Closer Service and Fellowship

As False Prophet Ronald Weinland continues to serve his prison sentence, his surrogates continue to fill in for him.   According to the “Trips” page, the special visitors to Denver this weekend are Terry Wrozek and his daughter Amanda who works as a hair dresser.  Nevertheless, Johnny Harrell continued his sermon series giving it a new name of “After the Resurrection”.  Prayers were delivered by Larry Spivey (who edited Ron’s books) and Paul Giles who live in central Georgia.

Johnny had a couple of announcements.  First, he announced that Beth (Bucheit) of Cincinnati was raised to senior elder.  So now Beth is the same rank as Audra but I doubt that Ron has bought a BMW for her or is paying her mortgage and other bills.  Then Johnny read a letter from Ron.  In it, Ron referred to a letter he had previously sent to the ministry.  A copy was left as a comment on another posting.  While I have not been able to authenticate it, I believe it is genuine and repeat it here:

It has been good to hear from the ministry and other brethren about their personal response (and often of specific examples) and/or that of others concerning sermons, posts, and excitement of this Holy Day season we just experienced. In all this, as a result of being so involved in the knowledge of the personal lives and battles of most all of you and that of so many of the rest of the brethren, it has truly been inspiring (overall) to see so much spiritual growth and maturity in so many. Much of that maturing development has actually become more manifest since May 27. Such development and growth has much to do with how you have responded spiritually to God since that time.

Yet not all have responded well and some are not growing spiritually as they should and could be. The greatest times of testing through some of the most difficult trials (in fire) provide some of the very best opportunities of overcoming and growth we could ever hope to have. Such things are (can be and should be) received as awesome blessings afforded to us by our great God and very loving Father. These are moments, while in God’s most loving care and concern for us, where the mind can receive some of the most exciting advancement in transformation of mind that is possible.

When I have made statements, even up to the very last of the messages I gave in sermons, about some leaving “this way” even up to the very end, I know that such statements just do not “seem” possible to most. Yet, it should be sobering that we have just had two from the ministry who have chosen to leave this one and only true way that God has given to all of us. A little letting down here and there (a little slumber), some flirtation with sin, a bad attitude (from selfishness) that is allowed to express itself just too often, and then all of the sudden one is struck down.

Are all of you seeking to sacrifice for other brethren? Do you push yourself and go out of your way (over and above) to fellowship (perhaps even longer at times) with others in person, by email, or phone conversation? Isn’t that part of your ministerial job, let alone part of your Christian duty? Is that part of what God expects from His “servants” who have been given opportunities to be a source of some added strength and encouragement to brethren? One may ask, “But what difference will it make if I do such small things?” It will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if you don’t do them! One’s life in the ministry is one of service and it is especially manifest in the “little things” one does toward others. If one isn’t continually focused on doing even the little things, then the BIG ones will never come. If we are “faithful” in a little, then we can be given much more. If not, then what? Is ordination in name only (for being esteemed before others) or does it carry great meaning and purpose from God and His Son toward us for the sake of the Body?

I had debated whether or not to use the next example, but it is clear to me that this message is to all of you from God. When I felt compelled to write you this morning, I really had no idea what could or should be said. As I sat down to write, God has made it clear!

There are some verses I am now going to refer to and you should read all in their complete context, but I am only going to quote a few here. The whole teaching of Christ in this is in Matthew 25:31-46. “For I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in, being naked you clothed me, and being sick you visited me. I was in prison and you came unto me” (Mat. 25:35-36). Jesus was asked, by those who were living righteously, about when they had done such things unto him: “The King shall answer unto you, ‘In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me’” (vs. 40).

In times past, I have referred to these verses to explain a lack of understanding of these verses, as this is first and foremost about those “in” the Church and of those being called into it. Doing as Christ said unto any of these is to do so unto him (his Body). The purpose for mentioning this here is because I have been more than a little dumbfounded that within God’s ministry there are some who have not communicated with me (come to me) here. This is only about “you” if this fits you. Do I “need” to hear from everyone? No. But everyone should have come (needs to have come) to me. The bottom line is that this is indeed a measure of where you are spiritually. If it is simply out of neglect or one of putting it off (or some other menial reason), then it is “still” a spiritual measure that should be sobering to every person.

This is not a matter of what I feel about such a matter (though I am in full agreement with God’s spirit), but it is a matter of asking how does Christ feel about your neglect toward him. In addition, this is “every” person’s responsibility in the ministry and not just of a husband or wife’s duty (of those ordained). Such attitude or neglect also reflects something that is spiritual. What kind of friendship, what kind of love, and what kind of gratitude does such a thing reflect? It reminds me of the ten lepers that I recently quoted. I’m not just speaking of that shown toward me, but toward Jesus Christ and God our Father. What does this say about that which God has provided to such a small remnant while all the others scattered are malnourished and suffering greatly from continued famine? What does this say about that kind of response toward the one God gave as an apostle to lead, feed, help mold, and to share his life with you? If one will respond to God’s physical leader on earth in such a manner, then please acknowledge that there is shown far less care and concern to the rest of God’s Family!

So, will there be even more within the ministry itself who will not enter into the promised era (promised land) that is right before us? I for one pray that such will not be the case, but without repentance it will be.

These things are all said from deep abiding love (agape), meaning that the real source, and abiding care in all this is from God our Father and Christ, His Son.

