PATN: Chapter 4 Part 2, History According to Ron

Another installment of False Prophet Ron’s third book has been posted on his website.

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:


  • Acts says:

    “Satan established his own mockery toward God, His word, and His laws by influencing a church to rise up who twisted and misrepresented every truth of God, even the very commandments that instruct people concerning how to honor, respect, and properly worship God.” False Prophet Ronald Weinland

  • Weinland’s answer to Do You Want to Be Evil? is pretty clear at this point.

    Don’t you wanna be ruthless and rotten and mad?
    Don’t you wanna be very, very good at being bad?

    His answer:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • martin says:

    Isn’t this book titled Prophesy against the Nations???

    Where is the prophecy? A specific prophecy of any kind???

    It’s nowhere to be found and on top of that, chapter 6 will explain how prophecies can change and failed and never happen and yet you can still somehow be a true prophet.

  • Randy says:

    What an asshole and his Gossipping wife !!!!!!!! How can people follow these punks !!!!!!

  • martin says:

    From what I last saw of web traffic statistics, Ronald Weinland’s site barely registered.

    This is how you judge, correct and punish the world? By barely being noticed?????

    Right now Ron is a gnat, buzzing around some abandoned shed in the forest, nobody is around, nobody notices.

  • Swooncologne26 says:

    Ron will never learn its gonna take the mouth of the grave to free these.people shameless weinlands