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Man’s God-Given Carnal Mind

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

As False Prophet Ronald Weinland is becoming reacquainted with manual labor and wearing out #2 pencils writing blog posts, Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews recorded the sermon for this weekend.

Wayne thinks it’s disgusting that some churches don’t allow women to talk in church.  While he’s probably referring to some that don’t allow women to talk inside the church even privately before and after the sermon, I think that’s a difference with only a minor distinction.

God made a law that man has a carnal mind and disagrees with him.  Instead, people should stop thinking and turn it over to God’s church ie Ron.  Those who decide to start thinking for themselves are rebelling against God and are soon ex-PKG members.  Good for them.

A Personal Letter from God’s Most Formidable Prophet

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

“Janet” just left a comment including a copy of a letter.  I can not verify its source but believe it to be genuine.

In it Ron, states that he will not have a post on his blog this week.  Instead he has this letter which is only to be distributed to those in good standing in God’s church.  Welcome to God’s church.

——–  The Personal —-

Hello to everyone,

It has been a while since I’ve written to the ministry. I thought this would be a good time to do so since I will not be writing a post this week. This past series on an “Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years” contains an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding that God has poured out upon us since Pentecost. We have experienced something that God planned (designed, layered out) for His end-time Church long, long ago.

Although you have read the four-part post in its entirety, the magnitude of it in its full scope has not fully been received yet. It is something that will grow more within you as you are able to build upon it over time. It is for this reason that I encourage you to go back to occasionally read it again, coupling that with prayer and asking for help to more fully grasp it all. This series is of such importance that we are going to combine the four parts into a single article and put it on the Church website publications page as we did with the “57 Truths of God.”

As I wrote this series, there are several things that I have come to far more deeply appreciate and understand (as you will as well). One of these concerns the importance of the truths God has given us that set us apart in such a powerful way as His true Church. I’ve often encouraged the Church to review the 57 Truths. Reviewing these truths and becoming more fully grounded in them cannot be emphasized enough. God has laid them out for His Church, even in order, count, and timing, let alone for the purpose they serve and teach. God did not just randomly reveal these truths, just as He did not randomly create the galaxies. Everything is for a purpose and time – by design.

As I have just started writing this letter to all of you, God has just revealed to me what some of the next post is about, as it ties in with what was just mentioned. I’ll explain all this in that post, which will not come out until next week.

Additionally, as with one of the letters I sent to you, I mentioned that it would be good to share it with all the brethren. Since there is no post this week, I think it would be good to again share this letter with the brethren. What I am addressing here is not the kind of thing that would be proper for a post, but is more of a “personal” to all of you. For this reason (of not posting this), this should only be handed to or sent to those who are in good standing in God’s Church. It should not be sent out in a mass mailing of any kind and should only be given to others by the ministry. If someone has not been in communication or fellowship for some time, then they do not need this.

Concerning where we specifically are in this end-time, God is not revealing the Pentecost that His Son will be coming. Our focus on dates in the past has been part of our refining and maturing in faithfulness. There are times when some may feel that it isn’t fair for God to allow such a thing upon His Church. God not only allows it, but He purposes, designs, plans, and executes those various things that help refine, test, and mature His people – to those who yield themselves to the process. The clay has no right whatsoever to question the master potter. What is fair is death for our sins. We are owed nothing! Yet God, in His incredible love and mercy toward us, wants to give us inheritance into everything.

If we are void of financial trials, family problems, trials of health, and other struggles in life, then we will become “Laodicean” in spirit and lukewarm spiritually to the point God cannot work with us to develop Elohim “in” us. You carry much of what you have because of something unique to you that God has prepared in order to mold a specific place for you in His Family.

Do I relish being in prison and separated from everyone in this manner? Absolutely not! But there has never been a struggle, suffering, heartache, or battle that I would trade for each of these events that I have experienced which has helped to transform me. Indeed, I am truly thankful and rejoice inwardly (as Paul expressed) for what I have gone through in order to make me who I am now and what I am yet to become. There are literally millions upon millions of people in the world who would love to trade places with me in this prison camp. They would have daily food (much more and far better than they now have), shelter with electricity and running water, and a measure of healthcare (yet inferior in this country) that is far superior to anything they have ever had in life. But above all (of all that is physical) there is a mighty purpose being worked through all this that is in God’s molding power to benefit me, the Church, and the future for what I am experiencing.

Do you grasp the importance of your sufferings “in” Christ? It is through being “in” the Body of Christ and the sufferings we experience that God can transform us and mold His character in us. Without those things in this present age, we could not be molded into what we are to become. So what is it all worth to you? Have you come to where you are thankful and can rejoice inwardly (spiritually) for what you suffer? To rejoice inwardly (spiritually) does not mean you are always able to rejoice physically (though we should strive to do so) because by nature suffering is not an enjoyable experience. But how we “carry” the suffering “is” important–for our own inner being along with the example and encouragement it can “give” to others.

I would not have the joy and pleasure of the fellowship of so many of you if you were not carrying suffering of some sort in your life. If you weren’t, then you wouldn’t be here, as you would have become lukewarm and unworkable. When we spiritually embrace whatever state we are in, God will work in us as we yield to and even seek His changing power to work in us.

On more of a personal note, I’ve felt badly that I simply cannot write in response to letters and cards I’ve received, and I know everyone understands. So this will serve as the best means that I have to respond. Some of you have asked specific questions, but I will only be addressing some general things in this letter.

As for being here in a prison, my mind is set for the long haul, yet I certainly hope it will not be for the whole period of time. But if it is, the Church will continue to be blessed with spiritual food and spiritual growth as we continue to move forward. I’m not nearly as concerned about myself being here for the full time as I am that this whole world will soon be freed from such sick and oppressive bondage that exists on every front and the desire that God’s new age be ushered in with sound government and one truth throughout the world.

As far as my health, I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I’ve lost over 20 pounds as my diet has changed a lot. I’m eating a lot of oatmeal with some granola, dried fruit, and nuts that I am able to purchase here. Then there is the quick fix of a peanut butter and honey sandwich that replaces many of the meals (called “food”, as it is rally poor in quality and is sometimes downright sickening) that is served here. In addition, I’m getting a lot of exercise in my work.

By the sound of some letters I’ve received here, some seem to think of this prison as being like those commonly seen on TV, but this is a unique one that is classified as a “camp.” It reminds me more of what the setup is in a boot (training) camp for the army. There are no prison bars. The complex is more like a barracks with private showers and toilets. The sleeping rooms in my section are small units that house up to eight people per unit. I’m blessed to be in a room with seven others who truly function quite well together. I personally believe it is the best of the units where around a total of 400 people live.

There is a small library across the street where I do most of my writing with the initial draft being written out by hand with my trusty supply of #2 yellow pencils. Once written, I go to an archaic computer system to transfer my writing to an email.  There is a rough outside track that I do use a great deal to walk and often pray, as it is easier to get away from the noise (vile language) and constant distractions in the living units. I had started to do some weight training, but that didn’t last too long as I began to work outside at about the same time for the carpentry shop and ended up getting far more of a workout, and therefore, did not need additional weight lifting/exercises. I’ve worked at repairing some fencing and another man and I just finished building a pole barn to house a waste lift station. It is a rough wood framed building with a sheet metal roof and walls. It was about 60 feet by 15 feet in size. The location was great as it was off to the side of grounds that are next to a river and an adjoining boarder of large trees. It was quite tranquil compared to other areas on the grounds that have three different prison systems, which include a very large maximum-security area, a medium security area, and then our camp with very low security. I’ve even been issued authorization to check out vehicles (trucks, pickups, and even a car on occasion) to drive on the compound to and from the jobsites. We do have to be back in the building four times a day for an official count of the inmates. The last count is at 3am when they come around the room and shine a flashlight in your face.

