At Least One More Year

As today starts another year, and per tradition I look back at last year and put forth my non-prophetic guesses for the coming year as to False Prophet Ronald Weinland.

In January, the five month point was reached before Christ’s second non-return on Pentecost of last year. Ron explained that the five month period of torment didn’t mean that people would be tormented for the full five months, but five months during which we would be tormented even if only for a minute.  Ron and I both had interviews.  Mine was on a God Discussion Blogtalk program heard by a few dozen.  Ron had an interview on a minor market radio station, the only one after advertising his availability.  So much for his being sought out by the media as he prophesied in “2008 — God’s Final Witness”.  In the meantime, I found evidence that Ron’s claim that Joe Tkach died 40 weeks to the very hour after his Atlanta sermon was just another of his lying wonders.

February came with happy news, the birth of Kirrily’s son who wouldn’t exist had she continued to follow Weinland. Also in February, Ron’s talented legal defense team came up with the third time line for his criminal trial, with the trial date rescheduled for June 4 after having been originally scheduled for January 31 and then continued to March 20.

During March, Ron faced competition from David Pack, one of those who he prophesied to die early on following the publication of “2008 — God’s Final Witness”.  He also faced competition from his own breakaway splinter.

During April, Ron made his final tour before his criminal trial to Australia and New Zealand for the Days of Unleavened Bread.  Then he spiritualized the deaths of the Two Witnesses as God showed great mercy so Ron and Laura would not have to literally-physically die in the streets of Jerusalem the following month.

May was the month it all didn’t happen.  Ron made his farewell tour to Europe mid month, then returned to Kentucky for his pretrial conference shortly before he and the Mrs did not meet their fate in the streets of Jerusalem at the hands of the beast power.  He then recorded an emotional sermon reading what almost sounded like a suicide note.  Web traffic to my blog which had been increasing steadily due in part to people curious about his books due  to his Google advertising campaign.  On the day of Christ’s non-return (May 26),  web traffic peak at a record amount.  Shortly after the moment Christ didn’t return (sundown in Jerusalem), Ron fulfilled my prophecy by posting on his blog, and later in the day recording a Pentecost sermon. with his present Present Truth(tm) that Christ is returning next Pentecost.

Despite his stated expectation that Christ would return on Memorial Day weekend, Ron kept his talented legal team engaged in preparing the defense at his criminal trail which final began on June 4.  After a week and a half of government revelations countered by a black-hearted defense, Ron was found guilty by a jury of non-peers in just a few hours.  Judge Reeves did not send him straight to prison, and his neighbor and cult member Joyce Garrett put up her home as collateral so that Ron could wear the GPS ankle bracelet of humility and watch cable TV while awaiting his sentencing.  Two of the jurors were so offended by Ron’s actions that they got on this blog and supplied details of his perfidy.

During July and August, Ron lost a number of members, some prompted by Christian in Australia, and a group in the UK.  Ron lost elders he ordained in 2008 including the notable defection of Adrian Gray in New Zealand to HWA-wannabee-and-ayatollah Dave Pack.

In anticipation of his original sentencing date of September 24, Ron recorded all the feast sermons except for 3 given by his evangelists Johnny, Wayne, and Terry.  The US probation officer asked for more time to prepare the pre-sentencing report, so Judge Reeves delayed sentencing to October 29.  Even though Ron was given more time, his prerecorded sermons were the ones delivered.

In his Last Great Day sermon, Ron explained that the Great Tribulation was being delayed because the year-long Great and Terrible Day of the Lord started off with the nighttime portion.  During October, I made a number of posting based on trial transcripts.  The October 29 sentencing date was postponed to November 14 to allow more time for objections at the hearing.

During November, I wound up the posting of trial testimony with the devastating testimony of Audra and the IRS special agent who investigated the case.  Devastating for those who had eyes to read.  Yours truly attended the sentencing hearing, meeting two of the jurors away from the hearing and one of the cult members inside the court building.  Judge Reeves sentenced Ron to 42 months along with fines and restitution with a self-reporting-to-prison date of January 2.  Following the hearing, I visited the Boone county clerk’s office and found that Ron also played loose with the facts in signing his daughter’s marriage certificate, claiming the ceremony had taken place on Kentucky soil when according to Audra’s testimony it happened in Germany.

The year ended with Ron’s reporting date to prison delayed to February 1.

During the first post of last year I predicted:

Looking forward to this coming year, I prophesy that Christ will not return on Pentecost or any other day.  I am more sure of this than Ron is of the opposite.  (Remember that Ron hedged his bet by paying the property tax on his house on the golf course even though there would be no legal repercussions before Pentecost.)  I am less certain of how this failure will play out in terms of Ron’s response.  If the outcome of his legal situation results in his imprisonment before May, I expect he will declare some kind of timeline change.  If he beats the rap, the recognition of failure will come later.  There is a possibility that Ron will spiritualize the return of Christ as he has other failures such as the non-sounding of the First Trumpet.  And as he did the non-deaths of his mockers and critics.

I predict that Ron will retain a sizable following even after the failure of his prophecies, and this even if he ends up with an extended vacation in Club Fed.  Significant numbers of his followers will leave, and if Ron is isolated in prison more followers will drift away during his imprisonment.

I’d say I pretty much batted 1.000 on that.  Looking forward to the coming year, I expect that Ron will show up to prison as scheduled and Joyce Garrett will get her house back.  Ron will have new Present Truths(tm) to explain why the daylight portion of the Day of the Lord is not accompanied by the Great Tribulation and yet another Present Truth(tm) in May to explain why Christ is still a no-show.  Ron will leak more members, but the majority will continue to stick with him to pay for his lawyers and his back taxes.

