Four Hours and Forty-Four Minutes

False Prophet Ronald Weinland put up some new timeline charts on his website.  Here is a picture of one of them.

Looking them over, I was reminded of the chart he put up after the 2009 feast.  So I took another look at the older chart.  Of particular interest was the phrase on that chart”(toward the end of this Sabbath day” in reference to Joe Senior’s December 17, 1994 sermon which I must have had in mind in my January 15 posting where I pointed out that the sun had set in Jerusalem by 9:38 AM Eastern Time on that day.  In other statements, such as his latest chart he has used the phrase “to the hour” or “to the very hour” in comparing the time-of-day of Joe’s apostasy to the time-of-day of his death.  Weinland criticized my  9:38 AM sunset time in his February 18 sermon:

I was told of one thing that somebody had written at one point out there.  Totally foolish, backward, ignorant.  They tried to go back and … someone that not of the church <snorts derisively> .. but trying to go back and say “Well it’s like he can’t tell time because sundown on that year that .. he did this apostasy at sundown at a certain time in Jerusalem, and huh huh huh.  They’re way off because it was a certain time of day, and that couldn’t at be at the same hour.”

Totally missed the mark.  How could you be so backward?  How could you not hear?  Anyway, it’s about when he returns.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  It’s not about the day that that happened.  Being the same time in Jerusalem.  That it’s we’re talking about to the hour. ….  When somethings so messed up like that, why even try to explain it.  It’s better just to tell the truth.

Totally messed up, huh?  Ron, what does toward the end of “this Sabbath day”(December 17, 1994) mean?  If you’re going to criticize what I say, at least quote me accurately.  Here is what I posted:

Ron stated that Joe Tkach’s apostasy took place to the hour 13 time 70 weeks before Christ returns.  Ron has scheduled Christ to return at sundown in Jerusalem, which is when God’s day begins.  The time for sunset in Jerusalem on December 17, 1994 was 4:38 PM Israel Standard Time (IST).  IST is UTC +2 hours, while Eastern Standard Time is UTC -5 hours for a 7-hour difference.  So sunset in Jerusalem on 12/17/94 occurred at 9:38 AM Atlanta time.  Was Joseph Tkach speaking at 9:38 AM?

So now who’s the one who’s all messed up?  Back to more of Ronnie’s February 18 statement:

What I like pointing out here is: before the sermon was over that he was giving, and still close to the very midst of it, a little bit farther into it, by the time he’d gone through it,  in the midst of that apostasy sermon the timing of Christ’s return and appearance,  will follow 6370 days later, Jerusalem time, which is near 7:36 PM Jerusalem time.  Sundown on the Sabbath in Jerusalem, when Jesus Christ returns right at that moment when Pentecost begins.

So the point of interest is 7:36 PM Jerusalem time.  Which is 12:36 PM Eastern time (Atlanta time as well).  According to Ronnie’s latest chart, Joe’s sermon was “10 am to 1:30 pm EST” which includes 12:36 PM.  While that’s consistent with the photo of the church bulletin I posted, he has offered no proof of the timing within the sermon when Joe Sr made the defining statement that keeping the sabbath was unnecessary.

In Ronnie’s February 18 sermon, he stated “It’s better just to tell the truth.”  So why don’t you just tell the truth, Ronnie?  Instead, in your latest chart, you repeat the lie “Joe Tkach, Sr.’s death (to the hour)” even after I offered proof that his death was at 2:20 PM Pacific time which is 5:20 PM Eastern/Atlanta time, a full 4 hours and 44 minutes after the time-of-day of the time you scheduled Christ to return.  “To the hour” for Joseph Tkach’s apostasy could match one of these other events but not both of them.  Even if they were to some how match, how would that be significant?  Where does it say that in the Bible?  Except in 1 Ronald Chapter 2 Verse 1260: “It’s significant because I have no prophecy that’s come true so I’m grasping for straws.”

Weinland’s “to the hour” lie is itself relatively unimportant relative to the lie that God reveals truth to him.  And the lie that Christ will return this coming Memorial Day weekend and resurrect the faithful to become members of Elohim.

