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A Bit of Sixth Thunder as the Dawn Breaks

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Jim Hannah of the Northern Kentucky edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer has written an article about False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  It leads off:

Doomsday ‘prophet’ awaits sentence

Weinland faces up to 5 years in prison for federal tax evasion

COVINGTON — A self-styled doomsday prophet who has led a worldwide following for more than a decade from his $357,000 Union home will find out Wednesday the length of his prison sentence for federal tax evasion.

The article continues on with a nice summary of developments since trial.  Read on at this link.

Included with the article is a picture of Weinland’s home reprising a picture I took 4 years ago.

Additional stories from WLWT TV and the AP.

Witness Johnny and a Sixth Thunder Rumble

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

During False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s criminal trial, the defense put on only 4 witnesses: a couple of expert witnesses of no apparent value.  And Ron who did more harm for himself.  And his senior evangelist, Johnny Harrell.  The prosecution asked Johnny about his involvement with Ron’s Swiss bank accounts, which Ron mentioned in his blog post on the indictment as:

As it was stated in that sermon, those funds were placed in my name, yet there was also another name on the account, as an additional representative (an evangelist) of the Church, who had full access and legal right to those Church funds at any time.

The two trial jurors are continuing to participate, and today the foreman had this to say about Johnny’s testimony.

Johnny Harrell – Co-conspirator or Clueless?

I believe that there has been some discussion here regarding Johnny Harrell, Mr Weinland’s ‘Senior Evangelist’ and how much he really knows about the chruch’s scams. Mr Harrell took the stand for the defense, but he really didn’t do anything to help Mr Weinland’s case at all. He came across in his testimony as a bumbling fool. For example…

In an attempt to prove that the Swiss bank account was really church money and not the Weinland’s personal money, Ron and Laura flew Johnny and his wife to Switzerland with them (Mr Harrell testified that he paid for their own expenses for this trip) in order to have Johnny sign a Power of Attorney form there, giving him the rights to the account in the case of the Weinland’s death. I believe that this was in 2004 or 2005. Now, this seems like a plausible defense to establish the $400,000 in the Swiss bank as being church money and not personal, until the prosecution began their cross-examination.

Did Mr Harrell know how much money was in the account? No.
Did Mr Harrell know the account number? No.
Did Mr Harrell REALLY know what the Power of Attorney form was that he had signed? No.

The prosecution had Mr Harrell read some of the content on the PoA form aloud for the court. He stumbled over the words, not seeming to understand the relatively simple legal jargon. The prosecution asked him the meaning of what he had read, and he really didn’t know. Johnny came across as just an especially clueless minion, and it appeared to the jury during our deliberations, that based on the church elders that we had seen in the trial, that Mr Weinland was hand-selecting the “leadership” of the church based on how completely gullible and easily manipulated they were. Mr Weinland needed someone who could access that money in the event of an emergency, but he wanted to make sure that the person he chose had no clue what they were doing.

One particularly telling part of his testimony was when the prosecution was trying to ask him questions about Mrs Weinland, and to give some kind of evidence that she had done SOMETHING in the church, other than being Mr Weinland’s wife, that justified Ron declaring her the Second Witness. Mr Harrell’s response back to the attorney was to turn red in the face, get a wild look in his eye, and start screaming, “READ YOUR BIBLE!” It has apparently never occurred to him that other people in the world might read the bible and come up with an entirely different interpretation of it than what has been forced upon them by Ron all of these years.

It was just sad and pathetic.

Ron went to Switzerland in January of 2003 to open the accounts.  When asked again about the timing, the jury foreman indicated that he was sure that the Power of Attorney was executed after 2003 and after the accounts were opened.

And the juror statements were that Johnny’s name was not on the account, he didn’t have the account number.  And the power of attorney gave him access to the accounts in limited conditions such as Weinland’s death.  Lets contrast that with what Ron said.

As it was stated in that sermon, those funds were placed in my name, yet there was also another name on the account, as an additional representative (an evangelist) of the Church, who had full access and legal right to those Church funds at any time.

A little discrepancy there, Ron.  I wonder what $1700 suits smell like when they’re burning.  Because Ron, your pants are ablaze.

And Johnny, you have to remember that the public at large does not have the special eyes to see the verse in Revelation 11 that states that Ron and Laura are the Two Witnesses.  Actually it’s only Ron who can read that verse, and only PKG members who have the ears to hear when he reads it.

Ron also has a little publicity (sixth thunder) from some national news outlets.  Forbes magazine wrote a nice little article  which was picked up by the Huffington Post.

