Inset Post – An Apostle and Prophet

Ron was overdue for a post, longer than 3 weeks since last one.  Here is his latest nonsense, including claims about his IRS difficulties.  One of them I’ve already refuted in my post Sentencing Memorandum of Mike (DDTFA).  As far as his claim that there is a “required dollar amount” before the government can take action, I doubt that there is a legal requirement but there may be administrative standards the IRS and US Attorney has preferring to get convictions for larger dollar amounts.

Update: I failed to copy over the “introduction to the introduction” shown below in italics.  There has been criticism of his speaking of himself in the third person.  While that might be appropriate for a paragraph or two in a jacket liner, writing your own introduction in the third person is … well, rather weird.

———–  Weinland’s Post: ————

The following post has been written to inform you of the new introduction for the two books on the book website.

Ronald Weinland, an author whose books have gone into over 170 countries in 7 languages, is first and foremost an apostle to the One Almighty Eternal God. Preceded by Herbert W. Armstrong who led the Worldwide Church of God, Ronald Weinland is an apostle in a long lineage of God’s apostles, beginning with the original 12 who began their work in 31 AD, long before others emerged falsely calling themselves Christian.

Ronald Weinland is the last apostle in this final age of man’s self-rule. That self-rule will end with the second coming of Jesus Christ who returns to put an end to WW III and bring peace to this earth – peace which mankind has been unable to achieve for 6,000 years. He came the first time, nearly 2,000 years ago, as God’s Passover Lamb who made possible the forgiveness of sins for mankind. This time, he is coming as a “Lion” with great supernatural power to chasten, battle, and conquer those who are destroying the earth. Jesus Christ will then establish a one-world government under his reign – in peace – for the next 1,000 years.

Historical accounts have some variance, but it is believed that most all of the original apostles, including Paul who was the apostle to the gentiles, were imprisoned and eventually killed. The last apostle to write scripture was John, who was also a prophet, and while imprisoned by the government of his time on the Isle of Patmos, he had revealed to him the Book of Revelation, which he then wrote. Ronald Weinland is the only other apostle who has also been made a prophet by God and Jesus Christ. He is the counterpart to John, in that John was given knowledge to record the Book of Revelation for the end-time and Ronald Weinland was given the “meaning” and the responsibility to declare that “meaning” in these books, other writings, and in a vast number of recorded speeches.

Since the days of John, nearly 1,900 years ago, God’s true Church has not been accustomed to having a prophet, but God made Ronald Weinland a prophet in 1997. The first book, The Prophesied End-Time (published in mid-2004), is the product of what God gave to him concerning the beginning fulfillment of prophetic end-time events that Christ revealed were to begin first in His own Church – events that began to occur in December of 1994 with the opening of the First Seal. Since most in the world have not readily known of God’s true Church, they are largely unaware that these events involved the opening of the first six seals of Revelation. It is also revealed how 9/11 was a fulfillment of the Sixth Seal and a prophetic type of what is yet to follow on a vastly larger scale.

His last book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, begins to pinpoint the timing of the remainder of major end-time events and adds far more information beyond what the first book covers. This book reveals the opening of the Seventh Seal (the last seal to be opened), which occurred in 2008, and the book also reveals the meaning of the Seven Trumpets, as well as the Seven Thunders of Revelation, which John was forbidden to record. However, it also needs to be made clear that all initial timing mentioned in this book has been moved forward by exactly seven years.

These final end-time events that will plunge mankind into a third world war began with the opening of the Seventh Seal of Revelation in 2008. These events have begun with the first phase of a great economic collapse, which has only been temporarily delayed by quantitative easing that will actually lead the world into a far more horrific global economic collapse. These final prophecies reveal the collapse of the U.S. Dollar, as well as the decline and eventual destruction of the United States itself. The final great war prophesied will be between temporarily united European nations and the axis powers of both Russia and China combined.

Ronald Weinland is the last apostle to be sent to this world, and as such, God has established through him a final testimony (witness) of mankind’s true attitude and spirit toward God Himself. This has been made manifest (revealed) through “the many” who have turned in bitterness, hatred, disgust, mockery, ridicule, and slander toward the one whom God has sent.

Much of mankind’s true attitude has also been revealed through Ronald Weinland’s trial and imprisonment by the government of the United States. He began serving his sentence in February of 2013, with a release date in February of 2016. God has established the true spirit of mankind through the ages by how his prophets and apostles have been treated, with so many of them being imprisoned and even many killed.

Ronald Weinland was accused and convicted of purposefully evading the payment of taxes to the federal government. It was imputed that many expenses declared as Church expenses could not be declared as such, but were personal, and therefore, taxes should have been paid on those personal expenses. The two primary expenses that gave the government the “required dollar amount” necessary to bring about such an indictment and then a conviction was based on Church beliefs and legitimate religious practices for God’s Church.

The main dollar amount was $300,000 in Church money, which was moved to a bank in Switzerland. This was made to look sinister, even though it was told to the Church in 2002 that money would be placed there in Ronald Weinland’s personal name in order to give the Church the ability to continue to function during a third world war that will engulf the world in the final years of the end-time (which will now occur within a period between November 2015 {as originally posted was 2016 but changed after a commenter pointed out the error} and May of 2019). This movement of money to Switzerland was due to the prophetic belief that the U.S. Dollar will collapse during those final years and that a meager amount of funds, along with the ability to continue doing a “religious work,” could be aided by funds deposited in Switzerland. Just as with events that transpired in part during WW II, the nation of Switzerland had been believed to be a location that would once again be considered a “safe zone” for securing deposits.

This last book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, explains what people must do if they want to survive this last war – a nuclear war – and live on into a new age that God will give to mankind.


  • bilbo says:

    How apt. Just watched the new HBO expose on scientology last night.

    I’m confused. What is the point of this post? His book is proven fake even by his own fake criteria. I guess that is why he needs a new book with new fake prophecies. Did he feel like speaking about himself in the third person? Whitewash for a new recruitment drive?

    Don’t fall for this people. Every 5 years or so since 2000, he recycles the script. Just like scientology, it doesn’t take long to find the motivation (ahem $$$$$)

  • bilbo says:

    “If you want to get rich, you start a religion. … That’s where the money is!” LRH

  • martin says:

    “in order to give the Church the ability to continue to function during a third world war that will engulf the world in the final years of the end-time (which will now occur within a period between November 2016 and May of 2019). ”

    Why the goal post moving? The tribulation is supposed to start in Nov. of 2015.

  • FedUp says:

    Did Ron write this? It’s in the third person. Is Ron talking about himself in the third person? Like royalty?

    Ron seems to be trying to identify himself with the Apostle John this time, imprisoned by the government and all. His first paragraph almost sounds like a paraphrase of John 1.

    A lot of self-aggrandizing nonsense.

  • bilbo says:

    What is frustrating to watch, is he is going to get out of jail next year, and repeat the exact same scam ALL OVER AGAIN.

    And there is nothing and no one to stop him.

    Since I joined, this scam has come full circle, and he is preparing to start another cycle.

    Sigh. Oh well. If it floats anyone’s boat, enjoy constantly waiting for the end of the world, while Ronald and Laura live life for you!

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin you’re right! Things are “supposed” to start happening after November 6, 2015—-THIS year not next. I wonder how many in PKG are asking themselves if indeed the goal post has moved again? November 2016 to Pentecost 2019 is NOT three and a half years! Anyone with half a brain SHOULD be able to see that, but alas, most in PKG don’t.

  • martin says:

    As far as false prophets, they have two choices, they can voluntarily shut up, or God will make them shut up.

    As far as prophecy is concerned there will only be two groups of two that will be on the world stage.

    One will be the true Two Witnesses, the other will be The False Prophet/Beast Leader.

    The rest God is going to deal with in one way or another.

  • martin says:

    It does not appear that Ronald Weinland will voluntarily shut up. So God is going to shut him up. I do not know how it will work out, but prophecy seems to indicate that this will happen.

  • martin says:

    “It was imputed that many expenses declared as Church expenses could not be declared as such, but were personal, and therefore, taxes should have been paid on those personal expenses. ”

    No it was not imputed, it was proven through your very own receipts and tax records.

  • Acts says:

    Matthew 24:24
    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.

