Motions in Limine

False Prophet Ronald Weinland made yet another public appearance today following his last public appearance in front of adoring church members in the UK prior to Christ’s returns this coming Saturday at sundown in Jerusalem.  Today’s appearance was before a less friendly audience in US Federal Court.  Accompanying Ronnie was his attorney, Robert C. Webb of the Frost Brown Todd law firm in Lexington, KY.  The criminal trial remains set for June 4 with jury selection to begin after 9:30 AM.

Both the government attorney and Ronnie’s attorney filed motions in limine.  A “motion in limine” is one at the start of the preceding and these motions were filed asking the the court to prevent the opposing party from using particular witnesses or testimony.  The parties have until Friday to settle issues or file additional motions for a possible hearing next week on Wednesday.

Ronnie’s attorney filed the following motions:

  • to disallow the IRS special agent who investigated the case to testify as a summary witness as she could actually testify as an expert witness, and furthermore to exclude her testimony as an expert witness on the technicality that the government did not identify her as such before the deadline.
  • to prevent the government from using Ronnie’s unconventional and unusual religious views to impeach any witness’s testimony
  • to prevent the government from using PKG members or other lay witnesses to identify expenditures made by Weinland

One of those PKG members who might be asked to testify is Johnny Harrell.  Rumor has it that the IRS is investigating Johnny’s and Myrtle’s taxes for the past several years.  And Johnny likely was the other signatory on Ronnie’s Swiss bank accounts which if so would mean that he would have been required to file an annual report on those accounts with the government.

The government also had motions:

  • to exclude the expert testimony of a former IRS special agent pointing out that his knowledge was obsolete, having retired in 1999 following the filing of an EEOC complaint coincidentally filed by the case special agent against him as he was her supervisor at the time
  • to exclude the testimony of an expert witness as to the fair market value of the church office space in Ronnie’s home on the golf course.  Seems Ronnie has already deducted the cost of his home as a parsonage and the the government is not going along with this attempt at double dipping
  • to exclude the testimony of an expert witness as to the fair market value of Jeremy Weinland’s services to the church maintaining the church website
  • to exclude the audio recording of the sermon Ronnie delivered in December of 2002 as evidence of the Swiss bank accounts were church and not personal accounts.

There were some gems inside the filings.  Such as this statement about Ronnie’s kids: “Financial documents demonstrate the Defendant paid for some of the living expenses of his adult children and was reimbursed by the church. Jeremy’s educational expenses, a luxury automobile, and other expenses were paid, in part, in this manner.” There was a mention of church members employed by the church: “In addition, the United States is aware of other persons who performed computer, website, and book related services. Those persons were volunteers, except for the W-2 church employees (Ronald Weinland, Steve Dalrymple, and Audra Little). In 2008, the church paid Gregg Chris as a contractor to provide information technology services.”  That would actually be Greg Chipps, although I thought he was a full-time employee with the princely salary of $36,000/year.  Seems Ronnie did a little creative maneuvering after the IRS opened its investigation:  “The church did issue Jeremy a 1099 that is dated in March 2009 for $16,835.00. This document, like the 1040 the Defendant filed in 2010 for the 2008 year and the 1040X the Defendant filed in 2011, may be evidence of the Defendant’s consciousness of guilt, but it has no bearing on the Defendant’s attempts to evade his tax liabilities in 2008. The 1099 issued to Jeremy was provided in reciprocal discovery. Jeremy, however, lives in Germany and there is no other reliable information that Jeremy was providing contract services to the church in 2008 or at any other time.

The content of the motions was less significant than the nature of the response.  On January 14, Ronnie stated:

I know we believe that but sometimes people are put to the test as to whether they really believe it, because if you really believe it then you live by it, truly. Think of something I heard this past week that’s… I don’t know if there are very many, but in one particular case, some even ordained, making comment they’re saving certain funds aside in case Jesus Christ doesn’t return on May 27th. I am astounded at such a comment! I am dumbfounded by such a comment! And I think… “What are we holding back and why would we hold anything back? Do we believe this with all of our being, because if we don’t we need to bring ourselves into check and examine ourselves and go back to the sermon we heard at the end of the Feast!” How can you represent God’s way of life? How can you be a part of something so great, so awesome and have such mighty reservations in your mind?

