84 Hours

In the comments section of another post, “Sebastian” commented:

Damn guys, getting nervous….nothing against people who joke with this stuff but it freaks me out! I cant tell if your being sarcastic man!  I havnt actually studied Ron much so i have no clue what he has predicted at all…the only thing i picked up on was didnt he already have a failed one 4 or so years ago? And isnt there supposed to be  nuclear war in the next few days? Someone fill me in and chill me out please…sorrrry

Ummm.  Let’s see.  How about the last page of “2008 — God’s Final Witness”

By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, or it will have begun its collapse and no longer exist as an independent nation within six months after that time.

On March 12 of last year, Weinland spoke:

So again, some cannot wait for me to say that I am not a prophet, or to say that I am a false prophet. Indeed, no one has long to wait do they? Isn’t that amazing? May 27, 2012 is not too far away and if Europe hasn’t risen by early 2012 and if China does not begin destroying the earth before that date, then the reality would be manifest much sooner, obviously. You don’t have to wait until 2012.

Let’s stack that up against the Bible, Deut. 18:20-22:

Deu 18:20  But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.
Deu 18:21  And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?
Deu 18:22  When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

On page 22 of “2008 — God’s Final Witness”, Weinland wrote:

These two prophets of God will complete the work that God has given them to do, then they will be killed in the streets of Jerusalem. Their bodies will remain in the streets of Jerusalem for three and one-half days while the world watches via television.

This post is being published 84 hours before the time scheduled for his elder brother Jesus to arrive and resurrect him.  Which is exactly three and one-half days.  Are the bodies of Ron and Laura on CNN?  Oh yeah, he spiritualized that.  Just as False Prophet Ronald Weinland does all his failures.


  • jack635 says:

    Oh yeah, he spiritualized that. Just as False Prophet Ronald Weinland does all his failures.

    Mike, I was just reading some old material on Ron’s theology and I came across his “coming in my flesh” spiel. That is when he twisted around 1 John 4 “come in the flesh”. So if he does spiritualize away Jesus’ second coming on Saturday night, he will use that excuse. Jesus has come in our flesh, the PKG which is the flesh of the Church of God….etc.

  • Matt says:

    That is likely, Jack.

    Alternately, he can go the Camping route: it was all God’s plan. He wanted to get in touch with loads of people, so God told a white lie to Harold so he would start to proclaim that the end is nigh. This was a good thing, as many people got to hear that God existed, even if the complete failure of these predictions made his follower look pretty silly. This was also a good thing by the way, as it showed them that they were not to think that they could know what God’s plan was, as that is prideful, so God humbled them.

    None of them seem to notice the logical problem here: if this is the case, then it is equally prideful to now think that Gods plan was what is described above, but the only way God has now of humbling them is to make the apocalypse happen exactly as foretold. Why is it so important for God to humble people? It makes God seem like a petty bully-boy, or a really dysfunctional parent.

    This just goes to show that people will readily tie their own brains in a knot just so they can hang on to a belief that does not correspond, or is even compatible with, observable reality.

  • Douglas says:

    ANYONE who thinks RW is legitimate has not been studying. If you cannot see this guy 1000 miles away what are you going to do when the man of sin comes with all sorts of lying wonders and real abilities? You are setting yourself up as easy prey. I mean in RW you were lobbed a slow moving softball – a joke – a charlatan, about as easy as it gets. I mean what is his claim to fame – being the understudy of the corrupt HWA?

    Remember that Paul had people just like him in his time, the likes of Hymenaeus and Philetus and their false teachings. RW falls into the same category as Simon, Korah, Alexander and many others – period.

    The biggest problem I see is that so many always want to get behind a man. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make and so anti-biblical in so many ways. Jesus wants you behind and with Him only. Think – reason – read and quit following corruption.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Doesn’t require any biblical scholarship to determine that RW is false, just read his book and look at reality. In fact, I generally avoid theological arguments since the Bible is so versatile in supporting any position you want. Although I use it to support my contention (tongue in cheek) that Ron is the man of sin in 2 Thess 2.

    And agree with your last, Douglas. I tell people to do their own thinking, don’t turn it over to someone else.

