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Weinland promised to have his Last Great Day sermon posted mid-feast, now the last day of the feast as the Last Great Day is technically separate.

So but anyway, here it finally is. A few minor surprises.

—– Ron Weinland’s Last Great Day Message for October 5, 2015 ————

Hello once again to everyone, this now being the Last Great Day of the Feast. It’s amazing how fast, I know, it seems for all of you, probably, how things passing sometimes go. But anyway, I’m excited to be able to bring you this closing sermon today. It likely won’t be long, like I mentioned earlier on the first opening day there. It’ll be more like a mini-sermon. So, anyway, maybe a little more challenging than the opening day welcome because I get so many interruptions in the hallways and so forth and Jeremy has several segments now he has to put together because I only have about 15-minutes maximum – actually a little less than that with all the interruptions), on the system here, but about that much time for a particular recording. So I don’t know how much this is going to end up being, but again, it will be more of a mini-sermon.

But before getting into this, however, I want to remind everyone about what I stated on the first day about this message. And perhaps someone missed it since it was the very start of the first sermon there. But if you were at a site like Australia or Europe, obviously the Australian group get to hear this first, and next followed by Europe. And anyway, if any of you hear this first before the U.S. and Canada, obviously, please do not spoil the Feast for others who have not yet heard it. And don’t contact them ahead and let them know anything that’s been said in it by texting, email, phone, phone calls, Skype, and so forth. Let them receive it in the sermon that they actually hear. And if you’re starting to listen to this even now a little ahead of time, before hearing it with a group or on the appropriate time, on the Last Great Day, I just say, “Hey! Stop! Listen to it at its proper time and place.”

Anyway, for me right now as I’m speaking, we are in the midst of the second week of August, but as all the speakers we needed to get these done ahead of time (as I mentioned on the first day there). And a lot of transcribing, translating has to take place, editing, some editing has to be done with some of the messages, but not a whole lot in that respect. And anyway, all these had to be done ahead of time because there’s so much more work for these people to do for the Feast that’s coming up, and obviously, some of the Holy Days even before the Feast. So it adds to their work load that they’d normally be doing just Sabbath by Sabbath.

But, anyway, everyone doing the things that they do behind the scenes – really want to thank everyone, a lot is involved there, and I want to thank everyone for the extra work that they had to put into it in these Feast messages. Some of this information might be an eye-opener to some of you so I thought I’d mention some of this, what goes on behind the scenes. Some people don’t really realize it. But first these messages are listened to and transcribed from audio into written form so that these can be placed on the website so that people can take them off there and be able to read the sermons. And Kalee, up in Canada, does that work. Jeremy works on any editing that is necessary that has to be done on the audio. And, of course, the written documents are given to the translators then, and the Dutch is then translated by Mieke in Belgium, the Spanish is translated by Izabel up in The Netherlands, and the French is translated by Alain over in the United Kingdom there. So, anyway, I just wanted to mention all that to let people know that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes so that you can hear or read a particular message that’s given during the Feast, or any time throughout the year.

So anyway, brethren, I know this has been an absolutely great Feast for all of you because it’s God’s Feast – so I know it’s been great. You know, God and Jesus Christ have worked through those speaking, delivering the messages you heard this year during the Feast. And the first thing that strikes me concerning this last message at the Feast here, on this Last Great Day, is that it is the last message at the completion of another season of annual Holy Days. Everyone is now going to return to a lot of unknowns. We have a lot of things we just don’t know.

So we’re just about at the end of the special “Year of Dedication” that we’ve all been observing. November the 8th we’ll be thrust into another period for the end-time. It’s the beginning of the seventh – and I truly hope and pray – final period of 1260-days. I believe that it is, but I also believe that the 5th period of 1260-days with that addition of the 70 additional days in that period of time, that that was going to lead up to the coming of Christ on Pentecost of 2012. But I truly believe that this is the time that we’re being shown here and that’s what we’re focused on. Above all things, brethren, we follow God wherever He leads. And God led us to 2012. There’s much more concerning this that I want to be mentioning here a little bit later. But anyway, to me that’s exciting! So for me awfully awesomely exciting, and I know it will be for you as well when you understand it all, when you see it as perspective and the complete picture that we’ve been given.

But anyway, hopefully, all of you have drawn much closer together and drawn closer to God over this “Year of Dedication” especially, but even closer together here at this Feast. But as I was saying here, hopefully, we’ve drawn closer to God in this “Year of Dedication.” And I believe, I know that everyone who has applied themselves in fasting and prayer have drawn close to God and Jesus Christ and have become much stronger and more alert spiritually because of that. And I hope also that all of you come to grasp the power and the importance of fasting more often and that you will use that tool much more as we proceed forward into that seventh-period, and again, what I believe to be the last 1260-day period before the return of Christ.

Of course, that is with that 50-days attached to the very end, which is an awesome time—it truly is— what’s being shown. So we all have a lot of unknowns for us in this year ahead of us. For me, I don’t know what some things will be, as with you, but I do know that it’s going to be my final Feast, my final Holy Day in as a matter of man’s direct captivity. So the next Holy Day I’ll be able to be at home, in the spring time there. And I know that for several months I’ll be at home confinement in order to serve out the remaining 42-month sentence. And I don’t know fully what all that’s going to entail yet, but that’s not what I’m speaking of when I’m talking about, “We don’t know some of the things that are ahead of us.” We don’t know when things are going to begin. We don’t know when things are going to become difficult. We don’t know when certain things are going to strike in certain regions— that we realize that they are coming.

Though I’ve been fully blessed to keep on top of everything anyway because of the extra work that my loving wife has been doing – so that’s been a tremendous help and I’m very, very thankful for that – I realize I’m going to be able to have more of a direct part now once I am able to return back home.

But anyway, before we go much farther, I do want to share with all of you a concern that I do have, that so many may be letting down as time has marched on. And I just want to remind everyone, because it’s an easy thing to do because of what we’ve gone through before, and that’s about storage of food and water. Some day we’re going to get hit hard, and perhaps at staggered times, but nevertheless, everyone as a whole is going to experience some point in time when they’re going to get hit hard in their areas. Things with electricity, things with water that we take for granted, things with food that we take for granted. Trucks aren’t going to be moving. Sometimes electricity isn’t going to be there. So again, we have to be thinking of what’s coming and not let down in that particular area, because, yes, we’re going to be taken care of, but there are things we need to strive to do somewhat at least (in a balanced way) on our own, by ourselves with our own planning, just to use the wisdom that we have because we know where we are and we know what’s coming.

So, as I’m preparing this I’m struck by how the children of Israel – as I’m going forward now into the message here today – I’m struck by how the children of Israel were about to be prepared to enter into the promised land. You know, Joshua worked with them to make preparations before they ever thought of crossing the river. And I think about how God’s been preparing us, brethren. It’s even in our name. You know, “The Church of God—PKG.” How awesome is that? You know, “Preparing for the Kingdom of God.” And that means a lot more to us now than it ever has.

Anyway, some of us have been prepared for the literal, or are being prepared (I should say) for the literal spirit Kingdom of God as part of the 144,000, and though a very small number. Most have just been going through a matter of being prepared to enter into a greater physical “type” of the promised land, the Millennium, a new era for mankind to be ruled over by the Kingdom of God.

So, you really don’t need to turn there as you’re very familiar with what I’m about to quote, and it’s from Joshua 1:9 where God told Joshua, He says, Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, neither be dismayed, which means, “Don’t be discouraged.” Well, I think of this past year especially there have been some really intense trials for a lot of you. Satan and the demons have been striking out as never before, but you need to see the bigger picture in all of this. They have been eating dirt! I’ve been deeply moved and awesomely encouraged to see the response of brethren as a result of things I’ve heard, stories I’ve been told, also letters I received, and of course, minister’s reports, how positive everyone has been as they have had to go through some very hard trials. They have been seen in a positive light by people, and just as part of an opportunity to grow and become more refined, stronger in resolve, and simply responding over all with a genuine spirit and motivation to keep pressing forward. So, someone who is trying to get you to fall, become discouraged, made weary or weaker, well, that hasn’t turned out so well, and they’ve truly been eating dirt because of it. And that’s an awesome thing to understand.

So this reminds me of a little ribbing I’ve been giving one person over something that she wrote to me because of how it might sound if you didn’t know the whole story, if you didn’t know what she was really saying. But I did, obviously, and as soon as I say it I know that all of you will understand it as well. You’ll see it too, but it does have its humor. Now, she’s not the only one that’s written almost the exact same thing but maybe just a few different words, but there’ve been a few and I have gotten quite a charge out of each one. I should say that once I shook off the depression that it caused. Ah, just kidding. Anyway, this is what she said and she was speaking about the Cincinnati congregation. I’m paraphrasing, perhaps, some of the words here, but basically as it was and adding to it the context of me reading it from where I am here in prison when I receive these. But she said, “Since you’ve been away,” meaning here in prison, “the Church here has really drawn so much closer together.” Anyway, people have been growing closer together and at a time when Satan and the demons have been relentless. But, again, their diet has not been a good one, truly.