So tell us Ronnie, how much did you hold back to pay your talented law firm to file all those motions for you?  How much did you hold back to pay your expert witnesses?  After all, your trial doesn’t start until June 4, well after you become a member of Elohim.  I am astounded that you would do that.  I am dumfounded that you would do that.

Update: Since making this posting, I see that the Cincinnati Enquirer has an article on the topic, similar to this one.  There ya go Bob and Dixon, you can quote that source so you don’t have to mention mine.


  • Jocko says:

    Extra Extra-News Flash-Mike does it again.
    Breaking news story on “His Royal Awesomeness’s” criminal US income tax invasion trial.
    Details above.

  • martin says:

    Some of Ronald Weinland’s followers have more faith in their false prophet Ronnie, than Ronnie himself.

    They sold their earthly possessions and invested in Ronald Weinland’s false prophecy based ministry.

    Did Ronald Weinland do likewise?

    Did Laura sell her jewelry to fund this enterprise? *less than a week, let’s see if she does*

    Did Ronald Weinland fire his lawyers? (not needed)

    Did he sell his house? (not needed)

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I never actually believed that Ronnie was a con man. I honestly didn’t. Now, I don’t see how he could be anything else…..

  • Jocko says:

    If Ron’s lawyers were really really really smart-They’d file a motion to bar any testimony from surprise witness for the prosecution Mike(DTTFA)

    If they don’t do this Ron will surly be heading up the river and roomin’ with Bubba. Just my 2 cents.

    BTW-This is going to be a hell of a Memorial Day weekend, don’t ya’ think?

  • J says:

    Jerry Sandusky’s trial begins a day after Weinland’s.

    Let’s hope justice prevails in both cases. In other words, guilty verdicts because both are obvious.

  • Douglas says:

    I like the way old RW curses members of the other Churches to death. I mean I’m sure I read somewhere where the Church in Corinth cursed the Church in Thessalonica to death.

  • Douglas says:

    Man that guy Weinland sure is smart – I mean the Bible is silent on whether one witness would get arrested on tax evasion so you can’t say that wouldn’t happen.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    I find it interesting, that the Two Witnesses, in the book of revelation, are known around the world, at least, through the writings of Apostle John ?

    COG-PKG’s self proclaimed Two Witnesses, have around 1500 followers, about 40 elders & associates, ( world wide ) around 20,000 people probably read the internet postings , or literature the group sends out, mailings, postings etc. and a staggering around six billion , thats 6,000,000,000 just dont care, or havent heard or bothered with the ‘ end – of – world ‘ stuff that Ron pumps out ?

    Now Ron is running a business, has been ‘ rattling the can ‘ for at least 7 years, and with those figures, thats a pretty poor success rate, considering the advertising, ( previous ) radio interviews , and whatever print material their promo department sends out ! He might do better joining up with Al Gore’s greenies, if he wants to continue giving people the s&its ?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    “If Ron’s lawyers were really really really smart-They’d file a motion to bar any testimony from surprise witness for the prosecution Mike(DTTFA)”

    That would be a surprise to this witness as well, I don’t know what information I could add. Since he’s on trial for evading taxes, not the Duet. 18:20 thing.

  • Matt says:

    Wow – absolutely first rate job there Mike. I think you may have missed your calling as a reporter.

    I surprise myself – even though I have read about lies after lie from Ronald, I am still taken aback by the sheer enormity of his hypocrisy, and how little he seems to care about such things. I guess that is how guys like this get to people: you just cannot imagine that someone would be so selfish, so arrogant, and so greedy without the least sign of a troubled conscience. Most people are not like that, and they expect other people to have a conscience too. But Ron seems to have no qualms at all.