At the end of this past week, we had to mix and pour concrete into molds used for steam line covers. That was a real workout! Next week, we will be re-shingling a building. It is hard work for a “young” man as myself, but I do like it (seriously).

There isn’t much more to say about this place and my routine, but the days have gotten easier and God has been giving me much help, inspiration, and favor here.

Once again, as you come to more fully grasp and more deeply appreciate all that is written in the last series of posts, you will come to be far more thankful and uplifted to “see” the important role each of you have been part of as you have stood fast in very difficult times. God is well pleased with the faithfulness of His people as we seek to live this way of life in spirit and in truth. Keep up the great fight because it is not over until Christ has returned.

Our love to each of you in the Body of Christ,
Ron & Laura

Just About to the Finish Line

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Redneck Johnny Harrell gave the sermon this weekend for his apostle John Ron who is imprisoned for his religious beliefs stealing from the government and the rest of us by failing to pay his taxes.  Somehow the church has money to pay for second tithe assistance funded by other PKG members and administered by Laura and Audra who no doubt are keeping meticulous records of this fund.

Johnny wonders at ex-PKG members who have gone back to Egypt leaving behind the 57 truths.  It’s not complicated to escape the wrath soon coming and become a spirit being, all that’s required is to believe in God and and obey what he says.  God reveals truth week by week in Ron’s blog posts.  Johnny spent the last part of the sermon reading from part 1 of Ron’s (so far) 4 part series.

Hold fast PKG members.  As Johnny says, you are just about to the finish line.  It’s not far, just as has been the case for the 8 decades since Herbert Armstrong prophesied the return of Christ in the 1930s.

Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years Pt 4

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has kept whoever transcribes his nonsense to his blog quite busy, with his weekly posting later than normal.  Here it is for your perusal and commenting.

—————- Weinland’s post ————————-

As this series of posts began, it was stressed that so often in life, even for those who are called into God’s Church, people tend to see their lives as routine and ordinary. By knowledge we should grasp that a “calling” from God is far from ordinary and it should never be viewed as such. That would mean we do not grasp the awesomeness of such an event and that we are not nearly as thankful for the blessings poured out upon us as we should be. We truly need to see our calling for what it is.

But far beyond just seeing the incredible calling that is given to us, we need to deeply grasp what we have experienced over an extraordinary 4 1/2 years that ended May 19th of 2013. God has long worked to fulfill what He had planned and prepared for a very special purpose at this most unique time in the entire history of 6,000 years of mankind. We have been blessed to have been called to be its primary participants.

What we have experienced as a Church all began in what God planned and purposed so long ago and then only revealed as a most basic outline of to Daniel.

1335 Days
As it was mentioned in an earlier post in this series, God revealed to me on that Friday evening of February 1st of 2008, that the 1335 days of Daniel were about the sealing of the 144,000. God did not reveal that this sealing would cover the complete span of time of those 1335 days. Once we had received our course correction about Christ returning on a Pentecost rather than a Trumpets, we then knew that the Feast of Trumpets of 2008 was the beginning of this 1335 days. A countdown had begun which then started on that day of September 30, 2008.

The verses in Daniel that discuss this period were never meant to be interpreted by anyone by merely reading or studying them; the meaning was fully hidden and closed to understanding until God began to reveal it. Even when God began opening it to understanding, He did not reveal all of it. To reveal everything from the beginning would have been to nullify His purpose being worked out in the Church and in the spirit realm. God’s exact manner and timing of the revelation of these verses were strategies He used to fulfill his plan in accomplishing what needed to occur in His Church, which also worked to prepare for the year of recompense that was to follow.

As we go through this in Daniel and all that is covered beyond this, it is important to remember that not only is God preparing to usher in His Kingdom to reign on this earth, but He is also bringing to an end the reign of Satan and the demonic realm in their kingdom. God is not only working to create Elohim and send His Son to be the Messiah of all mankind, but He is also righteously bringing an end to Satan’s rule within the spirit realm.

Living through end-time events is extraordinary as this is the time of the culmination of so many prophecies. These prophecies that God foretold about the end of man’s age of self-rule, the end of Satan’s rule, and the transition into a new age of God’s rule on earth reveal God’s very planning and design from the beginning to bring about Elohim. When we begin to grasp the magnitude of that, and that we are the major participants in that transition, then it is indeed powerfully humbling, sobering, and just plain awesome!

“After the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that is making desolate is finished (is completed), there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the thousand three hundred and thirty-fifth day” (Dan. 12:11-12).

These verses as they are translated into English become even more obscure than they are in Hebrew, but remember that these were not to be understood in any language. God simply told Daniel to “go his way” and that these prophecies were going to be “closed” and “sealed” until the end. As I mentioned in the sermon given in February of 2008, “This is given by prophetic revelation and by no other means.” That was in reference to what God had just revealed about the 1335 days being about the sealing of the 144,000. Everything that comes from these verses must be by prophetic revelation, and God is doing so in the “progressive manner” that He has shown to us that He has been doing through the past 6,000 years. In February of 2008, I concluded more than I should have, as I did not realize that God had much more to reveal later about these verses.

God began to reveal more about this in the recent post entitled, “Still Pentecost to Pentecost.” It is really quite profound and exciting, as this has opened a way in which God is now revealing even more to us, which has everything to do with what we have experienced over the past 4 1/2 years. These things could not be fully revealed until now, as Satan was not to know what God was going to fulfill. Neither could we know, so that this could accomplish a “work of faith” to refine, mature, and purify the Church.

As stated in this post, “The Feast of Trumpets 2008 was the day for the beginning of the final sealing for those who would be included in the final count of the 144,000 who will come with Jesus Christ to set up the reign of the Kingdom of God on earth.”

“This process of sealing all those remaining who would be added in order to fulfill the complete count of 144,000 began on that Trumpets of 2008, but was not completed until Pentecost of 2012. Some were sealed on that day of Trumpets 2008, while others were sealed throughout the following 1335 days, including the very last day. During that period of time and into the period of “final witness,” some would still be tried and tested to determine the final individuals who were yet to be added to this specific count of those who would reign with Christ.”

Daniel 12:11-12
Those verses in Daniel 12 are indeed “obscure” until God gives His spirit to communicate its truth to the mind of those whom He will. Before more is given concerning what God is now continuing to reveal in what these mean, I think it is important to share with you my own excitement and thankfulness for what I am experiencing as I have been writing this post and even more so concerning these verses. I have not experienced this to the degree of this manner since I wrote 2008 – God’s Final Witness, when God revealed what was to be written as I was writing. The same is true now, and in the same manner as it was then, when I thought I knew what was going to be addressed next in writing, but God simply led me into what I did not know and had not known of what He wanted written. There is no easy way to explain this, but it is exciting and inspiring when the mind is suddenly shown things of God that have not been known before.

