And Many False Prophets ….

It seems that something prophetic is going to happen today.  In case you’re interested, here’s someone else who likes calculating dates and drawing charts.

But just in case we survive today, the discussion may continue here of Weinland’s failure to warn of the recent hurricanes he no doubt called down upon us.  But perhaps he was distracted by reductions in revenues, particularly if he hasn’t yet paid the taxes he owes from 9 through 14 years ago.


  • Excogger says:

    Thanks, Mike.

    Back to RW…… I love the title of his latest sermon series: “CULTivating Children”.

    Oh, the iRONy.

  • Excogger says:

    And now a quote from Wayne’s latest effort:

    ” Being in God’s Church, having God’s spirit there is an oppression that takes place.”

    Very naughty of me to quote out of context, but …….

  • Ronco says:

    Another epic fail that calls for a Harold Camping encore- this one never gets old…

    And now, the glorious sound effect of epic fail…

  • Enough is Enough says:


    Thank you for attaching the IRS posting about the numbers.

    It is my opinion, this is what is needed to go public in a big way. Maybe you would consider doing a post on the numbers only and let all see it and digest the magnitude of what this thief was doing with the member’s money!! I shake my head in total disbelief that I fell for slimy weinland’s lies!!! It is no wonder that I now despise this lying thief!!!!

    All I can say is, what go around comes around and weinland your day of reckoning is coming on June 9, 2019!!!!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Not understanding which IRS posting you refer to.

    The Criminal Case page linked in the banner at the top of every page in the blog has court transcripts and a link to the tagged set of blog posts I made back then.

  • martin says:

    Something is wrong with this blogs appearance…

    It is all messed up, with the pages listing on right all mashed up into the center and overlaying the comments from posters….

    Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Enough is Enough says:


    It was the table that showed up he numbers. That was all I needed to see.

  • Fooled No More says:

    YIKES!!! 😮 😮 😮

    Man oh man……….WHY couldn’t I have seen/known this before I joined Weinland’s nonsense back in 2008??

    Mike, is there a way you can “pin” this story to be the top of the header in each of the blog pages? This would really open up the eyes of the curious as there’s no fudging those numbers.

    Martin, in answer to your computer/screen issue——-hold your CTRL button down on your keyboard and scroll the thumbwheel on your mouse back and forth. This will enlarge/decrease the fonts on your screen and should bring things to the way you like it. A little bit of computer geekery———-I’m on FireFox and I had to so the same thing. Only takes a second. 😉

  • martin says:

    FNM, that fixed issue, thx

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Yes Mike that is the table I was referring to.

    By laying out the transfers of church money to slimy weinland’s personal accounts says it all!!! It definitely vindicates what this site is all about and that is exposing slimy weinland for what he is a lying thief to the tune of $4,429,364.00 stolen from the hard earned money of the membership!!! AND! it is still going on and now he wants to steal money from children by demanding them to pay a tithe on their allowance or earned money!!


    I will tell you that slimy weinland will not and does not like this kind of information getting out on him to the public and especially on this site!!! Having this information exploding on him again at this time when he is having trouble with the enlightened ones who are now withholding their money from him is critical! I hope that they go and see for themselves this information here on this site about this lying slimy weinland who has been lying to them for a very very long time!!!

    Hey Johnny!! The pedestal you have set slimy weinland on is falling apart and your idol weinland will come crashing down to the sewer where he belongs!! Better watch out! It may fall on you good buddy!!!

  • martin says:

    If Ron wasn’t a complet moRon, he could have retired and have the easy life….

    But no, he spent tons of money like it was going out of style, I wonder how much he spent VS how much is left?

    It’s time for him to apply at some fast food place, so he can pay the bills.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Know this slimy weinland, this will never go away and it will haunt you until your last breath!! This is the nightmare that you have created for yourself!!!

    Evil deeds require a reckoning slimy weinland and now it is time for you to pay for your evil deeds. Enjoy the foul fruit that you have sown for yourself!

  • martin says:

    I’m sure Ron is praying for a curse to fall on all his critics here….

    Ron…..God isn’t listening to you.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    FNM, so that is how the cat did it. I was scrolling, reading, cat jumped up onto the keyboard, and so small print I can’t read it. So thanks times two. I can now read without help!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I wonder if wacky weinland and David Meade are old time school buddies??

    What is interesting here is that wacky weinland would have a hard time criticizing david meade on his miscalculations on dates.