    He claims to be a prophet – I wonder, does it say in the Bible “And then Moses prepared himself a rowing-boat, and stocked it with the better part of the wealth of the Chosen People, just in case the Lord did not part the red sea after all, and he explained that if this happened, then this would be the Lord putting him through some more trials.”?

    That is the most disgusting bit. Last time he spoke, he said HE would have to endure more mocking, HE would have to endure more physical trials. Not a word about having led all these people a merry dance, making them put their lives on hold, damaging relationships, scarring people emotionally… all so HE could feel like a big man and live off other peoples money. He does not care one jot about his flock except as a means to an end.

  • Atrocious says:

    Yes, Matt. His “last” sermon was about Ron. Everything revolves around Ron-god – the narcissist of all narcissists. I would go so far as to say that he has a criminal mind. He has no thought for the lives of others, except for his own bidding. And all under the guise of religion. I have nothing but disdain for this monster.

  • Whisper01 says:

    “He does not care one jot about his flock except as a means to an end.”

    On the nosey! In reading about Ron for more than several years I found that it’s “all about Ron”. Even the Mrs’s gets a back seat and she’s a Witenss (hand picked by Ron I might add…). It’s all about Ron’s goals. It’s all about Ron’s ego. It’s all about telling others what Ron’s role in this grand play is. But you got to hand it to him on one issue, like Mad Harold before him he’s going all the way to the wire to loose. Not cutting the race short or re-inventing the wheel for a new go at it. He did cut his death sentance short, but he is going the distance. Nothing makes for a better failure than going the full distance and then hitting the wall. Go Ron go! Pick up speed, lunge forward with everything you have! Hit that wall hard! Break all those crowns & titles you’ve laid upon your own head.
    Go figure?

  • Christian says:

    The word of the day is Sociopath – Ron Weinland.

  • FedUp says:

    I’m reminded of a scene at the end of “Schindler’s List” in which Schindler is wondering what else he could have done to save more Jews. As he gets into his big car, he says something like, “I should have sold the car.”

    Apparently not Ron’s attitude at all.

  • Ronald Weinland, Mafia Don.

  • JB says:

    Mike you are wonderful. You may have another career as a reporter when you retire. The information you uncover is amazing!! Using church funds to pay for his son’s education and a new luxury car. I wonder how many PKG members drive those kind of cars. Hope his local paper continues reporting on the trial. My husband still believes Ronnies 27th date. I am reading the scriptures in my church on the 27th and he has agreed to come with me. It could be an interesting day.

  • Douglas says:

    The weather for Sun May 27th is showing a nice 83 degrees in my area. WOW – of all the arrogance on part of the weather channel! It should say total nuclear winter or 100,000 degrees or something like that.

  • whatmeworry says:

    Wait, I am not really dumb, but, how does he make public appearances in the UK if they took away his passport? And in the same vein, how does he think he’ll get to Jerusalem? Didn’t they take his passport away? Where did I miss that? Sorry for asking.

  • sebastian says:

    Hey guys! Lol getting nervous but just remembering what you guys told me 😀 I am going to be nerrrrrvous on the 27th though cant lie! Still cant understand why though 😛 i dont think its going to happen Sunday but who am i to play God? Rrggghhh this sucks :/

  • sebastian says:

    Whatmeworry- he says that he does not have to actually ‘die’ in Kerusalem, it will be ‘spiritulized’ according to him.

  • Camaris says:

    Hi All,

    This is my first post and , if Ronald is right, probably my last. 🙂 I actually found out about all this because I bought an iPad3 in England and did a search for free books on the Kindle online app. Yep, you guessed it, “2008 Gods Final Witness” and before I knew it I was reading it hurtling up to London on my commuter train. A thrilling masterpiece (truly!) and I read it with a big smile on my face over a day or so on the commute occasionally laughing out loud at the funny bits. The thing that strikes me most about the book as a lapsed Christian (Church of England so essentially “do unto others…” is the only rule), other than it is fairly badly written, is that it is nice and specific about things, which is precisely how I like my prophets to be. All this stuff about a third of a third of a third and some trumpets and three and a half this and that and the end date just 7 weeks away! I’m not so sure any God is too likely to calibrate all his long term movements around a calendar that is still not shared by much of the world, or works to nice round numbers like 6000 years and all that, but there we go – (and have leap years even been considered?). After a scan I found this site as was interested in whether any event of some note covered in the book had ‘come to pass’ in a way that was agreed, even by ‘mockers’, so I guess I am part of your ‘increased traffic’, Mike. Plus when the end point is so close I’m not leaving now!