I wish all my commenters a successful New Year, and hope that those in the process of exiting will have a smooth transition joined by yet more PKG members who open their eyes.  I plan to continue blogging but hope that things begin to wind down.


  • Atrocious says:

    A very good synopsis of the year 2012, Mike. If and when the Weinland thing winds down, you can always start another blog about Bob Thiel. That’ll give all us “mockers” fresh meat, so to speak. I have a problem with people exploiting, coercing, abusing and bilking people in the name of God.

  • Mike, you helped give us a year of hope and cheer in 2012. There were moments of torment when legal action against Ronald Weinland was delayed. Waiting is such a pain.

    Here’s hoping 2013 will be good for you.

    You’ve already brightened our lives with news of encouragement.

    And if you take leave, you’ve certainly earned it — amazing job, stellar, all around.

  • Ruth says:

    I thank you for posting everything you have. Between you and all the commenters, I have gained a lot of insight into the pkg.
    I have tried unsuccessfully to get my sister to read this blog and I believe she will be one of the members to stick with the “church”.

    Happy New Year to Everyone!

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Happy new year to you Mike, and all the commenters here! Quite a year, Corey will soon be one – such a delight, nearly walking unaided.

    Ah Ronnie, you will soon be facing your very own tribulation. Enjoy!

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Here is a parody, from Australian entertainer, Kevin Bloody Wilson ……. You could envisage ‘ol Bubble ‘ed as “Manwell the Bandito” his life and how he deals to other folks, and Kevin , (the singer), as those who have been hurt by him, and get their OWN back @ him ……..

  • Jetsetter says:

    Happy New year Mike..You have done an incredible job and have helped many people…This was not in vein as many enjoy reading this blog.
    I too look forward to see him in Jail and then I hope many wake up and leave by atleast in May when another no show of Christ himself..

  • Rterlecki says:

    Happy new year Mike, and thanks so much for this blog I know it takes a lot of time out of your busy life. But you have done so much for a lot of people more than you know thanks again

  • JB says:

    Happy New Year Mike and everyone on this blog. It has been quite a year in Weinland land and Mike you have done an excellent job of keeping us all up to date. All of us are eagerly waiting for Feb 1.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Sure is nice to be on the right side of the law!! I sleep well. I worked for and saved my money. And live good and sleep good!

  • Matt says:

    Happy new year everyone!

  • It’s time for PKG New Year resolutions: #1 on the list is to stop paying to get absolutely nothing.

  • Wondering no More says:

    Thank you so much for this blog Mike and all you have done to open my eyes to the False and Fake person Ron Weinland and PKG is! Without you and your followers, I would still be one of the ones with my eyes closed following a man and not God. I thank you so very much for the bottom of my heart and appreciate so much for all your time and work getting the scoop and information on this man and HIS church. I would also like to thank all of the ones who have commented. The comments have also helped me get out of the mindset Ron had me in, especially who I was committing Spiritual Fornication by even coming on this website. If is wasn’t for this website and the comments, I know I would be so messed up! So I thank everyone!!! Mike your work and labor has saved my life!!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!!

  • Rterlecki says:

    Great post wondering no more!!!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Wondering No More, thanks for checking in. Glad to be of help.

    If you feel comfortable doing so, please leave any details with your experience in PKG.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Poor ‘ol Bubble-‘ed must have thought , some time ago, that if he said he was a Rev.11 Witness, the Authorities would believe him, and allow him to control the media ( information going out of the U.S. ) so that even if his “nucular” ( hehe ) ports scenario did’nt happen, he could’ve convinced the world that it did ……. and demanded huge amounts of money, to prevent it from “happening” elsewhere.
    As far as world events go, I’m just a nobody, I’ve never believed Bubble-ed’s “Phamtom of the Bible”, witness crap for one minute, and I probably would’nt have read his GFW book, if it were’nt free, So how the hell, did he think the Government and media would swallow it , much less him think’in that they would be frightened into giving him control of U.S. news affairs ?
    I’m sure he was aiming much higher than just the “Rats and Mice” level of the PKG ?…. ( as the work involved in releasing a book world-wide must have been mamouth task, too large to just end up cheating on his taxes ? ) I think he had his evil-eyes on Billions ! 😀 Nice try Bubble-‘ed !
    They say ” you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people ALL of the time ” Hahahahaha ( and it helps if you’re not a FOOL to start with ! ) 😀

  • martin says:

    to “Wondering no More” :

    I am curious, what was your deciding factor in leaving Ronald Weinland and PKG?

    1) Was it based on a doctrinal point, where Ron’s teaching (you realized) was grossly incorrect? (ie Christ not pre-existant before birth, or other numerous doctrines).

    note: presenting false gods is a sign of an anti-christ/false prophet and such a doctrine does that.

    2) Was it that he did not fulfill one iota of the signs to accompany TTW’s (the two witnesses)?

    ie breath fire, turn rivers to blood, call out plagues…not to mention the bible explicitly mentions that TTW’s will be men.

    3) Was it the other failed prophecies? (ie non-Return of Christ, no trumpet blasts…etc…)

    4) Was it that he was a thieving hedonist, the used the bulk of tithe money on his own pleasures and expensive jewelry and expensive paintings and expensive suits?

    5) Some other point that caused you to leave??

