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False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a blog post up.  Seems that some of his members are disrespecting the 2nd and 3rd ranked prophets (Laura and Audra).
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———————- Weinland’s post —————————————-
A letter has been or is in the process of being sent to the different regions of the Church to update everyone on who is currently serving in the ministry in the specific region they are located. It explains some of the changes that have been underway in much of the restructuring within the ministry and the reasons for them. Hopefully, it also serves to clarify some of the organizational format of the Church concerning God’s government, current structure, and some of the duties of various parts within that structure.

This inset post in the midst of our current series, A Heightened Dedication, is the basic content of that letter being sent to all the different regions. The same information is being placed in this inset to hopefully help some who read this post that did not receive the letter itself. This letter was sent to each member from the individual who is over the region where they were located. In all regions, there is ultimately one individual who is responsible for an area, as a matter of organizational structure, and of God’s government being administered in that region. This is in addition to the duties specifically given their level of ordination. Some of these ministers vary in ordination and in their role within God’s government, which means that they carry different responsibilities due to specific ordinations. As an example, the regions in the U.S. and Canada primarily have senior elders who have been placed in responsibility to function as coordinators. However, in New Zealand and Australia, everyone is under a senior evangelist, and in Europe everyone is under a prophet.

Within the current structure of the Church under Jesus Christ, it is led, administered, and governed by a team of two individuals, where one is an apostle and prophet, and the other a prophet. The Church follows the pattern for government that is outlined as the primary structure given in scripture through the apostle, Paul. As in the time of the Philadelphian and Laodicean Eras in the Worldwide Church of God, there are some modern-day descriptions within that structure that better describe how the Church functions today. The primary positions of apostle, prophet, and evangelist do not vary. However, God may not always utilize some functions (ordinations) during specific periods of time.

In the Worldwide Church of God, there was never the role of a prophet within God’s work at that time. Since the Apostasy, God has been reestablishing the various roles and responsibilities that He works through in His ministry. Only as of this year was the role and work of a pastor reestablished in the Church.

At this point, it should prove to be helpful and informative to clarify the governing structure of the Church that exists in God’s ministry today.

Order and Structure of the Ministry
In the primary order and functions listed by Paul, it begins with the first role under Jesus Christ, which is an apostle. This is followed by a prophet.

There is more for the Church to learn concerning the role of a prophet. Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all prophets are given prophetic events to declare or that they are given revelation of recorded prophecies directly from God. Many of the prophets of old were given prophecy concerning future events, but most of what they were given and what they recorded was not known to them. That which they did know was very limited and often had a “type” of fulfillment that was being addressed in their immediate time, but was recorded for greater purpose to be fulfilled in the future.

However, the primary function of most of these well-known prophets, as well as many other prophets whom God worked through, was that of spiritual insight into a wide range of matters and of declaring the administration of God’s way toward those who would receive it. This was on a physical plane with the Israelites in dealing with very physical matters, but having spiritual importance. The Israelites did not have God’s spirit dwelling in them like the Church (spiritual Israel) has today.

This should not be lost on the Church at this time. Other than myself, being both an apostle and prophet, there are two prophets through whom God is working whose primary function within His Church is the administration of His ways. They are given spiritual insight as prophets to discern and then administer God’s will and that of Jesus Christ toward the ministry first, and then the Church as a whole.

As I have temporarily been removed from “direct” contact and involvement, my “indirect” contact and administration of the Church has helped to reveal (make manifest) things I would not have otherwise been able to see and learn in this specific area of government. By this, I mean that I do not deal with the administration of most matters of the Church through direct communication with individual members and ministers as in the past. Instead, I give to both prophets my input for such guidance, direction, and instruction that is to be given brethren when such need arises. However, because of this indirect administration of some matters in the Church, and the fact that such communications come directly from a prophet who is female rather than directly from me, it is much easier to see things I would not see to the same degree. That which I have seen is that far too often there is resistance manifested toward a woman, where these same individuals would not have responded to me in the same manner. Yet it is the same government of God in action. In addition, there are other matters that both prophets administer, due to a heavier work load placed on them, where God directly gives them judgment and insight to deal with various situations that arise in the Church. Again, because of some of the responses they receive, it is evident that there is too often resistance, and it is simply because they are women.

The reality is that God is now far more fully bringing to light the importance of how He governs and the necessity for each person to see Him and not just a physical leader, and then to yield to His government, rather than to resist it. God is also revealing hidden prejudices and pride during a time when He is showing the rightful role for women in family and His Church. There are men and women alike who are resisting that revelation, and therefore, resisting His government that now includes women over them. However, God is bringing this to light in each person’s life so that where it is needed, individuals can repent, begin to make changes, and thereby become more fully transformed in thinking.

The process of God bringing this to light in the life of an individual who is resisting Him can be a painful experience as one comes face to face with such reality. The pain is one where pride and ego suffer for a time until such is conquered through genuine humility and one is brought more fully into subjection and agreement with God.

The series of sermons on Personal Responsibility and Rebellion, and the way they fit so perfectly with current posts, should be incredibly enlightening, sobering, corrective, inspiring, and received in a serious and fearful manner. God is having us focus upon these things so we can come to see the need to become far more fully dedicated to Him and the purpose He is working in our lives at this time.

Now, continuing with the order of structure of God’s government within the Church, following that of an apostle, then prophet, is an evangelist. The role of an evangelist is that of being the “primary support” between the work of the apostle and prophets with that of the rest of the ministry and Church. Their role in that “support” structure is a more direct and recognized one within the Body of Christ that includes upholding, promoting, protecting, and of teaching and expounding upon the administrative matters, doctrines, and truths that come through God’s prophets and apostle.

Following the ordination of an evangelist is that of a pastor. Within the Philadelphia Era (WCG) and on up to the Apostasy, pastors were ordained within God’s Church whose role consisted largely of preaching and administering to the needs of larger localized church areas. During that time, this role was given to those who were classified as preaching elders and pastors, where pastors were of a higher rank than preaching elders. This administering to the needs of a congregation generally involved working more directly in a one-on-one manner of counseling, giving guidance (direction and/or correction) to others, as well as much preaching through sermons and bible studies. The counsel, guidance, and/or intervention in some people’s lives was needful in times of trial, wrong behavior, family problems, unease or problems between members, and other areas of life where intervention from the ministry was needful. Such intervention on a more personal plane and with direct contact was necessary in order to help produce greater unity, peace, order, and oneness within the Body of Christ.

In local regions in the past, this role of pastor was enhanced through preaching, as many of the situations that would arise that needed guidance of a pastor could be addressed to some degree in Sabbath sermons. This aided a pastor with the ability in a larger localized church environment to address some of these matters that needed to be dealt with in a congregation when such situations were occurring within an area. This often included covering spiritual areas dealing with various kinds of sin in life, family matters, fellowship among the members, etcetera. Preaching was also a needful way to address certain topics during those periods, which was the primary means of nurturing the Church each Sabbath.

Only since the fall holy day season this year has the role of pastor been reintroduced to God’s Church. This is part of setting the stage and making preparations for the Millennium. It is also to assist the Church now in being able to address such matters more directly in whatever scattered area they arise. This role at this time can be perfectly fulfilled as a more direct means of pastoring/shepherding specifically where needed, with no need for public preaching to enhance that role in any specific congregation as in the past.

God has qualified a woman to carry out such duties now for a three-fold purpose. First, it is because of the help that is needed now within the Church that can be administered through this role. Second, it is also to reveal that such a role can actually be effectively fulfilled without the aspect of preaching. Third, it is to reveal the need for women to serve in such a capacity and not just men. Both are needed in order to far more effectively fulfill the need of such a function due to the kind of varying and specific needs that sometimes arise simply because of different situations, circumstances, and experiences.

Lastly, we come to the ordination of elders. This is a single ordination with three different levels of structure. First, there is the entry level into the ministry, which is an “associate elder.” They may anoint any member who is ill and who requests such service. They may also baptize any who have been approved for baptism by someone over them. After this, there are other duties they may carry out in service to the Church area they are in when it is appointed to them by someone over them. Such areas of service and responsibility can vary widely from area to area.

The next level above that of an associate elder is an “elder.” This is simply the next step of being an elder that carries a little more responsibility and/or duties that might be given. Associate elders and elders do not of themselves counsel or direct members in any fashion unless specifically directed to do so by someone over them. Various matters do arise in church areas where an elder will need to contact their superior to see how to handle a matter. Those over them may deal with it or direct the elder how to do so. All of this is only a simplified description that carries a wide variety of situations and service that an elder might be given responsibility to administer.

One of the primary things concerning associate elders and elders that they themselves need to understand, and the Church is to understand as well, is that theirs is an entry level into the ministry that carries restrictions, yet authority. They learn to serve and minister as they are directed by those over them, where basically, nothing in this “beginning stage” is determined or directed from self, but from the government structure over them. This is where a heightened training and service begins for a minister.

It might be helpful to explain a little more about the role of an associate elder and elder, especially when considering God’s structure of government in a church area. Essentially, there is no government authority carried by such elders except for specific occasions where they are assigned to carry out some function or responsibility given to them by a senior elder or by some other minister that is above a senior elder. Of course, members are to respect and support whatever the associate elder or elder has been given to fulfill as their duty. Associate elders and elders do not counsel or expound on doctrine unless given the responsibility to do so in a specific case. If someone has doctrinal or Biblical questions they may go to an associate elder or elder who may then direct them to some sermon, topic, or other publication that will give an answer. If associate elders or elders have questions where they need help in dealing with any Church matter, then they simply contact the minister who is assigned over their region. As mentioned before, that may be a senior elder, senior evangelist, or prophet. It should also be noted here that associate elders are not “under” elders, as elders do not pass along responsibilities or duties to an associate unless told to do so by those who are over them, and then it would be communicated that they were asked to pass along such information.

Thirdly, there is the function of a “senior elder.” Here, there are far more responsibilities and duties that are entrusted to a minister. By this point, an individual has learned more fully how God’s government functions and one knows that if they are uncertain about how to administer a matter that they will go to those over them to find out. Other normal routines have been learned and when a person knows what to do, they can simply do it. They have been learning to not rely upon self (one’s own opinions or ways), but to rely on what they have been taught concerning how to administer specific areas of God’s government.

Senior elders may be given a certain region to help administer in that area for the Church. They may be given other administrative duties that are a matter of direct Church Administration. Simply put, senior elders have an important role in helping to carry out duties for the administration of God’s government and ways in His Church.

Reasons for Restructuring
The experience in the Church concerning the ministry during the Worldwide Church of God and up to the time of the Apostasy was that an ordination, or specific office in the ministry, was mostly viewed as a life-long placement. However, since that time, God has had a different design and purpose in what He is working within the Church. Big changes within the ministry began to be made in 2007 and 2008. Now God has once again been leading us to make numerous changes through a streamlining of the ministry in order to better serve His specific reason and purpose for such changes. As He does so, we are simply to learn from it and support it.

Since just before this past fall holy day season up until now, there are over 50 ministers who have been directly affected by these changes and reorganization. The largest group this is affecting consists of those who are being removed/retired from the ministry. There are others being moved from sr. elders to elders, and from elders to associate elders. Within this period of time, God has also been ordaining a few to new placements within the Body to enhance the administration and service of His Church.

As a whole, God is now preparing and training a group within the ministry who will become quite active as we go into the final stages of this end-time. Many of these are simply being readied for specific responsibilities once the Millennium is established.

As we approached May of 2012, many within the ministry were beginning to slow down as a result of age and/or a matter of health issues. That has only become magnified as time has continued on and will become far more of an issue now that we know Christ’s actual coming is in 2019. Such issues dealing with health and/or age have simply restricted many from carrying out certain duties. This would also likely restrict them from being able to serve in what is coming.

The reality is that there is much that is coming upon the world that is going to require a new generation in the Church to deal with it. God is not placing that weight upon an older generation or upon anyone with certain physical limitations. It is time for a new group to fight in the forefront and to be molded into what God has planned for them in the Millennium. This group that is older and/or dealing with more serious health issues are those who comprise the largest number being directly affected by these changes. It is within this group that many are being removed/retired within the ministry.

There are also other reasons some are being removed/retired from the ministry or being moved to a reduced role. For a few, it is simply a matter that the need for such service as a minister does not or will not exist where they are located. In other cases, it is a matter of stepping aside so that others can be inserted who need the experiences that can only be gleaned, learned, and molded into them by serving for a period of time in the ministry. This is God’s work in us and it is by His design. God uses many means to mold and fashion those things that are necessary to prepare us for specific places within the temple and within the structure that will be the foundation for the Millennium.

Lastly, and affecting a very few, these changes are a result of correction and should lead one to a renewed sense of urgency, soberness, and pursuit of greater spiritual alertness and growth.

This is a great “Year of Dedication” for God’s Church. This streamlining of the ministry should work to enlighten, sober, encourage, motivate, and serve to help each one of us to focus more fully on the incredible importance of this special year. The changes addressed in this letter, along with the current series of sermons being given by the senior evangelists, and that which is contained in the current posts, is serving to strongly propel us into this coming year in a very positive and powerful manner.

The Church is deeply thankful for all those who have faithfully been serving within the ministry. So much of the strength of the Church is dependent upon such faithfulness and true spirit of service they give toward God’s people. This thankfulness is extended to those who are continuing in the ministry and those who have given of themselves for so many years and are now being removed/retired from direct ministerial service, but who will most assuredly continue to be a strength and stable example to God’s people in the Church areas they are located.

Changes In Your Region
Each region has been or is being notified of those ministers who are currently serving in it. This will serve to keep everyone informed of the government structure within the ministry in his or her region and who is part of that structure. This is not a time for anyone to try and figure out or speculate the reasons for those who have been removed/retired or given less responsibility. It should be a simple matter of humble acceptance and support on each person’s part of what God does in His Church.


  • Randy says:

    Changes In Your Region
    Each region has been or is being notified of those ministers who are currently serving in it. This will serve to keep everyone informed of the government structure within the ministry in his or her region and who is part of that structure. This is not a time for anyone to try and figure out or speculate the reasons for those who have been removed/retired or given less responsibility. It should be a simple matter of humble acceptance and support on each person’s part of what God does in His Church.
    He ( the asshole) is saying don’t asked any question, this is what Gods doing in his church !!!!! Is this guy for real !!!!!

