A Carrot for the Grumpy Family

The Feast sermons are posted on the PKG website. It includes an introductory sermon delivered by Weinland. The Last Great Day sermon is not yet posted, as Weinland promises yet new revelations.

I am reposting his introduction here, probably will be some time before he again posts on his blog.l

———— Weinland’s Introduction ——————–
Greetings to everyone at this year’s Feast of Tabernacles! It’s great to be able to talk to everyone here today at the opening here of this Feast.

As you know, sermons for the Feast were prepared far ahead of time, and I believe that all were completed by the end of July this year, except for the one, and that’s me. So, anyway, there’s a lot of work that follows these with transcribing into the PDF files, getting them on site, on the site there for everyone to be able to read, and of course the translating that has to take place as well into different languages. So this year we tried to give those who are doing all that work a little more time, and so that’s why the sermons were done as far in advance as they were this year. So everything, I think, has worked a lot better this year than what it did last year.

So, anyway, I’ve waited a little bit longer, as we’re now just starting into the second week of August as I am recording this.

So, again, this year we’ve been consolidated to different sites; different than what we’ve done in recent years. The United Kingdom and Ireland will be at the site in The Netherlands this year. New Zealand, obviously, is over in Australia. And then just the one site in Canada, that’s the same as last year. Then there’s the larger site in only one location here in the U.S. this year. So this is quite consolidated, especially, the United States. People have had to travel farther, and because of that, some haven’t been able to come. Obviously, there are a lot of people who are scattered this year all over the different areas of the world, actually, that couldn’t attend. Most of those because of health reasons, obviously, and age. Sometimes that just takes too much out of people when you get to a certain age, and if your health isn’t good enough to travel long distances it can take so much out of a person that they wouldn’t get out of the Feast what they really need.

So, anyway, a special greetings to all of you as well that are scattered and we’re really looking forward to hear about how everybody’s going to have a fabulous Feast.

So, again, greetings to every one of you at all the sites. We are family!

Well, brethren, I’m not going to take much time in this first official “Welcome to this year’s Feast.” The main reason is because this year I have prepared a message (though much shorter than a regular sermon); nevertheless, it’s kind of a mini-sermon for the last message of this year’s Feast on the Last Great Day.

So I’m saving more of the time for that, to be able to get that completed. Again, it won’t be as long, not nearly as long as a regular sermon. It probably won’t even be as long as a split sermon, but nevertheless, the final message for this year’s Feast. And I am immensely excited! I tell you, I’m just… I’m really excited that this has worked out this way this year, that I’m able to bring you that last message. I’ve been working on some of that today. It’s awesome some of the things I get to share with you. I’m really looking forward to it. And the Feast will go by fast enough and you’ll be able to hear all those things.

But, anyway, since my heart attack, God has been revealing a lot of things to me that go beyond all that He and Christ have given me in the previous years that we’ve been here, and all the posts that have been written; there’s just so much! And I’ll probably have more to say about that on the last day.

But, now, maybe, that will help to stir you up even a little bit more for the excitement for what’s coming. Because I have been dumbfounded. I really have. It hasn’t been that long, just a little over two months now, and literally, in that two-month period of time there’s been so much more given than was given in the whole time that I’ve been here. And you have been given a lot during that period of time!

So, anyway, I do want to state, however, please do not jump ahead and listen to that sermon. I think I’m even going to have it probably uploaded toward the middle of the Feast. But anyway, don’t jump ahead and listen to it. Wait until it’s time that you do so on the Last Great Day. And as always, in such a case as this, do not call or email ahead of those in other sites, who are going to be located in other sites and sharing that with them. That would truly rob them of what they will be able to receive in just the one setting there while on the Last Great Day. So, anyway, keep it to yourself when you do hear it.

So, you’re going to hear a few times throughout this Feast about what God has commanded us. It’s going to be mentioned by several, and that is to rejoice! So don’t let human nature nor a demonic world stir you up in any wrong attitudes or feelings towards anyone during this Feast. It’s God’s Feast. We are God’s children. And to have any wrong feelings or attitudes towards anyone else is to have that directly against Jesus Christ and God our Father. So let’s really watch ourselves. If you get out of bed grumpy, you know, you feel grumpy, then just stay there! Stay there until you become a little more un-grumpy.

You know, it reminds me of a Feast preparation meeting that was taking place in England one year, but I was there my first couple of years at Ambassador College when I was over there, and we were told about this minister’s meeting that was taking place for one of the Feasts one of those years. I don’t remember which one. And one of the evangelists told everyone – he was conducting a meeting – and he told everyone that in the previous year there had been too much complaining, even among the ministry, and he was encouraging and admonishing everyone that they should be on guard against that. So they were all seated and being served a meal at that meeting, and it was right after they had just been admonished about not complaining, that one of the senior ministers took his first spoonful of soup and blurted out, “Wow! This is so salty!” And everyone just stopped and looked at him and he paused a moment and then said, “Just the way I like it!” Anyway, I always got a charge out of that.