The verse, “After the daily sacrifice shall be taken away” is about the fulfillment of how the true sacrifice of our Passover works in our lives on a daily basis through repentance and the forgiveness of sins. “In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sin” (Col. 1:14). For those who came to a moment in time that they were sealed as one of the 144,000, the work of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ had accomplished “its work” in them. How? As a person repents of sin and is able to be forgiven through the blood of the Passover sacrifice, then God and Christ will continue working in them to transform them. Once this complete transformation process had been completed and they could be sealed, then the work that the daily sacrifice was doing had fulfilled its purpose in their life and the person was “set” in character and conviction – readied for the change to Elohim. The fact that it shall be taken away as a “saving” process in their life is absolute – it is done, for they are sealed. This does not mean that such a person will no longer sin, for they will, but their sealing process is complete and they are at a stage of spiritual maturity that they will always repent and always be forgiven.

This beginning phase in verse 11 is about the 144,000 who are sealed throughout the 1335 days that began on Trumpets of 2008. God is making it clear that this is first in importance, just as it is given first in these final verses of Daniel concerning the final events that must be fulfilled in the end-time so that all can then be “finished” – completed in order to usher in the Millennium. This had to be fulfilled to complete God’s government that will reign under Christ during that time. The complete sealing was fulfilled by Pentecost, May 27, 2012. This had completed a process revealing God’s greatest power of creation. This was in the creation of Elohim – the first great phase in that which is revealed in the firstfruits. It was a creation of 6,000 years in the making. This is truly awesome!

1290 Days
As it has been covered before concerning the counting recorded in these verses of Daniel, the 1335 days is followed by a second count of 1290 days, with both ending at the same time on May 27, 2012. This marked the opening of the final seal – the Seventh Seal of Revelation. It is apropos that this period is tied directly into the final 1260 days of witness by a prophetic period of “silence” in heaven. This is an interesting word in Greek as it has to do with an expression “to hiss” as in trying to quiet everyone to listen to something special that is about to be given.

God is revealing that these 1290 days are about Satan and the demonic world. Although it is not revealed to the angelic realm what this period was all about as it began, God gave them a “sense of knowing” that this period of silence was an incredibly important moment in time that would lead up to the final time of witness in the “1260-day count” that would follow 30 days later.

The time of final witness was about “testimony” that would be established as a matter of God’s righteous judgment of the world. This 3 1/2 year period was about final testimony of what this world has been like for 6,000 years, as God and His ways have continually been rejected by mankind, and that the Church and those specifically sent by God into the world have always been hated, rejected, and persecuted. In a world of modern technology, that witness was powerfully and firmly established.

Once the final witness was established, the world received its final judgment that God will bring upon it when the physical manifestation of all seven trumpets will be revealed in the final prophetic “Day of the Eternal.”

However, before that physical manifestation of final judgment could begin, there was also another great judgment that had to be established as the result of God’s final witness through His two witnesses and the Church concerning Satan and the demonic realm. Not only must the rule of mankind be righteously brought to an end, but Satan’s rule must also be brought to an end before the Millennium can be established. During that final witness of 3 1/2 years, God established His final testimony and the setting of His righteous judgment against Satan and the demons that will begin to be carried out at the return of Jesus Christ as King of kings.

God began with the revelation of the meaning of the 1335 days for the work of completing the full count of the 144,000 who will be in God’s government that will be established at Christ’s return. The 1260 days was a time of witness to bring an end to man’s self-rule. But the 1290 days is about a count that results in Satan’s final judgment as his government is brought to an end at the same time that man’s self-rule is brought to an end and God’s government is established.

At this point, I am going to return to that sermon of February 2, 2008. There is another statement that needs to be quoted here. It is about those verses in Daniel 12, but this time it is in reference to the 1290 days: “We have 45 days (from the beginning of the 1335 days) before the work of the abomination of desolation will be ended.”

It was clear that the 1290 days was about the abomination of desolation. As many of us in early 2008 had gone through the experience of the 1994 Apostasy, we knew that it was about the abomination that desolated the Church. Jesus had told us about the commission of Herbert W. Armstrong (which Mr. Armstrong knew was about himself and the Church) that was recorded in Matthew 24:14 of the gospel (good news) “going into all the world as a witness unto all nations.” After that was accomplished, then Christ explained that the end-time would come and that we would then see the abomination of desolation stand in the holy place (the Church).

Our understanding of truth to that moment in time (Feb. 2008 and even to now) was Truth #25: “The Abomination of Desolation is about what Joseph Tkach did in the Church.” There is more that now needs to be added to that understanding.

The Abomination of Desolation
The Abomination of Desolation is indeed about what Joseph Tkach, Sr. did in the Church. An “abomination” in the Greek is that which is “detested and abhorred,” specifically concerning idolatry. Due to his giving that infamous sermon of December 17, 1994, Joseph Tkach did become the prophesied “man of sin” and “son of perdition” of 2 Thessalonians 2. In a detestable and most abhorrent act, he turned against God and Christ by seeking to destroy the most basic doctrines of God’s Church and sought to replace them with the false doctrines of “traditional Christianity.” On the day that sermon was given, Jesus Christ opened the First Seal of Revelation. This began with Satan’s attempt to destroy God’s Church.

Desolation did come upon God’s Church that had grown spiritually weak and lukewarm. But God’s Church was not destroyed, as a remnant was quickly brought to repentance and restored. God allowed this event of an apostasy to occur in His Church as part of His purpose to teach some of the greatest lessons yet concerning His purpose and means of creating Elohim.

The actions of Joseph Tkach were an abomination before God and His Church, and those actions did bring horrible desolation upon the Church; but the one behind it all was the Adversary of God, the true Destroyer and Desolator, the teacher of abominations – Satan. Paul was inspired to write of this “man of sin”: “whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power, signs, and lying wonders” (2 Thes. 2:9). Christ warned about an “Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet” that would “stand in the holy place” in the end-time. This is about Satan who was made to stand in the midst of God’s own Church once Joseph Tkach gave that sermon which quickly resulted in a third of the Church receiving and accepting that abhorrent sermon. Another third simply gave up on any kind of “religion” altogether.

It was an abomination that wreaked havoc and devastation upon God’s Church, but it is Satan who is the father of abominations and “his way” is desolation and destruction. Daniel’s prophecy of the 1290 days is about Satan and how God righteously established the completion of Satan’s final judgment during the period of God’s final witness.

There is so much more that God will give to us concerning what He gave to be recorded in the final chapters of Daniel. These chapters are about the means and process whereby God will usher in a time of righteous rule upon the earth through His Son. At the same time, this is about God bringing an end to Satan’s rule. God is beginning to give us a “thumbnail overview” of what all this in Daniel entails, and he will then later reveal the complete picture as He fills in the details of the rest of the pieces.

I’ve often wondered in recent years (when considering end-time events recorded in Daniel) why God was not revealing more to us about things like the king of the south and the king of the north. There have been many interpretations of such things, as people have sought to fit in ideas about Europe, the Middle East, the United States, as well as Russia and China into possible scenarios. But these prophecies have a different purpose and meaning. Much of the context of Chapter 9 in Daniel is about God raising up the Messiah who will be given the reign of God’s new government once He brings Satan’s rule over the earth to an end. The dialogue through all this is about wars (spiritual) that build up to the final end of Satan’s rule and the establishment of the Kingdom of God to rule.

