Extra Baggage

A comment was left earlier with what appears to be the latest list of elders. I do not have independent verification, but it appears to be genuine.

I annotated the list, replacing initials with full names.  I also compared lists, identifying some demotions and a few promotions, also adding a list of people no longer listed as elder.

Notably absent from the list is Helen Terlecki, a long time member and a confidant (to whatever that’s possible) of Laura.  Her son reports her to be ill.  I hope she recovers soon and will also be added to the list of ex-members.

There were some senior elders demoted to elder: Lynnette Eckhardt, Dave Conley, and Mitch Williams.  Leonard McGlynn of Canada is no longer on the list.  Newly promoted were Joey and Sarah Shockey, Sarah being Beth Bucheit’s daughter.  Of the 10 senior elders listed, half are from Cincinnati.

——- comment with annotated list ——————-

This is a current list of those who are in the ministry from associate elders through sr. evangelists. We are sending this to everyone since there has been another round of nearly thirty more being removed/retired from the ministry. We want to remove any confusion as to who is actually serving in the various areas and in what capacity.
Most all who have been retired/removed from the ministry are the result of health issues and/or the normal course of some simply getting older and who have no need to be burdened with the kind of work that will be required within the next few years. A very few are being removed because there is simply no need in some areas to continue to sustain a ministry. Laura and I are very thankful to all who have served and supported the Church and ourselves as they have. We have not included Laura, Audra, or myself in this list, as that certainly is not changing.

Sr. Evangelists:
—Johnny Harrell, United States
—Wayne Matthews, Australia

—Willem Henderson, Netherlands

—Myrtle Harrell, United States

Sr. Elders:
—Garth Blake, New Zealand
—Beth Bucheit, Cincinnati
—Patty Dalrymple, Cincinnati
—Steve Dalrymple, Cincinnati
—Doris Giles, Georgia
—Jim Jamieson, Idaho
—Chris Matthews—Australia,
—Joey Shockey & Sarah Shockey, Cincinnati
—Jeremy Weinland, EU

—Geneva Abraham, Georgia
—Phillip Bruner, Missouri
—Jimmy Carlisle, Texas
—Diana Carr, Oregon
—Greg Chipps, Michigan {demoted}
—Jimmie Coleman, Cincinnati
—Dave {demoted} & Shelley Conley, Virginia
—Chris Czech,Washington
—Richard Dryden, Minnesota {promoted}
—Lynnette Eckhardt, Illinois {demoted}
—Jacque Edwards, Arizona
—Glen Gagas, Texas
—Matt Garratt, Australia
—Paul Giles, Georgia
—Jodi Habel, Cincinnati
—Caroline van Delft Henderson, Netherlands
—Amanda {Wrozek} Jaskolski, Ohio
—Pam Johnson, Cincinnati
—Mike Knopp, Cincinnati
—Debra & Travis Luksich, New Mexico
—Diane Newell, Florida
—Laura Peña, Texas
—P. Polatsidis, Australia {new}
—Charles Rosenberger, Cincinnati
—Nathan Urquhart, Australia
—Edwin van Horne, Netherlands
—Al Volle, Cincinnati
—Tom Volle, Cincinnati
—Eric Wiesman, Canada
—Lori Williams, Mississippi
—Mitch Williams, Washington {demoted}
—Kathi Wilson, Tennessee
—Philip White, United Kingdom {promoted}
—Dee Wobbe, Missouri
—Alain Yvorra, United Kingdom

Associate Elders:
—Jon Baillie, Australia
—Brian Button, New Hampshire
—Izabel Costa, Netherlands
—Sandy Czech, Washington
—K. Garrett, Australia {? Katy Garratt}
—John Haugen, Washington
—Zoran Illitch, Australia
—Dale Lindemann, Canada
—Donna Madison, Pennsylvania
—Shirley McKee, Canada
—Matthew Payne, Alabama
—Jolanda Peeters, Netherlands
—Conrad & Michelle Reger, Florida
—Angela & Trevor Rendall, Washington
—Eric & Stacey Stephenson, Cincinnati
—Gijs & Mieke Van Lerberghe, Netherlands
—Kalee Wiesman, Canada
—Josephine Yvorra, United Kingdom
—Ken Zitt, Cincinnati

—Sandy Bays
—Tim Brown
—Pat Cameron
—Pauline Cameron
—Barbara Carter
—Lois Doemeland
—Curtis Fields
—Don Edwards
—Bert Foerschlea
—Skip Henry
—Angela Hopkins
—Susan Illitch
—John Masterson
—Leonard McGlynn
—Derek Mendygral
—William Milne
—Una Milne
—Tom Morrison
—Charmaine Muller
—Shirley Reed
—J-Noble Snowdeal
—Russ Shoemaker
—Gerry Schulte
—Nancy Schulte
—Dorothy Smith
—Debra Tiernan
—Tim Tiernan
—Helen Terlecki
—Susan Illitch
—Stan Watson
—Mark Wiesman
—Vera Williams
—Thelma Woods
—Paul & Lori Wroten


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I don;t get it… Helen Terlecki came here often to point out the lies of the Weinlands and expose their falsehoods.

    HOW could she still be a member? I know she hasn’t been here for awhile, but she was a major, vocal opponent of the Weinlands….

    …she went back?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Helen Terlecki is Randy’s mother. The other Helen Terlecki Wright you’re thinking of is Randy’s cousin.

  • Jocko says:

    So Randy’s mom has been removed from the list of elders! Praise the Lord!!!

    Please keep Randy’s mom in all our thoughts and prayers so she gets well soon and adjusts to no longer being a PKG elder after so many years of dedicated service.

    May God bless Randy, his mom Helen, his cousin Helen as well as all the other members who were fired as PKG elders.

    And the insane PKG leadership didn’t even request that Donald Trump inform the elders they were fired from working for the gang of thieves!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    It looks like a very top heavy organization. I guess this is all about rewards for those who do not opposed the false prophets/witnesses weinlands – how sick and distorted is this!!

  • Randy says:

    Mom had a big piece of cancer cut of her face yesterday, they said they got it all 🙂 , the changed her meds and she was getting realy sick and dizzy last few days she is doing better thanks so much for prays ! I’m so glad they move mom out now if she would just leave PKG for good !!!!!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Good news Randy. Hopefully she’ll be back to normal soon. If this was skin cancer, she should use sun block if she goes outside to garden or whatever.

    Now if someone would just invent false-prophet block!!!

  • martin says:

    Basically everything Ronald Weinland prophesies the upside down inside out reverse happens.

    Ron say thousands will flock to PKG. Instead, Ron starts demoting everybody in PKG who have outlive their usefulness.

  • Randy says:

    Sounds like they clean out Detriot church, Stan, Gerry ,Nancy, Mom and demoted Gregg !

  • Fooled No More says:

    In the removed column I see a couple names that I know. Interesting in that their ordinations were fairly recent——as in the last couple years.

  • FedUp says:

    So, Ron says there are some areas where there was no longer a need to sustain a ministry. Which means people are leaving.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    But what about the need for elders to serve the hordes of people that are soon to be joining?

  • Karen says:

    Does anyone know what happens to the relationship between the people in the church and those who have been “removed”? Can they still have any contact with them?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I love how Ron makes it sound like he is being so nice by lifting the heavy burden of eldership from those that have no significant amount of tithes left!

    All those loyal seniors thrown away because of Ron;s lies and theft no longer working to the maximum capacity on them. Remember, “GOD” told Ron to have all these extra elders around because millions, (yes, “MILLIONS”) of people were going to join the PKG right before Jesus came for sure no doubt…three years AGO!! The PKG sure love being used by Ron… it is almost a fetish… they can’t feel good unless Ronald Weinland robs them blind…

  • There’s the old saying, Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

    In this case, Swineland creates the position and promotes people to it, drives them crazy and then demotes them. Or eliminates them altogether.

    Perhaps there needs to be another category, under associate elder — something like, honorary elder. Elder Emeritus? Elder elder? Erstwhile elder?

    If your position is irrelevant and useless, it can be called anything at all.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    If I am a judge of human nature I would say that the “demoted” ones will probably leave on their own. As far as contact goes, the only ones who are “taboo” are the disfellowshipped and those that speak ugly things (truth) about the false prophets/witnesses weinland.

