Next Generation

As the prior post is filling up with comments, it’s time to start another one to continue the conversation.

And since it’s year end, an opportunity to look back.  It’s almost 10 years since the 144,000 were sealed in February of 2008 — except there are yet more to seal.  Almost 5 years since Ron went to prison, and about 2 years since his release.  Just another year of probation to go, perhaps he will have more options for overseas travel.

Ron is already waffling about Christ’s next return scheduled for Pentecost of 2019, and telegraphing that we may possibly have another set of the two witnesses.  If that happens, I expect there to be some continuity with the Weinland family continuing to manage the family false prophecy business.


  • Byker Bob says:

    Wowza! I’m thinking that if Ron has a new set of “two witnesses”, next thing you know, he’ll write a booklet showing that over the past 2,000 years, there were always two witnesses that were part of the true church. Kind of like pretending that the Waldenses and Petrobrucians and others were eras of the church by bending a few details here and there and making up others.


  • martin says:

    Here’s a trick question….I’ll post the answer later…some may know the answer…

    Why are there two witnesses? Why not just one witness? Or maybe even three witnesses?

    I promise that Ronald Weinland is clueless, and wouldn’t know the answer. I say this based on certain factors, that are part of the answer, so I won’t say what it is right now.

    (I’ll probably post the answer tomorrow)


  • Byker Bob says:

    If I had to make an educated guess about two witnesses, I’d say it follows the minimum pattern established in Deut. 19:15, and reconfirmed in 2 Cor. 13:1. There were two witnesses heralding in the New Covenant, John the Baptist, and Jesus Christ. It’s a principle indicative of God’s character and perfect sense of justice!

    By the way, folks, best wishes for a happy, prosperous, blessed, and spiritually enlightening New Year! I’m not as frequent a flyer on this blog as I am on one of the others, but I love you guys and gals and wish you all the best!


  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Happy New Year , B.B.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Happy New Year everyone!


    We’ve all seen how wild 2017 has been………….I predict that 2018 will be even wilder in regards to PKG. We’re getting ever closer to the huge “letdown” that June 9, 2019 will be. I’m actually looking forward to this as the year draws on, how Ron will spin his way out of this huge lie.

    I’ll place a small wager too that we’re going to see a “change” in leadership there that won’t be so easily covered up. If I’m wrong………hey! I’ll be the one to point it out and I won’t try to get myself out of it like a certain Pastor we know. 😉

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year to All who post here!!

    To “Liar Weinland” let this be a dark and lonely year for you and your side kick wife!!!

    FNM, this will be a new year of lies lies and more lies from liar weinland and it will be interesting and entertaining to see what will take place this year regarding pkg!

    tick tock tick tock to the great disappointment of june 9, 2019!!!!

  • martin says:

    “If I had to make an educated guess about two witnesses, I’d say it follows the minimum pattern established in Deut. 19:15, and reconfirmed in 2 Cor. 13:1”

    Yes, the minimum legal/biblical requirement is both the OT and the NT, was two witnesses. But there is one more part, in matters that dealt with a death penalty, the two minimum witnesses was required. The Two Witnesses will be given the power to put their enemies to death, thus, this two minimum count was absolutely required.

    So, when Ron calls his wife the “silent witness”, he invalidates his claims to being one of the two witnesses. If you do a bible study/search on “witness”, you’ll find all these witness laws that Ron violates, thus his claims are meaningless. Try bringing a “silent witness” to court, and see how much laughter you’ll ensue.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Actually, “silent witness” was a moniker I attached. But all the necessary attributes were given by Ron.

  • martin says:

    I thought Ron called his wife the silent witness…anyway…..

    I believe he put it this way though, she’s a witness to my witness. It’s horse manure of course. Bring a witness to court and tell them they are a witness to your witness and see what kind of response you’ll get.

    Laura does not testify, which invalidates both “witnesses”.

  • martin says:

    Passing down the mantle of Two Witnesses, may be Ron’s strategy, but his kids do not have really great speaking skills. I haven’t heard Jeremy, how are his skills? I’m pretty sure Audra will never speak publicly, her overall skill set is just about collecting the pay from the mail, that’s about it.

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland is supposed to be a prophet, his wife is supposed to be a prophet, Audra is supposed to be a prophet….

    Like I say, don’t prophets prophesy? Ron’s “final commission” is to prophesy against the nations, so…where are the prophecies?

    Just another pile of horse manure lies from Ron. Ron hands out titles to himself, to his wife, to his daughter, all meaningless titles and are a bunch of hot wind.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    well well well liar weinland, it is now the year of 2018!

    I have a question for you, “why is it that the global community hasn’t heard from you?” Let’s see, hummm, didn’t you state that you would be empowered on November 2015 while you were still in prison? What has happened? Where are you liar weinland? The last time we heard from was right here when you were masquerading as “anthony” and then you ran away like a cowering dog!! WOW! Is this the way a true prophet of God is to behave? Oh I forgot, you are a false lying make believe self proclaimed prophet and that is why you run like a coward. Got It!!

    I guess the night sweats are getting difficult for you now. You know that time is running out for you liar weinland and YOUR great disappointment of 6/9/19 will be here before you know it. I am actually waiting for April of this year (2018) to start the countdown to your GREAT Disappointment!! I am starting at this month because of your faulty count of fifty days!! OH WHAT FUN THIS IS GOING TO BE!!!!

    Well so much for the power of a false lying “want-a-be” prophet. You really are a laughable delusional fool weinland! Hey! I have a great idea! Why don’t you come back to this blog as your real self and let’s have some fun debating what you think you are! I am up for it are you? Or are you going to keep hiding in the bushes like you have been doing all of these years!

    Great way to start the new year liar weinland!!

  • martin says:

    (Rev 11:10 KJV)  And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.

    I’m sure that false prophet Ronald Weinland would LOVE to torment the whole planet earth. What an ego booster that would be for narcissistic Ron. He would be gleeful if he had the ability to do that.

    But he doesn’t.

    The real TW’s will be on the world stage, everybody will be aware of them, and will hate them. The TW’s are not going to be back in the closet somewhere, where nobody will know about them. Ron wants to be known by the world, feared by the world, and more importantly tithed to by the world. Ron would love to have millions of tithers to him, imagine all the fine jewelry and paintings, and exotic underwear you could buy will all those millions of tithe dollars. Ron WOULD NOT SPEND IT on something silly like tv broadcasts or news paper ads or radio time, warning the world. No, that would be a waste of tithe money. Better to spend it on exotic underwear or to maybe add an addition to the house, while there’s still time to enjoy it, or maybe get a bigger house a bigger mansion, befitting God’s most formidable prophet of all time.

    Am I right????? I think Ron would agree about that last part.

  • martin says:

    Where is coward Anthony? Why did he run away? What is he afraid of?

    Can’t he stay awhile and discuss all the prophecies that Ron has fulfilled, proving he is what he said he was?

    Oh wait………

  • Fooled no More says:

    Nope, “Anthony” has disappeared like a fart in the wind! 😉

  • martin says:

    (Rev 11:3 KJV)  And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    Ron speaks once a week, his gossipy lazy wife doesn’t speak at all. If she did speak “from the podium”, she would be in violation of the NT prohibition against women doing so.

    So we have multiple failures of prophecy from Ronald Weinland
    1) Ron only speaks once a week
    (the prophecy says that the TWs will speak/preach/prophesy for 1260 days.)

    2) Laura the other supposed witness, doesn’t preach at all, so this violates the prophecy. If she did speak, she would violate the clear prohibition against women preaching.

    3) Only Ron preaches.
    (the prophecy is CLEAR, it states that BOTH witnesses prophecy, NOT JUST ONE)

    How many failed prophecies does Ron have to fulfill before you call him a false prophet?????

  • martin says:

    An Extraordinary 4 ½ Years, Part 5….27mins into youtube sermon…

    Ron mentions how “far too many since the FOT…who are no longer with us”

    So more have left false prophet Ronald Weinland. Now, I do wonder why they left after the FOT? Instead of say, before? Was there some sermon at the FOT, that made them finally realize that Ron was a false prophet? Where in the bible, where you have the Great Tribulation does it say, you’re still going to be able to attend a FOT site, while millions around you are dying, from war, from famine, from disease, from animal attacks? How ludicrous. During such a time, nobody is going to be able to travel like normal or attend a FOT site like everything was hunky dorie and normal.

    But again, I wonder if something at the FOT spurred them to finally leave, or maybe they got into a fight, and about what? About Ron’s failure as a prophet? Ron does mention infighting, now was this at the FOT or at local services? I presume at the FOT since most would not be able to gather at local services since they are too few and too scattered to do that normally.

    Hey, EiE, did you hear that! More infighting! More people leaving! Great news!

  • martin says:

    An Extraordinary 4 ½ Years, Part 5, 25:30mins
    Ron talks about people hollering at each other or saying bad things about each other.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Ron is an asshole and LaurA da gossip bitch taught them all to talk against each other they like it that way !

  • Fooled no More says:

    Hmmmm…….Could it be those that are hollering at each other are bickering due to “disagreements” over Weinlands lies??

    You’ve got those that believe and hang on every word, and you’ve got those that are having their dilusions shattered. Those that are “awake” are perhaps trying to talk sense into those that are not??

    2018’s starting off with a bang ain’t it?? 😉

  • Fooled no More says:

    Ha! Interesting that comments are disabled on the videos! Sure they are!

    He knows he would get SKEWERED with every lie he tells!

  • martin says:

    I believe you can still click on the “thumbs down”

  • Randy Terlecki says:
  • Enough is Enough says:


    I do find the internal turmoil to be of great interest and, no doubt, it will worsen and continue right on up to liar weinland’s Great Disappointment of 6/9/19!!

    FNM, no doubt there are two camps in liar weinland’s organization. As you have stated, one who still believes in liar weinland and the other being the ones who are waking up to all of liar weinland’s lies, miss-truths, and claims of being something he IS NOT!! Then you probably have the thug elders trying to gain control of the developing rebellion and they are not doing a great job of quelling the great storm of 2018 and 2019!! Do you really think that the “elder women” are going to be able to control a bunch of “pissed off men”!!! Sorry ladies, I am not being chauvinistic, but you know as well as I do, you will be ignored by the male REBELS and that is just the way things are!!! That is why God has men in positions of authority for this very reason!! Women have never had true authority over men and if they did it was temporary. Do you not believe what is stated in Genesis 3:16 (he shall rule over you)!? OH WAIT A MINUTE!, liar weinland changed that didn’t he! Well well well so much for that lie and failure when the real trouble starts and gains ground with the membership! Be careful ladies how you try to deal with pissed offed men – you will not win that one! Are you paying attention to this laura – your day is ending as well!!


    WHAT THE HELL WEINLAND!! THROW THEM ALL OUT!!!! OOOPS, you can’t do that because that would lead to bankruptcy – wouldn’t it liar weinland.

  • martin says:

    Of course there are women in the bible who are great examples of faith for both sexes.

    As far as Church government, as alluded to, the men were to be in authority not the women. Now OF COURSE this did not mean men could lord it over the women, or even the men. This is how God established it.

    Now RON….is smarter than God. So Ron over-road the rules that God had in place, and decided to put women in authority.

    I do love how Ron shoots himself in the foot all the time.

    First he made his wife the second Witness, and she is a “silent witness”. So being silent, she abdicates the rules of witnessing, and thus invalidates Ron’s claim. On the other hand, what if she were not a “silent witness”? That would invalidate Ron’s claims as well, since she would be preaching from the pulpit, in clear violation of God’s commands to do so. So even if the bible were silent on explicitly mentioning the Two Witnesses genders, you could determine it based on these biblical teachings.

  • Eric says:

    Ron talks about people leaving the PKG at least three different places in “Extraordinary 4½ Years, Pt. 5”. Its really on his mind.

    And I note he mentions “Johnny and Myrtle” by name twice. I wonder if he did that because he reads this blog and read our comments about them? It looks like they are still drinking the flavor aid.

    Unlike Ron, I am happy to admit that I was wrong and have read past the mark and over interpreted his words.

    But that’s something Ron will never be able to do about his teachings.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Sad thing that Johnny and Myrtle are still clinging on to this nonsense. I’d hope that they would have FINALLY broke free from PKG but no………….looks like they’re still there. 🙁

    Oh well, it may be that they are folks that simply realize they’re too old to change course now so why bother? I know that they’re both in their mid 70’s by now.

    PKG is probably all they have social wise, so why not go along to get along.

    Truly sad……………….. 🙁

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I have a couple of ideas here.

    First, what was the trigger that cause liar weinland to masquerade as “anthony” on this blog? Two things:

    1) The conversations about Johnny and Mytle’s mysterious absences from pkg. I still say that something is not right there, even though, liar weinland mentioned their names in the last sermon. You have to keep in your mind that weinland is a “proven” liar and will lie about anything and everything that affects him directly. Just because liar weinland mentioned their names means absolutely nothing to me! A liar is a liar!

    2) The revealing of the falsehood of liar weinland’s GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT OF JUNE 9, 2019 is an attention grabber! The posts on this blog about this subject have been right on and accurate!! Noting that liar weinland has a proven history of multiple failures when it comes to predictions and claims of being all powerful.

    I am of the opinion, that the “trigger” is number two (2). The conversations about his 2019 failure are a direct threat to liar weinland. Anyone who does an internet search on liar weinland will eventually end up here on this blog because of the postings of former members of weinland’s cult, not to mention, the available information that has been compiled on this site.

    So my advise to all is this, keeping looking for the “triggers” that explode liar weinland’s head and drive it hard!! Liar weinland is the loser here NOT US!!!

  • Byker Bob says:

    Do any of the Armstrong splinters look to such events as the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, or the reconvening of the Sanhedrin? Back in the day, we used to hear such things as, “Oh, brethren, they haven’t even begun to rebuild the temple! So far as we know, it’s not even in the preplanning stage!” It was thought that without a temple, you couldn’t very well have the prophesied “abomination of desolation”. In all of the rantings from all of the people who have ordained themselves as prophets and apostles, you never hear of these events any more.


  • Randy Terlecki says:

    The asshole must be getting nervous another date for return is come and none of his lies are coming true, sheep might have to send more money !

  • Enough is Enough says:


    According to liar weinland it is spiritual – yeah right!!

    To answer your question, some do and some do not. It depends on what cog your are with.

  • martin says:

    Ron’s god is very confused

    1) Laura does not preach of give sermons or prophesy at all…

    2) IF Laura were to preach, then she would violate God’s prohibition against women preaching from the pulpit.

    It’s a lose/lose situation.

  • James says:

    I smell a exit plan with the new other 2 witless witnesses coming
    into play.

  • martin says:

    EVERY prophecy regarding Jesus, was fulfilled, every single one, to the ‘t’.

    ALL was fulfilled…

    We have this *amazing* exception it seems, Ronald Weinland, unlike Jesus Christ, does not have to fulfill the Revelation 11 prophecy on the TWs. Ronald Weinland would then be above Christ in his role, since Ron can fulfill or not fulfill the prophecy, he’s exempt from such a requirement. Christ HAD TO FULFILL all the prophecies regarding Him, or He would be disqualified for being the Messiah. For Ron, it’s not needed. Ron says he’s one of the TWs, so therefore it is true, no proof needed, no fulfilling explicit prophecies that are spoken regarding the TWs. Ron’s lazy, gossiping, wife, need not do anything, but collect tithes owed to her.

    Ron can be a coward, and post under a pseudonym, make threats and run….no fire breathing is required.

  • martin says:

    Is it just an educated guess that “Anthony” is Ronald Weinland? Or has this been proven to some degree? The email address is required for posting, but a false one could have been provided….(?) The spelling is atrocious, and the posting style is like something from a bratty 12 year old.

  • martin says:

    A fun reminder of coward Anthony’s post…if you missed it…..

    ANTHONY says:
    December 26, 2017 at 19:13

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Let Anthony prove himself or maybe herself and reappear here and set the record straight!!

