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Being Prepared

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

We have a bonus posting from False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  Includes confirmation that Terry Wrozek is on the outs with PKG, no longer an evangelist in any case.

—————  Yet another message from the False Prophet ————–

This is an additional post for this week that was originally going to be just a short message to the ministry and then possibly read as an announcement in Sabbath services. However, it is a little longer than first planned and it would be better for this to now be posted, as well as being read in Sabbath services this week.

Due to changes in the ministry and a part of shifting work loads, we are making some adjustments in how we can better serve the Church, although we may not have the time remaining to implement all our planning. We must continue to look ahead and strive to best serve the needs of the Church as if time will continue past Pentecost of 2014 for Christ’s return, yet knowing this could be the actual date. God has directed us to simply continue to focus from Pentecost to Pentecost; therefore, we must be wise, alert and spiritually on guard to the reality that things can accelerate at any moment in time.

The Church needs to be ever vigilant and ready for quick changes that can take place in this world within an hours notice. The United States will undoubtedly soon make a move on Syria. The reality before us is that it could happen before or even on Trumpets. That is just how volatile conditions are in this world.

Israel cannot idly sit back for very long concerning Iran’s capability in the development of nuclear weapons. Israel knows where those weapons will first be used and that they will be used soon after they have been developed. With the kind of unrest and instability that exists in Egypt to the south and growing internal struggles within Lebanon to the north, a strike on Syria by the United States would serve as perfect timing for Israel to strike Iran. A strike on Syria by a few coalition forces could indeed be a well-planned and coordinated effort to enable Israel to make an initial attack upon Iran, thereby giving coalition forces potential scenarios to use as an excuse to also engage Iran in the same effort to destroy all potential for continuing development of nuclear weapons. This could easily be done on a day that most might least expect Israel to attack – on one of their holy days, just as they have done before.

So we too must plan ahead and consider such possibilities, as we are about to enter the Holy Day season that is just before us. Therefore, we are going to load the Holy Day sermons onto the Church site so that you can download them all in case things in this world should quickly escalate to a level that might prevent travel in order to meet together on those days. Considering where we are in time, we must simply “be prepared” for any possibility. Remember, these sermons have been inspired by God to be used on the specific day that is listed by each sermon. Everyone is being directed to listen to those sermons on those dates and not before.

In addition, we are making some administrative and speaking changes as well. Johnny Harrell, as senior evangelist, has been carrying a heavy load and now that we have only one evangelist in North America, that load and responsibility has been multiplied significantly; therefore, he will be spending a lot of additional time helping take care of more administrative needs of the ministry, and as a result, he will be giving fewer sermons. Thankfully, we now have a newly ordained evangelist, Willem, who is in the Netherlands. He will help pick up some of the sermon load as time goes forward. In the mean time, Wayne will also help by preparing additional sermons.

Hopefully all of you can clearly see the significance of the Church-wide fast we have just experienced and the incredible importance of why God is sanctifying His Church at this time. The pace of things is picking up and we need to do the same – to pick up the pace in the race God has set before us.

Family Coming Out of Bondage Pt 6

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

————— False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s  weekly exercise of #2 pencils ————-

Adam and Eve: All Mankind
The story of Adam and Eve is the history of mankind. They polluted and distorted their mind (their reasoning and ability to think right) once they sinned, and all mankind has followed suit by choosing for themselves to decide the way they want to live, rather than looking to God for the one true way of life.

Although sin infects all human reasoning, it is manifested most in the thinking (thought) and actions concerning gender and matters relating to the subject of sex. There is a powerful pull or motivation toward such thinking that is bolstered by male and female hormones that directly affect the mind and the thinking of both. That thinking (as with all thinking and reasoning) is selfish, distorted, and unsound. Yet it is this area of human thought that affects human relationships more than any other single thing.

God created these hormones to exist in both males and females to give a specific identity to two different mindsets that produce a way that reflects masculinity in males and that which is feminine in females. These conditions in turn have a great impact on interaction and relationships between both sexes and even within the same gender. The affect of such hormones at work in the human body, and especially within the mind, also result in a kind of “power” that each sex is to learn to exercise properly. When this power that God has created to exist in the mind is used correctly it will produce great blessings and fullness of life. However, mankind has not been reaping those great blessings and fullness in life, but rather has misused this “power” in disobedience to fuel selfishness, lust, and pride. As a result, mankind has been reaping curses, sorrow, and bondage in life.

There are great and mighty lessons to be learned from all this. Satan misused the great power God gave to him, and mankind has also misused the powers God has granted to him. This is highly evident in this age of great technology. In the Millennium, technology will be used for the good, and great blessings will be reaped.

Men and women must learn the importance of obedience and unity to God’s true ways of life because God’s plan is to give His Family awesome power. Our mind has to become transformed to one of “faithfulness” in all power that God grants us. We are to seek to learn to control the thinking and power that God has given us so that it comes into full unity and agreement with how God instructs it to be used – in His “way of living” life. His way of living – His laws – are all about relationships. It is in this story of Adam and Eve that we can begin to see the importance of learning to think in unity with God’s ways by always rejecting “our ways,” even in one of the greatest pulls and powers that is exerted upon the human mind through sexual influences involving the differences in masculinity and femininity.

When God created Adam and Eve, He began teaching them about life, family, and relationships. They were created in full adult life and because of how God had created mankind, they were automatically drawn to each other. It was simply natural, right, and good. Quite candidly, each “liked what they saw,” as this is how they were created. God taught them about the purpose of the sexual relationship and how children would be born and how mankind would be multiplied, beginning from them.

“So God created man in His image, in the image of God (Elohim) He created him. He created them as male and female. God blessed them, and God said unto them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.’” (Gen. 1:27-28).

God’s plan included the reproduction and multiplying of mankind. God purposed to teach mankind about proper decorum, conduct, and family structure. This included how they would also wear clothing and the reasons why this would be necessary as children and then families began to grow. Even after Adam and Eve had made a covering for themselves, God later went on to teach them about how to clothe themselves by making them clothing from skins.

However, after they sinned their minds (thinking) began to become unsound and “unnatural” in reasoning as they turned to self-consciousness in a negative manner. They began to think in terms of being ashamed, embarrassed, and uncomfortable before God. Adam and Eve covered themselves, as they did not want to appear before God “naked.” This was the very first evidence and negative experience from sin.

“Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew (began to feel, developed an awareness and perception) that they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together to make themselves coverings to wear” (Gen. 3:7).

They did not want their sexual organs to be seen by God. Even after they had made something to clothe themselves, they carried all this even further by hiding from God. Their mind and “relationship” with God had been made unsound and unnatural.

“Then they heard the voice of the Eternal walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Eternal God amongst the trees of the garden. The Eternal God called unto Adam, and said to him, ‘Where are you?’ And he said, ‘I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, I hid myself’” (Gen. 3:8-10).

The Product of Sin
Sin produces an “unnatural” and unsound mind (from the way God created it to be). This becomes manifest in all human relationships and distorts the thinking of how people see themselves and others, especially in gender and in a sexual context. Such tends to permeate the human mind in a very great way as evidenced in today’s society through advertising, music, clothing styles, movies, other entertainment, etc.

The result of sin is the production of curses. To many, this matter of being cursed seems to be difficult to understand, as people tend to think of curses that are poured out by God in a similar manner as the plagues that were poured out upon Egypt. Although there are occasions where God directly intervenes and does pour out a curse for disobedience and evil being done, this is not what is being spoken of concerning what happened in the Garden of Eden.

