Next Generation

As the prior post is filling up with comments, it’s time to start another one to continue the conversation.

And since it’s year end, an opportunity to look back.  It’s almost 10 years since the 144,000 were sealed in February of 2008 — except there are yet more to seal.  Almost 5 years since Ron went to prison, and about 2 years since his release.  Just another year of probation to go, perhaps he will have more options for overseas travel.

Ron is already waffling about Christ’s next return scheduled for Pentecost of 2019, and telegraphing that we may possibly have another set of the two witnesses.  If that happens, I expect there to be some continuity with the Weinland family continuing to manage the family false prophecy business.


  • Enough is Enough says:


  • Glad I'm Free says:

    On the position and standing with HWA. How great he did in school. My sister in law was HWA nurse, my brother was lead financial adviser to him. Ron didn’t like it when I said I could pick up the phone and ask for “Grandpa” and get right through, where he could not. Had the same standing when Mr. Tkach was leader. Mr. Tkach’s son was my brothers best man. Ron didn’t like that someone had power that he thought, bragged about having. You know how he always wants to be first.

  • martin says:

    So, not only is Ron a liar and a greedy man and a felon, but he is filled with petty jealousy.

    Yeah, sounds like a man of God.

  • martin says:

    You will know them by their fruits

    1) Lies, can’t help himself IS a liar
    2) Steals, steals from the government owed tax money
    3) Pressures poor people to give hm money
    4) Uses money for selfish lusts
    5) Jealous of other people
    6) Covets other people’s things, covets wealth, covets fame

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    No man
    No Angle
    Or not the Son
    Will know the date or time of return of Christ
    But the asshole knows just like he got everything so far right ! Lol hahaha crooks

  • Ronco says:

    Hey Ron, isn’t this blog awesome!

  • martin says:

    I wonder if that fast Ron had PKG do, was about this site?

    Ron is supposed to wear sackcloth, but he refuses, so this site is meant to keep him humble.

    Can you believe it? A humble lying, thieving, felon!

  • martin says:

    R “If things don’t happen by next January….”

    Pardon my french, but what kind of jackass prophet are we dealing with that would say that?

    Can you imagine Moses saying stuff like that? God would have struck Moses dead if Moses prophesied something that didn’t come true. (of course God was speaking through Moses, so this was an impossibility.)

    How is it, God’s most important prophet of all time, is talking horse manure like this…???



    You are a prophet or are not a prophet.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    January of what year? 2018 or 2019.

  • martin says:

    of 2019 (I thought it was 2018, but it’s next year he was referring to)

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Hummmm liar weinland really is running out of time!!

    Hey! Liar weinland, it is now time to admit that you have been a lying greedy bastard!!!

    Git the guts to do this ol’ boy!?

  • martin says:

    The bible says the GT is 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days….

    Ron says it’s 50 days.

    Now I don’t wish the GT on anybody, or want to be around for it…

    But who you going to believe? Ronald Weinland the liar?

    Or God, where it’s impossible for Him to lie?

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland learned absolutely NOTHING, by being in jail.

    He’s full on back to the hedonistic lifestyle he grew accustomed to.

    Gallivanting all over the place on church dime. I’m sure he doesn’t eat at McDonald’s.

    I’m pretty sure he gets a good steak or two into his system as well as flies first class.

  • martin says:

    For those of you who can stomach it, his latest sermon (part 2) has been posted.

    I scanned through it…

    So far, Ron has been reading a lot of news, every true prophet I know prophesies the news to come, Ron reads it when it’s history.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron prophesies with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This is one of liar weinland’s hold on his minuscule membership is by hyping the news!! He has done this for the last twelve years.

    He has to keep throwing that bait out there!!! I wonder if liar weinland is going to start hyping his grand lie of June 9, 2019? He has to do something now or it will be to late. He has stated that “if” nothing is started by Jan. 2019 then it is not going to happen ~ we will see, won’t we.

    Beginning to feel the pressure liar weinland? Just like all the other three failures, right?

  • Fooled No More says:

    EIE, Ron is always throwing out “qualifiers”! If’s, may’s, should’s, potential’s,………….dontcha just love all the weasel words from this “prophet”. Obviously, a true prophet wouldn’t need qualifiers….just be blunt and put it out there with no doubt.

    No If’s, And’s, or But’s.

    Ron it’s now March 2018……………the clock is ticking loudly ain’t it??

  • martin says:

    Can you imagine Moses doing what Ron does?

    Speaking to Pharaoh “Maybe you’ll have a plague tomorrow, there’s a potential for it, but if the Israelites are not ready, then it won’t happen. ”

    God would have struck Moses dead for being a false prophet.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Hey liar weinland have you ever read Psalm 15 in the New Living Translation!?

    Psalm 15 New Living Translation (NLT)
    Psalm 15 A psalm of David.

    1 Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill?

    2 Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts. OOPS THIS DISQUALIFIES YOU!

    3 Those who refuse to gossip or harm their neighbors or speak evil of their friends. OOPS THIS DISQUALIFIES YOU!

    4 Those who “despise flagrant sinners”, and honor the faithful followers of the Lord, and keep their promises even when it hurts. OOPS THIS DISQUALIFIES YOU! YOU ARE DEFINITELY A “FLAGRANT SINNER”!!!!!!!

    5 Those who lend money without charging interest, and who cannot be bribed to lie about the innocent. OOPS THIS DISQUALIFIES YOU!!!

    Such people will stand firm forever.




  • martin says:



    You stated yourself that you would be a false prophet if your prophecy concerning the destruction of ports did not come true.

    It did not come true, and you showed how you loved money more than the truth, the very thing you said you would not do. But you did.

  • martin says:

    Like I say, I make a difference between a minister trying his best to figure out prophecy and explain prophecy, but getting it wrong, and one who claims to be a prophet, and speaks “ex cathedra” but gets it wrong.

    If you claim you’re a prophet, and pronounce an “official” prophecy, like Ron did, but then get it wrong. You’re a false prophet. Even Ron knows that, he knew it back then, and said it back then. He got greedy with titles, decided to grab the title of “prophet”, decided to speak on his own authority, and got it ALL completely wrong.

    Ron’s PROOF was the fulfillment of the Thunders and the prophecy on 1/3 of the ports being destroyed. But NONE OF IT CAME TRUE. So it is impossible for Ron to not know he’s a false prophet when he himself said would be, if these prophecies didn’t come true.

  • martin says:

    1) “Official prophecy” : Thunders – didn’t come true
    (note, especially the one regarding Ron being recognized by the world, Ron would have love that, since he’s a narcissist)

    2) “Official prophecy” : 1/3 of shipping ports being destroyed – didn’t come true

    3) “Official prophecy” : 7K dying, 63K joining PKG – didn’t come true

    All 3 were OFFICIAL DECLARATIONS in the office of a prophet by Ron.
    None were fulfilled, so it proves that Ron is a FALSE PROPHET.

  • martin says:

    Also Ronald Weinland is guilty of blasphemy.

    God said that prophets who prophesy falsely are presumptuous.

    Ron corrects God and says he (Ron himself) was not presumptuous.

  • martin says:

    So let’s tally this up…


    1) Narcissistic
    2) Presumptuous
    3) Blasphemer
    4) Habitual Liar
    5) Hedonist
    6) Thief
    7) Felon
    8) Coveter (covets peoples money and position)
    9) False prophet

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    You got it all right Martin

  • Excogger says:

    Martin, you may need to add to your list: Control Freak, Manipulator and Bully….

  • Fooled no More says:

    Don’t forget home-wrecker!

  • martin says:

    I don’t know how much these weekly trips cost, it would be interesting to know just for curiosity’s sake.

    If Ron takes these trips, and there are say, only 10 people in the congregation at that location, then what is the point of spending all that money just to see 10 people?? I would do all the sermons locally, with the live feed. That would be the most cost effective way to do things. I can only assume that Ron loves to travel, otherwise it doesn’t make sense and is very wasteful of money. Ron does not have any public speaking done, you know, that’s what a prophet does. Warns them about what is coming if they don’t repent…etc….No, Ron never does that. Because he’s a false prophet, and has nothing to back up what he says, like Moses did.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron could never admit to making a mistake. If something doesn’t go as planned, he blames God or the congregation for not being ready. He knows the minute he pleads guilty it’s over for him, so he will stick to his lie.Who could POSSIBLY still think he’s a prophet??? The prophets of old even poured water on the altar, but Ron hasn’t gotten even one prediction correct. He’s nothing more than a psychic, full of prophecies that never come true.

  • martin says:

    In a nutshell, Ron stated…
    Ron “All Seven Thunders are given as God’s proof that I am His end-time prophet.”

    1) War/Terrorism
    2) Increased Earthquakes
    3) Bad Weather
    4) Economic troubles
    5) Death (Splinters, famous people, general population)
    6) Notoriety
    7) Rev of Ron’s god to man

    1-4 are too ambiguous, either way, none of it happened in on biblical scale or way.

    The only semi-explicit one is #5 and #6.
    5) Death of ministers in the splinters, a lot of famous people dying, and the general population dying from plagues. Zero happened, in any way Ron said it would.
    6) Of course narcissist Ron would love for #6 to happen, where Ron is noticed by the world at large as a prophet. Didn’t happen. Ron is a spec of dust, unnoticed by the world at large. Ran away with his tail between his legs when a comedian made fun of him at Idea City event.

  • martin says:

    Note what false prophet Ronald Weinland said…

    “ALL Seven Thunders…”

    According to Ron’s own mouth, ALL 7 thunders were to be proof of Ron’s claims.

    Since NONE have happened, it should be logical, right Anthony? That Ron is not what he claims to be. A child can figure out that logic, why is it that grown up adults have trouble figuring it out?

  • martin says:

    Ron’s fantasy….
    “God’s Kingdom Is Closing In, Pt. 3

    We’ve been covering how incredible it is that God has given us so much witness of how final end-time events are coming together rapidly. And from all that’s taking place that we’re able to see around us week by week I’m really quite dumbfounded by it. It’s becoming clearer indeed that which we can see, that God is making evident to us at this time that time, in that respect, is not being held back any longer. I’ll tell you, there are some incredible things taking place and it’s like everything is being set in place and it’s speeding up.”

    I didn’t see anything specific actually mentioned, it’s just “he said so”. No actual evidence of anything that matches anything in the bible.

    It must be something invisible.

  • martin says:

    Demand Evidence!

    Demand Specifics!

    None of the ambiguous mumbo jumbo!

    Mose, the example of a true prophet, WAS SPECIFIC ABOUT EVERYTHING!