    Pay attention you followers of wacko weinland your idol is just as guilty as david meade – how many times has wacky weinland changed dates!? Get Ready!! He is about to change the date again!!!!

    Hey Johnny, do you know David Meade?

  • Fooled No More says:

    GIF, cats are notorious for that! 😀

    I’ve got three of ’em and I’d kinda like to get a indoor house cam to see what they get into during the day. Gotta love ’em though…….they’re like little kids ‘cept they never grow up.

    EIE, I can almost bet you before the end of next year, Ron will be practically forced to make some kind of change or come up with some type of sermon akin to the one he did at The Feast of Tabernacles in Orlando, FL in 2011. That sermon got everyone so fired up and scared………..don’t know if the “fright” of this particular sermon will have the same effect as that one did.

    Not to mention who knows how many will be left at that point! As time marches on, and we approach New Years 2018, I can best believe more than a few (especially Elders) are questioning things more and more as they see so many things NOT HAPPENING.

    Grab some more popcorn!

  • Barry says:

    “Especially elders” they are not elders because of their spiritual maturity and especially not elders because they have more Biblical undetstanding. This is most evident by the mere fact they are still there. The elders are all Biblical illiterates ordained because of their unwavering support monetarily of their galse prophet

  • martin says:

    The guy in the video is basing his idea based on astrological conditions?????????????????????????????????

  • martin says:

    The coward Ronald Weinland, still has not posted any information on upcoming trips.

    Isn’t he supposed to put the fear of God in them? Rather than they making Ron shake in fear?

    Ron was scared away by a COMEDIAN, at Idea City event. How is Ron supposed to face the False Prophet and Beast Leader and all the other enemies out to kill him if he ran away from a common comedian? Where is all the fire breathing he is supposed to have???

  • Excogger says:

    Perhaps he is resting up before the sermon blitz during the Feast next week.

  • Eric says:

    More good news about people leaving PKG as indicated by Ron September 9, 2017

    So people just continue to go by the wayside even before we get to the Feast of Tabernacles. It’s still happening. We’ve had a couple in the last month who’ve done the exact same thing.”

    In the same sermon: “God is cleaning up this Body and we should be excited about that.”

    Yes Ron, we are very excited about that but not surprised. Probably down to double digit membership now. Keep it up, not many to go now. Just keep doing the same thing, not being a prophet and having sermons about anything but the 2019 second coming. The firebrand has gone and the bus conductor is issuing wet bus tickets.

    You don’t want to promote another date and then have a fourth embarrassment, that would push even more away so keep distracting them and telling them how awesome things are and especially don’t mention 2019.

    He knows himself he is steadily loosing members, from his own lips: “Every year around that last sermon – I’m sure it’ll be on this one as well – asking everyone, “Will you be here next year?”

    No Ron many wont be. Their eyes are being slowly but steadily opened.

  • martin says:

    Ron should be embarrassed. Instead of being a model Christian/Prophet/Minister, the guy and his family have

  • martin says:

    Ron + wife + family have been indicted or involved in…

    1) Massive tax thieves and cheats (Ron + wife)

    2) Live hedonist lifestyle (yacht trips, casino vacations, travelling and gallivanting all over the world on a widows dime)

    3) Lied on legal documents

    4) By biblical definition Audra is an adulteress.

    5) Promise breakers (Ron promised to quit)

    6) By all OBJECTIVE standards has proven to be a FALSE PROPHET (Ron in the past CONDEMNS the Ron of the present, Ron CONDEMNS HIMSELF WITH HIS OWN MOUTH)

  • Ronco says:

    Actually, it looks like Ron is in hiding and using his goons to deliver the sermons for the Fall holy days…

  • Ronco says:

    … just as he did when in prison.

  • Ronco says:

    Hi Ron!

  • martin says:

    Sermon by Wayne Mattews –> Know Your Enemy

    Wayne….the enemy is YOU….

    And the rest supporting this lying thief and false prophet Ronald Weinland.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Do you think Ron had a heart attack and is bed ridden?

  • Fooled No More says:

    GIF, I was wondering that exact same thing. He’s been a bit silent lately——a bit unusual for him this time of the year what with Atonement, Trumpets, and the Feast coming up.

    BUT! If he is ill, it’s just a matter of time before we find out as someone will spill the beans. While I don’t wish ill will on him, I can’t really feel sorry for him as he’s brought a lot of this on himself. As Eric said, gone is the talk of 2019 as he fully well knows that it’s going to be a non event.