  • Fooled no More says:

    EIE……fat chance that ever happens! Trolls like “Anthony” are like farts. Spray the disinfectant of truth, and the funk of the fart disappears on outta here in the wind. 😀

  • martin says:

    We aren’t mocking Ron, we are telling the simple truth. Regarding his tax evasion, all of that has been proven in a court of law.

    As far as “deceitful”, in what regards? In what way? Nobody here has been deceitful, they are simply telling the truth regarding Ron’s character (or lack thereof).

  • martin says:

    God commands us to prove all things (this includes God Himself)

    1Th 5:21  Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 

    Now in other parts of the bible, God commands us to prove God Himself. So God includes Himself in this instruction. Now if God commands that we do this even in reference to God Himself, how is it that Ronald Weinland is exempt from such proving? Or do we just take Ron at his word? Ron said he was one of the TWs(two witnesses), so we should just accept him at his word?


    (Rev 2:2 KJV)  I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast TRIED THEM which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

    Ephesus was commended for trying or proving whether a person who claimed to be an apostle was an apostle, and finding out they were liars. Ron of course claims to be an apostle and prophet, but is a proven liar. None of his claims hold any water, nothing he’s prophesied came to pass. Ron has no understanding of the bible, or he wouldn’t have made his wife head over the PKG church (under him of course), in blatant disregard for the biblical injunction against doing so.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    The asshole don’t won’t anyone to prove what he says if you guestion him he has a fit , just listen to what I say not the Bible , what a sorry excuse of a man

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland continues to try and explain and excuse all the false prophecies.

    He says that the 2012-2013 debacle was good.

    “Pentecost of 2012 to 2013, it was a difficult year, in more ways than one, and the Church went through a lot because of it, and looking back, it was very good. If you can understand that, it was very, very good. ”

    Hear that PKGers, failed prophecy is good!

  • martin says:

    (bottom page 5 of pdf)

  • Ronco says:

    Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Ron’s gonna be there soon!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Well, so liar weinland says failed prophesy is good!? WHAT A JOKE AND LIE THIS IS LIAR WEINLAND!!!!

    You are a colossal failure liar weinland and you can not deal with it – can you!?

    I normally do not quote scriptures here, but in this case, I will guarantee you that liar weinland WILL NOT go near these scriptures: Jer 23:16,17; 24:33-40; Hosea 4:6!!!

    You are a pathetic liar weinland to even state that “failed prophesy” is good!? I can point to many places in the Bible that states clearly that God, himself, would condemn you for that “ludicrous” and highly “irresponsible” and “damning” statement of yours (failed lying prophesies are good)!!??

    Are you so desperate that you have to go to a dark place to save yourself from total and absolute ruin!? YOU ARE A LIAR AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!!! SO NOW WE GO DOWN THE ROAD TO “PERDITION”!!!!! It will only continue to get worst for you liar weinland now that you have taken the position of “CALLING GOOD EVIL AND CALLING EVIL GOOD”!!!!

    You really disgust me liar weinland!!! liar liar liar that you are!!!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I find it somewhat amusing that Ron now refers to the 3 years he spent in prison as a “sabbatical”.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This is from the living bible, Jer. 23:16

    “… this is my warning to my people says the Lord of Host, “don’t listen to these false prophets when they prophesy to you filling you with futile hopes, they are making up everything they say THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!

    THIS ABLY DESCRIBES YOU LIAR WEINLAND!!!! QUOTING YOU, “FAILED PROPHESY IS GOOD”. I have a question for you liar weinland, “did God actually tell you this”? I do not think so liar weinalnd! How many times have you stated that God gave you a direct message that Christ is returning on a certain date? It is now four times liar weinland, this is what is know as a “FUTILE HOPE”!!!!!

    Only a liar like can prove himself a liar and you have done a good job at that!!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    ooops sorry for the misquote on Jer 24:33-40. It is actually Jer 14:14 sorry

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This will be my last quote, for now.

    Living Bible: Jer. 14:14 “… then the Lord said, ” the prophets are telling lies in my name. I didn’t send them or tell them to speak or give them any message. they prophesy of visions and revelations they have never seen nor heard. they speak foolishness concocted out of their own LYING hearts …”

    Want to go there liar weinalnd!?

  • Enough is Enough says:

    What is the matter liar weinland?

    Why are your self proclaimed powers useless and ineffective? I will tell you why, you are a liar, that is why.

    So go ahead and huff and puff!! It will prove to be nothing at all or maybe you can get the “silent one” (except for gossiping) to do it for you. Oh I see, it is only concocted foolishness on your part! Well, we know who you are now and that you are someone God has forgotten about too – Oh Well, I guess, you are one of the forgotten ones – to bad.

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland has strongly indicated in the past that God can lead the PKG church into error. (which it should be said, is blasphemy)

    Ron later in sermon, reads from a letter from an overseas elder.
    (the elders comments are in single quotes, the rest is from Ron the liar.

    Ron : “Going on he said, ‘In the past I have had battles with the concept that God has deliberately allowed (facilitated?) the Church to believe things that are incorrect, like that Christ was returning soon when he wasn’t. As this becomes apparent it makes one wonder what is still left to be corrected.’
    Going on, ‘Given the 6,000 years that must nearly be up (based on the biblical chronology), surely it cannot go on much longer. But I could see how it could go on for a couple of decades yet.’ Is that possible? Sure. But I’ll mention here too, you can’t be intellectual about this, okay?”

    Notice two things,
    1) the elder explicitly brings this issue up, of how God deliberately allowed or facilitated the church of Ron being led into error.


    2) the elder says stuff could go on for decades.
    Ron’s response???? ** SURE **

    Ron is lucky he’s not a smoldering black smudge on the floor.

  • martin says:

    Now one may ask, why did Ron read this letter? And read what that elder said about God facilitating error?

    Now Ron certainly agreed with that elder’s assessment, otherwise he would have said otherwise, like “No, this can not be true, or is not true…this elder is in error”

    This was an underhanded way for Ron to state this idea, that God facilitates error being brought into the church. So, Ron agrees with the elder, no minister would allow such a statement to stand unchallenged UNLESS HE BELIEVED IT TOO.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    “… Ron now refers to the 3 years he spent in prison as a “sabbatical” …” Mike

    This is a perfect example of liar weinland’s “trickery” of mixing truth with lies. He is a master at this type of deceit!

    To begin, the definition of “sabbatical is as follows: “.. an extended period of leave form one’s customary work especially for rest, to acquire new skills and training ..”

    1) “period of leave from one’s customary work,” this is the core part of liar weinland’s trickery! Yes, because he was sentenced to three years plus in federal prison for tax evasion and this did cause a “period o leave from his customary work” of lying and deceiving. This part of the definition is the “base of truth” for weinland’s trickery.

    2) “for rest” – liar weinland got plenty of rest because he was convicted felon serving time.

    3) “to acquire new skills and training” – he worked in a carpentry shop in prison.

    Liar weinland will only focus on the first part of the definition, “period of leave from one’s customary work” and will go no further than this!! Liar weinalnd next step will be that he will claim to be like Paul and John and receive direct teachings from Christ, THIS IS THE LYING PART OF WEINLAND’S CLAIM OF SABBATICAL!!!!

    This is how this liar works, the mixing of truth and lies to elevate himself about his deceitful lies and create a “new base lie” to look like the truth and build off of it!!

    His motive is simple, to invalidate the 2019 prediction of Christ’s return. It is all done by trickery of mixing truth and lies and make no mistake liar weinland is a master at this!! He has learned it well from the “father of all lies”!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    FYI – the cult is fasting starting tonight –

  • Ronco says:

    I bet Ron and the Gossip Queen(TM) will be eating good in the neighborhood in San Jose!

  • martin says:

    EiE. where was this fast announced? And for how long?

  • Enough is Enough says:

    It wasn’t announced.

    I am not at liberty to reveal how I know.

  • martin says:

    Is it for just one day?

  • Enough is Enough says:


  • martin says:

    (Rev 11:3 KJV)  And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    CHRIST will PERSONALLY EMPOWER the Two Witnesses…

    Where does it say to call for a church fast for any issues they have? Nowhere.

    WHY would the Two Witnesses ask anybody to fast on their behalf, that is saying that Christ fell asleep on the job, and forgot to provide for them. CHRIST FAILED AT HIS DUTIES. Does this sound like Ron + gossiping wife are the Two Witnesses?

  • martin says:

    The bible’s God :
    1) Holy Spirit guides you into All Truth (John 16:13)

    Ron’s god (between his ears)
    1) Leads you into lies and error

    The bible’s God
    2) Is The Truth (John 14:6)

    Ron’s god (between his ears)
    2) Is not the truth

    No wonder Ron is clueless.

  • martin says:

    In the bible:
    3) Good is good

    3) evil is good, good is evil

  • Excogger says:

    A quote from Charles Dickens’ book, “Little Dorrit”:

    “….there is no playing fast and loose with the truth, in any game, without growing the worse for it.”

    Take heed, Ronald, and all perverters of Scripture such as yourself. Whatever you gain by lying for your own benefit will crumble to dust and provide you with little joy or satisfaction in the end.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    What up asshole , times counting down on your 3rd return of Christ and you predicated nothing , I thought you where going to die in street with gossip bitch , hurry please

  • martin says:

    The “it was very good” part….

    (it=failed 2012,2013 prophecy)
    Ron “…and the church went through a lot because of it and looking back it was very good if you can understand that, it was very very good”

  • martin says:

    Hearing him vomit out this garbage is 10 times worse than reading it.

  • Fooled no More says:

    Ron should tell that to the people that lost jobs due to “it”, and also even lost family members due to his nonsense. I don’t think they (myself included) thought it was “very, very good”!

  • martin says:

    Ron is pathological, in his need to turn every failed prophecy, every lie, every evil he’s done, to something “good”. He does this of course, because he’s a classic narcissist, in that he can never do any wrong.

    For example, the failed 2012,2013 prophecy, was not failed prophecy, but God showing mercy to either the church or the world. Sounds great doesn’t it? But that means God is a liar, not that Ron is completely false. God lied about the 2012 date, the 2013 date, the 2014 date, and the 2019 date (among others).

    So when the 2019 prophecy fails to occur, when Christ does not come back on Pentecost of 2019, it’s not because Ron is a false prophet, it’s because God is giving more time, and being merciful, and giving the PKGers more time to get “ready”.

    Ron has already stated that there will “perhaps” be another year past the 2019 date before Christ can come back.

    But wait a minute! Didn’t God give Ron all that numerological mumbo jumbo that was WITHOUT ERROR? Show absolutely when Christ would return????

  • Ozymandias says:

    “ It was very very good” for Ron, because it didn’t cost him a cent. He didn’t lose his home, his cars, or his teeth. It didn’t touch him at all. It’s kind of like war, someone loses, but someone profits. Ron can turn someone’s loss of a home and life savings into a win for himself. The spin Dr. never ceases to amaze me. Only Ron can turn a three year prison sentence into a Sabbatical. He didn’t learn a thing, because he never really lost anything. People just dig a little deeper, and keep the lie alive. It’s all win win for the Weinlands as long as there are suckers to believe his stories. Sabbatical!!!!

  • martin says:

    I wonder if Anthony can explain how failed prophecy was “very very good”?

  • Enough is Enough says:


    You always hit the bull’s eye when it comes to liar weinland!

    You have mentioned this before about not willing to change to leave weinland’s cult. Recently I was talking with a member I have not seen or heard from in a very long time. I did ask, “why are you still there”? The answer was not what I expected. It was as you said, not willing to face moving on and starting over.

    I asked about the failed predictions and lying about his conviction of tax evasion and his stupid comments about “sabbatical” and false and failed prophesies being “good”. To my amazement, it was agreed that these things were lies! I had to ask, “knowing these things why would you stay in weinland’s cult?” I was stunned to hear this, “I do not like change and to start over is something I am not interested in doing and I just ignore what I know to be false.” I then asked, “what about the money you pay this liar?” This individual is one of the ones who does not give the full percentage. Also, I was informed that on the Sabbaths that they do not meet as a group this individual meet with a different church.

    I have to admit I do not understand or comprehend this kind of thinking! You attend elsewhere, when you can, and yet you still refuse to leave weinland’s cult!? The conversation ended with, “that is just the way I do things at this time.”

  • martin says:

    I have to say that this reasoning appalls me. When Ron falls he’s going to pull down a lot of pkgers with him, that’s why you need to leave him.

  • martin says:

    I do find it interesting that they know he’s a liar

  • Ozymandias says:

    EiE, just let Weinland find out your friend has a mind of his own and he’d have a hissy fit. He would boot him/her so fast his head would spin. I know there are others who have played with “ the Weinland rules”. There must be someone in there that still has a little integrity and a mind of their own. Most go along to get along, and I was guilty of this myself for quite a while.Hed be bitching about people’s finances or lack of tithing, and I would sit and cringe at the hypocrisy.He would talk about having a bunch of dental work done on the churches dime, and I knew people with very bad and painful teeth. His daughter got lasik so she could see the checks better and people didn’t have access to the basics. His 19 year old son drove a bmw that the church paid for while tithing adults drove 10 year old cars. We were gullible and stupid, because we love mankind and want a better world for all men.We were foolish enough to believe the church when they said they knew how to attain it. This “ dream” for world peace is hard to part with, so people keep going because believe it or not there are worse places. At least in Weinlands spiritual prison, you know a few of the other inmates.When you leave , you are pretty much on your own, as you realize quickly it was only the church that was really holding you all together. People tend to go their own way after they get out. You quickly come to grips with what was a true belief and what was a COG doctrine. Many of these people already know where they stand, but can lie a little if they show up each week. Your friend has already come to this point. He can fool himself and others for a long time but one day he will have years of regret to look back on. Who wants to do that?

  • martin says:



  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Ron so full of shit it comes out his ears

  • Ronco says:

    “ It was very very good”
    Yep, Ron remembers all those good times with Bubba in the pokey…

  • Fooled No More says:

    Ronco LOL!! 😀

    Ozy, I was one of those driving a then 10 year old car, and having dental issues like you wouldn’t believe. Yet, I was still expected (at that point) to keep on tithing, never mind that I had to a make a BIG choice around the end of ’14……………new teeth, or new car—-new teeth or new car—–new teeth or new car.

    Well, I needed a new car as I HAD to be able to get back and forth to work, and it wasn’t long after I bought the car that I literally woke up one Sunday morning (March 8, 2015) and fired off a letter to the powers that be. I had simply had enough, and no longer wanted to deal with the BS.

    It’s been VERY liberating since then to say the least, but I’m still dealing with the financial issues that fooling with them so long put me through. BUT! It is a good feeling to NO LONGER have any guilt feelings about NOT paying enough to Ron for God knows what!

    EIE, that’s a VERY interesting encounter you had with your friend! If nothing else, there may be a glimmer of hope in that they were able to express that to you. Perhaps some day they’ll be like me and literally wake up one fine Sunday morning, and fire off a letter like I did and pretty much tell them to shove it!

    I’ve got a BIG challenge for you Ron! I absolutely DARE you to disfellowship a large number of those you know are not tithing the way they should! I double dog dare you!

    You won’t ‘cuz you know why?? There goes your house, cars, utilities, trips, clothes, heck even underwear you have to buy at the thrift store apparently! No you won’t do that………..all you can do at this point is threaten and even that’s losing its power. 😉

  • Ozymandias says:

    I would like to say I believe in karma and what goes around comes around , but I’ve been on the planet long enough to know that it isn’t always true. There are always people that just love the con man no matter what he’s done. There are a few widows in the church that will continue to support him no matter what. Some of them have money. Many of us were in the church for 40 years or more, and let me tell you, it’s a hard habit to break. As I stated you have to come to grips with what you actually believe. There are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself right after you “ fire off the letter.” BIG questions about the Sabbath, tithing, belonging to a church at all ever again, unclean meat, just to name a few. After you decide the answers that work for you, is there anyone else that feels that way? People were always afraid of being alone as MOST people even in the confines of the church have differing beliefs.At the end of it all you must be true to yourself and fully admit to man and God where you stand. If the doctrines were always a chore , you never really believed them anyway, and you never fooled God. Ron and co are probably the very poorest examples of what to follow or who to believe. I would rather say to God I did my best and lived a good life, than I followed along after a selfish narcissist and his greedy family because I was too lazy to prove all things.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I have given more though to my conversation with the individual I have not seen for a very long time.