Again, I encourage all of you to be constantly sober minded and on guard spiritually because we are right now “in” the very midst of the greatest battles ever waged. Laura and I have great love for each and every one of you and the whole Body of Christ, and we want to see you at the end of all this (no matter “when” that is), but more importantly, God and Jesus Christ have far greater love toward you in this. Always be thankful to them for all experiences in life that you are given to live, as these are gifts from God.

Our love,
Ron & Laura

If rumors are true, then the two ministers who left PKG may have more significance than being just two of the large number of PKG members ordained in the last three years.  In any case, it is good to hear that more are leaving.

Below is the closing part of Ron’s letter as read by Johnny, with {some commentary in italics}:

I am doing quite well in every way considering the circumstances. {The circumstances of being a failed false prophet imprisoned for criminal tax evasion.} It is all for a purpose and some of that purpose is for your sakes and your learning, some now and some in the future. {The purpose is to warn others who might have a notion to avoid giving Caesar that which is his.} Please continue to hold fast to the truth God has given and remember that this way of life is not about how much truth and knowledge you know, {since there is no truth in PKG, it has to be about something else} but it is about how you treat one another and live toward one another and all others.  With mercy, forgiveness, kindness, care,  and all those things which reflect the true love of God. {That’s not what I’m hearing from exiting members.} Even to sacrifice in a self and selflessness in order to give. {Definitely give — to the Weinlands.} Laura and I love you all and deeply look forward to the day, whenever that day is, {the Bureau of Prisons has not announce a release date, but probably in February of 2016} that we can once again work together in closer service and fellowship with you.

The closer service Ron desires is that his members don’t leave his fellowship but continue to pay tithes to service the extravagant lifestyle that he and his family enjoy.



  • More Arrogance from Ronald Weinland as if he’s in a position to judge anyone.

    For the PKG members, maybe they need to get some science under their belt and learn The Shocking Truth About Queer Ideas!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron says: ” (ask yourself) how does Christ feel about your neglect toward him.”


    You would know Ron “The Con Who Has Falsely Prophesied Repeatedly About The Return Of Jesus” Swineland

  • Avalokiteshvara, isn’t this more like a cult leader who worships Satan wanting to dupe his followers into believing that they are neglecting Jesus by not giving enough homage to the Devil?

    And no, it doesn’t have to make any sense.

    Feel the guilt, PKG! You have neglected Satan! Not enough lies! Not enough gossip! Not enough neglect! Not enough false prophecies! Not enough money for the Weinlands! You must give more so the Devil’s Work can be done!

    Pretend you are of God. You are serving evil. But by pretending, it will make you feel better!

    It’s up to you, PKG, to Baal Uncle Rotten Ronnie out!

  • Atrocious says:

    It’s amazing how he quotes those particular scriptures in order to admonish those who have neglected him. Wow. Such haughty arrogance. It boggles the mind. What a piece of work. I hope many, many more walk away from his sorry-ass church and leave him to whine and cry in prison about how he’s so neglected. I hope the funds dry up totally; that the PKG people sill smarten up and get a clue. One can hope.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Our love
    Ron,Bubba and Laura. 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    All this from a guy who COMMANDED his followers to NOT pray for those struggling with illness, depression, poverty, or the death of a loved one outside of his ‘church” because they might be getting in the way of God “teaching” these people a lesson!!!

    Y’know…NO MERCY and LOVE for the poor and downtrodden and those who you might call your “enemies,”just like it is written in Matthew 6:14-15, right Ron?!!!

    “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you…but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”


    Calling for selfish attention while denying love and compassion for others…

  • FedUp says:

    Obviously, the lack of fawning attention is getting to Ron. I wonder how long it will be before he starts disfellowshipping those who aren’t providing him with the psychological food he so craves? One can only hope that those who are ignoring Ron are rethinking their association with him. Unfortunately, I think it more likely that they are preparing to carve out a piece of the tithe pie for themselves by splintering yet again.

  • martin says:

    Ron says: ” (ask yourself) how does Christ feel about your neglect toward him.”

    Well since Christ COMMANDED that you pay no attention to false prophets and not to fear them, He would be pleased.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Ron loves people paying attention to he thinks he’s the man! You know they can’t stand it, the only one paying attention now is bubba give it up asshole. And Laura it over get a job.
    And your kids to nothing is going to happen may 19 but u steal money

  • excogger says:

    Ron has a new posting on his blog.

    Predictable message!

  • LeftAtLast says:

    Fed Up – You said it! Ron is suffering the withdrawl of people fawning all over him, and putting him above God.

    He’s not suffered one iota of the suffering that my kids and I suffered for literally YEARS… much less anywhere near the harm he caused from his teachings out of his mouth to untold numbers of people who were “in the body”, much less their friends and relatives. How does Christ feel about your neglect toward him, indeed.

    Avelo has hit the nail on the head, as usual. If the pkg’s would only read their bible instead of handing their intellect over to Ron to explain it to them, they would see he has fulfilled EVERYTHING that describes a false prophet, and get away as fast as they can.

    Ron is like the Catholic church (I was raised Catholic) in that they explain what the bible says to their parishoners and said parishoners are discouraged from reading the bible on their own..the Catholic church explains it to their members. Just like Ron does. Read the bible for yourself, make up your own mind about what it says and doesn’t say.