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Work Ethic

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Dave Conley traveled all the way from Virginia to give the opening prayer at what was to be False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s last sermon before reporting to prison on the 2nd.  Ron made a left-handed announcement that his prison reporting date had been delayed by stating that he would be giving part 2 of yet another sermon series next week.

Ron started off by clarifying last week’s sermon statement in which he said that gambling is not necessarily wrong, if not done incorrectly.  Then he continued with his criticism of technology and how it affects family relationships.  But no criticism of fathers who ignore their families to listen to MP3 recordings of Ron’s sermons on their iPods.

Ron turned his sermon to the topic of work ethic.  And then quickly segued to a discussion of the vastness of the universe.  After about a half hour on the number of stars in the universe, he got back to work ethic.  With fewer members remaining and legal bills to pay, time to get people back to productive work.  He criticizes people who put their lives on hold because the the impending events he prophesied.  Although he doesn’t believe it one iota, he asked what his members would do it time went on.  As it has for the six years following the the publication of “2008 — God’s Final Witness”.  We can compare this weekend’s sermons to sermon statements he made during 2006 as he was writing his book.  (Beginning at 1:15 into the video below. And in particular around 4:15)
Ron on Planning for the Future

Or to statements he made earlier this year prior to the last time Christ didn’t return, on Memorial Day weekend.  Such as not allowing certain PKG members to remarry, and criticizing those who weren’t all-in in their belief that Christ would return.

So as we are in the 15th hour of the year-long Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, or the 2nd hour since dawn has broken, Ron gets a few more weeks to practice his personal work ethic of watching cable TV and herding his members.  Hopefully he will learn work ethic during his upcoming stay at Club Fed, now scheduled to begin on February 1.

Happy Groundhogs Day?

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Yesterday, Ron’s expensive attorneys paid for by the church filed the following:

Defendant Ronald E. Weinland, through undersigned counsel, hereby respectfully requests that the Court continue the Defendant’s current date to self-surrender to an institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons for at least an additional thirty (30) days. In support of this motion to continue, the Defendant represents to the Court as follows:
1. On November 15, 2012, the Court ordered that the Defendant shall voluntarily surrender on January 2, 2013, before 2 p.m., at the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons for service of his sentence.
2. At this time, the Bureau of Prisons has not designated an institution for the Defendant to serve his sentence.
3. Representatives of the U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Probation Office have indicated that the delay in the Defendant’s designation is related to concerns regarding the Defendant’s prior medical issues and that it is unlikely that the Bureau of Prisons will make a designation prior to January 2, 2013.
4. Because of the Bureau of Prison’s delay in designating a specific institution for the Defendant, the Defendant is unable to comply with the Court’s Order dated November 15, 2012.
5. It is believed that a thirty (30) day extension to the Defendant’s voluntary surrender date would provide the Bureau of Prisons sufficient time to designate a specific institution at which the Defendant can begin serving his sentence.

For the foregoing reasons, the Defendant respectfully requests the Court to enter an order
continuing the current voluntary surrender date of January 2, 2013 to on or after February 1, 2012 so that the Bureau of Prisons has sufficient time to designate an institution for the Defendant.

Today, the court issued the following order:

(at Covington)
Criminal Action No. 2: 11-70-DCR
*** *** *** ***
Defendant Ronald Weinland was sentenced on November 14, 2012. However, based on representations of counsel, it does not appear that the Bureau of Prisons has made a designation of service as of this date. As a result, the defendant has moved the Court to continue his voluntary surrender date which was originally scheduled for January 2, 2013. Being sufficiently advised, and in light of the exigencies presented, it is hereby
ORDERED as follows:
1. The defendant’s motion to continue his voluntary surrender date [Record No. 113]
2. The defendant’s date for voluntary surrender to the Bureau of Prisons is EXTENDED and CONTINUED to February 1, 2013, prior to 2:00 p.m., at the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons.
3. The Clerk of the Court is directed to provide copies of this Order to counsel of record, the United States Probation Office, and the United States Marshal. The United States Marshal shall provide the Bureau of Prisons with a copy of this Order.

This 28th day of December, 2012.
/s/ Danny C Reeves, United States District Judge

Sorry, Randy.