    I have taken the time reflect on my exit from weinland’ cult. I now remember how I started the disconnect from weinland’s lies and deceit. There was that moment when I did start to ignore all of wienland’s lies and falsehoods, as well as, trimming back the tithe offering. At that time, I did not realize that I was moving toward a complete rejection of liar weinland. And finally, as FNM stated, the day came when I DID reject weinland completely and left!

    I have to admit that I did not pick up on the process this individual is expericing. This individual is now in the process of rejecting liar weinland completely and I would wager that the closer this individual comes to the failure of June 9, 2019 the more pronounced the rejection will become! Hey weinland!! You are losing this one and there will be many more!!!

    I feel confident that I will be hearing again form this indivdiual and this time I will be aware of this process of fully rejecting liar weinland and all he stands for. Also, it would not surprise me that we will be hearing from the masquerader liar weinland again!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    EiE , it is a process we go through. No one changes their mind over night if they have had true faith in something. I sat for months listening to him berate people for not tithing enough, mentioning that he was signing letters, (my eyes are on you), looking at what people drove to church. Ha! His half educated children are driving cars they didn’t earn and YOU are checking out the cars of men and women who have worked hard and tithed most of their lives. The hypocrisy was overwhelming. I was gone and out of Weinland church long before I left the building. I just had to come to grips with what I really thought of him. It took a lot of thought and contemplation, but one day after church my husband said, well, should I call Greg? I can’t tell you the feeling that suddenly came over me. I totally knew it was the right thing to do and that I didn’t belong to this group and hadn’ for quite a while. I believe it was the failed prophecies primarily, but Ron’s attitude played a huge part. A short time after the first failure, he callously blurted out how some retirees would just have to go back to work, and that we ALL believed it , there by absolving himself of any VERY SMALL (if any) amount of guilt. I just couldn’t believe my ears. I began to totally reverse any good feelings I had ever had about him. The more he denied culpability, and then tore down others the less I thought of him. At the end I was jubilant to call Greg and get the hell out of that evil , judgmental church.

  • martin says:

    The true evil, is that Ronald Weinland turned some into atheists.

    Just remember, the 1st century church, you would think this impossible, but the first century church had its share of false apostles, false ministers, false prophets and false brethren.

    So why are people shocked that Ron is a complete false prophet.

    I keep saying this, but this assessment is not a subjective one, coming from disgruntled ex-members. Ron is simply a liar, a thief, a felon and a false prophet. This has been proven in a court of law, and from the bible. It’s a fact. Not some subjective judgement from people who dislike him.

  • martin says:

    Why is Ron spending 7 sermons (so far) on this “4 1/2 years” garbage?

  • Excogger says:

    Martin, it’s all about conditioning and grooming the faithful fewer.And keeping Ron’s idol and mentor in high profile, even to the extent of quoting from “1975 In Prophecy”.
    And every now and then he asserts his spiritual leadership and authority by pointing out that the translations we have of the Bible contain so many errors that he and his mouthpieces have to constantly correct them. Ordinary folk just can’t/don’t understand the Scriptures until Ron decodes the message for the membership of the One True Church.
    The sermon from last week contained the little gem that the “57 Truths” are “the word of God”! It would be laughable if it wasn’t so blasphemous and self-serving.
    You are a piece of work, Ronald Eugene.
    In all fairness, I should point out Ron’s good points and meritorious behaviour. Here goes……

    Oh well, maybe next time. It’s not easy being a false prophet and false apostle. I suppose someone has to take on the role.

  • martin says:

    Now nobody’s perfect, so I don’t put other ministers who are genuinely trying to preach the truth, but are wrong. Now some are terribly wrong and may fall into the false apostle/false minister category, and I would say, not to stay with them, others are also wrong but are trying their best to teach the truth, but may be in error here and there, I would say be wary, it may be safe to stay with them.

    In other words, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

  • martin says:

    So ex-PKGers, have stopped believing the bible and God altogether. This is sad. You allowed Ron to turn you into an atheist. Why are you equating Ron’s falsehood with the bible being false and God being false? Toss out Ronald Weinland, don’t toss out God.
    Now, Ron’s god, where Jesus was a created being is completely false, so I would start with that…and move forward in truth.

    (Ron’s interpretation of John 1:1, is so embarrassing it’s humiliating, how anybody accepted his vomit explanation/interpretation of that verse is beyond me)

  • martin says:

    “So ex-PKGers”— should be —> “Some ex-PKGers”

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    We as humans always take the easy way out, so for those remaining it is much easier for them to have Ron tell them what to do or think, than they don’t have to. In exchange they convince themselves they are the smart ones to let someone else do the work for them.

    The following is a quote I read from one of my latest books about mind control:

    A sociopath is a person who will destroy you, without a heart, without a conscience, without even a second glance. At first they are too perfect and too good to be true. Then they remove your heart and whatever else they want, with a scalpel. The operation they perform is brilliant, often but not always flawless. And when they’ve gotten whatever they came for in the first place, they leave you traumatized, stunned, and bleeding by the roadside, and silently move on, to do it again to someone else.

    Sound like anyone we have all dwelt with?

  • Ruby McCormick says:


    I still believe in God, but I choose to follow no religion or man. I trust no one. I won’t follow someone who is a little wrong. I follow no one. It’s all someone’s opinions. I have my own.

    Don’t judge. You were not there. It’s easy to pass judgement on those who have been hurt. That is not your place.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Martin, are you assuming ex pkgers have lost their faith in God? This could not be farther from the truth. I believed in God long before I ever met Ron. It would be sad to think that someone such as him could destroy ones faith. If this is the case , then the faith was not strong to begin with and the faith was in Ron and not God. My faith is in tact but I feel somewhat like Ruby M when I say I will never affiliate with a church again or follow a man. There are far too many differing opinions and you find you must go along with doctrines you may not agree with or fully understand, just to be part of a group. I keep the Sabbath because I believe in the Sabbath, the Holy Days, because I believe in them, refrain from unclean meat because I believe it IS unclean. I do not judge anyone who has a differing opinion. I don’t feel they are damned or lake of fire fodder. I don’t completely understand God and his ways and I fully admit it. I’m ok with this. I will NOT be lead down the garden path by anyone ever again. If you were not part of the church , perhaps you cannot fully understand people who have. I don’t understand it myself at times and I was there for 40 years. Breaking away is not as easy as it seems as your whole life is wrapped up with these people. Some would rather do nothing than start all over after 40 would be like changing careers after 40 years. It’s not impossible, but it is a little daunting. Most know as Ruby and I know, there is no place left after this, and you would be on your own. I’m fine with that but some people wouldn’t like it. They would miss the fellowship and be compelled to find another group. As I said before, even in the environs of the church , there are differing opinions as to doctrine, so finding a group that believes just as you do might be difficult.

  • martin says:

    I don’t say all PKGers have lost their faith in God or the Bible, but some have, and that is sad.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Well Martin you step in a pile on that one!

    However, you are correct that a small number did indeed give it all up because of liar weinland, but that was a very small number. The majority did as Ruby and Ozy said, it was a rejection of liar weinland and all that he stood for. Their faith in God never changed. It was liar weinland that was rejected not God!!

    In my experience, I was enraged at myself for being so damn stupid to allow myself to have been misled by liar weinland!!! Make no mistake, I find liar weinland to a vile man giving no thought to anyone but himself!! However, I do not and will not forgive him for what he has done to honest individuals with his lies and deceit!!!! Weinland is a grubby feeding maggot that is gutting the innocent of their wealth!!! You can see and tell this by the constant lying and excuses he uses to deceive any who will listen! Glad I’m Free hit the nail on the head with the quote from his/her book!

    Also, if you have ever notice, weinland put out the scripted sermon in PDF on his website, I have seen with my own eyes that his members study the scripted sermon and NOT God’s Word!! This is the trickery of liar weinland and that is to divert attention away from the Bible and replace with his own scripted crap!!! This is how he laces the truth with his own perverted lies!!! Ask any ex-member and they will confirm this!!! Oh yes, liar weinland will quote scripture in his scripted sermon but the problem is that he has already polluted and twisted the scripture to sync up with the numbing cocktail that he has already prepared. This is what he does and he does it well!!!

    As long as there are some who will listen and follow his lies it will go on until this vile man dies!!!

  • martin says:

    Remember, it’s good, it’s very, very good….


  • martin says:

    I hope you don’t mind my asking….(I bring this up every now and then)

    EiE, what is your current stance on Ron’s doctrine that Christ was a created being, and did not pre-exist?
    (others can chime in on this question)

  • Enough is Enough says:

    That is a heresy from the third or fourth century!

    Weinland is a heritic!!

  • Barry Richey says:

    There were a few who clearly recognized it as heresy when he first began to teach it. They left. I tried to listen to a few of the series of sermons back when he started on it. Too easy to prove his pathetic reasoning wrong. I fear the pride and stroked vanity being made elders has convinced my family still there that they actually know how to study Gods Word. I am fairly sure they were babes in Christ at best when they followed Ron out of United.

    What a con man.

  • martin says:

    ps. The reason I asked was for the benefit of any new comers to this blog.

    One of the signs of a false prophet, is that they bring “another” god to the people.

    Ron’s teaching of another god, that Christ was a created being, does this.

  • Barry Richey says:

    Mat 11:27. No one knew the Father unless Christ reveals Him to them.

    Simple logic tells us that Christ as the God of the old Testament came to this earth and one of His roles as a man was to reveal the Father. Reveal the second part of Elohim, plural word of Gen 1, in the beginning “God”.

    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    No one could go to the Father except thru Christ. The Father first revealed then thru Christ man has access to Him.

    This is Bible basics totally ignored by any listening to Weinland.

  • martin says:

    Ron’s nonsense is easily refuted….

    So if Christ was a created being, then the only option is that the OT God was God the Father….

    But then, if this is true, Christ was very confused, because He came to reveal the Father, and no one had even heard the voice of the Father, much less, knew of Him. This would make Christ out to be an imbecile.

    Did you ever notice…
    (Joh 1:15 YLT)  John doth testify concerning him, and hath cried, saying, ‘This was he of whom I said, He who after me is coming,*HATH COME BEFORE ME, FOR HE WAS BEFORE ME*.

    In modern english: Christ existed before John the Baptist was born.

    Ron, please explain this.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This will be my only quote:

    John 17:5 “… with the glory which I had with you before the world existed …”

    Hey heretic weinland! Explain this one!!

    The jury has spoken, weinland is a lying heretic!!

  • martin says:

    RonSpeak : “It’s prophetic, it is talking about the Christ-like mind God had at that time”

  • martin says:

    “RonSpeak” is a derivative of George Orwell’s “double speak”

  • martin says:

    Speaking of the Israelites that left Egypt

    1Co 10:2-4 KJV
    (2) And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea;
    (3) And did all eat the same spiritual meat;
    (4) And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

    (1Co 10:9 KJV)  Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed of serpents.

    Pretty plain verses…..Christ was the God of the OT. and thus pre-existed with God for eternity.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This is all part of liar wienland’s trickery.

    Infuse false doctrine and divert all attention to his teachings which are heretical. This liar can not trick those who know the truth and stand on it. It is only those who do not take the time to understand the truth and stand on it.

    Liar weinland’s teachings can not stand against the real truth, as taught in the Bible, weinland’s teachings will always fail every time as it is being demonstrated here. This is the reason why he is a “nothing burger” in the real world. Oh yes, liar weinland really thought he was going to be a great religious leader and the fact is that he is not!! He is a liar and that is a known fact among the general population, they know he is a fraud and is totally ignore him!!!

    Oh Boo Who for you liar weinland!!!

  • Eric says:

    He keeps referring to the “Church believed” or “we believed” conveniently to distract that he is the person that taught the church to believe those things. Glory belongs to him and failures belong to the Church. To switch it back, from his latest posed sermon part seven I have taken a bit and modified it as indicated by square brackets. Its not perfect English but you will get the idea. Three simple rules –

    > change references to God, to him
    > Change we to I
    > only add material to his quote

    [Opposite what I prophesied to you as the greatest prophet of all time etc] May 27, 2012, was not the date of Christ’s return and neither was May 19, 2013. Those dates are prophetically important and great [Spiritual] events [that I identified to you in hindsight] did occur within those periods of time, but they were not Christ’s literal return. That is obvious [I was completely wrong]. So as [I] did after the Apostasy, [I] seek to judge what we have experienced by [what I need to be] the present truth, and as [I] do [Often], [I] will reveal more, just as [I] has done before [and after 2019 there will be a lot more more present truth and some of the 57 truths will change], for [I] uses this process in a powerful way to more deeply convict us of [what I say is the truth, my leadership and your need to pay tithes to me] and [I] reveals [more truth when what I prophesied previously doesn’t happen] when [I] chooses [a strategic time] to do so.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    and the DELUSION goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on!!!!!!!

    In addition: “… no need to read your bibles just read my posted psychobabble and you will be saved from the actual truth …”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice work Eric – enjoy your humor

  • martin says:

    “May 27, 2012, was not the date of Christ’s return and neither was May 19, 2013. Those dates
    are prophetically important”

    Ronald Weinland, are you mentally handicapped? How are 2 dates that mark the hugest failure in your false prophecies, still become somehow important?

    Your false prophecy is horse manure.

  • martin says:

    I don’t remember if it was supposed to be the preface for the third book, or just part of a summary statement regarding Ronald false prophet Weinland.

    It is about the 7000 dropping dead prophecy….what happened with that Ron? It was supposed to happen BEFORE the so called GT that’s supposedly happening now and ending with Pentecost 2019. 7000 splinter members were supposed to drop dead, and 63,000 splinter members were to then make a mad dash to PKG to become tithing members.


    You could have gotten a second house, more BMW’s, tons of exotic underwear, more paintings, more jewelry….

    **** IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN ****


  • martin says:

    The recent fast that PKG had…..I wonder if there was a stated reason for that fast?

    Does anybody know? Was it because of all the critics? Crybaby Ron was annoyed at them?

    Crybaby Ron bragged at one time, said that “hurting” the TW’s didn’t only mean physical hurt, that if somebody emotionally hurt Ron, Ron had the power as one of the TW’s to make them drop dead. Then Ron pronounced death curses on his critics. None of them dropped dead. Boo-hoo.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This is all about liar weinland’s “methodology of trickery”.

    Attempting to legitimize his colossal failures of 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 is more of his same old worn out trickery! Liar weinland is now setting the stage for the failure of his “Great Disappointment of June 9, 2019”. Liar weinland is aware that he is going to get slaughtered come 6/9/19!!! There is no doubt in my mind that liar weinland is crapping in his pants knowing this will be a huge embarrassment for him because the internet will burn him on his fifth failure!!! Because this will verify that his third book is nothing more than the same old psychobabble!!

    Liar weinland thinks he has troubles now among his followers, as we get closer to 2019 it will get intense!! The real question is this, “… why isn’t liar weinland hyping the return of Christ on 6/9/19 …”, and “… why isn’t his followers doing the same …”?

    The truth of the matter is this, they do not trust him anymore, so why should they make fools of themselves only to get laughed at again and again by friends and family!! I can hear it now from former members, “see, I told you so, he is a lying thief, need I say anymore”.

  • martin says:

    In part #8, of Ron’s diatribe, we have this gem..

    R “Now, to me it’s an amazing thing, and this has really happened in large part ever since the Apostasy, how God has been revealing truth to us. ”

    Really? Truth that keeps morphing and changing? I think that’s called lies.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Liar weinland is in revisionist mode to attempt to “legitimize” his long long history of one lie after another. Liar weinland is desperate because HIS “Great Disappointment of June 9, 2019” is breathing heavily on his back!!