God created mankind for the purpose that all will eventually be able to be begotten of His spirit so they can be transformed in the renewing of the mind in order to become Elohim. In the midst of the creation of human life, God has repeatedly revealed His desire – His will – to be able to bless mankind.

“You shall therefore keep the commandments, statutes, and the judgments (of God’s ways) which I command you this day, to do them. Therefore it shall come to pass, if you will listen to these judgments to keep and do them, then the Eternal your God shall keep with you the covenant and the mercy, which He promised unto your fathers. He will love, bless, and multiply you. He will also bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your land, of your grain, your wine, your oil, and the increase of your cattle and sheep in the land which He promised unto your fathers to give unto you” (Deu. 7:11-13).

As these verses clearly show, the receiving of blessings is inseparably tied to obedience to God’s ways. Blessings are the product of obedience. If there is disobedience to God (sin), then not only will blessings not be produced, but curses will be. So what happened to Adam and Eve? They disobeyed God, and that produced the removal of God’s blessings, help, and favor in their life. It left them on their own, for they had rejected God. They wanted their own way and not God’s, so God gave them “their own way,” which only produces curses.

“He (God) said unto the woman, ‘I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception. In sorrow you shall bring forth children, and your desire (longing for) will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you’” (Gen. 3:16).

This curse was the simple result of God’s blessings being removed because obedience to God’s ways is what produces the blessings. Mankind has always chosen “his own ways” and rejected God’s. The results – the products – are curses in life. No other way but God’s can produce “true and lasting” blessings in life.

So the woman was addressed by God and she was told that He would greatly multiply her sorrow and her conception. This is a rather awkward translation and it does not mean that God was going to multiply her pain in conception. This word for conception is just what it means – at the moment the sperm and egg unite. It has to do with becoming pregnant or can even mean the time of pregnancy. It is simply about bringing life into the world. This obviously is not about having the number of conceptions (pregnancies) greatly multiplied either. God is actually revealing that a woman’s sorrows in life, especially in the family, would now be greatly multiplied for rejecting God’s ways that regulate right human relationships – that produce blessings in the family.

Often in scripture, God states a reality and then explains it. This is one of those areas of scripture. For rejecting God’s ways to regulate and govern family life, the mother of the family would now experience far more sorrow in life in working with (teaching, caring for, raising, guiding, correcting, etc.) the life she conceives and brings into the family unit. In all societies, the responsibility has fallen far more upon the mother to carry the vast majority of the workload for bringing up children. By refusing God’s ways, the curse in life would be a highly increased level of sorrow compared to what it could and should be with God and His ways leading the family.

Next is the issue of the wife’s hurt (and obviously, a “mother’s” hurt), struggle, and sorrow in life because of her husband’s spirit and actions toward her. Because both men and women have rejected God’s rule, guidance, and instruction in how to live toward one another, the family has suffered mightily, starting first and foremost with the wife.

The statement of the wife’s desire or “longing for” her husband reveals a lack of fulfillment in the marriage relationship, and in particular, of not receiving the support, recognition, love, affection, and “sharing together” that she actually desires deep down inside. There are three areas of life that are the most prominent in all this.

Family and the Husband
The first area of prominence that has produced such a negative and damaging toll upon the strength, stability, joys, and fullness of what family life should be is because of the curse God said would be upon man.

“Unto Adam He (God) said, ‘Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you by saying, You shall not eat of it, the ground is cursed for your sake. In sorrow you shall eat of it all the days of your life. It shall bring forth thorns and weeds as you seek to eat of the produce of the field. In the sweat of your face you shall eat your bread until you return unto the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are, and unto dust you shall return’” (Gen. 3:17-19).

How has this affected the husband and wife relationship and that of the family? You should easily be able to fill in the pieces. The husband (and father) through the centuries, as well as with the wife and children, have had to work much harder in life, as God’s care, direct provision, and abundance of blessings was removed. Such hard labor has taken away from precious time that a husband and wife could otherwise have together in order to share more of life (sharing more time) in building their relationship with the experience of greater joys such a life has to offer. Instead, time-consuming, demanding work, work related stresses, and other work related frustrations, problems, hardships, struggles, etc., have carried a heavy toll on family life.

Such frustrations, and how they effect the conditions in the home don’t even need to be elaborated upon. Just look at your life and the life others you know well with their struggles in life, and these matters of cause and effect become even more self-evident.

So one of the primary reasons for a wife’s desire being toward (a longing toward/for) her husband being fulfilled is because of the curse that came upon man to be the primary provider for his family. His workload and toil in fulfilling this role has taken much needed “time” away from family and marital life. The stresses, struggles, and toils of work have led men to shift their responsibilities for family away from themselves and have placed them upon the wife. As men have turned more inward, selfish, and impatient in life, the wife (and generally the children) grow more empty, feeling less loved and appreciated. It’s like the song “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin. Look up the words of that song and read them, or even look for the song and listen to it, as it is quite meaningful and true to life. It is because of this that a family so often grows more distant from each other and members of a family often develop emotional and psychological scars.

In today’s society, this matter has often become much worse as a wife (and mother) is to carry out the greatest part of the role of rearing and caring for the children. She often holds down her own job in order to “help” make ends meet. She tends to the cleaning and care of the house, clothing, shopping for groceries, and then is usually expected to do all the cooking – and much more. Yes, she has a longing for her husband and not that they just have more time that they can spend together, but a longing that he also “help” her with this vast load she carries and is expected to carry. She is not only in bondage; she is more like a slave than a wife.

“And the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to (Heb. – along side, with, before, beside, next to) him’” (Gen. 2:18).

God created the woman to be a help “along side” her husband, but the husband was also to be a reflection of the same – a help “along side” his wife. This goes together as a team who works together – along side one another in life. Look at how far society has strayed from God’s purpose and design in a husband and wife “team.” Those who do not grasp such a purpose and concept of “team work together” and working, planning, and fully sharing life in all things – side by side – rob themselves, their marriage, and their family of blessings, happiness, love, and of a far greater fullness in life.

(The next post will be part.7)

Another One Bites the Dust?

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Commenter “Frank” just left this.  I have no way to authenticate it but believe it to be genuine.  It has been a number of weeks since Terry gave a sermon:


This announcement to the ministry and all the Church is not an easy one. It is one that should be sobering to every person in God’s Church as we have entered this special time of fasting and sanctification. We are in a continuing warfare that will continue until Christ’s return. Indeed, Satan and his spirit realm is highly stirred up and they know their time is getting very short.

Terry Wrozek has been removed from God’s ministry and he has been suspended from the Church until after the Feast. At that time it will be decided if Terry is to be disfellowshipped or whether his suspension can be lifted and he can come back into full fellowship. There are personal matters in Terry’s life that he must address, and he is doing so and has expressed his complete desire to remain in God’s Church. It is our hope and belief that he will be back after the Feast, but he will no longer serve in God’s ministry.

This matter is not an easy one for all who know and love the Wrozek family. Please keep the entire family in your prayers as this is a difficult time for them.

Important Fast

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Wayne Matthews delivered the sermon.  Johnny added an announcement in the front that there would be a special church-wide fast next weekend and a post from Ron today explaining the reason.  Here’s a copy of it below for your comments

————-  Ron’s special post —————

This special post is an important one, and it is an urgent one. This post is being inserted in between the current series of posts on the subject of family, which will continue after this post.