  • Randy says:

    I hope mom is take off in her region !!!!!!!!!!

  • Excogger says:

    Ron, ever heard of the doctrine of the Nicolaitans? You know, the one that Jesus mentioned in Revelation 2. Your “church government”, which you call “The Government of God” is an abomination and an evil imposition. Just look at the fruits. If I say any more on this topic, I will only become angry.

  • Randy says:

    The first chance in Ministery in Gods church should be get rid of the Weindland family mafia, crooks and lier’s ! Does it not say thy shall not bear false witness ! How many lies can one man say and call it Gods church ?

  • bilbo says:

    ” Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all prophets are given prophetic events to declare or that they are given revelation of recorded prophecies directly from God.”

    Still grappling to explain and spiritualize away the nonsensical absurdity.

    The definition of Prophet is actually orange monkey window salad.

    ” However, the primary function of most of these well-known prophets, as well as many other prophets whom God worked through, was that of spiritual insight into a wide range of matters and of declaring the administration of God’s way toward those who would receive it.”

    Did you hear that? A Prophet is actually a Manager in a corporate church structure.

    Holy smokes what a cult.

  • Acts says:

    Ronald Weinland is a Blaspheming Fool ! Here is what you can expect PKG

    you suffer that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication ( False doctrine) , and to eat things sacrificed to idols. 21And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. 22Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, EXCEPT THEY REPENT of their deeds. 23And I will kill her children with death; AND ALL THE CHURCHES SHALL KNOW that I am he which searches the reins and hearts: and I will give to every one of you according to your works.

    the spirit of prostitutions is in the middle of you.


  • Ozymandias says:

    Which CALLS HERSELF A PROPHET. You can call yourself anything you like, but it doesn’t make it so . All of these SELF appointed people, mean nothing to God. Ron trying to restructure his little house of cards.

  • Of course Weinland and his women are prophets (wait! is Jeremy a prophet too? I’m confused).

    False prophets.

    And since the PKG is the government of Satan, it can take any damned structure it wants to.

    Weinland can just replace Crowley as the King of Hell.

  • Yes, there he goes: Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic again.

  • Ozymandias says:

    In Europe everyone is under a prophet. Is it me or is this funny? I liked Audra, but really. If the females have all the power now under God, why don’t they give sermons? Even Ron isn’t ready for that I guess. He can only lift THE BURDEN so far apparently. Silent witnesses all.

  • Ozymandias says:

    He’s lost some respect and control whilst in the slammer, and he just can’t force people to take Audra and Jeremy too seriously. Laura has been so blunt over the years she may not be able to command much herself. He’s trying to play ” Mr. nice guy” but wait til he gets out. Anyone causing any trouble is gonna get it. He’s cool hand Luke right now though.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Spiritual insight into a wide range of matters. From a bunch of gossiping women? I don’t think so Ron. In your zeal to keep it all at the top you really blew it there.i have heard many of these women just blaze an individual who wasn’t present. Get on the hotline and smear grief where ever they could. Some of us have been the recipient of such things, and it couldn’t just be me. Spiritual insight indeed.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Oh boy! I got through about 1/3 of the gobble-d-gook before my eyes glazed over. Unfortunately, I realize that there are people who believe this stuff, and hang on every word! It is just a shame, because in no way is this any sort of spiritual enlightenment. It is simply a rationalization for bogus authority, and undue, intrusive influence.

    KKK (krock ka krap)


  • martin says:

    Ozymandias said “Spiritual insight into a wide range of matters. From a bunch of gossiping women?”


    You hit the nail right on the head.

    Ron seems to have forgotten some basic scriptures, about not having women “talk” in church (that is to preach a sermon) or have authority in the church.

    With all that time in jail, you’d think he’d have time to read up on all this stuff.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Oh he’s not letting them preach. He has enough of of hard time controlling what the boys preach. The girls do enough damage behind the scenes.

  • bilbo says:

    There’s also some basic scriptures about not prophecying presumptuously or throwing God’s name around presumptuously.

    That has not stopped this retarded sideshow, why would any of the rest matter to them?

    Regardless of one’s opinion on gender roles in this particular religion, I would hope the overwhelming fakeness and manipulation of it all was the main reason for calling out this bull.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Overwhelming fakeness is a good way to put it. That alone , besides his disregard for anything God says should be enough to send running anyone reading the Bible . This makes me think they are NOT reading or all Ron’s manipulation would be apparent.

  • charlie says:

    and this from the man who promised to quit if his prophecies failed ….he sure is long winded ….this guy should write in pig latin ..might make more sense..
    a prophet in europe ?? jeremy about to be promoted …or did i miss something ..and byker how did you ever make it all the way to the 1/3 mark ?
    what is intriguing is the explanation weinland is going to give when he gets out of prison…something spiritual for sure..and the new and improved direction the church will be taking
    and dates continue to be set too its 2019… there is a reason God doesnt tell anyone the day or the hour ..and no God does not owe anybody an explanation Isaiah 55:8-9
    keep those # 2 pencils sharp ron ..because you definitely are not

  • martin says:

    In order for Ron to be correct about ANYTHING (and really it would the first time), he MUST be out of jail before Jan 1, 2016.

    His job starts (restarts, begins to start, starts to begin) near the end of December.

    I going to go out on a limb and say he’ll still be in the slammer.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Audra is the prophet in Europe. If you can believe it.

  • Jocko says:

    “The Israelite’s did not have God’s spirit dwelling in them like PKG has today”

    You can say that again. So Moses parting the Red Sea so the Israelite’s could escape Pharaoh’s army of chariots was no big deal huh Ron.

    Not to an apostle, witness and prophet as powerful as yourself I guess. You’re a legend in your own mind Ron.

  • martin says:

    “The Israelite’s did not have God’s spirit dwelling in them like PKG has today”

    Ron as prophet/apostle has emphatically stated the 5 months of torment mentioned in Rev. 9:5, applied to PKG.

    That PKG suffered the 5 months of torment from being persecuted by the world.

    But if anybody would have read the previous verse, they would have found out that only the UN-SEALED receive this torment.
    Those that are UN-sealed DO NOT HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. (the “seal” is explained in other places to refer to having the Holy Spirit)

    So basically Ron in his role of apostle and prophet has declared that all of PKG is UN-sealed, and thus without the Holy Spirit.

    Genius right?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron Says:

    ” Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all prophets are given prophetic events to declare or that they are given revelation of recorded prophecies directly from God.”

    Let’s see how that logic stands up.

    1. “Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all saxophone players play saxophones.”

    2. “Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all cheese is cheese.”

    3. ” Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all current NFL players play in the NFL…”

    4. ” Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all water is water… ”

    Brilliant work there, Ron. What did you get on your SATs? minus 400?

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Just because your out standing in your garage, does not make you a car. Think about it Ron. Oh wait, that’s to much for you to figure out. Soooo, guess I’ll spell it out for you and make it easier. It’s just another way of saying, just because you say your a prophet, doesn’t make you one.

  • Excogger says:

    Welcome back. Avalo ! We sorely missed your insights and unanswerable logic.

  • Randy says:

    Welcome back buddy

  • Weinland is like the Homer Simpson of the churches of God.

    Except Homer didn’t spend that much time in prison.

  • bilbo says:

    My favorite Reverend Lovejoy scene:

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Well thank you. I wasn’t really gone per se, just really busy. But in the meantime you all have been keeping at Swineland and continuously warning the world about him.

    Look at that! I go away for a few months and now there are THREE false prophets in one single family. AND, according to Swineland, they don’t have to utter a single prophecy! Amazing.

    The Two Witnesses have started and finished and now will start again and Audra is a prophet and all the Seven Trumpets have been blown on a spiritual level and prophets don’t prophesy and Laura is a prophet but doesn’t have to speak ever and the dozens of elders who were made so in order to handle the MILLIONS of people rushing to Ron to be baptized before/after Christ’s Return (which has failed three times) are now being rid of, and on it goes…

    Boy, this story is getting so mixed up and convoluted pretty soon Ron is going to anoint himself Pope and have his family anointed as “types of” Popes too! Because, as you all know….

    “Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all Popes are given power over Catholic churches or that they are given authority directly from God.”

  • Byker Bob says:

    If I am doing an upgrade on my customers’ graphics equipment, we always verify that the proper Eprom version is downloaded on the mother board of the customer’s machine for the version of software on the host computer. If not, commands will not be exchanged. A message will come up on the screen which reads “Communication Error”, a message which cannot be simply bypassed until the root problem is resolved.

    The message on the monitor for Weinlandism should currently read: “Communication Error 0.07”. In the “Help” menu, the trouble-shooting chart for error message 0.07 should read: “Communication has been lost with Father God, and Jesus Christ: Check power source, components, ports, and settings, and verify that no jams or blockages are present before attempting to restart. Caution is recommended to prevent possible injury!”

    Clearly, there has been a chronic or terminal malfunction!


  • martin says:

    No where in the bible do you have a prophet ordained by God and the prophet not prophesying.

    No where do you have a man claiming to be a prophet and the proof for his credentials was just on his say so.

    ALL the prophets prophesied something.

    1) You had prophets prophesy prophecies that were more or less immediate (and were fulfilled, ie Moses)

    2) You had prophets prophesy matters that were to occur in that generation or maybe centuries later.

    3) You had prophets prophesy things that were to occur in the last days.

    The fulfillments of #1 and #2 were to provide you with confidence in #3, the most critical prophecies of all.

    The proof of a prophet had nothing to do with any claims he made about himself at all.
    The proof in the pudding was whether they came to pass exactly as he proclaimed them.

    Ron not only had ZERO proof, he has NEGATIVE proof.

    Too bad the PKGers just took him at his word. They will find out the hard way when they end up in the same ditch Ron ends up in.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Martin, taking him at his word has past. His WORD was false. Now they’re just too lazy to look into things. This church is dead and they think they are rich and increased with goods. Very sad indeed. This is pure laziness at this point. They are afraid of what they will find when they look into Ron’s pandora box. They know it won’t be good, but they’re too scared or lazy to look. I know, because it took me years myself. Ron is grasping at straws now , and people must see it by this point. It’s gotten quite ridiculous.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Byker Bob:

    The problem of Weinland’s chronic or terminal malfunction has a lot to do with his “EPROM,” which was developed by Herbert W. Armstrong… the Dov Frohman of the COGs. It was designed to retain Herbie’s stupidity, evil, and arrogance even after the minds of the common brethren have been shut off or cleansed (like an EEPROM). If you don’t remove the Armstrong EPROM for any repairs, you still get the Merediths and Packs and Weinlands of the world and all the measly little “COG-lettes” too, like Lil’ Bobby Thiel’s failed attempt at being the next Herbie. Weinland will never have a communication error…because he knows exactly what he is doing and has no shame in doing it as much as he can. All of his MASSIVE doctrinal errors and outright denials of the Bible are his EPROM.

    Keep in mind, Weinland still has followers (!!) who think he is a Christian, even after completely rejecting the Bible, falsely prophesying the Return of Christ THREE TIMES, and going to jail for tax fraud. Only someone who has been PROGRAMED could think the stupid sh*t pouring out of his mouth and pen is true. And now his family are all “prophets.” And still the PKG believe.

    Not even Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs put together could create members more ‘programmably stupid’ than those in the PKG!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    Must agree with you both. WWCG programming took quite a toll on us. I think laziness has taken over. That and not wanting to admit you could have been wrong about something for 40 years. Foolish stubborn pride is what it is. At this point Ron pretty much knows he’s full of it. I could write it off a few years ago and say he believed his own hype, but not now. He has to know he’s wrong and now he’s just milking it for the future. He will have to retire in a few years and he’s going to need a nest egg. Even Ron couldn’t keep it going forever. Audra and Jeremy don’t have what it takes to keep it up, and I don’t think Ron would care what happened to anyone after he wasn’t collecting the money anymore. When he’s done , it will all come to a crashing halt leaving what’s left of PKG stupefied. My guess is at some point he will retire to somewhere and collect checks from anyone that still wants to send them to him. The church will be left to figure things out for themselves.

  • I’m beginning to think there is no EPROM — it’s all hardwired.

    Maude, hand me the soldering iron, there’s a bunch of cold-solder joints!

    There are also untrimmed leads!

  • Byker Bob says:

    Agreed. And, this core programming is analogous to the “saved job files” created by the operator. When you introduce a new version of the software or firmware, each of these is just a basic working shell. The common files are not overwritten by upgrade, and they are able to be accessed by the newer version. This is actually why recovering from Armstrongism becomes a life long process akin to recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction. Job #59 is still programmed to cut the margins at point x and y, the booklet is creased, folded, and stapled at point Z, and the face is trimmed at point w.


  • Ozymandias says:

    Well I sure don’t know what you all are talking about(lLOL) but I know this , you pull at one thread and you’re afraid to unravel the entire garment. You may end up with nothing when you start asking yourself questions. All of us that have left have been confronted with asking ourselves what we truly believe and what is ” the church”. This can be a very scary question if you have been part of it for many years. Programing and conditioning are everything after a while. There might not be much left after a careful examination. When you don’t have someone telling you what to think , you might be surprised to find out what you do or don’t believe. This is why Ron tells people NOT to discuss something after he has made a ruling , and why all the COGS have been so paranoid all these years. People don’t like to think for themselves as much as you think they would. There is comfort in being able to blame someone else.

  • martin says:

    Jesus Christ was the only entity to hold both offices of apostle and prophet simultaneously, this was out of necessity.

    Interesting how Ron holds both offices, maybe that should be a hint, that he’s an anti-Christ.

    Jesus, unlike Ron, had to show fruits just like any other prophet, through the miracles He did.

    Ron seems to be “exempt” from this rule. You have to take his word for it, despite the history of lying that is proven to be part of his character.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Martin, we put our faith in Ron at a time when our faith was shaken . He came along at the right moment in time . We were hurting , and ripe for the plucking. It just shouldn’t have taken us so long to realize what he was. This was our own fault. We were not ready to really start over. We were comfortable where we were. Ron told us everything we wanted to hear. Fortunately God doesn’t acknowledge anything Ron has to say, and even the faithful cannot disagree with that. You can only spiritualize away so much. PKGers just don’t want to know the truth.