    As it is stated, “… you will know them by their fruits …” is the one thing that liar weinland MUST neutralize. From this moment on this will be all you will hear from him trying to desperately cover and justify all of his lies and false predictions through revisionism. So now the game is diversion and justifying his tainted name. But the problem is, “once a liar always a liar”!

    Hey liar weinland! This is not going to work in the real world!!!! We know who and what your are and knowing that you are and have always been a lying thief!!!!

  • Fooled No More says:

    As those of us that are computer geeks——we know that the internet never forgets! He can try to brush aside all the falsehoods that he’s proclaimed all he wants, it’s just a matter though of a few key searches to throw his lies right back at him!

    June 9, 2019 WILL be here before you know it, and we’ll be here standing by to make a BIG deal out of this non event.

    Prediction by Fooled No More:

    I predict a bright sunny day in my neck of the woods on that day, accompanied by guffaws of laughter as yet ANOTHER colossal failure has been put on the liar in PKG. I’ll be interested to hear (someone will spill the beans) who is still simple and crazy enough to keep hanging on, when it’s for all the world to see that COG-PKG is a very hopeless cause.

    Now………Ron might be gone to Europe by then so I’m going to make another prediction————-come this Feast, Ron will attempt once again to do a sermon I’m going to call The Last Great Day 2011 Part II. Those who went to that will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, as that was the sermon literally hiding in plain sight that Christ was NOT returning come May 27, 2012. If I only knew then what I know now, I might have left right after coming home from that, but it would take me a little over three more years where I couldn’t stand it any longer and got the heck out!

    Keep bringing on the popcorn folks…….this has only STARTED to get good! 😀

  • martin says:

    How did he put it when he did that sermon???

    There was an epic Freudian slip, I forget, that “Christ was NOT coming in 2012”. Where he talked about Satan trying to convince Ron that Christ was not coming back in 2012…’s buried here somewhere….

  • Fooled no More says:

    Martin, the sermon was “A Time To Be Sobered”. You can check it out here……

    IIRC, he mentioned about his “dream” within the first half hour or so. Still blows me away to this day how duped I was. I’ll never forget the crying and sniffling I heard behind me while that sermon was given!

  • martin says:

    From liar Ron’s “A Time To Be Sobered” pdf transcript

    On Atonement we were fasting in Melbourne and deep into that night of fasting I was awakened with different thoughts, received different thoughts that I’m now going to share with you….

    First, the thought that I received:
    “May 27, 2012 is not the day of Jesus Christ’s return.”

    So, presumably Ron attached this thought to Satan. Since he believed “with all his being” that the 2012 return would happen. In that case, Satan was correct as Christ did not return in 2012.

    So you have a so called apostle and prophet, who can’t determine whether Christ or Satan is communicating truth to him. Since CLEARLY nothing happened in 2012. This fact seemed to fly straight over the heads of the PKGers…or they got amnesia.

  • Eric says:

    Another update from Ron in an Extraordinary 4 ½ Years, Pt. 8, January 20, 2018 which comes as no surprise to us -.

    But, see, this is still going on. People are still being put out of God’s Church. People are still being suspended from God’s Church. It still goes on. It’s wearisome. It’s wearisome. I don’t like having to go through that with people in those situations, but I know it’s a part of a reality;

    More PKG members continue to get in touch with part of reality.

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland continues to shoot himself in the foot as always…..he really is his own worst enemy.

    Good to hear, that members are leaving this liar, false prophet, and felon.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    well well well liar weinland! It looks like YOUR “GREAT EMBARRASSMENT OF JUNE 9, 2019” is bearing its decayed fruit!!! You are a lying thief weinland, what did you expect? Certainly not honor and praise!? You are getting what you deserve, scorn and disrespect!!

    You and your gossiping wife have been lying and deceiving your followers for over ten years now, not to mention, stealing their wealth, just like you did with the federal government!!! OH yes! Not to mention the “unregistered” off shore account that was discovered by the federal government!! And yes, you were convicted and served three years in federal prison for those crimes committed against the federal government and you now have the title of “felon” that will follow you to your grave! WOW! What an upright outstanding individual you are liar weinland!!! Great example there old boy!!

    Let’s face it liar weinland, your continual whining about those who now see the liar that you really are is really about the loss and reduction in your cash flow!!! The truth is, you are a THIEF weinalnd!! And in time, those who now see you for what you are will resent and despise you and your wife for stealing their income to satisfy you and your wife’s insatiable appetite for others money!!! Scream and complain all you want to liar weinland because it will only amplify your lying deceit and the intentional harm you have done to past and present followers!! It is now time to pay your long overdue dues, liar weinland!!!

    No sympathy here for you liar weinland!! Enjoying your long overdue downfall to hell!!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron is trying to convince those that are left into thinking one day the only ones who are left will be God’s cream of the crop. Appealing to the ego that will continue to push the we are better than others and certainly Gods very select. What he fails to see is the human condition where generally this makes people feel as though they are above others in every possible way, therefore losing any humility they may have ever had. Not the way of God I’m thinking.They will be left with a group of narcissistic ego maniacs like the Weinlands. The only people that will stay and stay are the people who think just like him. Anyone who doesn’t think just like him will eventually leave him and the fact that some are still being put out and suspended proves it. More and more people will slowly wake up until only the true believer( in Ron) will be left.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Ahhh yes, liar weinland is truly the “corpse behind the podium”!!!!

  • martin says:

    What happened with “Prophesy against the Nations”???

    Ron spouted some nonsense that it was the “Final Commision”….

    Yeah? So what? What are you doing Ron? Are you prophesying? Anything?

    You are supposed to be able to pronounce any plague you want as often as you want, and we know you want to, because death curses came from you lips on the very first day you thought you could do it. But of course, none of it happened and will never happen, because you’re a false prophet.

    Whatever you fasted about recently, God isn’t listening, God doesn’t listen to false prophets.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Had to laugh Ron tells everyone
    Don’t have no more kids his daughter gets knot up oh it’s ok, they spend church money to go see them , and he says Christ is coming back 4 times lol
    This guy is full of shit folks lol

  • Excogger says:

    Speaking of Audra ( Thanks for the reminder, Randy. ), has anyone heard how she is progressing in her pregnancy? Or has she given birth by now, and I just haven’t heard the good news? Hope all is well with her and the babe.

  • martin says:

    8 sermons on more or less, a colossal failure….only Ronald Weinland could wring out such trite to 8 sermons worth, with more coming.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Liar weinland doesn’t have anything new nor will he. It is now:


    Remember that liar weinland is now the “corpse behind the podium”, in other words, he is now a nonfunctional sub species!!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Lately, I have been thinking about Anthony (aka liar weinland) and what was the “trigger” that set him off. It seems to me it might have been all the talk about Johnny dumping liar weinland and the effect it would have on liar weinland’s organization.

    I have a proposal, if we can figure out the “trigger” that set Anthony (aka liar weinland) off, then we should exploit this trigger to make our point to liar weinland. If you like, give this some consideration and let us know.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Well, sometimes when I’m at work (what I do is a one man show), I get these little “epiphanies” that come to me from time to time. I had one today as a matter of fact about Ron. What if what he’s saying to the folks in PKG about putting others out recently is all bluster??

    In other words, what if it’s nothing more than a scare tactic to those remaining that if they don’t start giving like they should, the same thing will happen to them? People in PKG fear disfellowshipment as they fear the loss of all contact with those they know.

    Ron has lied so much in the past, I wouldn’t put it past him to conjure up this lie to keep the cash rolling in. Nothing like a good ‘ole scare tactic when you can see your bank account numbers heading for the negative!

    EIE, I frequent a number of boards, and someone like “Anthony” is nothing more than a classic troll…..namely Ron! They leave their turds to float at the top of the pool for all the world to see in the form of Ad Hominem attacks, and then when you call them on it to PROVE what they say with facts, they scurry away like the real roaches they are in sunlight.

    Just had to get that off my mind as I didn’t want to lose that idea…..even though it came to me out of the blue! 😀

  • Enough is Enough says:


    We do know and understand that liar weinland is indeed a psychopathic liar. However, you do make a very good point!!

    The art of using lies to instill fear and doubt. There is no doubt about the depth of liar weinland’s evil soul! All for the almighty buck!!! WOW! How true the statement: “the love of money is the root of evil” and it runs deep in liar weinland’s soul!

  • martin says:

    I don’t think Ronald Weinland is lying about putting people out.

    Ron is a classical book case narcissist. But Ron psychosis also involves self destruction, I believe this is from guilt as he knows that he is not one of the Two Witnesses, the proof for that is pretty much air tight.

    Case in point, during the trial, they mentioned the expensive suits he bought, and mentioned one in particular, the one that he was wearing, to which he volunteered that info.

    Now, I’m pretty sure, most people would have kept their mouth shut. But not Ron. Ron is self destructive. Ron is Ron’s own worst enemy. The Ron of the past, unequivocally condemns the present Ron. Ron knows that Ron is a complete liar and false prophet, and the guilt ways heavily on him.

  • martin says:

    I know this would probably be hard to answer, but does anybody know what the recent fast was for?

    Usually these things are not willy nilly announced, and usually there is a declared reason for it.

    I was wondering if anybody knew? I personally thing, and it’s just a guess, that Ron wants to shut the mouths of his critics, not just here, but where ever. It has been a constant thorn in his side (critics in general), and it was the first death curse he announced. Not on the world, but on his critics!

  • Excogger says:

    One possibility, Martin, is that the money saved on food for the day would be sent to the Weinland Benevolent Fund. Every dollar counts, you know. The Weinlands are such needy people, and losing even one disfellowshipped member puts a big hole in the travel budget……

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Well liar weinland with January 2018 coming to its close it now places you closer to Your “Great Embarrassment of June 9, 2019”!!!

    It getting closer ol’ boy!!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    EIE, he already has his speech prepared. Let’s see, God isn’t coming and it’s all our fault, or the church is still be sifted and again , all our fault.WE are just not ready, but of course Ron is, so it’s all our fault. He has his little speech ready WAY in advance. Any hints he has given will be summed up in one of his famous “ couldn’t possibly be ME so it must be you sermons. YOU believed it too. What a crock of poo he dishes.

  • martin says:

    Ron’s excuse from last time, sounds great, he’ll use it again…

    “God is being merciful, and allowing more time so that more people can repent.’

    God is certainly a merciful God, but that is not the issue….it’s that Ron is a liar and a false prophet.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    Yes, I am sure that the “fake prophet” weinland has his “fake message” all prepared to go.

    I am so thankful that I have nothing to do with that “fake prophet”!!!!

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Gossip queen just called I think Audra had baby that the asshole told everyone not to have

  • martin says:

    That’s right, I forgot about that, the false prophet told everybody not to have children….

    Ron’s daughter by the bible definition is an adulterer, and had a baby when she was told not to…

    Really great examples from the false prophet father, and false prophet adulterer daughter.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I know of others who ignored the fake prophet weinland on the baby issue. As a matter of fact I know of one family that increased their family from two to five children!

    So much for the “fake prophet” idiotic directives!!!

  • Ronco says:

    The Two Witlesses are now known as Grampa and Grandma…

  • Eric says:

    In the upcoming trips section the only other person mentioned other than Ron and the second witness is the Evangelist on a single date.

    January 13 San Jose, CA – Ron & Laura Weinland, Jeremy Weinland

    I had a quick check on the January 13th sermon and there is only Ron speaking. I didn’t listen through the whole sermon but in many snippets there was no mention of the evangelist. Is anybody aware of the evangelist doing any ministry work on that date ?

    It is possible that Jeremy may have got a free or subsidised trip to see his parents courtesy of his title and family relationships? I’m not saying this is the case but hey Mr tax man, if you are reading this, its worth looking into. Its happened before as you well know.


  • martin says:

    Nobody would care if Jeremy if seeing his parents of course, but if he’s doing so on church dime, then it is wrong, unless he actually performed at least a token act as an evangelist.

    It is rather like Ronald Weinland (liar, thief, felon, father of adulteress), who claimed *massages* as a church sanctioned expense. It is a deep seeded evil and greed, to fund Ron and family’s hedonistic lifestyle ways.

  • martin says:

    Ron, as you read this blog of as your lazy gossiping wife reads this blog….ask yourself, can you possibly think God approves of all this evil that you do in the name of the Lord????

    In the Dark Ages, people were persecuted to death, the persecutors thought they were doing God’s work. They would sit with joy at supper, discussing the people they burned to death, and felt they were righteous and doing the Lord’s work. A foul evil and tragedy, it’s hard to think people could think this way and do these kinds of things, but it happened in history.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    You make a good point. However the global community understands that an evangelist is one who evangelizes to convert the ungodly to accept God and his ways. Jeremy has never done this!! Not to mention Wayne, Johnny, and Wilham (the unknown evangelist). There is a good reason for this:



  • Eric says:

    The tax department would not accept him attending the meeting and shaking a few hands just like any other member, or a token act as an evangelist. From memory, in Ron’s conviction for tax fraud they wouldn’t allow the some of the second witnesses tax claims travelling for the same purpose. He may be able to claim a portion depending on how much he did but considering Ron’s previous record of tax fraud they should be tracking him very carefully.

    The evangelist could well have paid for the whole trip for I know. But if he didn’t then this is familiar territory.

  • Fooled no More says:

    Which begs the question……does Jeremy ACTUALLY have a job, or I suppose he’s sucking off the tithe payers too?? Good grief! The corruption never stops does it? But it will eventually… HAS to!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ahh yes… last time he asked for increasingly larger amounts of money until he reached 280 million. Now he is just going for it!

    He is saying that we will give him 280 million by the time he has conceived (and his step daughter has given birth to) a son named Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz. He will be thoroughly wrong of course, but he once again is “sure” that his delusions will be true, as he always says “this is simply a Reality that is at hand”.

    HEY MICHAEL… here is Reality… you need psychiatric help, and your family needs to get away from you, asap.

  • martin says:

    I do believe that too….Z is not just some ‘zealot’, deceived and clueless, he is schizophrenic.

    He genuinely needs psychiatric help, sadly he will never get it.

    Ronald Weinland, is a deluded person, but not schizophrenic like Z is.

    (on the other hand, I think Ron classifies as a textbook narcissist)

  • martin says:

    The latest posted sermon is by Wayne Matthews….

    I for one, can not fathom why Wayne Matthews is still with Ronald Weinland. I can only assume it’s because he gets some face time, and that appeals to his vanity. From what I see, Wayne has been giving run of the mill sermons, I don’t recall anything I’ve seen from him, actually promoting Ron as one of the Two Witnesses, nor does he promote the 2019 date, he pretty much avoids the subject. If others have seen him promote Ron or his prophecy, then please post about it, but otherwise, I haven’t seen anything of the sort. I do not know why he’s still in PKG, he looks smart enough to realize it’s all horse manure, and that Ron is lying through his teeth and is full of baloney.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    They are not going to hype liar weinland’s Great Embarrassment of June 9, 2019″ because they know it is a fake prediction of Christ’s return also!!

    I also wonder why the members are NOT asking the question “WHY”!! “IF” they had confidence in liar weinland they would be hyping the “Great Embarrassment of June 9, 2019”! But, the “fake” leadership of pkg are not hyping anything!!

    What can you say, this is what a fake church and fake prophet are all about.

  • Anthony says:

    May all you Haters burn in Hell.. Burn in Hell for being soo mean to Ron and Laura. You choose to be Evil. All of you Burn in Hell.

  • martin says:

    Welcome back Anthony.

    Why do you support an obvious liar like Ronald Weinland? How many times does a person have to lie to you before you realize they are liars? Ron knows that the 2019 prophecy is false and a lie. Do you?

    What proof do you have that Ron is not a liar? What thing has he prophesied that came true?
    The answer is nothing he’s said has come true. Why do you think God is lying when God calls such a man like Ron a false prophet? Do you believe Ron over God Himself?

