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Church Site Bio

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Here is the second biography that Ron said he would post.
————- Weinland’s Church Site Bio ———————

Ronald Weinland is the last apostle in a long lineage of apostles, beginning with the original 12 who were established in 31 AD. He is the last apostle to God’s Church before Christ returns to establish God’s Kingdom which will reign over every nation on earth. He was preceded by Herbert W. Armstrong who was the apostle to God’s Church in the Worldwide Church of God until his death in January of 1986.

After Herbert W. Armstrong died, Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. received the control and leadership of the Worldwide Church of God, although he was not an apostle. In the early 1990′s, as a matter of Church government, this man began to change many of the ways Mr. Armstrong had led the Church. He also began to make subtle changes in several Church teachings. Then, in December of 1994, he gave a sermon to the Church where he set out to change every major doctrine of God’s Church. He was later revealed to be the prophesied “man of sin” and “son of perdition” that Paul wrote about in 2 Thessalonians 2. Paul explained that this man who would betray Jesus Christ would have to be revealed within the Church before Christ would return.

God revealed that this man of sin was also the antichrist that John specifically made reference to later in his ministry when he spoke of many antichrists coming on the scene within the environment of the Church. This “man of sin” and “son of perdition” was made known by God after He revealed His judgment against him. Exactly 280 days later, to the very hour, from when he had declared that God’s Sabbaths were no longer required for God’s people, God took his life.

That number did not go unnoticed by those with whom God was working to reestablish a remnant for His Church after two-thirds of the people had left Church, and the other third had become scattered into over 600 different organizations following that prophesied Apostasy. The number seven is used by God to reveal “that which is complete,” as in the seven day week, the seven annual Holy Days, etcetera. The number 40 is used to reveal “God’s judgment.” The combination of 7 times 40 gives a total count of 280 days—fully revealing God’s complete judgment executed against this son of perdition, the man of sin.

After the Apostasy, a third of the Church that had become scattered was protected from Satan for the next 1,260 days, as it was revealed in Revelation that God would do so. That period of protection for the scattered Church ended on Pentecost of 1998 when God had then reestablished His Church in only one of the many scattered groups. It was a small remnant group that took on the name of the “Church of God –Preparing for the Kingdom of God.” God not only made Ronald Weinland the last apostle to His Church at the end-time, but He also made him a prophet. God and Jesus Christ had made only one other apostle a prophet, and that was John who was given to record the Book of Revelation.

God gave Ronald Weinland to be John’s counterpart and also gave to him to be both an apostle and prophet, whose commission has included revealing what John had written. That which John recorded was not for him to understand and it was not for his time, but it was for this very end-time, and that necessitated sending a prophet who would reveal what God had given to John. Some of the very prophecies John wrote were about God’s two witnesses who would not come on the scene until the very end-time. God has made both Ronald Weinland and his wife to be His two end-time witnesses who are spoken of in Revelation 11 and in the Book of Zechariah.

Although most of those from the third of the Church that was scattered after the Apostasy are looking for the opening of the First Seal, they do not understand that all Seven Seals of Revelation have already been opened, and that we have already entered the very end of the end-time. The Seven Trumpets of the Seventh Seal are all that remain to be physically fulfilled before Christ returns to rule this earth. Those Trumpets will begin to become manifest in great physical tribulation throughout this earth at various points between the 8th of November in 2015 and Pentecost on the 9th of June in 2019, at which time Christ will return to this earth.

The Church originally had been given Pentecost of 2012 as the timing for Christ’s coming, and when he did not return, it was believed that Christ might instead return on Pentecost of 2013. During that year, however, God was not showing “why” Jesus Christ had not returned, and it was not until some time later that God began to reveal the reasons why He had moved all prophetic end-time events forward by exactly seven years. That story is included in Ronald Weinland’s third book, entitled, Prophesy Against the Nations.

As John was given the Book of Revelation to record while imprisoned by the Roman government on the Isle of Patmos, Ronald Weinland was given to write this third book while falsely imprisoned by the government of the United States for evading the payment of taxes. This third book fulfills a specific prophecy in the Book of Revelation. It also reveals God’s last warning to those of His Church who were scattered after the Apostasy. Although it also reveals God’s last warnings to all nations, it gives specific nations encouragement to accept His intervention to help and to even save millions.

