The Lost Generation

ChaCha left a comment on another post this morning


I think of you and your hubbie and baby all the time. A couple of years ago, I would have wondered what you were thinking to have a baby “at this time”. ugh. So sad how many YOUNG people in PKG have their lives on hold. Even sadder for those older ones..who are down to the wire…biological-clock wise. I am so happy for you to have gotten out and to have your beautiful son!

And a few days ago, Kirrily sent me an email:

Here is my favorite pic of Corey to date. Looking into his beautiful little eyes, I can’t help but think he wouldn’t be here if I was still in PKG. Also makes me think how many Corey’s do not exist because people follow false prophets. So sad.

Feel free to share Corey’s latest pic on your blog if you like – the face of a child that exists because I admitted my error in believing Ron, and that the tribulation was imminent!

What more could I say?  Except that I’m very happy for Kirrily and her husband!!!



  • jack635 says:

    Ah Kirrily, beautiful baby. They are such wonderful creatures. They grow up fast. It won’t be long before he is asking you for your car keys.

    I was thinking about what Ron had said early this year, no more marriages or pregnancies in the church. Will he retract that after May or will he not even mention it? Such arrogance he has to tell others they cannot get married. What a selfish dick.

  • jack635 says:

    The hell with Ron.

    Happiness is a warm baby sleeping on my chest. There is no other greater feeling that I have ever experienced.

  • FedUp says:

    Funny how these cult leaders always deprive their followers of things they would never deny themselves (sex, marriage, children, food on a fast day). He has his; the rest of us can go to hell.

    The ultimate in mind control.

  • Atrocious says:

    Corey is so beautiful, Kirrily! I’m so happy for you and your husband, and for Corey, who has a chance at a normal childhood being enveloped in love and affection and nurturing.

  • JB says:

    What a beautiful baby. Babies bring pure love. Nowhere in the bible does it say not to have children or get married in the end times. Ron doesn’t have a clue!!! The bible does warn of false prophets however. Ron needs to look in the mirror more often. There should be a big FALSE written across it.

  • Atrocious says:

    You know, Kirrily, I keep looking at his picture… Aside from my own kids’ baby pictures, this one is just sooo very precious. The innocence on this little one’s face; such happy and trusting eyes – the epitome of babyhood. This picture should be made extra-large, framed, and put in every baby studio in the world. This picture could win the cutest baby award. I swear! I know you are proud, and you should be!!!

  • martin says:

    As time is running down…let’s take a quickie look….
    Has any of the Thunders sounded on a Global Earth shattering scale? (where millions have died or have been affected)

    First Thunder: Destruction by war and terrorism, such as 9/11 (there is terrorism, but not on a scale such as this would indicate)
    Second Thunder: Destruction by earthquakes, including side effects such as the tsunami of late 2004 (some earthquakes, but no global “epidemic” of earthquakes)
    Third Thunder: Destruction by weather, such as Hurricane Katrina (nothing more or less than the usual amount of bad weather we always get, year in and year out)
    Fourth Thunder: Economic woes (some economic turmoil, but nothing cataclysmic)
    Fifth Thunder: Death in 3 phases:
    1. The early deaths of 5 specific ministers, (nope, it’s too late for the “early on” anyway)
    followed by the deaths of all other ministers in completing splinters of WCG
    2. The deaths of famous people (nope, normal statistical amounts but that’s about it)
    3. Death in the general population from epidemics. (nope)
    Sixth Thunder: The growing recognition of Weinland as a prophet (a BIG NOPE, however he’s has been recognized as a income tax evader)
    Seventh Thunder: The growing recognition of Weinland’s god, which does not include Jesus as having always existed. (nope)

  • Weinlandtranscripted says:

    Ahh. May Audra and Jeremy both have children after this lunacy of Ron’s expires in May!! Both have held thier most deepest disires for children hostage because of their father. Best wishes to both! I hope both Jeremy and Audra can forgive their father for refraining from having children for such a long time because of his WORD.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Ronnie’s kids would have had added pressure on them for sure. My sympathy for them however is small, as people around Ronnie should not have let his delusions go this far. In many ways, those closest to Ron deserve a huge amount of blame in my opinion.

