We Move Forward

False Prophet Ronald Weinland delivered his Pentecost sermon in Cincinnati live and in person today.  And as a non-spiritual being, since Christ did not return yesterday and make him a member of Elohim. He redelivered the sermon he posted last night for the acolytes in time zones earlier than the US.  But he had additional content, with the sermon today lasting 2 1/2 hours instead of the under 2 hour sermon he gave last night.  One item of additional comment was to remind people to send in their holy day offerings, as though they haven’t already given enough.

To recap the main points, the jobs of the Two Witnesses are over. Despite all his failures, which is everything he prophesied, Ron is still a prophet.  Oh, and an apostle to boot.  Jesus Christ will still return on Pentecost.  But not this one.  Christ returns next Pentecost, May 19, 2013.  That is, he will return on that date until he doesn’t and at that time Weinland will have another date.

The year in front of us is the “day of the Lord” mentioned in Act 2:20:  “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:”  Ron had to invoke his special Strong’s Dictionary and Greek scholarship skills to rearrange that translation.

Over the next year, the thunders and trumpets will be fulfilled.  Everything in “2008 — God’s Final Witness” will yet come to pass. And I’m not out of the woods as I’m still on the list of 7000 “named” to die.  We on that list will be picked off over the next year.  Because it’s silly for our deaths to produce a result in only one hour, as it was silly that all 7 trumpets would blow in an hour.  How could anyone be so silly???

Despite the turmoil Ron prophesies for the next year, Ron plans to hold a feast this fall, for all 8 days.  He instructed his elders to try to establish the same feast sites used last year.  This was right after describing the mockery PKG members would be enduring.  So Ron mocked them for their consternation at having spent all that money following him around the past few months.  Somehow members will be able to attend despite having only 4 months to save up for the feast starting October 1.

And if they’re not able to attend because they gave even extra money to finance Ron’s latest Google ad campaign?  Well that’s on the member because they are the one who chose to do it.  But rest assured that Ron has a heavy heart, because Christ didn’t return as he prophesied to end all their misery.  But rest assured that Ron feels your pain, because he has that criminal tax trial to deal with now.

Ron has elevated Willem Henderson in the Netherlands to the rank of evangelist.  When he ordained Johnny and Wayne, he said that was it but since then we’ve had Terry and now Willem.

While he mentioned one person he disfellowshipped for sending out a dissenting email, many PKGers are still drinking the Flavor Aid.  Ralph Dowd and Steve Dalrymple were on hand to give the prayers.  (Steve is expected to be on hand to testify for the government in Ron’s criminal trial.)  Ron also read a number of emails from faithful members who while disappointed at the non-events of yesterday are continuing to outsource their thinking to Ron.

Ron’s theme was “We Move Forward”.  Yes we do.  “We” being Ron and yours truly.  We’re both still here.  For now, anyway. The most truthful thing Ron said was to the effect that by the end of June he’ll know the outcome of the criminal trial, characterizing it as God’s will.  I think it will be the will of 12 jurors picked to judge the governments case.  I’ll be covering that, as well as the fall out from his latest prophetic failures.  I think a few more will leave or have already left and we may hear from them.  I’m hoping that if they need a place to talk about it and have no other place that they’ll come here.


  • Mark says:

    I would hope that if some ex-PKGers would want to talk about their experience that they would come here first. In fact, I invite anyone who is ready to declare Ron Weinland as a false prophet to not be shy and post her their experiences on this blog. You are loved and accepted here.

  • martin says:

    “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:”

    Did that happen? Because I missed it.

    Since the Day of the Lord started on Sunday, and the Day of the Lord is only starts after that, and if Christ is coming back a year later, then I can assume somebody witnessed the Sun going black and the moon turning to blood, am I right?

    Or did Ron say it was spiritual?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    That’s what he used Strong’s Dictionary for. Please don’t ask me to explain it. 😀

  • martin says:

    Do you happen to know where in the sermon it is offhand?

    I want to hear his Ron-speak interpretation, it should be amusing.

  • Helen says:

    Mike that was an awesome invite. I hope everyone knows you are serious and they will take your invitation.
    This blog has helped and is helping many. We who have been in PKG know how hard that first step is to make the move forward. But when you have others who understands what you are going through it will make it alot easier. Wish this blog was
    up when I left. It took awhile, but I am so thankful I did get out. I promise you it will be worth it. Some of you if you are reading this blog who is in or was in PKG may know me, so please get on here and make it easier on yourself. First step is the hardest.

  • YYZ says:

    I bet his next in command is drooling for Ron to go to prison so he can take over and start raking in the bucks!

  • Helen says:

    Right now I just want family and friends out of there. That is why I so badly want them to get on Mikes blog.

  • martin says:

    Ron’s habit of ordaining people left and right, seems to be a very effective maneuver.

    So sad that that’s all it takes to snare somebody and make them captive.

  • Helen says:

    Sorry Mike, I meant Martin. I mean Mark.. phew. I need my glasses on dang it. Mark I mean that was a sincere invite I know.
    Mike i know you are thinking the same thing.

    OK. Glasses back on… Mark, Mark , Mark.. There i got it right..:)

  • martin says:

    Just curious
    Helen – what was your primary reason for leaving? Was it failed prophecy? Was it after the first failed prophecy or did it take a string of them?
    Would a theological argument have worked? ie The Two Witnesses are indicated as being “sons of oil” in other words, two men, this is sort of hidden in the Hebrew, but some translations will have it that way. In other words, for example, Jesus was prophesied to be a male, and if somebody were born a female and took the name of Jesus and said she was the messiah, then presumably it would have been a no-brainer to reject her claims. This is the case with TTW’s. Yet nobody seems to bother or care that the bible explicitly tells you their genders.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    martin, start listening to Ron’s blather at about 0:48 minutes into the sermon. He may have actually spent more time on it in the version he posted last night.

  • Richard Ball says:

    The only word Failed Witness Ronald Weinland needs from Strong’s is the Hebrew word ḥuṣpâ (חֻצְפָּה), meaning “insolence”, “audacity” — or, as we know it today, “chutzpah”.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Actually, I don’t think the original Greek in Revelation 11 is specific as to genders. And if you want to mix other vague Bible verses in “sons of oil”, then maybe you can make it so. But if you don’t want to do that, then you can make them both women if you want. The Bible is so wonderfully versatile!!!

  • martin says:

    Yes, the greek in Rev. 11, is gender neutral, but not in Zech 4:14 (I mentioned it a long while back).

    None of the PKGers, seem to care about this “trivial” little point.

    (unless Laura is a man, which is entirely possible)

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Looking at Zech 4:14, and pulling a Ron, there are possible interpretations of the original Hebrew that are gender neutral. And to say whether or not Zech 4:14 and Rev 11:3 are talking about the same people is up to interpretation.

    So theological arguments are not winnable, in my opinion. Or, depending how you look at it, both sides can win at the same time!!! 😀

  • Helen says:

    Martin. I didn’t know enough about theology to understand a word he was saying. Just the more he preached and became prophet, witness, (him and mrs..) starting demanding us do what he says, etc. etc. I just figured he was a mean s.o.b..nut, prideful . The more he ranted the more I questioned myself. He got so doom and gloom. The biggest thing for me was when he chooses who God tells him to bring into the fold. That at least I knew was wayyyyyyy out there. Plus my own husband doesn’t give me correction why would I let another man give me correction to tell me what and what not to do. Especially when it came to my husband when Ron told me PKGers can’t be around him. No man or person is going to tell me my husband can’t hang around other PKGers because God told Ron he is not ready. OH PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK. He messed with the wrong chick..I got out of there. He is a quack.. It still was hard leaving the friends and family, but Ron and Laura are truly jerks. When I got out is when I started learning for myself and searching scripture. Now I know for sure he is a false Prophet. I probably would have left sooner if I knew the bible and what it said.
    I could go on and on but I am not. We all know he is a crazy man..
    Lets see Marin what was the reason? It is a cult.. and Ron was a horrid man and Laura was a mean gossipy woman..

  • Helen says:

    BTW. I never heard of WCG, United or any of those churches, just PKG. I came out of the world. I bet Ron is kicking himself in the arse for even letting me in… at least I hope he regrets it.

  • martin says:

    Most cross reference bible will (in Rev. 11) refer back to the Zech 4 chapter, I do not know for sure offhand, but I believe Ronald Weinland has used Zech 4 when discussing the Two Witnesses.

    I realize abusing Strong’s Concordance is Ron’s favorite hobby, but no actual expert in Hebrew would (if doing a literal translation) use any other expression than “sons of oil”.
    Usually the gender neutral phrase “anointed ones” or something to that effect is used in most English translations, but literally it should read “sons of oil”.

    Plus abusive substitutions do not make sense, like…I believe “daughter” can be used, but “daughter” is singular, it is not “son and daughter” or “daughters”, so in the context, it does not work.

    In Ronald’s “double think” mind, he would apply his own warped interpretation, but the PKG member…if he is honest, can look at that verse on his/her own, and maybe make up their own mind on what the verse says. I do not know if any PKGers seem to care, I believe most would not, if they were shown.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    As far as the 1st 3 paragraphs, sure. Whatever.

    Regarding the last paragraph, a PKGer will believe whatever Ron tells them. Up is down. Yes Ron! Whatever God shows us!!!

  • A man like Weinland could easily be mistaking Strong’s Concordance with the phone book.

  • JB says:

    It just so happens that I read Acts 2:20 in my church this morning. This is from the EVS, the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day. vs. 21 says: and it shall come to pass that everyone that calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Note that vs 21 doesn’t say, just PKG or one church or some number, but EVERYONE! I can’t stand to listen to Ron but I bet he never mentioned vs 21. I am so disappointed that Ron is just going about business as usual, like he did nothing wrong. I guess being a con artist is like an adiction, you just can’t stop.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    And Flavor Aid is highly addictive for PKG members also.

  • Jocko says:

    Martin, A little after the 52:00 minute mark Ron starts talking about the day of the Lord. He then starts talking about how his job as a witness is over but he’s still a prophet, disciple, etc.
    Immediately thereafter he begins to twist the day of the Lord verses and please be warned this goes on for quite some time. Good luck.

  • YYZ says:

    I think I heard this song subliminally during his latest sermon:


  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Great minds think alike, YYZ. Hence the title to my post for the first version of the sermon.

  • martin says:

    I listened to a good portion of it….
    Ronald is blathering utter nonsense…..and I don’t mean biblical interpretation nonsense, just utter nonsense…..
    He’s utterly clueless in understanding greek, or how to use Strong’s concordance, or plain ole English for that matter.

  • martin says:

    It’s laughable because he mentions how people abuse the greek to get 3 days out of 1 1/2 days, in support of Fri/Sun Easter custom, when he’s doing the exact same thing.

  • Movin' On says:

    I’ve been reading here daily, hoping that this weekend would be a turning point for our family. Looks like it isn’t the turning point we were hoping for. My husband who has been in PKG 4+ years (and drug the rest of his family in for about a year) spent the night at an elder’s house where he attends services. Not sure if he is coming back. While we were on the phone this evening his tone was so self righteous it made me sick. Not looking forward to the next bit of time for our kids’ sakes. Even when he is here (which isn’t often) he isn’t really here.

    He just revealed (after constant pressure about finanaces that didn’t add up) having taken out 2 credit cards and run up big bills on them following Ron around the country. Avalo ~ you may have been right about the divorce thing. He is nowhere close to the man I married and after all the garbage he has drug us through, I’m not really that sad about losing him. I am sad for our kids, but they are strong and we have been able to talk about it and laugh and joke about the amount of food in our house…turkey bacon…the world ending…using that as an excuse to play more war video games (to be prepared to fight whoever come to take down the US)…the motor home he bought so we could travel around the world after massive destruction has taken place (and how would the motor home survive the massive destruction?). Anyway, thanks for the thoughts everyone and I’ll let you know how things progress.

  • JB says:

    Movin’on, this has to be a very difficult time for you. Hang in there, your family seems very strong and that will help.

  • YYZ says:

    My sympathy goes out to you and your family. I have seen your past posts. You are one effected by Ron’s church in real-time. Stay strong Movin’ On!

  • Jocko says:

    Martin, The reality is that Ron’s becoming more deluded with each passing day. The psychotic babbling he did with the day of the Lord verses is becoming the norm for him these days. During his “final sermon” he sounded very depressed so much to the point where his sister and others here posted their concerns that they thought he may even try something as drastic as taking his own life.

    He turned that around overnight with his next sermon and to me this seemed very similar to a person suffering from manic depression or bipolar disease. One of my best friends was bipolar and we were roommates for years so I’ve seen it first hand. Even though it’s very clear that Ron suffers from some type of mental disease I don’t think it’s bipolar but then again I’m not a doctor.

    That final sermon was the only time I’ve heard him sound depressed but who knows once the reality of his criminal trial slaps him in the face he may learn the hard way how terrible a disease depression really is. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy if you ask me.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I’m so sorry Moving On. If only they could see it is their PRIDE that stops them admitting they are wrong! They CAN’T be wrong because they have invested everything in their belief.

    Now it’s as if they are simply willing Jesus to return. So sad. So pathetic.

    It’s hard to have any sympathy for his current followers, if they stay now they will probably never leave.

  • Tony from Wisconsin says:

    I love a prayer or thoughts to Guardian Angels. “Angel of God my guardian dear to whom Gods love commits you hear – ever this day be at my side to lite to guard to rule to guide”. Hang in there “Moving On” There are forces far far greater then Ron Weinland behind you. Maybe we all should ask our God and Lord to please send a legion of Angels to protect all that are being misled and misused by Ron and Wifie. I do.

  • Matt says:

    That is terrible, Movin’ on. I am so sorry for you and for your children. It is terrible when people put these cults before everything else. It is like a drug sometimes.

  • Frank says:

    “I am sad for our kids, but they are strong and we have been able to talk about it and laugh and joke”

    That’s the one good thing about the whole situation. I know how sad it must be to have a husband/father down that path, but you should never EVER let your kids fooled by insane liar Weinland. Ridiculize him and his beliefs, make sure they lose all their respect for that silly delusional man. Sooner or later your husband should feel forced to take a decision: PKG or my family… and I don’t really know how a person, even with just one functioning neuron in his brain, could ever choose the former.

  • Atrocious says:

    I can, Frank, because my husband did. We weren’t in PKG, we were in Armstrong’s church. When I finally left, my kids were grown. He was glad I left, although he didn’t want a divorce because “it was against his religion”. I finally got it anyway. When I left, he was immersing himself anew in Armstrong’s books so he could increase his faith. As of now, he lost his wife and both of his kids (neither one of them have any contact with him) for Armstrong. He told me I would be welcomed back with open arms if I changed my attitude. I started my life when I left.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Frank, I believe that Moving On’s husband has already chosen PKG over his family, given the fact she’s described: his inattention to his family and spending the family’s financial resources on the prophecies of this insane liar.

  • Rterlecki says:

    hang in there moving on , this basterd will get his someday be strong

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Movin’ On:

    My comment (about divorcing your husband because he is committing himself to a life that is destructive to you and your kids) indeed, as you said yourself, was most likely correct.
    But I thought I would add a little to it so you understand more fully where I am coming from. As you know, I am a fire-breathing, anti-Christian atheist. I did not choose this path completely of my freewill, but I came to fully accept what I now believe on my own terms and base my existence on my knowledge of science and my disbelief in the veracity of religious doctrines (Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc). What I am going to say to you is not based on my beliefs or opinions about religion or science, rather I am going to talk to you straight from the heart…no dogma, no advice, no “I told you so”…just one concerned human to another.

