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Yet Another Timeline Change for Ron?

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

The federal court has established a timeline for the criminal trial of Ronald Weinland, with a series of procedural deadlines and a pre-trial conference on Jan 17 with the actual trial scheduled to start on Jan 31. Weinland seeks to change that timeline with a motion filed by his attorneys last week. Here is text from that motion:

————- Motion to Continue Trial ———–
Defendant Ronald E. Weinland, through undersigned counsel, respectfully moves this Court, pursuant to Local Criminal Rule 12.1(b) and 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(7), and with sufficient cause, for an Order continuing the trial date in this matter, currently set for January 31, 2012, at 10:00 a.m., for at least 180 days to such dates that are convenient to the Court. Mr. Weinland respectfully requests this continuance due to the unusual and complex nature of the case. As a result, it is unreasonable to expect adequate preparation for any pretrial proceedings or for the trial itself within the time limits established by the Speedy Trial Act.

{The rest of this posting is “below the fold. ” There is also a posting below about yesterday’s split sermon from his two leading evangelists flunkies Wayne and Johnny.}


Infinity is a Very Long Time

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Orlando yesterday. But he spoke only during the live feed prior to the beginning of services to give the two-minute warning for people to get ready. His main flunkies Johnny and Wayne gave a split sermon.

Wayne went first. He announced a number of home locations for people in attendance. From the US: NY, PA, MA, MN TX UT WA AZ KS MS MI KY TN OH GA IL FL SC VA MD HI. From Canada AB NS ON NB From Australia NSW VIC QLD. There were also people from the UK.

Then Wayne told a story about how he was attacked three times by birds during the 2010 feast. He blamed the bird attacks on an American tourist with a camera, who seems to be a PKG member from Florida named Shawn/Sean. But Wayne has forgiven Shawn. Wonder if Shawn thinks differently about camera use.

Wayne talked about people seeing with their mind’s eye. Since PKG members have turned their thinking over to Ron Weinland they see what Ron wants them to see. Wayne said that it’s not possible to have a relationship with God outside His Church. If you don’t believe any or all of the 57 Truths of Ron then it’s because of pride (not a realization that Ron pulled them all out of his nether region). Even though he’s cautioned his children in the past that each Christmas was to be the last, this time he knows really for sure that this indeed the last Christmas because of course Jesus is returning next May. Wayne is looking forward to the next Truth from God’s Representative on this earth, who is of course Ron Weinland.

Johnny mentioned the so-called and “in famous” (Johnnyism) “Christmas Eve” sermon, for which he says he was present on December 17, 1994 in Atlanta. He doesn’t understand why it’s called that since it was a week earlier. Actually, I think the Christmas Eve sermon was delivered in Big Sandy TX a week later on December 24, 1994. The Big Sandy sermon was actually on Christmas Eve and was videotaped, copies of which were sent out to be played back in local congregations. Johnny mentioned a clip in the video of the sermon showing people in the audience who were not actually present. That is something new for me. My sister was present at Big Sandy and says that part of the sermon was edited out of the videotape, that certain of Tkach’s statements were edited out but word-of-mouth spread around what Tkach said anyway. As an aside, I have been told that the Atlanta sermon was cut short because Tkach ran overtime and had to clear out as the meeting hall rental time was over.

Since December 24 falls on Saturday this year, it will be interesting to see if Ron makes a point of it in next week’s sermon. Next weekend is the “ministerial conference” at which Ron’s senior elders and above are to assemble to make final preparation for the millions of people who will join PKG in the 24 weeks remaining before Christ doesn’t return next Pentecost. This is to include a tithe of a third of those who were members of WCG on December 17, 1994 when Joe Tkach became the Man of Sin, That Wicked One, by opening the First Seal with his “in famous” “Christmas Eve” sermon. That would be about 3000 ex-WCG people to join PKG in the few months remaining.

Ron’s Globetrotting

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Last Saturday, Weinland spoke of traveling to Canada.  So I reviewed the conditions of his pre-trial release.  (to see a larger size of these pictures, you can click once to see it in a new page and then again to see a larger version)

The first page lists his upcoming court appearances, and his $20,000 bond which he has to pay only if he doesn’t show up. Set your alarm clock, Ron.

The top of the second page requires him to surrender his passport.

Took a closer look at the bottom of the second page.

