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Sixth Thunder on Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

As far as I know, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has not had any media interview resulting from the advertisement he put out last month.  But yours truly, the Mike-who-advocates-not-drinking-the-Flavor-Aid, will be on Blog Talk Radio on the God Discussion show tonight (Thursday, Jan 12).  The show starts at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern and I am scheduled to be on for about 15 minutes during the second hour of the show.

At the appointed time, click this link for the show page.  I’m not sure exactly what link to click once you reach that page, once the show goes on the air we’ll have an hour to figure it out.  I may update this post when we figure it out.  And if you miss it somehow, the archive of the show should be available later in the evening.

I imagine the show audience will include a number of PKGers curious to hear the voice of a dead man.  Given that Ron placed a death curse over 3 years ago against anyone who would criticize him, and I have been his most consistent public critic since then, I must be dead. 😀

The Sixth Thunder Sounds Among the Scattered

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

The December 20 issue of “The Journal” is out.  This publication has editorial comment directed mainly to those former members of the Worldwide Church of God who attend various splinters.  False Prophet Ronald Weinland refers to it as “The Urinal” and has not joined the various kooks in presenting even odder variations of Armstrongism in paid editorial content in the publication’s “Connections” section.

This latest issue has an article on the indictment of Ronald Weinland.  Usually only the first and last pages are provided online, but for this issue the entirety is provided in PDF format on “The Journal” website.  The article about Ronnie (which begins on the front page) cites various “news outlets” as mentioning that he is “is accused of attempting to evade income taxes in the amount of $357,065 over several years beginning in 2005. Mr. Weinland is a minister of the Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God (CGPKG).”  Right after the awkward initialism for Weinland’s church, which while it isn’t what Ronnie uses is at least closer than Thielogical Bob’s “CGPFK”, “The Journal” refers to “Pastor General Weinland”.  While he operates with the same government structure (autocratic rule with a weak Council of Elders that can be removed by disfellowshipping them) and has the same mind-bending powers within his little CoGlet as did the original Pastor General Herbert Armstrong, Weinland has never adopted the title “Pastor General”.

“The Journal” has demonstrated poor journalistic skills.  Not only did they get the initialism and the title wrong, they left out information that was readily available through public sources. Such as the Swiss bank accounts and that he is accused of taking church funds.  The US Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky put out a press release with more details.  And Weinland responded several weeks ago to the charges in a public manner on his own blog.  Simple Google searches would have turned that information up.  While “The Journal” didn’t publish that information, they did take editorial space to give out the PKG contact information.

Weinland prophesies that his church will grow to include a tithe of a third of “the scattering” (or around 3000 people baptized in WCG as of Tkach’s apostasy of December 1994).  Perhaps he thinks “The Journal’s” putting his contact information will help.  And that the First Phase of the Fifth Thunder is beginning to sound.  Thielogical Bob has a copy of Rod Meredith’s latest letter on his website.  (Bob, note that I provided a link to your content even though you never do when you take content from my website, you arrogant p___k.)  In this letter Rod states:

Brethren, more than in any time I can remember, literally dozens of our members and ministers are in “dire straits” physically. Up and down the East Coast, especially at here at Headquarters, at least seven individuals that I happen to know about are in life threatening situations—mostly from cancer. Just this morning, interestingly, I received an email from one of our leading members, Syd Attenborough, telling about the death of two CGI elders. One of the men I had known, Dennis Lawrence. The other I had not known but am very sorry for his death and the death of all of God’s people who perhaps have to die prematurely. So these two elders have died just within the last several days. A number more of our own people may die within the next several months unless we—as a Church—cry out to God to please intervene more powerfully to heal His own people!

Rotten Ronnie may point to this as the beginnings of the Fifth Thunder, which is the deaths of CoGlet ministers which is to drive their flocks bleating in Ronnie’s direction.  Not so fast Ronnie.  None of the five specific ministers you prophesied have died, including the author of that letter who is 81 years of age and has suffered a stroke in recent years.  And was the first person you prophesied to die during your Fifth Thunder.  Guess again, Ron.  You’re going to have to wait awhile for those 2700 additional people — quite awhile.

This Guest Predicted the Collapse of the U.S. Economy and Natural Disasters

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland conducted his last radio interview over 2 years ago.  Since the end of his current timeline is quickly approaching, he is seeking more interviews.  In an attempt to generate a little Sixth Thunder action, Ron published an ad in this month’s issue of a trade publication for radio talk show hosts seeking guests.  Here is the text of his ad {with additional commentary from me}.