  • martin says:

    Ron is not very smart. First you give a whole bunch of people meaningless titles, then you take them away? This is going to upset people who view this vanity with serious intent. It’s not like they are salaried. Outside of Ron and his family ilk, I don’t think anybody gets paid anything.

    In the OT, God “jokes” about how even whores get paid, but Israel was “whoring” itself out to other nations and didn’t demand any payment.

    Sounds like a lot of PKGers.

  • charlie says:

    wonder if weinland will continue to mis translate his posts from the original Klingon as usual ..can hardly wait til the next one
    seems pkg is falling apart at the seams

  • charlie says:

    oh ..one more thing ..and this is addressed to ron weinland himself …..if i am disfellowshipped from the church ..why have i never received any notice ?…

  • martin says:

    a “gem” from Ronald Weinland “The first five seals of Revelation are solely about the Church. That is incredible, and the remnant has lived it. Those first five seals include much of the prophecy written about things the Church has experienced, including that which concerns the last two eras. We also see that even when the other seals were opened, the Church and God’s servants are still at the forefront of all that is mentioned.”

    1st Seal, How did this apply to the church? Who conquered who?
    (Rev 6:2) And I saw. And behold a white horse! And he sitting on it had a bow. And a crown was given to him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer.

    2nd Seal, Who killed who in the church? How did this apply, how did the remnant live this out?
    (Rev 6:4) And another, a red horse, went out. And power was given to him sitting on it, to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another. And there was given to him a great sword.

    3rd Seal, how did this apply to church?
    Rev 6:5 And when He had opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, Come and see. And I looked, and lo, a black horse. And he sitting on it had a balance in his hand.

    4th Seal, 1/4 of mankind is killed, how did this apply spiritually? physically? None of it happened, you said the remnant LIVED IT (past tense).
    (Rev 6:8) And I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him sitting on it was Death, and Hell followed with him. And authority was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and by the beasts of the earth.

    5th Seal talks about the martyrdom of saints, did member die? were they killed for the word of God?
    (Rev 6:9) And when He had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the Word of God, and for the testimony which they held.

    Ron talks about stuff happening, in the past, the remnant lived it.

    I’m amazed a single person is still with this liar.

  • Helping others says:

    Sure seems like the Michigan group is shrinking, didn’t there used to be many more elders in that area

  • Ozymandias says:

    Some of these people are older and some are sick, so its understandable they would have a difficult time serving as an elder.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    You have to remember that the PKG don;t ever read Ron’s posts or listen to PKG sermons. If they actually paid attention they would run the other way immediately.

    They just see/ear what they want and ignore the rest… they love to hear about how special they are. That is it. They hear that they have lived through the first five seals, and that is all. They ignore the rest because they are so excited to be “in” the Bible. No matter ho STUPID or anti-Bible/Christ Ron gets they love to hear about themselves and will continue following Ron as long as they hear what they want about how special they are.

    They love thinking that the Bible is about them, and not Jesus… this is why the PKG will believe Ron… the PKG think THEY are the true stars of the Bible. How can you combat stupidity and arrogance that thick?

    NO MATTER WHAT… they will believe Ron… because Ron sells them a better story than the truth of their lives being ordinary…

  • Janet Treadway says:

    Well Mark Wiesman who is on the list of being removed is married to Patty Dalrmple’s sister. So glad to see him in that list. Also I saw one young man that was on the removed list I know his dad. Also glad to see that. SaAldly Eric Wiesman is still in the group list and is Mark Wiesman;s brother. Al Volleys wife just died and I now a friend who attended the funeral. He said Steve Dalrymple performed the funeral. I was going to go as it was open for people to attend but I had something else to come up. So sad how this just divide families. Thanks for posting this.

  • Janet Treadway says:

    Two of those on the removal list are still young so I doubt it was health or elderly issues.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron’s big list is basically just like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And while Ronald Weinland is trying to make mankind stupider and weaker, we have another amazing fossil discovery that will expand and inspire human thought and humanity…


  • Byker Bob says:

    In most of Armstrongism, unless there is rebellion or moral failure, aren’t ordinations considered to be “for life”? I’ve never heard of mass removals like this, except in cases of financial cut backs, and in those cases, the individuals involved often find secular jobs, whole retaining their “rank”.

    Well, when this news hit, always the rock n roller, a theme song for the event popped into my head: Love Removal Machine, oddly enough, by a group called “the Cult”!

    Bottom line, this mass removal is just one more bit of testimony against Ron Weinland, and on several levels.


  • This is, however, typical for a corporation. There are major shakeups in corporations all the time, with people being promoted, demoted and even eliminated.

    This should make perfect sense for the PKG because it is a church cult corporation with Weinland as the all powerful CEO: Nobody else is anything at all and he moves them around on his whim to satisfy his hidden agendas.

    Unfortunately, his corporation doesn’t produce anything and is in danger of folding — meaning that the ‘executives’ in his ‘top management’ are irrelevant.

    This is like shuffling deck chairs on the Hindenburg.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Oh, the humanity.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron gives all the tattle tales a meaningless title and his phone number. Pretty soon his phone is ringing off the hook with information he already has. Ron NEVER liked anyone calling him directly , so now they are driving Laura crazy. She loves gossip, but they both love the chain of command. People want to give their juicy tidbit to Ron or Laura personally so they can get CREDIT for it. I know people that bragged about having Laura on speed dial. Laura only wants to hear from a few people, but the ELDERS want to work their way to the top. I bet it was like a three ring circus! After the trouble makers left, they had far less to gossip about , but that probably didn’t stop them. Now Ron is locked up and never gets his fair share of phone calls, Audra leaves for Europe, Jeremy is long gone , and Laura gets the brunt of ALL the gossip( which she has already heard from her top gossips) and any problems and questions people have. People don’t really like the chain of command, cause they don’t get CREDIT for having said it first. They realize a few of the tattle tales must be eliminated to save phone time.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    How right you are Ozy!! I hope that the heaviness of what those two false prophets/witnesses created drives them to the realm of the insane!

    The Ringling Brothers Circus would have been envious of pkg performance of clowns.

  • martin says:

    Ronald weasel Wienland has a bad habit of retro-disfellowshipping people.

    In that list, the people who were demoted. Do they still attend? Did they leave voluntarily? Were they too much of a bother (calling Laura)?

    Were they in fact disfellowshipped?

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, in answer to your question, the people I know of that were demoted on that list are still in PKG. I’ll go so far to say that many times we had services right in their home, and this was long before they were ordained to elders.

    Just the same, it has to be a bit demoralizing to be ordained with such surprise (on their part), then for it to be ripped away due to “lack of members” in only a couple years. I’m sure they’re still attending services—-especially the ones out of town. I’m just not sure what the atmosphere would be like as people now know you’re not the “go to” person anymore.

    Sad state of affairs, but predictable!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Fooled No More

    Give it time and the resentment will surface and the anger will take root. Then the research will begin and he/her will finally see the real truth about this false prophet weinland

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Isn’t that always the way? All a person has to do is read more than three HONEST words about Ronald Weinland, and they come to see the TRUTH rather quickly. In fact, all the PKGers who have come to this site, whether they like it or not, have read the truth about Weinland. The lag time comes in whether or not they will ACCEPT truth or continue to want to live in lies.

    EVERY single one of those who have left the PKG have learnt something true.

    Everyone who stays chooses to NOT learn the truth.

  • Ozymandias says:

    They have stayed with Ron through thick and thin, and some will never leave . It’s not logical , but that’s the way it is. They have their little group, and they depend on what is familiar. They would rather be wrong all together , than be right and alone. They look to the Weinlands for everything. Some of them don’t do anything without checking with Ron or Laura first. They’re followers, and they need someone to follow. He’s as good as anyone I guess.There is real fear here, and it’s not fear of God, but fear of not knowing what to really believe unless someone tells you. These people don’t trust their own mind, because they have been conditioned not to. We were always taught that you cannot make a decent decision on your own, and without church guidance we will become a pawn of the devil. ALL their faith is in men and they don’t even realize it.

  • juror bags says:

    “Removed because there is simply no need in some areas to sustain a ministry”

    Translation = Some followers have “simply” figured out the cult money making scam and removed themselves from tithing to Ron god #3. No money also equals little or no use to the Weinlands.

