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One War is Over, The Last One is About to Begin

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

And now we have Ron’s mid-week sermon blog.  Quite a long one, so I’m putting it below the fold so as not to obscure my last post


Out of the Fire

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

This last week or so saw several prominent defections from PKG.  There was also a prominent defection last year shortly after the trial, that of Senior Elder Adrian Gray in New Zealand.  His defection was also notable as he went to Clarion Call David Pack’s RCG and a public announcement was made on one of Pack’s websites with a copy of a letter written by Adrian.

But since then Adrian has thought differently and repented of joining RCG.  The public announcement was removed from Pack’s website.

Adrian has recently sent another letter to a number of PKG members, and I have obtained a copy which is reproduced here:

­­­­­­­­­­­————————————————  Adrian Gray’s letter —————-

Hello to PKG Members,

I understand that a considerable number of you are looking into leaving PKG after Pentecost, with this in mind I need to retract a recommendation I made to you about Restored Church of God.

Nearly one year ago I sent a letter to a number of you, in it I strongly recommended  The Restored Church of God as a church that God is working through his ministry.  After attending, listening and watching I have come to the conclusion that just as there are members with Gods spirit in PKG there are also members in Restored with Gods spirit.

But I do have to retract my recommendation to go to Restored, as there are a number of things that do not sit right. Mr Packs focus on members is to get as much cash from them as possible, he uses not going to the place of safety and hellfire for those who do not give all, and laying up your reward in heaven for those who do give all.  A small portion of what I heard:

  • Take out a mortgage on your house and send the cash in to Restored.
  • Time is short sell your assets and send in the cash
  • Have fundraising events and send in the cash.
  • 1st, 2nd, and third tithe, all on the gross.

Any one that was baptized  in PKG did not have a  valid baptism. I know of one ex PKGer that that went to Restored was not allowed to keep Passover as he was baptized in PKG.

They have what they call a splinter pack for any one coming out of a cog.  It is several hundred pages of reading and many hours of sermons, you have to then be in full agreement with it all before attending services. It is mainly pre 86 worldwide teachings with a few changes, this is a type of indoctrination that slowly draws you in, but once in you see it isn’t like worldwide was nor are some of the teachings.  But for most that get to this point it is to late as their minds have been conditioned to D Packs teachings.

Most doctrine is as taught in Worldwide under Mr Armstrong, but not all.  Changes are classed as new understanding. (present truth type of situation)  A lot of mind control takes place, as one ex Philadelphian member said:: this lot are tougher than in Philadelphia under Flurry.  Never having been in Philadelphia I cannot say if that remark was accurate or not but I would not be surprised if it was.

As you may have guessed by now, my wife and I resigned our membership in Restored and are no longer members of that church.

In conclusion I would say that for those of you looking to move on, please take a long hard look at whoever you are going to. (do not just give up, God is still doing a work in many of you)   This in no ways negates what I said about R Weinland being a false prophet,  it just means D Pack is another wolf in sheep’s clothing to watch out for.

Wishing you all the best.

Adrian Gray.


David Pack has been circling PKG like a —-  well, like a pack of sharks.  Hopefully he will not snare any more departing PKG members.  I hope that PKG members will have learned that it’s best to think for themselves, and not let others do it for them.