So God was telling Joshua, “Do not be dismayed. Don’t be discouraged.” So in this past year many of you have expressed a very positive understanding and even in an appreciation for many of the hard trials that you’ve been going through. And as some of you have stated, some of the most difficult in their life. So do you “see” what that’s saying spiritually? The Church has greater strength and courage than ever before spiritually. As it has been stated in posts going well back in the past year, Satan does have less power over the Church. And that’s what so much of this is all about. So, less trials and attacks? No. And perhaps some it’s been less, but for some it’s even been more. But because of where the Church is now spiritually as a result of the kind of spiritual growth God has blessed people with over the past four years, we’re ready, as ready as we can be to this point in time for the next phase of a great countdown to what this Feast of Tabernacles has pictured, which is, obviously, the Millennium, the Kingdom of God that’s established rule on this earth.

So come November the 8th we move into that final 1260-days of counting, then the next 50-days that follows that. Now, I’ll just tell you right now that God’s been revealing, just in the last few weeks here, a lot of things about that… that are truly incredible! But you still have to wait a little longer for that. It’s well worth the wait. It is something that God has actually just been fully revealing as I sit here over the last couple of weeks. And it’s profound. And it’s really more than awesome! What can I say? It’s exciting, awesomely exciting!

But, anyway, I just want to continue on here, Joshua 1:9, He says, Have not I commanded you? Be strong and of good courage. You know, where does that come from? Well, it comes from God. So we have been in a great “Year of Dedication,” becoming much stronger and have far greater courage. And what lies ahead will have the appearance of everything that would normally stir fear – you know, the walls of Jericho, think about that, going up against what they saw that was so massive there, and they were just to march around it. And they knew it was a powerful fortified city. But for us, not even if death is smack in front of us, and at some point it will be. We go forward and God is with us, brethren, and we’re to be strong and of good courage. So He says here, Have not I commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not or do not be afraid, neither be dismayed, which is “not be discouraged,” for the Eternal your God, you know, Yahweh your Elohim, is with you wheresoever you go. And that’s our strength, brethren, and that’s what we’ve been growing in, a closer relationship with in this past year. And that is exciting. We’re ready. We’re at the point now we’re being prepared, we’ve been prepared, and now we’re getting ready to go into it.

So, brethren, let me say about my stay here in prison, that it… has proven to be something that God has used to strengthen the Church. You know, that’s an awesome thing, just to think about that factor alone: To strengthen the Church. What is that worth? To strengthen your resolve. And you’re more determined in spirit to fight on than ever before. You have an incredible amount of awesome truth and wisdom that God has given, you know, the Word of God that’s been poured out in a way that is really awesome. And the posts since I’ve been here, there’s been an incredible amount that’s been given to us. I’ll just say, there is so much material that God and Christ have poured out upon us, things God’s Church has never known – never – but God has been blessing us with awesome incredible insight and understanding that cannot even be fully absorbed. You just can’t absorb it all. It can’t all be digested in just one, two, three, or even more settings and readings. There is so much that’s there, there truly is. You’ll come to see that more and more as time goes on. Some is just simply profound. It really is.

So, now having said that, let me speak of a couple of other things now. We just read in Joshua 1:9 where God said He was our Yahweh Elohim, which is, you know, God, Elohim, our Family. That’s what it’s all about. God continues to put forward family and women in the Church. It goes hand in hand because that has to be settled in order for family to be made right. The thing about women and the example that’s being set there. So it is His great purpose to do so, so still there is so much more for both men and women to begin to see and learn in all this. You may think you have a really good handle on this but coming out of the kind of captivity this world’s been in in the last 6,000-years, you do not. We have a long way to still go, but we’ve come a long way, too, and we’ve made a great start. We are the beginning stages of all this, and very much so an example that God is placing before us, for each of us, for all of us, for the beginning of the Millennium. It’s for the purpose of example, and the example that’s going to be there that’ll be established already by the time that it’s here. So within the Church all have been learning to live in a new Church environment. We, the Church, we are the example. We have the opportunity to begin living this first. That’s what we’ve been learning. That’s what we’ve been being prepared for. That’s what God has been doing in us, to be able to have that example, become… it’s just the way we live. So, both setting women into a rightful role and position in family, in the Church, and just for family being magnified as well. So again, we have the opportunity to be living this first, to begin by example, the foundation for a new way to see, appreciate, and share with one another the way God intends man and woman to share.

So, continuing on, I just think here, you know, God has also started to put a stronger focus on teamwork, on the husband and wife teams within the ministry as well. And that’s just for the sake of learning about the importance of teamwork just in family, just in marriage, husbands and wives. You know, God is giving more examples for this that are being received, seen, and accepted by the Church as a norm. It’s just becoming a norm for the Church. It’s the way we are. It’s the way we think. It’s just normal. And that’s the example. And that’s the exact example that we’re to be setting that we’re to be able to be setting here even as we approach a particular period of time, the Millennium. So it’s an incredible part of an example, in this case, because everyone is part of that example. We’re all part of it. We’re all part of the Body. And we’re a part of that being set. A part of the norm that we accept is the norm that others see. So I know it’s just a normal thing for us – that’s what others see. We don’t, maybe, realize that sometimes, but that’s what others see. They just see the norm of what’s in our lives, and that is our example. So we don’t resist or fight it, at least, hopefully, that’s not happening. Some cases, on occasion maybe it happens here and there, but we embrace it and we’re excited about it, that norm that’s being given to us.

So some are more in focus, and the focus on all this, some are thrust, maybe, more to the forefront in some of this sometimes as a part of that example, but we all share in it. We’re a single body, so we all share in that example of what is accepted. And it just becomes, again, an incredible thing. Anyway, it just becomes our norm. It becomes what is accepted.

Anyway, I think about how God has been using my wife and me as a team at the end of an age, the example that’s set there, it’s just the norm for the Church. It’s what people see. It’s just the norm. Yet there are people in the scattered groups and elsewhere that just don’t get it, you know. We are a team, and that is highlighted mightily by the job God has given us to share in at this end-time. So how important is that example of teamwork of a husband and a wife? How important is that as far as a family, and the example of that to God as well? So the husband and wife, the team, the teamwork there and the family, that’s awfully important because that’s why God is thrusting those things forward to be seen more and for that to become more of our norm. So we’re all sharing that as our norm. That’s just the way it is. That’s what we live.

So I think of a family. I think of our family. I think of how Audra has been made a prophet in the last year. You know, that thrusts that forward. People see that. That’s what they see. And there’s a purpose for that. Yet we’ve all shared in that. That’s what has become our norm. You know, I think of when the first time we came out that there would be prophets. I think of how awkward that was because the Church hadn’t been used to it for 2,000-years. I mean, we just didn’t have such a thing. And I was uncomfortable with it, but in time, you know, it just became our norm. It’s just the way we are now. That’s how we’re seen. And so those things are important for the establishment of the Millennium, for people just to see that as a norm in our lives.

Also I think of a new and a younger husband and wife team who have both just been made senior elders together in July. That’s Joe and Sarah in our Cincinnati congregation. You know, examples like that, things that are happening where people are able to see those and that just becomes our norm. And we’re excited about it. And now I’m excited to announce that God is strengthening the importance a little farther again, in this example of family, by the fact that Jeremy was ordained at the beginning of this Feast to an evangelist. You know, God revealed that it was time to do so. And I remember back. I don’t know that I’ve ever even talked to him directly about this, but I remember back when he was 16 and doing editing, all the way back then, in my sermons, and working with me in some of those things. And there’d be times he’d come to me and ask questions that I knew that were something that he couldn’t understand on his own; he had help. And I’ve seen that in both him and Audra at different times. You know, sometimes we see those things in our children, how that God gives them things that we realize are not normal that people just have, are able to see and grasp. You know, there are things that you could tell people over and over again in the world and they’re never going to grasp it, nor see it, nor be able to put it together or show a sound understanding of it. And so there’d be times he’d come to me about certain things to be edited and I thought, I was just… I was in awe because, you know, it’s something you see as a matter of what God is doing and it’s not because of, specifically, of an individual. So, you know, God has a plan to work things out. He’s going to work them out. And it’s exciting to see these things come about.

So, again, we’re all sharing in that norm as well, of what is being established in families, and husband and wife teams, and women within the ministry, and to me it’s an awesome thing. It’s a powerful thing. I think of the Church, it is going to be drawn back and they’re going to see it as the norm. And it’s going to be a little difficult for them for a while, but I can see them starting to embrace that rather quickly because God’s going to give them the power, the ability to “see” it as they are awakened. So that’s exciting.

Now, let me continue with some more news, exciting news. And I have to tell you that it took a heart attack in order for me to bring this to you, so this is good news, but it’s sure a tough way of getting it. Anyway, I’ve really been looking forward to sharing this with you. And you may think you have been anxious waiting to hear about some of this. This is one. I’ve been waiting for some of this to be announced, during this Last Great Day sermon here, but I’ve mentioned some of this in the past in a post. But I know some of you’ve been anxious to hear about it, but I think I’ve probably been a little more anxious. I have a greater desire to share it with you. So, anyway, it’s pretty close.