Other little gems in Ronnie’s latest chart which are inherited from his previous chart.  Such as: “May 30, 1998 After 980 days (“time, times, & 1/2 time”), the Church was reestablished on Pentecost”.  Wrong.  Pentecost that year was on May 31.  And what was the significant event that day that defined the reestablishment of the Church?  Maybe it was Mary Dowd playing the piano as the special “offering” was collected.  Listen to Ron’s sermon (20 MB MP3) on that day and fill me in if he said anything amongst all the blather about reestablishing the church.  BTW, at 34 minutes into the sermon audio he states that the previous day was 3 1/2 years, not that day (Pentecost of ’98).  Just to refresh your memory, Pentecost of ’98 was about a year after Weinland took leave of the United Church of God.  And about a year and a half prior to his booting out the lay church board of his corporation by the simple tactic of disfellowhipping them for not toeing his line.

And this one: “Dec. 14, 2008 – God reveals definition of a “time” being 280 days.”  Wrong, wrong wRonG.  It wasn’t until October 10 of the following year that you pulled out that little gem as an interim explanation as to why the Great Tribulation has not happened.



  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    This is yet another proof that Ronald Weinland is completely full of nonsense. You have shown, from Ron’s own words as always, that he is completely wrong. Ronald Weinland has opened lied about yours and his own words YET AGAIN! LOL!

    Not bad for a guy who “died quickly from the inside” years ago there, Mike!!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron said: “Dec. 14, 2008 – God reveals definition of a “time” being 280 days.

    1. That, as Mike pointed out, is a lie (Dec. 14,2008).

    2. It is proof that Ronald Weinland is wrong about his dates and times, which he CAN’T be if God revealed it to him, or if he is an actual prophet.

    3. Prophet that is wrong about God’s timing = FALSE PROPHET

  • Chacha says:

    I was just reading what he said….huh?
    I always thought the man was just barely coherent. And then he makes those snide little snorting noises.

    I was a member in his congregation of fools and I bought what he was selling. I did not know about your web-site, and believed what he said about it. It was not until I accidentally found it, that I READ it for myself and saw that what you were saying made way more sense than anything that EVER came out of that man’s mouth! I re-read his “divine opus” “2008-GFW” and could see the threads unravel.

    Amazing. It truly is…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Thanks, ChaCha.

    Wondering about one thing though. Did reading my site really change your thinking? I suspect that you were starting to have doubts about Ron before that, that my site content just gave you some things to reexamine for yourself.

  • Chacha says:

    Hmmm. Well, I don’t know. I thought I was pretty “zealous”. I did not live up to my own expectations of what I should have been, having been “chosen” to be one those to be “blessed” with the honor of baptizing the HORDES of those who would come running to the church as a result of all the tribulation…and the power of the message of the witnesses of god….

    When I frist came on your site, I thought I was being “influenced” by it (and thus “satan”) so I stayed away for a little while. Then ron would say something a little odd and I would wonder what you would say about it. So I would come on and see. I noticed that what HE said you said and what you really said, never lined up…(um…I would call that a lie) and it started to bother me. I read 2008…again and looked at my notes (I have VOLUMES of notes) and would see contradictions….um…confusion/lies? Hmmm….more questions.

    So, your site helped me out of this cult and I am very grateful for it. Without it, I don’t know what I would have done, and I certainly don’t know what would have happened to my husband. (I can’t even think about that.) Even though he has not looked at it much, it helped me to help him. I will always be grateful to all those on this blog who listened and helped me, not by convincing me actively, but presenting the facts and allowing me to decide for myself.

  • Whisper01 says:

    Timelines are fun, Harold Camping thought so as well… well untile May 21st came and went and then October 21st came and went, then they were not so fun. In fact they where never brought up again. Odd that? Ron’s have 75 days to go and then they too will be useless. Just like Camping. To give old half-dead Camping his due he did believe it all, was “flabbergasted” when it did not happen – even had a stroke. Ron has made, more than a few times, comments of “if it doesn’t happen…”. Rather spineless really. People respect a man who sticks to his guns, stands his ground, even if he turns out to be wrong there is a quality of respect for those whom will not budge. Ron, seemingly, does not have that. “Even if I’m wrong…”, “…where would you go”, “If Christ does not return…”. These don’t seem to be the statements of a man totaly convicted like Camping was. Of course numbers might influence this, Ron has a tithe of the tithe of a tithe of a tithe of Campings followers… Never the less, “C” and “W” have a lot in common, one is a laughting stock and the other is a little known laughting stock in the making. Birds of a feather?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Meanwhile, in reality…Chacha and the rest of us are happy, and free, and discovering that life is a wondrous mix of tragedy and joy, and the mysteries of the Universe are far from solved.

