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The Day Has Just Begun

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was pre-recorded today.  Evangelists Johnny and Harrell were on hand to give the prayers, and all the US and Canadian senior elders except for 3 were crammed into Ronnie’s basement which he paid the builder $70,000 to finish out.  Ronnie is having an elders meeting, but since he’s on a short leash electronically with an ankle bracelet there won’t be the usual Blue Man concerts and deep tissue massages.

At some point PKG members in the US were told to hold onto their tithes.  Perhaps Ron was concerned that the feds would pull the exemption or seize the church bank accounts because the church bank accounts have simply been an extension of the Weinland family’s personal accounts.  Whatever it was is cleared up now and members are now told to send it in.

After last week’s posting, an anonymous PKG member drove by this blog and left a comment taking exception to statements that Ron is comparing himself to Moses.  Ron again compared himself to Moses, delivering the manna of new truths to coasting PKG members who have pulled back.  But members are to stay faithful even if nothing happens this year, if another year is added, if 10 years are added.   I expect all of that to happen, particularly for ex-WCG members.  God could make all of Ron’s prophecies come true in just an hour.  For some it’s not about the timing.  It’s about the way of life, which is mostly sacrificing financially to support the extravagant lifestyle of the Weinlands but now is paying Ron’s mounting legal bills.

Certain things are not for consumption by the average PKG member.  Some things only senior elders are aware of, which they can’t discuss with lay members.  Some members have been reading certain newspaper articles and websites.  Now what could they possibly be reading that could make a difference to what they think about Ron?

Ron stated that the year, the day, meaning the “Day of the Lord” has just begun.  Actually 62 days have elapsed which in a 357-day-long day means that we’re now in the fifth hour of that day.  But since I’m still alive despite being one of the 7000 named to die within the hour of Christ’s return which he began on May 26, then it must have just begun.  Is that clear now?

PKG’s God

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland continued his damage-control sermon series this week. Bob Madison from the Erie PA area was on hand to give the opening prayer and local Tim Brown gave the closing.

Ron seems to be comparing himself to Moses, discussing how the Israelites went off the rails and made the golden calf while Moses was on the mountain getting the stone tablets. Some of Ron’s members were not only coasting during the lead-up to Pentecost, but have been pulling back. He made a statement which suggests that some members are hanging on to their tithes because of the legal situation. While I doubt that the IRS will pull the tax exempt status for Ron’s church, I can’t say for sure that’s not the case,  Loss of exempt status would mean that US members would no longer be able to deduct their tithes from income for tax purposes, which is already true for overseas members. But some started holding back tithes even before that came up.  Shame on you — God really really needs those tithes to pay for the expensive legal defense.

This week I heard from Brian from the UK who left PKG along with 5 others since the day of the Lord started. Six members is significant relative to a remaining PKG membership in the UK of 37. While others who’ve left PKG have gone agnostic with respect to religion, this group is continuing belief in the Bible but taking the Berean approach and are not following a man or his prophecies. They would be interested in corresponding with other PKG members about their shared experiences but prefer not to blog publicly. (Although they did find the comments by others left on my blog valuable.) If you would like to contact them, send me an email and I will forward it. (My address in the picture of the mailbox on the right column.)

Brian tells me that as far as he knows 37 UK members remain in PKG.  Together with figures from Christian about the Australian membership it seems that 15-20% of members have left PKG.  I don’t know if that holds true in the US where many of the members who joined prior to 2008 have other relatives in PKG.

Ron continued from last week’s reading of the email sent out to the membership in Australia, that portion repeated here:

Incorrect “truths”

43rd Truth: The remnant God is awakening will consist of 10% of a third of those in the Worldwide Church of God, before the apostasy began.
If you recall, this has been changed to 63,000 people.

47th Truth: The day Christ returns is the same 24 hour day when all seven vials (Seven Last Plagues) are poured out, once this Seventh Trumpet is blown. It is on this day that the battle of Armageddon both begins and ends. There has always been speculation concerning this prophetic Day of the Lord. Many believe that this prophecy cannot be accomplished in a single day, and many believe that this is a period of time that will last for at least 30 days.
Now the prophetic day of the Lord is a year long, also note the description for the day of the Lord is also the same as the description of the 6th seal.

49th Truth:

The Seven Thunders have been revealed and will happen precisely as foretold.As stated in sermons and in 2008–God’s Final Witness, all these thunders began during the time of the Sixth Seal. They will continue to be fulfilled with increasing magnitude during the time of the Seventh Seal. These thunders are:1) Terror of War: 9/11 is when 6th Seal was Opened (all 7 Buildings of trade center destroyed) and was the beginning of the Seven Thunders.

2) Earthquakes: Related to this are tsunamis and volcanoes.

3) Abnormal Weather: Related to this are flooding, mudslides, wildfires, and loss of agriculture.

4) Global Economic Upheaval.
Still hasn’t happened.

5) Death in addition to destruction (divided into three separate phases and with random order).
Still hasn’t happened.

6) A growing revelation of God’s two end-time witnesses, in both the Church that was scattered and in the world.