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wondering No More:

    Congratulations on waking up to the truth about Ronald Weinland. Now that you have seen the truth you understand why Ron hates us so much. Because no matter what he calls us, he CANNOT say what we are saying is not true. If we were a bunch of liars he could EASILY send a lawyer via his lawyers telling us to cease and desist our slander or libel.

    If we are lying, Ron could sue us and win. Easily. So WHY DOESN’T he? Why does he never come here to debate us or defend himself? Why does he never PROVE what we are saying is false and PROVE we are bunch of “liars” or hate God or miserable. IF we were anything like he says he could EASILY prove us wrong and make us look REALLY stupid. Why won’t he? He’ll tell you something like we are not worth it or something.

    Now YOU know the reason why. You have read it, and you have seen it.

    We are telling the TRUTH about him.

    Court documents prove he is a thief. Audra’s marriage license proves Ron is a liar. Ron’s own words prove him a liar and a false prophet. EVERY proof Mike or the rest of us have given are FACTS that you can easily verify on your own, apart from us. You can listen to Ron’s EXACT words on HIS website. You can read HIS book(s).

    Ronald Weinland is a liar/criminal/false prophet…and there is NOTHING he can say to change that TRUTH.

    So he lies to his own church!!

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Wondering no More, the best thing about leaving Ron’s ‘snake-pit’, is that you can make fun ( mock ) him to the max !
    He makes himself such an easy target for a laugh, and as they say, laughter is the best medicine …… and you’ve qualified to be the chief pharmacist ! …. ( if you want )
    It must be a good feeling to realise the only “Truth” you need to believe is within yourself, and to make the most of your life.

  • Wondering no More says:

    Thank you guys for your encouragement! Martin…It really was all the above. I had problems with some of his doctrines in the beginning, but my spouse who was a part of the cult, kept telling me not to quit, wait until….When April 2008 came around and Ron basically tried to say that he never said that things would happen that day…I started having problems with a lot of it. I would go back and re listen to his sermons, which like any cult would suck me back in, and I would try and rationalize it away. When in June of the same year and he gave the sermon where he said that we are not mad at him but God…I started a fire in myself. I started bringing things up during the sermon to my spouse and they did me also. The big issue became when the lie of our 2 day fast. When that was brought to my attention, there is was…THE LIE! Ron even said time after time Where there is a lie, God is not there. Mike and Alavo both gave me the bullets to shoot at my spouse to let them see scriptural and by Ron’s own mouth. then began the waking up. Between my spouse and I we would listen to the sermons and start pick it apart where things just wasn’t right. Just for instance when we were baptized I should have listened to myself, I hesitated, prayed, but went against myself thinking we only had a few months and the only way God will talk to us is if we were a part of His church. I have always wanted a close relationship with God, so thinking I was taking a step to make that a reality I went ahead. It was kind of cultish also, we were hidden in a motel room with a jacuzzi and only a few people around. Anyway, I have always tried to carry on through these years, but with a heavy heart thinking of so many people that will be gone, babies, homes, families, friends…how will I make it through, what makes me special…but I was in the “Exclusive Club”, I was special. We were told not to have another child, now I am unable to and have missed my chance. So I must live with that for the rest of my life. But after so many things that were not happening, the LIE, and then the IRS tax evasion. With Mike’s help showing his house taxes being paid, Audra buying a condo when the world was gonna end….it was just piling on the Bull@#&$ list. But my spouse would say, just hang in there until May 27th. My spouse finally threw in the towel (so thankfully) after the last Great Day sermon. When Wayne said that we should rejoice when one of our family member die….WHAT???? Let see if he would say that if one of his kids dies right now!!! But with the LIE Ron gave on his sermon on the What If game, and geared it to him changing the date again then at the end making his last statement…what the….??? Also knowing that Johnny and Myrtle with Terry had made another church in Dublin, and then his hypocrite sermon that he kept repeating that PKG is the only church….HE KNOWS THIS…. yatta yatta yatta, but we knew different thanks again to Mike! So now I am sifting through all the doctrines and ideas this man has planted in my head, and trying to figure things out for myself. I am so against jumping back into another church, and really against Armstrongism. Sorry this is so long. I am trying to shorten it up and I feel like I am just jumping here and there, that is how I am these days….scattered brained! One thing I have concluded is the Ron Weinland is very evil On many accounts but what I can say is this

    1 Timothy 4

    New International Version (NIV)

    4 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2 Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. 3 They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. 4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 5 because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.
    Now compare this with Ron’s teachings…

    1. He is a proven liar

    2. says you do not need to give thanks for the food before you receive it.

    3. His ideas are seared in his head and no one can tell him different.

    4. Forbid people to marry

    5. Abstain from certain foods

    6. He divides families

    7. he is deceiving

    8. Changes the Word of God to fit his needs

    9. Changing how we feel and see Jesus Christ as only our big brother.

    These are all classifications for the Devil….so what should I see of this….Right! You Got it! The devil has always tried to destroy the Word of God and Jesus Christ. Ron has jumped on that Band Wagon. And to agree with the statement made that things here have been backed up with proof, not just hearsay. So yes this website and post has been the rope that has pulled me back from the abyss! Thank You so much!

  • martin says:

    The Devil couches lies in the truth.

    So for example, the Sabbath…I wouldn’t go the opposite direction and now disbelieve truths that can be proven.

    Be anti-Ronald Weinland, not anti-bible.

    Ronald has enough truth to hook people in, the the people then believe that everything else he teaches is truth….it isn’t.

  • martin says:

    The Devil is not going to present to the Church a statue of the pagan god Dagon, and then tell the people (through his agents) to fall down and worship it.

