Pentecost 2015

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a new post up, over 3 weeks since the last.  Seems that Ron has been using up his #2’s on occasional blog posts and therefore will not be writing a third book.

——————  Ronnie’s Post reposted here for your comments ——————–

This will be the third Pentecost that God’s Church will have observed since Pentecost of 2012, the date we had previously believed was Christ’s return. This will also be the last Pentecost in this current sixth cycle of 1260 days in the measuring of the Temple of God – the Church. In the fourth Pentecost from this one, in 2019, we believe that the “complete count” to the actual coming of Christ and the Firstfruits (the 144,000) of God will be fulfilled.

In considering these cycles of time, we have come a long way since that first one. That first cycle began with the Apostasy (December 17, 1994) and led up to the reestablishment of God’s true remnant Church on Pentecost of 1998 (exactly 1260 days later). The count to the coming of God’s Son to reign in His Kingdom, and over this earth, began on the exact day that He had predetermined long, long ago. Though we know these things, it is highly worthy, at this very time, that we review some matters regarding timing in order to come to more deeply grasp and appreciate their greater meaning and importance.

God’s Glory Being Revealed
Today, on a weekly Sabbath, as my family is continuing on with God’s work in the Church by meeting together with the brethren and the ministry in Europe, I read a sermon given by Johnny Harrell. In that sermon, he covers what Christ addresses in Matthew 12 regarding the only sign that would be given that he was the Messiah. It was that the son of man would be in the grave for precisely three days and three nights. That timing was precise and exactly as God predetermined, as with all His planning and His execution of those plans.

Such works of God glorify Him and His great majesty the more we come to see what He fulfills and the manner in which He does so. In this account concerning Christ’s death, the exact time he was in the grave was not the only precise timing fulfilled. A specific year was also chosen that then occurred (31 AD), as were the days of the week that everything should happen, even down to the very hour. All was meticulously planned and brought to pass. First, the time that Christ kept the last required observance for eating a Passover lamb with his disciples. Then, the time to institute a new Passover observance and the time needed to teach the disciples things in that one night that revealed God’s greater purpose for Christ becoming our Passover so that sin can be forgiven.

One of the most astounding things Christ taught and began to reveal on that night concerns a very great truth that has only been restored to God’s remnant Church in this end-time. It is the 35th Truth, which states: “We understand that Jesus Christ is ‘continuously coming’ in the flesh of those who are in the Church of God.” This truth that Christ taught on Passover night, which would result in one being able to be forgiven of sin through our Passover, reveals God’s great purpose of being able to dwell (abide, live, continue) in His Church – in His Temple.

Then there was more that followed in that same day on the 14th of Abib, with the betrayal and arrest of Jesus Christ, then a heinous trial that condemned him to death, and finally, the hideous beating he received. All these things had to progress in a timely manner. All had to happen exactly as it did and when it did, even the timing of when Christ was impaled on a pole, and when the spear pierced his side in order to spill out his blood upon the earth, and when the veil of the temple was torn in two. This all led to him finally being taken down from the pole, some preparation being made for his burial, and then him being placed into the tomb in the exact hour needed in order to fulfill all that was necessary for him to become our Passover and much more.

The time in which Christ had to die, to the time in which he was placed into the tomb, to the moment of his resurrection had to be exact. All these accounts had to be accomplished fitting into the correct time of the week and the hour for the wave-sheaf offering to be fulfilled by him as he ascended to God and was accepted by Him as the fulfillment of that wave-sheaf, the first of the firstfruits into God’s Family.

All these events surrounding the fulfillment of Passover by Jesus Christ, his resurrection, and then his fulfillment of the wave-sheaf offering required awesome planning and coordination. It also required powerful direct involvement and work by God that had to be accomplished in the lives and affairs of many people during that period. Not only that, but all this began long before Jesus Christ was ever born. The actual countdown of those events that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ began some 487 years earlier. That was the beginning of the prophetic “70 Weeks Prophecy” given in Daniel 9.

It would be good to be reminded of that beginning as well because the prophecy is highly specific concerning the exact timing that God would fulfill in order to accomplish it all. God moved Artaxerxes in 457 BC to issue the decree that began this first countdown to the coming of the Messiah. Artaxerxes issued the decree for the rebuilding of Jerusalem that took place through the time of Ezra and Nehemiah up to 408 BC. It would be good to consider the exactness of what God said:

“Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem [457 BC] until Messiah the Prince, there shall be seven weeks [7 weeks x 7 days that gives a prophetic 49 years that went to 408 BC] and sixty-two weeks [434 years that went up to 27 AD when Christ began his ministry]. The street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troubled times. And after sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off [killed], but not for himself [for all others as the Passover of all mankind]… And he [Messiah] shall confirm with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease [he fulfilled the meaning of the sacrificial system through his death, and therefore caused the laws regarding their observance to cease]” (Dan. 9:25-27).

The ability to plan and then execute such plans in such a meticulous manner over such a broad period of time serve to reveal and magnify the awesome purpose, power, and incredible glory of God Almighty to perform it. It is as Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes:

“I know that whatsoever God does [works to accomplish, labors to perform], it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it [whatever God predetermines, He fulfills exactly], and God does so that all should fear before Him [be in awe, to honor and reverence, and fear to do otherwise]. That which has been is now, and that which is to be has already been [God’s predetermined plan of things to be fulfilled, will be], and God requires that which is past [that which has long ago been planned, God pursues to fulfill]” (Eccl. 3:14-15).

The Last Countdown
We have just reviewed the first great countdown to Christ’s first coming, as a physical man, in order to fulfill the Passover and Wave-sheaf Offering. It is beyond full comprehension to grasp the awesomeness of us now being in the latter end of the second great countdown to his coming, and this time in Elohim, as King of kings. This end-time countdown has far more complexity, exact timing, and coordination of precise events than the first.

We are living in a period that is working to magnify and glorify God’s incredible greatness – more than any other single period in mankind’s history. Indeed, this is very much about the 7th Thunder growing in greater power and intensity the closer we draw to Pentecost of 2019.

Much of what we have gone over in this post and will yet touch upon lightly is a review of things we already know. However, this serves to put it all into a better perspective for what we are living – for what we are witnessing – that is working to glorify the great majesty of God. This last great countdown is very much what this is all about – more fully establishing the glory of Almighty God before mankind of His performance to usher in His government upon this earth.

The final countdown to Christ’s coming had a very clear and distinct beginning. It started at an exact moment in time and yet was planned thousands upon thousands of years in advance. So very long ago God Almighty predetermined that He would give one primary sign to His Church (not to the world) when that final countdown was to begin. This was to be the only defining sign that such had begun.

This is revealed in the very first truth that God established in His remnant Church, in the Church of God-PKG. It is the first truth established after the 18 that were restored to God’s Church through His previous apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong. It is the 22nd Truth, which states:

“There has been an apostasy that is unprecedented in the Church of God as prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3.”

It would also be good to quote a section of the 50th Truth regarding this chapter in 2 Thessalonians, which refers to the significance of this exact timing of a physical leader over the Church on earth who would betray Jesus Christ and cause this Apostasy.

“The revelation of this man would reveal to the Church that the end-time had now come and that the First Seal of Revelation had been opened. This man who would betray God’s government would be known as ‘the man of sin’ and ‘the son of perdition.’ As covered in the Church’s literature and in sermons, God revealed who this man was by a judgment of death that was contained in this revelation. That judgment was revealed through the number 40 (used as God’s judgment) times the seven-day week. It was exactly 280 days from the time of this man’s betrayal to the time he died. When Joe Tkach, Sr. gave a sermon denouncing the most basic laws of God, it was exactly 280 days later to the hour that he died. This timing was God’s revelation of who the son of perdition and this man of sin was.”

All that is recorded here is about one primary sign to the Church that the timing for Christ’s return had come. For nearly 1900 years, the Church waited until God revealed His timing for what He had inspired Paul to write.

“Now we beseech you, brethren, by [about] the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto [preparing ourselves for] him, that you do not become soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that day of Christ is at hand [that it has come]. Let no man deceive you by any means, for except [Christ’s coming will not occur before this] there come a falling away [Gk. – apostasy – a great departing from the truth] first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” (2 Thes. 2:1-3).

A few who remain in God’s remnant Church experienced the immediate results of this moment in time that served to reveal the beginning of that countdown, which would lead up to the coming of the Messiah. This event began the process of the opening of the Seals of Revelation by Jesus Christ himself, as he and his Father began the process of intricate work that would lead up to the exact moment of his coming, which we believe will be on Pentecost of 2019.

It is becoming more and more evident that God has given an additional seven years to bring to pass those things written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness. Though we still do not know when the effects of the 2nd Trumpet are to commence, we see by the events of this world that the effects of all the Trumpets are very rapidly approaching, just as an approaching WW III is becoming more evident.

God has been revealing some of the most profound and intricate work contained in the time of the Apostasy to Christ’s literal coming, which shows the magnitude and power of His greatness to bring to pass all that He predetermined so very long ago.
It makes the word “awesome” seem so very puny and small because what God is doing goes so very far beyond such a weak description that words cannot convey it.

We have been given a great deal already concerning the unfathomable scale for the mathematical probabilities of so many events and timing to occur as they have been since the 17th of December in 1994 (the day of the Apostasy) to Pentecost of 2019 that it truly staggers the mind to try to grasp it all. As an exercise of your own, it would be good that you review some of these events and their timing that has been covered in previous posts. This time, try to look upon such events in the context of what was covered in the first part of this post concerning the events and their precise timing surrounding Christ’s first coming that God orchestrated. This should be done in the context of seeking to recognize God’s active work, and now also that of Christ’s, with such precision to fulfill all the events throughout this complete period that in reality amounts to bringing to fulfillment all that is contained in the Seven Seals of Revelation.

There are two matters that I would like to address which need to be added to the end of this post so that all readers might be better informed, rather than simply sending it to the Church separately.

Third Book
Some time ago, I commented on the potential of writing a third book. Since there are quite a few who make mention of this in anticipation of it being published, this will serve as an update.

It now seems that such a book is not intended for this age, especially since it became clear to me that much of the content was to come from posts I have written while being here in prison. It now seems more likely that such a publication could well be a compilation of such written information that would be more beneficial to those in the Millennium.

Candidly, the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, will still be the primary publication needed by people over the next few years. This will be needed by many to help them understand what they are experiencing once great tribulation strikes this earth. In addition, they will also be able to place their hope in the “good news” of what will follow after the Pentecost of 2019. The only thing that will have changed is the timing that followed that publication – a period of seven additional years.

