Heart Attack Redux

According to sources including a comment left on the blog, False Prophet Ronald Weinland suffered a heart attack last Thursday, May 28.  This was not his first heart attack, as he had one on or about August 4, 2005 and was out of commission for 5 weeks recovering from triple bypass heart surgery.  Word is that he returned to prison yesterday and is to have stents put in after he gets stronger.  Some skepticism on that from some quarters.  Perhaps he had urgently needed angioplasty in one area of the heart and they see some other areas that are marginal but not urgent.

Other speculation is that he died already.  And yet other speculation that he will get an early release in 2015.  In answer to both of those, the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator shows him to be incarcerated at Terre Haute FCI with a release date next February 17.  I personally doubt that he will leave the prison system before that date unless it is feet first.  Which I don’t expect.

What I consider more likely is that he would be transferred to a prison hospital, such as the Lexington FMC which is only a couple of hours commute for the Silent Witness from their home on the golf course.

Looking for prophetic significance, August 4, 2005 to May 28, 2015 is exactly 512 weeks.  Which is 2-to-the-ninth-power weeks.  Must be some significance in that.

While some are looking to this as a sign of God punishing Weinland, I don’t see that.  It’s just Weinland with a bad heart.  Herbert Armstrong was a bigger false prophet than Weinland and abused more people.  Weinland never told people to avoid medical care and never a whiff of sexual improprieties.  Armstrong probably evaded more in taxes than Weinland.  Yet Herbert Armstrong died in his own bedroom in his 90’s without having all the plagues of Revelation visited on him.

A few months after Ron’s heart attack in 2005, he announced that he is a biblical character.  Wonder if there will be a redux of that too.  Perhaps Jesus.  Rather doubt it, but if he did I think many of his remaining followers would believe it.

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JD left a comment:

People are upset in pkg.  Ron had a massive heart attack last Thursday and people are just finding out and are upset because it has been keep under wraps.  maybe the big wigs think people will start running for the doors if their mighty leader has fallen yet again.    Hmmmmmm maybe Ron is one of the ones who is scheduled to die for not repenting.  Has to start somewhere.

I’ll try to have more information later.


  • Fooled No More says:

    A warning shot from God perhaps?? I think He’s had about enough He can take from The Weinland’s!

  • finallyfree says:

    if Ron were to die then that would prove that he and Laura are NOT the two witnesses or would PKGers hang on to some other hope?

  • JD says:

    You got to remember Ron already said they died spiritually so they and their work as witness was done. So they could skirt around that.

  • whatmeworry says:

    Massive heart attack or a break from Club Fed? More than one way to trump up some sympathy cash.

  • finallyfree says:

    JD – according to Ron, there are TWO 1260 day time periods. The first was 2008- 2012 and the next is this Nov 2015 – May 2019 The whole process is repeated. They still have to die physically if my understanding is correct.

  • martin says:

    Ron chooses not to shut up, so God is going to shut him up.

  • martin says:

    How can this be God’s most powerful prophet when his heart is giving out?

    There are prophecies about false ministers being punished, maybe this is Ron’s time to collect?

  • Sweetblood777 says:

    I guess that the prophet didn’t see his heart attack coming. Heart attacks cannot be faked. A simple blood test will confirm or deny it. If he does live through it, will he come back as HWA and say that Yahweh has sent him back so that he can put the church back on track?

  • Fooled No More says:

    Ok, there’s a bit more to the story. Ron had his heart attack on Thursday and was taken to a local hospital. Yesterday he was returned back to prison where he can regain his strength, and then stents can be put in.

    I know of no procedure (and a former PKG’er I was just talking to mentioned this as well) where they discharge you BEFORE the stents are put in! If you’ve suffered a MASSIVE heart attack which has happened to Ron, wouldn’t they put in the stent BEFORE they send you home??

    This only tells me a couple things——either the info I got was incorrect (highly doubt that), or Ron is in more serious shape than what we’re led to believe. I’m going to go so far as to say that the man could have passed away already for all we know, and the church is doing their darndest to keep that hush-hush.

    Just sayin’…………….

    They’ve taken so long to let their own congregations know that this happened, so who knows what to believe from them because they’ve lied so much!

  • Sweetblood777 says:

    Is Ron the number one of three? Two more to go. RM from LCG looks about ripe enough to go.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Sweetblood, Audra is supposed to be a Prophetess (as well as Laura) they couldn’t see this coming?? (Little sarcasm here………..)

  • finallyfree says:

    someone want to call the prison and inquire? would they confirm if he is there?

  • finallyfree says:


  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Don’t bother calling, because of laws they would not be able to tell you anything anyway. But your right about “sending him home”. Around here if you have a massive heart attack you are not sent home, you start therapy because there should be something that is not working right, usually one side. Next if they are putting in shunts, they are able to go home, because the blockage has to be more than 50%. Sounds more like a stroke to me, which they would also send him “home” to await shunts. You can have shunts put in the morning and be sent home that same night.

    Next if he was “sent home” that could also mean nothing more medically could be done for him and he is sent back to die.

    This information is based on what medically they do around here.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The BOP inmate locator still shows Ron at Terre Haute with a release date next February. If he were dead, I think it would show something different.