A Bit of Sixth Thunder for Ron

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

A hat tip to No2HWA at Banned by Armstrong for finding this.

Maybe Ron will grant an interview after the trial.

Seventeen Days

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Here we are just 17 days before Ron Weinland’s elder brother Jesus returns to kick rear ends and take names with 7 vials of plagues to be poured out on those who survive World War 3.  Let’s take stock of where we are right now with respect to Ron’s prophecies.

  • Thunders 1 through 4: It’s been pretty much the normal pace for disasters, the only one which has even slightly come true is the economy, though we haven’t experienced a global economic collapse.  FAIL!!
  • Thunder #5:  We haven’t had a massive die-off within the competing CoGs.  None of the 5 ministers scheduled to die early on to prove Ron as a true prophet of God have obliged by taking a dirt nap, even though he called on that to happen early in 2007.  And one of them, Dave Pack, runs Google ads on searches for Ron’s name attempting to harvest Ron’s disaffected followers.  Other than Michael Jackson and a few minor celebrities back in 2009, we haven’t had an increase in the deaths of notables.  Nor have we experienced the epidemics that Ron prophesied.  FAIL, FAIL, and FAIL.
  • Thunder #6:  There is no growing recognition of Ron as prophet.  Despite advertising his availability for interviews in December, he only had one on a small market radio station.  Ron now says the interviews won’t happen until after Christ returns.  FAIL
  • Thunder #7: With Ron’s abysmal failures on the first 6 trumpets, recognition of his god isn’t gaining much traction.  FAIL
  • Trumpet #5:  Ron prophesied the downfall of the US by the fall of 2008 and certainly by the summer of 2009.  Then he delayed it until August of last year.  In the spring of 2011 he prophesied 40 weeks of judgment on the US.   When the beast power didn’t arise by January, he had to rewrite the Bible to allow the 5 months of torment to precede the 5th trumpet which he has delayed until the last hour before Christ returns.  How many FAILS is that?
  • Tithe of the third:  Ron went on an ordaining spree starting at the end of 2009 to hang onto his members, promising them opportunities to baptize millions of people whom he prophesied to join PKG by the end.  They haven’t shown up nor have the 3000 ex-WCG members he prophesied.  Now he says this won’t happen until after Christ returns.  FAIL
  • Ron issued a death curse on his mockers to suffer a slow death from the inside.  Then he reissued the death curse calling on his mockers to suffer a speedy death from the inside.  When that didn’t happen, he attempted to spiritualize it saying we suffered internal torment.  Ummm FAIL and………… FAIL!!!!!

Now somewhere, Ron must have prophesied something that would come true.  And I believe he did!!!  He prophesied that there would be mockers.  PASS!!!  The only prophecies that come true are the ones the mockers make come true.

Pentecost: 1200 Hours to Go

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Just a brief post to mark exactly 50 days = 1200 hours =72000 minutes to the very minute which False Prophet Ronald Weinland has scheduled Jesus Christ to return. Lots and lots to happen yet before that prophetic moment. The actual effects of the first trumpet to manifest, trumpets 2 through 6 yet to sound, 3000 ex-WCG members as of the apostasy to join PKG along with millions of others, 200 million Asians to mobilize. Ron has overseas trips down under and to Europe, followed by a pre-trial conference relating to the criminal charges against him and a trip to Jerusalem to lie dead in the streets (but first the Beast Power has to arise and take notice of him).

It’s going to be a busy 7 weeks and 1 day. All you PKG members hold steady now, don’t be tried by any further delay of these events. You’ve waited this long, only a short time to go. Maybe it will all happen in the very last minute, from 12:35 to 12:36 PM on Saturday, May 26 in Cincinnati.

Some Things About the Two Witnesses

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

During his sermon this past weekend at which he drank water to rehydrate after a big breakfast while the rest of PKG was fasting, False Prophet Ronald Weinland said:

So again I think about-ah-some of those things. Just toss it out there a little bit, just a little bit. Because I think it’s coming in time, that there are things about the two witnesses that aren’t going to happen the way we thought they were going to happen.

So what could be these things about the two witnesses that aren’t going to happen?  Let’s look in “2008 — God’s Final Witness”:

[pg 89] God is revealing that some will hate these two witnesses so much that they will try to do them bodily harm, even trying to kill them.

I’m not aware of anyone who’s tried to harm or kill either Ron or Laura, or even giving them the bitch-slapping they deserve.

[pg 89 again] Whatever the two witnesses pronounce will come to pass.

During December of 2008, Ron reissued death curses against his mockers, and yet over 3 years later there is no evidence of any of us dying.  Any available evidence indicates the opposite, which the very existence this blog is.

