalyptic certain preachers would have been— William Miller, Herbert W. Armstrong, Harold Camping, Ronald Weinland—if Revelation hadn’t made it in.
I’m giving a talk on failed prophecies of Jesus’ imminent return next week before someone else’s talk on 2012 prophecies. I’ll finish up by saying we won’t need to worry about December 2012 if Ron Weinland’s right about May 27.

Weinland was also mentioned in the previous edition of The Journal, regarding his indictment for criminal tax evasion.

Since Ron’s trial scheduled for March 20 was continued to June 4, he is allowed by the courts to continue his false prophecy roadshow, and even to travel internationally.  This weekend is the unique fast as Ron is in Los Angeles on his way down under.  I’m interested to see if the unique fast sermon will include the beginnings of a course correction around the shoals of the ultimate failed prophecy in just over 8 weeks.

Four Hours and Forty-Four Minutes

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland put up some new timeline charts on his website.  Here is a picture of one of them.

Looking them over, I was reminded of the chart he put up after the 2009 feast.  So I took another look at the older chart.  Of particular interest was the phrase on that chart”(toward the end of this Sabbath day” in reference to Joe Senior’s December 17, 1994 sermon which I must have had in mind in my January 15 posting where I pointed out that the sun had set in Jerusalem by 9:38 AM Eastern Time on that day.  In other statements, such as his latest chart he has used the phrase “to the hour” or “to the very hour” in comparing the time-of-day of Joe’s apostasy to the time-of-day of his death.  Weinland criticized my  9:38 AM sunset time in his February 18 sermon:

I was told of one thing that somebody had written at one point out there.  Totally foolish, backward, ignorant.  They tried to go back and … someone that not of the church <snorts derisively> .. but trying to go back and say “Well it’s like he can’t tell time because sundown on that year that .. he did this apostasy at sundown at a certain time in Jerusalem, and huh huh huh.  They’re way off because it was a certain time of day, and that couldn’t at be at the same hour.”

Totally missed the mark.  How could you be so backward?  How could you not hear?  Anyway, it’s about when he returns.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  It’s not about the day that that happened.  Being the same time in Jerusalem.  That it’s we’re talking about to the hour. ….  When somethings so messed up like that, why even try to explain it.  It’s better just to tell the truth.

Totally messed up, huh?  Ron, what does toward the end of “this Sabbath day”(December 17, 1994) mean?  If you’re going to criticize what I say, at least quote me accurately.  Here is what I posted:

Ron stated that Joe Tkach’s apostasy took place to the hour 13 time 70 weeks before Christ returns.  Ron has scheduled Christ to return at sundown in Jerusalem, which is when God’s day begins.  The time for sunset in Jerusalem on December 17, 1994 was 4:38 PM Israel Standard Time (IST).  IST is UTC +2 hours, while Eastern Standard Time is UTC -5 hours for a 7-hour difference.  So sunset in Jerusalem on 12/17/94 occurred at 9:38 AM Atlanta time.  Was Joseph Tkach speaking at 9:38 AM?

So now who’s the one who’s all messed up?  Back to more of Ronnie’s February 18 statement:

What I like pointing out here is: before the sermon was over that he was giving, and still close to the very midst of it, a little bit farther into it, by the time he’d gone through it,  in the midst of that apostasy sermon the timing of Christ’s return and appearance,  will follow 6370 days later, Jerusalem time, which is near 7:36 PM Jerusalem time.  Sundown on the Sabbath in Jerusalem, when Jesus Christ returns right at that moment when Pentecost begins.

So the point of interest is 7:36 PM Jerusalem time.  Which is 12:36 PM Eastern time (Atlanta time as well).  According to Ronnie’s latest chart, Joe’s sermon was “10 am to 1:30 pm EST” which includes 12:36 PM.  While that’s consistent with the photo of the church bulletin I posted, he has offered no proof of the timing within the sermon when Joe Sr made the defining statement that keeping the sabbath was unnecessary.

In Ronnie’s February 18 sermon, he stated “It’s better just to tell the truth.”  So why don’t you just tell the truth, Ronnie?  Instead, in your latest chart, you repeat the lie “Joe Tkach, Sr.’s death (to the hour)” even after I offered proof that his death was at 2:20 PM Pacific time which is 5:20 PM Eastern/Atlanta time, a full 4 hours and 44 minutes after the time-of-day of the time you scheduled Christ to return.  “To the hour” for Joseph Tkach’s apostasy could match one of these other events but not both of them.  Even if they were to some how match, how would that be significant?  Where does it say that in the Bible?  Except in 1 Ronald Chapter 2 Verse 1260: “It’s significant because I have no prophecy that’s come true so I’m grasping for straws.”