  • martin says:


  • martin says:

    Anthony, think hard…think about it…

    Is reading the newspaper, is that a prophet? Does that make one a prophet?

    Or is one like Moses, who prophesied 10 plagues, that all came to pass exactly as he stated, is that a true prophet?


  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, I can remember a sermon where at least half of it was Ron reading from the headlines! I’d say this was back in the 2010-11 timeframe……….I don’t remember the name of it.

    On that note, today is my third anniversary from breaking free of PKG. It was a fine (and early) Sunday morning when I got on my laptop, and sent a letter to Patty Dalrymple and company that I no longer wanted to be a part of PKG.

    To this day, hardly a soul (except one) has ever contacted me to ask about what happened………but I knew even before I sent the letter, that would be pretty much my last contact with anything PKG. It’s been an interesting three years, and I have to say that some of the aftereffects (financially) are still with me. BUT! I get to keep my money where I can see it, and if nothing else it’s made me VERY cynical if not wary of anyone that claims to be a “prophet”.

    Now I think I’ll go cook some bacon to celebrate! 😀

  • Eric says:

    From Ron’s latest sermon –

    Thankfully that’s the case. I made some comments – January, late January, early February we’re going to know whether it’s right now or not.

    And we may know well before that. But that will be the latest. And if it doesn’t then we’ll keep planning forward. At least we’ll have more wisdom and understanding now than ever before.

    I don’t believe what is written in and revealed by God in “Prophecy against the nations” or in the 47th truth any more.

    Just in case you have forgotten what you said –

    “GOD HAS REVEALED the ACTUAL duration for the prophetic “day” when the seven vials of the Seventh Trumpet (Seven Last Plagues) are poured out on the earth. That “prophetic day” consists of the “fifty days” that lead up to and are finally fulfilled by Christ’s coming on PENECOST OF 2019. Only God can reveal the duration of any specific “prophetic day.” God SET ASIDE TWO POSSIBLE DATES for Christ’s coming as King of kings. The first potential date of Christ’s coming was Pentecost of 2012, and God revealed that the “prophetic day” for pouring out the Seven Last Plagues would have literally occurred on that one day of Pentecost. Since the purpose of the plagues being poured out is to “destroy those who are destroying the earth,” God has revealed that over 3.5 billion people would have been destroyed in that single day if this event had occurred in 2012. However, God has moved forward the coming of His Son by EXACTLY seven years to a later date

    You said it
    Rod has revealed to you as a prophet two possible dates for Christ’s coming. He moved the second date forward by exactly seven years. He gave your Prophecy against the nations as a counterpart to the book of revelation where he states this clearly at least 32 times.

    Only you don’t believe that now. You state publicly its a possibility that now there is a third date and it isn’t going to be exactly seven years now, its going to be longer. Your God is not going to do what he said to you he would do. And this isn’t the first time and not the second or not even the third time that this has happened.

    And its the PKG churches fault. Instead of the PKG being the special group with insider knowledge, they actually are the cause of all the confusion and delay. I suspect that Ron’s god is actually very angry with you all because he has had to put off his coming so many times because of your bad behaviour. Boy, are you in trouble!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Once a liar always a liar!!

  • martin says:

    Nowhere in the bible is a prophetic day indicated as 50 days long.

    Ron is making it up as he goes along. It’s just a new lie.

    In addition, Ron has the Great Tribulation occurring after the Great Tribulation ends. So what Ron says is complete nonsense.

    It should be noted that the bible clearly and plainly states that the Beast Leader and the False Prophet BOTH rule for 1260 days. Since neither have appeared yet, we can be confident the 1260 days of the GT has not even begun yet.

    Really both the BL and FP exist before the 1260 days, but it is unclear for how long. But the bible indicates they are around before the start of the GT. So the revival of the Holy Roman Empire must also exist before the 1260 days since that is what the BL and FP rule over.

  • martin says:

    Rev 13:4  And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? 
    Rev 13:5  And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. 

    The beast CONTINUES for 42 months, not starts…
    So he must be around for him to continue on for 42 months. How long will he be around before the 42 months? The bible is silent. But the machinations of politics takes time…at least months, most likely 1 or 2 years before the 1260 days starts. But again, we do not know for certain how long, as the bible is completely silent on the timing.

  • Ruby McCormick says:


    Congratulations on your three year anniversary! It is wonderful, isn’t it? And I have fallen in love with bacon again… 😉

    I am also wary of wolves posing as sheep, and that includes anyone who proclaims to know the truth. I have taken on a personal relationship with my maker and I pay no mind to whatever anyone says or thinks in regards to my belief system. I will never forgive him or the family while I remain in my human form. I’m not afraid to say that either.

    Those in the “fold” will not listen to bible banging … they only will follow their heart when their heart finally fails to hear Ron. You cannot force that.

    I wish those entangled in his grip to loosen the hold. Until then, I wait.


  • Enough is Enough says:

    Eric, I have to applaud you for the analysis that you do when it comes to liar weinland. I, personally, have no desire what so ever to read or listen to anything that comes from that liar’s mouth!

    I find interesting that this blog has been proclaiming that liar weinland’s grand lie of 6/9/19 is just that a LIE!!! I am baffled that liar weinland still has a minuscule audience? How can these members continue with this lying fraud is beyond me. I left four years ago and have enjoyed life to its fullest without the many lies that come from weinland’s mouth. Not to mention that we now understand that liar weinland is also backing out of his phony prediction of 6/9/19, how ironic this is!!!!

    The good news is that this liar is running out of time! What a blatant joke this liar is!!

    Like Ruby, I also wait for the awaking to take place with whoever is left. There are times I pity them knowing that they will have to face another embarrassment cause by liar wienland. I have to agree with Eric, they claim to be the “only ones of God’s people on earth” and yet they follow a lying fool!? One who constantly fails at “everything” that comes out of his twisted mind and mouth!

    As this blog has stated for months, June 9, 2019 will come and go as any other day. How tragic and pathetic for those who still believe this lying fool.

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland “IF BY JANUARY……”

    When Ron uttered these words, the entire congregation should have gotten up and walked out the door, or better yet, stayed and thrown Ron out the door.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Maybe they will, let’s hope so.

  • Excogger says:

    Martin, I’m confused.
    Is the “If by January” the January of 2018 or 2019?

    Ron always confuses me, especially when he insists on obscure alternate renderings of the Greek or Hebrew. His last sermon transcript was full of incomprehensible assertions…..Much like his “57 Truths”, I suppose.

  • martin says:

    By January of 2019

  • martin says:

    February 17, 2018
    God’s Kingdom Is Closing In, Pt. 1 – Ronald Weinland

    “because the reality is if things don’t begin happening by January or in January this next year I fear TIME IS GOING TO GO ON. We’re going to have ANOTHER period of time. Perhaps A LONGER DAY OF THE LORD,”

    “if”, “I fear”, “perhaps”…How about that for conviction, from false prophet Ron?

  • martin says:

    All I can say is that what happens to PKGers who stay, it is entirely their own fault.

    They are going to be left shattered, and their faith shipwrecked.

  • martin says:

    Ron mentions the Day of the Lord…

    I”m confused, just how many Days of the Lord are there?

    Didn’t we already have two Day(s) of the Lord already? There’s more?

  • Eric says:

    From Prophecy against the nations where he mentions the 2019 date at least 32 times –

    “You may have been drawn to this book because someone you respect, trust, and/or love has told you that it has real answers to what is currently happening in this world and with a warning that has been given for years about these exact events with uncanny accuracy.”

    Only it’s not exact or accurate any more. Ron certainly doesn’t think or believe so.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, all I can do after what I’ve just read is shake my head. 🙁

    As you said, remaining PKG’ers have no one to blame for this MASSIVE failure but themselves. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt for some time with the 2012 debacle. But when things got pushed to 2019, and at the same time I was having my own great hardships, I knew it was high time to leave and I’m soooooo glad I did!

    This is sort of like “battered wife syndrome” where the poor woman just can’t seem to leave her abusive husband for whatever reason. Fear, doubts about oneself, ridicule…………..I could go on.

    So terribly sad……………… 🙁

  • martin says:

    I posted some info, but Mike posted a nice chart…

    The 2019 date was supposed to be from God, yet God seem to be bad at math, as there are date errors in Ron’s numerological nonsense that proved Christ was coming back in 2019.

    Ron claims his calculation is unique and impossible to happen by chance, but I listed a whole bunch of dates (without errors) that show otherwise.

  • martin says:

    FNM, aside from asserting a date for Christ’s return, where even Christ Himself doesn’t know it, or even the angels, were you aware of the math errors in Ron’s faulty calculations? Do you know if this was or is generally known in PKG? (that is when you were still there).

  • eric says:

    Ron said –

    “We have been given a great deal already concerning the unfathomable scale for the mathematical probabilities of so many events and timing to occur as they have been since the 17th of December in 1994 (the day of the Apostasy) to Pentecost of 2019 that it truly staggers the mind to try to grasp it all.”

    Now he says –

    “because the reality is if things don’t begin happening by January or in January this next year I fear TIME IS GOING TO GO ON. We’re going to have ANOTHER period of time. Perhaps A LONGER DAY OF THE LORD,”

    He has stated publicly several times now –

    – He doubts 47th truth given to him by his God
    – He doubts the Prophecy against the nations book given to him by his God
    – There could be another explanation for the unfathomable scale for the mathematical probabilities give to him by his God

    PKG members open your eyes. You don’t have to wait till 2019 to see. Ron is already doubting what he has told you God has given him.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron always has “God progressively reveals” and “the Present Truth (TM)”.

    So long as people keep buying it, Ron will keep selling it. At least as long as he’s able. After that, the next generation of Weinlands will sell it.

  • martin says:

    God is not only bad at math, but apparently doesn’t understand plurality.

    Ron has to correct God, God only mentions the one Day of the Lord, while Ron has multiple DayS of the Lord. We should be thankful for Ron correcting God.

  • martin says:

    Plus the Day of the Lord keeps constantly morphing…

    First it’s 24 hours.

    Then it’s a year long.

    Then it’s another year long.

    Now it’s 50 days.

    But tomorrow it will be extended to X.

  • martin says:

    Ron said –

    “We have been given a great deal already concerning the unfathomable scale for the mathematical probabilities of so many events and timing to occur as they have been since the 17th of December in 1994 (the day of the Apostasy) to Pentecost of 2019 that it truly staggers the mind to try to grasp it all.”


    You mean the timing that has dating errors? That uses two arbitrary fudge numbers? That IS NOT unique in occurrence either when using the fudge number or not using this cheat of having fudge numbers?

