War in the World

Here is False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s latest missive from the bowels of the US federal prison system:

————- Weinland’s post ——————

In September of 1969, I was baptized into God’s Church, and in 1981, I was ordained into the ministry of God’s Church. Through this period of time, I have witnessed much concerning great spiritual struggles in the lives of brethren and of the Church itself. God’s people (individually) and God’s Church (of the collective body and of the structural organization) has been the object of constant spiritual attack through time. Satan loathes God, His Church, and His plan for the Kingdom of God.

We know and believe that we are now nearing the very last phase of this end-time. We believe we are about to witness man’s last war World War III. Over the weekend, rhetoric out of North Korea and Iran has only intensified, and at some point there will be some incident in the world that triggers a rapid escalation of events that thrusts the world into nuclear war. It is a horrifying thought, but it is our reality.

In the news this past week there has been a lot of bantering back and forth as to whether North Korea has the ability to strike the United States with nuclear missiles. They have mostly dismissed and ridiculed such a possibility. Yet another source has just brought to light that North Korea does have the ability to put a satellite into orbit (as it did in December) that passes over the South Pole at a 300-mile altitude, which could easily carry a nuclear device. This report states that if a single device exploded over Omaha, Nebraska, it could generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that would be able to collapse the United States electric grid and other critical infrastructures. South Korea has warned the U.S that North Korea has been working on a super-EMP warhead with Russian help. China’s military claims North Korea has such warheads and data from North Korea’s nuclear tests are stated as being consistent with super-EMP warheads. It has been confirmed that if such a device exploded over Omaha it would be sufficient to create an EMP from coast to coast in the U.S. A former ambassador and director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization said that if such a device exploded over Omaha it would blanket the entire continental U.S. with EMP effects with consequences that would soon lead to the death of millions of Americans and the end of our way of life.

We live in a precarious time, when at any moment, the first nuclear device will explode and lead to many more. Though the world is about to plunge into WW III, the Church has been experiencing world war for some time now. At the time of the apostasy, the First Seal of Revelation was unsealed and then a great spiritual war engulfed God’s Church on a worldwide scale. As I mentioned at the beginning about my time in the Church and the ministry and of witnessing great spiritual battles, what God’s Church is experiencing now is by far the most powerful and continuing attack I’ve ever seen throughout all my time in God’s Church.

Some may wonder how, in this present time, there could be the greatest spiritual attacks, when in 1994 there were over 60,000 casualties that quickly resulted from the apostasy, and there were over 30,000 who were scattered as they struggled to remain alive. During that time, there was great spiritual power, signs, and lying wonders that worked to devastate God’s Church. But the reality was that the entire Church was so spiritually weak, lukewarm, and filled with pride that God would not accept her any longer in such a condition, so at the opening of the First Seal, He removed Himself from the Church vomited it out.

When separated from God, with Him and His Son no longer “dwelling in” the church, it was prime picking for Satan and the demonic world, and so this separation was followed immediately by power (demonic spiritual power), signs, and lying wonders within the organization of the Worldwide Church of God.

So how is this time we are in now, a time of greater spiritual warfare and attack from that demonic world upon God’s Church? During the apostasy, the body of the Church was removed from God dwelling in it. The Church was without God’s spiritual strength, power, and protection in it. However, the Church today is not weak! Since 1969, I have never witnessed the Church being nearly as spiritually strong and unified as I now see it. Some few may feel otherwise, but that could only be the result of their short-time experience and/or spiritual weakness at this time. I know what I have witnessed, and that witness is from God, and it is true.

Over the past few months, in personal experience and upon hearing from so many brethren about their own experiences, there has not been a time in all my time in God’s Church when Satan and the demon’s attacks upon God’s Church have been so furious. This is simply a testimony to the time we are in and the reality that they know their time is nearly over.

Though these attacks are making many much stronger on one hand, they are never the less very wearisome and spiritually draining, which is dangerous. If the Church were not as strong as it is, it would have been devoured long before this, but God’s people are being resolute, persevering, and continuing at the battle that is before them, and not giving up. This is a battle to the completion, when God sends His Son in His Kingdom. There have been very few casualties, but there are still a few more who are weakened and will not survive if they do not turn things around in their spiritual lives and take heed and practice what has been written in recent posts and in letters to the ministry, for this includes a few in the ministry as well.

Urgent Fast:
Since the spiritual battle has been going on for such a long duration of time and has been working to make people weary in battle, it is time to fight ever harder and press forward spiritually more than ever before. It is time for a church-wide fast in order for us to be strengthened with greater power from on high power that Satan cannot battle. Satan and his demons can fight against the angelic realm and they can attack God’s people, but they cannot attack God and the power of His spirit in our life. That power God’s spirit in us is our power and might by which we are made strong against attacks and are able to move forward against that evil spirit realm unto the day that realm itself is placed into captivity.

It is with such knowledge of all this that I have often quoted a powerful scripture. “You are of God, little children, and have overcome (Gk. – conquered) them because greater is He (God Almighty and Jesus Christ) who is in you, than he (Satan and his demons) that is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).

As God’s Church, we are going to engage in battle, as God will pour out more strength and power upon us and in us. We will fast this weekend. For most, this Sabbath is the primary time set-aside for this fast; however, it is perfectly fine to fast on Sunday. It is your choice. If you do not receive this notice of a fast before this weekend, then participate in it as soon as you can once you receive the knowledge of it.

