One War is Over, The Last One is About to Begin

And now we have Ron’s mid-week sermon blog.  Quite a long one, so I’m putting it below the fold so as not to obscure my last post

—– Ron’s post  ——-

As I begin writing this post, there are two things that really stand out in my mind that would be good to consider in order to build upon what needs to be addressed later in this post. Before I begin to explain these two matters there are a couple of things that came to mind today as I was thinking about the last post and recent events that have led into seeing the need to address these in greater detail. Once these items have been addressed, we will move into the primary purpose of this post that reveals much about how we believe and live what God has given us.

The first initial thought to be built upon is that I wonder if this might be the last post I write in this age. The point being is that I really don’t know, but I move forward following God wherever and through whatever He leads me.

As our senior evangelist, Johnny, mentioned in his last sermon about following God: “Either we believe this is God’s Church and God is leading this Church or we want to go back to Egypt. But most in God’s church, from what I am hearing, are more resolved than they ever have been. It’s what I hear. They understand that this is God’s Church and they understand that it is the Great God of this universe and His Son Jesus Christ who is leading and building His Church, and that we are on God’s time. God lets us see what He wants us to see at the time and God does reserve the right to tell us to turn right or turn left, and it should be our desire to follow God.”

This paragraph that has been quoted from Johnny’s sermon is a sermon in itself, and in actuality is the sermon he gave, and yet there is so much more. The spirit of this quote will be drawn upon to explain why the thought that “this might be the last post I write in this age” is there. This is said solely for the value of the true thoughts and feeling I have at this moment that is based upon what I believe and am therefore living.

There is no thought of “going back to Egypt,” or going off in some other direction than the one I believe God is leading us in. Over this past week, there are a handful of people who have decided they can no longer follow in the same direction. Although I obviously believe they have made a horrible choice, I have absolutely no ill will toward them nor look down upon them in any way. Each person alone is accountable before God for the choices he or she makes. I can only answer for my own self and my choices. Let me put this into a bit of a current perspective.

Questions and Doubt:
Over the past couple of weeks, there are a couple of statements that have been made by others that have been passed along to me. One statement that has been made by more than one person revolves around their stated concern that things I have written and spoken about have not come to pass, which has led to the conclusion, or doubt, of whether I am a prophet or even the one through whom Jesus Christ is leading His Body   the Church of God.

As it has been stated in varying ways at various times, I cannot give to them what is in my mind   in my spirit. I can, and do, only act upon what I believe God gives to me. So what is it that has not come to pass? Perhaps such people are primarily speaking of the fact that there has not yet been a physical manifestation of the blowing of the Second, Third, and Fourth Trumpet. Perhaps such people feel that the Fifth Thunder should be far more manifest in it fulfillment at this time.

Candidly, each person must ask and answer such things themselves before God. All I can do is go by my own personal experience and belief as I strive to always continue moving forward, following God where I believe He leads me through a process of spiritual discernment. Though it will make this a longer post, I believe it is good at this time to consolidate some of my own personal experiences as a recorded witness of the process that has brought me (and so many of you reading this) to this moment in time and why we are moving forward in the present truth with less than three weeks remaining to the coming of the King of kings.

Before I explain some of that personal experience, there is one more statement that has been brought to my attention and needs to accompany all of this. Paraphrasing a statement made by someone I’ve known for many years, a question was asked about why I hadn’t yet declared that I was not a prophet when I had clearly stated I would if the prophecies did not come to pass. This individual may believe, or wonder if, we are not well past the time that all prophesies should have been fulfilled and I should have therefore made such a conciliatory and surrendering statement. However, there is a great problem with that ever happening and that will likely be to the disgruntlement and anger of some. The reason for this not happening will be mentioned as we continue through this post, and it should be noted that I have not been living my life by being concerned about the approval of others, but of God.

To quickly shed light upon the statement I made at that time, one would need to know what I was addressing in my own life at that moment. As a matter of truth in spirit and openness to the Church and to God, I stated what was at the heart and core of my attitude (my spirit) and belief which was that if things did not come to pass as stated about prophetic events and if that is what God revealed (that I was not His prophet), then I would acknowledge it. More than that, I would seek repentance and throw myself down before the Mercy Seat of God, for I would desire to quickly change and do exactly what God revealed I should to make things right for complete reconciliation because I know (believe) I serve a very merciful and loving God.

It was not long after I had expressed such sentiment and conviction to the Church about what I would do in such an instance that God revealed to me that I was more than a prophet; I was an apostle, which was evidenced by the fruit of the remnant Church which was scattered around the world and evidenced by the truth (truth which was not prophetic in nature) He had established in the Church through me, which can only be done through an apostle. Some short time after that experience, God strengthened me further in powerful confidence and faith that I was indeed His prophet as well as His apostle. I live by what I believe. That is what God has molded in me, and I can live by no other way.

Personal Experience:
Having said what has been stated thus far about my own convictions that are a matter of my spirit that is begotten and growing in maturity in the spirit of God, I will share a small portion of that which has molded me and made me who I am today. Again, it is so very pronounced in my mind what I stated earlier, “that I cannot give to others what is in my spirit.” For I believe what has been molded, fashioned, and transformed in my spirit is by the working of God and His Son Jesus Christ. So as a matter of my own personal conviction, I must follow where I believe God leads me.

The experiences that are personal to me in my relationship and conviction toward God are far too numerous to mention in a post, but there are certain high points that stand out for me. The first was in my original calling when I knew, without study or previous Biblical knowledge, that the seventh day of the week (Saturday) was God’s Sabbath, and upon hearing about it, I was changed   convicted to keep it. At that time, at the age of 19 (turning 20 in just a few days), I was far from being religious and had no care or concern about learning anything about God. The seeing and knowing that Sabbath truth at the moment of hearing it was an immediate conviction and revelation in the mind, the working of God’s spirit I did not understand at the time, but I did experience it.

It should be stated at this point that I’m describing a process that works in all people who are called by God as He reveals truth (His word) to them. This truth I was just describing about the Sabbath came from a couple of booklets that had been written by God’s apostle at that time, Herbert W. Armstrong. Upon hearing or reading such truth that originates from God’s ministry, God communicates the knowing (the seeing) to the mind. What we read or hear in such cases is suddenly clear and simple to see, whereas without God’s spirit opening our mind to see, we wouldn’t.  As I go through these personal experiences, it needs to be understood that most of these are a matter of God working with me in order to fulfill in me at that time or at a later time the role of His end-time prophet and apostle. Sometimes there are people who believe God is revealing something new, different, or special to them other than what is given first to His Church   the leadership of His Church. That is not true. That would only cause division and confusion (opposition) in unity of the truth that He gives to His Church in only one way. Such would be fully contrary to God’s spirit of unity, harmony, and order in His Church. There is a great difference in how God reveals (communicates) truth to the mind of those whom He calls and who become members in the Body of Christ   the Church   and in how God works to reveal truth to prophets and apostles.

Continuing on with that experience of first being called and first seeing the Sabbath, that which had not been there in knowledge or belief before was suddenly in my mind. Within the same hour, the knowledge of the identity of the scattered nations of Israel was also clear in my mind. It was an experience of seeing and absolute knowing that was just there, as I later learned was spiritual in that God simply communicated to my mind (spirit) by His spirit. To each person called by God, such experience is personal and teaches what should always be remembered and never forgotten   that only God can communicate truth to the mind. You cannot   CAN NEVER   come to any truth in the mind but by the power of God’s spirit that gives it by direct revelation/communication.

We will come back to this most important matter about our calling later in this post, for we are to embrace this lesson (this truth), hold it dear, and to never forget it, which is the very thing people fail to remember when they stray from following where God leads.

One of the most important events in my life after that, which drove this truth far more deeply into me of how God communicates truth to us, was in specific knowledge God gave to me in the early 1980’s when I first was in the ministry. There are verses in John 14 and in 1st and 2nd John, that quote Christ saying, “I will come again” and as John spoke in a related matter, “Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.” As with the experience of when I was first called, I knew that these verses were not speaking of a future return of Jesus Christ nor of anything having to do with him having lived in human flesh. The only thing believed in God’s Church at that time (and continuing on to the apostasy) was that this was about Christ’s second coming in John 14. In 1st and 2nd John the expression of “Christ is come in the flesh” was interpreted as having to do with the belief that Jesus had eternally existed, but had emptied himself of godly life and power in order to live in a fleshly (physical) body and die for the sins of mankind.

Yet as when I was first called, I knew that something had to be missing here in the translation of this from Greek. It is not that I knew it because I was educated in the Greek language or Greek grammar, but God simply gave me to know back then in the early 1980’s that this was about Jesus Christ coming into and dwelling in human life through the power of God’s spirit as he said he and His Father would do. It was this same knowing that was simply in the mind without any other proof. It was nearly 12 years later when I came across a book written by a Greek scholar who had translated all the words of the New Testament from the Greek language into English and had identified every word by its proper use in Greek grammar. Sure enough, the words were not past tense nor future tense in these verses, but were akin to what would be described in English grammar as “present progressive,” meaning that it was speaking of action that was currently happening (present tense) and would continue on (progressive tense) as a constant process from that point forward. This was speaking of Jesus Christ who through the power of the holy spirit would come into our life (in the mind) and continue dwelling (abiding, living) in us (except during any period of separation due to unrepented sin).

This was a most profound and undeniable experience that strengthened me mightily in confidence, faith, and conviction within God’s ministry. The next example, a great lesson having a strong impact on me in knowing that God is the only one who can place truth into our mind by communicating it on a spiritual plane, was a series of truths that Christ gave me regarding truth about the apostasy, the man of sin, the identity of the stones of the temple, God spewing out the Church and separating it from His indwelling, the prophesied massive scattering of the Church, etc. These truths were a matter once again of absolute knowing when they were given. These were not received from others, nor believed by others, who were of the Church, and these were not learned through study or personal insight, but in every case it was the same as with my original experience when called. It was simply an absolute knowing in spiritual discernment that I knew was communicated to my spirit (my mind) from God through His spirit.

