The Last Month

On April 21, False Prophet Ronald Weinland made the following statement:

The two witnesses will not be killed in the literal city of Jerusalem and their dead bodies will not lie in the streets for 3½ days. God’s two witnesses will live right up to Jesus Christ’s coming to this earth as King of kings. This three and a half days spoken of here about the two witnesses is fully about the past nearly three and one half years,….

The graph below indicates the change in the number of visitors to my blog since the beginning of March.  There has been a slow but steady increase of the visitors week over week, with Sundays usually being the most trafficked day.   A steady increase up until April 21, when the traffic jumped up around 25% over the prior week.

The only event to which I could attribute this increase in traffic was Weinland’s sermon.  I expect that a portion of this traffic is stirred-up PKG members.

This is the final month during which Ronnie, Laura, and the sealed members of PKG expect to become members of Elohim and the rest of PKG expects to adored by the non-converted survivors who live with them into the new age.  There’s a lot going on this month, as shown by the calendar.  And then next month the criminal trial starts on the 4th.


  • Whisper01 says:

    I truely hope that Weinland followers are indeed coming to this site and any others to read some “truths” about Ron, what he has done, what he has said, how he hurt others all in a selfish attempt to self fulfill himself. I would think that bashing wRONg is the correct thing to do to get the truth out their for those disinfranchised followers to read, but I would suggest not bashing the PKG’rs. Yes they were/are sheeples, but they have the opportunity to become free now. Whether they will take it or not nobody knows, but they have the opportunity. What is freedom from such tyranny worth? For when you get down to the bottom line this has zero to do with this religion or that (or none at all?), this has everything to do with a simple human nature to conquer and rule. To live ones life on ones own rules and nobody elses. That’s Ron, only Ron counts in Ron’s world. The religion here is just a ploy to get what Ron wants.

    Go figure?

  • Mike, I’m confused: The return of Christ is marked as the 26th, but I thought it was the 27th. Is that because Pentecost begins at sundown Saturday Night?

    And do we go by Jerusalem time or by EDT?

    Just curious.

    It doesn’t really matter, since it’s not going to happen anyway.

  • By the way, thank you for the calendar — it makes the fantasy timeline much more clear. Kudos.

  • jack635 says:

    After being on the “doorstep of horror” for the last three and a half years, we are finally in the month of May in the year 2012. Even the PKG members can see that nothing has happened and Ron’s statement of “if nothing happens then you know that this book is a complete work of fiction”, is the most prophetic thing he has ever written. I expect to see more PKG members commenting here in the coming weeks and months. Both hateful drivebys and truthful testimonials of Ron’s deception.

  • Helen says:

    Doug, Mike can correct me on this, but I think Mike was mentioning the time difference is because the time in Jer. is different than ours. So it is really on the 26th. Well, Mike can explain better than I.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Discussed in the post at this link
    Also see the countdown clock on the right side of the blog.

  • OK, got it. Thanks.

    Of course, coming at the earliest possible moment has some issues with it. For example, the angels said Jesus would be coming in “like manner” to his ascension. It hardly seems fit that he does it in the dark in Jerusalem (which, I would imagine, would certainly would not be like he left in full daylight). Moveover, from the standpoint of the rest of the world (well, OK, except for the Australians and the like), he’s coming a day early.

    Since he’s not coming at all that weekend, I suppose it makes no difference, except Ronald Weinland PROMISED!

  • jack635 says:

    Maybe Ronald should start a new following. He can call it the “Promise Breakers”.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Whoo hoo!! We down under get to see Jesus first!! *pumps fists in air*

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    I’m not disappointed that Jesus is’nt comming this Month, quite as disappointed as I was with Ronnald’s two Witnesses Pt2 sermon! I thought he was going to make a futher number of embarrassing ( for him and Laura ) disclaimers, on his foolish Ministery – statements, over the last 5 or so years.

    Now I’m waiting with an almost with teenage impatience, for two Witnesses Pt 3 , as I rekon he’s got to start ‘ comming clean ‘, with some of his past , rather over – exuberant and ‘ school-yard ‘ style boastings and eccentric claims……………so Ronnald, just give me one, p-hleeeaassseee ! after-all , its usually, a bloody long rant, just one retraction, come on mate, make the wait worthwhile !……. and it would be great if ya said before such an admission…..” and this one’s for Pete ” Bawhahahahaha ( still laughing at the pic of the propeller rainbow cap );-0

  • Is that two witnesses part 3, or three witnesses part 2?

