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Financial Planning

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

After two weeks without any postings, False Prophet Ronald Weinland finally sharpened his #2 pencils.

My financial advice to PKG members is to stop sending money to PO boxes for other people to spend on panties and such.

——————–  Ron’s posting ——————————

The purpose of this post will be to cover a few items for God’s Church that would be good to be addressed at this time concerning financial planning. As the Church today is composed mostly of newer people, there are matters that come up from time to time that have need of further clarification and guidance.

Over the past couple of years, the Church has learned much and grown much through the process of having strongly embraced two separate occasions when it believed Christ would return, Pentecost of 2012 and then again on Pentecost of 2013. This “experience” created and produced a spirit of conviction that was far more fully molded and fashioned toward “living” God’s way (truth and law) of life and it being first and foremost our primary focus in life. This is a far deeper conviction and “understanding” actively living in God’s people in a far greater way than I have witnessed in my 44 years in God’s Church.

There is no price that can be placed upon the value of what God has created in His people through this time. Yet, there is also a component of a literal price paid in the lives of all who have gone through this process. Some of that cost may have involved recycling stored goods (primarily foods) or even discarding some that spoiled. Other costs may have involved Feast of Tabernacles expenditures that had been largely used before each Pentecost, since the focus was so absolute that Christ would return at that time, therefore all currency saved to that time would have no value afterward. Another area of impact affected some who believed they would no longer have their jobs after Pentecost (in this age) and planned accordingly. This list could certainly include several other matters that created a greater financial impact in people’s lives, but perhaps the most common was that which involved over-extending credit purchases above what one could otherwise handle.

Some of the literal cost experienced by people was simply a natural consequence of believing this current age of man’s self-rule was ending, which includes man’s established economic system coming to an end. Other costs were simply self-imposed as a result of unwise choices. Yet with all of the various costs to people’s lives, none can be remotely compared to the “value” of what was created and fashioned in us by God’s creation and transforming power at work in our lives due to this incredible experience. In addition to the incredible depth of conviction that was molded into people’s lives, there was much more that was learned on a spiritual plane. As a result, many have grown much more in Godly wisdom, deeper understanding of one’s own nature, and a magnified appreciation of experiencing such a creative transformation in life.

Economic Implosion
A common experience that has been expressed by a number of people is that if Christ had returned on either date it would have solved (resolved) ongoing financial struggles and other difficulties (battles) in life. First, it is important to acknowledge that because of all the financial struggles associated with such a strong focus of Christ’s return on two separate occasions that all of us can grow and become wiser in budgeting and planning. Secondly, we need to realize that no matter how wisely or how well we have planned ahead, there will still be financial hardships because of the “end-time” we are currently living in.

Since 2008, when the First Trumpet sounded, the financial impact from a growing global buildup to a complete economic implosion has been in the works. This buildup is steadily eroding away all the underpinnings of this world’s economic system. It is causing greater stress and strain on businesses and governments worldwide, which in turn, is doing the same to individuals and families.

For all of those who are in God’s Church, this can be likened to the first few plagues that were poured out during the time just preceding the Exodus when both Israel and Egypt suffered together. In the beginning, we will suffer what the world suffers until the time when God begins to intervene to protect and deliver His people.

Gold Cannot Save the World
Many in the world “see” the handwriting on the wall of the collapse of the American dollar, which is the world’s reserve currency. Although there are nations preparing for a shift (complete change) from dependence on the U.S. dollar as the current reserve currency, it is too late for their efforts, even apart from a third world war as some see it. In addition, the nations have so prostituted themselves to the Dollar that the world’s large corporations and the very economic system itself cannot survive such a collapse.

God has allowed (even orchestrated) mankind to come to a moment in time (at the end of 6,000 years) to have great technology, massive industrial capacity, and global economic trade and dependency in order to reveal the result of all human self-rule. Mankind would thoroughly destroy himself if God did not intervene. Although people can partially imagine the horror of a nuclear war, they do not comprehend (conceive) of the kind of death that will blanket the earth when massive corporations and governments collapse from an economic implosion. Today, the people of the world are dependent upon massive amounts of food production and daily delivery through modern technology. When that stops, the flow of food stops. Then that which follows is ugly beyond comprehension.

