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This weekend, Willem Henderson is filling in for the False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is probably sharpening his #2 pencils in his prison cell to dash off another dose of nonsense for next week.  Here are some interesting points in the transcript of Willem’s sermon:

This refers to Leviticus 13:47-52. It is described here how that when a piece of clothing has been touched with leprosy this piece of clothing had to be burnt. So then when you look at Jude verse 23 again from a spiritual point of view, this means that for some it is already too late, as Satan has already influenced them to the point where they no longer want the truth.

I’ve personally experienced this with people that left the Church. You can no longer talk to them. They think differently. They no longer think the way they did when they were still in the truth. It’s as Mr. Weinland so often mentioned in sermons, like the movie, The Body Snatchers. God’s spirit is gone. You can no longer talk with them about spiritual things. Satan has done his work. He has taken God’s work in this person away – stolen it. When someone removes themselves from God’s Church or is removed from God’s Church, in both cases we are told to no longer have any contact with them. One of the reasons why is to cause them to regret because now they no longer have that contact with other Church members as they used to. The strong close bond they had no longer exists, and maybe the lack of contact can trigger someone to see their fault and come back. This is really difficult and hard to do, and you don’t see this outcome very often. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story about the prodigal (or the lost) son.

It is better not to have any contact with people that are no longer in the Church, to protect the Body and ourselves, in order not to be sucked in with their delusional ideas that developed during the time they were turning away. As Mr. Weinland always says, this doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, there’s months before someone goes so far as to leave God’s Church or to be put out. And so, we must protect God’s Church from such.

According to comments left on this blog, many are leaving PKG.  One couple was disfellowshipped for attending a wedding of others who left the church.  Later on, Willem states:

Don’t touch the lies and the false witnesses that are spread about us on the internet. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to know it. Don’t think you are immune to it, that you can handle it, to read all that is being said about us. They are the vultures that speak evil about God’s Church. For wherever the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together – Matthew 24:28. By the way, that is still being done to Mr. Armstrong too. It is very dangerous! Don’t touch it! There is enough material on the Church website to feed yourself spiritually. Don’t look at other things!

The title to this post is the same as the ironic title to Willem’s sermon.  PKG members are not following the truth.  Rather, they are following a demonstrated liar.  A liar imprisoned for lying on his tax returns, and incidentally for disobeying Jesus about paying Caesar his due. Who then lied to his members claiming it was only about Laura’s travel expenses.  Someone who lied on his own daughter’s marriage certificate.  Someone who broke his repeated promise to admit his prophetic failures.  Of course Ron would not want someone to read my websites which have documented his lies for the past several years.

Indeed.  Follow the truth


  • Acts says:

    Poor Willem. “It is better not to have any contact with people that are no longer in the Church, to protect the Body and ourselves, in order not to be sucked in with their delusional ideas that developed during the time they were turning away”
    And what about Ron ‘s Delusional ideas ? Namely his many false Prophesies ?
    It is better not to have contact with people so your mind can be fully closed off to the reality that Ron is a false prophet, to protect Ron and Laura so they will still have income while Ron is in Prison ,so they can still collect your Tithe money ,so they can live fat. And so we must protect Ron and Laura , Not to be sucked into the truth that people were freed from the bondage of a Controling , lying , delusional , Pawn of Satan.

    Willem, you know not what you do.

  • Well, maybe prodigal does mean lost — lost money for the members of the PKG.

    Undoubtedly, Laura will be wearing Victoria’s underwear while revealing secrets.

  • Acts, a recent ad describes the situation very well: “stupid crazy!”.

    PKG: stop being generous to Conald Swineland — it’s your money, you use it when you need it! (The Swineland number is 1-555-Cash-Cow!)

  • Acts says:

    “The strong close bond they had no longer exists, and maybe the lack of contact can trigger someone to see their fault and come back. This is really difficult and hard to do, and you don’t see this outcome very often.”

    This is a position of PRIDE . It is not God’s way. It is also a very convenient way for a false prophet to hold his control . People leave or are disfellowshipped , then his false prophet wife SLANDERS them to all in the congregation and poisons peoples mind against their friends or family. PKG you are being Trained in Evil Practices .

    Jude 21 21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

    22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:

    23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

  • bilbo says:

    Nobody more delusional than these folk. When “Satan revealed to Ron” that Christ might not return on May 27 2012, Willem stormed out of the room with anger. I wonder what happened in his mind. Not only did he come back, looks like he’s all in, defending naked lies as reality.

    Sounds similar to gambling addiction – being unable to handle having lost your bet. So you double down. Triple down. Ruin your whole life because “this can’t be happening, we can’t be wrong”.

    He is absolutely right though. People in a cult, and people outside of a cult, view each other as space aliens. The language and concepts in the cult are so loaded, you can’t communicate with regular people. It’s true in almost every cult and very much by design.

  • Acts says:

    Douglas I agree . Ron and Laura are Extortioners ! Nothing more . Ron went to College to become a Minister who will make his living off people . Nuff said.

  • Acts says:

    Where is all this in the Bible?

  • Acts says:

    Bilbo, Ron made Willem an Evangelist! That’s what happened to him. He was Ron’s only go to man in Europe. Willem Stated “WE GO FORWARD ” after May 27 Ron emediatly RAISED HIM UP.

  • Acts says:

    Ron is Crafty he takes advantage of people in many different ways.

  • bilbo says:

    > Where is all this in the Bible?

    Everywhere! You, I, others, have been posting countless scriptures in the comments for a long time now!

    The bible is replete with scriptures on topics related to what Ron and Laura are up to, how to recognize it, how to recognize whether it is real or false, how extremely serious of a crime it is to falsely represent God, and so on.

    There is more than enough there to protect oneself and others from this kind of extortion.

    Pay or Pain. That’s why some won’t quit. Otherwise it should be just too obvious.

  • bilbo says:

    These guys gravitate toward specific passages in Leviticus, over and over, because they establish the routines and tasks for the membership.

    However, not once have I heard them mention or soundly refute any of the passages we discuss here, that warn and expose false prophets and profiteers of God’s word.

  • Acts says:

    Thats the Truth.

  • Bilbo, that is because Swineland does not understand the spiritual and must remain rooted in Leviticus for the purely physical, and, apparently, the entire PKG has been conditioned to only seek after the physical and not the spiritual (redemption).

    The irony is that even though they don’t understand spiritual things, as soon as Swineland needs a new excuse for his prophetic failures, they all swallow the nonsense that it’s been spiritually fulfilled.

    It works well because they cannot understand the spiritual and takes the word of a con who doesn’t understand it either.

    And they look forward to the Feasts. Which are physical — purely physical feasts of eating and excessive drinking, enjoying the good life for a brief time because they’ve been robbed of it by a convicted felon.

    A convicted felon… hey, PKG, you think convicted felons can instruct you about the spiritual?

    Bad luck with that.

  • Acts says:

    Revelation 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked

  • martin says:

    Willem Henderson wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him.

    “Don’t touch the lies and the false witnesses that are spread about us on the internet.”

    Here is a perfect place where he could refute the “lies” and “false witnesses” about PKG.


    Telling, isn’t it?

  • martin says:

    1) God revealed to Ronald Weinland that Christ WOULD return on May 27 2012,
    2) Satan revealed to Ronald Weinland that Christ WOULD NOT return on May 27 2012

    So here is the situation.

    Ron is either serving a God that CAN NOT FULFILL HIS (GOD’s) OWN PROPHECY
    Ron is serving a FALSE GOD that CAN FULFILL HIS (the FALSE GOD’s) OWN PROPHECY

    In either case PKG is doomed.

