Johnny Harrell filled in this weekend for the truly imprisoned False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  He started out by repeating Ron’s edict against wearing colognes and perfumes to services, and announcing the ordinations to associate elder of Dale and Shirley from Canada and Paul and Lori from Pennsylvania.  Johnny drawled on with most of the Ron blather and described the ongoing disintegration of PKG as purification of the church.

The buzz going on in CoGland in general is the failure a week ago last Friday of David Pack’s prophecies for the deaths of 3 other CoG leaders and the integration of the CoG splinters with Dave Pack’s own splinter by August 30.  David Pack has a new post up his website explaining that his prophecies are not wrong, just the timing. Just like Armstrong and all the apostles.  Hmm.  Sounds familiar.

Back in 2008, the same David Pack had the following to say about Ronald Weinland’s exercise of these excuses:

Now this goofy fellow who moved to the Middle East and proclaimed things that were going to happen all through the Spring and into the Summer, and supposedly as recently as Wednesday was another big date. Of course none of it happened. He’s a false prophet. But what did happen is, he explained that things are taking longer than he’d thought. He actually publicly chastised himself for speaking perhaps a little presumptuously when nuclear destruction didn’t happen. Now what he should do is look in the Old Testament and see exactly what God says you should do with a false prophet. I didn’t note him announcing that should occur. God said don’t fear such a person. Just put them to death. That’s the end of it. But instead people will continue to listen to somebody who’s blown a trumpet and screamed that he’s false.



  • Rterlecki says:

    Boy Shirley and Dale are two of my mom friends they call here all the time probley a couple of last left in Canada group boy Laura sure now’s how to suck them in how come she didn’t make them elders before how would you like to be 2 or 3 or 4 pick after body else quiets !

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    I sent in -mail to Terry, saying we are all here to support him, after his “fiend” asked him to stay home and also took his title away from him.Then asked how it felt, since we know Terry also did the same to many people. That there are many that believe in God and the Bible, just not in the “false” teachings of Ron. Once the money and power got to him, he is a lost cause. I also said he was at one time in a position to take care of Gary and to instruct / teach him the things he was doing wrong, but did not, and that maybe what he is now going through is God’s way of helping him to realize the wrongs he has done and now is the time to repent of these things. Now he could do some good by helping others to see the wrongs of Ron and PKG and to help others since he was Ron’s right hand man.

    Randy tell you mom that Gary just served his time in jail. How christian that is? Just like Ron. I know a couple of jailers and they both said that Gary told them he was in jail for lies that I told. No surprise there. Gary’s idol is Ron and he is following right in his footsteps. Before Gary and I were married, he was 4 years behind on taxes also. Take a good look at Ron, Gary, cause your not far behind. Guess that explains the police parking down the street from me for the last week and a half.

    As for Johnny, his time will come also. Purification of the church? I don’t think so… people are just getting their lives back and enjoying God as He should be enjoyed.

  • FedUp says:

    Amen, GIF!

    How’s that door holding?

  • Leftatlast says:

    GIF, not surprised in the least..classic behavior on Gary’s part, ..always someone else’s fault. At least he has a permanent record now. Just like Ron.
    And yes, people are taking their eyes off a man and putting them back on God, actually living their lives, not controlled by the sole goal of getting through tribulation in one piece, waiting for the destruction of the world. :D. Well said.

  • Glad I’m Free, note that I have a high concern for you because here in Tacoma we have the record of David Brame, a psychopath who made it to Police Chief over the objection of an advising Psychiatrist who warned the city officials NOT to hire him: In the end, he had been abusing his wife Crystal for years and she had no where to go (where do you report spousal abuse when your husband is the police chief?). She finally did get away from him, but shortly afterward he found her in grocery shopping parking; with the two young children in her van, David Brame pulls his pistol, shoots her and then commits suicide. For a few weeks The News Tribune reported this horror and then mysteriously reported that “David Brame was a dedicated family man”. Say what?! I think of this incident every time I see a posting from you.

    I don’t know what to say and it isn’t clear to me how much real danger you might be in from Gary’s police buddies. I’m sure you know better what to do and are taking action. I would be calling on the Federal District Attorney by this time or just simply moved out the jurisdiction. Maybe things aren’t that bad and you’re OK, but I certainly have concerns and hope you are doing well.