  • Byker Bob says:

    The math seems to be laid out in the Bible for all that happens after the tribulation begins. The guesswork on the part of all of these Armstrongite “prophets” seems to involve the math in determining when the tribulation will start. This is where they try to calculate when man’s 6,000 years (and 6,000 years is an extrabiblical theory in and of itself!) is up. If the 6,000 year theory were correct, and if that part were also subject to math, Jesus would certainly have known the exact date and time! But, it’s not, and He didn’t! That part is determined by the level of condition to which the Father will allow mankind to sink before pullng the plug. This is the factor that makes it something that man cannot know. Any man who makes successive guesses that turn out wrong simply has no clue. In the ebb and flow of mankind, it can appear that man has reached the final depths of depravity, and then at the last moment, something happens to turn it around, there still are some righteous ones, and for their sake, God does not cue the end time. No-one knows. Once the trib kicks in, then the math in the Bible kicks in and everyone can know. It’s so simple, unless someone has set out to exploit, deceive, and defraud.


  • martin says:

    ” If the 6,000 year theory were correct, and if that part were also subject to math, Jesus would certainly have known the exact date and time! But, it’s not, and He didn’t! That part is determined by the level of condition to which the Father will allow mankind to sink before pullng the plug.”

    Very good point!

  • Billy says:

    Mike, they cannot buy or sell without the mark.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, in a word no. I wasn’t quite paying attention to the faulty “math” that Ron was giving and in fact, whenever we would try to figure out what was going on, magically in a sermon Ron would point out how we shouldn’t try to figure out “God’s Timing” as he put it.

    This is the reason for all the backpedaling IMO. I think that people ARE questioning what he’s saying now, and that’s why you’re hearing more and more about “threats”. It’s high time that this fool be called out for what he is………….a lying, totally corrupt man who should be stripped of every thing he owns.

    Save for the tithe payers, he shouldn’t even be walking around with even the underwear he has on. 😮

  • martin says:

    Somebody recently reposted a link to Mike’s chart with all the inconsistencies and math errors in it. I had posted some multiple repeats (at least 8) of Ron’s so called unique timings, between 1996-2024. The only reason it was 8 and not more was due to the shortness of the time frame I used, there would have been more.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    You hit the mark on that one!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Billy you misunderstood what Mike was referring to.

    Mike was referring to the selling of all of liar weinland lies. As long as there are people who believe his lies this is the bill of goods liar weinland is selling them.


  • martin says:

    If you have about or 8 occurrences over the 28 year period (1996-2024), that would be every 3.5 years you could have the full time sequence done perfectly.

    That is using 7 * 1260 + 70 + 50, you could slot the whole time frame between Holy Days perfectly every 3.5 years. More without using the fudge numbers of 70 and 50.

    Over a century, you would have about 28 occurrences (that is, if it indeed can occur on average of 3.5 years, and I think it would) .

    I posted some of this info recently…..I forget which blog post it was in…

  • Enough is Enough says:


    Your prophesy of liar weinland making his announcement of the failure of 6/9/19 will probably happen.

    It amazes me that there are many more prophets here than in weinland’s cult!!

  • martin says:

    Ach….I think my math assessment is wrong, the frequency is not every 3.5 years but higher…..

  • martin says:

    OK, the frequency AVERAGE is about every 6 months, this is the average I got, not the exact timing of when but the average of when.

    So every 6 months (on average), you could slot the whole sequence between two Holy Days.

  • martin says:

    Here is the sequence of 8 I got (1996-2024).

    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/7/1996] – [9/28/2020]
    FeastofTabernacles…Passover(8940) => [10/4/1996] – [3/27/2021]
    LastGreatDay…UnleavenedBread(8940) => [10/5/1996] – [3/28/2021]
    LastGreatDay…Passover(8940) => [10/23/1997] – [4/15/2022]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/14/1998] – [10/5/2022]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/4/1999] – [9/25/2023]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940) => [4/21/2000] – [10/12/2024]
    UnleavenedBread…FeastofTabernacles(8940) => [4/26/2000] – [10/17/2024]

  • martin says:

    Take the last start date and subtract the first start date to get 1480 days

    4/26/2000 – 4/6/1996 = 1480 days

    Divide by the number of occurrences, which is 8.

    1480 / 8 = 185 days…

    So this sequence occurs ON AVERAGE not exactly, on average 185 days, or ABOUT every 6 months.

  • martin says:

    If this average time held over a century of time, and I think it would…

    That would mean that over a century of time, you would have about 200 occurrences of Ron’s sequence (7 * 1260 + 70 + 50) slot between two Holy Days.

    (note, I slot the whole sequence between 2 Holy Days, Ron’s sequence is not even slotted between 2 Holy Days, plus there are calendar errors)

  • Billy says:

    EiE, I understand. That is why I said what I said.

  • martin says:

    Can somebody explain why Ron chooses 17th of December in 1994 as the day of the Apostasy?

    Mr Tkach gave the big doctrinal change sermon on xmas eve of 1994. So why is the 17th of December used by Ron?

  • martin says:

    In addition, the vast majority of the WWCoG didn’t even receive this sermon until Jan 7, of 1995.

    “Tapes of Tkach’s sermon (dated January 7, 1995) were delivered to local congregations for viewing. In this sermon, ” (wiki)

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Tkach first preached his New Understanding in Atlanta on Dec 17, 1994. But that sermon was not recorded and in fact he wasn’t able to talk as long as he wanted because the hall required them to leave by a certain time.

    One week later he again delivered the sermon in Big Sandy (the “Christmas Eve sermon”) and a recording of that sermon is what was sent out to all the other congregations (after some edits were applied).

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Thanks Billy ~ just checking

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Does anyone know if liar weinland has ordered his clown suites for himself, family, Johnny, and Wayne??

    The weinland three ring circus is about to begin!! Actually it already has.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Here is a quote just for you liar weinland:

    “… you can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time …”

    Welcome to your epitaph liar weinland!!

  • martin says:

    That some PKGers KNOW that Ronald (convicted thief and felon) Weinland is a flat out liar surprised me.

    Why on earth would you listen to a liar? It makes no sense to me. You’re allowing you mind to be poisoned willfully by this guy when you listen to him, knowing he’s a liar.

  • martin says:

    I keep saying, don’t prophets prophesy??? There’s not a single true prophet in the bible that didn’t prophesy.

    Ron the liar’s book “Prophesy Against the Nations: A Final Commission”, even the liar Ron knows that prophets prophesy.

    But as yet, Ron is not prophesying anything. I guess he was too embarrassed by his earlier failures as a prophet.

    Now EVEN RON KNOWS he made some FALSE prophecies, because he tried to make excuses for them…when no ports got destroyed….

    First he tried to backpedal and say the “oil leaks” were the fulfillment, but that guranteed the “oil leaks” would be plugged. Since God does not listen to false prophets, he turns what they say into lies. So the oil leaks stopped.

    Then Ronanld the slime Weinland said that the economic issues were sort of a fulfillment, but then that panned out.
    (worse yet, he used the passages on bad fruit + bad trees + burning grass and interpreted them as “economic trouble”, but the passage on bad fruit/bad trees had nothing to do with “money”, it had to do with false prophets)

  • martin says:

    Quickie question, on these trip by Ronald the weasel Weinland, what is the general practice?

    Do they meet up in a rented hall? Or do they meet up at somebody’s house?

    To do a live broadcast, there is a lot of setup for that, who does the tech stuff for this? I don’t think Ron would be doing it, as he is too lazy, and his wife is too incompetent and lazy as well (she’s too busy counting money she can use to buy erotic panties).

  • Ronco says:

    I think Ron just reserves the hotel conference room.

  • Fooled no More says:

    Ronco, that’s correct. Every time I’ve been somewhere to see Ron and company, it was in a conference room. I’m sure over the years, those rooms have gotten ever smaller. Probably to the point they could rent a small room for that matter. I can tell you that from the time I first went to see Ron and Laura (January ‘09) to mid 2014 when only Laura was coming. The numbers were DEFINITELY smaller……..and it was whispered among us about those we didn’t see any longer.

    When I went to an organized service, it was mostly in a hotel suite….. enough to hold 20 people perhaps. Once again, MUCH smaller numbers than what I saw in the early days. Last organized service I would have went to would have been in the January/February 2015 time frame…..just before I called it quits.

  • martin says:

    R “On down in verse 8—For it is the Day of (time for) the Eternal’s vengeance.
    After 6,000 years of this now it’s time. Things are going to be corrected and set right. …and THE YEAR of recompenses. ”

    I always find it amusing when Ronald the thief Weinland reads stuff, and is totally clueless to what he’s reading.

    Ron has been waffling back and forth over the Day of the Lord (or alternately the Day of the Eternal’s vengeance)…
    Back in 2011/2012 abouts, whenver the last year of those 3 1/2 years was. I had mentioned to some PKGer in another forum, that the Day of the Lord was one year long, but not just that, but that the DOTL started out with the Sun/Moon sign to indicate it had begun (sun turning black, moon turning blood red). So the “last year” of the GT had begun, so what happened with the Sun/Moon sign? It had not occurred, so then if followed that the DOTL had not begun yet. I figured that the poster was some upper level PKGer, because soon after that, I think a couple of weeks, Ron came up with his “excuse” sermon for why the Sun/Moon sign had not occured at the start of the final year. He tried to come up with this grotesque interpretation of the Hebrew where the Sun/Moon sign didn’t occur BEFORE (pre-“face”) the DOTL but that it was the “face” of the DOTL so that it would occur later. Well, it an absurd and stupid explanation.
    Ron later waffled, and stated the DOTL was the last 24 hours of the 3 1/2 years. Then after that, he waffled again (since nothing happened) and went back to the 1 year long DOTL stance….Then he added another year (as nothing happened). Now it’s 50 days long.

    It’s hard to keep track of all these lies. Management of lies is a difficult thing.

    At any rate, back to what I was saying, Ron reads stuff, and is clueless to what he’s reading, because Ron says the DOTL is the last 50 days, but here he reads the plain bible verse that states it’s “THE YEAR of recompenses”. So it’s plainly a year long, and not 50 days. Ron the waffler can never keep it straight himself.

  • martin says:

    The verse Ron is referring to is

    (Isa 34:8 KJV)  For it is the day of the LORD’S vengeance, and THE YEAR of recompences for the controversy of Zion.

  • martin says:

    Quiz time…how do we know that the DOTL is not a literal 24 hours? (of course Isa 34:8 indicates it’s a year long, but what else tells us that it is not a literal 24 hours?)