Impaled On A Pole
Another matter I would like to address concerns a phrase I have used over the past few years. I have used the phrase “impaled on a pole” when referring to what happened to Christ on Passover of 31 AD. Someone recently voiced their displeasure with the use of such an expression.

As a little background, a few years ago I became determined to get rid of the term “crucifixion,” since it is a false account that pictures Jesus Christ being nailed upon a cross. Since such a description is a perversion of the truth and the result of what the Catholic Church did to mingle pagan beliefs and practices with that of the story of Jesus Christ’s life, it is important that we do all we can to correct such misconceptions and lies.

Even Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance mistranslates the Greek work “stauroo” as “crucify,” and it states that this word means to “impale on a cross.” Although they have incorrectly given this definition to say that what took place was upon a cross, rather than a singular pole, they have correctly used the term “impale.”

The Church of God understands that he was nailed upon a straight pole through both hands together with a single nail (spike), just as his feet were nailed through with a single nail. His hands were not nailed through separately with his arms outstretched on a cross beam that was affixed to a pole.

When using the term “impaled on” or “to” a pole, God’s Church would fully understand that this is speaking in a context of the actual account where “nails” were used to impale Jesus Christ upon a pole. God’s people most certainly grasp that this would not be picturing a full body impalement on a pole. The word “impale” is a perfectly acceptable and proper term to be used in describing this account.

The dictionary definition of “impale” is to “pierce or transfix with a sharp instrument [in this case, nails]; to spike, run through, harpoon, stab, skewer, spear.” Some dictionaries also refer to the medieval use of this Latin origin in the practice of piercing with a sharpened stake trust up through the body. However, the use of the term over the centuries began to take on a much broader meaning and usage.

Although it is doubtful that any new reader would be confused by the use of the expression of Jesus Christ being “impaled upon a pole,” leading them to incorrectly conclude that this was speaking of his body being pierced through in this manner, I will add the word “nailed” to my description of this event. In other words, this account will be referred to in context of Jesus Christ being “impaled (or pierced through) with nails on a pole.”


  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Smack this asshole Bubba !!!!

  • FedUp says:

    I have always been puzzled by the Armstrongist disdain for the cross. True, we may not know the exact shape of the wooden object He was nailed to, but why does it matter? The Romans nailed people to the walls of Jerusalem at one point. I do think it’s safe to say they were crucified, not impaled. I don’t care how Ron tries to spin it, “impaled” means skewered. Jesus was not skewered. He was nailed up.

    Just more straining at gnats and swallowing camels, IMHO.

  • Acts says:

    And Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

    “Candidly, the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, will still be the primary publication needed by people over the next few years. This will be needed by many to help them understand what they are experiencing once great tribulation strikes this earth. In addition, they will also be able to place their hope in the “good news” of what will follow after the Pentecost of 2019. The only thing that will have changed is the timing that followed that publication – a period of seven additional years.” RW

  • Acts says:

    “Just to be real candid with you so people know so people out there listening Blah Blah Blah blah
    That’s the only answer ! That’s why I answer like I do in the interviews , THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER .” RW

    “You know the World is not like that , when people Who are not Doing what is Right and they claim Certain things or say CERTAIN Things about what is given to them and it doesn’t Come to pass THEN they have to Madly change everything And do something else ! And say well God showed me this And I just didn’t understand So God has revealed this to me now and …..”RW

    The Answer
    Deuteronomy 18
    20But the prophet, who shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

    21And if you say in your heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?

    22When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing follows not, nor comes to pass, that is, the thing which the LORD has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it presumptuously: you shall not be afraid of him.

  • Acts says:

    Titus 1:16

    They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    ROn says:

    1. “It is beyond full comprehension to grasp the awesomeness of us now being in the latter end of the second great countdown to his coming, and this time in Elohim, as King of kings. This end-time countdown has far more complexity, exact timing, and coordination of precise events than the first.”

    Exact? PRECISE? LMAO!!! This guy has falsely prophesied “EXACT” timings so many times he has lost count!!

    2. Ron says: “It now seems that such a book is not intended for this age, especially since it became clear to me that much of the content was to come from posts I have written while being here in prison. It now seems more likely that such a publication could well be a compilation of such written information that would be more beneficial to those in the Millennium.”

    LMAO! What an egomaniac! His posts are tripe and beneficial to no one, ever. This lying moronic criminal’s fumbling nonsense is the work of GOD?

    Makes me even gladder to have been a complete atheist for decades…

  • Don D says:

    I’m not surprised to see that Ron refers to Pentecost of 2012 as… “the date WE HAD PREVIOUSLY BELIEVED was Christ’s return’. As usual, this is in stark contrast to his original claim at the time, that God had revealed that to him as his End-Time Prophet.

    HOWEVER, what does surprise me now is that Ron seems to be learning from experience and his claim to be receiving divine revelation is now being downgraded and diluted when he merely claims that:
    “In the fourth Pentecost from this one, in 2019, WE BELIEVE that the “complete count” to the actual coming of Christ and the Firstfruits (the 144,000) of God will be fulfilled”.

    It would seem that Ron is no longer prepared to go out on a limb and make false and outrageous claims about divine revelation concerning the timing of Christ’s return, because he’s realised that this may be his last chance to keep his followers with him. Surely, even the most faithful of them must now be thinking that Ron has only one more chance to prove himself. And Ron knows it!

    But no doubt he will continue to claim that God is filling his mind with fresh truths on any number of other topics.

  • Byker Bob says:

    I’d like to see Ron step up to the plate and exercise just a little more personal responsibility here! Of course, I know he can’t, or he might lose the confidence element of his con game. However, he should be saying “the date I had previously told (or falsely prophesied) you was going to be Christ’s return…..” Instead, he makes it into a communal thing, as if they all were responsible together for somehow having come to this specific knowledge as a group, by couching his false prophecies in the words “on the date WE had previously believed was going to be Christ’s return…..” I am sure the faithful will lap it up, nonetheless.

    BTW, as a matter of history, Armstrong theology seems to have glossed over certain facts. During part of the time span of the usage of crucifixion as capital punishment, the Romans would pre-set the vertical elements of the cross, the poles, into the ground, in advance. The condemned, on the day to be executed, would be secured to the horizontal cross-piece, and made to walk to the areas in which the poles were located, with the final assembly of the cross taking place at the actual execution site. This streamlined the process, by cutting down on the work involved, and making part of the cross, the pole, reusable. But it always was a cross, as the very word “crucify”, and it’s root word imply. Armstrongism was not very thorough in research methodology. They always seemed to find what they wanted to find, in many cases, just to differentiate themselves from the mainstream, soas to appear “special”.


  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The false prophet said:

    Although it is doubtful that any new reader would be confused by the use of the expression of Jesus Christ being “impaled upon a pole,” leading them to incorrectly conclude that this was speaking of his body being pierced through in this manner,…

    That’s the interpretation of “impaled on a pole” that struck me, even though I knew that Ron meant the impaling was by nails.

    What’s so hard about simply saying “nailed to a pole”?

  • Acts says:

    7 years of Famine and No Rain for Ronald and PKG. He keeps recycling his “Awesome”Knowledge over and over and over and on an on it goes ! Having trouble finding things to talk about Ron ? Trees whose fruit withers, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots!

    Tried to Weasel his way out of being a FALSE PROPHET with His present truth . Who do you think you are fooling Ronald? Certainly Not God. All your mathematical probabilities amazing amazing amazing !

    2 Thesalonians 2
    10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Here is some Present Truth for you Laura , Unrighteousness has to do with breaking Gods Law . Something you and your Family have not repented of yet. A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaks lies shall not escape.

  • Ronco says:

    “impaled on a pole”

    Another teaching stolen from the JW Watchtower…

  • Soap Opera says:

    Impalement as a means of execution.
    The answer is very simple, look on wickipedia.
    A rather graphic picture shows a person with a stake entering their anus and exiting their mouth.
    Even when I was in PKG I wondered why Ron used that expression concerning Christ’s execution.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed up and permanently set

  • martin says:

    “We have been given a great deal already concerning the unfathomable scale for the mathematical probabilities of so many events and timing to occur as they have been since the 17th of December in 1994 (the day of the Apostasy) to Pentecost of 2019 that it truly staggers the mind to try to grasp it all.”

    I showed in a previous post here, that his numerological prophetic dates were simply mathematically flawed. They are incorrectly calculated. Ron considered them to be significant, but he miscalculated the dates, and in doing so invalidated his whole thesis.

    I also showed that MANY Holy Days have a tendency (I didn’t even realize it at the time) of falling on 360 day intervals. Since 1260 is a multiple of 360 (3 1/2 times 360), then you will have a lot of Holy Days falling on seemingly important intervals of 360. So Ron’s math mumbo jumbo is not only NOT correct and flawed, it is NOT UNIQUE.

    Ron claims significance on two main points, the falling of certain dates on Holy Days, and the uniqueness (supposed) of this happening.

    (some dates do, but not all of them, and not the significant ones he made a point of, as he miscalculates the dates)

  • martin says:

    One can browse through the posts here for examples, disproving Ron’s theories 10 times over.

  • martin says:

    In one example, using Ron’s ron-math.

    There were 8 MATCHES. That is, doing it the way Ron explained is datings (which were incorrect, but mine were correct), there were 8 that fit the “pattern” as he set forth.

    So his claim of uniqueness is simply a lie.

  • martin says:

    Here are the 8 matches…
    8940 = total days in count, using Ron’s total count of days (albeit his version is incorrectly calculated)

    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940)………..[04/07/1996] – [09/28/2020]
    FeastofTabernacles…Passover(8940)…………[10/04/1996] – [03/27/2021]
    LastGreatDay…UnleavenedBread(8940)……..[10/05/1996] – [03/28/2021]
    LastGreatDay…Passover(8940)………………..[10/23/1997] – [04/15/2022]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940)…………[04/14/1998] – [10/05/2022]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940)…………[04/04/1999] – [09/25/2023]
    UnleavenedBread…Atonement(8940)…………[04/21/2000] – [10/12/2024]
    UnleavenedBread…FeastofTabernacles(8940).[04/26/2000] – [10/17/2024]

  • martin says:

    ps. I use the years between 1996-2024, as these were the years where I had tabular data available with the holy day dates.

    Ron starts his mumbo jumbo from 1994, but as I mentioned, he embarrasses himself again, as his calculations are wrong (check above link, 3 posts back, to find explanation of his error).