We are following the outline of Isaiah 58 in which we are to first cry out to God for forgiveness of our own personal sins and also ask for help to see sin in ourselves of which we are blind. Then when God helps us to see that which only He and His Son can see, we repent. Next, we are to follow this by praying (using this same outline) for God’s strength and power to fill us more fully in order to accomplish the spirit of battle of Isaiah 58 in diminishing the power of Satan (power to bind, deceive, and hold captive because of human sin).

We are small and our numbers are small, and an evil spirit world is about to be chained and imprisoned, but at present its numbers are large against us. God’s power in us makes them small and reduces their power and will bring them to nothing. This is a great war and we should be sobered by it and thereby be diligently on guard and fighting it, but our Petra is all-powerful and Almighty, against which nothing can stand. We keep moving forward.


  • Another episode from The Twilight Zone.

  • Debbie says:

    Ahhh – ‘We keep moving forward’ – even tho’ Ronnie is unrepentant and unwilling to make restitution for all the $$$ he & family have abused, sheeples keep sending in those tithes & offerings.

    Another fast to keep the sheeples weak in mind, body & spirit – more talk of world war & demons to keep sheeples afraid.

    Keep moving forward ‘cuz come Pentecost 2013 Ronnie & his co-conspirators will be thinking up some new lies/truths to explain why the coming & the kingdom has been postponed for the 3rd time.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    It used to be that you are forbidden to doubt Ronny…now he demands that you continuously not believe what he says will come true…because failed prophecy now is truth in progress:

    1. My prophecies are 100% true!!!!

    2. Don’t you dare believe my prophecies are 100% true!!

    3. God does what he will, it’s not my fault!

    4. Give me your money.

  • Don D says:


    The COG-PKG site (FAQ – Conspiracy Theories) proclaims:

    “The truth is, we are at the very end of man’s self-rule on this earth, and even Satan’s rule is about to end. The government of God is coming to this earth on May 19, 2013. Nothing and no one can stop this from taking place!”

    In his latest post, Ron Weinland says:
    “We know and believe that we are now nearing the very last phase of this end-time. We believe we are about to witness man’s last war World War III.”

    No confusion here. Nothing could be clearer. Ron Weinland is assuring all members of COG-PKG that World War III is about to break out, and that God’s government will come to this earth on May 19, 2013. Right?


    If World War III does NOT break out during the next 33 days, and the government of God does NOT come to this earth on May 19, 2013, will you face up to the self-evident truth that Ron Weinland has finally PROVEN BY HIS OWN WORDS, to have been a false prophet?

    Or will you once again refuse to think for yourselves, and once again meekly accept Weinland’s pathetic excuse that people who point out his continuing failures constitute, as he would put it, “Satan and the demon’s attacks upon God’s Church”?

    Will you not finally BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF and see through his absurd false prophecies and pretenses?

  • bilbo says:

    After seeing the newspapers I expected to hear from Ron reading yesterday’s news like it was prophecy. Good fear induction opportunity.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron says:

    “The truth is, we are at the very end of man’s self-rule on this earth, and even Satan’s rule is about to end. The government of God is coming to this earth on May 19, 2013. Nothing and no one can stop this from taking place!”

    1. He uses the word TRUTH, “the” TRUTH, singular. This means that what he is saying is TRUE.
    2. If it is NOT true, then it is FALSE.
    3. May 19th MUST be true in order to be PROPHECY, or else there is no such thing as true OR fasle prophecy. There MUST be a definitive usage of the word.
    4. When you see that may 19th is NOT TRUE, you will once again be deciding to follow a false prophet, of your OWN FREE WILL.

    Once again remember that Ron said it IS TRUE. Not maybe, not it might change, not anything else, or else he is NOT a prophet. Prophets DON;T and CAN’T guess if they are TRUE prophets.

    On May 19th, you decide:

    1. Ae you a complete idiot who defies the Bible to give away all your money to a criminal?


    2. A seeker of truth who will reject a convicted criminal and false prophet who has been caught openly LYING to you and to the government?


  • Rterlecki says:

    This guy is nuts, nuts, nuts nuts , nuts get a life asshole go fishing take the bitch with u, oh u can’t your in federal prison, sorry ! Hahahahaha no 5 star hotel. Tell bubba we all said hi ! Asshole

  • martin says:

    Ron has to reign them in, and get them ready for the next failed prophecy.

    In order to do that, he has to train them via tasks….such as fasting.

    He does not care one bit about their spiritual welfare, he wants them to do what he says, thus trained, when the next failed prophecy occurs, they will be conditioned to do as he says and “stay the course”.

  • J says:

    Satan and his demons can fight against the angelic realm and they can attack God’s people, but they cannot attack God and the power of His spirit in our life. That power God’s spirit in us is our power and might by which we are made strong against attacks and are able to move forward against that evil spirit realm unto the day that realm itself is placed into captivity.

    If that’s true, then why is it important to keep “Truth” secret so that Satan is kept in the dark, and release it incrementally? If Satan cannot attack Ron’s version of God, then there’s no reason to keep information secret. Satan knows God’s plan, but cannot prevent its fulfillment, no matter what. But according to Ron, Satan is a threat to God. Blasphemous false prophet.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “Satan and his demons are X, Y, and Z..”:

    Care to provide EVIDENCE that they even exist at all?

    Didn’t think so…

  • James says:

    Maybe we should send him a fresh bar of soap on a rope. It may be that he is seeking a release.

  • Ronco says:

    Ron appears to be running out of material in his latest blog posts… I suggest that we take a vote to put Zerubboloney in charge of PKG in Ron’s absence.