    I am a married man with kids. My wife is a devout Zen Buddhist from Vietnam, and my kids (two adorable girls) are being raised to be free thinkers, with the freedom to choose religion or not when they feel like doing so. If they become Christians, it is their choice, no matter what I believe or think, and I will NOT try and stop them. THis FREEDOM they have is a direct result of my wife’s Buddhist beliefs and my atheistic belief in not being coerced into beliefs you do not want to follow. This is a freedom I DID NOT have when I was a child to my late teens. You clearly are a LOVING mother, who cares deeply about your children, and rightfully wants them to be as happy as possible. Your comments and opinions hee on this site reveal you to be a truly EXCELLENT “mamma-bear”, looking out for her cubs. That instinct is telling you that you have some potentially hard decisions to make when trying to decide what is best for your children’s future, your own sanity, and such.

    I survived a living nightmare that forced on me while I was a naive, young kid, and was thrown out into the world with no help. And I survived. YOu, on the other hand, will be making a decision that will ultimately SAVE your children from that nightmare, the nightmare of growing up with a religiously deviant parent(s), and the SECURE knowledge that their mother was willing to make HARD choices out of her love for them. As I have learned from my wife and daughters, kids are VERY tough and understanding when they know that any/all decisions you make for them are based on LOVE and not just trying to get them to do what YOU want. My wife was just a little girl who had to basically survive on her own during a violent, completely chaotic war…surviving on garbage and spending her days basically just trying not to get raped or murdered. No school, no ice cream, no Barbie dolls. just machine guns, murder, garbage, fear, rape, and no hope for a/the future. She learned early on that humans are remarkable creatures who can find beauty in a mine field if they have to, or die in misery in a million dollar mansion.

    DO NOT underestimate your children’s ability to understand LOVE even if it is a DIFFICULT expression of it. Tell them you LOVE them, explain to them in the appropriate terms what is happening, let them realize that the Daddy they have is now NOT the man you married, and that he is a spiritual and financial threat to their future. Also explain to them that this is NOT what you expected or WANTED to happen in life, and that the kids need to be protected from possible dangers to their future and spiritual well-being. I am NOT saying you MUST do X, or Y, or get divorced per se…BUT letting your kids in on the decision or thinking about what is or should be happening will make them feel like they are not the problem, rather they can have a say in their future and that you VALUE them and their FEELINGS. Then, no matter what happens, you can honestly say you did your best in a situation that may make doing your best still not seem very good.

    Believe me, I NEVER thought I would survive my experiences as a late teen, I thought I was COMPLETELY and UTTERLY f***d. Well, decades later, my amazing, happy wife, two adorable daughters, cat, house, pool, great job, world travel, multiple vehicles, and such say that I had nothing to fear. But even if I lost all my stuff, and lived in a bachelor suite with my family no barely scratched by, I would STILL have the love of my family, and we would stick together and love/support each other, and have a happy life trying to survive TOGETHER. Your kids sanity aNd health are THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT YOU CAN ‘”GIVE” THEM THROUGH LOVING THEM SO MUCH THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO MAKE ANY/ALL DECISIONS THAT WILL SAVE THEM FROM IGNORANCE, SUFFERING, AND CONFUSION. You are going to feel like crap a lot of the time trying to do so…but as you well know…even a smile and a hug from one of your own children can make fear and doubt disappear for another day.YOU CAN HAVE HAPPY, LOVING CHILDREN coming out of this situation. It IS possible, and YOU CAN do it.

    Believe me…if my wife and I can survive the Vietnam War, homelessness, parental abandonment, complete poverty, student loans, and no social support, YOU could become the President of the USA!

    …as a GREAT American once said, “You have nothing to fear, but Fear itself…”

  • randy terlecki says:

    if any pkg members are going to the feast in Florida this year, i have some swamp land i will sell u and mary k , i will give u half off my friend

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Mike (DDTFA): Sorry I am posting so much, but I think that what I have to say will help “Moving On” and maybe some of the (thinking) PKGers who want to escape from Ron. I beg your indulgence.

    Moving On:

    To me personally, having been torn away from the soft, blissfully bosom of Armstrong theology into a world where ‘God’ wasn’t looking out for me, was completely TERRIFYING, on a deep psychological/spiritual level. I remember getting a terrible “dead”, metal feeling in my stomach, and breaking out into a cold sweat just thinking about how god now hated me because I wouldn’t just follow blindly Herbert W. Armstrong, God’s End Time Elijah, etc. I was actually suicidal, and on many days, mere hours away from killing myself. I really didn’t want to, but to me there was NO HOPE. Not ‘no hope without God’, but no hope without without God’s love…VIA Herbert W. Armstrong’s theology! Thus, to be without HWA was to be without hope, to be lost, and SUICIDE seemed the only “logical” choice.

    So I broke it down logically one day by staying up all night at a 24 hour coffee shop, writing stuff down on a notepad, and explored my “existential options”. It went as such:

    1. HWA taught that there is no Hell (eternal torture, screaming, etc), so I wasn;t going to burn in hell forever. So I was OK there.

    2. The Lake of Fire into which HWA said sinners were to be cast burnt them up instantly, so I would at least be put out of my misery. Not so bad an option.

    3. This life was the worst I would then have to go through: poverty, possibly being stabbed, dying of cancer, going blind, etc. THIS is what scared me the most. So now I knew what I need to figure out. How to NOT go blind, become homeless, or get stabbed, etc. I found problems I had at least a SMALL chance of solving to take some(?), possibly all (?) of my fear away in this life, BEFORE I died and then was resurrected by God to be KILLED instantly…which I was OK with. LOL!! No pain, no worries… 🙂

    4. So now the problem was: I was terrified of poverty, homelessness, and such in this “new” world of 9actual) reality I was in. The reality of the heathens and the sinners who “refused” to listen to God via herbert W. Armstrong. I was now one of those God-hating, arrogant, HWA rejecters I was wanted about for years. That made me feel TERRIBLE. I didn;t want to be a God hater. I wanted tor eturn to that soft, ‘safe” place where God would never let me get cancer, and I would always have money, and then I would be a preist and king in the World Tomorrow. Sh*t!!! I want back in the Matirx!! But it was too late. I was so dejected and ‘lost’ I felt I had to just cling to reality for dear life until the inevitable happened…I died and then God threw me into a Burning Lake!! LOL!!

    5. So then I knew I had to solve the coomon place problems of living. If I won 10 million dollars inb the lottery, I imagined, I would be able to survive this life until the Burning Lake, so what I really feared was being without money. That, I discovered, is what everyone else is scared of. Not having a job = no money. Being sick = not being able to work = no money. I saw that 10 million dollars didn;t solve any of my spritual problems, but if I carefully managed 10 million or less I could probably survive somehow.

    6. So I then knew I had to get money. I was too scared to be a drug dealer, or commit petty/major crimes, and I felt that stealing/killing, etc, was bad, so I knew I had to do things above board. So that meant geting money through work things, like selling or teaching, or making things, or investing, or something that I had to work at.

    7. So I figured otu what I wanted to do, and discovered I was going to have to go to school, get student loans, etc. Now remember I am still scared, but at least this way it seems like if I do something, maybe I will get a couple dollars, OR if I go to school, I will hopefully be able to get a job that will pay off the student loans, etc.

    8. When I was 20 I had a MAJOR medical crisis and was clinically dead for about 5 minutes. I had the experience of floating towards the light, and it felt SO INCREDIBLY peaceful and happy. I didn’t feel like God was in the light, or that it was a religious experience. But it FELT fantastic, and I thoroughly ENJOYED it. I to this day still don;t know what it was or meant, but I can ASSURE you that the actual act of dying is NOTHING to be scared of. Dying while conscious IS scary, but once you get to the “light at the end of the tunnel” part, you are happy and at peace. SO THEN…I was not even afraid of actual death OR DYING.

    9. So now the only “problem”: I had was getting my hands on enough money to pay for basi needs, tuition for university, (healthy) food, and such. No fear of God, no fear of death, no fear of dying, and a LOT of FEAR about money.

    10. But I planned, strategized, saved, and such VERY carefully, and now? Well, you have probably read enough of my posts to know that I am NOT having any problems with money. Death is unconsciousness, dying is easy, and living a life dedicated to education, passion for great books/art/music, my family, learning, and such has given me a life beyond imagination for a lonely 17 year old ex-vcult member thrown out into a world he COMPLETELY didn’t understand.

    Moving ON: Life can be hard, but like Monopoly or chess, it is COMPLETELY winnable if you learn, grow, and LOVE.

    You and anyone lese here at this blog can live a GREAT life with or WITHOUT God.

    You CAN do it, and if you CHOOSE to, you WILL do it…


  • There is no such thing as a “win” with selfish Armstrongist cult leaders, because even if you are able to be instrumental in bringing down the cult with its leader, there’s all the collateral damage to be dealt with in the aftermath: The situation creates a burden on society at large in dealing with the terror inflicted on the abused and abandoned.

    A prison term for the guilty party hardly qualifies as real “justice”.

    In some areas, there are resources such as The Tacoma Rescue Mission and Catholic Community Services has a homeless shelter: Families of Armstrongist cults may need emergency provisions, care and shelter in worst case scenario.

    If there are sufficient resources left to do so, the best resource I have ever found is “Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships” by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias. It is the most excellent resource I have found after years of research: They take you through the experience and background of cults which you might find amazingly perceptive even if they are not specific to Armstrongism. Beyond that, they offer genuine solid solutions for working your way through the problems which cults produce from that feeling of worthlessness to which you have been reduced to lead you to confident and productive living. They’ve been through it and they know the path.

    First things first, though: Get disconnected from the cult and be prepared to go through some difficult times for a short period of time. Generally, recovery from such destructive environments is assured in the longer term and things do get better.

    It’s tough — there’s no denying that — but in the end, you can have a better life and not just survive, but thrive.

  • Helen says:


    If only they could see it is their PRIDE that stops them admitting they are wrong! They CAN’T be wrong because they have invested everything in their belief.

    That is right on folks…

  • Rterlecki says:

    I agree

  • Don’t rule out mental illness.

  • Frank says:

    “Frank, I believe that Moving On’s husband has already chosen PKG over his family, given the fact she’s described…”

    Yes, but it’s not too late to disavow that choice. Now, I’m probably being naive here, but if on one hand I get why a relatively young person can develop a fascination for endtime prophecies and related bullshit, on the other I don’t understand how the constant failures don’t wake this person up.
    I mean… you don’t need to give up your faith, there’s plenty of hints about false prophets in the Bible. His prophecies fail? Then he is a FALSE prohet, yes, it’s THAT simple (and it’s written in the Bible).
    There must be a moment, at least if you have something to lose (a family), in which you start thinking about your life, what it’s going to be, what you have become. There must be a moment in which your brain whispers: “do I really want to exchange my children for a lifetime devoted to a man who can’t even predict what weather is gonna be this evening?” and “do I REALLY think that what God wants, and what He’s asking me, is to forget about my family and keep looking forward to the next failed prophecy?”.
    Considering Atrocious’ experience, well… yes, I’m probably simpleminded, but I sure hope Movin’ On’s husband is soon gonna experience a breaking point of some sort and regain his mind.

  • JB says:

    Tony from WI, not sure I have seen you on this blog before. I am a cheesehead too.

  • Mal says:

    Ron Weinland, I gave you the benefit of the doubt right down to the wire.

    On a number of occasions I defended your interpretation of Scripture on this blog.

    Although nothing actually came to pass in accordance with your book, the ’50th truth’ and the numerics of your timeline made sense to me. So did your explanation about the history of ‘God’s church’, the apostasy and the remnant that came through the apostasy as Church of God PKG. I, like you, also believe in the importance of the 7th day Sabbath and God’s Festivals.

    But May 27th has now come and gone and nothing happened. I remind you of your words in your April 29th posting:-

    “As readers of this site know, May 27, 2012, is the time that I have stated as being the date Jesus Christ will return as King of kings over all government on this earth………as the last apostle in this age, and AS GOD’S END-TIME PROPHET, I AM STILL TELLING PEOPLE THAT THIS IS TRUE.”


    Num 23 v1 says: “God is not like people. He tells no lies. He is not like humans. He doesn’t change his mind. When he says something, he does it. When he makes a promise, he keeps it.”(GW)

    Ron Weinland, what you said on April 29th in the name of God’s end-time prophet did not come to pass. THEREFORE, YOU ARE NOT GOD’S PROPHET. IT WAS A LIE.


    In fact, the bottom line is that NOTHING has happened the way you said it would, either in your book or in your sermons, and now also nothing happened on your key date of May 27th 2012.

    Thinking back over your sermons. You made a big point out of when each segment of ‘time, times and half a time’ was reached. At each phase some step change in world wide chaos was meant to occur, particularly when crossing over into the final ‘half a time’. NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. It is clear now that it was all in your imagination.

    You used the 7 days of the Israelites marching around Jericho as an analogy and made a big point of what was going to happen when day 7 was reached. NOTHING HAPPENED. That too was all in your imagination.

    Over all the month’s leading up to May 27th 2012, the fact that nothing major happened you explained away as ‘God’s mercy’. A very convenient explanation for the failure of all your false declarations of impending cataclysmic events.


    Like you, I believe we are in ‘end times’. I want Christ to return as King of Kings as much as any Christian does. However, the events prophesied in your book can now clearly be seen to be based on your imagination and guesswork. It carries no more validity than if I had written it. The printing and distribution of your books and your web advertising campaign was a hideous and tragic waste of your church member’s money.


    I did not believe others on this blog when they said you would continue on when nothing happened on May 27th. Now it’s clear they were right and I was wrong. I now join the ranks of those on this blog in urging PKG’ers not to continuing to follow you, or to give you money. Ron Weinland, you are a false prophet by every Biblical definition.

    A reminder again of the words in Num 23 v 19:


    Compare that with your one hundred per cent failed prophecies and failed timelines.

    Your astonishing and scandalous decision to continue preaching as God’s prophet is indeed analogous to Pharoah in not letting the people go.

  • Frank says:

    And yes, Kirrily is right: pride is the main problem. But still… I think the fear of losing loved ones should be way stronger than that.

  • J says:

    Hey Mal, nicely said. Welcome to the party 🙂 A bit late, but we’re pleased, nonetheless.

    Now I wonder what Observer and Weinland Observer are thinking…

  • Atrocious says:

    Well well well. Welcome aboard, Mal. I’m glad to see you have finally gotten off the fence, and on the right side of it (vs. the wrong side). That is a positive sign, to me, that others will soon be joining you. I hope, anyway.

  • jack635 says:

    Mal, the most vocal and persistent advocate of Ronald Weinland since “the weinland witness” blog, has just declared Ronald Weinland a false prophet and “a tragic waste of your church members money”. Way to go Mal. Hopefully many in the PKG will come to that conclusion.

    I’d like to add that your public declaration after defending him after all this time, may have an effect on some PKG members who are beginning to wonder in their own minds. Kudos to you Mal, for swallowing your pride and seeing the truth.

  • martin says:

    Congrats. Also congrats for having the guts to call out Ronald Weinland for what he is based upon clear BIBLICAL outlines.

    I know this point I’m going to bring up, is not what most would agree too, but there is an important distinction between when a minister discusses prophecy and gets it wrong, and when one claims to speak directly for God in the office of a prophet and gets it wrong.

    One carried a death penalty in OT times, the other did not.

    In other words, the minister who got it wrong, can repent of his error and move forward (I do not give him a free pass for not being a prophet).
    But one who claims to be a prophet and speaks directly for God, and get’s it wrong, has a sword over his head. In NT times, God is responsible for dealing with that false prophet.
    The people’s responsibility is to reject him/her.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Congrats mal my friend

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Mal: As your biggest critic here, I too would like to say ‘Congratulations!’. You and I will never see eye to eye on Christianity, BUT…you have considered RW and considered the Bible, and chose the WISE and theologically CORRECT path if one is to believe that the Bible contains God’s Truth. As of this moment, I applaud you and praise you for THINKING about your theology…which is all anyone can ask of another human, to actually think about what they believe, and consider FACTS. It is FACT that RW lied to you Mal, and you can now see that LIE much clearer after May 27th.