Laura and I as the physical leaders of God’s Church today under Jesus Christ, with me as God’s apostle and Laura as a prophet, are calling for an important fast in God’s Church on August 24th. That is the weekly Sabbath, and you are being asked to have some portion (or all) of your fast to be on that Sabbath day.

This post is being directed in a specific manner to the ministry, as well as to the entire membership of God’s Church.

For some time now, I have believed that we needed a Church-wide fast and that God was directing us to do so, but the timing was not being made clear of when to do so, nor was the subject matter being made clear. It is interesting that within this period of time I’ve received some letters and ministerial reports that have directly mentioned certain areas of concern about some of the subject matter that will be covered here.

The calling of a Church-wide fast is not something done on a whim, nor is it a matter of a personal belief that it is a good time to do so again. Rather, it is a matter of receiving inspiration and direction from our High Priest, Jesus Christ.

This post will be candid and to the point, as we are being directed to “examine” ourselves spiritually, just as we are often admonished to do before Passover. We have experienced various fasts in God’s Church that have had some kind of focus associated with it, and always using the guidelines for fasting found in Isaiah 58. Certainly those guidelines will be followed in this fast, but with a quite serious focus – the most serious I have ever been led to direct.

A Final Cleansing of God’s Church
Isaiah 58 is about examining ourselves in truth and in spirit before God – in deep and genuine humility, honesty, and desire to clearly see how we are standing spiritually. We are then to follow up by striving to change what is revealed to us that is not in full unity and oneness with God. It is only when we can clearly “see” what changes need to take place in our life that we can then seek repentance and the help we need to have our mind transformed so that we can indeed grow in greater unity with God.

However, what often happens in the environment of the Church, especially after fighting some great (larger) battle, a person can often begin to let up spiritually and seek “rest” from the fight and the stress from the constant warfare before us. Yet we are told to “always” have on the armor of God so that we can always be “in” the fight. We do not have the luxury of rest until we have actually entered God’s full rest in His Kingdom – changed into Elohim. If we pull back and rest, we will not find the true spiritual rest God seeks to give us. So what often does happen in such cases as I’ve just mentioned is that a person begins to “let up” and then can easily slip back into old bad habits or even develop new ones. This is already happening in the lives of a few since Pentecost. Yet we are being refined wholly and completely as a Body, and throughout the entirety of the Church we need to be in even greater unity and oneness with God.

With that being said, I am now going to tell you what God is clearly revealing to me, and then I’ll address some examples of a few things that some need to examine more closely if they desire to continue in the quest to grow spiritually, become more at one with God, and continue into the Millennium.

Jesus Christ is working to cleanse His Church for the next phase of God’s work, which may well be the final phase (He has not revealed that as of yet). As addressed in the series of posts “Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years”, God’s Church has gone through an important period of judgment. Just before that specific period of time ended, some few had already been judged and separated from God’s grace, spirit, and fellowship. Most of those individuals were part of the ministry. They did not “suddenly” choose to leave (as they seem to insinuate or even believe), but God removed them. Due to wrong attitudes and a judgmental spirit toward God’s government (which is rebellion), jealousies toward others, and unrepented sin, God removed His spiritual favor (help and grace). When God makes such a judgment, a person begins relying on their own reasoning (thinking about God and truth) because God’s spirit is no longer “in” them, nor leading them.

Over the past few months God has removed a few people from His ministry and His Church, but some have mercifully been given more time before the judgment to fully remove them is made. That brings us to this time of fasting, as this is the marker of time for God’s judgment of some, whether there is proper repentance and change, or not. God’s Church is being cleansed as we go into this fall Holy Day season.

Each and every one of us needs to fully seek God’s help to become more at one with Him and His Son. We all need to thoroughly examine ourselves at this time. To become more “at one” means ongoing repentance which must be followed by actual “change.” There are a few, however, who are flirting with spiritual disaster – the distinct possibility of being cut off from God. Some of you are in the ministry. There are others, besides ministers, who are in the Body of Christ who have been becoming weaker spiritually (or have never truly taken hold of the opportunity placed before them) and are about to be fully separated from God’s presence, where a person will begin to quickly lose what has been given to them.

If you truly value the priceless gift God has placed before you, then you will fight for it! Most of that fight is against self – selfish, pride-filled human nature that must choose to yield to (and deeply desire) God’s government in (and “over”) one’s life. God’s truth, ways, and laws must govern our life!

We do not want to see anyone else separated from the Church, or any in the ministry, but it is going to happen soon for any who do not genuinely repent, “and change.” Yet on the other hand, if there is anyone who will not repent, change, and become more at one – more in agreement with God – with God’s truth, Church, and government, then it is best that they be separated. There is no place in God’s Church for division, rebellion, and evil attitudes.

So brethren, we are going to individually fast and seek to cleanse ourselves, to become more purely “sanctified” before we come into God and Christ’s presence, as a body of people, in this special Holy Day season. We should also be praying and fasting that all others are yielding themselves to such self-examination, repentance, and change, but if they willfully refuse to participate in such a process then we should ask that they be speedily removed and cleansed from the Body. Failure to participate in such a petition is to refuse to pray according to God’s will for His Church. Such a unified petition from God’s Church reveals the level of oneness and agreement we have with God.

We are a Family, and we are to actively love each other in God’s Family. There is no place in the Family or in that expression of love toward others that ever reflects jealousy, envy, resentment, fault finding, a judgmental spirit toward others, being offended, forsaking fellowship, etc. How much do we truly love one another and desire to be close to one another? I’ve received an incredibly large volume of letters where individuals state they have never seen a period of time where greater love has been seen and experienced in God’s Church. This is true, but we are to become even more fully sanctified as a complete Family before God, before this Holy Day season is observed.

The following verse of scripture should be at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers as we enter this upcoming fast.

“Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Prove yourselves. Do you not know yourselves how that Jesus Christ is in you or else you are rejected?” (2 Cor. 13:5).

Areas To Examine
Indeed, each of us is to examine ourselves before God, seeking His help so we can see that which is within us that needs to change – to be repented of so we can become more at one with God. So this fast is about each of us individually being more fully cleansed and sanctified, and it is about the collective Body of Christ being cleansed and more fully sanctified in unity with God.

As I told Laura about part of the focus of this fast in preparation for the upcoming Holy Days and of my concern (from God) for some in the ministry who have pulled back and let down spiritually (and need to be cleaned up), she mentioned something specific about Atonement. She stated that she could not help but think about the High Priest, who was to make an atonement for himself and for his household, and then it goes on to show he also went to make an Atonement for the people. Laura then said, “I always thought that it was odd that it was stated that way, that his household was different from the congregation (the people). When you see the analogy spiritually, the ministry is the spiritual household of the High Priest and God is cleaning them up, making them ready to be atoned – those who change and repent.” It would be good for you to read about this in Leviticus 16:11-16.

This truly is a clearer revelation of those duties being performed by the High Priest on Atonement. Whereas each of us in the ministry are to examine ourselves, repent of sin, and more zealously work to be in complete unity with God, there are some specific areas each of you need to focus upon.

Do you work to be in contact with others in the ministry and work to build a stronger bond between yourselves? If not; why not? Do you function in a manner where you believe you are “over people” in an area (perhaps even in “your” area), or do you rather function to be one who serves, encourages, seeks to be a right example, engages others in a close family friendship, etc.?

Are any of you territorial or judgmental in your relationship with others in the ministry? Are you generous, gracious, gentle, kind, forgiving, and loving toward others in the Church?