    People, particularly in Armstrongism, don’t seem to realize the danger they are in or other people they know are in. It was a desperate situation in United with a member stalking a married woman: We had to go to court to get a restraining order and two deacons, a deaconess and an elder were there to support the stalker! Fortunately, the judge would have nothing to do with the UCG members and very nearly threw them out of court — and he did issue the restraining order. The background story is that Dennis Luker was behind the stalker supporting him against the poor married woman being stalked. I even went to Robert Dick who was not just the Chairman of United but the head of the ethics committee and he was well positioned to do absolutely nothing but refer us back to the man who was behind the whole thing. Aaron Dean who was also on the Council of Elders (Evil) refused to get involved.

    I hope that everyone, particularly in the PKG, understand that that the Weinlands hold an entitlement where they have absolute “authority” over people’s lives to dish out injustice as they see fit, as long as people are stupid enough to “submit” to their “authority”. They will make any damned arbitrary decision as they please without a single thought or hesitation about the collateral damage. They don’t care, they don’t have to.

    The situation with Gary is outrageous. So is the situation with the entire PKG, as it is with absolutely every last splinter of The Armstrong Mafia. They should be stopped.

    The only way that will happen is if everybody comes to their senses and leaves so the leaders either get a job or be homeless and starve to death.

    And that’s Biblical.

  • One more thought: There are those who say, “I do not follow a man, I follow what is in the Bible”.

    Here’s the thing: If you follow the teachings of the man (even if he is dead or in prison as a legitimately convicted felon), you are following the man.

    Living in La La Land and claiming you don’t follow a man when you clearly do, just doesn’t cut it.

  • FedUp says:

    You’re right, Douglas. Armstrongism is a disease that must be starved out. But as Mr. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  • For those who haven’t gotten it yet, from “Take Back Your Life”, here is (yet again) a definition of a cult:

    A cult is a group or movement exhibiting great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea, or thing, and employing unethical manipulation or coercive techniques of persuasion and control (e.g., isolation from former friends and family, debilitation, use of special methods to heighten suggestibility and subservience, powerful group pressures, information management, suspension of individuality or critical judgment, promotion of total dependency on the group and fear of leaving it), designed to advance the goals of the group’s leaders, to the actual or possible detriment of members, their families, or the community.

    The PKG is a cult.

    Note to PKG members: Just how many failed prophecies and just how long does your leader have to be in prison and how many times will you have to suffer through Laurda’s gossip before you decide you are in a cult, it isn’t doing you any good, it’s doing you harm and you finally leave once and for all?

    And just how are you going to live with yourself knowing that you supported a system of abuse of other people?

    Or is your conscience and any sense of humanity gone now?

  • Jocko says:

    Years ago I has a friend who became a member of the church of scientology. Hie entire life began to revolve around scientology. He virtually ate, thought, bred and slept Scientology. All his free time and money was spent at the “church” so he never had two nickels to rub together. This person took one scientology course after another in order to raise his level within the group and none of these courses come cheap.

    One day I came right out and told him that scientology was a cult and therefore he was a cult member. He was highly offend by my statement and our friendship pretty much ended that day. He told me scientology was not in fact a cult but he was well aware of which organizations in today’s society are cults.

    According my former friend the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Dept of Homeland Security, TSA, etc are all cults-But scientology is in fact a true church with tens of thousands of members worldwide.

    During my lifetime I’ve never met another person who was as brain washed as this guy. Haven’t seen him in over a decade but I can guarantee you he still wouldn’t have tow nickels to rub together because all his nickels have made their way into the pockets of the church’s leadership.

  • Debbie says:

    “announcing the ordinations to associate elder of Dale and Shirley from Canada”.

    I have often wondered about Shirley still being part of PKG – now I have my answer. She was a past friend of mine from previous WCG days who “introduced” me to Ronnie’s ‘GFW 2008’ & PKG back at end of 2007 and she spent considerable time & effort with me to bring me in to PKG. It was around this time that Ronnie & company began the ordinations of elders for the massive baptisms that were to take place and the members were given ‘business cards’ as advertising props to ‘bring more sheeple into the fold’.

    The first service I attended was in Feb 2008 – I recall that Ronnie was ‘twitchy’, sweating and nervous while troubleshooting problems with the ” telephone connection ” and opening windows ‘cuz the room was too hot – I recall seeing Laura with a phone in one hand and a stack of envelopes in the other. The envelopes contained the ‘tithes’ for the newbies who were to be baptized that day.