    I’m about positive there are whispers in the church about the lack of events coming up, but those in COG-PKG daren’t say to Ron to his face as to WHY things haven’t transpired!

    Double digit numbers in PKG? I can certainly believe that as the room they rented at the hotel in Orlando was very telling as to how many will be there. Not to mention that from Ron’s own mouth he said that “there were many rooms still available”. That statement alone speaks volumes as I know from previous years, if you didn’t have your room reserved out months in advance, you had to look for someone to double (or triple) up with in a room.

    As I’ve mentioned before, keep bringing on the popcorn!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    It would makes sense that wacky weinland is having health problem along with all the stress he is having over his GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT OF JUNE 9, 2019. Wacky weinland has finally been caught in his own snare and can’t get out of it.

    This reminds me of Captain Hook and the crocodile that has the ticking clock in his belly. Wacky weinland is Captain Hook and the crocodile is the GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT OF JUNE 9, 2019. Captain Hook (wacky weinland) feared the crocodile (great disappointment 6/9/19) because as the ticking of the clock got louder Capt. Hook (wacky weinland) would break out in a cold sweat because he knew that the crocodile was near by and its goal was to finish the job of devouring the rest of Capt. Hook!!!

    Hey wacky weinland!! Do you hear the ticking clock that is getting closer and closer!! And the cold sweat is beginning to break out!!! Yes, it is the GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT OF JUNE 9, 2019 that is coming to devour you once and for all!!! And there will be no one to save you from this crocodile TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK the crocodile is coming coming!!! You better run and hide Capt. Hook (wacky weinland) he is coming to finish you off and devour you!!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    “… In the same sermon: “God is cleaning up this Body and we should be excited about that …” wacky weinland

    How many times have we heard this one!!! There is no growth in wacky weinland’s organization!!! There are only departures away from weinland!!!!

    Eventually there will be no one. So now the question becomes, “what body, there is none here”?

    The truth of the matter is this, you are the foul and stinking corpse in your organization!!!! What is your history? Let’s see, a convicted tax cheat (felon), served time in federal prison, multiple failed predictions, harmful damaged done to families and marriages, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

    The simply truth ~ you are a lying thief wacky weinland and now the time has come for you to pay your dues for all the harm and distress you have caused others.

  • Fooled No More says:

    LOL! EIE, I got a good laugh out of your Captain Hook analogy!

    One difference may be that the clock might be ticking…but it’s no ordinary “clock”. It’s actually a time bomb just waiting to explode on June 9, 2019!

    As we get closer and closer (it’s October 1st already!) the fear with the Weinlands will grow and grow. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Laura all of a sudden leave the country (I think he can by then) just to escape the ire of all of the PKG folks that will be probably quite livid (or should be).

  • Byker Bob says:

    Eventually, the chickens will all come home to roost. For better or worse, many of the Armstrongite ministry displayed their loyalty to the Herbert W. Armstrong prophecy mold and timeline by withholding themselves from the Social Security system. This means in many cases that if they entered the ministry directly following graduation as twenty-somethings, if their ministries fail to produce at least a bare subsistance income, they are totally without resources.

    It has been speculated that Ronnie may have squirrelled away some funds in overseas accounts, but the minute he makes a move on those, the Feds are going to want what is owed to them, and the courts will want their fines. So, his only hope is to achieve a delicate balance, living in temporary limbo for as long as possible. My guess would be that he needs his health, his credibility, and all of his tithe payers in order to maintain that tenuous balance. If any part or parts of the equation fail, he’s had it. And, he’s actually living this, so he would know better than any of us how close the jig is to being up.


  • Enough is Enough says:

    Interesting theory and there may be a great deal of truth there. I have been supicious of Jeremy for along time.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    It’s that how Ron got caught, taking to much money at once from overseas accounts? I remember at one time he said he had funds in Germany, and with Jeremy there they were already taken care of. Is Jeremy still married. I don’t believe she attended or agreed with Ron.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    How did Ron get caught? It’s described in the trial testimony of the IRS agent who investigated the case (Palmisano). You can find a transcript of her testimony linked in the Criminal Case page linked in the banner at the top of the page.

  • freeatlast-TGA says:

    tried calling and asking if a certain member is registered at hotel and was told no — asked for second member and again no I wonder if that means they cancelled Orlando

  • Fooled no More says:

    Hmmm……. Freeatlast, I wonder if those people you mentioned are still in the church?? Could be they kicked the Weinlands to the curb too! I’m beginning to wonder if even 100 people will show up! That’s going to put a hurtin’ on the money coffers………Ron always counted on the big “offering payout”, and now there’s no one left to do much payin’ out!

