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Things Moving Rapidly Forward

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Spokane area speaking in his small rented conference room before the faithful gathered from as far away as Hawaii and Florida.  Seems Johnny wasn’t in attendance this time, and he gave his “local” elders Chris Czech and Jim Jamieson some mike time for the prayers.

Back in 2008, Ron spent a bunch of money on Google keyword advertising and sending out copies of his books.  According to court filings, the IRS criminal investigation of Ronald Weinland determined $1.8 million spent on church expenses that year, and whatever wasn’t spent on Ronnie and Laura’s globetrotting with their entourage was spent on that.  A Google search 4 years ago for certain keywords would result in a sponsored link to Ronnie’s website promoting his books.  Spending tapered off in 2009 with only a few pushes, such as when the movie “2012” came out.  Ron says that he is restarting the Google ad campaign in a final push to drain the funds.  And indeed a search for “herbert armstrong” will return a sponsored link.  The cynic in me wonders if this isn’t part of his legal defense, that those funds weren’t really his but were the church’s, don’t you see?

Ron repeated his claim that the great tribulation could happen all on the last day. He wonders why some people are leaving his church with time so short, and predicts that people will leave even on the last day.  I wonder if PKG members will give it up when they don’t see his body lying next to that of the Silent Witness on the streets of Jerusalem live and on television.  But I expect that Ron will prepare them for that by spiritualizing it in advance.  I wonder how all the 3000 ex-WCG members are going to be driven to join Ron’s church if the Great Tribulation is delayed until May 26.  Oh yeah.  That’s what the Google advertising for the keyword “herbert armstrong” is for.

Ron went back to his April 16 sermon of last year, in which he prophesied that last year’s Passover would be the last great one before Christ’s return as it would be the last one for which people could assemble, since obviously the 5th trumpet would have blown by now and we’d be in the 5 months of torment.  Seems that not everything he says came from God.  Ya think???!!!  Fortunately God reveals to Ron a new way to twist the Bible to explain the 5-month thing, but hasn’t yet revealed an explanation for the year, month, day, and hour thing.  Somewhere the 200-million-strong Asiatic hordes are gathering to rampage.

Ron’s upcoming church-wide fast at the end of the month is to be about thanks giving.  I’m thinking that would be giving thanks for delaying the Great Tribulation for so long.  Of course were a significant disaster to happen soon after, the fast would turn out to have been about that.  Ron warned against being distracted by non events.  He went on to state that if it doesn’t happen on May 27, that whatever they do to recover after that is between them and God and immediately transitioned to an implication that currency will be worthless.

Now less than 11 weeks to go.  And just over 12 weeks before the start of the criminal trial of Ronald Weinland.  Which I doubt he will be able to delay a third time, unless he decides to accept judgment and takes a plea.  Will be interested to see how Ron plays out this end game.