  • JB says:

    Follow the truth—the truth lives outside of the cult. Many friends on this blog are living wonderful happy lives because they actually realized the truth. This year I am celebrating a wonderful Christmas with my husband. We will attend church Christmas Eve and share a Christmas feast with family Christmas Day. I attended church alone for several years and now it is wonderful to have my husband by my side again. It has taken time, but he is comfortable being there again.

  • Acts says:

    1 Corinthians 5:11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer. (Slanderer) , or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

    PKG, Why do you still Keep Company with Laura she is a 1st class Slanderer . Amazing!

    Why do you continue to Follow Ron who is a Exortioner and a False Prophet? Amazing ,Amazing!

  • Acts says:

    Is it because you see yourself as Rich and Increased with Goods( truths 57) and are so lifted by this?

    You are wreched , miserable , Poor , blind , and Naked .

  • Acts says:

    18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

    19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

  • juror bags says:

    Body Snatchers my ass! How about more like the Weinland movies CASH SNATCHERS followed with the sequel MIND SNATCHERS. That is more like the topic Billy Henderson should be going on about. Henderson, you sir are a FOOL!

    It is great to see that some leopards are seeing the light and stepping away from THE WEINLAND SCAM. DO NOT buy into Henderson’s B.S. either. In regards to curiosity, when dealing with Weinland it saved the cat/sheeple.

    In reading Billy boy’s crap, I can see there is a great turbulence going on in PKG. RUN PEOPLE, RUN!
    DO YOURSELVES A HUGE FAVOR AND QUIT LISTENING TO THE LIES AND CONTROL RON AND COMPANY SPEW. I was a juror for Ron the Con’s trial. He is a lying, swindling, dirty PIECE OF SHIT!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • martin says:

    “Don’t touch the lies and the false witnesses that are spread about us on the internet. ”

    Willem says PKGers should not go on the internet for lies and false witnesses but PKGers need never leave their church site or church company to get lies and false witnesses.

    When Ron lied MULTIPLE times about Christ’s Return, this lie was straight out of the false prophets own mouth.
    Ron also has the noble distinction of having EVERY SINGLE PROPHECY HE SPOKE, FAIL TO COME TO PASS, how’s that for false witnessing?

    Willem says not to listen to LIES and FALSE WITNESSING…maybe PKGers should heed that advice.

  • juror bags says:

    Wm. Henderson, you must be a real dip shit! You are a delusional idiot. I would rather listen to farts! At least you get some honest shit there. PKG FOLOWERS, brace yourselves for a serious crash and burn. You are selling your souls to Ron the Devil.

    I never realized LIES COST SO MUCH.

    Here is how it works and was shown and PROVEN during Ron’s trial which rendered a GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES. The jurors were overwhelmingly unanimous.

    I will make this very simple:

    1). RON AND LAURA LIE REPEATEDLY to tithers through various outlets (example: books, sermons, websites, elders). 2). Tithers send money into a Cincinnati, Ohio P.O. Box. 3). Audra runs to said P.O. Box in her new high dollar all wheel drive BMW, that tithes bought, to pick YOUR TITHES up and deposit them into a COG-PKG bank account. 4). Then money is transferred into various other PERSONAL bank accounts in Ron and Laura’s name so they can blow God’s money on PERSONAL expenses like new BMWs, vacations, utility bills, etc; << Get the picture here? 5). The Weinlands also pay many PERSONAL EXPENSES out of the PKG account.

    I will simplify even further:



    Hey Wm. Henderson, you for got to mention the trial and jurors whom knew nothing about Ron's CULT and found him guilty. ARE WE LIARS? Henderson is just another blind, lost Jackass! Unbelievable!

  • juror bags says:

    HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO VERY STUPID? Maybe you all deserve to be screwed real hard. Must be Ron-God’s will in regards to you. IDIOTS!

    PKG peoples God is Ron Weinland. A convicted lying criminal sitting in a Federal Prison.


    All while the Weinlands live a very lucrative and luxurious lifestyle without working, but only spewing lies and raiding a P.O. Box at your expense. May God have pity on you.

  • juror bags says:

    Have fun blowing God’s tithe money over the holidays, Swineland Shopping Hookers! Eat up and spend away! OINK, OINK………..HEFTY PIGS!

    Blame that one on God too because he sent you too much money and forced you to spend it fine dining resulting in another trip to Victoria Secret for some bigger “big” girl panties. God has provided the world with plenty of thread and textiles. Have at it Hogs!

  • Leftatlast says:

    Poor Willem. Bought with a position at the expense of his integrity. His “sermon” sounds driven by hysteria. Hope your evangelism is worth the price you paid.

  • Leftatlast says:

    If we’re the vultures, does this mean Willem admits PKG is the car as?

  • Leftatlast says:


  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Hi Wayne!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    WILLEM said: “Don’t touch the lies and the false witnesses that are spread about us on the internet. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to know it.”

    Curious. If you haven’t read them Willem, how do you know they are “lies”? LOL! Willem is so incredibly proud of being fooled by Weinland that he has to call Weinland’s PROVEN lying on his daughter’s marriage certificate itself a lie! Oh Willem…so proud of being stupid, so satisfied with being destroyed…

    Oh if only one of these braying donkeys would dare show up here. “Don’t look at stuff and don’t read things…” – the war cry of the con artist and the rallying call of the moron…

  • Dave says:

    They are just running scared because members are looking and elders are not being truthful. So the best way is to say don’t prove anything for yourself only read what Ron has proven for you. But most of the stuff on pkg web page is outdated and did not come to pass. Most members don’t even go to the website. Please go there and you will see not much has been updated.

    They are attacking us because they don’t have the prophecy to talk about so jump on us. if it is such a problem why does it have to be addressed. Members must be disobeying the leadership if this has to be brought back up.

    Plus how does Willem know what the friends that left think if he has not had contact with them. Isn’t that falsely accusing them by what someone else is telling them (Laura). it is best to talk to both sides before you condemn. Willem you need to get on your knees for falsely judging people.

  • Randy says:

    Where do they find this nut jobs !!

  • HereIStand says:

    Seems like this blog is worrying them. I don’t think there are very many other places on the internet that talk much now about Weinland (which is probably what he wants – less attention on his scam and less to distract his sources of income). Of course, if he makes another kooky prediction, the net will explode with it. And since his batting average is zero so far, the coverage won’t be positive.

    I really dislike people that take advantage of others who have disabilities (including psychological ones, whether they realize it or not).

    Good job, Mike

  • Debbie says:

    Congrats JB – so happy for you & your family 🙂

  • Randy says:

    No dought Laura reads this blog !

  • martin says:

    I wonder how much in savings Ron has?

    If the whole PKG membership went out the door, how long would Ron survive on savings alone?

  • Randy says:

    I think that’s is whylaura traveled to get cash!

  • Dave says:

    Another sad thing was a funeral this past week in Cincinnati for a long time member and only a select few were told. I was told known that had left recently were there but being disfellowshipped you wouldn’t want them to have influence on a funeral service. But a few from United were in attendance. Now you tell me where the love is.

  • Jocko says:

    If I recall correctly after Christ failed to return in May 2012 and Ron was convicted on all five felony counts he couldn’t even come up with the courage to give that coming Sabbath’s sermon. One of his “evangelists” had to do the dirty work for him. Ron also wrote a post on his blog where he almost sounded suicidal at times. His post had friends, family and church members concerned about his well being and this included one of Ron’s own sisters wasn’t a pkg member. Ron’s sister even posted her concerns about Ron’s well being right here on Mike’s blog.

