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The Sixth Thunder Sounds Among the Scattered

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

The December 20 issue of “The Journal” is out.  This publication has editorial comment directed mainly to those former members of the Worldwide Church of God who attend various splinters.  False Prophet Ronald Weinland refers to it as “The Urinal” and has not joined the various kooks in presenting even odder variations of Armstrongism in paid editorial content in the publication’s “Connections” section.

This latest issue has an article on the indictment of Ronald Weinland.  Usually only the first and last pages are provided online, but for this issue the entirety is provided in PDF format on “The Journal” website.  The article about Ronnie (which begins on the front page) cites various “news outlets” as mentioning that he is “is accused of attempting to evade income taxes in the amount of $357,065 over several years beginning in 2005. Mr. Weinland is a minister of the Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God (CGPKG).”  Right after the awkward initialism for Weinland’s church, which while it isn’t what Ronnie uses is at least closer than Thielogical Bob’s “CGPFK”, “The Journal” refers to “Pastor General Weinland”.  While he operates with the same government structure (autocratic rule with a weak Council of Elders that can be removed by disfellowshipping them) and has the same mind-bending powers within his little CoGlet as did the original Pastor General Herbert Armstrong, Weinland has never adopted the title “Pastor General”.

“The Journal” has demonstrated poor journalistic skills.  Not only did they get the initialism and the title wrong, they left out information that was readily available through public sources. Such as the Swiss bank accounts and that he is accused of taking church funds.  The US Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky put out a press release with more details.  And Weinland responded several weeks ago to the charges in a public manner on his own blog.  Simple Google searches would have turned that information up.  While “The Journal” didn’t publish that information, they did take editorial space to give out the PKG contact information.

Weinland prophesies that his church will grow to include a tithe of a third of “the scattering” (or around 3000 people baptized in WCG as of Tkach’s apostasy of December 1994).  Perhaps he thinks “The Journal’s” putting his contact information will help.  And that the First Phase of the Fifth Thunder is beginning to sound.  Thielogical Bob has a copy of Rod Meredith’s latest letter on his website.  (Bob, note that I provided a link to your content even though you never do when you take content from my website, you arrogant p___k.)  In this letter Rod states:

Brethren, more than in any time I can remember, literally dozens of our members and ministers are in “dire straits” physically. Up and down the East Coast, especially at here at Headquarters, at least seven individuals that I happen to know about are in life threatening situations—mostly from cancer. Just this morning, interestingly, I received an email from one of our leading members, Syd Attenborough, telling about the death of two CGI elders. One of the men I had known, Dennis Lawrence. The other I had not known but am very sorry for his death and the death of all of God’s people who perhaps have to die prematurely. So these two elders have died just within the last several days. A number more of our own people may die within the next several months unless we—as a Church—cry out to God to please intervene more powerfully to heal His own people!

Rotten Ronnie may point to this as the beginnings of the Fifth Thunder, which is the deaths of CoGlet ministers which is to drive their flocks bleating in Ronnie’s direction.  Not so fast Ronnie.  None of the five specific ministers you prophesied have died, including the author of that letter who is 81 years of age and has suffered a stroke in recent years.  And was the first person you prophesied to die during your Fifth Thunder.  Guess again, Ron.  You’re going to have to wait awhile for those 2700 additional people — quite awhile.