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Signs of Pride

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

As False Prophet Ronald Weinland is still vacationing in Club Fed, Wayne Matthews continued the sermon series he started last week on the subject of pride.  Refusal of PKG members to admit they are following a lying false prophet is a sign of pride.  In a moment of irony, he criticized people who take on titles.  But that doesn’t apply to Spokesman of the Two Witnesses and Apostle Ronald Weinland.  Titles are signs of service to god, and Ronald Weinland serves his god well — the god that lives between his ears.

Johnny tacked on announcements at the beginning of this weekend’s sermon recording.  There isn’t a posting from Ron this week because of “time needed to catch up after the Feast of Tabernacles” and Johnny expressed hope that there would be time available for a posting next week.  Actually, this is the second week in a row without a posting from the Apostle, as the last post on his blog was on the 9th.  Wonder what exactly Ron has to catch up with following the feast, as he wrote only one blog post the whole month of September.  Maybe funds to pay Ron’s fines are low and he has no money to buy #2 pencils.

But there is money to travel.  The following travel schedule appears on the blog:

October 26 Detroit, MI – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
Dublin, Ireland – Jeremy Weinland (senior elder)
November 2 Erie, PA – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Mitch Williams (senior elder)
November 16 Indianapolis, IN – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell, Anne Wrozek (senior elder)
November 23 Windsor, CT – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell
December 7 Phoenix, AZ – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
January 11 Dallas, TX – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Anne Wrozek (senior elder)
February 8 Los Angeles, CA – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
February 15 Australia – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
February 22 New Zealand – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Wayne & Chris Matthews (evangelist and senior elder)

Of course Laura and Audra are taking advantage. I believe that Ron ordained Laura in December of 2008 so that with her religious status she could travel tax free.  And Jeremy is now a senior elder.  What’s interesting is that Terry Wrozek’s wife Anne is still listed as senior elder and on the travel schedule. Nothing more about Terry, whether he is allowed back in as lay member after losing his evangelist status.


Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Wayne Matthews again filled in this weekend for False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is vacationing in Club Fed and wearing out #2 pencils.

Johnny Harrell tacked a few announcements on the beginning of the pre-recorded sermon.  He started out by instructing feast coordinators to plan for next year’s feast.  Comments have been left that attendance at this year’s feast was diminished, and rumblings are that some have delayed their departure from PKG until after the feast.  I expect that there will be fewer in attendance next year.

And a larger percentage may be elders of some type.  Johnny announced the ordinations to associate elder of John from Washington state, Stacy and Eric from Ohio, and Phillip from England.  People who abandon their family to drink Weinland’s Flavor Aid are eventually rewarded with meaningless titles.

Wayne had a mixture of nonsensical ideas and common sense in a rant against porn on the Internet and drugs.  He suggested that ISPs should censor all the content on their servers and their failure to do so is because of the love of money.  No thought about the practicality of doing that.  Also suggested that the failure of the war on drugs is because government won’t take the necessary steps such as eradicating drugs while still crops in the field.  But then he went on to point that porn and drugs would not exist if people didn’t consume them.

Well, duh.  I would point out that false prophets would not be sending out thousands of copies of their nonsense if people would simply not listen.  And false prophets would not be in prison for failing to pay the taxes on personal expenses like buying BMWs for their family members and shipping them in both directions across the Atlantic if people did not send them money.

Wayne criticized human reasoning justifying euthanasia as merciful.  Never mind the human reasoning that throwing people into the Lake of Fire is merciful.   Criticizing a scoffer or mocker brings shame.  Wonder if Ron felt shame when this blog continued on years after he issued a death curse, and if he felt any shame when telling me to get a life (“Go Fishing!!”).

The Pre-Recorded Feast

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

For the feast this year, God has placed his name at the following locations:

  • Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia
  • St. Catharines/Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • Mechelen, Belgium
  • Kapiti Coast, New Zealand
  • Margate, Kent, UK
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Hawaii
  • Orlando, FL
  • Pendleton, OR
  • San Diego, CA

And let’s not forget the most important feast site: Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, Indiana, where God’s own end-time prophet commissioned to foretell most of the final events leading up to Christ’s return, but who right now doesn’t have the foggiest notion.