    I take full responsibility for my decision to delay having kids (until the Mellenial reign if I was able, lmao!). I’m just lucky that at 39 all was ok. On the other hand, if I had not delayed, Corey may be my second child. As time is short for me now, it is major decision time on whether or not to create a sibling for Corey. Had I recognized Ron’s falseness earlier, I would have easily had time to have 2 children before turning 40…… my bad.

    It really is sobering though, looking at Corey’s face, to think he would not be here had I stuck with PKG. I’m sure hubbie would have left me by now too.

    Also sobering to think how many others made the opposite decision to me over the decades under some form of Armstrongism or other cult, and now can not have children.

    Where is Ava????

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I agree Atrocious, how beautiful is my boy! 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I’m right here Kirrily…just lurking in the shadows, waiting for Ron’s Big Non Return of Jesus/It’s All Spiritual Extravaganza…

    1. Exciting, wonderful things have been going on at work lately. I am really prospering, and may be “promoted” to a higher tax bracket soon.

    2. My newly re-organized health regimen(exercise/vegetarian cooking) is really giving me energy and I am losing weight.

    3. My newly refreshed Classical Greek studies (hobby) have been really interesting.

    4. I might have another opportunity to do business in China again, which would be exciting.

    5. The kids are happy, healthy, and getting good grades.

    6. Wife is happy.

    7. Cat is happy.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Been awhile since we’d heard from you, Avalo. Was beginning to wonder if you were OK. Glad to hear that whatever’s been keeping you away is a good reason, not a bad reason. 😉

  • Parasite Weinland has no use for cute babies or cats for that matter: It’s all about him. “Cute” is just a distraction from serving him in the PKG (Pathetic Kook Group). We need more of this.

  • Charlie says:

    As a little kid in the 70’s the impending disasters that were supposed to take place as per herbert the pervert but DIDN’T come to pass AT ALL…You would have thought people would have refrained from having babies…Not so, although some may have. Just another instance of armstrongist cognitive dissonance; Being fruitful and multiplying AND Woe be unto those women that are nursing and pregnant during those times…

  • Helen says:

    I got on this morning to check and see if Avalo was back. You were missed. I figured you were out having a life and fun. Hoping all is well Avalo..

    Mike, maybe I missed it somewhere on Ron mocking saying Jesus’ death was on a stake and not a cross. Do you know what he meant by that? I read him saying that but not why he came to that conclusion. Do you know? Ron gets crazier and crazier talking the more he talks. What am I missing here.
    And for someone who hates mockers he sure is a great example of one. That is the only thing I can give him any credit for. Being the worst mocker I have ever heard.

  • Charlie says:

    The old WCG wasted whole sermons about the cross / stake debate. I always wondered what freaking difference does it make? NONE. WCG insisted it was a stake just to further differentiate itself from the Catholic church. I didn’t care then and don’t care now. Probably didn’t matter to those being crucified either, the end result is the same. These coggers are always worried about minutiae. How far apart people should dance. The exact second of sundown, calculating sabbaths, whether or not a toothpaste was ok to use durring the DOUB without putting yourself in peril of the LOF, and so forth. Not to get too far off-topic but it is kinda funny, now, the things that will send a cogger screaming out of a room: Homosexuals, a snack to calm your stomach on the DOA, finding a crouton in your salad during the DOUB, a ham at a dinner you got invited to, and to bring us up to 2012, a black man in the white house. LOL :~)

    Back to topic: Beautiful baby Kirrily! May you enjoy every precious minute.

  • Helen says:

    Kirrily, Corey is growing up so fast. He is so precious and beautifu!! I just can’t imagine if you were still in PKG you wouldn’t have had your bundle of joy to hold in your arms. It still blows my mind if we still were in PKG “no babies”. Of course I was done, so didn’t give it much thought at the time. After all who wanted to have a baby and go through the hell Ron predicted the first time, back when I was in. You came in for the 2nd round, but it seems the 2nd time around was even worse than the first. But of course I didn’t take him as serious as most (or all) of the PKGers. Well I take that back. There were some others also, becuase they got out before me and right after. It is impossible IMO to stay in if you are not 100 percent in with Ron. On the other hand, some may be wayyyy to scared to leave.
    I am just so glad you got out and have your son..