  • martin says:

    Oz – do you believe in the unitarian teaching(one God)? The binatarian teaching(two Gods)? The trinitarian teaching(three Gods)?

  • martin says:

    If you were a WWCog member and believed in the teaching of the binatarian view of God, were you easily persuaded to change from that belief?

  • swooncologne25 says:

    This guy is foaming out of the mouth again , Money you can eventually find a way to get back ,he is robbing them most importantly of their TIME . They will never get that back, and never will they take her serous. The fact that Ron uses woman as a whole why his wife and daughter are being rejected is ridiculous that cow is all milked out. God made sure woman were part of the structure especially in a patriarchal culture they weren’t forgotten MIRIAM,DEBORAH,HULDAH ESTHER that’s only a few he acts as if woman in spiritual le,adership are completely brand new. Wonder what it will take for that mass exodus ,mental slavery with nothing in return cant even tell them the truth? I cant understand why are they staying ? that old tired line “where could you go?” anywhere away from the Whine-lands sounds like paradise .

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Unfortunately, I can understand why they stay. I remember my time in the WWCG. I got to experience the Herbie Effect first hand, the original version of Weinland’s false ministry. What Herbie built was this:

    After all is said and done, a COG member feels like they are going to be a divine Being RULING the Universe by Christ’s side, or in this case by Ronald Weinland’s side since Jesus Christ (according to Ron) is much less important than he is. All those non-stop sermons and Feats and tithing and special offerings and propaganda eventually turn a person into an addict, a spiritual addict who can never let go of these lies.I know many, many COG types would would immediately commit suicide if they realized their entire lives are a giant LIE. They need to believe Weinland or Pack or Flurry so badly, cling so desperately to their supposed future godhood, that to lose that would mean Life has no meaning and they would kill themselves. The Truth is THAT dangerous to them. They are so hypnotized, the only other option is death.

    I have heard countless COGers say something to that effect. If the version of God that Herbie sold is not true then we live in a meaningless, cold, terrible Universe with no hope!! BTW: this terrible, hopeless, meaningless Universe is very often “blamed” on me and my fellow atheists, like we are a bunch of miserable depressives who don’t want anyone else to be happy! I mean not even the Biblical Christ is good enough for them! They are so desperate to be GODS they would almost crucify Jesus if he came down amongst them and said they are anti-Christs… which they are!

    Imagine Flurry’s reaction if Jesus walked up to him and said,” Get away from me, you snake. You took my Chlldren and turned them against Me!” Flurry would have a couple of his cronies throw Jesus out of the building and call the cops! Then he would turn around and give a sermon on how Jesus is blessing his church only!

    Facts are measured against dogma and the facts can never win, because COGers are so afraid of losing the LIE of their Life they must reject everything that threatens it. So no TRUE Christian, or Jew, or scientist or ruler, or computer or fossil or textbook or Biblical Scripture can ever be true UNLESS it makes them FEEL they are right. In the COG world feelings are facts… only THIER feelings are facts, the feelings that make them feel they are only a few years away from becoming GODS. Ron gives them the feelings they want, and nothing can get in the way of their desperate need to feel better than the rest of the world: special, set apart, that they get prizes we don’t get.And to the hardliners, the ONLY thing that will separate them from the swill Weinland doles out is DEATH, literally.

    How can FACTS compete with that?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Perhaps this Jesus should return.

  • Acts says:

    Agree! He overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.

    And what do these Clowns do ? In their perverted minds you must pay for the spirit of God.

    Matthew 3:16 At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.

    The temple will be cleaned out before he returns and Ronald Weinland and all those like him will NEVER be a part of it.

    How shameful and Disgusting These “leaders” are ! The Blasphemy of these people ! They will surely Die and they may never live again for the things they have done .

    Ronald Weinland has Sold you All a False Christ ! Wake up !

  • Acts says:

    Acts 8:20
    But Peter said to him, Your money perish with you, because you have thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Martin, I knew at some point someone would ask me THAT question! Well, I do and I don’t. I think we don’t and can’t fully understand the nature of God, as we are physical and don’t not understand spiritual things. All of our religious confusion on this earth proves this to me. We can argue the point all we want and someone will come along with PROOF of something else. I believe. God put it this way for a reason. He wants us to continually explore our relationship with him. I don’t think he will fry us in the lake of fire if we don’t get everything correct at his return. I think it is the running of the race that is truly important. My God is a fearful and wonderfully merciful God. We begged for this confusion at the Mt. of Olives years ago and he gave us our desire. We just don’t know EXACTLY what he is anymore. We all have our arguments for one or two etc. I believe Christ was a man with the full mind of God. Again, something we cannot fully understand. We are only granted a very small portion of what he fully had in the form of the Holy Spirit, our comforter. Christ had the full measure, making him one with the Father. I believe the mind that Christ was imbued with was of the Father and therefore always existed. I believe his corporal body came only from Mary. So there you have fully human and fully God. This is good enough for me. I will not build myself a spiritual Tower of Babel and be angry if I don’t have all knowledge. I have always had a fine relationship with God. Long before Ron. WWCG and PKG have not ruined that although I am FINISHED with churches. I believe in the return of Christ as King of Kings, and he alone will sort out all the confusion we have brought upon ourselves. He is as merciful and kind as his Father, and I don’t feel we should worry so much about his return. I think we are ALL in for a great big fat surprise on levels we haven’t even imagined.

  • swooncologne25 says:

    Sadly with all the increasing tension in all these armstrong tentacle churches I’m worried about an even scarier fate than the Vogons

  • Swooncologne, although this is ‘off topic’, it may be informative to examine the question of Terry Ratzmann briefly. There are those who believe that he was set on the path he took because of grief from being denied — for want of a better word — romance, or some such.

    Now it may be that we cannot know for certain what state he was in, but from my perspective he committed the crime from a core of anger from frustration. It is one of those situations in a ‘Law & Order’ moment where the prosecutor would guide the jury away from believing that it was done from grief or from mental imbalance and would get a conviction because the jury would find that anger was the basis and he know perfectly well what he was doing. It is clear that the crime was premeditated — there is no denying that: He thought to bring a gun and he targeted the minister. I believe that given the current jurisprudence, if he had survived for a trial, he would have been convicted of murder in the first degree.

    We’ve seen this behavior before. I was there in the church area and knew Chuck Harris before he murdered Brenda and several other people. He actually showed me his gun after Sabbath services one day. I didn’t react because it turned out that at the time, an elder and a pastor were involved with The Tracker — an outdoors, survivalist type, which had created sort of a subcult within the Bellevue congregation. Chuck was convicted of murder and he committed it because he was angry he couldn’t marry Brenda. Dennis Luker had told him that they could not marry because of the WCG stance of interracial marriage at the time, for Chuck was Black and Brenda was white. Unfortunately, Luker did not perform due diligence (a common thread in the Armstrongist churches) to discover that Chuck was actually currently married to a woman in Canada. It was really really sloppy on the part of the WCG because they could have known… like, they could have asked his roommate (who was going freaking nuts because of Chuck).

    Then there was Don Weininger, minister at Spokane who went to his wife’s divorce lawyer with a gun (pistol / six shooter) to try to persuade his wife not to file for divorce — ended up shooting and killing his wife and then committing suicide.

    You are well to worry about scary fates in the Armstrong tentacle churches: They represent egos with power without accountability and absolutely no moral compass — that’s about as dangerous as it gets.

    And (to bring us back to topic) that is exactly what we have seen in the PKG.

    We don’t have to wonder what can happen. We have a great example right here of the ego with power without accountability and absolutely no moral compass.

    Actually, in comparison, the Vogons are quite fun by comparison.

    Do you suppose the Armstrongists would blow up the planet Earth for a space bypass without so much as ‘by your leave’ if they had the power and inclination to do so?

    Another round of murders, any place, any time… just waiting to happen….

  • Byker Bob says:

    Yes, and who could have known that one of my good buddies from AC Press, Joe Nazarini, decades later, would go on to stab his wife, Denise, to death after months of depression resulting from unemployment? There was never anything about Joe’s personality or behavior which would have indicated that this was even possible. I have no idea whether they were attending at the time this happened, or if they had moved on. The only thing I do know is that Armstrongism seems, unfortunately, to be the gift that keeps on giving, and in ways that we would often prefer that it did not. I’ve known others who have quietly taken themselves out, obviously taking whatever was bothering them secretly to the grave.

    Anything which causes depression can trigger this. When you have a system which enters your life by destroying everything which would normally promote or cause happiness or a sense of well-being, and attempts to replace all of that with a bad package (itself), then you are going to see a powerful modifier that attacks the human psyche in strange and dastardly ways. This is why HWA, as a false prophet, false teacher deserves to be in eternal punishment along with Satan and all of the demons! What he did to people through his teaching was horrific.


  • Randy says:

    The negative attitude of PKG cause’s depression , this is how Ron ( the asshole ) wants them to feel so they depend on him , I’m the most happiest person you ever meet and I have nothing to do with the Weinland family mafia , keep sending money folks Laura needs it for her lavis life style

  • Randy says:

    As the money whore gossips about you all she loves your money , keep thighting folks the got a rich life style !!!!

  • Swooncologne25 says:

    that’s wild, the fall out from armstrongism is nothing new , I have also heard nightmarish stories about people ,mostly taking themselves out. I guess Avalo is right death might be the only end game for some still following ,disgusting as that sounds.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Thankfully, the old tymers who have been in the COGs during and since the WWCG days are so entrenched and so deluded they will never leave and are happy to stay. And even if it all fell apart they would still gather in each other’s homes and keep it alive; holding their own little micro-Feasts and such. It would just be another sign that they are right!

    Keep in mind that in cult thought, the smaller the cult the more holy it is. If the cult is large it “proves” God is working with them. If the cult then falls apart and only 30 people remain it is an “exciting development” because these remaining 30 have “passed the test” and they have been proven to be the “truly righteous,” they are specially chosen by God himself.

    Notice how Weinland is selling the PKG this idea right now? The cult isn’t shrinking… God is doing a special re-shaping and re-development. Notice how the PKG is much smaller yet the Weinlands keep on giving themselves greater titles. Once Ron was a minister with a few dozen churches. Now Ron has a few dozen followers and he is an Apostle and Witness, and Prophet and Laura is a Witness and Prophet and Audra is a Prophet. So I don’t think any of the remaining PKG or those who have left are in any danger of suicide or homicide. They are either too free, or too old to consider it.

    ALTHOUGH… there is one guy who might lose his marbles and do something horrific.

    For those of you who don;t know who “Zerubabbel” is, he is an ex-PKGer named Michael who left Weinland a few years ago and now thinks he is one of the Two Witnesses, Jesus himself being the other!! He found some scriptures that he felt were describing him, and then he took off to Greece to flee the destruction of the US, which was to happen in July 2012. His wife even popped up here at this site and decried Weinland while proclaiming her husband was the Witness, etc. When July 2012 came and went Michael (who calls himself Zerubabbel) ended up getting kicked out of Greece (and it was later revealed by an ex-follower of Zerubabbel planning to commit petty crimes to continue supporting himself (privately buying a truck in Bulgaria and re-selling it in Greece to avoid various taxes/fees.

    Zerubbabel then ended up in Israel for a day but was kicked out of there to and put on a one ticket to Florida, where he took off form and ended up in New Mexico, camping at various sites moving from site to site while posting his “prophetic” videos on Youtube. He is camping becuase “God” has told him it is now time to “flee” and live in God’s Appointed places “campsites” to await the Great Destruction which will be laid on us sinners who don;t follow Zerubabbel! Zerubabbel is also famous for his ridiculous Commands one of which being for the thrid days prior to one of his fake dates for Christ’s Return, he commanded everyone that they could not take off their shoes! Also, everyone should be wearing robes now with a blue tassel hanging off of it. The best one though is we are not supposed to touch anyone who does not believe Zerubabbel, no hugging, handshakes, pat on the back, nothing, because we are supposed to be set apart from the world! He has since been posting videos showing how various Biblical numbers and Scriptures prove he is God;s Anointed messenger, and every few months proclaims the End is near (which always fails and then he proclaims God is revealing more of His Plan and Zerubabbel is still right, even though he is now on Christ returns prophecy no.5!)

    Recently he had been camping at a government controlled park and the police came to give him notice he had to move or else they were going to arrest him. He didn’t so, he was formally arrested and given a court date. He then went to court and proceeded to tell the judge he was one of the Two Witnesses and the judge would be defying God if he was forced to leave. Of course Zerubabbel lost, and was given a few days to get out or be arrested again with much heavier charges laid against him (fines/possible jail time). In his last video posted a month ago, talked about how God was saving them (him, wife and step-daughter) from God;s Wrath, which was going to be poured out against the rest of us on Dec. 3rd or possibly 10th, and how God was saving Zerubabbel from all this. He also said God would not let the courts throw him in prison for his defiance because god was on his side.

    But Zerubabbel’s Youtube channel has been inactive for a month… no sign of God’s Second Witness! Which is odd because Zerubabbel loves posting anything/often. He has over 700 videos on his channel, so to have such a long gap between is odd. Looks like he may have underestimated local police and overestimated whatever God in his head his delusions have manufactured.

    The reason I think he might go postal is that he was a former gun nut and sold his guns/possessions to go to Greece and live off of the money ever since. If Michael goes deeper into his delusions, he will be able to buy guns and use them since he had been a responsible gun owner for decades and being jailed for trespassing would not stop him from owning guns at a later date.

    God delusion + guns = danger.

  • FedUp says:

    This is disturbing news, Avalo. I had forgotten about that guy. I’m concerned for his wife and child. I don’t know if they’re on board with his crap or are just dependent upon him. I hope he’s in jail and I hope his wife has the guts to take the opportunity to leave him behind.

  • Acts says:

    2008 God’s Final Witness
    “God tells us that “every way of a man is right in his own eyes” (Proverbs 21:2). It is the way of human nature, yet God also tells man that only He can reveal the true motives of the heart—the mind of human nature. But who is really concerned about what God has to say? Man has always been determined to live his life his own way—the way that he sees fit, and as he does this, he considers himself to be right in his choices and decisions. But this is a lie, because the very core and inner working of human nature is based on pride and selfishness—self being first.”