  • Ryan says:

    Didn’t Jesus Christ “spiritualize” nearly everything that the Jews believed to be true “physically” ? The Jews believed that they were 100% right, taking everything from prophecy physically, but then with God’s Holy Spirit, so much was revealed to be different than what they thought it was. Would you consider Ezekiel to be a false prophet since he was writing about the captivity of Israel after the event was already happening ? Or the apostles believing that God’s Kingdom would be coming within their life-times, does this make them false servants of God ? The Church has been corrected very often throughout the pages of the Bible, so how can you sit here and say that God’s Church has to be perfect in all that it says ? Who cares if the timing of this end-time didn’t happen as it was stated, obviously he was wrong about the specific timing, because he was walking by the faith of what the Church believed to be true, and then they were corrected. It seemed all along the way that there wouldn’t be enough time left to fullfill everything, which is why he said certain things like August 2011, or January 2012, because it seemed like it couldn’t happen any later. Even right now, I was having trouble thinking that even the beginning stuff happening Friday or later, but now it feels like it has to happen that late, because as soon as the 2nd Trumpet blows, it’s all over. Israel could pre-emptively strike Iran, I feel as late as Friday night (Eastern Time), then basically Iran and allies destroying the United States and other parts of the Western World with the some 800 targets that they already have at their disposal to strike at. Then Europe does what it does very quickly to try filling-in the power-vaccuum that results, but could only be a few hours before the Eastern powers step on in and the 6th Trumpet blows. It just doesn’t take long for things to happen. All of you are hung-up on the timing having to go exactly as stated. God’s Kingdom didn’t come when the apostles (namely Peter and Paul) originally thought that it would, so why doesn’t this make them false ? The Bible even talks about “present truth”, the truth which the Church believes until God corrects them to what is true. The truth of Pentecost 2012 has not changed, once this was revealed, this end-date hasn’t changed. Other things weren’t understood like the 3.5 Days of death in the streets. Have God’s servants always been 100% right and accurate about everything ? Absolutely not !! Of course not !! God’s servants are far from perfect, just like the rest of the World. Why aren’t you so hung-up on discreditting the prophets and apostles of the Bible whom weren’t perfect ? You would so chastize Ron if he murdered somebody, this alone would cause you to say he cannot possibly be a prophet of God, even though Paul was a murderer but yet he’s looked upon as being of God.

    If nothing happens, then fine, the Church was wrong about the Jubilee of Jesus Christ returning on Pentecost 2012. I personally won’t look at Mr. Weinland as being a true prophet of God, but I will still hold onto God’s 7th-Day Sabbath and the annual Holy Days because they are commanded in Scripture. If you’re a Christian, why aren’t you at least following those things. You seem to believe that because Ron says the Sabbath is true, that this means it must be false since it came from out of his mouth. Like you don’t believe that no man has gone to Heaven because Ron said it, even though Jesus Christ himself said this very thing. How do you escape those things, I don’t get it ?

    God’s people walk by faith, and there are stumbling blocks just like there always has been since 31 A.D. God’s Holy Spirit doesn’t give everything that is asked for, it gives when it’s in God’s will and timing. God didn’t lie to Ron about the original date, Ron just got the date wrong, he thought Trumpets 2011 came from God but it didn’t, and he admitted he was wrong, and began thinking differently while continuing to walk in the faith. If you don’t believe in Ron, then don’t waste your time in listening to him. There is plenty of stuff on this web-site to supposedly convince anybody that he is wrong if that is your goal. Your goal is to destroy the Church Of God – PKG, you hate it, you can’t stand it, whether it’s right or wrong, how can you do what you do and call yourself christian ? How are you justified in making fun of the way people pronounce their words ? It would be like you making fun of Moses because of his speech problems that he was having. Why is it justified just because you believe he is false ? At least follow the ways that Jesus Christ brought to us, how can you be christian and refuse to acknowledge what Christ said and did, and not live the way he said to live ? That is what I’m taking away from all of this. Even if this date passes and nothing ever happens, I have learned so much about pride and selfishness, in myself especially but in others also, and how to treat people, and interact with people, I have learned so much about what is the right and true way of living life, how to treat our fellow neighbor. Just like Ron said in this past sermon, if death is what’s at the end of all of this (eternal death without resurrection), then how blessed have we already been ? Just to have been able to know everybody that I’ve met so far, and especially the 30 or so from my local Church group that I’ve grown to known and love so powerfully in a short amount of time, it’s been such an incredible blessing to have been able to know them, for however long or short a time, even if death was all that was coming, even if we were to die today and never live again, how blessed have I been to know these people that are willing to do ANYTHING to help each other, and they have NEVER asked me for anything in return, not even so much as asking for thanks or grattitude, or asking for love in return, never never never has this been asked of me. So I have learned so much about living and relationships with others, regardless of what is true or false regarding prophecy.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Whoh ! guys, guys! I’m on your’e side !, the fact is, and all I was stating was, that ALL these false prophets are the same, and its the money, and what money brings to them, is the whole reason that their in it ! don’t ya think ?, I have watched, while these scum sucking lizards, have been indicted , long before Weinland was even thought of ? IMO , weinland saw an opportunity to go one further, by imagining, that , and proclaiming, his and the dumb pig’s witness, status ! but I make mention of all these money-grubbing nut monkeys, are the same, brushed, tared and feathered, with the same satanic stink about them. And, to me its all lies, and a way to insulate themselves against monetary slides and shifts, in markets.