  • martin says:

    Anthony, I genuinely hope you stay for a real adult discussion, I truly do.

    Ask yourself, outside of Ron saying so, what proof is there that he is one of the Two Witnesses?

    Do you believe in Rev. 11? It tells you what the Two Witnesses do, a unique prophecy, about the prophets themselves, this is unique in the bible, most of the time the bible focuses on the prophecy and not the prophets themselves. But Rev. 11 tells you how to identify the Two Witnesses by telling you what they do.

    Has Ronald Weinland done a single thing listed in Rev. 11? Ron gives excuses, but don’t give him the free rope which he’ll use to hang you as well as himself with all lies.

  • martin says:

    The bible says, “by their fruits you will know them”

    When people questioned whether Christ was the Messiah, do you know what Christ did? He didn’t say yes or no, He listed the fruits, and by the fruits they would have their answer.

    Why do you exempt Ron? Is Ron greater than Christ? So that Christ had to list good fruit but Ron is exempt? Why would you do that?

    I can tell you some of Ron’s rotten fruit.
    1) tax thief
    2) hedonist (massages, expensive ship cruises, exotic underwear for the wife….)
    3) liar (has been proven to have lied on legal documents such as for financial loans)
    4) taken money from a widow (which he paid back, but really, what is he doing taking money from a widow when he has plenty of his own money?)

  • martin says:

    Anyway, Ron/Anthony, I do hope you will stay a while and carry on a discussion.

  • martin says:

    Anthony “You choose to be Evil”

    You say we are evil, but have not identified the exact nature of what was “evil”.

    If we have lied anywhere, point it out, and if you have proof it was a lie that was posted, it will be corrected. The blog owner is not interested in lies being posted, he will correct it.

    Do clarify what you consider was “evil”.

  • martin says:

    How do I know that Ronald Weinland KNOWS that the 2019 prophesied return is false?


    Were you paying attention when Ron said that? Ron basically told you that the 2019 prophecy is FALSE.

  • Fooled no More says:

    Once again, don’t expect a conversation with “Anthony”. He’s just here to leave yet another turd to float to the top of the pool for all to see, and then scurries away like a scared rabbit. See, for him to answer any questions requires thinking, and that’s too hard as he doesn’t want to face the obvious conclusion……..Ron IS a false prophet!

    A real adult would come back and either ask or receive questions…… not throw out Ad Hominem attacks, and then not have the guts to face up to what they said. As far as us burning in hell?? I’ll be sure to bring plenty of ice water……..

  • martin says:

    Anthony(Ron), ask yourself, BE HONEST.
    1) Has any prophecy Ron has spoken come true? If not, why not? Should you excuse that away?

    2) Is the prophecy about the Two Witnesses THEMSELVES come true? That is the prophecy ABOUT the Two Prophets, has any of it been fulfilled in Ron/Wife?

    3) Now Ron USED TITHE MONEY, NOT TO PREACH THE GOSPEL (their only legal use), but to fund his lavish lifestyle. Now if he used HIS OWN MONEY, I would not complain, he can do what he wants with his own money. Do you believe Ron has a right to use tithe money for anything other than preaching the gospel message?

  • martin says:

    At some point, Ron either did a sermon or a blog post (I think it was a blog post), where he explained that “hurt” in Revelation does not necessarily only mean physical hurt, it could be emotional hurt or spiritual hurt. To which God commands that the Two Witnesses put their haters, who hurt them emotionally or spiritually, to death.

    Anthony, ask yourself, why this has not been obeyed by Ron? If this site has emotionally or spiritually hurt Ron, then Ron is commanded to put those haters to death. In fact Ron cursed the site owner to the death.

    Ask yourself, why are they still around?????? Shouldn’t the “haters” be dead?

    It is because Ron is NOT one of the Two Witnesses and God does not listen to false prophets who pronounce death curses.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Take off your strait jacket and padded helmet and stay a while !

  • martin says:

    Even Ronald Weinland knows, that if a prophet gives an *official* prophecy, and that prophecy does not come true, that person is a false prophet. EVEN RON KNOWS THAT….because he said so.

    Ron made an official prophecy about 1/3 of ports being destroyed…gave a “fudge” time span, where he gave himself wiggle room. He said if this prophecy didn’t come true, he was a false prophet.

    It didn’t come true. Ron by his own mouth, declared himself a false prophet.

    Too bad the PKGers weren’t paying attention.

  • martin says:

    Hey Ron! Stop being a crybaby! Is this site causing you to lose members?

    They peeked at it, saw the objective evidence, saw the facts, saw the truth of what you really are.


  • Enough is Enough says:

    Oh Anthony! Oh Anthony!

    You are wasting your time here.

    All of us understand that you are a deeply disturbed delusional weinlandite and there is no need to waste our time here. Most of the posters here are former members of fake prophet weinland’s fake church. WE already know what he is and your incoherent babble is not going change anything.

    I will say this, if you are not the fake prophet weinland, we are willing to be of assistance to help you see the real truth about the weinlands. IF you are the fake prophet weinland, you are making a genuine ass of yourself! You cannot deal with us here on a face to face level, you just can’t because we know what you are and that is thieving liar and a fake prophet! You are beneath us! And you can not deal with it!! So run away like the cowering dog you are!!!

    Until next time Anthony.

  • Ronco says:

    Not to rain on the parade, but I think Anthony is a drive-by troll who just happened to stumble across this blog.

    Clue: Like the JW’s, Armstrong did not teach that people would burn in hell as most of Christendom has taught.

  • Ronco says:

    Hi Ron! How’s the Gossip Queen(TM) doing?

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Anthony your comment, “you choose to be evil”! Do you really know what you are talking about? Is stealing money from the government and innocent individuals evil or acceptable behavior before God? Which one Anthony!! Is lying to the government and followers evil or acceptable behavior before God? Which one Anthony!! Shall I go on with this Anthony or not!?

    Before you accuse others of being evil you better understand what evil is!! God lists seven no eight things he hates and fake prophet weinland is defined by all of them!! That is what evil is!!!

    I will give you this advise, be careful of what you accuse others of until you take a close look at yourself!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:


    You are probably right about Anthony.

    It is a terrible thing to waste an opportunity to take a shot at fake prophet wenland.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    What does (TM) mean?

  • Ronco says:

    Trade Mark

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Anthony, you said we hate Ron. There is not a one on this site that hates Ron. What we all hate is the lies, deceitfulness, back stabbing, stealing, etc.. that Ron does. If you asked any one of us, the answer would be…we all pray that Ron see’s the truth, and changes from the person he is to one God could rejoice over.

  • Excogger says:

    Well said, GIF.
    My “world view” is that certain folk have unenviable tasks in life, given to them and affecting others so that we all may learn, in time, to discern between good and evil ( or optimal and not optimal ). I wouldn’t want Ron’s job for the world!
    My understanding is that God is absolutely sovereign, with all that implies.
    Indeed, one day Ron will see the truth ( not his 57 assertions ) and be a joy to his Creator.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Yes, I’m up early! 😀

    With all that’s going on in the news lately with all the corruption in once well respected agencies, I happened across this very interesting video that immediately caught my attention due to its title. I right away thought of Ron, and while what she says is not applicable to Ron 100%……….a LOT of it is and I think you’ll find it interesting.

    You can check it out>here.

    As I suspected BTW, “Anthony” hasn’t returned and indeed he/she is a troll, but that still doesn’t rule out that it’s Ron———hellfire references notwithstanding.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Sigh……….it’s early……’s the link again………..

  • martin says:

    List of the “fruits” from Ronald Weinland and family (ALL proven by Ron’s own documents, testimony and other witnesses)

    Ron) Liar, tax thief, felon, false prophet, hedonist
    Laura) Lazy, complicate with Ron’s thieving ways, gossiper
    Audra) By bible definition is an adulterer, picked up tithe money/offerings for Ron, lazy, leeches off Ron for support and living expenses.
    Jeremy) Also leeches off Ron, accepted gifts paid for by thieving Ron in the form of BMW and college expenses paid by tithing members money, rather than those tithes being used for their only rightful use and that is preaching the gospel.

    Ron uses the bulk of the tithe money inappropriately, rather than using it to pay for magazines, or radio time or tv time, to preach the gospel.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, feel free to ask any questions you, nobody here would object to them.

    Ronald Weinland is a HERETIC, and Anti-Christ. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He looks and sounds good but is a liar. Ron DENIES Christ’s DIVINITY, that is a heresy. Ron says Christ did not pre-exist as God.

    Anthony, did you ever notice this in the bible….?

    Christ WAS WORSHIPPED. Every time a person tried to worship an angel, the angel would tell them to stop, because it was wrong. But Christ never prevented or stopped anybody from worshiping Him. The only way Christ could accept worship without sinning, is if CHRIST WAS GOD (but in the flesh).

    (I’m going by memory here…but I believe this is all correct)
    1) Christ was worshiped by the wise men as an infant
    2) Christ was worshiped by demons a number of times
    3) Christ was worshiped by the leper
    4) Christ was worshiped by the disciples in the boat
    5) Christ forgave sins

    At no time did Christ object or stop anybody from worshiping Him. Christ could only allow this if he was God (in the flesh). Therefore Christ HAD TO HAVE PRE-EXISTED WITH GOD AS A SPIRIT BEING.

  • martin says:

    IF Christ WAS NOT GOD, then the only other option is that it IS OKAY TO WORSHIP A HUMAN BEING.

    If that is true, then I challenge you Anthony, to go before Ronald Weinland, and prostrate yourself onto the floor and worship him. Then see what kind of reaction you get from Ron. Whether he accepts your worship or rejects it.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, did you ever notice…..

    If the false god Ron teaches is true, then look what this means…..

    1) It means that God is Schizophrenic, because in Genesis, we have God talking to Himself rather than talking to another separate Being.

    2) It means that God is a Narcissist, because we have Melchizedek, and the only one that fits the description is that Melchizedek is God. So that Melchizedek was God the Father (no other being could fit the description). If this is true, then God is making sacrifices TO HIMSELF. No religion in the world has a god that makes sacrifices to himself, the priest makes sacrifice to that god. A god that makes sacrifices to himself is nonsensical and ludicrous.

    3) It means that God is a Liar, because David said “The LORD says to my Lord:…”, So we have one God Being speaking to another God Being, to stand at His right side. The only being that this is said of is of Christ. So Christ had to exist in David’s time. God would never say to an angel to stand at His right side, or to a demon, or to a man….the only one this is said of is of Christ.

  • Excogger says:

    And another embarrassing incident recorded in Jesus’ ministry, when He stated to a group of Pharisees: “Before Abraham was, I AM.” At which point, they became so violently angry that they tried to stone Him on the spot!
    Ron, what would you, as a modern-day Pharisee, have done in that circumstance??

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Fake prophet weinland would have done the same as the Pharisee did!! Fake prophet weinland would have challenged Christ as HE DOES TODAY!!!!

    What else can you expect out of a fake prophet, fake witness, fake apostle, fake pastor, fake teacher! The only thing that is NOT fake about weinland is his lies and deceptions!! He is a master at this!!!!

    On another subject, is Jeremy divorced from his wife? I remember some time ago Jeremy married a Spanish girl and I remember something being said that she would not have anything to do with the fake prophet and his fake wife and their fake church. It was my understanding that she was a catholic and she refused to denounce her catholic beliefs.

    If this is true, I wonder it she had the marriage annulled through the catholic church. Does anyone know about this?

    Hey fake prophet weinland!! Didn’t you say that anyone of your followers marrying outside of your fake church would be unacceptable!? Well then, what about your son Jeremy? Oh I see, he get a pass just like Audra did – hummmmmmm

  • Fooled no More says:

    Interesting that of the couple times I’ve met Jeremy at the Feasts, I’ve never met his wife. I couldn’t tell you her name, but I do believe she was Hispanic. Yet another double standard for the kids as you said EIE!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Let’s take a look at just “one” of the challenges TO CHRIST that the fake prophet weinland practices:




    This raises a serious question!! WHY DID GOD BYPASS CHRIST AND GO DIRECTLY TO FAKE PROPHET WEINLAND!!?? Fake prophet weinland is indicating the “he” is greater than Christ!!! This fake prophet also “claimed” that “he” was authorized by GOD AND “NOT BY JESUS CHRIST” TO REWRITE THE BOOK OF REVELATION “WHICH WAS” GIVEN TO JOHN. THE ACTUAL TITLE OF REVELATION IS THIS: “THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST”!!!!

    In the first verse it states, “… A REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST WHICH GOD GAVE TO HIM …!!!




  • Fooled No More says:

    EIE and Ozy,

    I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile, but with so many other things going on in the world, I get sidetracked and forget to post what’s on my mind.

    Indeed, Ron ALREADY has planned what he’s going to say when “Christ’s return” is another non event. I can still remember very distinctly in the middle of the afternoon on May 27, 2012, Johnny Harrell mass emailed everyone to just “hold on” as Ron was going to give a message about what’s going on. Well like clockwork IIRC, Ron had something up on his blog about “what happened” and sure enough, had a FULL FLEDGED sermon ready to go that next day or may have been that night. If not a sermon, it was definitely a very long explanation of what he thinks occurred that he put on his blog.

    I had an initial thought that said to me “Man that was awfully fast”, but dismissed it as I thought it was truly God that was just “giving it to him”. Now looking back years later, I can ’bout guarantee Ron had that sermon fully prepared and ready to go many months in advance. Pretty much now as we speak, he’s composing a sermon to “calm the masses” (and no doubt anger) for those who will still be around next year when they’ll once again be woefully disappointed.

    I’ve just simply come to the conclusion that a criminal mind never rests………….what Ron and Laura have done to people and their lives is truly that……..criminal. 🙁

  • martin says:

    Excogger “And another embarrassing incident recorded in Jesus’ ministry, when He stated to a group of Pharisees: ‘Before Abraham was, I AM.’ ”

    It’s tragic that people without the Holy Spirit understood what Christ was saying. Christ was stating He was the God that existed before/during/after Abraham. That is why they wanted to stone Him, for supposedly blaspheming, by claiming to be God.

    I wonder what Ron the liar’s explanation for this verse is?

  • martin says:

    From what I see, everybody here knows that Ronald Weinland KNOWS that the 2019 Pentecost date is 100% FALSE. Ron thinks he’s wiser than Daniel, he thinks he can fool everybody, he wished he could.

    Ron already knows NOW, that the 2019 Pentecost prophecy is not going to happen. It’s a terrible, terrible shame, that PKGers can not see this simple FACT. RON ALREADY KNOWS IT’S FALSE.

    Look at the behavior of somebody who believed what they were preaching : Harold Camping.

    Now Harold’s explanation for his prophecy (which I read), was non-sensical and idiotic. But despite his explanation being non-sensical and idiotic, he in fact believed what he was saying 100%. Now the behavior of one believing what he was preaching would be to announce it from the rooftops. Which he did as much as he could with the finances and radio and webtime that he had.

    Now look at Ron. Ron the so called prophet. Ron avoids the subject like it was the plague.


    Because Ron knows it’s complete horse manure. And yes, he’s got an “explanation” squirreled away for the day after.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, go ask Ron why he isn’t preaching more on the 2019 Pentecost prophecy? Why isn’t he shouting it out from the rooftops?

  • martin says:

    Two or three explanations for the failure of the 2019 Pentecost prophecy has already been mentioned or hinted at.

    1) That PKG is still not “ready”

    2) That God will allow more time for people to repent and be saved (the God is merciful excuse which Ron has used successfully before, not that Ron is false, Ron could never be false, even when he is false)

    3) Another year will be added to 2019 Pentecost date (for whatever reason)

  • martin says:


    Ron the liar, felon, thief, widow money taker and blasphemer and oh…false prophet…..