  • martin says:

    But OF COURSE by Jan. 2019, and most likely before that, Ron will come up with a new lie explaining how time will yet again be extended. He’ll probably hint at it around Feast time….anybody keeping the Feast with him and with PKGers will be susceptible to new lies. (Keeping the FOT is certainly ok, it’s keeping it inside of PKG where they are drowning in lies that is the problem).

  • eric says:

    Ron in full throttle doing some income protection in the latest posted sermon

    “Do you love it? Are you excited by that? Are you motivated by it? Are you on fire and zeal in it? Or are you doing things that you should not do? Are you starting to let down and coast? Are you not tithing as you should?
    That one there still blows my mind! How can anyone do that to God Almighty? Steal from God! I don’t comprehend that. I don’t! In God’s Church?! ”

    Pay your tithing to a Prophet that continues to tell you specific things that his God tells him, only for his God to change his mind again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

    I don’t comprehend that. I don’t!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Soooo the lying thief weinland is crying about money!!! This is now becoming a common occurrence, isn’t it!!

    I applaud the ones who have withheld their hard earned cash from the lying thief. All you have to do is to analyze the thief’s overhead. His phony organization pays for hall rentals and a salary to family member only!! The rest of the cash goes to the lying thief himself. Have you every wonder why liar weinland “does not” publish an annual audit to the membership like most churches do!? WOW! What a revelation that would be!!!!! I will tell you now that liar weinland would NEVER provide an annual audit to is membership because the real truth would be uncovered!!! Liar weinland is stealing from you for his own personal gain!!!!!

    I am of the opinion that the membership “should” demand an accounting and if it was not provided then I would “not” pay one more penny until the annual accounting was provided!!!! The fact of the matter is this: the membership of weinland’s cult is supporting this liar’s lifestyle while he is still lying and stealing from them!!!!

    Hey! Liar weinland! Is the financial noose getting tighter around your neck to the point that you are accusing your dwindling membership that they are cheating God when in reality it is really you that they are cheating!!!! God and His Son have nothing to do with you and that is obvious because absolutely nothing that came form you mouth has ever happened!!! The fact of the matter is this: THEY DO NOT KNOW YOU!!!!

    Remember this liar weinland because this is what is happening to you: “… you can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time …”

    All you can do now is whine and cry because the money is drying up!!!!

  • martin says:

    R “How can anyone do that to God Almighty? Steal from God!”

    I laugh at Ron for accusing others of stealing, the guy did hard time for it.

  • Ozymandias says:

    If the congregation ever demanded an annual report from Ron, he would quit. He would claim they didn’t trust him and if they don’t trust him , he’s out. The churches tithes pay the Weinland clan first and everything else second. He would have people meeting in basements before he would sacrifice a dime of his own money. He and his family are ENTITLED to this money. Ron has 4 years of college to prove it.

  • Fooled no More says:

    My message to Ron is this…….keep threatening your members with putting them out for “cheating God”! ‘Cuz here’s the deal….. you put too many of them out and WHOOPS! There’s goes your cash cows! You can’t have it both ways! Either you take what they give you, or you and Laura will just flat be out of money!

    Obviously the threats must not be working because your calls for “more faithful tithing”, are getting more shrill each time! So what will it be?? Threats or accept humbly, threats or accept humbly, threats or……..

    You know the alternative! Your choice, your move!

  • Excogger says:

    It’s not that Ron & Co. are entitled to be financially supported, if a member fails to tithe he has lost his salvation. The non-tithepayer is, according to Ronism, disobeying the “Government of god”TM, and will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire if he does not humbly repent and cough up. Tithing is, according to Ronism, one of the “Test Commandments”, the faithful observance of which is imperative to please Ron’s god and be assured of salvation.

    What a total and utter crock of cr*p !

    Dear PKG members: why don’t you get off your lazy spiritual backsides and check out in Leviticus, etc. just WHO is to pay the tithe, WHEN it was paid, TO WHOM it was paid and WHY? Ronism has twisted and perverted the tithing laws for personal gain, and no other reason. Check it out: Jesus and the disciples NEVER paid the tithe. Old Covenant tithing has been impossible since 70AD. Ron’s financial demands amount to a Membership Fee and he knows it.

    It’s not a question of obedience to the Government of god TM, it’s what you, dear members, have to contribute to enjoy the three-ring circus Ron & Co call “THe One True Church”.

  • martin says:

    Outside of Ron’s clan, I do not believe anybody receives any kind of salary.

    Now, I forget, for these trips for the elders, do they get reimbursed for these meetings?

    Or do they have to pay for the hotel stays out of their own pocket?

    Whoever maintains the website or does the translations, I’m sure only get a mere pittance for their work. I think the translations are outsourced?

    I believe that the top splinters salary many of their workers and ministers. With Ron, Ron wants it all, is greedy for all of it. And worst of all, does not spend more than a penny for any big media outlets (radio, tv, magazine).

  • Excogger says:

    I know of one PKG member who translates for Ron and is paid; how much I have no idea.

  • Fooled no More says:

    Martin, IIRC Ralph Dowd made a point about how all the expenses came out of HIS pocket when he was testifying in Ron’s trial. Travel, hotels airfare (if any) all paid on his dime…..not Ron’s. There was a bone of contention between him and Johnny about that very thing as Ralph was expected to pay some sort of money for something when he left. Ralph pretty much told him to “shove it” to put it mildly.

    At least that’s the story as I can remember it…..details may vary as well as your mileage!

    I need look no further when it was told to me (through someone else) that I needed THREE estimates before the church would consider paying any money for any dental work I needed. Well it wasn’t long after that when I decided to leave that I pretty much told them to SHOVE IT and had the work done myself WITHOUT their help. I’m about certain when Ron needed dental work done, he had it all done and DID NOT get three estimates!

    All paid for by courtesy of COG-PKG!

  • martin says:

    If you wanted to be in the audience for the trial, that’s one thing, but if you were going to give any testimony or legal aide, I can’t imagine not being reimbursed for such aide. Only lying, thieving, greedy, money grubbing people would not reimburse people for their legal help and aide.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Since Ralph was retired and living in the Cincinnati area, I doubt that he had significant travel expenses to the trial. Also, it was the government that called him to testify, not the defense. As I understand it, Ralph did follow Ron around on his travels at his own expense, once even having to eat an air fare when Ron cancelled his own announced plans at the last minute.

  • martin says:

    I forget, is Ralph still with PKG?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ralph left PKG not long after sitting in the courtroom during Ron’s sentencing hearing.

  • Fooled No More says:

    From what was told to me right after I left PKG, Ralph left on his own……..he was NOT disfellowshipped as per Ron and Laura! That was a lie told on their part to discredit him as he was probably THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED about what he heard and saw.

    Laura had furthered this lie by saying that Ralph had dementia and didn’t know what he was talking about during the trial. Really Laura?? ‘Cuz last I knew Ralph is doing quite well thank you, and in fact is very much alive and kicking! Gets in his car and goes about his business…………kinda hard to do that with dementia dontcha think??

    Mike, you’re totally correct. Ralph paid EVERYTHING out of his own pocket and I doubt seriously he was ever reimbursed for the time and money he spent traveling to and fro. And yes, I do remember the incident about Ralph eating the airfare………..I don’t remember why Ron cancelled, but I heard about the flap of Ralph having to eat that plane ticket.

    I’ll bet he was never reimbursed for that either!

    So yeah, just goes to show how ungodly, woefully selfish Ron and Laura truly are. I’m loving seeing the months whizz by and Ron shown to be the HUGE total fraud as he always has been, and wondering what huge lie he’ll have to come up with next to explain away why things haven’t happened yet AGAIN!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    As a federal witness, Ralph received $40/day plus travel expenses, whatever the IRS mileage rate was at the time for the travel to and from his home in the Cincinnati area.

    IIRC, Johnny testified for Ron and probably paid for his expenses himself.

  • martin says:

    FNM “I’m loving seeing the months whizz by and Ron shown to be the HUGE total fraud as he always has been, and wondering what huge lie he’ll have to come up with next to explain away why things haven’t happened yet AGAIN!”

    R “IF by January, nothing happens…..” <— LOL…..what a load of horse manure.

    Can you imagine Moses…."If by tomorrow you don't get a plague of locusts…."

    At that point, the next thing you would see is a black smoldering smudge on the floor.

    The death penalty still holds for false prophets like Ronald Weinland, but the when and the who carries it out, is changed in the NT.
    The when : at Christ's Return
    The whom : the reapers (angels)

    The NT indicates that they are not removed earlier, to help mitigate the shipwrecking of the faith of a lot of followers. This is why it is done at Christ's Return. It is done by angels as they will know who the false prophets are, and not make the mistake of taking the wrong people.

  • martin says:

    (bible verses)
    Mat_13:30  Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.
    Mat_13:39  The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Fooled no more, this unbalanced arritude toward people having issues was always a bone of contention for me. You’re paying 3 or 4 hundred a month in tithes and can’t afford dental care or a better car. We were sad fools contributing to the cog lifestyle. We were told to have faith and just keep paying the tithe no matter what. If you struggled , you had to tell them all about your financial woes like children, so he could make fun of people in a sermon. This cut through me every time he screeched about not wanting to see the financial condition of SOME PEOPLE. No Ron, you really wouldn’t. People with less education, less opportunity, people who may have made a few mistakes in their lives. YES , FINANCIAL MISTAKES! People who may struggle every day to catch up. Go without a decent car, good teeth, good food, better clothes, new glasses, while you pay for lasic surgery for your daughter, pay her rent , buy them cars and live the good life as a PROPHET that prophesies nothing. This is the legacy of the cogs. Ron is just enjoying his place at the table. All you have to do is convince stupid, loyal and loving people that if they don’t send you 10 percent of their income they have no place with God. Vipers and liars all of them. God is so much more than they will ever know. Happy Sabbath to all who keep it in true sense of what God intended.

  • martin says:

    One thing I’ve noticed, of course not every ex-PKGer posts here, but I noticed that when an upper teer PKGer leaves, none of them post here. I think maybe only one ex-elder posts here (I forget who). But that the “plain vanilla” non-titled PKGer has no problems posting here.

    It would be nice if more ex-PKGers posted their reasons for leaving, which might be different than others.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I know Ralph personally and I can tell you how his departure really happened.

    Ralph had a lot of issues with the gossip queen laura. Ralph did not accept her as being a witness nor did he support the ordinations of women in position of authority. So the gossip queen made it her mission to get rid of Ralph because he did not respect her and that is the real truth of the matter. This is the reason why the gossip queen set out to discredit and assassinate his character by claiming he was suffering from dementia and other things. It was all lies on her part to punish Ralph and to get rid of him. Now you can understand why he told liar weinland and the gossip queen to shove it and that he would not pay anything back to them. These two frauds used and took advantage of Ralph for their own gains. And yes, I would agree that the trial of liar weinland”s tax evasion on several counts was an epiphany for Ralph. I assure you that the gossip queen made sure that Ralph would not be believed by assassinating his character among the membership. Hillary would have been proud of the gossip queen’s heartless attack on one’s character.