From the time of the Apostasy to the return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost of 2019, there will have been 7 prophetic end-time periods of 1,260 days fulfilled. These and many other incredible numerical counts to Christ’s coming are also covered in that third book which will be fully ready for publishing and distribution in 9 languages by early 2016.

Book Site Bio

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Here’s is a posting from Weinland’s website, he indicated he would be putting up as posts copies of his biography for his book. Here is a reposting of this for your comments.

He repeats the tired argument about why he was imprisoned, already disproven before his sentencing from trial testimony.

—– Weinland’s bio ——————————

Ronald Weinland, an author whose books have gone into over 170 countries and 9 languages, is first and foremost an apostle to the One Almighty Eternal God. Preceded by Herbert W. Armstrong who led the Worldwide Church of God until his death in 1986, Ronald Weinland is an apostle in a long lineage of God’s apostles, beginning with the original 12 who began their work in 31 AD, long before others emerged falsely calling themselves Christian.

Ronald Weinland is the last apostle in this final age of mankind’s self-rule. That self-rule will end with the second coming of Jesus Christ who returns to put an end to WW III and bring peace to this earth—peace which mankind has been unable to achieve for the past 6,000 years. Jesus Christ came the first time, nearly 2,000 years ago, as God’s Passover Lamb who made possible the forgiveness of sins for mankind. This time, Christ is coming as a “Lion” with great power to chasten, battle, and conquer those who are destroying the earth. He will then establish a one-world government—God’s government—under his reign in peace for the next 1,000 years.

Historical accounts have some variance, but it is believed that most all of the original apostles, including Paul who was the apostle to the gentiles, were imprisoned and eventually killed. The last apostle to write scripture was John, who was also a prophet, and while imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos, it was revealed to him what was to be written in the Book of Revelation. Ronald Weinland is the only other apostle who has also been made a prophet by God and Jesus Christ. He is the counterpart to John, in that John was given knowledge to record the Book of Revelation for the end-time, and Ronald Weinland was given the “meaning” and the responsibility to declare that “meaning” in these books, other writings, and in a vast number of recorded speeches (sermons) and interviews.

Since the days of John, nearly 1,900 years ago, God’s true Church has not been accustomed to having a prophet, but God made Ronald Weinland a prophet in 1997. The first book, The Prophesied End-Time, published in mid-2004, is the product of what God gave to him, revealed through Christ, concerning the beginning fulfillment of prophetic end-time events that were to begin first in God’s own Church—events that began to occur in December of 1994 with the opening of the First Seal of Revelation. Since most in the world have not readily known of God’s true Church, they are fully unaware that these events involved the opening of the first six seals of Revelation. It is also revealed how 9/11 was a major fulfillment of the Sixth Seal, and a “prophetic type” of what is yet to follow on a vastly larger scale.

His second book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, begins to pinpoint the timing and unfold the remainder of major end-time events, building upon what the first book covered. This book reveals the opening of the Seventh Seal (the last seal to be opened), which occurred in 2008, and reveals the meaning of the Seven Trumpets that are contained in that Seventh Seal. It also reveals the Seven Thunders of Revelation, which John was forbidden to record. However, it also needs to be made clear that all initial timing mentioned in this book has been moved forward by exactly seven years.

These final end-time events that will plunge mankind into a third world war began to be set in place with the opening of the Seventh Seal of Revelation in 2008. These events have begun with a great shaking in the world’s economic system in late 2008 and early 2009. What began at that point has been moved forward to continue at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 in a powerful resurgence of economic calamity that will plunge the world into a free-fall of final economic destruction.

That first phase of a great economic collapse that set the stage for what was to follow was only temporarily delayed by quantitative easing which has actually been working to more fully bloat a fatally flawed system that will lead the world into a far more horrific global collapse. That collapse will now be much more devastating than if it had originally occurred in late 2008 and early 2009. These final prophecies reveal the collapse of the U.S. Dollar, as well as the very rapid decline and then ultimate destruction of the United States itself. The final great war prophesied will enter its greatest period of destruction with nuclear weapons that will occur between a temporarily united European union of ten nations and the main axis powers of both Russia and China, as well as several lesser nations that will ally with them.

Ronald Weinland is the last apostle to be sent to this world, and as such, God has established through him a final testimony (witness) of mankind’s true attitude and spirit toward God Himself. This has been made manifest (revealed) through “the many” who have turned in bitterness, hatred, disgust, mockery, ridicule, and slander toward the one whom God has sent to this world with His final warnings and judgment.