The sickness of the current economic system and world reserve currency can be seen in how some powerful and rapidly upcoming nations are preparing for a complete change in this world’s economic system. Some of the major players believe “gold” is the primary key to their survival, as well as their future world influence and growth. Normally, I would only quote sections of an article, but I’m going to include most of a particular economic news article in this post. This article truly reveals so much about the fragile current “state” of the world’s economic stability. But now, all the gold in the world cannot save anyone.

This economic news article, “China and Gold,” dated Oct. 18, 2013, is written by Alasdair Macleod. Known as a stockbroker, banker, and world economist, he understands many of the current economic trends taking place in the world.

Xinhua, which is China’s official press agency, was quoted in this article as running an op-ed article stating that because of all the shuffling back and forth in the United States government over its own economic issues that “it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world.” Then this article entitled, “China and Gold,” went on to expound upon what China has actively been doing to actually build a de-Americanized world. The magnitude of China’s actions are staggering.

“She (China) is encouraging the creation of an international market in her own currency through the twin centres of Hong Kong and London, side-lining New York, and she is actively promoting through the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) non-dollar trade settlement across the whole of Asia. She has also been covertly building her gold reserves while overtly encouraging her citizens to accumulate gold as well.”

“There can be little doubt from these actions that China is preparing herself for the demise of the dollar, at least as the world’s reserve currency. Central to insuring herself and her citizens against this outcome is gold. China has invested heavily in domestic mine production and is now the largest producer of an estimated 440 tonnes annually, and she is also looking to buy up gold mines elsewhere. Little or none of the domestically mined gold is seen in the market, so it is a reasonable assumption the Government is quietly accumulating all her own production without it becoming publicly available.”

“Recorded demand for gold from China’s private sector has escalated to the point where their demand now accounts for significantly more than the rest of the world’s mine production. The Shanghai Gold Exchange is the mainland monopoly for physical delivery, and Hong Kong acts as a separate interacting hub. Between them in the first eight months of 2013 they have delivered 1,730 tonnes into private hands, or an annualised rate of 2,600 tonnes.”

“The world ex-China mines an estimated 2,260 tonnes, leaving a supply deficit for not only the rest of gold-hungry South-east Asia and India, but the rest of the world as well. It is this fact that gives meat to the suspicion that Western central bank monetary gold is being supplied to keep the price down, because ETF sales and diminishing supplies of non-Asian scrap have been wholly insufficient to satisfy this surge in demand.”

“So why is the Chinese Government so keen on gold? The answer most likely involves geo-politics. And here it is worth noting that through the SCO, China and Russia with the support of most of the countries in between them are building an economic bloc with a common feature: gold. It is noticeable that while the West’s financial system has been bad-mouthing gold, all the members of the SCO, including most of its prospective members, have been accumulating it. The result is a strong vein of gold throughout Asia while the West has left itself dangerously exposed.”

“The West selling its stocks of gold has become the biggest strategic gamble in financial history. We are committing ourselves entirely to fiat currencies, which our central banks are now having to issue in accelerating quantities. In the process China and Russia have been handed ultimate economic power on a plate.”

Plan Ahead Wisely
This article that has just been quoted is astounding in scope. It reveals that indeed the “handwriting is on the wall, yet we know the economic system (part of Babylon) will collapse in God’s perfect timing as He moves the final end-time events into place. However, we do not now know the specific timing as we had previously believed we had.

As people in God’s Church are struggling right along with the rest of the world under growing economic strains, we all need to plan ahead as wisely as possible in all facets of our life. God has revealed that our spiritual focus is from Pentecost to Pentecost. Although we deeply yearn for Christ’s coming this Pentecost of 2014, he may not return on this date. If he does not return on this Pentecost, we will begin looking to the following Pentecost for his possible return, and so on.