    This new poker game card shuffle is merely Ron and Laura putting fake name tags on the bigger spenders to make them feel special while they get screwed out of their cash.

    Much like the casinos comping rooms and meals to the gamblers losing bigger amounts of money.

    Ron and Family really liked to frequent Las Vegas……………….. DING!

  • juror bags says:

    And yes this is good news because it shows clearly that the PKG SCAM has been damaged by Ron’s FELONY CONVICTIONS.

    Just look back a few ramblings ago and refer to the travel schedule. It is very low key comparatively speaking to what the traveling jet setting money duo used to do just a few years back.

    Betcha Laura is pissed because the blowing excessive free cash days are OVER and now the stress of just keeping enough coming in to barely squeak the payment for the house on the Triple Crown Country Club golf course is the new PKG Cult reality.

    It is also pretty apparent that Audra could no longer afford her condo and HOA fees in Oak Brook. Mommy and Daddy Dearest had to cut some expenses do to the dwindling P.O. Box in Cincinnati.

    That’s wonderful! I remember during Ron’s CRIMINAL TRIAL where it was said that Audra had to run over to the infamous P.O. Box numerous times a day to empty all of the cash and checks out of it because so much free money was arriving daily.

    Now Laura might go once a week or month and find very little. KARMA! The U.S.S. Weinland Money Ship is sinking.

  • Goneandforgotten says:

    I see two I know that are on the removed list. One is having health issues as well as his wife. I wish them well. I hope they end up leaving. I just recieved word from someone still in the church that Ron was not and will not be released early to recouperate at home. His release date stands as it is in 2016. It’s going to be a long cold winter. Maybe the old ship COG will shipwreck.

    Randy-quick healing to your mom. Hang in there. I hope her eyes open a bit!!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    juror bags,

    good to hear from you. Lies have a terminal end and this is what is happening to the false prophet weinland. claiming to start his false witness testimony to the world on nov 7th while he is in prison speaks for itself.

    i have no doubt that some will begin to question the validity of these two false prophet/witnesses. another factor is that this false prophet is getting to old to handle the stress of being on the go all the time – remember – this false prophet weinland has been on vacation for the last three year and to suddenly get back into the stress of maintaining a false church will be trying in itself.

    i will take great pleasure in watching this false prophet weinland get his just dues in losing all that he has gained by deceit and fraud!

  • Enough is Enough says:


    remember that if this false prophet were released to home early these two false ones would have to pay 25% of claimed income to the prison system. it is always about money with these two deceitful false prophets/witnesses! laura is not about to reduce what little income they have left even if her aging husband has to remain in prison to its full term.

  • juror bags says:

    It is also a good possibility they do not have the extra cash for Ronnie’s early release.

    This entire scam almost reads like the instant millionaires that win the lottery and then wind up filing bankruptcy a short time later. In essence the Weinlands did win the religious tithe lotto because the tithe cash wash all theirs to do with as they wished. This was shown in court. I do not believethey would have been caught if they would have managed it better.

    They were turned into the authorities because so much money was coming in and being spent so quickly. Much like a money laundering operation which is about exactly what they were doing. That and GREED.

    If Ron and Scam Co. would have simply paid some taxes on their PERSONAL INCOMES the IRS would have let it go. The IRS is in business to collect taxes on income. They are not in business to keep people from squandering their money on a bogus preacher. They could care less about that as long as they are collecting what is due to them. Plus their hands of authority are tied since the GREEDY CONS had their SCAM registered as a religious organization. That alone made it very difficult for the IRS to approach this CRIMINAL ENTITY.

    In my opinion most or I’ll just say many of these 503 C tax free church // or charity organizations ABUSE their status with tax codes. Many are scams but the con-artists are a bit smarter than the Weinlands.

  • juror bags says:

    IF they did have the piles of free flowing tithe cash flooding their bogus P.O. Box you can bet all you have that Ron would be free from prison ASAP.

    The stress Ron has is what probably gave him the heart problems again OR that second heart attack is likely just another LIE to make tithers feel sorry for them and give more cash. That would not surprise me one bit either.

  • juror bags says:

    No matter what the Weinscums are no longer living in the Land of Unicorns and Free Money Rainbows like they once enjoyed. Even if they were to bring in millions again they would only get a percentage because the tax collectors will get their cut first along with all the other expenses going out for this corporation disguised as a “church” therefore leaving them only some of the scammed cash.

    Things are not looking good for the Swinelands no matter how you cut it. They are doing DAMAGE CONTROL on the U.S.S. Weinland in hopes to maintain what they have and keep those material possessions paid for.

    Audra’s FREE condo and INCOME are GONE. That is why she was PIMPED OFF to the highest bidder so quickly. Think about that for a minute. The ink on the divorce papers was not dry yet and that money grubbing skank is hitched back up in a nano second. Poor Eddie Van Horne! Mommy Dearest and her lil’ Money Hoe is your night mare now that you have to live. Good Luck with that one. Let me know how that all works out for ya! Did you get stuck paying for Audra’s condo until it was unloaded? Last I saw in was in a pre-foreclosure status and as of last night when I did a property search it is now longer in her name.

    Not sure who has ownership now but it is NOT Audra per the Boone County KY PVA when I did the search. Google this yourselves. (Boone Co. PVA). You can search by owners name or the address which I can not remember. Everything on this site IS Public Record by the way. If the address is put in it will say who currently owns this property if you can remember the address for the condo. It will also let you track to make sure Ron and Laura are paying their taxes on time. It would also reveal the last sale date of the condo and new owner’s name. The way a short sale works is IF the bank holding the mortgage agrees to take a perspective buyer at less than what is owed to roll the property. Otherwise the bank forecloses and gets stuck with it and usually winds up selling it off for a small amount anyway but in the mean time they have to fork out cash to maintain taxes, maintenance, etc. Banks prefer to cut their losses and avoid other headaches. Wish i remembered the street number and name…..

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I did notice that Audra’s condo was up for sale and noted it in this posting last December: http://ronaldweinland.info/falseprophet/?p=5116 Later on, I saw that it was up for sale and sold.

    It did appear to be a short sale, that is it was sold for less than what was owed. However, I did not see that it was in any kind of foreclosure. My impression was that the payments were kept up, courtesy of funds shorn from the Weinland’s tithe slaves.

  • martin says:

    “I hope they end up leaving. I just recieved word from someone still in the church that Ron was not and will not be released early to recouperate at home. His release date stands as it is in 2016. It’s going to be a long cold winter. Maybe the old ship COG will shipwreck. ”

    There goes any chance of Ron trying to make his claims true.

    Of course he will lie, and the PKGer’s will believe his lie.

    PKGers should consider these two verse(2Th 2:10,11), and consider if Ron and his church are fulfilling this prophecy.

  • Finallyfree says:

    I think I hear a trumpet blowing announcing Ron’s demise

  • juror bags says:

    Finallyfree, No need for a trumpet. I think a whistle would work just fine…… Game over is the tune or sound we’d all like to hear.

    Yes Mike, perhaps Audra was lucky and someone came along and bought the condo at a reduced price but my point is a short sale is basically pre-foreclosure and to get to that point payments were not being made on time or the bank was accepting less per month than what was agreed upon in the mortgage closing contract Audra signed. It could be a variety of things but usually revolves around someone about to loose their property one way or another.

    It is the time right before the bank can get a hearing in court to force a foreclosure which can take some time. Especially now or when Audra’s condo was in this state because of so many other foreclosures. The banks try to work something out with the debtor to resolve the issue which is usually one no longer being able to afford the payments so they will temporarily reduce them until the debtor can find a buyer or talk mom and dad into paying or taking over payments which means they would have to buy it.

    If someone would not have come along to buy the condo at a reduced price then it would have been foreclosed on. I have bought a place like that. Basically the buyer gets a real good deal, the bank cuts their losses and liabilities, and the person having troubles paying the payments gets out from under the financial burden and skates out without a foreclosure on their credit report.

    We are pretty much on the same understanding here but my main point is that obviously the Weinlands do not have oodles of free “church” tithes to blow freely any longer. The fact that Audra’s condo went away and the conditions as to how it was ‘lost’ or sold is very revealing as to the fact the Weinlands as a whole are experiencing some sorts of financial hardships.