There is one last area of major spiritual concern for the ministry and for the congregation, as this next example has and still does affect some. In my nearly 44 years in the Church of God, I’ve seen how the area of “ordinations” have so often brought conflict and even spiritual disaster to some people’s lives.

When someone is ordained, there is always someone else who will have a spiritual battle with it. This is an arena within the Church environment that can cause a person some of their greatest battles and also test one’s depth of unity and belief that this is “God’s” Church, and that it is God who calls anyone into the Church and anyone into the ministry. A time of ordination is a time when jealousies, envying, and pride are so often brought to the surface for many.

This matter of a wrong response to another’s ordination is what became manifest with some in the recent cleansing in the Church. One individual struggled with why they hadn’t been ordained while others had. Eventually this person left because their actual conflict was with God. Others became indignant and self-righteous when a woman was raised to a sr. elder. Sometimes individuals believe if anyone should receive such an ordination it is them, or others who are of that particular ordination can believe that another who has been raised to that same ordination is not worthy. Such conflict any individual has in any such cases is a conflict “against” God.

Do you believe (or expect) that you should be ordained, or ordained to a higher position in the ministry? That is one of the surest signs of becoming weaker spiritually (being on very dangerous ground). It is a wrong mindset; as such a mind can become “set” against God and His Church.

Two Areas of Examination
Although each of us is to examine ourselves by addressing “our own” individual weaknesses and sins, there are two additional areas of focus (other than what has already been covered) that need to be examined by everyone. These are two of the strongest reflectors of spiritual backsliding and negligence that should serve as a powerful mirror into our true spiritual state. These are two of the most important areas that everyone is tested in when first being called. Sadly, some never genuinely repent and fully change in “faithful” obedience to God in these most basic truths. This is about Sabbath observance (weekly and annually) and tithing (1st and 2nd, as well as offerings).

How do you observe God’s Sabbaths? Look in the mirror! Are these days fully set apart (sanctified) by you for holy use and purpose? Are you taking advantage of what you are physically capable of in regard to taking advantage of the kind of fellowship God has made available to you? Not everyone is in an area where they can travel to a location where services are held in order to be with others in God’s Family. How much is there a desire to perhaps be with a larger group at times if you are meeting with only a handful of people? Not taking advantage of such things can actually be for genuine reasons such as poor health or too vast of a distance to drive. Although some may think a “vast distance” is an hour or two away. Not so! What about 3 hours distance? Some may feel this is too much time spent on traveling or that it is too expensive to accomplish. Do you look to God for help in such matters because you “hunger” for the added spiritual benefit this can give you in life? Is twice a month possible, or maybe at least once? You must answer such questions before God.

The answers to such questions can reflect a lot about one’s “true spiritual state” of lethargy, sluggishness, and weakness, or of one’s zeal, trust, and hunger for God.

Another area for self-examination is in the faithfulness of tithing and the giving of Holy Day offerings. Giving both tithes and offerings are commanded by God, but as it says in Malachi, there are those who do not obey this and are “robbing” God. How long should God extend grace, patience, and mercy to such a person who would dare steal from Him? The “how long” question is about to be answered if quick repentance and change does not come immediately.

A final phase of cleansing, purification, sanctification, and judgment is right now upon God’s Church. We are being made stronger spiritually, individually and collectively, as the Body of Christ. That is what God is doing. This process has not stopped, nor has it slowed down, but it has actually picked up.

A Summation
Just before I started writing this last section of the post (on the Sabbath) entitled “Two Areas of Examination,” I read Johnny’s sermon given in The Netherlands entitled “Work of Faith.” As always, it is inspiring to “see” God leading the Church, and all things (especially in sermons and posts) working together that reflect His structured, unified, and awesome creation in progress. In that sermon Johnny gave, an area of scripture was quoted that has already been used in this post. There are numerous other areas of order, harmony, and overall content that perfectly compliment each other in that sermon and this post.

In addition, Wayne was also in the final stages of preparation for the sermon God had given him on the subject of “Rebellion” that you will hear on the Sabbath of this fast. This subject is one that God inspired that should be covered at the same time as this fast.

In all this, do not misunderstand the thrust of this fast or the “true condition” of God’s Church today. Areas we should all focus upon as part of our self-examination are being covered in this post, but that does not mean that the Church is weak or experiencing any great trouble.

Johnny quoted part of a past post, “Extraordinary 4 ½ Years, Pt.4” in his sermon. I am going to quote one section of that post for you:

“As a result of God working with us over that 3 1/2 year period of final witness and then our experience of going into that prophetic day that led to a 5 month assault from Satan and the demonic world, we lived what God told Daniel in that oath (God’s promise) about being “scattered” – shattered in power. What an awesome thing to understand that it was our own selfish power that was being shattered so that God could live more fully in us in His power. It was in God’s power living more fully within us that gave us the power over Satan’s attacks. “For greater is He who is in you than he (Satan) who is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).”

Another section of that post needs to be quoted where it was being described how Satan believed he could once again wreck great havoc and destruction upon God’s Church, as he did during the Apostasy:

“But Satan did not know what God had been molding and creating in a highly accelerated manner during the 1260 days of witness that had just ended. Those days were also evidence, in witness, to God’s incredible creative wisdom to more powerfully and more quickly than ever transform His people in greater character, oneness, and spiritually maturing faith. The Church was not weak as it was before the Apostasy. As the “Day of the Lord” drew on, God’s people were growing ever stronger.”

In Johnny’s sermon, in another section when he was quoting a scripture about faith in Hebrews 11, he was explaining how our faith will actually become stronger as we draw closer to Satan’s world coming to a close and as we see the final end-time events unfold. Then he commented on what he could see right now in God’s Church:

“I can see our faith, as Ron talks about in this post, I can see the strength in the Church of God that I could not see before. I see more resolve than I have ever seen amongst the brethren.”

That is so true! There is an overall closeness as family and a spiritual strength in the Church of God that I have not witnessed to this level in my nearly 44 years in God’s Church. But what we must grasp is that this is not a time to now coast, rest a while (relax), or even let up just a little in this great and final stretch of the race, but instead it is a time to press forward with greater effort and purpose than ever. God has not finished what He is molding “in” us before the Millennium is established.

This is a time to refocus and become more fully purified and sanctified so that we can actually pick up the pace and start sprinting to the finish – no matter when that happens. This is from our High Priest and God Almighty.

Each of us can put more into this final part of the race. The key is to know that it is not within us of our own doing, but with God who wants to give us even more. To give us more and to dwell more fully in us means we must receive greater purification individually and collectively. Some few are going to be removed, for this is about the whole Body of Christ that is to become stronger. Truly, a little leaven leavens the whole lump – it hurts the spiritual health and overall strength of the Body.

We have grown mightily over the past few years. It is all by God’s design and purpose. However, the growing is not over and there is more that we need in order to be more perfectly “prepared” for what is yet ahead. It is good here to consider a statement made by Jesus Christ: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required” (Lk. 12:48). We have been given so much and we can do much more through receiving even more of God’s power and might into our lives.

We must be cleansed and made stronger – with more of God’s life dwelling “in” us. Not all will yield to this, yet the Body must be cleansed through repentance and change or through removal. God has placed this before each person to choose. Some portion will be removed.