The job of the two witnesses has finished, as stated by Ron in his first post on his website, on the 28th or 29th of May from memory. If their job is complete than this CAN’T happen.

7) An accelerated revelation of God to man, in both the Church that was scattered and in the world.
Still hasn’t happened.

And note the 50th has been changed as often as Ron feels like.


From the information made public by Ronald Weinland’s court case regarding taxes for tax years 2004-2008, we have discovered much of what Ron and Laura has said not only in sermons, but in direct conversation to us, is untrue.

In many interviews and sermons Ron said if Christ did not return on May 27, he would fall on his knees, admit to being a false prophet and repent, we are still waiting for this.

Laura said the the indictment on their income was only because of transferring money to a Swiss bank account, however the period of investigation of their income was 2004 all the way to 2008, this began well before they had started moving money to Switzerland.

During this period they had claimed everything from cruises on luxury boats to vet bills for Jeremy’s dog as church expenses, and therefore not part of Ron’s income. So much for a) not lying and b) giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

Ron stated in a sermon that the senior elder, Johnny Harrol (not sure if I spelt that correctly) had unconditional access to the money. In the court case it was discovered that he only had access to the money, which was in Ron’s name, not the churches, in the event of an emergency, such as Ron’s Death. That is also a direct lie to the church.

Ron’s response to the issue with the 43rd truth was: how dare anyone criticize God for adding even more people to those former WCG members would join PKG.  So far God has not even added the 3000 people Ron has long prophesied.  On the 47th truth, Ron asked how anyone could be so shallow.  Perhaps the 6th and 7th seals were confused in the letter, a misstatement.  Ron has been known to make misstatements himself.   I will state that Ron’s day of the Lord is more like the 6th seal which was to precede the day of the Lord, as Ron mentioned that the trumpets had yet to blow — so the events of the 6th seal have not yet happened.  Including some of the thunders, with Ron admitting again that the 5th thunder has not happened, which includes the deaths of 5 specific people which was to prove Ron as a prophet of God.

Laura chuckled when Ron read the statement that the 4th Thunder, Global Economic Upheaval, not having happened.  While we do have global economic upheaval, this statement in Ron’s book “There is much economic uneasiness in the world today, and this is about to lead into an unprecedented economic upheaval worldwide.” There was similar economic upheaval worldwide in the 30’s, and the US dollar has not collapsed as Weinland prophesied in other statements.  Ron admitted that its not final, even though we’re into the day of the Lord.

Ron quibbled with the point that the growing revelation of the Two Witnesses didn’t happen during the period of their jobs.  It could happen later, of course we now have less than 10 months for it to grow so it would have to grow quite rapidly.

When it came to the part of the letter about the court case, Ron just made a flat statement that the letter writer had a complete lack of knowledge about the court case, asking rhetorically where the information came from.  He didn’t read the part of the letter about the trial, and for sure didn’t read the part linking to this website.  The information here comes from newspaper articles, court filings, and statements by members of the juror who sat though the horror show for 8 days.  It seems that Laura has made some confusing statements about the Swiss bank accounts and blamed the whole court case on a simple misunderstanding about the purpose of the account.  In reality, the IRS was not aware of the Swiss bank account when they started investigating Ron.  Their investigation started after being alerted by a bank about the large transactions through Weinland’s bank accounts.

One of the exiting members was told by a PKG member continuing to drink the Flavor Aid “…please leave your God and come back to our God…”.  Yes, PKG members do have a different God: He has a bald head, wears expensive suits, watches lots of cable TV, drinks Starbucks coffee, and drives a BMW. Well except for the last part about the BMW, now that he’s wearing the ankle bracelet of humility and restricted to his home. But his BMW is not lonely, as Audra was sighted at a local ice cream store yesterday before the end of the sabbath at sundown.  While not recognizable in this cell-phone picture,  Audra and Chris are standing behind the view of Ron’s BMW 535xi (the gray car on the left) talking to another couple (the woman wearing green pants).  Enjoy it while you can, Audra. It’ll be a bit hard for you to drive after the IRS hooks it up to a tow truck.

The Day of the Third Witness

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Previously I have blogged about False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s own splinter group, a man who fled to Javan (Greece) along with his wife and teenage daughter two years ago.  I had an update on him a few months ago, including a picture of him wearing a towel over his head in his hotel room in Greece.  The Third Witness, whose name also happens to be Michael, has posted dozens of videos on YouTube ranting on and on about his own versions of the end-time.  Witness Michael believes that he is one of the Two Witnesses and Ron was correct in prophesying that Christ would return on Pentecost of 2012.  Except that Ron is using the wrong calendar, and Pentecost is today, July 19.

Witness Michael took a plane ride to Israel.  On arrival in Jerusalem, the Israelis took one look at his garb, and loaded him on a flight back.  Witness Michael managed to interpret that as fulfilled prophecy based on the length of time (a few hours) he actually spent there.

The Greeks decided that they didn’t care for the potential of adding to the woes they already have with the economy, and put him on a plane back to Miami.  Which he has interpreted prophetically as well.