    Mal, you are WISE to say what you have said, and I hope that you continue to come to this site to share that wisdom with people. And I promise I keep my attacks on your faith to a minimum out of my new found respect for your decision to oppose a PROVABLY FALSE PROPHET.

    Bravo, good sir…bravo…

  • Mal, now that you have jumped ship, what do you think the chances are that a majority of others might also leave?

  • RoommateIsApKgMember says:

    I have been reading this site for months now. My roommate and his wife are pkg members and have been for 4.5 years. I’m the only friend he has left because his beliefs have alienated him from the rest of our friends as well as his family. They spent all of their money preparing for the kingdom and are now in so much debt that they dont know how they will make next months rent payment after assuming there wouldn’t be a landlord to pay in june.

    On numerous occasions my friend told me that he would reject Ronald and his claims of devine revelations if may the 27th was a bust. I told him that i would be there for him and support him like i always have and we could talk it out. May the 26th/27th came and went, my friend defended Ronald and went into his room with his wife to listen to the next sermon. He came out of his room sucked back into the cult with more resolve than ever before. I am running out of compassion. My wife tells me that i need to be there for him but i cant stand looking into his glazed over flavoraid eyes anymore. Ronald and his god are liars. I want my friend back. Part of me wishes Ronald would have just taken all their money and fled to a country without extradition laws. Then at least all of this horse Sh&T would be over.

    I love you for leaving after seeing the lies. I honestly and truly love you.

  • martin says:

    Mal, did you get a chance to listen to Ronald’s excuse regarding the day of the Lord?

    I mentioned to a follower, that the Day of the Lord was a year long, and he disagreed, he thought it only lasted one actual day (not sure what Ron’s stance was at the time, I believe it was that that day was 24 hrs long)

    Now of course Ronald teaches it, but he’s got everything else regarding it wrong.

    Since the “sun turning black + moon turning blood red” happens BEFORE the start of the Day of the Lord (which lasts a year).
    And since the start of that 1 year was this past Sun., and since neither sun/moon event happened, Ronald’s ALREADY making up excuses for it.

    He mangles the Hebrew, and tries to explain that “before” really means “face” or some nonsense.
    Even in english we use “face” as in surFACE, to mean something on top, or before something, that is what the Hebrew means, “before” is the correct English way to interpret verse.

  • Dan says:

    Not with a Bang, but a Whimper

  • Helen says:

    Mal. I have to say wasn’t sure if you would see the truth, but you did and I very thankful that your eyes are open to see the truth. It is amazing when you finally see for yourself who Ron really is and all his false teachings. I mean with all my heart congrats. You will feel so free you won’t even imagine. All you will think is “why didn’t I see it sooner”..

    And Avalo won’t beat up your belief in the faith to follow, (as long as it is not a cult) because he don’t mess with mama Helen here, he knows I will fly out there and give him a good ball busting. haha Right Ava. lol…:)
    As you can tell we do have fun times on here too!!. It is really a blessing you are out of there…
    Much peace to you Mal and now to have a blessed wonderful life.

  • Helen says:

    Just dawned on me I didn’t read Ron’s new Sermon. I guess I better get to it..
    Then maybe I will get to what Mike and Martin were talking about.

  • Rterlecki says:

    Mal is my hero!!!!!!

  • martin says:

    Helen, just curious, when you get a chance….

    If you were still in PKG, and somebody told you that the bible is explicit on the genders, would that argument have been convincing?
    (I know I mentioned it….but just repeating it because I’m very curious)

    For example, most translation have the TW’s rendered gender neutral, like this, so it is HIDDEN (unless one goes to Hebrew)
    Zec 4:14 Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.

    But the literal translation would be this, thus revealing the genders that the two witnesses will be, which is men.
    Zec 4:14 Then said he, These are the two sons of oil, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.

  • RoommateIsApKgMember says:

    The other thing that kills me about being his last friend left is that everyone else who used to hang out with him ask me all sorts of questions about his cult. I think i was asked about pkg more than he was on the 27th and its not even my religion. I havent had a religion of my own for years now but, having been so close to my buddy, i’m asked about weinlands theology on a daily basis. I suppose that would be partly my fault for putting in the time and effort learning as much about his church as i could.

  • Helen says:

    OH MY GOSH… So glad I have stayed home today to catch up on Mikes posting. Sry Mike. OH MY GOSH!!! I can’t believe my eyes and what I read. Ron is like the pink energize bunny. He goes on and on and on. Turn his button off already.
    So it is really true then and not a joke from earlier I read. (just thinking you were joking Mike) Ron really is saying next Pentecost?? And about the FEAST for real!!!! I need to really catch my breath here for a moment. This is truly unreal.. all I can say is OMGOSH. OMGOSH!! Sicko!!! Why oh why are the PKGers believing his Bulls++t.. I know why, I just don’t understand it..

  • RoommateIsApKgMember says:

    i dont understand it either helen. They were told with certainty that this was all coming to a head and all the waiting would be over. He made claims that didnt come true. how deep is this rabbit hole that they cant seem to get out?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Helen: If you came after me I would run like a scaredy-cat to the maste rbedroom, lock the door, and hide under the bed along with the cat, some Oreo cookies, and Diet Pepsi, holding out until the storm passed! 🙂

    My wife on the other hand would just sit there smiling, offer you some tea, make you lunch, take you shopping (on my credit card), pay for your plane tickets, and hold a Welcome to Canada party for you with her Viet friends, accomodation in our guest house, and a free limousine ride back to the airport when you felt like going home!

    …THEN I would come out form under the bed! :LOL!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Asking a pathological liar/sociopath like RW to make ‘sense’ is like asking my cat to make French Onion soup. You are going to be disappointed…

  • J says:

    And telling a PKGer that they are following a false prophet is like telling your cat not to jump on the kitchen table when you’re not home.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I just asked my family to make French Onion soup for me, and here are their responses:

    1. Older daughter: “I don’t know how to make soup. I’m tired…”

    2. Younger daughter: “Huh?”

    3. Wife: “French cooking sounds delicious, let’s go have dinner at a French restaurant!!”

    4. Cat: purred, licked her paw, and left the room…

    5. Mother-In-Law Nguyen: “You’re too fat!”

    6. Father-in-Law: *asleep*

  • J says:

    Avalo, I know many Asian families, and that is spot-on 😀

  • Rterlecki says:

    The asshole also said the queen of england will lose her sit da awsome does any body see that happen whit in the next year

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    When you marry a Vietnamese you “inherit” a community, a nation, a group of grocery stores, an extended set of children you haven’t fathered but you occasionally feed and take care of anyway, and all of your wife’s friends. I dream of the days when I was lonely, because I haven’t had a moment to myself for decades!! :)My job is translator, ATM, morning chef, toilet un-plugger, spider killer, pool cleaner, shopping chauffeur, daughter-homework helper, soccer Dad, wife-massager, cat organiser, and bill payer.

    …Occasionally I get to shower and sleep!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    …and as long as I keep my father-in-law liquored up, and my mother-in-law’s cigarette case well stocked, there is PEACE and HARMONY in my world!

  • Helen says:

    Haha. Avalo. I was thinking the same thing. No kidding. I figured your wife would definitly do all those things. See I didn’t even have to write it down. We were thinking the same thing…lol OK. this could be scary us thinking on the same wave length. lol… We would have one heck of a time!!!!!!!!!!

    Roommate. I think Ron has dug the rabbit hole so darn deep into their minds, I honestly don’t think he could do anymore damage to the ones who stay in. The damage is already done. If they flee like Mal, then that would be there only chance of freedom.. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I really think their minds have already been Ron damaged controlled and will stay with the bumb.

  • Mr. Arkadin says:

    The psychology of failed prophesies and cults has been well established. There is a phenomenon known as cognitive dissonance. When evidence contradicts beliefs, when there is inconsistency what we are told and what we see with our own eyes, there is an attempt to reduce the dissonance through extreme rationalizations. Events that conflict with the harmony of one’s beliefs, thus causing disharmony, must be replaced or rationalized with a belief (false) that will restore harmony is one’s mind.

    Cognitive dissonance was first investigated by Leon Festinger, arising out of a participant observation study of a cult which believed that the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood, and what happened to its members — particularly the really committed ones who had given up their homes and jobs to work for the cult — when the flood did not happen. While fringe members were more inclined to recognize that they had made fools of themselves and to “put it down to experience”, committed members were more likely to re-interpret the evidence to show that they were right all along (the earth was not destroyed because of the faithfulness of the cult members).

    PKG members, do not use rationalizations to stay in RW’s clutches. Face reality and set yourselves free. Congratulations Mal, you are an example for others to follow.

  • Helen says:

    Avalo you have quite and undertaking on your hands.. Love the part about keeping father-in-law liqoured up and keep mother-in-laws cig. case filled. I can picture that. Crack up!!! I think that is pretty correct …just from watching the same scenerio on history channel and asian folks who lives with the daughters family…

  • YYZ says:

    Cool Mal, those words are good to hear from you. I also heard similar words from someone close to me and it gives me a relief feeling as more people REALLY “see” now. I’m can’t pinpoint why I have this feeling, I guess seeing people with such conviction for their belief and being conned publically just ain’t right and it’s hurts to see it happening….so it’s also a relief for us non-followers.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I feel sorry for my wife and her family. They suffered SO MUCH during the Vietnam War, and they are really decent people deep down inside. But they carry a lot of pain and regret, and so I can tolerate their rough personalities quite easily. War really makes a person HARD and it is really difficult to recover any softness after what they went through. Softness would have gotten them killed, or they would have lost hope if they had allowed themselves to ‘feel’ during that horrible time. Father/Mother-in-Law are rascally people, laden with tons of personality, and through the gentle, loving patience of myself and my wife, we have helped them recover some of their former, jovial selves. They love my daughters so deeply, and spoil them rotten. They can do no wrong…and my wife has to constantly battle her parents to keep them from completely spoiling our kids!

    It is absolutely beautiful the times when Gramma lets her guard down a bit and syas something nice/personal. Now that I have proven myself to her through decades of caring for and adoring my wife, she has started relaxing her vigilant stare and a few years ago started to open up a bit about her feelings, which is ULTRA-RARE for a Vietnamese of her generation and experience. I will never forget the first time she opened up to me about her feelings.

    It was in the morning and I was cooking breakfast, and she was just sitting there in silence, smoking, and staring off into the distance. She asked me what I was going to do, and I said I was going to surprise my daughters and take them down to the Mall to get get some new shoes, just for the fun of it. Gramma just sat there silently…then out of the blue said…”I couldn’t get shoes for my daughter (my wife, duirng the Vietnam War)…” and then started crying. I was shocked and heartbroken. Here was hard-as-nails, drinking/smoking Gramma Nguyen crying because she had so many times wanted to give HER little girl something nice but couldn’t AT ALL without stealing it or making it out of discarded material, etc. And it wasn’t a little teary cry, it was the hard, agonized sobbing of a woman who had bravely soldiered on to survive at all costs…

    …every time she calls me fat or snaps at me, I am OK with it. Neither HWA or the Vietnam War could stop me/my wife, and Gramma/Grampa/the kids are safe.

    …if Yahweh is real, then “he” deserves nothing but contempt and defiance for allowing the Vietnam War…

  • Helen says:

    I have to say, as I think everyone else feels, Happy,Happy day that another one of Ron’s end time has not come to pass (even though we all knew on here it wouldn’t). BUT it aint over yet. Ron’s drama keeps going. Another Saga for Mike to cover since Ron is still around. I think now I can go buy my water shoes since nothing has dried up or burned up shall I say..
    Talk to you wonderful family bloggers soon…

  • Helen says:

    Avalo I know you really take care of them with a true heart. We may joke, but i know you wouldn’t do anything but take care of them. I understand. I took care of my mother-in-law for years. Sometimes I would catch myself getting frustrated inside with things she did, but I would never ever take back the priveledge of taking care of her. I miss her to this day.. No regrets..I would do it all over again…and be thankful she allowed me to be with her.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    yes indeed…I have a lot of adventures. When my wife c=wanted to have kids I wasn;t so sure about it. I hadn;t had a great upbringing and I thought I might not be up for the job. Boy, does that every change when you actually have that little baby. You instantly forget all that and go into ‘love/protect’ mode sooo fast!!

    Having my kids really focused my attention on the important things in life like love, commitment, patience, forgiveness, etc. Of course, these are all things I basically refuse to show anyone other than my family, so I am not sure if I have really learned as much I think I have!!

    Sorry Christians (other than Helen), you are not on the list! LOL!!

  • Helen says:

    Avalo, I think since we both went through childhood trials, I think with all my heart that has made us appreciate so much more what we have now. I don’t mean to put words in your mouth, but I will anyway…! I think we have alot more in common on things than you realize. We appreciate or loved ones, we know what true love is, we understand commitment, forgiveness, patience, (took me awhile for that one lol!)ect.ect like you said. But number one is our family is more important to us. Our family is everything! There are 4 of us and I know each one of us wouldn’t change our family for anything. There is not a time that goes by our boys say how much love we have in our family and they wouldn’t want it any other way. We are close.
    So when I hear a man like ron wanting to break up families and be number one, I know he is about as evil as they come. I think he must have had a horrid childhood to want others to be as miserable as he is..
    Thank you Avalo…

  • Rterlecki says:

    Ava is my hero to well said my freind

  • Helen says:

    I guess I should add to my last comment on bad youth childhoods. Some of us learn from it and make it better. Some want to grow up and be the same, like Ron, and make his family and everyone miserable. Those kind of people have learned nothing..

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Randy: Since your family is Polish-American, let me thank you in a manner that honors your heritage…

    Dziękuję moim bratem!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    i dziękuję też moją siostrę!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I should add, Helen, that you have to be an AMAZING mother to have produced two atheist sons that LOVE you and cherish you like that. That they arrived at atheism without hate and suffering is a testament to you complete excellence as a mother!

    Chciałabym, żebyś była moja mama! 🙂

  • YYZ says:

    “Cognitive dissonance”

    Thanks for that

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    YYZ: Guess what is playing on my iTunes RIGHT NOW as you typed?

    “Each of us-
    A cell of awareness-
    Imperfect and incomplete.
    Genetic blends
    With uncertain ends
    On a fortune hunt that’s far too fleet…”


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    #16 on my list of Songs that Make Life Worth Living Life:


  • Helen says:

    Thank you so much Avalo.. Still have my sassy though. Can’t cure that. haha But my boys love me that way. lol Infact they get a kick out it. They still remind me and laugh at how I handled a few situations with obnoxious strangers on some of our vacations..:)

  • YYZ says:

    Right on,..I guess I’ll kick on the Peavey and my GNX2 and have another go at that one in honor of those not born in Lotusland! (I got the whole song down(guitar) but not the lead, ha!) Sure wished they would come through Albuquerque this tour! ;(

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    They’re in Phoenix on Nov. 25th and Dallas on the 28th…so you might want to buy the tickets now and plan on a little holiday so you don;t have to drive all day and night to get back to New-Mex.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I am assuming you are using your Learn-A-Lick feature, so you should have no problem getting the essentials, and then practicing for HOURS to get the phrasing right. That’s a nutty solo! Good luck, brother!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And I love the fact that you can hyper-model one of your own hypermodels with another sound, thus creating the nuttiest amp features possible!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    How do I know all this? A certain Jim Burgess lives down the street from me!

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    On ya Mal! I’ll never understand why you kept believing as long as you did (although from a distance), I admire you greatly for your words.