But, anyway, brethren, this is just a short welcome to everyone at the Feast. Keep close to God throughout this Feast. This is a very special Feast in the midst of a very special year for God’s Church, this “Year of Dedication.” So let’s make this a special Feast for everyone around us and let’s dedicate ourselves mightily to our elder brother, Jesus Christ, and God our Father as we rejoice. Because that’s what God tells us to do at this Feast.

So, brethren, have a great Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. And as you do so be very thankful to God for giving you the time in which to rejoice before Him.


  • martin says:

    I read nothing about a Great Tribulation in any of this. You’d think it be important to mention.

    Oh wait. Ron knows it’s not going to happen. Remember that “potentials” horse manure? That’s the ticket out.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “Our elder brother jesus Christ…”

    He is your Redeemer and Lord, not some relative you would invite over to watch the football game…If Jesus is “our elder brother” then RON has more power and status than Jesus Christ. The PKG don’t call RON their elder brother, Ron wouldn;t allow it. Ron is an End Time Prophet…so Jesus is LOWER than Ron. Jesus isn’t even a minister and Ron is a Prophet.. I am a total atheist and don’t believe/accept christ at ALL…and not even I have blasphemed god by putting myself OVER Him. Rejecting christ is not as bad as hoisting YOURSELF above him.

    The Devil sought to raise himself over god/christ…just like RON is suggesting now about himself.


  • Waiting for Groundhog’s Day 2016 to see if Weinland is going to have six more months of prison weather.

  • Ronco says:

    “Our elder brother Jesus Christ…”

    I think he stole that from the Mormons…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    But Herbie stole from the Mormons first, ie soul sleep.

    At least he didn’t steal the secret underwear.

  • Eric says:

    “So don’t let human nature nor a demonic world stir you up in any wrong attitudes or feelings towards anyone during this Feast.”

    Especially me. Its evil to think anything bad about me and Satan’s power over you to have any doubts about me.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    So, So, So, So, is that the only grammar Ron can come up with? Also Ron, who would want to jump ahead and listen to you….it’s hard to even read your crap, and most of the time I just skim it. Nothing you say is new or important or worth reading. What a waste of time you have become. Some minister. BORING

  • Swooncologne says:

    God help them ,and open their eyes wide enough .Nothing shocks me about this guy anymore. May God do to Ron what he absolutely deserves.

  • FedUp says:

    I always found the “elder brother” thing to be something of a downgrade of Christ’s status. Then again, my general experience with the COGs was that Jesus didn’t matter very much.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Says he’s dumbfounded. But we knew that.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    If you have notice, as all of the false prophet weinland line of BS, it is always the same format. Doesn’t this false prophet weinland have any other literary style? I have reviewed his former “carrots” in his works and it all the same style and words. In other words, there is nothing new here but the same old line of BS.

    It will be interesting to see the new “lies” that will be embedded in his final sermon on the last day. It is obvious that the false prophet weinland is in full survival mode to save his disgusting butt from financial ruin.

  • martin says:

    The new lie is that there will be no great tribulation. Thus when nothing happens in November it will not be another sign that Ron is a false prophet.

  • Randy says:

    Hey bubba bitch slap your bitch for me give him a real heart attack !

  • Enough is Enough says:


    I am of the opinion you are absolutely correct. This false prophet weinland is already hard at work to set up the new lie. But, this is a common pattern that this false prophet weinland follows. It is always the same line over and over again. I guess if this method works for the dark one it can also works well for the false prophet weinland. It makes you wonder just what the connection is all about?

  • Enough is Enough says:

    This false prophet weinland is, in reality, a desperate and worried individual. I can’t imagine having to live a life of lies in order to survive financially. This false prophet weinland has to maintain lie after lie or faced total financial ruin.

    Sooo it is understandable to witness this constant barrage of lies and falsehoods. As long as this false prophet weinland can keep followers deceived he wins. But the ever present threat of being exposed is always there. It is a sword that is constantly above his head. I am not being sympathetic but I would not want to live of life of lies under these circumstances. It is obvious this is what the false prophet weinland has chosen to do – no wonder he had a heart attack!!

    This false prophet weinland is a breath away from total disaster!! It is no wonder this false prophet is constantly working to keep the deception going for his own survival – in my eyed, it is justly deserved and it WILL collapse by its own design.

  • martin says:

    The fact that Ron didn’t die, but survived his last heart attack should actually worry Ron. Some people are vessels for dishonor, and it seems that Ron is to be kept around so that he can face a judgement down the line. In other words, when he goes, he won’t go easy.

    I believe prophecy shows that false prophets are going to be judged, and that the two main “surviving” camps will consist of The Two Witnesses and The False Prophet + Beast Leader. This will leave the world with two main choices.

  • freeatlast says:

    still tic toc tic toc tic toc to crash and burn!
    on a personal note I have no food and no funds for medicine I need. Iam sorry to ask if anyone can afford $50 today I will pay back $75 on Oct 5 a promise. my paypal is timothy02062@gmail.com best wishes to all of you my NEED is URGENT

  • martin says:

    If you have no money for food, you should be able to get emergency food stamps from the social services office. (that is if you’re in America).

    (I’m unemployed myself, I’m sorry I can’t help)

  • freeatlast says:

    Please no one feel bad if you cant help. Thanks to anyone who can.