    PKGers are without excuse, the proof has been provided, Ron’s calculation are wrong and even when correctly calculated using Ron’s formula, it is NOT unique.

  • martin says:

    Ron “This end-time countdown has far more complexity, exact timing, and coordination of precise events than the first.”

    Pure horse manure. Also a complete lie. The proof it is a lie is available on this site, for those who want it.

  • bilbo says:

    “This end-time countdown has far more complexity, exact timing, and coordination of precise events than the first.”

    Don’t need any formulas to show that is fake. It’s on its face laughable. Acts and I have posted his own words enough times to show that he is not only lying, he is openly mocking whoever is stupid enough to still believe him, while probably still collecting wheelbarrows of cash. Not as much as herbie, but still a lot for a panhandler. It’s one after another, with no recourse for those wasting their lives on this snake.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “This end-time countdown has far more complexity, exact timing, and coordination of precise events than the first.”

    What a joke.

    1. countdown – Jesus said noone would know, it would be like a thief in the night. Thus, a countdown is impossible or else Jesus himself is a liar for having revealed anything at all after he had said that. Countdown = Jesus lied.

    2. complexity – Jesus said I am The Way, all who believe in me are saved. No complexity. Jesus rebuked the complex, meaning he rejected the Pharisees who “strained at a gnat” – were wrongfully fascinated with complex, tiny details at the expense of truth.

    3. exact timing – once again, Jesus rejected exact timing so there would be no complacency among the believers. Exact timing = Jesus lied about no one knowing.

    4. Precise events – the precise events of the Bible? There are some. BUT they must be in the right order as revealed in Revelations or in Jesus’ word or else Jesus is a liar. Ron CANNOT reveal a new order because then Jesus CHRIST is not Christ, just Jesus of Nazareth… a guy who proclaimed himself a Christ, falsely. But Ron has. Thus, Jesus Christ lied.

    Now read the statement again:

    ***This end-time countdown has far more complexity, exact timing, and coordination of precise events than the first.***

    Translation: Jesus Christ is a liar.

    So who is telling the truth? Jesus, or a proven false prophet currently in jail for tax fraud?

  • martin says:

    I laugh at how he cancelled the “book deal”.

    Didn’t GOD reveal to him that he was going to write a new book and would spend a year working on it?????????????????????????????

    Is God confused? Or is Ron confused?

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland divides his false prophecy into two phases

    1) Phase one
    Has five periods of 1260 days + one period 70 days

    1) Phase two
    Has two periods of 1260 days + one period 50 days

    Phase #1 Is ONE DAY SHORT OF PENTECOST (he miscounted his dates, his end date falls on a Saturday)
    1260 Days from Dec 17 1994 is the Saturday before Pentecost of 1998, which is on May 31 (Saturday is May 30), so he is short a day.

    Phase #2 is ONE DAY OVER PENTECOST (he miscounted his dates, his end date falls on a Monday)
    1260 + 1260 + 50 days from Pentecost 2012 (MAY 27, 2012) is the Monday after Pentecost of 2019 which is June 9, 2019 (Monday is June 10, 2019)
    So here is a day over.

    I do find it fascinating how Ron was blinded, he can not hit his target dates even when he fudges it by adding extra numbers.

    These numbers he uses to fudge his prophecy (70 and 50) COULD HAVE BEEN ANY NUMBERS.
    It could have been 7 or 12 or 24 or whatever. But the irony is that even with these arbitrary numbers that he used to land on a Holy Day and thus attach some “meaning” to the 1260 day cycles (which aren’t cycles anyway as they are not contiguous), HE STILL GETS IT wRONg!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Good point. From just over a year ago:

    In concluding, there is one more thing to tell you. A couple of weeks ago, late into the night once more, I was awakened with clear thoughts concerning much of the content of this post. In addition, it was conveyed to me that a third book is to be written, and even a title was given to me. This was just as clear and in the same manner as other names and titles that have been given to me over the years. These include: “News Watch” (for the scattered Church of God), “Time Is Running Out,” “Time Has Run Out,” Church of God – PKG, The Prophesied End-Time, and 2008 – God’s Final Witness.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Just as clear as all of his predictions. Late into the night when he’s up worrying about what to do next , a thought pops into his head.

  • Acts says:

    “Candidly”, I had a strong feeling he was never going to write another book. Just more bait for poor pkg to chew on for a while. I’m not a gambling man like Ron but I would bet the poor people of his group are disappointed to hear this news. Ron knows he has nothing more to say . Spent all his signs and wonders Up already with his masterpiece mathematical equation , which has NOTHING to do with God’s Word and everything to do with His own False word , a Worthless divination of his own sick mind.

    Jesus Christ Says: There shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.

  • Except we are waiting for the great signs and wonders part.

    Well, OK. The wonders part: It’s a great wonder as how stupid Weinland can portray himself to be, so he has shown us great wonders.

    As for the great signs, I can think of one for him:


  • martin says:

    But wait, it was CONVEYED to him that a third book IS TO BE WRITTEN.(????)

    Not might be. Not should be. But WILL BE.

    Maybe the spirit that was speaking to him lied.

  • martin says:

    If the dates don’t fit.

    Then you must quit.

  • martin says:

    I do wonder if any of the PKGers are savvy enough to realize they don’t have to wait for 2019 to see proof of whether Ron is right or wrong.

    The latest they need to wait is for November 7 of this year, as that is the supposed for real, physical this time, start of the Great Tribulation.

    In fact, they can know 30 days before November 7, whether Ron is wrong (again, and he will be wrong again).

    The studios bible student will be familiar with the 1290 days prophecy, that is 30 days before the 1260 prophecy (that is the start of the GT on Nov. 7th, which lasts 1260 days), there is an event that occurs, it is the setting up of the “abomination” (a jewish term for idol) in the Holy Place, where the Jews will have been making sacrifices, this setting up of this idol will put a halt to the sacrifices. Thirty days later (again Nov. 7th), the GT begins.

    1) 1290 days before Christ’s Second coming….idol is set up in Jerusalem, sacrifices halted (this will happen on Oct. 8th, if Ron is correct on his timings)
    2) 1260 days before Christ’s Second coming… (30 days after #1 occurs) the Great Tribulation begins.

    That is….if Ron is correct.

    He is not.

  • Conald Swineland is just plain Smug.

  • Acts says:

    I wonder if his own sign of 280 days will ultimately destroy him?

    By his own mouth
    “The final countdown to Christ’s coming had a very clear and distinct beginning. It started at an exact moment in time and yet was planned thousands upon thousands of years in advance. So very long ago God Almighty predetermined that He would give one primary sign to His Church (not to the world) when that final countdown was to begin. This was to be the only defining sign that such had begun.

    It was exactly 280 days from the time of this man’s betrayal to the time he died. When Joe Tkach, Sr. gave a sermon denouncing the most basic laws of God, it was exactly 280 days later to the hour that he died. This timing was God’s revelation of who the son of perdition and this man of sin was.”

    Most basic Laws ? How about Adultery Ron ? Shall we talk about that one ? How about not Bearing False Witness , how many times before you repent of that one? How about speaking your own Garbage word on the Sabbath day And going your own WAY, (Isaiah 58:13)that one has been ongoing for decades.

    After all Ron is no better than the one he keeps on pointing the finger at.
    1Judge not, that you be not judged. 2For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3And why behold you the mote that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye? 4Or how will you say to your brother, Let me pull out the mote out of your eye; and, behold, a beam is in your own eye? 5 YOU HYPOCRITE

    Ron is a unrepentant man of sin. I wonder if his own judgment will come on him ?

  • juror bags says:

    HaHAhahahahaha! As I have stated. Ron and the Con Clan are LAZY! They do the bare minimum they can to soak people out of God’s tithe cash. What a slug. Ron is the only God qualified spokes person I’m aware of working the system like a dead beat welfare scum. He doesn’t want to work either but feels he is entitled to God’s tithe cash. WOW!

    And I can care less about Bruce Jenner too. Another kook! I can give two shits about whether he wants to be a chic or not. How old is he? Took him an awfully long time to figure things out and become such a “brave” tranny or whatever. In my opinion it is a publicity stunt of sorts. Girly Bruce and Ron can both go crawl under a rock for all I care. Both are self centered ego maniacs without regard to others around them. They just want the spotlight on them no matter what kind of stunts they need to pull. Think about it. Think about all the others they hurt in their jacked up processes.

    So I guess Ron and Brucette are brave and grand in the same light in many ways. How is hurting others (their children, families, etc;) brave again? WHATEVER!

  • juror bags says:

    Too lazy to write another comic book fairy tale. LAZY THIEF! Jackass can’t even sling a proper amount of BS to justify theft of tithes.

    Ron sure was all about trying to say all of the money went to book production and expenses during his Con-Artist Criminal trial though. It didn’t work so I’d say he definitely will not put out and effort relaying God’s recommendations and messages God #3 gets. Straight up bull shit as usual.

  • martin says:

    Juror….do you happen to remember the numbers?

    How much was spent on actual physical books and on Google advertising? vs How much he just pocketed?

    Do you have a ball park figure?

    Also do you happen to know if he paid money for ads and then stopped doing that at some point and pocketed the whole barrel of cash for himself?
    In other words, I get the feeling that initially he paid out for Google ads, then stopped, and is now coasting on previous exposure from this, rather than handing over any money to Google which could otherwise go into his own pockets.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I have a whole series of blog posts breaking down and summarizing the testimony. See

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron did spend the majority of the tithe cash on Google ads, books, etc. When Ron’s high-priced attorneys pointed that out, the judge said he considered that a tactic to obscure the amount that he was skimming.

  • Acts says:

    How did he put it again?

    2008 GFW
    “These two witnesses will be the most formidable prophets God has ever used in all 6,000 years of human history.

    What God did through Moses is small by comparison to what He will do through His two end-time prophets—referred to as His two witnesses”

    Yet they needed to have Lawyers involved 🙂 could you imagine anyone in the bible doing this ?

  • Acts says:

    2008 GFW
    “These two (and others who know them) know exactly the day when Jesus Christ will return. These two will know positively when God gives them this power, and from that time they know that exactly three and one-half years remain.”

    “which we believe will be on Pentecost of 2019.”

    Know exactly / we believe

    “God will now begin to reveal, and very powerfully, what is true and what is from Him. God will expose all that is false and not of Him.”


