Audra Winds it Up

This is the last of my series of posts summarizing Audra’s time on the witness stand in the trial of a Witness, her daddy False Prophet Ronald Weinland. After reviewing Ron and Laura’s pattern of credit card charges, the prosecutor reviewed Audra’s expenses.

Trial transcripts are available on the Criminal Case page linked in the banner at the top.  Audra’s testimony is included in several parts:  Part 1 Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Audra moved in to her condominium near her parents’ home in January of 2007. Her parents paid for her mortgage during 2007 and 2008 and as well her utilities and homeowner’s association dues and for an alarm system. Ron bought her a 3-series silver BMW from the BMW Store in Cincinnati and paid for her auto insurance. Audra did contribute somewhat by trading in her prior vehicle.

Audra married Chris Little on September 9, 2008 in Germany while on a trip to Europe paid for by Daddy. While this limited the number of family members who could attend, her brother Jeremy was able to attend. After the ceremony, Jeremy drove Chris and Audra to Belgium in the BMW shipped to Germany for his use while Ron and Laura flew on ahead. Ron got Jeremy his Beamer while his only employment was for the church, maintaining the website and supervising church members who were translating Ron’s books. An Australian member did the Italian translation, and a member from the UK did the French translation. I’m not aware of any Italian or French PKG members.

Then there was a discussion of Ron’s dog Brody, a large black Russian terrier. Poor Brody got into some Macadamia nuts and his intestines were not the same after, requiring visits to the veterinarian which Ron put on his credit cards. Brody ended his miserable existence in the car of a member in Wisconsin. I doubt it was Macadamia nuts.  Probably Brody growled at Ron and was therefore the recipient of Ron’s death curse on anyone who would mock him to die slowly from the inside.

Then there was a discussion of the safe in Ron’s home, one described as the size of a typical stand-up kitchen refrigerator. Inside, Ron and Laura kept documents, credit cards, and a stack of cash about 2 inches high. Audra did not remember seeing any gold inside, but that could have been in a bag or some sort.

Ron and Laura keep extra food stashed in the basement, closets, and under beds. Also big jugs of water. Seems Ron didn’t trust on God to provide for the Two Witnesses when the End Times finally showed up.

Audra’s 2007 tax return was reviewed. Daddy filled it out. The tax return showed an income of $18,000 plus an IRA distribution from Audra’s old job for a total income of around $19,000. Ron put down itemized deduction of $10,122 which included real estate taxes of $1209. The bottom line tax due was $583 which corresponds to a 2007 taxable income of $5800-$5850 for a single person.

Let’s review: Audra got $1000/month of spending money. She had her $1000+/month mortgage paid for along with utilities and homeowner’s association dues. She had the use of a BMW paid for by Daddy who also paid the auto insurance. Yet she had income of only $18,000? Calculated by the same False Prophet who calculates the day of Christ’s return. This doesn’t pass the smell test. Audra should face criminal sanctions for that alone.

During the defense cross examination, Audra regurgitated her daddy’s explanations for Daddy’s Swiss bank accounts and the gold and jewelry Mommy wore. She was asked about some international wire transfers to the church accounts during December of 2008. There were a couple in the $5000 to $6000 range which was typical for transfers from overseas banks that collected overseas tithes. But there was one much larger, in the amount of $400,296.44. Audra didn’t know what that was for. During his 12/8/08 sermon, Ron announced he was closing the Swiss bank accounts and bringing the money back to the US.

The defense made a special point that Audra did not seek reimbursement for gas money to put in the car her parents bought so she could pick up tithe checks from the PO Box every other day and occasionally haul a few books to the post office. Then went over the mortgage and utilities her parents paid. Audra thought that went on for a year and a half. Which is about how long she had lived in Florence before the IRS special agents showed up on Daddy’s doorstep. The defense mildly chastised Audra of the vague chronological memory for not being sure exactly the duration for which Daddy and Mommy made her mortgage payments.

Audra also couldn’t answer when it was that she learned of the IRS investigation. Wonder if she found out about it on my blog.  My next post begins coverage of the testimony of the IRS special agent who investigated God’s end-time prophet.