    June 15 2012
    “Yes, the “Day of the Lord” is a year in actual length. May 27, 2012, was the beginning of the “Day of the Lord” when Jesus Christ will return on the final day of Pentecost 2013.
    This “day” is about Christ’s second coming and all that will build up to that climactic event when he returns on Pentecost 2013.”
    Ronald Weinland

  • Acts says:

    But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


    July 17 2014
    “God has poured out upon us vast amounts of new, clarified, and needful knowledge, which has made it possible to teach and proclaim an incredibly beautiful, inspiring, and truly the clearest picture ever of what God has designed, purposed, and is now more fully bringing to pass concerning His Son, Jesus Christ, coming on Pentecost of 2019. ”
    Ronald Weinland

  • martin says:

    Randy ask your mother what she thinks of this new goal post moving where the tribulation starts in November of 2016 rather than November of this year?
    (computed by Ron-math, where it is the 1260 days of the tribulation + 50 extra days, so that 1260 + 50 days BEFORE Pentecost of 2019 lands you in November of 2015 of this year).

  • juror bags says:

    Ron the spin doctor likes to sugar coat things regarding his GUILTY FELONY CONVICTIONS. What a lying POS! In my opinion and I was there and saw and heard all of the FACTS on Ron and family’s con ALL of the Weinlands should be sitting in prison for a very, very long time.

    If anything the prosecution, IRS, and all gave them many breaks on other expenses and let them slide whole lot. They only pursued and used the very overly blatant misuse of “church” funds. Ron, Laura, Audra, and Jeremy didn’t seem to think there was any issues or problems SPENDING THEIR MONEY or God’s tithe cash.

    Problem for them was the fact that no one in the court room believed their LIES nor did anyone think Ron the CON was God’s right hand man. NOT AT ALL. What a lying, conniving, jackass! Ron is so full of shit you could tape his mouth shut and his ass would fly open and he would still be saying the same thing. A bunch of lying BS!

    SCUMBAGS! Thieves of God’s money. Ron and Laura see it as their money since they are “gods” in their own minds. So that being said, I can see how they think they were not in the wrong…….. In their sick, twisted, and demented pea brains. Nope! They know EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They just think playing dumb might fool a courtroom full of people who have excellent BS detecting abilities.

    GUILTY SCUMBAGS was the verdict and general consensus. How’s that Prison Bucks coffee again, Ronnie? You are sitting right where you should be loser. Just not long enough in my honest opinion. Club Fed has to be better than dealing with your Money Whores full time. You are welcome! We did you a favor and hopefully you realize that as you sit and ponder things in complete boredom because you sure haven’t devised any better schemes or lies yet. Same ols BS. Ron is washed up and about as stale as a crazy old failure can be. Epic failure!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    November 2016 to Pentecost 2019…

    Weinland has changed his false prophecy yet again!! LOL!! 2008 moved to 2011, then moved to 2012, then moved to 2013, then moved to 2015, NOW 2016 to 2019…

    Ronald Weinland has more moves than Dancing With The Stars!!

  • martin says:

    It’s like boiling a frog in water… it slowly….and the frog doesn’t notice the change and gets boiled to death.

    Ronald Weinland said the Ron-math that he used to calculate the return date of Christ was from God (keep in mind this Ron-math has been proven faulty and incorrect), now Ron just moved the timing of events (you know the ones computed by Ron-math inspired by God), down a year, so now the Great Tribulation is not 3 1/2 years long but 2 1/2 years long.

    I wonder if ANYBODY with brain cells in PKG noticed this?

  • martin says:

    It is possible that MAYBE the above date was simply a typo, but I somehow doubt this.

  • martin says:

    “It is also revealed how 9/11 was a fulfillment of the Sixth Seal and a prophetic type of what is yet to follow on a vastly larger scale.”

    How can some be a fulfillment of prophecy AND THEN be a type of something else?

    It is just moronic nonsense. It is gobbly gook.

    First of all, Ron meant that this prophecy referred to the sealing of the tribes/saints….but not being smart, he forgot the first half of this prophecy.

    The first half of this prophecy involves the Sun turning black and the Moon turning blood red.

    Now Ron said “a fulfillment of the Sixth Seal”, did this Sun/Moon sign happen? No.

  • martin says:

    The text has been corrected on the Ronald Weinland site.

    it now reads ” (which will now occur within a period between November 2015 and May of 2019). “

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Let me correct “Corrected” to “changed”. 😉 And we know that the Great Tribulation can’t happen until Ron gets out of jail, so we have until Feb of next year.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “Ronald Weinland is the last apostle to be sent to this world, and as such, God has established through him a final testimony (witness) of mankind’s true attitude and spirit toward God Himself…

    Interesting… Ron is the embodiment of mankind’s true attitude and spirit towards God… so stealing from widows and the IRS and falsely prophesying is man’s true attitude and spirit!! Ron is such an idiot he can’t even see how he is PROVING himself over and over to be an evil pig… by his own admission…And he still believes that hating HIM is hating God… he is still so arrogant he thinks God is mocked when we point out Ron is a CRIMINAL…

    Ron, you are an evil weakling who steals, lies and cheats… you are so WORTH mocking…

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Sounds like he might be getting some threats in prison? Setting the stage that everyone in the Bible that was in prison, died while there. Maybe Bubba is getting tired of all his nonsense and when the time is closer to when he is to get out, something will happen?

    Also very strange, it is written in the third person. I know several “crazy” people that do that. Deal with them at work. He sounds worse then them.

  • Acts says:

    whoever shall exalt himself shall be abased.

  • It is very common for psychopaths to refer to themselves in the third person, which certainly explains his post.

  • Don D says:

    Referring to his book “2008 – God’s Final Witness” Weinland says in his current post that: “However, it also needs to be made clear that all initial timing mentioned in this book has been moved forward by exactly seven years.”

    Even a child can see that this is an obvious admission by Weinland that he got “all initial timing” mentioned in that book WRONG. That is, he was mistaken. It was NOT THE TRUTH. It was UNTRUTH.

    So, in the light of that admission, what do we make of the following claims MADE IN HIS BOOK:

    On page 51 he said: “So what is the truth? This book is the truth! I am simply to state the truth AS IT IS [Weinland’s own emphasis]. Yes, this book is the truth. God is about to prove that this book is telling the truth”.

    And what was THE TRUTH about the proof that the “initial timings” in his book were correct? He said on page 4: “The proof of the validity of my first book and now this one, is in the timing and the destruction that follows, exactly as both books describe”.

    And what did Weinland say in 2008 in his book about that most critical of all “timings” – the timing or exact day of the return of Jesus Christ? On page 21 he said (speaking of God’s “two witnesses” of whom he claimed he was one): “These two know exactly the day when Jesus Christ will return”. And on page 22, he repeated the claim: “They know the exact day that Jesus Christ will return”.

    And he boasted about even more “timings” on page 23 when he said: “Yes, I do know the timing of events as the Seals of Revelation are opening”.

    In 2008 Weinland claimed in his book that he knew all of these “timings”, and yet he is now forced to admit that: “all initial timing mentioned in this book has been moved forward by exactly seven years”.

    But hang on, Weinland boasted on page 173 that the ULTIMATE PROOF he was telling THE TRUTH about all these timings was that: “God has given me the words in this book” In other words, he boasted that all the words in his book “2008-GFW” were nothing less than DIVINE REVELATION.

    By this reasoning, then, it was God who kept on getting his “timings” wrong, not Weinland. And now it seems that it was God who got his timings wrong by a whole SEVEN YEARS! God was obviously giving innocent little old Ronnie Weinland wrong timings right from the start! What a terribly confused and fallible God Weinland’s God turned out to be – if, that is, you believe the lies that Weinland told in his book! And apparently those left in PKG still do…

  • Ozymandias says:

    All this talk of being imprisoned and killed etc. is simply praying to everyone’s sympathies again. Speaking in the third person, he gets to articulate spectacular things about himself but look like someone else is singing his praises. Don’t forget, two Holy Day offerings are this coming week. He is FINALLY defending himself in type, but making it look like someone else is writing. All the little old ladies are getting out their check books for poor imprisoned Ron. He’s pointing out once again how very, very , special he is in case anyone forgot.

  • Ozymandias says:

    It occurs to me how disgusting it is that he write on and on about his plight during the Passover season. PKG should be focused on the Passover , but please let’s talk about poor Ron.