    Now disregarding that there is no biblical support for the practice of “numerology” which is really a type of false divination, the calculations were demonstrated to contain mathematical errors, not to mention to “fudge” numbers which Ron used so that his calculations would come out correct (despite the stupid math errors). So even with this “fudging”, it came out to be incorrect math wise. All in all, the calculation and explanation were moronic and had no basis in the bible.

  • martin says:


    Do you dare post it??? (keep in mind Ron’s track record so far is ZERO)

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron continues to feather his nest for the big move to Europe to be near the kids. I rarely met a cog minister that didn’t have big plans for their retirement, whether it be to Geneva or a golf course in Florida. Just one more heist and we’re ready to go. When 2019 is a failure Ron will start mumbling about just loving that grandkid more than he thought possible. While I do not begrudge a nice retirement or living near the grandchildren to anyone, Ron has achieved his mostly though dishonesty. If we can CLEARLY see he is not a prophet of any sort, it is just as clear to him. Ever since 2012 we have ALL known that he is completely false in this. Prophets never had to go through the revisionist history that Ron has. People in the church know this to be true but refuse to admit they are wrong just as Ron has. No one wants to admit to themselves or anyone else that they wasted a lifetime on a falsehood. God is true, as is his ultimate plan for mankind, but people want it spoon fed to them rather than study on their own. They would rather eat a poorly prepared meal prepared by a greasy diner cook than cook it themselves.

  • martin says:

    490 days left until June 9th, 2019 (Pentecost).

    So that 770 days have gone by…when exactly does this Great Tribulation start? Nothing has happened. The bible says that LOTS of things happen over the 1260 days. The beast leader is ruling, the False Prophet is doing miracles, the Holy Roman Empire is resurrected. The Mark of the Beast is enforced.

    So far, the only hinted at timing for this, is oddly enough, AFTER THE 1260 DAYS. So we have this ridiculous moronic explanation, where nothing happens in the 1260 days of the GT, but in the remaining 50 days before and up to Pentecost (that 50 was one of the “fudge” numbers). So the GT occurs (literally) AFTER the GT ENDS (the GT only lasts for 1260 days).

    Make sense right? The GT starts after the GT ends?

  • Eric says:

    Big difference between Harold Camping and Ron. After two failed attempts Harold Camping admitted he was wrong. He learned the hard way but he learned.

    From Wikipedia
    Camping admitted in a private interview that he no longer believed that anybody could know the time of the Rapture or the end of the world, in stark contrast to his previously staunch position on the subject.[18] In March 2012, he stated that his attempt to predict a date was “sinful”, and that his critics had been right in emphasizing the words of Matthew 24:36: “of that day and hour knoweth no man”. He added that he was now searching the Bible “even more fervently…not to find dates, but to be more faithful in [his] understanding.

    Ron is the false prophet that keeps on going, never admitting HE was wrong, only that WE were wrong.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Ron is a crook a jury of 12 that didn’t know him convinced him in less than 2 hours on all charges ( FACT) and LaurA is the Gossip Queen I heard her many times talking about the people of her church , ina , Joyce and more !

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Well, fake prophet weinland’s fake church will be meeting in the Embassy Suites in Bluefield Ohio for the 2018 FOT. Reservations are now being made.

    Fooled No More: I am going to agree with you that fake prophet weinland is going to have to give his “sorry, I was wrong again and it is your fault” sermon to justify his grand failure of June 9, 2019.

    What will be interesting, this time next year, if they will be making reservations for the “2019” FOT!!! And we already know that they will be – oh my!

    This is going to be a fun year to watch fake prophet weinland do his dance of deceiving and lying to whom ever he can!!!!! Hey fake prophet weinland! You are not fooling anyone here, we already knew that your “Great Embarrassment of June 9, 2019” was going to happen the moment you posted that ridiculous “timeline of fraud and deceit” while you where in prison for lying and cheating the federal government. Oh, by the way, this site does have a copy of your shameful and fraudulent timeline – too bad for you!!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    He just doesn’t throw these sermons together in 20 minuets. He must carefully choose words so as to appear surprised and disappointed at the same time. Then of course , how to lay blame properly so people feel guilty and still convinced at the same time. Remember the blame is always with the congregation. I spent years falling for this one .The cogs were largely an undereducated group of people . One psych class in college and Ron sticks out like a sore thumb. Ron and the cogs are a bad habit that people refuse to break. There is a certain comfort in having others to “ fellowship” with. Like going to a local tavern and drinking with all your buds. The more the merrier. Most of the people left to their own devices would drop the doctrines like hot potatoes, and most of them realize it. They can all get together in Ohio, lick their wounds and gossip about those that have left. What a boring life.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Randy, I can’t imagine that anyone would have ever had a bad word to say about Ina. She was faithful to the church to the end of her life. She never had a bad word to say about Ron, Laura or anyone else in the church. These people are sad examples of humanity.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Hey fake prophet weinland!

    I have your shameful chart in my hands and I noticed that you stated this: that on 11/9/15, the beginning of the seventh period and the start of the second phase (whatever that is?), that you and your wife would begin the “physical” work of the “two witnesses” for 42 months “as it is outlined” in Revelation 11.

    DID THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY MISS SOMETHING HERE!? This is written by your own hands fake prophet weinland and IT DOES NOT AGREE WITH REV 11!!!! According to what is written Rev 11 the WORLD DID KNOW WHO THEY WERE!!!! What happen here fake prophet weinland!?

    Oh, I see, you didn’t know!? Ohhhh you misunderstood what was stated by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 24:36 and you blamed your followers who didn’t know it either!!?? You made that statement in your chart!!! “PHYSICAL WORK FORTY TWO MONTHS” ACCORDING TO REVELATION 11!!! Maybe you need to go and actually open the Bible to Rev 11 and understand what is actually written!!! THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE WHO YOU OR YOUR WIFE ARE!!

    I have to tell you this fake prophet weinland, I have now pinned this shameful chart of your in the toilet room so I can start my day with one big substancial defecation – your chart is an highly effective laxative – thanks!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron doesn’t need the Bible to prove himself wrong, he does that himself. He corrects and recorrects himself every time he opens his mouth. I doubt God knows who he is.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Sorry, grammer

  • martin says:

    EiE, I forget if the chart you’re referencing was posted here or not….

    What format is it? JPEG? Or plain text?

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Everyone get ready, fake prophet weinland will modify this fake chart real soon!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Talk about lying wonders! He should know.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I am surprised anyone here references any of Ron’s ridiculous charts. Not even Ron refers to them, why would we?

    Here’s how it goes:

    1. Ron makes a chart and pretends God gave it to him.
    2. Ron changes it when it fails and pretends God changed it.

    The only thing that counts is we can trust Ron’s ability to pretend.

    GUARANTEED THERE WILL BE A “SURPRISE” CHANGE BY “GOD” IN EARLY 2019… I’ll bet Ron and Laura hand off the titles of Two Witnesses somehow to the kids, no matter how badly it goes. Their money has been made. The kids will suffer the lowered tithes…

  • Ozymandias says:

    I don’t believe Ron could ever hand over a title. He’s too arrogant. Maybe when he’s dead.

  • martin says:

    At one point in the chart, it is pointed out it is a day late, but the end day still manages to be correct, this is because it is a day late in one place and a day early in another place, so that the two errors cancel each other out.

    Now God doesn’t make errors, nor does He make errors that ‘cancel out’. God doesn’t make errors period.

    I mentioned these errors at another place, their response was that biblical time is measure from sunset to sunset.

    What he was implying was that the day early/day late issue is dealt with since the both “tag” the correct day from either end point.

    This proposed solution is moronic. That would be like saying that Christ was in the tomb for 3 days even if He was only in it for 2 days (since the 2nd end day, “tags” the 3rd day at its end) or that Christ was in the tomb for 3 days even if He were in it for 4 days (since the 4th start day would “tag” the 3rd day at its start). Either Christ was in the tomb for 3 days, or He was not, not this other nonsense.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Ozy, I fully agree with you.

    PKG is fake prophet weinland’s illegitimate child!!! It WILL die with him. He made it all about him and no one else!!!!

  • martin says:

    Ronald false prophet Weinland said that what will happen with the Two Witnesses will not be what you(PKGers) think.

    Well of course not, because you’re a false prophet. You won’t do anything listed in Rev 11 ever.

    Ron said he would say, but then redacted and said he will not tell what (supposedly) the TW’s will be or do.

    That’s because he’s still working out the lie, he wanted to tell a new lie, but he’s having trouble keeping track of all his past lies, and trying to revise their meaning (so far with 8 moronic sermons on the 4 1/2 years, that was very good, very, very good).

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Martin, that is the point I am making. This fake prophet weinland claiming this information (fake chart) was directly from God, bypassing Jesus Christ, to him and that it was going to happen come hell or high water.

    On the day of 11/9/15, the day of empowerment, where was the fake witness weinland!? He was still sitting in federal prison and was there until February 2016! It was WRITTEN by his own hand that he and his gossip wife would be doing “exactly” what was outlined in Rev 11 on this DATE!! IT DID NOT HAPPEN AND STILL HAS NOT AND WILL NOT HAPPEN!! WHICH MEANS, JUNE 9, 2019 IS AN ABSOLUTE FARCE!!!!!

    It has been nothing but one LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE AFTER ANOTHER!!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron is lost in his own delusion. In order for him to convince others, he must first believe it himself. He is his own first victim. His family follows next and then the congregation. I personally know a chronic liar. If you catch him in a lie, rather than admit it, he begins another lie. He has done this his entire life and he will never change. The first person you lie to is yourself. You must convince yourself or your lie will be easy to catch. They are so convincing that only people with knowledge of their history can discover it. Ron knows by now that he is full of beans but he has gone too far and only needs a little more time before his great escape.He knows some are on the verge of leaving but also knows some will never leave. They also lie to themselves, and must be convinced of the lie. They are first, they’re better, and just must be teachers to the rest of the world. You can show them every chart he had made and is wrong, but they will let him come up with yet another falsehood to prove they are all correct.

  • martin says:

    In Ronald Weinland’s 9th boring sermon on the 4 1/2 years (a revisionist series more or less)….
    Ronald brings up the 7 * 1260 periods, plus some fudge numbers, without the fudge numbers it doesn’t work, even with the fudge numbers it doesn’t work as there are math errors made…

    Now Ron says that this is impossible to occur (keep in mind he used fudge numbers a couple of times)

    “When you do seven periods of prophetic time, of 1260 days, “time, times and a
    half a time, 3 ½ years, and you see what God led us up to in 2012, a period of time of seventy
    days that was in there…”

    “Anyway, I can’t tell you how deeply and awesomely moved I am by those things because I
    understand the probabilities of them. They’re impossible. They’re absolutely impossible except
    that God did it at a specific moment in time and gave these things at a specific moment in time.
    They are impossible….”

  • martin says:

    Now I was curious (back then), when he first mentioned this horse manure.


    Ron said it was impossible for such timing to exist, but of course, even if we disregard the math errors, it is not a unique occurrence (the sequence of 7 * 1260).

    NOW AGAIN, the sequence of 7 * 1260 is imaginary (his version that is), because he uses two numbers to pad it in two places so that it lands on Pentecost 2019. On top of that (again) it is STILL WRONG, due to math errors. It is a day late in one place and a day early in another place. Even though these errors “cancel out” so to speak, they are errors. God does not make errors.

    Now, there are in fact sequences of 7 * 1260, that exist, without any padding with fudge numbers whatsoever. Now this occurs because the Holy Days have a natural propensity to fall on 360 day intervals, also on the half intervals, that is 180 days. I will have to go back and check how many times…..

  • martin says:

    Using Rons “fudge magic”…

    7 * 1260 days + 70 days + 50 days // I got 8 matches (this is without math errors, Ron’s version has math errors)
    for 7 * 1260 days // I got 4 matches

    I go from 1996 – 2025. Which is a small sample set. My results would be more if I had a larger data set.

    So over a century, I would probably get around 32 matches for case #1 and 12 matches for case #2.

    For the small sample set, it is HARDLY UNIQUE. RONALD WEINLAND IS PLAYING A SHELL GAME WITH NUMBERS, WHICH CONTAIN ERRORS TO BOOT. No, it is ALL horse manure. Everything out of Ron’s mouth is a lie from a liar, thief, felon.

  • martin says:

    * I wrote a program to do this…doing it by hand is error prone *
    Also you can check the dates by going on line and using a calendar calculator. (Ron does not ask for anybody to check his dates, he just expects you to accept them, but when you check, there are errors in the dates)

    Here are the results (using dates from 1996 – 2025)
    1) 1260 * 7 +70 + 50 = 8940
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/7/1996] – [9/28/2020]
    FeastofTabernacles…Passover(8940) => [10/4/1996] – [3/27/2021]
    LastGreatDay…UnleavenedBread(8940) => [10/5/1996] – [3/28/2021]
    LastGreatDay…Passover(8940) => [10/23/1997] – [4/15/2022]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/14/1998] – [10/5/2022]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/4/1999] – [9/25/2023]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/21/2000] – [10/12/2024]
    UnleavenedBread…FeastofTabernacles(8940) => [4/26/2000] – [10/17/2024]

    1) 1260 * 7 = 8820
    UnleavenedBread…Pentecost(8820) => [4/7/1996] – [5/31/2020]
    UnleavenedBread…Pentecost(8820) => [4/12/1998] – [6/5/2022]
    UnleavenedBread…Pentecost(8820) => [4/4/1999] – [5/28/2023]
    UnleavenedBread…Pentecost(8820) => [4/23/2000] – [6/16/2024]

  • martin says:

    How to read
    1) Uses Ron’s version of counting, which is 1260 * 7 + 70 + 50
    2) Uses no cheating with fudge numbers, a straight 1260 * 7

    It goes from the first Holy day listed, to the second Holy Day listed, and the two dates for them are listed so you can check with a calendar calculator.

    UnleavenedBread…Pentecost(8820) => [4/23/2000] – [6/16/2024]
    [first Holy Day]…[last Holy day](total days) => [date of first Holy Day] – [date of last Holy Day]

  • martin says:

    A note on how the counting is done…
    It does not matter how, since it won’t effect the results…

    You can count using the first days at the 0th day, then count X days later.
    You can count using the first day as day number 1 to X, and restart the count from 1 for the next “round” of days.

    All that is needed is to adjust the dates by shifting the date back or forward by 1 day, depending on the way you count them.


  • martin says:

    If anybody has the Holy Day dates for the entire season of 1994 and 1995, I’ll update the result set.

    (I could not find a COG chart listing the dates for those years)

  • martin says:

    the format I use for each year is like this
    APRIL 3, APRIL 4, MAY 26, SEP 14, SEP 23, SEP 28, OCT 5

    That is, my sample set is a text file, with each line, listing the 7 Holy Days for that year.

  • martin says:

    (Ronald Weinland starts his mumbo jumbo number shell game on 12/18/1994)

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Myself, I use Microsoft Excel to perform date calculations. Perhaps God’s End Time Prophet should do that too.

    You might be able to find your answer about historical holy days on the Wayback Machine at, but since the site isn’t indexed in Google it may be a bit of a treasure hunt.

  • martin says:

    I might be able to get 1 or 2 more matches…

    At any rate, the point is proven, this interval occurrence is not unique. And with a larger data set, it occurs many times more than with the small data set I used.

    So that
    1) The 7 * 1260 + 70 + 50 cheat that Ron uses is not unique (plus my version does not have ‘day off’ errors like Ron’s chart does)
    2) The 7 *1260 version (without the cheat of using fudge numbers 70 and 50) is also not unique
    3) My results don’t have errors, Ron’s version has errors, by chance they happen to cancel each other out and manage to land on the date desired.

  • martin says:

    “It’s impossible” = LIE

  • Excogger says:

    Ron did NOT go to prison!
    In his last published sermon he admits he had been, for a period of three years, on a “campout”.
    Yes, Ron was another happy camper on an extended vacation, it would appear.

    Give me strength!!!!