    I consider it possible that some of what we’re hearing may be a bit distorted. Not a medical expert by any means. Wondering if he could have had emergency angioplasty to fix the immediate problem but perhaps they noticed other marginal areas that will require attention soon.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Karma for all the family he wreak better fly him to the streets of Israel so he can lay there for 3 days I hope he don’t make it to wreak anymore family’s sorry I feel that way but he ask for it tell pkg people to pray for the thunders to start happen and that would kill wemon and children I feel sorry not one bit my you rotten in hell ! Did I ever say I hate this guy and this is sugar coated !

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Maybe he is working to hard in Fedral prison pouring concrete and fixing roofs , not !

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Put him to rest in he’s $1700 suit !!!!!!

  • Gone and Forgotten says:

    I was just alerted to this today and was coming here to let all of you know. Interesting about the possible outcomes. My mind is working out all the future reactions that can be expected. The group should be concerned that this info was withheld. They are “supposed” to be “family” so wouldn’t they have been alerted through a call tree? Nope. You are not family. You are not important to them. You should be upset about the withholding of important information. But not just this info, there’s been much, MUCH more held from you. They do not find you important. The outside world does.

    Free yourself. We are here to help.


    (I hope Ron hurt like heck! I sure hope it did/does.)

  • bilbo says:

    While I do believe people reap what they sow, not one of us is qualified to speak for God, therefore in my opinion attributing bad things that happen to people as punishment from God should be reserved for the cults and their members that are into that sort of thing.

    Second, if Ron dies now or soon, in my opinion the fully set cult members will just read into that too, as Ron being taken up to heaven to begin his work as one of the 144000 and more proof that it’s almost time. Every thing that happens, no matter how far off the mark, is twisted into them “being right” somehow.

    Third, Ron will never repent, even if his reminders of mortality activate his conscience somehow. Perhaps at this point he would not want to pull the rug out from under his hardcore followers who would be devastated that their whole lives were a lie. Some of them need to be right, no matter how much evidence is to the contrary. Plus the “business” still needs to look after his remaining family.

    Fourth, it’s going to end badly for those hardcore followers anyway, something based on a lie is going to fall apart anyway, they will realize that facing reality earlier would have been better.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    The money whore probley has money stashed all over just in case !!!!!! Bitch

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Did he not say Mike would die about 10 years ago and other church leaders ?

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Ron get a life go fishing asshole no remorse he buddy

  • Freedom says:

    There are many interesting points being made. I expect to see vitriol and understanding that one should not take any pleasure in death or becoming disable. I do agree that one will reap what they sow and this is becoming visible for ron. That is not for me to judge or relish in.

    Regarding the massive heart attack, this all depends on how much damage is done to the heart muscle. It is known that ron had a triple bypass several years ago. Bypasses do not last forever. I have a family member who is now experiencing the failure of a bypass. There comes a point when stencing and angioplasty becomes useless and the only thing left to do is to redo the entire bypass. However the patient has to be in good health in order to go through the surgery. Now if the heart muscle is damaged to a certain point it would be a waste of time and effort to go through with the operation.

    Also, I would say this, if an angioplasty was done then stents could have been put in place, unless, the vessels walls are too thin to tolerate the stent. It is possible that ron is contemplating the open heart surgery. There will be a high risk of failure for this operation.

    I can understand why pkg would do everything to suppress this information because of the possibility of not surviving the operation or having a disabling affect, such as, being confined to a wheel chair.

    We will see

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Freedom I dis agree all the family’s this asshole wreacked and he him self wished death on other people no more children would be hurt with there parents being split up or giving all there money to this crook

  • Ronco says:

    Ron simply cannot die… Who else could we turn to for entertainment?

    Maybe Acts is right and Ron’s number has just come up…


  • martin says:

    Rev 11 says that the Two Witnesses are COMMANDED to kill anybody that hurts them by breathing fire and killing their enemies.

    Ron has been hurt with a heart attack.

    Now either God is not supporting Ron, so that Ron can have good health to perform his mission.


    Prison life is what is responsible for hurting him badly, in that case he is commanded to slay his enemies by breathing fire from his mouth and killing them with fire.

    Either case is not good for Ron.

  • Ozymandias says:

    I believe Mike is totally correct. Herbert was worse than Ron on many levels. People are mad at Ron because he proves it just never ends and there is an ever ending bunch of folks to follow them. Sorry for Rons mom and sister, they are really sweet people.

  • Freedom says:

    Good comments concerning weinland. I do question one thing and this is his state of health. All I have heard is that he looks great and is healthy and so forth. Wayne in one of his recent sermons was all giggly and enthralled over ron on how great he looked and if this is the case then why the need to be in better health for stencing? My mother in law’s health is very poor and they recently stent her. Something is not making any sense here.

    I agree that there is a possibility that there may be something more than just clogged arteries.

  • FedUp says:

    That they kept this from the membership instead of asking them to fast and pray for Ron’s recovery means something, though I don’t know what. They missed a huge fundraising opportunity. They missed a chance to close ranks. They missed a chance to blame Ron’s illness on the PKG members, inducing them to greater sacrifice for the sake of “the work”.

    Confusion in the ranks?

    Fear of a coup?

  • Fooled No More says:

    Fed Up, you bring up a very point that I was talking about with someone just last evening. We found it interesting that this was held back for so long! I’d think that someone would have got the word out IMMEDIATELY—-as within a few hours after it happened. But days??