This focus of living Pentecost to Pentecost stirs up the reality that such a coming can be very soon, and that in turn helps fuel a spirit of being continually on guard and spiritually watchful, just as Christ commanded we should be. So we must plan for the possibility of Christ’s soon coming and at the same time understand it could also be a few years down the road. We simply do not know until God reveals it.

If Christ’s coming is soon, we have a great work ahead of us. If Christ’s coming is a few years away, we will have a much greater work to accomplish in this age. Either way, we have a great work before us. But for now, you must plan ahead financially for the possibility of several years yet before us. There is no other way to plan wisely in financial matters than in the context of several years, as monetary matters cannot be changed quickly in life, but instead, it takes time, thought, and implementing a plan which will hopefully ensure a better chance for a positive outcome.

Everyone will have to take such matters before God as each asks for wisdom, guidance, and help in such planning and in the execution of those plans. God will not make your choices for you, as in such planning there can be many choices in front of you, but you can seek wisdom and favor (blessings) in the decisions you do make. Some must consider and then possibly make changes in their current living quarters, jobs, education, etc. Such decisions cannot be “put off” if there is an issue at hand that needs to be addressed. “Putting off” (or delaying) the making of difficult decisions is not a quality of wisdom, but of foolishness.

The Church cannot and does not tell people what decisions to make concerning such personal matters in life. No minister can tell you what is best for you to do. All such decisions and responsibility are yours. Again, take all such matters before God and seek His wisdom, favor, and help.

Along these lines of financial planning, everyone should also plan wisely for the annual Holy Days and the saving of Second Tithe for their observance as God commands. As God has now given us a focus of Pentecost to Pentecost, we understand that this also means we are to plan for the potential of our next observance of the Feast of Tabernacles. Over the past couple of years in our “present truth,” when we believed Christ was specifically coming on the “following” Pentecost, the administrative decision for the use of 2nd Tithe was given to also include special visits and travel associated with those visits. Now, 2nd Tithe should only be used for annual Holy Day expenses, especially for those associated with the observance of the Feast of Tabernacles.

In the context of the Feast of Tabernacles, the Church is seeking to plan ahead wisely in financial planning. This brings us to the subject of Festival Assistance for helping those who make such request. Over the past couple of years this area of financial load has grown tremendously, and as a result there will be the need to more wisely distribute such assistance. One of the first things we are going to institute is what the Worldwide Church of God carried out in its distribution of such funds. Festival Assistance was not automatically given each and every year to all who had been fully recommended and qualified to receive it. Many had to stay home for a year or two before receiving such assistance.

In the future, there will also be the need to tighten some requirements before receiving assistance. If it is clear someone has not consistently given Holy day offerings over the past year, then they will not receive Festival Assistance. The same is true concerning whether someone has been faithfully tithing over the entire previous year. In addition, for anyone who has made no effort whatsoever to set aside something for the Feast, then no Festival Assistance will be given. Over the past few years, due to so many being new in God’s Church, the Church has been very merciful and exceedingly patient when determining the giving of assistance. We are now a more matured Church and God has made it clear that He is requiring a higher standard from everyone in the Body.

Most people who have made requests for Festival Assistance are faithful in tithing, giving of Holy Day Offerings, and often saving extra aside for Feast observance. In every way, God’s Church will strive to make it possible for those people to attend the Feast of Tabernacles.

Financial conditions will continue to tighten in the world and we need to better prepare ourselves in the best ways we can. Hopefully time for this world is exceedingly short, but we must still plan ahead wisely. God desires to grant us favor, wisdom, and help as we continue moving forward, so “ask” God for such grace and guidance in your life concerning all your financial planning.

