Are You Living the If?

With only 3 more weeks before the end of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord and the return of Jesus Christ, False Prophet Ronald Weinland continues to lounge in Club Fed.  Perhaps he is using his sabbath to compose a post for his blog which is more rational than the one earlier this week.

Therefore, it was up to one of his flunkies to deliver the sermon.  This week it was Terry Wrozek.  For some reason, Terry’s sermon was not delivered “live” but was pre-recorded.  Maybe PKG has only one laptop with software installed to connect to the streaming audio server.  Seems to me that it wouldn’t be that difficult to set up another so Terry could take it on the road, maybe to Denver.  It’s been a couple of weeks since a trip for one of Ron’s flunkies was posted on Ron’s blog.

Terry’s sermon was directed at retaining members.  He asked rhetorically whom they were listening to.  PKG members need multiple layers of filters to protect their minds from rational thinking.

At one point Terry said “Blog, blog, blog” in a mocking tone.  Perhaps this blog and its commenters are having a greater effect than I thought.  I have received several reports including in comments that the following individuals have left PKG:

  • Senior Elder Ralph Dowd.  Ralph has been a PKG member since the 90’s, and often traveled on his own nickel to hear Ron speak at distant locations including Hawaii.  Ralph was called by the government as a witness at Ron’s trial, and attended the sentencing hearing.
  • April Combs.  April I believe was an elder and at times ran mail lists for PKG member.  April also testified as a government witness and attended the sentencing hearing.
  • Hope Henson, another Cincinnati area member and related to April.
  • Shawn Christal from the St Louis area (reported to have stepped down as an elder so may still be a PKG member)
  • Senior Elder Scott Cameron, Ron’s brother in law.  (reported to have stepped down as an elder so may still be a PKG member)

Whether or not this blog had anything to do with this, I hope it is true and that more will soon join them.  Three more weeks to the very minute of this posting until the next time Christ doesn’t return.




  • Rterlecki says:

    I think this blog had a lot to do with it, people see what an honest respectable man you are and don’t post nothing that ain’t a fact. Like I said before I hope someday are paths cross my friend. And like I said in my email I knew something was are my hero thanks. 🙂

  • martin says:

    All it took was a title to snare a whole lot of PKGer’s. How sad.

  • Rterlecki says:

    I bet Laura talking about everybody had a lot to do with it !!!!

  • Atrocious says:

    I’m looking forward to reading more reports like this. The more people that leave RW’s cult, the better.

  • Jocko says:


  • Rterlecki says:


  • Rterlecki says:

    Hope my mother leaves this assshole 🙁

  • Debbie says:

    Great job, Mike – It is working.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    As embarrassing as it is to admit…I was WRONG. I was really convinced the PKG were now all sheeple, and none of the intelligent truth seekers were left. Ralph Dowd, April Combs, Hope Henson, Scott Cameron, and Shawn Crystal have left?


    I have called you many unpleasant names. Many, many, many. You are not any of those names. On the contrary, you have proven to be brave enough to reject a theology you have committed much of you money and time to, and wise enough to do it sooner rather than later in regard to May 19th. I was wrong. I sincerely apologize. really.


    You remaining morons are not off the hook. PLease! Stop worshipping a man, and reject Ronald Weinland. Save your life, save your soul, be WISE like the aforementioned people. You are NOT going to see them be punished by “God” for leaving “His Church” because the COG-PKG is NOT God’s True Church. You are going to see these people THRIVE.

    Yes, THRIVE. WHY? Because they have repented of denying God’s Word and have rejected a False Prophet. They have seen through Weinland’s scare tactic, and have seen that God is ready to bless them and lead them in truth and happiness because they look to God for their strength, and have said “ENOUGH!!” to Ronald Weinland using God’s money to buy houses and cars and diamonds, and panties, and luxury vacations, massages, art, wine, and such for his family EXCLUSIVELY while lying to the government, lying on his daughter;s marriage license, lying about jesus Christ, lying about prophecy, lying about God, and NOT REPENTING as he vowed he would.

    Watch mr. Dowd…watch April Combs. They are going to have a tough time healing from what Ron has done to them, BUT you WILL see them start thriving and being happy. You can be happy too. You can follow God too. Follow their prefect example…reject lies and follow God. Reject Weinland the Wolf, and follow the Good Shepherd.

    And if the Bible is true, then you WILL see Weinland flying into the lake of Fire right alongside ME. Trust me…

    …it takes anti-Christ (me) to know and identify an even worse anti-Christ (Ron).

  • martin says:

    Why step down as an elder and remain a member?

    The whole DOTL occurring between Passover and Pentecost, turned out to be a big bust.

  • JD says:

    Also heard Chris little is separated from Audra after he was removed as an elder. And they already raised Phil Brunner in Missouri to an elder.

  • martin says:

    Did you hear the reason he was removed as an elder?

  • martin says:


    If Ronald Weinland is one of the Two Witnesses

    He is COMMANDED by God to kill those who try to hurt him.

    Ask yourself, WHY IS HE NOT DOING THIS?

    Could it be, he is NOT one of the Two Witnesses?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Good point, martin!