For some reason he has ended up in the Gallup, New Mexico area, where he has put out a number of YouTube videos recorded out in the woods.  And surprise, surprise.  It turns out that his 3 1/2 day death was not needed.

Probably tomorrow he will have another YouTube video explaining how prophecy was fulfilled today.

Update: Well, we already have a video put up this afternoon explaining that Pentecost runs from sunrise to sunrise (not between sunsets like Ron’s Satanic calender). Witness Michael goes on to blather about the “Michael to Come”.

If he does turn out to be God’s prophet then the only ones to see it will be the 3.33333% who repent and acknowledge him as Witness.  Though I don’t know how the tithe of the third is going to find out about Witness Michael with only a few dozen views of his videos, probably most of them by the idly curious.  His latest video if you’re really really bored (if not prepare to become so).

Deputy Sheriff Wayne Rides Again

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

I have here a series of emails between Wayne Matthews and Christian which he shared with me.  And now you.

We start off the exchange, with Christian emailing Wayne while in the US in support of Ron during his criminal trial which ran June 4 through June 13:

Hello Wayne,

I hope you are having a good time in America.

I just have one very simple question, I know the answer is on the website, but I also know in God’s truth there are no contradictions.

What day (Gods days, from sunset the previous day, to sunset of the date on the Gregorian calendar) were the 144,000 sealed?

If you could please send me the answer I would be very appreciative and it would greatly help my decision.

Thanks in advance,

Wayne replied with the standard answer, referring the question to the website.

Hi Christian, hope all is well.
The answer is in a sermon under Topics – Sealing of the 144,000
“The Feast of Trumpets 2008” (September 30, 2008)

Hope this helps Wayne

Christian still had questions.

I too was under the impression that the 144,000 were sealed on trumpets, and then all future timing (1290 and 1260 days started 45 and 75 days respectively) was using the day of trumpets 2008 as the first day in the count, and that is how we knew it would be Pentecost 2012, is this correct or am I reading this the wrong way?

Wayne stuck with the formula — go to the website:

Hi, answer is under Topics- Timeline questions answered. Now the understanding is Christs return was in fact the Day of the Lord.

Christian still had questions:

Ok, I have just read through that and the bit under topics of Christ’s return-Timing, and I am still having the same problem with the timing.

According to both replies you have given me, trumpets is the first day of the 1335 days, which makes the last day of the 1335 days (I have both counted each day on a calendar and used a program online) May 25 sunset to May 26 sunset (the day of May 26).

Now here is where the problem arises. Here is the section of the topic previously mentioned:
“The actual date and revelation from God concerning the time of the “Sealing of the 144,000″ on the Feast of Trumpets of 2008 is fully unique to only God’s true Church. The full understanding of the completion of God’s work over the past 6,000 years concerning His firstfruits (the 144,000) and their final number being sealed on Trumpets of 2008 and their resurrection 1335 prophetic days later (with 1334 literal days, plus one final prophetic day that is an actual year in length) is a truth given to only God’s true Church. ”

Here it is saying that the last day, according to our previous thinking, was May 27 (now May 27 is the beginning of a year which is counted as a day). However for that to be true the sealing of the 144,000 would have to be the day after trumpets 2008, which all the material you have sent me confirms that they were sealed on the day of trumpets 2008.

The truth quoted from the topics above says the last day of the 1335 is a year, which means only 1334 days could before the beginning of Pentecost 2012, however all research both of church material and a calendar shows me that the 1335th day was in fact the day before Pentecost.

Can you please explain to me, or forward this question to Ron, how the timing of the sealing has changed to incorporate this.

Thank you

Wayne got the point:

Hi, we will look at it and get back to you

.. And later ..

Hi Christian, thanks for your patience. Now that the trial is over we have had time to review this wording.

Yes it was a mistake and Ron is looking to correct it soon to 1335 days ( still getting over the last 8 days of trial)

Thanks for pointing the mistake out

Ron put a posting on his blog on June 15.  Also tweaked his FAQ.   Christian still not on board.

Hello again,
After reading the latest posting I am more confused. The bible says the witnesses (and prophets) do their job for 1260 days. Now Ron is saying his job is continuing as a witness and a prophet, although God showed John (rev 11:3) that they would prophecy for 1260 days. Even if the “prophetic day of the lord” was 1 year long but only counted as a day, wouldn’t this be a contradiction to the Bible? As they would now have to prophecy for 1261 days?

Wayne stays with the formula, regurgitate what Ron said:

Hi Christian, your answer is in the post
“As it has already been made clear in sermons, the work of fulfilling a role as God’s two witnesses ended on May 26, once the prophesied 1260 days was “complete”.

However, their witness continues on into the “Day of the Lord.” These two continue on as prophets and an apostle doing the work that God has given them to accomplish in this final period. That which they stood for during that 1260 days was contained in the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness. They are the focus and representation of the message of that book.

I have been “a witness of this way of life” for 29 years and my witness continues.

Regards Wayne

Christian wasn’t so sure:

Thanks for replying so quickly.