A case in point, to show the wrong spirit of a few, there has been an attitude that has been reflected toward God in the matter of tithing (1st and 2nd) and Holy Day offerings. Knowing the subject matter of Wayne’s sermon being about rebellion, Laura wanted it communicated to Wayne about this specific attitude, as she knew he was already addressing a matter about monthly reports that the ministry have been told to submit each month. As one of Audra’s many tasks in working for the Church, she has been asked to check tithing and/or offering records of anyone who is seeking 2nd Tithe Assistance for the Feast of Tabernacles. The reason for this becomes obvious as I quote what she sent to Wayne about this matter that Laura wanted him to be aware of. He will likely be covering some of this in his sermon, but I do not know at this point. Here is what she sent:

“I was talking with mom and she told me to tell you about the conversation I had with her. We’ve been looking up tithing records for those who have requested Feast assistance and have noticed a few who haven’t given anything in the last year, or two years, and that includes 0 (zero) Holy Day offerings. She said that it needs to be addressed in a sermon, and I said to her, “Well I don’t understand because it has ALREADY been mentioned over and over before! Tithing has not only been mentioned over and over but Holy Day offerings too, and it has been stated that even if you don’t have a job or you are on a limited income, anyone can at least send in a dollar, and it’s commanded by God to do so.” So I mentioned that it was just like the topic in your sermon “Rebellion,” and that it was just like any elder who would think that they didn’t need to send in a report, in the same way, those people feel like they can “choose” not to send in a Holy Day offering, after they’ve been commanded to do so by God. Even after that had been repeated over and over in sermons already. It baffles me that people would even ask for assistance in a situation like that when they won’t even send in 1 dollar for over a year! If they think they can ask (and would have the nerve to do so) for something physical (money), when they can’t do what they are told to do physically (sending in an offering) then do they kid themselves into thinking they can ask for anything spiritual from God, and that He would give them anything? If they can’t do something small on a physical plain why would they think they would get anything on a spiritual plain?”

That says a lot and it must change, and it will change swiftly, one way or the other, as God will see to it. This cannot exist in the environment of God’s Church. The following verses say it so well:

“Nevertheless the foundation of God stands sure, having this seal, The Lord knows those who are His. And, Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity. But in a great house there are vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth, and some to honor, and some to dishonor. If a person will therefore purge themselves of these (the things of dishonor and iniquity), they shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work” (2 Tim. 2:19-21).

There is one final verse that also reflects much about the literal stage we are entering in that is very much about the glory that is to magnify the Messiah at his coming. These verses were also quoted in Johnny’s sermon.

“…Even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave himself for it, that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word (of God), and that he might present it unto himself a glorious Church, not having wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy (filled with the life of God) and without blemish” (Eph. 5:25-27). This is about those who will be brought to the fullest state of this fulfillment when the 144,000 are resurrected, but it is also about a Church that is very much alive and continuing in human life in the Body of Christ on into the Millennium, in a heightened sanctification and life of God dwelling in it.

In Closing
We are going to bring honor and glory to God at the coming of His Son to reign as King and Messiah. We have been given a most incredible and awesome calling at this time in all the world’s history. We are exceedingly blessed!

There are a couple of areas of good news that I would also like to share at this time with everyone. While in Europe, Laura and Johnny laid hands upon Willem and officially raised him in ordination to an evangelist in God’s Church. Willem has jumped right into serving in that capacity by delivering a sermon for the Feast, and it will be given in both Dutch and in English.

In addition, eight sr. elders were asked to prepare split-sermons for the Feast and then told to submit them so we could listen to them and decide if we could use a couple to help the work-load of the evangelists. I actually read each one myself along with Laura and the evangelists listening to them and all giving their input. Audra also helped in this area, and it has been decided that all eight will be used. Let me say that I am exceedingly pleased with how they have yielded to God in this and were blessed to give what you will hear at this year’s Feast.

Brethren, we are stronger and more unified than ever, but God is revealing that the richness of this can and will be enhanced much more. We serve a most gracious and love-filled Father and elder Brother!

Family: Coming Out of Bondage Pt 5

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

False Prophet Ronald Weinland is a bit late with this week’s post, probably due to his indepth research into the causes of homosexuality.

—— The results of this week’s abuse of #2 pencils ————–

Before continuing into this subject in this series of posts, it is important to begin this one by repeating a paragraph from Part 4.

“The farther mankind has turned away from God and has delved more deeply into sin, there is a direct correlation to an increase in the distortion, perversion, and unsoundness in thinking regarding the subject of sex. Before we proceed further into this overall subject, it would be good to pause and begin considering this correlation of thinking that affects mankind so adversely. Ask God for help to begin seeing some of this as part of your own life experience and/or that of others. This is all “key” to understanding how relationships, especially in family, are going to be freed from great bondage.”

It is important to now consider and seek to digest the rest of what Paul told to the Romans that we examined in the first part of Part 4. Paul explained how that mankind has not been thankful to God, but they have instead raised themselves up in their own pride-filled minds to have no need for God, and have lived life by their own choices and foolish reasoning.

This is exactly what Lucifer did as he became the original adversary to God. As a result, his spirit changed to one that seeks to influence all others to “think on their own” (from their own reasoning) and to not yield to nor depend upon God to know the “way to think.” Satan influenced a third of the angels to follow his perverted advice. He then persuaded the first two humans to do the same. In this case, it was the woman who was directly persuaded and then the man through the woman.

It should be obvious to note that those who decide (reason) to no longer follow God and His Church (His ministry) do as Lucifer did. They also set out, as their “mission,” to turn (free) others from God’s Church by “thinking on their own” about God and what they want to interpret as the “right way” to believe and live.

Adam and Eve had free access to the knowledge of truth – to the truly free way of thinking. They had not yet been begotten of God’s spirit, but the blessing of learning and receiving truth (free access to the tree of life) was similar to what happens to an individual when first being called by God and their mind is opened to be able to receive truth. However, what Adam and Eve had was far greater until they sinned and were cut off from such free access. Their choice of sin distorted and perverted their ability to think right. This in turn perverted their thinking regarding the subject of sex and how they saw themselves “sexually.”

Sin Infects Behavior
Paul went on to explain how man’s choice to sin, by relying on their own distorted reasoning, also infected their thinking and human behavior regarding sex. As part of this perverse quest to omit any of God’s authority in their lives, mankind has belittled and reduced God to the lowest levels of earthly likeness and thereby minimizing God’s importance in their life. Paul then went on to reveal the correlation of man’s great desire to live life his own way (sin) to what then happens to the thinking in the human mind that leads to sexual perversion (perverting God’s beautiful intent and purpose) in unbalanced and distorted relationships in life.

“Therefore God also gave them over to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts (which becomes magnified by hormones) to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie…” (Rom. 1:24-25).

The more that people turn to sin (any kind of sin), the more unsound and distorted their thinking, choices, and behavior becomes toward the subject of sex. Sin distorts and perverts all thinking, but it is more manifest in the area of sexual thought, emotion, and conduct. The product of this “wrong thinking” regarding sex then leads to distorted judgment, feelings (emotion), and communications in relationships. Through Paul, God reveals part of this process and correlation in thinking and behavior.

This process begins by people moving farther away from living in agreement to the awesomely beautiful enhancement to the marriage relationship that God created mankind to be able to experience together as husband and wife. Marriage between a man and a woman was created to be the closest and most important relationship that mankind is able to experience in all human relationships. The sexual part of that relationship is an important part of the overall relationship and reveals much about each individual separately and also the ability of both (as a couple) becoming “one” as family. The sexual relationship between one man and one woman in marriage was created to be natural, healthy, beautiful, endearing, binding, and exciting in producing one of the most giving and receiving experiences that two people can share together in life.