  • Charlie says:

    Ryan – Seek. Professional. Help. Now.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Ryan, a little dickhead like Ronald Weinland, with a small ( embarrassing ) following, such as COG-PKG, cannot command the heavens to send their son to the earth, because he ( Ronald ) wants to be popular, amongst the many other imbaciles, claiming to have ” dibs ” on Christ’s return.

    I was brought up in an orphanage, from age 3, released at almost 17, and I’m sure, that no man or woman can ” command ” the heavens to do anything !, just who does he think he is ?
    Ryan ? What don’t you like about the world ? if Ronald has had enough of it…….. why do you follow ? in the path of the foolish ? if he’s had it, will you follow him to his fate ? as well ?

  • Matt says:

    Let me try to see if I can follow the logic here. So “Walking by faith” means, more or less, that we do the best that we can to believe correctly? And since we each can but do our best we should not criticise too much?

    But does that mean we should not criticise a man who proclaims himself a Prophet and an Apostle when he clearly is not? When this man clearly profits from his falsehoods – so much so that just the amount he pocketed from his church and avoided paying tax over comes to the kind of money most people have to work a decade for? When this man practices disfellowshipping and other unpleasant methods?

    I would agree with you if Ron was simply wrong: that is really no-ones business but his own. But the fact is that he *does* things that are wrong. He runs a cult for his own benefit.

  • Doubt It says:


    Have you considered that some people have parents, children, husbands, wives and/or other family members caught up in this cult?

    Weinland has provided instruction on how his ‘followers’ should live their lives financially (e.g. to hold any money back would show lack of commitment), personally (e.g. no more weddings until Christ return) and spiritually (e.g. even if Christ does not return WE know this is God’s Church). He has done so after creating a scenario where he is thought to be representing God.

    I can only hope that you, and others, have not been so obedient that Christ’s failure to return on Saturday does not result in total financial, personal and spiritual devastation.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hey boys and girls ? 84 hours ?……….is’nt that just about three and one half days ? …………..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……what a wanka ?

  • Disappointed says:


    There is a fundamental difference with your arguments above and Ronald Weinland. Ronald Weinland is claiming to be a prophet and that he and his wife are the God-appointed end-times witnesses. He claims that God has given him these timelines and events to happen. He is also claiming that he is the only one with truth. The apostles may have believed some things, but they did not come out and say “God told us this will happen, and it will happen on this date.” There is an enormous difference between making mistakes and being a false prophet.

    It’s also interesting how you are trying to separate “the Church” and Ronald Weinland. You state he was walking by faith of what “the Church” believed to be true, but “the Church” only believed it because Ronald Weinland said it. Everything “the Church” believes is because Ronald Weinland told you to believe it. So he didn’t continue to walk by faith according to “the Church’s” views, he continued to walk according to his own views. And since you mentioned Paul specifically (I probably would have mentioned David, but I’ll use your argument), Paul was a murderer before he met Christ on the road to Damascus, not after. Ronald has allegedly already accepted Christ. Murder (or willfull, wanton tax evasion) at this stage in his “ministry” would make one think a bit about Matthew 7:16.