Following the experience of God revealing so many truths related to the apostasy and having had the experience of God blessing me to do that which would have been the farthest from my mind to ever even consider, let alone my aversion at the time to writing, I wrote a book. Then, after a triple bypass in August of 2005, God brought me to one of the most powerful experiences yet of His communicating His word to me in my begotten and transforming spirit. In preparation for the Feast of Tabernacles, God was revealing truth from a large portion of scripture about how He alone has eternally existed and that Jesus Christ had not eternally existed. Although the Church went through more than half a century of having truth restored to it through God’s apostle at that time, Herbert W. Armstrong, the church believed through the era of Philadelphia that Christ had eternally existed.

It is so simple, but people often have a difficult time remembering and internalizing the most basic truth about how we learn and know truth. God has to give it! He must communicate it from His spirit to ours. There is absolutely no other way to know the truths of God on a spiritual plane. Yes, there are pieces of truth that the carnal mind can come to about very basic physical knowledge. This is true in most religions calling themselves Christian, but it is not of God. One church has built its name upon the simple physical acceptance of the true meaning of the Greek word that is translated as baptize, which they know simply means to “immerse” in water and not to sprinkle with water as most others believe. Another church has built its name upon the acceptance of what they see on a physical level (through physical reasoning and intellect) that the Sabbath of God is on the seventh day of the week.

Such examples are plentiful, but none of this was revealed as spiritual knowledge from God and from His spirit to theirs. It is only physical in nature. Yet the more that a person embraces and seeks to obey God in simple straight forward instruction, even on a physical plane, the more their life will be blessed; but this does not involve a spiritual relationship with God as a result of His calling.

Only God can communicate spiritual knowledge and understanding as He does through His Son Jesus Christ. It cannot   CAN NEVER   be received by human intellect, for such is limited (restricted) strictly to a physical plane with the ability to reason and know (learn). Herbert W. Armstrong was not given the ability to see that Jesus Christ had not eternally existed and that his origin of life began with a human birth from a physical mother, Mary, and who had been begotten at conception by a spiritual Father, God Almighty. It is God alone who chooses how and when He reveals spiritual knowledge. It was not a fault of Herbert W. Armstrong that he did not know this truth, nor did it diminish him in any way as God’s apostle, but it was simply God’s knowledge to give when He chose to do so. No one can judge God in such matters, although many have judged His servant Herbert W. Armstrong over such things, as with the subject of Pentecost.

As I was being given a large amount of revelation in scripture on this subject in preparation of the Feast of 2005, I was being strengthened in a phenomenal way with this continuing and maturing experience of God communicating to my spirit His truth in these matters. I had learned long before this time that there was no other way to know such things. It was with this spiritual strength God was flooding upon me that I had such confidence and knowing that one more subject would have to be addressed in the Feast sermons, but that the knowledge of it would not be given to me until sometime during the Feast. It was about the subject of Melchizedek. By the Last Great Day, God had communicated it fully to me.

Spiritual knowledge   spiritual truth   can only be communicated by God’s spirit to our spirit. Anything else is only physically discerned knowledge. A person can read truth on our websites and grasp a limited perception about God’s plan and truth that is before them, but they cannot internalize it and cannot know it spiritually unless God gives it. Such a person can never be in full agreement with God or His Church because they are simply unable to do so solely on a plane of physical reasoning. Not only that, but even a person who has been called of God and given ability to see what is spiritual in God’s word can lose that ability to see spiritually unless God is continually dwelling in them. That is why sin must be repented of quickly because sin cuts one off from that spiritual life and spiritual insight dwelling in them. If it isn’t there then the ability to see, believe, and even have the choice to live by it is gone on a spiritual plane. Once this happens a person may choose to continue eating only clean foods, but it is a physical thing without any spiritual perception or insight at all. The same is true about tithing or observing a Sabbath day. Some in the world do those things as a physical matter, but not as a result of God abiding in them   communicating from His spirit to their spirit on a continual, ongoing basis. If that process of continual indwelling ends, a person will begin to lose what they have, for it is God’s.

My Transformation:
These are some of the major experiences I have had of God communicating His word from His spirit to mine. All such experiences are the things that have been transforming my mind   changing the very way I think and have chosen to live. I know deeply who I am and what God has called me to as His prophet and His apostle in this end-time. I cannot give this to anyone, because it is only for God and His Son to give. That which has been molded in me is fairly well complete. I know I am His prophet, though I do not know all prophecy. I only have that which God has given me.

For this very reason, because of all these experiences and the truth given to me that I have mentioned, I will continue to move forward following where God and His Son lead me. As was mentioned in another post, “We do not live by ‘what if’s,’ but by ‘what is.’” By the time you read this, there will be less than three weeks to Pentecost. The reality is that whether Jesus Christ comes on that day or not, I will be living by “what is” at that time and I will be following God wherever He leads me. If at that time I am in a spirit body, I will follow Him. If I am still in a physical body, I will follow wherever He leads, and I know that at some point in time, even if it isn’t immediate as it was on May 26th of last year, it will come and we will know what God wants us to know at any moment in time.

It is through all we experience in our ongoing relationship with God that we are ever being transformed from physical to spiritual. That process is not easy, especially for those with whom God is molding, fashioning, and creating for great purpose in some of the primary structure of His Temple   of His Kingdom. Those called now to be in His Kingdom at the start of its reign on earth and those called now to live on into that millennial period have been chosen for a great purpose and an awesome opportunity in life.

Past Two Sabbaths:
Two Sabbaths ago an urgent Church-wide fast was called. We recognized we were in the midst of a great spiritual war that was being waged. Our desire was that God and His Son dwell more fully within us because we are convicted of the verse quoted in that post which called for that fast: “You are of God, little children, and have overcome (Gk.- conquered) them because greater is He (God Almighty and Jesus Christ) who is in you, than he (Satan and his demons) that is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).

On the Sabbath of this fast two weeks ago, our senior evangelist, Johnny, gave a powerfully inspired sermon about the purpose of our fast and of the spiritual war that was being waged. On that day God also inspired the post, “A Rapidly Approaching Pentecost.” The revelation within this post reminds me of the time when Daniel was fasting toward the end of the Jewish captivity while they were in Babylon. It was at this time that God gave him understanding of the seventy years prophecy concerning the occupation of Jerusalem and that this time had now been fulfilled and it was time for them to begin to return. In like manner, God revealed to us that we have been living through the First Woe of Revelation which is about Satan and his demonic army who were given five whole months to wage war against God’s people. God revealed that the fierceness of that war was nearing its end and He strengthened us with understanding so that we could grasp why we were experiencing such intensity of battle throughout the Church.

Satan and his demons desired more than anything else to be able to wage such a great spiritual battle against God’s people. They desired it far above waging battle on an already deceived world. Although the time these beings were given to wage great warfare against God’s people would end at the completion of five months, God’s people are always to remain on guard because these beings will still seek out those who let down spiritually, for that is power they always have if God is not fully dwelling in us (1 Jn. 4:4) in order for us to continue steadfast.

Before this past Sabbath, God inspired another powerful sermon by another evangelist, Terry. That sermon so perfectly fits with what happened since the fast and the last post, yet it was prerecorded and given before the Sabbath and before other events came to light toward the end of the week and over this weekend. The devastation of this First Woe was minute (small) in comparison to the time of the apostasy when it was relatively easy and quick for the demonic world to so successfully attack and decimate God’s Church at that time. Although the devastation was minimal in this great spiritual war, never-the-less, it was very painful, as it always is when any fall from following God in His Church. There have been a handful that have fallen, which included three who were senior elders, one elder and one who was an associate elder. As with all who leave, I deeply look forward to the time they come back into fellowship in spirit and in truth.

The good news now is that this five-month battle has ended and God’s Church has been defined. This great army of demonic spirit beings are now turning their wrath toward this world. One great war is over and the last one is about to begin. We have lived through a time of great trouble that was cast upon the Church, and now that time of trouble is ready to be cast upon the world.

Indeed, we have lived at the prophetic moment in time when Michael, the great prince who stands for the children of God, has stood fast along with an angelic army to wage war along side of us. We should take great courage to know what has been fulfilled and each persons’ part in it, as God has made us to stand.

In the beginning of this post, I mentioned that there were two things that stood out in my mind as I began to write. One point has been clearly built upon concerning moving forward and following God wherever and through whatever He leads us. Though I have sought to follow God in such a manner, I have not always liked it. Candidly, I have had at times the greatest dislike for the experience (while it was happening) when it has hurt the most. That is because the process of transformation hurts as we suffer through those things that work to mold and fashion the mind into greater unity and oneness with God.

I highly disliked the experience of the apostasy. I highly disliked the many occasions when those with whom I have walked to God’s House side by side have left our fellowship. I have highly disliked many occasions of wearing sackcloth when attacked by so many. And I highly dislike my current environment. Although I have highly disliked the times of suffering and pain, I have loved the fruit of what has been produced from such affliction because the power of God’s spirit dwelling in me is what has transformed me into who I am today, and I would not trade any hardship for that which God has blessed me with of Himself, dwelling more fully in my being, in ever growing oneness of mind and spirit.

The second thing that I referred to at the beginning has already been addressed in this post as to a powerful truth in our life. Everything   EVERYTHING   that is true comes only from God. Faith comes from God. Agape comes from God. Truth we receive and are even able to believe (exactly as I’ve described by the personal experiences I have mentioned) is communicated to us by God. He actually gives us the capacity to believe, for that is spiritual. Then we must choose to want to live by what we are given the capacity to believe. The ability to live that belief is faith, and it all comes from God.

A senior elder who has left our fellowship made a comment about going back to basics and proving those things to himself (paraphrasing the thrust of the conversation). He did not understand my reply and thought that I didn’t really understand what he was saying. People have not understood what God has said when He tells us to prove all things. That can be taken to mean that we somehow have the capacity and ability to “prove” scriptural interpretation or understand by our own ability what is written in scripture. We have no such power! Yes, we are to study God’s word so we can become more familiar with what is written, but we do not have the capacity to make a determination of whether something is true or not when it comes to the meaning of what we study.

By studying the 57 Truths, we can be more knowledgeable of what they are and far stronger in remembering or recalling them. The same is true about scripture. In this example of studying the 57 Truths, study of itself does not mean we know them to be true through any intellectual ability we might have even if we memorized them and could repeat them word for word. The only way we know they are true (all of them) is by the spirit of God that communicates that truth   that knowing   into our mind (our spirit).