  • Debbie says:

    Mike – great job providing all this info. I agree that Audra is culpable. While I was reading your summary of all the $$$ of goods/services Audra received, I couldn’t help but think of Gregg Chipps. I met him once – very nice quiet spoken young man. He gave up his well-paying job to work for Ronnie & PKG. He also ‘gave up’ his wife & two kiddies. He even went to jail ‘cuz he couldn’t afford the child support on the salary Ronnie was paying him.
    So sad. Just another example that Ronnie doesn’t really care about anyone but the Weinland clan.

    In the previous post about Audra’s testimony, I noted that Audra indicated that she ‘couldn’t remember’ her own grandma (Ramona) being flown in from Kansas and being present at the family get together. Pretty shallow IMO.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    ah, dear sweet hubris…it will come back to haunt a false prophet and his children every time…

  • Anon says:

    I am ashamed for becoming caught up in this. I am very naive and trusting, and was really hoping for a better more just world, and excited to have a sound framework to live by. But that leaves people open for being taken advantage of. I have learned now to be yourself and trust your instincts no matter what anyone says, I just hope it is not too late to rebuild a life.

  • Anon, most of us have been where you are.

    We wish you well.

    Let us know if we can do anything to help.

  • Charlie says:

    I wonder why Audra, Laura, and Jeremy also we not indicted? Perhaps a case of cutting of the head and the tail will die.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Charlie I feel the same way when you clean up shit you have to get it all are it still stinks

  • Rterlecki says:

    Anon never be ashamed of your self my friend life is a learning journey nobody is perfect hang in there buddy

  • J says:

    I suppose the grand finale of these posts will be Ron himself on the witness stand. If so, I look forward to it.

  • Velvet says:

    “Brody, a large black Russian terrier.”

    Hmm. Rumours/hearsay in 2008 suggested that the Weinlands had an expensive special breed of dog (AFAIK, terriers aren’t a special breed), but I’m not sure about Russians — they’re also not “large” so maybe this thing was a mutt?), and allegedly bought they bought one for a member as well… perhaps the truth has finally been discovered, and they just dumped their own, ill and dying, dog, on the poor member so they wouldn’t have to deal with it? Especially not after racking up those vet bills. God forbid the mutt interfere with Mummy and Daddy buying gold and jewels and expensive clothes….The picture of the pooch Audra had as her MySpace profile photo for a while was, IIRC, a smaller dog, it didn’t look very large.

    Still, that’s something to make you think, isn’t it? When the family pet started sucking too much cash from their already-bursting coffers, they dumped it on one of the members, for the poor thing to live out the short remainder of its days.

    Real charmers, our Two Witlesses, no?

  • martin says:

    God makes liars out of false prophets…

    Not only did Obama win and finish his first term (more or less), it looks like he’s going to get another term.

    So many failed prophecies….it’s rather like an SNL comedy sketch….

    Ronald is an utter failure.

    The only success he’s had, is that he’s a successful false prophet.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    The president that Weinland predicted would never get into office nor have an office to get into is reelected…FALSE PROPHECY reinforced and once again provably false!

    The economy is also slowly recovering…another doomsday prophecy failed on Weinland’s part…The Asian Hordes have not “horded” and it has been a YEAR since Weinland said they would start hording OR HE WOULD ADMIT HE IS A FALSE PROPHET…

    The “mockers” are winning, Ronnie…and there is NOTHNG you can do about it…

  • Camaris says:

    The Asian horde thing was particularly great. Only someone with absolutely zero knowledge of military history (or Geography, or World History) could imagine it makes sense and it is realistic that:

    1. A 200m strong horde could amass on some theoretical border with ‘Europe’ (as thought that is all one place anyway)
    2. Such supply lines exist to support them logistically (and from where? and by what controlling force?)
    3. All this would be undetectable a matter of, well, YEARS in advance. (Have a look at Google Earth!)
    4. There could ever exist a well equipped, standing army of this size with adequate rations, support, reinforcements etc to advance on a front as broad as “Europe” (as Hitler how hard it is in the other direction with one targetted pincer alone)