    The weinlands are on the same level as bill and hillary clinton. They attempt to destroy people who exposed them for what they are. For example, the ridiculous and delusional death curses that liar weinland put on his critics, didn’t go very far did it. So now they try to assassinate an individual’s character and have not been very successful at that either – hummmm I wonder why?

    It is time for the dwindling membership to wake up and deal with these two deceitful creatures of the dark realm. Just walk away from them!!

  • Fooled No More says:

    EIE, what makes it so bad with Laura is that she always has a captive audience when she goes on the character assassination! Never is it between just a couple people………….always with a bunch hanging around listening to her every word. That’s one of the things that bugged me particularly the last six months before I decided to leave.

  • martin says:

    Laura is a terrible example to women.

    Just because Ron said so, many accepted her as the second witness??/

    A witness to Ron’s witness I believe is how Ron put it….

    Trying saying that in court, and see how much laughter you illicit. A witness to somebody else witness is a useless witness. They would be thrown out of court.

    Just some points
    1) the Two Witnesses are both men according to bible
    2) They both testify
    3) They testify everyday not once in a while
    4) If one does NOT testify, they violate the rules of witnessing (2 testimonies are required in cases that involve a death penalty, that is why there are Two Witnesses)
    5) They have power to put people to death.

    NONE OF THIS applies to or is done by Ronald Weinland, thus he disqualifies himself from being one of the Two Witnesses. Laura the lazy gossiping bum, disqualifies herself based on her wretched character and is not one of the Two Witnesses either.

  • martin says:

    Ron, when do you plan on using your “witness powers”?

    Don’t you think it’s about time?

    How about turning some rivers to blood. Or breathing fire. Or stopping the rain?

  • martin says:

    What happened with this lie that Ronald Weinland mentioned a few sermons ago?
    (I forget the exact blog post it was from….)

    Ron said “So there are going to be some things that are revealed later on – like the two witnesses and what takes place – they’re going to blow your mind! Because there is a witness that’s taken place that was for a period of time up to 2012, and what happens later on is not at all what you’ve ever known or believed. It’s not been spoken of and it won’t be. Okay? It’s just going to happen. It’s not going to be at all like you think.”

    I think maybe Ron had not polished out this lie where he was ready to tell it yet.
    So why did he bring it up to begin with, if he was not going to talk about it??

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Same old lies and deceit

  • Excogger says:

    To quote Charles Dickens’ character Scrooge: “Bah! Humbug!” ( Whenever Ron speaks or writes ).

    Ron’s church is a parasitic cult and his teachings/assertions are self-serving, blasphemous garbage, mixed with the rare morsel of truth, as is typical of all forms of Armstrongism and similar philosophies. Just my opinion, formed from bitter experience.

    Get out of it asap, all you sucked-in souls, and tell Weinland and his gang where they can shove their “theology”. They have no more authority over you than my dead cat, when it comes to your salvation.

    Please note, Ron: I don’t hate you – you are one of God’s children, after all – but I do hold what you teach in contempt and deplore the control you have of folk who love God and only seek to please Him. Be assured you will one day lose them all once their eyes are opened.

  • martin says:

    Ron said on the TW’s
    1) “So there are going to be some things that are revealed later on…”
    2) “It’s not been spoken of and it won’t be. ”


    Shows you what kind of forked tongue and forked mind Ron has.
    Statements like this IMO, show that Ron is in fact schizophrenic.

    When you adamantly state one thing, and two seconds later say the exact opposite, I don’t know what else it means.

  • Ruby McCormick says:

    Out of respect for those suffering with mental illnesses, I do not believe nor will I give Ron a crutch to lean on by saying he is schizophrenic. He is a deplorable liar and a thief and a master of manipulation. A slug…a slimeball of the highest order. A creeping, slithering….well, I was going to say snake – but I rather do enjoy the snakes of the reptile kind that reside on earth with us.

    I do wonder if he sits at home and wrings his hands thinking of all of us here. I do indeed hope he does. Life is so much better without being in the so called church he patched together. Each of us is successful in what we do, all but he and Laura. Their so called success is only a thin veneer, drying up in the sun, peeling away and revealing the true ugliness that festers underneath it all. AH! Such are the spoils of treachery and deceit. Soak it in Ron, as you say, there is much more to be revealed. Indeed!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Bravo Ruby and bravo again Ruby!!!!!

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Yes Ruby !!!

  • martin says:

    I wonder what PKGers think when they hear that kind of nonsense???????

    It’s not like he changed his mind 15 minutes later….

    Literally after one single sentence, you go from one view to a polar opposite view.

    Why would you stay with this guy?

  • Eric says:

    Ron – the greatest prophet of all time. Greater than Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, grater than apostles Peter James and John etc etc etc

    You will be interested in this from

    “Delusion of Grandeur

    By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
    ~ 1 min read

    Delusion of GrandeurA delusion of grandeur is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. It is most often a symptom of schizophrenia, but can also be a symptom found in psychotic or bipolar disorders, as well as dementia (such as Alzheimer’s).

    People with a delusion of grandeur often have the conviction of having some great but unrecognized talent or insight. They may also believe they have made some important discovery that others don’t understand or appreciate.

    Less commonly, the individual may have the delusion of having a special relationship with a prominent person (such as being an adviser to the President). Or the person may believe that actually are a very prominent and important person, in which case the actual person may be regarded as an imposter.

    Grandiose delusions may have religious content, such as the person believes he or she has received a special message from God or another deity.

    Sometimes, in popular language, this disorder may be known as “megalomania,” but is more accurately referred to as NARCISSICTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER [caps mine – Eric] if it is a core component of a person’s personality and identity. In such disorders, the person has a greatly out-of-proportion sense of their own worth and value in the world. People with this issue can also sometimes have a taste for the finer, more extravagant things in life.”

    Sound like somebody you know?

  • martin says:

    “I do wonder if he sits at home and wrings his hands thinking of all of us here.”

    Ron cursed Mike to death, so I think this blog gives him a headache.

    I’m pretty sure, this blog has taken money out of Ron’s pockets, that’s all that Ron cares about. He doesn’t care about the members, he only cares whether they are tithing or not tithing.

    Right Ron?

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    I agree Martin

  • martin says:

    Anthony, ask Ronald Weinland why he keeps adding time to the Pentecost 2019 date?

    Ron said this date is without error, YET HE KEEPS SAYING that there will be AT LEAST one more EXTRA year added before Christ returns.

    Ask Ron to explain himself.

  • martin says:

    Anthony, think about it!

    You accuse others of being evil.

    Ron said that the 2019 Pentecost date for the return of Christ was FROM GOD, AND WITHOUT ERROR.


    How do you reconcile these two opposing positions? ONE HAS TO BE A LIE. THEY BOTH CAN NOT BE TRUE.

  • Fooled no More says:

    Martin, your questions to “Anthony” are rhetorical at best. He just swings by to make a trolling comment, and then doesn’t have the guts to answer in return. Typical of PKG bots……ask too many probing and pertinent questions and you’ll hear crickets chirping. If he’s for real, no doubt he should be getting very nervous with each passing month, and nothing major happening. What’s he gonna do come next year???

    He’d be totally insane to believe Ron at that point!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Having some fun with Jer 14:14. Plug in liar weinland’s name:

    “… and the Eternal said to me, falsehoods liar weinland is prophesying in my name, I did not send liar weinland, nor command liar weinland, nor have I spoken unto liar weinland: a false vision, and divination, and vanity, and the deceit of his own heart is liar weinland prophesying to you ..”

    Hey! Liar weinland! Prove me wrong!! You now a history of failure after failure!!!! Your “Great Lie of June 9, 2019” is coming quickly and you will be proved a liar once again!!!!

  • martin says:

    “nor have I spoken unto liar weinland: a false vision, and DIVINATION, ….”

    Ronald Weinland used numerology to figure out his Pentecost 2019 date, this is just a form of divination. Divination comes in many forms of course, people read teas leaves, how moronic is that? Figuring out your life destiny based on tea leaves?????? Or animal entrails?????? Or by the position of astronomical bodies? It’s silly, to say the least.

    If you believe in a God, then all such methods become ridiculous.

    Now Ron, claims his form of divination is inspired, and without error….but of course both have proven to be lies.


    Ron knows his 2019 date is COMPLETELY FALSE, and has spent time already trying to dig himself out of that ditch. I hate to say, that some will still follow him, even after that date comes and goes. Their fate (following a blind man into a ditch) will be their own fault.

  • martin says:

    Being too embarrassed to change…..

    I do hear this often, and it’s tragic to say the least. People that are too embarrassed to stop following Ron, because they’ve been following him for x number of years and are too embarrassed to change.


    That’s like saying I’m too embarrassed to NOT jump over a cliff, others are doing it, so I’ll do it too (the lemming approach).

    If I find, I posted something in error, I will do my best to correct it. I am embarrassed to be in error, fixing an error is not embarrassing, STAYING IN ERROR is embarrassing.

    Of course, nobody’s perfect!


  • martin says:

    I’ve mentioned it before, but I do find it fascinating when Ron says something in his past blog posts or sermons, and he is completely clueless to what he is say. God makes liars tongues waggle, so that they are without excuse come Judgement Day.

    For example : In an older blog post, I wish I kept the reference to it, but in an older blog post Ron said “WE DO NOT SEE……(the future)”

    Ron was referring to seeing something in the future, in the prophetic sense. He also likes to use the royal “we”, when he doesn’t want to look bad of take the blame.

    The point is this NOT SEEING equates to BEING BLIND. A person who does not see, is a person who is blind, blind people can’t see anything. Now Ron went right out and basically said he was a BLIND PROPHET. Yet PKGers who read this, skim right over what he says, and don’t realize themselves what they are reading or the significance of it.

    Ron stated he was a blind prophet, a blind prophet leading other blind people are going to end up falling into deep pit, where spiritual bones will be broken.

    Ron does this all the time, that is, he will state (without his knowing so) in so many way, in so many words, that he is completely false. He does this ALL THE TIME. There are other similar statements just like this, that PKGers just read right over, and miss the point.

  • martin says:

    There’s another fascinating example, but I’ll post it later……

  • martin says:

    Again, it’s always fascinating to see Ron admit (without his know so) that he is a false prophet. I wonder if it’s a subconscious thing or if God is making Ron’s tongue waggle so to speak.