  • Debbie says:

    Denial = not just a river in Egypt.

    If the soup is salty … just smile & say it is the best you’ve ever had.

    If the sermons are lacking … someone (other than Ronnie of course ) is doing all the work to get those sermons on the site … and you PKGers better enjoy them if you know what’s good for you.

    Ronnie’s marching orders ….. Whatever the problem that arises – don’t you dare get grumpy. It is OK to be bankrupted by an insane and lying false prophet with sociopathic traits.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Well folks, it is finally here. Zerubbabel The Blue Tasseled Lunatic’s 1260 days of crying out in the wilderness are over and now his prophesied seven days of God pouring out his wrath on the entire Earth are here. Zerubbabel promised that if nothing happens from now on in the next few days then he would give up imagining he is God’s End Time Elijah and Second Witness (the first being Jesus himself). BUT…we all know he is lying. He is so in love with the idea of himself being God’s buddy he will never give up the lies he loves to believe about himself.


    “From time to time I am asked, what if I am wrong? The answer is simple: I would do what my Father’s Word tells all of those who would be his children to do. I would continue to strive with all of my being to live by every word that He sent forth from his mouth. I would continue to separate myself from even touching the dead, and I would continue to wait on him like He told us to do at the end of this era of time. And I would let Him show me my error, and I would do what all of the scattered descendants of Israel should be doing at this time; I would focus on finding his End Time son of man that his word tells us he is going to send to us at this time to restore all things….”

    HE SAYS HE WILL BEGIN LOOKING FOR THE TRUE END TIME SON OF MAN (NOT HIMSELF). LOL! Zerubabbel couldn’t give up his precious lies even if he wanted to. Without his tassels and bathrobe he feels worthless.

    1. Zerubabbel says the world ends in the next few days.

    2. He is wrong.

    3. He says he will stop imagining himself to be the End Time Son of Man. This is a lie.

    4. It will all continue as usual: Zerubabbel will continue with his beloved lies and no one will actual care.

  • Randy says:

    What makes me laugh my mom talks about people getting there nails done and can’t afford it because they gave all the money to Weinland family Mafia , but it’s ok for the money whore to have 23,000.00 rings , $500 massage , cruise , $200.000,000 teddy Bear collection , condos, BMW, Vagus trips , buy all there stuff at Victoria Secerts , got there whole family on payroll ! Just saying !

  • Randy says:

    If any of you young people Goggle PKG or Ron Weindland and thank about joining please read the Fedreal court transcripts and read all the thangs he said would happen and didn’t but they took and spent 4.3 million in tights he is a false prophet !!!!!!

  • martin says:

    Zerubbabel The Blue Tasseled Lunatic, I do think this guy is clinically schizophrenic or a clinical paranoid delusional….not just somebody with different beliefs.

  • Ronco says:

    To hear Ron’s voice again delivering the Feast intro at the PKG site is truly awesome even though it sounds like it came over the telephone… Can’t wait to hear the Last Great Day sermon!!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Well it is even MORE official.

    Zerubabbel has now stated that his current video “The Last Day, The Great Day of the Feat” is his last, ever, now that his witnessing is done! He is even making two new staffs (from olive trees) for his wife and daughter. Just what a young girl dreams of! An olive tree staff hewn from a tree by her delusional father who wears a towel on his head and can hear magic shofars blowing every morning. It will be amazing to watch Zerubabbel go back on his word yet again and start up a new round of videos like none of this happened. This last video of his is his 850th. Guaranteed there will be 851 and more.

    It is Saturday the 26th. Everyone put on your tin foil hats and await the Great And Not-At-All Fearful Day of Zerubabbel’s Wrath!! Hallelujah!

  • juror bags says:

    Feast money pimping hype. Nothing more…. Nothing less. Thanks Becker! The “prison weather” is another classic. That’s great.

    Ron has had so so so so so so so so so much ‘revealed’ what else could be left? He has been given all of the end of the world and great event dates how many times now?

    Anyway anyway anyway anyway anyway anyway. That’s it! Ron is charging per ‘so’ or ‘anyway’. This clown faced con man has been operating on Plan B. Plan A = Dazzle them with brilliance. Plan B = BAFFLE THEM WITH BS.

  • juror bags says:

    I also agree that Ron and Con Clan Co. are sliding down a slippery slope. More people seem to be leaving and there is constantly rearrangements of the fake name title PKG officials. Official dip shits. That’s for sure.

    I do feel and it is fairly evident that the Weinlands are all rubbing two nickels together and praying for a dollar. Just the fact Audra’s condo was listed as a short sale speaks volumes. The tithers are declining in numbers, no new suckers to be had, and all while the Weinland Scam Co.’s expenses have gone up. This is not a good business model and doomed for failure or until someone dies off and leaves these crooks a chunk of change. That is unlikely because their accounts and wealth has already been bled dry and blown by the Swinelands. There is another problematic hurdle for ya Ronnie.

    If I were you I’d look forward to my heart attacks and hope the next is the last. That way you wouldn’t have the suffering of two broke ass miserable PIGS filling your life with joy (bitching) during YOUR LAST DAYS. JACK ASS!