——————-  Ronnie’s Ad —————-
In the past three years, our world has experienced devastating natural disasters, a rise in terrorism and declining economies. Nations are falling apart in the face of this instability and unrest among citizens. Are these just random events, or is there a larger force and plan at work?  {Yes.  To the “random events”. No larger force here.}
Ronald Weinland says the global turmoil is not random. In fact, he says it is a predicted in the Book of Revelation and these are all signs that we’re in a countdown of the final years of man’s self-rule on Earth. {“Years” now, huh?  Thought you were claiming months.} Weinland has dedicated his life to revealing the truth {Ron wouldn’t know truth if it came up and kicked him in the heinie.}about the Apostle John’s revelations and warning mankind about changes that must be made.
Ask Weinland to explain:
• How the European Union will rise as the last revival of the Holy Roman Empire.{And how long has that imminent development been prophesied?}
• Why he says we’re on the brink of World War III.  {Oh, do tell.}
• The Seven Trumpets of the Seventh Seal. {Let’s start with the First Trumpet.  Where the heck is all that “exactly what it means” dead vegetation?}
• The Seven Thunders of the Book of Revelation.  {Let’s talk about the Fifth Thunder, that is the first phase of the fifth thunder that was to prove you as a prophet of God.  How’s that working out?  How many of these specific individuals have died?}
• What will happen when Jesus returns on May 27, 2012.  {Let’s hear about what happens on May 28, 2012 when Christ doesn’t return.}
CREDENTIALS: Ronald Weinland has been a minister in the Church of God for 25 years. {.. a little math here… Hmm.  What were you doing before 1986?}  He travels extensively speaking to congregations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia and his live sermons are broadcast on the Internet. An end-time prophet of the God of Abraham, his books have been read in more than 160 countries. His latest book is 2008: GOD’S FINAL WITNESS. Visit  {Instead, how about visiting the page which analyzes his latest book in detail.}
AVAILABILITY: OH, nationwide via arrangement and telephone {And maybe from a prison cell if you wait too long.  Weinland’s criminal trial is scheduled for March 20, 2012.  He is under indictment for income tax fraud, using church funds for personal use without declaring that as income.}

———————  End of Rotten Ronnie’s ad —————-

Now’s your chance to comment.  What questions you you suggest the radio talk show ask of our most formidable prophet?

Here are a few of my questions:

So when exactly will the U.S. Economy collapse?  (It hasn’t collapsed so far.)

So when exactly will the global economy collapse?  Will it happen during 2011 as you prophesied in posting on your blog dated Feb 25, 2011? (“We have now entered the year for total economic collapse, with worldwide tribulation and destruction.“)

Which specific natural disasters did you predict?  Be specific as to timing, location, type of disaster, and impact which you predicted in advance to that level of detail.

It will be interesting to see if God’s most formidable prophet and the Spokesman of the Two Witnesses gets any interviews out of this ad.  Even an interview with a small radio station in a small market, much less a major market or even a nationally syndicated show.  If you become aware of an interview, please let us know about it.

Tasting the End

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Denver yesterday, continuing his series on how wonderful life will be in the 100 years following the millennium.  He cautioned his members to be productive, and to not take advantage of others.  I think some are behind on their irony supplements.

With the irony deficiency, Ron did not mention Harold Camping.  Perhaps he doesn’t want his members to start thinking about what would happen should worse come to worse and his own prophecies fail as miserably as Harold’s.  Harold was the target of much mockery among my friend with the regular Saturday night social designated as a post-rapture party.  Since we didn’t get raptured, we all were able to attend.

One side effect of the Harold Camping affair has been increased traffic to my blog driven by search engines from the term “ronald weinland” for which Google points to my page on the first or second hit.  Perhaps interest was heightened by news articles in the mainstream press mentioning Weinland such as the Montgomery Advertiser and the International Business Times.  Closest thing we’ve had to the fulfillment of the Sixth Thunder which according to “2008–God’s Final Witness” is

The Sixth Thunder is the growing revelation of God’s end-time witnesses. That revelation is that I am the spokesman of God’s two end-time prophets—the spokesman of His two end-time witnesses.

So far Harold Camping has been silent.  Maybe he was the only one raptured away.  When it comes to Camping’s followers who gave away all their money expecting to be raptured Saturday and are now destitute, I have zero sympathy for adults who’ve chosen to follow a demonstrated false prophet like Harold Camping.  I do have sympathy for their minor children, and their relatives who care about them but weren’t given the choice about whether their relation would suffer from willfully following a false prophet.

The More We Spread It, The Better It Is

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

During his sermon delivered a couple of weeks ago from the luxurious Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, False Prophet Ronald Weinland ordered his members to take down pictures of other members from public web sites.  It seems that some websites out there have been posting pictures from them, lying twisting and distorting.  Probably he was referring to the picture I posted of Steve Dalrymple, his senior elder who broke his pitcher in 2007 by putting his career on hold to go to work for Ron and is now looking for a job as Ron doesn’t need him anymore with the 2 & 1/2 year delay (so far) of the Great Tribulation.