I understand how anyone who is alive is a witness of anything they see, however I am still confused about how their jobs as prophets continues, and doing so defies what is written in the bible regarding Rev 11:3. It specifically puts a number of days they will prophecy for, and now Ron is extending this with no use of scripture to back up the validity of this.

Is there any scripture or similar you can point me in the direction of a particular (or several) scripture(s) to help my understanding in this?

Wayne returns to the primary requirement to be a PKG member — don’t worry about what the Bible says, just listen to what Ron says that it says:

Hi Christian, Only God can give a person the ability to see the truth and to correctly understand a scripture spiritually. The way God reveals truth to the mind is by the power of His holy spirit. God’s spirit is given when a person is called to repentance, been baptized and had the laying on of hands by a true minister of the Church of God. Therefore, without God’s spirit a person cannot come to understand the truth. Without God’s spirit, one can only see scriptures in the light of their current false religious understanding and beliefs.

But Christian had decided to think for himself:

From my understanding you are telling me I no longer have God’s spirit and therefore I can’t understand the scriptures which you are refusing to send me. Can you please explain to me again, in writing so I can read it, what exactly I was disfellowshipped for.

From my understanding of the situation regarding my disfellowshipment, I MENTIONED, not asked, questions I had to Justin M____, He was the ONLY person I spoke to regarding this so I know he contacted you directly after speaking with me. When I spoke to you later that evening, you said that you heard I had some questions, you did not ask what these questions were, but instead told me all the answers were in the posting and the sermon. You then disfellowshipped me for not being in 100% agreence with Ron’s teachings (which I would have thought would be expected, considering not 7 days before, all his teaching became null and void considering Christ returning on the 27th of May, 2012).

According to Ron’s first post, His job as an End-Time witness had finished, and now after 1335 days, we have to wait until the beginning of the 1337th (the 1336th day is a year long, and Christ returns at the start of a day). In previous emails between yourself and I, and on Ron’s latest posting, he says his job as end-time witness has been completed, but he will continue to witness (just as you said “I have been “a witness of this way of life” for 29 years and my witness continues.”).

Now in Revelation 11:7-9 it says “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.” then in 11:11 “And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.”

Ron’s teachings of this are that they were seen as spiritually dead for 3 1/2 years, and on the 27th of May 2012 (the beginning of, not the end of) Laura and Himself would become Elohim. The 3 1/2 days mentioned was years, so adding another year to this timeline would mean changing God’s vision to John to 4 1/2 days. which goes directly against the teaching of “Do not add to or take away from the Bible” not because of the changing of days to years, but because Ron added a day to GODS timeline.

Now as you said over the phone on Saturday the 2nd of June, all the answers were in the posting and sermon. However, I corrected you on one of the untruths on the website regarding my questions, and you (and Ron) accepted these changes. So the answers were NOT as you said. Please do NOT tell me to go back to the website.

In the latest posting, Ron says “The Thunders written about in that book rumbled throughout that time, except for number five. That thunder has not really begun in earnest, but is about to do so” Below are the 5th, 6th and 7th thunders, which have all NOT rumbled. and not the 6th CAN NOT because the job of Ron as an End-Time witness has ended, now he is just a run on the mill witness, like yourself and I:

5) Death in addition to destruction (divided into three separate phases and with random order).

6) A growing revelation of God’s two end-time witnesses, in both the Church that was scattered and in the world.

7) An accelerated revelation of God to man, in both the Church that was scattered and in the world.

In the same posting, Ron says “All of us have suffered as we have entered this final era of the “Day of the Lord.” It has not been easy to shift gears and make a hard right turn in order to follow God into a new “day” that lasts from Pentecost to Pentecost. We have shared in this pain and suffering together, yet we are blessed to take the “high road” that lives the way of God toward all others. That is priceless and noble in the eyes of God. We do not have time to find fault with others, nor to be of a wrong spirit toward anyone who might be seen as the source of some of our pain, but instead we are to practice God’s way, which is one of mercy, genuine forgiveness, and love toward others.” I do not feel like I have been treated in this way one single bit. The churches policy on correction is not to do so unless you are CERTAIN the person is committing sin. PLEASE specify the sin that I have committed, and caused me to be disfellowshipped.
Now I will conclude, asking that you please respond to all the above questions with explanations using Gods words, not Ron’s, and if you have trouble doing so, pass these emails on to Ron. Below is the original question you failed to answer, but instead implied that I did not have Gods spirit, was not baptised, did not have hands laid upon me at the 2011 feast of tabernacles by Zoran Illich, and have unrepented sin that has cut me off:

I understand how anyone who is alive is a witness of anything they see,
however I am still confused about how their jobs as prophets continues, and
doing so defies what is written in the bible regarding Rev 11:3. It
specifically puts a number of days they will prophecy for, and now Ron is
extending this with no use of scripture to back up the validity of this.

Is there any scripture or similar you can point me in the direction of a
particular (or several) scripture(s) to help my understanding in this?

Please include an answer to this question as without these answers I will be unable to fully convict myself that Ron is a true prophet.