    What the Devil does is present a FALSE Christ (like the one Ronald teaches as being non-pre-existant) or a false God to the people.

  • martin says:

    It SHOULD be simple for PKGer’s to prove Ronald Weinland is ABSOLUTELY FALSE…’s a shame they don’t believe the bible.

    Here is a very brief check list.

    1) The two witnesses will BOTH be men.
    (YLT) Zec 4:14 And he saith, `These are the two SONS of the oil, who are standing by the Lord of the whole earth.’

    2) The two witnesses will BOTH TESTIFY.
    Rev 11:3 and I will give to My two witnesses, and THEY shall prophesy days, a thousand, two hundred, sixty, arrayed with sackcloth;
    Laura is called the silent witness.

    3) There testimony will last 1260 days and be physically killed (Rev 11:3,7)
    Ronald had no choice but to add an additional year as an extension, since his prophecy of the return of Christ failed (along with a host of other prophecies)

    4) They breath fire and KILL people who try to harm them(Rev 11:5)

    5) They have power to shut the heavens and cause drought (Rev 11:6)

    6) Turn water to blood (Rev 11:6)

    7) Smite the land with plagues (Rev 11:6)

    Has Ronald fulfilled ANY out of this checklist (not to mention his own failed Thunders prophecies)?

    The classical approach of failed prophets is to re-interpret these verses to mean something else, which other of Ron’s lackeys have done

    Moses batted 10 out of 10 prophetic plagues

    Ronald has batted zero.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    I think that back in November, Ron was resigned to the fact that he’ll have to be a ‘martyr’ ( of sorts ) and serve his term as ordered, especially when he heard that he may be eligeable for the ‘Witness-protection’ program offered to inmates ? So as a previous ‘Witness’, he may have thought it may not be so bad.
    Then disappointment and disillusion soon set in, when he found out that the ‘Witness-protection’ was a couple ‘o packets of Government prisions issue condoms ? Hahahahaha
    Life’s just like that Bubble-‘ed ! 😀

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Good to see you here wondering no more – the sweet taste of freedom is good isn’t it 🙂

  • chacha says:

    To wondering no more,

    Just move forward slowly. Make up your own mind. Be thankful that you saw through the bull. That LGD sermon in 2011 was it for me and my husband also. We have come through the worst of it. Now we are getting on with the rest of our lives. My husband has moments when he gets so upset over the things we got rid of/sold off/threw in the trash because the “end” was coming! He sold things he had collected over years and years just to give the money to Ron! Makes me gag to think of it. We went without a lot of things while he bought his wife diamonds and had custom-made jewelry and suits! yeah…just a little bitter…but getting over it.

    Take care and be happy and FREE!


  • Jetsetter says:

    I am really hoping someone in Prison sews up his mouth, so he will shut up..hes sound like a broken down record player

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wondering No More:

    Once again Congratulations! on daring to actually believe the Bible when it says God is completely OK with you testing his Word to find what is good. If GOD is OK with it, why can’t his supposed End Time Elijah be OK with it. If I am going to be an atheist, God is OK with me making that decision against his will thanks to his allowing us the freedom to do so. God won;t force anyone to od anything. But Ronald Weinland certainly will. He used to mock people who would rely on their minister to decide things for him…and NOW he is commanding people to not marry, not PRAY(!!) before a meal, and NOT to follow God’s advice to test what is good in order to stick with it! Believe me, I am the LAST person that wants you to NOT be a Christian JUST BECAUSE I am not, or I think I am right. The ONLY reason I am an atheist is because I CHOSE to pursue that line of inquiry into the Bible, and if God exists, he allowed me to do so.

    Ron will have you believe we are all sitting around muttering about how bad God is, plotting our revenge, and laughing at God behind Ron’s back: wandering around fornicating and mocking and defying God. Not even remotely true.

    Here is an interesting fact for you: I, Avalokiteshvara the Raging Atheist, have been crying out for the PKG to FOLLOW God’s Word, not reject it! FOLLOW God’s word if you believe it, love Him, or want to please Him. How is that “hating” God? If I were filled with Satan’s spirit, why the “hell” would I advocate the teachings of Jesus Christ?!! If I am the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, I am NOT going to spend my free time playing wide receiver for the Patriots!!

    Wondering No More: Not only do you not have to wonder any more, you don;t have to WORRY anymore. Ronald Weinland is a coward, a liar, a criminal and a false prophet…and you have done more for the glory of God by LEAVING him than his entire ministry to date.

    I may not be Christian, but I know areal one when I see them, and you have just sent a message to God saying, “Here I am. I am ready to trust YOU and not Mr. “May 2012″…

    “God” bless you…

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Well Jetsetter, if he shuts-up, we wont know where he’s off march’in to on Saturday, ( spiritually speaking that is ) …… maybe the folks got tired and bored with Jericho, and they want to choose another City ? …. How about a weekend in Vegas ? march’in around the tables at a Casino ?, ( I heard ‘ol bubble-‘ed has a taste for such activities ) ?
    Maybe he’s gonna put up the one about how he’s like Jonah, in the belly of the great fish ?, Three days in a Vegas Casino will do that to ya ? 😀 Especially if he lost all his money, and they chuck him out ? for harassing the other guests, to lend him a few bucks ? Oh yeah ? Vegas is’nt in the Bible …… 😀

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wondering No More:

    Remember this?

    Ronald Weinland OPENLY lies in church…

  • Not to worry: For liars and false prophets, the God of the Bible only pronounces an insignificant Death Sentence.