  • Soap Opera says:

    I agree with Ozymandias bringing up Passover as this time of year (Passover) is the most solemn and important day of the year for COG members, Ron doesn’t bother giving it a mention. And what about the days of unleavened bread starting sunset Friday, or are they not important enough for an Apostle, witness, prophet to bother about.
    Just leave them to the underlings Wayne and Johnny to handle ?
    Come on PKG members please for your own sakes and your families think for your selves. That is not a sin before God. In fact God commands us all to search the scriptures and test those that claim to teach his word.
    In other words don’t just believe what you hear but you are instructed by God to double check what they teach.

  • Soap Opera says:

    I add to the above that I also am guilty of not double checking for a number of years.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Reading this again, I still can’t get over him writing this third person ego driven, post all about who he thinks he is.” I come from the lineage of Apostles dating back to Biblical times!” Where does Christ fit into Ron’s “Passover” message? He doesn’t. All about how wonderful RON is people. How RON is like Christ , sent by God and mistreated and hated by many. He just never gets over himself.

  • martin says:

    “God made Ronald Weinland a prophet in 1997”

    It’s been 18 years, you’d think he get one single prophecy correct.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    When I posted this I failed to copy over this part:
    “The following post has been written to inform you of the new introduction for the two books on the book website. ”

    Still, writing about yourself in the third person even in this context is rather strange.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    OMG! It all makes so much sense now!! Quick, does anyone have Wayne’s phone number?! I need to repent!!!!

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    It wouldn’t make a difference or not if you tried to call Wayne or anyone else from the PKG, they hang up as soon as they realize it is someone that left. After all, you are now of sin etc..and you might make sense to them and add more doubt to the thoughts.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Glad I’m free you’re right! I’ve still had no one in PKG contact me since it was announced I had left. And yes, denial is a powerful thing as they would have to face some tough choices. Keep believing a lie and keep friends, or break free and actually start LIVING again! I do know of someone who left a few years ago, and we’ve been keeping in touch. He told me he tried to contact someone we both knew that was still in PKG, and they wrote back immediately that they could not talk to him.

    And so it goes……

    I can betcha my name was brought up by more than a few however, as Laura was in the Richmond area a couple weeks ago. That was the group I was with, and no doubt “me being in sin” was probably mentioned,

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland has been a prophet for 18 years.

    1) Has he uttered any clear and explicit prophecies (like Moses with date, people, plague, area etc….all which came to pass exactly as Moses spoke it)?

    2) Has he uttered many ambiguous prophecies?
    Yes, but none came true.

    3) He’s cursed ministers to death, did they die?

    4) He’s cursed famous people to death, did they die?

    5) No prophecy of any kind that he has spoken has come to pass in any shape, size or form.

  • juror bags says:

    Maybe the third person is Laura now running the SCAM. Poor lil’ Ronnie…… TICK-TOCK! And for the amount of money charged for the made up fake drivel one would think they could sling it at least once a week.

    Like I have said many times. They are LAZY, WORTHLESS, SCAM-ARTISTS. Obviously doing the bare minimum for THEIR CASH. Well,,,, I guess Laurdo is working a bit harder now since she has to run to the P.O. Box instead of her mini-me.

    Tell me again why Audra is on the payroll or take? That hoe doesn’t even run to Cincinnati to empty the P.O. Box any longer. Huh? Inquiring minds would like to know.

    LYING, THIEVING, ……. PIGS! Guess they keep the economy in Taiwan rolling stitching up their high dollar tent undies to fit their lard butts into. Again, selfish how much material they take for one pair. Probably enough for 3-4 regular sized panties. Nasty money grubbing skanks. Gross!

  • Randy says:

    That’s what I was thinking the the money whore was writing this bs to keep the Weindland family mafia money coming ! I was just wondering has any PKG memebers that left died on cancer yet like the asshole said , I know a lot of the one the are still in are old and in bad shape I thought he was able to annotate and heal them !

  • Fooled No More says:

    Martin, those five points you made would be very good questions to pose to any current PKG member. I’ll bet they can answer nary a one.

  • Randy says:

    Mom knows it aint right , Laura got her to brain washed mom can’t think for herself she lets Ron and Laura do it for her ! So sad ! 🙁

  • Acts says:

    The “new” intro for the two books on the website is an effort to hold the brainwashed people in his tiny delusional bubble.

    Ronald Weinland is not an Apostle or a Prophet . Ronald Weinland is an Arrogant Blaspheming Hypocrite .

    People who believe HWA was an Apostle will never make any progress because they are stuck following a Man . HWA had absolutely no authority to establish any New Doctrine apart from what is recorded in Scripture . How about his doctrine on Divorce and Remarriage ? Is it just coincidence that his stance on this changed in the 70s when many attitudes were changing in the world , especially after the Free love sexual revolution of the 60s, is this a coincidence or was the World Wide Church just a church of this World changing with the tides of this world? What progress the world has made since then , over half the country is divorced. How are the churches changing with the tide today ? Their decision making has nothing to do with Jesus Christ , I will tell you that. As the world changes , Churches go with it.

    Revelation 14:4
    These are they which were not defiled with women ( False Churches) ; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb wherever he goes.
    Poverbs 6 speaks to this as well, Churches who lead people the wrong way. These churches look good just like the fruit looked good in the Garden but in the end it is the way of death.

    So did HWA really follow Christ ? Scripture shows otherwise , I gave one important example of Many which proves he did not follow Christ but followed the changing times of this world .Winds of Docrine ( Jude 1:12)

    Ronald Weinland Claims that the Torch has been passed to him from HWA , he claims to be an Apostle of Christ , but does he listen to Christ ?
    Jesus Christ said “Watch therefore: for you know not what hour your Lord does come.”

    Ronald Weinland does not follow Jesus Christ just like his Idol HWA did not follow Jesus Christ. The World Wide Church of God Fell apart because it did not follow Christ and PKG will fall apart for the same reason .

    Luke 6:46 Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like. They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”


  • Byker Bob says:

    I wonder what Ron would do if the REAL two witnesses made an appearance, and upon seeing them, he suddenly became aware that they were from Type L Haplogroup. If that ever happens, all of the ACOG leaders are going to realize that they are in deep do do! Or they will reject them.


  • Fooled No More says:

    Byker Bob, the latter would happen. I was just having that very conversation recently with someone who’s out of PKG now. God could very well raise up two witnesses out of nowhere just as he raised up Melchizidek. If they start performing EXACTLY what the scriptures say they will do, then there will be no excuse. Ron and Laura will be truly proven in 3D to be the false prophets that they are.

  • Byker Bob says:

    All the ACOGs seem to have funky ideas about the two witnesses. Dave Pack actually teaches that they are going to come up through his RCG, and that he is going to personally train them. Some people apparently believe that HWA and GTA are going to be resurrected for the job, and others that it will be Elijah and Moses. We don’t get a vote on it, I know, but wouldn’t you just love it if it turned out to be a couple of black guys from A.M.E.?


  • Fooled No More says:

    Byker Bob, that was too funny! :D:D

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron’s post says about his book 2008 – GFW that: “However, it also needs to be made clear that all initial timing mentioned in this book has been moved forward by exactly seven years.”

    AND YET the book says “the proof of the validity of my first book and now this one, is in the timing and the destruction that follows, exactly as both books describe.”I guess Ron doesn’t understand the word EXACTLY, as NONE of what he has said for the last EIGHTEEN YEARS has been true!!

    1. The dictionary defines ‘exactly’ as: without discrepancy, in exact terms, without vagueness.

    2. Ron defines exactly as: indefinite, inaccurate, doubtable, subject to constant change, without basis.

    Ronald Weinland is a liar, criminal, and living garbage… it is a true PLEASURE to mock him and his ongoing evil…

  • Fooled No More says:

    The word “feckless” comes to mind also Avalo.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Those of us that left are long since over his foolishness, but Ron is reaping what he sowed as far as being mocked. He likes to drag God into this, but God is not mocked. Ron has brought this on himself. Repentance would be a good idea Ron.

  • Fooled No More says:

    I’m not sure that he can because he’s in waaaaay too deep! Same goes for Laura. They’ve been doing this for so long that like someone who’s a long time smoker (he loves to harp on that one!), it becomes a habit which is very hard if not impossible to break.