    Regarding your timing of world events that could happen: I’ve been with the Department of Defense for over 10 years…you must have some incredible intel if you truly believe all those things can happen in the span of 24 hours.

    Finally, with respect to the 7th-day Sabbath and the annual Holy Days, I look to Romans 14. I worship God on Sunday, and give Him thanks everyday, whether that day is “special” or not. I do so to the Lord.

    God bless.

  • Rambo says:

    Ryan gave that long heart-felt statement and Charlie just had to make that asshole of a comment “Seek. Professional. Help. Now.”

    Even I didn’t agree with a lot of it but…

    Charlie – You oughta be ashamed of yourself.

  • Stockholm syndrome lives!

  • Pete says:

    Just hours to go now before Mr Weinland’s predictions are supposed to happen.

    What’s great here is that if you have read all his stuff and listened to him, he has left himself no way out. He can’t turn around and say it happened but it was spiritual or invisible to us. All he can possibly say is tat he was wrong and then apologize. Anything other than that will be wrong.

    I have never believed one word os his unscholarly, wrongheaded, unsophisticated theories or predictions.

    My only question is… does he believe what he says? (if the answer to this is “yes” then it’s sad and he is to be pitied)


    Is he a liar and a con man? (if the answer to this is “yes” then he is a criminal)

  • Richard Ball says:

    “If nothing happens, then fine, the Church was wrong about the Jubilee of Jesus Christ returning on Pentecost 2012.”

    No, Ronald Weinland was wrong. Full stop. Period. The corporate church, collectively, has entirely ignored this minuscule tempest in a teapot. What the church teaches is that Christ shall return in power and great glory, and that no man knows the day or hour. Oh, yes. And that we should be on the lookout for false prophets, and those who promise liberty but are themselves slaves of corruption; also, those who reject the liberating truth of God and are overcome with strong delusion. For that is what is at work here. Not greed. But strong delusion.

    Here’s a challenge for the PKGers: I’ve found that at the root of most cultish error-prone belief systems is self-righteous: a doctrine and practice that leaves room for self-righteousness. Check your hearts. Is there self-righteousness there? Does following these commandments and these beliefs allow you to think that you are right and everyone else on the planet is wrong? That you are somehow deserving of God’s grace. I know about these things. Been there. Done that. Look at Peter. Humbled. Ended up saying, “but we believe that by the grace of Jesus Christ we shall be saved”. Can you say the same?

  • Douglas says:


    “If nothing happens, then fine… I personally won’t look at Mr. Weinland as being a true prophet of God”

    Now that sounds like a good start – although he has already been wrong about dates.

    “God didn’t lie to Ron about the original date, Ron just got the date wrong”

    So what? So now you are saying you will stick with this false prophet no matter what? It surely sounds like you are trying to back out from your previous statement. Did RW previously have a battery problem with his hearing aid? How do you know its not happening again?

  • Idolatry has always ended badly up until now.

    Maybe this will be the first exception in all of history.

  • Charlie says:

    Perhaps “Rambo” didn’t grow up in the WCG in the 60’s or 70’s. I have nothing to be ashamed of with that comment and I could not have summed up the advice any more concisely or eloquently. The type of folks drawn like a moth to flame to armstrongism and that kind of theology do need some help…Ron’s failure this weekend will cause some to leave for other splinters and perhaps a few will escape like Kirilly did, a fair number will stick around for the next timeline so they can get their opiate fix. If those folks have unemancipated children, the psychological harm can take years and years to recover from. “Ryan” is already making excuses…

    Your comment was the asshole comment.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Hey! If anyone is gojng to make an a**hole comment around here it’s ME! LOL!

    1. Charlie: your comment is spot on. Don;t apologize for pointing out a religious moron at his word.

    2. Rambo: Judge not, lest ye be judged. Charlie is just doing what he thinks is right.

    3. Yahweh is imaginary, and anyone who believe int he Bible at any level is a f*cking r*tard. Yes, that means all of you theists. Every last one of you.