    The sounds from the farm animals in Z’s videos are a real nice touch. What do we get from Johnny Harrell? Just a *DING!* from an egg timer.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Considering Zerubabel’s mental status I am not quite convinced that his beloved goat is merely a pet. Weirdos like him tend to be “fond” of such animals…

  • Jocko says:

    “Weirdos like him tend to be “fond” of such animals…”

    Is there a YouTube video???

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    YouTube would never allow it, but I would not be surprised if Zerubabel has his own secret stash of homemade “romantic” videos featuring himself and said goat.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Jocko says:
    April 16, 2013 at 23:26
    “Weirdos like him tend to be “fond” of such animals…”

    Its probably his girlfriend ? ………. would’nt be surprised if he has a Donkey and a Camel as well ?
    Warm up and keep that tent warm 😀

  • Matt says:

    I have not been checking in for a bit, but am I right in saying that there seems to be some escalation in the rhetoric?

    Note how he stresses the importance of the church as a sort of spiritual elite… as being the only people who really matter, the very center of all Gods plans. He even seems to say that being in the church is the same as staying alive: the 30.000 “scattered” are apparently struggling to stay alive. He stresses the “demonic spiritual power” and the far-ranging powers of the devil to create “lying wonders” too, trying to hammer home the fear of questioning the church.

    This entire letter seems designed to scare the congregation into not leaving. After all, there is only a short time to go until the end-time, anyone who leaves the “church where god dwells in” is easy prey for the Devil and his “demonic realm” with their “demonic spiritual powers”, and the world is painted as the evilest of places, impossible to improve or even withstand without the shield of the church.

    Funny to see how deep-rooted their belief in magic is. It really is an incredibly primitive way of thinking: a world full of things that go bump in the night, where every set-back is caused by evil spirits, and every piece of luck is sent by the lord. You would not be surprised to find such beliefs in people with stone-age technology.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    So true, Matt!

    It is one of the most hypocritical things about such churches: there is only one right way to look at the fortune of those in the church and outside of it. Everything bad that happens to a PKG member is “Satan” and everything good is proof that the CoG-PKG is the ‘right” church. Everything that is good for outsiders is Satan helping the wicked prosper, and any bad is God punishing for disobedience: no variations, no nuances, no special cases, nothing. Thus, Ron can lie, steal, commit crimes, spend tithes on panties and BMWs and there is NO explanation other than it is a good thing because this is God’s Church. Being thrown in jail for BREAKING GOD;S LAWS is merely Satanic persecution, while my (Avalokiteshvara) massive success is also Satan’s work (even though I have NOT broken a single law, lied in the name of God, or used someone else’s tithes to buy anything at all). So Ronald Weinland the End Time Prophet of God completely defies the Gospel and that’s righteousness, no question. Rejecting a false prophet who lies in the name of God is described as “Satanic”? That in itself would seem to be a pretty obvious Satanic trick if there was indeed a ‘Devil.’

    Ronald Weinland: serving Satan since 1981…

    Ask yourselves this, PKGers:

    How “righteous” can Ronald Weinland be when I, Avalokiteshvara, reject his ministry based on what the BIBLE says? If I were some random Satanic atheist who was trying to destroy “God’s Church,” WHY WOULD I USE THE BIBLE AND THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST to do so? Doesn;t that seem the exact opposite of what I would do/say? Also, if I am evil and outside of God;s Church, wouldn’t that make me an expert on wickedness, since I am technically the polar opposite of what you are? Who is a better judge of evil? The evil or the righteous? No matter how you define me, there is always a missing piece, an incomplete picture.

    1. If I am not righteous since I am not in the PKG, then why is Ron is jail for TAX FRAUD and not me?
    2. If I am not righteous, then why have I NOT bought underwear for my wife with YOUR money?
    3. If I am not righteous, then why have I NOT LIED on my/my daughter’s marriage certificate, like Ron did?
    4. If I am not righteous then why have I not LIED about the Return of Jesus Christ as Ron has REPEATEDLY?

    I am not righteous in terms of how Ron would describe me (not in the PKG)…BUT I HAVE BEHAVED WAAAYYYYYYY MORE RIGHTEOUSLY THAN RONALD WEINLAND, if the BIBLE is your guide. If the BIBLE is your guide, then I have behaved more righteously than he has, even though my atheism guarantees I will be a guest in the Lake of Fire. If the LOF is real, then I will have earned my atheistic place in it. AND SO WILL RONALD WEINLAND…which is the fact you should be REALLY worried about. If Weinland is going to the LOF, SO ARE YOU FOR SUPPORTING HIM…If you PKGers TRULY believe there is a LOF, then you’d better start preparing for it.

    Ronald Weinland is a liar, false prophet, criminal, and narcissist. AND YOU’RE HELPING HIM DEFY GOD…

  • So far, every set-back is caused by the Justice Department.

    Well, not really, since the real cause of the set-backs has been Conald Swineland himself — the Justice Department just confirmed his dishonest incompetence.

  • A headline for The Journal: “PKG Worships Felon”.

    What a news story that would make.

  • LeftAtLast says:

    Well Ron’s post is no surprise. Try to reign them in using the “fear / exclusivity” combo. It seems to me that Ron is the one in fear of losing more tithe income because of loss of more members, along with control over the church. I’m waiting for another splinter group to emerge. That’s how this post is coming across to me, anyway.