    I’ll volunteer! He has already cursed me to death: I dare him to do it again as an official act. It would be a victory for Weinland because I am an atheist who completely rejects the God of Abraham, my wife/kids/their potential grandkids are financially set forever if I die so he wouldn’t have to worry about orphaning my kids or destroying anyone’s financial future, it would be a clear and obviou sign, my wife could post the ‘results’ as proof (my obituary), the PKG would be shocked and amazed and overjoyed byt he proof that Weinland was FINALLY not lying to them, my wife is gorgeous so she wouldn’t have to worry about meeting someone and eventually falling love possibly, I have had a GREAT life and would die without regrets, etc. I am the PERFECT specimen for this experiment.

    Make it official, Weinland you cowardly piece of filth. Elijah was a prophet, and you arrogantly proclaim YOURSELF God’s Prophet without any evidence. Let;s see some evidence, Weinland! I spit on your god, the Bible, and your church SPECIFICALLY, deny Christ as you preach Him, and reject every single one of your teachings. I deny you and everything you stand for, Sh*tFace…make a pronouncement. Prove your god is real and speedy ‘death-from-the-inside’ curse me again…with a SPECIFIC date and a SPECIFIC disease/illness. You are a prophet…you have the power.

    Do it, coward…

  • Leftatlast says:

    Avelo, your apology does you credit. I am strongly convinced we have not seen the end of people leaving. The dam has burst, a flood of people getting out is imminent. Watch and see.

    As for Audra’ s husband…perhaps the reason he was removed was because the separation was already in place..or known to the Weinlands as imminent?

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    LMFAO! Audra, you evil little daughter of a wench – I hope that you are alone, and that you remain alone for the rest of your life. You are NOT innocent.

    Hahahahahahahahahaha!! Well well well Ronnie boy, it’s aaaaallll coming crashing down now isn’t it 🙂

    Wayne, do you have the balls to man up? You owe a lot of people an apology, especially my mother.

    Nathan and Sharna, wake up! Who do you follow, God or Ron?

    Have a great weekend all :), this news has put a smile on my dial 🙂

    Randy, I so hope your mum wakes up now!

    Mike, thank you so much – this blog can not be underestimated 🙂

  • Janet Treadway says:

    I know Ralph, I know April and I know Hope and I am so grateful for their decision. So grateful for their decision. It takes courage to do what you know in your heart to do. My memories of them are of a very kind and generous caring people. I have not seen them in a very long time but I am sure this can only be a very tough time for them.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Ha ! I knew they needed more than pie-in-the-sky dreamed-up promises, the odd march around Jericho, or a romp in the desert, foot-washing ceremonies and a bit of unleavened bread to keep the faith in ‘ol bubble-‘ed. But I feel I must commend them for their endurance, but scoff at their wastage of money on him.

    BTW , does anyone know if Leo Da Seyer is still in , or has he been ex-communicated ? Ron has’nt mentioned him for a while ? ( Hehehe) 😀

  • Atrocious says:

    Also heard Chris little is separated from Audra after he was removed as an elder. And they already raised Phil Brunner in Missouri to an elder.

    If Chris and Audra are separated, is it because their marriage license was invalid? Maybe?

  • Atrocious says:

    C’mon, Ron, give it up!! The house you built on sand is falling apart now. Admit who you are! C’mon, say you’re sorry, and mean it! Do what you should have done 5 years ago when you said you would admit you are a false prophet if things didn’t happen exactly as you said they would, and that you would quit preaching. You should have kept your word, Ron. And now look at you. You’re sitting in prison, writing a bunch of nonsense, trying to hold together what is rapidly falling apart. Your tactics aren’t working anymore, Ron. Your strategy is worthless. Your followers can see the real you under the sheep’s clothing. Your disguise is coming apart. Give it up, Ron, just give it up. Let it all go. Tell everybody it’s over. May God have mercy on your soul.

  • martin says:

    PKGer’s, listen….when Satan told Christ he would not dash his foot against a stone, he was telling the absolute truth.

    False prophets can teach some truth, enough to hook people into their church, thus snared, the member then believes the rest of what he says is truth.

    This is a common tactic among false prophets.

    Ronald Weinland teaches some truths, such as the Sabbath and Holy Days.

    By ANY standard of measurement and BY RONALD’S OWN MOUTH, he is a false prophet.

    It’s too bad the members believe everything Ronald says except for the most important thing of all.

    Ron’s own tacit confession that he is a lying, insane, false prophet.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Hahahaha , Maybe Chris & Audra went to seek counselling, marriage guideance from ‘ol Bubble-‘ed ?

    As for the so-called Church, all CoG’ers should be aware, the name “God” should be removed from their churches. ( to avoid the wrath of God )
    These organisations do not have anything remotely to do with God, they are registered businesses, and this must anger their God, especially the way they treat their faithful people, and add or subtract from scripture , to suit their greedy, cruel and dishonest practices.