From the beginning of the Book of Daniel to the dream he interpreted for Nebuchadnezzar, this Book works forward to the time of the end (the end of man’s self-rule under the overall reign of Satan) when the great transition of this earth’s government will occur: “Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floor; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote (struck hard) the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth” (Dan. 2:35).

“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed, and the kingdom shall not be left to others, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever” (Dan. 2:44).

Satan’s Judgment Set
Satan’s rule “has been brought” to an end. As far as God’s judgment and its reality, it is over! We are now in a final transition from that rule being brought to an end to that of God’s government being established. All that remains is the humbling of mankind as the Trumpets of Revelation are fulfilled. All that is remaining is the “physical manifestation” of this transition in government on the earth.

That which is recorded in the final chapters of Daniel is incredible and has been hidden – closed and sealed – since Daniel recorded it. These chapters contain some of the most awesome, astounding, and truly exciting revelation of prophecy yet. It hasn’t been long since God gave to us much clearer insight and understanding into the Seventy Weeks Prophecy about Christ in Daniel 9. The last verse, in the context of the transition of earth’s government, is truly revealing, but not in most translations. I’m going to quote that verse as given from the translation contained in the margin of a King James Version:

“He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblations to cease, and upon the battlements (highest strongholds of war) shall be the idols of the Desolator with the (his) abominable armies, even until the consummation (completion, fulfillment, conclusion) and that determined shall be poured upon the Desolator” (Dan. 9:27).

Satan is the great Desolator who seeks only to lay waste what God has created. His way is to put everything into a ruinous state of confusion and destruction. Part of the origin of the Hebrew word used to describe this final period of Satan’s judgment of his “ways” of an abomination of “desolation” comes from a meaning similar to “zero” in count or “nothingness” in existence. This word in Hebrew is known for its contrast to a word used to describe God’s creative power of “something,” meaning the creation of “something from nothing.” Yet Satan’s reference of “his ways,” and the only result of “his power,” is to bring “something to nothing.”

During the period of witness of the 1260 days, God provided a final witness that established a final righteous judgment upon mankind. God knew what man would do with the technology and scientific advancements He would give them. God knew what Ephraim and Manasseh would do with their inheritance of promise of the greatest portions of the earth’s wealth in the end of the age. God foretold about such events as these, but the time for final judgment to be righteously established was to be done toward the very end of 6,000 years for a specific period of 1260 days. That period of time is even broken down into stages of judgment based on a measure of “merciful judgment” over 280 days, hence the past knowledge of time, times and half a time. It was in this final period of 1260 days that God gave His two witnesses (and the Church who lived it) to be instrumental in bringing out the true spirit, attitude, and responding actions that are witness against mankind and against Satan and his demonic realm.

So God inspired that His two witnesses and the Church should know that this final process began on December 14, 2008, and that it would end by Pentecost of May 27, 2012. It was taken by me, as an apostle, that this could only mean (because of the truth we had to that time) that Jesus Christ was returning on that Pentecost of 2012. I was wrong. My conclusion was in great error. However, God could have given more (revealed more) at any time, for we can only know what we are given by Him. God knew what I would do and what His Church would do with such knowledge “to that time.” We knew the job of the two witnesses was to begin and the countdown of the 1335 and 1290 days had begun. We knew Christ would return on a Pentecost. There was even more “present truth” this was based upon, but never-the-less, the stage was set.

God’s Church did not know about two periods of time concerning the “Day of the Eternal” that also were to be fulfilled before Christ’s return. So God let us experience (by design and purpose) something that no one else ever before has, and it was conducted by most of God’s people in spirit and in truth of an absolute living faith. This entire process of the full 4 1/2 years worked to produce an accelerated spiritual growth and maturing transformation never lived (experienced) before in God’s Church.

Because of all that had been written and the full expectation of a published date for Christ’s return, this period of final witness of the 1260 days also amplified the true response of mankind and Satan toward God’s people – toward God. Thus their judgment was quickly established and righteously set by God. In man’s world and Satan’s world, this period of 1260 days promoted an accelerated response of hate and mockery toward God’s people (toward God) that established a clear witness against Satan and mankind and of the judgment that would follow. For the Church however, it accelerated spiritual transformation, spiritual growth, and highly matured faith over a very short period of time.

Although God is revealing so very much right now, you will not (none of you) be able to grasp it fully by one (or even a few) readings of this post. Once you return again, even if in a couple of weeks from now, you will be able to see more. The importance and magnitude of what God’s Church experienced and witnessed during the 1260 days of “final witness” is far beyond the basics of it that God revealed to us quite some time after we had already entered into that final period. It was given to us that this witness of 3 1/2 years was a final one upon which God would establish His final judgment upon mankind. We understood that this judgment would be executed in the fulfilling of the Trumpets of Revelation.

God just revealed before this past Pentecost of 2013 that He used this time of 3 1/2 years to try and test His Church as He simultaneously worked (in His creating of Elohim) to accelerate the molding and transformation of a maturing faith, godly character, conviction, resolve, and spiritual strength within us. This experience we have lived cannot even be fully put into words to describe how extraordinary this has been in all the experiences of mankind over the past 6,000 years!

Finally, God is also revealing to us and the spirit realm how the 3 1/2 years of witness was also about establishing His final righteous judgment upon Satan and the demons by their own actions (works) during that period. They were given final judgment that has already begun to be carried out, starting on the first Day of the Eternal. Their power to cause (or persuade) any meaningful abomination within God’s Church has been made impotent. The next phase of the judgment to be carried out against them is their confinement of 1,000 years and complete removal from all of God’s created life once Christ returns. Judgment was foretold and determined long ago, but it was righteously established during that 1260 days of final witness. God inspired Daniel to record that Satan and his abominable armies would continue to uphold their own strong idols in spiritual wars, “even until the consummation (the completion, fulfillment, conclusion) and that determined (decreed, judgment established) shall be poured upon the Desolator (Satan)” (Dan. 9:27).

God has only now (in this Pt. 4 of this series) been revealing all that is written in Daniel concerning these greater matters of judgment that are about Satan and the demons. Little did I know of the far greater magnitude of what God inspired to be written in a recent post:

“Another purpose for God revealing things to us as He does is because of what He is working out in order to bring Satan and the demons to a time of great judgment upon them (concerning that 1260 days), and because of the spiritual wars that are part of this process that include strategies and timing that are critical in great wars” (Post – “Timing and Our Commission”).

A Time to Finish All
All that we have covered about Satan’s time for judgment in Daniel adds even greater strength, meaning, and purpose to the very unique timing God gave His Church that identifies an end to Satan’s power upon the Church. It is this timing that started a count from the opening of the First Seal when the Apostasy occurred on December 17, 1994, to Pentecost on May 27, 2012. That was a time span that identified Satan (13 being a number for “rebellion and apostasy”) and his influence of power exerted upon God’s Church until God brought him to the time of the execution of His Judgment. We had earlier believed that this would occur when Christ returned and executed the first phase of judgment of 1,000 years confinement, but that 6,370 days (7 x 70 x 13) was about God’s complete (7 being a number for completeness) plan to bring Satan to the time of his final judgment, with the execution of it to quickly follow.