  • bilbo says:

    Everyone outside of the church is supposed to be suffering and getting tortured and begging to get back in. So far from what I have heard and experienced myself, those who left are doing very well. Once again you can set goals and reach them and move forward in life.

    Sounds like everyone escaping the prophesy bait and switch scam is doing just that. Congrats!

    Those still left are probably not going anywhere. I mean, after may 19 some more will leave, but at this point most left are in it for the “tasks” they have been conditioned for, that martin explained above, and don’t care how many lies they are told.

  • bilbo says:

    “It really is an incredibly primitive way of thinking: a world full of things that go bump in the night, where every set-back is caused by evil spirits, and every piece of luck is sent by the lord.”

    Well explained Matt.

    This part of it got very tedious. Satan this, Satan that, God this, God that, with no common sense, thrown around at random. Battles and wars and demons and battling this battling that.

    Toward the end if felt like medieval Europe during the reign of The Church.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Harrell and Wrozek have their incorporated CoG-PKG in Georgia, which is currently inactive. So I am wondering if/when it is going to be active and start siphoning members away from Ron The Con. Now would seem to be the right time to move since Weinland is stuck behind bars…

    And all the while the PKG sheeple meander around bleating, waiting for Ron to steal more of their money in exchange for false hope…

  • Whisper01 says:

    Ya, Korea is going to “super EMP” the United States and… and then they will… hmmm.
    An EMP blast would shut down electical input using a “HEMP” and disrupt much, cause some un-hardened systems to bust but backups would not be effected. The systems would come back on line after the disruption of require some repair first.
    But not hardened systems, those would be minorly effected. The government uses hardened systems and has for decades, ala Cold War. So the purpose of attempting to explode a super EMP above a nation to attempt to temporarily, and hour or so, cripple that nations command and control while you, the other nation, exploit that time.
    An hours loss of electronics in un-hadened systems across this country would cause a temporary panic and cause no appretiable degredation of the government and military.
    So what is the point of attempting such a high tech feat? And it is very hard to do, very very hard, and to what end?

    wRONg is grasping at other peoples staws now. This is his “A” game? His followers must be deluded…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And NORTH Korea to boot! THE most technologically underdeveloped East Asian nation! You might as well threaten the US with a dismissive glance…

    What a peice of sh*t Ron is! The single greatest, most stunning, mind boggling event in the history of the Universe is about to happen, and Ron is fear-mongering?!! He is a Christian, he should be overjoyed right now that jesus Christ is about to return in a terrifying, fiery blaze to rid the world of misery and hate once and for all.

    If I truly believed jesus was returning in a month, I would sell everything I had and give it to the poor as a final thank-you to God for his blessings, and dance joyously in the streets knowing God was about to finish what he started. If this is REAL, then how unbelievably fantastic would everyone feel? An end to cancer, war, child pornography, sex slavery, human trafficking, drug trafficking, pollution, sectarian violence, and so on!! To be reunited with dead loved ones? To see Hitler finally get justly punished for his evil? To see Satan vanquished? The ENTIRE PKG should be dancing and singing in the streets, joyously proclaiming the BEST NEWS EVER!!!

    But they are not…because deep down they know what Ron has known since the beginning of his sick “church”…


  • martin says:

    It’s sad.

    Take college. I took calculus at college….we would study for tests with each other and so on.

    When dealing with a particular problem, if anybody got the solution wrong or the approach to the solution wrong, nobody would have been upset.

    They always were glad to know the proper (and provably correct) way to deal with it. Nobody insulted the person for correcting them, the correction led to better grades on the test. No persecution was perceived.

    Provided that there is proof, real proof (that is, not questions on obscure theology), the PKGers should be glad that they are provided with the evidence, unambiguous and clear evidence…and more than that….an admission from Ronald himself to failed prophecies. Thus corrected they can pass the ultimate test for their eternal lives.

    Sadly they are not thankful. They only wish to maintain the illusion that they’ve always have been correct.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    North Korea threatened Australia with a nuclear strike about 18 months ago, over trade talks with South Korea, and Japan. Our foriegn Minister told them off, and Kim Jong Ill got even more threatening.
    We were sooooo bloody scared Hahahahahaha 😀 All it did, was to raise the value of our share market ( I even made a few bucks ) hehe 😀 So thanks Kim ! P.S. ….. Sorry you died ! 😀 ( Not )

    Now the U.S. market is making an impressive come-back ……… Weinland does’nt realise these threats are just that ! ……. and the markets reply in a positive manner ………. they work better than a upward shift in the gold price !

  • JK says:

    More lies from Weinland’s asscrack. Well, only a month to go until he is (yet again) proved to be a charlatan.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Yes, indeed. To the sane he will be proven to be the lying criminal he always was yet again on May 19th.

    But to the PKG he will be proven to be totally correct on May 19th because the Bible does not apply to Ron. He can change times and dates all he wants and have ZERO prophecies come true because he is God’s Apostle and thus is more powerful than Jesus. Ron is here to correct jesus and show him the right way to be godly: lie on your daughter’s marriage certificate, steal from the government, falsely prophesy, and use God;s money to buy underwear, diamonds, massages, panties, BMWs to ship to Europe instead of helping the poor and the homeless, and so on. You see, Ron is here to show Jesus how to be righteous. Stealing and lying are the key to it all. Without stealing and lying you can’t get what you want at the expense of others, and Ron is here to show Jesus a better way: getting rich by stealing and lying your way through life. That;s how you defeat Satan. By lying and stealing in so righteous a manner that he doesn’t get the glory for it. Ron is here to show Jesus that what he, as Christ, should have told the masses during his brief ministry in ancient Israel.