    Roommate – kick them out. Maybe being homeless will be the thing to wake them up. Believe me, they will use you. They live for Ron and his pretend God.

    To Ron, your bitch, and your gutless prideful evangelists – let the people go. Ah, but you won’t will you.

    I wish the OT law was still legal. I’d put a bullet in Rons head if it were. A firing squad perhaps, all x members can have a go!

    Many people are going to stay because of the ‘what if he is right’ mindset. They do not WANT to see they are wrong, so they won’t.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    A bullet would be too good for Ronald Weinland. How about the medieval “Judas Cradle”?


  • Atrocious says:

    I have come to believe that Ron is not deceived. I believe that he KNOWS what he is doing, deliberately deceiving his followers to gain access to their lives and money and to wield power over them. He is the worst sort of criminal, using mind control as a weapon instead of a gun or knife. A person who was deceived would admit it, knowing that what he said did not come to pass and he was totally wrong. But Ron hasn’t done that. Instead, he just continues to lie and lie and lie and it makes me physically ill. RoommateIsApKgMember described what his roommate said after listening to Ron’s latest sermon and is again caught, hook, line and sinker. It’s tragic.

    Ron is a vampire. Not a blood vampire but a soul vampire. He is also Satan’s minion and puppet. He has no conscience. He needs to be out of “circulation”. I wish his internet stupidity would be put to a stop. May he be silenced and his spiritually murderous ways be put to a stop. And he needs to be held responsible for what he’s done so far.

    And may all those who have been deceived by this m-f-er be shaken out of the hypnotic trance they are currently in, wake up and see the truth. And leave Ron’s cult.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Hell yeah Ava! We could all take turns doing the raising and lowering!

    Was Herbie this bad? Would he have done this same thing in Ronnie’s shoes?

    I’m surprised no one has killed Ron. Maybe PKG’ers should pool their tithes and hire a hitman with a fettish for bondage and is also gay.

  • Atrocious says:

    Wow, Avalo, that’s some device. I didn’t know things like that existed. Ooooooph. Ouch.

  • Atrocious says:

    Kirrily, Herbie was more subtle. Yes, he was as bad, in my opinion, but it wasn’t known how bad until it became documented on anti-Armstrong sites his “sins” and discretion became known. And, he had a much larger audience, much larger income, and owned his own jet. That’s why I am so angry I fell into his trap so many years ago and made it so hard for my sons.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I don’t believe his followers are brainwashed Atrocious.

    I knew before I left that Ron was false, I really did. But I PURPOSELY ignored ANYTHING that confirmed this. Instead I would repent, and listen to another sermon. They are in PKG in full knowledge.

    I keep saying this, but as one who has come out, it ALL stems from PRIDE. To admit error, is to look the fool. Admission that God wasn’t with you. You’d be left with nothing, naked (not literally!).

    What they don’t realise though, is that being brought to nil, is where you discover all this – I didn’t ‘see’ myself and how I was in PKG until I left. I then felt VERY sick about who I had become.

    It’s all about PRIDE. Unless they can swallow it and admit their error, they will remain in a jail cell, holding the key that can free them, but decide to swallow the key instead. It’s a shame now that after the key has been digested then expelled, they searched through their own excrement to find the key again. They looked at it, saw they could free themselves, yet decided to swallow the key again and remain in that cell.

    No sympathy from me. They DO know, they really do, what they are doing.

    As for Nathan and Sharna, I hope they leave, but I really don’t think they will. If they do, whenever they do, I will be there for them if they want me, but I don’t feel sorry for them or any other current PKG member sculling Ronnies latest flavoraid.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And while you are raising and lowering, Kirrily, I’ll apply the Crocodile Shears while singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister.


  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Lmao!! Ouch! Deal!

  • Jack Hertzog says:

    The “Ole Carrot On The Stick Routine”

    It seems like some of the COGs are repeating the same
    ole “Schtick”; it is the “Carrot on the Stick” game; it is a game
    that the false christian churches use also, it ties in to “Flee from
    the wrath to come”, and put your money in a place where it will help
    God (Us), but yet their main focus is to keep people alarmed and
    afraid of the near future, so that they will think that they can buy
    their way in to the kingdom, and many people indeed fall for the
    fool’s gold tongued Jimmy Swaggers, Jimmy Jones, Jimmy Baker Buns,
    and the “Jimmy the Locks” characters, that very often pop up to
    beguile gullible people.

    This is the same ole “carrot on the stick” routine
    that the Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman (RCM) and other Ministers (To their billfolds) have been using for years,
    keeping the date close, but not close enough to alarm people enough to get to
    worried; or not close enough to do away with their building projects or
    building funds.

    Some others go to the opposite extreme of putting things (The End
    of the age), far in to the future, so that they can live out their
    lives in peace security and wealth at the expense of the brethren;
    but they don’t know the times either.

    Some of these self ministering men have been using the same
    tactics for 50 years or more, saying the end could be in 5-7 years,
    or 10-15 years, or 7-10 years ad-nauseum, but even though they say
    these things, they have no compunction at all about living in a very
    high life style that they have extorted from well meaning sheep by
    the fear tactics that they use

    Sorta like WCG, “Times short, dig in, shell out, so we can get out
    the last ditch warning to the world and then go merrily off to
    wonderful “Petra”; but meanwhile don’t forget the building fund, and I’ll raise my salary
    to $553,000 and use other “Payoff” money wisely.

    Theres no fool like an old fool, if we keep listening to their self-serving drivel.

    The truth of the matter is, that we need to always be alert, alert to our own spiritual condition, for “we know not the day nor the hour”

    The truth of the matter is, that these “shepherds” need to quit throwing out various emplied at, and guesses about the times of
    the end, and to rather believe (Acts 1:7)

  • RoommateIsApKgMember says:

    I agree with your analogy about asking the kitty to make some french onion soup. its all falling on deaf ears. the thing about it is that he was my friend first damn it! Ron stole my buddy and he can eat a big one for that! thief! lol

  • RoommateIsApKgMember says:

    i only “laugh out loud” because the alternative is too depressing.

  • YYZ says:

    Ouch on the cradle,..makes me pucker just looking at it!

    Avalo, I haven’t used the learn a lick, I played in a band in the 80’s, I play by ear but now I use youtube, ha!,..I haven’t created my own hypermodels yet but there are a few hyper presets I use. I’m barely getting comfortable with the board now.
    I wouldn’t chance my 98 zx2 to phoenix so it’s Albq or bust on the concert.
    Cool about your friend down the street!

    I was given permission to go ahead and eat the canned foods stored! 😉

  • Timothy says:

    No one knows when and anyone who says they do is a liar.

  • YYZ says:

    …and I feel for those effected in real-time of current PKG followers

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    YYZ, can we take that as a firm indication that the PKG member you’re close to is quitting Ron’s church?

  • Helen says:

    Kirrily, maybe Ron will find the bondage in Jail.. yummy, fresh meat and howl like a pig. From watching the lock up shows, maybe they will put make up on his pig face and dark red lipstick.. oink, oink..

  • YYZ says:

    I’ll just say someone close is and leave it at that,..at least that’s impression I get.

  • martin says:

    If the fact that a “true” prophet of God prophesied that Jesus would return May 27th, 2012, and that His non-return did not shake them up enough to realize they are following a false prophet, I don’t know what will.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And not only that YYZ, I’ll give you a little treat. I actually got to meet RUSH thanx to Jim.

    Geddy Lee = quiet but nice
    Alex Lifeson = incredibly fun and hilarious
    Neil Peart = unpleasant.

    The rumours are true. As much as he acts like he is just introverted, Neil really is anti-social, and I found him to be pretentious. Alex Lifeson, on the other hand, is so easy to love. He is friendly, kind, always ready to smile and laugh, and continuously cracking jokes and one-liners. He could have easily been a stand up comic. Geddy was nice too, but he is the shy, quiet type, and mainly just stuck to general conversation. Alex was all over the place! H even signed one of my guitars, but instead of his signature he wrote “Patrick Stewart”!!! I nearly crapped my pants laughing!!

  • martin says:

    I love how Ronnie The False said his job as the two witnesses was done.

    Done? Just what the hell did he do?

    Every 3 months he wrote a short blog, and every prophecy he spoke fell flatter than a pancake.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    yes indeed, Martin.

    Ronald Weinland made a bunch of completely wrong prophecies, broken promises, and stupid rules. Then he turns right around and announces that the Two Witnesses are finished! So technically that is a good thing, BECAUSE now we don;t have to put up with his lies as a Witness. We now get a NEW set of lies about next year! 🙂

  • Atrocious says:

    Not only that, Martin, his wife never said a word in public. Not once. And all the witnessing (?) he did was n-o-t-h-i-n-g! He didn’t witness anything, and neither did his people. Everything he supposedly “witnessed” never happened, so he didn’t “report on” (witness) anything happening.

    Ron Weinland is a man who figured out how to make an easy living, travel at will, sight-see, and provide his wife with expensive jewelry and his son with an expensive car. He learned well how to control his people with fear and impending doom. And now he’s still using his “skills” to continue this crime.

    I wonder how he abuses his wife?

  • YYZ says:

    Nice,..How did you feel about Captain Picards signature on your guitar? lmao..I hope it wasn’t a Les Paul Axcess Alex Lifeson signature model!!

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    ” Exactly ” , Martin, Atrocious, Ava, my point all along, Witnwess what ?, he witnessed luxury travel, hotels, trips around several countries, holiday hot spots, then would return to tell everyone , about what a rotten place the world was under man’s rule, why he never went to places in the world which are not freedom destinations, or war torn……………….where those people need help !

    He witnessed the ease of spending other peoples money, and returned to publicly scorn and humiliate them and their families , someone said ( last evening , I think ) Mail Mike , said, no good addressing Ron on this blog……..on the contrary, he ( Propeller cap ) would be stupid if he ignored us , ( at his peril ) , yes its time to move forward, PKG !, without those sap-suckers, fleecing you, for all your worth.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    YYZ: Its a PRS L.E (Blue Matteo), so you can’t really make out the Patrick Stewart. If you look at it from a small distance it kind of looks like Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) singed it!

  • Helen says:

    icky Kirrily, sorry that came out worse than i meant for the actual visual of it. Gross.. Reminded me of a sad movie “Deliverance”. Haunts me to this day.

  • RoommateIsApKgMember says:

    Church of Ron Preparing for my next trip. Should have been Church of fiscal responsibility preparing my tax return correctly.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Well Ron enjoyed ‘witnessing’ the Gold Coast Meter Maids…. And Laura enjoyed acting the Cougar with my husband.

  • YYZ says:

    I would love to own any PRS! and model! I used to be a Les Paul guy when I played way back when. Our band is doing a reunion next month for an all HS class reunion…we’re expecting about 1000 people. It’s been over 20 years for me but it’s all coming back to me. We played some pretty good classic rock. My guitar is a pawn shop special Ibanez 🙁 so whenever you want to clean the closet and sell the PRS or even donate it, give me a holler! I’ll even wear a Cpt. Picard shirt at the gig!

    Sorry for the off topic Mike but I figure it’s still a holiday here on the blog!

  • gullible says:

    “(not sure what Ron’s stance was at the time, I believe it was that that day was 24 hrs long)”

    Yes Martin, Ron taught strongly that the day of the Lord is a 24 hour period. He even had the audacity to discredit those that believed otherwise (such as a 30 day period). Ron has exceptional mind power, in that he can make you believe everything he says (even after he changes them at will) – take it or leave. Of course, once your caught into his trap, you have too much invested in him and Ron’s god, that you can’t afford to leave (as you’re now broke or in the process of being broke). In which case, he will invent new truths, to make you leave. Besides, he doesn’t want people to stay for too long. He’s already milked you for all you’ve got …, no further use of you. And he definitely don’t want you to stay forever, as he doesn’t intend to return the money he’s taken from you, and you’ll just be a parasite to him. He needs to get rid of you by giving you new “truths”, in the hope that you may not agree with it, and thus stop following him.

  • gullible says:

    But for those on welfare (and probably single with no close relatives or friends that could be affected), I’d say keep following Ron, as you don’t need to pay tithes … ever. Offerings yes, but you can give the minimal if you wish. You might even get some value, and learn Ron’s deceitful art and mind control and use it on him.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Weinland’s “truth” #47 (26)

    The day Christ returns is the same 24 hour day when all seven vials (Seven Last Plagues) are poured out, once this Seventh Trumpet is blown. It is on this day that the battle of Armageddon both begins and ends. There has always been speculation concerning this prophetic Day of the Lord. Many believe that this prophecy cannot be accomplished in a single day, and many believe that this is a period of time that will last for at least 30 days.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hahahahaha, Helen, there was nothing ‘ icky ‘, about your post ……hahahaha, and nothing gross, either….would serve Ronald right. Deliverance, and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, rather than being sad, I thought both contained the same warning ( whilst being entertaining ), for life ! and when I saw them ( some 10 years after their release ), made me realise, I must always look much deeper into things which present themselves as an easy alternative, ( things are not always as they seem ) to the mainstream…….one of the reasons I scrutinize Ronald so closely.

    Anyone in fact, who is thinking of following a cultist religious group, should watch these movies, as they make you think, that if one was to turn their life over to someone else, to care for, they may not , find it was a very smart thing to do after all ? There is nothing like going through , and taking responsibility for your own ‘ struggle ‘, thru life, cause when you achieve a level of comfort and security, you look back and think ” I made this for myself “, Its great satisfaction !

  • J says:

    Good catch, Mike.

    Imagine just how much Ron is going to need to edit on his websites in order to match the 3rd timeline. I wonder if he’ll issue another truth to replace truth # 47, or if he’ll just quietly edit the website. Notice that the PKG homepage still lists 5/27/12 as the date of Christ’s return.

    Either way, shame on him and all those who continue to follow him. What is truth? To them, it is a house built on sand with no foundation.

    I truly wish they are asking themselves “If this truth is not true, then what other truths are wrong?” But we all know they’re not asking any questions.

  • martin says:

    Mike (DDTFA) says:

    “Weinland’s “truth” #47 (26)

    The day Christ returns is the same 24 hour day when all seven vials (Seven Last Plagues) are poured out, once this Seventh Trumpet is blown. It is on this day that the battle of Armageddon both begins and ends. There has always been speculation concerning this prophetic Day of the Lord. Many believe that this prophecy cannot be accomplished in a single day, and many believe that this is a period of time that will last for at least 30 days.”

    That, as they say, is priceless.

  • Jocko says:

    So Ron reaches out to the Dutchman for advise on how to deal with Christ’s AWOL status for Pentecost 2012 and Wilhelm tells him we move forward and earns himself a promotion to evangelist for doing so.

    I’m pretty sure in Ron’s original two hour sermon I heard him say he spoke to a minister in the Netherlands and it was the minister who gave him the “we just move forward” advise. Mike, Are Wilhelm and the minister one in the same? I only ask because I was under the understanding that Ron is the only person with minister status in PKG.

    I’m also surprised Ron would even mention reaching out to somebody beneath him for advise and then give that person the credit for coming up PKG’s new battle cry.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    That’s Willem Henderson. The only others who’ve been allowed to give sermons in the past few years have been the other evangelists: Johnny, Terry, and Wayne. I doubt Willem will give a church-wide sermon as his command of the English language doesn’t sound so great.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    YYZ: Not only that, but I run my PRS through a really crunchy Hughes&Kettner Tubemeister (5 head), and a Boss GT-100 with a (slightly beat-up) Behringer Hell Bebe wah-wah with altered filter-shaping over the sweep range so it sounds kind of like a cat!

