The Tithe of the Third

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has long prophesied that before Jesus Christ returned, his church would grow to include “a tithe of the third” of those who were members of the Worldwide Church of God on the day of the opening of the first seal and Joe Tkach’s apostasy in Atlanta, December 17, 1994.  With somewhere around 100,000 baptized members on that date, a tithe of the third of those would be somewhere around 3300 people.  The attendance at PKG’s 2007 Feast of Tabernacles was in the neighborhood of 300 or so, but that included younger people baptized after 1994.  Ron claims that since then the size has tripled following the Google advertizing campaign for his books conducted in the months following the 2007 feast, but most of those people don’t have a CoG background.

So somewhere around 3000 (give or take a few hundred) ex-WCG members have yet to join PKG to fulfill Ron’s prophesies.  Here we are, 8 weeks before Ron’s and Laura’s deaths in the streets of Jerusalem, and time grows short for that.  Any evidence this is happening?

The latest issue of The Journal (PDF download) suggests not.  The Journal is geared to those who continued to follow Armstrongism after the breakup of WCG, which according to Weinland is 1/3 of the 100,000 or so members in 1994.  If there were a significant movement toward Weinland’s church in that small group, it would surely be noted in the pages of The Journal.  Yet in this latest issue, the only mention of Weinland is in a letter from David Barrett, which concludes:

Speaking of the book of Revelation, imagine how much less apocalyptic certain preachers would have been— William Miller, Herbert W. Armstrong, Harold Camping, Ronald Weinland—if Revelation hadn’t made it in.
I’m giving a talk on failed prophecies of Jesus’ imminent return next week before someone else’s talk on 2012 prophecies. I’ll finish up by saying we won’t need to worry about December 2012 if Ron Weinland’s right about May 27.

Weinland was also mentioned in the previous edition of The Journal, regarding his indictment for criminal tax evasion.

Since Ron’s trial scheduled for March 20 was continued to June 4, he is allowed by the courts to continue his false prophecy roadshow, and even to travel internationally.  This weekend is the unique fast as Ron is in Los Angeles on his way down under.  I’m interested to see if the unique fast sermon will include the beginnings of a course correction around the shoals of the ultimate failed prophecy in just over 8 weeks.


  • Whisper01 says:

    So Ron’s death, by Ron’s own word of mouth, is imminent? But Ron will not talk about his plans for the great trip to the grave in the J-City. Well, execpt that he does NOT want any sheeples their to see what happens in the J-City. I wonder why that is? Ron want’s zero PKG’rs around to follow him and see that historic moment when he and the miss’s are brought low? Zero, as in no witnesses (pun). For it would be disallusioning at best!
    Will Ron even go to the J-City? He more than likely knows that nothing can possibly happen other than actions by himself to bring about his own demise. Then why go? Oh sure, play it out for a time but somewhere one has to call it quits and take another route. I note Ron has no “J-City” on his schedule, only Europe in the week before the big date. Odd that? What are the odds that Ron & wife will even set foot in the J-City 3-1/2 days before the non-return of Christ? I think it’s rather low myself. Go figure?

  • chacha says:

    Ron has said in the past, and I am sure it still stands, that Johnny and Myrtle Harrell will “witness” what happens in Jerusalem.

    I guess we will see….as Johnny will “have a front row seat”.

  • Oh, foolish Galations, know ye not the solution to this dilemma? Have you not received the Spirit of faith to discern the resolution to this seeming paradox? Allow the Light to come into your minds to find the truth which will set ye free!

    Art Braidic of the Eternal Church of God out there in Montana hinted at the solution in a sermon last year! He told anyone who would listen the new truth: None of us need worry about the Place of Safety because when the time came, angels would swoop in and carry the faithful off to be saved for 3.5 minutes… er… 3.5 hours… no, that’s not right… 3 and a half years during the Great Tribulation!

    There it is: There you have it!

    RW can make all the travel plans he wants, but when it comes time for him to be in Jerusalem, no matter where he is — he could be 15,000 feet up in a 787 writing on his typewriter — and poof! the angel of the Lord could pick him up and put him in Jerusalem, along with whatever witness God chooses! See, God works everything out!