That gave me some concern, as it seems to say that Ron can travel internationally so long as the destination country has an extradition treaty.  Seems contradictory with his being required to turn in his passport.

But then I found another document:

So Ron had to turn in his passport after all.

Also looked into what travel documents are required for US citizens to travel to Canada.  The last time I went there was as a youth and no travel documents were required to go to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls other than a driver’s license.  Travel rules have changed since then because of the reaction to 9/11.  While Canada doesn’t require a passport to be in the country, the US requires a passport for readmission.  So Canada will not allow you to enter without a passport because they want you to return home.

So Ron must be quite optimistic if he thinks he’s going to Canada in February.  Has he gained his fire-breathing ability all of a sudden?  Does he think his talented team of lawyers hired by the church to defend him will get him off?  Time will tell.  As of right now, the itinerary on his “Trips” page has domestic travel planned up through Jan 28, the weekend prior to the beginning of his jury trial in criminal court.

Snowmageddon Round 2?

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from the Urbana-Champaign Illinois area today.  The conditions in the meeting room were either too hot or too cold.

Could Covington, Kentucky receive the mother of all snow storms in February?  Ron said that he’s trying to arrange a trip to Toronto in February, but cautioned anyone coming in from out of town that they should check “the website” (his blog) for a cancellation.  As a reminder to the forgetful, Ron’s jury trial for criminal tax evasion is scheduled for January 31 in the federal court building in Covington, KY.  It’s estimated to last 7 days and from Ron’s latest log posting and this statement it appears that he’s estimating that his great team of lawyers and investigator are going to get him off.  If either estimation is incorrect, then there may be more travel cancellations “for snow” 😀

Ron cautioned against praying for the unconverted who are going through difficult times.  Those difficult times may be the Ron God’s will applying correction to bring the unconverted to repentance.  After all, if Ron’s upcoming trial doesn’t go well, he could need fresh meat with resources to pay tithes that Ron may need for all the fines, penalties, and back taxes that would come due.  Not to mention the bill from his great team of lawyers and investigator.

Ron referred to Jan 7, 1972 which was the end of Herbert Armstrong’s mythical 2nd 19-year time cycle.  Then Ron stated that Jan 7 of this year was the end of 6 cycles.  And 40 years later. Hmmm.  I had calculated that Jan 6, of 2010 was the end of the 2nd 19-year time cycle since the end of HWA’s 2 19-year time cycles, or the end of the 4th cycle.  So did two more 19-year time cycles happen between Jan 6, 2010 and Jan 7, 2011?  Must have, because Ron has the minor in math and is well practiced at figuring out timelines.  And was it 40 years between Jan 7, 1972 and Jan 7, 2011 as Ron states?  Must have been, because of Ron’s credentials at math and timelining.  OK, maybe he was referring to Jan 7 of next year.  A bit easier to squeeze two 19-year time cycles between Jan 6, 2010 and Jan 7, 2012.  But Ron is also well practiced at time compression, having compressed 3 & 1/2 years of Great Tribulation to now less than 6 months.  Wonder if his time-compressing powers will work as well should he be granted an extended vacation at Club Fed?

One Less Sealed

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

It has come to my attention that False Prophet Ronald Weinland has lost another of his elders. On Monday, long-time PKG member Willy Doemeland passed away without having the chance to baptize hordes of people joining PKG. Willy lived in Aurora, IN having formerly lived in Colorado. One would hope his move there was to be closer to his children in retirement, but one wonders if the nearby presence of his spiritual idol Ron Weinland played a factor in his decision to move. Aurora is on the Ohio River in southeastern Indiana and around 20 miles from where Ron’s mansion on the golf course is located.

Some in PKG who have died in past years elected to not have a funeral, but Steve Dalrymple is presiding over a funeral this coming Sunday.

My condolences in advance to his widow Lois. Who believing what Ron said last Saturday would not be mourning the loss of Willy. As a former WCG member and long-time PKG member, Willy was sealed as part of the 144,000 on two occasions: on Feb 2, 2008 and then a second time on Sept 30, 2008. My advanced condolences are for 12:36 PM EDT next May 26 when it will be sundown on Pentecost eve in Jerusalem and Lois comes to realize that she won’t be reunited with Willy to rise as converted spirit beings and members of Elohim to meet their elder brother Jesus in the skies over Jerusalem.