God develops a picture that overlaps in timing in the book of Daniel. He began with a final 1335 days that would finish His work in the creation of the firstfruits of Elohim by Pentecost of 2012. The next great work that was to be completed was in the 1290 days that established Satan’s final judgment by Pentecost 2012, that judgment which will bring Satan’s rule to an end. To bring everything to a conclusion so that all could be finished in order for Christ to come, mankind also had to have “final judgment” established. That too was completed by Pentecost 2012, after the 1260 days of final witness.

As we have already covered, Daniel 9:27 refers to this awesomely important date of Pentecost 2012 in terms of Satan’s final judgment being established. After that judgment was “set,” it would be followed by God finishing “all things” pertaining to Satan’s removal and confinement at Christ’s return. This is described in the verse as, “even until the consummation” (Heb. – to bring to a full end, to complete and conclude, to finish). This is about the time that judgment is to be administered. This is also the reference given in Daniel 12:11 when “the abomination that is making desolate is finished (is completed).” This is after judgment has been set (established) by God once the 1290 days are concluded. It is “after that” all will be finished – with God’s judgment to be executed in order to “finish” it.

God began the first phase of the execution of His judgment against Satan during the first “Day of the Lord,” from Pentecost 2012 to Pentecost 2013.

What happened during that time? Although God’s Church had lived by faith, in truth and in spirit, Christ did not return on Pentecost 2012. In addition, I had to then go before the government for my trial in court for what was termed as “purposely evading the payment of taxes,” which quickly ended in a conviction with the guarantee of a prison sentence. Satan relished in the pickings he thought were before him. Now was his chance, as he viewed it, to again wreak total devastation upon the Church, as he had during the Apostasy. But Satan did not know what God had been molding and creating in a highly accelerated manner during the 1260 days of witness that had just ended. Those days were also evidence, in witness, to God’s incredible creative wisdom to more powerfully and more quickly than ever transform His people in greater character, oneness, and spiritually maturing faith.

The Church was not weak as it was before the Apostasy. As the “Day of the Lord” drew on, God’s people were growing even stronger. Then God challenged Satan about His people, just like what had happened to Job. Satan and his demon army were going to be released with great freedom given to them to “torment” God’s people for 5 full months in an effort to turn them against God, just as Satan attempted to do to Job. This challenge came about by design because it was part of a beginning fulfillment, yet strictly a spiritual one, of only the Fifth Trumpet (as a “type” of the actual physical fulfillment that will be made manifest after the Fourth Trumpet). But again, Satan experienced a “spiritual” punishment from this encounter, as this was part of the beginning of his punishment and of God’s avenging His Church with a just vengeance upon Satan. This punishment upon Satan and the demons was a kind of mental punishment and torment – of their spirit. The torment they desired to inflict was instead inflicted upon them. God was being magnified in glory in what He was creating in His Family – over the controversy of Zion.

This has been covered in a previous post, but we need to understand that the Church had been made to “stand” in an awesomely strong spiritual manner of faith, steadfastness, and character. The attacks from Satan and the demons have always been upon God’s people, but not in the kind of widespread manner and constant barrage as was experienced during those five months. Certainly, there are a lot of lingering after effects and other sporadic attacks that will still occur, but we have been made to stand fast. The overwhelming majority of the Body that has continued on has been positively and honorably defined. We have experienced a profound and extraordinary 4 1/2 years, and as time goes forward we will learn that this is true, even far more deeply than we can begin to grasp now.

What is Left?
My wife, Laura, was here today, and we discussed various Church matters as we always do. I shared with her the contents of this post. I’m going to tell you some of what I told her. I explained how this is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever written and that what God is revealing is so incredible as it explains so much more of what God has been doing over these past several years.

Then I shared with her about how I am so encouraged and inspired by all this, knowing I am John’s counterpart as both an apostle and a prophet, but even more than that, we share, as only it should be, the experience of being imprisoned by our government. Yet while imprisoned, God gave great revelations to John to record. It is here in prison that God has given me some of the greatest understanding yet about the process of the manifestation of those revelations. I am truly thankful to “share” such an experience with John – one that will be recorded with him.

So what is left? Now we are at the time when God will conclude, according to His perfect timing, the execution of all judgment that has now been righteously established. God will have His day – the final “Day of the Lord.” This will be the time of the physical manifestation of the Trumpets as well as highly increased Thunders.

There is another exciting verse in Daniel that has now been revealed more fully for what it is actually saying about the timing of all these events. The setting is one where Daniel asks one of the angelic beings a question about all that God has revealed to him, especially in the later chapters about events leading to the coming of the Messiah in God’s Kingdom and the end of man’s age. He simply asked, “How long to the end of these matters?” (Dan. 12:6). This is then followed by an astounding reply:

“And I heard the man clothed in linen, who was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and declared an oath from Him who lives for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and half a time, and that when He shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished” (Dan. 12:7).

The timing concerning the “end” of these matters is answered by first stating there will be a period of time, times, and half a time, which we now know fell within the 1260 days of witness as a period that involves God’s merciful judgment.

The next to follow is what is described as a time when the “scattering of the power of the holy people” will be accomplished. What we had believed as our “present truth” of such an expression was that the “scattering” related to some phase about the physical scattering of God’s people after the Apostasy until the period of time of “time, times, and half a time.” But it is not! It is about an event that follows the 1260 days of witness. Who are the holy people at that time? We know they can only be referred to as “holy” because of God dwelling in them. These “holy people” are His Church.

This word “scatter” is like the example of pottery being dashed on the floor and scattered – dashed into pieces. The word “power” has very broad application and can fit into the expression in several ways. What power was dashed in God’s people after the 1260 days? Certainly, hopes were dashed, especially the hope of Christ’s return. But in all this, why would God allow “His power” in us to be dashed and scattered from us? It wasn’t, but our own power was. The truth and reality is that during this period, which was the “Day of the Lord” upon God’s Church, we were made much, much stronger with far greater spiritual power. It was our own power – the power of self – that Satan saw and sought to use to destroy us. Such power from self comes in the form of self-reliance, pride, vanity, the use of intellect in determining how we see things, human judgment, etc. Satan attacked us by striving to use “self” (selfish human nature) against us in a similar manner as he tried to appeal to Christ (when he was fasting), just before he began his ministry. But in attacking us in such a manner, we were actually made stronger as a result of the work God was doing in us during the time of witness. God had prepared us for this incredible event – to make us stand! This expression in Daniel is not about a negative thing that happened to the holy people, but an incredibly positive one.

As a result of God working with us over that 3 1/2 year period of final witness and then our experience of going into that prophetic day that led to a 5 month assault from Satan and the demonic world, we lived what God told Daniel in that oath (God’s promise) about being “scattered” – shattered in power. What an awesome thing to understand that it was our own selfish power that was being shattered so that God could live more fully in us in His power. It was in God’s power living more fully within us that gave us the power over Satan’s attacks: “For greater is He who is in you than he (Satan) who is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).