Wayne figured out that Christian was being too much of a Berean to follow Ron. Time to cut his losses and not waste any more time.

Hi Christian, It is not my job (nor anyone in the ministry) to explain scriptures or anything to you or to anyone else. It is “God that convicts” someone by the power of His spirit. You either believe God or you don’t. You have chosen not to believe in faith.

I do not have to report to you. When I disfellowshipped you it was for the very reason revealed in this email. You  do not believe God in the spirit of humility. You had spoken to at least 2 others before I disfellowshipped you (that’s why I called you in the first place).

You remain disfellowshipped and until I see clear obvious repentance you remain cut off from God and His church.

Neither Ron or I intend to engage you with regards to any of your questions (which imply you know more than God’s Apostle). If you cannot see the truth, you cannot see it. We pray God grants you repentance to see your current spirit (attitude).

Regards Wayne

For comparison, I have from 3 years ago an email exchange by Ron with an exiting member. Post #1, (if you didn’t follow the link at the end of that post then Post #2, Post #3).

I hope Christian will continue to question as he goes through life, and that more PKG members will join him in questioning Ron.

Weinland’s Spiritual Carnage

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

On the seventh weekly sabbath since Christ’s return, False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave the fourth sermon in a row from the basement of his mansion on the golf course.  He is holding an elders meeting there at the end of the month.  Because of the limited space, only his evangelists Johnny and Terry along with the senior elders will be there.

Ron read a number of selected articles about problems such as the drought, the LIBOR scandal, an Iranian ayatollah with a threat to Israel, and Khomeini’s  end-time theories of his own.

During the sermon, he had an aside describing how he threw his weight around by shutting down a teen social at the 1974 feast at the Lake of the Ozarks because he didn’t like the music the band was playing.

The sermon was a continuation of the series begun last week.  Ron warned that his members should not “coast” as they were in waiting for May 27.  Many would have left PKG after Ron cancelled the first timeline in June of 2008 if he’d waited until 3 months to deliver the sermon on Trumpets of that year.  Similarly, many more would have left PKG if “God hadn’t revealed” the year of the Lord to Ron on the morning of 26th before the moment he didn’t return.  God progressively reveals truth according to his own timing.  Citing a letter from a woman who waited 3 years, he asked if they were willing to wait a year.  Those who wait a year (actually now about 10 months) for Christ to return on Pentecost will wait for the next goalpost Ron sets up after his non return.  Though the logistics of that will be a bit more complicated with Ron in prison, as the prison guards won’t allow him to post on his blog and record a sermon to post on his website.

Ron read part of an email written by a member from “down under”.  Anne, her husband, and son Christian of Australia have parted ways with PKG since the day of the Lord began.  Anne’s email started out:

We are writing this email with regret, but unfortunately the events of the past two month have made it a necessity. I will make it clear now, we do not want to cut ties with you, but will no longer follow a man that repetitively lies to the people he claims to lead. If you wish to keep communication open with Myself, my husband and my son, feel free to. And if you wish to keep in contact with us, you can chose if we talk about church related topics or just as friend.

On the 2nd of June my son was disfellowshipped. He mentioned to a young person in NSW that he had questions regarding all that hadn’t happened, as you would expect after the greatest event in the history of mankind didn’t occur. Not one hour after his communication with this so called brother, Wayne had heard about this questioning and called my son to ensure he didn’t make it to services that day, so much for ministering and guiding the flock.

One of my son’s main questions was regarding the new timing on the FAQ topic “Christ’s Return – Timing” Where it was stated that on May 27th 2012 (1336 days after the sealing of the 144,000) the last day of the 1335 days began, the year long day. The problem he had with this was that for this to be correct, the 144,000 had to be sealed the day AFTER trumpets 2008, which you all know would remove all of God’s meaning from the Holy Day.

After communication with Wayne after he was disfellowshipped, Ron changed the 4th paragraph from the bottom of the topic, and it STILL doesn’t make sense.

Here are the edits made to the PKG “Topics” page in June:

The actual date and revelation from God concerning the time of the “Sealing of the 144,000” on the Feast of Trumpets of 2008 is fully unique to only God’s true Church. The full understanding of the completion of God’s work over the past 6,000 years concerning His firstfruits (the 144,000) and their final number being sealed on Trumpets of 2008 and their resurrection on the “prophetic day” after the 1335 prophetic days of Daniel later (with 1334 literal days, plus one final prophetic day that an actual year in length) is a truth given to only God’s true Church. (See also the “50th Truth” in the Publications section under the heading of “The 57 Truths of God.”)

Despite his college degree in math, Ron has trouble with numbers.  Both in his prophecies and on his tax forms.  Ron claims that everything in “2008 — God’s Final Witness” will come to pass, possibly still in a period as short as one hour, but his website needs to be “tweaked” occasionally. Anne’s email continued:

My son asked more questions, and when Wayne and Ron both couldn’t answer them, my son received a very hostile email from Wayne stating the it was not his, or anyone in the ministry to answer questions. I was always under the opinion that this was EXACTLY what their job was, to help people understand God’s words.