Proving all things that are of God is a matter of putting them into practice as a way of life to live. It is as the example of “proving oxen.” It is to put them to the test to see what they can accomplish (produce). We are to prove through living God’s truth (after it has already been revealed to us) that it works to produce fullness of life, peace, good fruit, and blessings of life.

So if someone believes they can “go back” and prove things like the Sabbath, the Holy Days, God’s government (Truth #1 listed as given through Herbert W. Armstrong), etc., then they don’t grasp what they are saying. This 1st Truth concerning God’s government is not a matter of one’s ability to prove it. It is a matter of revelation and faith that God gives, communicating it from His spirit to ours. You may believe that the Sabbaths of God can easily be proven. Not so! To know them as God has given them is spiritual and a matter of faith. That is why so many who are no longer part of God’s Church, who are scattered and cut off from God’s spirit cannot agree on true matters concerning the weekly Sabbath observance, Passover, Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, etc. These are all matters of faith (God given) and are spiritual. You cannot prove them of yourself. Every truth is a matter of faith and what we can see spiritually   given only by God.

Everything that we have the capacity to believe, that is true and of God, comes only from God and we can only see it and know it by God’s spirit dwelling in us and His communicating it to us by His spirit. If we truly grasp this then we have the potential for great wisdom, for that too is of God. If one can grasp and truly believe that everything they know and see that is true comes only by the revelation (communication) of God’s spirit to our spirit, then we can better see ourselves.

This portion of the post was the product of the second item that stood out in my mind as I began to write. It is the fact that we are so small, but God is creating that which will be great. Being small in our own eyes is a priceless gift from God. It is true humility to be able to see and deeply believe that you are small (not of anything said in shallow words, but that which is in spirit and in truth).

I’ve commented in the past that wearing sackcloth itches. It often itches because wearing true humility doesn’t go well with the human mind, because it is uncomfortable. Now that would be a great thing to prove. Prove humility! Learn to wear it always because it is in that state that the greatest work of transforming can thrive. That is the state in which God can produce more in us as we more perfectly yield to His molding, fashioning, and creating a new life in us.

So strive to wear sackcloth always. It is truly vogue for the children of God to do so.


  • Frank says:

    PKG has a new bible. it is the 57 truths. And now you have to be baptized to prove the Sabbath. WOW

  • Frank says:

    So if someone believes they can “go back” and prove things like the Sabbath, the Holy Days, God’s government (Truth #1 listed as given through Herbert W. Armstrong), etc., then they don’t grasp what they are saying. This 1st Truth concerning God’s government is not a matter of one’s ability to prove it. It is a matter of revelation and faith that God gives, communicating it from His spirit to ours.

    What has happened to prove all things.

  • Frank says:

    I am still waiting for him to name a prophecy that has come to pass.

  • Ronco says:

    “The first initial thought to be built upon is that I wonder if this might be the last post I write in this age.”

    When have I heard this before?

    ” The reality is that whether Jesus Christ comes on that day or not, I will be living by “what is” at that time and I will be following God wherever He leads me. If at that time I am in a spirit body, I will follow Him. If I am still in a physical body, I will follow wherever He leads, and I know that at some point in time, even if it isn’t immediate as it was on May 26th of last year, it will come and we will know what God wants us to know at any moment in time.”

    Some prophet…

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland :”As was mentioned in another post, “We do not live by ‘what if’s,’ but by ‘what is.’” By the time you read this, there will be less than three weeks to Pentecost. The reality is that whether Jesus Christ comes on that day or not, I will be living by “what is” at that time and I will be following God wherever He leads me.”

    Ron does not know what the hell he is doing.

  • martin says:

    Ron “People have not understood what God has said when He tells us to prove all things. That can be taken to mean that we somehow have the capacity and ability to “prove” scriptural interpretation or understand by our own ability what is written in scripture. We have no such power! ”

    Ron does not want people to think for themselves.

    God says “prove all thing” Not let somebody prove it for you.
    Ron lies like some people breath air.

  • Jocko says:

    In total denial.
    Filled with pride.
    Not an ounce of humility.
    Totally unrepentant.
    Extremely delusional.

    Perhaps Ron should be transferred to an institution for the criminally insane.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    So many things so totally ANTI-BIBLE and ANTI-CHRIST about Ron’s latest post it would take days to explain them all!!

    1. “We have no such power!”
    2. “we do not have the capacity to make a determination of whether something is true or not when it comes to the meaning of what we study.”
    3. “Only God can communicate spiritual knowledge and understanding as He does through His Son Jesus Christ. It cannot – CAN NEVER – be received by human intellect, for such is limited (restricted) strictly to a physical plane with the ability to reason and know (learn).”

    Translation: “It’s God’s fault not mine. I have said or done NOTHING of my own, it is all God. Therefore I am not to blame for anything!! You guys don;t understand. I BELIVE what I am saying SO MUCH that you just don’t understand that I will keep on believing it no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter what I have said or done…I believe it and that’s that!!”

    BUT RON…

    These are PROPHECIES, not BELIEFS. Prophecies are TRUE. Beliefs can be true or false because they are not for sure, rather you believe them. They are OPINIONS until proven true. I personally believe the Toronto Maple Leafs are a wonderful team to follow and I believe that if they play at their best will advance beyond the first round of the NHL playoffs. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE BECAUSE I BELIEVE IT!! In Reality your prophecies have been 100% wrong. In YOUR mind your prophecies are true NO MATTER WHAT. WHEN THE THINGS IN YOUR HEAD ARE ONLY TRUE IN YOUR HEAD, RON…THAT IS CALLED INSANITY…I once met a man in the NYC subway who KNEW FOR SURE in his mind that Jesus lived at the Pentagon…YOU’RE LIVING IN THE SAME MENTAL WORLD HE DOES, RON…

    You need a psychiatrist…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Here is another SATANIC statement from Weinland:

    “I live by what I believe…”

    The BIBLE says we live by GOD’S WORD, not by what WE believe. Who LIVES by what they believe? Only the mentally ill. Reality must penetrate all those beliefs at some point. His entire post is about himself. It’s all about Ron, and what he believes…

    No more Satanic words have been spoken by a self-proclaimed Apostle of God….

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    “There have been a handful that have fallen, which included three who were senior elders, one elder and one who was an associate elder. ”

    This tends to confirm the list of departing members since Ralph Dowd, Kristina and Scott Cameron were all senior elders.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “Some short time after that experience, God strengthened me further in powerful confidence and faith that I was indeed His prophet as well as His apostle. I live by what I believe. That is what God has molded in me, and I can live by no other way.”

    Translation: “God told me I am right, and I will never repent…”


  • J says:

    The only way we know they [the 57 truths] are true (all of them) is by the spirit of God that communicates that truth that knowing into our mind (our spirit).

    All of the ‘truths’ are true? Even the one that says the Day of the Lord is a literal 24-hour day? That was about 330 days ago. Both can’t be true.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    You are forgetting Ron’s latest post. He knows in his mind that it is so true that what happens in reality doesn’t even matter anymore. God has magically revealed to Ron that everything Ron BELIEVES is true no. matter. what. “The Day of The Lord’s Wrath” which is a year long is a 24 hour period. Ron believes it. It is true in his mind.

    Only now are the PKG waking up and realizing what WE have ALWAYS been saying. Ron is and/or is becoming clinically insane.

    1. Failed prophecies are true.
    2. The DOTLW is a year long AND one day long at the same time.
    3. Only GOD can explain the Bible AND only RON is the instrument through which God’s truth can be evangelized.
    4. Things don’t have to exist to be real.
    5. Lying to the IRS is NOT breaking God’s Laws.

    Ronald Weinland is going from deluded to insane…and Adrian Gray, Kirrily, Cha Cha, Dowd, Weinland’s own MOTHER, among many others, have WISELY distanced themselves from this sick.

    This isn’t a con game anymore.

    Ron is getting sick.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    I am NOT religious at all, BUT…

    it just so happens that Ron’s growing insanity (?) seems like the Biblical description of demonic influence. Ron obsesses over the Apocalypse and nuclear war (death), and goes on and on about his OWN mind and how “God” reveals things to him.

    But what “God” has been revealing to him has been a LIE that Ron refuses to address or acknowledge. He devotes most of his latest blog to denying he is wrong about Jesus, YET 2008-GFW has been totally wrong, and Ron continues to act like nothing has changed after he has VOWED to repent and just called a FAST that focused on repentance. This spiritual narcissism and refusal to obey God are THE trademarks of Lucifer/SATAN, the VERY thing he was cast out out for!!

    1. He thought ONLY of himself and his own status,.
    2. He REFUSED to recognize God’s authority and God’s Word over all of creation, including Lucifer HIMSELF.

    IF one claims the Bible is the Word of the Most High God and what is contained within it is His Word for sure, The BIBLE is extremely clear about what marks righteousness and what marks the work of the Devil. There is NO WAY ON EARTH what Ronald Weinland is saying in his current posts is ANYTHING like the righteousness of God. And the BIBLE CONFIRMS that…I am really not liking the tone of Weinland’s latest “spiritual” message. Something is really wrong with it…I am not sure it is safe for people to believe.Weinland’s family must know something we don;t know yet, and are putting some distance between themselves and Weinland for their own spiritual safety.

    MAYBE, just MAYBE…God (?) allowed Weinland to carry out his sins so he would be behind bars when Ron started to really go over the edge…thus proving a safe barrier between him and his victims…Weinland would NEVER see a psychiatrist on his own…the jail provides one…

    I am really wondering if something evil is moving in Weinland’s mind…something beyond our, or at least MY, understanding…

  • overit says:

    “Over this past week, there are a handful of people who have decided they can no longer follow in the same direction. Although I obviously believe they have made a horrible choice, I have absolutely no ill will toward them nor look down upon them in any way.”

    One would hope he has no ill will towards his own family. From some of the info I was able to obtain, it is true that Ralph, Ramona, April, and the others listed have indeed left PKG!!!! RWs little church is about to crumble!!! Laura might need to get her self a REAL job!

    I honestly don’t know how anyone can read his posts in their entirety…….

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Our old friend Zerubabel the Lunatic has a (hilarious) new theory: that the 1986 movie “Highlander” was/is Satan’s way of mocking how Zerubabel will be the ‘last one left standing’ at the time of the End!! LMAO!!

    Oh, Zerubabel…keep riding that unicorn through the soft, marshmallowy land that is your mind…

  • bilbo says:

    “We do not live by ‘what if’s,’ but by ‘what is.’”