    I, Avalokiyeshvara, am rightfully the focal point of all negative comments since I am a godless humanist who supports gay marriage. Stop trying to steal my negative thunder! 🙂

  • Matt says:

    Ah go on Avalo, quit holding back! No need to walk on eggshells and beat around the bush 😛

  • Whisper01 says:

    Hey, isn’t the Witness dead already? Ya, in the streets of the J-City in the Middle East right?
    For 3-1/2 days, ya that was what was written by in the Bible(s) and 2008 GFW. So he’s dead right?
    He and the Mrs’s are lying in the street somwhere in the J-City, being televised across the globe as a “witness” to all people, right?
    Dead and gone, may they rest in peace. Well that is until big-bro J-Man decendes from on-high to snap them to attention and livens em up!
    Good thing they died, there could have been a major fault in Gods written plan if they were not lying dead right now.
    How embarassing that would have been, to have to renig on ones own written word and spoke word to boot.
    Wheeew, that would have been a disaster!
    Yes sir, dead as a door nail.
    Non living.
    Amoung the non-breathing crowd.
    Still. Quite. Resting.
    That was close was it not?

  • sebastian says:

    Thanks mike! Wanna thank everyone, because this will help me through the rest of my life!! 😀

  • chacha says:

    So to whom is Ryan’s diatribe directed? Who is he calling a “christian”?

    Nice to have you back Avalo. I miss your rants!

    Did Ryan miss the part of Ron’s book where he said EVERYTHING would come to pass EXACTLY as written to PROVE that Ron is EXACTLY who HE says he is! So….Ryan. Um. I don’t get it.

    Did Ron just get it wrong? Just a little Ooopsey? Perhaps he shouldn’t have put it in a f*cking BOOK and then spent all kinds of his followers money promoting it on the internet!!!!!!

    If you CLAIM what you say is FROM GOD, then it better be or it is pretty damn presumptuous to say it in the first place!

    Yeah Ryan…I agree with Charlie….and I think you are foolish.
    And I agree with Budgie, Ron IS a wanka!! 😉

    and don’t call me “Christian”. You’ve offended me.

  • chacha says:

    Love that salutation Richard Ball: “Have a nice entirely non-apocalyptic day!”

    That’s great! And to you all!

  • Jocko says:

    Ryan, Is calling for another persons death one of the ways we should treat our neighbors? Or how about calling for multiple deaths of people who think differently than we do. Or calling for multiple deaths of people who criticize us.

    Is this how we should live our lives according to Christ? Being a member of PKG and follower of Ronald Weinland means you approve of Ron’s death curses so please don’t criticize anyone here for what ever views they may hold.

    We’re not the ones calling for death and destruction-You and your fellow PKGer’s are-And you’re all looking forward to it. This weekend many of us here in the states will be honoring our fallen veterans while you and your fellow PKGer’s will be left wondering what went wrong.

    In the meantime Ron will be laughing his way to the bank so your wishes will come true about the collapse of the dollar because they’ll be collapsed into Ron’s pockets instead of yours.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Hi. I am Avalokiteshvara, and I am an atheist. You and I don’t share the same beliefs, but I can assure you of something. I have been alive on this planet for a LOT longer than you have, and you can trust me when I say: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Life can look really scary, especially when “religious” people tell you that the world is ending or you are bad because you don’t believe what THEY say. This is how bad people try and trick nice people like you into being sooo scared that you will do anything to not be scared, which means believing what the man who scared you TELLS YOU to do. But I have seen this happen over and over, and the end of the world NEVER occurs.

    Sebastian, the Bible goes from Old Testament to New Testament, so Jesus has the final say in any and all End of the World situations. And Jesus says over and over, DON’T be afraid. The good people like you will be OK. It’s the BAD people who need to be scared of the end of the world. Because they are the ones who have lied, cheated, stolen, raped, murdered, misled, or whatever else. I personally don;t believe the Bible, BUT… it does say that good people like you will be OK, and BAD people like Ronald Weinland are NOT going to be OK, because they tried to make you scared and not trust God. Fear and Jesus don;t occupy the same place, so if you are scared don;t be. If Jesus is real, He will be with you through all of this and you will be OK.

    Ronald Weinland is a big fat liar, and this weekend will NOT be the Return of Jesus Christ. In fact, this weekend will be yet another chance for you to go outside and have a nice day, and say Hi to your friends, and play video games, and laugh, and have a good time..