Anyway, this has to do with the post that I tossed out a huge carrot a while back when I mentioned that they are going to be spread out a little bit more – the posts would be – and that they would have a little less content than normal. And I mentioned at that time that I felt that I was going to be able to begin sharing that with you at some point, and this is that point today, so I am really excited to do this. To me, it’s awesomely exciting how it all transpired.

But I mentioned that there was more studying and sermon material that I was working on, and that’s true, but that’s not the primary thing. There will be sermon material that’s going to definitely come out of this, but again, that’s not the main thing. It wasn’t the whole story and I was saving that until now. I wanted to mention that on Thursday, May 28 that I had a pretty strong heart attack, as everybody knows by now, but it was a much greater one than the one back in 2005. This one here was a biggie! And for me, the pain scale was way off the chart. So they oftentimes ask you between 1 and 10, well, I think mine passed that.

But anyway, thought I’d just recap a little bit of it. They opened the primary artery that’s often referred to as “the widow maker,” because, as I understand it, very few survive such an attack like this. I believe the percentage is around 5%. I believe that’s correct. But anyway, on the Monday, finally by Monday there – that was on the 28th – by Monday, June the 1st I was released and able to come back here to the camp at that point. And I was glad that Laura had been down in Texas during that period of time because there was no way to contact her and for anyone to tell her what had happened. It’s just a few days without telephone, which is not unusual as well, but anyway, I was glad that she didn’t have to find out about it until afterwards.

But anyway, there’s a track out behind the dorm here – I thought I’d mention that – behind the dorm living quarters that we’re in here. It’s right at one-third of a mile exactly. They’ve marked it off when they made it. It is a third of a mile around it. A little different; most tracks are a quarter of a mile. But this is a third of a mile. And I thought I’d mention, too, there are benches located about a fourth of the way around in segments, a fourth of the way around that track. So every forth of the way around that third of the mile there are some benches there. I’m mentioning that because on the first day when I was able to get out I was able to do one lap. And I did have to stop a few times and rest on some of the benches there, but over the next week I was able to move it up to one mile, and at the beginning I had to stop a couple of times at the benches there. But by the end, I was able to do that, by the end of the following week there after that. After those first few days I was able to walk a complete lap without any discomfort, without any pain, didn’t have to stop for anything. So I know I’ve been given a great deal of help. Within two and a half weeks I was able to walk two miles, and in the beginning, again, just a few times I had to stop. But after a little while there, after those few days, after that I was able to do the whole two miles and felt fine. I had to do it a little slower, maybe, in the beginning there, but I’m still not doing it real fast, but still able to do a fairly good gait as far as walking is concerned. I can pretty much tell how I feel, obviously, doing that, but I haven’t had to stop, as a whole, at any point in time here for a long time. But that’s very good when you consider that I still have one artery that’s 100% blocked and another one that’s still 85% blocked. In this place here it’s probably not going to happen that I get them opened up, so it’ll probably be later on once I’m out of here, the way things move, they’re so slow.

But anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I know that God has been blessing me with strength. He blessed me with strength before this, because considering all three of those were blocked like they were – that one they opened up was 100% blocked, that one they call the widow maker. So, anyway that one was 100% blocked, and that’s being able to do the stuff I did for so long, it’s really amazing to me. I know I’ve been given a lot of strength. So the timing of it, there was a timing factor here that was all for a purpose.

But, anyway, I thought I’d mention that on Monday, that Monday of June the 1st when I was released back to the camp, three weeks later on June the 22nd I began writing a third book. And that’s what I’ve been holding off telling you. I had a couple people kind of guess on that one there, but anyway, just thought I’d mention that I began writing the third book.

I want to take you back a little bit because I had prayed about this several months before, a long time before this, if there be… because it was in my mind that I’m supposed to be writing another book, but it just wasn’t possible with the kind of environment I had here, with the kind of a job I had. And everybody has to work. There are things you just have to do here. You have to be a part of a program here unless you have such a health condition that you can’t. And so that was the only way that this could have happened to where I could begin doing some writing. Otherwise, the reality was I just wasn’t going to be able to. So I’ve been asking if there was a way, because it was in my mind to do this, that some doors would open. Nothing was opening, so that’s why at one point there I was convinced that I wasn’t supposed to write one, that maybe (because I knew one was going to be), but I just figured, well, maybe it’s going to be a matter of what will be taken out of the posts that have been written, so maybe it’d be a compilation of the posts and a book written from that. So that’s kind of what I came to the conclusion of and that’s why I sent out the post saying there wasn’t going to be one. And voila – here it is, the third book!

So I had my heart attack. Again, it opened… and this is really amazing to me. It opened the only way that a book could be written here. I mean, that’s awesome! I’m going to be using that word quite a bit here. I’m probably going to overwork it a little bit, but, it’s just that I don’t know what other word to use. If I had the kind of work schedule I had, it would never… it never would have gotten started. It just was impossible.

So again, I started writing that book on June the 22nd. And to take you back a little bit too, to the other two books. It took about 8-months each, if my memory serves me correct, to write the two books, and interspaced between everything else that was going on in the Church. But I focused on those quite a bit and it took about 8-months to write each one. So I was hoping that by the time I was released in February that I would be getting close to the completion of this. That’s been the goal. That was my goal in the beginning, anyway. I also wanted to wait a little while before giving this particular pre-recorded sermon because I wanted to see if I might not be able to get at least two chapters done, so I could announce that for the Feast here and share that with you, because to me that would be exciting to be able to do something like that, to be able to start writing something at the end of June like this, June the 22nd and then come on up through into September and have at least a couple of chapters done and be able to share that with you. But I needed to make sure here before I started doing this in August so that I could know where I was.

But anyway, I just thought I’d mention, two weeks after I started, again, starting on June the 22nd, by July the 6th, chapter 1 was completed! You know, mind boggling! Two weeks! I just… I was floored by that. That’s absolutely mind boggling. I was a little dumbfounded, to be honest with you, because of all the time it took before, and the rate posts have come together, to be able to complete a whole chapter like this with the content that’s needed for one chapter, that would make anywhere from three to seven posts depending on how long each one was, but easily three to seven posts. You know, of course, a single post to be done in one week, about a maximum speed that I’d be able to do them, and that’s just a small one single post here with not a lot contained in it, but anyway, that’s about the fastest something like that could be done, and especially in this environment, obviously. But still, to be able to do something like this, this large, to have three to seven good size posts here depending on the size of them, but all the way up to seven posts, so it would take to do a chapter in that short of a time – wow! It was much faster even than what I had envisioned in any fashion or form that could possibly be done. So to me that was exciting and I was looking forward to being able to share that with you.

But it doesn’t stop there. There’s still a little bit more. So I thought I’d mention here that one week and four days later, on July the 17th, chapter 2 was finished! That was a wild moment! Awesome! There it goes: Awesome! Wow! Just one week and four days later after finishing one in two weeks, and this one here was done that quick, four days later. And then one week later, yes, chapter 3 was completed! Now, that’s a double-wow moment, and two awesomes, two awesomes for sure. So, anyway, I was really excited because I’d know I’d be able to share all this with you. But anyway, I thought I’d mention that by July the 30th, six days later, chapter 4 was completed. Six days! Now, what can I say about that one? That’s… I don’t have the words to describe it. Incredible! So again, July the 30th and the book was already over half way finished now at this point, because it’s going to be seven chapters like the other three are and about the same kind of content.

Anyway, pressing forward. And August the 3rd, four days later, chapter 5 was finished! I don’t have any “wows” or “awesomes” big enough to describe that one. Four days, a complete chapter. There has to be a bigger word somewhere to describe this. But anyway, just awesome, truly incredible that something like this could happen that fast!

Well, anyway, it’s just quite stupendous! Now, chapter 6 and chapter 7, they’re not the same story. They are taking longer, although I think that by the time of the Feast… at this point here I am working on chapter 6; I’m about half-way through it right now. It’s taking quite a bit longer. There’s a lot more involved here. It’s more difficult. Chapter 7 is going to be far more difficult as well. There are quite a few things that have to come together in that one there to work on that. But to me, it’s incredibly exciting, to be able to have this much done, and to think that by the Feast these will likely all be finished. And of course, after that they’re going to be needing editing, they’re going to be needed to be translated, and I’m not sure when it’s going to be released. It may be May or March, so you’re going to have to hold on longer. It’s just the way it’s going to have to be. But it’s still coming a whole lot faster. Because if I hadn’t been able to finish this until February, it’d be a lot longer than that then, after the Spring Holy Days before you could probably read it.

So, anyway, this book will likely be translated into Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch, as the other two, but we’re also adding a new one this time around (that hasn’t existed in the past), because of some of the things that God has been revealing about Russia in particularly, and I believe it’s important that this be translated into that language as well since we have some that are able to do that. So they’re going to be trying to do that as soon as this is all completed. So I’m excited about that as well.