    As Acts stated above it was back in 2012 when Ron spoke with Wilhem Henderson from the Netherlands and it was Wilhem who suggested to Ron that he use the “we move forward” slogan. Once he did so it became a whole new ballgame. Next up came the present truth and after Christ failed to return in May 2013 the new battle cry became Pentecost to Pentecost. And yes Wilhem was rewarded with a title for his “we move forward” slogan. I believe it was around the time Terry was dis-fellowshipped that Wilehm was raised up a second time to evangelist.

    Old Willy Boy must be on a super duper diet of Ron’s flavor aid for him to give a sermon such as he did this afternoon. It’s beyond any sane reasoning that Ron has any followers left besides his own wife and children who are only in the game for the lavish lifestyle it provides them. Keep on moving forward pkg members so you can follow Ron, Laura, Audra, Jeremy, Wilhem, Johnny and Wayne right down into the ditch.

  • Haverty says:

    The reason you have not heard from me is that a death has taken place in my family. It was difficult for me to deal with. But I am now to the point to get involved again. As you know I am an elder in pkg. I will tell you now that a campaign is now under way to get control of the membership. They (members) are now being told to quit talking to members who have been disfellowshipped and to quit getting information from the internet (this site). This is what the fellowship series is all about. You will more about this in coming sermons. A lot of members are leaving and the tithes are down significantly!

    When you start telling people on how they are to live their lives or face disfellowship is nothing more that desperation!!!!

  • Randy says:

    Great news Haverty I’m doing my happy dance I would love to see Laura eating out of a garbage can

  • Paula says:

    Haverty sorry for you loss and glad you are back.

  • Randy says:

    Haverty I should have said so sorry for your loss my prays go out for you, again sorry buddy

  • Leftatlast says:

    Haverty, you are in my thoughts.

  • martin says:

    Just keep in mind PKGers, you worked hard, you put in 40 hours a week or more, and tithed on your hard earned money.
    You sent in your money, so that it could be used to preach the gospel

    Ronald Weinland completely betrayed your trust, was and is a dishonest steward of that money.
    Instead of using that money to preach the gospel, he used it to buy sexy lingerie, and to buy expensive jewelry and paintings and multiple cars.
    He stole your tithes, he also stole from the government it’s share in taxes.

    If you wand to fund a thief, do so. If not, then stop sending in tithes which are being misused.

  • Haverty says:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts regarding my loss. It is greatly appreciated.

    Now, here is what is taking place within pkg. they no longer have a “focus”. From 2008 and on to present day the focus was prophesy and the return of Christ. Ronnie played this very well and had a lot us mesmerized and kept it going. However, when the prophesied dates failed ronnie then threw out the June 8, 2014 date for the return of Christ. The membership is barely hanging on to this and they have their doubts. This is the reason for them contacting members who have left. They want to know why!! It all comes to the same conclusions that ronnie is not what he says he is and that he is in prison for violating the law. A lot of this information comes from this site. The opening statement of the prosecuting attorney says it all. This is what is making sense now. In other words the weinlands have loss control over the distraction from the truth of what they have done and continue to do.

    Mike the date of June 8, 2014 will be an important date based on the fact that if Christ does not return on that date, it will be the end for many of the current membership. The weinlands must come up with some new doctrine in order to hold it all together. Personally, I do not see this happening. It is ronnie and laura’s last hooray as well. I see the end of pkg clearly. You can only fool the membership for so long and then it is over.

    Believe me, there is a real fear of members contacting those who have left. The reason being that they are being successful in undoing ronnie’s spell over them. For me, this is a fascinating thing to watch from the inside. For many in pkg being suspended or disfellowshipped means very little to them. As I have stated, the more they return to everyday life the more they realize this is not the place to be. The main issue being the imprisonment of ronnie and the failed dates. They are coming to the conclusion that it is NOT a religious persecution but an actual breaking of the law that has led to his imprisonment. Also, the mishandling of the tithes that were paid in good faith is fast becoming the focus for many.

    Another point, ronnie is cut off from direct communication with the membership, except by the postings. He can no longer influence the membership by being in direct communication with the them. I wonder if he realizes that it is God who has cut him off?

  • bilbo says:

    > Mike the date of June 8, 2014 will be an important date based on the fact that if Christ does not return on that date, it will be the end for many of the current membership.

    That is wonderful news that more will be freed. However, seriously, people are giving him *another* year?

  • Jocko says:

    Haverty, Please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your loved one. May the Lord give you and your family strength to get through this terrible time period. You and your family will be in the thoughts and prayers of many of us here on Mike’s blog.

    Thank you once again for coming back and sharing your thoughts with us. We all have much respect for you and we admire your courage for exposing the Weinland’s while risking your position within the organization. Please stay well and take care of yourself and your family. I can assure you that everyone here looks forward to reading all of your upcoming posts. (Well maybe not Laura, Audra, Johnny Wayne or Wilhem but the rest of sure as hell do)

    I apologize for the language used in the above expression but it seemed to fit perfectly with the content of my post. Once again I’d like to say thank you for all you have done in exposing the criminal enterprise otherwise known as Weinland family.

  • Byker Bob says:

    Haverty, first allow me add my condolences and sympathy to that already expressed by the others in our little community.

    Secondly, there is a bit of historical precedent for what you are even now accomplishing. In the early days of the Painful Truth website, there was a prolific poster who went by the name of “John O”. John had been the pastor of a large (by WCG standards) congregation in Hawaii. On his way out the door, at one critical junction, he managed to lead the majority of the members of his congregation to safety, so effectively that when some of the damage control people finally arrived from Pasadena, there was virtually nothing left. I hope you can stay below the radar long enough to help the maximum number of people possible. Sometimes it is easy for us, in a comfortable armchair with our laptops, in our dens and livingrooms, to see someone like a Ron Weinland for what he is, and to understand the damage that he does. But, for his followers, PKG is their entire lives. What they are now facing, they probably see as being the most important crisis they will ever be confronted with. Surely, most of us respect that. At best, assuming they read here, the most effective thing any of us can do is to present them with enough factual material to assist them in making an intelligent decision.

    Good luck, and Godspeed!

  • Jan says:

    Haverty, our most sincere sympathies for your loss. This month marks 8 years of my mother not speaking to me, per Gerald Flurry’s directive. She died in September. Her local ministry somehow forbade the congregation to attend her funeral which would mean risk of disfellowshipment, saying the family wanted no one from her church there. LIE. She had not had a call or visit by her minister for a year, even got a new one a few months before she died and didn’t know who it was. We shared with her nearby friends so that all could come, but leadership spun it against us, the family, and no one came. God bless you for standing strong. You are doing a great service and we pray for your peace and strength. Thank you.

  • Leftatlast says:

    Oh Jan, I am so very sorry. I’ve recently learned of others who have passed, and those who left pkg were not told…in instances where some became aware, their condolences were ignored. It’s such a travesty. 🙁

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Sorry for your loss. That is the way of things, but it doesn’t mean that because something has happened to billions of people over thousands of years it makes it easier to deal with when it happens in your life. Whether one is a theist or not, at least you know that that person is now feeling none of the vicissitudes of life, and is at eternal peace.