    …just as Jesus would want you to…

  • chacha says:

    Nice post Avalo. your daddy-side is showin’ ! 😉

  • ronald weinerhead says:


    Please forward to all the brethren!!!

    I just wanted to get the message out to everyone in the church that I have been made aware of some “murmuring” being done by a few of you, and I want to make it abundantly clear personally to each and every one of you that although it is becoming more and more apparent that I may have misjudged the timing of Christ’s return and that my job as the spokesman witness may have not yet begun. I am still God’s Apostle and the head of His church! So I must warn all of you to be careful what you say and who you talk to in the next few days. Those who like to “murmur” and spread lies will be dealt with. If you “murmur” about me you a murmuring about God and you will be cut off from His Church and lose your place in His Kingdom! I will also use my powers to curse you like I have already done to my mockers and those who are leaders of the scattering!

    Just so there is no confusion out there I want to get a few things off my chest before next Sabbath:

    By keeping my special status as the only true agent of God on earth I will not ever be held openly accountable for the things I have said and done that may seem to have been wrong. It is only by holding steadfast to this belief with the very core of your being that we may carry on together towards God’s Kingdom with total resolve. As a narcissist I am unable to ever truly apologize and accept responsibility for my actions unless superficially doing so enables me to maintain my control of everyone around me. Therefore I expect you to never question me or try to hold me accountable, how dare anyone! I am God’s Apostle!
    Now brethren I want to make it absolutely clear to each and every one of you that even though I was off a bit in my judgement about Christ’s return by continuing in total resolve with me you will in no way have to admit wrong to any of your friends or family, or for that matter there is no need to feel ashamed or the least bit silly. How can you be blamed for your obedience to God’s Apostle? Where else could you go? Who else has the truth? They will never understand and together we can marvel and laugh at their frustration with us. Yes brethren it is still US and Them and it will always be so. Even though logically it would seem that we were the foolish ones and brought this on ourselves and may have done and said things we shouldn’t have done, I assure you this isn’t the case. God works in mysterious ways and you will be rewarded for all this self-inflicted hardship. It is just part of Him fashioning and molding us into his family.
    So there may be some out there in the church who have put their lives on hold and may be suffering now from some career or financial hardship. I want to make it abundantly clear that none of you will suffer as much as I am so I hope that you will suck it up and not burden me with any of it but rather give me all your sympathy and support going forward. It has been a very exhausting 3 and a half years for My wife and I pretending to be the two witnesses of Revelation and we would like nothing more than to go on another relaxing Boat cruise but we may not even get to do this because Satan is using the IRS to persecute us . It is only with your prayers and support (in tithes) that we will be able to overcome him. So hold-fast to all the truths that I have given you and just for a little excitement I want to say that God has revealed to me 2 or 3 new truths that I will be sharing with you in my next sermon series!

  • chacha says:

    Sounds about right…

  • Atrocious says:

    Right on, Avalo!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

  • martin says:

    Ryan, if you want a theological response (as some have given, like Disappointed)

    There is one, as you say, because if Ronald is wrong (he has been, he is, and will be this weekend again wrong), then there are SOME truths he taught which are still valid (ie Sabbath), and yes, you should still keep it.

    But that is a far cry from continuing to follow a man.

    Do you think all the false prophets in history were INSINCERE? Or did they sincerely believe their prophecy?

    Well most did. The OT gave no credence to whether the person was sincere or not. Something Ronald the weasel Weinland tried to weasel his way around by saying he was not presumptuous, when ADMITTING OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH that his OFFICIAL prophecy failed.

    In the OT your first failure demanded your life blood from you. This was to prevent such a one from continuing to mislead the people.

    Just because a false prophet has some truth (keep in mind THE False Prophet will be performing actual miracles in the sight of men), doesn’t mean you stick around and follow him straight into the lake of fire (I do not say RW is going into Lake of Fire, that is up to RW and whether he repents or not).

    It is 1000000000% clear, the proof is there, God is fair, the proof is there that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet.

    If you wish to follow him into the “ditch”, then that is your choice, but God is fair, for believers who wish to know, the evidence is quite clear.

    1) Ronald Weinland got the first date wrong, and did a reset.
    2) Ronald Weinland got EVERYTHING wrong in-between that and now
    3) with that track record, he will absolutely get the last date wrong.