    Another interesting example of this was in 2012 (or somewhere around that time).

    It was about the 5th and 6th Trumpet plagues. Ron was trying to come up with a convincing lie to explain why we don’t see anything. He tried to explain how even though we don’t see it, that the 200 million man army was forming. Basically it was an invisible army. Also he tried to explain the 5th Trumpet plague, which involved 5 months of torment. It was pretty funny, the garbage he came up with. Of course none of it was true, just new lies from the liar himself, Ronald Weinland.

  • martin says:

    Now here’s the thing, Ron the waffler Weinland, couldn’t stick to one lie, so he came up with a bunch of lies, perhaps hoping one would stick.

    For the 5th Trumpet, his various explanations were
    1) It referred to the mockers and splinters. They were being mentally tormented for 5 months.
    2) It referred to the demons, also mockers of PKG, that were being tormented in some way.
    3) The last explanation was that it referred to PKG itself, who were tormented by the people of the world that were mocking them.

    The last explanation is the most interesting. Because if you read the passage on the 5th trumpet plague, it says that only “unsealed” people would receive the plague of 5 months of torment. “Unsealed” is bible terminology for people who are not sealed with the Holy Spirit. People with the Holy Spirit are sealed by the Holy Spirit, people without the Holy Spirit are unsealed people.

    So get this. Ron says the 5th trumpet plague is referring to PKG itself. Thus Ron is saying that he and all of PKG are “unsealed”, because only the “unsealed” receive the plague.

    Thus Ron said that all of PKG are unsealed and without the Holy Spirit.

    It’s fascinating when Ron admits to being “unsealed” without having a clue to what he is saying.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Well Folks:

    Next week is the month of April. This is not good news for liar weinland, because, if you count back “fifty days” from June 9 it will place you in the month of April. What this means is that liar weinland is one year away from his “false prediction” of the “fifty days” counting back from his “Grand Lie of June 9, 2019.

    You better hurry up liar weinland!! You are running out of time to cover your lying and false prophesy of Christ’s return in 2019.


  • eric says:

    “Just like I mentioned this thing of tithing because it’s a good example. Some of you that would abhor your mind to think that someone wouldn’t be paying a full tithe or maybe even tithing to God, robbing from God after all that God says about that. That should be so foreign to the mind! Yet that exists in God’s Church. Well, it doesn’t exist. Let me put that a different way. It doesn’t exist in His Church, but it exists in the environment of the church because still we have some who are out in the courtyard still to this day! Either they start coming in, repenting, and changing, or they’re going to be fully cut off.”

    Ron continues to beat the tithing drum.

    He also continues to make the same threat he has for ages about removing people from the church. I don’t know if he has actually done this but I suspect not. He needs his adoring audience and even his seat fillers. With so few left the empty seats would be even more obvious.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    My question is this: how does the liar know their incomes? HE Does Not!!! It is a shaming tactic because the liar’s cash is drying up!!!

    It is all about money folks!!!!!!!!!

  • Fooled no More says:

    EIE EXACTLY! Ron would have no clue as to whether they’re laid off, on disability, or whatever! I don’t remember filling out a financial statement when I joined the church so he wouldn’t know. I’m standing by my dare to him to start mass expulsions of people that aren’t tithing. I know he sees this blog, and I’m here to say that indeed it’s nothing more than a scare tactic, and that’s all.

    He dare not get rid of anyone especially if he knows who the big earners are. PKG CALL HIS BLUFF AND DON’T SEND ANOTHER PENNY! MAKE HIM SWEAT BULLETS FROM MONTH TO MONTH LIKE MANY OF US HAD TO TRYING TO MAKE ENDS MEET!

  • martin says:

    Didn’t all that fasting for a year, get PKGers ready?

    Didn’t seem to work out.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Hummm I caught wind of something. I hear a lot of the members are staying home for Passover. The reason is they have to travel a long distant to meet together and they have jobs and have to go to work on Friday. It seems that the “tithe” that liar weinland is demanding has a higher priority – doesn’t it!

    Hummm, it seems that liar weinland’s organization is not what it is cracked up to be.

  • martin says:

    It’s bad enough when there are a lot of PKGers who can’t recognize that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet, and that this is not some subjective position, but it is in fact provable.

    It’s 10 x worse to hear that there are people who KNOW Ron is a liar, and still follow him. I don’t understand that at all. Why would you listen to a liar? You are literally listening to a servant of evil. Now, I don’t classify ministers who are mistaken in their doctrines that they teach, but are trying their best to teach truth but are wrong. Ron is not this kind of person, Ron is a flat out liar, and Ron knows it.

  • martin says:

    Now Ron *should be* the easiest to determine if he is false.

    Ron is the ultimate denier of Jesus Christ. Ron teaches that Christ was not God and did not pre-exist. How much more do you need to go to figure it out???? Ron completely denies Christ’s eternal divinity. You might as well tattoo 666 and “anti-Christ” to Ron’s forehead.

    How could this have been hard to figure out?

    When Ron wrote and said that Christ did not pre-exist, I thought I had misread something, because no minister would teach such an obvious heresy.


    It is practically broadcasting it, Ron might as well be wearing one of those billboards, stating that he’s an anti-Christ. How did anybody get hooked by this guy??????????

  • martin says:

    You shall know them by their fruits…..

    Christ applied this instruction, to examine a minister’s fruits to help determine if he was a true servant or a false servant, to even Himself. He was not afraid of such a test, because a true servant would never be afraid to be tested in this way.

    False prophets, do not like being put under the microscope.

    Ron shuns such a test, because if you put Ron to the test, the fruit is bad.
    1) Compulsive liar
    2) Lies on legal documents
    3) Steals from Caesar.
    4) Uses money for selfish lusts
    5) Is a felon that served time in jail for his crimes.

  • martin says:

    Like I say often, Christ applied this “test” to Himself, so that when questioned, His usual reply was to list the fruits of His ministry. He rarely just said “yes” (if at all). He certainly could have said “yes”, and it was true. But He would list His fruits, so that others could look and see, are they good fruits? or bad fruits? And apply the test to Him, just as they were instructed to do.

  • martin says:

    If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck.

    It’s a heretic.

  • martin says:

    The Anti-Christ, whenever he comes, will perform mighty miracles.

    It’s horrible to say, but most will look to the miracles, and not care about what he says.

    They will automatically assume he’s a “good guy” because of all the amazing miracles, look how people react when they think a picture of Christ is on a piece of toast, how amazed they are at such a facile thing. Or a rain smudge on the side of a building, that looks like what they think Christ looked like (hint: Christ never had long hair).

    The people that follow Ron, will turn and lock step to the Anti Christ, because he will be performing miracles, while Ron’s record is a big fat zero.

    Don’t look to miracles! They are great if they are from God, they are “showy” when they are not. Look to the message!

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, your comments are interesting! Just a few days ago, I was having a conversation with a co-worker about what happened while I was in the church, and he made a very interesting observation.

    He said that it sounds like Ron had made some kind of “Faustian agreement”. If you’re familiar with the story of Faust, he was a man who essentially made a deal with the Devil. In plain words, the Devil promised him all these riches in exchange for his soul, only for him to lose it all in the end in and wound up with zero including his life.

    Without knowing Ron or anything about the church, he said that’s where he believes Ron will end up. He has all he wants now, but we can see he’s slowly but surely “losing it”.

  • martin says:

    “He said that it sounds like Ron had made some kind of “Faustian agreement”.”

    I agree with this assessment 100%.

    I say this, that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Ron to NOT KNOW he’s a false prophet.

    Ron in fact stated he was a false prophet, how embarrassing that PKGers listen to all the lies Ron tells, but the one true thing he says, they disregard.

    LISTEN PKGers! Ron SAID HE WAS A FALSE PROPHET! How is it you still follow a man that calls himself a false prophet??????????????????????????????

  • martin says:

    If PKGers were paying attention…Ron has called himself.

    1) A false prophet
    2) A blind man
    3) A person without the Holy Spirit.

    Why should anybody have any difficulty figuring out that Ronald Weinland is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? A false prophet? A blind man leading the blind?

    Maybe if Ron wore a billboard, it would be more obvious?

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Amen Martin

  • Enough is Enough says:


    That’s what happens when you dance with the devil – you will lose.

    Isn’t that right liar weinland!!

  • Eric says:

    May 13, 2014 “Although Pentecost 2012 was not the date of Christ’s return, it was the date that fulfilled these prophecies that ultimately completed the sealing of those remaining to be added in order to finalize the full count of 144,000. That day also concluded a period to establish a prophesied “final judgment.”

    The date for the return of Christ on Pentecost 2012 was wrong and he has since said that the sealing of the 144,000 is not completed.

    2 for 2 wrong. Some prophet.

  • martin says:

    There’s a checklist that God gave, so that every PKGer could check off each item, to help them determine if the one who claims to be anything matches the checklist.

    Here it is
    1) BOTH testify, both preach, there is no silent witness nonsense
    2) They both breath fire
    3) They are given permission to kill their enemies (they are in fact commanded to kill them, so it is not an “option”)
    4) They both turn rivers to blood
    5) They both can stop it from raining
    6) They both can cast as many varied plagues as they wish

    My advice to PKGers, check off as many that Ron/Laura have fulfilled, then determine if they are what they say they are.

  • martin says:

    Oh, by the way, Ron is supposed to martyr himself at the end of the 1260 days, he said it would be physical “this time”. So that means by next April, Ron will go to Jerusalem (I wonder if he’ll get approval for that), and then both he and laura are to be martyred by the beast.

  • martin says:


    I look forward to Ron’s excuse on how he will not have to be martyred this time (even though he said it would be physical this time).

    I did forget to include this in my previous list, Ron also stated he and his wife were “spiritually dead”, and that’s how they fulfilled the “martyrdom” of Rev 11. So Ron said he and his wife are spiritually dead, being spiritually dead means you have lost out, you let the Holy Spirit go out of you, and are now dead spiritually. Nice of Ron to tell his church he was spiritually dead as well as a false prophet and a blind man and unsealed.

  • martin says:

    The real irony, is that none of this is said by ex-PKGers or anybody here, all of that was said of Ron of himself. Ron stated he was all these things. Ron made it plain to anybody that was paying attention, that he himself was a complete false prophet. PKGers are without excuse.

  • Eric says:

    “Ron is supposed to martyr himself at the end of the 1260 days, he said it would be physical “this time”

    Can you tell me where he said that?

  • martin says:

    I don’t remember the blog post it was in. I don’t know if anybody else remembers when he said that it will be physical this time. It would make no sense to be a second “spiritual” death.