Much of mankind’s true attitude has also been revealed through Ronald Weinland’s trial and imprisonment by the government of the United States. He began serving his sentence in February of 2013 with a release date in February of 2016. God has established the true spirit of mankind through the ages by how His prophets and apostles have been treated and judged, with so many of them being imprisoned and many even killed.

Ronald Weinland was accused and convicted of purposefully evading the payment of taxes to the federal government. This accusation was made towards someone who believes and teaches that they themselves and the members of the Church are to be responsible toward the government of the nation in which they live. The Church holds a strong and most basic doctrine that they are to be just as faithful to pay their taxes in that nation as they would be in faithfully paying their tithes to God. It was imputed by the court that many of the expenses declared as Church expenses could not be declared as such, but were instead declared to be personal expenses, and therefore, the reimbursement of those expenses were counted as income on which taxes should have been paid. There were only two primary expense items that gave the government a large enough dollar amount that was legally required of them before they could bring forth such an indictment whereby they could then pursue prosecution. Yet both of those were legitimate expenses because they were based on Church beliefs and legitimate religious practices for God’s Church, but the government rejected these and did not allow them to be claimed as such by the Church. Expenses declared were not personal, but were a matter of those Church beliefs and religious practices.

The main dollar amount was $300,000 in Church money, which was moved to a bank in Switzerland. This was made to look sinister by the government, even though it was told to the Church in 2002 that money would be placed there in Ronald Weinland’s personal name in order to give the Church the ability to continue to function during a third world war that would engulf the world in the final years of the end-time (which will now begin at some point after October of 2015 and before June of 2019).

This movement of money to Switzerland was due to the prophetic belief that the U.S. Dollar will collapse during those final years, and that this meager amount of funds could then be used to continue doing a “religious work” that could be aided by those funds deposited in Switzerland. Due to events that transpired in large part during WW II, the nation of Switzerland had been believed to be a location that would once again be considered a “safe zone” for securing deposits during another world war. However, since late 2015, and the fact that God moved all end-time catastrophic events and WW III forward by exactly seven years, God has also revealed that the prophetic outcome for many nations has also been changed. This includes Switzerland, which will now suffer far more mightily in this final end-time period, and will not be a safe haven for any finances in the world.

The second book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, explains what people must do if they want to survive this last war—an all out nuclear war—and live on into a new age that God will give to mankind. This also includes those of God’s own Church that became scattered after the Apostasy, as they must come to be humbled and receive those whom God has sent to them.

Just as God revealed to John what was to be recorded in the Book of Revelation while imprisoned by the Roman government on the Isle of Patmos, God has given Ronald Weinland more understanding of those prophesies, and they have been written by him while in prison. The new book, entitled, Prophesy Against the Nations, will be published and made available beginning in early 2016. This book reveals the reasons why God moved forward all end-time events by exactly seven years and what is more specifically directed to all people and nations of the world concerning prophesied catastrophic events directed toward them. This book reveals how God has now made it possible that many more millions can be saved alive through this end-time so that they can live on into a new age of peace, as Christ rules the nations for the next 1,000 years.

This book also explains how at least 3.5 billion people will die from all the catastrophic events that will occur, which includes a massive nuclear war that will cause the greatest destruction and death. It also explains how that number of deaths can become much higher, surpassing 6 billion people. Yet on the other hand, this book also reveals there is the potential to instead save the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

This book also reveals that just as God moved all end-time events forward by seven years, He has also altered the potential outcome of what can now happen in many different nations. There are some very specific nations that God now addresses whose destruction and death can be reduced mightily from what had previously been judged to take place against them before 2012. Those nations are specifically addressed in this third and last book.

Chopping Block

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Several weeks ago, False Prophet Ronald Weinland announced that he was going to perform some trimming on his bloated ministry.  Comments were left on the prior post with a list of elders’ names and demotions.

It seems that demotions were communicated by letter.  A form letter at that. Here is a copy of the form letter to demoted elders  as posted in the comment:

This letter is being sent to you to inform you that you are being moved from the role of an elder to that of an associate elder. This is rather new for the Church, since our history coming from Worldwide has been different. During those days, an ordination, or specific office in the ministry, was viewed as a life-long placement. However, in this time that is now before us, there is a different design and purpose in what God is working, and we are simply to learn from it and support it. God has specific reasons for these changes and the streamlining that is taking place in the ministry. Some of that will be mentioned here, but other matters will be learned as you go forward.

