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The Beast and the False Prophet

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Johnny Harrell shipped the special laptop back so that False Prophet Ronald Weinland could use his opportunity to give yet more sermons after the last one in this age.  The opportunity given by Judge Reeves as Ron does not report to prison until January 2.  Looks like he’s back to giving sermons in his basement as he’s asking people to car pool.  There’s limited parking in his subdivision so members should carpool from parking at businesses at the exit near his home.

Ron is using his delay to report to prison to conduct one of his favorite activities, watching cable TV.  Last Sunday he watched a telecast from a competing CoG, probably from the Living CoG or maybe the Philadelphia CoG — if one of these was presented by someone Ron prophesied back in 2006 to die early on as part of the Fifth Thunder to prove his bonafides as a Prophet of the God of Abraham. He also surfed to the website of another person he prophesied to die, to read one of David Pack’s booklets.

Reading the material from those cursed with death prompted Ron to refine and correct misunderstandings and give his own interpretation of the Beast and the False Prophet.  Somewhere in his rambling sermon was a point but it escaped me.  Perhaps Ron is setting the stage to make his prison sentence prophetically significant.  After all, governments have oppressed God’s people, including ours with blue laws.  And then there’s yet another Red Sea moment for Ron with his being sentenced to 42 months in prison on the 14th.

In any case, we should be looking for yet another version of the Present Truth (TM) as we are now more than halfway into the great and terrible Day of the Lord — time for dawn to break.  More Power, Signs, and Lying Wonders from Ron.