  • Fooled No More says:

    Well the folks that I know of still in PKG are no doubt getting all set to head to the Feast as of tomorrow. I look at it as one BIG chunk of change I don’t have to spend on traveling, gas, food, hotel rooms, offerings, on TOP of tithes! In fact, the money I saved (big time!) I just went and saw the eye doctor today for the first time in years, and will soon have a pair of very much needed new glasses. A (safety) pair for work, and another pair for every day use.

    I could have NEVER been able to afford that with all the money that was going to the “church”, and still be able to pay house bills, utilities, etc.

    And yes, I can see the numbers shrinking in PKG big time! Something tells me that the Last Great Day sermon will be yet another letdown for those remaining in PKG. I liken it to the LGD sermon in 2011, when Ron let it out early that Christ wasn’t returning that following May. Of course, he knew that all along, but had to keep the sheep (including me) rounded up——and keep that tithe cash coming in.

    All I can say is that this past six months have been one GIANT relief financially for me, as I’m not throwing good money after bad. 😉

  • juror bags says:

    That is what is so sickening about the Weinscums. They abuse others for their own personal incomes and over the top pleasures without a thought about it. They know they lie. They know they make up things to beat money out of others. They are criminals in my opinion. Look at where Ron is sitting currently as a convicted felon. Nasty dirty uncaring criminals at that. Without scruples. They enjoy what they do. It’s easy money.

    I am glad you have recognized them for what they truly are. Anyone’s life improves drastically being away from that BS. The way I view the Weinlands and what they do is the same as I see many other scum bag criminal felons. They are almost somewhat like serial killers. They do not kill people but they kill everything about their followers. They kill 401 K’s, savings, retirements, home equities, marriages, families, and leave some in total ruin. They destroy peoples quality of life and basic comforts so they can live in the lap of luxury extravagantly spending other peoples money which is basically stolen with lies. They are dream killers and take peoples lives without actually physically killing them. Other people go to prison for far longer doing exactly what the Weinlands do except they are somewhat covered because their con scam is protected by freedom of religion.

    They steal money from little old ladies on fixed incomes and do not think twice about any of it. These Weinland people are sociopaths. No doubt in my mind. They have zero regard for the destruction they cause and do not care in any way. They are so obsessed with the thrill of taking money from others for their own cushy lazy non-working lifestyles nothing else or no one else matters. It is all about them and their money they lie to steal from others. Nothing else matters and they do not care about any harm they cause along the way. PIGS!

  • Fooled No More says:

    Juror Bags you are so correct when you described The Weinlands as being dream killers. When I first stumbled across PKG in 2008, everything Ron said sounded so good. Of course the world was/is in chaos, and here comes someone that I thought had some sound answers/solutions to rid the world of this chaos—–the return of Jesus Christ. Of course when that didn’t happen, I can’t tell you the bitter disappointment that followed when May 27, 2012 turned into May 28th.

    Of course Ron had a very good (I thought at the time) reason why things didn’t happen, and I went along hoping the next time things would pan out. Fast forward about three years, and I simply had enough!

    I was in touch with someone who had left PKG about two years ago, and not long after I left this past March, we got back in touch with each other. They had no idea all the nonsense that was going on until I pointed them to this site, and words couldn’t express how depressed and down they were after learning all of this. It’s to the point now where I no longer hear from them. I can’t blame them as it seems to me they want to forget any and all things PKG. Someone else had their dream “stolen”, which can in a sense be worse than anything monetarily gone.

    Money can be replaced (most of the time), but to have your dreams stolen due to what is now as I see it, outright lies—–that ain’t so easily returned. 🙁

    I’m truly hoping many others in PKG will see The Weinlands for what they really are—–very manipulative and cunning criminals. And yes, you’re right! They used the cover of “religion” to indulge in ill gotten money. I sure would love to know what the take will be as far as offerings at this upcoming Feast. No doubt the numbers will be waaaaaay down than what they were even a year ago.

    Ron gave a sermon at the 2011 Feast of Tabernacles called “True Freedom”. I consider me being apart from them REALLY true freedom and I know my bank account certainly agrees! 😉

  • martin says:

    Of course there are many proofs (some out of Ron’s own mouth) that he is a false prophet. I do hope this does not discourage people from believe in God or the bible. Ron told a lot of lies. Ron looks like a minister of light to many, but his deeds betray him. Ron’s lack of understanding of the bible and about end time prophecy also betrays him. Ron’s claims about himself are not supported by any evidence whatsoever. Even God says “prove Him”, so God Himself supports the Christians prerogative to prove Him (through things like fulfilled prophecy etc….). But Ron is exempt? You have to take his word for it? LOL. No way.

    Ron contradicts himself on a continual basis. Sometimes in the same blog post, sometimes in the same paragraph!

    Does God support such lunacy? Is God the author of such confusion? No.

    Ron is a liar. There are so many proofs, it’s ridiculous. The PKGers should not be surprised at the end results of following this liar, thief and false prophet.


  • charlie says:

    Zerubabbel says the world ends in the next few days. to paraphrase bill clinton …depends on wht your definition of “few ” is ….LOL

  • martin says:

    Can somebody post the link? I need a good laugh.