    My actual cat HATES it when I ‘talk’ to her with my rig…she just drops her tail and runs away!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    The sad part is – I basically just play around with my rig and play along with my RUSH albums for fun and relaxation. I can’t even solo or anything, I just learned how to play the chords (sort of) and just fiddle along with Alex’s comping on tunes like “Vital Signs” or “Prime Mover”. My favorite is “Between the Wheels” from Grace Under Pressure. KILLER guitar sounds and chord sequences!!!!! That first chord is VICIOUS!!!!!!


  • Helen says:

    Budgie. Remember that Movie also. One flew over the Cuckoos Nest. I thought it was Cookoos nest. Either way, good point.
    Talk about Ron’s Karma, I hope we get to know what his Karma will be.. Abotomy would be too easy for him though. We don’t want him to forget what he does to others.. Wouldn’t you say?
    Thanks Budgie..

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    and So Mike ( DDTFA ), Ron, together with Willem hand in hand may well break into song at next sermon ?, may I be so bold as to suggest ? ( moving forward )…….

    ” Onward Christian soldiers, marching as if to war,
    blabbering nonsense, causing rift,
    whilst conning and ripping you-off,
    unlike ever before “!

    Onward Christian soldiers, marching as if to war,
    we’ve over-taken your rights, and your lives’,
    with our hands on your wallets, and retirement funds,
    now and forever more !

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Nice work Budgie! Now let Grand Master AV show you how its done…

    Onward, Weinland’s failure,
    it is May no more:
    with Ron Weinland’s timeline…
    going on as before.

    Christ! I can’t believe it!
    It is balderdash?
    He made up this nonsense
    -just to get their cash!

    Onward, Christian soldiers, posting on this site:
    we will show the world-Weinland’s church is shite

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hahahaha, Ava, you’ve done it again mate,

    I did say however, I was’nt much at rhyming, much less a song writer………………..so , good work, nice to see you’re still a-mock’n. that ‘ol fool !

  • YYZ says:

    I bet that little 5-watter has some good tone and fun to play with,..I do the same since the glory days are over, ha!..I’ll sit with my 15 watt and a little mike into the pc then out to the stereo,..sounds great with a good stereo mix with the music,..and a blast to play along with Alex!,..I’m not much of a lead player but I am solid on rythym. All us from the old band live in 3 different towns and we’re doing weekends in one town for rehearsals (only 3 weekends left, crunch time) and we’re finally getting our singer there for the last 3 rehearsal weekends, he went the furthest with his music career, backing up some major bands on tour, he also has a project going on now with George Lynch called Shadowtrain (our singer is native american).


    He did most with this band, Seventhsign:


  • YYZ says:

    Grace Under Pressure reminds me of our original singer who died March 11, 2002,..not because of his singing,..because we spent a whole weekend digging my dads irrigation ditch listening to the “New Album” while digging that ditch,….with a little walkman and a splitter for 2 headphones and alot of batteries!

    Ron’s done in my book… If things go as I think they will now that Ron’s proven false I might not be her as much except to visit eveybody and have a laugh at the sentencing.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Good news YYZ, if that means that the PKG member you’re concerned about is now an ex-member.

  • YYZ says:

    I believe so Mike

  • J says:

    I wish I could say the same thing. Nope, just a nasty case of true-believer syndrome.

  • Mal,

    I would like to say how much I respect your post admitting you were wrong. It takes a strong person to do that, and you did it quite truthfully. Your castigation of lying 2 time loser Ronnie W. is sell deserved and well stated.

    I appreciate your post very much.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    YYZ: I like Gregg’s voice. He sounds like a baritone version of Geoff Tate from Queensryche! And George Lynch is a legend! I was never really into him, but he has certainly earned his place in the rock n’ roll pantheon.

    I don’t know why many critics have been so negative about Grace Under Pressure, being so synth driven. The songs are stellar, Alex does a great job keeping up with and interacting with the programming, and (song writing-wise) ‘Between the Wheels’ sounds like something that could have ended up on Moving Pictures it is soo good!

    But who cares. RUSH is awesome!!

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hi Mal, I thought I’d also welcome you here, in light of you own personal realisiation, which is your own ” truth “, if you will ?
    I must say, I got a bit of a lump in the throat whilst reading your personal ‘ awakening ‘ thoughts………and, when you have a comment, or a thought, bung it up here !

    “Mail Mike” , I hope will come to the same realisation, and will be supported as well. Although, I still disagree strongly, with those whom think RW, does not visit or read these blog posts.

    Ron , after all, and no matter how ignorant he pretends to be of reality, ( if not visits here ) must at least be continually updated ( advised ) , on whats going on here, hey , he IS a business man, when its all said and done, and only a total fool of a busnessman, would ignore his ( opposition ), competition ! , I only hope that, the learnered Ladies and Gentlemen , administering the law, for your Government’s prosecution, throw’s the xxxx’en book fair and square at him, for his transgrssion, and defiance, and he does time !

  • YYZ says:

    His band toured with the Ryche and in the early days that was his favorite band. I just learned Breaking the Silence 2 days ago for the show, his suggestion..fun song to play. I burned the rest of the guys a couple cd’s for their reference. We used to have over 300 songs in our songbook(all cover, just a few originals) Here’s a root list of songs we have for this reunion:

    Bullit to Bite on
    Come Together
    Gone Shooting
    Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be
    Its A Long Way To The Top
    Just What the Doctor Ordered
    Long Stick Goes Boom
    Lord of the Thighs
    Same Ol Song and Dance
    Sin City
    So This is Love
    Twilight Zone
    Whole Lotta Rosey
    Switch 625
    Ain’t Talking About Love
    Let It Go
    Ready for Love
    Another thing Coming
    Jumping Jack Flash
    Say what you will
    Brown Sugar
    Seasons of wither
    Breaking the Chains
    On the Highway
    Bark at the moon
    Learning to Fly
    Stone in love
    My Kind of Girl
    Electric Eye
    Rock and Roll
    Winning Man (I have a pedal set now if you guys want this song)

    Back in Back album has songs we know.
    We know more Nugent songs too.
    Add what you want guys scratch what’s out what isn’t working for you so we can get a root songlist, we have just 3 weekends to get it done

    Ava, Good thing the Jesus didn’t return over the weekend, there’s a few I don’t think he would like too much.

    Absalom Absalom Absalom.
    Between the Wheel rocks, I learned Kid Gloves years ago

  • YYZ says:

    I really wanted to do some rush(especially Limelight, I have down to a T, lead too) but my drummer says we don’t have time to get it right (we’re old too..lol) and Peart,..enough said

  • YYZ says:

    Sorry Mike for the off topic comments,…do we get a pass? (good song too, The Pass) 🙂

  • YYZ says:

    I definately agree that Ron visits DDTFA,..to see who’s naughty or nice for Saturday lashings.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Hi Ronnie!!!!

  • Movin' On says:

    Hello ~ First…yeah Mal! It was good to hear that you made a wise choice and came back to tell us! Thanks!!!

    Avalo…You invest a lot of time and thought here and I appreciate that. I have always liked the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. It obviously made you a strong man and is making strong individuals out of our kids. Everyone on this blog is getting stronger and building character through trials. I am not a natural at talking about difficult things, but this has created an avenue for me to get better and my kids to build that into their character. And you are so right that even though things can seem insurmountable at the time, much better things are to come if you can physically & emotionally survive what is set before you.

    After good discussion with our kids, it seemed that everyone needed a break. Husband is now staying at his parent’s house. They have lectured him and are on our side but naturally nothing gets through. I don’t think he believed I was strong enough to stick with it. I myself wasn’t sure. But it feels good to stand up for what is right and set a good example of strength under pressure. And really, being a single parent isn’t that much different than what has been going on the last 4 years. Unless you have seen the transformation yourself, you wouldn’t believe it. He really is not the man I married and is so caught up in his make-believe-world that we (his family) are not even on his radar.

    Matt ~ you are so right…this is totally his drug of choice!

    Frank ~ apparently he has no functioning neurons! And I am totally ready to work on our relationship when he is ready but I am very aware that it may never happen. Until that point I will not let him stop me from enjoying life with my friends and family. I have no expectations that he will reverse direction. You would have to see it to believe it.

    Kirrily ~ you are so right about pride ~ they are THE MOST haughty group of people I have ever seen.

    Atrocious ~ I am sorry for what happened to you…but glad to hear that things get better and that life now is good. I imagine your first husband never came out of Armstrong?

    Douglas ~ I’ll be looking for that book you mentioned. And I am pretty sure my husband found this church while depressed. Now he is just deluded.

    JB ~ What is your husband thinking now? Hopefully he is enough on the edge that the cognitive dissonance theory holds true for him.

    Tony ~ Thanks for the prayer. I’m having a really hard time doing anything related to prayer right now but I appreciate the thought.

    Mike ~ Thanks so much for creating this blog. I know you’ve heard it before but you really are a lifesaver. Keep up the good work!

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hey folks, I know I’m always banging on about Mr propeller cap, fleecing his faithful, now I’m not against anyone earning a living………………..just wanted to make that point.

    I just want folks to earn their living honestly, without causing hardship to others…… right at the end of Ron’s latest rant, he read out some emails of support, from followers…. and the second to last mentioned that, although, he lost everything, due to his support of Ron’s selfish indulgence, he will still remain one of the faithful ? ( when is this gonna dawn on such deluded ? )

    I am 43 yo, I wish Ron could see what I see, everyday, ( I work as a civillian for our Military ), and I see young guys , with young families, waiting for deployment, sobbing cause they don’t know when they will see their children , or cause ( their kids ) wont know their Daddy when he returns ?…..thats sad to me , and although I’m not a social worker, find myself giving these distrought people whatever advice, encouragement or hope I can. So excuse me for hitting boiling point at times, but I can’t see how Ron witnessed, preached, solved, inspired , or did anything constructive , or any so called ministers ever did for that matter, assholes like ( of course Weinland, Haigin, Roberts, Copeland , Meyer , Duplantis , and all other false prophets ) in earning their keep, in an honest , and within their God’s own law !

  • Seahawk says:

    LOLOLOLOL, who didn’t see this happening. He’s baaaaaaack! My (2) family members invovled with the “church” said that they feel a bit disallusioned and spiritually confused. Who can blame them as we went over there Saturday afternoon and they were sitting around with their large quantities of dry goods, wine, and meds they have been stockpiling. There was no “I told you so moment” from us as we love them and actually feel really bad for them. I bet that they will remain in the church however… as it might be easier on their egos. My wife at some point said that if they remain in this “church” that we will no longer postpone family get togethers, trips, etc… as we are “done” with it all. We will not even entertain conversations about their religion as well. Let’s hope that they actually come to their right minds in the coming days / weeks. I heard them talking this weekend about some of their friends are going to have to “scramble” to make ends meet now as they went out and overexteneded themselves in the hopes that all debts were to be wiped away 🙁 Can you believe that???

    More to come…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The Great Tribulation will fall on PKG members, resulting on actions they’ve taken based on Ron’s predictions. Ron will say that it’s their fault, because he didn’t tell them to do what they specifically did.

  • UK.Peter says:

    Each new “present truth” turns all previous present truths into yesterdays lies. So he continually claims that as God’s prophet, God lies to him. Such blasphemy! It’s absurd that his followers don’t see that!

  • Mantayo says:

    Mike (DDTFA) says:
    Regarding the last paragraph, a PKGer will believe whatever Ron tells them. Up is down. Yes Ron! Whatever God shows us!!!

    What you wrote reminded me of what Humpty Dumpty said:

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – – that’s all.”

    I wasn’t sure from which book this came, so I looked it up (it was in Through the Looking Glass, Chapter 6). But I found myself smiling at the aptness of other quotes from Through The Looking Glass and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
    (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 6)

    “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
    “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
    “I don’t much care where–” said Alice.
    “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
    “–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.
    “Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”
    (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 6)

    “Well, in our country,” said Alice, still panting a little, “you’d generally get to somewhere else — if you ran very fast for a long time, as we’ve been doing.”
    “A slow sort of country!” said the Queen. “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”
    (Through the Looking Glass, Chapter 2)

    Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”
    “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
    (Through the Looking Glass, Chapter 5)

    “Who are YOU?” said the Caterpillar.
    This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, “I–I hardly know, sir, just at present– at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”
    (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 5)

    And of course,

    “Curiouser and curiouser!”
    (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 2)

    [Good to hear from you Mr A, as always. Although it is sad that having family in Ron’s Looking Glass world is the reason for your coming here.]

  • Hooee says:

    Been watching these threads for a long time, but this is my first time sounding off on one. Ron, like so many others (I like to refer to him as Ron the Con) preys on the weak, lonely, and searching. Those looking for greater meaning in life or are troubled fall victim to these kind of people. It’s sad, but my one of my own friends was impacted by this terrible little man. Ron was listening to a voice, but it wasn’t God’s. It was another being, a fallen being, that poses as the real God all the time and twists and deceives much like Ron. I remember my friend coming to me and saying “just listen to his sermons.” So I did. I took notes. I was astounded by some of his statements, especially about “mockers” and their future doom. I knew then we weren’t dealing with someone whose elevator reached the top floor. Unfortunately it was more than that, right? The guy used his favorite concepts from several different versions of Christianity to make people feel all comfy and cozy. He’d do this so you could endure through his tirades and babbling about things that were so way out there, and then he could rein these victims back in later in the sermon. He said things that made just enough sense to keep some people guessing, and offered date calculations that seemed to some folks as semi-reasonable. On April 18th, 2008, I knew this guy was nothing but another jackbag in the long list of jackbags that are online predators. What’s WORSE is on April 17th, 2008 a small earthquake DID happen on the new madrid fault that my friend felt and that convinced them that this was all very real. So dates changed, Ron’s rants became even more deluded, but my friend kept listening…. for FOUR YEARS. What a waste. I calculated the hours for them… that they had spent listening to this smudge of a person. Roughly 400 hours or almost 17 days were wasted on this pathetic blight on humanity. Yes I am angry. I am angry for what he did to my friend and so many others. I hope that the tax evasion case sends Ron the Con where he needs to be: away from innocent people. In this recent sermon, Ron laughed about people quitting their jobs and trying to get them back. Yeah that’s really funny, Ron. They did that because you told them it was going to be all over. The economy is terrible (but I guess you, not economists predicted that right?) and jobs take on average 5-6 months to get. Really funny. I hope you are laughing in your jail cell very soon. At least my friend is finally free of your vitriol and lies, because they even see you for what you are now. This man has hurt many people; economically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. I hope the only thing he witnesses now is his downfall. As a Christian man I hope that he finds the actual God, and realizes what he has done and repents. Quite honestly, however, I don’t think this was ever about spreading God’s word, but his own, and making money off the backs of his victims. For those of you that are now coming out from underneath this man’s heavy burden, feel the freedom and realize that God set a path through Jesus Christ to be free; not in the chains of fear. Live each day to the fullest, not looking over your shoulder like my friend did for 4 long years. Peace.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hey Seahawk, have you thought of exercising, a little ” tough love “, toward your 2 family members? , especially if they insist on staying with Ron’s fools paradise ?

    Just turn your back on them ( lovingly I mean ), seems like your wife has the right idea, by not postponing events etc; when they realise they are loosing the most, and not such centre of attention and concern, , maybe they’ll reconsider their position ? and embrace their true family values, over fairy tales, and fantasy ? ……..( just a thought )

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Here Here , Hooee, thats the sense, the Pkg’ers should be exposed to, but that little moron, nasty magot , of an excuse for a man , won’t let them see sense of that caliber !

    Hope your friend finds his / her way , or ‘truth’, soon……..( hey, we all posses a free will )

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wow! This is great. There are a whole bunch of new posters coming out of the woodwork to make their stories known. Who knew?! Intelligent, contemplative Christians!!
    It is REALLY nice to see all you newcomers here!