    That is why when I woke up to what was going on, I decided not to live by a figment of someone else’s imagination and take responsibility for my own decisions and life. And I’m fine with that.

    There seems to be further evidence here that Ron is doing away with timelines altogether and that there never were any criteria that would prove or disprove him. That part was just to lure in new members. Google ads, “you’ll see or I’ll quit”, and all the subtle and not subtle talking points that built confidence in him. Now the conditioning is being completed that just do whatever is in Ron’s “mind” regardless. Perhaps he is trying to lock in only the very stupidest that will do their tasks for the rest of their lives, and forgot how they were lured in by very detailed claims and forecasts. Having totally forgotten everything he said in the past that built up their confidence in him, that specifics would prove him BECAUSE God knows humans need such proofs (we do live in an age of hucksters – actually every age has been an age of hucksters – and Ron and GFW2008 and all the detailed claims were meant to tell him apart from those hucksters).

    Now it’s all just in Ron’s mind, and that mind should be your mind, and if you don’t like it you clearly want to worship the devil. Brainwashing built on fear.

    “Either you believe that this is God’s Church or you want to go back to Egypt”.

    Said countless other splinter groups in various forms. Your claims (the ones that now never existed) were the reason YOURS was it. Fail.

    What I can’t tell is whether it is mental delusion being upheld with conviction, or whether it is an act and truly a sociopathic scam. Maybe the guy does actually think he is, and facing reality of silence and crickets from God fulfilling anything (for him) is so painful that the delusion is doubled down on. I am not qualified to make such distinctions because I am not a psychopath or a psychologist myself.

  • bilbo says:

    Another thing. After May 27 Ron said in a sermon, after the failure, “just give me one more year and you will see. Just be patient for one more year.” Words to that effect.

    Well the year failed again, but that extra time was to complete the conditioning that would leave him with the very stupidest, and therefore the most long term reliable subjects.

  • bilbo says:

    And this whole “you’re with us or you’re with the devil” is language used by tyrants through the ages. Most recently George Bush’s “you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists”.

    On it’s face the most illogical stupid statement you could possibly make, but effective fear based mind control if that is what you are trying to do.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Perfectly put, Bilbo!

    6 stars out of 5…

  • Leftatlast says:

    I have to agree with the prevailing responses. The latest posting sounds like someone so very far away from reality. However, having no hard feelings in no way matches the disfellowship email put out by Bucheit. It used to be, when an announcement to that effect was given, it was stated that there was no ill will towards a member who removed themselves. Bucheit dropped the ax. Why? Because people who still attend must not be allowed to talk to those who left! Their reasons could make sense! More could leave!

    We have to disfellowship to keep them from talking to each other, divide families and lifelong friends.

    Don’t think those Wiley Weinlands chose people for positions by chance. People looked up to, admired for the help and care they gave others, were chosen. People who lust after and revel in power, willing to do anything required to climb that ladder, were chosen. Those who would betray and report and gossip against their candidates for promotion. And if the Mrs. doesn’t like you? You. Are. Out.

    I’m looking forward to May….

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ronald Weinland (2006):

    “As the spokesman of God’s two end-time witnesses and as His End-time prophet, I have fulfilled my responsibility in placing the contents of this book before you. What you do with it is up to
    you. Indeed, only a very short time remains before it will be evident that I am who I say or that I am not. In the past 1900 years, have you ever read or heard of a publication from any
    religious leader who has made such claims, laying out such a precise pattern for the near future with such precise timelines? You have not! This is the evidence…”

    NOTE: “…the PRECISE timelines…”, “…this is the EVIDENCE.”

    Ronald Weinland (April 7th, 2013):

    “But “what if” the Second Trumpet did blow on or near April 4th? Do you “know” that it didn’t? I don’t! Perhaps it did blow and something is in the works that began at that time in order to accomplish what that trumpet defines….”

    “I don’t…”


  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Isn’t it amazing how the whole ‘don;t talk to anyone” aspect of the COGs is so CLEARLY a cult and yet they can;t see it? You tell them the whole “don;t talk to anyone” thing about someone else and they will totally agree that the talking thing is a sign that the OTHER group is a cult. But when they THEMSELVES do it, it is spiritual, a “completely reasonable” safeguard against SATAN! LOL!

    “Boy, those other guys are so stupid and deluded for thinking God speaks directly to their church. Now…let’s get back to learning from Ron what God is saying directly to OUR church!”

  • LindaP says:

    Of all the COG’s I’m personally aware of only ‘Philadelphia’ that doesn’t allow their members to talk to other COGers, with a hard and fast rule. PKG and RCG frown upon it I think, but it’s not commanded from the higher-ups.

  • FedUp says:

    But there has always been a very secretive aspect to the COGs. No church buildings, no signs, no visitors allowed unless accompanied by a member, etc. Most of these groups just don’t want the uninitiated sitting in their rented VFW hall on the Sabbath. That should have been a HUGE red flag to all of us.

  • FedUp says:

    Wait a minute. I just read the whole post. We don’t have the capacity to figure out if something is true or not when we study the Bible? Then why bother?

    Sorry, I’m not going to read my Bible and then ask a convicted criminal to explain it to me.

    The failure of his prophecies was not enough evidence to convince him that he was not a prophet. No, he wanted the Almighty to tap him on the shoulder and make it official. What Ron took from the failed prophecies was that not only was he a prophet, he was an apostle!

    Yes, I believe we have reached the edge of the cliff and gone over. We are watching a pathetic wretch come unglued.

  • I’d venture that hardly any PKG members have ever been to Egypt (save for the Weinlands), so it would be extremely difficult for them to return to Egypt, seeing as how they were never there in the first place.

    Frankly, many PKG members could leave and return to Fantasyland in Disneyland — the REAL one, I mean (It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small world).

  • LeftAtLast says:

    But FedUp, if money is put into a building, people are going to hold you accountable for it! Repairs must be made! Utilities must be paid! Someone’s gotta cut the grass! And that takes MONEY away from the leader! (of course this is addressed towards those cogs without a board or CPA). No visitors were allowed because they might not be in agreement and say or do something to disrupt services…’s not so much not talking to anyone, but not talking to SPECIFIC anyone’s…those who pose a danger to or are in any way critical of the scheme. And if you choose to leave, well, of course you are critical of something. But if you had held position or were a family member/friend of the Mr., and you’ve left, or you’re critical, well, then you ARE a danger and must be silenced!

    How are you silenced, being out from under a specific Mr’s (or Mrs.) authority/rules/dogma? You HAVE to be disfellowshipped. That is the only way to silence you…keep the remaining obedient tithers from talking to those specific office holders and others who have left. It’s the obedient ones who won’t come to this site to read the truth, because they’ve been ordered not to. Don’t go there! It’s dangerous! If you do you risk your salvation because you disobeyed my orders! Stay away from Facebook! Unbelievable.

    Isolation is an abusers first tool and friend. Believe it. If everything is not transparent and completely visible, with information freely available and documented completely, RUN!

  • LeftAtLast says:

    Douglas, THANK you for putting that song into my head. I can see what will be going through my head during my Marketing exam later today, LOL.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Good point FedUp:

    If only God can give you the understanding then why read the Bible at all?


    NO BIBLE = RON ONLY as the source of ALL spiritual information.


    1. Joshua 1:8 “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Notice also that ROn is talking about HIMSELF the whole time int he post…while Jesus is only two weeks away from returning…Ron’s ego is more important than Jesus.

  • Atrocious says:

    Wow. This man has really gone over the edge here. The whole post was about himself. His mind was totally on “what he believes” and why he believes it. Nothing else matters. He has made it clear that he will continue as he is, he will not step down or repent, and he is sticking with what he believes till “the end”. I couldn’t read every word he wrote…it was just too nauseating…but I read enough to get the gist of what he was saying. His whole belief system is based on the voices he hears…and apparently it doesn’t matter whose voice it is. If he hears it, it’s gotta be from God.

    PKG, some of you are wising up and leaving. Kudos to you. The rest of you need to wise up, too, and realize that the man you are following is a man who knows NOTHING about truth. Anybody with an ounce of sense can see how delusional he is, how full of himself he is, and there is not an ounce of humility left in him. Yet he wants YOU to put on sackcloth and humble yourselves. Seems to me, since you don’t have any money after sending it all in to Ron, you’ve probably been wearing sackcloth for a long time already.

    Ron, there’s nothing more I can say to you.

  • LindaP says:

    Good point, Avalokiteshvara! I’ve often thought while reading Ron’s posts or book, that if Satan were writing it would be in much the same form; “I have the understand”, “My insight”, “It’s all about Me”. Some parts of his book (the parts I could get through) were actually scary. It was hard to get through the egotistical writings, arrogant attitude. Ron has the understanding and were are just mortal humans who simply cannot grasp the spiritual understanding without him (just like Satan would write). I call BS on Ron.

    FedUp, again you are thinking of the larger COG’s (of the older mentality) when you say, there’s a “very secretive aspect to the COGs. No church buildings, no signs, no visitors allowed”. We actually do have a sign out front, with our hours and an open door policy. I think that is true of most of the independent COG’s.

  • Mark says:

    As Ron lets go of any shred of reality that he has left, let’s hope his followers regain theirs.

  • J says:

    Ron’s followers must be working their brains overtime to continue justifying and rationalizing all this stuff.

    If they literally have NO beliefs anymore. How can beliefs be “fundamental” when they are fluid? Remember the parable about the house built on sand with no foundation? That’s the 57 truths.

    Their fundamental beliefs are akin to ADHD. “We believe in…….ooh, a pony! We believe that on May 19, 20…..hey, something shiny. What was I saying?”

  • Ronco says:

    Looks like Ron has slipped a CoG…

  • Don D says:

    Mr Ronald Weinland says in his post:

    “As a matter of truth in spirit and openness to the Church and to God, I stated what was at the heart and core of my attitude (my spirit) and belief which was that if things did not come to pass as stated about prophetic events and if that is what God revealed (that I was not His prophet), then I would acknowledge it. ”

    YES, RON, you DID say that if things did not come to pass as stated then you would acknowledge that you were a false prophet.

    NO, RON, you did NOT also say at the time that you would only acknowledge that you were a false prophet IF THAT IS WHAT GOD REVEALED TO YOU.