Signs of Pride

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

As False Prophet Ronald Weinland is still vacationing in Club Fed, Wayne Matthews continued the sermon series he started last week on the subject of pride.  Refusal of PKG members to admit they are following a lying false prophet is a sign of pride.  In a moment of irony, he criticized people who take on titles.  But that doesn’t apply to Spokesman of the Two Witnesses and Apostle Ronald Weinland.  Titles are signs of service to god, and Ronald Weinland serves his god well — the god that lives between his ears.

Johnny tacked on announcements at the beginning of this weekend’s sermon recording.  There isn’t a posting from Ron this week because of “time needed to catch up after the Feast of Tabernacles” and Johnny expressed hope that there would be time available for a posting next week.  Actually, this is the second week in a row without a posting from the Apostle, as the last post on his blog was on the 9th.  Wonder what exactly Ron has to catch up with following the feast, as he wrote only one blog post the whole month of September.  Maybe funds to pay Ron’s fines are low and he has no money to buy #2 pencils.

But there is money to travel.  The following travel schedule appears on the blog:

October 26 Detroit, MI – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
Dublin, Ireland – Jeremy Weinland (senior elder)
November 2 Erie, PA – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Mitch Williams (senior elder)
November 16 Indianapolis, IN – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell, Anne Wrozek (senior elder)
November 23 Windsor, CT – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell
December 7 Phoenix, AZ – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
January 11 Dallas, TX – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Anne Wrozek (senior elder)
February 8 Los Angeles, CA – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
February 15 Australia – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
February 22 New Zealand – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Wayne & Chris Matthews (evangelist and senior elder)

Of course Laura and Audra are taking advantage. I believe that Ron ordained Laura in December of 2008 so that with her religious status she could travel tax free.  And Jeremy is now a senior elder.  What’s interesting is that Terry Wrozek’s wife Anne is still listed as senior elder and on the travel schedule. Nothing more about Terry, whether he is allowed back in as lay member after losing his evangelist status.

Experiencing a Transition

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

According to Ron, if we knew Laura we wouldn’t be calling her the “Silent Witness”.  Those who know her think of her as a gossip.

Ron continues to repeat the tired nonsense that Laura’s travel expenses are the reason he’s in jail, when the reality is that it was only a minor portion of it as I summarize in this earlier post.

And continues to lay the groundwork for her to eventually give sermons.

———————–  Ron’s Post ———————————

Although God has not yet specifically revealed the exact year for Christ’s coming, we “see” that it is truly near. The turmoil in the Middle East is the catalyst for a final world war. Attitudes and division of nations have already become “set” as a result of events that have been occurring there over the past couple of years. With nations now “set” on their final course, depending on God’s perfect timing, anything can quickly lead into that catalyst (or excuse) to enter that third and final world war.

The fulfillment of prophetic events is currently in the process of being brought back full circle to 2008. What did not happen then is now closing in again. This time, it is fully about a far greater fulfillment of the First Trumpet. Although that sound and warning occurred on December 14, 2008, the economic devastation of that blast was only beginning to be made manifest (brought to light) to the world. The destruction of a worldwide economic collapse was “held back” until a “final witness” could be established in God’s Church and in the world’s response to God’s final warnings through His Church.

Who listened? Who took warning? Who repented? The answer to that is the witness! Now the world is quickly nearing a second, more profound illumination and realization of the effects of that First Trumpet.

The reason the Second Trumpet has not yet sounded is that the First Trumpet is yet to be made more fully manifest ¬– the escalation of worldwide economic destruction that will bring an end to the reign and power of the U.S. Dollar.

The Transition Magnified
We in God’s Church had believed that Christ’s coming would be Pentecost of 2012, and then we learned God had more to reveal about “that day” of Pentecost and that Christ would not return on that literal day. It was given to us that this was a “prophetic” Day of the Eternal. As God’s Church has long understood that the “Day of the Eternal” is an actual year in length, we responded to this “prophetic day” by concluding that this was about the “time” of God’s long prophesied vengeance (administration of judgment) upon the scattered modern day nations of Israel.