    Hello, folks. I am Avalokiteshvara, and I am a fire-breathing atheist. I am a big opponent of Christianity, BUT…I would just like to say Welcome to the Blog, and please continue to share your stories, fears, and hopes here with everyone else. This site is really turning into a kind of social club for those in need of spiritual healing and in need of a place to voice their inner concerns. If all these constructive, compassionate expressions of your faith/beliefs keep up, I just might have to stop bashing Christianity altogether!! 🙂

    YYZ: Man, I LOVE Queensryche! I still listen to my special Operation:LIVEcrime CD all the time! Great songwriting, Geoff’s soaring voice…Brilliant!!


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    YYZ: Also, whoever was the lighting guy for the LIVECrime show did an AMAZING job with the overall design. The washes are wide and solid, the lasers are set to scatter asymmetrically, and at 3:35 (right before Revolution Calling starts and Geoff sings his frist line, the lower lights are making a series of X-s, which is great because they are just finishing “Anarchy X”!! If you pause the video at 3:35, you can see how effectively the guy uses the washes to set a great color scheme for the foregrounded X-s, etc.

    This is what makes a great band/crew so worth going to see live. The whole experience is calculated for the maximum of effect of the music, unlike most R&B shows where it is just a bunch of flashing lights, video screens, and smoke bombs for no other reason than to just be flashy and “big”…

    Long live rock n’ roll!!

  • Harv says:

    I managed to stay awake for the two+ hr blathering marathon sermon (if you call it that) Ronnie gave. It was quite a show, would have made ole Herbert proud of his disciple. The only thing I can say if PKG’s stay after this fiasco there’s no hope for them, break out the (Kook) aid.

  • FedUp says:

    Freckles, are you out there? How is your mother?

  • Jack Hertzog says:

    Where Have All The Prophets Gone, Long Time Passin’

    Most of us were called through the Vehicle Called WWCG, which got much of its knowledge from many truths passed on down through the ages.
    We can be thankful for these truths, much of the information about The resurrections of The Roman Empire came from various ancient sources, including G.G.Rupert,The Booklet “Has time been lost”, was taken (plagiarized) from the Church of God Seventh day, written in 1924.

    Most of the Information about Israel was taken(plagiarized) from one of the most profound books of the 20th Century, written in 1902 by J.H.Allen and by the way written in almost the exact Style of HWA:-), which goes to prove that God’s truth will and has been preserved in one way or another.

    The greatest thing about WWCG was that they had the truth about the laws of God,which is of utmost importance to us, who are called now, in fact they probably had a finer understanding of the law, more so than had any of the churches since the beginning of the churches, because they had more of a historical background to work with plus having many, many different translations of the bible to work with, plus also unlimited freedom to do it.

    H.W.A. was a fine teacher of the law, and he stuck with the simplicity of God’s laws and the church grew.

    Where did the problems start though ? Well by obeying and teaching God’s laws which do bring success, people started thinking that they had a corner on almost everything,and that they were the “Prophets of Israel”in the directly inspired manner, H.W.A. being “Elijah, and their personal vanity about it caused them to have to have an answer for nearly everything,right or wrong

    The fact is, they had a trait that carries on even now that is in some of the break off groups,”we have to be (Prophets), having the vanity of being able to say”I told you so”; this can be dangerous though as we are warned in (Rev.22:18,19),about adding or taking away from God’s word.

    I will go into a few of the dangerous traits that the Church got into, that were with it nearly the whole time, remember God’s prophets that are directly inspired told the truth, even though through human weakness sometimes they were afraid to tell it.

    First of all in the 1930s HWA started Understanding the Truth about the Roman Empire and the basic outlines of certain well known prophecies, and he got these from many ancient sources, along with other “truths”, that he took credit for.

    He published an article with Graphs and charts,showing how Christ would return in the 1930s, that was “WRONG”!!

    Articles on How Mussolinni was “THE Beast”, granted he was a beast:-), then The Beast turned into Hitler 1943, that was”WRONG”!!

    Again, then about the Resurrected Hitler,( P.T. 1956) ,”Wrong”!! Maybe Tito,”Wrong”! Another Resurrected Hitler(P.T.1966),”Wrong”! Franz Joseph Straus,”Wrong again”! Maybe Otto Von Hapsburgh,”Wrong again”! The Last Pope Sixtus the Sixth,”Wrong”!(so far anyway).

    The Church Will flee to Petra,”wrong”! (so far) At least on the time frame, Christs return in 1975 (very Strongly indicated)”wrong”!.

    Countless articles about two 19 year time cycles to finish the work, Wrong! Articles about the 1335 days of Daniel, Wrong! Or indeterminate.

    Articles on the 144,000 of Revelation, changing many times, year to year.

    Indeterminate, articles on the (bad ) laodiceans, we didnt know it, but it was us.

    Christ didnt hate the Laodiceans, He loved them and was knocking on the door wanting to fellowship with them (Rev.3:21), who can say that Laodicea did not repent, they were not consigned to not repenting.

    Then for years we were supposed to be Philadelphia, GTA was supposed to be (Joshua clothed in filthy garmets ), in a co-worker letter by HWA, time is short, dig and give more in to preach gospel;a few weeks later an article saying “I am giving Stanley Rader(The “Evangelist”) a quarter of a million of the hard earned tithes of the church.

    Articles saying “your money wont mean much to you in a few years, you might as well give it to God (The Church)”, while the people saying this were living in luxury.

    Going back and forth about “Lipstick”, HWA’s first wife didnt use it, so the church couldnt use it (Doctrine), Hwa’s second wife used it, so now the (doctrine is changed).

    The Breakup of happy families, because of a lack of understanding about “Divorce and Remarriage”.

    The primacy of Peter, a doctrine which among other things, helped lead to the ultimate downfall of the church.

    If a board of non rubberstamp tried and true individuals had been set up this might not have happened, instead of giving the whole thing into the hand of a heretic.

    Also for decades we had to go through the soap opera escapades of various Ministers and no ends of politics, lies and half truths (lies).

    When H.W.A. was first called, he seemed to be more humble, but as the millions of dollars came rolling in from the holy tithes of sincere people, he got to the point, where he was shaking his fist at the brethren and said “Don’t you know who I am!!” He was taking on the title “Elijah, Zerabbable and many, many other titles.

    H.W.A became “all inspired”, “all important”, “all wise” in fact, it was almost alluded to, that God could not do without him.

    When the timing of various prophecies, or the prophecies themselves, were found to be wrong, the brethren never got any kind of apology.

    H.W.A. said for many, many years that we were going to Petra, then, flagrantly denied saying it.

    One “evangelist” even said that “The church had all the dates correct about the timing of the prophecies, but since the brethren weren’t ready, God held back the prophecies”.

    Now there are many who want to try to repeat this whole scenario, it didnt work the first time (for very long) and was ultimately not pleasing to God.

    Lets try to do it right from now on, because many poor people’s faith was shaken by some of these things, and lets not read into the bible, things that are not there, lets not be afraid to say”I do not know what this means” and to wait (Dan.12:12) for God to reveal it to us.

    Also Lets put our trust in no man, and try to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.

    We still have no excuse for believing men, rather than God.

    When we find people getting rich on preaching the word of God, and also taking credit for the truth of God, then we had better “watch out”.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Jesus ! , Jack ! ( Hertzog ) ????????

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:





  • Mantayo says:

    LOL – knew That was coming!!

  • gullible says:

    Neat … Ron had to use someone else who suggested to him to “move on”. So Ron decides to agree with him and follow what he says. PKGers – make sure you blame that person (and not Ron) later when you finally wake up to Ron’s delaying tactics, that “moving on” was not a good idea to your financial health.
    It’s truly amazing how PKGers, in no time at all forgets the countless lies they’ve been fed with, and just can’t wait to receive the next lie coming out from Ron’s mouth. False hope is better than no hope for some. They have been utterly brainwashed to be like dumb sheep to follow their false leader. This gives greater meaning about ron teaching his flock to be like sheep and they’ve become exactly what he wants them to be. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Absolute genius.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Oh, Jack…so many ideas…so complete a lack of evidence…

    I pray that Chewbacca will lead you to repentance and truth…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I love how Jack is giving us ex-WWCGers a lecture on HWA. That’s like giving Gene Simmons a lecture on the history of KISS!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Hey Kirrily: I would like to give you a lecture on what it feels like to be Australian!! LOL!!

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hahahahaha @ Ava !, love you guys, can’t type ( laughing so much )…… someone’s drank all the flavoraid, while no-one was look’n ? hahahahahaha

  • Seahawk says:

    Budgie, that’s the idea for sure. We are just going to ignore it all together. I really hope they come around. It was the elephant in the room all weekend! 🙂

  • Mike, I hope you don’t mind my preaching just a little bit on your blog.

    Jack Hertzog, DNA completely refutes and disproves British Israelism. Herbert Armstrong said that British Israelism was the Key to Prophecy. Since the United States and British Commonwealth are not descended from Abraham — and that can be proved by science — Herbert Armstrong was absolutely wrong about everything. None of his prophecies ever came to pass. 1975 in Prophecy was a bust. He was the original liar, con man and insane false prophet from whence such lying insane false prophets as Ronald Weinland sprouted. Herbert Armstrong had no truth. Furthermore, he was a narcissist, so no humility was ever possible. He was also a sociopath. If we had known he predicted in 1943 that the United States and Britain would lose World War II — as revealed from God — would we have even been tempted?

    By their fruit you know them all: Failure. Nothing good comes from them — only ruined lives.

    It doesn’t how much you reason, not one thing worthwhile is ever going to come from Armstrongism, up to and including the asp in sheep’s clothing, Ronald Weinland.

    If you get sick, call an Armstrongist for an anointed cloth. Good luck with that. At best their blessings are curses. Except for Ronald Weinland, whose curses have been blessing for those he predicted would die before today (they haven’t and live on in prosperity and relatively good health, except for Roderick Meredith with his diabetes, but then, his life was probably extended by Ronald Weinland pronouncing a curse on him).

    Let me guess: You hate science?

  • Whisper says:

    hmmmm… wRONg failed?
    How odd? Who would have seen that coming?

  • YYZ says:

    Well now that he’s no longer a fire breathing witness does thast mean he’ll answer people’s questions now without getting kicked out?

  • Atrocious says:

    So, we got Jack Hertzog trying to convince these traumatized people that Ron so cunningly abused to go to HIS splinter group? People…don’t listen to Jack. Armstrongism is still a cult. If you want real Christianity, listen to Jesus…and only Jesus…in the NT. You don’t have to believe what someone tells you about British Israelism or any of that claptrap. You’ve got minds of your own and you can connect with God for yourself, if that’s what you choose to do. I HATE when people try to convince you that the Bible says this or that!

    Jack, stop the damn preaching, willya? I could preach a whole sermon, but I won’t, because I respect people’s right to free choice without numbskulls trying to convince them of this and that. My spirituality is a very personal thing and I don’t try to convince anyone of anything. And, just for the record, I HATE RELIGION. Religion and spirituality are two very different things.

    Hooee, I’m glad you posted and I hope your friend is leaving Ron the Con’s cult or has already left.

    Mike, you have provided and are continuing to provide a soft place for deluded PKGers to fall, dust themselves off, and talk about their pain and agony of having believed this criminal, Ron. I hope more and more people post on here. I don’t know you personally Mike, and I’ve never met you, but I want to give you this (((((hug))))). Keep on keeping on.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    My favorite line from jack’s “intelligent” sermons? “Most of us were called through the Vehicle Called WWCG, which got much of its knowledge from many truths passed on down through the ages.”

    Would that include the following truths told to us by HWA?

    1. Hitler will be resurrected by the Pope.
    2. Christ will return in 1936.
    3. Christ will return in 1943.
    4. There will be no Jewish state in Palestine.
    5. Man will never walk on the moon.
    6. Christ will return in 1957.
    7. Christ will return in 1972.

    How about the truth of Armstrong’s sexual exploits with his own daughter over many years?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jack, you are so full of it. HWA had the truth, but was wrong about everything?

    Welcome to my moderation filter. Don’t need any more of your trying to use my blog as a forum to promote your silliness. And no more links back to your own clunky site disguised as a forum.

  • Frank says:

    Here is my sermon:

    There is no god (and we are his prophets).

  • Atrocious says:

    You know, usually when a person finds someone to be a liar, they don’t believe ANYTHING they say because they cannot be trusted. Why would anyone believe anything Armstrong taught or any of the splinters, and especially Ron Weinland? They have ALL been proven to be liars and cons. These so called “truths” are not truths. They are manipulative ways to drain the people of their money through the false doctrine of “tithing” (under threat of the lake of fire, no less), keeping days that have long been “fulfilled”, etc…according to what the book (bible) says. If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, tries to tell another person that if they don’t do this or that, they will suffer death or damnation, they are not to be believed. It is fear-mongering, plain and simple.

    People, live your lives. Make your own decisions. Discover your own “truths”. You don’t have to listen to liars.

  • Oh, it’s worse than that.

    In reflection this morning, I concluded, that though I have tried over the years and have made every effort to find some truth amongst the Sabbath keeping churches of God, that everyone I have encountered or even seen or heard or saw postings about, from the leaders, founders, ministers and members that they are all, every one of them,

    Weird and Creepy

    Ronald Weinland certainly inspires no confidence at all that we’ll find anyone who has escaped the perversity of a corrupt system.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    When I left PKG, my recollection is that I didn’t post here for a while, but instead emailed Mike directly for a while. He was so lovely to me, and gentle. Mike you were a soft place to land. The care you have shown to me is nothing short of beautiful and very touching. I’m sure you, and others on this blog (including me) can now offer this to the ‘lost’ soon to be X PKG’ers when they turn up here.

    They won’t show up immediately (as I didn’t). I remember even when I left I didn’t hate Ron, as his grip was that strong I was too afraid to. What if I’ve made the wrong decision, I thought. I was scared for ages after I left.

    Those days are behind me.

    Now the only sleep I loose is as I am looking after my little boy Corey, 16 weeks old on Monday, who would not exist had I chosen to keep drinking Ron’s flavor aid.

    Luv ya Mike!

  • Matt says:

    Jack Hertzog, as far as I can tell your argument runs like this:

    Armstrongism was correct, except for the bits that were incorrect. These incorrect bits were caused by the people who espoused it, but were plagued by human weaknesses – mostly pride. The rest was correct and it all came straight from god.

    This I am telling you, an espouser of Armstrongist “truth”.

    Can you spot the problem there? We have no objective method of distinguishing you from any other person who claims they know just what God is, what he wants from us, and how he wants us to do it. This of course allowing for the presupposition that one exists at all, a presupposition that I do not share. By saying “I know how to tell the real teachings from the false ones” you are making a claim every bit as arrogant and as unsupported as Ron and Herbert.

    Not only is your claim unsupported, but it is internally inconsistent.

  • Matt says:

    Also – and this is a petty rant, I admit – We can consider that the people in the many different Coglets spend a lot of time reading, even if all they read is the Bible. We know for a fact they produce an awful lot of written material as well: sermons, pamphlets, the odd book.

    WHY is this group of people apparently collectively incapable of writing readable prose? Why does every single last one of them write like a dyslexic monkey who has just had a stroke? Why, why, WHY is it impossible for them to write anything more than a paragraph or two without making the eyeballs bleed? Is it sinful to learn how to write a decent essay? Did God forbid making the reading of their expositions pleasurable? Is there a commandment against decent grammar and balanced sentences? Is it a sin to spell words correctly?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Also Frank Hertzog: Your claims about God are invalidated by the fact that they cannot be tested or observed, and thus they are immune to proof or disproof, ergo they are of the same value as wondering whether a giant ice cream cone exists in space 10 trilllion-billion light years from Earth. The inability to disprove something does NOT make it true.