  • Atrocious says:

    I was told of one thing that somebody had written at one point out there. Totally foolish, backward, ignorant. They tried to go back and … someone that not of the church .. but trying to go back and say “Well it’s like he can’t tell time because sundown on that year that .. he did this apostasy at sundown at a certain time in Jerusalem, and huh huh huh. They’re way off because it was a certain time of day, and that couldn’t at be at the same hour.”

    Totally missed the mark. How could you be so backward? How could you not hear? Anyway, it’s about when he returns. Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s not about the day that that happened. Being the same time in Jerusalem. That it’s we’re talking about to the hour. …. When somethings so messed up like that, why even try to explain it. It’s better just to tell the truth.

    Fist of all: “I was told” So…he didn’t read it himself? So it’s hearsay on his part. “Totally foolish, backward, ignorant.” He said that before he even said what it was he was told. “They”… who is they? “They tried to go back and…” He can’t even finish the thought. “…someone that not of the church …” He portrays ANYONE not of his church to be someone to sneer at, scoff at, hated. And then he tries to quote what he didn’t even hear. And then he says “totally missed the mark.” and then spews out insults left and right about “they”. Then he says: ” Anyway, it’s about when he returns. Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s not about the day that that happened. Being the same time in Jerusalem. That it’s we’re talking about to the hour. …. When somethings so messed up like that, why even try to explain it. It’s better just to tell the truth.” So he’s debunking everything that he was told was said by “they”.

    What I like pointing out here is: before the sermon was over that he was giving, and still close to the very midst of it, a little bit farther into it, by the time he’d gone through it, in the midst of that apostasy sermon the timing of Christ’s return and appearance, will follow 6370 days later, Jerusalem time, which is near 7:36 PM Jerusalem time. Sundown on the Sabbath in Jerusalem, when Jesus Christ returns right at that moment when Pentecost begins.

    So what’s this? He just negated what he said before. It IS all about the day, the hour.

    This guy doesn’t even know what he says from minute to minute. He can’t remember anything at all. I think his brain is fried….who knows from what. *snort snort, snicker snicker*

  • As you know, I’ve had some problems with thinking after the black mold thing, but there seems to be some improvement in thinking and after much study and analysis, I have come up with what I now believe is Ronald Weinland’s end time time line (and note, the complete range is represented here even though the two sides of the time line may look kinda close):


  • Chacha says:

    Of COURSE! *slaps forehead* How could I have missed it?

    Awesome. Truly it is. Really.


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Douglas: I think your analysis of the timeline is quite astute. But I think you have inadvertently left out the key element that ties it all together. So if I may be so bold. I offer a revision of your timeline:


  • Well, no, the ???? is between the |

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Well, God revealed to me that fish are pencils…so clearly I am right! 😉

  • Vision says:

    People never learn from false prophets of the past and present. If followers of these cults use a little logic and start using their brains instead of turning their thinking over to others then they would be free from these charlatans. If they REALLY listen and pay attention to Ronald and his contradictions, how he forgets things, failed prophecies, his haughtiness, and the way he stumbles along and doubts himself, they would know that this is a delusional false prophet. The delusional leading the deaf, dumb, and blind. So sad that these people are wasting their lives following this charlatan. I just hope that this blog is like medication to cure them of flavor aid overdose as Mike (DDTFA) alluded to.

  • Matt says:

    The kind of logic ron is displaying here reminds me of the perennial myth that the dimensions of the Pyramids are somehow cosmically significant: divide it by one thing, and you get the distance to the sun, do another fairly simple operation and the result is the distance to the moon, etc etc etc.