    You could go on, obviously, but what’s the point? I don’t wish to offend, but if Weinland can deal exclusively in generalities then hell so can I… I suppose this type of thing seems either believable, or doesn’t get thought about at all and is just accepted, by small town U.S sorts who don’t have a passport, are a little slow, very pious, extremely convinced of their own ‘rightnes’, and who never have any news (other than that given by Weinland) on ‘the rest of the world’ and so imagine in a childlike way full of ‘goodies and baddies’ what it is like, all this without being actually burdened by any knowledge of anything outside of their one small tin-pot area of the states. I suppose to this clientele these things are all quite likely out there in ‘the world’, as everyone is ‘backward’, right?

  • Camaris says:

    PKG readers, hi how are you, just make a little mental note to file that there has never – NEVER – not once – EVER – been an ‘invasion’ by a number of people even 1/200th of the size Weinland predicted for you. That is shrink Weinlands prediction by 200 percent – make it TWO HUNDRED TIMES SMALLER – and that would still be the largest invasion force ever assembled for an assault.

    Do you honestly think it is likely (work with me here people….) that an assault force could be armed, put together, given a coordinated plan of attack and assembled – an assault force 200 times larger (actually more) than that assembled for the initialy D-Day landings and liberation of Europe in WW2 – is it likely such a force could be put together from a whole range of different countries (who don’t actually get on), then armoured, trained and moved silently and in secret across an entire continent to a state of battle readiness on the Syrian border? Have a proper think about some of these facts in your own time. Perhaps there’s a technical question in this somewhere for your elder who will no doubt consult the Oracle and get an answer for you? Perhaps the oracle can explain how an amount of people about equivalent to the population of the united states and all of fighting age, have come together in this fantastic and unprecedented way to wage warfare!

    Your concerns are ones of a tactical military character, you understand. You are not questioning Weinlands prophecy, you see. 🙂 So it’s all good. Take care guys!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Camaris: I hear you. I have been over this Asian Horde thing with them too. It would require a BILLION gallons of water a DAY to keep the Hordes going, as the Bible prophesies that there will also be over a MILLION horses going along with them.

    Keep in mind that this is the same bunch of “geniuses” that think Ron is a “man of God” even after being convicted of THEFT…and ALL of his prophecies being false…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And let’s not forget our lil’ buddy Zerubabbel, and his “prophecy” that Jesus will be returning Friday and the Apocalypse will be starting on that day.

    Looks like Zerubabbel the Blue Tasseled Dumbass will be posting yet another “I just did the math wrong” video after his SECOND failed “Jesus is Returning” prophecy in two days…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    oh…and according to Zerubabbel, “exactly” 96.66667% of us humans are going to be killed because we don’t do what HE says…

    …what is with these false prophets and their love of death? Weinland wants us to die…Zerubabbel wants the the whole world to die…I think they need medication and psychiatric counselling…

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    Avalo, I think they’re just bored ‘ol poopie prophets, they want everyone-else to be as miserable as they are ………… and due to their bizzare nature, not only must they already be on schizo medication, they must be having too much ! Hallucinations , spiritualizations ( claiming to be different personalities ), and voices is their guiding influence, and these are the undeniable signs of advanced schizophrenia. ( Kelly, my lovelly partner was a physic nurse for 16 years ) So the PKg’ers and the Repairing the Breach jug-heads, are being sermonized & thus controlled by a bottle of pills 😀 (thats the bottom line)

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I would love an Asian FOOD hoard!! Mmmmmmmmmm, satay/noodles/rice *dribble*. I would also like to know how they stay skinny eating all those carbs :-/

  • Velvet says:

    Hmm, well definitely not in a short time (think forty-fifty, maybe even a hundred years or so), and absolutely not Asians, but with the rise of the (false) Christian Right and neo-Nazism burgeoning on the horizon, there may very well be a Fourth Reich yet…just not in time for the end of the Mayan calendar…..TICK TOCK TICK TOCK WEINLAND. YOUR TIME GROWS SHORT.

    Our time just keeps ticking along!