    The real thing that must surely strike anyone coming to this party (and this website) late are the personal tragedies where contributors, or their family members, have been sucked up into all this. It must be traumatic to lose a family member to this nonsense and watch them fritter away their savings and destroy relationships. Some of the posters here are really brave for getting out. The next thing that strikes me is what, precisely, does Weinland actually want people to do other than send money? His entire message seems to be “half the world is going to die and unless you are made ELohim – which is unlikely in any event – then you’re stuffed and have 100 years of whatever followed by a thousand of whatever blah blah”. Great. Fine. But what exactly is the point of Weinland if all this stuff is just a big old rubbery cock of a “fact”? Just to frighten children or what? Maybe someone can let me know precisely what members of PKG are actively trying to achieve by spreading the good word of impending ‘Nuklar’ war. If they want people to repent, then ‘why’? As in what difference will it make? Either to PKG members of joe public.

    It’s presumptuous so I apologise.. but I feel like I know some of you just a little bit as have been reading on this site frequently over last weeks and listening to the last few Sermons from our friendly neighbourhood Prophet, so know there’s a few people who post here who were once members of this guys congregation. Can I please those guys some questions, out of interest? Firstly, does the silent prophetess ever offer an opinion on anything?! Secondly, are ex-members even a little nervous about this weekend coming? Thirdly, if you are in touch with any current members, are there any vibes of… doubt… creeping in? There must be after that last sermon! Our boy Ronald basically said at one point “if it turns out that Jesus is a no show then I’ll need to get right with God and ask why” or something similar. The guys has some funny ideas about Europe, by the way.

    Hope all have an excellent weekend and best wishes from me to you all – I’m sure the main event will be the non-event.

  • Richard Ball says:

    “if it turns out that Jesus is a no show then I’ll need to get right with God and ask why”

    If Jesus doesn’t perform according to Ron’s dates, Ron needs to repent and then shut up. As in zip it. No asking why, because in his deluded head he’ll get an answer he’ll inflict upon his flock. After this fiasco he isn’t qualified to teach Sunday School; even acting as janitor is dubious. He should apologize, liquidate church assets, sell his property, hand over all funds to be returned to members, suggest they find a good evangelical church to attend, and throw some dust and ashes on his head. Then, he should get a job at the local Sav-A-Lot, where he can practice saying “have a nice entirely non-apocalyptic day”.

    Have a nice entirely non-apocalyptic day.

    90 hours to go.

  • martin says:

    89 hours to go now……

    tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

    I hope Ronald was sweating today, it was a hot day, so it’s only fair.

    If Ronald Weinland had a whole lot a fulfilled prophecies under his belt, I could see the members holding fast, they would have some tangible evidence he MIGHT be a true prophet, so they would have a reason to do so. (fulfilled prophecy is only one component of a true prophet, false prophets CAN have fulfilled prophecy as well, the key difference is the God they claim to serve, see relevant Deut. passages).

    But he not only has none, he has contrary evidence (outright failed prophecy, with the big one this weekend), apparently his members don’t care about obeying the bible instructions when this occurs.

  • sebastian says:

    Damn guys, getting nervous….nothing against people who joke with this stuff but it freaks me out! I cant tell if your being sarcastic man! I havnt actually studied Ron much so i have no clue what he has predicted at all…the only thing i picked up on was didnt he already have a failed one 4 or so years ago? And isnt there supposed to be nuclear war in the next few days? Someone fill me in and chill me out please…sorrrry

  • Atrocious says:

    Sebastian, Ron is a joke. You know the cartoon “Chicken Little”? “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”? Pay Ron no mind at all. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is true. And, no, there’s not going to be a nuclear war in a few days. You know what excites me? I’m looking forward to getting a kitten on Saturday. She’s an 8 week old female black cat…and her name will be Shadow. I’m not paying any attention to what Ron says. Live your life, Sebastian. Don’t worry ’bout it.

