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God Will Give Deliverance

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has posted yet again on his blog on the eve of the eve of his imprisonment.  Ron, you’d best not hold your breath waiting for God to deliver you from your cell.

————  Ron’s latest —————————————————————————–

It struck me today that tomorrow will be exactly four years to the day that God’s Church entered into a two-day fast. This past Sabbath, a one-day fast was called, but rather than setting aside a specific day for this fast, it was recommended that over the following week each person set aside a day best suited to them in which to enter this fast.

Preceding that special fast of four years ago, a sermon series was given that covered the story of Esther in which she told her uncle Mordecai to request of the Jewish people in Persia that they fast for three days for their deliverance. It is an incredible story of how God delivered them and the fact that they so humbled themselves in fasting for such a long length of time. That event is commemorated, even to now, in the Jewish holiday of Purim.

That two-day fast of four years ago began on the weekly Sabbath of January 31, 2009, and the sermon given that day was entitled, “A Great Fast.” The purpose of that special fast was covered in that sermon. The sermon included the story of Elijah and the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal. King Ahab had gathered people together, including those prophets of Baal, at Mt. Carmel. It is there that Elijah spoke out and challenged the people with a decisive question: “How long will you stagger between two opinions?” He continued by saying, “If the Eternal is God then follow Him, but if Baal, then follow him” (1 Kg. 18:21).

Elijah continued by demonstrating the difference between what God performed through him and that of the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal who were impotent and futile in all that they attempted. Yet even in all this, neither the King nor the people turned to God. The Church has long understood that God’s purpose in the Thunders and Trumpets of Revelation is similar to what Elijah desired to see in his day, that the people would indeed be moved to turn to God.

That sermon at the end of January in 2009, which explained the purpose of the “great fast” that the Church was engaged in, emphasized the desire that Elijah had, which would not be fulfilled until God intervened in the affairs of mankind toward the end of 6,000 years of man’s self-rule. That is exactly what God is going to do in order to humble this world once the greater power of the Thunders, along with the Trumpets, is released. God’s Church believes that will happen in this daylight portion of the Day of the Lord.

As was stated in that sermon, the purpose of that special period of fasting was to petition God so that far larger numbers of people be brought to repentance and acceptance of His truth through the timing, repetition, and power of both the Thunders and Trumpets. God has indeed honored that fast, just as He honored the three-day fast of Esther and the Jewish people in their time, and has revealed some of the power in the Thunders over the past four years. Yet as in the time of Elijah, the world has not responded in the slightest. It was God’s purpose that the greatest power reserved in the Thunders, and the power to be released through the Trumpets, not be unleashed during these past four years. God’s will was to give mankind great mercy and condense this time for the very purpose of bringing many more to be saved in this end-time.

Larger Numbers to be Delivered:
Over the past four years, God has extended His mercy upon mankind. God had earlier revealed, before the final end-time began, that His judgment would be far more severe and more in proportion to the haughty sins of mankind in this end-time. However, it has been God’s purpose to reveal the importance of His Church on earth and to magnify His merciful nature in the depth of His love toward His creation by condensing the length and severity of prophesied end-time events.

As an example, God’s righteous judgment toward His own Church that became lukewarm during the period of Laodicea was “set” in prophecy. Following the death of Herbert W. Armstrong and the end of the period of Philadelphia, God’s own people during Laodicea became so weak that an apostasy (great falling away from the truth) came to pass. All Laodicea had failed to stay alert and on guard as commanded. As a result, they fell asleep spiritually. This sin was far greater than anything the Israelites had done, as they did not have God’s spirit dwelling in them, whereas the Church did. God separated the Church from Himself because of this sin. Yet in His merciful judgment toward Laodicea, God prophesied that He would deliver a remnant of about 3,000 people out of that scattering and bring them back into a relationship with Him.

However, God’s purpose has always been to more fully reveal Himself in His true character and nature in the end-time as part of the Seventh Thunder. One of the greatest attributes of God’s nature toward His creation is that of love. That is magnified in the very mercy He has always shown, yet others seldom have recognized. So toward His own scattered Church, whose sins have been great by becoming lukewarm and then falling asleep spiritually, He is going to magnify the 3,000 who were judged to become a remnant by twenty-one times over, to 63,000 who will be blessed to be awakened spiritually and given the awesome blessing of living on into the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ. This subject matter was covered May 23, 2012, in a post entitled, “God’s Church Reunited.”