    “The Church of Corruption and Deception” ……….. or “The Church of Greed” …….. would be far more appropriate. 😀

  • Leftatlast says:

    Any money wasted is not the point and doesn’t matter in the least, when you get right down to brass tacks. The point, if one needs to be made, is that these people are sincere in their beliefs. They want to love, serve, and learn about God. Weinland took advantage of this sincerity and took base advantage of it for his own profit. And that’s the lowest form a human being can sink to, in my mind, anyway. It is a monstrous betrayal of trust. These people have the strength and courage to leave the pkg fellowship, having come to the conclusion that it is not the place for them any longer. It can be and a lot of the time is a gut wrenching and painful decision. It does not come easy. It’s not easy after you’re out, either, not by a long chalk. They’re starting a long journey.

    That takes strength, that takes courage, and that takes guts. You can scoff at their wastage of money on him if you want to. As for me, having been there myself, and not long ago, my hat is off to them. I am so happy and relieved that they are out, and pray and hope with all my heart that more follow. Screw the money. Just get them out.

  • Leftatlast says:

    Cruel, Corruption and Deception. Well said.

  • Glad I'm Free says:

    Don’t count on Ron for marriage counseling. When my husband and I went to see him, he told us, “I’ve more important things to do then counsel such petty things. Now go home and work them out yourselves. If you can’t solve them, divorce, but you will always be married by God.” Now is not counseling part of a ministers job? Let alone that we traveled over 500 miles one way for this less than 5 minutes of his time. Sorry Audra and Chris, your on your own when it comes to Daddy’s counseling.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And away goes Chris…with all of whatever Weinland gave to him as a wedding present!! LMAO!! Chris, Mr. Dowd, the whole gang of ex-COGers = SMART!!! I have been so joyously wrong about them. Pretty proud to see them make a liar out of me and prove they are not the dumb-*sses I assumed they were. And BEFORE May 19th too! These are not cowardly people.

    Well done, folks.

    And to the remaining PKG…the door is open…do NOT be afraid of walking through it…joy, freedom, and God await you in the other side…

  • No weekly sermons from the Witness, no direct contact, no way to pump up the troops — a few wander off: It could be a trend. It’s really unfulfilling to have an absentee guru.

    Come June, this whole thing could escalate — with more freedom for more PKG exmembers who will be learning there is nothing to fear by leaving once and for all after all the empty promises which have produced exactly nothing.

  • For you PKG members who are still hanging on: Do you really want to be the last ones holding the bag and paying the bills?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I am listening to Wrozek’s sermon right now.

    What a juvenile, patronizing, gloating, Ambassador College drop-out sounding Weinland imitator! He sounds like a zealous teenager giving his first sermon in order to get acceptance from his emotionally distant father! It is ALL about him chastising the PKG about whether THEY are sinful or not! What happened to jesus Christ returning, and the Asian Hordes. Now, it ‘s all about eh PKG and how sinful they are. LOL!! Great way to distract the PKG from the FACT that Weinland is a false prophet and a liar and a criminal!! Weinland is in JAIL and Wrozek is tsk-tsking the PKG over THEIR supposed sins? Disgusting.

    15m:28s in Wrozek says: “the simple inherit folly…y’know, the blog blog blog…”

    So Wrozek, the simple inherit folly and “blog, blog, blog” ?You do know that Weinland posts his weekly rant on a BLOG, right? Thus you are correct the simple inherit folly and blog about it on their COG-PKG blog. But if youa re refferring to THIS blog:

    1. What is foolish about it? Where is the folly? You attack it but don’t mention WHAT WE ARE SAYING?

    Why don;t you come HERE and debate us about this so called folly, you f-ing coward.

    2. We are ‘simple’? Tell you what Wrozek…why don;t you post your resume and i’ll post MINE and we’ll see who is ‘simple!” Better yet, why don;t YOU AND I HAVE A DEBATE…and we will definitely find out just who exactly is the simple one.


    1. Why don;t YOU come here and explain to us how RONALD WEINLAND FALSELY PROPHESYING THE RETURN OF CHRIST THREE TIMES is ‘wisdom’?
    2. Why don;t you explain to us why Weinland lied on his daughter’s mariage certificate?

    If we are so simple and foolish, be a man, GROW SOME TESTICLES, and post here…Mr. Taped Sermon…

  • martin says:

    You would think, after 4 1/2 years and with 3 weeks to go, the Bride would be fully ready.

    If the Bride needs all sorts of chastisement and correction, how on earth would they be ready to be with Jesus at the wedding supper?

  • Soap Opera says:

    Congratulations Left At Last,
    what you said is so true and will be so helpful to those that are looking for encouragement and backup to make the big move.
    For those that have never been trapped in a cult it is very easy to criticize the members.
    Keep going for the Weinland family and evangelists that continue to back a failed prophet, not their victims. For victims they most assuredly are.
    Most PKG members are clean living, hard working tax paying members of society that have been duped. Most started out just trying to obey God and live right until a little at a time they were well and truly ensnared.
    Now many are starting to break free, help and encourage, don’t put them down for not leaving immediately, its not easy to break out of a cult.
    It takes time
    Be patient
    Its happening

  • I’m afraid the “Bride” needs marriage counseling already (and PKG ministers aren’t the ones to give it, seeing as how they are the problem): There’s trouble ahead — I’m afraid the wedding is off.