    That’s what also keeps a lot of the PKG members in lock step with what he says. Fear of God (not a healthy one), and the unwillingness to check things out are what keep most of them tied to Ron and Laura——not God. It’ll take a very hard jolt (sort of what happened with me) to wake them out of their stupor and get on with life.

  • martin says:

    “It’ll take a very hard jolt (sort of what happened with me) to wake them out of their stupor”

    Yes, this is what they need.

    I don’t understand why anybody is still there, it boggles my mind. How false does a false prophet have to be before they recognize him as one?

    If people cling to him like glue, imagine how quickly they will run to THE False Prophet, who’s going to call down fire from heaven. He will perform miracles.


  • Byker Bob says:

    Weiner Dude picked the short term false prophet approach, presumably to accelerate the sense of urgency. I say picked, because since nothing he forecast has happened, we know he didn’t get his information from God. Unfortunately for Ron, there just aren’t any similar bloopers or outtakes from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, etc., so he is one of those Deut.18:22 cats along with all of the other Armstrong movement prophets who don’t want to be held accountable for their bogussness by being called prophets.

    That being said, has anyone ever speculated about some of the things for which he could have used all of that money that he took for personal use? Imagine the buildings, the TV or web programs, some sort of college, publications, or simply devising a new millennium marketing approach. From all accounts here, he and his family and cronies became enriched from their “gospel” while flying to and fro across the face of the earth to gossip. When you think about it, it would have been less of a waste to have sunk all that money into global warming projects or Obamacare!


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    So investing in saving the planet from the percentage of human induced climate change is a waste of money, like affordable health care for the poor?

    Sounds like something Weinland would say…

  • Perhaps you all are looking at this the wrong way!

    After all, if you can but just divide by zero, the infinite is possible!

  • Byker Bob says:

    Well, no need to get into the merits of liberal or conservative politics. The most important point is that it would be downright sinful to give one’s tithes or support to any ministry that contaminates their “gospel” with the lie that R1B1 Haplogroup Indo European Anglo Saxons were spawned by J1 or J2 Haplogroup Semitic Middle Eastern Hebrews, and are going to be punished, enslaved, and tortured by Nordic and Slavic people who could not possibly even be related to Assyrians. This, because the R1B1s supposedly “forgot” their heritage and culture over 2,000 years previously. Oh, and, with the end times falsely based on applying the 6,000 year theory to Usher’s chronology, rather than applying them to the traditional Jewish genealogy records of the Torah and Talmud, which would leave mankind approximately 200 more years to complete the 6,000.

    Any prophecies which would be based on disinformational theories are by nature false, and guaranteed to fail. They should not be used to scare people into a church or churches, to create a bogus sense of urgency, or enslave people financially. And it isn’t that all of us were stupid for falling for it. It is just that since these theories were so obscure, and only familiar to a few, it took a long time for more knowledgable and scholarly people to collect the correct fact-based materials to respond, rebuttal, and make the information accessible to all who are willing to listen, and to “prove all things”.


  • Randy Terlecki says:

    I’ll bet the people of PKG’S ears are really burning, my mom has been staying at the gossip queens house for four days she probley dog them all out then when mom leaves she will dog her out !!! So sad

  • Fooled No More says:

    Byker Bob, you make an interesting point about the chronology of mankind. A couple years ago on my way to services, I was having a conversation with another brethren about that very thing. She made a comment on how does anyone really know how long man has been here, and that the timing could be waaaay off.

    I think she was starting to see through some things at that point as she would leave the church before the end of that year.

    Randy, I can tell you that my ears should have been on fire as I’m sure my name was brought up very recently. Seems as though about 30 people were gathered at a certain elder’s place for Passover and 1st DUB. Chances are though that mum was the word on why I left, and NO ONE was probably allowed to even speculate as to why I did leave. I’ve run into that more than a few times, and I found it to be quite annoying.

    It’s almost like there was a concerted effort to keep one from having a conversation about why someone did leave, lest they find out the real truth and open the floodgates.

  • martin says:

    The 12 Tribes of Israel, are going to be ruled over by the 12 apostles, so I think they exist and God knows what nations that comprise them.

    They were sent to the 10 Lost Tribes, so while their identity may have been hidden to the world, it was certainly known by the apostles in their day.

    Their are many prophecies that involve them in the last days (not just the Jews), so their identity will become manifest at some point (that is to them).

  • Don’t. Just don’t.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Good grief! These tribes existed within a finite period of history, up until they had undergone a complete metamorphosis through intermarriage. Even the people whom we identify, or who self-identify as Jewish today because they keep the oracles from the Old Covenant could not be considered to be pure in their genetic ethnic heritage. Some of the people who feel compelled to believe in British Israelism at all cost, to counter the fallout from the mapping of the human genome, have somewhat acknowledged this. They read in Josephus about how the Idumeans as a nation converted to the Hebrew faith, and then develop speculative theories about the Khazars doing the same thing. They then speculate that the Ashkenazic Jews of today are actually descendants of the Khazars, and use it to explain why the dna of the Jews and Anglo Saxons are too different to indicate common heritage.

    The point is, the natural series of random events which occur amongst humans over time have diluted any semblance of racial purity. Look to the animal kingdom as an example, and the process of breeding. As breeds become mixed, new breeds come into existence, and basic behavioral characteristics become altered. This is done for our benefit so that, as an example, certain breeds of cattle can thrive in the desert areas of Texas. Or, so that our domestic companions such as cats and dogs lose their feral behavioral patterns, and live amongst us in mutually beneficial ways, without being destructive. You will not find the lost breeds of cats from Egyptian times amongst the current population of domestic house cats, either.

    The Armstrong interpretation of prophecy leaves much unexplained. It is entirely possible that the twelve apostles could rule over the twelve tribes which both Josephus and the Bible tell us were present and accounted for during the apostles’ lives and ministry. But, that doesn’t also imply that these twelve tribes have survived as distinct ethnic entities into our present, today, but are somehow masked, or hidden. That’s just another one of those things that can only be “proven” by “Mr. Armstrong said……………..and he was God’s Apostle”.
    If the things he speculated and theorized were actually true, then you should be able to confirm them by alternative testing methods. But, the testing methods are actually saying, “Uh, noooooo. This is just not possible!”


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “The 12 Tribes of Israel, are going to be ruled over by the 12 apostles, so I think they exist and God knows what nations that comprise them. They were sent to the 10 Lost Tribes, so while their identity may have been hidden to the world, it was certainly known by the apostles in their day. Their are many prophecies that involve them in the last days (not just the Jews), so their identity will become manifest at some point (that is to them).”

    No surprise that “ideas” like these come from a book with talking snakes, murdering gays, men with genital injuries aren’t allowed to worship in congregations, and if you disobey god he will make you eat your children.

  • Unless the DNA shows a common paternal ancestry with the Arabs, forget it.

  • Byker Bob says:

    In Zechariah 7:1-3, we read about some men from Bethel (in the covenant lands of Ephraim), right after the end ot the exile, being sent to Jerusalem to find out whether God’s people should continue to mourn and fast in the 5th month, as had been customary from the beginning of the captivity. This had been a solemn memorial. The names of the men, given in these verses are Sharezer, and Begem Melek. These are Babylonian names! And, who would be returning to the covenant lands of Ephraim, except repatriated Ephraimites?

    There were also several mass migrations, at the invitation of two separate Kings of Judah, of numerous poeples from the northern tribes to come and live in the south, where the oracles received by Moses were still kept.

    Returned tribe members were numbered in a census during the time of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Zerubbabel.

    Members of the suposedly lost tribes were also mentioned on several occasions not only in the New Testament, but by Josephus. So, at least in the first century, they were still present and accounted for with their distinct tribal identification.

    Today, we would seem to have one visible tribe, Judah. We know that from very early times, the tribes of Benjamin and Levi lived amongst the Jews in the Southern Kingdom. We also know that many from the other tribes who did not want to follow in the sins of Jereboam of Nebat had migrated south, as well. Over the years, the people from that southern region did not maintain separate, well defined barriers amongst themselves. They intermarried and were assimilated into the tribe of Judah, the Jews. This is just one example, of course, of assimilation, of how the tribes became “lost”. There is not today, on planet earth, a collection of pure generation members of the so-called lost tribes, living and existing together as a nation or community, having totally forgotten their culture and their identity, and waiting to be discovered. The lost ten tribes did not become lost because they never returned from captivity, the lost ten tribes became lost by assimilation! We need only look to the Samaritans as an example of how mongrel peoples are regarded in the Bible in the first place. Samaritans were even relatively pure, compared to most of us today, because it was only one group, the Cuthites, who had been brought in by the captors to intermarry, diffuse, and alter the gene pool. But, in Jesus’ time, the Samaritans were regarded as being as unclean as were the gentiles, and were in no way considered to be Israelites.