  • Disappointed says:

    Calm down and breathe. Ronald Weinland has not prophesied correctly on ANYTHING. There is no need to panic. Mike (DDTFA) has done a phenomenal job of listing all the failed prophecies, and you can review this website to see them all. Now, don’t freak out over what I am writing next. Is it possible Christ will return on 26 MAY? If you believe the Bible, then the answer is “yes,” but it has NOTHING to do with Ronald Weinland and his excrement-laden timelines and prophecies. The Bible tells us no one knows when Christ will return, and if you believe that, then you would also have to believe that no one knows when Christ WON’T return either. The point is, do not focus on the end…focus on the here and now. We cannot do anything to affect when the end happens and what will occur, so why worry about it?

    I’m sure you have final exams coming up, so concentrate on those. Do not worry about Ronald Weinland’s prophecy…it has nothing to do with what will or won’t happen on 26 MAY.

    God bless.

  • martin says:

    ************ Ronald Weinland has not prophesied correctly on ANYTHING. ****************************

    (just echoing what Disappointed said, which in a nutshell is the only truth of the matter)

  • martin says:

    the Cincinnati Enquirer article no longer shows up….(????)

    I went back to finish reading and it’s gone now.

    Can anybody else access it?

  • No. But the good news is that neither can Bobbie or Dixon.

  • J says:

    I guess Ronnie just isn’t notable enough.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The Cincinnati Enquirer has rearranged their website. But never fear, I’ve fixed the link for Dixon and Bobbie. Try this one:|head

    JB, wonder if your husband realizes that Christ returns mid-day on Saturday here in the US. Suggest you don’t remind him of that until well after the time. If your scripture reading is on Sunday morning, then by then most of the 7 vials will have been poured out already.

  • jack635 says:

    Ron’s lawyers probably maybe had something to do with it. Perhaps threats of a civil suit? Perhaps the judge has issued a publication ban? Perhaps the server is down?

    Oh, and Sebastion, Nothing Ron has prophesied has come true. Nor has any prophecy come true by all the false prophets throughout the ages who have stated that Jesus is returning on whatever date they came up with. For the rest of your life, every five to seven years someone will come up with a date of Jesus’ return and actually get a big enough following to get a mention in a newspaper or on television. I prophesy that during your lifetime you will hear of ten or more “chosen one”s who will know the date and prove it with scripture. They too will rake in a pile of cash and Jesus will not return on their special date.

    As for Mikes post on Ron’s court adventure……..OUTSTANDING! I am the one who is dumbfounded. I did not expect Ron to return to the states. (was he actually physically in court or did his lawyers appear as his agent for motions?) Maybe Ron thinks he can win his court case, and he can come up with a plausible scripture based excuse for Jesus’ no show. Ron could be dumbfounded that people are still giving him money, and therefore he can continue raking in enough money to get himself that G5 jetplane. Nah. I think he’s done for and ready for new horizons.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jack you must have been typing your comment when I posted my earlier one.

    According to the court record, Ronnie was in attendance. And I think the newspaper reporter was in court and would have noted his absence as well. Still puzzles me how he was able to travel without a passport, according to court records he surrendered it during November.

  • burch02 says:

    Best wishes to all!

  • jack635 says:

    Fist of all good Job Mike. I know you have a day job so you get extra credit for this story. About the passport question. I remember reading the conditions of bail you provided in a post last year or in January. The document listed he had to surrender his passport but provided for signing it out on certain dates and resurrendering the passport back to his P.O. each time he returned to the States. These dates were to be listed and provided to the P.O. prior to his out of country travel, providing said travel was to a country that had an extradition treaty with the U.S. He was not allowed to sign out his firearms though. Those were surrendered in trust to his Attorney. I can picture Ron carrying a Glock or Colt .45

    So he was in court today , that means he has resurrendered his passport and I don’t see anymore travel on his website so he won’t be getting it back unless he is planning on travelling out of country again in the future for a “sermon”.