The picture of Steve which I posted previously was clipped from a larger photo, shown below, which was taken during the very last organized Feast of Tabernacles before the return of Jesus Christ. The last one that is, except for every one since then. And planning is underway for an organized feast next year with optimism for calamitous events driving double membership to PKG.
I’ve added arrows to point to a few individuals in the photo. From left to right: Johnny Harrell, Steve Dalrymple, and Wilburn whose wife Fredda Maeker is one of Weinland’s elders.  By now likely a few of these individuals without arrows over their heads are elders ordained in the ordaining spree Ron started in December of last year.

Just for the record, this photo was not obtained from a public website.  Rather, it was emailed to me by the photographer.  And if anyone has twisted and distorted about Steve or another member, let’s hear the real story.

The following audio clip is from Jan 9 of this year.  In the clip, Ron is referring to my post of Jan 2 in which I printed the names (first AND last) of most of his new elders.

Ron said that I was helping PKG by publishing their names, the more I spread it the better.  Let’s help even more by publishing yet more pictures.  We should have pictures of all the PKG elders so that we know whom to contact for mass baptism in the next 18 months when the Great Tribulation comes and the Sixth Thunder finally sounds.  If you are an ex-PKG member or even a current one and have any photos of elders to share, my email address is on the picture of the mailbox on the right-hand column of this blog.

Odds and Ends

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

A YouTube video went up the other day. It was put together by someone who’s gone through Ron’s sermons as far back as 2006 to get some interesting prophetic statements. (No, not by me.)  Particularly of interest as some of them must already have come to pass, because after all Ron is a true prophet of the god of Abraham.

After my last post, I heard again from Fred Roberts. Trimming out the redundant parts, here’s his reaction:


So Fred’s not Fred, but Fred is in PKG?  Hmmm…  Interesting.

Before receiving this latest, I was disinclined to believe that Fred is a PKG member as I doubt the average member is profane as Fred. Now I’m inclined to think that he is a member. Fred, tell it to Adrian, and to Ron when you’re in Rotorua next week.

In other news, Dill Weed notes that we’re more than halfway through the 1260-day period leading to the non-return of Jesus Christ on May 27, 2012 (actually mid-day in the US on May 26th, 12:36 PM Eastern Time).

Kiwi Second Thunder

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

By now most of you should be aware of the magnitude 7 earthquake which shook Christchurch, New Zealand a few hours ago.  A cousin of mine is in New Zealand, and has responded to concern about her safety with:

Hello all,

Thank you for your prayers – I am safe. I am living in Dunedin which is south of Christchurch. While some people felt it here in Dunedin (I did not, I was asleep!) the damage is in Christchurch. Please pray for the people of Christchurch.

I expect Weinland will talk this up in his sermon tomorrow as evidence of the increasing thunders.  Nevertheless, this second thunder will not prevent his appearance in New Zealand as scheduled in 3 weeks.  The PKG feast site in Rotorua is over 300 miles from Christchurch on the northern main island, while Dunedin is only about 150 miles from Christchurch on the same southern main island.  We could hope for a bit of 6th thunder in the form of an indictment on tax evasion charges to stop that, but that is not likely in the week or so before he leaves the US for his annual feast tour.

Is This What All the Fuss Was About?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

In June of 2009, Ron Weinland spoke at Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity.  As one of the presenters, Ron was invited to stay for the several-day event and even planned to attend a luncheon hosted by Znaimer on the sabbath after the event.  But a following presenter so offended our most formidable prophet that — as Whisper explained in a comment on the last post:

But nothing can stop the chosen one with his shield and armor of God. Like the times when Ron went on radio talk-shows and…. oh ya he does not attempt such any more. Well he was able to take a very dangerous trip to Canada and… oh ya he bravely ran away from that encounter with a terribly powerful comedian. Well then, he uses his awesome Witness powers to… ah… hmmmm, I guess not.

Ron fled the conference, and later wrote a letter to Moses Znaimer alluding to a curse on him.

I found a YouTube video of most of the presentation by the offender, Rick Miller.  This was the presentation as repackaged for a half-hour show on Canadian television.  At 2:10 into the video as Rick get up to speak, looks like the Two Witnesses were sitting in the audience together a couple of rows back.

In my opinion, Rick Miller’s message seemed to be more critical of those who took over the Jesus story and made it their own.  Perhaps Ron was really offended that Rick got the standing ovation he thought he was entitled to.

We have a variety of readers here. What’s your opinion of Rick Miller’s presentation?