    Now I must say, I am not responsible for the graphics, even though someone here accused me of photoshopping — James, the curator of The Painful Truth museum is the talent behind the scenes.

    Having said that, you should go just to see the graphic (although you might want to check out the lying part):

    Ninth: Stay Delusional My Friends.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Sounds like the ( end time is coming ) 🙂

  • Its happening

    There is important science in nuclear physics called “critical mass”. If you have a bit of stray radiation, mostly, nothing much happens, but when you get a bunch of radioactive isotope together, subatomic interaction takes off, critical mass is achieved and the whole thing goes “boom!” in a spectacular way, producing a nuclear bomb explosion. Either that, or your nuclear plant melts down and you have the “China Syndrome” (as sort of happened at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island and more recently in Japan). Nasty stuff (not unlike the lies Weinland is telling).

    Another important concept is the “Tipping Point”. Dr. Ratey describes this in “Shadow Syndromes”: When certain circumstances reach a critical point, there is a spontaneous progression to extreme. In the human brain, that “Tipping Point” is typically 40%, where, when things go right, there is a happy healthy brain (sort of like everything coming together for a perfect Spring day). On the other hand, when things sort of slide to the negative, when the “Tipping Point” is reached, everything goes really bad and such things as depression set in with a vengeance. Once a tipping point is reached, it’s almost impossible to stop what is coming next.

    So here we are.

    A handful of members leave the PKG. We all suspect that in May, when there is yet another non return of Christ and people have to live on with what they have left, more will leave — perhaps many more. If the PKG reaches its “Tipping Point” there will be an unstoppable mass exodus, leaving very little behind for the Weinlands to work with.

    It’s all in the science.

  • Rambo says:

    “Yet there are some in God’s Church that have had great experience in battle but have been attacked on every side in a concerted effort because they are a part of the primary structure of the Church and have been targeted because of that. ”

    Seems Ron was referring to Ralph Dowd.

  • martin says:

    Attacked with logic, reason and evidence.

    Ron forgot to mention that part.

  • martin says:

    Does anybody know when all these back taxes and fees are due? Has the IRS been paid yet?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron says: “Yet there are some in God’s Church that have had great experience in battle but have been attacked on every side in a concerted effort because they are a part of the primary structure of the Church and have been targeted because of that.”

    LOL! Only Ronald Weinland could call learning the TRUTH an attack! These experienced members who have been attacked in a concerted effort,Ron: What is the nature of the attack? You say a lot but never give any details! WHAT attacks? When? Why?

    1. Your members can go online and look up Audra’s marriage certificate. It says she was married in the US, and it is singed by YOU, Ron! But she said UNDER OATH IN COURT she as married in Germany. Either she is lying or YOU are lying. Care to explain who lying? Is this an “attack,” Ron?

    2. YOU said you would admit to being a false prophet if 2008-GFW didn’t happen EXACTLY as you wrote, which would have been the SOLE proof it was from God. You didn’t do it. Is holding you to your word as a prophet of GOD an “attack”?

    3. Now when we point these things out, and the “experienced members” leave, how is that an “attack”?

    Summary: When the truth is told about Weinland, he calls it an attack. He lies to the IRS and the resulting criminal case is an attack. he buys his wife expensive PANTIES withe GOD’S TITHES, and the resulting criticism is an “attack.”

    What kind of lying, false prophet, criminal a**hole calls THE TRUTH an attack?

    Ronald Weinland.

    What do you call a person who discovers the TRUTH and runs away from a sick old criminal who lies about God?

    You call them a really wise EX-member of the PKG!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Audra said UNDER OATH IN COURT she was married in Germany. yet Ron says she was married in the US. Proof:

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    8 Q When did you get married, ma’am?
    9 A September 9th of ’08.
    10 Q And I think you told us your father performed the service?
    11 A Uh-huh.
    12 Q Where did that take place?
    13 A In Germany.
    14 Q Did you formally get married before you went over to
    15 Germany?
    16 A No.
    17 Q Tell the jury about that trip. When did it happen and what
    18 were the circumstances?
    19 A My parents were going over there for — to go to church
    20 there in the Netherlands and the UK, so I had planned on going
    21 there previously before I got married and before we planned to
    22 get married, and about — and my fiance, he was — at the time,
    23 he was going to go with us also. So we had decided since we
    24 weren’t going to have a big wedding that we were just — we
    25 would rather — we were trying to figure out when we were going

    But Ron wrote on a LEGAL document, witnessed by LAURA AND JEREMY WEINLAND that she was married in UNION, KENTUCKY.


    Does God’s End-Time Prophet LIE? What does the Bible say about liars inheriting the Kingdom of God? What do the TEN COMMANDMENTS say about lying?

    Is the following TRUE or FALSE?

  • Speaking of liars, you might want to check out The Science of Lying.

  • frank says:

    the house is continuing to fall. Just heard from and elder that Ron’s mother brother in law and sister have been given the boot.

  • Rterlecki says:

    🙂 just a matter of time , I just hope Laura does jail time to for her part!