    You are blatantly LYING about what you previously said. And you know it.

    What you now say is a desperate attempt to make it APPEAR as if your refusal to admit you’re a false prophet is consistent with what you said at the time. IT’S NOT.

    You cannot possibly expect people to take you seriously. You just make it up as you go along, and hope people don’t realise that YOU ARE LYING ABOUT YOUR EARLIER CLAIMS AND PROMISES. Every time one of your prophecies fails to come to pass, that is the deceptive technique you use.

    What you have said in your last post just proves that you are DISHONEST, DISINGENUOUS, and HYPOCRITICAL.

    I have no fear of your suing me for defamation, because I can prove from YOUR OWN WRITTEN RECORD that what I say is, to use your own words I’ve quoted above, “A MATTER OF TRUTH”. And you know it!

  • martin says:

    Jesus Christ was the Son of God.

    Even Jesus Christ had to provide proof of His claims to being the Messiah.

    When asked by John’s disciples if He was “the one”, He did not say “I know, because of my knowing inside” or some blather like that.

    He provided PROOF…physical proofs you could see or touch….in the form of deaf receiving their hearing, blind receiving sight, dead raised, cripples healed, MANY PHYSICAL PROOFS.

    If Christ the Son of God had to provide material proofs, don’t you think Ronald Weinland should also?

  • martin says:

    In Ronald Weinland’s most recent self serving blather…

    I – is used ***121 times ***
    Jesus – is mentioned only 13 times

    Guess who the focus is with Ronald Weinland…..

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    You beat me to the punch! I was just about to count the I-s and the Jesus-s! 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Another post-er has raised a good point:

    How is it that the COG-PKG is all about what Ronald Weinland believes? He has said this is the Word of God. How can he collect TITHES on what he believes? How can he disfellowship people based on what he FEELS? A belief is how one feels about things, NOT FACTS. Ron has just revealed his entire church has been based on what he believes and feels this entire time, not on the absolute Word of God. He wrote a 200 page book on exact prophecy, but all it was was a giant opinion piece on how he feels world events are going to go. AND THEN HE COLLECTED TITHES from people like it was God;s Word not HIS. It is not the Church of God…it is the Church of Ronald Weinland’s Beliefs – Tithing While Ronald Weinland Believes Ever-Changing Things:CRB -TWRWBET

    Fruits of the Spirit?


  • newguy says:

    Reading a post from ron makes my head hurt. He is a terrible writer. I hate how he uses a bunch of filler words and keeps repeating himself over and over. I could easily rewrite. That post in 100 words or less. I don’t know about you all, but I can’t focus longer than one paragraph at a time. I seriously get more out of reading these comments than I do reading the actual post. Ron might be able to keep more members if he stops writing because it takes sooooo much effort to read his crap. And I’m not sure most in PKG have much motivation anymore.

  • martin says:

    There are a lot of people that believe they are Napoleon.

    The know deep down inside they are Napoleon.

    The have convinced themselves and others that they are Napoleon.

    If we used the same standard that Ronald Weinland uses : “I am what I am, because I told you so”

    Then that means that all these Napoleons and Alexanders and Cleopatras are all really what they claim to be.

  • martin says:

    Conversations PKGers will have before God

    God: Why did you follow Ronald Weinland
    PKGer: He said he was your prophet
    God: Name a prophecy he spoke that came true
    PKGer: None came true
    God: Why did you believe he was my prophet?
    PKGer: Ron said so.
    God: Did you read Deuteronomy?
    PKGer: Yes
    God: Do you remember what I said about false prophets? That you are to ignore them? Not be afraid of them?
    PKGer: But he said he was your prophet, I took him at his word.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Martin 🙂

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    “Then that means that all these Napoleons and Alexanders and Cleopatras are all really what they claim to be.”

    Hahahahaha Martin : Could they be those “funny folks”, who hang out in weird bars, and sing Abba songs ? 😀

  • Jocko says:

    Funny how Ron mentions his 2005 heart attack and in the same post lectures us on intellectuals.

    In the world according to Ron the university trained scientists and physicians who researched, developed and eventually implanted the stents into Ron’s body to save his life as well as millions of others do not have the intellect or the intelligence to understand what is written in the bible.

    Only Ron can do that.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Here is some more comedy from the scared and weak little mind of Ronald Weinland the “PROPHET”:

    “The first initial thought to be built upon is that I wonder if this might be the last post I write in this age. The point being is that I really don’t know, but I move forward following God wherever and through whatever He leads me…”


    ‘I have no idea what is going on…BUT please don’t stop tithing”

    Ever notice how EVERYTHING BUT tithing has been progressive? Ever wonder why “God” hasn’t revealed that the PKG don’t have to tithe anymore? Not needing to TITHE anymore was THE biggest heresies/sins Joe Tkach Jr committed in his so-called apostasy when he changed the WWCG into GCI!!


    EVERYTHING changes but the tithes remain the same!! No Jesus! No Apocalypse! No Hordes! No nothing…but tithes are ETERNAL…

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Ron has’nt only damaged his own business and reputation, he inadvertently is destroying all the other CoG ‘enterprises’ as well.
    Through continually changing his mind and meaning on not only the bible scripture, but the basics of what other CoGs are based upon. ( calling HIS the “one true Church”, case in point )

    Ron is no intellectual, far from it ………by his writings and sermons since he wrote the GFW books, he represents a person who is deeply frightened and disturbed, to a point that one would veiw his efforts as though he was never educated at all, and he rather “imitates and copies”, from knowledgeable others, movies, youtube vids, and mainline church doctrines, which he also changes to his favor and peril. This highlights a very serious level of some brain disorder or disfunction making him seem rather simple, even mentally retarded to a degree ? ( IMO )

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Jocko! XD


    1. “These intellectuals and their thinking. It is against God and against his Church. It is arrogant. Now pardon me while I go get complex 21st century heart surgery, developed and perfected after years of intense research into cardiology, fluid dynamics, dermatology, kinesiology, physics, hematology, physiology, angioplasty, and medical lasers…”

    2. “These intellectuals and their analysis of the Bible. They are arrogant and mock God’s Ways and His Word. Now let’s open our Bibles to exodus 21:7 and read about how God is so perfect that He approves of selling your daughters…”

    It is no accident that the word Bible also contains the word BILE…another thing that leaves a bad taste in your mouth…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Weinland is Forrest Gump’s evil doppleganger…

    “Prophecy is like a box of chocolates…their just spiritual and God is revealing how awesomely powerful chocolates which ar spiritual and not real…and I never said prophecy was like a box of chocolates, that is not what God has revealed to us…he has revealed to us progressively that prophecy is like a box of chocolates…we, I mean YOU need to repent…so just f-ing tithe or else Jesus will hate you…and its all about a prophetic year which is exactly 365 days long and it is exactly 24 hours long…and I just made a little house out of my poop…”

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Life IS like a box of chocolates, ya just gotta remember to spit the ones out , that have the “nuts” inside ! 😀

  • DD says:

    Mr Weinland is insane like a fox. His true PKG people love this BS; they eat this all up. That is why that stay after all the screw ups. Weinland is not a prophet or an apostle { He really believes he is} Weinland uses not only GOD`s word but Lucifer BS to draw in the weak and sick in mind like him. Mix it all in together and what do you have= COG:PKG ! Don`t want to leave out the other COG`s.

  • weinlandtranscripted says:

    Weinland states, “I highly disliked the experience of the apostasy. I highly disliked the many occasions when those with whom I have walked to God’s House side by side have left our fellowship. I have highly disliked many occasions of wearing sackcloth when attacked by so many. And I highly dislike my current environment. Although I have highly disliked the times of suffering and pain, I have loved the fruit of what has been produced from such affliction because the power of God’s spirit dwelling in me is what has transformed me into who I am today.”

    Weinland must be breaking mentally or bubba is getting the best of him. He is starting to dislike everything about his life. The best part is that he stated that he highly dislikes likes his current environment behind bars and bunking with bubba. Reality is setting in and he still has 3.5 years left behind bars. I bet he would like to like to have a couple tithe checks in hand to keep his roommates happy. He even commented above that he has always enjoyed the fruits that were produced in his mind as a result of pain and suffering. I wonder what kind of fruit is currently being produced in his mind, based on the pain and suffering that he experiences daily, as a result of his confinement? I wonder if he likes the flavor of this new fruit? It appears to me that he is getting very bitter and is not enjoying his current environment.

  • martin says:

    Ron said “and I highly dislike my current environment. ”

    Justice is being served.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron says: “the power of God’s spirit dwelling in me is what has transformed me into who I am today.”

    Interesting. The guy you are today is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL who has lied about God and spent church money on his wife’s panties…

    Your God has evil, Ron…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “Your God HAS evil…”

    Don’t drink and type kids…

    (Better lay off the peach schnapps for the moment! :0

  • Professor Brian Cox on the Science Channel has a very good series playing on our Universe. He points out that everything must end because of entropy. The order must disassociate into uniformity. The arrow of time will cease to exist. Everything will fuzz out.

    Yes, it takes awhile, but the end is inevitable. Eventually, the whole Universe will be in a steady state with no more changes.

    In the meantime, life goes on. Conald Swineland continues living in his prison cell. Money from the PKG keeps flowing in to the Weinland empire. Yes, there is deterioration, but the drama has not yet ended.

    But it WILL all end. The PKG is finished. It may stumble on as a zombie for awhile, but it is the walking dead and has been for some time.

    Those in the PKG should move to a new venue where there’s more life.

    Choose life — let the Weinlands fuzz out of your existence.

    The Arrow of Time proceeds forward and there’s no going back — it’s all one direction, and what was will never be again.

  • EXCog says:

    Linda P

    Where does your congregation meet?

  • martin says:

    Listen PKGers, Ronald Weinland just stated that all those failed prophecies was God’s way of showing that he was an apostle.

    If you think that’s how God works, then you will be in for a very sorry future.

    The ONLY person in the bible to hold the titles of apostle AND prophet was Jesus Christ. (He was Chief Apostle, as well as That Prophet)

    ALL other prophets reported directly to either God, or to an apostle above them. They do not hold or have both the title of a prophet AND an apostle.

  • martin says:

    Ronald wants you to think you can be an utterly false prophet, with ZERO of his prophecies being fulfilled, and that he can be God’s apostle on this earth.