Merry Christmas, Randy

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Here’s what should appear on False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s now non-existent “Upcoming Trips” page, which came down after he was judged by a jury of his peers. (The term “peers” seems rather pejorative.)

True Freedom

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Yesterday False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave his next to the last sermon prior to reporting to prison to serve his 42-month sentence for tax evasion. Seems that a few didn’t make it because of sickness. He announced the elevation of Stan Watson in Michigan from associate elder to elder. He continued his recent practice of reading news articles to support his prophetic notions, which still haven’t come to pass now into the 15th “hour” of the “Day of the Lord” which began on May 26th and ends next May 18th at sundown on those days which begin the holy day of Pentecost.

It was a rather confused message. On one hand members are proscribed from using Facebook, because significant numbers of divorce filings mention Facebook. On the other hand, he criticized prior CoG thinking on makeup and birthdays saying those are wrong because of associations with the wicked. While suggesting that technology is not wrong but the misuse is, people need restraints.

He weighed in vaguely on the Connecticut school shootings, suggesting that guns should only have one bullet in them at a time. After all, when hunting deer you don’t need more than one because if you miss the deer will running away anyway.

In an ironic moment, he mentioned the sponsored link “garbage” that shows up resulting from Google searches. Back in 2007 and 2008, certain Google search keywords would produce sponsored links for his garbage. In fact, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars given by his members to promote and publish his garbage.

One more sermon next Saturday, and the following Wednesday he reports to prison. Ten more days.


Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Avalo pointed out that Ron has made another blog posting, just a week after the last one. Must be lots of programs about the Mayan calendar on cable TV.

Take your irony supplements before reading this one.

—— Ron’s blog posting “MAYAN HYPE” —————

The last post stated that there would be no more warnings given on this site, but only the explanation of the reality of events that are leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. We are about to enter the most profound period of change in all of mankind’s history, and although it will occur as a result of horrific catastrophic events, it will have absolutely nothing to do with the soon to be “false interpretations” of the Mayan calendar.

There has been a lot of hype about the Mayan calendar, and thankfully, after this Friday, December 21st of 2012, that hype can finally die. This reminds me of what I wrote exactly 13 years ago when I was explaining how the Y2K hype would also come to naught. The subject of Y2K was addressed in one of our earlier publications, News Watch, in an article which title asks the question, “The End?”

That article explained how we were not yet at the time that is prophetically about the “end-time.” Yet here we are thirteen years later at the end of 2012 and we are now not only in that end-time, but we are about to enter its final stages.

Satan’s Hype Is Also Ending:
As in the meaning of hype, so it is with Satan’s influence over mankind for the past 6,000 years, and his time for exaggerating and promoting his lying deceptions is also coming to a quick end. Religions, economies and governments over the past 6,000 years have practiced his deceptions and these have caused only confusion and great suffering on earth, and that is why God refers to their final destruction as the fall of Babylon.

God is now going to make a distinction in the difference between lying deceptions and the truth. Through time, Satan has received perverted pleasure in deceiving mankind in various scenarios and prophecies about a destructive end to mankind. However, the truth is that God reveals an end to Satan and the end of his deceptive power and influence over mankind.

There will be no credibility given to idiocy that surrounds a Mayan calendar end to humanity, but following December 21st God will begin to give credibility to His prophecies concerning the true “end-time,” once the Second Trumpet of Revelation sounds. There can be no credibility given to Satan’s mocking and crying of “wolf, wolf” that has only worked to lullaby mankind into deeper sleep and disbelief of what is true from God. There is a true “end-time” for mankind that is not about an end of mankind, but an end to man’s self-rule and the beginning of God’s true rule over a continuing mankind living on earth once the “prophetic end-time” is over.

The fact that the scariest of “end-time” catastrophic events has not yet occurred is testament to the power of God to diminish Satan’s twisted influence over mankind. A distinction in the true power of God to clearly demonstrate His power to fulfill His prophetic word can now come to pass without the false distortions and mocking of Satan.

The timing for the completion of end-time events is nearly upon us and that is why there is a change in the focus and purpose of posts made to this site. That is the reason for the final sentence of the last post: “The time for warning has ended because the time for fulfillment is at hand—it has arrived!”