  • DD says:

    The son of perdition, The man of sin, is R. Weinland—-Weinland IS NOT that ” Elijah to come”—-The ONE TRUE GOD, HAS NOT revealed his complete truths to the Weinlands`—-The Apostasy in the COG, are the Weinlands`—-The two END TIME witnesses HAVE not revealed themselves yet.—-NO ONE knows the timing of THE CHRIST 2nd return. But the 2 end time witnesses—-The sealing of the 144,000 is un know at this time.—-Revelation will follow a DIRECT ORDER, as noted.—-The Weinlands` are FALSE prophets—-2008-GFW; {a book} are the revelation of weinland who is the SON of PERDITION. As noted in the statement ” I AM; has sent me to you”—- There is but ONE TRUE GOD, none any.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    If what Frank says is true: Ron kicked HIS OWN MOTHER out of “God’s True Church”????

    That’s odd. Jesus said ALL who believe in me shall be saved. He didn’t say Ronald Weinland gets to choose who gets to be saved or not. So if one’s salvation is dependent on Ronald Weinland, then Jesus Christ’s blood was shed for nothing. Weinland has thus DENIED Christ. Jesus was merely a small part of God’s REAL plan to raise up Ronald Weinland as the Saviour of Mankind who decides the Salvation of all…y’know, just like the BIBLE says in John3:16 where God so loved the world that he commanded Ronald Weinland to deny salvation to his own mother!!

    Ahhh…Ronald Weinland…serving Satan so perfectly since 2006!

    See you on may 19th, Ron! 🙂

  • Rterlecki says:

    Last week my mom bragged on what a nice person April was, and now she probley won’t even talk to her what a shame god made us better than that. My Ron and Laura rott in hell .

  • bilbo says:

    A house built on lies and manipulation should fall.

    If this church is what it claims to be, then this teensy little “blog blog blog” will not bring down the Only Place Where God is Working. That would be impossible.

    On the other hand if people have been taken for a ride, then the jig is up, the scam is exposed, the fraud is finished.

    Also telling the truth is not an attack. It is simply telling the truth. Most poeple on here have not attacked anything. Just shared experiences and information. Mike has moderated comments that go too far.

    Finally Proverbs 15:27. “The greedy bring ruin to their households, but the one who hates bribes will live.”

    The events of the next few weeks will speak for themselves. There are no shortcuts in life. Everyone is responsible for their choices. Congratulations to those taking positive control and not fearing charismatic people who can only exert control through verbal lashing.

  • martin says:

    I am still wondering why they have been booted out?????

    Members leaving….yes, I can understand….but why would anybody boot out their cash cows?????

    Things get curiouser and curiouser.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Perhaps because the cash cows have stopped giving “milk”.

  • Rterlecki says:

    I think so!

  • Rterlecki says:

    It’s over Laura get a job!

  • Rterlecki says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) did I say how happy I aim !

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    She will have to Randy! May they end up bankrupt, and end their days destitute and alone. They deserve this and more for the lives they have willingly destroyed.

  • martin says:

    Here is the checklist PKGer’s.
    Less than 3 weeks left for the Second Coming (according to Ronald Weinland)
    Which of these prophecies has Ronald Weinland fulfilled?
    Are you going to accept the garbage interpretation where God is confused? Didn’t mean what He said? It means something else?
    Can you SEE? Can you recognize when prophecy is fulfilled?
    Ronald Weinland has been walking around naked with his junk hanging out, and flapping in the wind.
    Are you going to let Ronald Weinland tell you he wearing a king’s robe?

    Here is the checklist, check off any that Ronald Weinland has fulfilled
    They are two men
    They breath fire
    The turn rivers to blood
    They kill their enemies
    They call down droughts
    They call down many plagues AS OFTEN AS THEY WANT.

    Ask yourself if Ronald Weinland has fulfilled any of these prophecies?

  • Rterlecki says:

    Martin 🙂

  • Jocko says:

    Wonder how Wayne and Chris are doing in the land down under?

    Are they in the process of moving to the states so Wayne can take over pkg in Ron’s absence?

    Or did they sell their home because Wayne was been taken off the pkg payroll?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ah, but Martin:

    The Two Witnesses don’t have to show up because Ron started and ended his (fake) Witnessing LOONNNGGG before the 6th Trumpet, since he apparently has the power to deny Christ and alter EVERYTHING jesus Christ said/commanded/taught/explained. Plus he didn’t say the Two Witnesses were to show up at this time. Sic eWeinland has denied Chrost on this issue it is over and done. Now all we have to do is watch Weinland continue denying Christ by continuing his ministry after he explained to us that GOD told him what he told us and that “nothing or noone can stop it.” May 19th will be the THIRD TIME “nothing or no one can stop” Jesus Christ from returning…even though Jesus isn’t returning. Weinland;s ministry WAS all about prophecy, then it was about progressive truth, NOW it is about the PKG repenting of “their” sins, and obeying God no matter how many times Ron is wrong. Post-May 19th it will be about just following “God” (Ron) wherever “he” (Ron) leads, and just shutting up and paying tithes and DON’T question Ron because he is ALWAYS “right” now matter what happens.