  • bilbo says:

    Difference between Weinland and Zerubbabel:

    One is showing obvious signs of knowing exactly what he is doing and is carrying on an act for profit.

    One is showing obvious signs of mental illness and should be on medication and with the intervention of a good doctor might be living a normal life.

  • Acts says:

    Powerfully And Abundantly Clear .

  • Acts says:

    Ron, how can you escape the judgment of Fire?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Zerubabbel’s wife and (step) daughter are still with him. Zerubabbel under the right conditions might go postal, but I doubt it. He comes across as a coward, but you never know… under the right conditions he might lose it.

    But the real tragedy here is that he/his wife are and have been brainwashing the daughter. She isn’t going to school because her parents believe their own lunacy, so how will she ever fit back into society if/when she realizes Zerubabbel is a lunatic, and has been so completely wrong for all these years. What if she is already into her twenties by then? Let;s say 25 years old and NO schooling beyond the ninth grade? Not a single high school credit? Plus, no social skills? How would she even get a job at McDonald’s let alone be able to work alongside normal people? No social skills and no education?

    This is yet another one of the great evils of Armstrongism and it s offshoots. I remember so many young men back in the WWCG (70s) who were actively discouraged from going to university (where Satan was) because there was not only too little time left, but no matter what they studied, Satan would trick them into leaving The Church. This caused a HUGE amount of spiritual and emotional damage to hundreds of men and women stupid enough to believe such horsesh*t. A lot (most?) of them left religion entirely (good!) but many were so wrecked by this destruction of their future they killed themselves.

    So that is my fear. Zerubabbel’s step-daughter being so f-ed up by what she has been brainwashed into believing by Zerubabbel, that she will take violent revenge on Zerubabbel or kill herself once she realizes her entire life has been ruined by the bearded, tasseled lunatic in charge of it. Keep in mind that Zerubabbel even posted a video condemning his own family for NOT following him. He called them murderers for not teaching their own children to follow his way, and thus they were “murdering” their own kids by dooming them to the Lake Of Fire! His family (mother especially) replied by renouncing him and calling him ‘sick.’ We go from Herbie to Ron to Zerubabbel… this is the sickness of COG theology. All that matters is the glory that Pack and Thiel and Flurry and Weinland lust for, no matter how sick their followers become.

    If one believe there is a Hell then guaranteed the Weinlands have a special place reserved there, open and waiting…but if the Lake Of Fire is the true punishment for the wicked and the godless (which includes me), then I guarantee Weinland will be joining me there! Here is my promise to you all. IF there is a LOF… and Weinland and I are going into it, I’ll ask God for the privilege of dragging Ron in myself. He deserves the chance to redeem himself in this life, but if he chooses otherwise, well… I will take distinct pleasure in delivering him into the Fire. I think I will either throw him in using a falling judo move known as Tani Otoshi where I fling him backwards over top of me…

    OR… do a backflip into the Fire while hanging onto Weinland by his ears and genitals!

  • Swooncologne says:

    Ears and genitals!?!? Doesn’t sound harsh at all 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    The weight of hundreds if not thousands of destroyed lives hang on HWA’s and Flurry’s and Pack’s and Weinland’s, etc, etc, shoulders. If the Bible is true then they are going to stand before god with the blood of MANY innocents on their hands. They’d better hope and pray they meet God when He is in a New testament mood, rather than an Old Testament one! Boy oh boy is that not going to be a show or what?!! I’ll bet Meredith will be wetting himself as the charges are being read out by an archangel as a witness against him before Christ and God!

    Weinland finally being called on the carpet by God… we’ll see how powerful and mighty he is then as he screams, soils himself, and crumples to the ground in a pool of his own filth… LOL!

  • Now here’s a cheery thought for the Armstrongs, Flurrys, Packs, Merediths, Weinlands:

    Psalms 50:22 Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.

    Beaten with many stripes, shredded, torn to pieces and then thrown into the lake of fire.

    And none of them have one shred of fear.

    Either they are atheists or don’t believe God has any teeth to what He says….

    Or maybe they just forgot?

  • Byker Bob says:

    The exploiters realize that they must keep people engaged. Most of us understand that when a husband or wife withdraws emotionally from the other, in a sense, the marriage is already over. This is true of all of what we call passions, and it usually happens because the thing in which our emotions are tied up somehow becomes devalued, and no longer meets expectations or needs. The primary emotion in a marital relationship is love. You would think that that should also be the case with your life’s guiding philosophy. However, what happens if a philosophy devalues itself? What if the leader becomes devalued? In the case of the ACOGs, the “collectors” have that element covered, a way of keeping people engaged. They spike the situation which they have created by playing on other emotions, the primary one being fear. Fear to leave, because your guru is your conduit to the place of safety from their misapplication of prophecy. Your guru is also the gatekeeper to the Kingdom, one of the people actually in charge. So, when the higher emotion, love, fizzles out, the fear is still there to kick in.

    It is actually a bit deeper than that, with additional factors, like friendship, commitment to shared customs, and sense of community to be pondered, but in most cases, for people to leave these exploitative despots, somehow the fear must be diffused. All of Ron’s missives have an element of fear to them, and it still hits the mark with those who remain emotionally engaged to PKG.


  • FedUp says:

    If Zerubabbel’s daughter is a minor and someone knows where this guy is, perhaps it’s time to drop a dime to the local child welfare agency.

  • Randy says:

    Well said buddy

  • Randy says:

    I don’t think my mom believes this asshole, Laura ( the money whore ) just got her scared to leave Laura you can reack your families life but your not reacky ours bitch !

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Flurry and Weinland and Pack, etc, ARE atheists, but not in the traditional sense. There are three main types of atheist:

    1. Immature young people (and sometimes immature old people!) who think there is no god: at all, in any form, anywhere in the Universe. Usual they are first year university students who have taken one Intro To Philosophy class and left their parent’s religion and are glorying in what they think is their new found freedom from religion and dogma, when in actual fact they now just believe the lowest form of atheist dogma.

    2. True atheists like me who study religious texts of all sorts and any one person’s or groups’s claim they have evidence of God. Then, after serious study of the texts and anthropology, biology, zoology, philosophy, and all the other “-ologies,” etc, decide that the evidence is lacking/spurious and reject the text/group/person. But all of this is based on the idea that there could be a God or gods of some kind, in some form, in this Universe or another or many Universes, and so we look into it with an open mind. That is why the term “atheist” is actually not the proper term for true atheists, because we don;t reject “theism,” we just reject the supposed evidence for theistic claims. We are not anti-God, we are anti-false evidence. THis is why true atheists are potentially redeemable by Christ, because if he is real, He will present himself,a nd then very true atheist will be have their evidence and I would say 99% will convert immediately, save for those who are so angry about things like The Holocaust and/or child pornography, and why didn’t Christ/God stop it? I fall into that category.

    3. The THIRD type are the COG leaders. They believe in a God of their own creation. Their God is a fiction created by Herbert W. Armstrong to justify his own religious crimes. This God he has cut and pasted out of the Old Testament is a fiction, because He is a summary of all the Scriptures that Herbie could twist in justifications for tithing (which was always a portion of what you made/created in your occupation and NEVER money), and a hierarchy that put Herbert W Armstrong and his henchmen between the brethren and Christ, so one had to literally worship Herbie to please God, while Christ sat around in the background waiting for Herbie’s signal to return, “Mafia-Christianity.”

    This is the Atheism of the Snake, the usurping of Christ and God to worship a false idol, a god that doesn’t exist. Herbie built his Atheism of the Snake around himself and an Empty God/idea. Now Weinland and Flurry and Pack have built their own sh*tpiles around which their slaves gather to worship that same Empty God. Notice, just like Herbie, they use magazines and campuses and booklets to enslave their victims and build into them the same fear of meeting GOD alone without the approval of Weinland/Pack/Flurry/Thiel.

    This Atheism of the Snake is also EXACTLY what JESUS CHRIST warned everyone about. His Gospel? “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live…” (John 11:25). Notice how the Atheism of the Snake is the EXACT OPPOSITE, the Anti-Gospel. “he that believeth Rod Meredith shall be saved…” OR “He that believeth Ronald Weinland false prophecies shall be saved!”

    DO NOT fear the atheism of the young university student or the true atheism of the skeptic. We have no spiritual power. Ignore us and you will lose nothing.

    VERY MCH fear the Atheism of the Snake. It is the Anti-Gospel…ignore its evil and you may find yourself a member…

  • James says:

    Ronnie writes ‘The Church is deeply thankful for all those who have faithfully been serving within the ministry. So much of the strength of the Church is dependent upon such faithfulness and true spirit of service they give toward God’s people.”

    Sounds like bullshit. Bullshit for a defecting ministry and questioning members. ‘What the fuck is gods prophet doing in jail on tax fraud charges?’ they might want to ask…….

  • charlie says:

    wonder just how much revenue has fallen since ron went to prison ?

  • martin says:

    I am astounded that anybody is still with this man.


    How is it that others can not?

    ONLY 100% ACCURATELY PROCLAIMED PROPHECIES, are the mark of a true prophet.

    Ron has had 100% failure rate for any of the prophecies he spoke, can they not recognize a false prophet if it was stamped on his forehead????

  • Byker Bob says:

    There are a lot of people who don’t realize the very real benefits to leaving an ACOG. Once I got away from all of the PTSD, cognitive dissonance, and allowing the org to do my thinking, retesting showed that my IQ had actually risen by around ten points over the level at which it had tested while I was an Ambassador College student.

    I’m not saying that everyone will automatically become more intelligent just by virtue of leaving Armstrongism, but it certainly could happen for some.


  • Ronco says:

    If our blue-tasseled buddy Zerubabbel is in jail, who on the outside will post his prison epistles online???

  • juror bags says:

    Wow! I see things are shaking and moving in the Wonderfool World of Weinlandism. Step out for a few and ya never know what might be going on. Profit Audra’s condo looks as if it is on the bank / court house auction block. LOL! A short sale is a nano second before a foreclosure. I guess the tithe funds are tightening up and stuff. If her condo is listed for sale as a short sale this means the bank is willing to settle for what is owed on it or even take a loss to a degree. They then try to stick the owner (Audra) with the difference.

    For it to be offered as a short sale she has already defaulted on the loan. She might have just decided to walk away from it since she has a new sugar daddy and lives in another country now. Is that how “prophets” and people og God are supposed to conduct themselves and their business? Never mind, we are dealing with the People Keep Giving Cult. I wonder if all the fired elders and “church” or cult restructuring has anything to do with who’s names are on the tithe checks slowly trickling into the Luxury Fund P.O. Box? LOL!

    And remember folks! God only loves you as much as you can pay out……………………………. Let me know how that all works out for ya. Dip sh*ts!

  • juror bags says:

    Also a short sale is a last resort option default borrowers can possibly exercise to avoid having a foreclosure on their credit rating. Audra is supposed to bring a possible short sale buyer with an offer if she can even find one. The bank still has the right to refuse any deals and proceed with the foreclosure. Now with a family so gifted with so many (cough,, cough) “God Given” special powers and talents don’t you think one of the family chock full of prophets would have seen this coming? Huh………. Makes you wonder.

    I am so disappointed. I thought Ron-god #3 would have been able to master his mad skills and godly special powers and been able to float out of jail by now to save daddy’s little dirty whore’s condo from going to the auction block. Still waiting to see that fire breathing and curse stuff kick in Jackass! LOSER!

    Have some Happy Holidays PIGS! OINK, OINK! Guess stealing some more tithe money for Audra’s security system was so wise two fold now. 1. It helped put daddy in prison. 2. It was a waste of cash to begin with now.

    Hey lil’ Ronnie, Maybe God can gift you with another special power called 20/20 hind sight. moRon! You are a PATHETIC JOKE. Told you all Audra wouldn’t be successful on the stripper pole. Couldn’t turn enough quick cash to keep your condo out of hock. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Karma is a bitch just like Mommy Dearest.

  • juror bags says:

    If stuff like this is happening the Weinscums ARE having money problems. I see a house on the golf course likely going to the auction block soon. Laurdass, it must really suck for you nowadays. You know, the Luxury Fund drying up and what is coming in TAXES TAKE HALF OF NOW. You all took a serious pay cut. It’s going to be time to pay out that 47% of your income here soon enough. Better save up! April 15th will be here before you know it.

    How are those rock star religious trips to buy a high dollar diamond ring in Australia working out for you currently? No worries because I am sure the hubby has been getting his fair share of deep tissue massages still. Then he also gets some Prison Bucks java the next morning. It’s all good in da hood!

  • juror bags says:

    Seems to be another pattern here that God’s most important mouth pieces keep landing in the Pokey. From what Avalo has stated about the Blue Tassled Bull Sh*tter there’s a good likelihood he’s hanging with Bubba’s cousin in New Mexico or wherever that nut job was singing on the mountain in the camp grounds.

    Two down and a boat load more of “religious” whack jobs more to go! that’s the kind of Ark I’m talk’in about. Float their insane asses right on into jail where they belong for their own and others safety.

    Ok, I’m done……. You all can have your board back now for discussion.

  • Maz/Red/Fred says:

    I’m just popping to say hello to all, Mike, Avalo, Kirrilly, Martin, Acts,’s been awhile since I have posted so I have forgotten many regulars names. So many new “faces”! I hope everyone is doing good and may you all have a happy, safe xmas.

  • Byker Bob: Only 10 IQ points?

    I think mine was 40.

    It’s nice to be back in normal range again….

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Byker Bob/Douglas:

    In terms of IQ it depends on who you measure, when it is measured, and how. IQ can change if you change tests. Also, certain aspects of our cognition change over time (memory, etc). Since real IQ tests are timed, response rate factors into it, thus one’s mental efficiency is also a major factor. BUT, I would also say you both are very safe to say that leaving Armstrong ism DOES make you more intelligent, without having to say that at least “some” might.