    Condolences to you as well. Just shows the sickness of COG theology that one has to hide in a cave to continue believing it, while actual Christians follow Christ and GO OUT into the world to preach. COGs snipe and hide…Jesus fed people stood on a mountain, healed and whatever else had him out in the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another sterling example of just how far from Christ these fake Christians are in any/all COGs…especially the PKG, with Ron exhorting the members to NOT pray for those outside of the Church who are struggling.

  • juror bags says:

    Many or I should probably say all of us were wondering why you were not on the radar. Sorry for your loss and welcome back. You are appreciated here. Your loved ones are way more important than a lying, thieving con-artist. I hope you find some peace and such from your situation.

    I really admire what you are doing and it is the right thing to do. This is the only contact I have with anyone associated with Ron other than the trial and I am here long after the trial. I have no interests in the fight to speak of other than exposing a piece of garbage. What I saw during Ron’s trial bothered me so deeply I felt I needed to air it out and help however I could. It is disgusting how and why Ron and Laura operate. You are a key contact here and I am sure many other PKGers and ex-PKGers find your input very helpful. I do and I was not involved in Ron’s CULT. Thank You. I hope your are successful in exposing followers as to what is truly going on and what Ron and Laura are truly about. STEALING AND MISUSING GOD’S CASH.

    I am sure Laura and others read this blog. That is exactly why I am so hateful, scathing, cruel, vulgar, and condescending with my comments towards them. They deserve it! I like to return some abuse back their way. I say what is truthful about them but in the nastiest way possible because they are such nasty people. FILTHY PIGS! I apologize for offending others with some terminology, but I do it for Laura, Audra, and the other vain scum bag’s reading pleasure. You WIDE LOAD MONEY GRUBBING PIGS are welcome. You hookers will need some more “church paid” dental work soon as much as you SWINE chew that food. Those teeth of yours have some serious fine dining mileage racked up on them. That’s obvious. I have a recommendation. Set the Twinkies down and quit lying and stealing peoples money. Fancy jewelry does not make a PIG look any better. There’s some love for ya! OINK, OINK!

  • Acts says:

    Haverty, very sorry to hear of your loss. Always a very hard thing. Peace and Strength to you.

  • Acts says:

    Jan, also sorry to hear about your loss as well. The people leading these organizations are so far off base , and they see themselves as so great, it’s a Shame! These leaders have such a shock coming their way. God is going to bring them all Down.

  • juror bags says:

    “We move forward” in the BMW’s to pick up cash for the Weinland Luxury Fund is a more appropriate slogan. Who is we? Ron, Laura, Audra, and Jeremy. You people are not moving “forward.” You are stuck like Chuck taking one in the rear for “TEAM WEINLAND.” Hopefully, Bubba is on the followers team returning the favor. Been donkey punched in the back of the head lately, Prophet Ron? How is the tax payer coffee tasting?

    Followers can not attend others funerals? WHAT? No CULT CONTROL there, ehh? How wrong and sick is that? Ron and Laura are diabolical control freaks so far out of control they are insane. How do you tithers fail to see that? I never saw it anywhere that God preferred to employ Nazi CULT Dictators to spread the good word. I must have missed that memo.

    “We move forward”
    Tithe money into personal bank accounts. “Truly awesome” isn’t it? It “truly” is for the Weinland’s. Sorry about everyone else’s luck.

    SEND THAT TITHE CASH IN. LAURA AND AUDRA ARE GETTING HUNGRY AND NEED TO BE FED. This lil’ piggy went to the market to repeatedly blow tithe money! Wee, wee, wee!

  • juror bags says:

    Your situation is exactly why I have so much disdain for the Weinlands. I feel for you. Sorry. Things like this are why I carry such a heavy dislike and contempt towards Ron and his nasty pig wife and arrogant pig daughter. The Weinlands are so wrong and destructive it is hard to grasp. The destruction is limitless. What makes it worse is they have no regard for what they do and who they harm. They could care less.

    They had a large arrogant perverse sense of pride about it in the courtroom. They think they are superior to everyone else and others are for them to use and abuse for their personal gain. In my opinion the Weinlands are the most disgusting and diabolical individuals I have ever encountered and I do not live under a rock. I have seen and experienced the world. Hands down, they win the vile pigs award. A title that they will likely not lose.

    When daddy’s little pig, Audra marched up to the witness stand I was thinking, “what a bitch.” When she opened her mouth, it was confirmed but you could place dumb in front of the B word. Her better than thou attitude and stupidity did not do false prophet daddy ANY favors.

  • juror bags says:

    The taxpayers thank you for your stellar performance on the witness stand! You were a vital component in sending nut job pops to Club Fed. Kudos! How did you become so well versed in not telling the truth? Nevermind…………… That is a no-brainer. The rotten apple does not fall far from the tree. Does it? Don’t beat yourself up over it. Go eat a BIG plate of comfort food and forget about it. What did you buy with tithe money at the market today, lil’ piggy?

    Why didn’t mommy and daddy use their magical heavenly witness/prophet powers and sway the jury? That’s right! It’s bullshit. How’s the stolen tithe check cashing business going for you? Has it slowed down a bit? Lucky, you! You do not have to work as hard. Is mommy being extra bitchy now that the Luxury Fund is tightening up and followers are growing tired of Daddy’s #2 junk? What are you going to do when the P.O. Box dries up? I would be worried too because hefty gals and stripper poles are not a good combo. Good Luck, PIG!

  • juror bags says:

    Thanks again for your endless work here benefitting PKG victims, mankind and society. As I have stated before. I have a great respect for you and your unselfish effort here. You are a far greater man than Ron the Con could ever dream of being. I think it is evident that this blog is taking a bigger toll on Ron’s free money than thought. Not absolutely sure, but it does seem to be doing a significant job. One less abused tither is better than none. The numbers are growing here and dwindling on Ron’s end. I am thinking like Haverty in that a larger number to come is on the horizon. Myself and many others are pulling for you and would be very happy if it propels Ron’s fake internet church of voodoo lies into nonexistence. That would be “truly awesome!”

    The FACTS and TRUTH relayed here is certainly creating a serious problem for Ron’s money laundering Church Scam. If I were a PKG member I would have many serious concerns pertaining to Ron, the lies, the missed dates, prison, misuse of tithe money, and the uneasy feelings of watching others leaving while wondering why they left. Especially, the notable characters like Terry. After all, he was a founding father figure. The remaining followers are wondering. They may be brain washed but they still have their survival instincts.

  • martin says:

    Was Terry disfellowshipped or did he leave? I’m still not sure what happened.

    It would be nice of Terry to help others leave, if Terry came to the conclusion that Ronald Weinland is in fact a false prophet (as well as proven liar and proven thief)

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Haverty, very sorry to hear of your loss. I think we were all concerned not to have heard from you in a while. Unfortunately to many like me, the damage from Ron has already been done, and will never be repaired. Life goes on. It’s been better without the stress of living with a PKG member, but still do not understand how this person can still be “in” the church. Had a pre-divorce hearing last week and even the Judge could see through Gary. He told the courts he didn’t make any money trucking. Asked how long he’s been in it, 45 years. Judge said, you would think you would have gotten out a long time ago. About half way through, he remembered that he also heard the restraining order. “It wouldn’t have done much damage, it was less then a two inch drill bit” From that point on many lies were exposed of Gary and he lost everything. He was told to return the 4-wheeler, claims it’s to much money to return from AL to WI. Judge said you didn’t have a problem taking it, or breaking into the house to get it, return it. So now every time it snows until it is returned, Gary is charged $50 for snow removal. Said he sold the tractor, but didn’t remember the name. When I said it was at his daughters in AL, Judge wanted to know if it was true. Gary claims he sold it to her. Judge said, “and you forgot your own daughter’s name?” Let’s just say, when Gary left the court hearing he was not a “happy camper’. And if your reading this Gary, your attorney came into the room I was in with my attorney to introduce himself. Told me I had the prettiest green eyes he ever saw, and for that matter was a very nice looking woman, and wanted to know how you could divorce someone like me. My attorney started to laugh when he left, saying, “I think he just made a pass at you”. In the long run Gary, your the one that lost. NOT ONLY BY FOLLOWING A FALSE PERSON, but by following him lost your wife, home, dogs, horses, etc… Now how does it feel to follow Ron? Keep it up Gary and you’ll lose more, how does that Lake of Fire look to you, Gary. People keep following Ron and this will happen to you also. GOD promises it, and GOD keeps HIS promises!!!!!