    Time will tell, but my cynical antenna is on high alert, and it’s been unfortunately correct in these last number of months.

  • Freedom says:

    The act of withholding information from the membership is suspicious. I can only imagine the panic of johnny, wayne, and the two false prophetesses must have been. Having the realization of having seeing the end of pkg just one heartbeat away!

    So, what is plan “B” if the main false prophet should either die or become disable to the point of not being able to complete his mission? This has now has become a reality for them. The point is that ron’s health issues are now a reality. If he is in an interim period of time for better heath for the procedure it is possible to have another heart attack during this time period.

    The point is now that this has happened plan “B” is now a reality. I wonder what it will be.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Withholding information is nothing new. They tell who they want , when they want. It’s only YOUR information that gets around like wildfire. Besides, no one wants to panic anyone. They need the appearance of all is well.

  • martin says:

    Plan “B” is that the Two Witnesses are both women.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    don’t forget son. Now is his chance to move up in rank. Maybe this weeks sermon announcement.

  • what meworry says:

    If he has stents put in now, he can bill the surgery to the State, can he not?

  • Freedom says:

    I have given some consideration to the final outcome of this matter and have come to the conclusion that this really won’t matter to the members of pkg. There will probably be an outpouring of sympathy and so forth. Granted there may have been some anger at not being informed when it happened. There is no doubt that there is a reason for this delay and it probably has to do with the severity of the heart attack. I look at the fact of his being not ready physically for a routine procedure of stent placement that is done every day. There are missing pieces of information that is not known at this time.

    I am of the opinion that a surgical procedure is being considered. I am referring to an open heart type of procedure. The doctors probably have him stabilized for the time being in order to get him to a level of health for the operation. But, I have to ask this question, “what is the reason for his current state of health? This is where this whole matter jumps the tracks. A vital piece of information is missing here.

    In the end all I look for is the end of pkg and that is it.

  • martin says:

    I don’t think he’s dead, but nobody knows the extent of his health problems now….

    Can he get up and walk? Is his thinking more impaired than it was before? Does he know his name?

  • Byker Bob says:

    This is certainly a surprising development, and it will be interesting to see how it processes itself. I doubt that PKG members were expecting anything like it at all to happen.

    It is a tradition within the Armstrong family of splinters to spin and milk an event such as this. It remains to be seen whether anyone in that group has the talent to accomplish that.


  • Soap Opera says:

    I am sure David Pack is absolutely delighted about this as he has been going on for a while about 3 ministers in other COGs will die soon and his predications of this will be one of the proofs that Restored is the one and only true church of God.
    (pretty safe prediction as death has to happen with old age catching up with them all)
    And even though its unlikely Ron will die he will use it for some sort of spin.
    I notice a number of commentators on this site don’t have a great understanding of all the splinter groups from World Wide, nor of the governmental process within them. Nor the fact that the members of different splinters are all intertwined and have been or still are friends with members in the other splinters. You have to understand that a very large percentage of PKG and all the other COGs came out of World Wide and as such have a common history. And the one binding factor is a will to continue keeping the Sabbath, Holy Days and such.
    That’s fine you don’t need to have as this site is about Ron, but bad as Ron is: D Pack, G Flurry, F Coulter are worse than Ron is, With Packs Restored overtaking Flurry’s Philadelphia to take top position of money grabber, marriage destroyer, control freak, and so on.
    I bring this up for any PKGers reading this site, PLEASE be aware that Ron isn’t the only false minister amongst the splinter groups, if you are considering leaving PKG and going to another COG look long and hard at them. Leave PKG then take a few weeks to recover before making a move. You can still keep the Sabbath at home on your own while you recover from the upset you have been going through.
    Many of us out here feel for you and have been through it our selves, but only you can take the necessary steps to break free from the hold Ron, Wayne, Johnny and some others have over you.
    Take the time to read what Paul says about (the numerous) men that lead people astray. It was common in the early days of the church and still is today.
    For those that are making the break from PGK be strong, and it does get easier once you start.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I agree with Soap Opera’s assessment of how bad Ron is compared to these other CoG leaders. And offered a similar assessment of Ron relative to Herbert Armstrong in the post.

    So why do I pick on Ron? It’s just that it worked out that way. I started out with a few posts on Ron back at the beginning of his first timeline back in 2008 and it kind of grew from there.

    I also agree with Soap Opera that you should not hasten to find another group if you leave PKG (hopefully you will leave PKG). Take some time and reflect on what happened to you and whether it’s best to turn your thinking over to someone else.

  • Freedom says:

    I also agree with “soap opera” and the advise she is giving. I stayed away from the cog’s for almost a year before making a decision. This is my advise: STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THE ONE MAN SHOWS!!!!

    My experience with pkg did change me and has set certain boundaries on what I will tolerate. I am comfortable with the decision I have made and am very wary of everything I hear and understand. I enjoy my life with God and enjoy the connection with a congregation. I no longer will be gullible in accepting matters that I consider to be harmful to my life.

    The best decision I made was to leave pkg and I recommend that anyone considering leaving pkg to do it now!! You will be find that there are better things in life then being enslaved to an organization that is corrupt and dangerous to your spiritual life!

    Thanks soap opera you are right on!

  • martin says:

    What is the standard procedure in prisons if an inmate is dying?