    I’m sure they are not starving to death but the days of living extra large seem to be over. Just by the number of fake title PKG name tag wearing people listed above we can do the math and figure out that Ron and Laura are still fleecing enough cash to have a decent personal income per se. Maybe not though. They own some expensive debt. That combined with dropping Kool-Aid sales could mean quick disaster. They already had to cut some losses and ditch Audra’s condo and then ditch Audra herself likely because they wanted to loose the financial burden of owning that mini-me.

    Pretty hard core on Mom and Dad’s part but to me it seems like they had a short sale on their own daughter. Pimps don’t care.

    Bottom line is that in my opinion the entire Weinland Clan is experiencing shall we say technical difficulty. The only thing they are technical about is God’s Tithe Cash which after the shake of Ron and Laura’s magic wand immediately turns into personal income.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    juror bags:

    Also another indicator of troubles is the reduction of feast sites this year. The cash was not there to provide the “usual” number of sites to accommodate the remaining membership. the financial burden is now shifted to the membership to travel long distance show up at a single place. There are now only two sites in the US, one in cincinnati and the other on the west coast.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I am waiting to hear the “new lie” for when Nov 7th arrives and the two false prophets/witnesses are still unknown to the global community. I would love to be one to say to false witness laura, “well, what are you suppose to be doing now?” You and that false prophet husband have have now made four or now is it a five false predictions! I would also have to ask, “where are the 63,000 you claimed would be flocking to your false church?”

    I have to ask this question, “what will it take for people to realize what these two (weinland) are nothing more than liars and thieves?”

  • LeftAtLast says:

    “Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”.. had to lol @that one.

    Randy, glad your Mom is on the mend, and will keep her in my prayers.

  • Fooled No More says:

    EIE, that’s news to me about a Feast site on the west coast. Guess they figured out that Cincy would be too crowded, not to mention that some simply can’t travel for such a long distance. Still a far cry from just a few years ago when there were many more. Indeed the PKG coffers have run dry!

    I’m still wondering about Canada…..last I knew that Feast site was on the chopping block. Anyone know if that indeed happened?

  • charlie says:

    We have not included Laura, Audra, or myself in this list, as that certainly is not changing…well how unexpected was that ?

  • Avalokiteshara says:

    “We have not included Laura, Audra, or myself in this list, as that certainly is not changing…”

    And THAT sums up perfectly how unrepentant Ron is. “That is not changing…” means no repentant, no admission of guilt in his false prophecy or tax fraud… not even MOSES’ was so guaranteed or certain about his continuation. I’ll bet Ron will play the Moses Card when he needs to to pretend to admit guilt so he can retire and let Audra and Laura do the heavy lifting. Ron will retire and just pretend he is not getting in the “Promised Land…” as a prophet.

    as that certainly is not changing…”…. the words of an unrepentant liar and false prophet.


  • juror bags says:

    All of the cut backs on feasts, travels, etc. are due to the Luxury Fund tightening up. They have always been tight and greedy with God’s Tithe Cash because in all reality they see that money as theirs. Less to go around now so you know they will not let any go easily. Like they ever did anyway even when they had millions in their bank accounts.

    But they did buy their kids new BMWs and offered a scholarship that only their family had a shot at getting when in reality they could have paid for Jeremy and helped others. GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY.

    It was the Weinlands who benefitted. That is a fact. All they did is destroy peoples futures, finances, marriages, families, etc. Just so they could get what they wanted. MONEY.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • martin says:

    Ron believed during his initial “guess” for the Great Tribulation in 2012, that the Two Witnesses would begin their ministry in Jerusalem.

    The bible strongly indicates this, but in my opinion it is not provable, but it is still the most likely scenario. The only thing that can be proven from the text is that they are martyred in Jerusalem. But again, it makes sense that they will operate out of Jerusalem.

    At any rate, this is what Ron believed, so this is why he went to Jerusalem in 2012. It helped that he could enjoy some Jerusalem steaks, and see the sights, and sleep in a posh hotel.

    But it now appears that this will not be the case as he will still be in jail when the GT starts in November.

    So any claims that he and his wife are the TW’s is pretty much nullified. Yes, he’ll make excuses, he’ll come up with new lies, new lies that will contradict his older lies, and the PKGers will accept it again. But some will leave, and this will be a good thing.

  • Avalokiteshara says:


    You know what the funniest/saddest part of the whole Weinland saga is?

    Ron has 100% correctly prophesied ONE thing. He got one thing completely correct…that if his initial prophecies (2006-2007 ESPECIALLY) did NOT come true he was a false prophet… (then he lied and said he wouldn’t do the EXACT thing he is doing now!).


    PKG: WAKE UP and listen to THIS:


  • Ozymandias says:

    Avo, everything he said after that time came from the mouth of a false prophet. He said it himself. Anyone still with Ron didn’t believe him then , and they don’t really believe him now. He PLAINLY said he would be false! He said it on tapes and he stated it in interviews. How much more clear can it be? Anyone not hearing this is simply not listening. All he has left are the people that weren’t listening in the first place. They must be there for a social life, and there isn’t much of that either.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Day of Reckoning for the false prophets/witnesses weinlands Nov 2015!!!

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • Enough is Enough says:

    False Prophet Weinland you need to explain to the global community in your next post on “how” you and your false witness wife are going to witness to the world about the coming destruction while you are still in prison.

    It is by “your” proclamation (not God) that you and your lowly wife are to begin your witness on Nov 7th 2015. Your release date from prison is February 2016. Ooooh, I must have missed the memo that your current proclamation will be delayed again but you have not made it public yet, oooops!

    The global community awaits your next lie and what is obvious is that the global community doesn’t even know who the two of you are.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    False Prophet Weinland didn’t you say that in one of your “fantasy seven thunders” that you and your lowly wife would be revealed to the world that you and her are the two witnesses. Well, time is running out for the both of you (11/15).

    Better get with it false prophet weinland – not much time left!

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • Enough is Enough says:

    #6 The Sixth Thunder is the growing revelation of God’s end-time witnesses. That revelation is that I am the spokesman of God’s two end-time prophets—the spokesman of His two end-time witnesses. – false prophet weinland 2008 gfw page 109 –

    Aaaaa, here it is false prophet weinland. These are your words from your now defunct book 2008 gfw. Well, I have to ask why the global community isn’t aware of you and your lowly wife?

    Time is running out false prophet weinland. November 7th is closing in fast!!

    tic toc tic toc false prophet weinland nov 2015

  • martin says:

    I don’t know if anybody can answer this question.

    False prophet Ronald Weinland has made it clear and teaches that Christ will return in 2019. He did this thinking he could string along the members for another 4 to 5 years without having to worry about prophecy in general. But Ron is not very smart, as he didn’t backtrack 3 1/2 years in time to figure out that the Great Tribulation would have to start.

    Now my question is this, the PKGers are well aware of the 2019 Pentecost date pronounced by Ron, but did the general membership grok what should happen 3 1/2 years prior to that date? That 2019 Pentecost date necessitated that 3 1/2 years before that date, the Great Tribulation would need to start, and that this would happen in November of 2015?

  • martin says:

    …as a reminder, the “calculations” Ron used to “prove” the 2019 Pentecost timing, has been proven mathematically flawed in a number of ways.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I think this won’t be a problem for Ron. He’ll come up with some lame explanation as to how he can be a Witness while still in prison, and his members will swallow it predigested.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Hmmmm, let me understand this false prophet wienland. In order for you to be correct in your proclamations America would have to be destroyed by November 7th of this year – right?

    If this is the case this would mean that you would die in prison from the attack – right? Is God going to send a “chariot of fire” to scoop you and and your lowly wife up and deliver the both of you to the temple mount? The global community would like to know if this is really true false prophet weinland.

    I would really like to know what hallucinogenic you are taking so I can stay far away from it!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I guess I am on a roll today.

    Martin – here is the cold hard fact about false prophet weinland 2019 date. The November 7th date ‘is” the absolute “failure” date of this proclamation of false prophet weinland. It is this date that “must’ be shouted loudly and exploited to its fullest!!

    This is what the curious who read this site must understand. The November date is the failure date and it must be understood for what it is!!