Then the last thing God “promised” by His oath through the pronouncement made by this angel was that THEN – after all this – that “all things” would be finished. All that is left is exactly where this promise comes into play. It can only be for a very specific moment in time. Now is that time – it is the time of “God’s promise” that He will fulfill. It is the time that is now before us, of all that remains, that is a matter of exercising the judgment upon this world that was “set” after the 1260 days. That which is to be finished is the physical manifestation of the Trumpets of Revelation.

God’s time is before us. The final “Day of the Eternal” is God’s promise. His promises are true!

Evil to Disagree With God

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews filled in for the imprisoned criminal False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  He had no announcements, perhaps Johnny will fill some in as he did for Terry last week as he announced the promotion to elder of Pam (Bucheit) Johnson, Mark Wiesman & Mike Knopp.  Pam is the daughter of Beth Bucheit, who disfellowshipped Ron’s mother and sister.

Wayne started out by stating that God created man with the weakness of being able to think for himself and work out what is right.  Instead, a right-thinking person will let the god who lives between Ron’s ears do his thinking.  Wayne sees no redundancy in insists that some who starts out a statement with “I think” should follow up with “in my opinion”.  Clearly the only person whose opinion matters without qualification is Ron, who speaks for God.

Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years Part 3

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s weekly blog post is up.  In it he cites his 21st Truth on the origin of Christ revealed solely through him.  Somehow come of the things revealed to Ron by the god who lives between his ears is the Truth while anything prophetic has been progressively revealed to be lies.

————–  Ronnie’s weekly blather ————————-

In the series of these last few posts, we have focused upon the subject of righteous judgment. It was stated that we are judged by what we see   know and understand   at any moment in time. That is why we are to discern and judge every matter in life by the present truth.

Until God revealed in 1974 that Pentecost was to be observed on a Sunday, God’s people were judged by what God had revealed to them before that additional truth about Pentecost was given. The timing for when this portion of truth was revealed was totally in God’s control. Therefore, up to that change in 1974, God’s people were to assemble on a Monday, and they were judged by their response and obedience to what they knew to that moment in time.

This example teaches us much about how and why God works with us as He does (much of which we have already covered). This also teaches a great deal about how God’s government works in our lives through the leadership He has established to be upon His apostles and prophets. God has chosen to construct His Church through this exact structure. It is by this way that He is creating Elohim in all who will receive God’s government and God’s way of revealing truth to them through these offices He has established: “And (we) are (being) built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone, In whom all the building is fitly framed together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord” (Eph. 2:20-21).

Candidly, there is no other structure whereby God leads and directs His Church. That is why what has happened in the 600 plus splinter groups that have formed out of the Apostasy and scattering of the Church after 1994 is so absurd. Only one can be God’s Church through whom He works. By definition and teaching, anything else could not be God’s structure of government, as it would oppose God’s order of unity and singleness of teaching and belief among His people. There cannot be any who are “on their own,” who are not led by an apostle; for that is simply how God works in His Church: “Now you are the Body of Christ, and members in particular. God has set (word used for order and position in government) some in the Church: first apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly teachers…” (1 Cor. 12:27-28).

So the identity of God’s Church and where He is working is a most basic truth. This has so much to do with the first great truth that is attributed to being reestablished (restored) in God’s Church through Herbert W. Armstrong   the truth of God’s “government.” God tries and tests His Church to manifest those who do and those who do not judge this truth about government righteously. God expects everyone to judge themselves and “their” own group or organization by this most basic truth about His government.

Greatest Proof of God’s True Church:
During the Feast of Tabernacles in 2005, God mightily separated His Church from all other scattered groups who formed due to the Apostasy. God did this through the 21st Truth that is attributed as being revealed to the Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God through me. No other scattered group believes this truth!

The 21st Truth states, “God the Father is Yahweh Elohim and He alone has eternally existed. The teaching that Jesus Christ had always existed is a holdover from the teaching of traditional Christianity of the Trinity. There is only one Almighty God who has eternal existence” (“The 57 Truths of God”).

The purpose for covering this truth in this post is to illuminate more fully that it is this truth above all others revealed after the Apostasy that proves where God’s true Church is and through whom God is working as His apostle to this end-time. It is this truth that fully established the identity of God’s Church! No other group or organization from the Apostasy believes or teaches this great truth. It was after God restored this most powerful truth yet, to His Church, that He began to inspire the writing of the book 2008   God’s Final Witness.

The identity and greatest proof of God’s true Church through the end-time and up to Christ’s return can only be received by those to whom God gives it. Once God has revealed such a “present truth,” then each to whom it was revealed is judged individually by their own judgment of where God is working and their judgment of this specific truth. For those who have left and have been removed from the fellowship in God’s true Church, their judgment rests on this truth alone. Anyone who truly judges righteously must judge whether they believe this 21st Truth (42nd overall). If a person believes this truth and separates themselves from God’s Church (PKG), then they multiply the judgment against themselves because they know no one else believes or teaches this truth. Only God’s true Church does!

Do you grasp the magnitude and importance of this great truth being taught and believed by only one scattered group of people?

It now needs to be pointed out that there is also another reason of great importance to this truth being revealed when it was. Toward the end of Sardis, only three great truths remained when Herbert W. Armstrong was called to restore truth to the Church during Philadelphia. Satan and the demonic realm had the world so deceived and confused by this time that the Church was nearly dead, but God began to raise up a new era through Mr. Armstrong. Truth that Satan had worked so hard to destroy was being restored and revived within the era of Philadelphia.

One of the greatest blows that Satan ever dealt to the truth was when he began to deceive the world about God Himself. This was done in 325 AD through the Nicene Council and the establishment of the doctrine of the Trinity. It wasn’t until that Feast of 2005 that this false doctrine was finally fully removed from having any influence upon God’s Church   the Church of God – PKG.

The restoration of this great truth (21st Truth) removed Satan’s last and greatest deception. This lie was having a strong influence upon distorting the truth to God’s Church about God’s eternal majesty and the profound importance of Christ’s beginning in human life as our Passover. The timing of this revelation of truth is so important to events that followed, as this freed God’s Church to accelerated spiritual growth, insight, and highly empowered faith. This played a great role in thrusting God’s Church into a most unique time of God’s final witness.

It has often been told to God’s people that they should go back often and review all the truths God has given us. Indeed, the greatest and most profound for God’s Church in this end-time is that 21st Truth. God’s truths are our power and strength. It is the truth that sets us free. It is by the word of truth that we are begotten. It is by the word of truth that we grow, AND it is by this one great truth that God’s people should have the greatest boldness, faith, confidence, and strength of where God’s true Church is today   of where God is working and leading His people. There is no other place to go for God’s truth that is being taught by God’s ministry Sabbath-to-Sabbath and post-to-post.

God’s Preparation Complete:
Once God had fully reestablished His Church by Pentecost of 1998, He began preparing it for the final witness He would establish for the “cause” or “controversy” of Zion.

Most of the truth that God began to give the Church had to do with the Apostasy and the first three Seals of Revelation that had been opened. These truths were new to the Church, as they had to do with prophecy that had just been fulfilled in this end-time. However, the first great truth that was “restored” since being given many centuries earlier is one that was lost shortly after it had been revealed to the apostle, John. There was no scattered group who understood or taught this truth, and although there is one that has since attempted to address it, it is still far away from grasping it. This truth that was “restored” is the 14th Truth (35th overall).

