A Lotta Little Testimony

The witness who spent the most time on the witness stand in the criminal trial of False Prophet Ronald Weinland was Senior Elder Audra Little, church bookkeeper (well not really), and daughter of the Two Witnesses.  She was on the stand from 1 PM on the 4th day of the trial until mid-afternoon of the following day.

The questioning started with Audra’s background.  Her post-high school education included some business courses and an accounting class at community colleges.  She worked at an appliance store in Maumee, Ohio for 9 years.  She lived with Ron and Laura at their Toledo area home until they moved to Kentucky in 2005, but couldn’t remember which year that was.  Audra later moved to Kentucky early in 2007 to work for the church.  Audra married her husband Chris on September 9, 2008 while on a trip accompanying the Two Witnesses on one of the 3 trips they made to Europe that year.

The testimony covered Jeremy’s activities.  He attended school at community college, Cincinnati State, and Northern Kentucky University.  Jeremy lived in Audra’s condo for a time in 2007 and later married his wife Patricia and moved to Germany.

Next, the questioning turned to Audra’s duties for the church.  She termed herself as “office administrator”.  Her duties were to pick up the mail from Ron’s Cincinnati post office box, depositing tithe checks and forwarding mail to various church elders.  She balances the checkbooks and pays the bills for Weinland’s numerous credit cards.  She also handled the mailing out of Ron’s books when she started that job early in 2007, but later that operation was moved out of Ron’s basement to another location with Steve Dalrymple in charge.

Audra described picking up the tithe checks from the church PO box.  She made the trip to Cincinnati about every other day and ordinarily picked up enough checks to require 3 or 4 deposit slips, each of which can list 17 checks.  She made records of the tithes on a computer program set up by Greg Chipps, so she could send out a quarterly tithe report.  That is at least to the US members, who are eligible to deduct tithes from there income for tax purposes.  Unlike members in other countries who don’t have that opportunity since PKG is not registered outside the US.  Marriage ceremonies conducted by Ron or his elders overseas have to be backfilled with a trip to the equivalent of the courthouse.

Audra mentioned the geographic distribution of PKG members.  Cincinnati and Georgia are the largest, followed by Detroit/Toledo.  In some locations members gather in rented hotel conference rooms arranged by local elders who are reimbursed by the church.  Steve Dalrymple handles the Cincinnati area meeting location.

However, there were no members in Las Vegas.  Ron and Laura have traveled on the Church’s dime for both elders conferences and personal trips.  She also mentioned members in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands.  And a few in the Middle East. The foreign areas have bank accounts at which tithes are collected for transfer to the US.

She described how members would listen to Ron on the Internet as he traveled, live if in the US or pre-recorded if overseas.  Sermon tapes can be sent out by April Combs for the older members who don’t access the Internet. Steve Dalrymple rents the hotel room in the Cincinnati area and submits an expense to Audra for reimbursement.

As senior elder, Audra can anoint people, and also counsel with someone if told to.  But she does not minister to a particular congregation.  When asked if she was an “at-large elder”, she did not understand the term.  She was unclear as to how long she had held the position to which she was ordained in January of 2010.  When asked the structure of the church, she said that her dad was at the top with evangelists, senior elders, and elders.  While some members said that God and Jesus Christ were above Ron, Audra’s answer is the accurate one.

Audra couldn’t remember whether it was 2008 or 2009 that she and Chris went to Hawaii for the feast (it was 2009). She was right on target in one exchange:
Q Who decides where the Feast of the Tabernacles will take place?
A My dad chooses the sites.
Q Do you know what criteria he uses?
A No.
Q Is there anything in your belief system that might guide criteria to pick the place of the Feast of the Tabernacles?
A I don’t think so.

Based on the responses to other questions by PKG members called to testify, I think they would have replied that God chose them by placing his name there — even the ones who have not been part of Weinland’s massive ordination program which included both of his children.

With a heavy work schedule, I haven’t yet sorted through all of Audra’s testimony. But I expect to blog more on Audra’s day in the spotlight over the next couple of weeks before the sentencing hearing.



  • Rterlecki says:

    Crooks,crooks,and crooks!!!!!!

  • Budgie Smugglers says:

    As Ron mentioned many times, in past sermons, that tithe money collected by the Church & by elders, also in other areas, was for distribution to help folks in the time when turmoil and destruction were at hand ……… So I wonder If ‘ol Bubble-head, is gonna cut a check for a couple ‘o Mill. and send to the Mayor of New York, to assist displaced folks and help with the clean-up ? I can just see Audra urgeing her father to do this , as we speak ? Hmmmmm …… we shall see ?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Q Is there anything in your belief system that might guide criteria to pick the place of the Feast of the Tabernacles?
    A I don’t think so.

    Telling. God is merely justification for their lies, not a living presence in their lives! Classic “Weinland-ological” thinking…

  • gullible says:

    …church bookkeeper (well not really)…

    if there’s anyone who can talk some sense to ron/laura to give it up and announce that he is a false prophet, it would probably be Audra. Jeremy is too far away. That’s assuming Audra is not in it too (okay, I’m being way too optimistic). Although it would probably already be too late for Audra to do anything that could have redeemed her, if the govt is currently monitoring all financial transactions since the indictment, such as refunding all the money that her parents have scammed from people who left after seeing ron/laura for who they are. Or blowing the whistle on authorities once she felt her parents were clearly out of line.
    As a bookkeeper, she should know where all the money has come from and where it was going. No excuses, except to admit total incompetence.

  • gullible says:

    I wonder if ron will entertain the possibility of hurricane Sandy of preventing the next president being elected? That way, he can claim victory on one of his prophecy that no president will be elected at the end of 2008 as the tribulation would already have begun (Note: ron (with Donald Trump) doesn’t believe Obama is a legitimate president, due to birth certificate evidence being questionable). It’s a pity Donald Trump is not running for president, as ron would be a good partner in that respect, although ron would have to foil Donald’s attempt, so that Obama will win again, to keep his prophecy alive.

  • Whisper01 says:

    Tick tock wRONg, the sand is falling from the hourglass grain by grain… Prison is coming.

  • Rterlecki says:

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  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Beter yet…let’s not buy him any lube at all and let him go through a few hundred ‘dry runs’ as a way of thanking him for cursing us to DIE for not being inb his church…

  • Rterlecki says:

    Yea hahaha you got that right my friend avalo

  • Rterlecki says:

    And have his flock pray for the thunder to happen so children can die. That’s why I hate this asshole and his bitch. Karma baby

  • Rterlecki says:

    Are ex mayor of detroit is on the same page the Feds got him too but he also says I’m innocent yea right, our government picks on this pore people shame on u I.R.S. I hope they can share a cell maybe a 4 bye 4.

  • Helen says:

    OMGOSH.. How funny you guys!!! Yep, dry run is good. You are always thinking Avalo. hahaha Yeah cuz. Let us not waste our money on lube.. He is not worth it..:) I am dying here… You both just cracked me up..

  • Rterlecki says:

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  • Velvet says:

    “As senior elder, Audra can anoint people,”

    NO. She is a woman, and has NO AUTHORITY to do this. I ask again, how do you justify these glaring inconsistencies with their lies that they hold fast to the faith once delivered unto the saints?

    “Q Is there anything in your belief system that might guide criteria to pick the place of the Feast of the Tabernacles?
    A I don’t think so.

    Telling. God is merely justification for their lies, not a living presence in their lives!”

    On this, Avalo and I actually agree!