    And for all the members of the PKG, the same thing is true. Salvation is by faith and not by works! When the time comes, angels will come and put the PKG members in their place! See the wonders and glories of God?! He works everything out!

    Remember, though, you must have ABSOLUTE faith! You cannot panic and sell your stuff. You cannot quit your job. You must continue to put money in your savings account. You must continue to balance your budget and pay off your credit cards. Note that Jesus expects us all to continue to do our daily routines right up to the moment he returns!

    So that means that you should not waste your money on RW. Do not pay HIM the money which you should give to God and Caesar (not that Caesar exists these days except on Sparticus Vengeance). You should let God work it all out in faith. You should live your lives as if Jesus will never return in your life time nor will you ever have to face the Great Tribulation because God takes care of His Own! You have Redemption. No one can take that away from you if you endure to your end.

    Oh, see the glorious truth! God will provide! RW doesn’t need you. He is sufficient unto the Lord! Your needs will be provided as long as you continue to act wisely and us good judgment to do as you have been commanded to provide for yourself and your own family, and not give your possessions and resources to strangers (and there are few stranger than RW).

    RW doesn’t need you.

    He only needs God.

  • Eye declar — ths blog neds a perveiw editer an spel chekr! Jus sayn’.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And let’s not forget the MILLIONS who were supposed to be being baptized right now pre-Christ’s return.


  • And let’s not forget the MILLIONS who were supposed to be being baptized right now pre-Christ’s return.

    And if we but have faith, we should be able to see the millions who have been baptized into the PKG.

    It’s just that the record keeping can’t keep pace.

    Those darned computers, you know!


    Does this all seem delustional to you?

    Can’t be.

    We are supposed to have the spirit of a sound mind.

    I know because I live in the Pacific Northwest Puget Sound area.

  • Helen says:

    Doug, doesn’t matter on spelling what is important would be getting our point across. I think Mike has enough on his plate just keeping up with Ron’s changes.

  • J says:

    I think Weinland is going to spiritualize his trip to Jerusalem and his death, and at the same time, keep everything going.

    About Jerusalem and dying, I think he could say that spiritual Jerusalem is the US. So he will be at home, most likely. His “spiritual death” would be him being distraught for 3.5 days at not understanding God’s decision to postpone Christ’s return and why he’s not physically dead in Jerusalem when the Bible says he should be. He would feel “cut off” from God as he feels lost and without understanding. The people celebrating their “deaths” would be people on the blog laughing at his prophetic failure.

    Then on Pentecost, he is “raised from the dead” when God opens his mind to new understanding about what will be going on next. Then Ron can make up whatever he wants.

    PKGers would totally buy that.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    J: Right on.

    His “death” will be his “humble awe” at how God is leading him to understand “New Truths”. It will be his re-birth as the End Time Witness FOR REAL now, or his re-birth as an End Time Elijah, and that God is now saving his actual REAL prophecies for later. These last few years were just a test for Ron and the PKG’s faith. NOW starts the “real” business. Completely stupid, and to the PKG, completely believable.

    Some people just REALLY don’t want to think for themselves.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Announcing his new developments WHILE PEOPLE ARE FASTING is a brilliant mind-control method. Hit them when they are weak and vulnerable.

    No food = no resistance.

  • Atrocious says:

    Since Ronald reads this blog, I wouldn’t doubt that he would find the above comments just to his liking and might think, “Hmmm, that juuuuust might work! Thanks for the ideas, guys.”

    J, I think you hit it on the head, especially the way RW’s mind works. He’s a real con-artist. We have only eight weeks to go before we find out what he’s going to do. If anything.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    No Asian Hordes, no risen Europe, no destroyed USA…

    GUARANTEED: Ron will say God is having mercy YET AGAIN and granted us evil mockers another 3 years to repent and start joining the CoGPKG by the millions.

    Never gonna happen, Ron…you are a complete FAILURE…FALSE PROPHET…CHARLATAN…and much more.

    YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW…Life will see to it…

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Hi Ronnie!! Not long now until the beast power kills you and your wench. Geez, you havent got long to gain enough popularity for it to be televised, also get enough people mad at your to give each other presents to celebrate your passing! I can’t stand you, but still wouldn’t bother buying my friend a gift because you carked it. I’d have a good laugh, but that would be it. I’ll also laugh the day you go to jail 🙂

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I am going to donate money and food to the local food bank right after May 27th in “honor” of Jesus’ Non-Return. As for “honouring” Ronald Weinland, I do that every day.

    By wiping the ‘ronald weinland’ off of myself after after a nice, long session on the toilet…

  • Helen, I was actually making fun of my own foibles in posting the previous entry. If I wanted perfection, I could load up Word or Libre Office. It’s my responsibility.

    I know how ard it is to run a blog and appreciate what Mike has done.

  • chacha says:

    And now, let us take up our hymnals and sing: “Not Many Wise Men Now Are Called”

  • chacha says:

    A quote from D-Pack’s latest rant: “Ron Weinland–Spectacularly Wrong!”

    “Ron Weinland has set a date for Christ’s Return. No matter his squealing protestations as to why this has become permissible, that he did this is its own plain violation of Christ’s command.”

    I just found it funny. One “squealing” protestor denouncing another…guess this goes back to the ol’ Pot calling the Kettle Black….

    Just sayin’…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The other squealing false prophet is still buying sponsored ads for Google search’s on Ron’s name. Setting himself up to collect all the disappointed PKGers after Pentecost.

    A couple of years ago, I had a commenter who was interested in Weinland but determined that Ron had failed. So he went with Pack instead. Go figure.

  • chacha says:


    I found it funny that Pack’s article was on top of a Google search for COG-PKG. I thought Ronnie had Google all to himself the way he talks? Maybe the tithes are dropping and he doesn’t have the funds he claims to have…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    That was a sponsored ad that you saw. But Ronnie is spending money on Google now too, buying ads for search terms such as “2012”.

  • Matt says:

    Hey, on the bright side: Tithes are being spent to try to discourage people from paying other people tithes! The end result has to be: less money for fatcat phony ministers, and less tithes being paid overall.

  • I wonder how much it would cost FPRRW to buy ads on Google for searches on “2013”.

    In the immortal words of the Klingon Ambassador, “I see we have a long way to go”.

  • Helen says:

    Hey Matt. Did you read my apology to you about blogging message to you instead of Rambo? After all that is wasn’t you I was responding to a blog message. 🙁 Wrong name.

  • Helen says:

    Thats good Dougy, because my spelling on here sucks. 🙂 I don’t know how to load up word or libre office, maybe you can teach me a few helpful hints to do so.


    It’s every bit (arguably) as good as Microsoft Office Professional (maybe better because it has fixed some problems that Office has) and it is free. The website above explains all about it and how to download and install it.

    And Helen, it’s content — just as long as we can sort of make out what you are saying, we’re good to go.

  • JB says:

    He is going to have to spend one heck of a lot of money on google in order to bring in those millions in a few short weeks.

  • Whisper01 says:

    “Some hope Ron Weinland goes to prison over alleged tax evasion. I don’t. If he does (informed lawyers suggest high probability), maybe it will save his and his wife’s eternal life. I cannot save them, nor can you—only they can save themselves with God’s help. We can pray for them. I do. But do not listen to one word this tragic man utters!” : Pack, as in 6-Pack.

    Informed lawyers ay? High probability you say? Trusting one con artist who is roughing up another con artist is akin to believing in one fox to guard the hen house because he is roughing up another fox who’s out for the exact same goal, raiding the hen house! But hey, if one con artist is taken off the street then your down to just the remaining con artist (fox). One is better than two when dealing in negative aspects. Of course the poor souls reading Packs rant are being preped for acceptance into the house of the 6-Pack, and that’s the fish out of the frying pan into another frying pan…

    Such is life. Go figure?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Famous Last Words:

    1. “Yeah, that Darth Maul sure seems bad…Darth Vader is right, we should follow him instead! He’ll tell us the truth!!”