  • Helen says:

    By the way Charlie. When I was in PKG I never heard Ron give a sermon on Cross vs. Stake. Maybe I was just not paying attention because I wasn’t of the same mind set. Infact, myself not knowing the Bible then I am sure it was jibbish to me. Now that I have studied the Bible and searched for myself, Ron is totally whacked on his teachings of the Bible. Regarding WCG, can’t comment. All I know about some of their teachings is what I have read on this blog.

  • the things that will send a cogger screaming out of a room: Homosexuals,

    Funny, but there’s never any mention of putting False Prophets to death.

    False Prophets first, then they can deal with the other lesser abominations.

    And now back to cute ;)!

  • Helen says:

    Congrates Avalo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ooooh! Sorry: Lesser abominations like eating shellfish (beware the dreaded Glucosamine supplement!).

  • chacha says:

    Oh Kirrily, he’s GORGEOUS! I send you warm hugs from the USA.

    I love babies! Wish I had more…I guess 4 was enough. Now I have 7 grandchildren!

    It is just the most wonderful thing.

  • chacha says:


    Because of 5, 6, 7 on your list…

    8. YOU are happy! 😉

    Missed you!

  • Atrocious says:

    I missed you too, Avalo. I was wondering where you went this morning before I read todays comments. Glad to see you’re back, and I’m glad you are happy! (‘course I knew that!)

  • Imagine: A child who will grow up never experiencing the confusion.

  • martin says:

    Today’s sermon : The Final Countdown

    Tomorrow’s split sermon
    Split – The End is Near (WM)
    Countdown to Deliverance (JH)

    There’s sticking to your guns, when you have “fruit” that you can look at to help confirm your faith. (ie fulfilled prophecy for one)

    And then there’s blind stupidity. Which PKG is brimming over with.

    I am reminded of the OJ Simpson trial, when all the facts were in, and the evidence was so overwhelming (plus OJ confessed to a number of people in confidence).
    And yet he quite literally got away with murder. Ronald Weinland’s case is the same, the evidence against him is so overwhelming on so many levels.

    It is true “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Today’s Sermon: Staying the Course

    Tomorrow AM Sermon: How God’s Course Turn and Reverses

    Tomorrow PM Sermon: Course? What Course?

    Next Week’s Sermon: Staying on Course

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Dec. 2007: Ron promises he will admit he is a false prophet if the US isn’t a nation anymore by summer of ’08.

    March 2011: Ron promises he will admit he is a false prophet if the Asian Hordes do NOT invade BEFORE 2012.

    Liar, liar, liar….promise breaker, false prophet, thief, and scumbag…Ronald Weinland, a living piece of filth unworthy of pigs…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I “love” how Ron is always talking about how “we” are being led to truth, etc, whenever he has f*^%$&d up, but HE ALONE is God’s Most Holy Witness and has all the power.

    1. “I” am God’s Anointed One, and lead the Church. Send your tithes to ME.
    2. “We” are being lead to new truth when “I” f*#k up.

  • It all reminds us of “If you prove we are wrong, we will change” where the cult leader is the one who determines whether or not the burden of proof is met — the end result is no change.

  • randy terlecki says:

    great job kirrily!!!! and husband.

  • Budgie smugglers says:

    As I am not a religious person, the more I read up on the shortcomings, and fanciful imaginings of Ron and his teachings, I find it bizzar, and out of normal condition , that a higher being, in this case Jesus Christ, would appoint someone who continually admits ( in sermons ), that he has to refer to chapter & verse , in his bible ? If he were the Real McCoy, dinky-dye, and fair-dinkum prophet, one would expect, ( at least ) he would know what he is talking about, without thumbing through pages ? and nervously pretending to “puff laughter “, whilst doing so ?

    He should at least make such delivery, with purpose and conviction, ( straight from memory ), without alot of meaningless and boring stories, of how people in the church have and are doing so wrong, but hey thats alright, cause the rule of Christ is nearly upon them ?………….makes me wonder what his interpretation of snow white and the seven dwarfs would have been ? ‘Cause he sure is dopey !

  • Matt says:

    Goodness look at his little face! That is a fine little boy there Kirrily.

    Now there is a religious experience for you: seeing your child look back at you like that. What are the stale and sterile rantings of a power-hungry moron like Ron compared to that?

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Too right Matt!! 🙂

    Thanks everyone! He is an absolute delight 🙂