    For example, Bob rightfully pointed out that PTSD and cognitive dissonance can/had hindered him. I also suffered through similar feelings and effects, and although my WWCG “escape” is much more of a horror story than most, I too recuperated with a lot of help from my then girlfriend/now wife. When such things are healed, one can think clearer, and use their innate abilities to recover and thrive, thus freeing up a lot of mental/emotional space for growth. Once you stop trying to follow the Bible yet ignore it when your COG leader calls himself a prophet after several massive Jesus Returns failures (Hi, Ron!) that mental space is freed to be filled with knowledge (college courses, job training, professional financial advice, which then active your daily routines towards that aforementioned intellectual/emotional growth, which then advances your cognitive functions. This also means that you function better, which further enhances you ability to GROW, which is not measured by IQ tests. Like you said, your IQ GREW, thus you functioned better, even if your IQ did not change drastically.

    Besides IQ, leaving evil scumbags like Weinland/Pack/Thiel/Flurry also builds your EQ (Emotional Quotient), one’s emotional ‘intelligence’. This in many ways is more important than IQ as having an average IQ does not mean you cannot be as successful in life/business/relationships as someone with an IQ over 160. This is why you will often hear people say things like,” I know some PhD holders who are just as stupid as anyone else.” Trust me, asone who holds many degrees including a PhD, you CAN’T be “stupid” and earn a PhD. It takes wayyy too much work, thought, testing, and time for an idiot to start let alone finish. BUT, what people are calling stupidity int he case of a PhD holder is 99.9% of the time a lack of WISDOM. PhD holders can just as often lack wisdom as the “average” person… this is why you see extremely smart people join cults. Keep in mind that chess genius Bobby Fischer was once, for a brief period a member of the WWCG (Herbie’s good ol’ WorldWide Church of God). How could some that smart be so stupid? He was exceedingly unwise, and also, as it turned out, a raging anti-Semite.

    It is such a giant prize to win, leaving the COGs and becoming smarter and happier, BUT as always, maggots like Meredith and Weinland will say that we are unnecessarily angry, bitter people because we dare challenge their evil and refuse to shut up and let them keep on destroying lives. And, because leaving a COG at first makes one very depressed angry and, especially SCARED, the newly-escaped ex-COG member will often think that the maggots are right! “OH MY GOD, what if I am turning my back on God and now He will not help me when I need Him…” etc, etc. The natural fear and depression that often happens right after leaving is a NATURAL result of the mind and body beginning to get rid of the COG poison and start healing. But it doesn’t FEEL like healing to them, so many get cold feet and run back to the COG which makes them feel “better.”

    It is like feeling sick and scared during chemotherapy… and then running back to cancer!!

    BUT, as a lot of us here know well, once you find the right resources to help cope with this often overwhelming task of being inwardly free of COG poison (ESPECIALLY if you were an AC student!) holy cow! does you life get better!! You think better, feel better, act better, love more, are more compassionate, RICHER, having deeper,healthier friendships, and the list goes on and on. Your IQ and EQ rise, and… best of all… are now finally able to seek the Biblical Jesus rather than the pathetic, indecisive WWCG Jesus who needed Herbert W. Armstrong to help him know what time of day it was. The tiny little sad Jesus that can’t return until Ronald Weinland gives Him permission. Jesus as both wise Nazorean and the Christ, according to the Bible, was not only wise and compassionate, but was neither a weakling nor indecisive. You can’t be ‘Christ” and be scared of things! Ad as for Jesus’ doubt in the Garden and on the Cross, they only serve to show that human fear can be conquered, and in those moments actually confirmed that He was Christ, rising above (transcending) fear to show us what real divinity meant. That is the Biblical Jesus. Now, you may be wondering why I, Avalokiteshvara, an ATHEIST would be defending the Biblical Christ against the imaginary Christ of Ronald Weinland. Simple…

    Leaving Weinland or any of the other scumbags frees your mind to THINK, and when one THINKS without being mentally shackled by these maggots, they can SEE clearly. A free mind is a mind that can see and accept the actual Christ of the Bible, and NOT as Weinland would have you believe get “fooled” into believing in a false “jesus” which turns out to be the Biblical one! Weinland’s entire theology is based you NOT seeing the Biblical Christ, you know, the one whose Gospel COMPLETELY condemns Ronald Weinland. Thinking/raising your IQ does NOT lead you away from GOD, it leads towards Him, it leads towards the Biblical Christ.Then, and ONLY then are you truly free to accept (or reject) the Gospel. Even a dummy could see that once freed of Conald Swineland…

    …and only someone with low IQ COG theology running through their head would be afraid of WINNING Life like this…

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Like I’ve always said, you can be book smart, but common sense dumb.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    This is why malignant narcissists like Armstrong and Weinland:

    1. Write their own booklets. They NEED literature of their own OUTSIDE of the BIBLE to build their lies and deceits.

    2. NEVER publicly debate with Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, REAL Christians, skeptics, scuba divers, Vegas showgirls, whomever. Because? They CAN’T.

    3. Give THEMSELVES spiritual titles and “awards.”

    *NO Christian needs anything more than the BIBLE. Sure, they can read books by Christians talking about their conversion or difficult life leading to Salvation, But the BIBLE is the sole source of the truths that matter, the words of Jesus Christ. There is NO need for any book after Revelation, and the BIBLE is clear about that. ONLY the BIBLE is divine revelation, and if anyone adds to it they are damning themselves.

    *They never stand in public to face scrutiny. They are too arrogant to stand in public, and when they occasionally crawl out form under their rock to speak elsewhere their lies are laughed at and mocked and them they run back to their pulpit crying like cowards (witness Ron’s laughable speech at IDEA CITY in Toronto!). Notice they also gives speeches which no one can respond to. Giving an IDEA CITY speech is not a debate, rather, another kind of pulpit. This is also why Herbert W. Armstrong had to LIE about his meetings with world leaders. HWA paid them for the chance to get a photo op, but then turned around and told the Church that he had been proclaiming the Gospel to them!! REALLY, Herbie? You proclaimed your stupid lies to ANWAR SADDAT? Only a COG member with their IQ removed by YOU would believe such stupidity!

    * They give THEMSELVES title and awards. Ron is now a Prophet and Apostle and Witness, and End Time Elijah, and NBA All Star, and Quarterback for the New England Patriots, and Queen of Estonia and BillBoard’s Top Rock Artist for 2012 and US Open tennis champ, and the inventor of the Internet, and whatever else he feels like being inside his head. This is the ONLY way they can do what they do.

    Ron and his stupidity wouldn’t last three seconds in the REAL WORLD, so he must build a little COG world for himself and make sure no one reads/thinks/questions anything, just do what he says. There is a MANDATORY IQ needed, and he goes about creating it in his victims. Read only your books, never face public scrutiny, and award yourself titles?

    Watch the IQs start dropping…

  • charlie says:

    wait…what ever happened to al gore ?..LOL

  • wait…what ever happened to al gore ?..

    He’s just fine — living in his excessively energy wasting home….

    But he does pay the IRS his due of income taxes… apparently, since he’s not in Federal Prison for evading them.

    One would think that Weinland lived in an energy efficient home, but I didn’t see any solar panels….

  • Randy says:

    Glad I’m free
    I here u !!

  • Randy says:

    I wish the asshole would prophetsized the stock market so I can do the opposite and make money because what he says never happens, in 10 years of prophets he has never got one thing right, they the PKG say it going to happen someday, but God says if a prophet tells you something going to happen in his name, and it doesn’t DONT Be Afriad to leave him !!!!!! No man will never know !!!

  • PKG members could save 15% in just 15 minutes by not sending any money to the Weinlands.

  • martin says:

    My advice to PKGers is to run as fast as they can away from Ronald Weinland, unless they want to end up sharing the same fate that false prophets get.

  • martin says:

    I keep asking about Zech 4:14…and wonder why so many have trouble accepting the plain statement from this passage.

    That the two witnesses are both males…

    The general answer is maybe they are, maybe they aren’t….

    Would or should such a statement apply to Christ as well? And why not? (he was to be a male, firstborn…etc….etc…)

    Just to get some more assurance (not for me, but for others), I asked a Hebrew language expert, a person who writes for a hebrew newspaper, and I believe is also a rabbi.

    Here is what I asked and his answer.

    (KJV Zec 4:14) Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.

    (YLT Zec 4:14) And he saith, `These are the two sons of the oil, who are standing by the Lord of the whole earth.’

    In this verse it talks about two anointed ones.

    My question, is how definitive is its declaration on the genders of these two people?

    Is the Hebrew ambiguous on their gender?

    For example, a father could say this

    1) I have two children (and thus is ambiguous about the gender of the two children)

    2) I have two sons (there is no question, the gender of the two are males, the language is not ambiguous)

    Can one interpret verse 4:14 like #1 or must they interpret it as #2

    YLT has a literal translation as “two sons of the oil”, is this a correct literal translation?
    Thus one must interpret the verse in a non-ambiguous manner, as one would of statement #2?

    In other words, in the Hebrew definitively declaring that the two anointed ones MUST BOTH be males?

    Answer: Martin, the Hebrew text is not ambiguous at all regarding the gender. They are both males.
    Best, Gaddy

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    “In the primary order and functions listed by Ron, it begins with the first role under Ron, which is everything including an apostle. This is followed by a bag of jewels and bucket loads of profit.”

    Poor ‘ol Ron musta made a typo , ( as “little Joe was blow’n in his ear ” ) as I’m sure this ^^^^ would be more like what he meant ?

    So how is everyone these days ? Seems Ron is still just as deluded as he always was …. and , speaking of the deluded, I popped into Zerubababel’s site briefly this morning, he musta recently visited his local drag-strip … as he was talking of the shaking etc, but I got too bored with his ancient speech ( rap ) so I dumped his vid . ( he really should take up belly dancing , with all that fancy dress stuff and all ? )

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Zerubababel put another video up this evening. Seems that God allowed the Feds to kick him off government property, but he’s found another camping spot.

    He or his wife must be reading this website because he blathered about mockers. Could there be another website that mocks him? Of course if he walks around with a towel on his head, he could get it on the street.

    And reading between the lines “his family” suggests that his step-daughter is still with him. Hope something will happen to get her out of his craziness.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    You are correct to ask an expert on Hebrew and/or the Bible. The reason is that though they have a vested interest in the Messiah being a Jew and not Jesus, they would NOT interpret Zechariah figuratively, as there can be no doubt as to who the anointed ones are. If the Witnesses could be non-gender specific they would have to qualify those verses with OTHER verses to make them fit their theology. But Zechariah 4:14 stands alone, like any other Scripture that is unambiguous, e.g. John 11:35. No one in their right mind would need to qualify John 11:35. They would not and cannot say, “Well, it says “Jesus wept,” but what it really means is that Jesus had a sandwich, because Blahblahblah 32:16 it says…”

    Zechariah stands alone in Jewish theology and it stands alone in Christian theology. Also, if a Scripture as clear and as UNambiguous as Zechariah 4:14 could be called gender neutral then EVERYTHING in the Bible is gender neutral and thus the Two Witnesses could even be hermaphrodites (!) if someone wanted them to be. Also, Jesus could be a female in disguise, and Apostle Paul could have been Apostle Paula, and on it goes. Plus, n Jewish theology/tradition one CANNOT become a rabbi, or spiritual authority until they were 30 years old. THus, even Jesus had to be 30 before he could “legally” be a Rabbi then Messiah. Thus, the two sons must also be over 30 and not teenagers. They must be 30 years or older MEN. If we call the these 30 year old men gender neutral we also get rid of Jewish law gender/age law and thus the Two Witness could be two 13 year old girls!! This is why COG theology fails so hard. They are so sloppy with their “truth” they completely negate the Bible by changing even one aspect of a single Scripture! And they are too stupid to realize it.

    Ronald Weinland, by changing Zechariah 4:14, has negated his own authority and he doesn’t even know it. If Laura can be a Witness, then anyone can be anything and thus the BIBLE itself is 100% errant, which negates RON’S authority totally. You cannot negate the Bible then say the Bible’s authority makes you a Prophet!

    It is like saying “The Bible is a lie, and here is the Biblical evidence to prove I am telling the TRUTH!!”

    Conald Swineland and the COGs… bumbling idiots whose very own theology negates them!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ah yes! Zerubbabel is back! Spouting the same ridiculous theology as always!

    He is always “amazed” at how every day/hour he PROPHESIES as the time when God will destroy the US and/or begin sending plagues is NOT the day and that God keeps on sparing everyone time after time! What a “miracle!” God has NOT done a single thing Zerubabbel says he is for sure going to do at 7 am on a Tuesday exactly 42 days from now, or 63 days from tomorrow. Amazing isn;t it how amazing God is by FAILING every single time! And once again Zerubabbel is back, all amazed at God’s lack of action and how this means he is even “right-er” than before.

    It is no surprise someone this delusional is a splinter “group” from a COG. Amd what makes it funny is that Zerubabbel is a splinter from Conald Swineland!! Swineland is such a theological failure not even his splinters have any idea what they are talking about. Look at Rod Meredith. It is bad enough that he “made” Bob Thiel who himself is such a pathetic, failed COG leader… Swineland’s splinter is literally insane! At least Thiel doesn’t wear a towel on his head!

    Ahh… the WWCG and Churches of God left in Herbert W. Armstrong’s wake… arrogant, evil morons who produce head towel wearers, murderers, and child abusers…

  • FedUp says:

    Budgie! You’re back!

  • Ronco says:

    Zerubbabel is back!


    Think of it as a Christmas present…

  • Ronco says:

    As Z would say- Turn from your rebellion!!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Things seem to come and go in threes. Budgie, myself, and Zerubabbel are back at the same time, although I will be gone from here for extended periods of time from now on. Too busy with life stuff to worry about non-entities like Zerubabbel or Conald Swineland.

  • martin says:

    Avalokiteshvara said “Plus, in Jewish theology/tradition one CANNOT become a rabbi, or spiritual authority until they were 30 years old. THus, even Jesus had to be 30 before he could “legally” be a Rabbi then Messiah. Thus, the two sons must also be over 30 and not teenagers. They must be 30 years or older MEN.”

    Very good point.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Thanks, Martin!

    1. This is why it is so easy to prove Weinland has no idea what he is talking about. He doesn’t even know the Bible basics… like the fact that Jesus was a JEW. He only becomes Christ/Christian with the advent of His Gospel, which is what Jews use to prove He is not the Jewish Messiah (which is the entire point of Christianity… that Jesus expanded Salvation to all Mankind, and not just “save” the Jews as the Jewish Messiah was meant to). Weinland is such a dolt he can’t even get that simple, widely known fact straight! Even a 10 year old Jewish girl or boy knows that!