  • martin says:

    Depending on how you count it, because the calculations are in fact wrong to begin with, you can count either the 7th, 8th or 9th as the day the Great Tribulation begins (the 9th of November is the latest you can count it).

    It depends on whether you count forward from 2012 or backwards from 2019.

    Ron was never good with numbers….except when it came to counting tithe cash.

  • Finallyfree says:

    two more upcoming trips for laura and it all over

  • Finallyfree says:

    ps if she makes it that far

  • martin says:

    According to Rev 11, if you try to hurt them THEY ARE REQUIRED BY GOD TO KILL THEM.

    If being incarcerated against your will, does not fall into this category, then I don’t know what does.

    No where anywhere does the bible indicate they will be in jail. Yes, they will be martyred, but only after they finish their job which lasts 1260 days.

    So unless Ron or his wife starts breathing fire in November, then I don’t think Ron and wife are the Two Witnesses.

  • martin says:

    ps. They are commanded by God to kill their enemies by breathing fire on them.

  • Jocko says:

    Does anyone know if Ron and Laura are charging for extra baggage these days like most airlines are doing???

    PS, Randy I hope your Mom is feeling better today. Please note your Mom in all of our thoughts and prayer’s and prayer is a very powerful tool the Lord has given each and every one of us. We know your Mom in the best of care because she’s with you, her loving son.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Math is the “meth” of understanding prophecy, anyway. If the end of the age had been preplanned as a function of math, Jesus would have most certainly been aware of the times, formulae, and equations involved. But, He said He didn’t know. That is because God is going to decide to pull the plug when conditions meet His criteria. This is why the only way the timing could be known to someone we might call a prophet, is that God chooses that person, and talks to them directly, so the message goes out clearly and correctly, and that prophet ends up having been right in all detail. There is none of this “Well, we were a couple of years off!”, or “Brethren, God did not give us complete understanding, but this is still God’s Church”, or “God couldn’t keep His time schedule because you brethren were not ready.”, or any other excuse. That is all man-made bullcrap used to explain away spiritual and physical extortion! Forget about math. It ain’t going to happen.


  • Randy says:

    Yesterday she started doing better, thank you so much she turned 83 yesterday thank you agian

  • Enough is Enough says:

    It will be interesting to hear the “new lie” or “new mathematical calculation” come November of this year.

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn Nov 2015

  • martin says:

    54 days left to the end of the world (using the latest possible date, Nov 9th)

    Since the false prophetess Laura has a trip scheduled November 14th to Kentucky, it is clear, she absolutely does not believe that the Great Tribulation will start in November, and thus the 2019 date is completely FALSE.

  • notsurprised says:

    Martin someone shared with me a while back about Ron & Laura believing themselves that Christ was returning in 2012. If Ron really believed Christ was returning why did they spend all that money on lawyers and preparing for trial if Christ was returning on that day. Because he knew it wasn’t going to happen and was trying to save himself. He was leading the people on to pull in more money. A person that truly believed would have done nothing because there never would have been a trial.

    Something PKGer’s should be asking themselves. If they truly believe these things why was this done.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron using November 2015 as a start date is just another failure we ALREADY KNOW will occur. Take what Ron then realize it is completely wrong. So if Rin says November is the giant flaming start of the Tribulation, it will be a great month for all non-PKGer.Keep in mind Ron cursed us and our CHILDREN to DEATH over half a decade ago. This is a guy that wants CHILDREN to DIE so he can feel like a prophet. Ron says early November (7th-9th) is the start of the Tribulation?

    Heck, I am going to invest more heavily on that day, take my family for a great meal, and buy a lottery ticket! Too bad my favorite CFL team isn’t playing that week. They would win for sure!

  • Fooled No More says:

    Notsurprised, I had a similar conversation with someone who’s still in PKG. Their thoughts were mixed until they checked out the FACTS from this site that I gave them a link to. I haven’t spoken to them since, so I’m not sure they’re fully into PKG or not at this point.

    Another point for PKG’ers to ponder………….IF Ron and Laura really believed in the things they were saying, then why the need to spend so much money on “things”?? The over quarter million dollar home, the cars, trips, things in the home that the average Joe could never afford.

    After all, if things are coming to an end, and God’s new world is going to “set things right”, why all the need to have all this “stuff”? You wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy it anyway—-everyone else around you is dead, and those left are the ones to clean up all the dead bodies.

    Oh I see……….Ron and Laura are to be spirit beings. Why not milk the system for all it’s worth, and let the other peasants tough it out? Hmmm………….didn’t work out as planned as their fortunes are falling, and falling fast! I’m REALLY looking forward to November and beyond to see what other incredible lie Ron comes up with next to explain why things didn’t happen.

    Hopefully many more will leave in droves as they FINALLY realize they’ve been lied to many times over for too long.

  • Ozymandias says:

    I don’t believe many thought Christ would return in 2012. People were spending up a storm at the Feast of Tabernacles just before. New furniture, dishes , clothing. Things you would not need if Christ were returning a few months later.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    It is my understanding that it is false prophetess audra that monitor this blog and I also heard that false witness laura also monitor this blog. If this is correct, then they realize that this blog is ready to go in November of this year to expose the failed proclamation of 2019.

    I would think that they understand that their false prophet weinland better get with the program and get the new lie out!! They do understand that some of the remaining membership read this blog and they have to stay ahead of it in order to survive. I guess they didn’t realize that this blog would back out the 3.5 years to arrive at the November 2015 date. Big miscalculation on their part.

    I wonder if any of the pkg membership are warning their families that total destruction is going to happen in November of this year. I would like to know about this because this would also be a big miscalculation.

  • martin says:

    The bible in many places and many ways, details the timing (that is the length and what happens at the end).

    That is so there would be no fuzzy view of what would happen.

    It states the timing of the Great Tribulation as being : 1260 DAYS, OR 42 MONTHS, OR TIMES AND TIMES AND HALF A TIME.

    The point is, it’s repeating this information to make things clear. The Great Tribulation lasts 3 1/2 years (each year being 360 days, if a person were unsure about this part, they would simply reference the 1260 days information to confirm this, in other words we know that each year is not some other number).

    Now Ron has tried every which way to Sunday to confuse his members on the timing of everything, this includes his massively bogus and flawed calculation as to when Christ returns. Ron’s next step is to to revise when the actual Tribulation begins (that is any physical manifestation one can see with the eyes). Ron may or may not move the date, but he will most likely move the actual physical manifestation itself (in effect moving the date without actually moving it).

    Ron is already working on this. Ron’s bull**** explanation on how prophecy is not prophecy and can change and mutate.

    Some PKGers will accept this, some will not.

  • martin says:

    Ron is attempting to use the book of Jonah as a sort of linchpin to hang his doctrine on.

    Ron’s claim is that the book of Jonah is a prophecy that “failed”.

    The word “prophecy” is used explicitly in many other books, and it is clear that the messages involved are prophecies.

    The book of Jonah is not a prophecy it is a book about Judgement that God was going to enforce if the nation did not repent. The nation repented, and God relented on the judgement. NO WERE IS THE MESSAGE OF JONAH DESCRIBED AS A PROPHECY. Nor is the word “prophecy”(noun) or “prophesy”(verb) used in the book.

    Jonah was to “preach” or “cry” to that nation its sins. They heard and repented.

    But Ron will twist this as an example of prophecy “failing”, and most will swallow this new lie.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron tried this before when the first of his MANY Jesus prophecies completely failed.

    He said that everything could happen in one day (24 hours ) right before Jesus returned! So Ron will most likely say that Tribulation happens at some point IN the 3.5 years, even though the BIBLE says the Tribulation IS 3.5 years. Ron is banking on the PKG having no memory. TOO BAD THIS SITE EXISTS TO PORVE TO EVERYONE JUST HOW MANY LIES RON HAS TOLD. Ron was almost literally at the point of saying everything could happen within the last three or four hours before Christ’s Return. Maybe this time he will say it will happen within 10 minutes prior to Christ’s Return.

    But most likely Ron will just say like he has said before, there are MANY cycles of the 1260 days. So it will be business as usual. “God” will change the date, and Ron will keep on demanding tithes, and the next lie will be 2023… not realizing that we will know Ron is plagiarizing Nostradamus (Century 1, Quatrain 51).

    Ronald Weinland: liar, thief, criminal, and coward.