    We can know that none of Ron’s prophecies will ever be fulfilled, nor will the prophecies of any other Armstrong group, because they don’t understand HOW the tribes became lost. Extinct would be a more accurate description. Assimilation has rendered them to be non-existent, or extinct, lost to humanity.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    1. The Twelve “Tribes” were descendants of Jacob’s sons… YET Jacob had a daughter named Dinah. Why no tribe named after HER? She was a WOMAN… who was raped… then her brothers went on a killing spree of innocent men not connected to their feud… capturing and kidnapping innocent women and children also not caught up in their feud. Rape and murder… very Old Testament Biblical behaviour.

    The Armstrongite British-Israelism OBSESSION is perfectly understandable in this context, no matter how provably FALSE it is, like you pointed out. The Merediths and Weinlands and Packs relate to the emotional and spiritual violence of the ancient Israelites… they secretly are turned on by the gross misuse of such power because they themselves dish out a LOT of psychic violence themselves through their mean spirited angry, controlling, evil ministries. They LOVE the Tribes… as they see themselves being the LEADERS of their own tribe of “holy” people they call THEIR church (which of course they hid behind the idea that it is GOD who is the ultimate leader of THEIR church). COG churches, the big one and the small ones are all about mean spirited, authoritarian control over self made tribes. The Tribe of Meredith (the ONE “true” tribe) is against the One “True” Tribe of Pack because Meredith cannot stand someone bowing to Pack when they should rightfully be bowing to HIS authority. Weinland’s One True tribe of Israel laughs at Bob Thiel’s One True Micro-Church because Thiel’s Tribe is tiny and clueless.

    2. All of us here are, all humans, are direct descendants of a woman who lived somewhere between 200,000 to 100, 000 years ago. Our mitochondrial DNA (passed on by mothers) come from her, during an era of particularly rough climatic changes (Pleistocene Era). Our patrilineal ancestor (male) from which 99.9% of all humans are directly descended lived between 300,000 to 200,000 years ago. Both lived in an area spanning East to Central Africa. We are all ONE tribe… one humanity… the first of us were Africans… we are all AFRICANS. The world has had enough of tribes and murder and “holy” descendants and “chosen” peoples…it’s about f***-ing time we shared our TRUE heritage… one united group of AFRICANS: current AND former (Pleistocene) Africans!

    Me personally, I am a big fan of my wife’s tribe of Pleistocene Africans who eventually became known as Vietnamese. They are a super-duper bunch! 🙂

  • Byker Bob says:

    Here, here, Avo! Let’s raise up our glasses in toast to mother Africa!

    People eminent in the field of genetics have been saying for years that from a DNA standpoint, there are not enough distinctions to even make the concept of race definable. We certainly know that there is ecological adaptation, as well as mutation, and that is responsible for many of the differences in physical characteristics. What is important is what we do with who we are to make the planet a better place so that all may thrive. Religions that cruelly exploit people, that assign a hierarchy of relative value to humans based on race, or that lie to people through false prophecies end up setting everyone back.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    There is no such thing as race in Homo sapiens (from 150,000 years ago all the way to right now). Ecological adaptation is what helped guide in part our evolution as humans adapted to various parts of the world.

    The last “race” was Neanderthals. There is no japanese “race” or German race or Semitic races, etc. Now that only homo sapiens remain there are only the dominant genetic traits that manifest in who we call Asians, the dominant traits in Africans, the dominant traits in Caucasians, etc. But the DNA is the SAME. This is where evolution acts. If you have certain dominant traits you will be better suited to survive in Tanzania. If you have certain dominant traits you would be better suited to living in Northern Europe.

    If I was born in Vietnam 10,000 years ago, I would not have survived, at least as well as my wife’s family. They are the result of countless generations of people from that area and thus they are the result of dominant traits surviving the blistering heat and intense humidity. They would have died out in Northern Europe 10,000 years ago while my ancestors ran around hunting and surviving the freezing cold. Our DNA is provably ancient, sourced in simian DNA, and our evolution/devolution continues. I say devolution, because we are now adapting to a technological world that makes us so dependent on “things” doing everything for us, we are getting weaker as a species of adapting animals. Take away our devices and electricity and modern humans would suffer a mass die-off as millions starved, got sick. etc.

    But as it is what we are seeing in the PKG is the evolution of people suckered into Weinland’s lies evolving into intelligent humans leaving his filth, and the devolution of those who have CHOSEN to be turned into selfish, unthinking assistants to his evil. We can watch social evolution at work.

    It says a lot about those who leave the toilet (PKG) and learn to seek true religion: compassion, forgiveness, repentance, charity, and so on. It also says a LOT about the remaining PKG who have a masochistic love of being spiritually murdered by a JAILED tax fraud who falsely prophesies every 8.4 seconds and spent widow’s tithes on BMWs for his family.

    To Mother Africa…Unserer Alten Heimat …

  • Is there an option here to send the Weinlands back to Africa? Say the deepest darkest jungles? Or maybe the arid deserts?

    Of course it would be so much better for us, but worse for the poor Africans, but maybe they could be isolated so they wouldn’t do harm to others and their DNA not passed on, thus purging the world of one small branch of devolved evolutionary dead ends.

  • Goneandforgotten says:

    Thanks for the latest comments! It’s wonderful to see some intelligent communication that isn’t bashing the importance of women in history. I really needed that! A BIG heartfelt thank you!!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    No problem G&F.

    There would be NO history without women. Literally. No women = no births. Thanks to atheism and secular efforts, women are freeing themselves of religion’s misogynistic terror of anyone with ovaries. The non-stop sexual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual abuse of women in the “Big Three” Abrahamic faiths should make anyone and everyone with a heart cease propping up this Bronze Age abomination. It is also incredibly stupid and insulting to women (AND men) that we must still go out of our way in 2015 (!)to point out the significant contributions of women in history, like it is a new discovery. The ONLY reason women did not play an equal role in human development is because MEN suppressed it. The genius and innovation was there, just kept under “existential house arrest” by men.

    The world may still need to advance when it comes to women’s equality, but as long as we stay on it I am seeing a new, “equal-er” world emerging for my daughters and their peers.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Did I ever say how much I hate the gossip money whore !!!!! 🙂

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Oh and she a Profet lol keep that money coming

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Send the Profet audria money to she know the bible so good God mad her a Profet to , you PKG are so blessed !! Your minister is in prison, and money hungry wemon run the rest !!!!!

  • Donna Kautz says:

    Fooled No More says:
    March 29, 2015 at 12:47

    Donna, if you don’t mind sharing, how long ago did you send the letter to The Weinlands? Your name sounds familiar, and I seem to recall it being mentioned in passing at Sabbath services a bit ago.

    I sent the letter soon after Ron was sentenced. There was a second letter but I could not find a copy of it. I can’t believe that they would still find the need to slander me after all this time. I just celebrated my 3rd Passover away from the PKG. It has been wonderful. What ever happened to “out of site, out of mind”. Let it go people (PKG) , I’m gone and not a threat to you. I really think that you should be discussing God and His Son and not those that have left. Your time would be much better spent thinking on spiritual things. Aside from all that I read where the 2 witnesses were being discussed. I believe that it will happen just as God tells me but I would bet my last dollar they will not come out of any of the COG’S. Their truth is not God’s truth as far as I have seen.

  • bilbo says:

    > I’m gone and not a threat to you

    Weightier matters of the law did seem a bit lacking. Individuals struggled with some tough things.

    What meat you ate, what you did on a saturday, whether Ron got his tithes, those things mattered.

    Running up debts, stealing, accusing people of things they didn’t do, saying anything you want about people who left, imagining them suffering due to cult ego, even wishing death upon whoever – that’s all ok.

    All of this makes sense, and nothing is mysterious, when one understands that this is a for profit business protecting its corporate existence above all, even elementary truth.