    As a side note – within a couple of weeks of that Ronnie caught a ‘cold’, lost his voice and was unable to do the sermon for the sabbath service. At that time I thought it very strange that the spokesman for the two witnesses would be ‘struck dumb’ at such an important time of prophecy – just prior to the ‘world being in shock and awe’.

    There were lots of other ‘red flags’ and I had many questions for Shirley. She often consulted with Dale & Helen (Randy’s mom) prior to providing answers to my questions. They had become very close friends back then – having met @ the feast in 2005.

    March 22/2008 was the last straw for me – Ronnie had predicted the world would be in ‘shock & awe’ with some major event to happen mid-March. As we all know – nothing happened. During the March 22nd sermon, Ronnie was speaking mockingly & condescendingly to the listeners who were asking why ‘Nothing happened’. He then changed his tactics – stating that the events were spiritual rather than physical.

  • Ronnie was speaking mockingly & condescendingly to the listeners who were asking why ‘Nothing happened’

    Debbie, can you tell me if Weinland did this as a normal practice — to mock those who would question his non results (perhaps others can comment)? Was it in derision or more like a mentally ill person telling you are stupid because you don’t understand people living inside the hollow earth and flying out of the North Pole in their flying saucers (or, just as like, that you can’t understand Lord Xenu throwing millions of people into radioactive volcanoes to become Thetans)?

  • Hey Jocko, maybe we can spread the rumor throughout the PKG that Swineland has been possessed by Thetans and needs a good Auditing?! [with the hopes the PKG doesn’t turn wholesale to Scientology, because they are low hanging fruit, ripe, waiting for the plucking!]

  • Ronco says:

    Has anyone dared to preview PKG feast sermons yet?

  • bilbo says:

    Doug in my experience it was a mix of psychology Ron used.

    When 2012 failed, he said his first thoughts were concern for all of us. Nicely acted.

    Then he spiritualized May 27 2012, and begged for “just one more year, you’ll see”. Nicely acted.

    So at first he tried to be soft in order to minimize the amount of people walking out right there and then.

    Once the initial “shock” wore off, he ramped up the condescension and accusation of those who expressed doubt. And heaped praise on those still deep into his koolaid. Over the weeks and months that followed it turned back into the harsh tone that we see now, where something is wrong with you if you recall his previous statements of proof. Apparently you are mistaken and wrong for holding him to his earlier proofs of qualification. Gradually escalating to where now, if you left, you are literally Satan.

    So now the final stage of Purification that Johnny talked about – purge anyone remaining who doubts or has a recollection of the past, who notices the “Truths” are rewritten whenever convenient, purge any moles that can be discovered, and so on. In order to be left with only a hardcore group of simpletons who will feed the group money and social value, and continue the scam with a new generation of fools.

    Everyone from the 2008-2012 era who was fooled and fleeced is to be discarded like they are nothing, like the friendships never existed, like they are Lucifer himself. It is difficult to find a religion that is comparatively un-Christian, evil, deceptive, and manipulative, with friendships that are only as deep as the word of the cultmeister. The COGs appear very closely modeled on the mafia model of fraud and intimidation.

  • bilbo says:

    From Snakes in Suits – it is a textbook prototypical discarding of those the psychopath has finished using up.

    It isn’t God purifying His Church.

    It is a psychopath taking out the trash and anyone he considers a threat to his con-game.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Amen Bilbo

  • Jocko says:

    Debbie, That’s quite an interesting story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It gives outsiders like myself a little more insight into the works of a cult. I’m glad you decided to leave in 2008 and didn’t stick around for additional prophecy failures. Your story is similar to Kirilys. She began questioning the failed prophecies in 2008 but remained a member until early 2009. Now she has a new life with a beautiful baby boy and she and her husband couldn’t be happier.

    Douglas, I believe my old friend would definitely benefit from the books you’ve recommend. Only problem is that he’s now been involved with scientology since the mid 1990’s so by this point in time he’s definitely risen up muliple levels within the ranks of the group. Sadly if a book doesn’t involve Scientology my former friend would never open the cover yet a let read one page or the entire book.