  • Byker Bob says:

    There are those who believe that the story of Jonah is a model for all Biblical prophecy of punishment. The outcome of the prophecy is not absolute, but depends on the reaction of those who are warned, as logic and mercy would in fact dictate. We learned at a non-ACOG church that the people of Nineveh were Phoenicians, some of the people who made living sacrifices of their infant childern to pagan gods. Jonah ran away because he suspected from the beginning that these people actually would repent and be forgiven. He was so outraged by the infanticide, that he wanted the Ninevites punished, not forgiven. I mean, in modern times, this would have been like someone running away if God told them to go warn Herbert W. Armstrong that the empire he was building would fail unless he stopped nailing Dorothy. Unfortunately, there was no “type” of Jonah that we know of in the late 1930s and early ’40s. So, a false prophet got started, ruining the lives of a small percentage of the world population. And his ridiculousness of equations and math have supplanted the intent of Jonah, the idea that room should be left for people to repent. This was also the case with The prophecies Moses spoke to Pharaoh, and the messages that the prophets conveyed to both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel prior to the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities. So, why would God suddenly invoke math, and an absolute timetable in the case of Revelation? It makes no sense at all, either logically or theo-logically. I’m thinking that some really bad distortions in thought patterns would result in the mind of a man who inserted his penis into his daughter.


  • Enough is Enough says:

    I just noticed that the unknown evangelist willem henderson is giving the sermon this week and the title is, “don’t give up”. “If” I were to take this at face value it would tell that there is trouble within the ranks of pkg.

    They (the false ones) are preparing to face the music because they now realize that 2019 is not going to happen because November is now to close and nothing has happened to prove it. It is now time for the false prophet weinland to produce the “new lie”!!

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland November 2015

  • Ozymandias says:

    He’s been busy spinning for a while now . He has the yarn all ready to go.

  • martin says:

    What exactly would PKGers be giving up?

    A pack of lies? Two greedy thieves? Pleasure seekers who only care about themselves? Gossipers? Users who will take your money? False prophets?

    The PKGers should run from these evil people.

  • martin says:

    “don’t give up”. = We know this 2019 date is a false prophecy already. We know that Nov 2015 is also a false date and a false prophecy. But continue to be victims and continue to be swindled. We already have a new lie in place that shows how prophecy is not prophecy and can change and mutate.

  • Soap Opera says:

    Just testing

  • martin says:

    Willem Henderson “Verse 20— Do not treat prophecies with contempt, don’t throw everything that you are given through sermons and articles overboard. Don’t despise it, but rather cherish it, meditate about it, pray about it, and more importantly, put it into practice in your daily life. Verse 21— but test them all; hold on to what is good. ”

    “hold on to what is good”……Since NOTHING Ron prophesied has come true, the PKG elite teaches that the brethen should then KEEP NOTHING.

    I wonder how many PKGers will follow this admonition?

  • martin says:

    I believe the Great Tribulation actually starts in 2 DAYS.

    Didn’t Ron compute it, so that the last 50 days BEFORE Christ returns is when the Great Tribulation actually ends?

    This was that extra padding (fudging it), that was necessary for the numbers to come out right.

  • martin says:

    OK, here’s the deal.

    The Great Tribulation STARTED LAST WEEK (11/09/205). (http://ronaldweinland.info/falseprophet/2015/06/30/power-signs-and-lying-wonders-2/)

    I totally forgot about the 50 day padding nonsense. That means we are in the Tribulation NOW.

    I can’t wait till Avalokiteshvara finds out….it will be amusing.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Keep nothing , is what they’re afraid of. They are left with not knowing what to believe. No one to tell them, so they are fish out of water without the mind police churning out the party line. Most of these people will stay until there is nothing left of PKG. One day they will be confronted with what they truly believe. They will look to each other for help. The older ones probably hope they’re dead before they get to that point. Years and years of conditioning and looking for someone to teach them. These people go with the flow and need a leader whether he is right or wrong.They will leave that on his head.(they think)

  • Swooncologne25 says:

    This guy is gonna eat his words very soon mark my words

  • Enough is Enough says:

    yes he will yes he will

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland nov 2015

  • Randy says:

    The money whore is coming to Detriot today to get some feast cash !!!!!!!!!

  • martin says:

    Most PKGers if they are watching for anything, will watch for something to happen in November, but most PKGers forgot to take into account that Ron said the Great Tribulation ends 50 days BEFORE Christ returns. Whoever is maintaining Ron’s blog completely forgot this 50 day fudge factor that Ron used to make his calculations land on Pentecost of 2019. But the Great Tribulation (according to Ron’s time table, you know, the one where the math is all wrong) actually started last week, on Wed., on 11/09/2015.

    Yeah, nothing happened last week, nor will anything happen in November.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I’ve been busy the last few days, so just now taking a look at this.

    Ron’s nth 1260-day period begins on Nov 8 and ends on 4/20/2019. The 50 day period begins the following day, the Sunday of the Wave Sheaf offering and ends on Pentecost 6/9/2019. Ron’s 50-day fudge is after the 1260 days, not before.

    Perhaps Ron will argue that the Great Trib begins 50 days after he begins his 1260 day job. Could buy a bit of extra time for him in case his home confinement begins a bit later.

    And then he’ll come up with another explanation. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble stirring up a new batch of Flavor Aid for his followers.

  • martin says:

    Am I misreading the PKG chart? (http://ronaldweinland.info/falseprophet/2015/06/30/power-signs-and-lying-wonders-2/)

    Yes, one of the blog posts a while back said the Great Tribulation starts in November, but this was a mistake, not taking into account the 50 day padding Ron added.

    According to the chart the GT started last week.

  • martin says:

    I think I misread the chart as 9/11/2015 rather than 11/9/2015 (that is I read 11/9 as day than month rather than month and then day).

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Dates on charts (Ron’s and mine) are MM/DD/YY.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    These people have already lost homes, jobs, family, spouses, money, respect from others, yet they are to be leaders? How can they even think that? You have to be able to “look up” to a leader. What they able to teach? How to make fools of themselves, what not to follow, how to drink and abuse their spouse, give money away to false people and not support their families? This list goes on. When these people / if these people, still following PKG ever wake up, are they going to be upset for all that they have lost because of Weinland? I think ost are going to just say “live and learn” cause they have already been conditioned to this way of thought and very hard to give up.

  • martin says:

    Yes, thanks Mike, I got cross-eyed and misread the dating, I program and often in dates, you can have the order be DD/MM/YY. (I forget which countries do it this way).

    so the dates are GT:1260 days (11/08/15 – 04/20/19) WSO: 50 days(04/20/19 – 6/9/19)

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Wave Sheaf Offering and Day 1 of Ron’s 50-day fudge is April 21, 2019.

    But before that date, Ron will do some further refinements of his timeline. For example, if you count 1260 days from Christmas you end up on June 7, 2019. Adding another fudge day somehow and you’re on the day before Christ’s next non-return.

    Awesome to understand!!!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Ron needs fifty extra days to accommodate the “EXACT” return of Jesus? LMAO! RON is now dictating how God/Jesus can behave? Ron trusts god so little he needs to give God’s “foolproof” prophecies the proper time in which to fail!! Ron is giving Jesus leeway…that is like saying the Patriots are going to win their next game against the Packers, maybe not on game day but within the next 50 days after the Packers win , the Patriots will win THAT game!

    Jesus is for sure returning on June 9th, 2019… or else “June 9th, 2019” in 2022, or the “June 9th, 2019” OF 2025!!

    Classic Weinland logic!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    WOW – you guys are good!! I have no idea of what this fudge period is all about. But, the speculations are really good!!

    All I know is that the “new lie” is just about ready to come out of the oven!!

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015

  • martin says:

    The mistake I made was this, I was using the November date to Pentecost 2019 as 1260 days, and totally forgot about the 50 day fudge factor Ron added into his numerological horse baloney. So I backtracked 50 days from that into September.

    Well I must have skipped on my vitamins that day.

    The 1260 days START in November, and then AFTER THAT is the 50 day fudge factor nonsense, which then lands on Pentecost of 2019.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron’s timelines are also great examples of stupidity when it comes to numbers.