For the Church that was scattered after the apostasy of Dec. 17, 1994, this is “good news,” or at least it will become good news once individuals begin to experience this awakening and reuniting in One Body. As God’s plan has progressively been revealed over the past 6,000 years, it is truly coming to an incredible crescendo as the final events of this age become fulfilled and Jesus Christ finally returns in His Kingdom.

Not only will larger numbers of the Church that was scattered be blessed to survive the devastation of end-time events, so will larger numbers within the scattered nations of Israel survive, but that number has not yet been fully established as much will be determined (judged) during the final stages of the Day of the Lord.

The Completion of a Three-Day Fast:
That fast of four years ago was founded upon truth that God has revealed concerning the very purpose of fasting that is found in the Book of Isaiah. The heart and overall purpose is given in one primary verse.

“Isn’t this the fast that I have chosen? Isn’t its purpose to loosen [open or undo] the bands [fetters, cuffs, shackles – that which “holds” captive] of wickedness, to undo [remove] the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that you break [tear down] every yoke [word used for oppression]?” (Is. 58:6).

The purpose of fasting before God is to humble oneself and to then seek repentance and change in our own life so that we can more fully live this verse in our relationship to all others, wherever we can bring about such change through God’s help. This obviously has much to do with addressing those things that hold us in bondage of which we must repent. This also includes our desire to change in how we otherwise fail to love others by our placing undue stress and oppression on others by how we treat them.

God’s great desire and purpose through this final end-time that is now before us is to perform a great fulfillment of this very verse upon all the world. God is going to deliver this world from the bondage, burdens, and wickedness of this world’s ways and bring it into a new age of peace, truth, and justice in Christ’s reign on earth. Man will not choose the way of humility before God in order that such blessings of life can be experienced, so God is intervening to humble mankind so that He can give such blessings of life to all who live on into that Millennial period. What a paradox! Yet this will fully reveal the kind of love, mercy, and great patience God has exercised toward all.

God’s Church has come a long way, especially over the past four years. It has gone full circle in order to more perfectly fulfill a purpose God has inspired in the very reason His Church has humbled itself to engage in such a fast that began four years ago. The spiritual type of what Esther and the Jewish people did in their time by a three day fast is exactly what God has inspired His Church to exercise in a very specific purpose that was entered into on that two-day fast of January of 2009. Now this week, a third day has been added to fulfill a spiritual type of the fast of Esther, in seeking deliverance for this world.

Club Fed

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

During Saturday’s sermon, False Prophet Ronald Weinland described the imprisonment facility he reports to in less than 55 hours as having a maximum and medium security units but that he would be in the minimum security satellite facility.  Looking over the list of facilities operated by the Bureau of Prisons, it is likely that Ron will be at the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex which operates units with those three different levels of security.

Terre Haute is a 203-mile drive for Laura on the allowed days for visitors of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday plus federal holidays.  She can leave her expensive panties at home because conjugal visits are not allowed in federal prison.  The only visitors are immediate family and up to 10 individuals Ron can list (if not disapproved for some reason).  Ron is allowed 7 visits each month and no more than 5 visitors at each visit.  Visitors are not allowed to wear lime green clothes because that will be the color for Ron’s sackcloth of humility during his stay at Terre Haute FCC.

Although specific details for the Terre Haute Federal Prison Camp are not available, I expect that they are similar to those for a similar facility.  At that facility, prisoners are awakened at 6 AM.  After eating breakfast by 6:30, they are to report to work at the prison factory at 7:30 AM.  Lunch is served from 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM, and dinner is after the 4 PM count is completed.  The prisoners are counted 5 times daily: 12 midnight, 3 AM, 5 AM, 4 PM and 10 PM, and additionally at 10 AM on weekends and holidays.  The 4 PM and 10 PM counts are “standup” during which the prisoners must stand in their cells.