[pg 89 yet again] They will be given power beyond that which Moses was given when he led the Israelites out of Egypt. They, too, will be able to turn the waters to blood. They will be able to close up the heavens so that it will not rain on any area they choose. They will have power to call all manner of plagues upon any part of the earth as often as they choose.

No waters turned to blood.  No droughts resulting from their pronouncements.  No plagues of any sort called down by them. Only a bunch of nonsense on Ron’s blog that he doesn’t mention. Now, where is that super-Moses power?

[pg 91] The Seven Thunders have much to do with how God will reveal His two witnesses. These thunders serve as a prelude to the final tribulation and the greater manifestation of the two witnesses.

Ummm, thunders?  What thunders?  Besides the thunders only PKG members have eyes to see and ears to hear.

[pg 101-102] ….God has left for me to determine as one of His end-time witnesses, who will be given far greater power to pronounce plagues “as often as they will” (Revelation 11:6) in order to help humble mankind so they will repent and turn to God.

Ron, time is getting short — 7  weeks until you die.  You need to get on the stick and pronounce a few plagues to humble us.

[pg 109, speaking of the 6th thunder] The growing manifestation of proof that I am God’s end-time prophet and that I am the spokesman of His two end-time witnesses is a thunder that will become powerfully stronger all the way up until the very return of Jesus Christ.

Really?  Powerfully strong, huh? In which case there must have been hundreds and thousands of people in the listening area of that small AM station in Maryland on which you interviewed a few weeks ago — right?

[pg 109] Radio and television interviews will become more the norm as curiosity, news, controversy, and fear increase in proportion to the growing intensity of these thunders.

And you didn’t need to advertise yourself for that interview, did you?  Ron?  Did you?

[pg 131]God’s two witnesses will be viewed by others (who will hate their message about God) as being responsible for their suffering. The two witnesses will be bringing plagues upon the nations of these two superpowers in order to humble them, but they will not be humbled.

Name one specific plague or natural disaster which you have predicted.  So what are you waiting for?

But here we have the last thing about the two witnesses that won’t happen the way “we” thought it would:

[pg 22] These two prophets of God will complete the work that God has given them to do, then they will be killed in the streets of Jerusalem. Their bodies will remain in the streets of Jerusalem for three and one-half days while the world watches via television.

When Ron spiritualizes the upcoming deaths of himself and his tame second witness, are you going to buy it?


God Discussion Show Available Online

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The God Discussion pod cast show is now available online as an archived MP3 file.  Right-click and then save-as this link to the archive file (about 42 MB). My part starts about 1 hour and 10 minutes into the file.  Ronnie’s first death curse on me and you other mockers was replayed as an introduction.  After a bit of theme music I come on at 1 hour and 12 minutes into the file.

This was a new and interesting experience.  Thanks to all my readers who tuned in.  I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out and I listened to myself that I do sound a bit like a famous someone.  If I can learn to repeat words three times in a row I’ll have him nailed 😀

Seventy Weeks Prophecy

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

In this morning’s posting, I commented on how False Prophet Ronald Weinland had not conducted an interview since advertising his availability for one at the beginning of December.  Turns out that he has just done so along with a post on his blog republished below for your comment.

I listened to Ron on the way home from work, about a 40 minute program.  He dodged the question as to why we should listen to him given all the false prophets who have preceded.  If the interviewer had been familiar with Ron he could have asked about all of Ron‘s false prophecies that have preceded.

I’m still scheduled to be on the God Discussion pod cast show.  Here is an updated link to tonight’s program with some additional info:

There is a web-based chat room that appears automatically, also, and it tends to be a hoot.

When it is live, the page notes that it is ON AIR and it will play from your computer speakers (you might have to press a button — BlogTalk keeps updating but generally, the show automatically plays).  About 10-60 minutes after the podcast concludes, it is available for download as an MP3 from BlogTalk and shortly thereafter, is available on iTunes.”

I’m scheduled to be on in the second hour (7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern)

————Here’s a repost of Ron’s posting: ———————————————

This post is being written to address the Seventy Weeks Prophecy in Daniel and to inform everyone of a newly posted interview that I gave on a station in Cambridge, Maryland, today. It was on the station, WCEM 1240 AM, with the host, Cleveland Rippons.

At the end of last year, we ran an advertisement about the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, and myself, as the author, being available for interviews if any in such media markets were interested in the subject matter. What has transpired is very reflective of the time we are currently experiencing. To me, this is so very reminiscent of what the Church experienced at the time of the apostasy in 1994. The Church had grown complacent and lethargic concerning the many warnings of what was looming. (more…)