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Haverty – my sincere condolences for your loss. I think what you are doing is amazing and takes a lot of mental strength to do what you are doing. When the time is right, I am so looking forward to hearing your entire story!

    Jan, that is just heartbreaking 🙁

  • Ronco says:

    Ron is in the pokey and HWA is pushing up daisies…

    Merry Christmas!

  • juror bags says:

    It is one in the same depending on who is offering the opinion. Even if Terry left on his own he still gets dis-fellowshipped by Ron and his wench. It’s amazing how many big fancy non existent words Ron can make up from that one run on dis-fellow whatever spun various ways. Typical Ron. Idiot! I am not grammar Nazi nor an English major but I know it is not a word when it is long enough to require a period after it. I guess Ron is learning all kinds of new words in Club Fed. At least he is learning the use of compound prefixes and suffixes. I am waiting for Ron to sling out predisfellowshippedmentedly. Square and cubed roots do not mix with words, Ronnie.

    I can not offer a definitive answer. I would be willing to say he figured it out and left on his own like other PKGers that saw very small pieces of the trial. That would be my guess. I have seen where it was said he hit his head (???) and other spins on Terry’s PKG fate. Bottom line is the fact that he is gone. Good for Terry! It would be great to see him come aboard and enlighten others here. BE A GOOD MAN AND HELP OTHERS OUT, TERRY.

    Out of all of the PKG witnesses to take the witness stand he was by far the most professional and intelligent. Much more knowledge than Ron. Terry seems to have his stuff together except for temporarily believing in Ron’s B.S. Now he doesn’t so he is a very squared away individual.

    Terry set up all of the corporate stuff, tax exempt status for PKG and what not. He was a comptroller for some business in Northern Ohio. I can not remember the name of the company he worked for. He seemed like a shrewd businessman.

  • Overit says:

    Haverty, I too am sorry for your loss.

    Jan, that is tragic that you could not have a relationship with your own mother. Makes me wonder if Ron has one with his since they are not in total agreement?

    What kind of religion is this that it is so fragile that the ministry is in constant fear of losing members simply by being a friend to an ex member? That alone speaks volumes!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Haverty, please allow me to add my condolences for your loss.

    As far as Christ’s return next Pentecost and members expecting that: Seems to me that a good deal of their delusion comes from within, not just from the Weinlands. Seems to me that somewhere in the past few months Ron wrote with his #2 pencil that Christ wouldn’t return for a few years. But haven’t looked back through all his nonsense to find it.

  • Acts says:

    Ron likes to cover all his bases . He is sitting in jail just waiting for the next natural disaster to happen so he could jump on it as a new round of thunders. He says well Christ could come back on Pentecost 2014 brethren, But I don’t have the foggiest idea. He should have just said I don’t have the foggiest idea from the beginning . He would have saved a lot of people years of Disappointment . Instead he is a False prophet , for all the False prophecies he has spoken . He looks at Fox News and divines A false Prophecy from his own diluted mind.
    Pkg I know you are all waiting for Jan 8 too. Let me save you some brain power, the 5 months of revelation will not start jan 8 . I know some of you are thinking this. If Ron knew you were you would be Disfellowshipped because it did not come form his evil mind and it was not given to him to say yet from Satan.

    I still fully believe when things get desperate enough he will give another date for the retun of Jesus Christ. I think it will be sometime toward the end of his second year in prison . Would anyone like to wager in on this? 2nd year ? 3 year? Anyone?

  • The PKG is now waiting for the Second Coming of Ron as he gets out of prison.

    To them it will be a glorious time of celebration to have their hero back, which will cause them to forget about the return of Jesus entirely because they have something better: They have their Ron back.

    Hopefully, by that time, only a handful of PKG members will be left — all elders, of course (say, by this time aren’t there more elders than regular members?).

    With any luck at all, new indictments will be waiting….

  • Acts says:

    The question is , what is Ron going to call this year in his plan? Sure he will have his Annual Pentecost post, Will it be Extaordinary in his mind in some way? You can Guarantee it!

  • Acts says:


  • Byker Bob says:

    At the time HWA concocted Armstrongism, there was already a 75 year old history lesson in the bag regarding a religious organization based on the setting of dates. You can almost hear the Herbal acolytes of that day, saying, “But that’s different, because William Miller was not really an Apostle, and the SDA’s have become watered down.”

    At least we know what was responsible for Mrs. E.G. White’s prophecies: She suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy. Leaders of the Armstrong movement have in many repetitive and observable cases proven to be motivated by lust for greatness, or specialness. They seized upon an intangible, highly salable, commodity, and all of their franchises have provided long-term personall profitability, except in the hands of the untalented, or incompetent. All a franchisee needs to be independent is ten strong tithers, who are willing to overlook serious repeated mistakes.


  • Haverty says:

    All of the postings above are on the mark. What the prevailing problem is that pkg no longer has a persuasive and charismatic voice to hear. The preaching staff does not have what it takes to deliver and keep everyone captivated. Now, ronnie can not have anyone with speaking skills that would match or exceed his own. Ronnie has cleverly engineered this environment to protect himself and what he is doing.

    The interesting element here is that he is cut off from communicating directly with pkg. He has been clever in making Laura the second witness, in that, ronnie knows full well she can not assume full control of pkg leadership. This was done to protect his position. When you take the time and analyze how he structured pkg to give him absolute control is masterful to say the least. However, by doing this, he has also incorporated his own demise. In that, he can not put anyone in his place that has charismatic speaking skills. What will happen is that this individual would be able to take away the membership from him. This is the very reason why he has an “untrained” ministry and a”lacking” preaching staff. This is what protect ronnie from a takeover from within. What he didn’t count on was being put in prison and losing direct contact with the membership! Ronnie can NOT put anyone who has greater skills than he has because he knows that also would be the end for him.

    If you have noticed, ronnie has not gone near any prophetic events at all!! The reason being is that he has preached that all of these events have already taken place. Ronnie knows that his “death knell bell” is June 8th and that he has to come up with something quick or he is going to have admit that he is not what he claims to be! This is what I mean that he has dug his grave with how he setup pkg to be solidly under his control.

    I will tell you that within the membership there is a restlessness to move on. There are no more excuses to keep their interest anymore. Saying that we now go from pentecost to pentecost is not enough anymore. The question is, “how many more penetcosts have to take place”? This is no longer working anymore. I see the loss of interest and the wandering of the minds during service. It is all to obvious what is taking place. I see it and I am living it!

    I know this boring to some of you but I am letting you that there is a loss of interest and fracturing among the membership that is taking place. It is only a matter of time.