But people have robbed themselves of the fullness such an experience can give in life by yielding to the bondage of lust that never fulfills and satisfies. Instead, it lends itself to greater bondage and more sin, with far more distortion in thinking. It leads to unsound and unnatural issues with jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, suspicion, increased selfishness, distrust, pouting, cheating, being too self-conscious, becoming hardened, mental torment and anguish, low self esteem, turning inward, etc., etc. All of these issues having to do with the way one thinks and feels then has a powerful impact on all relationships in life, especially in the family.

As a result of pushing God away, Paul stated that “God gave them over to uncleanness through the lusts in their hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.” This is done not only literally, but also mentally in fantasizing, flirtation, and filthy thinking about others.

Today’s world is so perverse that young people find the idea of two people being monogamous and faithful in marriage for life as weird, strange, and as a totally unfulfilling concept in life. Long before marriage (if they do marry), people pursue numerous sexual relationships (fornication), along with various forms of experimentation, unnatural acts, and enhancement supposedly gained through the use of various drugs (that affect the mind). It is no wonder that once people do become married that extramarital relationships (adultery) can occur so easily and so often, which can tear families apart and cause great pain and horrible suffering in life.

Such distortion of thinking does not stop with fantasizing or direct fornication and adultery, but also in other forms of sexual perversion and practice made so readily available today through modern technology. The sickness of “fantasizing” can now be magnified many times over by the misuse of the Internet in all forms of pornography and “sexual communications” with others.

Paul continues in Romans by further explaining how far the endless, out of control spiral of lusts, evil desire, and increased sin pervert human thinking and relationships. This is a progressive process, and its beginning is next to impossible for people to understand what is happening. It just happens, and people accept what is occurring as a “normal” part of life. In this process, women have become largely reduced to “sex objects” rather than for simply knowing them for “who they are.”

Without moral thought (God’s instruction concerning how to think and how not to think), a young man will grow into adult life and progressively look upon women in judgment and lust in a “sexual context.” Some entertainment even seeks to portray such incidents to seem funny and natural. It is natural for a male to recognize an exceptionally beautiful woman and/or a shapely figure, but it should stop there. Instead, men do not exercise control, respect toward women, or even the woman they are with (whether dating or married) and tend to ogle and drool lustfully with “sex” being the bottom line. Such things are not “natural” in the way that God created the mind to be and it certainly is not funny. Simply ask a date or wife how she feels about such ogling stares. Such things reflect the lack of respect, care, understanding, control, and morality that a male has toward other women. This obviously affects and hurts potentially meaningful relationships.

The lack of exercising control of the mind as part of a process to “think right” in how one lives leads to an ever increasing disrespect men actually have toward women, though they are largely unaware of their own thinking (without care or concern). This uncaring and accepted attitude of men leads to a progression toward seeing women as subservient, unequal in ability and thinking (reason), lower than and beneath them. So men tend to “rule over” women in a harsh and controlling manner, and women are “expected” to listen and take it. That is not God’s way. Instead, it is a very perverted and sick way of living life.

Is it any wonder what Paul says happens next? “For this reason (sin – perverting their thinking, their mind) God gave them up to vile passions, for even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature (the way God created a woman to think and be)” (Rom. 1:26). This is about a “process” that can progress to simply become worse and worse the farther it goes.

As part of this process, men have harshly “ruled over” women, not only in the home, but in business, advertising, and entertainment, have “given into” such control – perversely so, and have accepted such a thing as normal. Men have selfishly and lustfully “ruled over” women in all aspects of society. To get ahead in business or to be “accepted” more in the world, women have tended to “use” more of their sexual appeal in how they dress, groom, apply make-up, flirt and/or behave around men in their struggle to rise above such oppression from men. This world is truly filled with a completely unfair, unrighteous, and controlling dominance from men toward women. So women have misused (most often unwittingly so) what God gave them naturally in an intent that is not natural (“changed the natural use”) in the way to act and behave in society. These are all curses because of sin.

All this is only a quick glimpse and overview of the process Paul is describing. God is revealing a process whereby sin infects the mind and ultimately infects, hurts, corrupts, and distorts actual human relationships and behavior ­– primarily between the sexes. This is about the very distortion in thinking that also infects attitudes and behavior about sex itself.

Unnatural Behavior
Through Paul, God has been revealing how sin, through moving farther away from God’s authority over life, actually distorts thinking regarding the subject and righteous purpose of sex. This ultimately distorts and pollutes the thinking and behavior of both men and women toward each other and also toward themselves (about themselves – unsound self-consciousness). Since men have “chosen” to give themselves to lust and not to obedience toward God, they have perverted their natural strength and masculinity into one of dominance through a “controlling,” demeaning, and superior spirit (attitude) over women. Women in turn have “chosen” to yield to such “brute” influence over them. These attitudes are then perpetuated and taught (by example) within family units, generation after generation. People have lived so long in such conditions of human life that they think it is “normal,” but it is highly abnormal (in the “way” God created it to be). Actually, this is spiritual bondage.

Women can be so mistreated (mentally, physically, and sexually abused) by men in society and even by their own husbands that they “fight back” in mind and attitude toward men. Sometimes this is done in such a simple manner as in the style of clothing being worn to even the shortness of their hair. They begin to lose what God created to be truly feminine in nature. Most often people do not even know why they are responding as they do because they are not actually able to “see” themselves by truly knowing themselves. Only God can give the help and healing that is needed to change such a course in life.

Such “fighting back” as a response to wrong treatment can be carried much further than simple matters in styles of clothing worn or length of hair, but can go much deeper depending upon the kind of mistreatment a woman continues to experience. There is an ever-growing list of responses to such abuse that is exercised (lived, practiced) as a woman is moved to fighting back and retaliating against such aggressive behavior from men. As there are those among both men and women who have a stronger sex drive than normal due to hormones, and this simply may be due to some who just progress in unnatural practices due to increasing sin, there are those who do turn to affection and sexual experience from the same gender.

Again, it needs to be stressed, that what Paul is describing involves a process that becomes more unnatural the farther mankind moves away from God’s originally created purpose in the lives of both men and women (through searing the conscience and by increasingly rejecting moral standards).

“For this reason God gave them up to vile passions (unnatural emotion, thinking, and desires), for even their women did exchanged the natural use for what is against nature (a process of escalation that begins small and subtly). Likewise also the men (again beginning small and subtly which does lead to that which is fully opposite of what God created to be natural), leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due” (Rom. 1:26-28).

It needs to be stated at this point that the attraction to homosexuality in today’s world has additional causes apart from that which has existed in centuries past. Some people want to give a simple cause for such thinking, emotions, and/or feelings. Most homosexuality through time has been the result of polluted and unsound thinking caused by the progression of sin that distorts and infects the overall thinking of the mind. However, some homosexuality develops from the traumatic or mentally confused state (about love, emotion, and affection) that is the result of sexual abuse (which has also occurred in times past). Although in this case, some are too young to recognize it as abuse and confuse it with love (not sexual love). Other same sex attraction (occurring in times past as well) comes from what is developed as a desire to experience sexual love, but because of harsh, unhealthy, or emotionally scarred encounters, individuals have turned to the same sex for gratification and emotional support (though it never fulfills such desire).