As Ron is unable to deliver new truths from God directly, he has designated some of his senior elders still drinking the Flavor Aid to do so.  In addition to Johnny and Wayne, sermon titles and those delivering them are:

  • Keeping the Feast – Jimmy Carlisle  (Jimmy is from the Dallas area)
  • Rejoicing in Fear – Mitch Williams (Mitch lives in Connecticut but may have grown up in Texas.
  • The 1,000 Years – Willem Henderson (Ron’s new evangelist to keep the number at 3 after the loss of Terry)
  • Changing the World – Greg Chipps (Ron’s IT support, having lost his family in changing jobs)
  • Climbing Mt. Zion – Jim Jamieson (senior elder from Idaho)
  • God’s Blessings – William Milne (senior elder from the UK)
  • Peace in God’s Government – Steve Dalrymple (senior elder from Cincinnati.  Also able to explain the theological significance of deep tissue massages)
  • Our Incredible Journey – Leonard McGlynn (senior elder from Canada)
  • A Call to Remembrence – Dave Conley (senior elder from Virginia)

These sermons are posted in a special page for feast sermons linked from the PKG website’s audio page.  PDF transcripts are available for those interested in reading them.  I expect that quite a few in PKG are holding off their departure until after the feast, and these sermons will only help them along.

Ron has often railed at me to go fishing.  I’m going to move in the direction of his advice, but not exactly — I don’t fish.  But I do
This from someone who died slowly then quickly from the inside after mocking God’s own prophet.

I plan to devote more time to my fishing alternative, but still plan to keep an eye on PKG and will keep up this blog although posting less often, probably not listening to sermons delivered by Ron’s surrogates. Hope you’ll check in from time to time and if you have any details on the train wreck that is PKG, please pass them along.


Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Johnny Harrell filled in this weekend for the truly imprisoned False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  He started out by repeating Ron’s edict against wearing colognes and perfumes to services, and announcing the ordinations to associate elder of Dale and Shirley from Canada and Paul and Lori from Pennsylvania.  Johnny drawled on with most of the Ron blather and described the ongoing disintegration of PKG as purification of the church.

The buzz going on in CoGland in general is the failure a week ago last Friday of David Pack’s prophecies for the deaths of 3 other CoG leaders and the integration of the CoG splinters with Dave Pack’s own splinter by August 30.  David Pack has a new post up his website explaining that his prophecies are not wrong, just the timing. Just like Armstrong and all the apostles.  Hmm.  Sounds familiar.

Back in 2008, the same David Pack had the following to say about Ronald Weinland’s exercise of these excuses:

Now this goofy fellow who moved to the Middle East and proclaimed things that were going to happen all through the Spring and into the Summer, and supposedly as recently as Wednesday was another big date. Of course none of it happened. He’s a false prophet. But what did happen is, he explained that things are taking longer than he’d thought. He actually publicly chastised himself for speaking perhaps a little presumptuously when nuclear destruction didn’t happen. Now what he should do is look in the Old Testament and see exactly what God says you should do with a false prophet. I didn’t note him announcing that should occur. God said don’t fear such a person. Just put them to death. That’s the end of it. But instead people will continue to listen to somebody who’s blown a trumpet and screamed that he’s false.


God Fertilizes His Church

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

In yesterday’s sermon, Wayne Matthews read False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s latest blog posting at the beginning of the sermon.  He also announced that the second tithe assistance checks would be a bit late.  Wonder if a payment on Ron’s fine was due and a funds float is needed.  Nathan from Australia and Charmaine from New Zealand are promoted to elder.  Nathan is a new young convert from 2008.

Those PKG members who are disfellowshipped either by the ministry or doing it to themselves are now AntiChrist.  We on this blog are the only fulfillment of prophecy being the scoffers and mockers foretold.  The purpose of the fast was to ask God to remove the unrepented from PKG.

God chooses whom to ordain.  So God chose to ordain all the elders who have left PKG.  Which would include elders Ralph Dowd and Paul Worth who gave sermons back in 2002/2003, and have now left the church.  And includes Terry Wrozek who was at Ron’s side when he left WCG back in 1995 and as a board member allied with Ron during his hostile takeover of the church corporation back in 2000.  Terry later gave a number of sermons including filling in for Ron when he was sidelined by a heart attack in 2005, and then became an evangelist after the Two Witnesses restarted their jobs in December of 2008.  And now Terry is suspended even as a member and may be officially out after the feast.

Ron’s two recent (Aug 18 and Aug 29) posts inset in his blog series on the family and bondage signal a disintegrating church.  Ron put out a money call, and mentioned ministry who have left.  The loss of long-time elders Dowd and Worth and probable loss of Wrozek are major blows.  I think that God will continue to cleanse his church during the next 29 months or so of Ron’s prison sentence.

Nevertheless, I think that there will be enough remaining in PKG and paying tithes to support Ron and Laura in their golden years.  And Audra who may now be single after her divorce hearing this week and free to date.

May you have a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow and a picnic if you like, for those of you here in the US. The 6th one since this radio interview.

What’s A Head?