    Let’s say an inmate is dying of cancer, would they let him out early?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I imagine the Bureau of Prisons would need an order from the court before they could release him.

  • Ozymandias says:

    My husband and I left PKG with the intention of NOT joining any other group. I know some people like the fellowship, but we were quite done with all of it. Very small men in the grand scheme of things, trying desperately to make their mark on the world. Herbert did a much better job of that than Ron ever will. Now all these smaller men will try to go in on his coat tails.Its all the same game over and over.They are actually worse than some of the televangelists they made fun of over the years. Just remember though, they couldn’t get very far without a following. As long as people think they can pray and buy their way into the Kingdom, men like this will thrive. Many of us do just fine without the large group, but if you truly want fellowship, there are people you can meet with occasionaly. The COGS are just bullies who have convinced people they can’t live without them.

  • Randy says:

    Pour Ron Weindland , not hope he don’t make it sorry , he wanted earth Quakes , boarders blown up , 2/3 of veg. Gone and he’s aragonit ass stole all that money hope u burn in fire and your bitch !!!!!

  • No turning back now says:

    Stupid for trying to hang on, first let me say how sorry I am that you are going thru this, I feel your pain because your ex is marrying my ex!!! They talk on the phone all the time and she came here twice , now they are getting married. He dropped that bomb on me last night. Sounds like they are desperate. I wonder if he proposed over the phone LOL. I don’t think he bought her a ring but he did buy himself another motorcycle…. How can someone fall in love after spending 5 days together, text messages and phone calls. She will have to relocate because he wont move where it is cold. She will live in the house that my ex and I built in ’97 with all our memories of our 30 year marriage and raising 2 children are. I cant imagine how they can jump into it so swiftly but my ex can not be without a woman. She has no idea what she is getting into. He even took me to a concert for my birthday (purchased expensive tickets) and did not tell her….seems like they are off to a great start.

    Feel free to email me if you’d like I would really like to speak to you. Once again I am sorry. Like you I was hoping he would snap out of it. He in it for the long hall!

    Mike, please pass on my email address to stupid for trying to hang on.

  • Randy says:


  • Randy says:

    You all got to tell it like it is , don’t hide nothing like pkg

  • No Turbing back now says:

    I cried reading about all the marriages that have broken up and the financial difficulties because of this cult. My ex lost out on a loving wife until I could not take it any more……I joined the church to save our marriage in ’08, and look where we are…. I loathe ronald weinland , he is no more a prophet than the rest of us….. I am sure God is so pleased with all the marriages broken up!!!

  • No Turbing back now says:

    We have only been divorced sine late November

  • FedUp says:

    This has been a heartbreaking thread.

  • GA Girl says:

    Hey no turning back, I never post on this site, just come ever now and then to see if anyone I know has left. But after reading your post I was heartbroken. I know you and your ex husband and daughter. I’m sooooooo so sorry to hear about this. We have been gone several years now, but I was always hoping your ex would leave and often wondered if he had. It is amazing how everyone can still believe this man, if they truly believe what the bible says they would have left along time ago. Pkg has them believing you can’t undrlerstand it without someone else telling you what it means. It is soooo sad. I pray for everyone in still in pkg, how many times can he predict falsely and people continue to hang on. We still have family in, and just hope that one day they’ll wake up and get tired of the lies..i love my family dearly and I know how hard it is to Watch them blindly follow and know there is nothing you can do. So I can’t imagine what you have been through in the past years. My heart goes out to you and your family!!! You may remember me and my husband as the young married couple in Georgia. If you ever need to talk you have my permission to get my email.

  • stupid for trying to hang on says:

    No turning back now, I sent you my email, please feel free to write, since November that’s insane, Maggie can be quit pushy when it comes to things, and will become abrasive , that’s her way, she was at the feast in Florida last fall, and she spent it with another guy from phoenix that she still talks to all the time, anyway would like to talk with you also, it might be interesting. She says he has been up here also more than once, great values, and yes she is planning to move down there to your place, she’s a user, anybody on this blog that has had dealings with her will tell you she can be very difficult.

  • No turning back now says:

    Well my ex told me that he is not in love with Maggie but thinks he will be able to fall in love . He has sent me three texts today stating he wished it was me and that we could be together but knows it’s not going to happen!!! Why because I wont accept the church!! Like my handle says NO TURNING BACK !!!! I wish him well in his new adventure and to me that is exactly what it will be!!! Two despite people that barely know each other tying the knot….what ever happened to falling in love and not just settling for the first person that comes along!! I have 2 children and I am concerned for them as they live with him and she will be moving into the house that we built and raised our kids in. Please pray for them!

  • No turning back now says:

    GA girl, I think I know who you are and I gave Mike permission to give you my email. I would love to hear how y’all are!!!!

  • Fooled No More says:

    No Turning Back, I KNOW the person that your ex is about to marry, and all I can say is YIKES!!! 😮

    I’ve had a few run ins with that gal at different Sabbath services, and I can tell you like her ex said—–she can be quite difficult and a real smart-Alec. She’s fortunate that the old cab driver in me didn’t come out the one time she said something smart, as I KNOW I would have had her in tears as I would have let her have it big time!