  • martin says:


    At the 20 minute mark….he justifies some error he made as still confirming that he’s from God.

    Such stupidity.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Juror Bags & Fooled no More:

    Very well described and very to the point and very true!

  • martin says:

    Ron’s main thrust in either the LGD sermon or next blog post, is to show that the Great Tribulation will not happen or that the physical events will be postponed.

    Possible “proofs” he will try to use, is the book of Jonah, attempting to show how prophecy can “fail” for whatever reason. (the book of Jonah is not a book of prophecy).

    Another possible “proof” that he may try to use is the account of Sodom and Gomorrah. If Sodom/Gomorrah had a minimum amount of righteous people in it, it would have been spared. Ron may use this as a jumping board to show how PKGer’s helped put off the Great Tribulation by simply being around in the world. Thus appealing to their vanity.


    Jeremy Weinland’s bog sermon is hilarious! he just reads the text and clearly has no public speaking skills. But what is really funny is how he completely misses the irony of his message.


    “It’s just stupidity to think that God, who made this amazing plan, would just be cool with someone changing it so that they could serve their own selfish desires and incorporate pagan religion in with the Great God’s true religion, just so they could solidify their own stupid kingdoms of the time. Last time I checked, I’m pretty sure that God doesn’t have such a high opinion of those other false idols and god’s.
    Don’t think He would be okay with combining His awesome plan with some other ill conceived nonsense. Sometimes it’s just hard to believe the stupidity of man…”



    JEREMY WEINLAND: “It’s just stupidity to think that God, who made this amazing plan, would just be cool with someone changing it so that they could serve their own selfish desires…”

    Tell that to YOUR TAX FRAUDING FATHER you nitwit! 🙂

  • juror bags says:

    Hey, cut the money snatching rookie some slack. LOL! So the apple doesn’t fall far from the old lying tree. LYING as in untruthful and laying on the ground in a IRS storm ridden fashion.

    Nitwit is putting it nicely. MoRONic LOSER just like old pops is more accurate. I guess Jeremy’s Luxury Fund pay out has decreased so he had better step up and shake out the “cool” things God has planned now. The God between junior’s ears must be beginning to speak up. A gift inherited from the almightly ron god #3. Seems to run in the family. Somehow God and “cool” just doesn’t jive with me. Almost like ghettoization of God. Guess it is “cool” to bling God up since the Swinelands are all about bling. Has Mommy and sis had to hock any of their bling yet? It is about the Luxury Fund “End Times” for you all. Are you and your exceptional speaking abilities keeping the cob webs knocked off of the P.O. Box? Good Luck with that one. Let me know how that works out for ya. LOL!

    You know it is the hipster’s job now and upcoming more so to give God some street credibility as the FELON father has to pass the torch. Pretty soon God and the Pope in his Pope Mobile with have to be rolling on those big ass shiny 22 inch spinner wheels in order to connect with the masses and be “cool”.

    I find it “truly amazing” that Junior Jeremy hit the nail on the head right there. He has put a very good and “cool” description of the entire Weinscum family in a small nut shell statement and in one simple sentance covering it all. How the Weinlands stupidly adjust and change whatever for their own selfish desires. Very good, Jeremy!

    One problem though. Daddy’s own personal “amazing plan” was not so well planned and that is why pops is a 5 count convicted FELON sitting in the pen over in Indiana.

  • charlie says:

    seems i remember a post by weinland that stated he being in the pen was somehow lauras fault because she accompanied him on the trips… and the govt didnt allow it as a legit deduction … so take that irs

  • juror bags says:

    Another excuse. It is always some one else’s fault or some other excuse as to why Ron the Con is godly #3 and perfect. Absolute nonsense. That is why Ron is sitting in prison. Paying for Laura and family members expensive vacationing habits did not help but where it did the most damage was with the jury not liking these non-stop over the top vacations and we saw them for exactly what they were. Vacations. Just like brain washed Steve Dalrymple when he was trying to explain how a $500 massage was a “church” related expense while on a very nice relaxing cruise. IDIOT! I felt sorry for Steve being so mentally cleansed, There was NOTHING up there except the King & Queen Weinscum. Lost soul he was.

    All expense paid trips on the “church’s” nickel and / tithe funds which we also concluded to be the Weinland’s PERSONAL INCOME. They control every red cent and spent it as they pleased on themselves actually using very, very little funding “church” related expenses. These cons were paying for over the top vacations each year more than they were sleeping in their “church” bought beds at home. They were simply over the top vacations to shop and spend excessive amounts of cash each time. How many did they convert to PKGers out in Vegas? None. Proof in point.

    The prosecution showed when they left, where they went, how long they stayed, what they paid for while gone, and here’s the kicker ……. what little bit of time they spent while on these vacations doing any “church” related activities. The prosecution was very thorough. However, these all expense paid vacations for the Weinland family were a small drop in the bucket about what they really did with THEIR CHURCH CASH in the big picture. It was disgusting how they obsessively spent large amounts on personal luxuries and personal wants. A huge waste of money so they could say ‘hey look at me’.