    I will look….it’s hard to search his site, as a lot of stuff is buried in pdf files.

  • martin says:

    This is not what I was referring to, I don’t know if I could find it, it would be hard…
    At any rate, that is what was taught, for example in this sermon transcript

    On That Day, Wayne Matthews, May 23, 2015
    “Now, we’re looking at this particular sermon from the aspect of within four years we will arrive within this day, which is day forty-nine, and then on the day fifty we will see the very return of Jesus Christ to this earth.”

    “….nd will make war against them (the two witnesses), overcome them, and kill them, because of his hate for who they represent, his hate for them. And their dead bodies in the street of the great city which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, remembering this is a lot about symbolic language, where also our Lord was impaled on a pole.Verse 9—Then those from the peoples, tribes, and tongues, and nations will see their fallen bodies three-and-a-half days, so this is a period of time where they’re actually dead, …”

  • martin says:

    It is clear nobody in PKG understands math.

    Rev. 11 says they Testify for 1260 days, and are killed. Not 1260 days, plus 49 days (see previous post). Even if you accept the adding of 49 days as the day the TWs are martyred, that doesn’t make sense either (when you lie, things contradict each other). If you say he dies on the 46 1/2 day, that would at least make sense, but Wayne is discussing the 49th day.

    Now Wayne also says that Ron/Laura are raised spiritually (he means by that, they are given spirit bodies). But the 7th Trumpet has not blown yet, so that is just completely wrong, no matter what day or days you are talking about.

    No, these people need to get new reading glasses.

  • martin says:

    It would be very difficult to find an exact quote from Ron, saying his death will be physical this time. Maybe others can remember him saying it too. At any rate, like I said, this is what was taught, see the 2015 transcript mentioned in a previous post above.

  • martin says:

    Let’s examine this, let’s think about it….
    When you examine a lie, it soon turns into nonsense.

    Let’s take two positions….
    1) Wayne states the TW’s die on the 49th day.
    2) I mistook what he said, or Wayne meant to say they resurrect on the 49th day.

    so let’s look at #1
    #1) Depending on when the TW’s die on the 49th day(and are dead for 3 1/2 days), they will resurrect back to life either as early as 1 1/2 days after the 7th Trumpet / Return of Christ (they die at start of 49th day and Christ returns on end of 50th day) or they will resurrect as late as 3 1/2 days after the 7th Trumpet / Return of Christ. (they die at end of 49th day and Christ returns on start of 50th day). No, no, no, this is nonsense, when you examine lies they start producing nonsense like this.

    now let’s look at #2
    #2) Wayne meant to say they resurrect on the 49th day. (keep in mind, Wayne starts out sermon with the 49th day as the day he is talking about).

    At any rate, maybe he meant otherwise, that is, they resurrect on that day. But then you back up from day 50, and then back up the 1260 days that the TW’s testify, and you end up in the middle of nowhere, since this 1260 days does not slot up or correspond to any of the 7 times of 1260 days (plus the 50 and 70 fudge days).
    You have the last (the 7th) 1260 days, to which RON SAID IS WHEN HIS COMMISION STARTED, so that really (according to Ron’s position) you have Ron dying at the start of the 50 last days, NOT THE END of the 50 days. I suppose this is a third position. NONE OF WHICH MAKES SENSE. #1 does not make sense, #2 does not make sense, and if fact Ron’s position is different than Waynes and is #3, and that does not make sense either (because if it was true, then you have the 7th trumpet blowing mighty early, before Pentecost 2019).

    Keeping track of lies is a difficult thing, management of lies is a difficult thing.

    No, just think about it, none of these positions are tenable.

  • martin says:

    (it’s kind of funny, I had forgotten that Ron’s position is completely different than Wayne’s position on the matter)

  • martin says:

    Wayne, I will put it politely, you need new eyeglasses, or a new calculator.

  • martin says:

    So you have the 7th time period of 1260 days, which Ron said was when his job re-started. Also that the Tribulation would be physical this time, and his death would be physical, as Wayne teaches (albeit Wayne’s timing is different).

    So if Ron re-started his Witnessing in the last 1260 time period, then he would be martyred at the end of th1260 days (per. Revelation 11). So he would be dead for the first 3 1/2 days of that final 50 day time period.

    1) Wayne has Ron dying on the 49th day of those 50 days. (makes no sense)
    2) (or) Wayne has Ron resurrecting on the 49th day of those 50 days. (makes no sense)
    3) or since Ron reboots his job, then Ron would be martyred at the start of those 50 days

    Positions #1 and #2 do not agree with #3 (Ron’s position), none of these positions make sense.

  • martin says:

    Proof that Ronald Weinland’s position in impossible and is just a lie. (he started his job at the last of the 7 periods of 1260 days).

    Again, Ron’s position disagrees with Wayne’s position, in the matter of the timing of his physical death (by the Beast).

    (Rev 11:13 KJV) And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.
    (Rev 11:14 KJV) The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe COMETH QUICKLY.

    Right after the TW’s resurrect from the dead, THAT SAME HOUR (Rev. 11:13), there is an earthquake, that kills seven thousand people. The TW’s are killed in the time period called the Second Woe(Rev 11:14), this equates to the 6th Trumpet (this is demonstrated in another place in Revelation).

    Right after this the third woe comes (Rev 11:14). The third woe equates to the 7th trumpet (in fact the next verse explicitly says the 7th Trumpet is blown.(Rev 11:15).

    1) TW’s are martyred after 1260 days
    2) TW’s are dead for 3 1/2 days
    3) TW’s are resurrected
    4) SAME HOUR AFTER #3, Earthquake kills 7K people
    5) ALMOST IMMEDIATELY RIGHT AFTER #4, 7th Trumpet is blown (Rev 11:14,15)

    If Ron’s version is correct (it ain’t), that would mean that Christ waits about 46 1/2 days to come back, and there are 46 1/2 days for the First Resurrection to happen, AFTER THE 7TH TRUMPET WAS BLOWN (#5)

    So, NO, even Ron’s version of the timing of his death/martyrdom, IS IMPOSSIBLE.

  • martin says:

    When you examine lies, it soon turns to mud. Management of lies is a difficult thing.

    Note this phrase (Rev 11:14) : “the third woe COMETH QUICKLY.”
    Quickly is from G5035 : quickly, speedily (WITHOUT DELAY)

    Check this out….Notice how this same word (G5035) is used

    Mat 28:7
    And go quickly, G5035 and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

    Mat 28:8
    And they departed quickly G5035 from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

    Mar 16:8
    And they went out quickly, G5035 and fled from the sepulchre; for they trembled and were amazed: neither said they any thing to any man; for they were afraid.

    It shows how short “COMETH QUICKLY” is, it is RIGHT AFTER whatever is mentioned before it, not hours or days or weeks, but right after.

    So RIGHT AFTER the TW’s are resurrected and go into the cloud, right after that occurs, the 7th trumpet is blown, not hours or days or weeks or 46 1/2 days.

    So when the 7th Trumpet is blown, how much time after it is blown, do we have Christ Returning and the First Resurrection of the Dead?

    Go and get a timer and figure out how much time it takes for you to blink an eye.
    That is how much time, after the 7th Trumpet you have before Christ Returns/First Resurrection. (1Co 15:52)

  • martin says:

    Where is everybody?


  • martin says:

    OK, let’s have some fun…..

    I had thought 1 Cor 15:52, the word “twinkling”, equated to an eye blink.


    Others have interpreted “twinkling” to be the time it takes for light to enter the eye and bounce back and create that light dot / twinkle on your eye.

    Light travels at 300K Kilometers a second, so this “twinkling” IS VERY FAST.

  • Ronco says:

    Hey Ron, are you and Her Highness the Gossip Queen (TM) having a good time on the tithe payer’s dime in the Netherlands?

  • Fooled No More says:

    Hmmm…….must be nice to go overseas on the tithepayer’s dime! I have to watch every penny just to take a trip to NJ in the next couple weeks. I have no benefactors to pay expenses for me.

    And yet PKG’ers keep on being bled dry each pay although as we’ve seen in Ron’s latest sermons, there’s chinks and in that armor!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    It will be interesting to see what liar weinland will do when the tithes drop below what he needs to just live. I am sure he will be screaming and demanding for their money.

    I am waiting for the day when the membership quits sending him money. This must be liar weinland’s worst nightmare and I can only imagine the night sweats he must go thru. Hey, liar weinland enjoy those sleepless nights because one day there will be no more money!!!!

  • martin says:

    EiE, do you think the PKGers will react differently to this 4th(5th? I lost count) failed date (Pentecost 2019)?

    Do you think they will finally be fed up, with the lies and jump ship?

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    I got to laugh so loud , all the shep are broke and and asshole and gossip queen are eating well and traveling all over I hope Ron and the bitch rot in hell

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, some will but IMO sadly most won’t. At this point if they can’t see that something is terribly wrong, except for a major disaster in their lives, I can’t see what will wake them up.

    Major disaster? I’m talking about things that will drive them to the point that when they can see that the church is not helping one iota (as was the case with me), they do get fed up and leave.

    “Going against God” be darned.

    Some CAN’T leave because their “friendships” that they cultivated over the years, that will be too much for them to take losing, so they’d rather keep on hearing the lies, and to not lose their “friends”. Never mind those friends will not even drop you a line after you decide to leave to even say hello to see how you’re doing.

    I can think of only ONE person that’s still in the church that was kind enough to at least wish me a happy birthday months ago. Another person I contacted a while back I led them straight to this blog, and they acknowledged that Ron was indeed VERY wrong for doing what he was doing, but guess what?? Last I knew he was still there because he later told me that keeping in touch with me is going “against God”, so he has to choose God instead of staying in touch with me.

    How sad is that?? 🙁

  • Enough is Enough says:


    How right you are!! I remember the day I walked away from liar weinland’s cult, the ones who I would have given the shirt off my back and more if they needed it, I was appalled at their attitude that it was as if I never existed!

    I do not blame them, I blame liar weinland and his obsessive fear of losing members because that would mean there would be less money to steal from! Liar weinland fears those who figured out he was a lying thief and that he could NOT afford the truth about him going any further!!! THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THIS, IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY!!! All you hear from liar weinland is how the membership is cheating him out of money because the tithes are not what they used to be. It must be a terrible thing to understand that your ill begotten income is totally and completely based on others hard earned income and that it could end suddenly ~ I truly hope that this very thing will happen to the lying thief that weinland really is.

    I must admit that I do have compassion for those I thought were close and lasting friends because I know that liar weinland is the one who has done this to them. YOU ARE A CURSE LIAR WEINLAND TO ANY WHO COME NEAR YOU!!!