    So on May 19th, Ron will be right again (!) because this shows that he understands how stealing and lying is progressive truth and God is happy to support lies and theft.

    You just have to see, with Ron’s help, how breaking the Commandments and lying in the name of the God of Abraham is glorifying to Yahweh and Jesus…

  • overit says:

    My guess is that Harrell and Wrozek developed the “other church” as a loop hole to funnel money in case the government were to garnish the majority of the income that PKG received. I believe the RW was incahoots with them just like Armstrong did back in the 70’s.

    Sadly, I have seen some PKGer’s follow RW’s lead and not pay taxes. I guess they think it is ok not to because they are part of the church!

    As far as RW’s post, they are all redundant as expected! Scare tactics and telling his sheeple that they are the choosen ones. We need some new reading material!

  • LeftAtLast says:

    Avelo, somehow Harrell and Wrozek don’t come across to me as activating the incorporated pkg out of GA. If it splinters, I think it will be a whole new getup. It bears watching.

    bilbo- it’s pretty certain that people will continue to leave..just hoping they do it faster.

  • martin says:

    I hope they break off into a new splinter, all the hard work they do (I forget if they are even salaried), they deserve to get the money.

    Plus it would amusingly ironic.

  • Splinters can take fascinating courses — back in 2005, one group took off from their cult leader in the ACoG and established their own church, leaving the leader with nothing but his ego — but — get this — they established a new church with all the old crazy doctrines that were straight from their mental disordered crackpot leader: They established a new website and rewrote the articles and mostly stayed out of sight.

    It’s doubtful the same will happen with the PKG: Their leader is imprisoned; he didn’t offend the entire congregation with his open abuse (though he is abusing the PKG silently by taking their money and living in the lap of luxury — well, he was, anyway).

  • Given the record of the new Pope, it may be conceivable that one day in the not too distant future, Pope Francis may come personally to the people in the PKG made poor and destitute by Conald Swineland to feed and clothe them and give them shelter in the Catholic Community Services housing.

    Now, now… would you really want to bite the hand that will feed you?

  • Rterlecki says:

    Hey assshole
    One more month and you will be wrong again like always . You are a false prophet lier theif and an asshole that all being said have a nice day everyone. 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    To put it another way: Swineland has overfished the pond and now all he is snagging are undeveloped idiot-fish who are too stupid to realize the hook is not a snack.

    The bass and the trout have all run from his line…but there still may be a few left who are hiding in the reeds waiting for their chance to swim away…

  • Rterlecki says:

    Hahahaha avo u got that right 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And once again let us review Ronald Weinland’s OWN WORDS about who he is and what he does:

    “NOW IS THE TIME to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ. On May 27, 2012, we entered the “Day of the Lord” spoken of in the Book of Joel. This “prophetic day” is a year in length and continues from Pentecost of 2012 (May 27th) to Pentecost 2013. Ronald Weinland, who is the pastor of God’s Church on earth, has also been appointed by the God of Abraham as His end-time prophet to foretell the final events leading up to Christ’s return.”

    1. The prophetic day is a year long: an EXACT length.
    2. May 19th is an EXACT date.
    3. The final events are EXACT in that they are final; there are NO events after them.
    4. The FINAL act of Ron’s prophecy is the Return of Jesus Christ. AFter that, it is up to Jesus, who will be PHYSICALLY PRESENT in the world, to instruct mankind and reveal the exact structure of the next phase of human history. Thus, Jesus’ return is FINAL in that he CAN’T return for the first time ‘twice.’
    5. God has appointed Ron to be his End Time prophet. That is exact. IF RON FALSELY PROPHESIES, THEN HE IS NOT GOD;S PROPHET. HE IS EXACTLY ‘NOT’ SO. There are no %’s in being a true prophet.

    Since RON has falsely prophesied the Return of jesus TWICE, it is clear that JESUS IS NOT GOING TO RETURN ON MAY 19TH, AS GOD WOULD NOT GRANT TRUE PROPHETIC KNOWLEDGE TO A FALSE PROPHET!!!!!!




    Not like it matters, since your fake god doesn’t exist, and May 19th will be further proof of it…

  • Rterlecki says:

    Just what I thought he’s got them all fasting tomorrow !

  • Hey! Wait just one darn minute!

    Is that day which is exactly one year long based on the Hebrew Calendar, Jewish Calendar (and you didn’t think there was a difference) or the Julian Calendar?

    Is the day 360 days long or is it 365?

    We need some clarity here!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The DoTL is 357 days long, fewer than 29 of which remain.

  • martin says:

    I mentioned to another PKGer that the so called DOTL is 3 days short of a prophetic year.

    Or course Ron did say it a “prophetic year” but being the complete imbecile that he usually is, he didn’t bother to check if it was 360 days long.

    The other PKGer said Ron never said it was 360 days (a prophetic year is always 360 days, and this is what Ron has taught himself).

    How convenient.

  • Ronco says:

    OK, it looks like Ron’s outfit is about to tank real soon… To whom else shall we go- Flurry, Pack, Meredith, Dr. Bob???