    It’s utterly ridiculous.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    You know what always amazes me? That people FEAR this inevitable fuzz-out you mentioned; that the cessation of all that we understand as our Reality i a huge loss to…??? If there is nothing “to be” then there is nothing to register the loss! I have always loved that line from the Matrix where the Oracle tells Neo (twice) “everything that has a beginning has an end.” We are star dust…such an idea terrifies the weak, and emboldens the strong.

    Makes me glad to be a sci fi fan, since this genre and all its component parts/styles/genres often deal with this idea most eloquently.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Martin: as always you make a great poiint!

    1. Bible says false Prophecy is wrong.

    2. Ron says False Prophecy gets righter and righter the more it fails.

    That FACT alone should have the PKG running for the door.
    But then again, pigs don’t run from sh*t, they eat it…

  • Atrocious says:

    Ronald Weinland’s world is crumbling around him and he’s doing his best to hold it together. What he doesn’t realize is that every time he puts pen to paper and writes a long dissertation like that, he is digging himself deeper and deeper into his sorry little hole. His ramblings are so disjointed and nonsensical that he’s just proving his insanity with every pen stroke.

    The fact that he expects people to believe what he says just because he says so is insanity. He has admitted that he’s appointed himself as apostle and prophet because he “just knew”, even in the face of the fact that everything he has said is false. His track record is a big fat FAIL, yet he still says he is who he says he is, which makes him utterly and unequivocally insane.

    We’ve been saying this all along.

    This blog is doing it’s job, Mike. Keep up the awesome work you are doing.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I love ho wWeinland’s proof is NOT Biblical! He proclaims he is the one and only End-Time Prophet of God and then negates the entire Bible. Then when challenged on it his big response is how he feels about himself!

    1. Things are about to happen…God says so. I am the ONLY one who will be proved right by this exact timeline or else I am a false prophet.
    2. Things are going to happen a little later, now that we have the full truth.
    3. We are being led towards things, which should be happening soon.
    4. I don;t know when things are going to happen.
    5. It doesn’t matter if things happen.
    6. Wow! I feel so strongly about various things.
    7. God demands that you tithe.

    You said the money was going towards advertising and so on, Ron. You spent it on panties. The PKG has the right to sue you for breach of a verbal contract. They should get their money back.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Ron Weinland is an asshole , nut , felone and false prophet, lier, crook, ariagant no good son of a bitch steeling this people money with fear to keep his family feed get a job Laura and leave this people a lone bitch u r not a queen u ain’t shit !!!! 🙂

  • Jocko says:


  • martin says:

    Let’s review the 7 Thunders (you know, the ones that were forbidden to be written down, but Ronald didn’t seem to mind doing so)

    #1: The First Thunder is the beginning terror of war for the
    end-time. This is war that is prophetic for the end-time.

    ……It was not beginning of WWIII, this thunder failed

    #2: The Second Thunder is the increasing destruction
    generated by earthquakes. Over a period of only two
    years, there have been over 400,000 deaths from
    earthquakes with several million additional people being

    …..There flucuations in earthquakes, but nothing on a biblical scale, this thunder failed

    #3 The Third Thunder is the growing destructiveness
    from weather.

    …..Bad weather here and there, but nothing on a biblical scale, this thunder failed

    #4 The Fourth Thunder is global economic upheaval.

    ……Nothing on a global scale has occurred, this thunder failed

    #5 The Fifth Thunder is death.

    This Fifth Thunder is divided into three specific phases of
    death. (1) The first phase is death within the Church of God that
    was scattered. It will be specifically about a marked increase in
    the death of its leadership (the ministry). (2) The second phase
    will be a sudden escalation in the death of notable people in the
    world. (3) The third phase will be a sudden escalation of death
    in the world from plagues.

    …..None of this happened

    #6 The Sixth Thunder is the growing revelation of God’s
    end-time witnesses. That revelation is that I am the
    spokesman of God’s two end-time prophets—the
    spokesman of His two end-time witnesses.

    ……didn’t happen

    #7 The Seventh Thunder is the accelerated revelation of
    God to man

    Ron’s monotheistic God has not been revealed to world on any kind of large scale.

    Ron said “The Seven Thunders will be the beginning evidence that my words are true.”

    By Ronald’s own testimony, he is a false prophet.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Well done, Martin.

    Add to that

    1. The Timeline(s) were exact, and were the exclusive proof that was to separate Ron from all others who claimed they were prophets. This included the COGS, Harold Camping, etc.

    2. Things were to occur before or on specific dates: The Asian Hordes were required to start rampaging before 2011, or else Ron said that would clearly mark him a false prophet.The Day of the Lord’d Wrath was a 24 day exactly, and then became a year in general (the website STILL shows the 24 Hour DOTLW even though Ron said GOD revealed to him that this was not the case. How own website is a “false prophet”!!).

    3. All the specifics became undefined, indeterminate spiritual concepts which are being manipulated with every passing prophetic failure, even though Ron has written several times that “NOTHING or NOONE can stop these (physical) events from taking place.”

    4. Ron has broken God’s law and LIED repeatedly, especially on legal documents (his daughter’s marriage license, his tax forms, etc).

    5. Ron has broken God’s Law and not repented of doing so EVEN WHEN hi own writing and speaking has proven him to be a liar (radio interviews, legal documents, sermon recordings, blog posts, IdeaCity (Toronto), etc).

    There is no law or commandment or prophecy or Christian behaviour that this man has not defied or rejected when it comes to LYING, ALTERING the Word of God, and FALSELY PROPHESYING.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And his justification/defence is?

    “It doesn’t matter what I happens. I believe what I believe REALLY STRONGLY and that’s all that matters.”…which is ANTI-CHRIST because he is a minster leading people and what he believes he has taught as truth and those he has deceived have been doomed by what Ron believes. How far Ron has fallen into sickness, lies and Satanic worship…Satanic worship being the worship of the Self (Ron’s feelings) to the exclusion of God. AT EVERY step Ron has rejected the Word of God when IT CONFLICTED WITH RON’S OWN BELIEFS!!


    GOD’S SPIRIT is nowhere to be found in that unwashed toilet he calls his soul…

  • DJ says:

    Even worse liar is Laura. She is continuing to spread her lies but she doesn’t realize people are picking up on them and little by little they will see the truth and leave.

  • Janet Treadway says:

    I feel glad for them but sad as well for the people leaving. They will probably stay home instead of joining another group.. I know several of them here in Cincy and they have already been through several splits here in Cincy. Who can blame them if they stayed home. Probably battle worn. But they can be assured that God is there to encourage them through this difficult time. They need our prayers.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Staying at home and not being swept up into another toilet of a church like Weinland’s?


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    It’s too bad Ron chose a live of deception and evil, when he could have just ‘played’ God:

  • People getting out of prison and all you want to do is have them go into another one?

    It’s like the TV show Cheers! “A place where everyone knows your name.”

    That would be home.

    Go home!

    The PKG just never knows when it’s time to stop trying to burn the ashes and just give up.

  • chacha says:


    Let them stay home! They can spend time with their family that they have been neglecting since joining this freaking cult!!!! I can say this because I have BEEN through this. I did not go to very important events for people in my family because it was on Ron’s…I mean…god’s sabbath!

    Anyone who left PKG…
    STAY home…CONNECT with people around you…your neighbors and friends…you will find the experience rich and rewarding! Go visit people in a nursing or veterans home! All of the MEANINGFUL things that help yoou be an important part of the fabric of society! (you know…the one we ACTUALLY live in…not the imaginary one!!!)

    Any “god” that says you should ignore the plight of your fellow human being is a WASTE of time! You only HAVE ONE life! GRAB it BACK!
    Have peace. You are NOT going to DIE for being a decent human being! No matter WHAT Ron says.

    Welcome back to LIFE Ralph! I hope you are doing well. You’ll be fine…it just takes a bit for the crap to get out of your head!!
    It’s spring and you are alive and you can now have Saturday’s with your family…or GARDEN!!!!

    ENJOY!!! SPEND your “tithes” on something special…just for you. It will feel AWESOME!!

  • chacha says:

    “That is why when I woke up to what was going on, I decided not to live by a figment of someone else’s imagination and take responsibility for my own decisions and life. And I’m fine with that.”

    Yeah…I hear that! Awesome!

  • J says:

    I think ex-PKG members should stay home, at least until their minds get clear.

    Church and religion isn’t necessarily a boogey-man. There can be positive aspects to it. That being said, PKG members aren’t seeking positive influences. They’re seeking control. They’re seeking someone to tell them the world is ending. They are used to being told what to do and what to think. It’s in their best interests to leave all that behind because someone like David Pack is there ready and willing to offer them that control.

    Treat what they’ve been through as an addiction. Waiting for the apocalypse and looking for things that the rest of the world cannot see is their drug. They all need spiritual rehab.

  • chacha says:

    Yup. Been there…done that.

  • LindaP says:

    We need a “like” button on here. Good comments and reasoning!

  • Frank says:

    I have been told that Laura is saying Ralph Dowd had a stroke. Does anyone know if this is true.

  • bilbo says:

    Hi chacha! Yea, you and me both been through this. It definitely takes some time to get the crap out of your head. Awesome advice – life is GOOD and summer is coming! Hope things are going very well with you! 🙂

  • JD says:

    I checked with a couple of people I know and yes it is true she is telling people that but no he has not or ever had a stroke. Unless it has happened this past week.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Damage control maybe? As in Ralph leaving because he wasn’t in his right mind?

    Would Laura lie about such a thing?

  • bilbo says:

    Probably fear. Wants to project an image that if you leave this church, God will do bad things to you.

    The initial stages of leaving this cult are a bit traumatic, especially if life long friends and family are left behind still drinking the flavoraid. If Ralph just recently had one it could have been stress. People leaving need support and time to heal.

    The cult would ignore everyone who left and is thriving, and exaggerate focus on anyone who left and had some trouble. Selectively, based on furthering their agenda. Random things happen, good and bad, don’t forget that. God is not a psychopath who will bully people for thinking.

  • J says:

    If it’s not true, then that’s a pretty bold lie. All Ralph has to do is contact the members and tell them he never had a stroke, and Laura’s credibility goes out the window.

    The fact remains that he’s been disfellowshipped, right? So did he supposedly get the stroke before or after that? Booted from the church and then got a stroke, or got a stroke and then was booted. Either way, Laura comes off looking pretty bad.

