A New Weinland Prophetic Date

As seen today for the first time on the Bureau of Prisons website:

Three more Pentecosts before this new prophetic date. Will Jesus come on one of them and give False Prophet Ronald Weinland an early release?


  • Jocko says:

    Six months off for good behavior?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Actually about 5 1/2 months. This is inline with what I expected.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    The question is: Does he do another “Day/Month/Year of God’s Whatever,” or something closer?

    He is going to have to find something in the Bible to match the current “Day of the Lord’s Wrath,” some kind of supposed prophetic thing that “God” reveals to be symbolic of what is next. The current Day of the Lord’s Wrath (if I remember correctly) is the Isaiah 2:12 and 13:6-9 one where (in the future) everyone that is proud and lofty will be punished by the Lord. Interesting, isn’t it? The only one who has been punished for being lofty and vain is RON via prison!! As always though, Ron will play off the idea of the ‘year of recompense’ idea (isaiah 34) and find something that fits between the year of recompense and Jesus’ return.

    My feeling is that Swineland will play with the idea of the DOTLW as a year of light (preaching “God’s” word) and then post-May 19th will be a YEAR of spiritual darkness, in reference to Amos 5:18-20:

    “Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him. Shall not the day of the LORD be darkness, and not light? even very dark, and no brightness in it?”

    It is the kind of thing that the PKG like to hear, because ti helps them “blame” the Bible and god for their failures. God is doing this so it is OK, because he is god and he can do anything he wants and we can do nothing about it. So I will take a guess and say Weinland is going to do a full year of the Lord’s Darkness on mankind or some other stupid piece of crap idea to play prophet for another year.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Has he done the half hour of silence again? He did this before between March to April 2008. But hey, that was an old truth! Maybe the new truth is the half hour = new truth, being a year – peace and safety, then sudden destruction right at the end! There you go Ronnie! There’s an idea for ya!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I don’t think he can recycle it ( the half hour of silence) because even the PKG, as stupid as they, would see through that. God might changes dates, but change “symbolism”? They would see through that one instantly. There HAS TO be some consistency or else they will finally see that Ron is a con. I mean, they know in their hearts already that he is a con but they are afraid to admit it and run because he has so successfully implanted the “God will abandon you to the misery of the Tribulation if you dare reject this” routine.

    The Biblical symbolism game does have rules and Ron knows that he has to pace himself or else the sheeple will start wondering how Noah’s Beard can go from being symbolic of the covenant to symbolic of the Tribulation to symbolic of man’s faith to symbolic of the rejection of false ways to….whatever. But Conald Swineland knows that the Bible is so full of allegories and symbols and parables that he can milk it for a million different little and big lies and the PKG sheeple will lose track and shut up and just do what he says. Swineland’s big lie is that prophecy and truth are progressive, so he can just recycle the list when it gets long enough and just say that “God” has revealed a new twist to the “truth” and now the truth is (to paraphrase Stephen Colbert) TRUTH-IER…

    It must drive Swineland nuts that he can’t get richer, more committed idiots to join his church like Pack and Meredith. Swineland has to settle for Pack and meredith’s rejects like Zerubabel the Blue Tasselled Prophet Who Lives In A Tent. Pack and Meredith get the robust idiots – Weinland gets the weaklings…

    …and NONE of them get the intelligent/wise (Kirrily, Cha Cha, LeftAtLast, etc).

  • Prison release date, proving once again that all good things must come to an end.

    It’s the bad things, like the PKG, which go on and on and on….

    As for Meredith, he seems to be having some challenges lately, like an entire family of 60+ people leaving the LCG in a block after being mistreated.

    The whole venue gets more insane by the day (my take on it is that no one can fix a group of people brought together by lies, but what do I know?).

  • LeftAtLast says:

    Well, I guess it could have been worse..he could have gotten an even earlier release date.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    60+ people leave Spanky Meredith’s fake church! LOL!

    The WWCG was a cesspool to begin with, and has now spawned over a thousand little clumps of poop fighting over who gets to utter the most lies!! The Cavalcade of Greedy Liars continues…with a special Day of Complete Stupidity coming up on MAY 19th when we get to once again laugh at and mock the PKG for their nonsense.

    I’m saving a special bottle of wine for the occasion: Chateau Le Moque Weinland, 2013 vintage! 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    BTW: LeftAtLast, how are you doing? These last few weeks have proibably been pretty hard on you…

    …just thought I would send a little love your way and tell you to hang in there! <3

  • Rterlecki says:

    Nice avo 🙂

  • Rterlecki says:

    Avo u r a good man with a big heart my friend

  • Rterlecki says:

    He still has to face god. I wouldn’t want to be there !

  • Rterlecki says:

    He is still on his honey moon whit bubba, it will get old.