Telephone access is allowed up to 300 minutes per month with each call lasting no more than 15 minutes and only 30 different telephone number per inmate are allowed.  So Ron will not be delivering his sermon from his cell each week.  The inmate is allowed to receive first class mail distributed on weekdays only.

Ron’s accommodations will be a step down from his house on the golf course.  While they probably won’t look exactly like those at the other facility, I expect they will be just as Spartan.

A watch and a radio are allowed, but the values are not to exceed $50 and must be purchased from the commissary.  The radios are specially built for prisons with clear cases so that they can’t be used to hide contraband.  Receipts must be kept to prove ownership.  Headphones must be used when listening to the radio.  These items must be inscribed with the inmates name and are not allowed to be in the possession of other inmates.  All personal property must be purchased from the commissary or otherwise approved or it will be treated as contraband and confiscated.  The inmate is allowed to have a bible, a dictionary, and 10 books, and up to 6 magazines

The inmate is allowed to spend up to $320 monthly in the commissary from a limited selection of items.  The commissary is available for shopping one day each week.  Possession of cash is not allowed, funds are held in a lockbox account by the BoP.  Prisoners are paid for working but not much.  The prisoner’s account may be tapped for payment of unpaid fines.  Also, the prisoner may be assessed a fee for the cost of his incarceration.  Special religious diet items (Kosher/Halal) are paid for by the prisoner.

Since Ron is reporting to prison on a Friday afternoon, he won’t have an opportunity to visit the commissary to buy a radio until next week, and then only after he’s managed to fund his prison account. (Prisoners are not allowed to establish their account before beginning their sentence.)  It appears that they will let him have his bible, I suggest that he use the time to read the last few verses of Revelation and ponder their meaning.

Finish the Work

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

False Prophet Ronald Weinland delayed today’s sermon for a wreck on southbound I-75.  His local flunkie Steve Dalrymple gave the opening prayer.  He has not previously mentioned his conviction and prison sentence, but at the beginning of the sermon he ended that.  He will be going to a minimum security prison with a limited visiting schedule which will be overseen by Laura.

The sermon is in process.  He is revisiting the Tomorrow’s World article written by Herbert Armstrong early of 1972 when the Great Tribulation didn’t begin.  More later, probably tomorrow.  I do have a life.

Continuing on after listening to describe what Ron stated was possibly his last sermon before Christ returns.  Which I doubt — I expect that Ron will resume weekly deliveries of his nonsense when he is released from prison in February of 2016.

Ron spent most of the sermon reading from Herbert Armstrong’s personal published in the Tomorrows World 1972 (Vol IV No 02) Feb.  HWA wrote that personal after the non-start of the Great Tribulation leading to the non-return of Christ on the Feast of Trumpets in 1975.  Ron previously spent a good deal of time reading that personal in February of 2009 after the non-start of the Great Tribulation leading to the non-return of Christ on Pentecost of 2012.

This time, Ron emphasized the 19-year-time-cyle aspect, which was significant during HWA’s days.  As in 19 years from HWA’s startup in the 1930’s before going on a radio station in Europe, it was 19 years from Ron’s ordination in 1982 to 2001 when he began significantly traveling overseas.  But Ron’s first trip overseas as leader of his own CoG was in November of 1999.  Maybe Ron will recycle the 19 year thing.  When Christ doesn’t return this coming Pentecost, it will be 19 years after God’s church was reformed on Pentecost of 1998.  Ron should be out of prison on Pentecost of 2017, unless he gets whacked as a repeat offender for his taxes in the years after the 2004-2008 period for which he was convicted.  Or maybe it will be Pentecost of 2020, two 19-year time cycles after Ron was ordained.

Ron put out a call for PKG members to pick a day during the remaining before he reports to prison on which to fast.  He didn’t ask them to pray in regards his legal situation.  I think the reason for the fast is cement his remained members so they’ll be around when he gets out of prison.

Ron compared his legal situation to what Jesus Christ faced at his crucifixion, not that it was as severe but still giving him added insight.  My publication of the facts from Ron’s trial seems to be having some effects on his following.  And potential following, he mentioned someone even at this late date considering Ron but holding back and asking questions as to why he didn’t pay his taxes.  Ron stated that he did.  Uh-huh.