    The excuse that God didn’t lie, but Ronald Weinland was wrong (re first dating), is ridiculous. So therefore Ronald can repent of his false prophecy and redo over, is utterly ridiculous.
    The bible supports no such notion. Your first false prophecy in OT times, would be your last, God gave no provision for false prophets “repenting”.

  • martin says:

    Regarding Ezekiel, those prophecies he gave were End Time prophecies.

    Do you think God got amnesia? And forgot that Israel was in captivity?

    Do you think Ezekiel was not aware of this fact?

    No, these are end time prophecies, not to give RW and credence (he really has none), but isn’t this understood in PKG?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    SEBASTIAN: Let me add a couple of things.

    The things you fear are what everyone, atheists included, fear. I am married with a wonderful (Buddhist) wife and two sweet little daughters. As an atheist I too can be worried about the future, doing my best to make sure that my family will be OK. As a father and a husband I actually have more to worry about because I have more invested in this world than when I was single, without kids. So you and I both can find many things to worry about, and that is very normal. But think about this:

    I don’t believe in God(s), yet I have been very successful in my job, met a wonderful wife, have been the best father I could be, and have lived a great life. If this is possible for an old atheist like me, then how much more can you hope for and be encouraged by the fact that you, as a believer, have GOD on your side? I am assuming you are a believer, so if you are, then not only can you be as successful as me, you can do WAAYYY better with God helping you. So you actually have a WAAYYY better chance than I do of living a happy, fun life. I struggled up the ladder of life with no help from my parents, and no hope. With God on your side, you will be able to find the strength to believe in yourself and live a great life.

    BUT REMEMBER…money is an illusion. Your HEALTH and your SANITY are your greatest treasures. Eat healthy, GET ENOUGH SLEEP, exercise, stretch, take some time every day to relax, work hard but efficiently, and GIVE to those who can’t make it on their own. Even one measly dollar or a can of food can save a life or make one single life infinitely better. So DON’T believe the cynical people who tell you its too late, or humanity is doomed. You CAN be everything you want to be, and GIVING is the best way to get there.

    IF I CAN DO IT WITHOUT GOD, then YOU can achieve anything you want with God (?) by your side…

    So don’t listen to Ronald “Poopy Pants” Weinland. He is merely a lonely old man who wants money and power he hasn’t earned…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Ryan, you are an idiot. You would do well to be more like Sebasatian, and ask questions/seek answers. The maggot-ridden horsesh*t that is your theology is (a) not Biblical, (b) stupid, (c) antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and (d) the Biblical prophets were never due in court to face fraud charges, so YES. criticizing RW is completely within the Biblical purview.

    Besides, I’m an atheist, and don’t care what your imaginary god says. So you can kiss my big, gay marriage-supporting, Bible-rejecting, secular a**…

  • martin says:

    Jesus called the false teachers of his day, a whole lot of things.

    He called them dogs, hypocrites, dead men’s bones, foxes.

    So calling out a false teacher / false prophet, is NOT UNbiblical. (condemning them to hell is)

  • martin says:

    It should be noted, as far as I can tell, no false prophet in history has ever repented, certainly none in the bible that I can recall.

    Again, a false prophet’s FIRST mistake, was all that was required to completely reject him, no matter what small amount of “truth” he taught.
    (that “truth” is the bait to which they hook you, the rest are usually lies)

    That is the bible instruction from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    AND another thing SEBASTIAN:

    here is no shame in not knowing the secrets of the Universe. Humans have been trying to figure out what the meaning of Life is for thousands of years, and we will continue to do so for the next few thousand. So there is no shame in saying to yourself, “Holy Cow! Reality is sure complicated. I might not ever really know exactly what goes on in the Universe day by day.”
    But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, try your best to be good person, and have a meaningful life. Life is a strange journey, full of joy and sorrow, with some beer and boobies thrown into the mix.

    Try not to damage yourself too badly in the process of living, and you will make it to the end of your life rather well…

    (Personally, I have REALLY enjoyed the boobies part of life…the taxes? not so much…)

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Ryan, you say we are all hung up on the timing – Rons book said the TIMING would prove his validity.

    You are truly brainwashed and will swallow anything your God Ron says.