    In Weinland’s world, it’s far more serious for any of his PKG members to disbelieve him, though none of us can imagine what the consequences might be, outside of a little freedom for the scoffers.

    That, and the satisfaction of knowing he’s going to prison.

  • Rterlecki says:

    I honesty think this asshole thinks he is 3rd in line for gods throne. But he will be sharing his throne with bubba.

  • Wondering no More says:

    Thank you Cha Cha, Kirrily, Avalo, Martin, ….ALL of you! Hugs back atcha’. If feels good to finally shake off the glum, but it feels very scary too. I feel like a person who is doesn’t know where to set my feet. Like I have been hidden in a basement for years and now I am learning to walk again. I know little steps, but I am so insecure on any decisions. I have no stable ground to walk on. I do appreciate all the supportive words, and yes I look back at ALL the precious things from my grandmother that was given, thrown, or sold away, and those things can never be returned…and all for what???? I lost a chance at extended Christmas time has always been a hard time for me in this church, even harder this year. My spouse is fully against it, but I see so many things wrong with Ron’s (Armstrongism) teachings, that I see things totally different than my spouse. I have begun going down that slippery slide of depression again, but for the emptiness I feel. I am sure Kirrily and Cha Cha have been here too since they are recently out of this cult. I appreciate all of you giving me the advice and understanding. It’s not easy. Even though you know in your head you are doing the right thing, you are stripped to the core. When you are disfellowshipped you are no longer able to talk to those in the church, and you loose that friendship, which is another devise to control you to stay in the cult, but it leaves you feeling lonely. Now I just have to shake this off and put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving forward. I will get there! Thanks Avalo for the video! Oh does that bring back memories of listening to him FOR 2 HOURS!!!! Avalo, I am so impressed with your knowledge of the scripture and you showing the other side of the coin and not taking it against Christianity. Thank you for always posting! Martin you are absolutely right, Ron has some truth to pull people in, then just like I did…” well I must be wrong and he must have the answers”….or my favorite quote…”You have been lied to by…(whatever denomination)…” that gives them clout over them and makes you feel utterly stupid and need to learn everything he preaches, because if he was right on this so he must be right on that too mindset. At least I have reached to the point to where I cringe when I hear his voice, and just can not stand to hear him. I rely on Mike to give me the Cliffs notes on his sermon! Thanks again Mike!

  • Rterlecki says:

    Awesome, I hope I never here that word again in my life.

  • martin says:

    (Thanks to Avalokiteshvara for this gem, it’s ironic that an atheist spotted this but God’s apostle/witness did not)

    1) Ronald has explicitly stated that his job for 3 1/2 years as one of the two witnesses is done.

    2) Ron has explicitly stated that the 2nd Trumpet HAS NOT BEEN BLOWN YET(he has stated this numerous times)

    3) Here’s the thing, ONE HOUR after their mission is completed (after completing their testimony, and being killed/resurrected)
    The bible says THE SECOND WOE IS PAST.
    4) ah….but the bible student who was paying attention would know the Second Woe = 5th Trumpet (Rev. 9)
    That imbecile Ronald Weinland forgot all about that!!!

    So that by the time the 2 witnesses finish their testimony….
    Trumpets 1-6 WILL HAVE BEEN BLOWN.

    Ronald just basically told everybody he was false when he claimed the 2nd Trumpet has not been blown.

    Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.
    Rev 11:14 The second woe is PAST; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.

  • martin says:

    ps. my previous comment was for “Wandering no more” … arm him/her with truth. (you use spouse, if you said husband or wife I would know your gender!)

    Defend yourself with truth.

    If you are discussing something with a PKGer, mention that the 1st, 2nd 3rd woe = 5th, 6th, 7th trumpets……

    If they agree (they should, this has always been the teaching, and it is stated so in Rev. 9)

    Then mention to them that in Rev. 11:14 the second woe is PAST, not soon to happen…but past….the 3rd woe is soon to happen at this point (days) but the second woe (which is the 6th trumpet) IS PAST ONE HOUR AFTER the Two Witnesses finish their job/death/resurrection.

  • Bilbo says:

    Hey Wondering No More … thank you for your comment explaining the incongruities you saw. It was the same process for me. Now that i am sure i was sold on counterfeit faith i feel freedom and awe toward God and creation once again; a fellow human being rather than an elitist pharisee. Like learning to walk again, yes. It is very difficult to be afraid of disfellowshipment because of people you care about. But if this is a cult with highly conditional friendships then they are doomed anyway as more leave. Best wishes to you and be brave. God is not a psychopathic tyrant. He is our loving father and understands everything including human psychology. So take care of your spouse and love what is genuine and true in your life and nevermind the bullies. We are both in a similar stage of recovery i think.

  • Bilbo says:

    … and always be there for those friends and family still in. They may not be allowed to speak to you but if they wake up or get kicked out later, be that genuine person that does not hold grudges or turn your back, be a friend always. That is real love and real christianity. Not ditching people because some guy said so.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wondering No More:

    Thank you for the kind words. I wish I was as nice as you make me out to be. But if you read my previous posts you will see that I am VERY anti-Christian. That is why I know the Bible. I have gone through it countless times to discover what it really does or does not say. So strangely enough, I defend Christianity, even from atheists, when they get their theology wrong. Christianity may be false, but the Bible does not say “eat peanut butter” or ” let’s all drink Diet Coke”. Yet you will see people making similarly grand claims about Scripture. It is best that we accept or reject what is ACTUALLY in the Bible…thus I am NOT against you, or anyone specifically other than those who are clearly and PROVABLY wrong about theology or the Bible.