Ron repeated his policy that like HWA he would dignify the description of his misdeeds with an answer.  And then a few minutes later he did exactly that.  He stated that he would not be going to prison except for two factors

  1. His Swiss bank account
  2. Laura’s travel expenses

Of which the first was really the only factor.  To which I respond “Baloney”.  Regarding the Swiss bank account, the IRS didn’t find out about it until after deciding to open the investigation after being notified by Ron’s own bank of the large sums of money being transferred from church accounts to personal accounts.  I read the court filings and attended the sentencing hearing, and the Swiss bank account itself was not a factor in his sentencing as the court did not find it as a “sophisticated means” factor in his crime.  Regarding both the Swiss bank account and Laura’s travel expenses, that did not add up to the total amount of his criminal tax evasion.  As acknowledged in a court filing by Ron’s own talented legal defense team, which included the following discussion of those points:

The government’s revised tax loss number is $245,176. Section 2T1.1 and Section 2T4.1
provide a base offense level of 18 for a tax loss amount that is more than $200,000, but less than $400,000. However, as discussed above, the government failed to exclude certain amounts from its determination of gross income. These exclusions from gross income consist of approximately $290,000 in church funds that Mr. Weinland transferred into the foreign accounts on behalf of the church and approximately $95,000 in airfare costs for Mrs. Weinland to visit and counsel with church members around the world. Together, these items total approximately $385,000. It is estimated that this reduction in gross income would reduce the tax loss by approximately $107,800 ($385,000 x 28%).
Under Section 2T1.1 and Section 2T4.1, a revised tax loss number of $137,376 provides a base offense level of 16 for a tax loss amount that is more than $80,000, but less than $200,000.

Before Ron’s sentencing, I myself argued that these factors should not be considered in his sentencing.  Amazing, from someone Ron accuses as publishing lies about him.  But as all this describes, Ron still had significant criminal tax activity, not paying the taxes on his spending spree to support his extravagant lifestyle which includes 3 BMWs for his family, deep tissue massages on cruises, and $1700 suits from Nordstroms.

The only lies here are the ones that Ron tells.  Such as

  • his lie in a December of 2007 sermon and other radio interviews that he would not revise his prophecies when they failed
  • his lie in his March of 2008 “If by Pentecost” declaration that he would acknowledge being a false prophet and stop preaching by the summer of that year if certain things didn’t happen
  • his repeated lie that Joseph Tkach died 40 weeks later to the very hour after giving his December 17, 1994 sermon in Atlanta.
  • his lie on Audra’s marriage certificate, claiming the ceremony was performed on Union Kentucky on a certain date when everyone involved was in Germany
  • his lies on the witness stand at his trial, claiming a non-existent church scholarship fund to explain the payments for his son’s college education
  • and now the latest lies to his own members about his criminal tax activity

Ron, you are a liar, liar, liar.  I hope during the next three years you learn some genuine humility and truly come to recognize how despicable you are.

World Tensions Accelerating

Friday, January 25th, 2013

With only 7 days remaining before Ron reports to prison, he posted yet again on his blog.  As he indicates in the lead-off, it’s mostly a rehash of the scare tactics he employed before the beginning of last week’s sermon.

As always, it’s repeated here for your convenience and commenting.

—— Ron’s post ————-

This past Sabbath, before launching into the sermon itself, I spent quite a bit of time commenting on various news items. It is difficult in the English speaking countries to receive decent news as to what is actually going on in the world, as most are self-absorbed.

God’s Church believes that we are in the prophetic Day of the Lord that is from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013. We are in the morning hours of that prophetic day, having already gone through the night time portion that began at sunset with the beginning of May 27th. We also know there is a prophetic “type” of the children of Israel marching around Jericho to the time we are experiencing now, when the sounding of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation will be fulfilled.

The unfolding of this process is not something that can be equally divided up in exact timing which is evenly spaced out during this final daylight portion of the Day of the Lord. But it will all happen within this period of time.

What we are experiencing now is a continuation of the First Trumpet blast that produces a collapsing U.S. Dollar. This entire period of time over the last four years is that process in motion. Although the world is being told that the Dollar is stronger than ever and that the economy is now on a rebound, the truth is that we are now accelerating toward a much larger collapse than that which began in 2008. This entire period of time highlights the pride that God is going to humble in this “prophetic day.”