    2. “Hey Rev. Jones…my Kool Aid tastes funny…”

    3. “There are sure a lot of fire ants here at he camp site. I am going to go stand over there by that “Quicksand” sign where it’s safe…”

    4. “I can’t believe I thought JESUS was my Saviour, rather than an Internet preacher! Thanks for pointing out my error, Mr. Weinland…”

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Actually, “Six-Pack” is Gerald Flurry’s nickname. In honor of the occasion in which he was arrested for being drunk in public, which IIRC on the sabbath as well.

    Dave Pack is nicknamed variously “Packatollah” and “Clarion Call Dave”. The latter one is my nickname, in honor of his sermon in 2007 in which he told his members to “get those assets and get them here” and many of them did.

    As far as spell checkers, I don’t know of one offered for WordPress commenting. But my browser (Firefox) has an embedded spell checker, with words it doesn’t recognize underlined in red.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “Get those assets and get ’em here”…

    Just as Jesus would have said…

  • Helen says:

    I don’t think I am that bad, I just type too fast and never read after I write. Usually:)

  • Helen says:

    Mike, do you think Ron real really get on google acct. again? I can’t see him spending the money on that. Just excuse to get more money maybe and make excuse where he wants to put it.. Why have google? A little late for that don’t you think..

    Avalo when you mentioned “internet preacher”.. I wouldn’t even call that a church would you? So actually Ron doesn’t have a church.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    You’re asking me how anything Ron does makes sense 😀 Maybe he’s trying to spend down his Swiss bank account as a defense against the tax fraud thing. As in “we really, really believed that Christ was coming back on Pentecost”. Uh-huh. If Ron really really believes that then he’s fired his attorneys.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And on the sheeple go, their deepest faith and hope resting in a guy who has 24 bank accounts!

    They (now ) deserve every bit of desperate fear and terror they feel when it dawns on them that they are alone and not in control of the Universe…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    JB said “He is going to have to spend one heck of a lot of money on google in order to bring in those millions in a few short weeks.”

    Or maybe prophesy something specific that actually comes to pass. For example, in February of last year he posted on his blog:
    “We have now entered the year for total economic collapse, with worldwide tribulation and destruction.”.
    If he had instead posted:
    “Northeastern Japan will suffer a devastating tsami on March 11 followed by crisis and nuclear power plants”
    then he wouldn’t need Google advertising.

    Or if he actually turned some water to blood or otherwise demonstrated any Witness powers.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    He should have prophesied this: the religious’ influence on FACTS and IDEAS they don’t like…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    A comment was left at my old blogspot location by someone who was attracted to Ronnie’s crap but decided to check it out first. Seems Ronnie may be using Ad Words, in which Google serves up links to be embedded in websites. Careful when you check that weather forecast.

    Here’s a link to a copy of the comment.

  • chacha says:

    Maybe that is because of all the really really really bad weather that we are all having…100 pound hailstones and all…(amazing…it truly is…)

    We will all be desperately looking for answers to the crazy weather…

    just sayin’

  • FPRRW gets all the attention because he is the most obvious of the Armstrongist Mafia Dons.

  • Matt says:

    I did see that Helen I must have forgotten to hit send on my reply 🙂 no harm no foul.

  • Matt says:

    It keeps amazing me how many people just want God to step in and sort everything out. Some followers seem absolutely convinced that God agrees with them in almost every respect. What does the person who left that message want, for instance? He wants God to punish politicians he does not like. What kind of religious position is that? Is God your mafia hitman or something? Really what they are saying is “I want God to step in and make everyone think like me, or be punished.”

    And this is supposed to be all in the name of goodness and righteousness. It sounds more like a totalitarian state to me. When did anything good ever come out of one of those?

  • It sounds more like a totalitarian state to me. When did anything good ever come out of one of those?

    Well, Matt, I’m glad you asked that question.

    The answer is that the economy improved (until the entire country fell and was divided) and the trains ran on time!

    I guess we could expect the same from IFPRRW.

    What? Don’t you want the trains to run on time?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Toronto has some trains…and they occasionally run on time…eh?!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Of course, the trains get free “health care” too for when they are running a little slow.

    Sad that our national train system VIA gets better “health care” than most Americans…

  • Perhaps Ronald Weinland is Nature’s way of cleaning out the shallow end of the gene pool.