  • Ozymandias says:

    He’s not writing a third book because he knows by now that no one would read and believe it. He has totally discredited himself. Who would be silly enough to believe anything he had to say? Only the ones that are left, that fear losing their place in the Kindom , believe him. They think their “place” in the Kingdom hinges on being in with Ron. So far from the truth!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Sorry Kingdom

  • Ronco says:

    OK, I’m sorry that this is just a little off topic…

    Laura and Audra love their Starbucks thing and I’m sure it includes lattes…

  • Byker Bob says:

    The humans who live on into the millennium will most certainly need toilet tissue. I would recommend that Ron publish his book on softer paper. Of course, a copy of the book should be preserved in the millennial equivalent of the Library of Congress as a permanent example of how ridiculous the false prophets of the early 2,000s became in their self-aggrandizing efforts at church building.


  • martin says:

    Just what would he write in his 3rd book anyway? Would it be a re-write of his 2008 book which was completely wrong?

    If he wrote about his “jail life”, what the hell good would that be?

    He impaled some nails into a roof….that’s about it. And was a lazy bum and popped out 1 blog post every 2-3 weeks.

  • His third book was to be his ‘prison epistles’.

    The reason he’s not writing his 3rd book is that it’s wasted effort, costing him time and (some) money.

    He’s not going to do it because it will disrupt his Luxury Fund.

    Always look first to follow the money….

  • Ozymandias says:

    God gives Ron timelines and then takes them away. God gives him a book with title and all, and then takes it away. Seems Rons god is not sure of what he wants. But wait! It’s Ron that isn’t sure of what he wants. He wrote the books to pull people into his church. Tithers to be exact. Now he knows there is no way a new book would accomplish that, so why bother after all? Keep harping on the other books and at LEAST keep the people he has. Keep the money he has. Now he has them scared with 7 years . Seven being a prophetic number of course. He’ll do it again in seven more years if nothing catastrophic happens. He’ll do it til he’s dead if people will listen.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Ozymandias, his book is what roped me in to begin with and if hindsight were 20/20, and I knew then what I know now……..I’d be less poorer today!

    I’m waiting for the eventual calls that I’ll get as some will become disillusioned and leave, and will want answers as to what happened. I’ll be there with a listening ear and some guidance—–chief of which will be to this site.

    One very positive thing that’s happened to me since I left PKG is the reconnecting to people I haven’t spoken to in quite some time—–in some cases a few years. It’s very interesting to hear their stories, and chief among them is that Ron is a flat out false prophet. I told them that we can just bide our time……..impatience will win out in the end, and we can expect to see more leave as time wears on.

    With the prospect of no new book coming out, smart minds will tire of hearing the same ‘ol BS. BS that’s been spewing forth for way too long now and needs to come to a screeching halt. Couple that with no significant event happening (Ron’s Second Trumpet), and those smart minds with at least half a brain, should be making a quick exit.

    The operative word is “should”———–pride can be a deep and very powerful thing, and many in PKG unfortunately have it in spades. 🙁

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    The money whore called here today frist time in long time zup up bitch ? 😉

  • martin says:

    The Two Witnesses will be very, very, very busy.

    It is most likely, that they will be stationed in Jerusalem for the full 3 1/2 years.

    They will be speaking EVERY DAY to the leaders of the world in one form or another for 3 1/2 years (most likely to them, in the form of tv and radio).

    They will be casting plagues of judgment constantly.

    I don’t think a lazy bum like Ronald Weinland is up for the job. I don’t think his wife, WHO HAS NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER, will be giving speeches any time soon.

  • Maybe we don’t have the translation quite right. We think it is the two ‘witnesses’ in Jerusalem prophesying.

    What if we got the word wrong?

    What if it were the two ‘gossips’ in Jerusalem?

    Certainly Laura would be up for that.

    You know, sometimes these translations need to be nuanced.

  • martin says:

    Ron “When Joe Tkach, Sr. gave a sermon denouncing the most basic laws of God, it was exactly 280 days later to the hour that he died. This timing was God’s revelation of who the son of perdition and this man of sin was.”

    Says who? The bible does not say this. Whether Mr Tkach played his part in prophecy is one question, but to say he was the son of perdition is a whole other matter.

    How ANYBODY would claim Mr Tkach was the son of perdition amazes me. Since the bible is clear that he is destroyed at the Second Coming (2Th 2:8 ), and that he is killed by being tossed into a lake of fire. Which did not happen with Mr Tkach, who is long dead, and will not be around at the Second Coming.

    THE false prophet = man of sin = son of perdition. These all refer to the same man. This man will perform miracles in the *sight* of men (these are thing that men will see, not “spiritual” miracles). He will call down fire from heaven. He will perform miracles along the Beast Leader.

    None of this has happened yet. Mr Tkach did none of these things. He is not the “son of perdition”.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Nor was his death “to the hour” 280 days later.

  • Acts says:

    Martin , Sin is Lawlessness 1 John 3:4 . I understand that many people from many religions believe a single man will show up and deceive everyone . Scripture is clear that this is a process that started in Paul’s time and will go untill The Return . It is not about ONE person.

    Every person has Sin because we all break the Law . The difference is who is repenting of Sin through Jesus Christ and who is not repenting of sin .
    Ronald Weinland is False Prophet who is IN his sins , he has not repented of anything and since May 27th 2012 he became a lot worse.

    He is Lawless ! He is one example of Thousands ! Notice what Jesus Christ Says Matthew 5:19.
    12That THEY ALL might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness (sin)

    “Believed not The Truth” Christ Said he was the way and the Truth. Does Ronald Weinland Believe Jesus Christ ?
    How about when Jesus Christ said this :Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her; 12and if she herself divorces her husband and marries another man, she is committing adultery.”
    Ron has no Problem with his own Daughter committing adultery in fact he made her a Prophet AMAZING ! By his example he is Teaching others that this is Ok. This is just one example of many , do you see what I am saying here? Do they believe the Truth , do they believe Christ ? NO they do not Believe . Ronald Weinland is a Man of Sin and he is Revealed by his actions.

    How many are there just like him out in the world teaching these Abominations ? They put themselves in the Place of Jesus Christ.
    15When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand

  • Acts says:

    2 Timothy 4:3

    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Joe Tkach Senior DID perform a miracle…

    … he f***-ed up Herbert W. ARmstrong’s theology and timeline so completely he drove 3/4 of the Church straight out the door in 1994-1995! It was rather fun to watch the “miracle” of all the sheeple waking up when Tkach said there could be saved Christians OUTSIDE of the WWCG. Then he called everyone sheep in a SERMON (!!) when they didn’t behave/act how he wanted them to. Tkach Sr. saved a lot of souls IN the WWCG… FROM the Wold Wide Church of God… by being their leader. And HERBIE was the one that chose Tkach to follow him!! LOL!!

    Herbie MUST have known that Tkach was going to mess up his church AFTER he died, thus he himself would look like a prophet/saint in comparison to Tkach’s ministry, then the legend of Herbie would be in place. Look at how Meredith and Weinland and all these guys are STILL trying to be like Herbie decades after his death. Herbie’s ploy worked. He is now a COG god that they worship. And Tkach is all but forgotten!


  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Ron Weinland a man of many hats
    False Prophet

  • Avalokiteshvara, I thought you might like What Jesus is Like based on the example of people like Conald Swineland and given that the Holy Spirit is about to descend upon us because Pentecost is coming on.

    Isn’t Jesus supposed to return on Sunday?

    It’s so hard to keep up with all the changes in prophecy these days.

  • Acts says:

    God calls these men Robbers.

    All of them are False Prophets as well. They Preach a False Christ , a Christ they have made to suit their purpose . A partial God of their own Corrupt minds

    “And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Jesus is always returning at some future date that is used by charlatans to milk cash out of the pockets of the fearful. Jesus is the most useful tool to commit tax free crime with. He is very handy that way.

  • Oh, I don’t know. It’s entirely possible that if Jesus returns he won’t tell Conald Swineland and his ilk, “I never knew you,” but will say, “I never wanted to know you”.

    Perhaps it’s in the nuances of the translations.

    As for tax free crime, there are limits….

  • finallyfree says:

    think maybe this will be the last feast PKG ever has? hope so!

    no third book – wake up PKGers!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Finally free, but wait, God gave him this book title and all. He believed it with every fiber of his being. wRONg again.He must have a better card up his sleeve.

  • Fooled No More says:

    I had a former PKG’er email me today wondering if more would leave soon, especially since Ron is not coming out with a third book, and also that this is Pentecost and obviously nothing major is happening.They thought that after three failed prophecies, they’d get fed up and leave. I wrote back and said that the longer one stays in, the tougher it would be to leave. Reason being—–you’ve now established friendships that are tough to break.

    Nevermind that those “friendships” are based on believing a falsehood. Once you establish a mind of your own and can see that things aren’t quite right, you’re no longer wanted as a “friend” and POOF!…………..those friendships disappear like a fart in the wind.

    Just the same, I’d gladly welcome anyone that wanted to get in touch with me after they’ve left. I can give them an earful of what I’ve dealt with as well as others.

    FinallyFree, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that there’s some kind of major shakeup in regards to the Feast next year. Ron had mentioned in a previous post that this was to be “the last organized Feast” in this age. Well, hold on a minute………..what happens this time next year when major events aren’t quite yet ready for prime time??

    You change up once again! Why?? Because “God” deemed it so! At least that’s what God told him………….isn’t it??

  • martin says:

    When says it was “conveyed” to him, that a third book was written (we assume Ron meant that it was conveyed by God and not a demon), and then Ron decides to back out and not write a third book (you know, the one that was “conveyed” to him, and that he was too spend a year working on it, after he got out of prison), this should provoke PKGers to think about all the OTHER STUFF that was “CONVEYED” to Ron from God (according to Ron), whether that is also horse manure or not.

  • martin says:

    PKGERS should watch for the November 7th date.

    Whether ANYTHING happens on that date or not. Presumably the Great Tribulation will start on that date.

    Ron will claim that it is started, but nothing visible will be seen to confirm it.

    Ron will give more excuses as usual.

  • finallyfree says:

    attn any PKGers who read this – PLEASE WAKE UP!!! friendships can be continued outside the “control room”!!!

  • martin says:

    I challenge false prophet Ronald Weinland and his wife Laura Weinland to cast a plague of any kind anywhere in the world on Nov. 7th.

    God grants the Two Witnesses permission to do so, any time they wish.

    Let’s see if it will happen…….

  • martin says:

    At certain points, a broken clock will be correct twice a day.