At this point, there are right at 40 ministers being directly affected by these changes and reorganization, with the likelihood of a few more that will follow. So we are sending most all of you this same letter concerning this specific change, although there are a lot of others who are now being fully removed/retired from the ministry.

As a whole, God is now preparing and training a group within the ministry who will become quite active as we go into the final stages of this end-time and they are primarily being readied for responsibilities once the Millennium is established. Many of you have issues with health and/or age that simply restrict you from carrying out certain duties. This may also restrict you from being able to serve in what is coming.

In a few cases, it is simply a matter that the need for your service as a minister does not or will not exist where you are located. This also means that the need for some roles within the ministry are not now needed for the same purpose that existed several years ago and for what God was teaching and molding within the Church. Many things have changed since this process of a widely expanded ministry began.

Yet for a few of you, this is a matter of your need to more deeply examine yourself and the example you have been living that reflects upon the ministry. Ministers are indeed held to a higher standard of responsibility and example in what is reflected in our life to others around us. It is a matter of striving to be on greater guard in all that we do, say, and administer in our responsibilities toward the world around us, toward the Church, and also our personal families. Over the next year, this will be the time to make the necessary changes that have been put off or ignored for too long now.

In other cases, the change in one’s role may simply be a matter for the need of stepping aside so that others can be inserted who need the experiences that can only be gleaned, learned, and molded into a person by serving for a period of time in the ministry. This is God’s work in us and it is by His design.

Everyone being moved from the role of an elder to that of an associate elder will be receiving this “form letter”, although, some few of you are being given more than this letter. For those receiving more direct correction where it is needed, you know some of the primary matters that must be addressed and changed in your life. Others will need to genuinely examine yourself before God to see it there are things that you need to address and change. Although there are still some of you who have consistently been moving forward and growing spiritually and the change for your role in the ministry is simply a matter of some of the other reasons listed, and not primarily of a matter of correction.

Lastly, is a matter of great importance to Laura and myself. We have loved working in a more direct manner with you due to your being in the ministry. In a short time, we have been through much together. We are so thankful for all the support and service you have given to us and God’s Church. That does not change simply because you are no longer in the role of an elder, but that of an associate elder. You are in God’s ministry and yet have much before you concerning service you can render to the Church. So again, thank you!

We continue to move forward together as a family. As there is still so much that is before us as a Church, and for Laura and myself, we need and are requesting your continued prayers and support for us and the Body of Christ.

The list left in the comments had 123 names of elders on it.  From that list, the Ministry page was created, linked at the top banner of the blog.

Of that list, 12 were demoted and 16 defrocked for a total of 28 names.  As Weinland mentioned 40, there are a dozen names which are yet to come out.

The following Senior Elders demoted to Elder: Jimmy Carlisle, Angela Hopkins, Lori Williams.  Jimmy was one of the first promoted to Senior Elder back in 2008 when Ron created the rank.  I understand that Lori is a childhood friend of Laura.  Angela Hopkins was formerly Angela Wrozek before divorcing Terry earlier in the year.

The following Elders demoted to Associate Elder: Tim Tiernan, Sandy Bays, Tim Brown, Sandy Czech, Curtis    Fields, Susan Illitch, Mark and Kalee Wiesman, Ken Zitt.  All of these are long-time members, from well before the first time the Great Tribulation didn’t start in 2008.

The following Elders removed completely: George Black, Gayle Blair, Maggie Carlisle, Bill Carr, Newt Carter, Engelien Henderson, Fredda Maeker, Sam Qualls, Karen Rode.  Fredda is a long-time member, going back to the 80’s and from West Texas was a member of one of the WCG congregations to which Ron was assigned when he was first hired.

The following Associate Elders were removed completely: Cookie Fields, Brandi Light-Siedentopf, Bob Madison, Kim Oaklund, Gerald Prutsman, Keith Prutsman, Beverly VanNorman.


Happy New Year 2014

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

As we trade out calendars, it is traditional to look back over the events of the past year and also look forward to what may happen in the coming year.