    2. Also, morons like Weinland always talk about Jesus’ so-called “missing years,” the section in the Bible that does not cover what He did between his teen years and age 30. Jesus’ “missing years” in the Bible narrative are NOT missing! They are unimportant to the Gospel, as what happens after His 30th birthday is the most important part of Christianity, once again referring back to Jesus’ needing to be 30 in order to be an authorized Teacher of Jewish Law. There is NO WAY Jesus would allow Himself to be called RABBI so often in the New Testament if He was NOT a Rabbi. If He were NOT a Jew, the title would be UNNECESSARY.

    3. Keep in mind too that not only was Jesus an ordained Rabbi, but He did something that any Old Testament Rabbi would NOT allow, for women to sit at His feet, like Mary in Luke 10: 38-39. It was common for people to sit at the feet of a Teacher of the Law, but for a WOMAN to sit right by Jesus’ feet? COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. And then anoint Jesus feet with oil, USINH HER HAIR like in John !2:3. The Jewish High Council would have stoned her to death for such a violation of the Law and HUGE INSULT!

    If Rinald Weinland REALLY was God’s Prophet, he would know this. God would have reminded him of it so he didn’t preach a false Christ and false Law.

    GOD”S PROPHET getting that wrong?… ….FALSE PROPHET!!

    (Luke 10:38-39).

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    …this negates Weinland’s stance on women now being Witnesses and Prophet!. Though Christ had more social contact with women than permitted in Jewish Law, he also said that NOT ONE bit of the Jewish Law would be negated (Matthew 5:18). Jesus was a Jew, he is talking about the Law of His Father, the Jewish Yahweh, Father God and His Law. “Not one jot” will be changed.

    That meant women could hold titles like Prophetess, IF and ONLY IF they prophesied TRUE prophecies, like male prophets. BUT women in the Old AND New Testament could not be Teachers of the Law, CANNOT be female Rabbis, CANNOT be one of the Two Male Witnesses, and CANNOT speak up in Christian gatherings as authorities, just like in the Jewish synagogues in which Jesus taught and UPHELD the Law.

    So Weinalnd’s “new” revelation from God about the changing role of women is a FALSE DOCTRINE. Women already had such power, so GOD wouldn’t say it was a NEW thing! GOD doesn’t remember that Ronald’s revelations are actually not revelations at all? Then Ron’s God is an idiot, and NOT the Supreme God OR Ronald Weinland is a liar and false prophet… or BOTH! Once again we are witness to Ronald Weinland’s complete and utter stupidity revealing just how much of a false prophet and NON Man of God he is.

    Every utterance is a lie, every revelation a shining ERROR of the highest order. Only a bunch of old senile COGers from Herbie’s Era could possibly believe all this anti-Bible, anti-Christ nonsense Weinland and Zerubabbel pump out of their idiotic mouths….

  • Ozymandias says:

    Avo, remember that most of his ” flock” are just that. Old WWGCers that refuse to believe they could possibly have been wrong for 40 years. They are stuck comfortably in the mud of Ron’s babbling. There is no excuse at this point for not seeing what has, and has always gone on. Too old and too stubborn to change.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    It looks like Ron will spend the rest of his days sucking whatever dollars and loyalty he can out of them, and probably will make a living out of it. The PKG will NOT survive after Laura or Ron’s death. Both kids have shown just how little they understand about keeping a cult together. Audra lied under oath about her wedding during the trial. If she has too stupid to tell the truth about such minor details, she can’t even be trusted to tell the right LIES about the PKG when she becomes False Prophet Number One herself and takes over for the Two False Witness/Prophets.

    And the senile PKGers will doddle on to the next COG that makes them feel like gods, just as always…

  • Ozymandias says:

    They will continue to gamble at casino PKG even though the cards are stacked against them, hoping for the big payout one day.

  • martin says:

    Avol said ” Jesus’ “missing years” in the Bible narrative are NOT missing! They are unimportant to the Gospel,”

    As always, I do find it amusing that an atheist has more understanding of the bible than bible thumpers do.

  • martin says:

    Does anybody know how old Audra Weinland is?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Most REAL atheists know the Bible better than many Christians. Not because Christians are dumb or ill formed, but rather good Christians tend to focus on the basic, most important details of the Gospel such as the Sermon On The Mount. It is actually kind of a testament to the Gospel of Christ that if you understand and believe only the very basics you are actually most likely to inherit the Kingdom of God rather than the nitpickers (Matthew 23: 23-24) who argue over the most detailed points but have ZERO love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and so on. If one is following the basics, it is not a problem to not know a lot of what is in the Bible.

    Conversely it is VERY important to read the entire Bible if one is an atheist. You CANNOT truly reject what you don’t understand, so the Bible must be scoured just in case you have missed something. Since salvation is on the line, it is important to make sure one is exposed to any/all evidence for that salvation. But if all it took was one scripture to convince either group…Real Christians only need to read John 5:24, and real atheists only need to read Genesis 3:21.

    Jesus is the Way… and snakes don’t talk.

  • Joni says:

    Martin, I think she is 36 or 37.

  • Randy says:

    The (momey whore ) keeps everything such a secret, means she got a lot to hide and she got everyone Afriad to asked questions, let me asked you what is Jesus said don’t tell no one ! Just a tought ! She is Gossipping about you just like she is everyone else like I said I heard her many time, I would not lie my life is an open book nothing to hide !! I would like to stand in front of God next to Ron and Laura and say lord ask what you want I will answer ! Just saying

  • Randy says:

    The PKG says they where called there by God, so Laura why do you hide everything if Gods calling they will be staying not living he don’t call people in so they can leave witch they are ! Your days are numbered Bitch

  • martin says:

    Can somebody post link to latest Zerubbabel video

  • Ronco says:

    “…and snakes don’t talk.”

    Ron does a pretty good job if you ask me…

  • Ronco says:

    OK, here’s the link to our buddy Zerubbalube’s latest rant…

  • Intense Hatred says:

    I really don’t understand. The followers seem like intelligent, nice people. Most that I’ve met are polite and are professionals. I don’t get how these folks “family” follow these clowns?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Intense hatred:

    Like I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. High IQ people can make stupid decisions. And also, if one has a high IQ they can often use that intelligence to fool themselves, meaning they will find a way to make Weinland’s stupidity work in their head so they can believe., because they are desperate to believe COG nonsense. You could call it a kind of “Intellectual Hypnosis.”

    Think about it.

    1. If you are what one might call the “average” Christian, you believe you are going to go to Heaven and enjoy life in an eternal Paradise. Be good now and resists evil, and eternity is going to be wonderful. Easy to understand, easy to see the path. The humble, just man or woman is happy with this deal, and they seek nothing other than to be just and help others come to this Paradise via spreading the Gospel.

    2. BUT if you are in a COG you are going to become a GOD-like being who RULES over hundreds or thousands or millions at t he right hand of GOD and Jesus Christ!! In fact you will will get your own planet to rule over and billions will look upon you like they look upon GOD Himself! You will get special powers and rewards that NO ONE ELSE gets, and you will be a KING and PRIEST figure for eternity. Unlimited power and glory and riches while you rule the scum who never accepted Herbert W. Armstrong as their Saviour and now don;t get any pries or power. “Ha! Ha! Only I get power and glory, and not you scum!”

    The first view of Heaven is acceptable to the righteous, but NOT to COG members. The COGS attract narcissists who lust for power and glory so the COGS are where the flock to. And then when they start seeing the real evil that Weinland and Flurry and all the other maggots do they use their intelligence to explain it away as if it is GOD’s Will or a righteous way to behave. They love the idea of a hierarchy, a place where they can treat everyone like they are already GODS because they are now in a highly ranked system. The Gospel of Christ and Heaven are not enough for a COG member. They want more. Power! Riches! Planets! GOD at THEIR right hand side!

    The COG members that stay in these fake churches LOVE thinking they are better than everyone, and to leave the PKG or PCG or whatever it to lose their justification for bullying, lying, theft, misogyny, and all the other things they love to inflict on others to feel like they are GODS.

    COG leaders are merciless, greedy, arrogant narcissists who reward their followers with the chance to share in this greed and lust and brutality – in the abuse of others (in the name of God) as long as these aspiring anti-Christs keep the tithes coming to the lead anti-Christ! And once you invent a reasonable story in your head to justify what you know DEEP DOWN is wrong, you get intelligent people acting unwise (evil). It is so easy to see that the Fruits of the Spirit in these COG leaders are CLEARLY Satanic, you MUST fool yourself in order to think they are godly!

  • …and snakes don’t talk.

    Which explains the silent witness.

  • The COGS attract narcissists who lust for power and glory so the COGS are where the flock to. And then when they start seeing the real evil that Weinland and Flurry and all the other maggots do they use their intelligence to explain it away as if it is GOD’s Will or a righteous way to behave. They love the idea of a hierarchy, a place where they can treat everyone like they are already GODS because they are now in a highly ranked system. The Gospel of Christ and Heaven are not enough for a COG member. They want more. Power! Riches! Planets! GOD at THEIR right hand side!

    The COG members that stay in these fake churches LOVE thinking they are better than everyone, and to leave the PKG or PCG or whatever it to lose their justification for bullying, lying, theft, misogyny, and all the other things they love to inflict on others to feel like they are GODS.

    COG leaders are merciless, greedy, arrogant narcissists who reward their followers with the chance to share in this greed and lust and brutality – in the abuse of others (in the name of God) as long as these aspiring anti-Christs keep the tithes coming to the lead anti-Christ! And once you invent a reasonable story in your head to justify what you know DEEP DOWN is wrong, you get intelligent people acting unwise (evil). It is so easy to see that the Fruits of the Spirit in these COG leaders are CLEARLY Satanic, you MUST fool yourself in order to think they are godly!

    Which is why there are so many psychopaths in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia, particularly in the leadership.

    One look at Weinland….

  • Byker Bob says:

    Well, now we’ve reached the reason my Armstrongist judges never felt that I had wisdom, that I was immature, and probably unconverted, and the essence as to why I bombed at Ambassador College. (refer to Avo’s point #2 above!) I never caught their vision in so far as all of this desire or motivation to rule goes. That was somebody else’s vision, and it did not speak to my soul. In me, they had someone attending services, obediently doing the holydays, eating clean meats, and unquestioningly mailing in my tithes, but also someone who secretly hoped that the dates were wrong, so that the apocalypse wouldn’t happen in my lifetime, and someone whose very psyche totally shut down at the very prospect of having to rule.

    A true, heavenly reward to me would have been to have the opportunity to plug in my guitar and jam with Canned Heat, the Grateful Dead, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, to study under Nikola Tesla or Sir Isaac Newton, or maybe to ride with Sonny Barger and the Angels or with some of the Mongols that I used to party with. But rule in a way in which you are teaching or applying Armstrongism? (Bleep) that! I avoided the types of people who were even casually motivated in those directions. And, honestly, I actually met other free spirits who had similar outlooks to my own in my sojourn through Armstrongism.


  • Byker Bob says:

    Upon a little deeper thought this evening, I realized that Armstrong even spoiled the concept of ruling. To most people, ruling would involve personally setting the tone and objectives for one’s territory. However, the goal which was presented to us was highly modified into a quasi sort of rulership, reducing it to an expression of Armstrongism. So, basically, though your alleged reward was being a ruler, but you were simultaneously diminished to being a pawn as well. International geopolitics recognize that as being a puppet, which is about as appealing as a sip of luke warm coffee. This is why it always seemed more desirable to boogie in a band! Good musicians reach into and touch peoples’ souls in ways that most rulers cannot, and this has probably been true since the days of King David.


  • Acts says:

    Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years -Part 4
    June 20 2013
    “Then the last thing God “promised” by His oath through the pronouncement made by this angel was that THEN – after all this – that “all things” would be finished. All that is left is exactly where this promise comes into play. It can only be for a very specific moment in time. Now is that time – it is the time of “God’s promise” that He will fulfill. It is the time that is now before us, of all that remains, that is a matter of exercising the judgment upon this world that was “set” after the 1260 days. That which is to be finished is the physical manifestation of the Trumpets of Revelation.

    God’s time is before us. The final “Day of the Eternal” is God’s promise. His promises are true!”

    The lip of truth shall be established for ever; But a lying tongue is but for a moment.
    And Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah !

  • Acts says:

    The mouth of a fool is his ruin, and his lips are a snare for his life.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    RON said on June 20th, 2013:

    “Then the last thing God “promised” by His oath through the pronouncement made by this angel was that THEN – after all this – that “all things” would be finished. All that is left is exactly where this promise comes into play. It can only be for a very specific moment in time. Now is that time – it is the time of “God’s promise” that He will fulfill. It is the time that is now before us, of all that remains, that is a matter of exercising the judgment upon this world that was “set” after the 1260 days. That which is to be finished is the physical manifestation of the Trumpets of Revelation.”

    Ron has said some variation of this since mid-2009! Looks like Ron’s God is a liar and a fraud. He is perfect? Then why does He keep on lying to everyone? Ron’s God is a liar and approves of lies, Ron/god tell them week after week, year after year. Let’s see… who is the author of lies? Ron’s God is. But who does the Bible say the father of lies is? Satan. The Bible says that Satan is Ron’s God.

    Nice job, Swineland. You have made Devil Worshippers out of the senile idiots who follow you.

    The COG-PKG… a ripe garden for the Devil to harvest. LOL!

  • martin says:

    Ron is scheduled for release from jail for tax fraud in 2/17/2016, but his job as one of the Two Witnesses begins 12/27/2015 (1260 days before Pentecost of 2019, which is the supposed, for real this time, date of Christ’s return)

    He needs to be in Jerusalem like he did before when he originally started his job.