  • Acts says:

    Ron makes a phone call on the Sabbath to the location that Laura is at. They have worked it so he can still have his voice heard for a minute or two. Haverty are you aware of this?

  • Haverty says:

    No I am not. This is news to me.

  • Acts says:

    I know they have done this in more areas than 1.

  • Haverty says:

    This is one of those internal problems. This constant lack of communication amongst the ministry. All this does is generate resentment and anger.

  • Acts says:

    They are very calculating people.

  • Haverty says:

    They are either very stupid people or are extremely diabolical!

  • Acts says:

    Maybe they are trying to find out who you are ? Very Crafty. If I were you, I would not mention this . Maybe there are others like you? You know any who are done with the Lies and are still in for the reasons you are?

  • Acts says:

    I believe many areas are very Isolated and people really don’t communicate with each other anyway. That’s why it is not known from area to area.

  • Ozymandias says:

    They may have a restlessness to move on, but perhaps are afraid of where to go. I finally had to say I would go on alone. Many have thrown the baby out with the bathwater and now keep Christmas and break the Sabbath. The pendulum swings. You must establish what YOU truly believe and only then have the confidence to leave something that has been part of your life for 40 years. You can do it and you’re not alone at all. You have God almighty guiding you as he always has. To thine own self be true. Deep down in anyone truly called of God knows what they must do. God has given us legs to walk with and a brain to think with. Many of us have been mental couch potatoes, letting Ron do all the thinking and take the blame fro all that went wrong. We all helped to create the Frankenstein monster that the church has become. We must be special, have a special prophet, have a special place in the Kingdom. We have much to repent of.

  • Acts says:

    CANDIDLY I don’t care what Ron And Laura are SCHEMING. They will fall.

  • Acts says:

    Amen Ozy!

  • Haverty says:

    No doubt, the snoops are very busy. Eventually they will catch up to me and this will be okay with me. I will laugh in their face and say goodbye. I know there are others in the ministry, but, they are keeping a low profile for now. As I have stated, June 8th will be an interesting day in pkg. It will probably be the day I say “audios amigos”!

    For the time being, I am enjoying the spectacle of this collapse and am learning a great deal about this type of control over others in the name of religion. I will write a book about this one day.

  • Ozymandias says:

    Idols are not always made of wood, iron or clay. Anything we set up and follow unconditionally, is our idol.

  • Acts says:

    Haverty , Any insight on how people feel about January 8 2014 in regards to the 5 Months mentioned in Revelation? It won’t take till June to see the Effects from that?

  • Acts says:

    I know he Spiritualized it all away last time for his own purpose. But he still believes that It has a phisical application . We can’t forget his red book that is so True and what that says , and his many False prophecies over the years on that matter alone.

  • Acts says:

    Lets have a reminder

    “At the same time all these events come together at the sounding of the Fifth Trumpet, there will be an initial period of time (five months) when much human suffering will continue as a result of the first four trumpets. This marks a time of great suffering on a worldwide scale”

  • Acts says:

    This trumpet will announce the first great “woe” on the earth. The prophetic description covers many overlapping, unfolding and interacting highlighted events in the final three and one-half years of man’s self-rule. The highlights of this Fifth Trumpet include:
    (1) the emergence of Satan and his large army of demons to great power
    (2) the emergence of great power wielded by the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope
    (3) the emergence of a fully-united European union of ten nations
    (4) the emergence of a colossal military might from this united European union and the destruction of several hundred million people by it
    (5) the protection of God’s elect and the torment and trying (testing) of those who have refused to repent in the environs of God’s scattered Church

  • Oyzmandias says:

    As far as the constant lack of communication in the ministry. you couldn’t sneeze in our area without it going all over, elder to elder, for the good of the church.

  • Haverty says:

    Ronnie has departed from what he wrote. He does admit that the armies of europe and asia will meet in jerusalem. However, the two witness have already died. Ronnie has clouded the written words in revelations to fit his interpretations. Also, ronnie has instructed the membership NOT to read anything written by Herbert Armstrong, WHY? Because it does not fit into his interpretations and will cause members to ask questions.

    In essence, ronnie has confused every bit of end-time prophesies to fit his interpretations under the guise of “present truth”. His interpretation of time, times and half a time was an absolute disaster! This is one of the problems he is facing today. Ronnie can not reinterpret these things without looking like a fool! This is the very thing that the membership is realizing, because, they are reading Herbert Armstrong’s booklets. I know of many who are doing this. A lot of doubt has arisen from this.

  • Acts says:

    Amazing news! All people need to do is go back and look at all the things that came out of his mouth.

  • Acts says:

    Ron , here is a question for you, if the demons came out of the pit a year ago at the sounding of the fifth Trumpet spiritually , are they back in the pit now????????????????
    Another one, you claimed that Revelation 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death ,and shall not find it; and shall desire to die , and death shall flee from them.
    You claimed this had to do with world leaders seeking destruction and not even being aware of it. ( seeking Death)
    Since the five months ended now in what? end of April or beginning of May?
    How do you Square This Ron?

  • Acts says:

    Ron Ron Ron The hole that you have dug for yourself over the years.

  • Jocko says:

    Haverty said “Ron likes to cover all his bases . He is sitting in jail just waiting for the next natural disaster to happen so he could jump on it as a new round of thunders. He says well Christ could come back on Pentecost 2014 brethren, But I don’t have the foggiest idea. He should have just said I don’t have the foggiest idea from the beginning . He would have saved a lot of people years of Disappointment”

    In addition to years of disappointment Ron could have saved a lot of people from other fates such as losing much of their money, losing their entire life savings, losing their homes after refinancing to remove all the equity with no means of paying it back, losing their jobs or career’s, losing their family, friends and loved ones and the list goes on and one. Ron has also caused serious mental health issues to scores of people due to all of the above and then some.

    Today there would also be young couples who would have already been married and started families if not for Ron’s ridiculous control freak syndrome. How many children were never born due to the fact that Ron ordered his membership not to begin new relationships, become engaged, get married or have children until after the tribulation was over. This man has caused an infinite amount of damage to scores of pkg members past and present not to mention the collateral damage he’s done to the thousands of people who were friends, family and loved ones of those very same pkg members.

    Ron could have also saved his membership from a lot of other grief such as losing much of their money or losing their entire life savings, taking out loans or maxing out credit cards with no means to pay their debt back, losing their homes after refinancing them and taking out all the equity to get the message out while in reality they were really supporting Ron and his family’s lavish life styles. How many people went out and purchased expensive luxury items like gold and diamond jewelry because Laura already had them and suggested they do the same? She told the membership the United States government was on the doorstep of collapse so all their debt would be wiped clean once the new millennium was ushered in.

    We know of at least one marriage that ended up in divorce due to Ron policy but the number of other marriage’s which ended in divorces resulting in the break up of families we’ll never know. All this happened because Ron is a control freak and he wasn’t satisfied unless he was in total control of every single pkg member. One day Ron will have to answer for all the evil and collateral damage he has caused and I for one wouldn’t wanted to be anywhere near him once judgment day is upon us.

  • Acts says:

    Ron post, One War is Over the Last one is about to Begin May 1 2013

    The good news now is that this five-month battle has ended and God’s Church has been defined. This great army of demonic spirit beings are now turning their wrath toward this world. One great war is over and the last one is about to begin. We have lived through a time of great trouble that was cast upon the Church, and now that time of trouble is ready to be cast upon the world.

  • Haverty says:

    Well said, Jocko. Some are still in financial straits because of what he did. I assure you that many will not allow that to happen to them again, IF, they are still around.