But anyway, going back and discussing chapter 6 a little bit more. I was almost finished with it, almost completely finished writing it and wasn’t happy with how some things had been written, because especially when you think of some of the events that can become so complicated in this end-time, some of the things that are happening. Because they’re not simple. And the longer we’ve gone in this and some of the things I know that I’ve even written in the past, it’s been difficult for some to grasp and comprehend a complete picture of things that are being stated and really, probably, should have had even more explanation, but I got to understand, I think it’s important to grasp here that when you think about everything that’s being coordinated, you’re talking about 7-billion people on this earth, you’re talking about countries of different religions, different backgrounds, all the different things that are involved here, and all the different scenario’s of things happening on the earth and you think about how that God is working to coordinate various things and the planning. And it’s not like the creation of the universe where a nebula was being created – maybe ought to say, where a solar system of and by itself – nothing argued with God. There was no change. There was nothing that would change anything that was planned there, that was being carried out. There was nothing that could affect the outcome. It just came into being exactly as it was planned. But that isn’t so when you’re talking about human beings. That isn’t so when you’re talking about mankind and the things that are being worked out – especially at this end-time.

You know, it was different before the flood. That was already pre-determined – that the mind of mankind had become so far wasted, so far gone, so corrupted that God set out there was only one man He was going to work with. There was only one left that He could work with in that respect, at that point in time. And so, anyway, there was nothing to do at that point in time except that was it. Build the ark and that’s going to be it for the world. This time it’s totally different because we’re talking about large numbers of people that are going to be worked with, that are going to be brought through all this, but there are going to be very large numbers that aren’t going to be because they have no mind to be worked with at this stage, at the beginning of the Millennium.

And, anyway, so it’s not a simple issue. It’s not a simple thing. And this chapter here is covering some things that are not simple and it would be difficult enough for all of us within the Church to get a good grasp of some of the things that I was writing about, so I just wasn’t happy with it. I was happy and excited about everything being revealed, but again, there’s so much going on, there’s so much happening, and I knew that I would lose normal readers out here totally. So anyway, I went back and started working with different things here, and took a day off, in that respect, to begin thinking about some of this and rereading some of the things I had written and asking for help. And I think it all happened for a purpose because there are certain things that just had to be simplified a whole lot more, made a lot clearer. But they’ve got to be very clear in my mind too because I’m the one being worked with to be able to write these things in a clearer fashion and try to put them into simpler terms, to explain them in a more basic way. And it’s like spiritual things, sometimes, there are spiritual things that we’re given and God gives us physical analogies to try to grasp the things that are spiritual. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about here. There are some things that are just hard to find certain examples of things that will help to enlighten, to help give better understanding.

So, anyway, that’s a lot of what’s contained here in the 6th chapter. So I’ve had to go back, I’ve got a good start on it now. I’m at least a third of the way into it, maybe a little bit more, maybe closer to half-way mark at this point. But it is going to go a little bit slower. Chapter 7 I know is, because it involves spelling out some of the things about timing and things that have happened, and anyway, at least that’s the plan right now. That may not be that way when I get there because sometimes I am shown things that aren’t specifically what’s in my mind in a moment, but what they’re given later on. So we’ll see.

But anyway, it is exciting. Everything that’s coming together is exciting. It’s just going to take more time. You’ve waited this long to hear the announcement and it’s going to take longer to get everything translated and everything ready to be sent out. And again, I just don’t know when all that’s going to be, but it’ll come in a specific time.

But I was also going to mention here too, that there are things about the Seven Last Plagues that to me, what’s being revealed, is exciting, because they’re going to be administered in a different fashion than they would have been if Christ had come in 2012. I just want to state here this is going to be in this chapter, too. He was going to come in 2012! And to me that’s an awesome thing to understand! Let the world mock! Let the world make fun, and so forth. But you know, God has a way He’s working things out. And I think you’ll be excited about that when you begin to read all this and begin to understand, candidly, what God’s been doing. And there are some things He doesn’t reveal to us immediately.

I think of the things that happened when He began to reveal what happened to the Church. That didn’t happen right away after the Apostasy. It took two or three years to really get everything in order here to where we could really grasp and understand everything that God was revealing so it would all fully come together. We are physical human beings with physical minds, in that respect, and that which is spiritual just takes longer to have all of it come together at a pace that we can deal with, that we can handle. And though we’ve been learning how to do that faster and faster – I just think of all the posts that have been given, there’s just so much in there that it just staggers the mind sometimes when I think about it.

So, again here, a lot that’s coming. And it’s exciting, it’s inspiring, it puts things into a better perspective of everything that’s happened. And more importantly, why they’ve happened the way they have. So, you know, there are things in prophecy that cannot be fully known about mankind, because of the choice. And that’s what we’re talking about here – choices, choices that people make. And, because we’re given free choice, and that’s just the way we’re created, so there’s some things, especially things that are being coordinated at the end-time here, that aren’t that simple.

So, you know, God has a structure that is given regarding most all of prophecy, that does not and will not change (the basic structure), but God has shown that indeed, there are some things that can be changed with some of the details that fill in the structure. I think of the sermon that Jeremy gave about details. That’s really helped me a lot to be able to come to see and understand some of this in a better way and to grasp that process. It doesn’t matter what that process is, things about detail and the like that are exciting and inspiring, but a lot of that changes as you refine something, as you make something better, and as we come to understand something in a better way.

So it’s kind of like the two-day fast that we had as a Church back in January, beginning of January of 2009. {Note: the two-day fast actually happened at the end of January 2009.  January 31 and February 1 of 2009.} You know, I have mentioned in times past it was God’s will and desire that we engage in such a thing, but we had to be of a receptive mind and a willingness to want to respond. And quite candidly, that was still up in the air, whether we would be to that point spiritually. So there were still unknowns back in 2006, 2007, and even maybe into 2008, early 2008. That hasn’t been fully made clear yet, but it’s very possibly even by that point in time that there were some things that weren’t fully settled yet within the Church itself. It’s difficult enough. I cannot even begin to grasp and comprehend, but God has shown that there’s so much planning that goes into preparing this world for His Kingdom, but even in the Church, because of what we’ve gone through since the Apostasy, where we would be at specific points in time, because we’re free moral agents. We have free choice. And there’s a structure that God’s been working with, but we as human beings, tend to get in the way of that. And so some of those things He’s allowed for, given room for, ability for certain change to take place within the overall structure. It’s still going to happen, the structure is still there. But that’ll be explained a whole lot more in the book and I think you’ll find it exciting.

So, anyway, this has been a great Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day, and I can say that now because even as I’m talking when I am now here in August, I can say this has been a great Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day because as I mentioned earlier, because it’s God’s Feast and He has prepared us for it in an incredible manner through the observance nearly a year long here now of this very special “Year of Dedication” in itself.

So, brethren, we move forward stronger, more resolved, more focused spiritually than ever before. We’ve been made far more fully ready, if you will, now for what lies ahead. And the next few years are going to be some of the most awesome in your entire life. Difficult? Yes. There are going to be some horrible things. But they’re going to be incredible, what we experience and the time period we live in. What we’ve lived already has been…has been awesome. It’s been incredible. It’s hard to describe. We have lived an experience of something that for all times within the Church it’s unprecedented. So these periods of time we’re getting ready to go through are going to be some of the most awesome of your entire life – past, present, and into the future.

So again here, indeed God has told us these things in the past and now they are more a part of us than ever. We have been made ready as He has molded and fashioned us in what he told Joshua: “Have not I commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, neither be dismayed,” or “discouraged,” as the word means here. So we’ve been given great strength. It’s been molded into us as never before. We are far more fearless than ever before. It’s been molded into us – fearlessness. We’re far from discouraged, but mightily encouraged for all that lies before us. And that’s an awesome thing! It has been molded and fashioned into us. God and Christ have done so and we are God’s Family.


  • Excogger says:

    Truly awesome! I feel so molded. And a new book!! My life is complete.
    This news is truly incredible. Literally.
    Must take meds now……

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This is the big carrot!?? A new book!! What happen to the “great tribulation” and the start of the mission of the two witnesses?? It is now obvious that this false prophet weinland has lied again about Pentecost 2019 and the return of Christ!!

    This is nothing more than an another attempt to recruit new tithers through a new book! What a laughable joke!!!

  • Randy says:

    What a joke !

  • Enough is Enough says:

    “… but anyway, before we go much farther, I do want to share with all of you a concern that I do have, that so many may be letting down as time has marched on …” false prophet weinland

    Here is the heart of the problem for this false prophet weinland – a dwindling membership which equates to loss of money. This false prophet weinland understands that all of his lies and falsehoods are catching up to him. Now you have the failure of the 2019 prediction of Christ’s return!! The announcement of the “new book” is nothing more than a diversion to the real truth that this false prophet has failed again.