  • Eric says:

    “Ronald brings up the 7 * 1260 periods, plus some fudge numbers, without the fudge numbers it doesn’t work, even with the fudge numbers it doesn’t work as there are math errors made…
    Now Ron says that this is impossible to occur.”

    I think he has forgotten that he has used things like this previously and it didn’t work out so well on his previous attempts. That proves multiple times the maths is not “impossible to occur”. if he has been very wrong so many times in the past why would it be any different this time? He also says its “impossible to occur” but how many times has he mentioned that the timing could be extended. He demonstrably doubts his own timing . The probability is that it is wrong is based on past evidence that anybody can examine.

  • martin says:

    I should also mention that Ron’s version doesn’t even start on a Holy Day.

    All my results start and end on a Holy Day.

    Ron’s version is complete horse manure.

  • martin says:

    I hope that Anthony sits down, and realizes that Ronald Weinland is simply a liar.

    He said these results are impossible, but it’s a lie.

    Anthony, there is a prophecy that Ron is fulfilling. It is the one about false prophets deceiving the many.

    Who do you think that prophecy is for? Or speaks to? It is for people like you who accept liar Ron’s message without checking to see if it’s true. Or know it’s not true, and still accepting it anyway.

    How do you think God tries to free such people? By presenting the objective (NOT subjective) evidence, by telling the whole truth, and it is up to them to stop being embarressed about being wrong, and to stop following a PROVEN LIAR.

  • martin says:

    One thing that trips up deceived people. It’s when false prophets actually tell some stuff that is true.

    So because of that, they expect and accept everything else the false prophet says.

    For example, the Sabbath, it is clear that the Sabbath is Saturday. Even the Catholic Church / Protestants know this, they simple don’t care though, and they keep Sunday.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    All Ron does is confuse people with all his numbers, making him feel superior and the rest lost, which in their minds makes Ron more superior cause no one can follow it to begin with.

  • martin says:

    Anthony who is evil?

    Ronald Weinland
    1) Takes money from a widow even though he’s loaded with money
    2) Tax thief
    3) Lies on legal documents
    4) Spends tithe money on lavish lifestyle rather than paying for tv/radio/magazine time to preach gospel.
    5) Has pronounced official prophecies, none of which has come true

  • martin says:

    or are critics of Ronald Weinland evil?
    1) Provides many proofs from legal documents (most are which are Ron’s own paper trail), that Ron is a tax thief
    2) Provided evidence that he lied on legal documents.
    3) Shown how he spends tithe money on himself, to buy expensive home, cars, underwear, painting, trips WITH TITHE MONEY, not his own money. Tithe money is only to be used for financing the preaching of the gospel.
    4) Shows how his wife is a gossiping lazy thieving woman as well, and would have gone to jail as well, if she had tried to pursue any kind of ridiculous defense action.
    5) How he has outright lied multiple times about multiple things, he’s a liar.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    Soooo fake prophet weinland is missing the “camp out” with Bubba and friends at the prison!? Well, we all know what a camp out in prison means – right? I wonder “who” the chosen one was!? I will leave it to the rest of you to figure it out.

    Not to mention, maybe, he misses the “life” away from the witchy bitchy gossiping wife of his. Who knows? It was definitely a subliminal message of some sort. Hey fake prophet weinland!! All you have to do is cheat on your taxes again and you will be back with the “boys” in federal prison – that will be a good place for you to be!!

    BTW, fake teacher weinland has now finished his multi-part “revision” of his “extraordinary years”. Now, I wonder what the next “revision” will be?

    Maybe, it will the introduction to the “new lie” why June 9, 2019 is failing!! Bring it on liar weinland!! We enjoy the entertainment!!!!!

  • Eric says:

    Just before the current series began Ron said this

    I thought I’d just mention here too, I am awesomely excited about the next series we’re going to go into. I can’t tell you a whole lot yet, but its coming. Next Sabbath, probably, we’ll start. But I am dumbfounded sometimes just how God works and what God gives to us and what He reveals to us at various stages.

    Well 11 sermons later (there was an extra sermon before the series started, and Wayne did one inside the series), in the end all he did was recycle his old material. I wonder why the big secret. There was nothing new, nothing really secret or revealed. It saves time to reuse old material you already have, TV stations do that all the time. I think he dropped a hint to keep the faithful excited. Wonder what the next series will be. It probably wont be on the date in 2019.

  • martin says:

    I’m dumbfounded that anybody is still with this liar and thief.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Fake prophet weinland has “always” used the “bait and switch” routine to keep his followers on the hook!! He has been doing this for years. His “desperate” followers are hoping and wishing for “something” to come from his mouth the would vindicate them. The truth is this, “it never comes”!!!! All this faker does is to keep the “hopium” flowing to keep them in a stupor for as long as he can!!!!

    There is “nothing” new with this fake prophet weinland!!

  • martin says:

    So Ronald liar/false prophet Weinland equate 4 1/2years of the biggest failed prophecy in modern times as God revealing new truth?


    The guy needs to be put back in prison.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, go and ask Ron why he is avoiding talking about the 2019 prophecy like it was the plague.

    Does that sound like a guy that believes his own prophecy? A man that believed that Christ was coming 481 days from now would be yelling it from the rooftops, you couldn’t shut such a man up.

    1) Ron is either woefully irresponsible in his role as a prophet for not saying anything
    2) Ron doesn’t believe his own lie

    Ronald liar/thief/felon Weinland already has indicated it is #2, were you listening to what he’s been saying?

  • martin says:

    Anthony…it has been PROVEN IN A COURT OF LAW, mostly from Ron’s own “paper trail” of documents….
    that Ronald Weinland is
    1) A LIAR
    2) A THIEF.

    Don’t trip over the thinking that some of the things Ron says is biblical truth, and equate that with Ron being a true prophet. (Like the Sabbath or Holy Days). Just read the Gospels, when Christ was tempted by Satan, do you know what? Nothing Satan said was a lie in the traditional sense! Christ could turn stones to bread, the kingdoms of the world was ruled over by Satan, if Christ fell off a cliff angels would have rescued Him. So none of that was false, it was the misapplication of them that was wrong.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    A jury of 12 that never new Ron found him guilty in less than 2 hours and he had best lawyers money can buy and he never appeal it ! My guess if he did they would lock up gossip bitch !

  • martin says:

    2Co 11:13-15 KJV
    (13)  For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
    (14)  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    (15)  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

  • martin says:

    The purpose for people like Ronald Weinland….yes, it’s simple, and the bible says it in the OT and the NT…

    Ron’s purpose is to test people, to see if they can determine if Ron is a true prophet or a false prophet.

    God is not going to wait until He gives them immortality, and find out that some person whispers into their ear and deceives them at the drop of a hat. Then He finds out that they didn’t even read their bibles, and are clueless about the bible. Yeah, sounds harsh, but the bible says God does this both in the OT and the NT.

    A true apostle and a true prophet do not fear being “tested” by members, God commended the Bereans, and Ephesus, for testing the spirits of these men, and either finding them true or finding them false. Even God Himself, says to test Him. So even God is not above testing. So Ron is exempt???? From such testing???? But even God Himself is not????????

    I don’t think so.

  • Plimsol says:

    For goodness sake Martin.

    Ron was absolutely NOT put on earth by God to test people.

  • martin says:

    I am talking about false prophets in general. But since Ron is a false prophet, I use him as an example.

  • martin says:

    Deut 13:3 do not listen to that prophet’s words or to that dreamer. For the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul.

    I do not say God raised Ron to be a false prophet, but that God uses people who choose to be false prophets.

    He allows them to do what they do, and God is testing to know whether people will follow that false prophet or not.

  • martin says:

    There are basically two views re false prophets…

    1) God uses them to test His people (see Deut 13:3)

    2) God deals with them at the return of Christ, sends angels to get them to put them to death. They are “tares” and apparently removing them early shipwrecks the faith of some (see tares in NT).

  • Plimsol says:


    But Ron is morally responsible for his own actions so far as I am concerned.

  • Plimsol says:

    Ron has changed Truth of God 45.

    God used to think that the sealing of the 144,000 was completed on Pentecost 2012. Of course we know that’s not true. God got it wrong, and Ron has corrected Him.

    He previously changed Truth 50, but seemed to forget the changes to 50 had consequences for 45. I’m not sure exactly when he changed 45, but it must be quite recently, because I check the Truths every so often. He’s done it surreptitiously- i.e. he hasn’t bothered to mention it.

    Interesting to watch him at work.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This is how fake prophet WEINLAND manages his lies!!

    It is all done through REVISIONISM!!!!

  • martin says:

    God said Ronald Weinlad was presumptuous. Ron corrected God and said no he wasn’t presumptuous.

    Ron will be shaking in his expensive boots someday….for all this blasphemy.

  • martin says:

    I don’t know when the trips got updated, he’s got a lot of vacation time scheduled now….

    One trip is to Hawaii, yeah, I’m sure it will all be ministry stuff….


  • Enough is Enough says:

    The reason he is going to Hawaii is because Australia “does not” allow “felons” to enter into their country. So, the plan is for the Aussie to come and pay homage to him and his witchy bitchy gossip wife in Hawaii!!

    I do not believe he has any followers in Hawaii, if he does, the number is very very small.

    Hey fake prophet weinland, Hawaii is a great place to vacation!! Maybe one of the “men in the grey suit” (shark) will introduce himself to you!! If you are in his house, you are on his menu!!!!!

  • Eric says:

    And looking at the list of upcoming trips

    March 31, Cincinnati, OH, – Johnny & Myrtle Harrell

    Once again I am ready to admit I was wrong in some of my earlier comments.

    What a shame! The Harrells should really be able to see the writing on the wall. I wonder what they will do after 2019. Stay with Ron after his fourth incorrect prophecy bombs out and his truths need some urgent changes?

  • Fooled No More says:

    Wow…………that’s disappointing! I was hoping the Harrell’s being conspicuous by their absence would have finally called it quits. Seeing Eric’s post though, that’s not the case.

    I guess some folks like to continue to be fooled. Time marches on though, and before you know it, we’ll be at the one year countdown for another one of Ron’s massive prophet failures. What will most do at the time?

    Many sadly I think will still stick around and want their ears tickled. 🙁

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I admit that I am deeply disappointed in Johnny and Myrtle for remaining with faker weinland.

    However, I an not going to give up on him yet. It is because of this reason, faker weinland, wayne, johnny, or the other unknown evangelists are “NOT””hyping” the coming colossal failure of June 9, 2019. Their silence on this “failure in progress” speaks loudly in itself. “IF” they believed it themselves, they would be trumpeting it everywhere for all to hear!!! But the only thing you hear, as spoken by FNM, are the crickets singing in the evening!!!

    Come April of this year, faker weinland will at the one year mark of his phony foolish time of fifty days!! If the hyping is not going on then, “all” will know it is another lie!!! What will happened after that is anyone guess.

    Johnny, I am “not” giving up on you yet!! I know within your heart that you now understand that faker weinland is a “fraud”, but, the problem is how to rid yourself of faker weinland. I can understand the inner turmoil that is created by facing up to the fact that you have been lied to and misled by someone (weinland) you actually believed.

    It will not be easy but you can and will do it when you finally come to the point of “enough is enough”!! You are awake to liar weinland and it is just a matter of getting your legs and feet pointed in the right direction and simply walk away. I am looking forward to the day of your freedom from the liar of all liars, faker weinland!!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    One of the truths here is “that” we can support all that is stated here about faker weinland. We can prove “all things” about “the faker” without a doubt what so ever!!

    My point is this, can faker weinland prove or substantiate “anything” that he has proclaimed over the years!? The answer is a “RESOUNDING” NO!!!!

    This faker weinland can not prove anything at all!!!! His history has already discredited him for all to see!!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Concerning anyone you all would like to see leave, please remember they might be on their own. You can’t always count on “friends “coming with you. Plus , a lot can be said about people after they leave and some people might not want the publicly. Not everything Ron says is hooey, so people just focus on the good things they see. They may not want to leave their church group that depends on them as well. It’s a difficult decision after so many years.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    Yes, if you have burned your bridges behind you then there is no way back. That is a sad matter.

  • LeftAtLast says:

    Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all truly well and happy. 🙂 It’s coming up on five years free from Weinland for me!! I celebrate it just as much as I celebrate getting away from the ex. They are both truly wonderful anniversary’s for me, and the freedom and happiness of the day I came out of pkg is more than the fourth of July. I now have a new computer, so I can actually post without the one fingered typing I did on my cell phone. 🙂

    Took this morning to go back and read my first posts on this blog, and WOW, what a huge contrast in my life. It did me so much good, and I’m so happy now. Going back to the beginning showed me just how huge the changes are! All of you helped me, and I don’t forget it or any of you.. I carry it with me and celebrate it. You all may not think much about what your posts have done for people, but if you don’t, you should take a minute and think about it. It’s pretty enormous, the lives you’ve touched and helped.

    My life is now doing what I can to help other people. Even my job is that way. I’ll never be a rich person, but being able to give or do anything for someone makes me feel rich. 🙂 And to my mind at least, you all need to feel like millionaires, because that’s what your posts have been worth, at the very least, to too many people to count.

    I’m so glad the blog is still here, so that people can “trace the path” so to speak. It is good to refresh the mind on details, to remember why you left and what you came out of. I’m very grateful to Mike for keeping it going. The people that want to come out of pkg, (and they still are coming out), have a tremendous resource at their fingertips with all of the documentation on the site. My one friend that kept in touch with me from pkg has come out, and two more, so that’s three more free that I know about personally.

    It’s been busy with work, and I’m taking more classes after earning my degree, (now that I have a computer again LOL), and life is full and good for me. It’s so good to “see” you all and share my celebration with you. I consider you my friends on this blog. You helped me when there was no one else to do so. Gratitude doesn’t begin to cover it, especially when I compare where I was to where I am now.

    To anyone who is considering leaving pkg after Ron’s camping adventure and so many failed prophecies: The facts are here and easily verifiable. There’s happiness and congratulations, and most of all sincere support for anyone who decides to prove for themselves what’s really going on. I think all of us have been through it before you. Even former jurors (Bags) had to suffer through the court case and the appalling facts that came out during it. We’ve all paid a price, or seen loved ones pay, and it’s a high one. But there is help and support out there if you only dare to reach for it. Life is so much more than waiting for the next Weinland Predicted Date Of Doom, that will absolutely fail, again. Don’t rob yourself or your loved ones of the gift of your life.

    The court case, the prison time (aka campout), even the sermons over the years ; it’s all here.
    No one will try to convert don’t be afraid. The facts are all here to enable you to prove things to YOURSELF, or chose to let someone else do the thinking for you. It’s your free will to choose. Free will is a gift. Thinking and proving all things yourself is a free gift, and a right. Don’t let anyone take it away from you.

    Sending love to each and every one of you,
    Laura (aka LeftAtLast)

  • Enough is Enough says:

    WOW!!!! That was beautiful!

  • martin says:

    Jesus is coming back. When? Nobody knows, even Jesus does not know.

  • martin says:

    I like how Jesus does not know, the angels don’t know, but Ronald the thief, liar, felon Weinland knows!

  • martin says:

    R (l,t,f) “Awesome how this article ends. It’s about the physical manifestation of the Trumpets of
    Revelation. How close are we? How close are we? That First Trumpet? Ah, next series. ”

    How close are we? According to you, they were supposed to come back then… never happened.

    Now, I don’t think R knows anything about the 7 trumpets….we’ll see I suppose, I forget what his explanation is for each one, he did waffle back and forth on the 2nd Trumpet (so apparently the first had been blown). Ron the waffle Weinland, said it was the oil leak in the ocean, then he waffled and said it had to do with the economy.

    Great prophet huh? Hasn’t got a clue.

  • martin says:

    For an example of the model prophet, one who had a clue…look at Moses.

    10 prophecies about 10 plagues, all came true at exact time, to exact people, the exact plague…..all perfectly fulfilled to the letter.

    Ronald liar, thief, felon Weinland score : BIG FAT ZERO.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, when you stand before God, and explain how you support Ronald Weinland, what will your explanation be?