    Only then a clever French mathematician was able to demonstrate that you could do the same thing by taking the dimensions of his favourite Cafe. If you go looking for apparently significant numbers, you will find them more or less anywhere – especially if you get the freedom to more or less change things at will, like the “biblical” months, the “times”, etc.

  • Don D says:

    I agree with Matt wholeheartedly. For centuries people have seen “significant” patterns or designs in clouds, in rocks, in marble tiled floors, and in almost any natural or artificial object you care to name. Similarly with numbers and dimensions. In numerology one can concoct a vast range of significances based on the perception of numerical patterns and sequences to the point where practically EVERYTHING has special significance.

    Weinland’s numerological starting point is his obsession with so-called “God’s 7000 year plan” based on the so-called 6000 years of existence of homo sapiens on earth since the creation of the species by God around 4000 BC. Never mind that DNA and a host of other evidence shows unbroken continuity of the existence of behaviourally modern homo sapiens for at least the past 40,000 years! The capacity for self-delusion in Christian Fundamentalists contra all the evidence is inexhaustible.

    What I do find “significant” is that Weinland’s new truths or “divine revelations” just happen to coincide with those times when a Weinland prophecy has either just failed or is looking pretty shaky. Yes, now that DOES have great significance!

    Weinland seems to forget that some of us remember that he originally claimed emphatically that God spent SEVEN YEARS revealing to him exclusively as God’s End-Time Prophet the significances and truths embodied in the Book of Revelation which he then used to compute his first timeline!

    I should imagine that right now Ron is working on the New Truth by which God will reveal why Christ did not return on 27 May 2012. After all, he still has 72 days to polish up what will be a gem of an excuse! I can’t wait to hear what convoluted nonsense it will consist of! Anyone like to have a go at guessing just what that convoluted nonsense might be? I have some special prizes for those creative entries which turn out to be closest to Ron’s explanation!

  • jack635 says:

    I’ll go first. “God was testing us” or “God was showing us that no man can know the day or the hour”.

  • Helen says:

    First of all as always “Good Morning everyone”.

    Mike when you ask Chacha “Did reading my site really change your thinking?” “I suspect that you were starting to have doubts about Ron before that, that my site content just gave you some things to reexamine for yourself.”

    I just wrote a book and decided to erase it.. Too long and you guys heard most of it before from me.
    My opinion about your blog Mike is a VERY useful tool for those who want to get out but need to read some facts to make up their minds. In PKG you have one opinion given to you and only one, that is Ron. If you believe Ron with every inch of your soul then why would a person read your blog, especially when Ron said not to. So I would have to think if someone in the PKG has their doubts they will get on this blog and hopefully with an open mind compare Ron’s confused ego teaching and the truth that you have displayed to prove he is a liar and wishy washy. And encourages (hopefully) them to search the scripture on their own and see how Ron is not truthful. But I don’t know,some already stayed with him when in 2008 didn’t happen, which totally surprises me.(not it didn’t happen, but they stayed) When I heard him promise he would step down and admit he is a false prophet (something like that) and didn’t, I have to admit I was surprised. He never even kept his word on that and he said it on radio stations. I was waiting for him to say that too. Infact, looking forward to it.. You have proved him wrong over and over and over again and yet he is still around like an ingrown toe nail.

    I think this blog can help people who want to leave but have no support group to do so. Because trust me, when your only friends are PKG, and you get out it is pretty lonely, because you have left all the outside friends out of your life so you could focus on people with one mind, that is Ron’s mind.
    I think they need this support blog to know they are not alone in their way of thinking, Ron is WRONG.. And yes we are good people who leave. We are not damned for leaving or go to hell and burn our butts off. I am sure some on here can tell you it is a big mental change. I was so glad when Ron pissed me off so much I had the courage to fight back. Of course it was building up between the 2 of us, and had enough of him and his correction as he says God corrected, so it was ok. Then finally he pushed the WRONG button.
    I wasn’t that into him that he could mess with my family, like the others he controls. Not this chick. Ron wants his followers to put him and laura before their families. We know this is true.. That just didn’t fly with me.. That is soooooooooooo wrong.
    Another thing Mike. This helps those who are not in PKG but have family in there. They need help also just dealing with it.. and the frustration of thinking “why in the hell is my family still in there??”