    I’m going to wager this is not going to happen.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Again, any variation of Armstrongism includes the negative motivations of the Germans and eternal death (which, in reality is no punishment at all, check with your local atheist if you don’t believe a former atheist!) and the positive motivations of being kings and priests and ruling with a rod of iron for all eternity enforcing Armstrongism on your subjects. Those are bad motivations, based on bad rules from unreliable guides. What if neither speaks to your soul, because together, they catch you between the proverbial rock and hard place? (Prisoner, guard roles per the Stanford Univ. experiments)

    This stuff is so overly simplistic. It claims universality, but how does it include techie people who have their deepest relationships with machines and computers rather than with people? What about savants? How about folks whose ability to collect and process input is severely altered by details of their own non-mainstream physicality, such as Down’s Syndrome, schizophrenia, registry on the autism scale, retardation, or genius mentality?

    The fact that this “stuff” seems to be limited in its appeal to a very small group of noninfluential people with limited charisma doesn’t ever seem to fully register with the insiders and participants. GTA even used to apply the words of the Beatle song “Nowhere Man” to the pre-Armstrong condition. He is referring to a group of people who were ripe for the picking based on the sheer banality of their existences. Unfortunately, some of us were dragged as children into this false path by our “Nowhere Man” parents, and we discovered that it just doesn’t make sense, or even work! (Ultimately, that becomes the “good news”, but what about our hoodwinked parents who somehow can’t cut it loose?)

    Sometimes I sorely wish that Topanga Canyon hadn’t been quite so far away from Ambassador College!


  • This situation is valuable so we can explore what has happened to us all and become aware of the cultic nature of the leadership of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia.

    As each new layer is revealed, the substance of the discoveries become ever so more appalling as we find the true nature of Herbert Armstrong and his hirelings — including Weinland.

    When normal people encounter the outrageous behavior of the cultists, they are astonished to what extent people trapped in the cult are willing to just ignore how cutthroat the predators of the cult really are.

    The epiphanies gained from the careful scrutiny of the personality disorders are valuable resources to continue to move away from the cult hive mind in order to normalize and take back our lives.

    At the same time, people like Weinland are confident that we can’t do anything to them and insist on thumbing their noses at us and going Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah — ha, ha! in their contempt for us.

    The bottom line is that the entire venue has reached a stasis of stagnation.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Byker Bob said:

    “…Any variation of Armstrongism includes the negative motivations of the Germans and eternal death (which, in reality is no punishment at all, check with your local atheist if you don’t believe a former atheist!).”

    LOL! Good point, BB! To the various COGs (especially real old timers like Meredith) I, Avalokiteshvara, represent the worst possible threat to their lies, a born German who is completely unafraid of their fake God! Actually, all of us here are significant threats to their fake god but I in particular am one they fear the most (or at least should fear the most if they are smart enough to realize it).

    Meredith, Flurry, Pack, Weinland, and even Lil’ Bobby Thiel were raised in the shadow of World War Two, having relatives or parents that fought the Nazis. So having experienced the effects of WWII, whipping up a paranoid fear of “Germans” was a great way of hypnotizing the weak into thinking that Herbert W. Armstrong’s cult made sense, would keep them SAFE from all the “Germans” lurking about, ready to restart the Third Reich. This fear of “Germans” then gave way to a fear of “Communists,” which then gives way to a fear of whatever Armstrong could use to drive people into the perceived safety of his cult. “Watch out! The Communists will get you…. unless you join my cult and start tithing. Only then will “God” protect you from their lurking menace!

    It got so stupid that at one point I saw the following in one of Herbie’s little booklets:

    Herbie hated any music that wasn’t what he liked. Even if it was the safest, completely non-threatening style/composer/performer ever. If Herbie didn’t like it, it was “Satan’s”: Satan’s music, influenced by Satan, inspired by Satan, supported by Satan, made famous by Satan, etc. So, in one of his little books on what is wrong with the world, there was a picture of some musicians performing, and underneath the caption read: “Young people filling their minds with the new sound…” Clearly, these “kids” were being swayed by this modern music, being influenced Satanically through contemporary music and driven away from God. The musicians in the photo were “clearly” destroying young people’s minds with what was probably some kind of rock music!! Gasp!!

    The funny thing was though that the picture was of a few black musicians performing (instrumental music) at the Newport Jazz Festival!! The booklet was about 10 years old when I read it, so it looked like the New Port festival from the late 50s to mid 60s, a time when West Coast jazz was still very much the fashion. West Coast (“cool”) jazz is THE most laid back, peaceful, non-threatening music in the world, easily the LEAST influential on kids when compared to the rock and roll of the same Era. Clearly Herbie had no idea what he was looking at in the photo. Herbie was threatened and terrified by cool jazz! It would be like calling Perry Como a heavy metal act! This is how completely stupid and weak COG theology is. The inability to understand what a child can! Their theology is merely their own illogical fears turned into a theology of fear and confusion, based on decades old racist phobias mixed with anti-intellectualism (the fear of words they don’t understand).

    Herbie was terrified by black people (and “their” jazz) and Germans. Then if you look at the old folks (Meredtih) you see a big phobia of Germans. In Weinland (affected by the Vietnam War) you see a fear of Asia/Asians, a.k.a. the Asian Horde he was terrified of recently China (remember how worked up he got about China when they bought massive amounts of rice a couple of years ago? It was proof to him that the world was ending!). Now in Thiel you see an underlying Pope/Catholic phobia, and in the next wave you will see yet another irrational FEAR of something.

    COGS thrive on fear? Do the Germans make you feel scared, then come to the Church of Meredith… his God will keep you safe form the Germans! Fear the Asiatic Horde of the Bible will run rampant in YOUR town? Join the Weinland Church of False Prophey, and keep your self safe from Chinese rice!! Scared that the Catholics will be coming to your neighborhood to force you to worship President Obama the Muslim Communist Maoist Illuminati Anti-Christ? Then Lil’ Bobby Thiel’s Micro Church-Like Youtube Channel will save you from the nuns!

    If I never said a single word to any of these COGs and their members they would still be terrified of me and run the other direction. Why? I am an Atheist German who is married to an Asian!! AHHHH!!! The Fourth Reich and the Asian Hordes are gathering together!! Run away!!

    Weinland and Meredith (and even Zerubabbel the Towel Head Who Lives In the Woods) and all scared little boys pretending to be men so they can avoid Reality.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Yes, Avalo, Herbie was against any type of music which acted as the soundtrack for lifestyles which were different from the one he preached. This was a man who did not believe in freedom of speech or expression, a man who was so small minded that he did not want all of the cards on the table, out in the open, exposed to public view and discussion or exploration. Music was not the only area with which he had a problem, either. Anything which would have provided a second opinion was verboten to his “dumb” (he’s the one who dumbed them down!) sheep. This also included the use of human imagination, which leads to the escapist arts such as fiction, movies, and television. The fact that people occasionally need to decompress either never occurred to him, or he preferred to constantly keep them agitated and on edge so that he could work and exploit them.

    Not that I was ever into this scene, but what would have been inherently wrong with wearing older clothes, growing a goatee, and sitting in a coffee house drinking expresso and listening to acoustic music, be it jazz or folk? Discussing poetry, or art, philosophy, etc. with one’s peers. Clearly, Herbie had no cultural consciousness. To someone as stuck in the Victorian era as he was, the Newport Jazz Festival would have been indistinguishable from the Monterey Pop Festival, or Woodstock. In the early 1950s, when the media first identified teenagers as a distinct subset of the population, and began studying their particular angst, and doing marketing research on their group, Herbie’s mind probably automatically jumped to Altamont.

    The interesting thing is that we live at a point in civilization where cooler, more logically thinking people exert control on most of the bad influences. How many of the overtly pro-drug songs of the ’60s have actually survived or are even remembered today? The youth movement never culminated in the anticipated revolution because the more responsible elements of society diffused it, and channeled peoples’ energies into working within the system to promote change. Per Herbie’s teachings on society’s downward spiral, this should not have been possible.

    It is also nice to be free of the racial profiling and prejudices suggested by and fomented by British Israelism. I enjoy my friends (peers) from all backgrounds. One of the manufacturers I represent is based in Japan. So, on a daily basis, I interact with Asians from all over the Far East. A colleague once asked me, “Hey, Bob, how do you get along with Asians?” I said, “Great! They are my cousins. After all, I am Cauc-Asian!” That became a classic saying the moment the words left my mouth.


  • Byker Bob says:

    By the way, does everyone here know about Gavin’s site, Otagosh? On it, there is a link to an electronic newspaper which covers all of the ACOGs, called The Journal. (warning, the Journal is a pro-Armstrongism paper!) The latest issue of the Journal has a retrospective historical overview of early Armstrongism in Texas. It is nothing short of amazing, learning about the racism that ministers and employees of the church from that era had to work around on a daily basis. Having grown up in the North, I was shocked at my first F/T when the deacons cordoned off a special section for the “Colored” Brethren, but apparently law enforcement in the local community carefully monitored this, as they did matters of alcohol consumption in a “dry” county. I don’t recall having seen any alcoholic beverages in the feasts in Texas as a child. Curiously, years later, HWA would write articles stating that segregation was God’s way, even as he became known for his alcoholism and legendary temper.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Indeed, indeed, BB.

    I remember Herbert W. Armstrong himself talking about the ‘Kingdom”‘ and how black people would “return to Africa” and the black WWCG members would rule there, and Caucasians would be in charge of everything else… y’know, the “natural” way for God to rule! Black folks get Africa, Asians get “Asia” and white people get the entire Universe, just as the maggot god in Herbie’s head says.

    Having been raised int hat sick CIG environment, it still to this day makes me laugh and smile to think of how Herbie would react to seeing me hold my VIETNAMESE wife’s hand and kiss her in public!! His head would explode! And even worse… he would get to see my mixed “race” children, little Asian Hordlings with the dreaded GERMAN blood as well!

    AAHHH! The Asian Horde Nazi Beast Assyrian German Anti-Christ Children of Avalokiteshvara… the Tribulation has started!!! Run to Petra!!!!!


  • charlie says:

    perhaps ronnie and zerubabbael could ordain each other

  • Randy says:

    I think the PKG is starting to see the the money whore and her family for what their worth, money stealing , lieing, Gossipping no good controlling assholes !!!!!! God has nothing to do with them false prophets, if a man says some thing will happen in the name of God and it doesn’t dont be afraid to leave, and no man,no angle nor the son will no the time or date of the return of the father !

  • Randy says:

    Ron the asshole is in Fedral prison for stealing money from you PKG and not paying tax on it, not for persacution like Paul ! Paul did not drive and buy 3 BMW’s , $1,700 suits $380,000 home $ 100,000 of jewelry, 100,000 of stuffed animals and still $3,000 from a lady that borrowed for the church and put it in her own a count, and spend $4.5 million of church money on personal expense in 3.5 years, facts Jack !!!! Good night all and Merry Christmas!!

  • Ozymandias says:

    BB, I guess HWA basically wouldn’t have enjoyed Thelonious Monk.LOL

  • Byker Bob says:

    Yes, Oz, I don’t believe HWA enjoyed much of anything except classical music. No jazz, no country western, no rock n roll, nothing created for the common working man.

    For certain, he would not have appreciated John Lee Hooker, or any of his brilliantly improvisational “one chord” boogies.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Thelonious Monk is EVERYTHING Herbert W. Armstrong feared. A brilliant jazz musician (the Devil’s music) and genius level composer (a black man 300x smarter than Herbie). Can’t have modern music and super-smart black people running around destroying all of Herbie’s fragile pathetic dreams for an Armstrong-centric future. You also can’t have John Lee Hooker and “Tupelo”… a blues about how God ignored the desperate prayers of poor people in a Mississippi flood (thousands died).

    Although, knowing Herbert W. Armstrong, he would have probably used “Tupelo” as an example of how NOT worshipping Herbie results in death and destruction, like they deserved their fate for not obeying Herbie and tithing to him!

  • charlie says:

    As I have temporarily been removed from “direct” contact and involvement, my “indirect” contact and administration of the Church……….. LOL you make it too easy weinland ..but hey ..keep em coming

  • Byker Bob says:

    In addition to the John Lee Hooker song about the flood, Herbie would have detested the flood itself! That’s the event which set off the massive migration of African Americans from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago and other Midwest cities, and who could blame people for seeking greater safety for their families? It is still considered to have been the worst flood in the history of the USA.


  • Swooncologne25 says:

    let 2015 be the year of crash and burn for this cult i would really like to see these people free from this man and his shameless family there are honestly intelligent,creative, generous ,and compassionate people within this group ( apart from the Weinlands ofcourse) imagine Jeremy Weinland’s kid growing up to find out grandpa and dad were a bunch of religious hustlers Im positive his wife wants nothing to do with this the people who are teetering on leaving they are in my prayers

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Let’s not forget Douglas/BB/Charlie that Weinland completely convicts himself as an anti-Christ with every post, and like you say, Charlie, it i so easy to see… even if you have read the Bible only once. For example, Ron says:

    “There is more for the Church to learn concerning the role of a prophet. Many still seem to have a very limited grasp of this and tend to think that all prophets are given prophetic events to declare or that they are given revelation of recorded prophecies directly from God. Many of the prophets of old were given prophecy concerning future events, but most of what they were given and what they recorded was not known to them. That which they did know was very limited and often had a “type” of fulfillment that was being addressed in their immediate time, but was recorded for greater purpose to be fulfilled in the future…”

    This is a LIE.

    1. For example, there is NO Scripture in the Old Testament that directly addresses Jesus Christ by name nor by His specific works. This is why Jews reject Jesus, because He does NOT fit the Old Testament requirements for a Messiah. This is also why Christians must make the case that Jesus as Christ fits the concept of the OT Messiah by citing verses that seem to “match up” with Him. The OT prophets were looking/waiting for a Messiah, and jesus was NOT it. Remember this point: The Jews are STILL waiting for their Messiah.

    2. Jesus came and preached His Gospel, which RADICALLY altered the Old Testament role of messiah from a Jewish Messiah to a Messiah for all Mankind. This is why true Christians accept jesus as the Messiah, because now they CAN. The OT Messiah was for Jews alone, and the only way anyone else could be “saved” this OT Messiah is if they were what is called a righteous Gentile, a Gentile who was kind to Jews, protected them from persecution, followed the Laws of Noah and/or was a non-Jewish resident of a Jewish state who was considered righteous because he officially accepted the Laws of Noah in front of a religious court court of rabbis. But, upon the arrival of Jesus, this was not necessary for gentiles any more. Once again remember this point: Gentiles could be saved through special JEWISH Laws.