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Three witnesses ! that would be a hoot ! , would’nt 3 b*ll s&*t artists make them the three stooges of today ? Hahahaha, I read somewhere that Ronnald said after reading some negative comments posted about himself, that people who aren’nt in COG. PKG ( outsiders ) , who dont like what he says, should “get a life” and not listen, instead of criticizing him, well, well Ronnald, I’m here to tell ya mate, whilst listening to you, my misses lets me drink 4 stubbies of VB ( 1 every half hour of sermon ) with cheese and bikkies, great entertainment, while we’re waiting for the footy to start ! Ron, ” LIFE “, could’nt be better than that ! ……. and on a SUN – day buddie !, thats right Sunday !

    *For those of you that want to know what VB’s are……….just google images for VB stubbies……its like Budweiser, but ( sorry ) much better !

  • martin says:

    I wonder if Ronald Weinland will even after the non-return of Jesus, still try to hold on to the title of prophet.

    I wonder if PKGers will even consider, that one can not be an utterly false prophet and still be a true apostle.

    (in fact, these offices are two separate offices, only one person out of necessity was BOTH an apostle and a prophet and that was Christ, so that Ronald holding claim to these two offices at the same time is another telling sign of what Ronald Weinland is…..)

  • Matt says:

    I for one will celebrate the 27th with a lovely bottle of Rioja and a lovely Confit of duck with port-and-cherry sauce. Which reminds me: I better salt the duck today if it is to be at its best by then 🙂

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Hey, Matt ! dont be surprised if Jesus does come on the 27th, ( to your place ) with a lunch menu like that, red wine, cherry sauce duck? Ronnald and Laura might even turn up ! Hahahaha, but dont let ’em ( witnesses ) in , unless they ” tithe ” ya with a nice bottle of red , a platter of cheese & greens, some classy dessert wine. And good on you ! enjoy !
    Reminds me, I gotta think up a lunch menu for that day now………….a real ” end times feast “! If Ron’s in the ” can ” by then……who knows what he’ll be eat’in ? he’ll be too busy try’in to make friends, one would imagine ? Hahahahaha….

  • chacha says:

    On May 26th me and hubby are going to be having some “traditional” Memorial Day weekend food….Cheeseburgers (“in paradise”…we consider where we live paradise…although I would LOVE to go “down under”! Sounds beautiful! Well…except for the snakes…not big on snakes, especially if they can kill me! 😉 ) Am I rambling?

    Sorry. It is getting into Final exams at the university and a little short on brain cells!

    Oh yeah…cheeseburgers and pasta salad and BEER!


  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Chacha, cheeseburgers sounds like a great idea ! and our wildlife down here does’nt bother us, as we dont bother them ! don’t worry about the ” stories ” ya may hear about our snakes , spiders and nasty critters, Its not like that at all ! Its like God made them as carefree, yet discerning, as we are……….you and ya hubby and anyone else are most welcome ! In fact, if you have a particular fear, of our wildlife, there are folks at our zoos and wildlife parks who can introduce you ( close up ) to them in an atmosphere that is friendly both to the animal, and the visitor. …………….If you want one of the best experiences, diversity, and great beauty in a land, with friendly people and most intriguing landscape and creatures, then, Australia should be on the top of your list ! ……and no, I’m not employed in tourism ! Hahahahaha

  • Helen says:

    Chacha, I didn’t realize you were in college. Why? What will you do with your degree after May 26th? 🙂 Cheeseburger and beer for you last meal. hmmmm I was going to have cereal. Yours sounds better.
    Anyway, Good luck on your exams and go kick butt girl!!

  • chacha says:

    We’ll be right down, budgie! Sounds like my kinda place!

    Yeah Helen, I KNOW! What am I gonna do with a degree in Business Admin with double minors in Economics and Psychology?
    All this “knowledge” is a waste of time! Haha.

    My time would be better spent gathering nuggets of wisdom from the book of Ron and baptizing the ZILLIONS that have come flocking to my door!

    (What kind of cereal were you thinking? If it was my last…I’d have something of absolutely no nutritional value, like “Capt’n Crunch!)

    and a beer…Why the hell not? It’s MY party? haha

  • Disappointed says:

    Cap’n Crunch and beer…sounds like my college days, too! Usually the beer came from the leftover keg that had warmed to room temperature. Good luck with your finals!

    As for a Memorial Day weekend food, I think I would maybe go with some sort of pork and shellfish meal, myself. Like maybe a sausage and shrimp jambalaya. Or is that too “in your face?” Like I have said before, I know I’m not perfect, and that type of nose-thumbing is just an example of my imperfections…

  • Helen says:

    Yes Chacha. Sounds tasty. Captain crunch and Stella Atrois.. Might as well get a beer high!!