    Oh great. I wrote another book again.. I am really trying not too. haha

  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland will blame God. He already has. When he says “it’s between you and God” if Christ does not return, he has effectively blamed God for his (Ron’s) prophecy failing.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Amazing how all the things Ron has failed to provide he leaves up to God, but then claims that same God when it comes time to get more money FROM the PKG.

    1. The PKG provides Ron money.

    2. God may or may not provide the PKG money, that’s not Ron’s problem.

    Translation: Give me your money, then leave me alone.

  • Whisper01 says:

    Ron and Laura have only 69 days of life left by the math. Death is more than likely standing outside a convenience store in Jerusalem smoking cigarettes and downing a few cold ones awaiting his big date. Biggest haul he is ever supposed to have I would imagine? Of course he only gets to hold them for exactly 3-1/2 days and then has to return them for resurection purposes. How must it feel to know ones exact termination date (kind of like being on death row?). Ronald doesn’t speak of it often, and in depth not at all. The man is about the experience death, that shrugging off of our mortal coil so to speak. Yet he does not talk about it much. Nor the grand resurection and all that in depth, just in passing and how “awesome” it will be. Is he and the wife not excited? Are they not in fear? Do they in fact know that there will be no such death and no such resurection and so feel no need to discuss it at length because it would highten the awareness of the sheep and cause even more depression on May 24th amoung those sheep when it does not happen?
    Playing the odds, always a fun endevour unless of course one makes it ones life and then it becomes a lesson in damage control day in and day out.
    How much fun is Ron having these days? Less than he thought?

  • No, no, no. I’m confused. I thought the two witnesses were supposed to prophesy for 3.5 years in Jerusalem and then be killed.

    Is it too late to say that something doesn’t make sense?

  • Atrocious says:

    Ron doesn’t believe his own words. He just wants to make sure his followers believe it so he can continue to bilk them. I’m hoping that after the twenty seventh of May they will finally wise up and save their money and/or use it to help those that really need it.

  • Don D says:

    In the friendly contest to predict what excuse RW will provide when JC fails to return on 27 May, jack635 suggests that he will say that God was testing us, or that God was showing us that “no man can know the day or the hour”. Both of these are quite likely, even if the second one does involve a flat contradiction with Ron’s earlier pronouncement that God revealed to him through Jesus Christ the day of the return. OK, so he didn’t actually predict THE HOUR, so there’s a very small out there.

    And martin says that RW will blame God. Yes, he’s done that before too. One of his two excuses for getting his first timeline wrong was that God changed his mind about the date (without telling RW, his End-Time Prophet!) – despite the fact that he’d written in his book “2008GFW” on page 24 that God does nothing without telling his chosen prophets! RW also told us that “God has altered the timing for massive destruction to begin” (his blog “Elijah to Come”, December 24, 2009) because of the prayerful intercession of Weinland’s Church. In other words, God changed his mind about a date which he previously “revealed” to Weinland.

    But, hang on – there is a wonderfully intriguing theological conundrum involved in the sort of “divine prophecy” in which God is claimed to have changed his mind on the subject. One of the “divine attributes” of the traditional theistic interventionist God as dreamed up by traditional theologians is that God is omniscient, i.e. he knows EVERYTHING – past, present and future. If he knows everything that IS GOING TO HAPPEN (not just what MIGHT HAPPEN) then it means that he ALSO KNOWS in advance if he’s going to “change his mind” on any point. And if he knows all of that in advance, why would he bother to reveal a prophecy as if it were something DESTINED TO HAPPEN, when he knows perfectly well in advance that he will be changing his mind on the subject? Just for the fun of seeing how mere mortals respond to being told lies in order to “test his followers”? A very odd sort of theistic God…

    It does rather devalue the worth of ANY divine prophecy doesn’t it? How would you know if God REALLY means what he says, or is telling lies to “test us”? It simply challenges the whole notion of what so-called DIVINE PROPHECY is really all about. In Weinland’s case, of course, we jolly well know what it’s about – namely, a deluded fundamentalist who has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, and is about to be proven wrong once again.