    Now eventually thing will start to happen.

    Ron will not be involved. I believe if he chooses to keep speaking, he will be forced to shut up by God.

  • Acts says:

    “This will be the third Pentecost that God’s Church will have observed since Pentecost of 2012, the date we had previously believed was Christ’s return”RW

    PKG , do you know that the Moon is a LIGHT ? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS FACT OF LIFE ?

    14And God said, LET THERE BE LIGHTS in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS, and for SEASONS and for DAYS , and YEARS: 15And let them be for LIGHTS in the firmament of the heaven to give LIGHT on the earth: and it was so. 16And God made TWO GREAT LIGHTS ; the greater LIGHT to rule the day, and THE LESSER LIGHT TO RULE THE NIGHT : he made the stars also. 17And God set them in the firmament of the heaven TO GIVE LIGHT ON THE EARTH 18And to rule over the day and over the night, AND TO DIVIDE THE LIGHT FROM THE DARKNESS: and God saw that it was good. 19And the evening and the morning were the FOURTH DAY.

    Cursed is the man who puts his trust in man and makes flesh his arm. HWA did not understand that the Moon Is a LIGHT and Ronald Weinland does not understand either . The cog groups are in darkness ! ALL of Them Following man , they do not believe God at all . When there is NO moon in the sky (no light ) that is not a new moon ! What is Ronald Weinland’s biggest sign and Wonder ? The Return of Jesus Christ On Pentecost )

    Because you say, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and know not that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked

  • bilbo says:

    > Ron will not be involved. I believe if he chooses to keep speaking, he will be forced to shut up by God.

    While Ron will most certainly not be involved, as much as we kick and scream and get emotional, God appears to be letting the wheat and weeds grow together for the time being. Wishes of curses upon Ron will be just as effective as Ron’s curses upon others. God is not pandering to our petty thirsts for revenge. He is working with individuals as HE sees fit, and that is the extent of the say we have about it.

    I just watched a youtube video of a young girl giving a class presentation about Jehovah’s Witnesses, she started crying in front of the class during her presentation, talking about how conditional and manipulative and shallow the “love” is. Exactly what I noticed in pkg as well.

    None of these organizations appear to have even the slightest clue what Jesus came here to teach or any clue whatsoever what the entire point is of it all.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “HE (God) is working with individuals as HE sees fit…”

    …HE doesn’t exist. Ron knows this and exploits it. Plain and simple.

  • martin says:

    “God appears to be letting the wheat and weeds grow together for the time being.”

    Yes I would agree to a certain extent.

    Trees with bad fruit (in this instance the bible was explicitly referencing false prophets), will all be harvested by angels at the Second Coming to be burnt.
    While this is mainly addressing false prophets, others, that are “weeds”, will also be separated in their time.

    But there appear to be prophecies where, for some false prophets, their punishment will happen sooner.

  • finallyfree says:

    Acts – I am having trouble understanding the “point” about the MOON that you make. Would you please explain the context? thanks

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Let’s look at it this way I play the lotto ever week $5 I think I’m going to win for life, you all PKG send your money to the Weindland family Mafia you all thank God going to save you , it’s not going to happen for neither one of us read your bible follow no man , the only ones that will get rich and taken. Care of is the Weindland and the lotto ! God rules !

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Can anybody tell me how many people in PKG got anointed and held from Weindland every one I know is sick God does not mean it to be this way he wants everyone to be happy and enjoy life to the end !!!? I’m a happy camper ! Life is great my family is so blessed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Acts says:

    It is the Moon that shows you when God’s Appointed times are . Ron does not believe this . He does not know when the day of Pentecost is let alone When Jesus Christ is coming back. Psalm 104:19 He appointed the moon for seasons (Appointed Times): the sun knows his going down. Ron follows a man made calendar. If you believe Scripture and want more info on this let me know .

    The only reason people follow this man is because they believe he Knows when Jesus Christ is going to return . Ronald Weinland as you know predicted the return of Jesus Christ in 2012 and then again in 2013 . For over 3 1/2 years before 2012 Ronald Weinland made many predictions that did not come to pass . He said he would repent if Christ did not return in 2012 because he knew full well what God says (Deuteronomy 18:20-22) but Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. (Ecclesiastes 8:11) So he presumptuously said Christ will return the next Pentecost of 2013 and wouldn’t ya know it , a lot of people were disappointed again. Now he says 2019 aaaaaaaaamazing!

    Christ returns on Pentecost is Ronald Weinland’s main Wonder and he has given many lying signs that supposedly show this. The truth is he does not even know when Passover is .

  • finallyfree says:

    Acts – thanks. do you make anything of the “blood moons”? this next one which happens right at the Feast, the pope will be in the USA.

  • Acts says:

    I do believe they are significant .
    Genesis 1:14 God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS
    Luke 21:25
    Acts 2:20

    We shall see.

  • Ronco says:

    “Acts – thanks. do you make anything of the “blood moons”? ”

    John Hagee has made a few bucks out of it…

    End times prophecy is quite a cash cow.

    I doubt Hagee will offer a book refund when the whole thing tanks like 2008 GFW…

  • Ronco says:

    At least Ron’s book is free…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    And this will end the discussion of moons, before another doctrinal argument breaks out. Comments reenabled for discussion of relevant topics.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Sorry, failed to click the right button to reenable comments. Should be working now.

  • What Ronald Weinland would really want: Just get ready for the Slaver App.

  • Fooled No More says:

    LOL Douglas! That was hilarious, but unfortunately with today’s technology, not out of the realm at all!

    …………..And I know of some in PKG that wouldn’t bat an eye at such a thing—–they would just go along and take it!

  • Hilarious? I think it’s frightening.

    Anything not able to be done right now is only months away….

    Avalokiteshvara, it’s the closest you’ll get to seeing any science fiction I publish.

  • finallyfree says:

    the church is your mother – now do what she says!

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Most all PKG are broke and sick and the money whore is still traveling living like a queen ! What is wrong with this picture ? She proble got Ron $1700 suits order for when the asshole gets spring from Fedral prison for stealing money !!!

  • Fooled No More says:

    It just occurred to me today what today is! The infamous “May 27th” date when the church was looking to the sky (around noonish) and having the major, MAJOR letdown when nothing happened.

    Then of course, Ron’s “mea culpa” as to why nothing happened, and then had everyone focused on next year (which never happened either). Should have made my exit then but oh well………….the fact is I AM GONE and have never been happier!

    On a sadder note, I just heard of another marriage that has hit the rocks. If there’s justice to be had, it needs to come quickly to The Weinland’s for all of the damage they have done to families financially and emotionally for way too long now.

  • martin says:

    3 1/2 years BEFORE Christ returns (even Ron believes this, although he’s pretty clueless about what is going to happen), there are a number of things that are to happen.

    There are the real Two Witnesses.

    There are the pair : The Beast Lead / The False Prophet (who will call down fire from heaven)

    There is the resurrected Roman Empire in the form of a 10 nation confederation in Europe.

    There is warfare that will take 1/4 of all life on earth (more will die later, this is at the outset)


    When Ron said Christ was returning on a certain date, why did not PKGers look to see if these other events happened?

  • martin says:

    PKGers DO NOT need to wait till 2019 to find out that Ronald Weinland is dead wrong again.

    All they need to wait for is Nov 7th, to see if anything happens.

    The really smart one, will realize that 30 days before Nov. 7th, there will be an event that happens as well.

    So they can know 30 days before Nov 7th, whether Ron is right or wrong (I’m betting he will be wrong again, why break his 100% wrong streak?)

  • finallyfree says:

    fooled no more – can you say what state the marriage you refer to is in? Sad to hear whoever it is.

  • martin says:

    That should be printed on t-shirts and mailed to PKGers.

  • finallyfree says:

    martin – agree!

  • finallyfree says:

    but first change stupid to PKGer

  • finallyfree says:

    someone should have a correct number of the shirts with that printed on them sent to the hotel where they are having the feast this year! their uniform for the feast!

  • finallyfree says:

    PKGers are too afraid to handle the truth!

  • martin says:

    Jack is the man.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Good night Ron and Laura I hope you sleep well the way you are screwing everyone in PKG because someday God well get you back and you will sleep for every and not spiritual in the streets of Israel !!!

  • Fooled No More says:

    FinallyFree, I don’t want to name which area this happened. In fact, I have to amend what I said in that there are TWO marriages that have hit the rocks. One is definitely official, the other unfortunately is on its way. 🙁

    I hope that Ron and Laura are proud of themselves———-must be nice to be living in the lap of luxury (Laura more than Ron at the moment), while others right under your noses are suffering emotionally, and financially. This latest sadness is just a couple of a number of failed relationships I have seen go on in PKG over the years, and yet as the old Sonny and Cher song used to say…………”The Beat goes On”. 🙁

  • Ozymandias says:

    Let them eat cake!

  • bilbo says:

    The ones who are new (hopefully nobody!) or have total amnesia of Ron’s history, will have to wait until Nov. 7. The rest already fall under the perfect definition of stupid that Randy posted a few comments above!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    With respect to all of you commenting on the 3.5 years of prophetic events happening before the return of Jesus, Ron sets dates then “spiritualizes” it all away with more nonsense.So we already KNOW that Ron is 100% wrong about ALL of it, but you also already know that he will dismiss all of his failures anyways. Your outrage at his lies is lost on the PKG. They LIKE dates, and love having new ones set EVERY time Ron fails. The very thing you HATE is what they LOVE.

    Ron is 100% wrong NOW… not in November. He WILL change everything, and the PKG WILL love it, because they FEEL ore spiritual every time… as they become so lacking in spirituality Ron could eventually say Christ has returned… physically, AS Ron, and Ron is the embodiment of Christ. They would actually worship Ron as Christ if he worded it in a way they enjoyed. The PKG are beyond our outrage. Those remaining are complicit, are eager participants in their abuse.

    If Ron can be wring FOUR times now about Christ and they STILL follow him… then Rn can be wrong EIGHTY times and nothing will change in their hearts.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Avalo, you summed it up perfectly! A former PKG’er and I were talking just the other day about “dates”. Ron had us focus SOLELY on May 27th, 2012 and MANY if not all the people I know in PKG were doing just that! Storing up things, making plans on where to go when all heck breaks loose, what methods to reach each other when communications fail……….a LOT of things were done and people TOTALLY rearranged their lives in anticipation of that date. I for one left a long time job as I was so “SURE” that this was coming to pass, that I had no worries about work.