    I don’t understand this “falling in love” quickly either except I will say this—–Ron has put yet another date out there for the church. This time it’s November 7th when all hell is supposed to break loose on the world with the “Great Tribulation”. Unfortunately, what that does to the minds of people is to not act rationally, and think things through, because “well if we don’t do this now, we won’t be able to because the world will be a mess!”

    I saw this happen in the run up to May 27, 2012 where people were leaving jobs (I was one of them), buying things on credit as if they were going to get them “free” because of no more debt in the Millennium, and unfortunately marriages that happened because of that mindset that I just described.

    This might be the reason your ex and she are in such a rush. All I can say is that they are in for a real world of hurt when these “dates” don’t pan out, and things are continuing on just as before——except they suddenly realize that they really don’t love each other…….just married out of “convenience”. 🙁

    I do feel really sorry for your kids! I went through something similar as a teen in the mid ’70’s when one of my parents married again. We didn’t know this fellow well, but we were somehow supposed to “like him” because he existed I guess.

    Well that didn’t and never works!

    If you’d like, you can get my email addy from Mike if you’d like someone to talk to…….this is NOT an easy time for you, and I can empathize!

  • No turning back now says:

    Fooled no more, thanks for your kind words, I am dealing with this fairly well, I have 2 wonderful young adult children that are in college and because I down sized and my ex bought me out on our home the kids choose to stay there, it is where they grew up…..I purchased a 1400 SQ foot house that is rather small for 3 people and a dog 🙂 However I keep in touch with them and see them when our schedules allow,and they only live a few miles away… I have a great job, good health and I am free from living with a man that I really love with all my heart…but cant stand his pride !!! I have countless blessings that I am thankful for every day….I am an ER nurse and I often see how fragile life is . I assisted a baby being born and closed the eyes of a dying man. I choose to be happy 🙂

  • Freedom says:

    Fooled No More,

    November 7th will come and go as a typical day and I wonder what the new spin will be. Also, don’t forget about the 63,000 that are suppose to flock to pkg. This is supposed to happen between now and Nov 7th. Also, ron will still be in prison on Nov 7th. Explain that one!

    If the members are doing what they did in 2012 then that is on them. How many failures is it going to take before they realize that they have been played for fools?

  • No turning back now says:

    well Ron has incorporated the church in his new dates that God revealed to him. So it will be on the church as Ron implied it collectively…….I feel sorry for them 🙁

  • martin says:

    re “Also, don’t forget about the 63,000 that are suppose to flock to pkg.”

    It goes without saying, that Ron knows NOTHING on prophecy, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding stinks.

    Ron has what I call the “key words”….like Beast, Anti-Christ, Tribulations, Day of the Lord….etc…..that are in the bible, so people who don’t study the bible are easily captured because it sounds like Ron knows what he is talking about.

    But he understands none of the truths related to them.

    For example….his doctrine regarding the 63,000 comes from Rev 11:13

    Rev 11:13 And in that hour a great earthquake occurred, and the tenth part of the city fell. And seven thousand names of men were slain in the earthquake. And the rest were frightened and gave glory to the God of Heaven.

    He reads the 7000 as 10% of a full 70,000 of the population that got slain.


    I ask the reader….what is it really saying? before going on with this post…..read it for yourself.



    The total that died is 7000, we do NOT know out of what number that 7000 comes from, that is, what percent of the population the 7000 is.

    This is how Ron easily deceives people, BECAUSE THEY DON’T BOTHER TO READ THE VERSES.

    For those that read the verses, it should be obvious what is actually being stated, and how Ron can’t even understand English, much less prophecy

  • martin says:

    city (G4172) is the greek word “polis”, it is where we get metro-polis. It means city or town, it has NOTHING to do with the population.

    It has to do with the BUILDINGS. What happens during an earthquake? Apparently Ron has no clue.

    Building collapse in an earthquake. This is what the verse is talking about, when it says a tenth of the city fell. A tenth of the city’s buildings collapse and kill 7000 men/women.

  • Byker Bob says:

    I’ve often said that if someone who called himself “Saint Crap” began preaching the Armstrong doctrines and prophecy mold, he’d probably have people lining up to give their tithes, 401k, and deed to their houses to him. How would he get past that horrid name? Ah, that’s easy! “Don’t look to a name, brethren!”

    In business, the people who charge above-average amounts for their goods and services get to keep the money mostly because they are the ones who are adept at explaining why their prices are not only realistic, but actually a better deal. They aren’t alone in this. The leaders of a high demand cult go further. They not only justify membership in their cult, they also paint all manner of serious negative events and punishments to cover the eventualities should anyone consider leaving. They are convincing up to a point, and then when people finally see through them (some actually never do), they feel betrayed and exploited. Unfortunately, the betrayal and the exploitation often result in anger and bitterness.

    The permanent damage these people do forces their victims to spend a lifetime trying to regain equillibrium.


  • Ronco says:

    “Also, don’t forget about the 63,000 that are suppose to flock to pkg.”

    No… The 63,000 are supposed to flock to Mr David C Pack’s RCG compound in beautiful Wadsworth, Ohio after Weinland, Meredith and Flurry all go in one big pile.