    Remember that the whole point of his book “2008 God’s Final Witness” was to bear testimony to the world that God had appointed RW to be his End-Time Prophet with the EXPRESS TASK of letting the world know when JC would return. THAT was the central message running though the entire book. On page 21 he says that the Two Witnesses (of whom he is one) “know exactly the day when Jesus Christ will return”. Indeed, on page 173 he claims that his book is divine revelation: “God has given me the words in this book”. Couldn’t be clearer than that, could it? But guess what? On 28 May 2012 we will know that the whole book AND his claim to “know exactly the day when JC will return” were nothing but COMPLETE FICTION.

    Not my words. This is what Ronald Weinland himself says on page 8 of his book (and something all PKG members should go back and re-read for themselves):

    “If nothing happens, then you can know positively that this is complete fiction.” Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case!!!!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Oh, Don D! you are forgetting that you are dealing with Ronald Weinland! Facts and quotes are meaningless to him.He has said it in his book, in his sermons (march 12, 2011), and on the radio that he would quit and repent if he is wrong, and YET he keeps on rollin’ and completely ignores his promises.

    Unfortunately you suffer from a high IQ, clear thinking, and literacy. You were cursed with common sense and the ability to function with high logic.What you would have to do is take a small iron rod, insert it into your cranium via your nose, and swirl it around long enough for you to give yourself the require amount of brain damage necessary to se just how “right” Ron is.

    But I advise against this.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    Here is a link that Ronald Weinland does NOT want you to hear! Be advised: it contains some very powerful things that are truly awesome in a powerful way…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ronnie Paycheck.

  • Atrocious says:

    I wish someone in PKG would have the GUTS to use the video on a big screen in their meeting room, wait till everyone is seated for the sermon, and play that over and over again, loudly. I would like to see the look on Weinland’s face to hear his own voice mocking himself. He’s an INSANE, LYING, HYPOCRITICAL, BLASPHEMOUS, SCUM-BAG CON ARTIST. Ronnie Paycheck, indeed.

  • jack635 says:

    Don, I’d like to revise my prediction of what Ron will do after the Great Disappointment:

    Ronald Weinland to the PKG:

    “Our faith has certainly been tested. We now know that no man may know the day or the hour of Jesus Christ’s return. We as a group, can trust the Word when it says the devil has deceived the whole world. Even I have been deceived because I am a part of the whole world that satan has deceived. See……If someone has been deceived, they don’t know they’re deceived….because they have been DECEIVED!!! Therefore I will humble myself before the Almighty God, and repent of my sin. I will go through the 50+ “truths” and eliminate those that we “read into” and by our pride we were deceived. And God in his infinite mercy will forgive us and lead us as he always has. We will no longer be concerned with the day and the hour, and that will set us apart from all the scattered groups and they will see that we have suffered in the name of Christ, and have repented and humbled ourselves, and the scattered will turn to us because of our wisdom and the truth we have……which we have tested and found those that are the Eternal God’s truth. Brethren consider yourselves the recipients of God’s infinite wisdom. You don’t know just how blessed you are if you cannot see what has just happened to us…….that we have come out of this tribulation……more humble, in an astonishing way. Dumbfounding when you think about it.”

    That’s about as precise a prediction as I can make it.

    And yes Ron, you can use the speech I just wrote today the 17th of March 2012………………….if you want to.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I am still betting that Ronnie will rever to a 7 year trib.

    H could work it out so the 1/2 hour of silence will take up a certain amount of time to ensure Jesus’ return on the correct Holy Day in another 3.5 years.

    This first 3.5 year period would be spiritual. The second 3.5 would be physical.

    He will then question his followers faith, tell them to ‘stay the course’.

    He could milk another 3.5 years this way!

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Oh yeah, and all the ‘spiritual’ turmoil and testing they have been thru will prepare them for the physical.

    Amazing… Lmao!

  • RW has already been proved a false prophet. He would be convicted in a court of law by the evidence.

    Now we are in the preposterous situation of his followers saying in essence, “Well, yes, he may be a false prophet, but we need to give him another chance just to be sure.

    And so they gave him a second chance, and, sure enough, he was again shown positively to be a false prophet.

    So here we are yet again.

