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Audra Can Take it to the Banks (And From Them)

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

The direct examination of Audra Little in the criminal trial of False Prophet Ronald Weinland continued with a discussion of church operations.

Audra was asked about the legal structure of the church.  She was asked to read excerpts from the Certificate of Incorporation of the Church of God – PKG, Inc.  Here is the exchange:

Q: Would you read that for us, please?
A: “The corporation may have members, but not shareholders, and shall be governed by a board of directors who shall be selected in the manner provided by the bylaws. Prior to the first meeting of the members, the following persons will serve as directors of the corporation.”
Q: And whose name is underneath there?
A: Ronald Weinland.
On further questioning, Audra stated “I don’t believe that we have a board of directors.”

Steve Dalrymple and Greg Chipps were issued 1099s instead of W-2s, which meant they had to pay the full self-employment tax. Jeremy was also issued a 1099 supposedly for some work he did in 2008. Steve Dalrymple was in charge of book distribution following the 2007 Total Resolve Feast of Tabernacles but since has been cut loose to find other employment. There were a series of checks in the amount of $1910 which may have been paychecks.

Greg handles programming for the church, maintaining the Elder’s Management Console (EMC) which is a website for communicating privately with church elders. Also a website for feast registration. Greg puts charges for the church websites on his credit cards and then gets reimbursed by the church. Greg’s wife divorced him in 2008 after he left gainful employment to work for Ron for much less money.

Jeremy does some simple website work, which is updating the church website as Ron generates more sermons repeating the same nonsense mixed in with new signs and lying wonders. I think that all in all Jeremy gets more money than Greg for much less work.

Other elders are reimbursed for direct expenses relating to the church, such as rental of hotel conferences for local church gathering or church related travel.

The only W-2 employees of the church are Audra and Ron. When Audra started in 2007, she got $1000/month for spending money. In 2008 her salary increased to $32,000. Ron’s salary was a bit higher, during discussion of checks written from church bank accounts $5900 amounts were mentioned which I believe were monthly salary checks back in 2007. In 2008, similar transactions in the amount of $8750 were from church accounts written to Ron or Laura.

The examination then discussed the numerous church bank accounts and the Weinland’s numerous bank accounts and credit cards. The church has problems getting credit cards with a high enough limit to suit Ron. So they charge everything on their personal cards. Which are paid off by transferring the money to pay the monthly statement from a church account to a personal account.

Some of the bank statements were presented to the jury. Some accounts were in the name of Church of God – PKG and others for simply Church of God. For the last month of 2008, a couple of wire transfers from outside the country were mentioned: one for $50,000 and another for an amount not mentioned. Audra did not know what these were for. There are overseas bank accounts in Australia, Canada, and the UK for collecting of tithes from overseas members and then the funds are wire transferred to one of the church’s US accounts.

There was also an account in the name of “The-End.Com”, to which the copyright for Ron’s book is registered. For some reason the publisher, BookMasters, Inc. wrote a check to “”. Maybe a royalty check?

These may be multiple corporations. I have previously determined the church tax ID as EIN 341799827, there was testimony of an account with an EIN ending in 0581.

Then another interesting aside about a check that Audra wrote:
Q. Do you remember why you wrote that?
A. Because I was told to.
Q. Okay. Who would have told you to?
A. My mom.
Q. You don’t know why you wrote that check?
A. No. She tells me what to do.
Q. Is she kind of your boss?
A. Yes.
Q. My mother tells me what to do too.

Part of Audra’s testimony concerned checks written from Weinland’s personal accounts for utility bills. Not only were Ron and Laura’s utility bills paid from their personal account, but so were Audra’s mortgage, utility, homeowner’s association, and Internet bills. This on top of her salary.

There were a number of large checks, multiple thousands of dollars written back and forth between church and personal accounts. Ten different church bank accounts and seven different personal accounts were discussed. At times Audra would transfer funds in even dollar amounts such as $15,000, $25,000, or $40,000 from a church account to a personal account. This funds would then be used to pay down the credit card balance in the middle of a statement period (extra payment) so that Ron and Laura would have credit remaining on their card.

The majority of the credit card charges were for Google advertising — but not all. This will be discussed in my next posting on Audra’s testimony.