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A Quantum Leap in the Front Row Seats to the Final Countdown

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland ended the Days of Unleavened Bread on Friday in Australia. His sermon was focused on the impending return of Christ in 6 weeks.  He referred back to the Last Great Day sermon as a test of whether his members believed that PKG is the true church.  Ron stated that he believes in Christ’s imminent return with everything he does, but went on to talk about how even if it doesn’t happen we are in economic difficulties.  Since Ron is so totally committed to the certainty of Christ’s return on Pentecost/Memorial Day weekend, then he didn’t pay the property taxes on his house last fall.  And he’s not funding the defense team in his criminal trial or otherwise preparing for trial, since the trial begins a week after Ron joins Elohim.  But then Ron DID pay his property taxes last fall.  Hmmm.  Wonder how trial preparation is going.

Ron marveled at what would happen after joining Elohim.  As a spirit being he would be able to pop in on people when he want … oh, never mind — there would be limitations.  He compared being able to look down from above to his experience at bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Ron promises a sermon next week with new revelations from God that will make Satan angry and frustrated.  Satan thinks he has led the church into a trap, but Satan is only a pawn.  Even though 10 nations have still not yet arisen, events will proceed according to God’s timing. The Red Sea will part at the last minute and pull Ron’s fat out of the fire.  Ron also promises that we will be able to see all the final events on TV or in some way.  Uh, huh.

For the Saturday services, Ron announced an ordination of a new elder but would not give Matt’s last name because of different web sites on the Internet that harass his elders.  Not sure which web sites these would be, perhaps their authors fell victim to the death curse Ron issued in December of 2008 against anyone who would criticize either him or the church. He also ordained Charmaine. After these announcements, Ron turned the mike over to his evangelists for a split sermon.

Wayne Matthews gave the first part, talking about the unmistakable proof of Christ’s return which God places in the mind.  Unlike all the kooks who set dates, this one is for real because it’s part of God’s perfect plan and God never changes dates.  Seems that God lies, because he gave the date of last year’s Feast of Trumpets to Ron first.

Wayne believes Jesus will be established as king at the end of the sabbath in Jerusalem on May 26 because God placed the truth in his mind.  He stated that it could absolutely be proven that Christ returns on Pentecost, and then went on to give a muddled explanation based on Ron’s interpretation of scripture.  Which included a statement that Christ was put on the stake (not cross) at 9 AM and died at 3 PM.  Provable.  So Wayne, where is the proof of those times? Was it 3 PM and not 3:01 PM?  Is this time from 2000 years ago more closely defined than the moment of Joe Tkach’s apostasy 17 years ago?

Wayne referred to the infallible charts on the website, which would include the one that gives the disproven claim that Joe Tkach died to the very hour 40 weeks after delivering the sermon of apostasy in Atlanta.

Wayne reiterated that everything was going according to God’s perfect plan, bombs will go off here and there.  It will be obvious to everyone when Christ returns.  That some PKG members will watch other PKG members converted to spirit beings (PKG’s equivalent to a rapture) on that day, less than 6 weeks from now.

Johnny Harrell reiterated the PKG members have a front-row seat to events, and warned them to fasten their seatbelts.  But some PKG members will not wait, with Satan fighting a battle in their minds.

I wonder how it is PKG members know that it was God and not Satan who put it in their minds that Ron is God’s prophet and speaks for him.  And how it is that the last 3 1/2 years have been a training period for the sealed when Ron’s book states that the sealed were fully trained at the moment of the sealing on September 30, 2008.

And what their reaction will be at 12:37 PM on May 26 in Cincinnati when bombs have not gone off and the PKG members who are part of the sealing have not joined Elohim?