    It is the hope that the “new book” will produce what the first two books did. A temporary monetary surge that will fill up the coffers for the this false prophet weinland. If this happens, this false prophet weinland will handle it differently – in other words – he will paid his taxes this time around. It is time for recruitment!!! The money is about done and gone!!!!

    What is laughable about this is that this false prophet weinland complains about the “mocking” he receives. Well, when you are a liar and a provable false prophet, what else can you expect false prophet weinland? It is clear that this blog and others are being successful in preventing this false prophet from achieving his goal. Such is life false prophet weinland. You have a growing list of disillusioned followers who are now your critics and will pass the word about you and your corrupt family. You are now beginning to pay the price of all your lies and falsehoods.

    tic tic

  • helping others says:

    Really who can read this, how many times does he start a paragraph with, “so” or but anyway”, what a rambled mess, I wonder if he does it this way so nobody can truly decipher it, maybe this is why the people in pkg worship this guy, they think he is so intelligent that he is over their heads, and they need him to interpret what he has said.

  • Notsurprised says:

    What a surprise. NOT!!!!!!!!!! Ron is no different then worldly ministers. It is a business and he has the whole family on the payroll. He can control them and the kids both leave outside the country so the IRS can’t touch them. He also spoke of people letting down. He needs to get people pumped up so his bank account will be full of spending money when he gets out. As Ron’s favorite curse words Bull bull bull

    Jeremy was ordained at the beginning of this Feast to an evangelist.

  • martin says:

    The PKGers would gain more benefit if they burned their money. At least they could benefit from the warmth it gave.

  • martin says:

    First of all, God told Ronald Weinland to write a book. Then Ron decided he didn’t want to do it. Now with the Great Tribulation at hand, he’s changed his mind. Ron if nothing, is pretty consistent in his inconsistency. Of what purpose would this book be during the Great Tribulation? The world would not be interested in it, they’re not interested in Ron now (you know that thunder prophecy he gave about himself, never happened). Would PKGers be interested in it? Won’t they be too busy surviving the Holocaust to read it? No, it is all nonsense.

    Ron will be spending time, 3 months, 4 months maybe more DURING THE TRIBULATION finishing writing this book???????????? Makes a lot of sense? No. It’s nonsense.

    In just announcing this, he is basically stating that the Tribulation is not going to occur and he knows it. That means Christ is not coming back in 2019 and Ron knows this, otherwise he wouldn’t be preparing to hand over the reins to his kids, which he’s hinting at.

    No, it’s all a lie. But Ron is good at lying. He’s going to milk these people until they’re broke and broken, and then move on to new victims.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Where’s the beef? He has dished up a bunch of pablum that his members are apparently supposed to think of as being special just because of who they believe that he is. No bombshells, nothing particularly important or insightful, just a rambling fireside chat from someone who has no knowledge of where he is going. And, he literally phoned this in.


  • Acts says:

    Proverbs 14:1 Every wise woman builds her house: but the foolish plucks it down with her hands.

    So, anyway
    But anyway
    So again
    But anyway
    Well anyway
    But anyway
    But anyway
    But anyway
    But anyway
    7Go from the presence of a foolish man, when you perceive not in him the lips of knowledge.

    5A faithful witness will not lie: but a false witness will utter lies.

  • martin says:

    God is going to be fighting his own purpose, so no, God doesn’t want a book written and certainly not by a thief and a liar and a false prophet.

    Ron is fight against God’s purpose if he writes a book. Speaking of the time of the Great Tribulation, God says He’s going to have a famine of the word of God.
    This makes perfect sense, because the church at that time, will be in hiding. The work of preaching will end, they will go into hiding, and obviously because they are gone and out of the picture, there will then be no more preaching from them, and thus a famine of the word of God.

    (Amo 8:11) Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD.

    So Ron’s writing of a book, and this being done DURING THE TRIBULATION goes against the words of God.

  • juror bags says:

    I think the title of Ron’s new book should be titled SO BUT ANYWAY. moRON! What a joke. Want some fries with your happy meal, you clown?

    SO, I am a lying con man that was caught and imprisoned on felony charges.

    BUT, I was persecuted for my religious beliefs.

    ANYWAY, See the first one because the second is ANOTHER lie.

    Ron’s stupidity is “truly amazing.” Seems that Bubba is keeping Ron very busy in the Gray Bar Hotel or AKA: Terra Haute Hilton. Still enjoying playing the roll of Tattoo Tina and sipping Prison Bucks java, Ronnie? What a pathetic loser.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Well, well, well! Since when does God change his mind so much?? First Ron says that God told him to write a book, then he said that God “revealed” to him that it not take place, and now Ron says that indeed he has been “inspired” to go ahead and write this book.


    Since when has God been so wishy-washy?? I’ll tell you what—–I’ve just been “inspired” to put a video of my own out the very day that I receive Ron’s book. I have a YouTube channel, and I’ll have my own spin on what I think it’s all about. My main purpose will be that NO ONE ELSE GETS TAKEN IN BY THIS CHARLATAN AND HIS FAMILY!! I can probably have some impact as I’m very well known in a certain hobby, and those that read this blog and know my voice, can attest to the fact that I’m VERY hard to miss.

    I’ll tell you something else……….Ron and Company will get slick on how they peddle this book. Out of the horses mouth at last years Feast (from Laura), it was hinted that the book would be available in “download only” format. Now that’s a genius idea! No overhead (well very little), no stacking of endless piles of books, no mailing, just everyone breeze on over to and download this “fantastic” book.

    Nevertheless, that won’t stop those of us out here from putting in our two cents and try our darndest to blunt the impact of this latest blather, which I see as nothing more than a feckless attempt to rope in more clueless folks with their cash.

    Sigh…………..there’s so much missing here it’s not even funny! What of the 63,000 former WWCG folks that were supposed to be beating down the doors of PKG’s rented hotel suites?? NOT A WORD has been said about it in Ron’s 45 minute “speech”. Did they just fade out of view without so much as a wimper? We all know the answer to that——-it was never to be to begin with!

    It’s funny how Ron never can give specifics—–for example: Why no specifics of where this destruction is to take place? What form will said destruction take place? He says that folks are letting down inasmuch that they’re not stocking up as much as they should. How would he know this sitting in prison?? OH! I forgot———there’s that little gossipy wife of his out there that always somehow seems to know everyone’s business!

    How the **** are people supposed to “stock up” and “save” when they’re giving so much money to the church?? Give me a break! I know someone who was DISFELLOWSHIPPED because when May 27, 2012 didn’t happen and they spent a TON of money beforehand on survival stuff (you know food??) that they had no money to attend the Feast. Oh yeah, that’s when Ron changed up since Christ wasn’t returning and decided to have the Feast after all! Wasn’t that special??

    Now this individual had to go to the church with hat in hand to ASK for help in getting to the Feast BECAUSE of Ron’s lies. When they got the small pittance of $500 they went and spent it up on much needed FOOD because they had none in the house. Of course, because they didn’t spend the money in the way THE CHURCH saw fit, they got the boot. I say at least he got $500 out of ’em! Bully for him!

    I also see no sound conviction in the pronouncing of Pentecost of 2019 as being the TRUE date of Christ’s return…………because it ain’t.

    I could go on, but rant over——for now!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    He “believes” that this is the last 1260-day period before the return of Christ. THERE WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE ONE YOU F-ING IDIOT!! LOL! The world is ending in horror and flames starting in a month and Ron is talking about writing a book and being released NEXT YEAR? Liar. False prophet. Thief. Scumbag. Criminal. Anti-Christ.

    The book should be titled “More Lies From My Filthy Mouth,” by Ronald “The Cheat” Weinland.

  • martin says:

    “Sigh…………..there’s so much missing here it’s not even funny! What of the 63,000 former WWCG folks that were supposed to be beating down the doors of PKG’s rented hotel suites?”

    Don’t forget about the 7 thousand suddenly dropping dead.

    There are supposed to be 70K that survived the breakup of the WWCoG. 7K are supposed to die (you know, because Ron said so). Then the remaining 63K out of that 70K are supposed to be beating down PKG’s doors.

    Not going happen. Another “prophetic announcement” from Ron, that didn’t happen. Guess what? That’s another notch on the false prophet’s bedpost.

  • Randy says:

    They are hurtin for money , mom gives $50 dallors ever holly day and the money whore had the check cash in two days !!!

  • So we are all supposed to believe, based on Conald Swineland’s circumlocution, that a double-minded God is unstable in all His ways?

  • martin says:

    Randy, did you mother go to the feast?

    Does she think about things like the 70K prophecy that Ron made up? Whether it came true or not?

  • Fooled No More says:

    Well Randy, given if everyone (all 500) gave $500 ( I doubt it), $25,000 is NOT a whole lot of money in light of all the expenses they have to deal with. You also have to consider that not everyone gave that amount and of course some gave more.