Our focus then changed to Pentecost of 2013 as the day of Christ’s return, but neither was that the literal day for the coming of our Messiah. God revealed why He allowed us to believe these dates as the literal, physical dates of Christ’s coming (covered in the series of posts, “An Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years”). We learned that there is a “dual” fulfillment to the “Day of the Lord.” Although God’s Church has long understood there is much duality in prophetic fulfillment, it never saw the duality of this special “prophetic Day of God.” The first half of that dual fulfillment was accomplished upon God’s Church by Pentecost of 2013. There is yet a second (dual) and final fulfillment to be accomplished upon the scattered nations of Israel.

We have covered some of this before, but it all bears repeating so that we maintain a keen focus upon what God is doing and how He is doing it. It is also important that we keep these things in context of what God continues to expound upon for us. As we were being blessed with a great deal of growth through this period of time (Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013), God’s people were strengthened in faith and deeper understanding that God is in full (total, complete) control of the transition from man’s age of self-rule (Satan’s reign) to His age of the Millennial reign of His Son.

Throughout this Feast season, God’s Church had been experiencing this transition on a spiritual plane as most have experienced a unity and closeness that has continued to grow stronger and stronger. It is an experience that is awesome to see and understand. Even though it has not been fully put (fit) together in the minds of everyone, this Feast was never-the-less grasped as deeply meaningful because of the “focus” of the sermons and how God and Christ organized it all. It has been “an important transition” in itself.

God has magnified that He and His Son give the spiritual food that is timely and needed for His Church, as many have observed and commented upon in letters and ministerial reports. I especially like the way one minister stated it when he was describing what God was giving through the new speakers at this year’s Feast: “Everybody was impressed with what the guys were given in the sermons. Naturally, people had sermons that touched them more than others, but everyone knows it was all from God and the guys were just the ‘sound system’ He used.” That is a good perspective for everyone to have – for those who deliver sermons and those who listen.

Many have commented on the strong focus that was upon the Millennium and the work that is now before us once it is established. When explaining how God had inspired such a unified message through a variety of speakers, another minister stated that she thought the message was very much like God saying, “I’ve prepared you for this, now be prepared for the future.” All this is so very exciting as God has revealed that (as stated in the last post), as a whole, we have now been fully prepared for the Millennium. Once it arrives, then there will be much planning and preparation that will engulf our lives for the work of changing this world.

We have been experiencing some of the final transition in God’s Church from one age to another. God has been putting the finishing touch upon those who are to be changed at Christ’s coming and moving the rest toward taking on far greater roles in example, service, and work they will be thrust into as the Millennium is established.

An Exciting Transition
One last area that is a large part of this transition from man’s age to the age of God’s reign which God’s Church is “experiencing” is one that is personally very exciting to me. It has much to do with what God has been leading His Church to “see” and begin living over the past few years. This transition has actually been spearheaded (put into action) and is being lived by my wife, Laura. God has been revealing to us about the lifting of great bondage that has been upon women over the past 6,000 years.

This phase of transition actually began when God revealed that one of the “two witnesses” of this end-time would be a woman – my wife. This indeed has been exciting as it also magnifies the importance of “family” in God’s great plan of Elohim. In Elohim, there is neither male nor female. In the Millennium, women will be esteemed in a far more meaningful, purer, and uplifting manner just as God intends it to be.

Once it was revealed that Laura was one of God’s end-time witnesses, mockers of what God is doing had their laughs and their moment of condemnation. Some responded by ridicule saying “how convenient” this was for me having my wife as the other witness. The truth is that it has indeed been convenient and a great blessing from God that we have been able to share such an experience together within God’s great plan that He is working out.

Since she did not give sermons or write posts, while it was also stated that God had made me the spokesman of both, some mockingly referred to her as the “silent witness.” Yet as a long time friend of hers pointed out, such people obviously do not know her.