  • Acts says:

    Ron , if world leaders were seeking death for 5 months and were not able to find it. Why since the 5 months have been over for almost 8 months , have they not been able to find it yet? After all , world leaders are no match for this power ?

  • Acts says:

    Just kidding Ron I know you can’t answer any questions on what you have stated over time. I don’t think you and your family can even keep up with all of it. Maybe the second Witness can Answer some of these questions? DOUBTFUL .

  • Haverty says:


    You have to remember that ronnie said laura is a “silent” witness! she is not allowed to testify without the “spokesmen” permission! Control Control Control !!!!

  • Randy says:

    Interesting he told them not to read any HWA !

  • Acts says:

    This is True but where does it say that in Revelation?

  • Acts says:

    Is Ron the Spokesman because he attended Spokesman Club?

  • juror bags says:

    What you are saying about Ron’s total control is correct! This was shown during the trial when Terry Wrozek, Johnny Harrell, and others PKG followers testified. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. It is also clear that Ron’s own left hand does not jive with his right. Then throw in Ron’s insane lying mouth. That was highly entertaining!

    Ron has set himself up to protect himself from being over ran from within without a doubt. HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY, IN CHARGE OF ALL, INCLUDING GOD’S TITHES, according to testimony. Maybe Terry is gone because he saw the opportunity and thought about a take over. Who knows, but I speculate. I feel he was in a position to do so or had the best shot. Slow Draw Hillbilly Harrell would be hard pressed to keep a dogs attention with a steak in his hand. That’s why Ron and Laura like him and Harrell and his wife are their shadows. At least in Las Vegas they were.

    I also think it is going to be nearly impossible for Ron to remain in control for the duration of his imprisonment. Look at things now as you see first hand coming unglued and Ron the Con has a very long time to remain in Club Fed. I believe Ron and Laura are seriously in damage control panic mode unsure of their next move. I think they are trying to grab all of the money they can for as long as possible.

    Even if they grab a lot of cash in the near future it will be an epic failure. The microscope is on them. They have large sums of fines, legal fees, taxes, and other PERSONAL EXPENSES to pay. I wonder if they have ever filed their 2009-2012 tax returns and paid for them yet. More to follow……………………………more expense, more troubles. They are greedy and destined to not play by the rules.
    Along with that now the IRS is watching the P.O. Box and the Weinland’s finances with extreme due diligence and the Weinlands are not making as much money because of the very high tax bracket they are currently required to pay into. Audra would have to show a significant increase in income to justify her means as well which becomes another tax liability. Times are a changing from gathering $4.5 million (2004-2008) spending it in lavish ways and burning the IRS for big tax refunds each year while not paying taxes. Are they not?

    These factors, just to mention a few, combined with tithers leaving will catch up with them. Paying the IRS or making the payment on the home in the Country Club to keep it. Which debt will be paid first? They will pay to keep their home versus Uncle Sam. Another beautiful problem they have is the fact that they will take a serious loss and beating on that fancy home on the golf course and/or Audra’s condo if they need to sell. Audra’s condo was $140,000 and they would be lucky to sell it for $100,000. There are countless condos for sale very cheap there just so people can get out from under them. Hundreds of them. It is an enormous community.

    They are way under water in the resale values on both places. Recently I saw a home in Triple Crown Country Club that sold for almost $3 million in 2004 on the market for $970,000 and the bank can not get it sold. Another foreclosure on the golf course. More high rollers like Ron and his Lard Ass Queen. Property values have plummeted there more than other areas around here because of the numerous empty homes. I have personally seen (drove by out of curiosity) Ron and Laura’s house and I invest in real estate and rental property. I live 10-15 minutes away. I think they would be hard pressed to get $270,000 or so for a home they paid way too much for to begin with. I know the real estate market here. I noticed on the PVA that their taxes have been lowered to less than what they paid for the property and the improvements.

    They paid $381,000 in 2005 or so when the over inflated housing market was thriving at it’s best. They also dumped another $60,000 plus into a finished basement and some silly ass landscaping so the yard looked good for Audra’s wedding. Audra is divorced and Ron has lost big money on the upgrades. IDIOT! So they have $441,000 wrapped up into the place. The taxable evaluation is $351,000 which is adjusted down and still too high considering true market value. The PVA figures if someone is stupid enough to pay that much then it is worth that to someone. They should be paying taxes on the$441K. The $60K basement and landscaping was a topic discussed in court. The county PVA (Property Evaluation Admin.) showed up and testified in court also just to establish what Ron and Laura paid for their home in the very upscale hood. Not good! No big deal because these home purchases were made with tithe money too. Problem is Ron has to keep many tithes coming in to pay for them. THAT IS PERSONAL BUSINESS JUST LIKE TAX LIABILITY. THESE EXPENSES ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

    “They are very calculating” is an understatement. The Weinlands have more buttons than an adding machine and a scientific calculator combined.
    However, there have been entirely too many lies, missed dates, and other factors for them to patch the tithers back up. The new recruit horizon is not looking bright either! The U.S.S. Weinland is a sinking ship. It is only a matter of time. What is nice is we are watching Ron and family putting the life vests on looking for the raft! Hopefully when they are forced to jump ship the tithing life raft is gone. They are looking now. DING!

  • juror bags says:

    I rode a few days back and now it is very cold again. Weather here is nutty. It depends if we get the Gulf Coast or the Great Lakes jet streams. There is a local saying. If you don’t like the weather, stick around 5 minutes, it will completely change. Very true. You probably predominately get the cold Great Lakes effect up there in your neck of the woods.

    Yes, the damage done by Weinland is impossible to measure in an accurate way. I really do feel strongly that PKGers COULD WIN A CIVIL SUIT with possible criminal charges included against the Weinlands. It could be a first of its kind and set a precedent. Ron and the defense team tried to explain his wrong doings away due to his religious beliefs. It did not work. Did it? The case was NOT ABOUT RELIGION but about a con-artist committing a crime. Defrauding the IRS. Where is Ron now? Not only has he defrauded the IRS but Ron has defrauded hundreds of others. Period! Myself and the jury foreman seem to agree that the followers have a case but I am not an attorney and I do not know what Juror #215’s occupation might be. He was an intelligent and well spoken fellow. Mike met him also. Next time I see my attorney friend I will ask what he thinks.

    You have hit some important points in your last comment. Very valid and important. Think about what you know to be undisputable facts. I feel all that it would take to get a judgment or win is literally having a few (local to Cincinnati) witnesses testify that they were told to re-fi their homes, cash in 401k’s, etc; Others could just provide sworn/affirmed statements or affidavits. It would be overwhelming much like Ron’s tax case. I am sure some attorney would take it. Most of them would sue a rock if they think they can beat a dollar out of the rock.

    Okay, so Ron’s “church” bank account does not have enough to pay out. That is not what you all would be winning here. You would be putting an END to Ron and Laura’s livelihood and SCAM. The Weinlands can believe whatever they want but they should pay for their crimes. Kind of like trying a terrorist or war criminal in a round about way. PKG Jihad! Just like they have done to so many others. Another lawsuit and court date would likely be enough to capsize the money boat. Give that some thought people. I believe it is possible. You would not be suing a religious figure but a fraudulent scamming con-artist felon with a previous conviction. The IRS won. Why wouldn’t you all. Same thing, different plaintiff. I wish I was an attorney right about now. I would go after them for you just to create another problem for them. Vindictive….maybe? The just thing…..Yes.