  • Rterlecki says:


  • Rterlecki says:

    PKG members we all know u read this site, move on find a real minister not a crook in federal prison . And his wife that can spend money as fast. As u send it. I know for a fack I personally saw all the money see spent on on my mom, to help keep u people in the church as I’m writing all these she just called mom again

  • J says:

    Another important date is coming too: April 15, 2013.

    That’s the last day for individuals to file an original or amended tax return for 2009 for a refund. I know he filed fraudulent returns for 2004-2008, but did he ever file for 2009-2012? If he learns from the trial and properly reports all that siphoned money as personal income, then he will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of all the back taxes, interest, penalties and legal fees he has to pay after the conviction.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Maybe the IRS will get LaurA on this on and throw her crooked ass in prison!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    It will be interesting to see if there is any “concerns” over Weinland’s taxes 2009-2012. Now that he is provably a criminal, I’ll bet they will audit him to make sue he didn’t try the same trick post-2008…

  • James says:

    May he return from prison to a mountain of debt and a job application for McDonald’s (filled out by the State of course). I hope Johnny takes the flock on a different roller coaster ride, leaving Ron with his dick in his hand as his only best friend! Maybe the silent witness will go where the diamonds can be mined, fitted and presented to the queen herself.

  • Or, the PKG members could flee to the LCG only to have Roderick Meredith die on them.

    It could always be worse, but it’s bad enough already.

  • martin says:

    I wonder when they will pursue the 2009-2012 taxes…..I’m surprised they haven’t looked at it yet…

    I wonder when the IRS will take action, why are they waiting so long???

  • jack635 says:

    Ron will turn 65 in prison and therefore eligible for old age pension. Do you Americans have that? Old age security pensions for people aged 65 and older? Will Ron be getting a check from the government while he’s still in prison?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The US government will not send Social Security checks to someone in prison.

    Also, it would not surprise me if Ron opted out of the social security system when he became a mister.

  • jack635 says:

    The US government will not send Social Security checks to someone in prison.
    Glad to hear that. Ron does not deserve a cent from the government. Also, nice to see that official release date and know that he will be in prison for 3 more years. That’s YEARS, with 12 long months in each one.

  • Jocko says:

    Can spirit beings collect social security benefits?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Social security… hmph!

    How many people’s “social security” has been destroyed by that sh*tbag Weinland’s anti-Christianity? He destroys their future and their lives, and makes their social life completely insecure. The very hallmark of any/all COGS is to make their sheeple’s social life as insecure as possible so they will cower in fear and tithe everything to these man-snakes…

  • Mark says:

    I wonder when he has to start paying the back taxes he owes? Where is that money coming from?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The same place all his money comes from — the pockets of his followers. They are going to have to work overtime since they’ve stripped their life savings to buy Laura’s panties.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron said: “Yesterday, my wife had a conversation with a person who was ‘spiritually unsettled.'”


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    The big opening line of today’s sermon is: “The Eternal God…lives a way of life that is perfect in thought, word, and action.” LOL! 🙂

    Then why Ronald Weinland, “God’s Prophet”, is a liar and a criminal and a FALSE prophet? Talk about mindless propaganda for a thief!

    What is in it for you, Wayne?

  • Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Not very excellent!

  • Ronco says:

    Now don’t be a payne in the Wayne…

  • Rterlecki says:

    If Ron says its going to happen may19, 2013 it will happen just like everything else did! Lol 🙂

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Ron said: “Yesterday, my wife had a conversation with a person who was ‘spiritually unsettled.’” Hahahahahahahaha, probably asking for their money back ! 😀

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Weinland has been found guilty and sentenced to time in federal prison for “attempting to evade income taxes in the amount of $357,065 over several years beginning in 2005.”

    You know…just like Jesus was! All this new talk about love and fellowship is yet another smokescreen for Weinland and his crimes and false ministry, and HE thinks we can’t see it!

    LOL! Keep on lying and false prophesying, Swineland: we are going to keep on exposing you and your crimes.

    Consider yourself mocked and opposed, Ron The Con…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    REMEMBER THIS statement from Weinland last September?

    “Then on the final day of man’s government, May 19 of 2013, God will establish His government, the Kingdom of God that will rule over the earth, bringing it true and lasting peace. But before mankind can finally experience true and lasting peace on this earth, there must be one more great war—a final world war in which God will intervene to end all war, forever!”

    Sounds like a PROPHECY, because it IS a prophecy! Thus, Weinland current “I dunno, maybe it will happen in may maybe not, who knows?” spiel shows him to be the LYING snake and anti-Christ we always knew he was. Notice he says “God will establish” and “there MUST be one great war.” No maybes there!

    So let’s REVIEW. Here are the ESSENTIAL events that MUST happen according to Weinland’s OWN WORDS.