    You know I’m really shedding tears over this…….(he says sarcastically). 😉

  • Barry says:

    Free at last; was one of those you ased about the Dalrymples? I think they will be amongst the very last to leave if they leave at all after the next round of lies and changed dates.

  • martin says:

    If Ronald Weinland said the sky was purple, I think that most PKGers would agree with him.

    That is truly sad.

    This guy not only claims to be a prophet, but one of two, of the most powerful prophets in history that the bible prophecies about.

    The uniqueness of the Revelation prophecy, is it prophecies about the prophets themselves, that is, most prophecies don’t focus on the individuals giving the prophecy, they focus on the prophecy itself, but Revelation 11 is unique in that it says a lot about the prophets.

    Does Ron fit the prophecy in ANY SHAPE OR FORM????


    Ron has his followers believing that Ron can be the complete opposite of Rev 11, and still be one of the Two Witnesses…

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like taking candy from a baby.

  • martin says:

    Ron gave a COMPLETELY FALSE (“official”) prophecy…..regarding the destruction of 1/3 of plants and 1/3 of ships etc…

    I say “official” as this was supposed to be an iron-clad prophecy from the lips of a prophet, not some “guess” or
    possible/probable forecast.

    Time showed that Ron was completely wRonG.

    Ron claims that God was mistaken, what God said about a false prophets didn’t apply to him, Ron said (in disagreement with God Himself), that he was not presumptuous.

    This guy is lucky he didn’t turn into a pile of ash.

    Ron’s followers, gave up their thinking skills, and believed Ron.

  • Ronco says:

    Ron is blathering at the hotel right now…

  • Ronco says:

    DoubleTalk at the DoubleTree… Awesome!

  • freeatlast-TGA says:

    I think we all may have been thrown a curve ball by falsie ronnie I talked with a guest services person a bit ago and he said he had no knowledge of a church group staying there. Was that trip to Orlando back in August a curve ball?

  • freeatlast-TGA says:

    wearing my sleuthing cap today!

  • freeatlast-TGA says:

    okay folks, it must have been a curve ball – PKG is staying and meeting at the Doubletree at Seaworld on internation drive just confirmed

  • martin says:

    Ron is a liar, what’s new?

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Maybe the group is so small, they the guest service person just thought it was a small meeting for a business.

  • martin says:

    If the person is a plain minister, and was trying his best to be honest with the scriptures, but taught a prophecy that was wrong, I might give that person a break. It would depend. Something like that prophecy that Harold Camping gave which made zero sense (if you read his explanation), and was a bunch of confusing nonsense, I would give less leeway.

    But if it was something that made some sense, I might consider it, and/or give him a break if he got it wrong.

    But if somebody CLAIMS to be a prophet, and gives an “official” pronouncement (ex cathedra if you will), and that prophecy is wrong, I mean, how could you not realize they were false prophets??????

    Prophets don’t have a good batting average, unless they are 100% correct, they are false.

  • Byker Bob says:

    It would have been much better in terms of all of our personal growth if we had simply been in a church movement that taught Christ-like behavior, rather than having unknowable prophecies as a sort of modern day “gnosticism” be the very cornerstone of all our lives.

    I mean, terms like King of the North, and King of the South only have relevance on a flat, Israel-centric earth when you think about it. And, most of the original ethnic groups mentioned in the Bible have ceased being independent, identifiable groups, because of invasions, migrations, and assimilation into larger groups over thousands of years. We have to remember that in Jesus’ time, Samaritans were not even considered to be Israelites. They were thought of as being a profane mongrel group, because of intermarriage with the Cuthites who were sent to colonize their land during the captivity. How much more the products of the American and European melting pots?


  • martin says:

    Another FOT sermon by Ronald Weinland has been posted…

    It’s title “God’s Temple Established”….

    To which I can only say is “Says who?” you? Ron? the tax thief and liar?

    If God’s Temple (if Ron is alluding to a spiritual temple, made of members, I

    am not sure if he is or is not) is established, how is it that members are

    still being put out or leaving????

    Here is an example where Ron quotes something and doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, nor do the members it seems…

    Rev 22:16 “… I am the ROOT and the OFFSPRING of David, and the bright and the morning star.”