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Just the fact that Ron and Laura, the self proclaimed TWO WITNESSES, did’nt die in Jerusalem ( as prophesied ) by Ron ( Bubble-‘ed ) Weinland, and their subsequent resurrection to heaven, was also the centre-point of many of his sermons, oughta be enough for them to run screaming “Lunatic ! “, and then all become U.S. postal workers …….. as repentance ! 😀

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Seeing as how Ron “chicken’s-out”, of everything he says ( when it does’nt Happen ), instead of returning him to his home in three years, he and laura should be made to live in a chicken coupe for the rest of their lives, in some ‘funny-farm’ , somewhere ………… ( where they can’t do any damage, or hurt anyone else ! ) 😀

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron has lied, falsely prophesied, stolen money from God/the government, and preached a theology that is in opposition to the Bible…and the sheeple are still following him! This guy is evil, and the PKG support him. Tells you a lot about the PKG, let alone Weinland. If they can support this guy then they are evil too. “Birds of a feather…” Personally I am going to enjoy watching them destroy themselves, and lose their homes, money, families, and future. They are complicit in all this: let them go down in flames.

    BUT..if one or two of you PKGers are reading this and are too afraid to admit the truth…don;t be scared of Weinland. This guy’s threats and ministry are completely worthless. It is YOU ALONE who give this piece of sh*t power. Want to see just how weak and useless he is? Defy him and walk away!

    Ron is just a cowardly little man, behind bars, weak, powerless. NOTHING will happen…

    …and you will have stood up for Jesus, not rejected Him.

  • The PKG, supporting the man of sin — a false prophet, a convicted felon, liar, sociopath — a true son of Satan, if there is such a thing, doing the Devil’s work, a true adversary and destroyer: A religious Nimrod building his own tower of Babel your confusion.

    What sort of judgment are you accruing to yourselves — the payment of which comes at the time of burning, for which there are no consequences now (short of insanity and poverty)?

    Ah, arrogance — it keeps the PKG proud, fearing to do the right thing to repent of their idolatry addiction to elevate a scoundrel to sainthood.

    None of you in the PKG have the value you think yourselves to have, not even close.

    The good news is that you could leave and your value, as well as your IQ would rise immediately.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Speaking of Weinland, how is the “Day of the Lord’s Wrath” going for you, Douglas?

    Me personally? I have been having a pretty great year so far starting last May. Business is good, the kids are fine, wife is as happy as ever, and the cat still just sits around in her reign of laziness, purring.

    Y’know…proof that Ronald Weinland so true as a prophet that NONE of what he prophesies in the name of God ever happens. Weinland is so awesomely powerful that we can;t even see the destruction and wrath sweeping the country, destroying the planet. Weinland is so awesomely spiritual and powerful that he can make our health, safety, and happiness ‘destruction’ – it’s just that the destruction is so powerfully awesome and spiritual we can’t understand how good business is bad business, our continued health means we are dying a speedy death, and our happiness is ‘bad’, but since we are too busy thriving we don’t understand how god is punishing us with healthy children, good jobs, healthy marriages, and spiritual freedom. Woe unto us, those who enjoy life and seek truth/God with a joyful heart…we clearly don’t understand how miserable we are!

    Then there is Weinland. he is so happy that he decided to steal from the government and lie on his daughter’s marriage license – true Christian joy. He shared this profound peace with us by cursing us to death in the name of God (true philadelphian love as jesus commanded). And he loves God som much he spent God;s money on expensive pantis for his wife, sot hat God would know that the poor and the needy were not being served in an awesome and powerful way – just like jesus commanded.

    Personally I am looking forward to how spiritually awesome and powerful Ron will be when he teaches us how being thrown into the Lake of Fire is holy and righteous – it’s just that we don’t understand how spiritual and awesome he will be when it happens and how that being destroyed for being an anti-Christ makes him God’s Prophet…

  • Me? I hadn’t noticed there was such a thing as the “Day of the Lord’s Wrath” around here. We did have a few scant days of dark gloominess, but that’s just regular Tacoma weather. It’s been nice out. Winter was mild and we had a lot of sunny days. Next week it looks like it will hit 72 degrees here… maybe. Mikey’s doing fine in his ThermoBed — highly recommended for domestic companions of the feline persuasion. Been healthy for the most part — don’t even the last time I had a “cold”. Have some money in the bank; income is comfortable. I have had a joyous time researching, learning and working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, LYX on top of LaTex, learning new widgets in WordPress, securing and beefing up secured email, learning new web host controls, testing a variety of different CMS strategies (gotta love Prestashop, OCPortal, gpEasy and even Concrete5), finishing up “Fragmentation of a Sect”, weekly visiting Codecanyon for new ideas (and downloading packages) for better Internet presentation, still reading “Expert F# 3.0” (waiting for some of the books being developed at Manning Online), getting and watching some 3D Blue-Ray Movies (Men in Black 3 is spectacular), following various blogs, doing in depth research. Feeling positive effects from diet changes after watching the PBS special “Drop 7 Foods, Feel Better Fast!” — it will be three weeks as of tomorrow (I think I will continue it if I don’t die from it). I guess with such a life of idleness and ease, it’s easy to miss the “Day of the Lord’ Wrath” but maybe I’ll get around to being terrified of it.

    I think I’ll wait until Pentecost.

    Not sure whether I want to plant tomatoes again this year.

    Thanks for asking.