    1. The Asian Hordes 9which were supposed to ‘horde’ BEFORE 2012 (or else Weinland would admit he is a false prophet) must now horde before May 19th, ONE MONTH away.
    2. The Beast Power MUST rise, and the mark be given to the followers of the Beast, and Christians persecuted to death.
    3. MILLIONS must be running to the CoG-PKG to be baptise, for this is the VERY reason Swineland started raising so many people to elder in order to handle the influx of MILLIONS to be baptized.
    4. The USA (which was supposed to cease existing before 2009) must be completely DESTROYED.
    5. The TV show presenters from the other COGs, Mike (DDTFA), and myself must die quickly from the inside…FIVE years ago, as the first OFFICIAL act of God’s Power via Swineland.
    6. Jesus Christ is supposed to return in 2011,and 2012 according to EXACT prophecy which proves it is from God…and if it DOESN’T then it is a false prophecy and Ron will repent…ONE to TWO YEARS AGO.

    Well? Where are all your truths from GOD there, Swineland?


  • Avalokiteshvara, you know how it is with time travelers: They have trouble getting the events of history they have experienced straight.

    And how do we know at which point in the timeline Swineland in prison comes from?

    His TARDIS may have delivered him to prison from a very long time in the future.

    At least that’s one explanation.

    About as credible as the ones he’s given.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I don;t know what time Weinland comes from…but I know where his info comes from…that unwashed toilet he calls his mind.

  • LeftAtLast says:

    Avelo, things are going okay 😀

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Good. The days following liberation from a sickening cult such as any/all CoGs is an emotional exhausting time more often than not, and I just wanted to check in with you to make sure you are not feeling isolated. Now is a good time to get LOTS of sleep and eat healthy, as your body will be dumping out a lot of stored up negativity and such. Anxiety and depression can often be the result of not getting rid of these unconscious wounds, so don;t be afraid of feeling bad or emotional worn out. As ‘never gonna end’ as it feels, it DOES have an end, and you will feel MUCH better once it is all ‘vomited’ out in its own time.

    Weinland’s endless fear-mongering and spiritual threats have ZERO power over you now, and the future is NOT all dark as he wants the PKG to believe. Things are as good or as bad as they have always been, but take it from me…someone who has been surviving quite happily out here in the post-CoG world…Life is EXACTLY what you make it, no matter what happens to you. So don’t be afraid of all the hype over the economy being good or bad, or North Korea, or blah blah blah. It is all just TALK.

    Life is good, if you choose it to be…

  • Atrocious says:

    You know, I live my life and someday my life on this earth will end. I don’t know when that will happen, and I really don’t care, because when I die, I die. I can’t do anything about it. So I live my life moment to moment, hour by hour, day by day, etc. And you are right, Avalo, it is our choice how we live it. And I can guarantee you, Ron Weinland is going to be alive until he dies, too. And who knows when that will be. He certainly doesn’t.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    He’ll probably try to spiritualise that too!

  • LeftAtLast says:

    You’re absolutely right, Avelo. There’s been anxiety and depression..it’s what happens after a major change. But waking up is a good thing, out from under the cloud of impending doom and cataclysmic events. Life IS good, now that there is a future to work towards and it’s exciting to make goals to reach.

    Atrocious, you said the same thing my Dad told me yesterday about dying sooner or later. He’s facing a triple bypass on Monday..and he’s calm and accepting, whichever way it turns out, because that’s life. No one gets out of life alive.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    They say that if you live right, one lifetime is all you need…certainly true in my case. Torn away from any/all security, tossed into the world alone and hopeless by a COG: I went about proving that the best revenge is living well. Just remember LeftAtLast that EVERY feeling you have is normal and we all have experienced it in one form or another. Every tear that you shed, every cold night facing the darkness and wondering if there is a god who cares about you, could you make it on your own if there wasn’t a god, etc…been there, done it over and over.

    Goals are indeed wonderful to shoot for, and the best thing is that you don’t need god to achieve them. Believing that there is a god out there rooting for you can be a minor help or a huge hindrance when that dream unravels. Some believe that false hope is better than no hope at all, but they are always theists who think that life is either a wonderful journey with god or the universe becomes a cold, amoral, terrifying Void through which we struggle blind and alone. What a cruel and narcissistic way of conceiving of Life: “if I don’t get what I want then no one gets to enjoy reality!! It’s god or NOTHING!!!” A**holes…If only the world could see what I see through these atheist eyes of mine! Miracles of science and nature occurring all around me. Love defeating hate, the light of reason dispelling the darkness of blind faith, the same stuff that burns in the heart of a star is what I too am made of, my children manifesting my own genetic traits, my wife loving me…light, joy, freedom, love. All WITHOUT some mythical Bronze Age desert god ready to murder anyone who doesn’t pay attention to him.

    With god, and especially WITHOUT god, life can be good, moral, just, fair, enriching, hopeful, and worthwhile.

    You choose it…it will be.