    That is why atheists like myself do not claim to be atheists through science. We claim our atheism through the testable evidence for God stated in the Bible. The Bible makes claims, we test those claims through the necessary means. “God is Love” is a statement of a noun (God), a verb (is), and an abstract noun (love). Taking their common meanings in consideration, God cannot be loving if Exodus 21:7 is true. If both exodus 21:7 AND God (existing and ) being loving, then by definition one of these statements is wrong, unless we REDEFINE God or Love in a way that allows for love and selling your daughters into slavery. If we redefine God and slavery to make God loving and a cosmic slave trader, then we cannot have ANY common frame of reference to truly KNOW God and what is TRUE, because of the limits of language, the history of Biblical interpretation, how literate Bronze Age societies were, etc. It makes any truth claims about God impossible.

    So you must resort to the special knowledge argument, that God gives his inspiration when he wills it, etc. THAT second argument ALSO negates the first because now you are backing tracking further and further until we reach my earlier comment about making claims that cannot be proven or disproven.These special claims are where religious people hide from Reality, pretending that their ludicrous claims about God and truth are true because they cannot be disproven.

    This thinking (to me and other atheists) is immature, childish, and f****g stupid. Thus my contempt. You claims about God, taken as such, are of the same intellectual level as my daughter when she was three and believed that her imaginary friend was real. It is a disgrace to humans and humanity that you Frank having only intellectually advanced to kindergarten, and yet you are a grown man.

    Thus, I can say without hesitation or malice, {redacted}. While I agree with you there Avalo, let’s make our arguments less personal. Mike_DDTFA

  • Jack Hertzog says:

    Released from the moderation filter, my response in italics below. Mike_DDTFA
    Hi guys, No Jack is not coming up with his agenda, the thing I was getting at was not so much Armstongism, as much as believing lies about prophecy, and Ron seems to be the worst I’ve ever seen, and so obvious that I would think somebody with kindergarten understanding of the scriptures could see through it.

    I think we are wasting a lot of time on him, and I would like to hear somebodies ideas on where we need to go from here.

    Jack Hertzog, I think that _you_ need to go peddle your ideas elsewhere. This blog is about what it’s about, if you don’t like that there’s no lock on the door keeping you here. Mike_DDTFA

    God does show that He will have His faithful on the Earth at Christ’s coming, so will somebody give us an idea of what that will consist of and what the faithful will be doing, and will the Eternal raise up true prophets at the end of the age?

    We’re not going to discuss this idea. But I will say there will continue to be false prophets, perhaps even you Jack.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    An example of this special pleading for God was/is Ronald Weinland’s contention that the Asian Hordes could begin destroying the Earth mere days before may 27th, and make it to Megiddo to battle jesus. Logistically speaking, if the Biblical number of Hordes is true (200 million men ON HORSEBACK), then you need food and water for the trip. MILLIONS of tons/gallons of edible supplies for both the men and the horses. If they don;t walk there, then you need hundreds of thousands of planes, making hundreds of thousands of trips to get all those troops there. Whee is all that gasoline going to come from? Where are all the hordes going to camp while they are waiting for the rest of the Hordes to show up? Do you think Israel is going to allow 200 million Asians just start arriving in Megiddo? Do you think Iran and Iraq are going to let thousands of military planes fly through their airspace loaded with weapons?

    The ONLY way this can happen is if God does something magical, which is NOT mentioned in the Bible. It does not say God will magically transport them there. Why would he? They are going to shoot at hi Son Jesus? Is Satan gpoing to do it? That too is NOT mentioned in the Bible, so you have to invent a scenario in your head where magically Satan transports 200 million Asians on horseback to fight Jesus, a 2000 year old Jewish carpenter that claimed he was the Son of a mystic Being in space. You have to make so many magically ludicrous allowances for any of Revelations to come true that you have to LITERALLY create a story more amazing than Lord of the Rings.

    …and then you have the audacity to preach this fable to us GROWN MEN AND WOMEN here like it is everyday common sense…

    …and if I don’t believe it then I am going to Hell…


  • Avalokiteshvara says:


  • Frank says:

    LOL, no problem 🙂

  • chacha says:

    I cannot believe he is continuing with his bullsh*t!

    But then again…what else would he do….GET A JOB?????

    Movin’On…stay strong My thought are with you. TOTALLY understanding the not really into “prayers” thing!!

    Mal, wow. I admire you for what you wrote. Thank you. Ron is truly despicable and will never (Obviously!) admit he is a false profit and a liar.

    Anyone out there who is hanging on…REALLY? REALLY? You can look at yourself in the mirror and say that you are making a wise choice?

    Please…for the sake of your sanity! JUST LET IT GO!

  • Helen says:

    Hahaha. Chacha you are right about what else would Ron do,, GET A JOB? Yes Ron a J-O-B..

  • YYZ says:

    I’m starting a church,… for a mere $500 you can be a apostle, $1000 you can be a prophet, I have only 2 witness openings so those can be reserved for $10,000(must renew yearly)…anyone want to join. All moneys donanted are property of ….me!

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    YYZ, can I run the Australian franchise? What’s your license fee? What % do you demand of tithes I collect?

  • YYZ says:

    Tell you what Kirrily since your an old friend, 2 bucks(elder fee) and Australia is all yours,..you can set your own tithe rules.

    You sign the EULA which releases me from any lawsuits, suicides and hardships…welcome aboard!

  • Frank says:

    Ok YYZ, count me in. Just give me your bank details and I’ll transfer a grand right now.
    If you don’t mind I’d like to prophesy a zombie apocalypse instead of a nukular war or natural disasters: http://img.ibtimes.com/www/articles/20120529/346346_zombie-attack-miami-man-eating-face-photos.htm

  • Matt says:

    Frank, you raise a valid point there. When spouting nonsense prophesy, at least make sure it is INTERESTING nonsense prophesy. Why go for this stale done-over-and-over stuff? Marching jackbooted germans? So last century! Nukuler splosions and automated retaliation? So 1980’s! Marching asian hordes? passe-he!

    Zombie apocalypse – now THAT is a show worth waiting for. Count me in.

  • Jocko says:

    Wonder How Ron made out in court today.

  • YYZ says:

    Note: Prophesies are not valid until reciept of membership is recieved. Once payment is recieved the prophesy will be truth packaged for delivery.

    CoYYZ(church of YYZ, inc.) accepts: VISA, Mastercard, money orders, Pay-Pal, and even cash in a blank envelope

  • martin says:

    I thought his next court date was June 4th(?)

  • Whisper says:

    A better question is how does one find the transcripts of the ongoing IRS trial against wRONg when in play June 4th and beyond?
    How does one know the day to day trial information?
    That would be worthy of popping the pop-corn.
    Does the Mike-Man have a inside tract?
    Hope so.

  • martin says:

    Does the actual trial begun June 4th? Or is that just jury selection?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jury selection is June 4. A pre-trial hearing this week on opposing motions to suppress testimony. Not sure if it’s tomorrow or Thursday.

    Trial transcripts will not be available for some time after the trial. And could be expensive. We might not get any details unless someone wants to volunteer to be a reporter.

  • Jack Hertzog says:

    Mike, in your estimation , in order to help the brethren and to keep them from falling prey to false prophets such as Mr. Do-Ron-Ron, what would you recommend?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I recommend that everyone think for themselves, and not outsource it to others. Otherwise they get taken advantage of.

    You don’t need prophets. Neither the predicting kind, nor the teaching kind.

  • gullible says:

    Atrocious says: “And all the witnessing (?) he did was n-o-t-h-i-n-g!”

    Yes, not sure what Ron did. And if he did witness, how can the job of the two witnesses be complete. Ron, are you sure you’re not still witnessing? Have you stopped watching the news looking out for new materials to scare your sheeps, who thinks that god reveals all the latest news to his prophet first and waits for his next news analysis? Well they’ve paid tithes as the subscription fee, haven’t they (so, Ron has to give something out to give some value). Don’t you want to keep travelling the world, living it up in expensive hotels, driving luxury rental cars and “witness” all these nice “quality” things? Of course, you couldn’t care less about the poorer countries (which your god forbids you to waste your time on) and that your god only allows you to witness in the richer countries. Don’t you want to at least visit a few more (not poor) countries before you stop “witnessing”. All you need is to think up another scam, to get your sheep to sacrifice again. Oh wait, you already have. Next Pentecost is the deadline! C’mon PKGers, sell all you have, don’t hold back this time. 100% not 50% or 80%. Ron’s god was not pleased with your lack of faith, but of course, when nothing happens and you happen to stick around, he will change his mind and will be pleased with you again, because Ron told his god and his god listens to Ron.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hey Mike ( DDTFA ) , Try this ? to get the details of the trial etc; on Fox 19, in Covington, in Cincinatti, the lovelly reporter,
    by the name of Emily Wood, is covering the story for Fox, she may be able to assist with transcripts of her reports to Fox on
    Ron’s court preceedings ?, If asked nicely ?( I used to work in Television ), so, as it is deemed to be in the public interest,
    she should be able to make those reports available each day.

    I’m not sure how US law is as far as detailed release of Journo’s reports ? but in Aus. it would be ok.
    I’m not permitted to do this ( email request s ) on my work time or equipment……otherwise I would.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Mike (DDTFA):

    What was the name of that guy who posted a video of himself wearing a towel, saying that he was God’s prophet and he moved to Greece because Jesus is returning in July? Theguy with the videos decrying Weinland from what looked like his bedroom?

    Let’s not forget HE is waiting in Greece for Jesus…it would be interesting to hear what he has to say about Ronnie, or what he expects to happen in July…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Found him! I have always found his tone of voice and the pace of his speech kind of eerie. he sounds mechanical, like he is not completely sane…


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Further proof this guy is NOT sane…he is advocating that Ronald Weinland be stoned! (God is soooo loving!)


  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hey Ava, If he’s wearing a towel , I wouldnt worry about him, especially because of the fact he’s wearing a towel !
    He may ” Have It ” worse than Weinland ?
    Anyway, he’s probably wearing a towel, cause he could’nt find a Batman costume in his size ? LoL

  • YYZ says:

    This guys a crackpot! Ron a con man/pro,..this guy, a straight up crackpot!

  • Don D says:

    Hello Mal,

    Welcome back! It’s good to see that you have finally “got off the fence” and have accepted the truth of what I’ve been saying about Ronald Weinland since 2008! You and I will never agree about how to interpret the Bible, and Mike (DDTFA) rightly warns against engaging in endless theological argument based on biblical texts which can be interpreted to mean whatever one wishes.

    However, whatever else texts in the New Testament might “mean”, the one thing they undoubtedly do is to reflect Christian beliefs of the first century AD. When the gospels report the words of Jesus decades after their alleged utterance, even if we suspect they might not be verbatim, they do, at the very least, reflect first century Christian BELIEFS about what Jesus reportedly said.

    And Paul’s writings in particular (c. 50-65 AD) reflect the earliest recorded Christian beliefs which are closest in time to the life and teachings of Jesus. Paul also tells us that he visited people in Jerusalem who’d known Jesus and heard him preach, for the express purpose of verifying that his beliefs were consistent with theirs. Biblical scholars have long agreed that the Apostolic Church of the 1st century AD held the confident belief that Jesus would return within the lifetimes of members or soon after.

    Paul confirms this repeatedly with many references to an imminent “end of the age”, and “the coming of the Lord is near”. For example, when Paul addresses his fellow Christians in Corinth (1 Corinthians 7:25-31), he insists that there is little time left to worry unduly about their business deals, marital relations, or getting married, because there’s an “impending crisis” and “the present form of the world is passing away”. Paul and other NT writers all express their belief IN VERY UNAMBIGUOUS TERMS SO AS TO LEAVE NO ROOM FOR DOUBT that they believed that Jesus would be returning very soon, e.g. in Romans 10:17-18; 13:11-12; 16:20, 1 Corinthians 7:25-31; 10:1-11; 15:52-53, Philippians 4:5, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 2 Timothy 3:15, Hebrews 1:2; 9:26; 10:37, James 5:8, 1 Peter 1:20; 4:8, 2 Peter 3:4-10, & 1 John 2:18.

    The entire Early Church believed that Jesus would return soon. The question is – Where did this belief come from? Did the NT writers just “make it up”? Highly unlikely. What IS LIKELY is that their belief was held because it’s what Jesus himself believed and taught during his lifetime. In Matthew 16:24-28, Mark 8:38-9:1, Luke 9:26-27, and Matthew 24:3-34, Jesus predicts that at the time of his coming, all the signs of that and of “the end of the age” (wars and natural disasters etc) will have taken place, and some of his contemporaries would still be alive. Moreover, the author of the Book of Revelation has Christ giving “book-end” declarations.

    The very first verse (Rev. 1:1) says it’s “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must SOON take place”. And in the final chapter he repeats the same thing at 22:6 with: “These words are trustworthy and true, for the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must SOON take place”.

    And just in case we don’t get that unambiguous message, it’s reinforced four times:
    1) In 3:11: “I am coming SOON; hold fast to what you have, so that no one may seize your crown”,
    2) and in 22:10: “Do NOT seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for THE TIME IS NEAR”,
    3) and in 22:12: “See, I am coming SOON”,
    4) and in verse 20: “Surely I am coming SOON”.

    That makes a grand total of at least 27 very relevant NT texts which, when taken together, are very explicit and unambiguous primary sources directly indicating a timing for the expected return of Jesus, namely sometime in the 1st century AD. But in a remarkable display of cognitive dissonance, the shamefully devious and deceitful Ronald Weinland and other fundamentalist Christians choose to focus on secondary sources (e.g. the Book of Daniel) which are of doubtful relevance, are non-explicit, highly ambiguous, and which DO NOT (unlike those 27 texts), directly indicate a timing for the return of Jesus. All of this in order to support the unbiblical belief that Christ will return sometime in OUR future.

    “End-time prophets” throughout history have routinely said that all end-time biblical texts were “written for our time”. Well, for Paul and his fellow Christians writing in the New Testament, this clearly wasn’t so. They were unambiguously writing for THEIR TIMES – the times of the first century AD.

    Weinland and his ilk will for the next few hundreds of years, continue to set dates for the return of Jesus Christ, will continue to see breath-taking chronologies, numerological synchronicities and formulaic patterns in scripture pointing to the imminent return of Jesus Christ, will continue to declare that the biblical predictions are “for our times”, and that all “the signs” are now in place – the very same things which end-time prophets have been declaring emphatically for almost 2000 years, and all with the same result – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. And that’s what will happen on the Feast of Pentecost, 2013.

    And finally, while Jesus might have implied that he did not know the exact hour and day of his return, he certainly gave every impression that he thought it would be some time in the first century AD. If he didn’t, why did everyone in the Early Church hold that same belief?

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Yet another reason I’m glad I threw away all my bibles. 🙂

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    I’m sorry to say this but, when someone leaves their religious cult, and posts on here ,
    for whatever reason, I would have thought the last thig they needed was more bible bonk’n 🙁

  • YYZ says:

    I wonder, can there ever be any legal ramifications for blogging about someone/Ron?

  • Mal says:

    Hello Don,

    As you well know, you and I have had private exchanges by e-mail about your atheism vs my faith in the Word of God which went nowhere.

    I’ll respond very briefly to your lengthy post (hopefully Mike will permit), since no doubt it was designed to spread your atheism, just like some others on this blog attempt to do.

    1. There’s actually more written in the Bible about Christ’s second coming than His first coming. Therefore, if one believes the Bible (you don’t – fair enough), the second coming is a cast iron fact and a major event that must take place.

    2. Since the second coming has not yet occurred it must be FUTURE to our time (sorry, that’s not meant to be sarcastic, just obvious).

    3. The early church thought the second coming was imminent. So what ? They made a wrong assumption. Christ clearly said even He did not know when it would be, only the Father knew. He couldn’t have made it much clearer than that.