    3. Jesus was and is the LAST prophet who is also the subject of His own prophecy. His Gospel is the FINAL, complete fulfillment of the ENTIRE (Christian) Bible. This why the last book of the Bible says NOTHNG shall be added or taken away from it until Christ comes and reveals the next stage… Jesus is “it.” Jesus being the last prophet and Messiah is THE GOSPEL. The Biblical apostles make this CLEAR (Acts 2:42, 1st Timothy 1:3, 1st Timothy 4:16, 2nd John 1:10). Second John 1:10 is COMPLETELY clear: “If anyone comes to you and does NOT bring the doctrine of the Apostles, do NOT receive him into your house or wish him godspeed.”

    Here is my point:

    The BIBLE is COMPLETELY CLEAR on every point that Weinland makes. Weinland is a LIAR.

    The Old Testament Prophets were not confused about what they were doing, neither was Jesus and the apostles. Weinland, as a professed “Christian,” is speaking heresy when he preaches misunderstanding and incompleteness in terms of the ONLY thing that matters to Christians, the GOSPEL. Tying Old Testament prophets to his own failures, making it seem like the OT prophets failed, and thus Ron;s failure is in in keeping with the Old testament is a LIE told to justify his anti-Christ message. The Jews rejected Jesus, the Old testament prophets would have rejected Jesus, and the Gospel is the LAST prophecy. Weinland is anti-Bible/anti-Christ.

    Want further proof? Second Timothy 3:14 “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; 15 And that from a CHILD thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”

    Even a child can be saved if they understand the Gospel. So why is Weinland’s prophecy necessary? It ISN’T!!!!!

    The Scriptures that proclaim Christ are ALL that one needs to understand how one is saved! Not NEW prophecies. If NEW prophecy is REQUIRED after Christ then Christ was NOT the Messiah. Ronald Weinland says you MUST join HIS church to understand God’s truth, meaning the false doctrines and false prophecies Ron has ADDED to Bible. Weinland is a LIAR. The Old Testament prophets knew exactly what they were saying, Jews know who is and who isn’t the Messiah, and there is NO prophecy after Christ or added to Christ that is true or NECESSARY. Christ himself says this!!! The COG-PKG… serving Satan and denying the Gospel with every word, action and breath!! LOL!!

    Weinland preaches a theology so clearly anti-Bible and anti-Jesus that even a 10 year old going to Sunday School could see it!

  • Ronco says:

    Not to bury this thread with scripture quotes, but I came across this little gem from 2 Peter 2 as recorded in the NIV and I couldn’t resist (sorry!):

    “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies… In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories.”

    Talk about a Sure Word of Prophecy from St Peter himself!

    PKG- Please Keep Giving!!!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    imagine Jeremy Weinland’s kid growing up

    Is Ron a grandpa? I hadn’t heard that Jeremy has a child.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    I’m sure many that post here knew of Norm Myers. His boys even put out a couple of tapes while attending AC. Well, Norm passed away this week-end from a heart attack. Not sure what church he stayed in. I know one of his sons is in Cincinnati. I grew up with them and have known them for 40 plus years. Norm and wife actually live about 30 miles from me now. Haven’t talked with them in a couple of months. As long as religion was kept out of the conversation we got along fine.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Last I heard Jeremy and wife were splitting up. If Ron wants grandchildren I doubt it will be from Audra, she’s putting on some years for that.

  • Jocko says:

    Another PKG marriage down the tubes. Surprised. Hell No.

  • martin says:

    So, posting every 2 weeks is considered a heightened dedication nowadays?

    The guy is lazy.

    In Revelation the Two Witnesses testify for 1260 days.

    Both of them.

    Every day.

    For 1260 days.

    Ron can barely do it every two weeks.

  • It’s busy in prison.

  • Gossip is essentially character assassination — killing off the person being gossiped about in a virtual way.

    Does this mean that Laura is breaking the Sixth Commandment and is therefore the daughter of Satan?

    Lies… it’s all lies….

  • Acts says:

    Proverbs 17:4
    Wrongdoers eagerly listen to gossip; liars pay close attention to slander.

    Here is something to consider , PKG.

  • Acts says:

    Exodus 23:1

  • charlie says:

    all those who quote verses have NO effect on the weinlands since to them those verses do not apply in thier own minds ,,,thier attitude seems to be that those verses only apply to others …dont know how much more delusionial weinland can get but looks like it is going way downhill in a bad way …a search on a bible site for the word “adultery” will reveal numerous references to it …of course there is the physical kind and there is the spiritual kind …what weinland has done is commit spiritual adultery..that is what you ron weinland must repent of ..but you wont
    you could actually have friends ..even here ,,if you would just come to your is your stubborn pride ( also a sin ) that keeps you out ….does GOD ( the real living God ) seem far away ?..well…who do you think moved ?

  • Nothing — not even the lake of fire — needs to be ‘real’ because they can just spiritualize it away.

    The rules don’t apply to the Weinlands because they are special, protected, but do apply to everyone else.

    Let’s see, Ron in prison, Laura a spiritual widow (busy gossiping), Audra is divorced and remarried and Jeremy… is he getting a divorce or not? And all those nasty but true things people say about them.

    Rules don’t apply? As a man sows, so others will reap, but not him? Do the same things the same way under the same conditions and get wildly differing results?

    You can do anything you want and get away with it?

    How’s that working out?

    About the same as Swineland’s prophecies?

    What possible rational reason could the PKG have to continue to follow these losers?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    The PKG are being reduced to a tiny band of long term World Wide Church of God types that ended up with Weinland. They have believed the lies of Armstrongism for so long, they see no reason to believe anything else. They are so old, ergo they are “so close” to getting their reward, a few more years of ignorance is a small price to pay for what they think they will receive. an 80 year old PKGer could be moments away from their “reward” literally They are several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tithes in… they are doubling down. Swineland also does not have decades and decades left…. his greed will guarantee his death-without-repentance. All he can do now is pass on the scam to his kids and hoep they will be able to sustain the lie, which they won;t. Audra is a simpleton, and Laura will make too many enemies to sustain this on her own.

    It is an excellent reason for you and I to stay in shape and eat healthy so we can enjoy watching this charade’s slow dissipation into entropy and further stupidity. Personally I am looking forward to 2019 when we get to celebrate another massive false prophecy and watch Weinland invent yet another stupid reason for why God has IGNORED him year after year!

    See you alive and well in 2019, mein Bruder in Freiheit!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    This is also why Mike (DDTFA)’s ongoing documentation of Weinland’s lies and crimes is such a wonderful indictment of Weinland that anyone can read and see the actual truth about Weinland. And, as the years go by, the evidence grows and grows. We have been 100% correct about Weinland lies and crimes, and he has been 100% wrong about EVERY. SINGLE. PROPHECY. AND. DOCTRINAL. POINT. That is a fact, and I love that that anyone can see it upon their arrival here. NOONE has ever challenged the truths here… because they CAN’T.

    Weinland clearly hates this blog, and he can do nothing to stop the truth. Welcome to the fake, weak, coward Church of Weinland….

  • Acts says:

    I agree Charlie, they have NO effect on him . He is a Pharisee , a low-down filthy hypocrite and he will die in his sins. Before he dies he will have had all the warning . He is a leader in Apostasy just like Nimrod, he is a Judas Iscariot ! 2 Thessalonians 2 sums the entire thing up! his Stumbling block is the FACT that he believes World wide church of God was Gods Church . God’s Church in scripture are those who keep the commandments and hold the Testimony of Jesus Christ . It is a Spiritual Body with Jesus Christ as the Head. Ron does not keep the Commandments of God and he certainly does not hold to the Testimony of Jesus Christ, Hence Apostasy ! not an apostasy from any group or organization but an apostasy from Jesus Christ the head . The entire Christian world is guilty of this,but each person will be judged according to what they have done in life, Many people out there do not know God but they do not steal , they do not commit Adultery they try to lead an Honest Life and help others . Can Ronald and his Family say the same thing? God’s Church is in the Individuals that are Following him, and that is not for any man to decide it is God who decides measured by his Law, and it is God that knows his people. Anyone can open the Bible and see What Jesus taught and what the Real Apostles taught if someone goes against that in any fashion or form they should not be followed , there is NO new Truth.

    2 Corinthians 11
    3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 4 For if he that comes preaches ANOTHER JESUS, WHOM WE HAVE NOT PREACHED, or if you receive another spirit, which you have not received, or another gospel, which you have not accepted, you might well bear with him.

    Don’t bear with Anyone like that ! They are leading you Astray! Open the Bible and seek God.
    Isaiah 8:20
    To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

    Ronald Weinland should not be followed , There is NO light(Christ) in him . All his delusion comes from his own vain mind.

  • Welcome to the fake, weak, coward Church of Weinland

    Avalokiteshvara, that is absolutely hilarious. Church of Weinland.

    The CoW!

    And seeing how one of the two witnesses is the fat heifer….


  • Randy says:

    He’s got to hate this blog , he loves to controll everything, and we all know him for the lieing false prophet he is, thief,scum bag,fellon, what a peice of shit , please bubba give him a bitch slap for me !!! I feel better now I got that out and your wife is worst , money stilling Gossipping low down bitch ! Now in ready for a great Christmas enjoy everyone !

  • martin says:

    Is Jeremy a prophet too?

    So if Jeremy is divorcing, then we will have two adulterous prophets.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jeremy is only a senior elder. And is adulterous only if he does not remain celibate.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Yes, Douglas…

    The C.O.W. (Church of Weinland) featuring M.O.O.™ (More Official Offal). Yes, now with More Official Offal… rotting internal organs and entrails unfit for spiritual consumption. Also featuring 20% more A.U.D.R.A™ (Awful Useless Daughter Raised Arrogantly) and 60% more L.A.U.R.A.™ (Laughable Arrogant Useless Rotten Anti-Christ).

    There is no amount of contempt wasted on these lying, criminal religious con artists.

  • martin says:

    “Where would we go?” seems to be a popular excuse among PKGers.

    The answer is anywhere except staying with PKG.

    Otherwise you share the same fate as false prophets do, and that is falling into the pit.

    So if falling into the pit seems good to you, then stay and wait for it.

    If not, then leave.

  • martin says:

    What PKGers are doing, is they are sticking with a blasphemer.

    Ronald Weinland denies the divinity of Christ.

    Ron teaches that Christ is a created being.

    This flies in the face of so many scriptures.

    Evidence for Christ’s Divinity
    1) John the Baptist said that Christ existed before he did (John 1:15)
    2) He was worshiped by demons and Christ did not rebuke them for it
    3) He was worshiped by his disciples and Christ accepted it
    4) He had authority to forgive sins
    5) He said he would return to heaven/the Father, you can’t return to somewhere you did not FIRST COME FROM.

    Now if Christ was just human (special or otherwise), then that would mean other Christians could also accept worship and have authority to forgive sins (in the ultimate sense like God does).

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    You said, “Now if Christ was just human (special or otherwise), then that would mean other Christians could also accept worship and have authority to forgive sins (in the ultimate sense like God does).”

    This is EXACTLY why Conald Swineland says Christ is created, because then RON can be Saviour. If the ONLY way you can be saved is through being in Ron’s church, the n Jesus is NOT your Saviour, Ron is. If Jesus alone cannot save you, then whoever is required to save you is your TRUE “Saviour.” And since Jesus came BEFORE Ron, then RON is your FINAL Saviour the final step you must take, thus RON is more important than Jesus because Jesus alone CAN’T save you. If the PKG is the only way you can be saved in 2015, then Jesus is merely that guy that started the process that leads to you rultimate Salvation, Ronald Weinland the criminal false prophet.

    Weinland is an anti-Christ, he has removed Christ’s power and replaced it with himself.

    It is like replacing an F-16 with a paper airplane…

  • Byker Bob says:

    In my opinion, Ron would have had greater credibility if he had preached something like, “Brethren, I want to help you to live in such a way that you are blessed with more beer money!”

    Not that I believe in the sanctity of adult beverages, it’s just that at least that statement would have been indicative of a certain amount of altruism, and interest in the plight of the supporters. The problem is that these pseudo prophets and apostles always teach that the purpose of blessings is to immediately turn the blessings over to them! And, their tastes are considerably more expensive than beer!


  • Randy says:

    Laura thinks she is so much better than everyone and the truth she is trash !!!!!!

  • Randy says:

    Tell them all Laura how bad of a man i aim, lieing bitch my mom has a great life with her family leave us a lone, you can’t run your own family Devores, your husband in Fedral prison ,, my Harleydavison buddies run a better life than that , they love people not steal from them !

  • Ronco says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    Take that HWA & Co!!!

  • Maz says:

    Merry Christmas!

  • Acts says:

    A Heightened Dedication to Foolishness part 3 is up.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Thanks Acts. Now reposted here on this blog.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Hey Guys…. Merry Christmas ( for those of you who believe in it ) myself, I luv Christmas, and always have …… down here the weather is always great for the beach, icecream, beer and girls in bikinis, ( ron would hate that last bit, but I’ve heard he loved our Queensland beaches, and bikini girls ) , and he would return to Kentucky and warn everyone not to wear ‘ inappropriate swimwear ‘ . What a hypocritical , dopey dog ! ( not to mention the mysterious Hawian stop-overs ) and as for our ‘ol buddy Zera-blabber, ya can’t tell me a bloke that looks like that, is a ‘ridgy-didge’, ‘fair-dinkum’, christian ! ( he’s gotta have some type of ‘thing’ going , besides being totally eff’d in the head ? )

    thank you to Mike, Fed up and Avo for noticing my return, to Mock, Mock, Mocketty Mocking the two Witnesses, of nothing ( haha ) , except their glorious and bottomless demise, and absolute failure.
    Now, he should write a book on “how to fail for ruination, 2008 ” ….. as he demonstrates such precise , expertise on the subject .

  • Avalokitesshvara says:

    Hey, no problem, Budgie. You have THE best name for an avatar ever! “Budgie Smuggler.” I am not sure if everyone knows what it is referring to but for those of us who do…LOL!!

    And though you know exactly where I stand on religion, let me wish you and everyone a truly Merry Christmas. I hope 2015 will be a great year for you.