This also reminds me of the government’s treatment of her role in the ministry that God gave to both of us as a team in His Church to serve His people, as she was portrayed as a “jetsetter” that liked to travel the world with me. With such a portrayal, the conclusion created from this was that all her travel expenses over a period of several years were actually “personal income” and not a legitimate Church expense. This was by far the single greatest Church expense brought into question that was deemed by them as “personal income” on which they said taxes should have been paid. Yet Laura has always been half of this ministry, even as husband and wife teams had always been recognized and accounted as such in the ministry of the Worldwide Church of God even though women were not ordained into the ministry at that time.

Laura and I have always shared in what we have been given by God to serve His people. On all trips, she has done far more counseling and giving of guidance and encouragement to people than I have. She has never been “silent,” but gifted by God to “bring out” people (help them to open up about their battles and struggles in life) and then help them by what she has spoken. Now she is being thrust forward even more due to the added load she must carry, and the Church recognizes more fully how God is using her as she speaks to congregations (not in sermons) and to the ministry about what is happening within God’s Church and what God is doing in our lives. She is doing this in all the locations where she is traveling as we are continuing to serve church areas as always with scheduled visits. In two locations this Feast season, she not only addressed the ministry, but both congregations that had gathered together at these sites.

It is a powerful encouragement to the Church, witnessing how God is working so much more through women. Women are in the process of being freed from great bondage in both the world and in the Church. Laura’s workload is becoming more visible, especially as she is continuing in a worldwide visiting program to help lead and teach the ministry as well as guide and encourage brethren in those areas.

The things in which God has been doing through one of His prophets and His other “witness” has been a living transition for the Church and will serve as an incredible encouragement for those who will live in the Millennium. Another part that can be seen in this growing transition with women serving in far greater roles was in the administration over three Feast of Tabernacles sites by women who are senior elders.

We live in exciting times as God has already started working “in” the Church in a very powerful manner to make a great transition from one age to another. God is giving us the blessing and awesome opportunity to share this experience with Him and His Son, who is not being delayed in His coming.


Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Wayne Matthews again filled in this weekend for False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is vacationing in Club Fed and wearing out #2 pencils.

Johnny Harrell tacked a few announcements on the beginning of the pre-recorded sermon.  He started out by instructing feast coordinators to plan for next year’s feast.  Comments have been left that attendance at this year’s feast was diminished, and rumblings are that some have delayed their departure from PKG until after the feast.  I expect that there will be fewer in attendance next year.

And a larger percentage may be elders of some type.  Johnny announced the ordinations to associate elder of John from Washington state, Stacy and Eric from Ohio, and Phillip from England.  People who abandon their family to drink Weinland’s Flavor Aid are eventually rewarded with meaningless titles.

Wayne had a mixture of nonsensical ideas and common sense in a rant against porn on the Internet and drugs.  He suggested that ISPs should censor all the content on their servers and their failure to do so is because of the love of money.  No thought about the practicality of doing that.  Also suggested that the failure of the war on drugs is because government won’t take the necessary steps such as eradicating drugs while still crops in the field.  But then he went on to point that porn and drugs would not exist if people didn’t consume them.

Well, duh.  I would point out that false prophets would not be sending out thousands of copies of their nonsense if people would simply not listen.  And false prophets would not be in prison for failing to pay the taxes on personal expenses like buying BMWs for their family members and shipping them in both directions across the Atlantic if people did not send them money.

Wayne criticized human reasoning justifying euthanasia as merciful.  Never mind the human reasoning that throwing people into the Lake of Fire is merciful.   Criticizing a scoffer or mocker brings shame.  Wonder if Ron felt shame when this blog continued on years after he issued a death curse, and if he felt any shame when telling me to get a life (“Go Fishing!!”).

Post-Feast Focus

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has sharpened his #2 pencils and here is his first post-feast blog post.  Lots of sanctifying in the last year and a half.  What happened a year and a half ago? Or maybe it’s what didn’t happen.