    4. The Book of Daniel is of doubtful relevance ? Sorry, if Jesus Himself confirmed Daniel’s credentials as a prophet, which He did in Matt 24:15, then that’s good enough for me.

    5. Daniel does not indicate a timing for the return of Jesus ? I beg to differ. Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue does exactly that.

    6. Yes, Jesus said in Matt 16:28 that some of those standing there would see Him in His kingdom. Indeed, that happened in the very next verses when Peter, James and John were shown a vision of the glorified Jesus. (Matt 17: 1-9).

  • This has all the more led me to confirm my belief that I am a Religious Athiest and a Spiritual believer. (wish I could find my spell check) I believe in the historical Jesus, that is a fact and I admire and follow what and how he said to live. God ehhh? Creator – yes. I and you were created by, well, the Creator. So I love Jesus and the Creator. Now being old enough to die soon I will soon find out. I wish I could let you all know when I find out for sure but that’s a path you have to follow. In the mean time I am going out to my garden and watch the Creator create.

  • No! No! No!

    It would be Christ’s 3rd coming!

    He came, then he went to heaven and came back for 40 days. That’s two.

    Third coming I tell you!!


  • Anon says:

    Interesting how the first thing out or Ronnie’s mouth (in the sermon) is a reminder that people need to follow their financial obligations and send more money to the church (paraphrased).

    This guy is just something else. No shame and will never ever admit he is a false prophet. My friend is a PKG member. I have not talked to him since this sermon, but I imagine he will continue to be brain washed. I used to believe that RW was just mental (after all, how can someone purposely deceive people into giving up so much for his gain?). Now I believe his is a true con-man.

    I have listened to many sermons to try and understand how this man can have a hold on so many people captive. It astonishes me that he has followers, especially given:
    1) He lives a wealthy lifestyle off of church funds. (Didn’t Jesus encourage the rich to give up their possessions and follow him? How much more so for one of God’s prophets?)
    2) He declares his wife as the 2nd prophet (does she even speak?) Bonus for RW, cause he doesn’t need to share the church’s wealth (keep it in the family)
    3) He has a criminal trial pending
    4) He has nothing but false prophecies. (I remember a radio broadcast in where he says if things do not come to pass (in 2008) that he would declare himself a false prophet. Well, 2008 didn’t happen and 2012 didn’t happen. 2 strikes and this isn’t baseball).

    I have not finished this sermon yet. But I keep hearing about how “WE DIDNT UNDERSTAND”. Umm, WE? You are the “prophet” Ron. You dont understand because you do not have God with you. Likely Satan is with you. You are a wolf in sheep clothing. You have shaken the beliefs of some of God’s most devout (and more will fall when 2013 doesn’t happen). Truly sad.

  • Don D says:

    Budgie smugglers said: “I’m sorry to say this but, when someone leaves their religious cult, and posts on here ,
    for whatever reason, I would have thought the last thig they needed was more bible bonk’n”

    I note your comment, Budgie-s, but the thing is that my post was an open letter to Mal who never joined or left Weinland’s cult (or anyone else’s as far as I know). My quest is for honest and clear thinking when it comes to religious doctrine and belief. And this is something abysmally absent in Weinland’s theology. Had those who got trapped in the Weinland nightmare applied a greater degree of critical thinking in assessing Ronnie, they might never have found themselves in such a parlous position in the first place.

    That’s all….

  • Sky says:

    Hi all. This blog site is great. Thanks Mike for all the updates. My sister joned when she was depressed and got sucked in fast. Like what Movin’ On said about her husband joining when depressed.

    I’ve started following Mikes blogs recently to learn more about Rons rubbish to know what’s happening in my sisters world. I just hope to see her pop up here when she realises she has been lied to but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Totally Fd says:

    Love the blog.. I was sucked into the cult in 2007 and got out in 2008 obviously when the first failed prophecies happened. I was then treated like an outcast from friends I had met within the group of losers. I am so glad Christ didn’t come yet so hopefully others will see what a jack off this guy was. I hope he’s thrown in prison for a long time for screwing so many people out of seriously large amounts of money. All this cult did was f*ck me spiritually.. I could give a sh*t less about God or anything for that matter. I sleep with multiple women, I drink and smoke bud like its going out of style, and I really could care less about having life. Not sure if this cult was the culmination of who I am today but it really didn’t help. I know this isn’t an AA meeting, but I wanted to put my view on here as to how this jack off messed with my life and probably others. All of this is sad.. I just hope in the end there is a “great white throne res” where everyone is resurrected and given a second chance at life under the influence of good, cause God knows I’m F’d under the influence of evil…

    Good day to all! 🙂

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Totally FD – I can TOTALLY relate to what you have said.

    I left in Jan 2009, soon thereafter I started ‘acting up’ too. Felt damn good too! So naughty!

    I was like that for over a year. Don’t know how my husband put up with me. One minute I’m a religious nut awaiting the iminent tribulation, the next I’m a party girl going out for drunken all nighters!

    After a long time of this, I realised I was hurting myself out of pain.

    I don’t know what made me stop really (geez I was having a blast!) but I did thankfully. My husband was patient and understanding. Now I am a mummy, so my partying days are over.

    I feel for you, and once again can really relate to everything you have said. I hope you keep posting here!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Totally Fd:

    You are only as “Fd” as you allow yourself to be. There is no God, but that doesn’t mean there is no reason to NOT destroy your body and spirit. Your health and your sanity are TREASURES. Don’t let RONald Weinland win by giving your mind and body away (to drugs, booze, STDs, and possibly AIDS) too. Anyone can be fooled. An actual fool destroys himself/herself…

    …talk to a doctor/counsellor/crisis hotline/brother/friend/sister/mother about your feelings, concerns, and/or problems.

  • Totally Fd says:

    Hey Guys,

    You guys are right and I am not entirely “Fd” cause of Ron.. I also went through a divorce after and that also played a part.. simply put, I’m “broken”. I am not spiritual, I don’t believe love exists, and marriage is a f*ckin joke.. hell, I don’t think I even have a true friend anymore cause I can’t trust anyone. lol (I can trust my son, I confide in him, but he is still just 16 so I try to keep that light or simple)

    I mean, I woke up yesterday morning in bed with some chick (the third woman on the weekend) and the first thing that came to mind was I need to see what people are saying about Ron.. and was wishing I still had contact info for some of those people so I could email them a piece of my mind along with some LOLs.. but then again, what good would that do for me or them or anyone.. the bottom line was that I was still in the same crappy town, screwing the same crappy women, drinking the same crappy rum, waking up with the same crappy hangover. lol

    I do firmly believe in God and Christ and things will simply happen when they do and I am a minuscule powerless being on a tiny rock floating in this gigantic ocean called space.. In the big picture of things I am simply a spec of dust in time.. So everything I thought I learned or “got from God” means nothing.. I can’t tell the difference between right and wrong anymore.. at least “spiritually” so I simply can no longer believe anything when it comes to religion. Except that I do believe there’s one God and one son and one jacka$$ named Lucifer..

    On a positive note, I am making changes so in the next couple of months I will have a new place, both my teenage sons are moving in with me, I am dumping all the broads out my life cept maybe one (or two), cutting out the booze.. I may smoke a bowl now n then but I am on my 8th month of quitting smoking cigarettes, so that’s was a start.. God knows I would never be able to talk to most of those people listed so I pretty much deal with life by myself. This blog is the closest I get to sharing my foolish life. And you are right, I have been a fool for a few years now.. Seriously, I have stories that would put my mom in cardiac arrest..

    Thanks for the kind words.. This blog sure has a lot of genuinely good people, that is evident. 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    I have good news for you. It is TOTALLY possible to move on from the same crappy women/booze/stinkweed, and such. And you don’t even have to “give up” anything. Cold turkeying is too fast/too soon, and sh*t living obviously isn’t the way for you. So make sure you take a deep breath, slow down, and try and find out just who you are, how you feel, and what you want to be before pushing change too hard, and giving up on yourself. Keep in mind that what we ALL want in life are the feelings that come from our dream job/vacation/lover, etc. Thus, some rock stars kill themselves and some janitors believe they have the greatest job in the world. Money/hot women/etc can bring some people the feelings they want, but those feelings are not the lasting feelings we all actually need. So I found a perfect medium…I married a GORGEOUS Vietnamese lady…so I get both true love and commitment, AND a hot lover! I wanted to make enough money to survive, BUT ALSO a job I could actually enjoy. Done. I hope I am not being too personal, but you reaction to your experience is NORMAL, and NOT permanent.

    You are among friends here, and NOONE will think you are stupid or weak for struggling with your life post-cult. Pretty much all of us were YOU at one point, and we eventually BECAME us with a lot of soul searching, reading, thinking, talking, questioning, sharing, and forgiving ourselves. You can have your dream life…

    …it can start HERE if you want it to…

  • Totally Fd says:

    Hey Avalokiteshvara,

    I hear ya.. I appreciate your positive insight.. You’re right.. I will try to ween myself off everything.. The hardest will be the women.. I care nothing for really any of them but still enjoy the physical aspect..

    One thing that is hard is I was raised catholic, but I always thought that was a freakin joke so I blissfully went through life, staring into space drinking beer around my backyard fire pit wondering what the meaning to anything was.. Then I found this stupid cult that made sense of so many things and related it to scripture.. I feel like such a dolt being sucked in.. and so I stopped celebrating holidays (which I think is wrong regardless) except for birthdays.. so I pretty much don’t participate in any of those and my family is HUGE.. My family now goes to the extreme to say there is a “family graduation” in December now just so I will come to an event (xmas) with all of the relatives.. lol I have to laugh cause every year they think they are tricking me, but I still show up, get sh*t bombed with the elderly and wake up the next day pretending it never happened. How dumb is that..? I mean seriously, I feel like my whole life’s a lie.. well technically it is.. The only thing that I do 100% of the time correctly is my job. I have a great career.. I am a professional when I am working but after work I’m like a light switch.. hense why I am trying to make some positive changes.. if not for me.. for my son’s and my relationships with them.

    I haven’t looked at PKG stuff much in recent years, just every couple of months this past year just to check in and see what his latest blog was.. as usual a bunch of BS… so the last couple of days I have read other sites just to see what was going on.. I can’t believe evasion is the only thing that c*ck sucker is on trial for.. How about payment to those who got out of the cult before Christ’s (non) return? Gawd knows I could use extra money.. haha I did notice it’s his birthday today.. I hope its a good one for his sake cause the following years he may be wishing he preached a different sermon when racking next to Bubba.. 🙂 lol

    Ok, I’m done veering into matters off subject.. perhaps I will stay in tough with this site.. I work on a computer all day so Im not to inclined sitting at one off work..

    You all have a good evening.. I am going to meet a bro for happy hour.. 😉

  • Vision says:

    Totally fd:

    You know what, one day we all are going to die right? Every second that ticks by is a second I can’t get back. Let’s get boozed up, smoke and celebrate life. Live every minute to the fullest and not worry about the consequences because I could care less. I could care less if I die. There is no hell. I mean it! There is no hell, so death is just eternal sleep. Does “God” need to punish me anymore than what I’ve been punished here on earth? This crappy, messed up world I live in IS hell. CONfusion and CONmen are in abundance. Who cares? We’re all going to die. What good is acquiring all this material wealth if I’m going to die and for what? Look at all these billionaires with their money in the banks just stacked there not helping people less fortunate in third world countries. They could make use of that money instead of letting it sit in the banks. They won’t use it all. GREED, GREED and greed kills. Just look around the world. Greed kills. Let’s booze up some more tonight and later at the party. Let’s not care. This world is hell and I feel all of its weight. So much injustice, lies and corruption. Tomorrow as I awake I’ll feel more of the same. Screw it! Give me some booze, cigarettes, and whatever else will give me temporary relief. “God” is such an a-hole for all this and for giving me eczema. My Bi-polar girlfriend is bouncing off the wall making all the wrong decisions and is slowly killing herself and poisoning her body and mind and sleeping with all sorts of men. Screw this world. I want out. “God”, the “devil” solve your issues already. I’m tired of this mess you a-holes.

    I feel so weighed down. My body is being poisoned and my heart aches. Why don’t I die and get it over with?

    A very dear friend of mine used to have those racing thoughts among many racing thoughts.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    That’s the trouble with focusing on a man. When you find out that he’s full of it, you don’t know what to hold onto.

    And because he mixes a certain amount of common sense in with his nonsense, you may have trouble sorting the wheat from all the chaff. If you cut away all the false prophecy, there’s little left.

  • Totally Fd says:


    I can see our friends point though…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Wow! That’s negative stuff, Vision!! Beyond clinical depression and de-pressurizing from a cult, I don’t get how God not existing is NEGATIVE for so many people…Personally, as a long term atheist, I have been completely HAPPY being free of Yahweh. Cancer is merely another crappy thing that can come along, possibly, and it is not like I am the one causing all those obese kids to get Type II diabetes. Certainly, as an ex-cult member who was BORN into the cult, I get the LOSS of God part, but losing God brings so many damn benefits, you quickly forget about old Yahweh and his laws and start having some fun (and I am not talking about promiscuity, drugs, or booze). It is more the little things than big things that start reaping positive results. Didn’t get that scholarship? That’s the way it goes. No depression and confusion as to why God didn’t hear your prayers. Got cancer? Join the millions of others who have had it, and either lived or died. Dying? You won’t remember a thing, and no Hell.

    I don;t want to seem glib, but I would encourage anyone considering agnosticism or atheism to carefully look at both as see the VAST amount of benefit…especially if you are a follower of Ronald Weinland. Not to reject God per se (or right away…) BUT at least for some perspective. If only God can prove his word is true as Ron said, then WHY believe RON?

    Pray and ask God himself to show you. I GUARANTEE you if you get an answer, RONALD WEINLAND’S theology will NOT be it! 🙂

    And if you pray and NOTHING happens…read Sam Harris’ book “Letter to a Christian Nation”…


    “Forty-four percent of the American population is convinced that Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead sometime in the next fifty years. According to the most common interpretation of biblical prophecy, Jesus will return only after things have gone horribly awry here on earth. It is, therefore, not an exaggeration to say that if the city of New York were suddenly replaced by a ball of fire, some significant percentage of the American population would see a silver lining in the subsequent mushroom cloud, as it would suggest to them that the best thing that is ever going to happen was about to happen—the return of Christ. It should be blindingly obvious that beliefs of this sort will do little to help us create a durable future for ourselves—socially, economically, environmentally, or geopolitically. Imagine the consequences if any significant component of the U.S. government actually believed that the world was about to end and that its ending would be glorious. The fact that nearly half of the American population apparently believes this, purely on the basis of religious dogma, should be considered a moral and intellectual emergency…”

  • chacha says:

    I agree Avalo!

    Freedom from religion is the best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am happy. Yeah…sh*t happens. Bad sh*t. But I don’t have to think it was because I didn’t make some invisible boogey-man happy! F-that.

    It just happened. Period. I was not spiritual…or any of the other crap that Ron spews.

    Be HAPPY being FREE of this NUT-job and his god.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    44%!!!!! That is scary…

    For me, Dill Weed sums it up perfectly….

    “I know that I don’t know.
    I know that it is impossible to know.
    IF anyone tells you they know, they are, at best, wrong. They are telling you what they believe.
    Believing isn’t knowing.
    IF God wanted to make himself known, He could, clearly and unmistakeably, make himself known. He hasn’t.  “

  • Mal says:

    Martin asked:

    Mal, did you get a chance to listen to Ronald’s excuse regarding the day of the Lord?

    I mentioned to a follower, that the Day of the Lord was a year long, and he disagreed, he thought it only lasted one actual day


    There is a large passage in Isaiah 34 describing God’s judgement on the nations.

    In verse 8 it is described as “The day of the Lord’s vengeance, the YEAR of recompenses for the controversy of Zion.”(KJV).

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