    So unfortunately Martin, you are trying to use sound Biblical understanding and God’s Word to reason with Ron – it won’t work!


    1. The Asian Hordes MUST rise int he next two weeks….AS RON PROPHESIED (twice falsely now).
    2. The Beat Power MUST rise…as Ron has falsely prophesied in previous years.
    3. 1/3rd of everything (oceans, humanity, trees, etc) MUST be PHYSICALLY destroyed as Weinland has falsely prophesied to have happened YEARS AGO.
    4. We here at this “blog, blog, blog” must DIE a QUICK DEATH from the INSIDE…4 YEARS AGO AS WEINLAND’S FIRST OFFICIAL ACT OF HIS WITNESSES POWERS.


    The PKG are now suddenly waking up and reclaiming truth as their own, fearlessly – since there is NOTHING to be afraid of from Ronald Weinland the Liar. God is not on his side, and the increase in leaving, WISE members is proof.

    I called them morons and scumbags…with every member left they prove me WRONG! If God exists, then now is he saving the PKG and helping them escape…

    and Satan (Ron) is increasingly upset about being defeated by righteousness and goodness…you know, THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT…

  • JD says:

    It is true. I talked to one of the elders and was told that they were disfellowshipped but not to say anything to the congregations. It is funny that they have all these elders and some of them are not in agreement but staying for the info. So we knew before the people did. And they don’t have any ideal who they are.

  • martin says:

    I hope the disfellowshipped use their phones and use email to talk sense into some of their friends “left behind” in PKG.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Wow ! If all the pkg’ers leave, maybe it wont be long before he’s preach’in all that crap in sackcloth after all ? And, no more expensive suits ?
    And he wont be able to start up again, as his very public lying, has already assured him the top spot on the world’s biggest goon list ! 😀

  • martin says:

    JD – are you able to find out what the specific reason was for the disfellowshipping?

    Ronald Weinland disfellowshipping his own mother is pretty low, shows you what kind of scum Ron is.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Hahahahahaha, Yes ! I’m still laughing Ron ! ………. You go to jail for fraud, ………….. and YOU want everyone else to repent ? When are you gonna repent ? *giggling*

    Maybe PKG’ers, Christ has come to close Ron’s deceitful scam down ? and prevent Chris, Wayne, Laura, Johnny and Audra from continuing to corrupt the minds of his faithful ? Think about it ! 😀

  • I'm Smiling says:

    OH, I hope so….!!! That is what I’ve been praying would happen!!!

  • Disfellowshipped in secret?! Doesn’t disfellowshipping someone mean that they are PUBLICLY marked (according to Scripture)? How can anyone PUBLICLY Mark someone secretly?!!?!!

    Could someone explain this to me??!!???

  • martin says:

    Yes, according to biblical instructions, they are publicly marked.

    You’re talking about a man where fulfilled prophecies are invisible to the naked eye.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    What I hear is that Ron doesn’t like to df his members. Instead, he puts them on suspension. Sometimes they don’t come off suspension and leave instead.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Christ chastised the wicked in public, to exhort them to repent, to remind the righteous to continue striving to improve, and to inform all as to who was working evil amongst them. Shine light on those to work in darkness and they flee. Ron does his work in darkness so he can keep the light from shining on himself – the OPPOSITE OF JESUS CHRIST.

    Darkness, greed, and lies = Ronald Weinland
    Light and truth = jesus Christ

    Don’t forget folks, it was JESUS who said “By their fruits shall ye know them…”

    So what are RONALD WEINLAND’S fruits?

    1. Went to jail for THEFT.
    2. Lied about the Return of Jesus Christ then lied by saying it was GOD’s plan to change the date.
    3. Has used GOD’S tithe money to buy expensive PANTIES, diamonds for his wife, expensive cars for his children, paid their mortgage and living expenses, gave Jeremy a CHURCH scholarship without telling anyone, among many other things.
    4. Lied on his daughter’s marriage certificate.
    5. LIED when he said he would repent and admit he was a false prophet when “2008-GFW” didn’t happen EXACTLY as HE said it would.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron doesn’t like to disfellowship his member$$$, but he will curse US to Death….because we don’t pay him.

    $$$$ = forgiveness

    no money = no mercy…

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    More riotous Laughter ! ……… ‘ol Bubble-‘ed has been actually disfellowshipped from society ? So isnt a disfellowship, ordered by him invalid ?
    That’s probably why its a secret disfellowshipment ?
    Did not Hitler start ordreing the execution of his Generals and senior staffers, when he saw his plans were failing ? …….. In Ron’s case, the greatest danger to his relm, is the doubts in the minds of his senior members…………… Oh, it all must be soooooo embarrassing for the ‘ol goon ? 😀

  • martin says:

    Ron can’t even disfellowship people correctly….such is the dunce that he is.

    The church is supposed to avoid the company of a disfellowshipped person, exactly how does the church do this, if it’s a secret disfellowship?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Good que$tion, Budgie. Why indeed doe$ Ronald Weinland do the thing$ that he doe$?