Thunders are Very Powerful

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Yesterday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave the next to the last sermon before reporting to prison.  Cincinnati-area elders gave the prayers, so maybe no one made a long trek to Ron’s basement to see their spiritual idol before he enters the bowels of the prison system.  Yesterday’s sermon, despite having a different title, was basically a ditto of the last sermon series about the effect of technology on the family and exhorting members to work.

Despite being restricted to his basement, Ron was preparing for yesterday’s presentation of nonsense up to the last minute and did not have time to greet his acolytes individually.  Too much to watch on Cable TV?  Or maybe the Bureau of Prisons assigned him to a prison and he was in a funk because he didn’t get the facility he preferred.  The last court filing mentioned the BOP had not yet found space in a facility suitable for Ron’s unstated medical conditions, so the assigned facility may not be within traveling distance for Laura to visit on a weekly based to get the latest Present Truth (TM).

Elder John Giannotta sent Ron a link to a doomerish Europe 2020 website.  Before presenting his ditto sermon, Ron spent more than a half hour reading articles from that website and continuing on to read other articles about Germany taking physical custody of their gold instead of leaving it in the hands of the fed and the Chinese preparing for war.  Wonder if those preparations began a year and a month and a day before May 19.  The stage is being set for things to happen quickly in March or April.  Things will have to happen quickly if they’re going to happen before Weinland’s third date for the return of Christ on May 19.  Yesterday was the 2/3 point “between the two evenings” of the Day of the Lord.  If the two Pentecosts bounding the year-long great and terrible “Day” of the Lord are like sunsets occurring at 6 PM, then it is now 10 AM and we are well into the morning of the daylight portion of the Day of the Lord.  Things will indeed have to happen quickly.

Some PKG members are letting down.  According to Ron, now is not the time for members to let down as the Thunders are very powerful.  Let’s review what’s happened thunder-wise so far in the great and terrible Day of the Lord:

  • 1st Thunder, War.  Any major wars going on?
  • 2nd Thunder, Earthquakes.  Any major earthquakes recently of the sort that hit Japan early in 2011?
  • 3rd Thunder, Weather.  Any major weather events rivaling Hurricane Katrina?
  • 4th Thunder, Economy.  The global economy is limping along.  Are the 1st three thunders the cause of the economic woes?
  • 5th Thunder, Death.  Have there been any massive die-offs?  Either in “the scattering” or in the world at large?  Have any of the 5 CoG ministers died whom Ron said would die to prove him as a prophet?
  • 6th Thunder, growing recognition of the Two Witnesses.  Has Ron had any publicity since his appearance on a minor market talk show in January of last year?  Oh yeah — there was the criminal trial.
  • 7th Thunder, acceleration of the revelation of the Ron-god to the world.  Uh-huh

Losing Track of Time

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Yesterday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave the 2nd to the last sermon from his basement before reporting to prison on Feb 1.  First, he discussed PKG’s saving of second tithe.  Since God has not revealed to Ron what will happen, members are to continue to save it.  But if absolutely needed may be used to gather with others on the the sabbath in the local area (which in PKG is several states in size).  The audience chuckled when he mentioned praying that second tithe not be needed for the feast.

Ron continued with the third (and possibly last) of his sermon series on the effect of technology on family relationships.  Which should be moot technology soon as it should be destroyed during the 18 weeks remaining in the great and terrible Day of the Lord before Christ returns. Despite the short time, demand for his book has fallen way off.  Perhaps “2008 — God’s Final Witness” has finally exceeded its shelf life after 5 years.

Ron continued to emphasize that people who are able to work need to do so, unless they are in school or retired.  Even then, he gave examples of retirees continuing to work, and a woman with 4 children who took 21 hours of college work while holding down 3 part time jobs. In the past, he has suggested that his members buy items on a deferred payment plan.  Now he says that his members are not to be like the Israelites who plundered Egypt before departing for the Red Sea.  Those who did so in the past expecting that repayment would not be necessary based on Ron’s prophecies are now at their Red Sea as they’re having to pay off the bills after all.