Finally, however, what has changed over the past century due to a world cursed with greed and misuse of scientific knowledge, the world today is plagued with an over abundance of dangerous chemicals that can and do alter the proper healthy functioning of the human body that God so perfectly created to exist in a physical world. Large quantities of chemicals are added to foods we eat, ingested or injected as medications or used in other medically evasive practices, as well as the excessive use of chemicals in every imaginable area of agriculture. Animals are given medications, steroids (growth hormones), and other growth altering drugs, which then enter the food chain as meat, milk, eggs, etc. The genetics of plants (for produce, grains, etc.) have been altered (unnatural) which humans then consume. Although everyone is assured that these are “safe,” these were not what God created the human body to consume or be exposed to.

This cycle goes on and on, but it has produced changes in the children being born and changes in children as their bodies are growing and many of these very things actually work to alter the chemical makeup in a person (hormone production as an example, and other chemical regulators of the human body and mind) which can produce a different sex mindset than what one has been born with physically. Such things are also the cause of many diseases and illnesses. Many know as young children that they are different and think differently than much of society around them. Today, we are all the product of a cursed and sick world (physically, mentally, and spiritually), which is the product of 6,000 years of mankind’s rejection of God.

As the subject of homosexuality has just been addressed, it also needs to be stated that having such feelings, emotions and pulls are not sins, but the practice and lust of it is sin. This is just as true for those who are naturally drawn to those of the opposite sex. Such is not sin, but the practice of sexual relations outside of marriage is sin, as is lust and the fantasizing that is so often associated with it.

All this that has been covered is not a matter of personal opinion, or of scientific intellect, knowledge, evidence, and/or examination, but it is solely from God.

There is good news for the family – good news for women and good news for men. This world is about to be reversed from its current course of disobedience that has produced so many curses upon family. This reversal will be the healing process of mankind learning and then choosing obedience to God’s ways that produce blessings – blessings that remove the curses of bondage that plague family life in this world.

[Part 6 will continue in next week’s post.]

What’s A Head?

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Johnny Harrell and company continued to fill in for the imprisoned False Prophet Ronald Weinland on a trip to Virginia to see Dave Conley and company.  Perhaps Ronnie doesn’t have air conditioning in Club Fed, because he issued a fatwah allowing men to skip the suit and tie in hot weather.

I thought Johnny’s sermon title was apropo and adopted it as a title for this post. Johnny reminded PKG members not to use their own intellect.   Spiritual war is being waged against PKG, and some have given up and fallen recently.  But Satan’s attacks have make PKG stronger.  Storm clouds on the horizon with some embassies being closed (or maybe not) and trumpet blasts being prepared.
The Weinlands’ involvement in the legal system continues.  A hearing is scheduled in the case of the marriage of Audra and Chris which started 5 years ago and then was restarted when Ron’s lie about the location of the ceremony on on the marriage certificate was exposed.

BOONE           Scheduled Events: DOMESTIC, 8/27/2013 02:40 PM, 3B

Although Ron is in prison while Laura remains free to roam the planet, that won’t necessarily continue — she’s not out of the woods yet. Judge Reeves did not give Ron a sentence enhancement for leading a criminal enterprise because he considered Laura to be an equal conspirator.  According to trial transcripts, the majority of the evaded income was in 2007 and 2008 when the Weinlands bought 3 BMWs shipping 2 of them in opposite directions across the Altlantic.  The statute of limitations is 6 years.  The clock on that doesn’t begin ticking until the filing due date, and stops ticking whenever the accused is out of the jurisdiction.  So the feds have until after April of next year to bring an indictment against Laura for 2007.

And then there are the years after 2008 to consider.  I rather suspect that the Weinlands didn’t change their behavior adequately even though they knew they were under criminal investigation.  I wonder if they declared the legal fees for Ron’s defense on their income tax.  Tick, tock.

According to rumors, PKG suffered another blow recently with the departure of Greg Chipps.  Greg was the PKG IT department, and developed and supported the Elder Management Console which reportedly has been shut down because no one else knows how to run it.  Greg was also the inspiration behind Ron’s Google Ad campaign which contributed to his downfall when the bank reported to the IRS large sums of money flowing through bank accounts of the church and Ron’s own personal accounts.  Update: other sources indicate that Greg has not indeed left PKG and is still drinking down the Flavor Aid.  If this version is true, then hopefully not for much longer.

Family: Coming Out of Bondage Pt 4

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Ron’s pencil must have broken as these week’s nonsense is shorter than usual.

—– Ron’s posting —————

As God is beginning to more fully reveal what happened in the beginning after the first sin of the first two people on earth, it is important to understand a most basic truth that has been said so many times before. Without God’s help through the direct intervention and revelation of His spirit at work in the human mind, mankind cannot see nor understand that which is spiritual in nature. Absence or separation from God’s spirit leaves a person solely to their own reasoning and thinking – of total reliance on self or others who are also blind. The inability to see what is spiritual is “spiritual blindness” – a groping around in complete darkness to all that is spiritual.

This seems such an easy matter to grasp, but it is only plain (simple to understand) and “real” to a spiritual mind – one in which God’s spirit dwells. This means that the “natural” inclination and sole ability of the human mind will be to equate the truths, prophecies, and ways of God on a physical plane, as they “cannot see” on a spiritual one. This is understandable when speaking of those in the world who have never known God’s truths, but some seem to have more difficulty understanding this could be true for anyone who had known the truth and then has been “cut off” from access to God’s spirit. This is what happened to Adam and Eve.

Being separated from God’s spirit is the reason for the physical focus of those who can now only “see” (through physical human reasoning) the curse on Eve as a matter of physical labor pain at birth. It is the same kind of mind that perceives (at this time in the “present” revelation of God) Petra as a place of safety in Jordan, the pope as Antichrist or the man of sin, the abomination of desolation being about a defiling of a physical temple or alter, that Jesus Christ has eternally existed, etc.

How the “Natural” Mind Sees God
The natural, carnal mind of mankind cannot see God as the sole Creator of the entire physical universe, who not only created it all, but also continuously sustains it all. They cannot grasp that God created laws that not only regulate the physical creation, but that He has created laws that regulate relationships (physical and spiritual). Even with God’s spirit and having the ability to believe this to be true, one still cannot begin to fully comprehend it; it is a matter of faith. So how does the carnal human mind view God? It will view God from a physical perspective by limiting God to being more on a physical plane in likeness and behavior.

There are simple but real examples of this kind of thinking that stand out more once God first brings someone into His Church. When called out of a world of traditional Christianity, it takes time for people to grow and have the mind cleansed of these false concepts about God and Christ. Even with (and only with) God’s spirit dwelling in a person, this transformation of thinking does not happen instantly, but over time.

It takes time for a person to have their mind cleansed from a false image of Christ having long hair who is made to look weak and pious or of that same image of him on a cross. It takes time for people to get protestant concepts (limited to human reasoning and false emotion) out of the mind in the way they think a person is to talk about or talk to (pray to) God. It can take years for an individual to come to see God as a Father in truth, joy, and genuine comfort when their own experience with a physical father has been a bad one. It can take years for a person to embrace the beauty, freedom, and true peace that exists in God’s government when their experience of government (in literal government, business, church, and/or family) has been bad because of abuse, oppression, injustice, and simply the result of being mistreated by controlling, selfish human nature.

When people read of God’s “wrath, anger, or jealousy” in scripture, they tend to equate that with human emotion, human reactions, and unjust outbursts in life, which is nothing like God who does all things with the highest ways of righteous judgment, sacrificing love, infinite patience, and abundance of mercy on levels the human mind cannot begin to grasp. A typical concept of the world within traditional Christianity is one of Almighty God being harsh, overly strict, demanding, and lacking in compassion. Such is equated solely with the human concept of oppressive and overly strict human government and behavior. Jesus Christ is then portrayed as the one to turn to in life who will understand us and love us unconditionally. Yet they fail to grasp that Jesus Christ is fully “of God,” and reflects the same attributes, qualities, and loving character of God Almighty.