    My friend was never the sharpest knife in the draw and he never had a ton of money so I doubt he’ll rise up to the elite level and be among the celebrity members. Scientology ruined both his life and marriage but he’s so brainwashed he’ll never come to terms with the truth or reality. It’s actually quite sad because he was once a genuine friend and all around nice guy. I’ve heard from mutual friends that he no longer associates with anybody not involved in Scientology and this includes his ex-wife and step children.

    Chalk up another tragic family break up due to a cult and it’s leadership. At least Leah Remini has finally come to terms with her senses and left scientology. Hopefully others will follow in her foot steps by leaving highly controllable cults such as scientology, pkg, etc.

  • Rterlecki says:

    I’m so sad Ron and Laura give it up crooks

  • For those who are interested, here is info on the e-meter a glorified ohm meter used by Scientology (note the Patent application).

    Jocko, I’m assuming that your “friend” is aware that L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer and all of Dianetics is simply a rehash of the science fiction he wrote when he created the cult to make more money.

    Ironically, he died within a week or so in Pasadena about the same time Herbert Armstrong died in January 1986. Some of their history contains similar elements.

    As for Weinland, his entry in the science of Crackpotology is an amalgam of manipulative technique and con games as a just slightly more than mediocre psychopath (as aptly described in “Snakes in Suits” and “Life Code”). Weinland is far outdone by Scientologist cult leaders, even though he uses many of the same methods.

    I would guess that Weinland was looking for a comfy semi-retirement as a middle tier Oriental Potentate (which is a lot easier to navigate than having a vast empire with millions of followers — too many members means that managing the whole mess can lead to vast complications as witnessed by the Armstrong Empire in the 1970s, although being in prison as a convicted felon caught in the scam certainly is a challenge of its own).

  • Jocko says:

    Douglas, I along with mutual friends made numerous attempts to explain exactly who L Ron Hubbard was and why he created the cult of Scientology.

    Our friend was in total denial and blocked out everything we told him about Hubbard and the cult of Scientology.

    I knew there were certain similarities between Armstrong and Hubbard but I was unaware of the fact that they both died within a week of one another. Coincidence???

    Was Armstrong also residing in Pasadena at the time of his death?

  • Both Herbert Armstrong and L. Ron Hubbard were in Pasadena when they died in January 1986.

    If I am not mistaken, John Harden Allen, the author of Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright, the basis of Herbert Armstrong’s belief in British Israelism also died in Pasadena (although it was in 1930).

    Both Herbert Armstrong and L. Ron Hubbard ran their cult in similar manner, but L. Ron Hubbard was much more successful in terms of money and the number of people who fell prey to his scam. Both offered enlightenment and ultimate prosperity. Actually, Scientology has survived after Hubbard’s death fairly well and I’m not certain we’re seeing a lot of spinoffs and fragmentation into 700+ sects — the organization of distorted perceptions was contained by an effective organization, whereas, the WCG basically went out of business.

    The lesson: When you form a cult, be sure you choose the right business model. It didn’t hurt that Hubbard targeted actors either — get famous (but not too bright) people on your side and you have a lot more public exposure.

    L. Ron Weinland, of course, is a pathetic shadow of his erstwhile predecessors and I’m not sure his business model is going to take his cult into the next decade.

  • Jocko says:

    Thank you Douglas for this information. Two cult leaders passing away in the same city within a week of one another is quite a coincidence. (or not)

    On another note today is September 11th. May those who sacrificed their lives that day so others could live rest in peace and always be honored and remembered.

    And all the innocent civilians who lost their lives that day also need to remembered as well. We must never forget the terrible tragedy’s that took place on this very date twelve years ago.

    So today is September 11th and Ron hasn’t added a new post from his prison cell since August 29th. Hope he’s feeling well and not sick or something.

    Just made numerous attempts to log onto Ron’s website but couldn’t do so. Perhaps at this very moment Jeremy is adding a new post from Ron and this is why his website is down.

    Jeremy needs to earn his keep in one way or another but seeing the pkg website is working fine so there’s no need for Jeremy to earn his keep there.

  • Jocko says:

    PS-Ron’s personal website is back up and running but there’s no new post from Ron.

  • Rterlecki says:

    How would you like to say my minister still in fedaral prision for stillin money money and not paying taxes on 4.3 million 🙂

  • 12 days without a posting from Prison is encouraging — has enthusiasm for the con waned as the correlation between “pumping up the troops” and personal reward drops like a rock?