    I have really become sick and tired of this lying bastard and what he and his cold soulless wife are doing to innocent gullible people. The real truth is that liar weinland does not have the guts to face those who know what he is because he knows he would have no defense or influence over them and they would tear him a new one and liar weinland fears this!! He has no defense because he is a liar and always has been!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I find it very interesting that the prophets of old did indeed face their critics and enemies with courage and boldness. But this cowering self-proclaimed false prophet liar wienland is just that, a cowering liar!!

    Really weinland!!! What a lying fool your are!!!!

    Where are you weinland!? Still hiding because you are not what you claim to be!!!

  • Fooled No More says:

    EIE, if someone out of the blue were to call or write to me today, I’d welcome that with open arms! I can understand to a point their unwillingness to leave. The rock bottom will be different from person to person…………some may never reach it.

    It IS frustrating though to see Weinland carry on like this. I truly hope that next year there is a ton of folks who’ve simply had enough, but as I said it’s just hope.

    Time’s ticking along fast, and we’ll know before too long.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    That is very true and we will see.

    But there is one thing that I want liar weinland to understand and that is to face “us” and let the fight begin!!!

    This liar knows and understands that he cannot face us because it would be a losing battle for him!! Liar weinland is a coward and does not have what the prophet of old did and that is the support and strength of God!! Liar weinland does NOT have this!!! That is why he cannot face or challenge us here! He is a lying coward and fraud.

    You may get the impression that I am looking for a fight with liar weinland and I will say you are correct!! I AM tired of him and I demand he live up to what he claims he is!! Because “IF” he is empowered by GOD then there would be no fear on his part. Understand this liar weinland, I have no fear of you and I am sick and tired of you and your wife!!

    Where is the fear of you weinland!!?? There is no fear of you!! All you can do is to harass what is left of you membership and that is it! If you truly believe you are chosen of God then SHOW IT!! Start right here!!!!

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland is a coward, he ran from Idea City when people didn’t cow down to him as God’s most formidable prophet. Ron felt insulted. According to Ron, even an insult to the TW’s would demand a death penalty by breathing fire on them. Ron sent the organizer a threatening letter, can you imagine that???? LOL, a threatening letter!!! That’s the most that God’s most formidable prophet could come up with.

    As I say, the case against Ron, is not a subjective one, by haters. The irony is that the evidence against Ron, his condemnation, comes from Ron’s own mouth. No, ex-PKGers can be confident that the case against Ron is based on objective evidence and all supported by many, many bible passages.

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland’s pitiful mail/email threat to Moses.
    Interesting that his first name was Moses….
    Moses Znaimer of ideaCity, August 1, 2009

    “…Since I have no idea about your beliefs, I do want to say that the Eternal God, the God of Abraham, who I spoke about in my presentation, does not take this event lightly. This is not a small thing that such mocking of His Son was given audience at ideaCity and that you personally sponsored this. It is my hope that you come to see the magnitude of the severity of your decision for what occurred and that you will pursue God’s mercy in this matter because of what it will mean to you personally if you fail to do so.”


    How pitiful.

  • Fooled No More says:

    And last I checked, Moses Znaimer is still alive and has not keeled over from a severe case of leprosy, or turned into a pile of ashes. 😉

  • Break Free says:

    It fascinates me,
    this man has so many follower$,
    yet he has no grasp of biblical prophecy at all.


  • Enough is Enough says:

    Break Free:

    Welcome to this blog and look forward to future comments.

    I agree with you that liar weinland totally lacks in biblical prophecy. It is all part of his con game for others money.

  • martin says:

    Break Free:

    Were you a PKG member who is now an ex-PKG member?

  • Fooled no More says:

    Break Free, welcome aboard! Like Martin, I’m curious too if you were a former PKG member, and from which part of the country?

    Thanks for joining us!

  • Break Free says:

    WWCOG in Pasadena, CA in the 1990s —

    Ron is not a witness nor is his wife… $ad part is…

    My Uncle Burt is $till drinking the Koolaid; here on the Big I.


  • Fooled no More says:

    Break Free, sorry to hear that! Some can’t be convinced even if Ron and Laura were convicted of murder. Thankfully, I’ve never had any relatives that were involved with Armstrongism, and I wouldn’t wish that on the worst of ‘em! 😮

  • Fooled No More says:

    Break Free, your Uncle’s name just struck a chord with me. I live here in the NE, I distinctly remember a number of folks I know from PKG went to the Feast in Hawaii in the 2010-2012 timeframe. They took a whole bunch of pics and for the size of Hawaii, it was a good number attending considering that were there for it.

    I remember them talking about a “Burt” or someone with a name like that. Would he have went to the Feast there on the island back then? I do know there must be VERY FEW left there now as all of PKG membership has dried up (a LOT) in the last few years.

    As far as Ron being a witness?? Yeah, he and Laura are witnesses alright………..witnesses and partakers of TONS of corruption in COG-PKG! 😉

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Break Free:

    Aloha oe!

    I want to say “mahalo” for coming here to be with us.

    I do know some that are in Hawaii. One was Frank Waltz who is now in the mainland furthering his education and a guy named Matt who travels between the mainland and Hawaii and loves to surf. My daughter loves the Big Island and vacations there every year.

    I am sorry to hear about your Uncle Burt and maybe he will see the light when Pentecost 2019 comes and goes. Unfortunately my wife is still involved with liar weinland and his cult. I have not confronted her about this because I love my wife dearly, but, when Pentecost 2019 goes on bye I am going to confront her and tell her to face the fact that weinland is a liar and to wake up!!!!

    Liar weinland was NEVER what he claimed to be, he is one hell of a used car salesmen!!! I apologize to those who do that for a living but I have to give credit were credit belongs. Liar weinland is a clever deceiving liar and it is all done for his own selfish gains!!! IT IS my hope that the failure of penetecost 2019 will finally expose this RAT once and for all!!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This is a message for those in Hawaii: weinland is a “e moe ana aihue”!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    weinland is also a: “ka iole”!!

    OH! this is to much fun!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Break Free:

    I hope I haven’t offended you. My daughter and I are learning the Hawaiian language because my daughter loves the islands and Hawaii has always been my dream.

    take care and “a hui kaua”

  • martin says:

    I wonder what Break Free’s uncle would say if he read this page…..just this one page….

  • Break Free says:

    Aloha ahi’ahi ho’aikāne,

    Matt? If you mean
    gold chain/gold bracelet Matt,
    tall with dark hair, hmm…30 something…
    then yea, I’ve met Matt — twice. I thought he was a $lick $alesman.

    Uncle Burt looks a bit like a jolly old St. Nick,
    if he shaved his beard…and gave all the presents to Ronco.

    It’s as if he’s addicted / brainwashed… It’s always “Ron says…”.
    We used to have good discussions
    about current events, world affairs, and
    biblical prophecy. I simply could not see how
    Ron & Wife in any way fit the biblical descriptions
    of the two End Time Witnesses.
    When I point out the tremendous variances
    between the biblical narrative and Ron’s toxic teachings,
    Uncle always defends his position with “Ron says…”.
    The sad part is
    Uncle is no longer giving me his own opinions
    or thoughts, he’s only parroting whatever “Ron says”. . .

    Alas, “None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley


  • martin says:

    The only prophecy Ronald Weinland is fulfilling is that of false prophets deceiving the many.

  • martin says:

    Unfortunately, what a lot of PKGers have done is accepted Ronald Weinland at his word.

    Ron said he was a prophet, they accepted his word without any proof whatsoever.

    You will recognize the two men who will be the Two Witnesses, by what they do, they will breath fire, kill their enemies who attack them, turn rivers to blood, stop the rain, as well as cast other plagues. They will be known the world over. I doubt they will state they are the TW’s, they will simply do their job, and you can recognize them by their fruits. (the ones just listed).

    Neither Ron nor his lazy wife have done any of this, nothing at all.

  • martin says:

    2 Corinthians 11:14-15 King James Version (KJV)

    14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

    Ron went to jail for tax fraud

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Break Free:

    Aloha oe ku’u hoaaloha maika’i

    I can understand your frustration with your Uncle Burt.

    I have a similar one except it is my wife. I have not made any issue of it since I left this ka iole weinland’s ke ola but I am going to take issue with it after June 6, 2019 comes and goes. I will based my argument on the fact that this ka iole has failed and lied in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, and now 2019!! I have to ask the question, how many lying failures is it going to take to understand that this ka iole weinland is a kahuehue wahahee!!!

    My wife and I can discuss world events and biblical matters provided it is directly from God’s Word and not some vain imaginary idiocy from weinland’s diseased mind. She knows never to say to me “ron says” because she knows that would open the door for me to shred weinland’s distorted and twisted theology!!! And I have a message for this ka iole weinland that I am going to end his influence over my wife!! The gloves come off after June 6, 2019!!!!

    How is your Uncle Burt going to accept the failure of June 6, 2019? Is he going to accept another LIE from this ka iole!!!! I hope not!!!

    All I can say is to stay with your Uncle Burt and help him to understand what this ka iole is all about. You have to make the point that either you are going to listen to what God has inspired in his written word or some ka iole who thinks he is greater than God and has the authority to rewrite and teach otherwise!! Your Uncle has to come to the understanding that this ka iole weinland has delivered a different message then the one Christ delivered!! This ka iole weinland is clearly defined as a lying false teacher in the new testament!!!

    You may wonder how I know this ka iole. I spent five years as an elder in his ke ola. I know him personally and have cursed those days because of what he is. I know him and all the lying filth he entraps the innocent with. in my opinion, he is a devil in sheep clothing and all of his lies prove this!!

    I guess I have said enough for now. Please do not give up on your Uncle eventually he will listen to you and he will be thankful he did.

    Malama pono

  • Enough is Enough says:

    for clarification:

    ka iole means a diseased rat

    ke ola means cult but some translation it can mean life

    kahuehue wahahee means lying thief

  • martin says:

    Anthony will probably follow Ron right over the cliff.

    While he’s falling, he’ll still think Ron is God’s prophet.

    Sad, so sad.

  • martin says:

    Anthony….WAKE UP.

    You have been lied to. Ron is not what he claims to be. Even Ron knows he’s a false prophet.
    Laura knows she’s a false prophet. It is not a matter of differing opinions on bible matters. Ron and Laura both know they are false, but still play the game, because they love the money.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    When the light hits the rats (weinlands) they will flee for the darkness.

    The countdown is on for the “great lie of June 6, 2019”!!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I have a new post up with an announcement, and am locking further commenting on this post.