  • martin says:

    Ronald is going to be the one to have a stroke when he finds out he has 3 more years to serve in jail.

  • J says:

    It’s less than 3 years at this point. He’s out in February 2016.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ralph Dowd, according to Laura, left because he “had a STROKE?” LOL!! My God, these Weinland’s are masters of the Stupid Lie!

    Let’s review a TINY list of their stupid lies so far:

    1. Ron is a prophet.
    2. God tells him TRUTH.
    3. Everything in 2008-GFW is true because it is from God exclusively and not Ron in any way.
    4. Jesus is returning in 2011, 2012, & 2013.
    5. The US will cease to exist at the end of 2008, thus there will be no POTUS in 2009.
    6. Millions will rush to the PKG to be baptized before May 2012.
    7. The IRS threw him in jail because they are persecuting him.
    8. North Korea is about to start WWIII.
    9. The Witnesses do not die physically, thus the Bible is not literally true.
    10. The Biblical Trumpets are not ordered and thus anything can happen in any order at any time, ergo the Bible is not literally true.

    Welcome to the Weinland Family, where lies are their only spiritual currency…poor Ramona! She must be so embarrassed!

  • J says:

    “Welcome to Whose Prophecy Is It Anyway? Where everything’s made up, and the facts don’t matter.”

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    RON says:

    “All I can do is go by my own personal experience and belief as I strive to always continue moving forward, following God where I believe He leads me through a process of spiritual discernment.”


    1. “All I can do…” – You said this was from GOD. “All you can do ..” is telling the f-ing truth, Ron.

    2. “Follow God where I BELIEVE He leads me…” You are a Prophet. Belief has ZERO to do with it. It is TRUE or you are a FALSE PROPHET. The BIBLE says so.

    3. “Spiritual discernment…” Is this the same spiritual discernment that led you to curse us to DEATH? Is this the same spiritual discernment that led you to LIE on your daughter’s marriage certificate? is this the same spiritual discernment that led you to LIE about Jesus Returning in 2011, 2012, and now 2013? Is this the same spiritual discernment that led you to change the Day fot eh Lord’s WRath from a 24 hr day to a YEAR, even though YOUR OWN WEBSITE STILL READS that the DoTLW is 24 hours long (one of your numbered “TRUTHS”)?

    Spiritual discernment? You’re a CONVICTED FELON, Ron…how’s all that ‘spiritual discernment’ working out for you?

    My cat just left a big lump of your spiritual discernment in her litter box about 3 minutes ago…

  • 9Skipper0 says:

    I wonder if Ralph Dowds stroke is anything like the cancer Liar Swineland had just after may 2012?

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland has been proven wrong again and again and again and again.

    He’s utterly wrong about what was supposed to happen between Passover and Pentacost of 2013 (not to mention the whole of this past year).

    And PKGers think Ronald Weinland is going to lead them into the Kingdom?

    It’s not going to happen.

    Here is the bible proof, that says that it will not happen…
    Mat_15:14 Let them alone: they are blind guides. And if the blind guide the blind, ***BOTH*** shall fall into a pit.

    If you want to believe Ronald Weinland over Jesus Christ, you will find out the hard way that Christ was correct and knew what he was say.

  • martin says:

    …..Christ was correct and knew what he was saying.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    What fascinates me now is just WHAT exactly the PKG think makes Ron a true minister and ‘prophet’ of God.

    I would love to have one of them explain it to me…

    1. is it prophecy (like Ron said)? FAIL.
    2. Is it the Fruits of the Spirit? Jail = FAIL
    3. Is it the growth of his church? FAIL.
    4. Is it miracles/signs? FAIL.
    5. is it adherence to HWA’s message? FAIL.
    6. Is it Witness powers?FAIL.
    7. Is it advocacy for Christ as Christ himself defines it in the BIble? FAIL.
    8. Is it exact timelines? SUPER-FAIL.
    9. Is it world events? FAIL.
    10. Is it unity int eh Church? FAIL.

    What exactly is it that makes the PKG the one true church of God? It certainly isn’t anything actually being TRUE!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    It, in a matter of hours will be LESS than two weeks until the Return of Jesus Christ in the clouds, visible to all, as the world is destroyed, 1/3rd of everything is burned or killed, the sun goes dark, locusts sting people and make them sick (for 5 months!), the Beast Power rises, a 200 MILLION MAN/HORSE army rampages across the world, there is a huge battle in Israel, and so on.


    Your lying leader is WRONG, and has not only spoken heresy (teachings that reject the Bible) but blasphemy (Ronald Weinland is God’s One True prophet on Earth right now).The SOLE evidence for Ron being right is what HE HIMSELF says is the Truth given to him by GOD, which Ron says God changes AFTER EVERY SINGLE TIME IT IS PROVEN WRONG.

    MAY 19TH is NOT the Return of Christ and this will be the THIRD blasphemy by Ronald Weinland concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s Return alone, without the dozens of other lies Weinland has proclaimed in order to STEAL your money as he stole formt he IRS and is in JAIL for…


  • J says:

    Following last year’s pattern, I expect Ron to write three blog posts during that week. The first will drop around Wednesday the 15th, double-downing on the 2013 date. The word “if” will appear approximately 20 times. Then another one will drop late Friday or early Saturday morning previewing new truth. Perhaps he’ll bring up having a heavy heart again. Finally, the last will drop on May 19th or 20th, expounding on the new truth and the 4th timeline.

    All three of which will be written at the same time, of course. Perhaps he’ll write them in reverse order as a personal joke.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    I just hope Ron’s stay at club Fed. is’nt being charged to the taxpayer ?
    Your Department of Corrections oughta be sending the bills for his stay to the PKG ? That oughta make ’em think about how their tithes are serving God’s purpose ? ( Not ) Pffffftt

    There comes a time when EVEN God’s Prophet, Apostle, speaker of Truth or Final Witness ( whatever he is this week ), starts to take responsibility for his (repeated) Transgressions ? 😀

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron will do everything except the ONE thing he is required by God to do…repent for lying and stealing. Weinland’s sees his god in the mirror every morning.

    He is going to utter a FOURTH false Jesus is Returning prophecy, because he CAN’T stop the show now. IF he says I don;t know when jesus is returning…(as he already has)…as an OFFICIAL stance of the church…then he will completely negate 2008GFW and all its events, which he can;t do because it, NOT the Bible, is the sole reason for the Church.

    No Jesus’ magical return according to Ron’s special feelings = NO difference between him and the little Baptist church down the street.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Another option is to weave a new lie out of Paul’s Day of Christ (Philliipians 1:6) which people “work towards.”

    Thus Ron will reveal just how awesomely powerfully God is working through His Church to reveal that Ron;s DoTLW was a w’working though” period leading to the Day of Christ which is the new Return plan that will…blah blah blah…

    “This Day of Christ is X, Y, and Z, and I will discuss it more at the time of the 2013 Feast of Tabernacles, so start saving your special offerings and tithes now. God’s work is progressing forward and we need to show God we are his followers and give me…I mean Him tithes to buy a Rolls Roy…I mean spread the Gospel. God’s Plan is truly awesome, so start tithing and Laura will make sure that the European vacat…I mean the Great Work she will be doing will be well financed.”

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Too bad that this very public interest story probably wont be picked up by 60 minutes, or some other public interest info. show ?
    “Where are they now “, How God’s Final Witness, lead his Church ( through tribulation ) to the (non) return of Jesus Christ three times, and ended up in jail for three and one half years ……… now that’s a “story” 😀

    ( Trial & Tribulation ? ) Don’t know about the Tribulation ? But he sure went through the ” Trial” ( Hehehehe ) 😀

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    The hierarchy ( Elders ) of the PKG’ers, lead by ‘ol Bubble-‘ed, have proved that their Church is not of God, but of Ron and their collective egos.
    This alone should really set the alarm bells ringing, in the minds of the rank and file members.
    The purpose of Disfellowshipment is to prevent non – repentent and recidivist sinners, from misleading and disrupting the faithful ?
    Ron and Wayne ( and maybe others ), use the option of disfellowship against the faithful for uttering a concern, or have questions about certain beliefs or practices ?
    This shows a dire lack of understanding, and serious ignorance by these “Elders”, of what they are doing …….. Jesus taught a way of life, as we are taught a way of life, along the way, everyone has questions or should be allowed a margin of error, in their endeavours to “learn”.

    Ron and Wayne’s “cut & dried” negative attitude, to reasonable enquiries by tithing members, continues to draw my ridicule toward them and their ignorant practice …….. they would not survive in the real world of business, if they refused and reviled people for simply asking relevent questions or raising concerns, with their membership/faith’s direction.
    This is simply NOT leadership, and is definately not of Christ’s way or teachings ……………………… 😀

  • Whisper says:

    wRONg someday destitute?
    Hardly… how many months has it been since the IRS started working their way into his accounts? At that point all the mass spending stopped. From that point onward all the $$ of this tithe and that has simply accumulated, week after week, month after month. How much money is that? It’s not being spent on add campaigns. It’s not being used to help the faithful of PKG. It’s not being used at all.
    I would rather suspect that wRONg has simply given himself a huge pay raise, 90%+ of the tithe intake, and is making money!
    I would also rather suspect that the Wienlands took a serious look at retirement when the court case went bad and decided to simply save it all up, take a huge pay raise and then simply, in due time, give themselves a balloon payment in the end for all the remaining money. This way a comfortable retirement is assured, the house is paid, the cars are in tune and they can go out to eat at high class restaurants at will in their old age.
    Is the PKG (church, and I use the term loosely) paying for anything really? A few rented rooms, some mailing lists, helping top evangelists move… but the lions share of the cash and then some?
    wRONg’s hopes for fame and glory are fading, his outside speculations at God returning and making him his right hand man are sinking, but wRONg’s money situation should be rather good even after the payment of back tax’s, lawyers, and penalties. Retirement is coming and the Weinlands are probably ready for it. Heck, people are sending them money right this very moment most likely somewhere in the world.
    Go figure?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Such a good point, Whisper:

    What ARE the PKG getting for their millions of dollars? Nothing: a few Internet sermons and a blog written by someone in jail for tax fraud. Well done, PKG, well done….LOL!!

  • One thing is sure: Entropy is winning.