    To be the ROOT of David, Christ MUST have pre-existed, being the ROOT meant that Christ was David’s anscestor (being the creator/father of Adam).

    Christ was the “father” of Adam, and down the line from Adam to David, and thus was the ROOT of David. There are other proof of Christ’s pre-existance of course, but I like how often Ron quotes the bible, and is clueless to what is being said.

  • martin says:

    (you can find the quote at the bottom of the pdf transcript of said sermon)

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, I’ve heard things being “established” so many times, it sounds like Ron is stating that God had filed bankruptcy or something numerous times.

    Wasn’t things supposed to be “established” back in 2008?? Well no scratch that…….
    How ’bout in 2011?? No…….gotta change that too………..
    And then in 2012?? Whoops………try again next year!
    2013?? I heard crickets the entire year.

    And now we’re coming (and fast) on 2019, and there’s that established diatribe again. As you said——–if things are supposed to be established, I’d think people should be beating a path to PKG’s doors, not running away from it or being tossed out on their ears. 😮

    Just wait till next year folks……I can almost guarantee that there will be a sequel sermon to the 2011 bombshell Feast sermon that had 80% of the audience in tears about Christ not returning, and wouldn’t you know…………………………he didn’t.

    On another note………….Randy, are you out there?? If you could, ask your mother if she can tell how many folks were at the Feast in her best guesstimate (that’s if she was there). Now she might be headed off at the pass by Ron or Laura AS I KNOW THEY READ THIS BLOG AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO KEEP THEIR FRAUD HIDDEN.

    But, inquiring minds want to know! 😉

  • martin says:

    From today, Christ Return is (if Ron is correct, he isn’t)

    1 year, 8 months, and some change….

    Ron (the tax thief, and liar and false prophet), at one point said that the “harm” done to the TW’s, doesn’t have to be physical to invoke a response (death) from the TW’s. I checked the greek, and this seems to be a viable assumption.

    And here, and surely elsewhere, many have decried Ron as a false prophet and worse.

    As of yet, there has been no response from the coward. No fire breathing of any kind. Not from him, nor from his prattling gossiping meddling lazy wife. Nor from Audra who was ordained a prophet (lol).

    I think Jeremy is supposed to be a prophet too……nothing from him either.

    My conclusion?

    Ron is falsest false prophet there could possibly be. Ron practically has this tattooed on his thick forehead.

  • martin says:

    FNN: “Wasn’t things supposed to be “established” back in 2008?? Well no scratch that…….
    How ’bout in 2011?? No…….gotta change that too………..
    And then in 2012?? Whoops………try again next year!
    2013?? I heard crickets the entire year.”

    *** chirp ***

    Outside my window, the crickets are making a huge racket…….

  • Ronco says:

    “…it sounds like Ron is stating that God had filed bankruptcy or something numerous times.”

    I’m still laughing!!!


    Hi Ron!

  • Fooled No More says:

    Glad you liked that Ronco! 😀

    There’s more I could have said in that post, but modesty forbids!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:



    In Zerubabbel (real name Michael Noordhoek from St. John AZ) latest video he says the following:

    1. His step-daughter (WHICH HE NAMES IN THE VIDEO) decided to go out into the world to get a job to bring in so money so Z and his wife wouldn’t be so poor (1:40 in the video).

    2. Mihcael goes to her tent and finds that she didn’t do it and is remorseful for having kind of broken away from the faith.

    3. She is now more devout and her penitence according to Michael coincides with him seeing the revelation 12 sing of the Virgin in the sky.

    4. Michael now thinks his step daughter is a prophetess who is destined to bring forth ‘THE THIRD MAN CHILD” AT THIS TIME” … the first being Christ, the second being Michael himself (2:46 in the video).

    5. Michael then announces that God has now proclaimed him King of Israel (after 5:28 in the video) and that MICHAEL, AS THE KING OF ISRAEL IS TO BE THE FATHER OF THIS MAN CHILD!! Michael makes this announcement at around 8:20 in the video.



  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    At one point Zerubabbel mentioned the age of his step-daughter as 23. Via information from a private email exchange, I have her age as approximately 20. Either way she is not a minor. And not his biological daughter, so no crime there. Case in point is that of Woody Allen and his sort-of-adopted daughter. If this were a crime, I believe that the State of Arizona would have jurisdiction even if they’re still camping out on federal property.

    Interestingly, the name he used for her is not the name I was given but rather an alias I made up when blogging about them.