    If Jesus lived today – he would be having supper with those who got kicked out of these various cults.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Donna, I feel as you do, that nothing will come of the COGS. They are the sound of one hand clapping. God simply does not need worldly churches to accomplish his work. The churches of this world make a prey of people with good intentions.God Almighty is not in any of them. They do nothing, they accomplish nothing. How much fun did Ron make of the mother Theresas of the world. Seems they had more going for them than Ron. Anyone who isn’t a liar has it over him. I too celebrated a joyous Passover and Unleavened bread season. All without any help from a worldly organization. Thank you Father. Crystal

  • charlie says:

    BANDITS !!! 12 O’CLOCK HIGH … wait make that 11:45…no wait ….lets see the big hand is on ……
    makes as much sense as changed dates does
    weinland is good at doing that …gotta luv the posts tho ..LOL

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    The Two Witnesses will not arrive because the Bible is fiction, BUT…

    The Two Witnesses CAN’T come from the COGs. The TW coming from a COG would mean that the COG in particular was NOT Satanic or anti-Christ. It would send the wrong message for God to send these TW from these Jesus denying sociopaths, i.e. if Meredith’s cult pumps out the TW then Meredith gets to brag that HE has spiritual authority from God, and so on. If the TW come from a COG you KNOW they are false, imposters seeking to milk a couple more dollars out of the morons remaining. There will ALWAYS be COG-like cults until humanity wipes itself out without the book of Revelations coming true. By the time the climate and human affairs push the doomsday clock over the midnight line, an “apocalypse” would seem pretty tame by comparison.

    Herbert W. Armstrong was an incestuous pedophile… the TW are NOT going to emerge from his evil and make him look righteous by proxy, through a Weinland or a Meredith!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Each new revelation of God’s plan in the Bible occurred in a way the previous assumption/prophecy did not account for: thus the new revelation was/is always blasphemy to the old. Jesus doesn’t fulfill the Jewish requirements of their Messiah, thus Jesus is false. The Koran and Mohammed cannot exist after the Bible because Revelation forbids a single addition. So Islam is false to Christians. There can be nothing after the Koran and Mohammed added, according to the Koran, so various sects of Islam and modern religious movements are considered blasphemy. The Two Witnesses, if they repeat this historical pattern, should be something unexpected… and something that replaces the dominant hierarchy. The Two Witnesses will be blasphemous to someone. The most heinous Christian movement today is the sickening prosperity theology. The Two Witnesses would be against monetizing God’s Love, and thus these snakes would probably try and kill the TW for standing up to their anti-Christ ministry.

    It is also why Weinland and his wife can’t be the Two Witnesses. They have repeatedly demonstrated their love of EVERYTHING Jesus preached against! The Two Witnesses spending 4 MILLION dollars on luxury items while widow’s struggle and starve? The only thing the Weinlands will “witness” are the flames of the Lake Of Fire rising up to meet them in midair as some angel tosses them in…

    The Weinlands will definitely witness a whole lotta burning…

  • martin says:

    The Ronald Weinland of the past, unequivocally condemns the present Ronald Weinland as a false prophet.

    If only the PKGers would listen to this Ron of the past rather than the present Ron, they might escape.

    One problem that most have is that because Ron has shown the fruits of a false prophet (zero prophecy…really negative prophecy fulfilled, that is directly the opposite of what he said happened), that the Bible is also false. This is sad.

    Yes, Ron knows practically nothing about Bible truth, his (Ron’s) truths change on a month by month basis practically, but because Ron doesn’t know God or the Bible doesn’t mean the bible is false.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    You are absolutely right, Martin!

    Weinland of 2007 would instantly disfellowship Ronald Weinland 2012 – 2015!

    Also, you have correctly pointed out that Ronald Weinland’s being a charlatan does not make the Bible false. What makes the Bible false is the Bible. But what makes Ronald Weinland’s ministry provably fake also makes the Bible provably fiction. BUT, no one should become atheists because of Weinland. NO TRUE atheist rejects the Bible SOLELY because of one liar. A whole book filled with outright lies, anti-woman/anti-gay diatribes, rewritten Ugaritic mythology, and so on, on the other hand will…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Also Martin:

    You raise a REALLY good topic: people rejecting the Bible because of the actions of a man or a group. BUT Christianity makes itself really damn easy to hate.

    A lawyer in California (Matt McLaughlin) a couple of months ago submitted a ballot initiative with the state Department of Justice calling for the death of anyone who engages in sodomy in the state. He said:

    “Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst, the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.”

    He obviously does not represent the views of millions of Christians who SHOULD (and do) find this ballot abhorrent. But murdering gays is IN the Bible. The Old Testament does not do any favors for Christianity. You can see this is NOT going to help people believe anything/anyone connected to the Bible is anything other than evil.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And again, this ties into Weinland’s scam: how he gets away with his lies and deceit amongst the brethren.

    They see the example of Matt McLaughlin) and Weinland looks pretty tame by comparison. Weinland then calls out McLaughlin’s evil and in the process makes himself look loving and moral, when he isn’t. He then falsely prophesies again and the PKG eat it up because yet again they have been fooled into thinking anything less than McLaughlin must be “righteous.” Weiland profits from McLaughlin even as both rightfully drive compassionate POTENTIAL Christians far far away.

  • Byker Bob says:

    As a believer in nearly universal salvation, I’m thinking that when some of the fundies first see gay philanthropists in the Kingdom, they will probably ask God for a transfer to hell.


  • Fooled No More says:

    “As a believer in nearly universal salvation, I’m thinking that when some of the fundies first see gay philanthropists in the Kingdom, they will probably ask God for a transfer to hell.”

    😀 😀 😀

  • bilbo says:

    Where these christian extremists gain positions to set policy, it seems to quickly escalate toward an english speaking equivalent of the middle east. With all the hatred, injustice, and violence that it brings. Weinland certainly is tame by comparison, but that family is small fry, making a living from the franchise. Imagine how different it would be if Ron or someone like him could proclaim, and then _enforce_, the death sentences he spoke against his opponents. Lovely society that would be. It’s working out very well for parts of the world that try it, isn’t it.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    The sad truth is that there are many Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc, that would explode with self-righteous rage if God allowed atheists or other religions into a/his Paradise. Especially atheists, considering that atheists like myself (true atheists) merely reject the current evidence for God/Christianity/Hinduism/whatever. Zen Buddhists and true atheists would be extremely easy to convert, as we are evidence based. If jesus stood in front of me and said said Hi, I would believe. If a fundie didn’t like that fact, they would most likely say Jesus himself is a “trick” from Satan, because they want to be RIGHT and watch others being WRONG. They would not accept a Christ that THEY didn’t like; they would refuse to accept who Jesus really is.

    To be fair there would also be a whole lot of ignorant, young atheists who would lose their minds if Jesus gave them a wave. They so desperately want there to be no God they would react pretty much the same way as fundie theists. These ignorant atheists, like religious zealots, would have their selfish motives exposed. Trust me… everything Christians hate about fake Christians, TRUE atheists hate about fake “I know for sure there is no God at all anywhere in the Universe” atheists….

    And… like I always say… if the Lake Of Fire is real… I will be VERY glad to do God and the world a favour, and drag the Weinlands down into it with me!

  • bilbo says:

    Avalo, that is exactly why Jesus hung out with everyone that the Pharisees would have “disfellowshipped”. He made the point and the example very clear, exposed their bigotry very clearly.

  • The Weinlands would never allow Jesus into the PKG.

  • “Victoria’s Secret is in real danger of losing its relevance amongst women as the brand is labeled sexist and stodgy”

    Thought you would like to know this assessment from an expert.

    Laura? Is she sexist and stodgy?

  • juror bags says:

    Laura is a straight up Money Grubbing PIG! OINK, OINK. Obviously, those Victoria’s were no longer a SECRET once exposed during Ron-god’s criminal trial and felony convictions.

    I rarely go to the mall or places that have Victoria’s Secrets around. I avoid shopping because I just don’t dig it. But when I do and I see one I think of the Money Hoes and then seem to want to puke.


    Wonder if they’ll buy some ass less chaps for their Federal Inmate at some swanky boy toy store? Betcha Bubba would dig those on Ronnie. I hope he gets violated in so many ways it isn’t funny. Karma just like everyone they violate and beat cash out of. All I can say is I hope Bubba and crew like it rough. Real rough! Beat him silly boys!