    1. The Bible clearly says the Two Witnesses are men.
    2. Laura Weinland is not a man.
    3. Ronald Weinland is a lair.

    1. Ronald Weinland said that his first official act as a Witness which will prove that God has anointed him as his Most High Servant was to curse me, Mike (DDTFA) and everyone else on this blog. to DEATH.
    2. I am not dead.
    3. Ronald Weinland is a liar and a false prophet, as he made an official use of his power and it failed.

    Here’s the proof:

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron says that “it is a VILE spirit that fights and resists the truths of God.”

    OK, let’s see.

    1. Ronald Weinland openly states that the Second Trumpet has NOT blown.

    2, Ronald Weinland said his Witnesses was finished in May 2012.

    3. The Bible, GOD’S WORD, says that the Witnesses BEGIN their job AFTER the Sixth Trumpet!!

    4. How can the Witnesses be done before they even start?!

    Hmm, looks like Ronald Weinland has resisted and fought the Truths of God if things occur out of the order God gave to John the Revelator.

    Once again, I am NOT making up words to put in his mouth. You yourself heard Ron say that his job as a Witness was finished. He has posted on his site, and proclaimed it in his sermons. Really, Ron? 3:30 pm comes before noon?

    Let’s see him lie his way out of THAT little Trumpet doozy…

  • martin says:

    Avalokiteshvara says “3. The Bible, GOD’S WORD, says that the Witnesses BEGIN their job AFTER the Sixth Trumpet!!”

    Whoa horsie……don’t you mean finish their job at the same time as the sixth trumpet finishes(Second Woe)?

    What verses are you referring to?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    From Revelation 9:14 to Rev. 11: 14:

    1. The Sixth Trumpet BLOWS.
    2. the angel(s) prepare an army for OVER a YEAR.
    3. The Witnesses prophesy FROM that point on for 1260 days.
    4. the Seventh Trumpet Blows.

    At LEAST four and a half years between the Sixth trumpet blowing and the death of the Witnesses. My not including the word “blowing” is what you are probably referring to. Yes, the official end of the Sixth trumpet Period is the same period as the death of the Witnesses. The point still remains that the Witnesses DON’T even begin until the Sixth Trumpet blows.

    Amazing how “God’s Most Holy and Absolutely EXACT End Time Prophet” can get schooled in theology by a mere mocker like me…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    BUDGIE: You are going to love this!

    In Zerubabel’s latest video he offers his proofs that he is the Second of the Two Witnesses (jesus being the First). One of the proofs?

    His luggage being lost when he was kicked out of Greece!

    You can’t make this stuff up!! The luggage was lost because Zerubabel had cut off some of his hair as a sign of his Witnessing, and that particular bag got lost. “Thus” Satan was clearly trying to stop Zerubabel in his ministry!

    Luggage is a Biblical sign! What an idiot! LMAO!!

  • Avalokiteshvara, hasn’t science proved that the rings of Saturn are made entirely of lost luggage?

    It’s not a sign he’s a prophet, just that he’s an extraterrestrial. (Greece, my foot!)

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Hahahahaha, Avalo, I cannot understand why Zeru-ba-mumbels does’nt go to a hairdresser ? and what happens when he runs out of hair ? is he gonna start chopping ” bits ” off , willie-nillie ? Whoa ! hope he does’nt get too mad with us, …. and go on a cutt’in frenzy, and accidentally snip off his sack ? ( then he’ll really lose ‘his luggage’ ) Awww hurts just think’n about the damage he could do ! 😀

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland is just a con man who believes his own lies, but Zerubabel is just plain koo-koo.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron can overcome any discrepancy in timing just by digging out Strong’s Concordance and mining it for words that have possible meanings not necessarily related to the context of its use. Then he preaches a sermon on it.

    Along with rolling out a new Present Truth(tm).

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I wonder how many splinters PKG will end up having….

  • Velvet says:

    Well, we’ve all made it through another one — though as I remarked to a friend of mine in one of the other (WCG) congregations, the beginning of the year won’t be till March, and then the Jewish New Year is in September — any wonder the Mayans couldn’t keep it straight! 🙂 Hard to believe the Two Witlesses are still at it….Won’t be for long though, Tick Tock Tick Tock.


    Sure, you make some good points, but you should probably also bear in mind that it isn’t we (humans) who call other people — I know you know that, but my point is this: If Wondering No More now thinks all the truths are deceptions, then guess what? They never thought (deep down anyway) that they were truths in the first place. Not to worry though, as everyone gets a second chance. EVERYONE. Not just the 144000 the Two Witlesses were claiming are the only ones to be saved (very SDA that, which should raise all kinds of red flags, the screaming Unitarian heresy of the PKG notwithstanding.

    Wondering, you say you feel like you’re in the dark and don’t know where to go. This may not help, but at least know you are not alone — in the 1990s, there were over 40,000 people that felt exactly the same way. Forty thousand! So I know it feels like you are the only one in the world going through this, but there have been (and will be, as the splinter groups move ever further from the truth) many more over many years to come. In theory, I agree with what Martin says, but in principle, it’s not up to Martin, or me, or even you, to show you (or any of us) where the truth is. I would remind you what we are instructed to use as a lampstand for our feet, and leave it at that. If you feel you need to drop everything, then that’s what you need to do. You should not be condemned or face judgement from your family for that (though sadly that is often the case, this is wrong, and a sign of a bad attitude on their part), and contributes to why there is so much animosity between the two “sides” — but maybe I see this more strongly in the Church, than out of it.