  • stupid for trying to hang on says:

    No turning back, WOW he doesn’t love her but thinks he can fall in love with her, and they are rushing to get married, amazing, the values of people in pkg never seem to amaze me. in the last 2 years my ex has dated 3 different guys in the pkg, and been to the feast with 2 of them, and next will be your ex, didn’t know my ex wife is the bar fly of the pkg. I wonder what kind of church thinks this type of behavior is proper. She’s been down there a couple of times, wonder if she stayed at his place, if so i wonder what the church would think of that. I asked her what the rush was and among other things she said SEX. He says he doesn’t love her SOMEONE NEEDS TO TO TELL HER she says he is the one and in love with him, sounds like he is leading her on. Next you’ll be telling me he has money troubles or tends to drink a bit. I know he is coming up here for the first time soon, wonder where he’ll stay, he didn’t even come up here after her house fire, i was there every day helping her holding her doing the best I could for her, and he doesn’t even bother to come up and help, that should be a red flag

    I can tell you more than likely she will strain any relationship your ex has with his kids, she’ll start out being nice but she will change. my 2 oldest would not even come over to the house because of her, and my son who was living with us was unhappy and looked for a reason not to be home as much as possible when she was home, luckily he worked at my business and we had time there together without her.

    I am not perfect by any means and have my faults, and caused problems with our marriage more or less because of me resentment of pkg and how they were all first above all ese in her mind. I had a pre-nup when i married her and thank god i did the first thing she asked her was if she could break it, luckily she didn’t have any chance, i was still generous when we split and gave her way more than I had to. Like I said i had a role in our troubles, mostly because I couldn’t take the insanity of PKG.

    Dates are important to these people, i don’t get why as nothing ever happens, I did notice that every time she game home from services, it was all negative, everybody had had a bad week, and gloom and doom was coming.

    As the last couple of weeks have unfolded I have had to think, why did I keep trying, kept hopeing she would change back to the woman I fell for that was just starting in PKG and not that much into it i guess. But I have opened my eyes these people are insane

  • No turning back now says:

    Stupid for trying to hang on, The first time Maggie visited she stayed at the house this last time she stayed in a hotel, not sure why….That’s my EX, cant live without sex, apparently it is more important than being in love. I always thought one loved the person you were with sexually hence the saying “making love” ….seems shallow and pathetic to me!!! Oh well it’s his gig,
    I hope he is happy!

    A friend of mine that knows Maggie said exactly what you are saying, apparently she told this mutual friend that my kids will have nothing to do with me…..REALLY!!!!! First she does not know me at all, secondly my kids love me and respect me. They admire my strength in this difficult situation. How dare she judge me!!!! It is not like my ex to say these sorts of things about me unless he is trying to lift himself up, but I really doubt it, it’s not his character. She better not mess with my kids cuz she will have to deal with me and when I am provoked watch out!!

    BTW he does have financial problems big time but I am sure he shared all this with his soon to be wife. Isn’t that what couples do when they decide to get married? There shouldn’t be any secrets….and he does have a couple beers or marquritas or wine each day but again I am sure she knows all this,after all they are getting married and they have spent 5 full days together!!

    Like you, I have my faults in the marriage but for the most part I was the giver and he was the taker. I was committed to him until I could no longer stand it …..that cult is the demise of many marriages. Ronald Weinland I hope your sorry arse is pleased. You have screwed up so many lives you should be ashamed.

  • Randy says:

    Did the asshole crooked yet ? Did I every say how much I hate this family wreaking lieing money stealing asshole !

  • bilbo says:

    Everyone was always stressed in the cult. Always battles and problems and more battles and more problems … when you are looking for negativity then it’s all you see. I certainly have no regrets over leaving that ridiculous cult. Did I say it was a CULT? Because it’s a CULT.

    Hank Hill: (rolls down car window) Are y’all with the cult?

    Cult member: It’s not a cult. It’s an organization that promotes love and –

    Hank Hill: This is it!

  • Randy says:

    That’s what I said everything negative , there all sick or have money problems they watch the news 24/7 to see if there’s earth quakes , hurricanes , or bad stuff floods, he ( the asshole ) got them all scare to death they need to learn family is frist and happiness ,
    Leave the asshole and his bitch , flip on a good movie watch it with your family and have a good laugh tell them you love them and God will take care not no Man or his bitch ! And read your bible and not listen to the asshole he is in Fedral prison on five counts of stealing your money he will be living with Satan soon !!!!!

  • bilbo says:

    I feel your frustration Randy! I’m lucky to be fully out, everyone I care about is free of this cult. For me it’s entertainment to pop in and poke fun once in a while, is how I’m going to get my money’s worth out of Ron, but also blunt truth is blunt truth and if it telling it like it is frees one person it was worth it.

    There is way more good than bad in the world, if that’s where you’re focus is. There is way more bad than good in the world, if that’s where your focus is. And, whichever you focus on gets bigger in your life.

    Also I know someone in my region who left PKG and was intensely lonely afterward, and still kept honor and standards and respect with dating and marriage. Amazing, somebody a COG would reject as unbelieving spawn of satan (when this person actually loves God more than ever), and they’re not sleeping around, in fact, more clean and honorable than any of the church “relationships” described here. Talk about abusing “unevenly yoked” scripture to justify divorce and finding someone new to sleep with … God’s own true people indeed, lol. Crazy sad these destroyed families. I don’t know what to say, my heart goes out to everyone affected.