Many PKG women have continually deferred having children since the end-time has been imminent for several years now.  Ron read an email he composed on the topic.  Basically, it’s between the husband and wife and God, and other members are not to judge them for doing it.  Ron suggested that any child conceived now would be born after Christ returns in May.

Ron is going to prison for a few years, but support is needed for himself and his family.  While Ron is exhorting his members to work and be productive, support is needed for his family.  A family that does nothing more productive than driving their BMW to the PO Box to pick up the tithe checks and keep track of who’s paying tithes and who’s not.  At some point, perhaps a few years after being released from prison, Ron will not be able to give his weekly blather.  And Jeremy and Audra will be older as well without skills.  Perhaps they will be the next two witnesses, and will need that younger generation (which doesn’t exist because of Ron’s prophecies) to be productive tithe payers.


You’re not to Wait Around for Jesus to Return

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was given 4 additional sabbaths in the basement of his house on the golf course courtesy of Judge Reeves order delaying his reporting date to prison.  But the Bureau of Prisons has not processed the judge’s order as their website shows that Ron is “In Transit”:

Before the sermon, Ron reminded people with the flu to stay home, and then announced the promotion to full elder of 20-something Gabrielle Giles in Georgia.

Ron used the opportunity to continue his babble about the vastness of the universe and the effect of  technology on the family.  Ron continues to watch TV, and recommended the 2011 movie Courageous as a good movie for his followers to watch, cautioning them to filter out the Protestantism content.

Ron wants people to plan ahead and work.  This was mentioned at two points in the sermon, along with “what if time continues?” although Ron still believes with all his being that Christ will return in only 19 weeks from now.

In the past week, two more ex-PKG members have participated on this blog in the comments section of the last post.  I believe that there have been others who have left and chosen not to participate.  But I also believe that Ron will maintain a significant following even after he gets out of prison in February of 2016.  There has been some speculation that PKG will splinter, citing the establishment by evangelists Terry and Johnny of a church corporation in Georgia.  I think that corporation was established at Ron’s direction, for what purpose I don’t know.  I expect it will be an unused orphan, sort of like the system Ron purchased to access the Internet via satellite when the Great Tribulation struck.  I don’t see an organized splinter deriving from PKG, nothing more significant than Zerrubabel who claims that he is one of the Two Witnesses in scores of YouTube videos watched mostly by people laughing at him and ad hoc groups like the one in the UK that meet informally.

Given the present course, I don’t see Ron doing anything significant in the 3 sermons remaining before his imprisonment for criminal tax evasion.

At Least One More Year

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

As today starts another year, and per tradition I look back at last year and put forth my non-prophetic guesses for the coming year as to False Prophet Ronald Weinland.

In January, the five month point was reached before Christ’s second non-return on Pentecost of last year. Ron explained that the five month period of torment didn’t mean that people would be tormented for the full five months, but five months during which we would be tormented even if only for a minute.  Ron and I both had interviews.  Mine was on a God Discussion Blogtalk program heard by a few dozen.  Ron had an interview on a minor market radio station, the only one after advertising his availability.  So much for his being sought out by the media as he prophesied in “2008 — God’s Final Witness”.  In the meantime, I found evidence that Ron’s claim that Joe Tkach died 40 weeks to the very hour after his Atlanta sermon was just another of his lying wonders.

February came with happy news, the birth of Kirrily’s son who wouldn’t exist had she continued to follow Weinland. Also in February, Ron’s talented legal defense team came up with the third time line for his criminal trial, with the trial date rescheduled for June 4 after having been originally scheduled for January 31 and then continued to March 20.

During March, Ron faced competition from David Pack, one of those who he prophesied to die early on following the publication of “2008 — God’s Final Witness”.  He also faced competition from his own breakaway splinter.

During April, Ron made his final tour before his criminal trial to Australia and New Zealand for the Days of Unleavened Bread.  Then he spiritualized the deaths of the Two Witnesses as God showed great mercy so Ron and Laura would not have to literally-physically die in the streets of Jerusalem the following month.