—–  Ronnie’s reinterpretation of events ———-

We have been blessed to be able to observe another Feast of Tabernacles in unity and peace in this end-time. We had believed that the previous two Feasts would be our last before Christ’s return. I’m certain that it is the hope and desire of each of you that this year’s Feast will prove to be the last in this age.

Over the past couple of years, God has blessed us with far greater understanding of the immense depth of true bondage in which this world is held captive. With deeper insight, we “see” this cruelty upon mankind far more clearly, and we therefore hurt more fully for this world that suffers in it. Over the past few years, that suffering has been growing more intense as an evil spirit world has increasingly become more agitated, as it knows its time is running out.

Indeed, we long for the beginning fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles at Christ’s coming and the end of this world’s suffering under Satan’s influence and rule. If we did not have such a deep yearning desire that this age end soon, something would be very wrong and spiritually amiss in our life.

God has truly blessed us mightily by stirring up such longing anticipation, expectation, and “want” within us, as it is so very good that we “do so want” His Kingdom to come. We see a world that is on the brink of collapse, but it seemingly continues to be propped up and kept from collapse. That is true! It is being allowed to continue until the very moment God says “no more.” God is in control of the perfect timing to bring about all the final events that are to occur before His Son returns on a Pentecost.

The Almighty God has given us a focus “from Pentecost to Pentecost.” We do not yet know what this remaining year holds in store for us or this world. We continue to move forward, seeking unity with God and with His Church. At some “moment” in time, the world around us will quickly change, and God has made us ready for that time. We are now ready for whatever lies ahead for whenever those changes begin to quickly bring this age to a close.

See God
After a Feast of Tabernacles, once people have returned to their home, job, and normal routine in life, there can be a strong let down. During the Feast, most people have had the opportunity to leave the world behind and to “taste” of the Millennium where there is unity and singleness of spirit in a unique setting of fellowship and spiritual feasting for eight days. After experiencing that and then being thrust back into this evil world, a strong let down can (and often does) occur. Be determined, before God, to fight against such a letdown that can drag you down spiritually as well. Instead, seek God’s help to be strong and of good courage to press forward and “finish” whatever work that is still before us.

Everyone should be sobered by how God has been sanctifying His Church over the past year and a half. Although it is a difficult process to go through and experience along the way, it does make the body stronger. Such powerful sanctification and cleansing coming so strongly from God should stir us up spiritually with great anticipation for what lies ahead. We truly need to “see God” more fully for what He is doing because it reveals much about an urgency in our “being made ready” and fully prepared for what now lies ahead.

In large part, we have now been made ready. This is not a time to feel any “letdown.” This is the time we should seek to have a more eager excitement for how, why, and the way God has led us to where we are now at this very time in His plan and purpose being worked out.

In my 44 years in God’s Church, there has been only one other time of sanctification and cleansing that is comparable to what we have experienced over the past year and a half. It is when God renewed strength in Herbert W. Armstrong after a fairly long period of physical weakness and illness. God brought Mr. Armstrong back with great strength, power, and a purpose-filled focus to set the Church “back on the right track” and to finish the work of the gospel going into all the world to the degree God had determined.

During the beginning of that period of time, as Mr. Armstrong was being renewed in strength, the State of California attempted to end Mr. Armstrong’s ministry as they tried to change the course of God’s Church. Through this process of God restoring Mr. Armstrong’s health and his focus for the Church, coupled with an assault to take over God’s Church, God worked to sanctify and cleanse the Church. This resulted in not only members, but also evangelists and other high-ranking ministers being removed from God’s Church. After all this had occurred, it was followed by the greatest work yet that God did in and through Herbert W. Armstrong and the Church in order to finish the commission (work) of Matthew 24:14.

God has prepared us for what is ahead, whatever that work entails, so that we can finish our commission to the degree He intends. We do not have all the answers to all the timing that is involved, but in His time, God will reveal it to His Church. Our task is to be patient, live in faith, hold fast to what God has given to this present time, and seek to be zealous and consistent in spirit.