    Ron’s “exact” prophecy about the Tribulation is based on exact cycles of 1260. Since this cycle is EXACT because it fits with God/god’s numbers, and the Bible, it can’t be flawed… thus Ron once again is a heretic and anti-christ for making god look like an idiot that can’t count. It is like saying 1 + 1 = 636… because you have to factor in an extra 634 to make the equation “right.”

    Let;s apply Weinland logic to other things:

    1. Asia is in the United States because it has an “a” as its last letter just like over twenty of the States!!

    2. The Pope is a Buddhist because you have to factor in how Buddhist temples have pillars too like the Vatican.

    3. Russia and Alaska are attached in real life… because if you look at a globe and squint your eyes they are not separate!

    4. The recipe for scrambled eggs is just frying up two pounds of fried chicken because eggs/meat can both come from a bird.

    5. Beets are food, hotdogs are food…therefore fish sticks are milk!!

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Soooo, if I am understanding this correctly, false prophet weinland has created a huge margin of error into his fourth or fifth failed proclamation? Since when did the prophets 0f God incorporate a margin of error into the messages they delivered to the ones it was intended for?

    My impression of the false prophet weinland is this – he doesn’t have a clue of what God is doing!!!!!!

  • charlie says:

    isnt it about time for a new post ?..weinland gets stale real fast

  • charlie says:

    oh by the way i know the exact date of tomorrow

  • Enough is Enough says:

    Charlie – it’s still cooking in the oven of deceit

  • juror bags says:

    Weinland and Clan were also not very good at spinning the cash numbers in court. Like how all of the sudden when it was pointed out that they paid for Jeremy’s education suddenly the PKG had a “scholarship” program. Typical lies.

    And let’s not forget about all the expensive jewelry custom fitted for both Laura and Audra. That wasn’t for them as they wore it daily for PERSONAL USE. Oh no. It was “bartering” in end times.

    Yeah tell us some more crap and entertain us with some more spinning wheel lies. LYING CONS!

    The only justification for the ring sizing we saw as jurors was the fact the PIGS gained weight and needed bigger rings to fit those fat 5 star dining fingers.

    You can lie and spin it to somme of your sheeple but how’d that work out for ya in court. NOT VERY WELL. Stevie Wonder could see what was going on.

  • martin says:

    Too bad Ron doesn’t read or believe the bible, it is quite clearly stated in prophecy that gold and silver will be worthless, that is, money will be of no help, bartering with diamonds will not help. And of course, they were lying through their teeth trying to justify the purchase of jewelry with church funds.

  • martin says:

    Ron doesn’t believe any of this, he’s more interested in hoarding tithes to spend on the things he and his wife lusts for….

    New International Version
    “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

    Proverbs 10:2
    Ill-gotten treasures have no lasting value, but righteousness delivers from death.

    Proverbs 11:4
    Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.

  • Fooled No More says:

    “The only justification for the ring sizing we saw as jurors was the fact the PIGS gained weight and needed bigger rings to fit those fat 5 star dining fingers.”

    LOL!! 😀

  • Fooled No More says:

    Interesting thing about the diamonds Martin——-I can remember the sermon in which he talked about that. IIRC, it was sometime in late ’08 when he mentioned it. It didn’t dawn on me at the time that those things won’t matter when there is a complete breakdown in society. As far as the “scholarship” program, I’ve never heard of such a thing until now. I know of NO ONE that got to take advantage of that, and I knew several young people that were/are in school and guess what??

    They paid/are paying out of their own pocket!

  • martin says:

    Do you remember what he said? Was he justifying the purchase of diamonds in a sermon with church funds????

    If he paid for them out of his own salary that would be one thing (doing this in excess would still be wrong), but using funds that are ear marked for use in preaching the Gospel is another matter, and is evil.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The bling was discussed at his criminal trial, including by his defense attorney: http://ronaldweinland.info/falseprophet/?p=4155

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, IIRC he was talking about the diamonds for Laura inasmuch as they could be used for barter when they’re traveling—–particularly abroad. I wish I could remember the exact sermon title that he was talking about this. It had to be sometime during the latter part of ’08, possible early ’09 as I was just newly in the church then.

    The link that Mike gave, that pretty much sums up how they justified the buying of the diamonds. Might have been one thing if they were loose, but these of course were rings. Guess ya want to show off what ya got in case you don’t have to “barter” it. 😉

  • martin says:

    Loose stone in a safety deposit box, they might be able to justify. They wouldn’t be able to justify it by any biblical passages though.

    But these were tailor made to fit Laura’s fat fingers. So no, they didn’t buy them so they could barter with. Laura kept them in a jewelry box at home, and of course she wore them.

    Such liars and thieves.

  • juror bags says:

    They couldn’t really justify a trip for Laura accompanying Ron to Australia to to buy some $26,000 diamond ring if I recall correctly on the price of it but either way it was a staggering amount. Guess they needed to out do some hip hop stars at the time.

    This was a problem in two ways. Their vacation expenses on “church” tithes and also the over the top price of the ring really revealed things very simply for the jury. With proof, cancelled checks, receipts, purchase invoices, the whole nine yards. Like I said the prosecution had a shopping cart full of this and we only looked at a drop in the bucket on misuse of “church” funds in all reality. I am pretty certain they paid somewhere in that price range for ONE diamond ring for Laura while on a nice warm vacation during winter here.

    They had sales people from local jewelry stores testify about HOW MUCH and the EXPENSE of all of this jewelry Laura and Audra had. It was shocking. I kid you not. They had enough to supply a new jewelry store themselves if they would have wanted too. Guess they took this “end time bargaining” seriously. NOT! I’ll let you in on another secret……….. Those PIGS LOVE their BLING! It was jaw dropping and it takes a lot to get my attention.

    The prosecution laid it all out beautifully. Pun intended.

  • juror bags says:

    That was only the jewelry we heard about. Now take that and picture every other facet of their personal lives and material possessions. I just wish Ron’s testimony was available here because that is when it got real, real good because McBride let loose on the Con-Artist.

    I will never forget the entertainment of him drilling Ron about a $1,700 suit and the Jackass piped up in court in a bragging manner that he happened to be wearing that exact $1,700 suit.

    McBride reminded the tool he was there on PERSONAL BUSINESS …………. NOT “church” business. Classic! There were so many things I feel the jury had him convicted on day # 2 or 3. But we had to keep hearing MORE PROOF so there were no questions at all. The first Juror who never said anything said GUILTY right off of the bat after the Jury foreman pressed him to start. it was hard to get a good morning out of this non-talking guy. From that point on it was all down hill for Ron. Myself, i wanted to punch him in the throat. Yes, it was that blatant and bad. How he ruined people and stole from little old ladies even on fixed incomes. Not his fairly well off neighbor Joyce Garrett who lives across the street and decided to follow a LYING LOSER CON. She can afford to be taken for a ride. Many others could not.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Time to apply some Weinland Logic:

    Ron: “Society will collapse and all forms of currency will be worthless…so I need THE MOST EXPENSE FORMS OF CURRENCY to barter with. Forget gasoline and water… people will be wandering the nuclear wastelands in desperate need of rubies!! Looting shops for as much gold as they can store and eat… scraping through the wreckage for life sustaining clean diamonds to drink!”

  • juror bags says:

    Also I am not the only juror who has participated here but I guess i stick around occasionally because I personally met Mike and he shed a little more knowledge and light on the entire SCAM going back a ways.

    It also hacked me off too no extent and I am sure if the others knew about all of the collateral damage they’d be here too. Some were flat out afraid of how psycho Ron and the group are. I’m looking for a reason to pound the little bald freak into submission. I never would but I have zero concerns about such a weak person. In my heart I am a fighter. Most prefer to walk away but I’ll tell them how it is without a problem.

    That is why if you have followed here I cut the Swinelands zero slack and call them nice very appropriate names and such. They have earned that. And I’ll be glad to give them their payback.

    Plus I get a bit of satisfaction watching things unravel for them. Kinda pay back for me missing WORK getting paid $40 bucks a day to deal with his crap. So ya owe me you little bald bitch.

  • martin says:

    Did Laura wear any of the fancy jewelry to court that you know of?

  • juror bags says:

    That exact point was discuss in deliberation. What good is the high dollar BLING? No good. Food & water and such would have way more value than some gaudy ring. Besides carrying all of their BLING would slow them down. Too much weight and such. LOL!