    This may call for cautious optimism: Without constant blathering hyperbole vomiting out of the cesspool of Swineland’s mouth, people will start to drift away.

  • martin says:

    Maybe the prison ran out of pencils?

    Maybe the prison will not allow him to write anymore?

    Can the prison restrict his penning the text for a blog? Is a prisoner even allowed such a privilege?

  • Helen says:

    Hey Randy. Did the couple living in Canada but from Holland leave pkg? Remember they always drove to the states with Dale.. I haven’t heard if they have been promoted to anything or demoted.. I was hoping Shirley left. Surprised! She was close to Ron’s mom. I still can’t believe Ron disfellowshipped his own mother. I bet she had no idea he would be the BAD SEED.

  • 1ofthe12 juror bags says:

    12 whole days. Huh? Maybe Bubba broke Rotten Ron’s fingers and he can not steer his lying pencils. Everyone deserves a break from Ron the Con’s blather anyway. His ridiculous voodoo is entertaining to say the least. What an idiot.

  • 1ofthe12 juror bags says:

    Maybe Ron’s mom figured it out? Maybe she was getting sick and tired of her own son ripping her off and stealing her tithe money.

    Hey Ron, are the voices in your head on strike? Have they put you in a Club Fed straight jacket because you are crazy? It would be impossible to put those #2 pencils to use scribbling your insanity if that is the case.

    Are things going well for you, Bubba, and Tattoo Leroy? TICK-TOCK, Mr. Prophet Lunatic! Has Tattoo Leroy traded you off to Jail House Jimmy for a pack of smokes and a Snickers candy bar. Are Laura and Audra sending you post cards from their vacations ,,,,,, or as you frauds say, “church missions.” I can not understand how anyone buys into (literally) and believes your B.S.

  • Jocko says:

    Bags, Come 2016 how many tattoo’s do you think Ron will have once his legal address changes from the big house to the mansion on the golf course?

    Will he have at least one tattoo with his wife’s name on it or will he have several with images of five hundred and one thousand dollar bills on them?

  • Rterlecki says:

    Bubba going to give Ron his feast gift

  • Rterlecki says:

    Hey cuz, they don’t call here any more last I heard they where old and in bad shape love you

  • Being new to this, and never a member to Ron’s church I can see how all of you feel. I have other concerns, also. I was in the W/W and other splinter groups. I would like the same attention as given to Ron to these other’s! Pack, L.C.G , Theil, Trumpet, and others! To my mind their deceptions are as hurtful. The follower’s are just as devoted and blind. None can get along, thus the hundreds of splits. Their thinking is that they now are the only ,really true church! You say something to help them see the truth and you become an enemy! I have had many to unfriend on fb. I wonder sometimes if it matters! For years I paid tithes to these leaders and forbade to work many Saturdays. Now at 63 and unable to work my SSI is much les than my co-workers. I was told if I didn’t obey and tithe, I was robbing God. The scare tactics worked on me for a long time. There are many in that position now. Did you know when they “Dis-fellowship” someone they are told they will go the lake of fire! I know people should know better, but people are like sheep. They will follow a leader off a Clift and lose their will to live. So please, those inclined. Keep up this exposer when you have opportunity . It can be a help to many who are deceived! I believe in God and have preached in the Sabbath keeping churches! But I have not taken money from people. I have given to some in need. I cannot see how these people could rob and hurt others! I know that Avol is an atheist but he makes more sense than they! Well thanks for allowing me to vent. For you coming out , just let the truth guide you and allow it to be a help to you. For sure any “Salvation” does not rely with man! They are no more or less that all! Gordon

  • Perhaps it is the transition to crayons from pencils that is taking some time (and crayon is, after all, less legible).

  • Excogger says:

    Bad news: another post is up.

    Will the hypocritical drivel never cease?

  • 1ofthe12 juror bags says:

    It is drivel. Crayons, #2 pencils, and Ron’s lying, spewing, fine dining pie whole WILL eventually run dry. The only pie holes being filled are Laura and Audra’s and they hate themselves for that when they fit into their new Victoria Secret (high dollar) “church money” panties. How are the new sizes treating you gals? As vain as you two are……….NOT SO WELL. Maybe they will get a BIG & TALL just for you two special shopping hookers! Good Luck With That!

  • Rambo says:

    I haven’t seen Paul and Lori in years. It’s sad to know that they’re still a part of PKG, they are such nice people.