    Kind of a non event.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Life could not be any better garden is in and coming up,I’m taking mom fish and we are catching the biggest fish we ever got, just painted my in side house all new carpet and furniture gettin ready to ride my Harley 2 new cars in the driveway, 401k at all time high, pension comes in every month, not bragging just showing the asshole he is a lier trying to scare all the pkg nuts what I don’t have and need I go buy so Ron Weinland put all that in your pipe and smoke it asshole . It don’t get any better! 🙂

  • Rterlecki says:


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Really? MIB III was spectacular? I dunno. The plot sagged often…but then again Josh Brolin NAILED Tommy Lee Jones’ character, and the falling-time jump scene in 3D was so real I nearly threw up in the theatre from vertigo! The little 5 Dimension-seeing guy was underdeveloped, and I thought the ending was a bit emotional vapid, BUT all things being equal…OK, it was spectacular-ish! I can sort of agree with you on that.

    That ThermoBed sounds great. My/our cat is the queen of all lazy cats, and something that makes her sleepier and happier is always a treat for her. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    I’ll check out the “Drop Seven Foods” doc too…

  • Rterlecki says:

    Let me add I’ve been very blessed all my life and it did not have one thing to do with Ron Weinland , I hate that asshole !!!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Even though I am not a theist, I am thankful that you are doing well, and hope “god” keeps on blessing you.

    I am not a fisherman, but I know many completely obsessed sport fishermen, and they always seem to be the happiest people on earth. The silence punctuated only by river/water sounds, the Man vs./with Nature quality of being, the preparation/anticipation of getting out a new river/lake and seeing what you can lure out of it…

    Some family friends took me fishing in Viet Nam, it was the same thing. Different language, culture, fish, etc, but boy! were they happy to be out in the river debating lures/bait, observing the flow of the river, choosing places to cast…really happy people! They took me night squid fishing too! Now THAT was fun! Beer and fresh squid fried up in hot sauce right then and there. Delicious!!! The squid dart in and out of the light so it was fun watching and waiting to see how many squid would flash around the bait…

  • Avalokiteshvara, off topic, but for a real “sleeper” Blu-Ray 3D movie, “Darkest Hour” hits the spot for chilling creepy science fiction high concept.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Wow sounds like a good time avo my friend, the only people not having a good time is the ones Ron’s got scared to death or he’ got them thing there next life will be better, it might be but Ron has nothing to do with that. Just keep sending your money pkg members Ron ‘s family will have a good time with it like avo and myself do with are own money. Laura probley do for a trip over sea’s

  • Rterlecki says:

    Poor old persecuted Ron , he is stuck in prison because he didn’t pay tax on Laura’s trips . Get real !! It’s just like the parent of the two kids who bomded the Boston marathon. They said they where set up haha yea right, get a life asshole go fishing, oh u can’t u r in federal prison for stealing money and not paying tax on it. Pkg member go read the transcript are u to scared.

  • bilbo says:

    Randy, when the father of the Boston bombers referred to his children as “innocent little angels” I wanted to punch him right in the face. Your kids are brutal terrorist murderers buddy, sorry to break the news to you. The courts will of course serve justice properly.

    Just like telling certain people they were scammed with fake prophecy. “Oh but Ron is so awesome and powerful, he wouldn’t do that”. That naivety (in some cases willful blindness) is exactly why sociopaths are so successful at fooling people.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    You know, I never did get around to seeing Darkest Hour, because it looked like a stupid ‘teenagers fighting aliens’ flick. but then again, Cowboys Vs. Aliens looked stupid too, but there actually were some pretty great moments in it. usually these films have a great concept that gets lost in bad acting and lousy script writing. But then again, I might be jaded because I grew up on the original Star trek, and saw Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Bladerunner, Alien, Dune, Aliens, and such in the theater when they first came out. There is also always someone who is trying to make ‘Rendezvous with Rama’ but it never seems to come about. Maybe it is for the best, because RWR is super-brilliant, and I doubt anyone could capture what I felt when I frist read it. But I will track down Darkest Hour and watch it. I don’t want to get too set in my ways…just yet! 🙂 Oh wait, I forgot. I am supposed to be cowering in fear right now because Ronald Weinland, like the narcissistic mental juvenile he is, has pronounced misery and doom for everyone because he can’t get what he wants. So much for the “Day of the Lord’s Wrath.”

    Weinland’s DoTLW is a complete failure because it is a stupid lie invented by cowardly criminal who buys panties for his wife instead of helping his fellow man.

    Cowardly nonsense from a false prophet. Nothing more…

  • Rterlecki says:

    He is a coward, punk and lier

  • Atrocious says:

    Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” is coming on Television in June. I read the book and loved it, except for the ending. I thought the ending left a lot to be desired, but they’ll probably change it in the movie. I’m waiting for it…I’m a Stephen King fan. And, Randy, I love fishing! But I haven’t been able to go for a long while. Some day I’ll have the opportunity to go fishing again, and I hope it won’t be too long in the future.

    Everything Weinland says is a crock of male bovine excrement and smellier than a drunk skunk that sprayed a funky hunk in a car trunk.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Great and yes he is my friend! 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara, I sort of picture you as the smart old scientist guy in “The Darkest Hour” who made his apartment into a Faraday Cage — the picture would be perfect if you sing to your cat.

    The movie is nowhere you think it’s going. It takes place in Moscow, Russia, which is interesting in itself. Those Russians are stalwart lads.

    It starts out with two software developers going to Russia to make a mint on their social networking app, but get hosed by a Scandanavian scoundrel who rips them off, betrays them and gets them tossed from the business meeting where he’s selling THEIR app. Afterward, they all end up in the same trendy Russian bar and that’s where the fun begins.

    Oooh, pretty lights in the sky. It’s all good until the policeman dissolves into dust.

    We never get to have a good look at the aliens and we’re left at the end without a great deal of resolution — just one battle won is all, and it isn’t really that much of a win except for a handful of them.