Ron stated that this was twisting and distorting what Wayne said.  Here is what Wayne said in his email to Christian so that you can decide whether Anne twisted and distorted:

Hi Christian, It is not my job (nor anyone in the ministry) to explain scriptures or anything to you or to anyone else. It is “God that convicts” someone by the power of His spirit. You either believe God or you don’t. You have chosen not to believe in faith.

Anne’s email continues:

In the entire history of the Bible, the only Prophet ever to have a prophecy “fail” was Jonah, {Ron interjected that Jonah’s prophecy didn’t fail, densely missing the quotation marks Anne put around the word “fail”, making the same point that Anne went on to make….} and it specifically says in Jonah that because the people changed their ways, God spared them. Man has not changed his ways this time, but Ron’s prophecies have failed.

Ron mocked the last phrase: “my prophecies”.    Yes, Ron. Your prophecies.

Anne and Christian describe PKG in Australia as having about 40 members at the beginning of the day of the Lord, with about a fifth leaving since then.  Anne sent her email to the Australian members, so I think Ron’s sermon is an attempt to hold on to his remaining members.   Ron hopes that Anne and her family will repent and come back.  Ron plans to use more material from Anne’s email in upcoming sermons, and I plan to publish more from them as well.

Ron went on to allude to the criminal conviction and went on to spin things like it’s 1979, referring to the 1979 action by the California state attorney general’s office to secure WCG funds from HWA’s profligacy.  Ron said it’s how the church is portrayed, never being portrayed in a right way.  Wrong, Ron.  The criminal trial was about you, Ron.  You and your behavior and not that of your church members.  I myself did not understand how corrupt you have been until the jurors came on this blog and related the testimony of your profligate spending habits.  Ron asked rhetorically where his members were going to go to get the truth.  Certainly not from Ron, since he is taking the high road by not dignifying the evidence of his misdeeds with a response and leaving it to surrogates like Laura to explain that the indictment was due to the return of funds to the US from Swiss banks.  Hello!!! The IRS criminal investigation began at least 5 months before the Swiss bank accounts were closed.  I think it likely that the IRS didn’t even learn of the Swiss bank accounts until after they started the investigation.

We have now passed 7 weeks since Christ returned, and are now in the fourth hour of the prophetic day of the Lord.  Well past the “same hour” when the 7000 including Yours Truly were to die.

Weinland’s Impacts

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

On Wednesday, June 13, False Prophet Ronald Weinland had “Convicted Felon” added to his long list of titles when the jury in his criminal trail found him guilty on all five charges with just a few hours of deliberation.  His expensive legal defense team paid for by the church wasted no time on what to do next, instructing Ron to ask for help from his members.  The next day, Ron sent out the following:

From: “Ron Weinland”
To: elders
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012
Subject: To All in the Ministry

Hello to everyone,

This is being sent out to all elders and I am requesting that you pass along this request to members in your area. This should be sent out in a coordinated manner, so please follow the structure of Church government to make certain that all areas get covered.

My lawyer has asked me to send out a request to Church members. It is not requested that everyone respond, but if you have what you believe is a strong story of what has impacted your life by my ministry, and you feel moved to write about it, please send a letter to the address listed below. The purpose for this is for the use of the lawyer in his appeal to the judge concerning my future sentencing if it comes to that time. This is a normal legal process, but this needs to be done immediately if you are going to participate.

Please first read the new post that should be up sometime tomorrow (Friday). It is in the spirit mentioned in that post that you should write–one that reflects God’s way. We are looking for examples of things that have impacted your life like financial assistance or other assistance, help through teaching that has changed your life in some manner or some counseling that has done the same. Perhaps your statement might be about help in overcoming some problem in marriage, addiction, relationships, etc. Your response should contain specifics, while being specific, and not be long and drawn out.

It is requested that nothing be sent that is critical or an attack against the government or the system, and do NOT proclaim anything about your belief in my innocence, injustice, etc. This needs to be done by way of mail and not e-mail, so it is all the more important that this be done quickly. So when you write these letters, you need to mention my name and what it is that I have done which has influenced your life.

Here is the address where you need to send the letters:

Frost Brown Todd LLC
Attn: Bob Webb

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Our love,
Ron & Laura

In the posting on his blog that Ron referred to in this email, he stated “We are to pray for those who have engaged in activities against us, who have participated in ridicule and shown disdain toward us. We are to be of a forgiving attitude and remember we were once in those shoes and God has forgiven us. ”  I think that he was referring to the IRS Special Agent who investigated him, to the federal prosecutors who brought charges, to the grand jury that indicted him, and to the 12 jurors in his criminal trial who convicted him after deliberating only part of an afternoon.

I doubt that he was referring to yours truly in his blog posting.  Meaning that I’m still even more special than those sealed as part of the 144,000  — I’m part of a smaller cohort of only 7000 — those who die during the first hour of the prophetic Day of the Lord.