In January, Ron gave what he described as possibly his last sermon before Christ’s return and repeated the lie that he was convicted for Laura’s travel expenses on their domestic international junkets.  The following Friday and Saturday were the most heavily trafficked days on this blog as Ron reported to prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

After Ron went to prison, the weekly sermons were delivered by Johnny Harrell, Wayne Matthews, and Terry Wrozek.  However Terry Wrozek gave his last sermon for June 8th and apparently gave up on Living by Faith because later on news came that Terry was suspended and later disfellowshipped.  Other prominent departures included Ralph Dowd and other long time members in the Cincinnati area.  Weinland’s own mother and sister were disfellowshipped with the announcement sent out by newly minted senior elder Beth Bucheit.

Ron began filling in with a post up on his blog during the middle of most weeks composed with #2 pencils and typed in to electronic messages on the TRULINCS prisoner equivalent to email. In May just before the third non-return of Jesus Christ he announced the non-event and in a follow up post that the web site was being updated.

In August there was a civil court hearing which I believe was the final divorce hearing that ended Audra and Chris’s marriage.  It seems that there may have been another ceremony later than the one mentioned in Ron’s criminal trial as the legality of that one was doubtful given that the ceremony was conducted on German soil while the marriage certificate that Ron signed fraudulently indicated it was conducted on Kentucky soil.

After Labor Day, I lessened my blogging as I’ve stopped listening to sermons by Ron’s surrogates, which now include some by Willem Henderson.  Web traffic decline a bit has remained up as new commenters have joined who are now ex-PKG or exiting PKG.  “Haverty” indicates that he is in contact with a currently serving disgruntled elder, whom the women running PKG now (Laura, Audra, and Beth) would probably very much like to find.

As 2013 began, I predicted:

Looking forward to the coming year, I expect that Ron will show up to prison as scheduled and Joyce Garrett will get her house back.  Ron will have new Present Truths(tm) to explain why the daylight portion of the Day of the Lord is not accompanied by the Great Tribulation and yet another Present Truth(tm) in May to explain why Christ is still a no-show.  Ron will leak more members, but the majority will continue to stick with him to pay for his lawyers and his back taxes.

My predictions were pretty much dead on.  At least Ron did report to prison and later on court filings showed that the lien on Joyce Garrett’s house was removed.  Ron did leak more members, from comments left on the blog the word “majority” in my earlier prediction is in doubt.  But enough members remain to finance a trip in February for Prophetess Laura and Senior Elder Audra to make a junket down under.  I wonder if PKG finances will provide them with first class travel accommodations in in-flight private cabins.

So now it’s time for my predictions for the coming year:  I predict that Jesus Christ will not return on Pentecost this year (June 8).  According to comments left by “Haverty”, there are those still hanging on in PKG in hopes of that — Haverty expects another large departure from PKG after that.  But maybe Ron, who will begin serving the second year of a 3+-year-long prison term in February, will come up with a new Present Truth(TM) to keep those susceptible to signs and lying wonders sending in their tithes to a Cincinnati PO box  and keep Laura and Audra in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all who read my blog, whether drinking Ron’s Flavor Aid or not.  I hope this will be a happier new year for those like Randy who are friends or family of PKG members with their departure from the cult.

One War is Over, The Last One is About to Begin

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

And now we have Ron’s mid-week sermon blog.  Quite a long one, so I’m putting it below the fold so as not to obscure my last post


The Day of Christ’s Coming

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a new blog post, repeated down below the fold for your convenience and commenting.



Man at His Best

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has posted infrequently on his personal blog with posting intervals measured in months.  But now he’s posting even more than I have — another post just a few days after the last one and both since my normal weekly post.  He smells blood in the water with the current economic turmoil.  Here is his post and an opportunity to comment.

——————–  Weinland’s Latest “Prophecy” ——————————–

When is man at his best? To understand this question, is to first notice why fear and a bit of panic has entered the world market place over the past week. It is the beginning to understanding why God has revealed that mankind must suffer so very much over the next several months.

It is God’s purpose at this end-time that mankind must experience great fear and panic, as everything in which he trusts no longer gives support, intervention, or help of any kind. All the institutions and governments of mankind are nearing collapse. You are now beginning to witness the real emergence of what brings about that total collapse.

The Mortar Is Failing

We live in an age that seemingly appears far superior to all other ages of mankind. The last hundred years, with the explosive advancement of science and technology, has made the previous thousands of years of man on earth seem archaic and primitive by comparison.