    Lastly, the link is back up for the story, but the addres may have changed it is now

  • jack635 says:

    I see I’ve typed at the same time again.

  • jack635 says:

    I see they have a nice big picture on Ron in his Herbie style armchair. Too bad they didnt put the propeller beanie cap on his head.

  • J says:

    He was booked at some point, right? Mike, you sleuth you, find his mugshot. 😀

  • J says:

    I wonder if anything is to come from that alternate COG that some of the elders set up a few months ago. Perhaps to set up an alternate tithe location in case the government seizes PKG’s assets?

  • jack635 says:

    I’ve seen his parodied mug shot of him behind bars. Now the real mug shot, that would be a treasure to behold.

  • YYZ says:

    Is his son or any other children he has part of his Traveling Medicine Show?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Sebastion, be sure to read the next post on this blog.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    I put up some figures ( in my last response post ), on how small PKG ‘s reach really is, and when its all said and done, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr Wanka, propeller cap, is’nt worth the time , or concern, he has caused. I must say, however, I became interested , in what he had to say in 2007, as he was proclaiming to be God’s witness, and ( as you do ), one listens to what could have been , truth ( in the coming difficult times ), as it turns out, was mereley a grab ( by him ) for his 15 minutes of fame, which has sadly smacked ( not him ), but his followers fair and square in the face !

    There are others , in Propeller cap’s league, TV stars, like Duplantis, Copeland, Meyer, Hinn, Schuller, and this one really kills me ( with laughter ) ” Oral ” Roberts ! WTF ? sorta name is that ? what prison was he in to get such a ” nickname ” ? LoL

    So folks, be on your guard, Ron is only ” small beer “, in comparison to the many tricksters, liars, and thieving con-artists, whom whilst thier tithing members are average hard-working, decent, folks, thier ” annointed ones”, own huge ranches, private jets, limousines, holiday shacks , luxury holiday hotels and cruises ! while skiting on how ” Blessed they are “, Yeah ? right !, ” Praise the Lord ” and pass me the sick bowl !

  • Matt says:

    “if it turns out that Jesus is a no show then I’ll need to get right with God and ask why”

    Haha nice one Richard

    It seems that Ron will call God to task and make him explain just what happened. Don’t worry – Ron won’t take any excuses from that miserable backslider.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Budgie, I’ve stated in the past that Weinland is not the worse false prophet there is, not even within the Armstrongism category. In that category, Armstrong himself was the worse because of the number of lives he effected, including my own. Others are worse, such as Flurry, who has a no contact rule. Weinland isn’t as bad as Armstrong, because he allows his members to get qualified medical attention. And he has never been accused of incest with his daughter or other sexual improprieties, nor do I suspect him as such.

    As to whether he’s worth the time, that’s up to a particular individual. If Armstrong were alive, I’d be blogging about him. But he’s not, so Weinland gets the benefit. While Weinland has a smaller following, he’s more interesting. The IRS thing is some icing on the cake.

  • Charlie says:

    I shall toast to Ron’s latest failure from the Jersey Shore this weekend from a friend’s place with my wife and kiddies. The only question is Whisky or Champagne?

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hey Charlie, what about Wild Turkey and coke, and beers ? …………I dunno, call me an Aussie redneck ?……..Hahahahaha

  • Richard Ball says:

    “martin says:
    May 22, 2012 at 19:54
    the Cincinnati Enquirer article no longer shows up….(????)

    I went back to finish reading and it’s gone now.

    Can anybody else access it?”


  • Charlie says:

    Budgie Smugglers: Nothing at all wrong with Wild Turkey or beer. With regard to adding coke to it, a wise man once said that the only thing you put in good whisky is more whisky 😉