Paul explains very well about this entire matter of the human proclivity to make God more physical and limited like mankind: “Because that when they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God and neither were they thankful, but they became vain in their imaginations (became lifted up by their own reasoning, thoughts, and ideas of God and His ways – they lifted themselves to a level equal to and greater than God), and their foolish hearts became darkened (spiritually blind). While professing themselves to be wise, they become fools, and they changed the glory of the incorruptible God (not decaying in essence and continuance, not corruptible, immortal) into an image made like unto corruptible (decaying, perishable, weak) man, birds, four-footed creatures, and small animals. Therefore God also gave them over to uncleanness through the lusts in their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. Who changed the truth (ways) of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the things created rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever, Amen” (Rom. 1:21-25).

The Mind of Sin
It would be good at this point to recall some of what we have already covered. As soon as Adam and Eve sinned, they had polluted, damaged, and adversely infected the precious mind God had created in them. With modern technology and the use of computers today, it is a little easier to grasp what happened to their minds. If a “program” becomes infected by developing a bug or receiving a virus, it cannot function as it was first designed and built. The same is true in a similar fashion concerning the effects of sin on the human mind.

So the result of the very first sin was that their thinking (reasoning) became “distorted” and it turned them inward concerning self. They became more intensely aware of self – “self-conscious” in a very negative and hurtful manner. One dictionary definition of “self-conscious” is exactly to the point of what happened to Adam and Eve. It is to be “uncomfortably conscious of oneself as an object of the observation of others, ill at ease.”

That definition describes them perfectly. It helps explain part of why they thought they could “hide” from God. They were uncomfortable about having to face God, knowing they had disobeyed Him. They also began to “feel” something else as part of this new self-consciousness. They began to be disconcerted by feelings of guilt and impropriety. They began to experience what it was like to be ashamed. Although they had justified the taking of the forbidden fruit, they violated and damaged their mind – the pure conscience God had created to exist in the human mind. That is why the searing of the conscience is such a dangerous thing.

There is yet another aspect of what sin does to the human mind. It infects the mind in another area of moral behavior, which is sound and right thinking toward matters relating to sex. This is why Adam and Eve both began to “feel” naked and wanted to cover their sexual organs. Even when they were the only two humans on earth, they not only felt uncomfortable to be in God’s presence and sought to hide from Him, they also felt uncomfortable with God seeing them “naked.” They did not yet grasp that all things are naked before God, both physically and spiritually. God sees and knows ALL!

The uniqueness of God creating male and female in both human and animal life is in large part about a cycle of continual production (reproduction) that works to perpetuate all such living life. This matter of sexual reproduction within humans was created to be different than all other forms of life. The difference is in the mind God gave mankind. God reveals that the selfish motives of mankind come from three basic factors that influence (even to regulate and control) the thinking process of everyone. These are the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life (1 Jn. 2:16).

The Mind of Sex
There is one area of life that seemingly affects these three patterns of thought (motivation) more than any other. It is the thinking and reasoning that is swayed by hormones that God created in man and woman to make them unique and different, but to also affect how they are drawn to one another. We are drawn to food when we are hungry and to liquid when thirsty. We are drawn to warm the body when we are cold, and vice versa. But the aspect of sexual hormones at work in the human body has a completely different effect on the human mind. Sex is one of the primary areas of human life that can test and reveal much about the “state” of the mind and of one’s true reasoning and thinking.

God created the mind to respond to matters of sex in a specific manner. How each person “chooses” to respond to what God created to be beautiful and right in relationships determines a vast portion about how the “mind” will think (reason) and then act (live life). How one deals with the subject matter of sex in their mind is one of the most powerful and important influences on “thinking” that determines (establishes) the kind of interaction and social behavior one will have in all relationships toward others. There is no single greater influence that affects human reasoning and relationships throughout life. Much of that development is learned through the examples set from others in early life and then begins to take on a “personal development” through adolescence.

Since God created mankind in this manner as He did by design and purpose, with the powerful influence of hormones that can highly influence thinking and behavior, He also revealed how such things should be controlled and lived. Yet even as God has given instruction about right and wrong thinking regarding sex, He did much more. He made mankind in such a manner so that “any sin” in life would infect and adversely hurt the mind (one’s reasoning and thinking), and it would also result in distorting the thinking of the mind regarding sex. This is because the whole mind is infected and the result is then made manifest in this thinking that has such a bearing on one’s life in relationships – how one “thinks” toward others. This is far more relevant than people see and understand to this point in time. The more one sins and sears the conscience, the more it will be manifest in one’s relationship with others. Infecting the mind by sin also infects relationships in an adverse manner.

God is beginning to reveal much more about the “cause” of the kind of bondage “family” has been under and why. This has never been fully grasped by mankind or even God’s Church. It is through this ongoing process of God’s continuing revelation to His Church and the change that His people will make in their thinking and living that women are going to be freed from 6,000 years of bondage. This is bondage that has also been upon men, but more readily seen and understood by how women have been treated and looked upon by men. Men will grow to see that such a distorted outlook they have held regarding women has held them in bondage too and has robbed them of a far richer, happier, and more fulfilling life. As this continues to be addressed and understood more fully in God’s Church (which is about to include all the world), “family” will take on a far deeper meaning, purpose, and joy in life. All this has much to do with the process whereby God more fully heals the human mind.

The farther mankind has turned away from God and has delved more deeply into sin, there is a direct correlation to an increase in the distortion, perversion, and unsoundness in thinking regarding the subject of sex. Before we proceed further into this overall subject, it would be good to pause and begin considering this correlation of thinking that affects mankind so adversely. Ask God for help to begin seeing some of this as a part of your own life experience and/or that of others. This is all “key” to understanding how relationships, especially in family, are going to be freed from great bondage.

By design – by God’s design – this entire series of posts is being given in a manner so that you can begin to more fully digest what God is revealing and so that you can more readily build upon each section and be better equipped to receive what He gives next. This entire revelation that God is giving will prove to be one of the most exciting and inspiring phases of deliverance from bondage ever given to mankind.

[This series will continue next week with Part 5.]

A Piece of Work of Faith

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Johnny, Myrtle, Laura, and Audra continued on their European tour in the Netherlands.  Gijs Van Lerberghe gave the opening prayer.  Johnny carried on in Ron’s style, mispronouncing Gijs’ name “Van – Leh – Ber – Gee”.  (Though I’ve never heard Ron mispronounce Gijs’ name, I imagine he did for awhile after meeting him).

Johnny spent about half the sermon reading Ron’s blog post of June 20, saying it was important to put it in audio.  He then went on to blather for another hour, including mentioning the visiting Ron to see what man’s law has done at the end of an age.

David Pack, the Grand Ayatollah of the Restored CoG has taken a page out of Ron’s book by claiming that other CoG leaders will die and that all the members of the other CoGs will leave them and join Restored.  Only 3 other dead CoG leaders as compared to Ron’s 5, but they are part of the fulfillment of Haggai’s prophecy and the range of time for their death is Aug 6 (this coming Tuesday evening) through August 30.  I expect that Clarion Call Dave will either claim like Herbert Armstrong that he doesn’t set dates, or will spiritualize the deaths of some CoG leaders and the organizations they lead.  I doubt that he will call for his own Deut.18 death as his did Ron’s.