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Johnny Harrell and company continued to fill in for the imprisoned False Prophet Ronald Weinland on a trip to Virginia to see Dave Conley and company.  Perhaps Ronnie doesn’t have air conditioning in Club Fed, because he issued a fatwah allowing men to skip the suit and tie in hot weather.

I thought Johnny’s sermon title was apropo and adopted it as a title for this post. Johnny reminded PKG members not to use their own intellect.   Spiritual war is being waged against PKG, and some have given up and fallen recently.  But Satan’s attacks have make PKG stronger.  Storm clouds on the horizon with some embassies being closed (or maybe not) and trumpet blasts being prepared.
The Weinlands’ involvement in the legal system continues.  A hearing is scheduled in the case of the marriage of Audra and Chris which started 5 years ago and then was restarted when Ron’s lie about the location of the ceremony on on the marriage certificate was exposed.

BOONE           Scheduled Events: DOMESTIC, 8/27/2013 02:40 PM, 3B

Although Ron is in prison while Laura remains free to roam the planet, that won’t necessarily continue — she’s not out of the woods yet. Judge Reeves did not give Ron a sentence enhancement for leading a criminal enterprise because he considered Laura to be an equal conspirator.  According to trial transcripts, the majority of the evaded income was in 2007 and 2008 when the Weinlands bought 3 BMWs shipping 2 of them in opposite directions across the Altlantic.  The statute of limitations is 6 years.  The clock on that doesn’t begin ticking until the filing due date, and stops ticking whenever the accused is out of the jurisdiction.  So the feds have until after April of next year to bring an indictment against Laura for 2007.

And then there are the years after 2008 to consider.  I rather suspect that the Weinlands didn’t change their behavior adequately even though they knew they were under criminal investigation.  I wonder if they declared the legal fees for Ron’s defense on their income tax.  Tick, tock.

According to rumors, PKG suffered another blow recently with the departure of Greg Chipps.  Greg was the PKG IT department, and developed and supported the Elder Management Console which reportedly has been shut down because no one else knows how to run it.  Greg was also the inspiration behind Ron’s Google Ad campaign which contributed to his downfall when the bank reported to the IRS large sums of money flowing through bank accounts of the church and Ron’s own personal accounts.  Update: other sources indicate that Greg has not indeed left PKG and is still drinking down the Flavor Aid.  If this version is true, then hopefully not for much longer.

A Piece of Work of Faith

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Johnny, Myrtle, Laura, and Audra continued on their European tour in the Netherlands.  Gijs Van Lerberghe gave the opening prayer.  Johnny carried on in Ron’s style, mispronouncing Gijs’ name “Van – Leh – Ber – Gee”.  (Though I’ve never heard Ron mispronounce Gijs’ name, I imagine he did for awhile after meeting him).

Johnny spent about half the sermon reading Ron’s blog post of June 20, saying it was important to put it in audio.  He then went on to blather for another hour, including mentioning the visiting Ron to see what man’s law has done at the end of an age.

David Pack, the Grand Ayatollah of the Restored CoG has taken a page out of Ron’s book by claiming that other CoG leaders will die and that all the members of the other CoGs will leave them and join Restored.  Only 3 other dead CoG leaders as compared to Ron’s 5, but they are part of the fulfillment of Haggai’s prophecy and the range of time for their death is Aug 6 (this coming Tuesday evening) through August 30.  I expect that Clarion Call Dave will either claim like Herbert Armstrong that he doesn’t set dates, or will spiritualize the deaths of some CoG leaders and the organizations they lead.  I doubt that he will call for his own Deut.18 death as his did Ron’s.

La-La Land

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Johnny Harrell, Myrtle, Laura, and Audra traveled to London so Johnny could ramble for a couple of hours.  Elders Yvorra and Milne delivered the prayer.

God has given PKG members so much, with two sermons per week.  One of them starts out between the ears of False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is currently within the confines of the Terre Haute Federal Correction Institution, and has an intermediate stage at the point of a #2 pencil before ending up on Weinland’s blog.  I doubt that the WordPress development team had the notion that their software would be used to weekly deliver progressive truth from God.

Johnny speculated that Ron would be put in prison indefinitely if he claimed to hear God from a burning bush.  Not sure how that is any different from the thoughts that God supposedly puts in his mind.  But Ron is not imprisoned for his silly religiosity.  In speaking with two of the jurors, they made little mention of religious issues.

Johnny made one point with which I fully concur: that ex-PKG members lost faith that God is leading PKG.  I expect that more will lose faith in the next 2 1/2 years before Ron is released from prison, but that enough members will remain to support Ron and Laura in their declining years and Audra and Jeremy as well.