    “Ron said he was a prophet, so I believed, even though the evidence was that he was a false prophet”?

    I don’t consider ministers who try their best, and are more or less honest about their belief and explanations for a prophecy they got wrong, as false prophets (well, for some yes, for others no).
    This is because we are all faulty and incomplete in our understanding of the bible. So we try are best, and sometimes get it right, and sometimes get it wrong.

    Ron on the other hand, is a complete false prophet. The proof is conclusive.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, sit down, take an assessment, ask yourself this important question.

    Is Ronald Weinland a true prophet? If your answer is yes, than WHY is Ron a true prophet?

    If your answer is I believe so, Or others believe so, or Ron said so, none of that makes Ron a true prophet. Ask yourself, is Ron fulfilling anything in Rev. 11? If so, what? If not, then that should be a clue.

    If I said that I was George Washington, would you believe me? If so, why? What proof do you have that I’m George Washington? The only “proof” would be : I said so. This is Ron’s only proof, he said so. Otherwise Ron has fulfilled nothing listed in Rev. 11.

  • martin says:

    Just because Ron teaches some truths (like the Sabbath and Holy Days) DOES NOT MAKE HIM OUT TO BE A TRUE PROPHET AT ALL. Prophets prophesy. What has Ron prophesied? Has anything Ron prophesied come true? A true prophet doesn’t have a good batting average, for a true prophet to be a true prophet 100% of what he prophesied has to come true exactly as he spoke it.

  • Excogger says:

    Beware Religion – ALL religion.
    For example: the Old Covenant just MIGHT have been for/with ancient Israel.
    How wearisome, to me, are all religious experts and mountebanks.
    Ron is no different to hundreds of other hucksters using God’s name and His Word to deceive their followers.
    To me, and please correct me if I am mistaken, Ron’s real god is Herbert W Armstrong…..Just the impression I get from reading what Ron has written or said.
    Martin is quite correct in what he points out about prophets such as our hero.
    Fill a bucket with water and sit in it, Ron.

  • martin says:

    There is one caveat. But most people don’t read their bibles, so that when the False Prophet comes (when? who knows), and performs miracles, it will be like taking candy from a baby, and people will step in line and follow this guy without hesitation.

    So even if a prophet prophesies a bunch of prophecies, and they all come true, do you know what? Even that does not make him to be a true prophet! Hows that for a gotcha? But people don’t read their bibles, they’ll be taken and snared.

    The bibles says that if they prophecy AND it comes true, they’re still NOT a true prophet IF THEY DO “X”.

    If they do “X” they’re in fact false prophets, even if they perform miracles, and they prophecy multiple prophecies that come true to the letter.

    “X” is left for you to find out, if you don’t already know.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    Actually faker weinland has bastardized what Herbert Armstrong taught.

    Liar weinland has “just enough” to attract former members of worldwide COG, and yet, this liar has and has been corrupting these teaching through his “fake” 50/52 truths.

    I would bet with you that “if” liar weinland were to live another fifteen years he would eliminate all of armstrong’s teachings and have his own heretical teachings in place. All you have to do is to look pass the Sabbath and Holy Days doctrines and you will see nothing that resembles armstrong’s teachings at all in weinland’s cult!!

    Liar weinland has been successful, not on a large scale, to deceive and mislead individuals who still have knowledge of what armstrong taught. Give it enough time and liar weinland will fully depart from what was taught and believed in WWCOG. The good news is that liar weinland will not live that long!!!

  • martin says:

    “Liar weinland has “just enough” to attract former members of worldwide COG, and yet, this liar has and has been corrupting these teaching through his “fake” 50/52 truths. ”


    During the trial, I don’t remember who, maybe it was Audra? Anyway, one member said that Ronald Weinland was the most faithful to HWA’s teaching. To which I had to slap my forehead, these people weren’t paying attention to anything it seems.

    Because Ron at that time had changed so much, and is still changing stuff. HWA would have disfellowshipped Ron for what he teaches now.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    The more I consider it, I do not think liar weinland can attract former wwcog members anymore.

    The reason being that liar weinland has corrupted armstrong’s teachings to such a level that he is avoided like a plague!! I would venture to say that his minimized membership of former members of wwcog is due to his “apostasy” from armstrong’s teachings. Liar weinland is now able to deceive and lie to the unsuspecting that fall prey to his lies and deceit due to their lack of knowledge of armstrong’s teachings.

    Why is it that liar weinland no longer “speaks” about the, what was it, 63,000 former members flocking to his fake organization!? Also, I do remember at one time it was 3000 that would return prior to the “lie of 2012”! The reason liar weinland “avoids” the former member’s prediction is because they have “rejected” and “spit out” liar weinland as being any kind of a minister of truth ~ they see liar as a liar and an apostate!!!

    Mark my words, give it time, liar weinland will totally and completely reject armstrong’s teachings!!!!!

  • martin says:

    Maybe Anthony can ask Ron about the 63K members, ask Ron where are they? or the 7K that were supposed to drop dead? Maybe Anthony can ask Ron what happened with that prophecy? (it failed)

    Ron with his butchering of John 1:1 has shown he’s not an expert in Greek, nor English it seems.

    Rev 11:13  And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven. 

    Ron’s 7K dropping dead, and 63K flocking to his church is based on a butchered reading of Rev 11:13.

    Ron is confused at what “city” means it seems. Thus his butchered interpretation.

  • martin says:

    Just imagine all the trips, the jewelry, the expensive suits, the cars, the houses, he could have purchased with 63K tithers!

    The guy is a greedy pig, he has learned nothing being in jail, he’s back to his old gallivanting ways.

    Taking trips every where and any where once a week…does he have to do this? How many people on average are at the places he visits???? Actually I wonder if somebody would know what would be a good guesstimate on that…..

    ALSO, isn’t Ron wasting precious money on these trips? He could afford it before when he was rolling in dough, but now I don’t think he can afford it anymore, at least it would be considered very wasteful on his diminishing “income”.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Don’t worry about Ron having money, he has way more than people think. Rich widows and lonely old ladies still send him plenty. I still say he’s gearing up for the “ move” to be near the kids. Just a matter of time. Ron is a planner and believe me when I say he has plan B and C. He’s not going to retire on nothing. He’s a planner.

  • LeftAtLast says:

    EIE and Martin, I don’t think Ron can attract new people, because they’d be more apt to compare what RW says to the bible. And coming to his nonsense ‘fresh’, well, not thinking there’d be many takers. My guess is any new members would be the children and grandchildren of current members..especially those with power and position. There’s more likely to be brainwashing and strong family ties and history to the garbage, though even that’s not a guarantee.

    From what I have heard, Ron’s members are mostly those at the top of their earning power, and near retirement age, who hold high positions of power @ pkg.
    The next highest group seems to be retirees, and widows. Then you have the kiddo’s.

    No other cog member would touch pkg with a ten foot pole. RW is too far away now from any HWA teachings, and his concentrations and false predictions, not to mention his rap sheet, are also far and away from what any would consider ‘normal’ or acceptable. Besides, RW only invokes HWA when he feels it will benefit him in some keep the members in line, or to gild the lily. It sounds to me like RW is doing more discounting of what was taught under HWA, replacing it with “new truths”.

    Ozymandias, I’m in total agreement with you. RW has way more than what people think. Perhaps most of it is of the highly liquid sort for fast cash?
    Either way, my sincere hope is that when RW leaves, the pkg impodes, as I don’t think it would survive the power struggle for the role of the newest TW’s.
    I can only hope that when that happy day arrives, the people still in it can survive the wreckage.

    My bet is when Weinland abdicates his TW throne, there will be infighting among the power hungry, and hopefully the pkg implodes.

    Randy, how is your Mom doing? Does anyone know how things turned out for Cha Cha? Couldn’t find a recent post from her, and am hoping everything turned out okay for her. There is a couple that I know about in pkg. One has been ready to go for years. The other is in it so strong that if the one left anyway, all the other would need to hear from a Weinland are the words DIVORCE, and the divorce would happen.

    Which really burns my brains, because I was told to stay with a non-member who was an abusive alcoholic, until he was no longer “pleased to dwell” with me..then when I tried to get help from the ministry, there was no help, only judgement. Sheesh. What a difference five years out makes!

    Everyone have a good evening,
    Laura (not THAT Laura) aka LeftAtLast

  • LeftAtLast says:

    ** Sorry for the double sentence, lol..the desire to see the end of pkg must be stronger than I thought 🙂

  • martin says:

    The right advise is not to stay with the abuser (slaps their forehead).

  • Enough is Enough says:


    I fully agree with you.

    I, also, look forward to the end of pkg and I believe it will happen soon. The “GRAND LIE OF JUNE 9, 2019” hopefully will be the fatal blow ~ we will see.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, do you understand plain English?

    If so, then read Rev 11:13.

    Ron says that “10th part” is referring to the 7000 men that died.

    READ IT.


    It says that a “tenth part” of THE CITY….THAT IS, THE BUILDINGS, COLLAPSED IN THE EARTHQUAKE, and killed 7000 men.


    Then ask yourself, why can’t Ronald Weinland comprehend plain English????

  • martin says:

    Let’s say I told somebody I was going to visit New York City.


    They would no, I’m talking about a geographical location.

    But apparently Ron is confused, and doesn’t understand this simple thing.

  • martin says:

    They would no -> They would know

  • martin says:

    I know what Ron would say, he would say that “city” equates to and means the people of the city. So that “a tenth” would mean a tenth of the population.

    But when you use a liars explanation, stuff doesn’t make sense.

    Let’s replace “city” with Ron’s false explanation and see if it makes sense.

    Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

    Ron’s version
    Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the population fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

    Now see, it doesn’t even make sense now, the earthquake is the cause of something falling, “city” makes sense, “population” does not.

    You can goto blueletterbible, and see how “polis”(greek for “city”) is used, and the usage is only sensible if we understand it is referring to a geographical location.

  • Eric says:

    Hey Anthony

    Don’t know if you’re out there but I am certainly not a hater. This is a good example of why I post.

    According to Ron, he and John of the bible are the only prophet and apostles. Peter, James, and the apostles were just apostles, not prophets.

    Further to that according to Ron, “John did not understand what he had written, as that was not given to him, since what he had written was not for his time period, but instead, was for the end-time. It is for this reason that God raised up a prophet at the end who would be the counterpart to John and who would be used to reveal to the Church and the world what God had given to John to record.”

    The 12 apostles had visons, healed the sick, raised the dead, wrote scripture that forms a significant part of the new testament, saw angels, had prison doors opened and many many more miracles. Yet Ron is greater than the 12 apostles.

    God has given through him the 57 truths to His Church. The 47th truth that God has given says “That “prophetic day” in which the Seven Plagues will be poured out will be fulfilled within the final 50 days that ends on Pentecost of 2019 when Christ returns.”In the 47th truth God gives the 2019 date three times.

    Added to that “Just as John was in prison when given the Book of Revelation to write, God has given Ronald to write a third and final book that is entitled, Prophesy Against the Nations.” He compares his book to the book of revelation. Its revelation from God. In this book God has given to the Church and to the world the 2019 date at least 32 times.

    Is it any wonder that we do not believe Ron when he then says in his latest posted sermon –

    “because the reality is if things don’t begin happening by January or in January this next year I fear TIME IS GOING TO GO ON. We’re going to have ANOTHER period of time. Perhaps A LONGER DAY OF THE LORD,”

    He invalidates the information in the Prophecy against the nations book and 47th truth. What’s worse is that however you explain it, he says that God gave those dates and times. He then says publicly that doubts those dates.

    Is it not our duty to point out that Ron’s God gives dates that change?
    is it not our duty to point out that Ron’s revelations need updating when dates pass?
    Is it not our duty to point out that Ron’s God has given inspiration and then changed his mind many times?
    Is it not our duty to point out the contradictions?

    We have been saying all along that the 2019 date wasn’t going to happen. Now Ron is starting to agree with us.

    Don’t you get it! If the modern equivalent to the book of revelation has incorrect information in it, then what can you really rely on? You can’t rely on any revelation from Ron’s God as you will never know if it’s going to happen or something else may happen to change things. That’s the track record at least four times now.

    Using Occam’s razor and measuring his performance to the way he has worked with prophets and apostles in the past as recorded in the scriptures in the simplest explanation is Ron is a false prophet. I simply don’t believe that God works that way and once in a while I am going to point that out.

  • Eric says:

    Peter, James, and the other apostles

    And I am not including Judas in the 12 but his replacement.

  • martin says:

    R “because the reality is if things don’t begin happening by January or in January this next year I fear TIME IS GOING TO GO ON. We’re going to have ANOTHER period of time. Perhaps A LONGER DAY OF THE LORD,”


    Of course Ron will blame the members for the failed prophecy. And the members will accept a new lie.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, how many times does a liar have to lie to you before you see that he’s a liar?

    Don’t be deceived because Ron teaches SOME truth. The bible says that Satan’s ministers look like ANGELS of LIGHT.

    Does Ron look like an angel of light to you Anthony? Were you beguiled so easily?

    ALL RON’S PROPHECIES so far have turned out to be lies. ALL OF THEM.

    None of Ron’s thunders happened at all. The 7K dying and 63K flocking to PKG. NONE OF IT HAPPENED.

    How is it you can believe that a “true” prophet of God can have a ZERO track record of fulfilled prophecy?

  • martin says:

    True prophets are not true prophets because they said so.

    True prophets are only true prophets if 100% of what they prophesied came true (with caveat mentioned in previous post)

    Do not believe Ron because “he said so”. Believe based on PROOF. So far the proof is negative.

  • Ozymandias says:

    To make something clear, I do not hate the Weinlands. I judge them on their merits or lack thereof. I was a loyal member of the church for many years. I simply came to realize that he was wrong about so many things, and did not have the integrity to admit it. You cannot say that everyone who disagrees or finds him to be false, and is willing to say so , is a “hater”. I think this is just another cop out by PKG to pigeon hole anyone who disagrees with them. The entire family simply has no integrity at all. If you want to go along with his lies, it’s your prerogative, but not everyone who has found their way out is a hater.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    I don’t think that any of us that “found our way out”, are a hater of Ron. What we all hate is the lying, the destruction of marriage and family, stealing peoples hard earned money, while he just spends, spends, and spends. Then puts himself higher up on that pedestal with titles, that mean nothing. Looking down at others. Was never impressed with him. The first time I met him I caught him in a lie. When I questioned him on it, he actually got up and left the area. Then when he found out the ties and connections I had to HWA, he never talked with me again, unless in a group. I shouldn’t say talk with me, cause he would never respond to anything I asked him. With a group he could pretend I didn’t say anything.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    I hate the lying Weinlands !!!!!!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Glade I’m Free:

    I agree with you about the destructiveness of all his lies and what he has done to people’s lives. Liar weinland has done it all for his own financial gain and I find this to be absolutely despicable!!!

    If I had the opportunity, I would spit in his face.

  • Randy Terlecki says:


  • Ronco says:

    It’s too bad they don’t pan the camera over the congregation during the sermon- I would love to see the clientele and the looks on their faces as Ron blathers on…

  • Enough is Enough says:


    How do you know there is an audience? Faker weinland has been known to record ahead of time and post the video for his minuscule audience to tune in to.

  • Ruby McCormick says:

    If Ron and company changed their ways, I would still strongly dislike him. I’m very very close to hating him. I try not to hate anyone, but he is on my hate list. I would also spit in his coffee!

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Ruby, it could be a new flavor of coffee from Starbucks. I bet it would not be a good seller, but it could be called “the greatest of all-Ron”.

  • martin says:

    GIF “The first time I met him I caught him in a lie. When I questioned him on it, he actually got up and left the area. Then when he found out the ties and connections I had to HWA, he never talked with me again, unless in a group”

    Sounds like a keeper.

  • martin says:

    Do you remember what Ron lied about?

  • martin says:

    Was it on some teaching? Or a sermon he did?