  • randy terlecki says:

    did this asshole also say the world trade center will never be rebuild or i’m i wrong, it all ready past the the big biggest building in new York and Mary k call my and tell her who talks more u or Laura .

  • Helen says:

    haha… that is funny cuz… is it equal?

  • Helen says:

    I just thought of something. If the PKG members truly believe with ALL THEIR HEART WHAT RON IS SAYING AND THIS WILL BE THE END. Then for the ones I know in PKG send me some of your precious things that you would hate to get rid of. You know who I am and my address and phone number. So most of you in there prove to me your faith. And I am not kidding at ALL. This is not a joke or trying to be a smart butt. And I certainly don’t need your things. I would just really like to know just how strong your faith is in what Ron is saying. If you believe, those material things will not be important to you at all for you will be with God. I really would like to know if you are strong in your faith of Ron or just darn scared to leave or afraid it may not happen so you will hold on to your material things. I honestly do not think but only a hand full of people I know truly believe Ron and they I think are having doubts.
    I just don’t believe you are truly convinced.

  • James says:

    Jer 23:31
    “Behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that use their tongues, and say, He saith.”
    40~And I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you, and a perpetual shame, which shall not be forgotten.

    On the 27th we can send him to hell where he will be welcomed by HWA and a host of other charlatans that extort money from the gullible and naive.

    Get those stones ready for the day the false prophet will meet his maker and be cast into the place where there is “Weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Remember, its in the bible as how to dispose of a false prophet!

    Ok, don’t collect stones. Wait for something more fierce than the wrath of God. The I.R.S!

  • Vision says:

    To Ron: Shame is the beginning of change.

    And “You love this world so much because it gives you nothing”.

  • Matt says:

    Chacha, dont worry! I hear most of the poisonous snakes in Australia have been killed off by the venomous spiders and enormous bug 😛

    Also, I second the cheeseburgers, IF they are done the way the Great Architect OBVIOUSLY Intended them: on a barbecue and accompanied by an ice-cold beer.

    Helen, I think you are on to something. Maybe we should do what an enterprising student did who heard about Harold Camping and offered affordable post-rapture pet care: the believers can hire atheists to go and feed their pets for them so they do not starve after the believers are whisked off. We could start something similar?

  • Matt says:

    Also lol at budgie smuggler 🙂 I will make sure to have a few barrels of water in the pantry, just in case the Messiah shows up for dinner and wishes to repeat his famous party-trick 😉

  • Whisper01 says:

    Atheist pet care services for the Raptured?
    Well, giving money to fund Ron’s world of delusion is just as crazy. Good business is where you find it!

    So Ron & wife will be in England the Saturday before the big day, do they pan on returning the the USA to watch the world end or will they stay in the UK to be closer (time wise) to the return of the J-Man? If it does not pan-out (if?) will he willingly come hope?
    Man, that will be a hard trip to make… back to the IRS and host of back up plans.
    Ah, but when we seed the wind we reap the whirlwind. Go figure that?

  • chacha says:

    I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “If rapture occurs…can I have your car?”

    How ’bout it Ron? You won’t be needing yer BMW once you can zip in and out as a spirit being. Won’t it be great? No more getting mad a traffic, and you can walk right through those unyielding pedestrians on the sidewalks!

    just sayin’

  • Helen says:

    Chacha, ok, you get dibs on the car. Matt lets get a couple trucks and load up all the belongings. We will keep them safe won’t we? Maybe we won’t need a truck, just get the diamonds, other jewels, the espensive trinkets, titles to the homes, etc. You take the eastside and I will take the west side. The pets we will give to those left behind.
    But Ron doesn’t believe in rapture. He use to laugh about it. So I wonder how his system will work! Time will tell.

  • Atrocious says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say tomorrow. Wonder if he’ll say, “If Christ doesn’t come on the 27th….” or some such thing.

    When I was in Armstrongism, I was very good friends with someone in the church since I first started attending, and we kept in touch throughout the years; and then I left and we still kept in touch, until they started pushing loyalty to “Mr. Armstrong”. And they started correcting me on my “attitude”, etc. That’s when I ended the relationship. I refuse to be loyal to any person who claims to be in charge of a church or religion.

    Ronald Weinland is his own God. He listens to his own thoughts, thinking they come from God. People believe him based on his own say-so, and that is sooooo sad.

    I wonder what he’ll say tomorrow.