Not in the Millennium

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

With 18 days remaining before reporting to prison, False Prophet Ronald Weinland used yesterday’s sermon to rant against freedom, technology, the Internet in general and Facebook in particular. Chris Czech traveled all the way from Washington state to deliver the opening prayer for Ron. After which there was a pause for several minutes while he waited for everyone crammed into his basement to settle down.

He spoke of the bondage of technology, as in people who are addicted to texting and otherwise misuse technology. Which of course wouldn’t include people who’ve loaded up their MP3 players with Ron’s sermons and listen to them constantly. In the millennium, there will be restrictions on the use of technology.

There is no such thing as freedom of speech, as there are legal limits on what one can say. He said this despite the fact that the government has not restricted him from spewing his nonsense while waiting to report to prison to serve his sentence imposed not for his real crimes of deceiving others but rather for his relatively inconsequential crime of deceiving the government on his tax returns.

Ron went on a rant about smoking. After being caught by his father smoking a cigar at the age of 11 and being required to consume the rest of it, Ron decided smoking was not for him. He talked about youngsters looking up to role models who smoke, like Fonzie. In reality, Fonzie did not smoke and actually counseled young Joanie not to smoke.

In the millennium, there will be limits on the Internet. Unlike it is today where Ron can webcast his drivel every Saturday.

Ron believes with all his being that Christ will return on May 19, but in the next breath say that “no matter when it is ….”. Believes with all his being, huh?

I wonder if he really believes that with all his being Christ will return in May and release him from prison. I thought it was funny when at the end of the sentencing hearing at which Ron sat there with his expensive legal team, Judge Reeves addressed John Cline expressing that it was good to see him again and mentioning that he didn’t hear from him during the hearing. I wonder how many thousands of dollars Ron’s church spent for John Cline to travel to Covington on November 14 just to sit on Ron’s right side at the defense table. While no appeal has been filed against Ron’s conviction or sentencing, I imagine that lawyers in Louisville are working overtime on it.


Thursday, December 13th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland is into numbers and setting dates.  But this time, the number is given to him and he will not be the one to set the dates.

The number in the title is the register number assigned to him by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Once he self-reports to prison on January 2 and is in their custody, they, not Ron, will compute his prophesied projected date of release.  Probably sometime mid-January of 2016. Also, by then they would have set the location at which God will have to place his name for Weinland’s attendance at the next 3 sets of holy days.  Unless they decide to transfer him to another facility.

Ron has not announced his conviction and sentencing in any sermon. Some members are aware of it, at least the 169 members who wrote letters. Eventually word may filter to the rest of them.


Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has put up yet another blog posting today only two-and-one-half months since the last one.  What is interesting is what he doesn’t say.

—————–  Weinland’s Posting ——————-


It has been two and a half months since my last posting. There has been no need to make another, as the world is fully asleep—practically comatose when it comes to any true concern or worry over the possibility of WWIII. That war was the context of that last post, and that war is continuing to draw closer and closer as that time is now upon us. Even now, there are leaders in Russia and in China who have plans already in the works to engage in such a war.

Very few who are in the world or those in the environs of God’s Church who were scattered, grasp the potential and severity of world conditions that have so rapidly escalated and will lead into a massive world war that is now just in front of us. The truth is that the world and even the Church of God that was scattered will be caught off guard with what quickly happens once massive destruction begins to strike this earth.

These events for this end-time are not coming about in the way that most in God’s Church have believed over the past few decades. Christ gave the analogy of the end-time (once great destruction strikes) as being like a thief in the night because his prophecy concerns how the world will be totally caught off guard and asleep and his warning against this. Yet, no matter how much of a warning has gone out, Christ’s prophecy has now been fulfilled, for the world and the Church that was scattered is fast asleep.

An Awakening:
Just as God’s Church was fully caught off guard and asleep when the apostasy (great falling away) occurred on Dec. 17, 1994, the world and the Church that was scattered are now going to be fully caught off guard concerning the final end-time events. For the Church that was scattered, the devastation that begins once the Second Trumpet sounds will be the beginning of a great wake up call that will eventually lead to 63,000 scattered brethren being brought together once again into one true fellowship—together with God—reunited at last!