    So yeah, they’re hurtin’ for cash all right and I say that’s excellent! All the hurt they’ve put folks through for all these years—-especially for those that were/are hurting financially. I can’t help but recall the Feast of 2012 as that was a very eye opening Feast for me. Here we are in the hinterlands dealing with the devastation of Christ not returning on May 27, and Ron acts as if it’s no big deal for us to just change up and head to the Feast like nothing ever happened. I also mentioned in the past about not seeing any “survival” items in their house whatsoever when I visited during that Feast, and I can recall what was in their place very clearly.

    Nevermind the fact that MANY had left/lost jobs, cash (for “survival” stuff), and Ron laughed about it in a sermon like it was no big deal. The more I think back about that time, the more irritated I get.

    But no worries…………..this will sort itself out big time down the road. 😉

  • martin says:

    Remember, Ron said that SATAN put that into his mind, that Christ was not returning in 2012.

    So, was Satan telling Ron the truth???????????? And God told Ron a lie that Christ was returning in 2012????????????????

    If that is not messed up, then I don’t know what is.

  • Soap Opera says:

    I done a speed read of Rons latest posting, just couldn’t believe the extremely poor grammar. I can see why it took so long with his previous books to get to print after he had finished them. Those he had editing would have been forever trying to get sentences to flow, changing the but anyways and such.
    None the less Randys mum gives $50.00 each holy day, if there are 500 at the Cincinnati site this equals $25,000.00 for each holy day that’s $175000.00 a year. And I can say that I have been in the counting room of a couple of the COGs and $50.00 per person is small, most times it averaged out higher than that. And don’t forget they are meant to send in 10% of their festival (2nd) tithe in advance to cover all rental expenses plus other expenses. Then at the end of the feast they are encouraged to hand in any excess festival funds they may have over.
    For those that don’t understand the system a person is to pay 1st tithe into the church and then put aside a second tithe for keeping the feast.
    So that 2nd tithe is what they send 10% of in for administration expenses and then at the end of the feast there could be some excess to hand in.
    Not to bad an income for some one that has such bad grammar.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Hmmm, not doubting you Soap Opera, but I NEVER sent in 10% of my 2nd in at all! I always held it back to attend and then spent it for the Feast. Are you saying that one was to send in 10% of the 2nd tithe saved up to the church? Or that the ENTIRE 2nd tithe was to be sent in to the church?

    I do remember about sending in the “excess” afterwards. HA! I never even thought about doing that!

    As far as I was concerned that was preposterous, and I would have told them to go somewhere and get bent if they ever gave me any grief about it!

    My point about PKG’s take in all this being small has more to do with Ron’s expenses of his trial, AND his and Laura’s ongoing expenses in keeping up that too expensive home, taxes, utilities, etc.

  • Ronco says:

    So, anyway we might not have to worry about Nov 8 if a few die hard followers of the late Harold Camping have their way…

    But anyway, Oct 7th marks the end of the 40th set of 40 days (1600 Furlongs mentioned in Revelation) since May 21, 2011 when the period of Spiritual Judgment began. Awesome!!!

  • charlie says:

    So, anyway, this book will likely be translated into Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch….what ? pig latin

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    They say this book WILL be translated… WILL = to be translated in the future…meaning… it will be translated while the Great Tribulation is destroying the world?!! LOL! Not the words of a TRUE prophet… he is basically saying ” The world will end in 3 hours… so make sure you read my blog post about it next week!!”

    The COG – PKG: Pablum for the Kings of Gullibility…

  • Soap Opera says:

    Fooled No More

    10% of the 2nd tithe was to be sent in. leaving 90% for the member to have for themselves. This is how Worldwide and now most if not all of the COGs still do this.

  • juror bags says:

    There is nowhere near 500 members in Cincinnati. The membership world wide is less than 500 I’d estimate maybe not even half of that. There are only a handful of locals here. I would boldly say that the elders and special fake titled PKGers is the bulk of what is left. Take that list of people and multiply it by 3 or 4 and there’s your number of followers and only the people with titles are likely the only ones that the Weinlands do not want to loose the tithes from.

    The membership spiked when the book, Google Ads, and end of the world hupla was raging back then. Maybe at that time they had 500 or slightly more. I do not know and membership counts but I do know they are not making much money. Too many things are happening to support this. Like Audra’s condo going into a short sale ( pre-foreclosure), they pawned her off immediately to lose that financial responsibility.

    Then Ron stating they are not providing any services or there are no needs in certain areas any longer. Translation = There are no more tithers left there. The sheer fact that now even dime they pimp from tithers taxes are paid both feds and state. Tons of expenses and a WHOLE LOT LESS cash flow is what reality is.

    Ron wants everyone to think they have all of these numerous followers but they do not. The numbers are small and not all of them are paying out much. not saying there are not some that put in nice chunks out but they are few.

    I would almost wager that the PKG total members list is less than 100. I would estimate maybe 50. No way are there 500. I could be wrong but let’s see if anyone can come up with a decent verifiable number. Mike?

    I agree with Randy. Laura was in a big hurry to cash a $50 check. I think their income is a mere pittance now and that combined with paying attorneys, fines, back taxes, keeping up their high dollar home and stuff is really putting the hurt on them. Their property taxes just on their home is just under $4,000 grand per year. Plus they have a very hefty monthly mortgage and another high dollar HOA Country Club fee to boot.

    Probably why Ron is trying to push another voodoo comic book soon hoping to sucker in more tithers and money. All in all he is a very lazy person that only wants to put out the least amount of effort in order for a pay check. All of the Weinlands are lazy non-working cons. Always have been, always will be.

    Their biggest problem is they will not recruit new tithers because many in general are sick and tired on these religious cons and their money grabs. Society is not lost on this and most people know. Secondly, he and his scam are all over the internet and everyone use the wild, wild interwebz. Their days are over soon enough. I think they are to the point of desperation they are grabbing for straws. Willing to try almost anything like letting Jeremy take the helm in hopes of appealing to a younger crowd perhaps. Good Luck with that! LOL!

  • charlie says:

    everyone should send in and request the free books multiple times..all that shipping has to cost $$ it over and over …use em for target practice or whatever …even read them if thats your thing…

  • martin says:

    It will be too costly to put out a physical book this time. I doubt he will go that route. It will be an ebook for download.

  • charlie says:

    Chapter 7 I know is, because it involves spelling out some of the things about timing and things that have happened, and anyway, at least that’s the plan right now. That may not be that way when I get there because sometimes I am shown things that aren’t specifically what’s in my mind in a moment, but what they’re given later on. So we’ll see. LOL weinland makes it too easy..nowhere in the scriptures does a prophet ever say ..well ..thats the plan for now..still laughing ..LOL..there may be more ..this is a great post from much material

  • Fooled No More says:

    Charlie as I said, this latest book would be downloadable only, and not necessarily be available in hard copy. At least that’s what Laura pointed out at last years Feast in Cincy. That would save a ton on shipping, printing, etc. Of course, there’s bandwidth costs and whatnot, but it’s a clever way to put out a “book”, and have the least overhead as possible.

    Juror Bags, Randy mentioned in another thread that there were roughly 500 people that came to the Feast in Cincy. Considering that most had to come from around the country, that’s not very many people at all since that was the only site in the U.S. That only reinforces what you and I mentioned before that the money well for The Weinlands has run dry, and I say HOORAY! New book notwithstanding, truly the days of $uckering folks in I hope has come to an end!

  • juror bags says:

    500 is more than I would have thought in total everywhere. Still the PKG seems to be experiencing a high turn over rate and not many new comers. Ron is still a small time preacher pimp. Chump change and I am sure that bugs a control freak like him. The dwindling tithe cash bugs them all. GOOD!

  • martin says:

    What is sad is the lack of any ability in PKGers to determine the simple facts on whether Ron is fulfilling prophecy or not.
    I present the checklist in Revelation…..I think I only got one honest answer from a PKGer (which was no, Ron has not fulfilled any prophecy yet).

    Here it is…
    1) They breath fire (Ron spiritualized this away, but the spiritual version didn’t work out either…that is, his death curses)
    2) They are commanded to kill their enemies (see #1)
    3) They can call out droughts
    4) They can turn rivers to blood.
    5) The big option, they can call down any other plagues they want

    Has Ron or Laura fulfilled any of these prophetic things regarding *themselves*

    I think the two witnesses are the only two that actually have prophecies about themselves, as well as they themselves making prophecies.

  • Randy says:

    Name of book ( how to get rich and cheat on Taxes )

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Name of Book:

    Can You Believe These Idiots Think I am of GOD? A True History of Tax Evasion and Fraud by Me, Ronald Weinland.

  • Byker Bob says:

    How do you make a Ron Weinland sermon even more annoying and Satanic? Superimpose a disco beat tape loop as the background.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Guaranteed it would be “Stayin’ Alive”…

  • juror bags says:


    Ronnie Boy and his little twisted corporation are mediocre at best. That was when he was seriously money pimping back in the day. At this point he is just another Jack wagon like Pee Wee Herman. Caught and done. At least Mr. Ruebens can hide in a theater. Ron has to stay front and center for any royalties which keeps the target dead center on him. This is why he chooses to lay low and throw out some stale bread crumbs for the remaining birds occasionally. When the ebook comes out takers will be few and far between. They will have to get on the wild world web to acquire the BS and guess what else is all over and attached to his name there? LOL! He’s well done. Burnt badly, actually.