  • martin says:

    That these people think they are of God is laughable

    1) Ronald Weinland – tax thief (to the tune of a quarter million dollars or more), liar, false prophet 10 times over, hedonist

    2) Laura Weinland – lusts for jewelry, paintings, erotic panties, cars, is an outright liar, gossiper, lazy bum

    3) Audra Weinland – divorced and remarried…by bible definition she is an adulterer, also is a lazy bum

  • martin says:

    the irony is that most of the previous points have been proven in a court of law, by the Weinland’s documents!

  • martin says:

    Any body have updates on Ron’s condition?

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, it was interesting I found that nothing was mentioned at the beginning of the sermon (given by Wayne)today. I tuned in for just a few seconds to see if something would be said by Johnny but………………….Not a word! In the past, when something major would happen to brethren it was mentioned in the beginning of the sermon, but no more I suppose. Gotta circle those wagons!

    Shhhhhh Martin! You’re not supposed to mention all of the faults and misdeeds of The Weinlands! Gotta keep that money train rollin’ dontcha know!

  • Fooled No More says:

    BTW, this is a little off topic. You all remember in my first letter to Mike that one of the reasons I left PKG (among many) was that I was so TIRED of being broke constantly, especially when I needed some MAJOR dental work done and never had the money for it.

    Well, Friday of last week I went in to the dentist, and had the rest of my teeth pulled, and am now sporting a new set of dentures! 🙂

    It was interesting that a couple months ago, a co-worker had mentioned a free dental clinic (MOM-n-PA) that was going to be run during May 29-30. I scheduled last Friday off from work and showed up at 4:30 in the morning as I knew there were going to be a LOT of people there. I was seen a a few hours later as I was #151 to be seen. The Dentist had told me that because my teeth were so misaligned due to the gum disease, indeed all of them should come out.

    So……….for the next hour/hour and a half the dentist pulled the remaining 16 teeth that needed to come out. Needless to say, I was quite sore after it was all said and done as she did each one locally, and didn’t put me under to do it. I believe it was against their regulations to put anyone under, and they had you sign a waiver letting you know as much. She shot Novocaine for each tooth and all I can say I was MIGHTY GLAD when it was over!

    Of course I had a lot of swelling to deal with and go away, but I was fitted for new dentures this past Tuesday and am doing a LOT better! I just went back to work a couple days ago, and folks were shocked when they saw me with new teeth!

    I can also say that had I stayed with PKG and all the money I was shelling out, I could have NEVER got this work done! Incidentally, the clinic pulled my teeth for free, but I had to go to the regular dentist for the dentures. Money that I had saved back for the dentures would more than likely be in PKG’s coffers had I still been with them.

    So as they say there’s a light at the end of every tunnel……………..indeed there is, and it’s a bright one for me! 😀

  • martin says:

    I had two molars pulled out a couple of years ago…..

    I made the guy inject pain killer into my gums I think 5 times (because the novacaine or whatever they were using was not working).

    My jaw was numb for like 3 days.

    Very expensive…I think $650 for each molar, I had one done first, and 6 months later had the other molar pulled.

    Oy vey….that’s modern health care……

  • FedUp says:

    I want to hear more about what Ron is predicting for November 7.

  • Byker Bob says:

    I’ve known people both from the world of Armstrongism, and regular, secular people, who for long term financial reasons, were missing teeth. For years, although they tried to make the best of it, this was a source of self-consciousness for them, and affected many of the social aspects of their lives. Getting a good set of dentures really did improve the quality of their lives, attitudes, and effectiveness in the various roles they played.

    Flash back to sometime in 1973 or 1974, after it was first realized that the Germans had no intention of invading the USA. Pasadena Bible study Friday night, Ambassador College gymnasium. Herbert W. Armstrong was reading a letter from a member somewhere out in the field, who stated that she was glad that “God had postponed” the end times, and seemed to be giving us more time to do the work, because now she intended to get her teeth fixed. HWA’s comment was that he certainly hoped that all of the brethren didn’t feel this way, or the income for the “work” would go way down.

    Here people had had a sense of deep urgency, making many personal sacrifices as we moved towards the date which they had given us, and HWA’s teaching and expectations were that they would just continue to do this! In the world of Armstrongism, that was and is the role of prophecy and the end times! It doesn’t necessarily matter to either the leaders or the followers whether the dates pan out, or continually need revising, because the prophecy is not so much a warning or forecast relevant to individual quality of life, but simply to create a state of fear motivation and urgency. The prophets in the Old Testament definitively knew events in advance of their occurrence. The role of a prophet was never an on the job training scenario, with accompanying failures. This negative world view is a pervasive attitude which sticks with people usually for the rest of their lives. Some of the people who left decades ago still read news about Europe, weather patterns, the economy, and health trends, and take the old Armstrongian gloom and impending doom point of view. The truth is, good stuff regularly happens as well as bad. If we place undue emphasis on bad, and expect conditions to always trend downwards, it can prevent us from appreciating the many good things (blessings?) that happen in our lives. It is indeed a blessing to be able to get teeth repaired or replaced. A true minister should be encouraging that, and possibly even assisting in facillitating it!


  • Indeed, the Church of God Seventh Day regularly gathers volunteers who are experts to go to the poor in Mexico and give them free dental care.