    And why not?? There was going to be PLENTY of work cleaning up all the dead bodies and trying to make a way in the world……..after all—–the 144,000 are on our side!

    BUT when that date failed to produce any physical results, Ron comes up with a “spiritual reason” why things did not happen and set yet another date. Everyone (including myself) ate that up like a hungry dog after a bone.

    Then I distinctly remember hearing a sermon (I don’t remember the date) where Ron had said something to the effect that this should not be all about dates, but about a way of life. Huh?? THIS WAS ALL ABOUT THE DATE YOU IMBECILE!! People had their lives turnt totally UPSIDE DOWN due to your outright as I see it LIES!

    How insulting!

    So———–I’m trying to recoup some of the lost time by ENJOYING the things I’ve missed out on in the last nearly seven years. My hobby, my cars, my time to travel WHERE I WANT, and most importantly reconnecting to the people that I essentially abandoned in my quest to be with the “true church”.

    Betcha it won’t happen again!

  • finallyfree says:

    I remember a time in GA where I questioned Ron about the 2nd trumpet and he blew up at me! Said he wasn’t going to talk dates anymore. He also made countless mistakes during sermons which we were not allowed to talk about. To question him was forbidden!

  • finallyfree says:

    thinking of a song refrain = da do wRONg Ron

  • martin says:

    That’s all he does talk about….dates…..

    Ron used his ron-math to calculate a date which could NOT possibly wrong (except it is, because he can’t add).

  • martin says:

    Moses talked about dates…

    He would say this day this plague will come upon you. Or tomorrow this plague would come upon you.

    The difference between Moses and Ron, is that Moses had a 100% batting average.

    Ron on the other hand, has a 0% batting average.

    For a true prophet, dates are not a problem.

  • martin says:

    “To question him was forbidden!”

    And of course the bible teaches the opposite

    1Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Ron doesn’t want you to test his spirit, because Ron is false.

    The truth is not afraid of the light. Even God Himself says you can “test Him” (not with sin of course).

    Ron doesn’t want you to test him because he is afraid of the light shining down on him and revealing him to be a false prophet.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    To question Ron is right…and to test the Bible is right… according to the Bible… but the Bible says that any answer other than the Bible is right/God exists/jesus is the Christ is “wrong”…

    … so it is sad that any person professing to be a Christian is not allowed to test the Bible and come to the correct (factual, true) conclusion.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Finally free
    I wish I could asked this little asshole a question and he would blow up on me he would be missing his teeth, my cousin told me the same thing ! 🙂

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    I may not be able to spell good but I sure can knock the aragonit’s out of the little lieing stealing bastard show him how to respect people !

  • FedUp says:

    Randy, there are a lot of educated fools out there. Common sense is far more useful in life than good spelling.

  • Acts says:

    Big Birthday For False Prophet Ronald Weinland Tomorrow , 66 years old AMAZING ! Let’s add another 6 on there for Good Measure .

  • martin says:

    A little over 5 months left before the Great Tribulation starts…..

    Nothing yet on the world scene to indicate any of this will happen.

    No Beast Leader, no miracle working False Prophet, no revived Roman Empire, no massive deaths (1/4 of humanity will die before the GT even starts).

  • bilbo says:

    As Douglas has pointed out himself and in several books that were recommended, getting angry at someone that may expose them, is a textbook prototypical behavior of a psychopath.

    Ron’s reactions to questions is one of many red flags that finally added up to sufficiently recognize that he is doing this deliberately, instead of meaning well and just being misguided or nuts. Prophet profit.

    But, as Avalo correctly pointed out, at this point many PKGers have seen enough evidence of this, that they are complicit, and acting out a self-righteous bigoted form of christianity that is going to die out because youth are fleeing religion in ever increasing numbers, because, as is always the case, the truth comes out in the end.

  • finallyfree says:

    martin – what is supposed to happen 30 days before Nov 7?

  • finallyfree says:

    martin – never mind – I saw your answer above

  • martin says:

    finallyfree…..the 1290 days prophecy is from Dan 12:11

    (Dan 12:11) And from the time that the continual burnt offering shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.
    Mat 24:15 When therefore ye see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let him that readeth understand),

    Apparently burnt offerings (daily sacrifice) will be re-instituted at some point by the Jews, they will perform this on a “holy place”, now perhaps a full temple will be re-built, or there will just be a sacrificial altar / area where this will be done.

    This (as per Dan 12:11 and from Matt 24), this abomination (a common Jewish term, meaning an idol) will be place upon the holy place, and the daily sacrifice will be halted.

    30 days later at 1260 point, the Great Tribulation begins.

    Now if Ron is correct, that Nov 7th is the start of the Tribulation, then 30 days BEFORE THAT, is the 1290 event.

  • martin says:

    So on Oct 8th, you should expect to see this (that is, if Ron were correct, he isn’t)

    Ron want PKGer to focus on 2019, NOT ON NOVEMBER 7th, 2015.

    Because then they would expect to see things happen THIS YEAR.

    Ron does not want this. Notice how he says NOTHING about Nov 7 of this year. You would think he’d be screaming from the roof tops.

  • Swooncologne25 says:

    Hearing that Two more marriages are failing from “fooled no more” boils my blood. Thank God my marriage is intact celebrated our 8 years just two days ago 🙂 I’m happy we got out when we did and we are happier now in more ways than i can describe ! Leaving pkg feels like a heavy weight in the beginning you wasted years of your life and made bonds and were commited to something you believed wholehearted now with nothing to show and much loss but eventually especially with this blog as a light on Ron and Co. It gets better thanks Mike much appreciated I wish pkgers would realize they are living a lie on top of a lie I have some more colorful language but I’ll hold my peace and continue to milk my youth and blessings

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Fooled no more – my recollection is exactly the same as yours with Ron and his dates.

  • Acts says:

    How do expect Ron Capone to extort the blood money for the next 4 years if he starts to talk about Nov 8th now ? No no , he must ease into his new timeline with great care . PKG has a lot more of Rons bills to pay. He knows he is a False Prophet and will not talk about November until most likely end of October .
    Then he will start fresh with his new Amazing timeline , but don’t expect the World to be shocked and in Horror on Nov 8 because that already happened back in 08 according to 2008 GFW and Ron’s first false Timeline, pardon me ! second False timeline. It really does get confusing after so many Lies.

    IF Ron lives long enough to be released from prison , then he will postpone getting powers from his God till the end of his new False timeline. He will say things like ” the thunders are increasing mightily” or “The second Trumpet is about to sound” he will milk that for all he can and pkg loves that stuff so they will just walk around with their noses up in the air thinking they have it all. Really having nothing but vanity and lies as a foundation that will crumble when the Day of the Lord comes.

    Ronald Has already given them warning but they can’t hear
    JULY 17th 2014
    ” I do not believe it is possible that this new date has any error or lack of understanding in its calculation (which will be addressed a little later). Having said that, if for any reason the timing were to go beyond this new date in 2019, then we can be certain that God will reveal much more to us in order to give us even greater understanding, just as He has in the past. If indeed this proved to be the case, we would simply continue moving forward, following Him wherever He leads His Church.”

    Translation : I am a False prophet many times over and the things that have come from my mind have been PROVEN to be lies. You can be certain that this new calculation is just more vanity . If INDEED this proved to be the case , then I will tell you another one and then we can all quickly forget the lies of the past and get on to some new lies.

    There are False Prophets who know what they are doing and there are False prophets who die believing their lies.
    It does not matter which one he is ,the same punishment Applies

    Deuteronomy 18:20
    But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death.”

    God’s Time
    June 15 2012
    Yes, the “Day of the Lord” is a year in actual length. May 27, 2012, was the beginning of the “Day of the Lord” when Jesus Christ will return on the final day of Pentecost 2013.

    The Day of Christ’s Coming
    May 30 2012
    “May 27th has come and gone, so how can I say this is still the day of Christ’s return? The answer is a matter of God’s revelation which is spiritual in nature, but having a definite physical outcome. God’s Day
    Now it is God’s turn—Gods “time”—to deal with a disbelieving world! God’s day has come and it is the day of Christ’s coming.
    This “Day of the Lord” is a prophetic day that has a duration of a full year in its fulfillment. It began on Pentecost of 2012 and it will end on Pentecost of 2013. God has revealed that May 27, 2012 was the “prophetic day” for the return of His Son as King of kings. It will take one year to become fulfilled. ”

    Sorry old sport but you need to repent. You have the death penalty over your head .
    Isaiah 44
    24Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer,
    who formed you from the womb:
    “I am the LORD, who made all things,
    who alone stretched out the heavens,
    who spread out the earth by myself,
    25who frustrates the signs of liars
    and makes fools of diviners,
    who turns wise men back
    and makes their knowledge foolish

  • Acts says:

    How do you expect Ron Capone to extort the blood money for the next 4 years if he starts to talk about Nov 8th 2015 now ?

    The Final Half-a-Time
    Jan 7 2012
    “The final “half-a-time” that begins January 8 will be the prophetic period when the Trumpets of Revelation will finally be heard (witnessed and seen) throughout this world, along with the Thunders of Revelation that will progressively escalate in a dramatic manner.

    Those Who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Acts says:

    Jeremiah 5:31
    The prophets prophesy lies. The priests exercise power by their own authority. And my people love to have it this way. But they will not be able to help you when the time of judgment comes!

  • Ronco says:

    Jeremy is serving up the spiritual food this Sabbath- it looks like rehash of Ron’s recent prison epistles…

  • Ronco says:

    PKG- Preaching the Word of Ron!

    Please Keep Giving!!!

  • I gave it my all says:

    I am one that recently lost my husband to Ronald and Weinland and his lies that foolednomore is referring to. I prayed and waited a very very long time, years and years. I couldn’t live under the same roof but kept in very close contact because
    of my love for him and wanted to ensure that he would not miss out on his daughter growing up. I knew how taken in he was by this cult because the husband I knew would have done everything for us not to leave. 🙁 He was the love of my life. I tried so hard to make him see, but did not want our child to be raised in this abusive cult. It is all too surreal the poison and evil that these people do to others who are usually at a vulnerable time in their lives.

    Because that is what happened to him, I know it with my whole being. We were losing our house and money and this drew him in. He was the best husband and father and we were very much in love, and he was so committed to us. My heart is broken because I just thought it was time to divorce, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I remained faithful to him and we raised our daughter very lovingly. He knew under no circumstances would we attend his church and he honored that.It is hard to explain this to most people because he seems so normal, but he still has missed out on so much of our lives because of the restrictions placed on him in this cult.
    I pray for everyone that is experiencing the utter heartache and devastation that I have, that you will heal. I also hope anyone reading this that is thinking about joining this cult that his predictions and his BOLD FACE LIES are only for his bank account.
    I believe that LOVE will Win and it is stronger than evil.