    Well there was so much being ran in and out of their “church” money laundering accounts they did get looked at. They thought they were large and in charge. Well, Laura is but that’s another discussion. They were reported by banking institutions and that is how they were investigated, caught and Ron convicted. There was no religious beat down or witch hunt on beliefs whatsoever. I will say this again. The prosecution let them off easy and slide in sooooo many ways it is not funny. In fact it pissed me off they skated as easily as they did. Others doing this but not under the disguise as a “church” suffer much greater penalties and much longer jail terms and they ALL go to prison.

    The Weinscums want to think they could fool the people in the court room and mainly the jury that their ONLY physical “church” was their home on the golf course in Triple Crown Country Club and everything they bought for THEMSELVES was somehow a “church” related expense………… Horse shit!

  • charlie says:

    to blame others for your misdeeds is just wrong ……obviously weinland doesnt believe in the words of the psalmist where in psalms 15 it says to keep an oath of Righteousness..even if it is to your own hurt……weinland would shoot down his own mother if it suited his purposes

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    To blame others for your own misdeeds is a core act of religion.

    Pope Francis for example just said that, in reference to the children in Philadelphia that were sexually abused by priests, “…the people who had the responsibility to take care of these tender ones violated that trust and caused them great pain. God weeps for the sexual abuse of children.”

    I see… so God just couldn’t find the power to stop them and just let it happen and now he is just so sad that these pedophiles run around on his watch abusing children? Poor God, with all his powers, is so hurt by all this bad stuff, if only someone could have stopped it… I dunno… maybe someone with DIVINE POWERS who is supposed to be a loving god (but yet does nothing to save innocent children)? Poor lil’ Ronald Weinland just doesn’t have the power to stop god from giving him all these false prophecies, so the PKG must tithe and do what Ron says and hope that god will eventually stop lying and handing out all the lies about Jesus that Ron must tell or else god won;t let us all become super-duper god people….heck, even Zerubabbel openly stated that God gave him mistakes to report.. Z’s lies are all part of god’s plan. And whenever someone stands up to religious bullying there is then always a supposed “war on Christianity”. Blaming others IS religion… and Ronald Weinland is just doing it in a way that is unpopular. The Pope on the other hand knows how to do it in a fashionable way… make god a weeping failure. This is why atheists like myself see atheism (rejecting ‘god as scapegoat’) as a moral position. And which is worse? Rejecting the existing weak evidence for a god or the Pope’s tacitly/ultimately making Him responsible for pedophilia?

  • charlie says:

    religion is wrong ..even Jesus said that ..He was not religious …in fact He condemned the religion..weinland is religious even if it is his own satan inspired one.. definition of true religion ..can be found in James 1 :27

  • Randy says:

    I can hear them all now in Cinn.Ohio talking how bad things are now , Ron was right , Hahahaha good thing the where not alive in
    Great dust bowl
    Great Depression
    The flew of 1913
    Ron don’t know his ass from a hole in ground

  • Randy says:

    Give, give and give my be you will die before you all go broke and starve to death from this asshole taking your money he has nothing to do with God !
    If any man tells you something is going to happen in Gods name and it don’t don’t be afraid to leave him !!!!
    No man
    No Angle
    Nor the son will no the day or hour of the return of Christ
    Or no thief like Weindlands !!!!
    Only date Ron knows is 2/17/2016 his release date from Fedral Prison !!!!!!!! For stealing PKG money not for persecution !! Just saying
    Make sure you all give The money Whore money so they have a great feast

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    I wish we all lived closer to Cinn. Ohio, we could picket PKG and there would be nothing they could do about it, as long as we were peaceful. Just think of the signs we could carry.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    … and draw attention to these scumbags? Let’s not give them the free press, and give Ron the chance to lie and say that the whole world is watching the Witnesses and mocking…just like Scripture says… and on and on. Protesting the irrelevant makes them “relevant.”Ron;s filthy lying mouth is doing a better job of discrediting him. Let’s let him go for it on his own steam.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I’ve had suggestions before that I show up outside a PKG meeting to picket. So who would see me? Those in the public have no notion of what’s going on anyway. And those in the PKG meeting wouldn’t be swayed, if anything it would make them feel persecuted and close ranks.

    Instead, I have this website that has some facts. When they’re ready, it will be here for them to read.

  • FedUp says:

    I agree, Mike. That’s the best course of action. If there is even a whiff of “persecution” these people will grab onto it with both hands. It may even prevent people who are on the fence from finally leaving.

  • martin says:

    Yes, picketing would give them free publicity, and it would help confirm their mistaken belief that they are being persecuted.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Also, PKG usually has their meetings in hotel conference rooms. I seriously doubt that the hotel management would allow picketing to go on anywhere on their property, so picketing would be relegated to the street where most PKG members wouldn’t see you unless they drive out to spend some of their 2nd tithe on a restaurant.

  • charlie says:

    maybe you could rent a billboard because most of pkg certainly will not come here ..i know some do thinking they are spying for their cause ..probably not the word that was used from whoever sent them..maybe thats whomever…lol

  • Does anyone have any numbers for those attending the feast sites?

  • Randy says:

    So they say !!!