    The third time’s the charm. That’s what they say.

    What I say is that it’s all rubbish.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Third time will come and go, and God will once again be the problem…Ronald Weinland can never make a single mistake…it’s all God’s fault…

  • Avalo, that would be true only if Ronald Weinland were God.

    Pardon my skepticism that RW is God.

    I don’t believe it.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Douglas, that’s not Avalo’s position. It probably will be Ronnie’s position, just as was the failure of the 1st timeline.

  • Mike, I know, I know, I was just being funny.

    And, of course, I’ve encountered few people as funny as Avalo.

    I was hoping for an “exchange”.

  • Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, a day which celebrates a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church who drove poisonous snakes from Ireland.

    I wonder if that would work for Cincinnati.

  • Jocko says:

    Ron will never ever admit to being a false prophet. It’s just not going to happen. After four straight years of failed prophecies he hasn’t admitted to being a false prophet so why would he do so now.

  • Jocko says:

    I think today’s sermon will be interesting to say the least. I had just tuned into the sermon when I thought I heard Ron say “most of the destruction will happen after I’m dead” so I’m looking forward to reading Mike’s full review.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Douglas Becker:

    Thank you for the compliment. But your skepticism about Ronald Weinland’s claims is ill founded. I can PROVE that Ronald Weinland IS a/the End Time Witness and speaks God’s Truth. Now the argument and language may be a little technical for most people, as they have not studied symbolic logic or taken a course on the philosophy of Wittgenstein. But using sound epistemological modes of reasoning, and having established phenomenologically that Reality is what it is, I can demonstrate that what Ronald Weinland is saying is true. Here is my proof:

    1. Because he said so.


  • martin says:

    Also : fish are pencils.

    If you can’t understand that, then there is no hope.

    (also Monday is made out of cheese)

  • Avalo, why didn’t you say so before this: I now understand.

    This is what I learned as a manager in a corporation, so it must be true.

    It only becomes confusing when you change Directors / Religious Leaders, but you must move on, believing everything your new Director / Religious Leader said, because everything he says is true [until you have yet another Director / Religious Leader].

    It is so clear!

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    martin: I am tired of your untested assumptions about reality!! It is clear you have been brainwashed by your religious upbringing. Only a cheesist would believe Monday is made out of cheese. The Bible clearly indicates that it is THURSDAY that is made out of cheese!!!

    1 Samuel 17:17-19: “Now Jesse said to his son David, “Take this ephah of roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread for your brothers and hurry to their camp. Take along these ten cheeses to the commander of their unit. See how your brothers are and bring back some assurance from them.”

    CLEARLY this is foreshadowing ‘Cheeses of Nazareth’

  • Don D says:


    Yes, you were quite right to chastise me for attempting to use intelligence, logic, and common sense in my analytical critique of RW’s teachings. I am duly repentant of my folly. So remorseful was I that I decided to take your original advice after all and probed my brain with a iron rod so that I could more easily apprehend Ron’s point of view. To cut a long story short, I’ve just come back from the hospital where the doctors cleaned me up and informed me that I had destroyed 50% of my brain power. When I explained that my motive had been to try to understand the universal truth of Ron Weinland’s teachings, they laughed and said, “Don’t you know that you would need to lose at least 95% of your brain power to achieve that?” So, as a logical reasonable individual I have taken up the iron rod once again with renewed optimism, and this time I hope to succeed in understanding those inexorable epistemological processes utilised by RW in establishing the meta-narratives that underlie his divine certitude. Wish me luck!

    Jack635, I congratulate you on composing a speech which sounds more Weinlandish than Weinland’s own writings. You’ve hit the nail on the head – Weinland will always find an OUT, and blame someone/something else for his own mistakes and shortcomings. He is now so adept at finding an OUT that I suspect he may soon change his surname from Weinland to Outland. I would then be perfectly justified in calling his writings Outlandish!!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Weinland is German, so “out land” is “aus land”, while not being a German speaker I think that “Ausland” is not quite the same as “outland” but still describes Ron’s thinking.

    I expect that Avalo being a native speaker will fix that. 😉

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Technically, Weinland is “wine-growing region” but literally you could say “wine country”.