  • Douglas says:


    Thanks dude – without you we would all be over here just patting each other on the back saying how right we were and all – but that gets kindof dull after a while.

    SAY!!!!! Why don’t you send the authentic and real true-blue RW on over so we can have a nice chat with him. He’s a big boy – and after all should be able to handle his own bein a witness and spokesman for god and all. I’m sure we will all be dumbfounded, just plain lock-jawed at his wisdom. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Helen says:

    Wow!! My internet was out a day and look what I missed..
    Hi Avalo!!
    I can’t hold back. I am a christian Ryan but you have insulted me by calling yourself a Christian. You are an empty brain thinking christian who is a follower and believes in mans teaching. What you wrote has nothing to do with being a Christian you, grrrr. Start reading, search and see for yourself. It disgust me to know end that because you think you are nice and follow the holy days makes you a Christian. Are you NUTS!! I know people who say they are Christian and follow their rituals, prayer beads, church every week, blah, blah, but they don’t have a one on one relationship with the Lord. You follow all that garbage and give people like Ron the benefit of the doubt. Let me tell you something from a woman who has searched for something and never found it in a building or man. There is no man, no church. no religion, no rituals,etc.. that will make you a Christian. I know some may disagree with me. So church tells you God makes corrections, do you think maybe you can find that for yourself and believe what you read in your bible instead of listening to the idiots as they tell you what to believe and what God says and how to think.
    I am so upset I am not even sure if I am making sense. Sorry to my fellow bloggers who don’t know how to be nice including me, because we don’t follow Ron. News Alert Ryan.. There are good people and mean people, saw them both in PKG. Mainly haughty people in PKG. Good people aren’t just made because they belong to a church or false church like PKG, well it isn’t a church, but moving on. Or because they are Christian. There are good and bad no matter what you are or aren’t. Geez!! I just get furious with people who call themselves Christian and they think they are better than anyone else. Just makes the hair stand up on my neck. Hate to shock you Ryan but my relationship is between me and the Lord and no one else. Hate to shock you again but I like my glass of wine, or a beer sometime. And it makes me feel better when I am upset and I may say a cuss word here and there. That is between me and the Lord. No way in heck am I going to let a man, especially false prophet tell me
    not to have kids, (well I am too old, but kirrily understands), or have to wear a dress, no makeup, don’t dance, don’t swear, 2 drink limit at feast, don’t smoke, give money, don’t do this don’t do that. I already know what I shouldn’t be doing from what it says in parts of the Bible. BUT I AM NOT A PERFECT WOMAN. I do charities that mean so much to me, on my own. I don’t need to give it to a con man.. I give it to people who are sick, little children, whatever.
    I am a Christian first, every day, as Disappointed, every day I give praise to the Lord and Pray. Not ashamed to say it either. I should be better in the way I get ticked off and control my Polish temper and play nice all the time, but I don’t, that is on me, when really I should have pity on you Ryan.. but you have to live with yourself, so i really don’t feel diddlysquat. Ok, I am not your conventional Christian in the eyes of people who read this.. But I am who I am… take me or leave me. You will always hold on to RW too Ryan.. I figure you are a follower, you called “it” a Mr….W….
    OK MIKE, don’t take that as kicking me off the blog. haha
    Sorry folks I think i just blahed, blahed, blahed. Have you ever started blogging something and you get so frazzeled. Well, i know what I mean, sorry to bore you my fellow bloggers. Love you guys.. even though I apparently don’t know how to love. but love ya anyway.

    Good think I skipped some of what Ryan wrote. It was making me a bit nausea..
    OK Mike, you have permission to correct me on this letter I wrote. I mean by, well, anything. haha

  • Acts5v29 says:

    I recall how many turned against God when the world didn’t end last year – how the reputation of the Heavens became tainted. Both Harold Camping and this man’s exploits may deter other “knowers of the day and hour” – which is fine – but if he were to turn around, even now at this late stage, that could act as a similar disincentive without damaging God’s reputation.

  • Anthony Lindner says:

    Tick tick tick, it’s May 27 A.M. and I am still waiting. We have flashing and thunder here in Wisconsin. A bomb? No, flashing and thunder and rain for a great harvest this fall. Ehh, I will give it tell the 28th. I can’t wait to see what Ronnie is going to write next. How much foolishness can follow foolishness?