But wait: an hour is 1/24th of a day.  Since the day of the Lord is 357 days “ben ha arbayim” between the two evenings of the Pentecosts of 2012 and 2013, then 1/24th of that is a little less than 15 days.  I’ve been cheated!!! At 45 days since the non-return of Christ, we’re now into the 4th prophetic hour in the prophetic day of the Lord, and I’m still here!!!  What gives?

You also have to wonder if Weinland truly believes his prophetic year of the Lord nonsense.  Since Christ is really-really-for-sure-this-time going to return in about 10 months on May 19, why is he going though all this effort to get these character references?  Since the most they would do is reduce his (probably in the 33 to 41 month range) prison sentence  by only a few months, what difference is it going to make since his elder brother Jesus Elohim is going to come like a UFO and spring him from jail?

I wonder if any of my readers would like to describe how Ron Weinland has “impacted your life like financial assistance or other assistance, help through teaching that has changed your life in some manner or some counseling that has done the same.”  Anything that Ron has ” done which has influenced your life”?  I have a feeling that some of you “think differently”.

Defining Moments

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave the third sermon in a row from his home on the golf course.  Al Volle gave the opening prayer.  Ron’s Flavor Aid overcame the memory of testifying about how deep tissue massages for Ron and Laura are legitimate church expenses, with Steve Dalrymple giving the closing.  There were two interruptions of the Internet feed during the sermon, which Ron blamed on the heat.  Maybe he needs to get a router with a better WiFi, or relocate it so he gets a more reliable connection from the basement.

Ron reviewed his Day of the Lord.  The extra year before May 19, 2013 when Christ really-really-for-sure-returns-this-time is a prophetic day, and May 19 will be a literal day when all 7 vials are poured out.  Since Ron gets to redefine anything, then all contradictions disappear.

Several members left PKG and wrote Ron a letter.  Ron dismisses their reasoning as shallow and grasping at straws, and aches for them because they wouldn’t give Ron just a little more time (again).  Where would PKG members go to get the truths that Ron made up, such as the prophetic fulfillment of WCG and Tkach’s apostasy.  Ron knows how to perfectly prophesy the past, ie reinterpret events according to Biblical prophesy.  So far his track record at prophesying the future has been perfect — a perfect failure, that is.

Ron reviewed past events.  The first trumpet blast really did occur on December 14 of 2008 but so far its effects have been spiritual.  All the thunders are sounding extremely loud, as Ron read a number of articles about the drought.  Although Ron allows that thunder number 5 is the exception.  Which includes the deaths early on of 5 specific ministers to prove whether Ron is indeed a prophet of God.  Since all 5 of these ministers are still alive over 6 years since Ron first pronounced this while reading a draft of his book, and over 5 years since he wrote them letters warning them to repent or die, we have our answer.  Or maybe Ron forgot to drop the letters off at the post office on the way to the BMW dealer to buy his first of 3 BMWs during 2007.

With Ron’s ever flexible definitions of time, this year of the Lord is a moment that defines PKG members just as Joseph Tkach was defined during the 3-hour moment of his sermon in Atlanta which ended more than 40 weeks and one hour before his death.

Here is the moment that defines Ron, a statement he made during the last sermon of the year that he bought 3 BMWs and went on a Total Resolve Mediterranean Cruise that defines him perfectly:

Well, what if Ron Weinland and what he says doesn’t come to pass in April?  What if these things don’t happen in 2008? I think about what I’ve said in interviews.  There’s really a simple answer — he’s a false prophet. I get tons of email every day from people saying ‘We’ll, I guess in 2009 you’re going to be saying this or saying that, or trying to explain to people..”   No, I’m done.  Just to be real candid with you, so people know and people understand, ……, again that’s the only answer.  There is only one answer.  …. The world is not like that.  You know people who are doing what is not right and they claim certain things or say certain things about what is given to them, and it doesn’t come to pass — then they have to madly change everything and do something else.  Or say ‘God showed me this, and I just didn’t understand this, or God has revealed this to me now, and blah blah blah blah. ’ Because when it comes down to it, it’s about the paycheck.  It’s about what are they going to do from here on out.



The Horse Still Isn’t Talking

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Last week I posted a copy of the pathetic motion Ron’s expensive defense team filed asking that the guilty verdicts be set aside.  The government has responded, with the US attorneys filing this response.

——————-  Government’s Response to Weinland’s motion to acquit ———

Comes now the United States of America, by and through counsel, and responds to the Defendant’s Motion to Set Aside the Verdict and Enter a Judgment of Acquittal. See R. 91: Defendant’s Motion to Set Aside the Verdict and Enter a Judgment of Acquittal. The Court should deny the Defendant’s motion because it ignores eight days of trial testimony and evidence, and because it falls far short of the standard for Fed. R. Crim. P. 29(c)(1) motions the U.S. Supreme Court set forth in Jackson v. Virginia, 443 U.S. 307 (1979).