    It i$ one of life’$ great my$terie$…

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Ye$ indeed ! …….. Ron said recently that he was the third person in Elohim’s family………… has not repented for such an outrageious claim, thus signing his own demise.
    He said that simply to improve his popularity, amongst waining membership and discord in the remaining fellowship.

    It is said by the faithful, that the third person is in fact the “HOLY SPIRIT”, and no one is to mess with the heavenly supernatural, as it is unforgiveable sin, to mislead people in such a manner.
    A claim of this kind especially to ensure membership and to keep the dollars rolling in proves that Ron & Co. have no idea what they are dealing with, and therefore have no belief or respect in what they are ignorantly preaching …….. no responsibility or understanding whatsoever. Its all about money, so condemming themselves by their own words. It is not surprising therefore, to see what is now happening.

  • JD says:

    No they just said they had been disfellowshipped.

  • Atrocious says:

    I sincerely hope that the PKGers get a clue and stop sending in their money. The less money the Weinland clan receives, the faster Ron will stop his lying and stealing. He can only take what he is given. He’ll stop preaching when nobody is listening. Maybe then, he’ll even finally give it up. One can always hope.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    ONE YEAR AGO Ron wrote this (April 29th, 2012 PKG blog post)

    “…As the last apostle in this age, and as God’s end-time prophet, I am still telling people that this is true…that a short-lived WWIII is now at our doorstep.”


  • Jocko says:

    Ron must live in a really “Big House” if his doorstep is that long.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron _does_ live in a big house now.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Yeah , a big house with a “captive audience” ! Hahahahahahaha 😀

  • Eric says:

    In his latest post Ronald stated that –

    “We do not know. God has not revealed when the trumpets are blown, except for the first and the last. God has inspired it to be written that we will not know these things until they have already occurred. God has also revealed that there are many overlapping and intertwining events within the fulfillment of these trumpets.

    God has not revealed it, but it may be that all seven trumpets were blown at the beginning, setting in motion those things that are to be fulfilled by each. We do not yet know, but we must understand that one cannot sit down and put these together in any kind of order”

    In the 4th Qtr. 2002 NEWS WATCH he said –

    Great destruction is brought upon this earth as a result of the FIRST four trumpets being blown, but even more devastating events are about to unfold when the LAST three trumpets are blown.

    There you are – an order, all not being blown at once and God had revealed it to him so he could put it in the newsletter.

    Chalk up another three contradictions to the camel’s back.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Not to mention what he also clearly wrote about them in his book! Sheesh – no wonder they are FINALLY starting to leave!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Welcome to the world of Weinland – where “God” is confused, and can’t remember what lies he has told from day to day. Strange how “God” keeps contradicting himself, and forgetting what he has written in His newsletters. Well, only another few years before “God” gets out of jail and starts another round of luxury cruises, massages, shipping BMWs to Germany, paying for jeremy/Audra’s living expenses, and so on with TITHES.

    Ever notice how everything becomes ‘spiritual’ after his physical prophecies FAIL?




  • bilbo says:

    If you go back and actually re-read what was written in GFW to lure in the fearful and gullible, it is more obvious than ever that this was all a bunch of bull.

    Page 5

    “Such prognosticators will only increase as disastrous events increase, and they will deceive many people. It is easy to “jump on the band wagon” (an American expression used to describe the behavior of conformists and opportunists). As disastrous events increase, they will claim that each event is some kind of sign or that it has special religious significance—after the event has already occurred. But who is presenting a time frame and getting more specific as all this increases?”

    NOT YOU. You are getting LESS specific as time goes on. You ARE the PROGNOSTICATOR that reads news articles in hindsight and trumpets them as your own signs AFTER the event has occurred. This was reverse psychology mind control. You are exactly what you accused others of being. You are not the source of clarity you claimed would set you apart.

    Only the people stupid enough to accept your rewrite of history are sticking around. Everyone with two brain cells to rub together is gone, or getting ready to leave.

  • bilbo says:

    And that is not an attack. That is telling the truth. In Ron’s own words (pg33),

    “Is God so small and so weak that He cannot make the truth known? You need to answer such questions!”

    But … I thought thinking was not allowed.

  • Rterlecki says:

    I bet ron ( the asshole ) is going crazy just sitting in his cell and he has no power over all the shit going on, but I guess he was already a nut job anyways !!!!!

  • Atrocious says:

    It appears to me that Ron is just writing down his meandering thoughts as they occur, without giving any thought to the validity or sensibility of those thoughts. It’s obvious that his mind is being affected by being in prison because, even though he didn’t make sense before, he REALLY doesn’t make any sense now.

    C’mon, PKGers, you have free will. That is something God gave everyone, FREE WILL. You will not face the lake of fire if and when you leave this cult. That is a lie to keep you in, and to keep your money rolling in. Why would you want to continue following a man who continues to spew lies and nonsense about things he knows nothing about (as he admitted).

    I will continue to look forward to reading about more people leaving and finding a life of their own.

  • Don D says:

    Avalo said: “Ever notice how everything becomes ‘spiritual’ after his physical prophecies FAIL?”