  • martin says:

    I think Z is clinically insane. Not because of difference in religious belief, but because of hid irrational behavoirs.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Oh, sorry. I could have sworn she was not of age the way Zerubabbel spoke of her. Either way, it is effing sick to have babies with your own children…even if they are non-blood gained through a marriage. That is a fatherly relationship…Zerubabbel is a pervert!!

  • martin says:

    Just even talking about contemplating such an act with an adopted child, is revolting.

    If the father and adopted daughter go on to do this, they are sick, sick, sick.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    He is now talking about how God will be sending money AND virgins to his camp to start a future holy family of god for the Millennium…as he is now the “King of Israel” and god has revealed blah blah blah. His repairingtehbreachDOTinfo site is gone and he is still having major financial trouble…but still goes on to say he KNOWS that god definitely for sure wants him to have sex with his step daughter who is now a prophetesses because SHE now has wacky feelings in the desert…

    What is it with old white guys that run away to the desert to wear towels on their head and make dates for the end of the world? They ALWAYS start having sex with their relatives…. and animals eventually. You know you have to put a protective barrier around everyone’s bum when some random guy named Steve runs into the wilderness with an old book…

  • martin says:

    The guy is a demented sicko.

    He wasn’t sane to begin with, but now he’s certifiable.

  • martin says:

    Just exactly how are these “truths” revealed to Z the (incestuous?) nutcase?

    Does he hear voices at night?

    Does he have visions?

    You know what was revealed to me?

    That Z is an insane perverted false prophet.

  • Byker Bob says:

    It’s kind of funny when you think about it. If most of us saw some wild-eyed homeless dude dumpster diving as he recited scriptures, we’d probably just shake our heads, dismiss him, and go on our way. If we warned anyone, it might be the mother and her kids about to enter the alley. But, in Armstrongism, we’re almost forced to take such people and the damages they can do more seriously. In the ACOGs, they might take a bath, shave, and wear a suit, but they still prattle on with the same nonsense. And because they don’t have the outward appearance of homeless schizophrenics, some people follow them and pay them tithes.


  • martin says:

    Taking on the title of King of Israel!!!! What hubris!!!!!!

    I think that position is already taken.

    I hate to think that Z has attempted to impregnate his adopted daughter at this point in time.

    I wonder how much does the wife believe her husband? Is she a believer?? How the hell does she put up with his crazy nonsense????? Most women would have left this nutcase years ago…..

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I first blogged about Zerubabbel on this post:
    In it I invented some aliased names, interestingly Kendra is both the alias I chose and the name that the prophetess is using.

    Later on I blogged again in this post:
    Mrs Z herself, “Melissa”, left a comment. I think it probable that she’s still drinking Z’s Flavor Aid.

  • martin says:

    M(elissa) sounds like a believer.

    She said to prove Z wrong. We don’t have to, time has already proven Z to be wrong multiple, multiple times.

    NOTHING Z has said has come true.

    I would say that if Christ Himself came down and told Z that he was wrong and was a false prophet, that Z would believe that He was a demon, and rebuke Him, and continue on with his(Z’s) false beliefs and false practices and false prophecies.

  • martin says:

    The only way to deal with false prophets is to wait for when God will deal with them directly, and sending angels to gather them and burn them. It seems that death is the only solution that will work, and nothing will dissuade most of them from their false positions and false beliefs and false prophecies.

  • Ronco says:

    Never mind false prophet, Z is little more than comic relief!

  • martin says:

    Matthew 7:22 KJV “Many will say to me on that day, “‘Master, Master, have we not prophesied in Thy name, …”

    Z will be saying this….
    Ronald Weinland will be saying this….
    Robert Breaker (guy in video) will be saying this…..

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    In his new video “The Holy Seed has Been Sown” (ewww! gross!!) Zerubabbel, who now is practically boasting about impregnating his own step-daughter, goes on a VERY revealing rant at the end of the video.

    Starting at around 22m:56s he angrily admits:

    1. The people that sold him his land are in the process of foreclosing.

    2. The people that sold him the shed structure he and his “two wives” live in are about to repossess it,

    3. He couldn’t pay for his repairingthebreach website so it is gone and he is far behind on paying for Internet.

    4. He is barely able to feed his livestock, and his own family is running out of food

    5. His phone has been shut off.

    6. He then gets off what might be a parting shot when he talks about how we all must be talking about him (ergo gloating about his failure), and says that no matter what happens he and his “two wives” will continue to serve Yahweh, etc.