May was the month it all didn’t happen.  Ron made his farewell tour to Europe mid month, then returned to Kentucky for his pretrial conference shortly before he and the Mrs did not meet their fate in the streets of Jerusalem at the hands of the beast power.  He then recorded an emotional sermon reading what almost sounded like a suicide note.  Web traffic to my blog which had been increasing steadily due in part to people curious about his books due  to his Google advertising campaign.  On the day of Christ’s non-return (May 26),  web traffic peak at a record amount.  Shortly after the moment Christ didn’t return (sundown in Jerusalem), Ron fulfilled my prophecy by posting on his blog, and later in the day recording a Pentecost sermon. with his present Present Truth(tm) that Christ is returning next Pentecost.

Despite his stated expectation that Christ would return on Memorial Day weekend, Ron kept his talented legal team engaged in preparing the defense at his criminal trail which final began on June 4.  After a week and a half of government revelations countered by a black-hearted defense, Ron was found guilty by a jury of non-peers in just a few hours.  Judge Reeves did not send him straight to prison, and his neighbor and cult member Joyce Garrett put up her home as collateral so that Ron could wear the GPS ankle bracelet of humility and watch cable TV while awaiting his sentencing.  Two of the jurors were so offended by Ron’s actions that they got on this blog and supplied details of his perfidy.

During July and August, Ron lost a number of members, some prompted by Christian in Australia, and a group in the UK.  Ron lost elders he ordained in 2008 including the notable defection of Adrian Gray in New Zealand to HWA-wannabee-and-ayatollah Dave Pack.

In anticipation of his original sentencing date of September 24, Ron recorded all the feast sermons except for 3 given by his evangelists Johnny, Wayne, and Terry.  The US probation officer asked for more time to prepare the pre-sentencing report, so Judge Reeves delayed sentencing to October 29.  Even though Ron was given more time, his prerecorded sermons were the ones delivered.

In his Last Great Day sermon, Ron explained that the Great Tribulation was being delayed because the year-long Great and Terrible Day of the Lord started off with the nighttime portion.  During October, I made a number of posting based on trial transcripts.  The October 29 sentencing date was postponed to November 14 to allow more time for objections at the hearing.

During November, I wound up the posting of trial testimony with the devastating testimony of Audra and the IRS special agent who investigated the case.  Devastating for those who had eyes to read.  Yours truly attended the sentencing hearing, meeting two of the jurors away from the hearing and one of the cult members inside the court building.  Judge Reeves sentenced Ron to 42 months along with fines and restitution with a self-reporting-to-prison date of January 2.  Following the hearing, I visited the Boone county clerk’s office and found that Ron also played loose with the facts in signing his daughter’s marriage certificate, claiming the ceremony had taken place on Kentucky soil when according to Audra’s testimony it happened in Germany.

The year ended with Ron’s reporting date to prison delayed to February 1.

During the first post of last year I predicted:

Looking forward to this coming year, I prophesy that Christ will not return on Pentecost or any other day.  I am more sure of this than Ron is of the opposite.  (Remember that Ron hedged his bet by paying the property tax on his house on the golf course even though there would be no legal repercussions before Pentecost.)  I am less certain of how this failure will play out in terms of Ron’s response.  If the outcome of his legal situation results in his imprisonment before May, I expect he will declare some kind of timeline change.  If he beats the rap, the recognition of failure will come later.  There is a possibility that Ron will spiritualize the return of Christ as he has other failures such as the non-sounding of the First Trumpet.  And as he did the non-deaths of his mockers and critics.

I predict that Ron will retain a sizable following even after the failure of his prophecies, and this even if he ends up with an extended vacation in Club Fed.  Significant numbers of his followers will leave, and if Ron is isolated in prison more followers will drift away during his imprisonment.

I’d say I pretty much batted 1.000 on that.  Looking forward to the coming year, I expect that Ron will show up to prison as scheduled and Joyce Garrett will get her house back.  Ron will have new Present Truths(tm) to explain why the daylight portion of the Day of the Lord is not accompanied by the Great Tribulation and yet another Present Truth(tm) in May to explain why Christ is still a no-show.  Ron will leak more members, but the majority will continue to stick with him to pay for his lawyers and his back taxes.

I wish all my commenters a successful New Year, and hope that those in the process of exiting will have a smooth transition joined by yet more PKG members who open their eyes.  I plan to continue blogging but hope that things begin to wind down.