    There is not just one person that this has been done to. It is many, repeated over and over in many different places. I know it is a gray area that these followers did so. In essence they were forced, influenced, and coerced to do so. There is undue influence and laws to protect from that. Many elderly are taken advantage of by different avenues and scams. How would any other scam-artist fair in that situation? NOT WELL! THERE MUST BE A WAY THAT THIS COULD BE DONE. Most everything of what Ron and Laura do is not religion at all. It is disguised as religion. IT IS FRAUD WHICH IS CRIMINAL. Ron not paying taxes was criminal. Sure he tried to turn that into a religious subject matter. How did that work out for him? I practically lived with the other jurors for 8 long days. It is fair to say they all feel as I do about Ron and his FRAUDULENT SCAM. GUILTY! It angered me tremendously. You all know exactly what I think and how I feel about the Weinlands. I think I express it very well in an very direct an uncouth manner. Ya think?

  • Byker Bob says:

    LOL. I’m silently chuckling to myself over the spectacle of people becoming liberated from Ron Weinland through reading the writings of HWA! Is that really whacked out, or what?


  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    If HWA were still alive, he would have disfellowshipped the Weinlands.

  • As it is, it appears that the Weinlands have disfellowshipped Herbert Armstrong posthumously.

    So now the PKG follows a man basically created by Herbert Armstrong (as collateral damage) and now he won’t let the PKG learn what Herbert Armstrong taught.

    This is preposterous.

  • Randy says:

    Funny my mom still quotes HWA all the time and not Ron the asshole! Just yesterday we watched the news and they where saying about shipping all the water from Great Lakes to china, and mom said HWA said in the end it will all be about water no oil, I just laughed

  • Randy says:

    The fact is you can’t quote the asshole on nothing he said never happen! Hahaha what a joke the asshole is! Enjoy your Christmas in prison bubba has your gift 🙂

  • martin says:

    juror bags says: “Another lawsuit and court date would likely be enough to capsize the money boat…. ”

    There are still(?) unfiled taxes, will the IRS pursue this in court?

    How is it these crooks can get away with multiple years of unfiled taxes and not get pursued by the IRS?

  • Randy says:

    I got to laugh my mom believes in a false prophet but cuts down people who believe in Christmas, like bags says keep sending your money to the post box u nuts

  • Randy says:

    I can still remember my mom all dressed up sitting on the couch waiting for Christ to return Ron u you are an asshole and Christmas is so bad the pope is ten times the Man U are

  • juror bags says:

    Not sure if those tax years were filed on not. I was wondering myself. I kind of remember something about those years being mentioned. Not really sure about any details. The court case only involved 2004-2008 which were filed and cheated on. Something was mentioned about 2009-2012. It has been some time and I am foggy on it. At the time of the trial I think some were not and there was mention of Ron hiring an accountant to take care of it. ??????????????

  • Acts says:

    Ron , Laura, The longer you carry all this on the harder it will be on you in the End.

  • Acts says:

    2008 God’s Final Witness is a FALSE PROPHECY ! PKG can you not see this by now? If you believe you were called by God then Live by his Commandments . God called you and you should not underestimate what you may go through in life! The Time we are in Now is a Time of FALSE PROPHETS . Do you Think all false prophets are out to purposely deceive you? You better understand that a lot of these people deceive themselves Long before they start deceiving you. They unknowingly give themselves over to Satan, It is so Subtle ! Is Ron really following God’s Law or does he show Partiality ? Malachi 2:8 But ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law; ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the LORD of hosts. 9Therefore have I also made you contemptible and base before all the people, according as ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law. Ron Twists Gods Law into what ever is convenient to him at the time. He will pay dearly for this. PKG in the time to come some of you are going to face major choices . God’s people are not in one physical group right now. This is the Tribulation ! The words of Jesus Christ , Revelation 3:18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see. 19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent. 20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. 21 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

  • Well here it is and we all suppose that Conald the Swineland will be having special Christmas Turkey in Federal Prison today (or maybe they just offer Christmas Ham — say, are there Prison menus available online?).

    No doubt Santa has brought you a big sack of coal.

    Not much in the way of prison exchange for merchandise like that.

    Do you get your Christmas call from Laura today?

    Here’s hoping you have a miserable time while I hie off to watch the Dr. Who Christmas Special on BBC America for Matt Smith’s last episode where he’s going to Transalore!

    Unlike the TARDIS, prison really is smaller on the inside, isn’t it?

  • Acts says:

    Part 4 of Ron’s latest propaganda campaign is up. What a truly miserable human being he is . He has no shame.

  • juror bags says:

    Ron does not have the words like shame, just, fair, caring, compassion, nor kindness in his dictionary. CASH IS KING! He does have many others he has invented though. Another point is that Ron and the Clan do not care about God, religion, nor the belief system they spin, twist, and sling to everyone. FACT! They merely use this as a means to OPERATE THEIR MONEY MAKING SCAM. God and religion is nothing more than a smoke screen or distraction so they can screw people OUT OF MONEY.

    The Weinlands are in this for the TITHE MONEY PAYCHECKS. NOTHING ELSE! The Weinlands do not practice what they preach. Would Ron and Laura be in the game if they were not making tons of money? Hell, NO! They do not believe any of it either. This was shown in court. If it was time for Jesus to return or the end of the world why did the Weinlands not max out their credit cards and not pay their debts etc; as Ron encouraged the tithers to do? McBride pointed these FACTS out to show and prove Ron DOES NOT BELIEVE IN WHAT HE PREACHES. Many times this was shown and PROVEN.

    Now look at Paula’s comment above. Ron is now not practicing what he preached previously and he wants to separate families and no one to fellowship with others with a similar belief system. Know why? Because Ron does not want to LOSE PAYING CUSTOMERS who might talk to another that makes sense of his lying idiotic madness. Like I have stated before. If all of the followers would have sat through the entire trial and witnessed what Ron and his Diabolical Clan are truly about Ron would no longer have any tithers.

    Terry, Dowd, and others whom witnessed very tiny parts of the trial are gone. Just a little bit was all it took for them to realized that something stinks very badly.

    How are people who are not tithing treated? Poorly. Usually dis-fellowshipped because they no longer fulfill Ron and Laura’s BANKING NEEDS. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are idiots that pay and play Ron’s game the way Ron and Laura want them to treated. Great! GOOD PAYING CUSTOMERS GET BETTER TREATMENT. Look at this Willy Henderson jack wagon MAKE BELIEVE EVANGELIST. Wilhelm(?) is a good paying and rule playing fool. Just like Hillbilly Harrell. Foolish ass kissing shoe shiners!



  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I can add to Ron and Laura not practicing what they preach. In 2007, Ron indicated that he was trying to refinance his house to get the equity out. I found out that didn’t happen when I visited the Boone County, KY courthouse on the afternoon following his sentencing. Yes, Ron did refinance his house — several years later after the interest rates had gone down, and for a lower value on the note which lowers his monthly payments. Anyone who thinks I am lying can visit the Boone County courthouse themselves and look it up.

  • Jocko says:

    Didn’t Ron always pay his property tax bills early at the beginning of each year since he and Laura have lived in the triple crown complex? If Ron and Laura really believed Christ was returning in 2011, 2012 and 2013 why did they pay their property tax bills ahead of time each year?

    I’m sure Ron and Laura have already decided to do the same for their 2014 property tax bill but this time around it will be either Laura or Audra who signs and mails in the property tax check.

    On the upside Ron won’t have to pay any property tax bills for vacationing at Club Fed and receiving free room and board for the next two years plus.