Weinland’s “to the hour” lie is itself relatively unimportant relative to the lie that God reveals truth to him.  And the lie that Christ will return this coming Memorial Day weekend and resurrect the faithful to become members of Elohim.

Other little gems in Ronnie’s latest chart which are inherited from his previous chart.  Such as: “May 30, 1998 After 980 days (“time, times, & 1/2 time”), the Church was reestablished on Pentecost”.  Wrong.  Pentecost that year was on May 31.  And what was the significant event that day that defined the reestablishment of the Church?  Maybe it was Mary Dowd playing the piano as the special “offering” was collected.  Listen to Ron’s sermon (20 MB MP3) on that day and fill me in if he said anything amongst all the blather about reestablishing the church.  BTW, at 34 minutes into the sermon audio he states that the previous day was 3 1/2 years, not that day (Pentecost of ’98).  Just to refresh your memory, Pentecost of ’98 was about a year after Weinland took leave of the United Church of God.  And about a year and a half prior to his booting out the lay church board of his corporation by the simple tactic of disfellowhipping them for not toeing his line.

And this one: “Dec. 14, 2008 – God reveals definition of a “time” being 280 days.”  Wrong, wrong wRonG.  It wasn’t until October 10 of the following year that you pulled out that little gem as an interim explanation as to why the Great Tribulation has not happened.


Less Than Seventy Minutes of Desolation in Dallas

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland cut it short in Dallas yesterday.  The entire dis-services was just under one hour instead of the normal two hours, including the announcements and opening and closing prayers by his US evangelists Terry and Johnny.  People traveled from far and wide to hear his abbreviated sermon From outside of Texas: Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Washington, Kentucky, Germany, and Moldova (since I have ancestors who lived there, I already knew it was a small state on the Black Sea near Odessa, Ukraine).  Ron blathered on and on with his interpretation of Daniel’s 70 years in ancient Babylonian history.  Perhaps Ron quit early being anxious to get the party started at a local member’s open house later in the afternoon.  Or maybe Laura said that she wanted to spend extra time with her childhood friend Lori Williams (now living in Mississippi) while she still has the opportunity, as being the Silent Witness is scheduled to be killed in 4 months on May 23rd at the hands of the beast power.

Ron reminded people of the significant date of January 7, 1972.  That was the end of Herbert Armstrong’s second 19-year time cycle which must be in the Bible somewhere as it’s so significant.  (A solar calendar such as the Gregorian calendar we use and a lunar calendar such as the Jewish calendar will approximately synchronize to within hours every 19 years .)  One of Weinland’s signs and lying wonders is that it is exactly 40 years from Herbie’s January 7 to his own January 7 of this year, the end of his 6th shortened half-a-280-day-time.

Not so fast Ronnie.  You don’t get to use the Gregorian calendar as a sign.  Turns out that Jan 7, 1972 was Tevet 20 on the Jewish calendar.  Jan 7 of this year was NOT Tevet 20.  Tevet 20 this year was last Sunday.  What significant event happened on these dates?  On Tevet 20, 5732 (January 7, 1972), Herbert W (doesn’t stand for anything) Armstrong was exposed as a liar.  Exactly 40 years later on Tevet 20, 5772 (last Sunday), Ronald Eugene Weinland was judged as a liar on this blog as to his “truth” that Joseph Tkach died 40 weeks to the very hour after delivering his sermon in Atlanta on 12/17/94.

In his blog posting of November 26 responding to the indictment, Ron stated “I have been waiting to find out the full details of the indictment and it has been somewhat unsettling as it simply takes time to receive all the information that it is based upon.”  His attorney’s filed a motion on December 22 with the court to obtain notes of investigation interviews with other people. The government’s case appears to be based on the testimony of others as to Ron’s activities in explanation of all the transactions covered in the 5000+ pages of discovery Ron has already been provided. The US attorney’s response to the defense motion was that under the Jencks Act it was not required to provide this information unless and until the inteviewee testified in court, and that the government did not want to volunteer this as discovery before being required to under law.

The trial judge, Danny C. Reeves, agreed with the government in an order issued on Thursday — Ronnie doesn’t get this additional discovery. So if Ronnie is really curious, he’s going to have to take the matter to trial and see who the government places on the witness stand and what they say.  I’d like to see him do that and lose as it would be further exposure of whatever he did plus he would get a longer sentence.  But he has the option of negotiating a plea agreement for lesser charges and a reduced sentence.  However, he has to get that in place during the week prior to the pre-trial conference scheduled for March 12.  Perhaps Ron is considering this, as yesterday he didn’t repeat his prophecy of Christ’s return on Pentecost.

I, Mike (DDTFA) now have a sign about a lying wonder, and I prophesy that Christ will NOT return on Pentecost.  Bow down to me and don’t forget to send me your tithes. :-D