    I don’t know, maybe we all have to go through a period of wondering/wandering/realizing/etc. I certainly look back on my past, and there are things about my attitude that I had growing up, that I regret. Sometimes NOW I have a bad attitude, but I hope I can catch myself when I realize, and try to treat people as I would wish to be treated. Which, at the end of the day, is the second commandment, but no less than the first, and the greatest.

    Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the last vestiges of winter. The days will be getting longer soon which is one good thing — for me at least. But I live far north of the 49th parallel so. 🙂

  • Velvet says:


    Believe it or not, from the “murmurings” here and elsewhere, it looks like there will be TWO splinter groups from the Two Witlesses’ little family franchise.

    I’m more shocked that Spanky culled Bobboleh Thiel from the flock — that’s going to raise more ire than the split with United did!

  • Velvet says:

    Than the split in* United — LCG and UCG had nothing to do with each other. Can you keep all this straight LOL.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Velvet, what are the “murmurings” to which you refer? And what would the TWO splinter groups be?

  • I need a new score card.

  • chacha says:


    It’s giving me gas…

  • For those of you in the PKG, I have very, very important information, if you want to stay:

    How to be a Narcissistic Source Toady Suck-up: Important Information to keep your relationship going!

    Ignore it at your own peril!

    You wouldn’t want Weinland to dump you, would you?

  • dutch woman says:

    Slowly but surely I can not ignore anymore all the signals of being deceived by a false prophet. It is hard to believe that there are people like RW. That is still a struggle for me. How is it possible to preach and persuade people and meanwhile don’t act like a christian? But I am thankful for being informed by this site and read all about what really happened and will happen behind the scene. I am so glad I was not re-baptised (I already was at the age of 19 by the SDA) and only gave 1,5 year my thites to the PKG. I guess it was my great hope for a better, new world that draw me to the COG_PKG. And I still do have that hope, I always knew that no one knows when that will happen and nevertheless I walked with open eyes in his net.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Welcome to my blog, dutch woman. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in this difficult time for you. It seems that more and more PKG members are beginning to question Weinland’s notions as well are well past “dawn” in the “Day of the Lord” that he cobbled up when Christ didn’t make his appearance last May. Only 19 weeks before the next time Christ doesn’t return.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Dutch Woman/Wondering No More/Weird Rant:

    Wow! THREE new PKG members who are waking up and seeing that we are not liars, rather Ronald Weinland is – BIG congratulations to you all for your bravery. You have made a brave choice in standing up to Ronald Weinland’s lies,. Not because he is any real threat, but rather he has taught you to believe he empowered by God. You all probably had at least some kind of fear that you were defying God in some way by doing this, and thus your bravery. You took a big leap in trusting YOURSELF as the Bible says you can if you are backed by Scripture and sound reasoning. You have obeyed God and “tested all things”. Pretty horrible results, eh? You have obeyed God’s advice and discovered the disgusting truth about Ron that we here all have.

    So, as someone who also went through this same process (in my case in a much more painful way) may I say don’t be scared, it really really does get better. If you are feeling lonely, scared, stupid, embarrassed, or depressing, this is a great place to come hang out and share your hopes, dreams and fears. Here you will find encouragement, hope, advice, comfort, friends, and fellowship with fellow Christians who just like you are seeking to be loving, forgiving Christians who enjoy the pleasure of being servants of Jesus Christ and His Father.
    You will discover that we here are a motley bunch, and you can join us without having to conform to what anyone of the rest of us believe. You’ll even meet an atheist or two (Hello!) who won’t even try and get you to reject God or ANYTHING merely because they said so.

    Sounds like a nice place? It is. Like the Vikings named Iceland to fool people into thinking it was a terrible place, Ron has taught you that we here are enemies of God, hateful, mockers, liars, fools, etc. Like EVERYTHING else he says, it is a lie, and YOU can prove it for yourself.

    And now you have…

    Welcome to the Truth…it is a good place to be…

  • martin says:

    My advice to PKGers who are leaving…

    Toss Ronald Weinland into the garbage, don’t toss your bible in the garbage.

  • Debbie says:

    Happy New Year to All – good to read that More PKGers are realizing that Ronnie is a lying, false prophet and convicted felon/con man.

    Ronnie’s been on another rant about strengthening the family – that’s laughable – Ronnie could teach a thing or two about strenghtening his family’s conspiring to commit crimes – the crime of tax evasion and the crime of abusing his sheeple emotionally, spiritually & financially.

    Ronnie mocks his listeners – in particular those who are fortunate enough to have found employment for 30 hours per week – I guess Ronnie wants them to be working 60 hours per week to pay for his expensive legal and court costs.

    What a maroon! Less than a month to go.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Good advice Martin

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Good to see you here Dutch woman.

    Also agree with Martins advice – if following Ron and discovering him to be false is not a reason on its own to throw out the Bible. Mine is the bin, but not because of Ron.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Thanks kirrily

  • Beware: Freedom is a scary place to be, but it’s the best place to be.

    If your experience is anything like mine, you will find quickly that you really had nothing in common with this group in the first place: Any talk of “one mind” is delusional (and if you need proof, look at the divisions). The ideas and concepts held by the people sitting next to you in church have been nothing like yours. People sat in the WCG together for 30 years and never knew that some of them believed Armstrongism hook, line and sinker and the others wanted more Jesus and more traditional theological thinking. Don’t worry about being different: You were different all along — now you are enlightened that you were different.