    Now if Swineland could bring the terror of these kinds of aliens using high energy microwaves to turn people to dust, he’d have something.

    Unfortunately, he’s not that imaginative and besides, I doubt his membership could even begin to understand the concepts involved (it would be fun to watch while they tried to put together their own Faraday cage… Faraday… Faraday… comes after Thursday).

  • martin says:

    “Blade Runner, Alien, Dune, Aliens”

    Probably my top 4 favorite scifi movies……

    Blade Runner – also had that great sound track by Vangelis….

  • Jocko says:

    Speaking of “misery and doom” Hillbilly Harrell was on the air this afternoon serenading pkgr’s with tales of death and destruction to come upon this earth in just a short amount of time.

    There are also great spiritual wars taking place because Satan and his demons know their reign is coming to an end. Awesome brethren, truly awesome, blah, blah, blah

    Yes even the ole Redneck is throwing the word “awesome” out there numerous times during his sermons.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Harrell is an asshole to nothing is going to happen give it up !

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Martin: Oh my God, Vangelis’ soundtrack!!!! The most incredible movie music EVER!

    I mean, Toto’s/Brian Eno’s soundtrack for Dune is weirdly brilliant in its own way, but Vangelis/Bladerunner? Unbelievable. The second disc of the 25th anniversary 3 CD set is also brilliant…and should have been released with the first! One of the reasons I love it so much is because I travelled to Tokyo for the first time not long after the movie’s original release. I had it in my Walkman (the ORIGINAL Walkman), and that tape was the soundtrack of my evening walks around Shinjuku: it was like I was literally in the movie! Some people didn’t like the fact that the original movie soundtrack (not the stupid orchestral soundtrack they released later) had dialogue from the film in it, such as Rachel’s dialogue with decker about the owl, etc. I mean, how can you NOT love hearing Rutger Hauer’s ‘tears in the rain’ speech along with the actual song!!?! “Bladerunner Blues” too is just perfect: so incredibly perfect in conjuring up the feeling(s) of the film…what a masterpiece!Just makes me hate Conald Swineland all the more for wanting this world to go up on flames. If he was a human being he would not be so hasty in his desire to destroy such beauty in music and cinema!!

    I also forgot to mention “The Thing.” The original was alright, but the ’82 version was disgustingly fun. The director even wrote the soundtrack, which was interesting but nothing special compared to Vangelis’ complete, utter genius. I will give Carpenter this though. The weird howl the ‘thing’ makes still creeps me out!! 🙂


  • martin says:

    I have the DVD to John Carpenters Thing….better than black and white version from the ’50’s (the head / lobster / crab / spider thing was awesome), and of course better than the recent prequel they made about a year ago. Mr Carpenter is also a great instrumental composer for many of his movies.

    The 25th anniversary Blade Runner sound track is brilliant, I listen to it often from my Rhapsody music account.

  • Jocko says:

    Ronald Weinland Website
    February 15th, 2013
    “Time Has Run Out”

    Real Tribulation:
    The result of this world being humbled by great tribulation is far more beautiful and glorious than any can imagine, yet it will not come easy. Prophecies given through the prophets reveal a horrifying time of judgment that must come upon this earth. Thankfully, in His great mercy, God has mightily condensed the time for such suffering.

    “Far more beautiful and glorious than any can imagine” He says. Only a sick, demented, despicable human being could make a statement such as the above.

  • The PKG needs to learn a thing or two about Entropy seeing as how their end time prophet is suffering because of it and they will too.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Did’nt Weinland’s Tribulation already happen in His mind, leading up to his prophesied death in Jerusalem last year ?
    And, did’nt the Trumpets # 1 thru # 5 already blow leading upto the return of the Christ last year in may 2012 ?
    What I would like to know is ………..

    How many times must a tribulation take place , before they get bored with the “fake” ?
    And how many times must the Trumpets blow, before there is a “no-show” ?
    How many times must the PKG get fooled, before they see he so uncool ?
    How many times must he lie to the folks, before they go totally broke ?
    *The answer my friends, is blow’in around the net, the answer is blow’in round the net.

    How many times must they march on Jericho, before they realise they’ve been totally “snowed” ?
    And how many times must they wander in the desert, before they see its a waste of effort ?
    *The answer my friends, is blow’in in Victoria’s Secrets, the answer is blow’in in a pair of Secrets ! 😀

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

  • Budgie Smugglers says:


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Blech. That’s what they call pop music nowadays? Stupid video, garbage atuo-tuning, inane lyrics. I’m with Weinland on this one. If the world is about to be destroyed I can take comfort in the fact that this sh*t will be erased from the Universe forever.

    here’s the antidote…


  • Debbie says:

    One of my favorite music moments is from ‘It Might Get Loud’ when Jimmy Page starts to play ‘Whole lotta love’ – I was watching the looks on the faces of Edge & Jack White as I realized I had a big smile on my face as well. Same goes when Jimmy is listening to ‘The Rumble’ during a different scene in the DVD. I copied the link. Hope it works.


  • Velvet says:

    Bladerunner, Dune, Alien,The Thing, and not one of you, NOT ONE of you, mentions Invasion of the Body-Snatchers or Village of the Damned?? Given the subject matter of Mike’s fine blog here, I would think that those would be the top two relevant movies to discuss! I am deeply, deeply disappointed in you, brethren!

    As for your musical recommendations, meh. You metalheads need to calm down and listen to some Blue Rodeo or Goo Goo Dolls. 😉