This truth states, “We understand that Jesus Christ is ‘continually coming’ in the flesh of those who are in the Church of God” (“The 57 Truths of God”). This of course has to do with John 14 and other similar verses in 1 John 4 and 2 John that the scattered Churches misapply to a past or future literal coming of Jesus Christ to this earth. This is the first great truth that was restored in the Church of God – PKG that powerfully separated it from all others. To this point in time, it was the most important truth revealed to PKG that testified and identified where God was working and through whom.

We have already covered what God revealed seven truths later in the 21st Truth (42nd overall), which was the greatest proof of all of the true identity of His Church. This was later followed by another truth, the 50th Truth, which tried and tested God’s Church in a very great way as to each person’s faithfulness to follow where God leads. It was this truth that launched God’s Church into the time of God’s final 3 1/2 years of witness to this world, about this world. This was also preparing the Church for the year (God’s prophetic day for the Church) that would follow that 3 1/2 years of God’s own witness that He would establish in the righteous avenging of His Church over the “cause” of Zion.

In addition to all the awesome truths God gave His people, He began to call large numbers into His Church through 2007 and 2008. More would be called, but by the time God’s final witness would begin, the Church had been prepared for an awesomely unique experience of God’s creative power to bring “transformation” to its greatest pinnacle yet.

God molded and fashioned events, as well as their timing, so that the Church would be made to stand through 4 1/2 years of one of the most extraordinary periods ever experienced by God’s people.

God’s Work:
After healing a man on the Sabbath day and being condemned by the Jews for doing it at that time, Jesus gave them a simple reply: “My Father has been working until now and I have been working” (Jn. 5:17). During that time, God and Christ were working to establish a “witness” of Jesus being the Passover and Messiah of all mankind. That witness was recorded in scripture for the sake of the Church that would follow, for God’s great work is about the creation of Elohim. After 2,000 years and seven different eras of God’s Church, the Church had now been prepared for another important time of witness.

God and Christ worked with a remnant of the Church following the Apostasy to prepare it for an important battle in time. Though we still do not understand the full meaning of the dates and timing of all that followed that period of 4 1/2 years, God is continuing to reveal more to us, as He always has. God’s Church seeks to judge by the present truth to any moment in time, and if all will do so righteously, they will then live accordingly   in faith, as this is how we are judged.

The Church had no real concept of the great falling away (Apostasy) that would come upon it before December of 1994. Once it did come, however, the Church (brethren and ministry) was to judge righteously what had happened. There were basic issues at hand that had to be addressed. Were we God’s Church? If we were God’s Church, then how could it be experiencing what it did after December 17, 1994? This led many to see more deeply than ever that the organization (WCG) was not the Church, but that the Church was the spiritual Body of Christ. This had not fully sunk into everyone in the Church even though Herbert W. Armstrong made the point several times before he died in 1986.

So what had happened to the spiritual Body of Christ? The answer should have been clear, but it wasn’t because of the “spiritual condition” of the Church being lukewarm and so spiritually weak. As God blessed some to be awakened from that spiritual sluggishness and sleep, answers began to be made manifest (revealed) and obvious. God’s Church had been scattered; spiritual famine was growing and widespread. An apostasy had occurred; the identity of the man of sin who was the son of perdition for the end-time had been made manifest. However, most of the scattered Body could neither humble themselves enough to acknowledge the Apostasy nor admit their true spiritual state, for to do so would be to acknowledge they were Laodicean. Such people would not judge “righteous judgment” concerning the identity of God’s Church, the present truth, or the actual conditions and events that had occurred. Yet God taught people in His remnant Church how to judge such matters righteously so that they could have much more truth revealed to them.

Now is a time that this kind of judgment is required of God’s people again, just as it was when God allowed and gave way for the Apostasy to be manifested in His own Church. We are to be judging through what God has given His Church to experience, through the present truth, and through the actual events and conditions that have already occurred. If we know this is God’s Church, then we can continue in righteous judgment. If one does not know this and is not deeply convicted of such truth, then they will judge from their “own beliefs” and views as “they see it” (just as how it happened after the Apostasy). That is why basic understanding that should be gleaned from the 35th, 42nd, and 50th Truth are so important to the identity of God’s true Church and with who it is through whom God is working in the continuing process of the creation of Elohim. It is also important to know that the 49th Truth (about the Seven Thunders being revealed) will yet drive that point home to God’s Church that was scattered after the Apostasy.

God Establishes the Truth & Reveals Error:
As it has previously been covered in this series of posts, the Church was tried and tested in God’s present truth throughout 2008. God was establishing those things that would be needed so that the Church could experience what He had been preparing it to fulfill through the 4 1/2 years that ended May 19th of 2013. Daniel’s 1335 days about the 144,000 being sealed was revealed. Christ returning on Pentecost rather than Trumpets was established. In the midst of all this, God had already revealed who His two end-time witnesses were and that 2008 would be the beginning of His final witness. We just didn’t know what it all meant, but we did judge according to the present truth as God had molded and fashioned this within us.

This refinement in judgment and understanding of how we are judged in the present truth had not been given to Herbert W. Armstrong; however, God did use Mr. Armstrong’s experience to establish that understanding and revelation for us in this end-time. Upon addressing the significance of 19-year time cycles in God’s work and the commission God had given him and the Church, Mr. Armstrong addressed some very important points. He explained how he was not a prophet. He also explained some matters concerning the booklet entitled, 1975 in Prophecy.

It would be good at this juncture to quote some of what Mr. Armstrong wrote in his “Personal” in “Tomorrows World” magazine of February 1972 (the “Personal” is available on the Church site under Mr. Armstrong’s publications). There are several excerpts that will be in quotes in this section of the post, and I will also make some added comments along the way.

“Let me ask you this question. Do you know of any large, established, well-recognized professing Christian denomination which has publicly confessed it had been wrong in what it had been teaching, and which they corrected the error, and turned to the truth?”

In Mr. Armstrong’s day, this could only be asked of the difference between God’s Church and all those of traditional Christianity. Today, however, it should be asked of all who were scattered after the Apostasy, but it is not. Yet every truth revealed in the Church of God – PKG since the 21st Truth revealed through Mr. Armstrong has revealed error in the Church.

The 22nd Truth revealed that we did have an apostasy. To deny this was to deny God’s Church. We were beginning to admit the error of failing to acknowledge what God had prophesied would happen in His Church in the end-time. This then led to the acknowledgement of many other truths related to the Apostasy and God’s Church that were to become manifest during the prophesied end-time. These all in turn revealed error we needed to correct.

The 33rd Truth was the first that revealed error that had existed before the Apostasy. That truth was about the reality that there was no literal physical place of safety. We now accepted the clear truth of scripture that “Petra” was always about God being our place of safety, just as He is likened to our high tower, defense, shield, fortress, etc., as in Psalms 18. Indeed, God is our rock, our Petra.