    Oh how I lovvvvvvvvve watching evil and perverted people fall prey to their own arrogance. So much talk for nothing. From self-appointed King of Israel to homeless incest enthusiast… yup, sounds like an advanced case of Armstrongism to me!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Another thing I find interesting about Zerubabbel’s latest video is how he plays the victim yet again: how god is showing US how terrible WE are for “causing” him become so poor and maybe homeless. “Poor, innocent Zerubabbel” is suffering because we wouldn’t give him money when he arrogantly yelled at us and got perverse with his step-daughter! It is never his fault. He says at the end of his video:

    “if this happens in the days that are ahead, then so be it…we will continue to obey his voice and wait on his deliverance”… like he and his “two wives” are merely the classic image of three humble servants of god merely doing Jesus’ work, like a country preacher family that can’t afford a church. Zerubabbel has been a wildly delusional, arrogant, boastful, spiteful, narcissistic pervert and spiritual bully who was kicked out of two countries (Greece and Israel) for petty fraud and mental instability.

    Isn’t it always the way? When a narcissist/bully loses his power he acts like he is being persecuted…classic coward…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Wonder how Z is able to upload YouTube videos if he can’t afford a phone.

    On a different but related topic, interesting that Ron’s no-doubt-a-barn-burner Last Great Day sermon is not yet posted on his website, 2 days after the big event.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Probably just a technical issue…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Or maybe he decided that Jeremy needs to make lots of edits.

  • martin says:

    Even if she were not his step-daughter, Z is committing adultery.

    It is revolting that they all 3 consented to this act (I assume the wife approved too).

    The title of King of Israel has already been given to David, nobody can take that away from him.

    I also do wonder how he uploads this stuff? I think he probably finds a local library, or maybe just uses a cafe that has wifi to do it…….lots and lots of places have wifi now….a lot of grocery stores, and big chain stores have it now.

  • martin says:

    It is horrible that people who commit blatant sins, find some explanation that God not only approves of it, but in one way or another directed them to do it……what a tragedy.

    If you can not discern that committing adultery/fornication/sex sins, with your own step daughter is horribly wrong, you should shut up and never preach again.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Zerubabbel, Ron and Laura need to trade ideas and come up with one sound solution to get them out of their money dilemma. It’s called……………………………

    G E T T I N G A J O B!

    I don’t know about Ron, but Laura’s still young enough towork (she’s a little older than me…….61 I think?) And Zerubabbel is NOT an old man by any stretch! Get out there and work!

    Mike, interesting about the TLGD sermon not being up yet. You can be sure like you said that there’s a lot of slicing and dicing going on! On that note…………anyone out there have any sound numbers on the attendance?? My bets are that there was less than 100 people there at any one time. 😉

  • Byker Bob says:

    Throughout my life and career, I’ve generally cultivated the areas where positive feedback, and positive results are manifesting themselves. It has worked in a fairly effective manner. This seems to be exactly the opposite of what people in Armstrongism or its offshoots tend to do. This Zerubbabel, if he were an analytical person, would realize that there are no positive results to the so-called ministry for which which he apparently feels a calling. I’ve heard mainstream Christian ministers preach that if you are attempting to discover your God-given purpose or talents, you should pray about it, try some things out, and see if God will bless them with positive results. If He doesn’t, then go on to the next thing until there are positive results. That makes a great deal of sense.

    The only people who are going to follow a mentally unstable person are other mentally unstable people. Who would financially support some ignorant hillbilly who suffers delusions that God wants him to impregnate his step-daughter? Most of the criminals in prison and jail, and half the patients in mental hospitals would be dumbfounded by such teaching. Zerrubabel is part of the 15% of the general population that behavioral scientists tell us are totally incapable of taking care of themselves, or being functional members of civilization. I hope that he is a minimalist or ascetic by nature, because the future for his so-called ministry is non-existent.


  • martin says:

    I wonder what Z did before he became an insane lunatic?

  • martin says:

    It would be funny if the pregnancy took, and she gives birth to a daughter.

  • martin says:

    Randy, does your mother have any information on The Last Great Day sermon? What it was about?

    I am curious too, as to why this hasn’t been posted……

  • Fooled No More says:

    I just went to PKG’s YouTube page looking for that elusive LGD sermon. There were four videos that were posted…….I have to assume from the Feast. Hardly any of them didn’t get over 500 views?? Wow! 😮

  • Fooled No More says:

    OK, scratch that…………..could it be this one here??