    This may help clear your mind. You have been subjected to months or even years of mental noise — so loud, you couldn’t think for yourself. You couldn’t hear your own protests above the “Christ is going to return xxx (pick a date)” because they were crowded out by Weinland. His hopes and fears replaced your own and you surrendered your mind to his meaningless mental noise. It’s like someone with ADHD taking Ritalin for the first time, coming home from school and saying, “for the first time, I actually heard my teacher today”. The drugs Weinland is peddling causes a combo of Alzheimer’s with ADHD.

    Getting rid of this mental noise moves you away from the insanity and gives you new clear perspectives. You should perceive things in much sharper focus as if you were wandering around in a haze and are slowly waking up. There may be some initial overload, but that will pass.

    And after awhile, you won’t even miss the gossip any more.

  • bags juror #199 says:

    It is a wonderful sight to see people getting away from Weinland. He is a first class scam artist and creep. Now a CONVICTED FELON. If anyone else is thinking that he is not right, I will tell you, he is not right at all.

    If he would not have cloaked his scam / fraud in a “church” or associated it with religion he would be in much more trouble, SIMPLY LABELED A THIEF. This con-artist Ron, using a so called “church” is a crime in itself misleading people the way he does.




    WHAT DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS RON AND THE WEINLAND CLAN ARE. I have more respect for a real thief and that is zero.

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Hahahaha you’re right bags juror #199, My opinion : I think Ron ( ‘ol Bubble-‘ed ), is gonna end up being about as popular as a turd in a swimming pool ! And the PKG’ers will evacuate quicker than a bunch of teenagers at a Tom Jones concert !
    God will put an end to this unathorised , blasphemous farce, named after him ! 😀

  • Alan Dale says:

    gunnery sgt hartman vs ron weinland LOL

  • Velvet says:

    “The Devil is not going to present to the Church a statue of the pagan god Dagon,”

    You’ve never been in a Catholic or Anglican church then, Martin (I certainly never have, except once for a funeral). Trust me. They’ve got the pagan statues coming out their ears.

  • Velvet says:


    Didn’t you post that Harrell and Wrozek incorporated their own outfit? The second split would be whoever goes with the missus. Not that either of these groups or their “parent PKG” have, or ever had, anything to do with the Church (Worldwide Church of God).

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Yup. Michael/Zerubabel the Lunatic is ex-PKG. Also, Harrell/Wrozek have their own (inactive) PKG Church incorporated in Georgia. Why, who knows, but it exists and is a separate legal entity from Weinland’s CoG-PKG. If ever there was a sure sign that the WWCG and ALL of its splinters are fake, witness the vacuous enthusiasm of its leaders in 24/7 church forming and peer bashing.

    And now Fake-Doctor Bob Thiel is an incorporated legal entity: ready to begin deceiving, lying, falsely prophesying, and collecting your tithes for The Great Commission of God.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Fake Doctor Bob Thiel, the Brand New Pastor General of his own new church, has launched his website ( and already we see where this whole snake oil show is going. Opening and closing prayers are to be given by “an appropriate male.”

    So, Bob…

    Having a penis gives us men special privileges and insights into God that women can never have? Time for another round of “Let’s Deny Women Their Humanity and Disregard Their Spiritual Insights”?

    My God, you would think Thiel and his cronies were breastfed at GUNPOINT…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    This is what is so stupid about CoG Christianity (and Christianity in general); There is NO way someone would pull that crap in the real world where women are considered *gasp* human beings with equal rights and abilities!


    1. David Letterman interviewing Angela Jolie by asking Brad Pitt or Jon Voight questions about her…while she is sitting right there!

    2. Hillary Clinton running for president by having a male personal assistant give all her speeches at rallies, debates, in Congress, etc.

    3. TV commercials for feminine products that feature men talking about how much they enjoy their tampons by proxy.

    GOD can’t handle being approached by a pious woman? Mother Teresa wouldn’t be able to give the closing prayer at the monthly church pancake breakfast?

    It is at times like these I am especially proud to be an atheist.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Ron goes on an unintentionally hilarious wonder-rant where he marvels at how incomprehensible the Universe is, how the mind of Man cannot grasp X and Y. He then says that if we named one star per se second it would take as 20,000 trillion years to name all the stars in the Universe…and that ‘we can’t grasp those things”!! LMAO! He EXPLAINS IT, then says it is incomprehensible!!Yeah, Ron. It is beyond our ability to image simple math. What’s next?

    Mankind cannot grasp how cats can be so “cat-like”?

  • Velvet says:

    WAIIIITwaitwaitwaitwaitWAIT; didn’t Bobboleh Thiel say somewhere on the Internet a few months back that he’d been “topped up on the Holy Spirit” by Tricky Dick Ames, Spanky Meredith, and Rod of Iron King? So then by his own reckoning, if LCG doesn’t have the HS…what was it he “received a double dose” of???

    No, you know what? My head hurts. Please tell me Thielogical Bob(TM Mike) hasn’t actually pulled people away with him.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    All the horrible details of Thielogical Bob’s move toward being the next Witness are on the Banned by HWA blog.

  • martin says:

    Minor correction
    I said earlier….
    4) ah….but the bible student who was paying attention would know the Second Woe = 5th Trumpet (Rev. 9)

    It should be
    4) ah….but the bible student who was paying attention would know the Second Woe = 6th Trumpet (Rev. 9)
    1st Woe = 5th Trumpet
    2nd Woe = 6th Trumpet
    3rd Woe = 7th Trumpet