  • Helen says:

    So Atrocious that “correction” thing went back to Armstrong too? I didn’t know that. I thought Ron made that one up. Infact, I remember when he was being a complete ass to me, I complained told some friends in church and they told me “He was just correcting me like God had to correct”. Say what!?! I thought no he was an ass. I am not his kid (thank God). No man talks to me like that. It was like normal to them. It is ok. They get corrected too and they except it, all is good Helen. OMhell.
    Disobey Ron or talk back and you might as well high tail it out.
    I had NO idea this was the norm in the church(es). I know in Ron’s church people have been corrected maybe still are. I guess it doesn’t bother them to be demeaned. Is that the word I am looking for Atrocious?
    I use to love when he would yell about someone in the church and say ” blah blah blah, and you know who you are so you better be shaken in your chair (or whatever) because when I get home from my trip I am going to have a talk with you”.. oooooooooh Myyyyy.. chills down the spine.

  • Helen says:

    sorry, accept it. Or maybe they do expect it.

  • Atrocious says:

    Oh Yes, Helen…see, that was part of being a “ruler”. Correction! My ex thought he had to be that way, also. Super negative! Always correcting. And demeaning, yes. I think all the wcg and splinter men were taught that they had to be that way in order to be accepted into the “kingdom”. What a warped way of viewing things. My ex even told me, at one point, that he thought he was supposed to train the wife. TRAIN THE WIFE??? That’s what he thought. I asked him one time, challenged him, even, to go one day without being negative or correcting me in any way. He couldn’t do it. He was so brainwashed that way. There was no love involved. Just ruler-ship.

  • Helen says:

    That is so wrong Atrocious. I am so glad I wear the pants in my family 🙂 My husband says it is 50/50.. I will just let him think that. haha
    That really is a sick way to think it will get you to the kingdom by demeaning your wife. The thing that surprises me is Laura is 75 percent boss and the brains behind his operation, but yet Ron treats people like he is the ruler of all.
    I don’t think Ron wanted to men to love their wives to be honest. It would take the focus off him and they may listen to their wives and become meek.
    Thanks for the info. Learn something everyday on here..

  • martin says:

    An explanation by a follower at another forum/thread…

    “You see this very thread and the clear hatered shown towards the ones God sent as a witness to this age is proof of this spiritual truth, you all living is the city called “Sodom”(sin) and “Egpyt”(slavery due to sin) have been celebrating and exchanging gifts; putting down, cheering when your false physical interpretations are revealed to be spiritual and beautiful in truth yet you use them to ridicule and slander God’s prophets. You see to the world (Sodom and Egypt) Ron Weinland is dead, and has been walked all over by Satan and his host (those who live in blindness to the truth of Almighty God). Everytime your blindness to the ability to think spiritually causes you to celebrate a precieved fault you have found in God’s servants you are daily fulfilling what was revealed, unknowingly. “

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    Wow Martin , I dont think that bloke ( COG’er ), Has read Ron’s books, or heard his live radio interviews ?

    It does’nt occur to him that his prophet/s extrodinares, or Ron ( at least ), has somehow mixed the book of revelation with the *Phantom comic series, and is living some kind of childhood fantasy !…………playing around with peoples lives in the process .

    I amazes me , that they don’t look at Ron’s sermons, as ” ron’s playtime “, ( in between flights ) , an aboration, caused by a mental illness and not spiritual enlightenment !
    Wow, I did’nt think that this type of ignorance, existed since man walked out of a cave !

    I made reference to the Phantom, as I read it when I was around 8 – 12 years old, and some of Ron’s bizzare claims , bear uncanny resemblence, to Phantoms enemies !

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    oh, sorry folks ( correction ) I mispelled the word ” aboration “, should be ” aberration ” ( I get a bit worked up when addressing such issues ! hahahahaha

  • And when May 27th comes and goes, with nary an indicator that Jesus has visited our world in almost 2,000 years and certainly didn’t come before Memorial Day, we should all be ready for the excuses of the rationalizations perpetrated by those of Martin’s ilk, of the type which fills the pages of the readily disposable graphic novel commodities, waiting for the 3D movie version of the dramatization.

    I would say that those of the PKG have a definite learning problem.

  • martin says:

    I am giving an explanation provided by a follower of Ronald Weinland, I myself am not a follower of Ronald Weinland.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    I know that its a quote Martin, ( from a follower of Ron, a COG ‘er ) if ya read my opening sentence , I acknowleged that , ” that bloke ( COG’er ) ” refers to the writer of which you were quoting, not to you personally……….I apologise if it reads as if it were your comment. I know you are quoting someone else’s post from another site.