    Hardly a barnstormer view wise also!

  • Randy says:

    Martin let me see !

  • martin says:

    “I just went to PKG’s YouTube page looking for that elusive LGD sermon. There were four videos that were posted…….I have to assume from the Feast. Hardly any of them didn’t get over 500 views?? Wow! ”

    Where are any prophecies “against the Nations”? Ron wrote a whole damn book about this….

    Shouldn’t he follow up by actually prophesying something?

    ie This nation will have earthquakes

    That nation will have rivers of blood

    Another nation will be plagued by flies…

    You know…like Moses did….Moses was EXPLICIT in all details, and all happened EXACTLY as he spoke (something that occurs with TRUE prophets of the True God).

    What do we get? We get pithy sermons….that sound good, but mean nothing.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    MARTIN said:

    “It would be funny if (Zerubbabel’s step-daughter) pregnancy took, and she gives birth to a daughter”, though Z “revealed” in Scripture that she was to bear a special son.

    Oh Martin…you know Zerubabbel, he changes the laws and rules and Scripture every two seconds to make the Bible about himself. He even says right at the end of his “Holy Seed” video (starting at 23:52) that Yeshua prophesied that he, Zerubabbel, would be homeless…even though Zerubabbel’s videos have been HOURS and HOURS of vain boasting about how God has made Z’s pitiful little failed goat farm “the holiest place on earth” and that 33% of the English speaking world would be flocking to it any day now, and it is the Place of Safety, etc. Think about it. He says that Yeshua…JESUS CHRIST… PROPHESIED that Zerubabbel would be homeless.

    This is a guy who was booted from Greece and Israel for petty fraud and mental instability, who has now proclaimed himself the King of Israel and committed perversion with his step-daughter…that JESUS spoke prophetically about HIM!! LMAO! You think anything in the REAL world will penetrate this thick of a barrier of lunacy encasing his mind/soul?

    If Zerubabbel is holy…then I am a 3000 ft tall chocolate statue of Abraham Lincoln….

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    From the date on the YouTube video, Ron recorded that LGD video before the feast, maybe from the living room in his house. I sampled it a bit, hardly an electrifying sermon.

    Here we are on Sunday evening, still hasn’t posted the sermon from yesterday.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I watched some of the LGD sermon…LOL!

    This is an End Time Witness who will shock and awe the world with his words and deeds? Over whose dead body the world will rejoice? I can think of no more worse candidate for shocker and awe-r of the world than this guy who looks like he took two Ambien and and is dreaming that he is giving a sermon! This will make a great anesthetic for people undergoing major dental work or minor surgery.

    Zerubabbel is impregnating away and going homeless, and Weinland is going to sleep… my oh my… the PKG is really putting on a show of “excellence” these days…

  • FedUp says:

    Here’s hoping Zerubabbel is shooting blanks, so to speak. If he manages to produce a child, it will need the intervention of the authorities immediately.

  • martin says:

    Z says that Yeshua prophesied that Z would “not have a place to lay my head”……

    The only place that I can see in referance to not having a place to lay one’s head is :

    “(Mat 8:20) And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.”

    A verse which Jesus applies to Himself…..apparently Z is appropriating this verse for himself. The man is a lunatic.

  • martin says:

    (23:52) In the THE (UN)HOLY SEED OF ZION HAS BEEN SOWN youtube video.

  • martin says:

    Z is applying something Christ applies to Himself, to himself(Z), adding to his long list of blasphemies and heresies.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Shame on all of us thieves

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Yes indeed… what a shame that I didn’t give all my money to a a homeless pervert that wears a bath towel on his head who thinks he is one of the Two Witnesses…who also thinks Jesus talked about him…this being the same guy who once attended a “church” run by a tax fraud who thinks he too is one of the Two Witnesses.

    It is a veritable Festival of Idiots and Sub-Idiots!

  • martin says:

    What are these people going to think on judgement day????????????????????????????

    I prophesied falsely in your name, I slept with my step-daughter, I defrauded the government, I took money from a widow, I took tithes and lived high on the hog, took boat cruise trips, went to casinos (rather than use tithes for preaching, the only acceptable use).

    How these people can look into the mirror astounds me……

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Then again, David is a descendant of Lot… Mr. Genesis 19 himself… and guess who is descended from David?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Have set up a new post for commenting and will be locking this one.