  • martin says:

    I know it’s probably not a thing you might know the answer to, but how did your husband deal with the repeated failures of Ron’s prophecies?

    Did he ever consider that Ron might simply be a false prophet?

  • I gave it my all says:

    Martin, he never expressed any doubt to me. Honestly after two years I stopped challenging him because it was killing me.
    When I would challenge him he would not talk to me, so I wanted to keep the peace and just try to talk about other things.
    I did ask him a year ago again and he would just have an excuse Ron said Gods timing changed or something completely ridiculous.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, while I can’t speak for I Gave It My All’s husband, I can tell you that many in PKG are simply afraid to leave whether Ron is wrong or not. They’ve come to believe that there’s no where else to go, not realizing that where they are is very toxic, and IMO just a flat out dangerous place to be because of what it does to your mind, family, and bank account.

    Case in point:

    About a month ago I was a having what turned out to be a very interesting conversation with someone who’s still in PKG. Now I daren’t mention who this was, or even where they live as they would be focused on like a laser beam, and suffer all sorts of grief at the hands of the ministry or other brethren because they’re not “staying faithful”.

    I asked that very question that you’re asking, and the response I got was this——“Well, everyone makes mistakes, and no one’s perfect”.

    I was stunned!! This is a very intelligent individual, and they aren’t stupid by any means, they’ve just given up all of their thinking to Ron and Laura——nevermind the fact that one of them is sitting in prison right now for stealing and misusing the very money that they sent them! I also posed the question about Ron truly believing what he’s saying, and that IF he truly believed it, then why did he hire the best lawyers money could buy to fight this IRS case?? After all, he’s to be a spirit being—–how can that be put into prison??

    He had no answer for that except for the above…….

    You had to be sitting in on the sermons where it was drilled into us that THEY are the true church, and there IS no where else to go. That’s why many of them stay……..fear that “sudden destruction” will come upon them, because they dare look beyond what Ron is telling them.

    No one breaks free from that until they get the guts somehow to tell them to essentially stuff it up their ****s, and make a way in the world WITHOUT them!

    That’s basically what I had to do and did!

  • martin says:

    We’re not talking about mistakes or not being perfect here, Ron claims to be the most powerful prophet since Moses. He claims to be a prophet.

    What do these people think? What if Moses prophesied a plague and it didn’t come to pass? Do you (I don’t mean specifically you, I mean PKGers) think that God would have been pleased at such a situation?

    No, if this happened, God would have taken Moses’ life, as this is the penalty for one who falsely presumes to speak for God.

    A prophet who makes a false prophecy, was not given the option to repent, he was stoned on the first false prophecy.

    Now Ron’s penatly will be carried about in due time by God by angels, as Christ said would happen.

    Meanwhile Ron is going to poison many and bring many down into the “ditch” with him.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron WILL get away with all of it.. all of his spiritual crimes at least because Jesus was not the Son of God… a god that also does not exist. Jesus was a real man… the Bible is mostly fiction. So we need to tax religion and put an end to finical crimes committed by various charlatan under the guise of churches. That will be the only real justice.

  • FedUp says:

    I do wish we could focus here on Ron Weinland and his continuing abuse. My understanding is that this is not the place for doctrinal discussions, and declaring that Jesus is not the Son of God or that no god exists is a doctrinal discussion.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I agree with you FedUp. So let this be the end of that discussion.

  • FedUp says:

    I respect everyone’s right to believe as they wish; but when you have a cult leader like Weinland telling people that to leave his cult is the equivalent of leaving Christ, anti-God posts here just feed into that lie. Anyone in such a group who comes here for information and insight may take such comments as proof that Ron is right and outsiders are evil.

    By the same token, long posts full of Biblical quotes only clutter the forum. The folks here are, or were, believers. We know what the Bible says. The people in the COGs know what the Bible says. The problem is with what Weinland says and how he behaves. Personal insights and experiences in the PKG world are of great value here and will do the most good for people struggling with the decision to stay with or leave Ron’s group. I’m sure Ron wants this to be a forum full of Biblical arguments. He can always twist those to his advantage. What people like him fear is having their behavior and motives exposed.

    Let’s give Ron what he fears most.

  • Acts says:

    “Candidly, the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, will still be the primary publication needed by people over the next few years.” RW

    2008 GFW
    “When the Seventh Seal is opened, the first four trumpets of that seal will announce the final demise of the United States and her closest allies. The opening of this seal will be the beginning of the final three and one-half years of great worldwide tribulation.
    Opening the Seventh Seal
    When Jesus Christ opens the Seventh Seal of Revelation, God declares that the final three and one-half years of great tribulation will begin, and man’s self-rule will be brought to an end.

    “In” the Final Three & one-Half Years
    March 6 2009
    “The reality is that the Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened on November 14, 2008 RW

    The reality is , you are a False Prophet.

    Matthew 24:23 At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it.
    Luke 17:23

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    I Gave it my All….I know how you feel. Take it from someone that has also been there. Today would have been our anniversary, instead it has been two years since the divorce. Thanks Ron, hope your happy. But on the other side…I’ve almost got everything around the homestead back into repair. Place is back looking like it should be, after all God trusted me to take care of it, since it was a blessing from Him. Things are not always easy, but it is better than the constant conflict. Since people in PKG are always right, very hard to live with them. I miss the man that once was, but know he’ll never be again.

  • FedUp says:

    Glad I’m Free,

    So sad. This is the true result of following a guy like Weinland. He wants everyone to believe it’s about prophecy and correct doctrine. It’s about neither. It’s about power, money, and control. The result is broken lives and bankruptcy on a financial, emotional, and spiritual level.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Glad I’m Free, I’m so sorry as well. 🙁

    I’ve never been married so at least I didn’t have to deal with dragging an immediate family through all of this, but I can certainly empathize with those that have had to. I’ve seen the destruction firsthand of families through the hands of the ministry (Ron at the top), and it’s truly a crime. Families that were once upon a time happy and whole, only to be ripped apart financially and emotionally as FedUp put it.

    Hopefully, there’s some curious watchers here from PKG that are paying attention, and start to really ask themselves some hard hitting questions, and not dismiss us as having sour grapes.

    You may sniff and suck your teeth at what we say, but know this——-you may very well be the ones having to face harsh realities as what Ron’s been saying all this time, simply not and will not pan out.

  • I gave it my all says:

    The healing begins for you Fooled no more, Fed UP and Glad I’m free. You have your free thinking back and it took a lot of courage to leave.
    I pray that ALL members of Weinlands Congregation will have the same courage to open their minds and realize they have been deceived.

  • FedUp says:

    To be clear, I was never part of PKG. I was with CGI but left a very long time ago. Lesson learned.

  • stupid for trying to hang on says:

    Hi, everyone I have been following this site for so time now and can really relate. I was never in the church, but married a person that was in it. I can really relate to the comments about how the church ruined marriages and the way they follow anything Ron has to say

  • stupid for trying to hang on says:

    My life has been messed up since my marriage started, at first she wasn’t that deep into it but then a week before we were married she said something that should have made me run. We got married 10 years ago and divorced 4 years later, we stayed friends and I did what I could to help her, I kept hoping that she would wake up to the falsehoods these people were claiming, but she never did. Now she just out of the clear blue tells me that she is marring some guy in Ga. that’s in the church, I feel so stupid to have waited for her to see what was going on. These people think they can do no wrong and the rest of the world is wrong and nuts.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Stupid for trying to hang on
    You are not stupid these words are left for the Weindland family mafia they are stupid , lieing thiefs ,these people put there trust in man can and hope they are honest but people like the Weindland take a vantage of week people who love and care, to make there living power and money Ron and Laura are just like Tammy and Jim Baker they lie , steel , use people , love power, talk about people and have no respect for the people in there church they think they are better than them and look down on them someone said they talk to a PKG member and they said everyone makes a mistake yes they do but everything Ron does it a mistake he has not got one thang right in 15 years and says it God given info I don’t think God makes mistakes do you I know these people thank I’m stupid because I can’t spell good but after 15 years of lies and these people are still following these crooks you tell me who’s stupid !

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Did I ever say how much I hate the Weindland family mafia for wrecking all these marriages and families Bubba please smake the shit out of this little asshole, boy would I love to little punk steals money from little old ladies !!!

  • stupi for trying to hang on says:

    Thanks Randy, i’ve stayed quiet for so long my ex wife actually has stayed at your house before, and has been a member of your moms group for a long time, it always amazed me what my ex would say about the church, I did me your mother once, she seems like a nice person, sorry your life is messed up by this too. I feel like i tried so hard to make things work, but as i look back on it i didn’t have a chance, the things that the members believe is troubling to say the least. I’ve tried so hard to help her in hopes of getting here to what is really going but she seems get deeper everyday, she just can’t admit she was wrong. She tells me 4 days ago she is seeing someone and 4 days later she tells me they are getting married soon. These are gods chosen people, REALLY.

  • stupid for trying to hang on says:

    I remember the last time things didn’t happen and Ron claimed the last day was actually a year and kept people hanging on for another until he took it back just before the year was up. I remember how nervous she was waiting for the first day, before the year long claim the day before and i tried to comfort her and tell her it would be ok, and then she told me about the year long crap and was sure adimit about it, i should have given up then but i didn’t i loved her and just kept hoping she would see what a scam it was but that never happened, i like a fool tried to keep helping her only to get burned like this. She had a house fire this winter and i was the only person that was there to help her not one church member, not even the guy she was seeing, and keeping a secret from me, what kind of church is this.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Hey. If it’s any consolation, you can lose spouses over issues that have no connection to Ron Weinland or Armstrongism. Been there, and have most certainly done that. The successful marriage under any circumstances is elusive and very rare in today’s society whether you happen to be a believer, a non believer, an unwitting member of a cult, or just some generic person walking the street. And, even when a bad marriage breaks up, it hurts. Life is hard.

    All you can do is keep on chooglin’. Learn, and move forward. Don’t drag the proverbial pain body along with you, or allow your experiences to make you bitter. That’s hard, in a marital breakup, when there are children involved, but in a way it also steels them to the reality that, as my Mexican buddies say, “Mierda passa.”