    Ron got off light so I would hope he serves a very harsh prison term.

  • martin says:

    Keep in mind Ronald Weinland and the wife purchased this stuff during the time they thought it was the Great Tribulation (you know, a time when billions will die because of war, famine, disease).

    I never realized that buying erotic underwear would be a viable option during the Great Tribulation (which turned out to be invisible after all was said and done).

  • Brian says:

    Looks like Ron has some company in the wacko prophecy:

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    WW3-mongering as usual. It sells books, makes paranoid people feel justified, and makes a bunch of delusional white guys with websites/DVDs a lot of money.

    The world has the same problems it has always had, just amplified by technology. Religion is a self-fulfilling prophecy in this case. People fear the tribulation so they see it every ten minutes in their newspapers, websites, and so on. The world looks like it is finished so they believe it and act like it is over, which makes the world a worse place, which looks even more like prophecy, until the zealots start a war and people end this planet under the assumption its destruction will herald its redemption. Except all we will have left is a destroyed world, dead humans, no messiah(s), and NOTHING else…

    Religion is used to justify its own end as its “salvation.” This is the great tragedy of religion…why we must get rid of religious eschatology or any other of its kind.

  • bilbo says:

    What frustrates me about end-of-the-worlders is not the legitimate concerns about things that can make life go bad for humanity. It is when religion substitutes for good stewardship and cultivation of what is positive. And sorry, sending Ron your money while abusing your spouses and telling rational people to get lost – that’s not it. We are supposed to be stewards of our Earth, of each other, and of ourselves. It is very scary that some individuals think they can destroy and pilfer whatever they want, because who cares, because Jesus is coming anyway. That is so not the point. You’re supposed to dress and keep what we have been given. To Ron’s credit, he has said the same thing in sermons. But the Vineyard is not his bank account, the Owner (God) is not a liar, and some COG’s reason for stating this is another thing that Ron said in his sermon – some people inject a little bit of truth into their lies as a lure. Practice what you preach sir.

  • Brian, I noticed on the WMD site article “Is World War III coming soon?” that there’s yet another book out (by Carl Gallups), “Final Warning”.

    I wonder, just how many final warnings do we need?

    I thought one would suffice….

  • Fooled No More says:

    On that same note——just a reminder of what today is……April 17, 2015. It’s been now seven years since Ron made his prediction about what was supposed to happen on this day back then in 2008 which was…………………………..Nothing.

    If only my crystal ball would have not been in the shop, I could have avoided a lot of needless worrying, and perhaps not been in the financial hole that so many PKGer’s found themselves.

  • Acts says:

    But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

  • Ozymandias says:

    It reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. By the time it actually happened there had been so many false starts that no one believed him. Ron has made a mockery of Christ’s return by making all this about himself. It’s been more important for Ron to be right that for Christ to return. All of his ” prophesies ” are about how right he(Ron) is. Christ will return ,but it won’t be Rons idea or in Rons time frame. Ron has completly lost the notion of what true religion is, if he ever really knew. Christ really could have made it all about himself, but he gave all the “credit” to his father. Ron continually tries to make it about himself. His new book jacket proves the point. He constantly must “prove” who he is lest people forget how great he is. He shows himself as a tower of integrity, cast aside by an evil government. The only new wackos he will get in his church will be conspiracy theorists. He already has quite a few now.Blame it on the devil, the government, the lost boys who left, when it’s just YOU trying to ” mold and fashion” people into believing you something you’re not.

  • Acts says:

    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    Great Signs and Wonders , like knowing the day Christ returns !

    36 But of that day and hour knows NO MAN, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only

    But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    Eating from the table of Demons and drinking from the Cup of Demons (1 Corinthians 10:21) Exactly what Ronald has been doing for a long Time now, Marrying people to a False Christ ADULTERY IDOLATRY ! Anyone who follows people like this will have great tribulation .

    And Did Not Know until the Flood came , And Took Them All Away .

  • Acts says:

    Knows NO MAN , NO, Not the angels of heaven, But MY FATHER ONLY .

    2 Thessalonians 2:4
    Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sits in the temple of God, SHOWING HIMSELF THAT HE IS GOD.

    9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all delusion of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  • After I found my crystal ball went black, I took it in to a shop, had the holes drilled in it and now use it to go bowling.

    As for the final warning, I did receive a final warning for a recall on my vehicle, took it in and had the warrantee work done on it all free.

    Sometimes a Final Warning is needed, just not in religion….

  • martin says:

    Randy – ask your mother this question “How many times does a prophet have preach a false prophecy before he is considered a false prophet?”

    If in November, Ron proves again that he is a false prophet, do you think that would make her consider leaving PKG?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The probability is that Randy’s mom is going to continue to follow Ron. As far as the Great Tribulation actually beginning in November, or not, is an easy one for Ron to get past. Besides, he’ll still be in prison for a few months so it can’t really begin then.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Martin, remember Ron never admits to being wrong. The word is not in his vocabulary. He will say his timing may be different, but never wrong. He has an answer for everything. He has such conviction, that people feel he must be right. He can be wrong ten more times and people will stay. Sooner or later Christ will come and Ron will arrogantly say ” see I was right all along.” After all, many believe he is coming, the world is a big mess, so the “predictors” will be right if they wait long enough.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Mikes right I ask her that all the time she is so brain was she will never open her eyes !

  • Byker Bob says:

    Actually, Randy, as far as having relationships with parents still in the splinters goes, I think you have done relatively well. Your mom may not leave PKG, but at least you get to have some sort of family relationship with her, like you’ve mentioned going fishing and some other activities. That is so much more than a lot of people have.

    There’s another thing. When some people get to a certain age, it could actually be too much of a trauma for them to realize that everything they believe in was false, and that they wasted their entire lives. As long as they aren’t hurting themselves or others, or going Jim Jones or David Koresh, they are almost better off staying deceived. It’s a tough situation any way we look at it, and the reason why false teachers and false prophets are so bad.


  • bilbo says:

    > When some people get to a certain age, it could actually be too much of a trauma for them to realize that everything they believe in was false

    Bob I think you hit the nail on the head. I think that is exactly the situation with much of Ron’s remaining demographic. And Ron continues to keep carrots and goalposts in from of them so the floor doesn’t fall out from under them. That doesn’t make what he did okay, I think the money did go to his head – that’s obvious – he wouldn’t be in jail if it hadn’t – but I think on some level he does genuinely care about the elderly folks that have put their whole lives into him.

  • bilbo says:

    “goalposts in from of them”

    typo should read “in front of them”

  • Ozymandias says:

    Bilbo, you don’t have to believe everything was false to not believe Ron. There is a good life for people who still keep the Sabbath and Holy Days. The COGS didn’t invent them, they just became tangled in their false beliefs. Many of Rons people are older and just don’t want to start again. Some are very close to Ron and Laura and consider them to be their best friends. I have heard several people say just that. They would feel that they were betraying them at this point. These people will be with him after he has been wrong many times because they know Christ will arrive sooner or later and sort it all out. They are blinded by their fondness for both of them no matter what they do. They really feel he was railroaded and used as an example by the government. They believe he is entitled to make every decision, and if he’s wrong , he alone will answer to God. Having said that, they just don’t see the wrong doing, and that is because they are looking at it all in a physical way and not spiritual. They simply do not question his guessing game. He pops up with another excuse and says ” seven years to the very day ” and they crunch the numbers again to arrive at Rons conclusion. This will not change for most of them.They want to be spoon fed by someone who appears to know what he is doing.

  • Soap Opera says:

    Byker Bob is right, just enjoy your mother while she is with you.
    Nothing you say to her will change her mind on Weinlands, my suggestion is vent your frustrations on this site and live in harmony with your mum.
    As BB says the trauma of realizing she has been wrong about Weinlands at her age would be so very unsettling for her and at this point just wouldn’t be worth while.
    Also as you have said in the past, she dosnt have cash to give them, the house is in your name so she cannot sell it and hand in the cash or leave it to them in her will.
    It sounds like if any thing she could be a financial burden to PKG and if so Laura may be putting all this time and effort into her just to get at you.
    This is the sort of thing Laura would do.

  • martin says:

    Laura is evil.

    She is a liar, she does not exaggerate or misconstrue or misunderstand, she outright lies about people she deems out of favor.

