What About May 27?

Since False Prophet Ronald Weinland has long described the return of Christ as May 27, 2012, most who do not look into him further expect that means that Christ’s return is today, Sunday.  However, Weinland’s theology starts the holy day on the sundown of the prior evening.  Additionally, Weinland stated that Christ would return at sundown in Jerusalem which corresponded to mid-day in the United States on May 26.  See the Count-UP clock over in the right column.  Since then and also since Christ did not return, Weinland is “moving forward”.

Weinland is moving forward, and so is this blog.  To cover the aftermath of Weinland’s prophetic failures.  And then there’s the criminal trial of Ron in federal court which begins June 4.

This post is an announcement — comments are not enabled on this post.  However comments are enabled on other posts down below with more details on Ron’s antics.  Also, check out the pages linked in the banner at the top of the blog.  The “Biography” page is on Weinland, the “About” page is about me.