    Ron’s ego has taken a serious hit. Laura’s too. Can you imagine how frustrating this and their real truth and situation must be currently for people like them? That’s another big Hahahahahaha!

    I think the loss of Terry Wrozek pretty much closed down any and all business savvy this money grab con scam artist had. Ron is an idiot when it comes to running any type of business. Slinging LIES is his specialty and now they are so old and recycled Ray Charles can see them. Ron and Co. are and will remain in damage control mode until there is nothing left. What else do they have or what else could they do for income?

    Audra had two choices. Hitch up and get Von Van Horne whoever to support her or make a ditch effort on a stripper pole. Ron is done. Laura is done. Jeremy is done. He does have some time left on his side but by the time he holds onto the PKG mess for awhile longer it will be too late. He will be mediocre just like daddy at best. At least Jr. was around to benefit from daddy while he had his day in the sun and 5 minutes of fame. If you want to call it that. No real skills nor abilities to earn a nice income. He has lead too much of a sheltered and suck off of the Luxury Fund tit life. Still firmly attached.

    Those Beemers are not so new and grand now, Huh? How are the high dollar repairs treating you all now? You can not even save anything on high dollar simple maintenance like oil changes and such because you Weinscums are such simpletons. Are Yugos still around over in the EU? Do you even know how to peddle a bicycle or did daddy always get you battery powered scooters when you were young? Don’t fret too much. Europe has a nice rail system but those are not much fun these days for fear of other religious jihadists very similar to your CULT mentality that like to ride the trains with explosives. I hear they can be a blast to ride on.

    The “end times” are going to be horrible for the Swinelands. When the P.O. Box Luxury Fund “end times” comes for you I imagine it will be pretty ugly and rough. Is mommy all PO’ed about her “present truth” and non-jet setting vacation schedule? Bet she is. She’s a royal bitch to begin with and I can only imagine how pleasant she is all stressed out with the meager chump change in the bank accounts that used to swell and bust at the seems. That combined with no relief money spending and shopping vacations must have her nearly hell bent by now. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    TICK – TOCK since it os only a matter of time now. Enjoy! People like you Weinlands deserve to suffer for all the joy you have brought to so many you all have devastated. Instant Karma by Lennon is a back ground song here. Crank it up and feel that music.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Did someone mention that jeremy in now an evangelist? If so, what is going to happen to the unknown evangelist willem henderson? Oh poor poor willem is now pushed further down the ladder now that daddy has elevated his son above and over poor poor willem. How does this feel willem?? Now that daddy has elevated audra and jeremy over your head!?

    Oh how you have fallen willem now that there is a false prophetess and an phony evangelist that has replaced you. You were given the rule over europe and now you have rule over nothing! You are now commanded to open your eyes and understanding to see and understand the devil (weinland) that is before you. Flee Flee while you can willem!!!!

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jeremy’s promotion is announced in Weinland’s sermon. I went through my repost of his sermon and bolded some interesting statements so you don’t have to filter out the blather yourself.

    I expect that Jeremy and Audra will be the Two Witnesses in some future timeline, maybe in the 2030s.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I fully agree with you Mike. This is definitely the setup for this transition – if they survive –

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Jeremy is an “evangelist.” That is VERY funny., and kind of adorable.

    Lil’ Jerry is an evangelist, by definition preaching to CONVERT… an evangelist preaches to convert, not minster. A minister “ministers unto”… preaches, explains, comforts, admonishes a congregation. Lil Jeremy is an EVANGELIST? LOL! He can;t even speak without reading a script verbatim, at a Gr. 11 level…no intonation, no insight, no pacing, no exposition. This intellectual and theological pipsqueak is an EVANGELIST… Wayne and Johnny must be pretty insulted! All the effort to evangelize and Lil Jerry is now nipping at their heels without any effort?

    Lil Jerry is ONLY at that rank because Ronald Weinland had a particular orgasm resulting in a particular pregnancy… THAT is Jerry’s ONLY qualification!! That he originated in the reproductive organs of a couple of con artists. Who need a degree in theology and years of ministerial training when you can become an EVANGELIST thanks to semen?!

    Ronald Weinland has a magical weiner!

  • Fooled No More says:

    LOL!!! 😀

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Let me put it this way…

    My wife and I had a couple of very specific, planned orgasms we felt should continue the journey all the way into the world and lo and behold a couple of really great daughters. NEITHER of them are qualified to do my job because I fathered them! You would call me a lunatic if I called them (doers of my job)… BUT JEREMY CAN BE AN EVANGELIST BECAUSE “DADDY”? LMAO!

    Dear God, the logic of the Weinlands is so far beyond stupid it is mind boggling…

  • FedUp says:

    Mike, I can’t thank you enough for filtering out the blather. Huge task. Lots of blather.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    One of my daughters just wandered by my home office door, half asleep and picking her nose… yes, she should be put in charge of a major law firm immediately!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    “… He was going to come in 2012!……. Let the world mock! Let the world make fun, and so forth …” false prophet weinland

    Getting a little testy there false prophet weinland!!! You failed in 08, 11, 12, 13, and now 2019! You have never gotten it right you fool!!

    Let’s look at May 27, 2012, Christ is not here on the earth and it was not in God’s plan to return His Son on that date!! You were wrong and you misled many in your fantasy of being a prophet! You hurt people financially and in their marriages. And now you have the gall to make a statement as listed above!

    Not this time you fool, people know that you are a failure and that long list of former members will speak against you. You have some dues to pay and it is now time to pay!!

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • Acts says:

    The Day of Christ’s Coming
    May 30 2012
    “This “Day of the Lord” is a prophetic day that has a duration of a full year in its fulfillment. It began on Pentecost of 2012 and it will end on Pentecost of 2013. God has revealed that May 27, 2012 was the “prophetic day” for the return of His Son as King of kings. It will take one year to become fulfilled.
    God will make His words to “stand” in the sight of all living on this earth. God has a plan to deliver millions into His new age that is coming—into the millennial reign of His Son over all the earth. Over this prophetic “Day of the Lord,” God is also going to offer deliverance to 63,000 people who were baptized before the apostasy of 1994. However, this also means that throughout this “prophetic day” that God will shake His scattered Church throughout this following year by the death of 7,000 specifically named by Him who will not be allowed to live on into the Millennium.

    God’s final day has now begun!” Ronald Weinland

    Deuteronomy 18

    21You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?” 22If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.
    But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Good Job Acts – you just nailed him!

  • juror bags says:

    Nah Laurdass will take all the reproductive credit and what stellar mini-me’s they have molded them into. How bad would that suck having those two for parents. Does Audra and Silent Jeremy still have to ask if they can get a cookie as adults? Audra was pretty clear in the trial about that she just did whatever they told her to do. And when questioned about when and where she was married she was pretty unsure because Ron nor Laura had instructed her how to answer that one. WOW!

    BUT, SO, ANYWAYS, Let’s get back to Little Mister Baldy (Ron’s unit or Lil’ Ronnie take your pick both obviously suffer from little man’s syndrome) and think about how much longer these other passed by fools will remain happy and active within Ron’s new ranking structure. It would be my guess that Ron and Laura know they have likely taken all they can from these poor, poor souls so they can now discard them just like they always have and always do.

    Really not much of a loss if they go now is it? They have already depleted their 401 K’s, savings, home equities, etc. The Weinlands will simply reboot their con angle and hope that pushing their two worthless to society kids into the grand large and in charge FAKE TITLE positions. We are watching this happen now. Problem is that Mommy Dearest and Deceptive Daddy were only thinking about themselves and there will be NOTHING left for these off spring stooges to take the helm of.

    Ron and Laura are kicking themselves in their asses. No doubt. But then again they do not really care and this will blind side their loser kids one day. As it does most that figure it out. In many ways.

  • martin says:

    “an evangelist, by definition preaching to CONVERT… an evangelist preaches to convert”

    Jeremy has no clue what an evangelist does, he is an unskilled speaker, it’s just a fancy title, with a rank higher than minister, that’s all he knows.

    A general custom among COG’s was that you had to be DOING the job in some capacity before even being considered to be ordained to whatever office.

    Jeremy has done nothing, except read copy written by his father.

  • Fooled No More says:

    On my hard disc, I have the entire original sermon that Ron gave a couple Sabbaths after May 26, 2012 (“Day of the Lord” given 6/9/12). Interesting enough, on the church website, they cut out OVER ONE HALF HOUR out of that sermon.

    Why you ask?/ Well, my cynical mind tells me it’s because in the first minute of that sermon, Ron chuckles about the “trials” people were going through due to Christ’s non return on May 27th. I distinctly remember a somewhat angry letter I got from someone who’s still in PKG (I still have the email), and the fact that Ron was making a joke about how devastated people were feeling after this big letdown.