    She lusts for jewels, for paintings, for exotic underwear, and uses NOT her own money, but money earmarked for preaching the gospel. This is theft of tithes.

    She is lazy, travels the world on tithers dimes, does no work other than consuming and using tithe money for he pleasure.

    PKGers are enabling people to continue these evil pursuits and will be held accountable.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Amen Martin well said buddy !!!!!!!!!

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Thanks BB and Soap Opera !

  • Acts says:

    2008 GFW

    “When this book is published at the end of summer of 2006, (with distribution in full swing in the fall), there will be a maximum time of two years remaining before the world will be plunged into the worst time of all human history.
    By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, or it will have begun its collapse and no longer exist as an independent nation within six months after that time.”

    “Lying is the outcome of people being right in their own eyes and stubbornly holding to their own viewpoint, regardless of evidence to the contrary.”

    Ronald Weinland

  • Acts says:

    “May 27th has come and gone, so how can I say this is still the day of Christ’s return? The answer is a matter of God’s revelation which is spiritual in nature, but having a definite physical outcome

    Now it is God’s turn—Gods “time”—to deal with a disbelieving world! God’s day has come and it is the day of Christ’s coming.

    The day of Pentecost (May 27, 2012) that the Church has just observed is the “day” of Christ’s coming, just as God said it would be. But this “day” is prophetic.

    This “Day of the Lord” is a prophetic day that has a duration of a full year in its fulfillment. It began on Pentecost of 2012 and it will end on Pentecost of 2013. God has revealed that May 27, 2012 was the “prophetic day” for the return of His Son as King of kings.

    Yes, the “Day of the Lord” is a year in actual length. May 27, 2012, was the beginning of the “Day of the Lord” when Jesus Christ will return on the final day of Pentecost 2013.”

    False Prophet Ronald Weinland

  • FedUp says:

    Been an awful long time since we heard from the Grand Poobah.

  • charlie says:

    WW3 is coming ??…i better stock up on baseball trading cards

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    3 Prophets in one family , and not one prophetsized come true in 10 years, if a man or prophet tells you something is going to happen in the name of the Lord and it doesn’t don’t be afraid to leave him.
    Follow no man !
    Beware of false prophets!
    No man, Angle nor son know the time our date of the son !!!!
    One Proghet is a felone
    One is a gossip queen
    And one is a grub of church !

  • Acts says:

    Ronald Weinland made specific predictions that did not come to pass. Ronald knew that he was a False Prophet when these things did not happen , you can hear him explain that here
    He knew full well that one false prophecy is all it takes , and by his own Word he condemns himself . Ronald could not deal with this ,it was too much for him , so he Seared his conscience with a hot iron , he has raised himself up and has been brought very low , and because he is unrepentant he will die in his sins .

    Ron , you are the greatest example of hypocrisy , just like the Pharisees were in the time of Christ, you claim to know God but you do not keep his Commandments and that makes you a liar . In the beginning I believed you followed Christ , over 6 years I watched as you became worse and worse , deceiving yourself and everyone around you. Ron, you have innocent blood on your hands , your congregation thinks you speak for God but you do not know Jesus Christ. The expectation of the wicked shall perish.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Oddly enough we are the ones who truly believe Ron. He said if these things did not come to pass as stated,he would be a false prophet , and we believed him. He said he wouldn’t back peddle but called himself a false prophet and again we believed him. NOW PKG openly worships a false prophet. A false prophet by his OWN admission! They actually do NOT believe what he says but worship him anyway. If everyone believed him they would be out of PKG. Funny.

  • Acts says:

    Ozy , it is an odd mix of confusion in pkg. I know people who are still there who never really understood what Ron was saying in the first place, many people had their own ideas but stay there because it “feels right” to them. It’s like being in a cradle and Ron is singing them all to sleep with his BS. They feel comfortable there , they need a guide to help them because they won’t put their hand to the plow, they just want to sleep and be complacent , having someone tell them they are in the right place is enough for them . They are too lazy to seek. All I can say to them is , Go to the Ant you Sluggard . They are a Church like any other ! The people meet and sit there and listen and think they are doing great , it’s routine it’s familiar it’s the Traditions people get stuck in that becomes their downfall . Christ said “But in vain do they worship me, Teaching as their doctrines the precepts of men.” The Cog should take heed , they think this is for every church out there but theirs . Do you know that Christ has become a Stumbling stone to them ? They say his name but they do not do what he says . When you see this Abomination take warning because it is everywhere . All the alters that preach Christ if they are not following exactly what HE said they are an Abomination ! When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoever reads, let him understand:)

    Flee from idolatry.

  • Acts says:

    Call them alters , because they are subject to change.

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Sadly enough I agree with you, Acts:

    jesus indeed IS the same yesterday today and forever… he has not/is not/will not be coming back, and that fact will never change…therein lay the tragedy of faith over reason.

  • Acts says:

    It is religion that is the problem . Man under the wrong influence has corrupted everything , from top to bottom . Jesus Christ did not come to bring all these massive cathedrals , he did not orchestrate the Ambassador colleges of the world ,so Arrogant people can take on the JOB of being a Minister . These people carry doctrines that Christ says he hates. He came to bring a Way for all people . Every bit of Matthew 24 has now in this last generation taken place, and what Peter said has also taken place 2 Peter 3:4 . Men like Ronald Weinland are everywhere preaching their version of Jesus Christ , the funniest part is , the words of Christ are right in front of them as a witness against them . There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  • For those who may come here and are not yet clued in, Ronald Weinland is a cult leader who made prophecies of gloom and doom, including the fall of the United States by the end of 2008, and is an insane lying false prophet.

    The Justice Department noticed that he had not paid the full amount of his income taxes. They gave him a trial and he was declared guilty by some very outraged jurists who saw the total corruption and hypocrisy of his religion. He was sent to prison for 3.5 years on 5 counts of felony income tax evasion. He is still in prison and has about a year to go.

    His “congregation”, the PKG, still believe he is a prophet (albeit a failed one) and that he is being persecuted, not prosecuted.

    They are wrong of course, but due to their hubris are not able to come to terms with the lies and deceptions they believe and cling to idolatry of worshipping their corrupt leader and his vicious gossiping wife, living off the Luxury Fund provided by the pathetic PKG members.

    This is the short version, but hope it will be helpful to those just tuning in….

  • FedUp says:

    Excellent recap, Douglas.

  • Fooled No More says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better Douglas!

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Can someone tell tell me where it says 2 men we’ll be the the final witness and die in the streets my mom says it don’t say two men

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Revelation 11
    Doesn’t say they are men, but about the other part:

    7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

    8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

    9 And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.

  • martin says:

    Randy, the Revelation passage is genderless in its description.

    However, Rev. 11 paraphrases and is a reference to Zech 4 and most reference bibles will point to this out in their margins.

    Zech 4 is the OT description of the two witnesses, and here, they do specify the gender.

    In the regular KJV it reads
    “Zec 4:14 Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth. ”

    But the literal translation is:

    Zec 4:14 And he saith, `These are the TWO SONS of the oil, who are standing by the Lord of the whole earth.’

    I consulted a hebrew speaking expert, he said the hebrew is definitive these two are both males.

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    Thanks guys

  • martin says:

    ps. the second translation is from the YLT bible

  • Randy Terlecki says:

    I tell mom if the scriptures are wrong my freind quote please come back and tell me , but she says noting ! If I’m wrong I will be frist to a amight it, just so me facts and scripture , not what Ron says , just the facts ma’am

  • JD says:

    New post out

  • martin says:

    Just a couple of points regarding Ron….

    1) It takes a lot of muster for Ron to come up with a couple of pages of text every 3 weeks or so.

    2) Ron has said that God has inspired him to write a NEW book(he said this a while back), which he will spend time doing for ABOUT A YEAR after he gets out of prison.

    It is clear Ron doesn’t know his left hand from his right hand, or whether the sky is blue, or if the moon is made out of cheese.

    So for over a year, which WOULD BE DURING THE TRIBULATION, he’ll be engaged in this endeavor.

    The astute observer will realize that Ron is a fruitcake.

  • juror bags says:

    Yeah he’s a fruitcake all right……….. One with a whole lot of extra nuts! That’s why I call him Nut job. He is nothing but a liar with an insane imagination. Loser.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron’s latest drivel now reposted here.