After the era of Philadelphia and on into the end-time after the Apostasy, we did not focus or expound upon the “errors” when God revealed new truth to us. Instead, we simply focused on the revelation of truth as a matter of positive change and greater spiritual growth that God was giving. In reality, we were also actually acknowledging error. We were addressing change and new truth in this manner largely due to a continuing growth in spiritual maturity within God’s Church and of being led to see that God is in charge of what we are able to see at any moment in time. The revelation of truth is in His control just as it is of when He gives us more truth, and when He gives us more we indeed have less error because He is leading us more and more into the light and farther and farther from the darkness. Seeing truth is not a result of our own ability nor of intellect, but fully of God. Over the past year, God has helped to begin expressing this process as a matter of the “present truth” since He is the one who progressively reveals His truth to His people. We simply have to make the choice to accept and follow it or not.

Let’s continue now with excerpts from that “Personal” of Mr. Armstrong: “But are they all perfect and correct in what they teach? If so why do not any two agree in all points of doctrine? The reason is simply that they do teach errors which they are afraid to confess, for fear they would lose members.”

“Thus they have educated the people to suppose that if any leader, any church, and work of God can be found to have been in error in any point, they cannot be trusted. To confess and correct error is to be branded a false prophet!”

Today this kind of scrutiny is even greater upon God’s Church because God has given me to declare that I am both His prophet and His apostle to His Church in this end-time. As a prophet, God has given me a great deal to declare about what will happen in the Thunders and Trumpets of Revelation that lead up to the coming of Jesus Christ. As an apostle, I have worked with what God has revealed up to any moment in time and have taught His Church accordingly within those parameters of judgment.

At the beginning of the 1335 days, there was anticipation of great “physical” tribulation beginning that would come upon the world. Thunders increased and the stage was fully set for the financial collapse of the United States and the world economy, but God’s time for that has not yet come. The Church had been wrong about the basic period of 3 1/2 years being about physical destruction. That will still come, but within a different time frame than what we have previously believed.

May 27, 2012, was not the date of Christ’s return and neither was May 19, 2013. Those dates are prophetically important and great events did occur within those periods of time, but they were not Christ’s literal return. That is obvious. So as we did after the Apostasy, we seek to judge what we have experienced by the present truth, and as we do, God will reveal more, just as He has done before, for He uses this process in a powerful way to more deeply convict us of truth He reveals when He chooses to do so.

We know who we are   we are God’s Church, and the truths God has revealed testify to that truth. No other group or organization teaches and believes all of the 57 Truths.

So yes, we too have had error. I have had error. But God is leading us into greater truth and spiritual maturity. God has not only allowed error to exist in His Church through time, but He has also designed and planned it so. Such a statement likely would baffle and bewilder most who are not in our fellowship, but the lesson of Pentecost 1974 should cause righteous reflection and honesty about God’s power to lead His own Church.

We will continue again with the “Personal” excerpts from Mr. Armstrong’s writing: “You may ask, do I, then, feel that we in this Work are full of errors, misleading the people. Most emphatically no! We have not had to correct error many times. But each time we have corrected error, we have had one fewer error left. If we knew of any error still remaining, now, we would change it! If and when we find one in the future, we shall correct it! The one who follows that principle is the most free from error!”

This was indeed what was done later in 1974 with the revelation that Pentecost was to be observed on a Sunday and not a Monday.

“So confessing such an error is one of the surest proofs to identify the people through whom the living Christ is working   and whom he is using!”

God Prepared Us:
Through all the experiences and revelation of truth God had given His remnant Church and the inspiration for two important books to be written, the small core of this remnant group had now been prepared by God to enter its final preparation for what was to follow. The years of 2007 and most of 2008 were the years for this final preparation through trying and testing, as well as giving rapid growth. This history has been covered in this series of posts.

We finally arrived at a date that we thought we fully understood concerning a “final countdown” to Christ’s return. It was the Feast of Trumpets of September 30, 2008. Indeed, the countdown of 1335 days did begin then, but we did not grasp where it was leading. Even though I wrote the book 2008 – God’s Final Witness, I did not grasp the magnitude or importance of that witness.

In the beginning, because of our belief about 3 1/2 years of tribulation, there were “expectations” that were very much ingrained in our thinking that would be changed about what was to happen in the world and when. As we moved farther and farther into that 3 1/2 year period and it was evident that the 2nd Trumpet had not yet occurred, God began to reveal that the experience of this period of time was focused upon a “witness” and not about end-time tribulation. That understanding has continued to grow even until now.

God had prepared us for the experience of this period of time. What was it all about? What was it that we had been prepared to experience?

We have used this period of 3 1/2 years rather loosely to sometimes include the period of the 1335 days and the 1290 days. Much is simply a matter of semantics as long as we grasp the context, but the reality is that these days are fully tied together. The literal period of 3 1/2 years that started when the two witnesses began to fulfill a large part of their roll was preceded by these two periods of time. These two important events would thrust the Church into a new and important era to God’s planning and purpose being fulfilled before all the Trumpets should be manifest and His Son’s return to establish God’s Kingdom to rule this world.

[In the next post we will continue with what God has revealed about this period of time and the importance of the 1335 days of Daniel.]

Steadfast Allegiance

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

This weekend is Terry Wrozek’s turn to fill in for the convicted False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  Terry started out by marveling how all his recent sermons have tied together, you know.  Terry had no announcements, perhaps they’re running out of people to make elders in Ronnie’s dwindling flock.

Terry started off by defining faith.  Faith is steadfast allegiance, a strong conviction without doubt or question.  Ron needs that to hang on to his followers to support him, Laura, and the kids in the style to which they’ve become accustomed.  He mentioned some parables, such as not knowing when the thief will break in.  And a parable about the servant not knowing when the master will return.  The answer to these questions is on the Bureau of Prisons website which shows Ron’s release date as February 17, 2016.

In the meantime, more and more people are waking up.  A commenter going by MMH started participating on this blog a week ago expressing some doubts.  After considering it for a few days, MMH decided to officially resign from PKG and yesterday described what is going on:

Just a quick update, I’m feeling much better and very relieved that I’m out of there. I feel more confident in my decision. As for my future plans, I am going to stay away from organized religion. PKG was a huge mistake and I have no desire to jump into any group. I’m better off on my own doing my own thinking.

Hear, hear.  It’s much better to do your own thinking than turn it over to someone else who will be more than willing to do it for you and overcharge you in the process.  I believe that for everyone like MMH who checks in here, there are dozens making their way out of this high-demand cult.

The Wanderlust Overwhelms

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

In the year since the trial, Laura has pretty much stayed in the basement of their mansion on the golf course while waiting for Ron to go to prison.  Since then I imagine she makes a weekly trip to Terre Haute, IN.

But now she and the daughter of the two witnesses are getting out again, with a trip to Europe coming up.  Must be nice to be able to travel tax-free.

————————-  From Ronnie’s “Trips” page ————————

In this end-time, Laura Weinland, Audra Little (senior elder), Johnny Harrell (senior evangelist) & Myrtle Harrell (senior elder) will continue to visit God’s Churches in the various areas of the world where His people are scattered. We will continue to focus on serving those whom God is calling as long as we are able to accomplish such work.


June 8 – Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, Australia – Wayne & Chris Matthews

June 22 – Mossvale, New South Wales, Australia – Wayne & Chris Matthews

June 29 – Indianapolis, IN –  Laura Weinland, Audra Little

July 20 – London, England – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell,  Audra Little

July 27 – The Netherlands – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell,  Audra Little

August 17 – Portland, OR – Laura Weinland, Terry Wrozek, Audra Little, Amanda Wrozek