  • Randy says:

    Most are old sick and broke !!!!

  • Fooled No More says:

    Not doubting you Randy, but man that’s got to be crowded! I couldn’t stand it! Going out to eat anywhere HAS to be a nightmare! I’m sooooo glad I don’t have to deal with that!

  • Soap Opera says:

    Hi Randy,
    Is that 500 worldwide or just Cincinnati??

  • Fooled No More says:

    Soap Opera, I understood it to be Cincinnati. Not long before I left I had heard numbers similar to that being spoken of. Still, that’s just too many folks in one place. I’m curious as to how many rooms had to be opened up to handle that many people.

    I was at the Feast last year in Cincy, and the place just didn’t seem that big to hold so many, but I could be wrong.

  • martin says:

    Ron “This is a very special Feast in the midst of a very special year for God’s Church, this “Year of Dedication.””

    This whole “YOD” is nowhere in the bible in any shape or form that I know of….

    It’s all made up by Ron. Nothing about a YOD in prophecy at all.

    It’s ironic that in the YOD, Ron is DEMOTING people, you’d think he’d be promoting people.

    PKGers are fond of empty useless titles, it appeals to their vanity, they’d rather have and keep a title than know the truth. Sad.

  • Randy says:


  • Randy says:

    I hope mom didn’t take her toilet paper to follow LaurA around !!!!

  • Byker Bob says:

    Well, the news is out. The “Year of Dedication” is not really a carrot. They’ve gotten so low that now they are dangling parsnips rather than carrots. Therefore, the smart rabbits are no longer chasing the bait.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    The Year of Dedication… a year of being dedicated to stealing as much money as the Weinlands can from old WWCGers that are too heavily invested in the lies of the PKG to do anything else. This year’s “Year of Dedication is next year’s “Year of X”… X being whatever lie makes the Weinlands money.

    Ronald Weinland… a human toilet masquerading as a vase full of flowers… my Persian cat’s anus produces the same material that flows from Ronald Weinland’s mouth…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Well… EXACTLY as I said…

    Zerubbabel has lied YET AGAIN and is continuing his on going series of delusional videos and angry denunciations of anything or anything that has anything to do with sanity! Guaranteed Ronald Weinland and Zerubabbel will do anything but tell the truth: they are delusional liars. Good old religion… the vast country of liars and thieves…

    Millennials are rejecting religion… Hmmm..I wonder why…

  • Ronco says:

    Good old Zerubbabel!

  • martin says:

    Zerubbabel has THE WORST speaking voice and speaking style.

    He rambles a stream of disconnected thoughts (supposedly) related to whatever his main subject is.

    Every prophecy in the bible, is about him. He’s actually worse than Ron, except Ron rakes in more money, this guy makes nothing as far as I know.

    What kind of income does he have?

  • Is Ronald Weinland an alcoholic?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Zerubabbel up and sold everything he owned, and was also getting a little money from some now departed ex-members who finally woke up to his delusions. he had a big gun collection, but it was old off too.

    As for his speaking style he reads line after line from a script, and always raises his voice at the end of every sentence like a 5 year old, save for the sentences that he wants to make himself sound like he is powerful. It is usually three or four raised lines then two lines where the sentences drop off at the end. So it sounds like Z is asking three question then providing two answers. Something like:

    1. Today is the fourth day of the ninth month on Satan’s calendar?
    2. And it is amazing how you refuse to follow god’s appointed times?
    3. You listen to these videos and read my blog yet you do not follow them?
    4. That is because you are filled with pride and reject what god has given me to give you (sentence goes down).
    5. And you refuse to follow that which He has restored at this time (sentence goes down).

    He has made 851 videos to date and they say EXACTLY the same thing just in different fonts and graphics. It is like listening to a deranged five year old describe their first day of kindergarten….

  • martin says:

    I can hear all that in his voice…..


  • Randy says:

    Ron ( the asshole ) is spending his third feast in federal prison for stealing PKG money , not for persuction !!! His arigant ass is right where it belong with the rest of crooks and the rest of his family needs to do time !!!!!
    Spent $4,000,000.00 in 3 years on personal stuff
    Got whole family on pay roll
    And $500 massage for him and his bitch just read court transcript facts Jack

  • Randy says:

    The PKG people just need to read transcript to see how much money LaurA spent in Jarrets Jewerly in Cinn. Ohio !!!!! And you all know how she Gossipping about you all !!!!

  • martin says:

    I’m going to assume that Ron’s health is still poor. In other words, even if he was let out early and allowed to travel, it would probably be too much strain on his health and he probably wouldn’t do it as much as he would want to. With that said, I don’t think he would be able to preach as often as his job would demand of him, and that basically would be (according to Rev 11) EVERY DAY. Not this nonsense where you post every 5 weeks.

    The bible says THEY TESTIFY FOR 1260 DAYS. Not once in a while. This is a demanding schedule. You would need “power” to do this.

    Neither Ron (because of health reasons) nor his wife Laura (because she is lazy and unskilled at speaking) are up to this job.

  • martin says:

    Another potential “escape clause” Ron might invoke is that of Moses….