    Also conspicuous by its absence are the letters that Ron read from different ones and how they were feeling after all of this, but they are on the PDF of the sermon which is here………..

    Just a little tidbit I’d thought I’d pass along.

  • Randy says:

    They Weinland family Mafia is going to keep it all in family , Ron says he is going to write a book so PKG people will send more tighted money to push book and the money whore will spend it , oh maybe he can pay his IRS bill keep talking shit ,asshole !

  • Ozymandias says:

    Jeremy can barely read s sermon let alone evangelize . Audra probably couldn’t read the sermon , so he made her a prophet. What a crock of crap.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Mike, thank you for the embolden sentences of this latest foolishness. I have to say that by reading the embolden parts only I distinctly can see that this false prophet weinland is showing all the classic symptoms of desperation. The attempt to go back and try to “revise” what he claimed to be given directly from God is indeed an act of a desperate false prophet. This will only further the exposure of this false prophet. When you attempt to rewrite history that has already taken place is a dangerous thing to do. It will raise questions and reinforce doubts of those who heard it clearly when it was first stated.

    The checkmate position this false prophet weinland has gotten himself into is that now he “must” reinvent himself. This “reinvention” will further expose the lies and falsehoods of this false prophet weinland. How entertaining this will be, to watch this false prophet weinland twist and jerk in the wind of his own making.

    tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I am referring to the 7th chapter of his soon coming comedy is what I am referring to. This 7th chapter will be nothing but “revisionism” to reinvent himself. Desperate false prophet will resort to desperate means – right false prophet weinland!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I wonder what johnny and wayne are thinking about now? Daddy is about to raise up the phony evangelist jeremy above them. Hummmmm could this be the beginnings of the seeds of division? At present, johnny has an active corporation set up in Georgia to accept tithes that will go directly to him and not the false prophet weinland. How interesting is this!!

    Do I smell blood in the water here?

  • martin says:

    I wonder where Ron’s mother is? I know she left PKG, but I wonder if she’s just at home now, or if she joined another group?

    Does anybody know?

  • Randy says:

    When Ron get out of Fedral,prison for stealing money and he will be on probation so he needs someone he can control to steal tights

  • Randy says:

    Wonder how much cash the money whore got this week ?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I wonder where Ron’s mother is? I know she left PKG, but I wonder if she’s just at home now, or if she joined another group?

    Rumor has it that she has moved on from CoG groups.

  • Ozymandias says:

    By rasing the kids up to prophets and evangelist, he makes them higher than anyone else. How can people in the church not see how ridiculous this is? Jeremy has barely given a sermon or two. Audra and Laura have never given a sermon. How is it possible for people who cannot preach be the head of a church? It’s obvious what he is doing. Do people love him so much , they don’t care what he does wrong? Making them the heads of the Church of God would be absolutely ridiculous ! Too bad his dog is gone or he could give him a position.That craziness alone should make people wonder about his state of mind. Now he wants people to start the food and water crazieness again, so they will have something to concentrate on. Busy work. Write another book. Busy work. Who besides his church will even read it? He reads it in church during sermons because he’s afraid people haven’t read it. People admitted they were 3 posts behind. It will give him and them something to fart around with while his predictions fail again. I know people who had so much stuff they had to sell it to make ends meet after 2013. Now he is starting his scare tactics again. WE are the Church of God, not these man made organizations with money on the brain. Let people stop tithing and Ron and his band of profits would run for the hills. He may do that anyway , in a few years. We all prophesied that Jeremy would get a boost in rank , and we were right. Now let’s see Ron head to Europe in a few years. For his health, of course.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    I love your comments because they are true. I agree, we are all prophets here because everything we have predicted about this false prophet weinland has come true. Are you now jealous false prophet weinland? That there are true prophets here that have nailed you to the wall!!

    Beware! false prophet weinland because the prophets here are predicting your end!! So far, they are batting a thousand where you are batting “O”!! Time to flee false prophet weinland for the hounds of hell are now on their way for YOU!!!

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    The dog had to be put down. From what I know Ron didn’t contribute to it’s care or up keep. At the time the person that had the dog didn’t want anyone to know she had it. She was afraid that some one would come after her cause she had the dog. I was at the house once when Ron came, the dog never even acted like he knew them. Guess that means it was at Joyce’s house more than his? Just more of the sickness of PKG.

  • freeatlast says:

    all the carrot dangler cares about are CARATS for his wife tic toc tic toc tic toc almost a month away!

  • whatmeworry says:

    Well, now we all know, by his own words, he is in a “camp” and lives in a “dorm”, not a PRISON, and lives in a cell block! GAAAAAAhhhh!! All the delusion makes me want to puke.

  • martin says:

    Here is a youtube video of a minister walking on air (not)

    I bring this up to show how gullible people are when presented with such “evidence”. Yes a time is coming when The False Prophet will perform miracles, but that time is not here yet…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron is in the minimum security satellite prison camp at Terre Haute.,_Terre_Haute#Minimum-security_prison_camp

  • Swooncologne26 says:

    Ron telling the misguided sheep , their sinking ship is a submarine ;( ,it will take some common sense and a miracle.

  • Randy says:

    I was just wondering when Ron ( the asshole ) gets out of Fedral Prison will there be a cloth sack and a donkey waiting for him in front of gates or a $17,000.00 suit and a limo there ? The money hoe can’t have a donkey like Jesus she thanks she better !!!!

  • Randy says:

    Like the money whore said after said after she stole the widows $3,000.00 and deposit in her personal checking ! Awesome Audria lets go to Jerrets !!

  • Don D says:

    I’m just gobsmacked by the fact that Ron is still (excitedly and awesomely) gushing on and on and on about how much God is RFEVEALING to him these days. Divine Revelation just seems to be flooding into the Weinland Divine Receptors!

    In fact, I have a horrible feeling that Ron will soon find himself drowning in the GREAT FLOOD of revelation pouring out from God. He’ll need to build himself a Spiritual Ark to survive.

    But what makes ME gasp for breath is that Ron blithely ignores the fact that for all the previous long and tedious years that God has been giving Ron revelation after revelation after revelation, NOT ONE THING THAT GOD HAS REVEALED TO HIM HAS EVER HAPPENED. Not even a little bit of one thing has ever come to pass. Not even 1%. N-O-T-H-I-N-G-!!!

    Surely this can’t have escaped the notice of continuing members of COG-PKG?

    Well, astonishing as it may seem, it obviously has! And you know what? THAT is a genuine MIRACLE!

    Avalokiteshvara will really have to rethink his position on atheism, in the light of that proven, evidence-based, MIRACLE!!

    There you are, Avalo, gotcha with that one, eh?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    LOL! The only “re-thinking” of my atheism is just how much MORE glad I am to be one… glad to be free of the murder, incest, infanticide, and misogyny of the Bible… glad to be unchained from cowering before a god that will torture you forever if you don’t love him unconditionally! Here is the real “miracle”… that anyone at all is religious…

  • martin says:

    33 days left till all hell breaks loose, and what does Ron do?

    Give a fireside chat about the new book he’s writing. (the one that God told him to write, he decided not to obey God and canceled the book idea, then decided he’s got nothing better to do so he’ll write it anyway)

    Ron KNOWS, that nothing is happening in November.

  • Randy says:

    Ron the ( asshole ) knows he has nothing to do with God , just like we all know he doesn’t it’s all about the money it’s all about the money this clown been around for 20 years saying God told him all this stuff was going to happen hahaha he even wrote a book about it and not one thing has happen but the money still coming in and he is still putting his family in money making jobs !!! Open your eyes if a prophet says something is going to happen in the name of God and it doesn’t don’t be afraid to leave him ! Every night I go to bed I pray PKG can see this thief for the crook he is and his wife the money whore , Gossipping bitch see is simple, and like I always said I’m not the sharpest knife in draw , but I can see the Weinland family Mafia for what it is !!!!

  • Jocko says:

    Randy, How is your Mom doing? I hope she’s feeling better and recovers ASAP.

  • Randy says:

    Thank you Jocko she has her day but for the most she is doing much better 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ozymandias says:

    Give her hugs Randy! Crystal

  • Randy says:

    Thanks Crystal I know you care buddy !

  • Randy says:

    Crystal I heard LaurA dog your family so sorry I’m not saying this to be mean , but I would say this under ohat or swarn statement

  • martin says:

    I like how Ron blames everybody and everything else for his failures……it is evil

    First he blames God, God is fickle, God changed His mind about the book, after first revealing to Ron that he must write it.

    Then AFTER God changes His mind, after commanding Ron to write this book, and Ron deciding not to go with the program, Ron CHANGES HIS(Ron’s) mind and now decides to write the book after all (contravening God’s changed mind), and during the Tribulation, where any book written would be too little and too late.

    Does this “operation” sound like it’s being run by God?

  • Ozymandias says:

    Too bad, because I treated every single person in the church with the utmost respect.

  • Ronco says:

    Another post is up for the faithful!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Thanks Ronco, now reposted here on this blog.