  • chacha says:


    If (OK…WHEN…) what you say comes true, you are a better prophet than Ron! Where do I send my tithes?

    This just gets crazier, doesn’t it? “I just follow god”…barf. No one can interpret the bible…only RON can tell you what god means because he whispers in Ron’s ear…and “this may be my last post”….Aww for reals Ronny? How many last posts are there before it really really really IS the last one?


  • Rterlecki says:

    No chacha, stay with us to the end it will be soon, if Ron don’t reack everything Laura will talking about everybody .

  • Rterlecki says:

    I missed read I thought u said your last post sorry like kirrily said we are all like a family and it’s going to take all of us.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wayne Matthews’ sermon today opens with maybe THE most ironic statement made by a PKG “minister”:

    “Have you ever been promised something, and that promise never delivered?”

    Talk about a Freudian reference!!! How many DOZENS of promises has Conald Swineland made that have been not delivered, ignored, altered, and so on?!!! LOL! Let me answer that question for you, Wayne.

    1. Weinland promised that if 2008GFW didn’t happen exactly as “God” revealed it to him, Ron would QUIT PREACHING because it would be clear and absolute proof he was a false prophet.
    2. Weinland promised that if the Asian Hordes did not start rampaging BEFORE 2012, he would admit he is a false prophet.
    3. Ron has promised MANY MANT times that “this is the last post/warning/Feast of X.”

    Three examples out of many. And then Wayne goes on and on about how there is a spiritual level to the Bible/prophecies/parables, etc, and a physical level. Once again the PKG snakes who call themselves ministers conflate their non-occurring physical PROPHECIES with spiritual truth by insisting that all physical prophecy can be fulfilled 100% by their spiritual meaning.


    Not a single Biblical prophecy (that can ONLY be fulfilled by their PHYSICAL manifestation) has to happen for Ron to be right. The PKG can NEGASTE the ENTIRE Bible and still proclaim themselves sole purveyors of the ultimate Biblical truths.

    1. The Two Witnesses stay alive and have NO powers? PKG spiritual truth!
    2. Jesus doesn’t return according to God’s exact prophetic timings revealed only to Ron? Proof that Ron is telling the truth….on the spiritual level (????)
    3. Thrown in Jail for lying to the government? persecution of God’s True Apostle…on the spiritual level.

    Ever notice how Ron NEVER MAKES A SINGLE MISTAKE, AND NEVER HAS TO REPENT OF ANYTHING, EVENT HE THINGS HE HIMSELF SAYS HE MUST REPENT OF IF THEY DON’T HAPPEN? It’s because he is always right…in his own mind…on a spiritual level.

    Ron is always right…thus he is PERFECT…WITHOUT SIN…WITHOUT NEED FOR CHRIST’S SHED BLOOD…if Ron is always right, Jesus’ Gospel is irrelevant to him.

    Ron is as…IF NOT MORE…righteous than Jesus Christ.


  • bilbo says:

    “Have you ever been promised something, and that promise never delivered?”

    Are you serious… why yes I have, just recently I was in this church…. turns out it slightly misrepresented everything it was based on.

  • martin says:

    I define “spiritual” prophecies as something where you can not take a photo of it.

    If you look at “spiritual” prophecies and “physical” prophecies in the bible, you will see something very interesting.

    All “spiritual” prophecies had a “spiritual” fulfillemnt, all physical prophecies had a physical fulfillment.

    For example the OT talks about (paraphrasing) “the light of the world” coming to a people in darkness.
    Christ of course, never glowed (unless you count the Transfiguration, but this prophecy is not about that).
    So I would call this a “spiritual” prophecy

    But I found that “spiritual prophecies” have a spiritual fulfillment, and physical prophecies have a physical fulfillment.

    Ronald Weinland spiritualized everything away, of course he did this, because there was never any physical fulfillment.
    In order to avoid the “false prophet” label, he wants you to believe a host of prophecies were fulfilled spiritually.

    He is insane.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Ron Weinland I is a fake, make your one life people an Laura won’t talk about u.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Good point, Martin! Only problem is is that Weinland has so destroyed words/ideas and rendered them meaningless that you can say anything to the PKG, call it spiritual, and they will believe it. Words can be flexible, but there is a point at which meaning breaks down and sincere/significant communication between two people becomes impossible.

    For example, if you ask me “how are you?” and I say “floogie,” we have not communicated because there is no shared understanding of floogie, it means nothing in a conversation, and has no informational value. But if I respond with “genki desu” – the Japanese phrase for “I am OK/healthy” then what I have said has no meaning in an English conversation but still has meaning in another language. Once both parties share a common understanding of Japanese at some level we are communicating actual information.

    Ronald Weinland has assigned values to his words that negate their ability to communicate truth values: things that are true, information that the words are meant to convey.

    “Jesus Christ is returning in a physical form.” – The Bible is 100% clear on this as the OT Messiah was to be a human that rose up from among the people, and the NT messiah was just that. But the reason Jews do NOT accept Christ as the Messiah is because of words and their meanings. jesus spoke of a Second Coming. The OT messiah was NOT to come twice but once, and at that time he would accomplish everything Christ said he would accomplish with his Second Coming. WRITTEN WORDS (Holy Scripture, prophecy) negate Christ, and NT WORDS (Paul, Matthew) support Christ. Ronald Weinland says that Jesus is Returning physically. This is supported by the NT and its WORDS. Whether you believe int eh Bible or not, EVERY Bible says that Jesus is returning in a physical form. The physical return is NOT spiritual in any way unless you completely negate the meaning of the words “in the clouds,” “you will SEE him in all his glory…,” etc. You must destroy the meaning of several dozen words in the Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and/or English languages before Jesus’ physical return becomes a metaphor or an allegory.

    Ronald Weinland claims that this authority to reveal ‘truth’ comes from God, that what Ron says is holy revelation to him from GOD. yet Ron has so destroyed the language and meaning of the Bible that it is incomprehensible…UNLESS RON HIMSELF GIVES THE BIBLE MEANING…what he calls the RIGHT meaning, or “God’s Truth,” etc. One can interpret the Bible at they want, but they CAN’T alter the meaning of the English language to do so without completely destroying any/all meaning of the Bible (to English speakers) – because then the ONLY way the BIble makes sense is if you give it NEW meanings…which the Bible says is ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

    Ronald Weinland is a destroyer: lives, truth, whatever he touches. Destruction is not a Biblical Fruit of the Spirit. It is one of the activities of Satan

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    From Avalo :

    Wayne Matthews’ sermon today opens with maybe THE most ironic statement made by a PKG “minister”:

    “Have you ever been promised something, and that promise never delivered?”

    Hahahahaha Maybe Wayne, was speaking from recent bitter experience ? About unfulfilled promises ?
    Did’nt he sell his home here in Oz, and promised a highly lucrative opportunity with Ron if he moved to the States ?

    Only to find, a dwindling membership, and maybe hard times ahead, as more reject the nonsense taught, and mind-control tactics used by the PKG hierarchy ?
    He might be caught-up in a backlash against him and Ron etc; as disgruntled members angrily await the May 19 debacle, before they finally “check-out” from PKG ? 😀

  • martin says:

    I forget….is anybody salaried??? outside of the Ron clan?

    Does Wayne work the rest of the week? or the other speakers?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wayne asks the rhetorical question: “Have you ever been promised something, and that promise never delivered?”

    Let me ask you the same question, Wayne (and indeed all the PKG)? This time, non-rhetorically.


    Hint; 2008 GFW, Jesus Returns 2011/2012/2013, Asian Hordes, millions baptized into PKG, death of all the toher COG presenters AND us here at this blog, etc…

  • martin says:

    Wayne the lackey of proven false prophet Ronald Weinland said “Have you ever been promised something, and that promise never delivered?”

    Ronald promised that Jesus would return…..
    then he promised that 1/3 of all grass would get burnt
    then he decided that the grass was money
    then he promised that we would not get another president
    then he promised that the Asian hordes would ride
    then he promised that this past year would be the DOTL (Day of the Lord)
    then he promised that the latter 6 months would be the DOTL
    then he promised that between Passover and Pentecost would be the DOTL

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    1.5 weeks until Weinland’s THIRD failed Return of Jesus according to an EXACT prophecy of a ‘Day of The Lord’s Wrath’…

    Is God a failure, or is Ronald Weinland the Liar…lying?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Another question:How is it that harold Camping was a false prophet after ONE (then a second) prophetic failure, but Ronald Weinland is a true prophet after THREE…


    SHow us so-called mockers here an example from the BIBLE where a prophet got many PROPHECIES wrong and God was OK with that.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Martin, when I was in PKG Wayne quit his VERY well paying job in the fashion industry (I don’t know any further details). Before I left in Jan 2009, Wayne and Chris told me that he would have to get a job again because Jesus wasn’t coming back as expected.

    He told me about how his boss was sad for him, saying Wayne was brainwashed.

    I’m now beginning to think Wayne is not as innocent (ie. willingly ignorant) as I thought.

    Hi Wayne!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wayne quits a well paying job to be with Weinland?

    Completely. f-ing. stupid!

  • I guess you could say that Wayne has gone out of fashion….

  • martin says:

    Look how much love Ronald Weinland showed Wayne, by giving him nothing.

  • Jocko says:

    There are some major differences between Camping and Weinland.

    Camping never said God told him Jesus was returning on so and so date. Camping used mathematics and the bible to determine the date(s) Jesus was to return. Camping also called it quits after three strikes.

    Weinland on the other hand will continue to call himself himself a profit, apostle, witness, end time Elijah, etc until the day before he’s laying in a wooden box six feet under the earth pushing up daisies. (I know of at least one person in the state of Michigan who will be thrilled when that day finally comes.)

  • Alan says:

    Interesting! Ron Weinland is saying that God has confirmed his status as prophet an Apostle by giving him spiritual revelations.

    Anyone who takes the time to study their bibles with a believing heart, are being taught by God and can receive spiritual revelations.

    Even a False Prophet can get some things right, and yes, the Day of the Lord is a day, year and thousand years. And as to Jesus coming in the flesh, Rod Meredith said much the same thing in his Prepare for the Passover message this year.

    But understanding new truth does not make you someone special who has to start his own church, or continue preaching something that is false.

    God can give spiritual revelations to even the lowliest of christians, if they would just study their bibles without trying to make everything fit into what a COG leader teaches.