    God was going to destroy Israel, and perpetuate a line through Moses. But Moses pleaded on their behalf, and God relented.

    (I hope I’m not giving him ideas)

  • martin says:

    On November 9th, the first day of the for real physical Great Tribulation.

    Ron will still be in jail.

    I don’t think Laura will go to Jerusalem without Ron. But she may scrape together some money to go with Audra and Jeremy.

    In my opinion, Laura will wake up in her comfy bed, roll her fat ass over, and then go back to sleep. She is a sloth. Too lazy to do any real work or speak for 1260 days.

  • juror bags says:

    Weinlands days are almost OVER. Both money taking and living. That jackass might have at the TOP of his delusional game had 400 – 500 tithers. Many were one time Charlies or one time Lois’s. Better pay God Fast and well so you can pay the COVER CHARGE to walk thru the Pearly Gates.

    Ron the Con and the PIG wife and daughter + Not So Silent Jeremy hype stuff up so big and so bad it is sick. HEY LOOK AT ME! People buy into that and these SCAM ARTISTS know that. More like selling hedge funds and such……. Better jump in because you might miss something.

    2+2 = 4


  • Enough is Enough says:


    I agree with you that the false prophet weinland health is an issue. The stress of trying to maintain the herd will be physically difficult. This false prophet may attempt to hit the heavy schedule but will probably use his parole supervisor as an excuse not to travel.

    It will be interesting to see what he does with johnny and wayne. The ego of this false prophet weinland has no room for competing speakers. This false prophet knows that once his influence starts to wane over the herd the other two will smell the blood in the water and begin the overthrow of this false prophet weinland. This is typical behavior of cults and it is historically proven. We will see.

    The “new lie” should be appearing in the next few days. This false prophet weinland already knows that it will be heavily critiqued here. Take my word, it will cause indigestion for the false prophet weinland.

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • martin says:

    It’s pretty convenient that he’s learning all this new stuff right before when the Great Tribulation (for real and physical this time), doesn’t happen.

    A lot of people in jail have an “epiphany”. Ron is not different.

    Ron’s Revelation will involve how PKG (ie Ron) got this whole Tribulation thing wrong, there is no Great Tribulation.

    Proofs will involve (maybe) Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses, the book of Jonah, maybe Blood Moons, and how many times the stray cat meowed.

    It’s all made up in Ron’s head. Eat up PKGers, it will be a good meal.

  • martin says:

    39 days and counting…………………………………………………….

  • Enough is Enough says:

    juror bags:

    daddy is going to have to demote audra and promote jeremy in order to transfer the family business to the kids. this may be in the works – who knows –

    just maybe, this may be part of the “new lie”. Do you think jeremy is up to becoming the new ceo of weinland enterprises?

  • Randy says:

    I bet the money whore Laura went to Jerrets with all the money see collected down in Cinn. At feast !!!

  • martin says:

    Ron + Laura -> spiritual Two Witnesses

    Laura + Jeremy -> physical Two Witnesses

    It would be laughable if they did decide to take this route. Laura + Jeremy are more incompetent than Ron + Laura (and these two are lying thieves).

  • martin says:

    I thought Ron was going to post his sermonette or whatever he was giving, midway of FOT.

    I guess he doesn’t want people criticizing it.

  • total life change says:

    I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and without a
    doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy that I found this in my search
    for something concerning this.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Welcome to the blog “total life change”. Looking forward to your future comments.

  • martin says:

    total life change, what is your story? Were you thinking of joining PKG? Did you have doubts?

    To speak plainly, there are a lot of proofs that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet. That NONE of his prophetic utterances came to pass is proof enough.
    We are talking about a man who claims to be a prophet and has made prophetic utterances (“ex cathedra” if you will) and none of it came to pass, is the bible definition of a false prophet.

    Now I personally place a difference on a man who claims to be a prophet and has made official pronouncements as a prophecy, and the man who is a preacher trying to understand and/or preach about prophecy but his understanding is wrong.

    For example Paul (or Peter) thought the Second Coming was in their lifetimes, but they were mistaken on the timing.

  • martin says:

    For example, Laura has scheduled a trip to Bowling Green, KY on Nov 14, 2015.

    Laura KNOWS the Great Tribulation is NOT happening already. She knows it. So does Ronald Weinland.

    Because nobody would schedule a trip anywhere if they thought the Great Tribulation would start Nov 9th of 2015.

    If they thought it was true, they would schedule a trip to Jerusalem, where presumably the Two Witnesses will operate out of, and use as their base of headquarters.

    Rev 11, says BOTH Witnesses testify. That is they BOTH preach for 1260 days. Now Ron will steal be in jail, and Laura has no speaking skills whatsoever, except to gossip. So no, neither are going to fulfilling any prophecies come this November.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    “total life change” is actually a spambot. Normally, the antispam plug-in will catch this kind of spam, but occasionally one leaks through. Still pretty good considering that it caught over 8800 spam comments in the last few weeks.

    If you look at the comment and think about it, it could fit on just about any blog. I would have deleted the comment except for the replies, however I did delete the link left by the spambot as that was the real payload.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron’s LGD sermon now published, and republished on this blog for your commenting pleasure.