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The Third Witness: July 19, 2012

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Before getting to the subject of this post, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has updated his trip itinerary as posted on his blog.  Covers every weekend for the rest of the Great Tribulation:

Mar 10 Spokane, WA
Mar 17 Cincinnati, OH
Mar 24 Windsor, CT
Mar 31 Los Angeles, CA
April 5 & 7  NEW ZEALAND
April 13 & 14 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
April 21 Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
April 28 Detroit, MI
May 5 Cincinnati, OH

Also scheduled but not published on his blog:
May 21 Covington, KY for federal court appearance (pre-trial conference in criminal tax matter)
(On April 21, Weinland announced that he and his wife would not actually be killed in Jerusalem.  Guess he wasn’t so sure about the resurrection thing) May 23 through May 26 Jerusalem (to lie dead on the streets before being resurrected)

Isn’t it wonderful that God is showing us so much mercy by delaying the Great Tribulation for so long?  Now back to today’s posting:

In a previous post, Fleeing to Javan, I published a slightly edited (to remove identities) email from the wife of an ex-PKG-member.  This fellow decided that he is one of the two witnesses and to split off from Ron.  Or maybe Ron just disfellowshipped him.  I believe that the picture to the right is the guy.

This is another nut with a website and also has a YouTube channel filled with uploaded screeds.  According to him, we won’t be able to relax when May 28th rolls around and Christ hasn’t returned.  Satan has perverted the Jewish calendar, and while Ron is correct about Jesus’ return on Pentecost, he is using the wrong calendar and has the wrong date.  July 19th is when the world as we know it ends.

A few selected writings:

The last enemy camp that I slumbered through was certainly by design as this was the camp of the false prophet.

I have spoken on this subject in the past and will be speaking against him in the future.

There are many false prophets, even if they do not call themselves prophets that many will turn to as the destruction intensifies.

But this man is particularly dangerous because he has prophesied the coming destruction and he claims that he and his wife are the two witnesses and people will listen to him and follow him as we go forward.

This man also speaks of living by every word of Elohiym. He speaks that you cannot pick and choose. He is right, but he is a liar and a hypocrite because he does not practice, nor teach what he preaches.

Actually, this guy claims that he is the only witness, since the other was Zerubbabel which is one of the titles that Ron claims.

The sad thing is that he has a teen daughter, and has taken his family to Greece to await the return of Christ in July.  I hope his family isn’t suffering too much from his delusion.

Louder, Honey

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Georgia this weekend.  He gave Johnny Harrell a break and allowed the father and son duo of Paul and Alan Giles to give the prayers.  One thing that helps keep Ron’s house of cards from collapsing is the family groups that are in PKG.  Just before calling Paul up to give the opening, Ron commented on the crowd and said it felt like 3000 in attendance.  But he went on to say it would be a few weeks before that number showed up.  Ron has long prophesied that a “tithe of a third” of those who were WCG members at the moment of Joe Tkach’s apostasy will join his church before Christ returns.  I agree that they will not show up in the next few weeks.  They will not show up in the 12 weeks remaining until Pentecost.  Nor will they show up in Ron’s small rented conference rooms after that.

Ron announced a number of upcoming trips.  He plans to be in New Zealand for Passover, Melbourne for the last of the Days of Unleavened Bread.  Then for the following sabbath (April 28) will be in Australia’s Gold Coast but I doubt that he and the Mrs. will swing by to see Corey.  But wait.  There’s more.  On May 12, he will be in the UK and on May 19th in the Netherlands.  The week before Pentecost will be busy for Ron.  On Sunday, May 20, he has to fly back from Europe to attend his pre-trial conference in federal court on the 21st.  Then the following day, the Beast Power will whisk him and the Mrs. off to Jerusalem where they will be whacked and their bodies will lie on the streets for 3 1/2 days with live television coverage.  Then Ron and the Mrs. will be resurrected to become members of Elohim after which they will probably return to the US to wreak vengeance on the prosecutors from the US Attorney’s office and the IRS special agent who developed over 5000 pages of discovery during a 3 1/2 year investigation.  Amazing!!!! Awesome to understand!!!!

The sermon was mostly his usual blather.  He criticized the Protestants for their interpretation of “John 14:2  In my Father’s house are many mansions” and their lust for heavenly mansions.  One should look for mansions here on earth, such as the one on a golf course that Ron and Laura live in.

The “louder, honey” moment came as Ron was having a senior moment forgetting the name of a sea that he and Laura had visited on one of their several trips to Israel.  Despite that, we didn’t hear from her.  Perhaps she is sensitive to my comments about past participation in services.

In the millennium, Satan and the demons won’t be around to break up family relationships.  If Ron goes to jail.  Ron talked about the sealing of the 144,000 that had taken place.  God knew what was in their hearts and minds and how they would react in any situation.  I believe that ChaCha was a member of the 144,000 at one time — did God know how she was going to react to the continued abject failure of Ron’s prophecies?

Ron hinted at carrots in future sermons.  Ron also mentioned a fast for the weekend of March 31st, to give thanks to God for holding off the Great Tribulation for so long.  I wonder if it will be a 3-day fast this time.  Ron, since you compare yourself to Jesus so much, why not emulate him and do a 40-day fast?


Pot Kettle Black

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

David Pack has an article up on his website about False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  So, who is Dave Pack?  Well, as he mentions in his own article:

 As we continue his “prophecies,” I can add that the next one elicited a very personal almost chatty letter from Weinland to me in late 2006 telling me that I—and certain other men who lead various splinters—would soon die.

That’s in reference to this statement in “2008 — God’s Final Witness”:

The sound of this thunder will be intensified by the early deaths of the leaders of the Philadelphia Church of God, the Restored Church of God and the Church of the Great God.

David Pack is the Herblet ayatollah of his own competing CoGlet, the Restored Church of God.  I call him “Clarion Call Dave”, in reference to a sermon he gave in 2007 demanding that his followers send in their money to support his own prophetic visions.  “Get those assets and get them here.”

In return, Dave shows Ron some left-handed mercy in this statement:

Some hope Ron Weinland goes to prison over alleged tax evasion. I don’t. If he does (informed lawyers suggest high probability), maybe it will save his and his wife’s eternal life.

Dave has something I agree with:

Recognize that once Ron Weinland’s prophecies fail, he has only one of four options: (1) Repent, acknowledging that he has been wrong. But, and here is the point, because they are false, such imposters NEVER do this. (2) Recalculate, claiming a prophecy was off by one year (or something similar), like William Miller of the Adventists did. (3) Spin his prophecies by claiming they were fulfilled in some mysterious or spiritual way. (4) Proclaim something akin to Christ is “in the desert” or “in the secret chambers.”

And continues on to prophesy that option #1 is not on Ron’s table.  I agree with that.

Dave does not have being one of the Two Witnesses in his future.  But as God’s One and Only True Apostle in The End Time, he will supervise the Two Witnesses who will arise from his own organization. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Dave has his eyes on PKG members, hoping to inherit them after Ron clearly fails (to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, anyway). To any PKG members who might contemplate that, let me give you three words:  Frying pan.  Fire.