Then, here at the end of this age of mankind, with his self-rule on earth, we see a basic structure that developed over the past fifty years that became the mortar for a “global” economy. We live in a period of earth’s history where the United States of America emerged to become the single greatest power the earth has ever known.

This power has been reflected in resources of wealth, technology, military strength, government influence, and monetary stability on the world scene. In the midst of this the dollar became the mortar that has held together a global economic system that is now beginning to crumble under a weight it can no longer sustain—no matter what action anyone or any government takes.

The cracks that began to emerge in 2008 are now crumbling and collapsing before our very eyes. We are rapidly moving toward markets that will crash, banking institutions that will end, and a failing dollar that will thrust the world into war, as the United States goes the way of all empires of the past.

But who dare say such things! We are told that many of the corporations and banking institutions in the U.S. are too large to fail (to allow them to fail). But they are still failing no matter how much money is printed and pumped into them. The world is now awakening to that ugly truth.

How dare a rating agency downgrade the U.S.? After that, a cry went out that declared how the U.S. has always been a triple “A” country and always will be.

After the initial cracking in the economy struck in 2008, it didn’t take long before pride and arrogance began to enter the market place once again. Much like the Titanic, the attitude has prevailed that the dollar, with the economic structure of the U.S., is too large to sink. Yet it is starting to sink!

At this present time in man’s history, the dollar and all the global markets intertwined with it have begun a final process of implosion with no ability whatsoever to save it from happening. As this rippling affect circles the world, the markets and banking systems of one country after the other spiralling downward, nations will react in the only manner they see as a last resort—war!

Bad, But Soon Much Worse

Stocks plunged dramatically last week and continued even more on Monday. But Tuesday, it surged upward in record proportion. A little hope for a little while!

Then today, everything that was so dramatically gained on Tuesday was lost in one fell swoop, and even more so, as the market plunged by nearly 520 points.

At the close of the markets, CNBC asked the question, “Do you know where your money is?” This was a take-off of the expression, “Do you know where your children are?”

Now, at this very moment, gold has passed the $1800 mark. Another headline today stated, “Investors Flock to Gold and U.S. Treasuries.” How sad that people still don’t “see” that the dollar is the problem—the old mortar that has dried up, cracking throughout, and now crumbling under the weight it can no longer sustain.

As markets and banks are in “freefall,” as another headline states, people still think there is “safety” in U.S. Treasuries, in which they trust. And those who trust in gold—it too will fail. It won’t be long before people will gladly give their gold for the simple commodity of food.

That in which people trust will continue to fail. Markets will fail. Banks will fail. The dollar will fail. Governments will fail. Even religions will fail.

“In God We Trust”

This is what is stated on the dollar. Yet that is not true. Instead, the world grew to trust in the dollar itself. As was stated at the beginning of this post: “It is God’s purpose at this end-time that mankind must experience great fear and panic, as everything in which he trusts no longer gives support, intervention, or help of any kind.”

It is this very process that will bring man to his best state, which is one of humility. It is pride that led people to believe the Titanic could not sink. It is pride that insists the dollar cannot fail. It is pride that declares the U.S. cannot become less than other countries around the world.

Only when some of mankind, beginning first with the U.S., is brought to true humility will some finally come to the only truth that can save them, when they finally cry out in genuine sincerity and humility, “In God we trust!”

———————  End of Weinland’s Latest Blather —————————-

Our Spokesman Witness doesn’t allow commenting on his blog.  But I do and here’s your opportunity.

Profound Changes

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland made a rare visit to Cincinnati yesterday for the Christmas Day sermon, joking that he needed a name tag so people would recognize him.  People traveled from neighboring states and as far away as Colorado for the event.  Twenty-something Joey Shockey gave the opening prayer, and Evangelist Johnny was on hand to give the closing.  Ron mentioned that 19 Cincinnati-area members have been made elders.  By one estimate, that’s a third to a fourth of the members, at this rate most of them will be elders by the time Christ doesn’t return on Pentecost of 2012.

Ron continued to recycle his blog posting from back in January about the ordination of women and how women have been abused.  Profound changes are due next year, although Ron is planning for a full Feast of Tabernacles expecting that he’ll be able to have it.  (I expect the same thing).  And Christ definitely is returning in 2012 but if he doesn’t there will be a sermon on the topic.  Ron mocked people who believe what they read on the Internet.  Ron needs to take his irony supplement given all the nonsense he’s put on the Internet.