    Jurors were rolling their eyes and sighing throughout the trial. The hits just kept coming making the jury more disgusted than the previous day.

  • juror bags says:

    Yes Sir! She and Audra rolled in every day like they owned that place too. Dressed to the hilt and decked out. I could care less about jewelry and never pay attention to it but they had some on every day. I’m sure the female jurors who are much more compassionate and such than men paid much closer attention.

    Even the female jurors probably wanted to kick Ron and Clan on the way out of the Federal court House. Seriously. It was that blatant and bad. And to top it off the Weinlnds were VERY PROUD of their scamming accomplishments. Arrogance filled the room because of those three. One could hardly breathe. I felt it and watched it every day with my own eyes and presence.

    Another reason I love to beat these LOSERS down. Obviously the $500 mirrors are no better than the $15 ones. FAT PIGS! I would never say such things to belittle others. My wife has some extra these days and I love her. Just part of life and or ages. If someone said anything about it I’d be all over their ass. BUT these SCUMBAGS are fair game. What’s your excuse Audra? Maybe you two have shaved a few off due to stress these days. Good for you. You two are still PIGS just possibly slightly lighter in weight. I doubt that though…………OINK, OINK!

  • Excogger says:

    It’s educational to read the “About Ronald Weinland” page on his blog site. Just don’t expect to actually learn much about the man himself.
    I wonder who wrote this arrant, arrogant nonsense. I hope Juror Bags does not read it or he may become a little more annoyed with the self-proclaimed great one and actually be tempted to criticize with less constraint the imagined prophet of that prophet’s imagined god.
    At the top of the page a photo of the great one on his throne is featured. He seems to be sitting on two halves of different leather chairs – photoshopping, perhaps? And the left hand concealing the right: interesting body language if he is right-handed.

  • martin says:

    From the about page…

    “that money would be placed there in Ronald Weinland’s personal name in order to give the Church the ability to continue to function during a third world war that will engulf the world in the final years of the end-time (which will now occur within a period between November 2015 and May of 2019). ”

    The dates are slightly ambiguous here in my opinion, yes, they mention the months, but why not mention the days as well? Perhaps leaving some leeway open?

    At any rate, WWIII is supposed to at least start in November, in reality, the GT lasts 1260 days, not 1260 + 50 days, the official time span from November to May of 2019 that they currently use.

  • Excogger says:

    Perhaps the extra 50 days is to accommodate WWIV.

  • martin says:

    The bible is pretty clear, at the end of the 1260 days, the last trump is blown, and Christ returns.

    Not 50 days later. Such nonsense.

  • Excogger says:

    But the days are not actual, physical days: they are spiritual. Spiritual days are any length, or width, you may define. You have to “see” them. And of course only members of the One True Church and their august leader can “see” spiritual things (or time).
    Nonsense to normal people, but amazing, wonderful, and a vital “present truth” to the PKG.

  • Enough is Enough says:


    That is the flavor of the Kill-Aid. The “lie” that justifies the falsehoods!

  • Enough is Enough says:


    What is sickening about this whole thing is that the weinlands know exactly what they are doing and could care less what happens to ones they hurt financially and within theirs families. It is all about money money with this highly corrupt family.

    One day, the weinlands will cross the wrong person and who knows what will happen when that takes place. In my opinion whatever dark recompense comes their way it will be well deserved!

  • Ozymandias says:

    And THIS is why the COGS have churned out a flock of Pharisees . They are NOT like other men, NOT like these filthy publicans. THIS is the main problem with the ‘churches of God’.They are ‘above’, ‘called out’, and don’t SEE as other men do. From this, comes arrogance and self righteousness, things that GOD hates. All you need to do is convince people they are better than others and you have a problem. This is why they can easily turn their back on you and call you lost if you choose to leave.You then , become a publican and they thank God they are not like you. Ron isn’t so great, as he certainly didn’t invent this. He’s just a little pawn in the game. They must have a leader, and he only has to be a little nuttier than the rest of them.

  • Enough is Enough says:

    I was looking at the “extra baggage” list and I noticed that the unknown evangelist henderson is not a “senior” evangelist as the other two, hmmmmmm. Then I realized that the false prophets/witnesses then in turn ordained the false prophetess audra and place her over the unknown evangelist to push him further down the ladder. This unknown evangelist was suppose to be place over the affairs of europe – until the false prophet weinland decided to overthrow willem and keep it all in the family.

    Does this make you feel warm and fuzzy audra?

    Willem you may want to step back and consider how insignificant you are to the weinlands – something to think about.

  • martin says:

    How can somebody be ordained a prophet and not prophesy a single prophecy? Aren’t prophets supposed to prophesy?

    You have Ron who can’t prophecy a single thing correctly.

    Laura is the “silent witness”….here’s a clue, silent witnesses are of no value.

    And Audra, who hasn’t pronounced a single prophecy, not to mention that for the end time, the bible only mentions Two Witnesses/Prophets, not three or more.

    And yet these evil people still are able to snare other people? Ron/Laura/Audra could have anti-Christ tattooed onto their foreheads, and the willing victims would probably rush into their arms to be taken and snared.

  • martin says:

    As far as I can tell from the OT and NT, no prophet was ever ordained by a man, the office was too important for this to be done.

    Every single prophet in the OT was hand picked by God Himself, no man ordained one or picked one, nor did any self appoint themselves as a prophet like Ron did.

    In Revelation 11, they are called MY Two Witnesses, that is because Christ appoints them to their office personally. They are not ordained by anybody, not even an apostle has the authority to ordain them. And the way you recognize these final two is by the fruits, not because they say they are the Two Witnesses.

    In the case of the Two Witnesses, it should be ultra easy. They will both breath fire.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron wants his entire family to be above anyone that might come along. NO ONE will ever be higher . This is to ensure their place should anything happen to him. He thinks he and Laura are the king and queen, with the princess and prince ready to ascend the throne. It’s ridiculous! Anyone who follows all this crap will be taken advantage of. You cannot con an honest man, so what does this say about the people of PKG? Ron made himself lord and master, prophet and witness, so why not pull the same stunt with his family? Jeremy is chugging along and will be next.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I forsee a future timeline in the 2020’s or 2030’s with Jeremy and Audra as the Two Witnesses.

  • Randy says:

    Oh yeah for sure the Weinland family Mafia will find a way to keep the easy money flowing in from the weak minded people !

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron is not letting go of this cash cow. He’ll have a timeline and a plan for whatever happens in the future. Ron has to see what happens before he can prophesy anything. He’ll tell you what, when, and why after it happens.He will carry this on as long as possible. He’s already setting his children up to take over the family biz. This is why he’s getting rid of some of the older elders and setting some younger ones up. The church must look youthful in order to pull in any younger tithers. They won’t live forever on the social security checks of the older members. I seriously doubt Audra or Jeremy has what it takes to build anything from here on.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    What I find funny is that the PKG can look at David Pack and go, “See? He is not an End Time Prophet because he has been spectacularly wrong…not like our Ronald Weinland, who is always right… because he has “present truths”! Ron is never wrong because he is merely mistaken!!

    “That guy over there is an idiot because he is drinking sulphuric acid,” said the guy drinking cyanide…

  • Ozymandias says:

    They are all apples from the Worldwide tree. How different could they be? All of them struggling to maintain the gravy boat that HWA started. They know a good thing when they see it. Stupid people throwing cash at them for a spot in the Kingdom of God. These gifts are Gods to give, and none of these ‘ministers’ are worth anything.

  • Weinland is weak.

    The world will be better off without him.

  • I’m not sure if there are a lot of PKG members near Abilene, Texas, but Ysreal Hawkins has quite the Feast of Tabernacles there, I understand. It might be an option for those in the PKG who can’t travel so very far.

    Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful.

    Not sure if the HOY would allow PKG members to return home though. There is that.

    HOY… as seen on Dr. Phil.

    What is this? Some sort of discrimination? Why doesn’t Dr. Phil feature Weinland?

  • martin says:

    Isn’t it time for this guy to post a new lie?

  • Enough is Enough says:

    It’s fun time again. pkg just posted its feast sermons in the audio section – the false prophet weinland has the introductory sermon on the 28th

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Thanks, EiE. I have reposted Weinland’s introduction on this blog in a new post.