When reviewing a Rule 29 motion, a court must consider “whether the record evidence could reasonably support a finding of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” Jackson, 443 U.S. at 319. This inquiry “does not require a court to ask itself whether it believes that the evidence at trial established guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” Id. (emphasis in original) (citing Woodby v. INS, 385 U.S. 276, 282 (1966)). Instead, a court must determine “whether, after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, any rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.” Id (emphasis in original); see also Johnson v. Louisiana, 406 U.S. 356, 362 (1972); United States v. Jones, 102 F.3d 804, 807 (6th Cir. 1996). On review, a court “may conclude a conviction is supported by sufficient evidence even though the circumstantial evidence does not remove ‘every reasonable hypothesis except that of guilt.’” Jones, 102 F.3d 807 (quoting United States v. Stone, 748 F.2d 361, 363 (6th Cir. 1994)).

The Defendant’s motion should be denied because the United States presented sufficient evidence to satisfy the Rule 29 standard set forth above for Counts 1 through 5 of the indictment, which charge the Defendant with attempting to evade or defeat a tax for the calendar years 2004 through 2008, all in violation of 26 U.S.C. § 7201. The Court instructed the jury that the elements for the offenses charged are:

(1) First, an income tax was due and owing from the Defendant in addition to that declared on his income tax return;

(2) Second, the Defendant made an affirmative attempt, in any manner, to evade or defeat this income tax; and

(3) Third, the Defendant acted willfully in attempting to evade and defeat the tax.

The evidence the United States presented, which must be viewed in the light most favorable to the government, Jackson, 443 U.S. at 319, is overwhelming, and includes, but is not limited to, the following.

With respect to the first element, that an income tax was due and owing from the Defendant in addition to that declared on his income tax return, the United States introduced the Defendant’s tax returns for the years 2004 through 2008 into evidence. The Defendant’s tax returns for 2004 through 2007 showed that he paid little or no tax for each year; the Defendant’s 2008 tax return showed that he paid insufficient tax. The United States also introduced analyses showing the Defendant’s unreported income for each of the years at issue. The United States offered the testimony of Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Agent Kenton Pillow, who described the evaluation he performed which showed a tax due and owing for the years 2004 through 2008. The United States also introduced into evidence the Defendant’s 2008 tax return, completed by a Certified Public Accountant after the Defendant became aware that the IRS was investigating him, which showed the Defendant’s taxable income for personal expenses for which his church paid.

With respect to the second element, that the Defendant made an affirmative attempt, in any manner, to evade or defeat this income tax, the United States introduced evidence that the Defendant filed tax returns in which he falsely reported his income for the years 2004 through 2008. The United States also introduced evidence the Defendant’s failure to report on his tax returns both personal expenses paid for by the church and a foreign bank account. In addition, the United States proved that the Defendant failed to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts for the years 2004 through 2007, comingled church and personal bank accounts, and comingled church and personal expenses on his numerous credit cards. The United States introduced evidence that the Defendant created a corporate entity in which only he would have access to the entity’s financial statements, exploited the church’s 501(c) status by failing to file wage information with the IRS, placed church money in a personal Swiss bank account for personal use, funded the lavish lifestyles of his wife and children with church funds, and completed IRS Forms W-2 for himself and his daughter and Forms 1099 for church employees without consulting the church’s bookkeeper.

With respect to the third element, that the Defendant acted willfully in attempting to evade and defeat the tax, the United States offered both testimonial and documentary evidence that demonstrated the Defendant knew of his tax reporting obligations and acted to defeat them. This evidence included testimony from church members that the Defendant instructed them to pay their taxes and that the church issued quarterly receipts to members documenting their donations which were to be used to take deductions on their taxes. The United States demonstrated that the Defendant regularly completed and filed Forms W-2 and 1099, created a 501(c) organization, and took the parsonage allowance each year on his own taxes. The United States proved that the Defendant comingled money from church and personal accounts with church and personal expenses in an effort to conceal his true income. The United States further proved that the Defendant attempted to conceal his true income by misstating it on a BMW credit application. The United States also proved that the Defendant controlled the church’s operations, expenses, and expense reimbursement, and used church funds for the benefit of himself and his family.

For these reasons, the Court should deny the Defendant’s Motion to Set Aside the Verdict and Enter a Judgment of Acquittal.

Respectfully submitted,
By: s/ Christopher L. Nasson
Assistant United States Attorney

—————— end of government’s response to acquittal motion ————————-

Here the government has cited overwhelming evidence of Weinland’s guilt.  One item that is conspicuously absent is any mention of Weinland’s religion or any indication that his church does not own buildings.  Many PKG members have bought the story that Weinland was convicted because PKG does not own any church buildings.  That’s not it at all.  Weinland was convicted for failing to pay taxes on the money he looted from tithes and substantial offerings for Godly purposes such as putting diamond rings on Laura’s fingers and BMW wheels beneath himself and his family members.  Since I’ve heard this argument from more than one PKG member, I have to think that this is something that Ron is selling.

The exchange of the motion by the defense to acquit and the government’s response is a type of the way Weinland deals with people.  Weinland expects people to believe him just because he said so, and his critics respond with specific evidence.

Note: since I have something else going on this weekend, my sermon summary posting may be delayed.  But this gives you something to chew on in the meantime 😉