    Survivor’s creed: Others have suffered worse. It could have been much badder. I like that we’ve got places to share, but sometimes the difficulty lies in finally cutting it all loose.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Stupid For Trying said: “I like a fool tried to keep helping her only to get burned like this…”

    1. Luckily, feelings aren’t facts. And trying to save love is not stupidity, it is noble. Here is what REAL stupidity is… having a loving husband who will fight for your relationship and then arrogantly throwing his love away to worship a convict and false prophet. You FEEL stupid but are not. SHE thinks she is holy and special and above true love. SHE is more stupid and selfish than she will ever understand. In the long run you are WAAAYYYY better off without her if this is how she treats you and what you/her built together. Remember… “better”… not bitter! The best revenge is not revenge at all… the best “revenge” is living well. Grow, learn, rebuild, educate yourself, get some new clothes, clean out your living space, learn a new hobby, start a small side business, whatever growth to you is. And you will come back to the world smarter, better dressed, newer, more compassionate, more ‘streetwise” and so on. Nothing stings like watching the person you threw in the toilet come back as the CEO of the toilet company!!

    Rejection is a GREAT way to build greatness where others give up…

    2. My wife and I have lived together for decades, only getting married a few years ago because the kids wanted to have a wedding. My teen years were rough and my wife is a survivor of many Vietnam War atrocities… I was kicked out of my family home for questioning Herbert W. Armstrong, and had nothing/no help. I ended up on the streets for a couple of weeks until my wife (then girlfriend) and I found a rotten old apartment to stay in. Her family was dirt poor and my family gave me no support, so we literally went from nothing to having tons of money, big house, expensive cars, trips around the world, and all the stuff that SUPPOSEDLY makes someone “important’ or “significant”… in other words my social status is one that society says is the “good life.”

    She is a devout Zen Buddhist (religious) and I am an atheist. She and I both reject attachment to material/social status, but we do have it so much of it goes towards charity including an orphanage in Vietnam we built/help finance. The orphanage has now expanded to include an adjoining school… meaning the kids are now also getting extra education and arts training so they can get ahead in South East Asia or come to the West, etc. We know the sting of “lack” and thus want to make sure no child will ever experience what we experienced, etc. THIS is why our relationship is permanent. Our love for each other has been built on 12 – 14 work days for years and years and years as we became a formidable team, putting everything we have into making what we do/say/think/build/create the best we can.

    The point? Our values are shared. And we talk all day and night about everything, 24/7 communication. The second I or my wife have a change of opinion or perspective we know instantly. And we then work together to implement new ideas, perspectives in what we do.

    We have lasted and will last forever because it will always be a team relationship. One must find the right person before the team is built, but once the team is in place. Hard work and non-stop communication will = permanent love. This also applies to divorce. One can also have a permanent love relationship where people are not together. Sometimes love = divorce. If one of the team can;t be trusted to play for the team then friendship can often be the right step forward. My wife and I are completely willing to divorce each other to ensure the other’s happiness, and that is why we don;t NEED to ever get divorced. Because our love will always be a win-win. No matter what we will always come out on top, because we love each other. We have lived together for decades. Marriage hasn’t changed the deal that led to us living together… love. Hopefully this will help you feel less stupid and realize that when you love openly it is always right, even when it hurts. Loving openly will always make you a “deeper” person if not more compassionate.

    Love is never a mistake… and failures are always events…NOT people! 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Remember that your relationship has been destroyed by your wife because the World Wide Church of God led by Herbert W. Armstrong (and all the splinter COGs) was DESIGNED to destroy relationships. That is how cults work: destroy minds like cancer destroys the body. You wife is at fault for what she has done, because she is the type of person that the WWCG/COGS do their best work on. Cults like the WWCG attract sociopaths to lead, and people with extreme low-self esteem to follow. It is a perfect storm of inhumanity. The COGS make the world look like a scary, Satanic place where there is danger lurking behind every corner and ONLY they can save you because God likes them more than you so if you become their slave, you now don;t have to think for yourself or take responsibility for your thoughts. Your enslavement pleases God, so you will debase yourself to sociopathic ministers in order to be “loved” by god even more. The lower and more enslaved you are, the more God will supposedly like you. That is the MO of the WWCG?COG.Your wife figuratively and almost literally feels more “loved” by God for destroying YOU and your relationship.

    Ronald Weinland is now your wife’s spiritual “husband-in-debasement.” Now you are getting to know the REAL legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong (and Ronald Weinland): pain, misery, inhumanity, misogyny, debasement, federal crime, sociopathy/psychopathy, lies, greed, anti-Christ doctrine, and mental/emotional perversion. And if you point that out to Weinland he says you hate “GOD” for daring to stand up to what the BIBLE itself calls sickening and perverse.

    Welcome to Herbert W. Armstrong’s world… prepare to be destroyed…

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    You are a good man Avo I have full respect for you !!!

  • stupid for trying to hang on says:

    Thanks for the encouragement and kind words

  • Acts says:

    “In” the Final Three & One-Half Years
    March 6 2009
    “Foolishly there are those who are quick to find fault by saying we are wrong or that I am a false prophet since physical destruction did not come at a time I had previously stated. It is easy to see, that without the understanding of “why” some matters of timing have changed, that some would doubt or ridicule what is true. Yet the time for the final 3 1/2 years has not changed at all. We are in it! We are in the countdown before the actual day Jesus Christ returns to this earth as King of kings. ”

    Deuteronomy 18
    21And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the LORD has not spoken?’— 22when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word DOES NOT COME TO PASS OR COME TRUE , THAT IS A WORD THAT THE LORD HAS NOT SPOKEN; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously

    March 6 2009
    “Many do not “get it” concerning the title of the last book that was published. It is 2008 – God’s Final Witness. That was the final and the last year for a witness to be given to mankind at the end of 6,000 years of man’s self-rule. At the end of 2008, the final 3 1/2 years commenced. Mankind has already received his last warning and it was God’s final witness.”RW

    20But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, orf who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.

  • Acts says:

    In due time God will take Rons life. PKG will witness their Idol destroyed right in front of their face . He created a False Christ for his Group to worship (The Image) , based on a foundation of False delusional beliefs from Ronald’s mind . Rons God has nothing to do at all with the God of the Bible. His WWCOG was disobedient to God before he came along. Ron Weinland Walks in the sins of his fathers before him , HWA and all the rest of the COG Patriarchs . They did not do what was right in the sight of the Lord.

    Jeremiah 23
    1Woe be to the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! said the LORD. 2Therefore thus said the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit on you the evil of your doings, said the LORD.

  • Acts says:

    Ronald believes that the World Wide Church was God’s Church . The Bible shows what God’s church is (Rev 12:17) first off you do not need to be part of a group to Follow God. #2 if you are part of a group and you start to “SEE” that they are not following God , you should leave as fast as you can (Matthew 24:15)
    Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church . All the leaders of the churches today are the image of jealousy standing in the way . They put themselves between you and Christ and they cut you off. Let NO MAN take your crown.

    Ron’s delusion : Apostasy 1994 – he believes this . He will not understand because he does not confess his Sin and the sin of those before him. They all can do no wrong In their eyes. Long before 1994 many marriages were being destroyed in the wwcog , was this group following God then ? Were they following Scripture then? The answer is NO they were not . The true apostasy has been ongoing since the church began 2000 years ago .To be “Candid” with you Ronald Weinland is part of Apostasy , So is every other church in this world that does not follow Christ which is all of them in this time. Repent and seek God in his Word yourself .Do not put anything in the way ! Do not put another man or woman in the way .
    Now therefore you are no more strangers and sojourners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;
    And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone;

    The Apostles IN THE BIBLE ,not self appointed False Apostles and False prophets that have been PROVEN so. If the leader of your group does not follow what the Apostles or what Jesus Christ says in scripture , then why would you continue to follow them?

    The prophet is a snare , look at how people still follow this guy even after he has been proven DEAD WRONG !People get stuck and cannot get out . THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.
    woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in those days! Hebrews 5:13-14

  • Eric says:

    Oh dear when I read the 35th Truth (which states: “We understand that Jesus Christ is ‘continuously coming’ in the flesh of those who are in the Church of God) again I realise that Ron has been right all along.

    Because he is ‘continuously coming’ he was right about the first date AND right about the second date AND right about the third date AND will be right about the next date AND any subsequent dates.

    In fact he could now give any date and can’t go wrong.

    Talk about hedging your bets. What a prophet!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    SFTTHO: … You can now officially change your name from “Stupid For Trying To Hang On” to “She Was Stupid For Not Trying To Hang On To “Stupid For Trying To Hang On”!”

    One more bit of advice I would like to give is the best medicine for a broken soul is giving to others. Any/every time I feel like Life is crappy I ALWAYS make it a point to do something compassionate/kind for someone else, and it ALWAYS fixes my soul. It works perfectly. Feel like an idiot because your wife turned out to be your enemy? Buy the next person in line at Starbucks coffee and a doughnut. Feel like you never have enough money? Give some of it away to someone who has NO money. Can’t afford new clothes? Give one item to a shelter that needs clothes. Never had the chance to go to a nice university and get a degree? Help newly arrived immigrants learn to read.

    Life in the West is so alien to someone who is from Vietnam or Somalia that it is hard to relax.. surrounded by so much stuff that you are not used to and a language that is REALLY “weird” compared to what they are used to. The stress is massive, and even a MALL kind gesture makes life so much less frightening/threatening to someone a billion miles from home. It is also hard for the parents of kids who were raised in the West after the parents grew up int he East and are too old to really master English. They will be extremely proud of their kids, but sometimes feel left behind because they won;t understand English h as well as their own kids and sometimes feel alienated by this language gap. Helping Mrs. Vuong next door find a carpet cleaning business over the phone in English is a great way to serve humanity… and thus be healed while helping heal others.

    So I suggest starting to look for chances to serve in small ways: amounts of time, energy, and money you can afford to be charitable with. Trust me…

    …you will be happier than you have ever been in your life.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    oops! “SMALL” kind gesture…

  • stupid for trying to hang on says:

    Avalo, thanks so much, my next post will have the new name, she is a fool

  • JD says:

    People are upset in pkg. Ron had a massive heart attack last Thursday and people are just finding out and are upset because it has been keep under wraps. maybe the big wigs think people will start running for the doors if their mighty leader has fallen yet again. Hmmmmmm maybe Ron is one of the ones who is scheduled to die for not repenting. Has to start somewhere.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I have made a new posting of this, so am locking comments on this post so that responses will appear on the other post.