The Church that was scattered does not believe that end-time events can happen so quickly and powerfully or that Christ could return by Pentecost of 2013. But what people “believe” is what has magnified their state of “sleep.” Such statements are not happily received, but it is the truth.

So what does the scattered Church believe? Addressing such a question will help understand the awakening that is to come.

Many believe that a physical temple must begin to be constructed in Jerusalem or that, at the very least, an altar must be set up on the old holy site of the original temple. That will NEVER happen, for if such an attempt were even begun, there are multiple millions of people who would immediately be willing to give their lives in sacrificial jihad in an all out war against Israel.

So why do some teachers of the scattering insist that such an event must take place before the end-time can occur? The answer is because they believe that a “desecration of the holy place” must occur that is similar to the desecration done by Antiochus Epiphanes when he had swine offered upon the altar. They continue by teaching that this is analogous to a future “abomination of desolation” that must occur at the temple site (or on the altar) after such new construction has begun.

Yet even those who espouse to uphold “all” the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong fail to acknowledge what he taught long before he died. He stated that no such temple could be constructed before Christ’s return and that it could never be dedicated as “holy” before God; therefore, there could not be such an abomination of desolation for something that is not “holy” before God. He went on to reveal that the temple being referred to was the Church and not a physical temple. Where were these ministers when Mr. Armstrong gave these sermons? After all, these sermons were sent out for the entirety of the Church to hear.

In addition, it is taught that there will be a single great government leader (a beast) to emerge out of a revived Holy Roman Empire, yet the Bible clearly reveals that there will be ten nations that emerge and give their power to a beast system for one hour. Some of these ministers continue by teaching that a great false religious leader will make the “whole world” to worship this individual who is the beast. Can you imagine those in Islam worshiping such an individual or those in Russia and China who are prophesied to go to war against the beast power? Such ministers have lost any sense of true reason and Biblical sound mindedness.

The truth is that the cohesion that draws these final ten nations together is short-lived and not strong at all. After all, they are described as strong in power, but not really held together with any strength at all: iron mixed with clay.

There are many more examples of differences in belief among scattered groups, but a different reality is now upon us and these two examples are enough to make the point. Time will reveal the truth.

The events that so many in the Church (that was scattered) believe must first happen are the very events that will shock them when they begin to occur and this shock will help give them a massive awakening. Right now, the actual events that are about to be unleashed on the earth are believed to be, by those in the Church that was scattered, as possible only in years from now and not in months or even weeks, as the truth is.

Deaf and Blind:
When people are in a deep sleep, they can neither hear nor see. That is the world today. To find meaningful news that might help illuminate end-time prophetic events is actually a task, for most news is reported from selfish interests that are focused inward and near to home. The attitude is: “Who cares about what is happening in the rest of the world?”

Then, if world news is actually addressed, it is most often given from a perspective of the “prepared” sound bites offered by governments who exercise their political agendas. These sound bites rarely reveal true motives and objectives or illuminate true conditions. Whether it is about global or national economics, or that which involves geopolitical maneuvering (as with NATO, Turkey, Syria, Iran, the Persian Gulf, etc., etc.), news reporting has little to do with what is actually true. Most is “smoke and mirrors” and those who are blind are willingly used (made pawns), led, and further lullabied by it.

After this post, there is really no more need of warnings for what is coming, for the world is asleep and time has indeed fully run out. The “Day of the Lord” is at hand—we are IN it! We have just passed through the night-time portion of God’s final day. It began at sundown after May 26th when we entered the night-time portion of this last prophetic day for mankind in this present age. If only all could see! Paradoxically, it is by this very day-time portion of the “Day of the Lord” that mankind will be brought to “see” and “hear,” and by this, the blindness and deafness of mankind will begin to be healed.

No More Warning:
In the future, any post that might possibly be written on this site will no longer be warnings, but only explanation of the realities that are taking place in the light of the day of Christ’s return as King of kings. God is not going to give any more warnings to this world or to the Church that was scattered. The time for warning has ended because the time for fulfillment is at hand—it has arrived!