    In a fashion, Weinland is echoing the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ responses to their failed prophecies. In 1874, C.T. Russell and his early band of followers (later to become Jehovah’s Witnesses) fully expected that Jesus Christ would return that year, based on their interpretation of scripture. When nothing happened they decided that they certainly had the year right, so that it could only mean one thing – that JESUS CHRIST HAD RETURNED INVISIBLY!

    Russell then predicted, again based on biblical interpretation, that 40 years on, in 1914, Jesus Christ would abolish all political and financial institutions, and establish UNIVERSAL PEACE ON EARTH. When in 1914 the very opposite happened, and instead of world peace, the FIRST WORLD WAR BROKE OUT, what did the Jehovah’s Witnesses declare? They announced that that “although not everything that was predicted for 1914 happened” (!!), what had really happened was that Jesus Christ had come down from Heaven to rule on Earth – once again INVISIBLY!

    It seems that INVISIBILITY and SPIRITUALISATION come in handy when false prophets try to explain their failures to predict the future! Very handy indeed, given that nobody can actually disprove INVISIBLE or SPIRITUALISED occurrences. Therefore, they must have happened! Ah – Sweet Logic, I salute you!

  • JD says:


    It is with deep regret that I have to inform everyone that Ramona Weinland, Scott and Kris Cameron have chosen to leave the Church of God – PKG and have thereby chosen to leave the fellowship of God’s people. They are disfellowshipped from God’s Church.

    Beth Bucheit
    Sr. Elder the COG-PKG

  • martin says:

    People leaving a false prophet is always great news.

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinlad said ” God has inspired it to be written that we will not know these things until they have already occurred”

    Such horse baloney. A complete and outright lie.

    Rev 1:1
    (1) The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him TO SHOW [BEFORE THEY HAPPEN] unto his servants, even the things which must shortly come to pass:

    Are you going to believe God? Or that proven liar Ronald Weinland?

  • martin says:

    Beth Bucheit
    Sr. Elder the COG-PKG

    Beth seems to have forgotten the biblical injunction against women ruling in the church.

    She gave her soul away for a title.

  • I'm Smiling. says:

    Beth, what are you doing on here, you do not belong here!!

  • carol says:

    unbelieveable! Beth Bucheit is my sister and I am devastated she has sold her soul for this title. How is it possible
    this man has these people so brainwashed?! Last year she sent me a goodbye that Christ was coming back last year. He
    was a no show and now she is a senior elder and still waiting and Pentecost will come and go and still no return of
    Jesus Christ and she will still be slobbering at weinland’s feet so she can sign senior elder under her name. What a

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    ANYONE can use a fake name and post anything they want here, so I wouldn’t start believing that it is Beth saying it. It seems to be true, as Mike pointed out, but I wouldn’t get to worked up about who is what until we kNOW for sure.

    I post stuff here all the time, and clearly my actual name is NOT “Avalokiteshvara” (the Mahayana Buddhist Saint of Compassion). Often I have posted information about my family that is true but altered just enough so I don’t give my/their identity away. So “JD” might be doing so to protect his/her/someone’s identity, and Beth was actually not the one who said it…even though the actual info about Ramona, Chris, etc, may be true. In such a case I just let it be what it is until I hear it from Ramona herself for example.

    But onc again, if it is TRUE….Wow!! I am getting WRINGER and WRONGER about the intelligence of the PKG with every passing minute these days! Who knew so many intelligent people were lurking in the shadows of Weinland’s sick “church”?


    As much as I hate Weinland and ANYONE who supports this piece of sh*t, including your sister, I hope you don’t take what I say personally. I have, and will continue to refer to people like your sister in extremely negative ways, because they are aiding and abetting a proven criminal and I find it sickening. But I would like you to know that it is NOTHING personal and I hope you understand that I mean you, yourself, no harm by it. You love your sister, and I honor that love, even though she is acting badly. I will continue to go after any/all PKG, but any/all hurt I cause you by what I call your sister is collateral damage, and I will understand if you hate me for it. If you are a Christian, forgive me.And if you believe in the Lake of Fire, then I will clearly be in it (according to what the Bible says) so you will have your revenge eventually.

    Yahweh doesn’t exist, but if He does, then ‘all accounts will be settled’…including Weinland, which should make everyone pretty damn happy…

    Think of it as a double whammy – you’ll get to see Weinland and I thrown into the Fire, except he’ll be screaming and I’ll be pointing at him and laughing. 🙂

  • martin says:

    JD is simply posting the email/note that Beth Bucheit wrote, she is not Beth Bucheit.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Do you think it is true? Is there any secondary/tertiary confirmation from anyone that also received this e-mail?

    So many PKG members come here and troll the site (RayKaz/DD), I just automatically assume this is a misinfo attempt by some low IQ PKG member to make us look bad by believing false reports.

  • JD says:

    I am not a she but a he (Jack)

  • Frank says:

    I did not see that email but I was told about all the above being disfellowshipped and Beth being made a senior elder. And Rterlecki confirmed that it was true. I don’t think he would make something like that up.