    I don’t suppose that the Weinlands would ever consider paying for such programs out of PKG donations… out of the kindness of their tender hearts.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Ron got his teeth worked on a few years ago, who do you think paid for it? That’s cause he’s better than you. He’s not going to be embarrassed by missing teeth , cause he’s earned the right to have the best dental care , that you are paying for. Well , never again. If I’m fixing teeth, mine will be first. If I want to help someone else I will, and I won’t need Rons permission. No more driving a beater, and running around with rotten teeth so Ron can drive a BMW. Those days are over.

  • martin says:

    I’m guessing Ron won’t be healthy enough to even write a blog post.

    I suspect however that Ron will apply Rev 10:11 to himself, I forget if he already did or not.

    (Rev 10:11) And he said to me, You must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.

  • martin says:

    Another prophecy Ron will attach to himself is the “famine of the word” prophecy. Since he is sick and will probably not be able to put in the effort to write a blog post.

  • martin says:

    Randy – very good list.

  • Randy says:

    We been gone out of town 3 days and Maggie called here 2 times she has not called mom in years great I love to tell the truth and they call bitching mom out !!!!

  • Called To Biessing says:

    Hello to everyone.
    Been a while since I’ve commented. Just life taking it’s toll. Nice to log on and see that Mike is keeping the outsiders informed and any newbies from becoming indoctrinated by the cult of Ron and Laura. ☺️

  • FedUp says:

    The primary job of the Two Witlesses begins in November? I thought they were done already. I’m sensing a lack of cohesiveness to Profit Ron’s posts. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he was making this up as he goes along. Really.

  • Curious In Mich says:

    Hi Randy, What did Maggie have to bitch at your mom about, and why twice, did she actually talk to your mom ( I bet that was upsetting for her ) or just leave messages, sounds like she is lashing out for some reason

  • Freedom says:

    When you read the post that Mike listed here in this section it becomes clear that this guy (ron) is off his rocker. The only thing I am aware of during this ” last year of dedication” is his heart attack! It appears that he (ron) is lacking in his fasting – do as i say not as i do

    It is the same old story of one failed prediction after another. Wake up folks and challenge this nut case once and for all!! I wonder how the monthly fasting is going? Probably not to good. This is really the “dedicated year of failure”!

  • Randy says:

    Curious in Michigan
    I don’t we where at my sister she left no mess. I don’t think mom called her back yet !!!!!!!

  • martin says:

    Randy, does your mother know anything about Ron’s condition???

  • juror bags says:

    Sounds like the loss of some big money has had a toll on ole’ Ronnie Boy. GREAT! Stress could be the culprit for lil’ Ron the Con’s heart condition this time. Stress due to the lack of tithe funds and some angry money grubbing bitches at home. Namely Laurdass and Audrass not being able to blow tithe cash in a silly fashion any longer on a whim and in excess on over the top luxuries and lifestyle wants. HA HA! No mercy here. The first heart attack was likely living large and gouging his face well as the Weinscums do.

    It has to be stress. Ron isn’t getting fat in prison and can not indulge himself with whatever he pleases. Hopefully, Ron is feeling some of the stress and anxiety he has put so many others thru. I will make it clear I do not wish for bad things to happen to anyone………………EXCEPT ALL OF THE WEINLANDS, of course. PIGS!

    I do hope Ron leaves prison in a body bags. He deserves that and his scumbag thieving family should suffer the consequences and enjoy a nice taste of poverty with the loss of False Daddy the 5 Star dining meal ticket. Call me a jerk. I don’t care.

  • Randy says:

    Well said Bags !!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • GD says:

    Bye ron !

  • Randy says:

    Maybe Bubba left him and got a new bitch and it broke his heart

  • martin says:

    It’s ironic that Ron’s previous blog post is about Satan’s waning powers.

    Then God’s most formidable prophet gets a massive heart attack.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Just out of curiosity:

    Does anyone have PROOF Ron had a heart attack? Since no one knows fro sure and no one in the {KG is saying anything, is it not possible that we are being played? That someone started this “rumor” to make us look like we have been exposed as the mindless sheep we ourselves call the PKG, merely bleating out gossip while doing NO thorough research. Mike (DDTFA) has hesitantly reported this (possible) rumor and it is been run with. I would think we stand to look like we deal in rumor and gossip, and thus the actual truth of Ron’s crimes and lies will be ignored by the PKG because they will have found what they think is justification to ignore anything we say.

    Since there is no proof, and nothing has changed over at the PKG…it is safe to assume Ron has NOT had a heart attack…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    No, we don’t have PROOF, such as a copy of a medical chart. However, I’ve received this report from multiple sources which have been reliable in the past. I believe it more likely true than not that Ron had a heart attack of some kind.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Mike (DDTFA) has been spot on with the info for these last few years, so I am inclined t believe/trust that he has done his homework. Thank you, Mike. Now if it is indeed true that Ron has had a heart attack, watch the family spin it as part of Ron’s anti-Christ lies and false ministry. If Ron dies now the Weinscums will spin it as prophecy and proceed with stealing even more tithes from the remaining senile PKG sheep that are too scared of life to leave a cult.

    Personally I don’t have a dog in this fight, but if Ron is taken out by his own failing health, I will raise a beer to the sky and toast Randy Terlecki…

  • Acts says:

    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    New posting up, with Ron’s own explanation. Comments on this post now locked.